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."Tlioy Draw Well."
Morris' Magnet Cigars
Th bent vnluo for it rentfl.
Try ono nnd you will smoke no
All (ho tridlntr hrnnilB nf Kc.
cigar nt $1.75 pr. box, or fi for 2oc.
The Inrpeit vnrloty ot Pipes and
Tobaccos In town.
Tho Clgnr Han
A 325 Washington Avenue.
In and About
The City
Silk Kill Excursion.
Tho employes of tho Siiunuolt Silk Mnn
ufncturlnff comrMiiy will run their oxcur
elon to I.nka Alio on Saturday, Aug. U.
Free Excursion.
Tho employes of the utile mill of tho
Klots Throwing Co. will hnvo n, free ex
cursion to Luke Lodoro Saturday, Aug.
An Aldermnnic Marriage.
Floyd jr. Reed, of Nowton, nnd Mies
Alice MeConnell, of Went Scrunton, wcro
united In mnrrlugo yestcrduy by Alder
mun KiiHson.
Benefit at Liederkrnnz Hall.
Tonight In Iledoikranr. hnll the German
Theatrical company will give n perform
ance of "Tho Goldfishes." It will be for
tho benefit of Miss I.ehmann.
Sunday School Picnic.
St. Paul's Lutheran church and Sunday
school, of Short avenue, will picnic t
Nay Aug park next Friday, In company
with St. Mark's Lutheran church, of
,Wnshburn street.
D., L. & W. Pays.
The employes of all the collieries In
Scranton and lcinlty were paid yester
day. The employes of the car repairing
nnd machine shops and stores dcpurlment
will be puld toduy.
Petition in Bankruptcy.
A. L. Rolihon & Son, of Troy, Bradford
county, yesterday filed n voluntary peti
tion In bankruptcy in tho 1'nltcd States
court. Their liabilities are $.1,227.33, and
assets, Ji.Kj.lU.
Pockefbook Pound.
, A sliver net pocketbook, found on
Tenth street, has been placed In the enro
of tho police. It contains a small sum
of money and a United Stutes Express
company receipt.
Doud Family Beunion.
A basket picnic at tho AVallsvllle fair
grounds will mark tho fourth annual re
union of tho Doud family, Tuesday, Au
gust "6. A liteiary and musical enter
tainment will be rendered dining the day.
Postal Clerks' Vacation.
Joseph If., John H. McDonough
nnd William Ellas, clerks In the post
offlcc, start on their annual vacations to
day. Rush Wright, J. Fred Sehwenek
and George Fellcnser resume duty this
Master Printers Meet.
Tho Muster Printers' Association ot
Scrunton held its mid-summer meeting in
G. A. R. hall Monday evening, and acted
upon several mutters pertaining to the
trade. A uniform price-list is being pre
pared by them.
Benl Estate Transfer.
S. E. Waylund. geneial manager of tho
Consolidated Telephone company', has
purchased the J. A. Lansing residence at
(31 Clay avenue. It Is understood Mr.
Lansing Is to tn!:o tho Colonel Wntres
lesldence, corner Qulncy avenue nnd Mul
berry street.
Committee Meeting' Postponed.
C. E. Chittenden was the only member
of tho judiciary committee of select coun
cil present nt the appointed time for lat
night's meeting, A lurge number of dam
ago claims ng.iinst tho city were to havo
been considered.
Condition Improving.
Clinrlcs A. Green, who was seriously
Injured Monday by falling from an Erie
trestle at Elmdule, was yesterday rcport
, cd as making excellent progress at tho
Lackawanna hospital. He rested easily
during the d.iy, nnd hopes for his re
covery are now entertained.
Annual Beunion.
The Seven County A'otciuns' associa
tion will hold its minimi reunion at Nay
Aug park, Scranton, Wednesdny, Aug. 20.
Tho Lnckawannu County Union Ex-Prls-oners'
association will provide peclnl en
tertainment for Its members nnd all cx
prlsoners. Headquarters will bo estab
lished at tho park as early as 3 u. m.
Home On a Furlough.
Commlsbiiry Sergeant W. O. Lnthrop,
of tho Seventh United States euvulry,
now stationed at Chlcamaugua park, Gu.,
Is homo on u thico months' furlough. Ho
roturned Tuesday morning from n few
duys' visit with his old comrade In tho
Thirteenth, Will Decker, nt Dnlton,
bringing with him u lino mess of fresh
Children's- Picnic.
Tho child) cu of tho Snldleis' Orphans'
Behool will hold their hiiiiii.i1 picnic tho
day of tho Seven Counties' lcunlon ut
Noy Aug park, Graduates us well mi
members of tho school aio Invited to at
tend. Donations will bo iccelved by Mrs,
Hcddon, at Fourteenth and Academy
streets; Mis. Scull, of ,"13 New Street, und
Mrs. Schultz, of Petersburg,
Yesterday's Marriage Licenses.
Richard Wntklns , Taylor
Anna Uesecker Tuvlor
Thomus F. Hopkins Potlsvlllo
Roso E. Canuvun Scrunton
Scrunton, Va February 3, 100.1.
Hcranton Ruslness Collego:-Wo icqulroln our ofilco 11 steady
young man of good habits who undcrutundu stenography anil
typewriting, und Is ulso coriect at Hemes; ono to mako him
iself generally iibcful. Thlb a good opening foi u bteady young
l'leaso favor us In this matter and send us somo ono who Is
thoroughly competent. Obliging
Yours truly,
T, & H .
Day and evening sessions reopen Tuesday, September 2nd. '
Dolawaro and Hudson Company Suc
ceeds in Dotting One of Its Col
lieries in Oporatlon Coal Hoisted
and Sent Through the Breaker.
Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern Company to Start Another Col
liery Today or Tomorrow House
at Rlchmondale Dynamited.
The Dickson colliery of tho Delaware
& Hudson company the Calico nt
Green Ridge resumed operations yes
Superintendent Rose would say noth
ing concerning tho bIzo of the force
operating the colliery, but averred that
it wns large enough to warrant contln
ttous operation, and that nil the lunula
were old employes,
lie further stated thnt nt this col
llery for two weeks past coal hns been
cut and loaded. Yesterday for tho first
time coal was hoisted and run through;
the breaker.
This makes three collieries now In
operation In this city. The other two,
the Oxford and Cayuga, continue to
work without any serious Interference
from the strikers. In fact It Beems that
the strikers are not greatly grieved at
seeing work resuming.
Superintendent Tobey, of the Dela
ware, Lackawanna & Western mining
department, said, yesterday, that an
other of the company's collieries will
resume today or tomorrow. He de
clined to say which colliery it will be.
He did say however that It will not be
the Woodward. The company was
ready to start the Woodward last Mon
day morning, but the fact got Into the
papers, and the crowd that gathered
about the colliery frightened off the
men who intended to return to work.
For that reason the company proposes,
Jierenfter, to keep to itself its Intention
to start a colliery,
One of the most dastardly attempts
at destruction, as a result of the strike,
occurred at Rlchmondale early yester
day morning, when the dwelling house
occupied by James Ellas and family,
was partially destroyed by dynamite,
and the occupants narrowly escaped
serious Injury.
Prior to the Inauguration of the
strike, Ellas was employed at the
Rlchmondale breaker, and remained
out until recently, when he returned to
work in order to provide for his fam
ily. Monday night, the family retired
early and shortly after midnight were
aroused by a terrific explosion, which
broke the windows In the house, nnd
tore nway a portion of the front of
the building.
A stick of dynamite had been placed
on the porch beneath one of the front
Ellas, his wife and child, who were
In the house, were thrown from their
beds and had a narrow escape from
serious Injury. The house is owned by
Dr. J. C. Bateson, of tills city.
Fifty men left here and one hundred
more left Wllkes-Barre, yesterday, to
work In the soft coal regions. Four
hundred more are preparing to leave
Wilkes-Barro this week for the same
place. An agent Is in these parts look
ing for men to work In the Iron ore
mines at Port Oram, N. J.
President Mitchell, of the Mine Work
ers, who has been here for two days
on the street car arbitration, returns
to "Wilkes-Barre today.
Jnmes II. Torrey, Joseph O'Brien and
Robert J. Murray, counsel for the Del
aware and Hudson company, went be
fore Judge Newcomb yesterday morn
ing and secured the release of John
Valuk from tho rountv Jail.
A'aluk Is employed nt the Dickson
colliery of the Delaware and Hudson
company. He was on his way to work
Monday night, when he was met by
Joseph Pelco. Some trouble resulted
nnd Pelco had him nrrested for disor
derly conduct. He wns tnken before
Alderman Myeis and committed to jail.
At a meeting of the board of mine
examiners It was decided to investi
gate the reports that men not having
certificates are mining coal at the
various collieries, and if found true, to
take such action as may be necessary.
This decision was drawn up in the
form of a resolution as follows:
Scranton, Aug. 1, 1902.
We, tho members of the hoard of mlno
examiners of the Second Inspection dis
trict, having met In tho court house Mon
day, tho fourth day of August, will con
tinue to meet the Hist Monday of each
month, for tho examination of mlno cer
tillcutcs to tho public at huge.
It has been brought to thn notice of
mine examiners that there aio men min
ing coal at somo of tho colllerlei thnt
havo not hud a certlllcate of mining nnd
other men havo received them in tho
First Inspection district and havo not
yet registered In tho Second Inspection
district, which Is a violation of the stato
We, tho members of tho suld board,
having como to tho conclusion that wo
will havo to consult with the president
judge of Luukuw.mnu county, Hon. II. M.
Edwards, of tho same, and after take
steps to enforco tho stato law,
P. J. Mullanoy,
Member of Board.
Team from Globe Store Defeated by
Score of 8-5.
An exciting game of baseball wns
yesterday played between nines repre
senting tho prlntcry of the Internation
al Coirespondcnce schools, und tho
Business College
BUCK & WniTHORE, Proprietors
Students in great demand. Watch
this space. A different letter every day.
From Manufacturing- Concern.
Alfred Wooler.
Instructor In Voice Culture and Sinning1.
i Harmony. Counterpoint and Musical Composition.
Class or Private Instruction.
Mr. Wooler will bo plensed to hear from thoso who aro contemplating tak
ing up any of tho above studies. !
For prospectus and particulars, address during August Alfred Wooler,
care Wtnota House, Lako Wlnola, Pn.
Special Classes for the Coming Season:
PREPARATORY CLABSEfl-For children, who Intend later to atudy tho
piano. First class begins Monday, Sept. 8. Tuition, $10 per year.
SATURDAY MORNING 81NOINO SCIIOOL-For children! begins Sept.
13. Tuition, $5 per year. ,
SIGHT SINGING CLASS-For Adults) begins Monday oventng, Sept. 15.
Tuition J10 per year.
Studio Opens Wednesday, S,ept. 3, when students may register.
STUDIO 317 Carter Building, (Second Floor), 604 Linden
Street, Scranton Pa.
Globe store. The former team won out
by the score of 8-G.
Play was begun nt C o'clock last even
ing on the Ash street circus grounds,
with Fallon In the box for the school's
team, and Major the opposing twlrler.
Until the seventh Inning tho score wns
6-3 In favor of tho Globe store team.
Then the printers made n batting rally
and scored five runs, two of which wcro
decidedly nttrlbtitnble to a long drive
for two bases by Will Burke, their sec
ond catcher. A feature of the game
was a home run smash by Catcher
Cornish of the winning team.
Insurance Suits to Be Tried in the
Federal Courts.
Judge E. N. Wlllard, atorney for the
defendants, yesterday, transferred from
the court of common pleas of Lacka
wanna county to the United States cir
cuit court for the Middle district of
Pennsylvania, at Scranton, seven In
surance cases, arising over the Insur
ance thnt was refused to be paid when
the Summit Dairy company's plant at
Clark's Summit burned down. Tho
cases are as follows:
No. 4 October term, 1902: George E.
Taylor against Springfield Fire and
Mnrlne company, of Springfield, Mass.
No. fl, October term, 1902: George E.
Taylor against Hartford Fire Insurance
company, of Hartford, Conn.
No. 6, October term, 1902: George E.
Taylor against Royal Insurance com
pany, of Liverpool, England.
No. 7, October term, 1902: George E.
Taylor against Phoenix Insurance com
pany, of Brooklyn, N. Y.
No. 8, October term, 1902: George E.
Taylor against Phoenix Insurance com
pany, of Hartford, Conn.
No. 9, October term, 1902: Summit
Dairy company against Phoenix Insur
ance company, of London.
No. 10, October term, 1902: Summit
Dairy company against The Liverpool
and London and Globe Insurance com
One of W. H. Pierce's Drivers In
jured on Adams Avenue.
Two of W. H. Pierce's wagons col
lided on Adams avenue at noon yes
terday. The horses were frightened
and ran away. One of the drivers sus
tained severe injuries.
Sheldon AVhlthers, who resides In, the
rear of SOS North Washington avenue,
'was thrown from one of the wagons,
nnd was badly bruised. He was taken
to Dr. Gaidner's office where It was
ascertained that no bones were broken.
D. II. Cnnouse hi ought Hiilt against
Old Forge boiough yesterday to recover
$.',00 for damage done a horse and wagon
which went Into nn unpiotected tiench on
the muln street of the boiousrh. F. K.
lloyle and L. P. Wedeman rcpiesent the
The hotel license of Stephen Murnnko,
of Olyphnnt, wns yesteidny transferred
by Judge Kdwurds to Ounfcr Kowtko.
lUunuiko hi his deposition Mild ho could
not continue business because of luwlng
failed on account of tho strike.
List of letters remainlnc; uncalled for
at the Scranton, Pa., postolllco August ti,
I'JO.'. Pei sons cnlllng for lettuis will
pleaso say ndvertlsed and give date of
list. Kztn 11, Hippie, Postmaster.
Amsbuiy, Frank. Miller, Mrs. Kdlth.
Agney. Mia. F. Y. Miller, Chns.
Aindell. Sadie. Matthews, Ueitha.
Acme Steam lCnglne.Morcom, Jennie.
Manning. S.
Hartels, Carrie,
liodlnc. Mis. 1.
Hoorem, Mis. N. G.
Ream, J. M. S. V.
Blum, Mis. A,
Broldn, Matt.
Hairett. Mrs. Mary,
Cook, F. C.
Connolly. Paul V.
Casing, Henry.
Davis, Geo. U.
F.clcjca. Wm.
Kvnns, Mis. M. E.
Kwlng, Win. U.
Kvont, M. U.
Fisher, Win.
Fieemnn, J.
Fox. F.lln,
Gage, Mr.
Oilmore. II, Ci.
Oilnm, Mis. Peter,
Ilonllgar, Happy,
llotsell, Clias. if.
Ilinrhes. Mary.
Hnll, Mis. Fred.
Irwin, G. W.
Jones, G, J,
Johnson. James.
Jones, J. U,
James, Fred.
Koch. Mis. Margar
ot J.
McLouglillu, Mis.
Mellale, K J.
MacLoaii. Wm.
Poulls, Chas.
Pcnna. Investment
Plielnn, Mis. AV. A.
Palmer, Addison E.
Roser, Peter.
Reed. K. S.
Rlchauls, II. W.
Ross, Grace.
Sweet, A. H.
Spaegol, Winifred.
Suyeis, Geoige,
Swaub, Stephen.
Stewart, it. T
Schwartz. Philip.
Stanton, Klla.
Sims, Helen.
Smith, Geitrtido.
Stownrt. Mrs. Kllon.
Stowe, Samuel.
Sceer, Chailcs.
Smith Miss.
Shlrman. Henry R.
Strang, Dr. Androw.
Tiffany. Mrs. Silas.
Toolo, Frank.
Willis, Airs. Unr-
Kennedy, Mrs.
Kettle, Lillian.
Lll-Wrlght. Mifl. A. L.
Wels, Mrs. Jiuln.
Williams. Albeit.
l.ynn. c;. i.
"Weeglncin. Filtz.
Lewis, Mies J. M.
Lnftus, Mis. John,
Llildle, R. D.
Lcavey, Capt. U. S.
Wilcox, Clara J.
westgaie, u. a.
West, Mis. J. M.
Wnwncr, T, L.
Domenlcl Lorn Jnzzl. Giavnunl Chlumcutl,
Hiiilcinpo Antonio, Rosa Yunimo, Anton
Pott, Pinlhi Antonio, Mlchcllo Rossi, Vln
cenzn Fallno, Angelo Scnozo, Mnrtlncjll
Ltugl, Pas(un Gloiduno, Michclo Mllauo,
Autonl 0iuu,
Jezzy Mllewsky, Koslanty Tackosld,
Kate Woyckotspz, Yuzcw Nedzwecky,
Ms. Miagzcshuskle, Anthony Kmlelnfskl,
Kami Dumblowskl, MalU IUrauows'y,
Fiauclszck StzowHkl, Adam Wltkowsky,
Wladyztown, Przekopowskle, Josef I.ef
kosky, Frunzlszek Grujkowskl, Plota
Martin Pleekus, Mlko Kolojay, Josof
TiisocIuiiiih, Fruk Szuesuy, Martin Petck
us, Wusyl, Pimohu, Alex lluiklus. MorJI
.Money, juzaps juniuintns, Jan cizunw
ski, Jonns Wlenlus,
Fedor Tymclo.
tromoy, Wlezohowsky. Knl Wftumsa, Ana
wounnuwa, isiunn wihowku, j 0.111 tciii
ernk, Peter Waszkyl, Maicln Bryc,
Pgnncs, Kilwockuz. Josef Hlciulmb, Mar
tin Owczaizuk, Fedor Tymlcow, Mik
llcrzaios. '
, West Scranton Station,
Walonty IJochencck, Miss Kntlo Clarko,
Miss Cora Muy Davis 3, Mis. James
Dean. John Hum, M, M, Kearns. Mr,
Lnughney. Mrs. M. Maitlnun, Miss Katlo
Moron, Miss Klllo Mullen, T, H. Mad
den, M. T. Median. Ed J. Mmgun, Mrs.
Annlo Price, Ficd L. Robinson.
Ambassador White Resigns.
By Exclusite Wire Irom The Associated frees.
Berlin, Aug. 5, Ambassador Whlto
mailed his icslgimtlon to tho United
Stutes several duys ago. it is to take
effect early In November.
Augusta Falbo, the' 5-Year-Old Son
of Gennarro Falbo, of Old
Forge, Succumbed.
Augusta Falbo, tho C-year-old boy
who was, wounded by a bullet from
Francesco Cerra's revolver at Old
Forge, on Monday night, died nt 2
o'clock yesterday afternoon, as tho re
sult of his injuries.
The murderer mndo good his escape
nnd Is still at large. The shooting, as
described In The Tribune yesterday,
wns substantially as It occurred, the
facts being corroborated by County De
tective Phillips In his Investigation
yesterday. The only errors made were
In spelling the names.
Cerra stood, so close to Falbo when
he fired the contents of his revolver
that the smoking pistol burned the
victim's clothing.
It was some time after (lie shooting
occurred thnt 'Squire Pickerel was no
tified, and, In the meantime, Cerra had
a good chance to escape.
It is believed, however, that he Is
still In Old Forge, and is being shield
ed bv friends.
Cerra Is described as being about 26
years of age, 5 feet 4 Inches In height,
weighs 165 pounds, has red complex
Ion, sandy moustache and red curly
hair, closely cut.
William Repp, who was Cerra's first
victim, offered the following reward
yesterday for the apprehension .of the
I will pay $.'00 for the arrest and con
viction of Francisco Cerra, who last
night shot Gennarro Falbo and his child
and who tried to kill mo Dec. 1, 1900, and
preWously, tried to kill LouU Butch.
I will further pay $300 at any time In
the future for the arrest und conviction
of any person committing premeditated
murder in Old Forge borough, or one
half the amount If the nttempt falls.
I do this that hereafter there may be
no delay In the pursuit of a. murderer
while arranging for travel and other ex
penses. William Repp.
Old Forge, Pa., Aug. u, 1902.
Thirteenth's Rifle Team Will Practice
at 1,000 Yard Range.
Colonel L. A. Watres Is In favor of
giving the Thirteenth regiment's rifle
team practice on a strange range, be
fore it leaves here for the state matches
at Mt. Gretna, and It Is therefore very
likely that Lieutenant Lewis B. Carter
will take his marksmen to Montrose, a
week from today.
Practice will be conducted there at
the 1000 yard range. Last year's team
also shot at Montrose, before going to
the state range. Lieutenant Carter Is
feeling highly elated over the splendid
showing his team has been making
In practice, and Is confident the Thir
teenth will be heard from, when the
time arrives for the distribution of J
prizes. Every man on the team this
year Is an able, experienced shot, and
nt least two of the men ought to make
the state team.
Following Is the make-up of the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
board for today:
Summits West C a. m., Nichols.
Pushers 7 a. m., Wldncr; S n. m.,
Ilouser; 11,43 a. m., Moran: 7.30 p. m.,
Murphy: 9 p. m., W. H. Bartholomew.
Helpers 1.30 a. m., Magovern; 7 a. m,,
Gaffney; 10 a, m., Sccor; 3.15 p. m., Stan
ton. I Wash Goods
Lively These Days p
The following quotations
tell the reason why.
Fine Dimities and Lawns S
In pretty stripes, figures,
choice 8c goods, now
Finer Dimities and Lawns
That sold at I2J4 and 15c the yard. The Designs
are exceptionally good. Sale Price
Imported Wash Goods
Irish Dimities and Lawns, French Batistes. The
best 20 and 25c goods, are now
High Class Goods
Dainty Embroidered Mousselines, Silk finish Foulards,
Flemish Lace, Bor.ita Silks, etc. all sold at from 25c to z the
yard, To appreciate the real worth of these exquisite
fabrics it is necessasy to see them, Choice, this week.
McCoiuiell & Co.,
The Satisfactory Store.
400-402 Lackawanna Avenue.
His Lenso Extended for Five Years
at a Meeting, Yesterday, with tho
Executors of tho Jormyn Estate.
Will Spond $20,000 on Improve
ments to tho Building and a Good
ly Sum in Refurnishing Interest
ing Story of Hotel's Reputation as
Narrated by George B, Jermyn.
Fred S. Godfrey yesterday completed
negotiations with tho executors of the
John Jermyn estate for a five year ex
tension to his lease on Hotel Jermyn,
There was some talk a few months
ngo that there had been a disagree
ment as to the rental terms and that
at the end of his present lease, next
April, Mr. Godfrey would give up the
hotel business In this city nnd go to
New York. This, however, wns simply
talk. Mr. Godfrey and Joseph J. nnd
George B. Jermyn met, yesterday, by
appointment and after a ten minutes
conversation, consummated the deal by
which Mr. Godfrey continues ns pro
prietor of the hotel nnd reached an
agreement by which the owner Is to
spend $23,000' In Improving the property
and the lessee Is to put In a goodly sum
In refurnishing it.
The hotel has been conducted under
Mr. Godfrey's management since It was
opened six years ngo. In that time It
has come to be known as one of the
very best hostelrles In the country. In
deed many of the drummers declare It
to bo the very best hotel In the United
States. In the way of giving a guest
his money's worth. There Is scarcely
any question but that It Is the "best
for the money' anywhere.
The reputation the hotel has attained
Is Indicated by an Instance related by
George B. Jermyn. He was traveling
In Switzerland a year ago and one
night put up at a small and uninviting
Aljilno inn. At the far end of the
table at which he was one of a large
number of diners, sat a man and his
wife. During the course of the meal
the man was seen to look disparaging
ly at the food and heard to say: "Wish
we had Hotel Jermyn here,!' Mr.
Jermyn, of course was much Interested
and at the conclusion of the meal
sought out the man and asked him
what Hotel Jermyn he had made re
ference to nt'the dinner. The reply was
"Oh a hotel over In America, at a place
called Scranton, where my wife and I
stopped for a few days on our way
here from St. Paul. Its the greatest
hotel we ever encountered."
Mr. Jermyn Introduced himself by
saying "My father owns that pldce."
The man from St. Paul excused him
self to his wife and accompanied Mr.
Jermyn to the dairy or some other
place to toast Hotel Jermyn.
It is not saying too much to mako
the assertion that the Hotel Jermyn,
under Mr. Godfrey's capable manage
ment, has done ns much ns any other
of Scranton's Institutions in making the
town celebrated. Before Its existence,
It was no uncommon thing for travel
ing men who had to stay In these parts
for a considerable length of time to go
to the Wyoming Valley hotel in Wllkes
Barre to make their headquarters.
Just what Improvements are to be
made on the hotel property have not
lippn divulged further than that the
mnrhlnerv in the basement and tho
floor of the lobby are to be replaced.
Sealed proposals will be received by
the Scranton Central Labor union un
til August 11, for the privilege of fur
nishing bands for the parade, also or
chestra and catering nt the excursion
grounds at Lako Ariel, Labor Day,
Monday, September 1, 1902. All bids
to bo separate and distinct and In
hands of the secretary on or before tho
above date. Ausust-11.
The right to reject any or all bids
Is reserved. Address
309 Lackawanna avenue.
Move i
Full assortment of
4c H
15c Si
I They re 87cJ
Half Gallon, doz., $1.50.
MASON JARS in flint glass, machine-made, uniform' '.thick--;
ness, smooth tops, no fine glass in the bottom of the jar. Pfni
jars, doz., Coc; Quart, doz., 65c; Half Gallon, 85c.
Rubbers Old-fashioned Pint, Lightning, Gilchrist and the
famous HONfiST RUBBERS for all sizes of Mason Jars.
Jelly Glasses Optic, Flute Band and Screw Top.
Geo. V. Millar & Co.
Walk In and
Would You
A Small Percentage for
the Use of $25.00
It is a penny wise and pound foolish idea to hesitate to borrow
money when you can get it on such favorable terms as we now offer.
Or Other Personal Property.
Scranton Loan Guaranty Co.
207 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton, Pa.
Near Corner Spruce Street.
Business Hours
8 a. m. to 6 p. m.,
Saturdays, 10 p. id.
We can hand you the money within
an hour or so after you ask for it.
riMBnr . t john w- gates
WJKvSBE'' Hs tho spoils of victory. Uo is "Tho J
"" Br? oonquerlne hero." Now vrould you also t
V J Xk I be a conqueror? If so you must eat
J - ' R and bo hearty and strontr.iandfullct
AWBrIflHB practical affRrcsslvcnCEs. It Is a pore
fftm tttKT'L scientifically prepared wheat flake
S f Nw li. tCi' ful,y ,mPreBnated with pepsin
f 11 M - Xflfic VC ond celery. Be Ins thrico cooked 16
I ft M - t I -iX l "l Is always ready for instant
yHrM "V. I c'.x.c ' L-As use w,tt mtIt' cream cr
XJfLv M k xajAA'. fruitijulcc.
j m CKvvii. k M bul,ds up bIo
l k. Xjfc!?lK?l T fcne and brain and Is
IE f . jf " yMBOxnost coUclou oaai
u M'f'flHyi easily digested.
I f Lm&jwsRM package
ff tStIh f COSTS ISO.
iSv f""xr x' T-C ' and contains more
I VV5W. J L I I nutriment than lOlbs.
1 V"BU 'Sm I ot tacab Ask your
V B K 0 grocer for the only
' r I 1 cereal made by ex-
v H pert union labor. A
eBr-r' I iftYJUffll"
mKKr ' food GO.
r ( I I Battlo Croak.
Jm -J y wiich.
In the New Store began Friday, August ist,
Choice bargain opportunities will be offered in every
department. Limited space will not permit of our
telling you about all the good things at once, but from
day today we will announce special features of the sale.
Inventory Reductions in Garpot Department
85c Tapesry Brussels 65c
1.25 Velvets 75c
50c Mattings 40c
25c Mattings aoc
Ingrains, special value 3oc
inventory Redactions in Wait Paper
Here are found exceptionally low prices in all grades
of Wall Decorations from the regular 5c quality to the
beautiful silk hand goods. It is hardly necessary that
we should remind you of the fact that these goods
are all new, as they were purchased when we entered
the new store February last. Among the newest and
entirely exclusive goods are Special French Panel'
Decorations; unique two-third effects, Colonial Wain
scot arrangements, New Parlor Crown effects, with
crowns separate and continuous, and Leatherette
Bases for halls and libraries.
-- - 1 -
Williams & McAnulty,
Advertisers of Real Bargains Only.
1 1
Ant.. flllar. Any. l If 'I
w,., V...V, vy...., ..we, 47. .J,
134 Wyoming Ave.
Look Around
From 10 to $300 loaned within 10
miles of 207 Wyoming avenue.
We do not want you to WAIT a
day or two for the,, money after
promising it promptly.
You get it within an hour or two...
New Phone No.
P. O. Box 94.
I Smyrna All-Wool Rugs,
9x12, were $25 20,00
Axinlnster Rugs, 9x12,
regular $30 value, beau
tiful patterns 32.50
'JV t
' y
, I
-1 . ..