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-- 5
During tho hot daya
of summer by using a
B, & R Wickless
Oil Stoves
No smoke, no ortlor.
Practical safe nlno
Foote & Shear Co.
5 U9 Washinelon Ave.
Scranton investor
Conncll Bulldins
All kinds' of securities bought, sold
nnd exchanged. If your securities are
in bank us collateral, wo can dispose
of them Just us well us If the certifi
cates xtcro brought to us. On our list
ve have, subject to previous sale:
$5,000 Pocono Ice Co. bonds at par
nnd Interest.
$10,000 Central Pennsylvania Brewing
Co. bonds nt SS2.
$10,000 Economy Steam Heat Co.
$3,000 International Text Book Co.
$20,000 United States Lumber Co.
$3,000 Bank stock.
$4,000 Telephone bonds.
$2,500 Clark- & Snover Tobacco Co.
fetock. Pays S per cent, on par. $133.
We sell only such securities aa we
can recommend.
We want everybody to know that wo
have money to loan on Scranton ical
state. Wo loan quickly and cheaply.
vou are cordially Invited to come and
see us.
B. Ernest Comcgys & Co.
'Phone 10D.
Real Estate Investor
No. 2.
Connell Building.
Vol. l.
No bettor time than now to buy leal
estate. Trices will advance as soon as
strike Is settled. Come and look over
our list of properties for sale. Hand
some oflices on seventh floor of Con
nell Building.
R. E. Comegys, Real Estate Dealer.
'Phone 109.
The Hardenberghl
of Music and Art
Season 1002 - 1003 opens
Thursday, Sept. 18. Most
modern and approved methods.
Send for prospectus. Carter
Building, 604 Linden street.
Livery, Boarding, Cab Service, Shop
ping, Opera, Party, Wedding
and Train Calls.
New Stables, 1415 Mulberry Street.
New 'Phone 2057.
If You Are Considering
The purchato or sale of any high grailo
btocks or bonds, better consult us. Wo
make a specialty of this kind of secuil
tle3. I. F riEGARQEL & CO.,
Rooms 2Cfi & 207, Commonwealth Bldg.
E. W. Bryant Is confined to his home
with bronchitis,
Mail Carrier 13. D, Jones Is spending
ho weeks at Atlantic City, N, J,
Miss Florence Colo, of Bolvldore, N. J
Is visiting iclatlvcs on Wyoming avenue.
Miss Mary Hunvln, of Is'ottli Uydu
Park avenue, Js visiting friends ut Upper
Sir, and Mrs, W, L. lirennnn, of CScon
drove, and Miss Sarah Mcl.ane, of Benin
ton, bpcitt Sunday at tho homo of Mrs. 13.
Miihoney, of Wavoily,
Mia. Mary A. Kenny, of Fig fcticot,
Miss Jennie A, Kenney, nf Adams ae
nue, and Miss Katliryn G, O'Mulley, of
Gieen Hldge, are making a trip ucioss the
continent. They will visit tho principal
places of Interest on tho Paclllc Coast,
q. h. Simons and family, W. H. Alt
and family, of Ilumllnton'n, Wayno coun
ty, and Mis. II. M. Simons, of this city,
ore camping on the shoio of Big Pond,
one of the bett fishing places In this sec
tion, Mr. Simons and Mr, Alt havo
both been very successful with the hook
and line, tho former having taken a plck
crel weighing $U pounds and the latter a
hass weighing i pounds-
ackawannK 1
Fifty Men Wero Engaged to Work
Thoro but Only Flvo of Thorn He
ported for Duty, Because of tho
Tear Prevalent of tho Duryca
Strikers District President Nich
olls Claims There Aro No Union
Men Working at tho Oxford nnd
Cayuga Othor Strike News.
No now collieries or washerlos start
ed up, yostouluy, contrary to expecta
tions, It was announced on Saturday
that tho Woodward at Kingston would
resume operations, yesterday morning,
but tho effort was not made. Inquiry
at tho company's office elicited only
the statement that It was not definitely
known what day the start would be
Frederick Wnrnkc had fifty men en
gaged to operate his washery at Dur
yca, but only live of them showed up
for woik. Some of tho othcis sent word
that they were afraid to wenk in Dur
yp.i on account of tho bad name tho
place bears. Even the men employed
nt tho Wnrnkc washery us watchmen
nic deseitlng thiough fear. Mr.
Warnko nnd members of his family
are compelled now to take turns at as
sisting tho watchmen still on duty.
The Oxfoul nnd Cayuga continue to
woik, and according to the claims of
the lcspectlvo companies the forces ut
each place are augmented dally by de
sertions from the strlkeis' ranks.
Dlslilct President Nicholls claims
there aio no strlkeis buck at woik In
these places. The claim Is made In a
lengthy statement Issued yesterday.
Picsldcnt Nicholls' statement follows:
Notwithstanding statements appearing
In the piess coming from ofllclalt. of va
iloiu coal companies, to tho effect that
they will not make any effoit to stait
their collieries until the Illinois apply for
their woik again; wo aio daily notllled
that the local mine officials or agents mo
ery actively engaged In trjlng to per
suade tho men to rutin n to woi k.
Tho effort made to cause dis&atlsf.iction
by fallacious niguments concerning the
dl&tilhtitlon of "lcllef" has been a com
plete falluie; and we now fear no evil
lesnlts from that coulee.
Tho mlncis decided that it will be s-afor
to accent the plan of disliibution as sub-
,mittcd by Picsldcnt Mitchell, than the
equal distribution plan as buggehtcu oy
some of the officials of the coipora
tlons. They icasoned that Picsldcnt
Mitchell would natuinlly plan to use tho
lundh that the e.pcndituie would bring
vlctoiy: while they also reasoned that
the opera tots' plans would just as natui
ally be to have the money so expended
that it would weaken Instead of sticngtli
ening the stiikc and eventually bicak it,
as they did In a similar Instance some
eais ago, when they wcio fciicccssful in
getting the men quairellng among them:
Tho funds so far have been found sut
llclent to meet tho actual necessities.
While the number of those In need will
natui.illy incease as time goes on; the
tneioaso in the amounts lcculved, which
will commence with the bcginlug of net
week, when the assessment lc led on the
bituminous mineis will bo foi wauled to
the national office. This, together with
the aid we expect fiom the other labor
oiganlzatlons and sympathize! s, will so
Incrcaso our fund as to enable us to meet
the inci cased demands for aid.
Wo also expect a continual exodus of
mlno woikeis to other Holds, which will
also fctiengthcn our position, llach miner
is trying to foitlty himself and family
for the winter If necessary by getting
woik, which will make him independent,
and wo do not expect after a time to
have any lnoio icmainlns than the old
men and u low who may bo unable to
obtain woik.
While It has been lpported far and
near that the Oxfoid and Cayuga collier
ies ate In opeiatlon, tho tacts aio, aecoul
Ing to lepoits lccclvcd at this ofllce fiom
our local olilceis, that none of our mineis
nie woi king at these places, and that
only coal which was loaded befoio tho
strike and left In the mine cais is tho
gicutest poitlou if not all the coal that
Is now being hoisted to tho sui face. The
opeintors' only hope at this tlnio is tho
moial effect on our membeis of seeing it
colliery In opeiatlon. They liopo this will
dlscoui.'tgo them. The mineis, however,
know that a half docn mineis at any
or each colllciy cannot till tho placcn, or
do the woik of tho hundreds of men
usually employed, and aie not dlscour
uged thereby.
Tho beginning of the thirteenth week of
tho btiiko tiuds the men moie steadfast
unci dctei mined than cer, and with In
ci eased strength to continue the strug
gle tor tho substitution of an honest wes
tern for a couupt system of employment;
tho old system has destroyed all coull
deuee between employer and employe.
When tho pi lea of hon or steel ln
ciease.s tho iiillioad ofllclals do not closo
down the railioads and lefuso to pay
the pi lee; but just as soon as men de
mand a just system of employed and In
ci cased wage they close down their mines
anil light tho demands with till tho power
tliey contiol, and with bltfeniess of spliit.
Should not tho demands of man bo at
least w oi thy of as much consideration as
tho demands of a plcco of lion? I hope
the opointois will pay the incieabo de
manded by the mineis; I would llko to
seo them pay, because they rcalizo tho
justlco of tho demands, but If not then
for tho same leason that they pay the
pilco demanded for lion nnd steel; 1. o
because they cannot set tho bervlco of
tho men unless they pay the piopert
v.tluo demanded, T, D. Nicholls,
Miners continue to leuve for other
coal Holds dally, A largo party sturts
this morning at 0,30 o'clock for Hunt
ington, A strlkeis' inabs meeting took place
yesterday afternoon at Archbald, It
was addiessed by President Nicholls
and others,
Local No. 037, United Mlno Workers,
will meet Thursday afternoon In Co
operative hull. The meeting will be
called promptly at a o'clock.
A mass meeting of the North Scran
ton locals will bo held at 2.30 o'clock
Friday afternoon, at St. Mary's hall.
C,. H. Green, of Hallstead, Seriously
Injured at Elmdalo.
C, II, Circen, of Hullstead.whlle work
ing on a trestle at Elmdale, early yes
terday morning, fell fioin It and ie
celved Injuries which lebultcd In his
bsliu; taken to tho Lackawanna hos
pital, wheio lils left arm was ampu
tated. He also sustained a frueturo of
the skull.
A long iron trestle Is being bult at
Elmdale by the Eie. about twenty feet
above grude. While arecn was at
work ycsteiday morning lie was struck
by the big boom and knocked off tho
bridge, He la about 35 years "of ago
and married.
Dp, Llndalury, Surgeon, diseases of
women u specialty, 215 Connell building.
Mours: u am. to i p, m.j 7 to 8.30
n. m. I
Testimonial Written Last Year.
Scranton, Pa June, 1001.
Mr, J. Alfred Pennington.
Dear Sir: It Is with plcnstiro that I speak In terms nf highest praise of tho
Fnoltcn System of Fundamental Training. I nnt delighted with tho progiess
my llttlo daughter has nuido In tho slioit Jlmo sho has attended tho Conser
vatoiy, and most cheerfully commend your Instruction to any desiring a thor
ough course. i'ouis tiuly,
Testimonial Written This Year.
Sei anion, Pa., April Sth, 1903.
Mr. J. Alfred Pennington.
Dour Sir: Tho progicss my daughter has mndo dtulng tho second year's
study at tho Conservatory has given ino poifect satisfaction and I urn pleased
to iceommend It to all who mo lntetested In the study of music.
Very lcspcelfully yotus,
Send For the New Prospectus.
Recorder Connell and City Officials
Discuss Matter of Municipal Con
tracts, and Bonds Question.
The monthly council of Recorder
William L. Connell and the heads of
the city departments was held yester
day In the former's ofllce.
A bilcf session was held in the morn
ing, nnd a more extended one In the
afternoon. Tho matter of city contracts
was discussed, but the greater part of
both meetings was devoted to talking
over tho refusal of Hayes & Sons, of
Cleveland, to take the $:!85,000 worth of
city bonds Issued to them. The pro
ceedings at the meeting were secret,
and nothing definite will be announced
regarding them until the latter part of
tho week.
Those present at the conference were
Recorder Connell. Director of Public
Safety F. L. Wormser, Director of Pub
lic Works John E. Poche, City Trcas
uier F. S. Barker and City Solicitor G.
M. Watson,
At tho moining session, Solicitor
Watson spoke for a short time on the
contract question, regaullng the neces
sity for making contracts tor t'll city
work. Thus, Instead of minor jobs
being undertaken on mere verbal or
written agreement, contracts woald be
made for the undertaking and cairy
ing out of the work, the same as with
tho larger municipal enterprises.
Committee Meets and Perfects Nu
merous Details.
The Central Labor union committee,
in charge of the Labor day demonstra
tion, met last night in the now hcad
quarteis in tho Library building, and
perfected some of tho details for the
observance of the day.
A parade will be held at 9 o'clock in
the morning, and excursion trains will
leave the Erie station for Lake Ariel
at S.45, 11 and 11.20 o'clock in the morn
ing, and 1.35 o'clock in the afternoon.
The pat ado will dlspeise near tho Eile
station, so ns to give the men In line
the oppoitunity to take a morning
train to the lake.
The parade will be one of the largest
and most lepresentatlvo Industrial pro
cessions which has eer marched over
the city stieets. The committee ex
pects to have between twenty and
twenty-live thousand men In line, and
its foi niation will be characterized by
a number of novel and unique features.
Tho general teamsters' union has
guaranteed to send a body ol four or
live hundred horsemen to represent
their organization, and the black
smiths' and hoiseshocib' unions, ac
cotding to custom, will also be mount
ed. Hugh Fiayne, organizer of the
American Fedeiatlou of Labor, will be
guind maishal of the parade, and
Geoige H. Gothler, of the cigai makers',
seciotary-treasiuer of the Central
Labor union, will act as chlef-of-staff.
K. C. Paterson, of th3 carpenters;
William Brokenshire, of the general
teamsters; D. F. Denipsey, of the Uni
ted Mine Workers of America, and A.
A. Doney, of the machinists, will act
as aides. D. B. Anthony, of the teain
bters; Peter F. Holton, of the paint
ers; Thomas Tleiney, of tho United
Mine Workeis of America, and It. A.
Muloney, of the horseshoeis, will com
mand divisions. Grand Marshal
Frayue will appoint aides to tho mar
shal, and to the division coinmanderies.
At Lake Ariel, tho day will bo spent
In athletic spoi ts, and musical com
petitions. It' Is also likely that theie
will be present a number of prominent
labor leadeis, and thut speeches will
be made by the latter.
The union will give a handsome sil
ver horn to the German blnglng soci
ety, adjudicated to bo in the best
voice, of a number of Get man male
choruses which will bo entered In tho
contest. There will also be a vocal
contest open to all Welsh choral asso
ciations, and a money pilze will be
offered tho club making tho best rec
oi d among these,
Tho round-trip faro for the excursion
will bo seventy-five cents for adults
and 45 cents for child! en. A special
meeting of the Central Labor union will
bo held at 7.30 o'clock Sunday evening.
Says Ho Did Not Ask Anybody's
Pardon for a Wrong.
The mix-up In Elnihmst over the
churges lately made against Editor
Huilow of tho Signal seems yet to bo
unsettled, us the following letter, pur
porting to come fiom J, A, Zucinuitis,
received by The TillnuiQ last night by
special delivery, uttests;
This Is to coitlfy that I, James Zaeli
niliiH, feci that tlicio has been an in
justice dono - by tho man or men who
wioto for publication such lies agahut
mo In icgaid to my tioublo with Mr, llur
low, the editor of the Elmhuut Blmial,
stating 1 had signed papeis and also
that 1 had asked their paiilou, which I
want denounced us a falsehood, as I
was not willing to sign tho papeis nor
wus I willing that such should bo pi luted.
And I am not willing to ask any body's
pardon until I um convinced that I have
said or dono nnythlug wiong, which I bo
llovo I huvo not.
Pay and evening besslons of the
Scranton Business College will teopen
Tuesday, September 2. "Vrlte, call or
'phono (8G2) for information, Buck &
Vhltmore, corner Adams and Linden.
Coursen sells FRUITED WHEAT.
Chicago Strikers Hold for Employing
Thug3 to 'W' "Scabs."
Something new In tho evolution of
strikes Is lopoitcd from Chicago, hav
ing boon put In evidence before the
Cook county grand Jury. A local bruss
mouldots' union recently had difficulty
with a firm of employers, went on
strike and piocecded to devise means
to keep other workers from filling the
vacated places.
As soon us the strike was called they
union voted an emergency fund and
appointed a committee to superintend
its disbursement. This committee
used It in employing sluggers nnd
bruisers to commit physical assault
upon men who Interfered with the
union's plan. Says the Record-Herald:
The scale of ptlces vailed. For a plain
"slugging" match, J5 Is tho price credited
with having been paid. It bones wore
bioken, so the evidence showed, the "op
eiatois" weio paid accoidlng to tho ex
tent of the Injury as affecting the abil
ity of the victim to perform his dally
duties. In leekonlng the rate to bo paid,
comparatively, the general plan adopted
by accident Insuinnco companies was fol
lowed, making a bioken arm equivalent
In value, or thereabouts, to a bioken
lower limb, with a bioken hand or linger
lated nt a lessor value. An assault, with
lesultant effects siilllclent to send the In
juied one to the hospital, was classified
as woik of a supeilor giade, and com
pensation conunensuiato with tho service
londeied allotted the "flying squadron"
or "wrecking crow" In charge of the
case. Tho story repeated to tho jurors
dilated upon the allegation that the num
ber of weeks the victim was confined In
the hospital also entered Into tho ques
tion of the nmount of compensation. It
was testified that $78 was paid out in one
instance, so complcto was the service
lendered by tho "wiccking crew." The
definitions of tho two sobiiquets applied
to the committees describe adequately
and nceuiatcly the difference between
their grades of woik. The "flying squad
ron" was so called because its members
would nttack the object of their enmity
In somo public place, wheio tho electilc
lights shone biightly and tiollcy linos
ciossed, affoidlng thorn soveial avenues
of escape. Tho members of tho "squad
ion" would pcuneo upon their victim
even while pcdcsti Inns and others wit
nessed tho assault, ai.d then separate and
lun to cover. The "wrecking crews" op
erated along entirely dlffeicnt linos.
They went out In search of their man
and followed him homo fiom his work.
In somo secluded spot they would sur
lound him nnd boat and malm him to
their satisfaction.
Eleven members of this union arc
now under Indictment and their trial
will afford further Information as to
the methods used In terrorizing non
union workers. It Is proper to add
that this kind of industrial battle has
the approval of only tho lower grades
ot labor leaders. Intelligent unionists
know that it cannot win.
Delegates Will Assemble in Carpen
ters' Hall, August 18, to Nomi
nate Candidates.
Today a circular will be sent out by
the Central Labor union, formally an
nouncing a convention of union men
for August IS, at Carpenters' hall, to
place In nomination labor candidates
for congiess and tho state legislature.
Each local union of tho various labor
organizations will be asked to send two
delegates to tho convention.
Will Be Manager of the Wilkes-Barre
Telephone Exchange.
Peter D. Nlland, who has been Identi
fied with the Scranton Telephone ex
change for the past thli teen years, yes
toiday entered upon tho duties of man
ager of the Pennsylvania Telephone
companj's oflices In Luzerne county,
with headquarters In Willtes-Barre,
He w til succeed J. D, Smith, who 1ms
been tiansfeired to tho main oftico at
Htirilsbuig, The branch olllres nt
Kingston, Plymouth, Nantlcoko nnd
Harvey's lako also come under Mr.
Nlland's supervision. Ho will removo
to Wilkes-Bnrra on September 1.
There's No Mm Just Llki
Our Mocha nnJ Java Blended
In fact, thoio 13 not a doubt
about It being tho
Roof 95r Plnnltn
nnd .Inva in town. 1
Wo don't glvo GREEN TRAD
INQ STAMPS, but wo aio the
OUlGINATOilfS of the stomp or
check system, issuing i hecks with
nil puicbnsus of Ton, Coffee, etc,
dividing our PROFITS among our
ninny custoincis, at the sumo tlmo
gllng them moie VALUE und bet
tor QUALITY for their money
than any other house. Wo cairy
a largo and complete stock of use
ful and ornamental pieseuts and
invito ou to inspect same,
Tho ONLY HOUSE that actual,
ly saves you cash for cash.
The Great Atlantic
and Pacific Tea Co.,
411 Lackawanna avenue, 3;'l
North Main avenue. 'Phone. 73-2.
Piompt delivery. Now 'Phono, 123. W
Mado tho Largest Return Yestorday
in Tho Tilbune's Educational Con
testWilliam T. S. Rodriguoz .Ap
pears Among tho Ten Leaders No
Changes in tho Main Table, Al
though Several Contestant!) In
creased Their Scores.
Standing: of Contestants
A. J. Kollorman, Scranton.470
Charles Burns, Vandling. .450
Oscar H. Kipp, Elmhurst. .338
Albert Freedman, Belle-
vuo 310
Fred K. Ounstor, Green
Ridge 300
Wm. T. S. Rodriguez,
Scranton 275
Herbert Thompson, Car-
bondalo 243
Maxwell Shepherd, Car-
bondolo 187
Chas. W. Dorsey, Scranton.151
L. E. Stanton, Scranton. . .120
Wm. Sherwood, Harford.. 102
J. A. Havenstritc, Mos
cow 64
Miss Beatrice Harpur,
Thompson 62
Homer Kresge, Hyde Park 61
Harry Madden, Scranton. . 58
Frank B. McCreary, Hall
stead 50
Hendrlck Adams, Chin
chilla 48
William Cooper, Frlceburg 43
Lee Culver, Springville. . . 39
Grant M. Decker, Hall
stead 37
Miss Jane Mathewson,
Factoryville . . . .' 36
Walter Hallstead, Scran
ton 27
Harry Danvers, Provi
dence 26
Fred Kibler, South Scran
ton 26
Louis McCusker, Park
Place 23
Hugh Johnston, Forest
City ' 23
Miss Mary Yeager, Green
Ridge 22
C. J. Clark, Peckville . . . . 18
Louis Gere, Brooklyn 18
Miss Edna Coleman,
Scranton 18
Eddie Morris, South Scran
ton 18
John Mackie, Providence.. 16
Elmer Williams, Elmhurst. . 16
Herbert Thompson, of Carbondale,
made the largest return In The Tri
bune's Educational Contest yesterday,
bringing in eight points and going
from eighth tofourth place among the
list of leaders for the special honor
prizes for August. The four young men
at the top of this list are very closely
bunched, and theie will probably bo
considerable changing about today.
William T. S. Rodriguez, of Scranton,
made his first return for the month
yesterday, scoring six points and taking
eighth place among the August lead
ers. Charles Burns, of Vandling, and
Maxwell Shepherd, of Carbondale, each
scored three points.
There wero no changes In position in
the main table. The revised standing
of the ten leaders for August follows:
First Prize
Folding Pocket Kodak, No. 1, A.
Second Prize
No. 2 Brownie Camera.
Third Prize
No. 1 Brownie Camera.
William Sherwood 16
L. E. Stanton 15
Hendrlck Adams 1-'
Herbert Thompson 11
Lee Culver 6
A. J. Kellerman 6
Chnrles Burns C
William T. S. Rodriguez 6
Fred Iv. Gunster 3
Fred Kibler 3
Judges Awarded Prizes Yesterday.
Somo tlmo ago R. E. Prendergast, the
stationer, offered three Waterman
Fountain Pens as prizes to the persons
writing the sentence "Waterman's
Ideal Xi'ountaln Pens sold at Prender
gaat's," tho greatest number of times
on a postal and. The judges, John
Bradley, of tho Times, and Howard
Davis, of The Tribune, made their de
cisions yesteiday, awarding first prize
to A, V. LaMonte, S10 Madison avenue,
who placed tho sentonco legibly seven
hundred and thirty-two times on an
ordlnnry postal card. L. D, Robots,
010 Washington avenue, was second
with six hundied and llfty-clght, while
third prize went to Roscoo Moore, 08
West Academy street, WIlkes-Barre,
Pa., who wrote the sentence six hun
dred und fifty times.
Basket Fire Japan
50c per pound. Comparo it
with any 75o tea elsewhere.
Try It.
Con's Breakfast im
20c per pound 10 lbs, $1,73.
Golden Rio
14c; five pounds, 50c,
Coursen's Triple Blend
32c; 6 pounds, $1,50, This
Coffee is one third Mandheling,
compare it with any 40c coffee
E. C, Goursen.
II You Are Not as Robust, Vigor
ous and Happy as Others
In the Month of August
Will Olvc You Health, Full En
crgy and Happiness.
Many men tolling In offices, stores,
and workshops during this hot summer
weather, and women weighted with tho
work und cares of home, aro critically
ncur the brouklng down point. The
symptoms ot coming sickness and dis
ease aro manifested In sleeplessness,
nervousness, tired feeling, languldness,
Irritability, falling appetite, und poor
blood circulation.
Pnlne's Celery Compound Is a preci
ous boon to the ailing, sick, and run
down In this August weather. A bottle
or two used nt once will quickly bestow
tho needed strength to bnttle against
tho weakening and enervating effects
of the oppressive heat, and will enable
men und women to go through the ncc
essary routine of dnllv toll with heart,
soul, and energy. Pnlne's Celery Com
pound Is specially distinguished for Its
ability to build up rundown systems In
hot weather.
Mr. George W. Demurest, of 128 West
67th street, New York, says:
"I am a licensed stationary engineer,
and although my work is not very
laborious, I suffered so Intensely with
severe pain3 in my back and kidneys
that I was compelled to leave my work
nnd remuln at home for six months. 1
suffered greatly with headaches ,und
soreness In chest and lungs, nnd my
Joints became very stiff. I uctually felt
I was doomed to fill an old man's grave
at the age of thirty-two. As a last re
sort, I used two bottles of Palno's Cel
ery Compound, when I was able to re
sume my work, and after using the
third bottle, I am In perfect health. The
value of Paine's Celery Compound Is
inestimable, and I urge others afllicted
as I was to use it."
Young Lady Admitted to Practice by
Judge Voshurg.
Miss Clara Peck, of this city, was
yesterday admitted to practice In the
orphans' court by President Judge A.
A. Voshurg, on motion of Attorney W.
A. Wilcox. She Is the first woman to
be admitted to the bar in Lackawanna
county. Next Monday, at the midsum
mer day session of common pleas, Mr.
Wilcox will move her admission to the
other courts.
Miss Peck Is a petite young "woman,
the daughter of J. Russell Pack, of
Providence. She pursued hen legal
studies with Patterson & Wilcox, and
passed an exceptionally good examina
tion. For the piesent Miss Peck will
continue in the ofllce of Patterson &
Coursen sells FRUITED WHEAT.
$1,000 REWARD.
Tho Delaware, Lackawanna &
Western Railroad company will pay
the above for information that will
lead to the arrest and conviction of
the person or persons who set Are to
the Bellevue washery on Priday
evening, August 1st, 1002.
R. A. Phillips,
Supt. Coal Mining Dept.
A meal in Itself FRUITED WHEAT.
Langstaff and Kelly Election Contest.
Tho county conimlssioneis will pay
witnesses in the Langstaff and Kelly
election contest as follows, to wit:
Tuesday, Aug. 5, boiough of Taylor and
tho East district of Lackawanna town
ship. Wednesday, Aug. G, Old Forgo bor
ough and township.
Thursday, Aug. 7, boiough of Mooslc.
J. Courier Morris,
John Penman,
John Durkln,
County commissioners.
Attest: W. G. Daniels, clerk.
"O'Hara's Leader."
A Havana tilled 5c. cigar. Try one,
FRUITED WHEAT sounds delicious,
tastes bettor. Most healthful.
Second Annual
Manufacturers' Redaction
Sale of Umbrellas
Fast black, steel rod, solid frame,
M-inch Umbiellas, "9c.
Fast black, steel tod, solid frame,
S-In. Umbiellas, 30c.
Fine twilled Glotla, ai-lnch. uOc.
Flno twilled Gloiln, SS-lnch. KOc.
Fino piece-dyed Union Tnffetu Silk of all colois, your cholco
of the finest pciul. hoin and Ivory,
silver tilmmed handles, $1,19,
313 Spruco Street.
The Pridmore Automatic Copying Press
Gives four times more pressure than
any other press. . -
nut u BWflBtoiiJUi.iT'fv?rKw zjrsauL'wws'meirv
The screw is designed so as to make
backing-off impossible.
J We Are HendqUarUrs
J For ' J
t Sail Duck, X
I Rubber Drill
t Enameled
Drill and
Duck j
I Bittenbender & E
I 126-128 Franklin Ave. i
;. t
You believe there ar
many brands of
Good Flour
But after using the re
liable "Snow White"
You know it to be abso
lutely the best.
We only wholesale It.
Mill & Grain Co.,
Scranton and Olyphant.
Headquarters i
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps.
Kern Incandescent
Gas Lamp.
253-327 Pcnn Avenue.
Allis-Chalmers Co '
Successors to Machine Business ot
Dickson Manufacturing Co., Scranton
and AVllkes-Barre, Pa.
Stationary engines, Boilers, Mining
Machinery, Pumps.
to see
this Press
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