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The News of,
il ,
.Tho Mute Kelleher, from Forest City,
' Pitches Superb Ball and Backed by
Almost Faultless Work of the
Crescents Easily Takes a Game
from the West Side Browns Great
' Batting by the Pets Score, 11-4.
Once uguui, boys: "They're still 'Our
' Wlh Kelleher, the silent mini from
Forest City, In the box, the Urepccnls
yesterday took ti kiiiiio from the stioiiB
v "West Sci anion Browns nml demon
strated nnew Unit our team Is Imcl:
.again In the hind (if victories nml Is
"playing In the form that It can.
The score wiir 11-4, und but for the
little wildiiMH of Kelleher In the second
Inning, It would have been ll-i. lie
begun to hand over some wide ones,
forcing two men home by bnsp on bulls.
After this Inning hu settled down nnd
pitched superb ball, the article of ball
that he Is capable of handing over
when played often enough; an article
of pitching that cannot bo surpassed
In this section. After this Inning,
backed by the snappy nnd almost fault
less fielding of the eight men good and
true behind him, not a man passed scc
' ond base. Two men did attempt to
steal to third, but they were caught by
l-oftus' true arm.
'Twas not Kollfher's pitching, how
ever, good as It was, that won the day:
It was the hard hitting of thp Cres
cents, the same ball slamming that has
been the rule the past week, tlint piled
up the runs. Singles, two-bagger's, and
three-baggers came In bunches, and
sent men scooting across the plate like
ii bunch of horses at n Suburban han
dicap. Finally, when It was alt over
and everything on the Crescents' side
was to the good, every one of the 2, MO
motets went home, smiling: with satis
faction, declaring It was a great gang,
nnd that more than ever Ihey were still
"Our Pets." AVe played at n fast pace
nnd the Impression was strengthened
that we now have the fastest Uam of
the season.
When Kelleber.the man of rew words,
stepped Into the box in the first Inning
and let only thtee battels come befoie
him, we all felt good that he had mnde
good. In the second inning, however,
there were many who felt mighty un
easy when the tallies weie counted and
four runs wore 'figured out. The Kor
eht City man was wild, fearfully wild;
he was lilt safely by the first three
batsmen and then, with the bases full,
he forced two men home by handing
over four wide chaps to two battels.
Those, however, who have faith In the
nuict man's unquestionable ability as
i (Apltcher, pinned their faith to the be
lief that Kelleher would steady down
to his level, and he did. In the third,
fourth, fifth and sixth, only tbtce men
faced him. In Uio seventh, five men
came before him, though only four
should, as there was one base on er
ror. In the eighth there were only four
hatters up, and in the ninth the men
went out one. two, tin ee. Tl;e few men,
however, who got bases In the. seven
innings didn't make much progress; not
one got past second base.
While the Browns were busy In the
second with their four tallies, two of
them gifts from Kelleher, our lads were
busier. Einmett got four wide ones,
Plnnnery slammed a two-baser, and
Einmett scoied on an error of Gomer
Davis on thlid. This was our first
run. Morris got a base on balls, and
Kelleher got first by MeHugh, first
baseman, chopping the ball. With three
men on bases, Jlmmle Murray came up
greeted with cries of "a homer, Jlmmle,
old boy." Jlinmle didn't do the home
stunt, but he did do the next best. He
banged one out in left field, and when
Jim Jeffries finished chasing the ball,
Klannery, Monls and Kelleher were
home, and lay In front of the scorer's
table, panting after their hot chase
round the bases. Hosier followed with
u corking single, and after Eddie Me
TIernoy pounded his former pitcher for
u swocker of a three-bagger they trot
ted home. McTlerney scored on u sin
gle by Cuff. There was joy among the
rooters; we were three to the good.
In the fourth, two more on nn en or
by Thomas, a sacrifice by McTlerney,
u two-base hit by Cuff and singles by
Einmett and Fluimery. There was an
other In the fifth by an error by Mc
ritigh and a two-bagger by Hosier.
The hist tally was In the seventh by n
two-base hit by Morris, scoring on u
wild throw by McIIugh in right field.
Morris never stopped running.
In the mutter of hits, we were four
to the good, securing twelve from WI1
Ulams, while Kelleher gave only eight.
Ours were bunched, nnd two nnd three
baggers, while the Browns' were scat
tered and when no men were on bases.
The errors of the Crescents were of
little consequence. There were only
two, all told, a splendid record. Flan
nory had one, a muff of a lly In centre,
which seemed hard to mark against
him, hut in our Judgment It was clear
ly an error due to his error of judgment
In jumping for the ball. The error of
Emmett was his failure to stop a
bounding ball from Morris on a quick
throw of a hotly batted ball. Had
the ball not gone so far Into the crowd,
and the runner reached second, Em
mett would dmve been- saved from the
error. "Tlie 'detailed Hcore:
" " H. It. O. A. E.
Murjr)i', 2 12 6 0
Hocsicr, i.f. i :: o o o
Mcn.'lnrnoy,r3b.' 12 3' 0
Cuff, "f,t. ' 12 2 0 0
Ihnmett, :1b. .,.... l 1 u o 1
nunnery, c.f. ,, 1 2 4 o i
I. oft ii?, c ;. o o s :t o
Morris, 2li 2 1 o l o
Kelleher,. p ,., 2 0040
Tptala , U is 27 15 -J
H. II, 0. A. K.
M. McIIugh 0 12 0 1
D. Williams, s.s ,.. P 2 1 2 0
a. Davis, 3b ,,,, 0 0 1 a 1
NeatHwnir o.f, ,,,, 12 10 0
iropKfhs, c. ,,,,,, ,,, lioio
Thomas, 2b. .,,, 1 2 !l 3 1
Jeffries. ,vl.f. ..,,, ,, 1 u 2 0 0
McIIugh, jr., lb , 0 0 it 1 2
Ned Williams, p -,, 0 0 u ;i 0
Totals m.,,. 1 8 21 13 5
Crescents. ,,. 0 7 0 2 1 0 1 0 x-11
Browns .....,,,, 0 40000000-4
-Two base hits-Murray, Rosier, Cuff,
FJunnery, Morris, Needhom. Thomas.
Three-buso hit McTlerney, Struck out
Hy Kelleher.'i Rase on balls Off Kelle
her, 2; off Williams, S. Hit by pitcher
McTlerney, Double- plays Thomas to
Williams to McIIugh; McIIugh to Thorn
rh; Thomas to McIIugh. Stolen bases
Flannery, Kelleher. Trao of eame-1.80.
."moire Burke.
Mitchell Hose Company Hustling
Excursion Details and Hopeful of
a Special Train for CarbondaJJans.
The members of tins Mitchell Hose
company nre hustling these days the
details of their trip to Port Jervls, on
Thursday next, nnd nre hopeful of the
success they built upon when the pro
ject was taken up several weeks ngo.
Each member of the company Is a
committee of himself, using plenty of
energy In giving publicity to the event,
, ,
Mitchell Hose Company Ofllcer Who Is
Hustling Port Jervls Trip Details.
In the hope that there will be 11 big
delegation of Carbondnllans to accom
pany them to lend their encouragement
to the company In its efforts to bring
home one or the seveinl prizes that will
be given to visiting companies for best
appearance, largest number In line,
best drilling, and the like. Aside from
this consideration, of home pride, there
Is the store of enjoyment thnt Is as
sured thoe who will spend the two
days as the guests of the hospitable
people of the town un the Delaware
during the firemen's annual celebra
tion. The hose men are aiming at securing
a special train for their accommoda
tion. To achieve this. It will be neces
sary to guarantee ir0 excursionists'.
As a special rate of $.'.10 for the round
trip has been secured, and as the mem
bers have been exceedingly active In
mnklng the details of the trip known,
there Is hope that the required numbpr
will go. To make assurance doubly
sure, however, the company Invites
and requests as many of the town's
citizens who have a pride in the or
ganization, and this Is universal, to ac
company them. A delightful trip, with
abundant features of social enjoyment
as guests of the Port Jervls people Is
assured. Aside from this, as suggest
ed, there l? the Important factor In a
Ho AVI1I Bo a Conspicuous Figure at Port
Jervls' Celebration.
big delegation of it being a decided
means of encouragement to the popular
hose men. The company will not be
the financial gainer hi the least by
nn Increased attendance, the profit will
go to the railway companies, but It will
conduce to the firemen's enjoyment,
as well as the other excursionists, nnd
will be a helpful factor In their contest
for the prizes.
Those who are desirous of going can
purchase tickets at Dennis' pharmacy;
Joe Herbert's Cigar' store, or from
Foreman T. F. Herbert or President
Thomas Campbell's place of business
on Salem avenue.
Named by Columbia Company, To
gether with Other Officers.
The vacancy in the position of driver
of tlie Columbia Hoso company wns
filled last night by the nomination of
Thomas W. Miilhollnnd, ,111s election
will take place one month hence.
Another important matter that the
hoso men disposed of was the cholco
of a. delegate to the firemen's state
convention at Hradford, Oct. 7-10. As
this Is an opportunity of distinction
among the hose men, there was a spir
ited rivalry for the delegateship. Wil
liam Peel and John Hrennan were the
candidates, Mr, Peel was successful
by the vote of 20 to 11.
Xominations of. oiucers were made as
follows: President, J, F, lloylan, Abo
U Suhm; vice piesident, John Hrown;
secretary, P. F. Mornn, William Fltz
pntrlck; treasurer, Joe O'Neill; cap
tain, John F. l.oftus; first lieutenant,
E, J, Haley; second lieutenant, Ar
thur Thomns.
An Unlucky Story Night.
The Up-to-D.ito Hook chili will meet
tonight at the homo of Miss Anna Dunu
stone, on Spring street. As this will bo
the first meeting Iq several weeks, u.
large attcmlniiro ami an inteiestlug oven-
"Cholera Morbus.
This is nn extremely dangerous dis
ease, In almost every neighborhood
some one has died from It, and In many
Instances before a physician could be
summoned or medicine obtained, Mrs,
E. II. Delano, of Durant, Mich., Is sub
ject to severe attacks of cholera mor
bus. During the past four years alio
has kept at hand a bottle or chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy, and Bays It has always given
her quick relief, During this time she
bus used two bottles of It. This rem
edy can bo depended upon in the most
severe and dangerous cases. The safo
way Is, to keep It at hand ready for in
stant Ua. For sale by ull druggists.
jp:. -
L) H www w Wl
lng Is anticipated. Tho evening will bo
known ns unlucky story nlghtt. Each
one wilt relate n story of III luck, and
the one will receive a prize.
Ball Game Today.
Tho downtown nnd Uptown clerks
will meet on Duffy's Meld at 3 o'clock
this nftcrnoon. Tho lino up will be ns
follows: Downtown, J. llurke, a; P. .1.
McDonough, p.! Thomas Crane, lb.; J,
ailmartln, 2b.; It. J. Ktilhullcn, ss.: M.
Gallagher, 31).: Abo Bahm, lf.i Joe Car
roll, rf; Kd Gllliool, cf. Uptown, Chnrlca
Humphrey, .; Vincent Cyrano Manners,
p.; Frnnlc Wynn, ss.S Jilhn Pul, lb,;
Thomns Scott, 2b.; J. J. O'Nell, 3b.; Her
ald Qulun, If.; Mlehncl Joseph Hoian, cf,;
Francis Duggnn, rf.
Had a Pleasant Voyage.
Word wns received In this city yester
day from Miss I.lzzlo Wylllo who Is tour
ing Scotland with her pat cuts, Mr. nnd
Mis. Andrew Wyllle. Tho pnrtv ni rived
safely lit Glasgow. After spending a
week or more in thnt city they will ro
Hiime their tilp to Kdlnburgh.
To Be Ordained.
There was nn Interesting ceremony at
the Diindnff Baptist church yesterday
when William R. Tinker, of Hallstend,
will bo talsed to the ministry. Rev. It.
J. Whnlen. D. V.v Rev. W. B. G-row nnd
A. C. Purple, of this city, asslstod at tho
Death of a Child.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomns Coognn, of
Brooklyn street, nro mourning tho dentil
of their youngest child, aged three
months. Funeral will take place Friday
afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Annual Reunion.
The fifth annual reunion of the Cox and
Howell family will bo held at tho homo
of Moses W. Cox at Klngiley Thusrday,
September 31.
A Straw Ride.
A party of young people from Brooklyn
street, enjoyed a straw ride to Waymart
Wednesday evening: where n fine spread
was served at the Waymart hotel.
W. C. T. V. Meeting.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
union will meet in Walt's hall, Friday
afternoon nt 3 o'clock".
Dean Bassett Is able to be about ngaln
after a short lllnesi.
Mrs. R. I. Hoel Is slowly recovering
from n serious Illness.
IMwnrd Schcck left yesterday for New
York city to accept a position.
Miss Carolyn Dunn, of Ringhamton, is
vldtlug at the home of R. r. Hoel.
AVillltun Mcllulo has accepted u posi
tion with the Electric Light company.
Francis Kearney, of the West Side, left
today for the hop country around Copers
town, N. Y.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. II. Rronson have re
turned from a visit with friends In Unlori
dale and vicinity.
MKs Mary Mitchell, of Dunmore. was
tho guest of Mrs. B. A. Kelly, of Blrkett
terrace, on Labor Day.
Miss Flora Gilts has returned to this
city, after spending the summer with her
parents at AVhlte Oak pond.
Mrs. J. J. Mo ran, of Wilkes-Barre, Is
the guest of her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Martin Flnlnu, on Brooklyn street.
Messrs, Humphrey and Ward, of Xew
ork city, are visiting at tho homo of the
former's aunt, Mrs. Davles, an Brooklyn
Mrs. Jneob Selgley and daughter, Han
nah, of Wilkes-Barre, are guests at tho
home of Mr. and Mis. AV. B. Evans, on
Terrace street.
Miss Ethel Robbing of Carbondale, at
tended the Maple City band shirt wnlst
social in the armory, Tuesday evening.
AVnyne County Herald.
"Mrs. E. T... Bevan nnd children, who
have been the guests of the former's par
ents, 011 Garfield avenue, for the past
month, left for their homo in Scran ton
In explanation of the poor service
the Consolidated Electric Light com
pany are giving the borough, they say
they are being delayed In the work on
their new lines and the placing of the
new Inclosed arc lights on account of
some new and very Important machin
ery not being delivered on Sept. 1, as
contracted for. This delay In the de
livery of the machinery makes it al
most impossible for the company to
give satisfactory light to the boiough
for a few days yet. But they expect
that .everything will be In readiness
and tho new enclosed arc lights will
be In place on or before Sept. 15.
Andrew J. Gavin, who is running in
the Second ward ' for delegate to the
county Democratic convention, Is the
only Democrat for fifteen years who
has served his ward on the school
Miss Lizzie Battenberg has secured
the position of teacher at the Schultz
vllle public school.
Rev. F. AV. 13. Hrown, a former pas
tor of the First Baptist church, came
to town last evening on a brief visit,
and Is the guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. Isaac
Jones, of Muln street. Mr. Brown will
officiate at both services at the church,
Miss Louise Moon is taking a course
of study In the Scranton Business col
lege, Frank Gendnll, or Peckvllle, was a
caller here Monday evening.
F. AA'. Hunter returned Monday from
a week's outing at sylvan Beach, X, Y.
The Young Men's Institute team had
a right royal time at Mlnooka after
AVednesday's game, and are highly
pleased at the enjoyable treatment ac
corded them.
A new smoke stack wns raised yes
terday upon the boiler house nt tho
rear of the Methodist church,
The Jermyn Hoys' brigade will meet
again this evening.
Thomns Ooul, a prominent young
man of this place, died yesterday morn
ing at the home of his mother on
Laurel street, after a two weeks' ill
ness of pneumonia. Deceased was 34
years old, and I8 survived by his ugeil
mother, one brother, James, of Buffalo,
N. Y nnd one sister, Mrs. J, C, Don
ley, Tho funeral announcement will bo
made later.
Tho hervlees In tho German church
will be conducted ut 3 o'clock In the
afternoon, instead of the usual hour,
The Rev. Dr. Schmidt, of Scranton, will
participate, owing to the absence of
Rev, Lauer, wio has gono to Peru, III.,
to participate In the fiftieth nnnlver
siiry of the cougiegntlou there.
Misses Maine Lother and Annie Lane
were callers In Carbondale yesterday,
Frank Klefer, of Carbondale, was a
caller In town yesterday,
Maurlco Miller, of Main street, Is seri
ously 111,
Mr. and Mrs, Robert Burleigh hnve
returned from a visit at Bar Harbor,
Boston, nnd New York city,
The Misses Genevieve mid Geraldlne
Sltgreaves and Anna Cousins have re
turned from a week's outing at Chap
man lake.
Miss Edith Henry is visiting friends
In Scott,
Mrs. Heplogle and daughter Mildred,
far baby
Sleep lor Skin Tortiircu Babies and
Rest for Tired Mothers. In
Warm Batbs with
And gentle applications hi Cot!
cura Ointment, purest of emol
lients and greatest of skfci cures,
to be followed in severe cases by
mild doses of Cuticura Resolvent
Pills. This is the most speedy,
permanent, and economical treat
ment for torturing, disfiguring,
itching, burning, bleeding, scaly,
crusted, and pimply skin and scalp
humours, with loss of hair, of in
fants and children, ever com
pounded. Millions or People uskCcticujia Soap,
a88lteil by CUTicmiA ointment, for benutt
f vlug tho ckln, for cleansing tlio scalp, nnd
the etonplng of falling linlr. for softening,
whitening, and southing red, rough, nnd soro
hands, and for nil tlio jiurposcs of tho toilet,
bntli.iUHlniU'ecrv. Millions of womenusuOu
Tirim.vSOAPln baths for annoying lrrltntlonii,
Inflammations, and chnilnirs, too free or offen
sive perspiration. In washes for ulccratlro
weaknesses, nnd for many sanative, antiseptic
purposes which readily suggest themselves.
Bold throtiirhout the vorlil. Soap, 25c , OiNTitrnT,
fc . Pilis. lie. Urltlih. Depot. 27-21. Cli.rterhou.e Hq.,
jiondon. French Depot Hue de U I'lx, 1'arit. Pot
ts Dbuo axd cnKH. Corp., Sole Propi., Bobton.
of Green Ridge, visited her sister, Mrs,
George Sliny, of Main street, AVednes
da v.
Mr. and Mrs. William Kestell land
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Frear, who went
to Niagara about two years ago, havo
returned to make their homo here.
Miss Helle Snyder and friend, Miss
Helen Long, of West Scranton, nre vis
Itlng at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Kngllsh, of Main street.
Mrs. D. Carpenter, of Scott, spent
Thursday with friends in town.
A. A. Ayres has returned from a visit
In New Jersey.
One of the greatest social functions
that has been conducted in this town
In many years was the country social,
which took place at St. James" hall,
Wednesday evening. The costumes
were very rich nnd comical. It is esti
mated that over three hundred were in
attendance. Great praise Is due the
gentlemen in charge. The grand march,
which was led by John McAndrew, Is
also well worthy of mention.
Among those from town enrolled at
the Scranton Business college nre
Misses Mary Lawler and Annie Ncalon
and John Hodsehko.
Miss Annie Iteilly, of Dunmore, is
visiting Miss Mary Lawler, of Chuich
John Lawler, of Olyphant, was a
caller In town last evening.
Kplscopal services at St. George's
mission will be Held this evening in
Calender's hall, at 7.30 o'clock. Rev.
E. J. Hnughtou will have charge.
Miss Mamie Lawler has returned
from a visit to Plymouth.
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Klngsley nnd
children, of Blakely, have gone to Mt.
Focono for a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McIIale, of Dun
more htreet, entertained a few friends
last evening, In honor of their guest,
Miss Alldn MeHale, of Green Ridge.
Miss .Maine Ruddy is seriously ill at
her home on Dunmore street.
J. M. Courtrlght has returned from
South Africa, after nn absence of about
ten mouths, much Improved in health.
Rev. S. C. Swallow, of Hanisburg,
candidate for governor on the Prohibi
tion ticket, delivered nn eloquent ser
mon In the Methodist church here to a
large congregation.
Miss Bessie Mulllnex returned homo
on Tuesday nfternon, after an enjoy
ublo trip to Green Ridge, Tompkins
vllle, Ppckvllio nnd Scranton.
Horace N, Davis left home here on
Monduy last, en route for West Ches
ter Normal school, where he Is a stu
dent. Mrs. T. E. Jones, of Snyre, was the
guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and
Mrs. Silas AVhlte, last week.
Mrs. J, A, Rymer and daughter Mar
Ion, of Scranton, are visiting relatives
and friends here.
Miss Ida Lewis, of the West Side,
Scranton, Is the guest of Misses Dora
nnd Jessie Robinson,
Mr. and Mrs. Silas Whlto visited
friends In Chinchilla, and also attended
church services there, held by the Rev.
A, II. Smith, of North Main avenue,
Miss Gertrude Decker, of Taylor, is
the guest of Misses Currle and Mamo
Miss Alice Northup, of Factoryville,
Is visiting relatives here.
T, W. Pentecost Is quite seriously 11)
at his home,
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
County, fcs.:
Fiank J. Cheney makes oath that ho Is
senior pnitnnr of tho llnu of p. j, Cheney
& Co., doliiu business la the City of To.
ledo, County and State aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay tho mini of one
hundred dollars for each and every
cobo of Catniih that cannot be cured by
tho uso of Hall's Catarrh Cuie.
Swoin to before mo und uubscilhcd In
my presence, this tith day of December,
A. D.. ISSti.
Notary Public.
Hall's Cntanh Sure Is taken Internally,
and acts directly on tho blood and mu
cous surfaces of tho system. Send tor
testimonials, fioe.
Toledo, O.
Sold hy all drURRlsts. 75c.
Hall's Family Pills aro tho best.
Connolly & Wallace
How can you have confidence in
a store if you haven't confidence
in its advertising? And how can
you have confidence in some ad
vertising ?
A Sprinkling
Nevertheless it gives a pretty strong suggestion of what you may expect later.
There will always be plaiu cloths. Cheviot aud Broadcloth will be as good as
ever because they are staple aud staud for certain classes and certain sorts of
dress. But there will be Tailor Made Suits of Cheviots and Tweed9, either
hairy or shot with another color enough off the plain to be novel, yet not
novel enough to be striking. In the department are a few New Etatnines, in
the old staple colors, from Paris; Camel's Hair, very sparse of hair, but for
that very reason, extremely stylish. What have come are charming and full
of that fresh air that Paris gives everything she touches.
Flannelette, 8 Cents
Some of the new Flannelettes have arrived, prettier than ever, dainty color
ings, in stripes on white and tinted grounds; for Wrappers, Night Gowns and
Children's Dresses.
Flannelette, 5 Cents
The best and prettiest goods we have seen this season for so little. Some
people have bought whole pieces. Staple aud cluster stripes of blue, pink and
gray on white and tinted grounds.
1,000 Tooth Brushes, 10 Cents Each
When we say that they are all worth 20c, 25c aud 30c each, we have said
enough. They are a great accumulation of Manufacturers' Sample Lots are
perfect in every respect are even better than regular stock goods.
Choose Amone Them at 10c
Connolly & Wallace
Men of Sense
Who own good
horses, who do heavy
teaming, "--
Want Good Stuff
A good horseman
knows good feed, so
does his horse.
Why Not Buy
Good feed even it
the price is a little X
Our Best Feed
Is as good as feed ,v
Can bs made. -1
Dickson Mill & Grain Go,,
Providence Eond,
V. ,., V. H K H H V. . , . ,
AN OnDINANCK-ProvUIInc for the In
croiiiia of tho Imlohteilucss of tho Hn
rongli of Tuylor In tho mini of Fourteen
thmiMiml IJH.00i (lollarH.
I3o it onlulneil nml enucioil l tho
Town t'omifll ot tliu IloroiiRli of Tuylor,
nml It Is hereby oiclulncd by tlio author
ity of tho hiitnu, iih follows:
Section 1, That the Indebtedness ot tho
BoroiiKli of Taylor bo and tho wuno Is
hereby minimized and directed to be in
ei eased to tlio sum of fourteen thousand
($11,000) dollar.1!, for tlio puriioso ot con
structing tho main and lateral sowein In
tho First Sewer Dlstilct ot the Borough
of Taylor.
Sec. ".That coupon bonds shall bn Is
sued to tho amount of Fomtoen Thou
sand (il 1,000) dollars, said bonds shall lie
of tho denomination of llvu bundled
($.7)0.00) dollais each with Interest coup
ons attached, and shall bo numbered
from 0110 to twenty-elsht, Inclusive, and
shall bear luteiest at the rato ot live per
centum per milium, said Interest to bo
payablo at tlio of Ilea of the UoioukIi
Treusuier, In tlio Hoi-oubIi ot Taylor, on
the lifth day of March of each year, and
shall bo signed by tho liurgess and tho
President of tho Town Council and tlio
seal of the DoioukIi shall be ufllxed, duly
attested by the Secretary thereof, Tho
date of said bonds shall lio tlio llftll day
of September A. I) 1!KC, and they shall
maun ii and becomu rcdeemablo ns hero
Inafler specified, aud shall bear Interest
nt tho rate of llvo per centum per milium,
Thcso bonds shall bo freo from all taxes,
the noi'ouuli of Taylor assuming tlio pay
ment of same, Tho Interest coupons shall
bo executed by tho lithographic slgnaturu
of tlio llinwss, I'rcsldent of, tho Town
I'ouucll, nnd duly attested by tho signa
ture of tho Borough Secretin y, and shall
bn payable seinl-aiiiiually on tlio llfth day
of September and tlio llfth day of March
of each year nt tho ofllco of tlio Borough
Treasurer us aforesaid.
Sec. :i. That before Issuing any such
obligations or secuiltlcH It shall bo tho
duty of tho pilnelpal ofllcer or of (leers
of tho said Borough to prepare a state
ment, (1) Showing tho actual indebtedness of
said borough,
('.') Tlio amount of tho last preceding
nssesscd valuation of the tuxablo pi op.
erty theieiu,
(: Tlio amount of tho debt that Is to
bo Incurred.
H) Tho form, number and date of ma.
tiulty of tho obligation to bo issuh there
(.") Ami tho amount of tho minimi tax
lovlcd und assessed to pay the said In.
ilebtedness. tlio triub of tin. fnit j thni.Mu
staled shall be sworn or affirmed to by
tald ofllcer or ofllcers, nnd the said state
ment shall bo Hied In tho, ofllco of th'
Clerk of the Court of Quarter Sesslom
of Lackawanna county. In lausuance of
un Act of tho Ceucral Assembly of Peun.
sylvaulu, entitled, "An Act to ivgulnlo
Uio manner of ineionslug tho indebted
iics.4 of tho municipalities, to piovlde. for
the redemption of tho same, nnd to tin
pose penalties for tho Illegal Inorcaa.'
r ' - - ' - " !
5cranton,s Shopping Center
It is not low prices that make a
successful store. It is the Con
nolly & Wallace idea of the best
possible goods for the money,
whether the price be high or low.
of the New Dress Goods
127 129 Washington Avenue.
The new designs In furnituro aro, like the sands of the seashore, 5
innumerable. To choose from them is no easy task. There are the
ornamented and carved styles, the severely plain pieces, the grace
fully curved patterns and the designs of straight linos, with their
hundreds of extremes and modifications. As we have said, selection
among these varied products of tho designers' taste is a difficult
The first thought must bo of workmanship. The article selected
should be carefully and well made.
Then the room, the particular spot, which your selection Is to
fill, should be soriously considered. The surroundings and decora
tions of the room also have their effect.
Tho use or uses to which the new article of furniture i3 to be
put should have its bearing upon the solectlon.
The suitability of design, in the article itself, nnd its correct
ness to tho true principles of art should not be forgotten.
We have most carefully selected our present stock and shall bi
pleased to aid you in choosing therefrom.
129 Wyoming Avenue.
Approved iMtli day of Al'iH. A. 15., ISfl.
and tho supplements thereto,
Sec, l.-Said bonds shall bo feilecmiiblu
In their oidor of tho numbers, viz.:
Numbers ono to tun, both IncluMyo, on
tlio llftlt day of September A. U., VM.
Numbers eleven to twenty, both In
clusive, on tho ilftli day of September
B 101 1
' Numbers twenty to twenty-eight both
Inclusive, on th" flftll la' f beptcmlior
' Sec!'.". That Uio Boiough Solicitor shall
preparo u Hiiltablo foini lor the said
bonds, anil Msuo tlio samo In accordance
wtllt tho Act of Assembly und Its sup
plements, i elating thereto, and when tho
saniu shall bo approved by tho commit,
teo hi chiigo thereof, tho Boiough Solic
itor shall havo tho samo pi luted or cu-
"Sec. tl,-Salil iHintli shall lo Issued In
accordance with the Act of Assembly en
titled "An Act to ui;iiluto tho manner
of Inci easing Indebtedness of municipal
ities, to provide for tho icdcuiptloti of the
uiiiie, and to Impose! penalties for tho Il
legal luereaso thoieof,"
Apmovcd April SOtli, A. Ii. 1871, and the
supplement thcieto.
Sec 7. Tlio I'icsldent of tho Town
I'ouucll. tho Secretary of tho Borough,
and tho Uorough Solicitor uio hereby
authorized to sell and dlsposo of said
bonds ut tlio highest und best piko that
can bo secured for tho same, not less
than par, tlio proceeds of such bnlo and
disposal to bo paid to tho Treasurer o(
tho Borough of Taylor, ns provided by
law. Tlioy may advertlso for proposals
for all or any portion of said bonds If
they seo lit to do so, Tho Boiough Conn
ell icseives tho light to i eject any or nil
bids for said bonds.
Sec, 8. For tlio purposo of paying tha
lllteiest und lliiiildatlng the principle pj
said bonds ml tliu same shall beoomo djjs
and paynblo there Is hereby lovlcd nnd
ufsesseil for the year l'KXt, nnd for each
and overy year theie.iftur on all property
taxable for Uorough purposes, a tax of
one mid one-half !!,) mills on tho dollar
of tlio valuation on nil property tnxablo.
for borough purposes.
And the monies arising from such tax
shall bo applied nt such periods ns tlut
Borough may stipulate in such obllga"
tions according to tlio tcims thereof, apd
therein contained.
Sec. !). All laws and oidluanccs or
paits of laws mid ordinances Inconsistent
herewith nro hereby repented,
AppiovciI tho 2nd day of September, A.
I). ISO-'.
II, K. HARniS.
Piesldont of Council.
Attest: ORO. MAIISH.
Borough Secictary.
,i., MjX:;Mmim.kMi'dMi.
i . i