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Accused of Printing Circulars
Deslnnatlnn Nelolibors as
"Unfair Workmen."
Bis Bail Pleco Amounts to $12,500.
Sheriff Jacobs Called to Dui-yca to
Disperse Mob Which Had Gathered
to Prevent Men from Working at
the Warnke Washery The Work
of Distributing Belief Began in the
Wyoming Begion Yesterday Many
Miners Leave for Bituminous
By Exclusive Wire (rom 1 lie Associated l'ren.
Wllkes-Bnrre, Pa., July 28. J. P.
Mulluhy, secretary of the Stationary
firemen's association of Pennsylvania,
Was uriesteil hero this1 afternoon charg
ed with libel. Twenty-five complaints
had been lodged against him by inen
Who are now employed In various capa
cities by the coal companies in this
lection. It was alleged that Mulluhy
had printed u circular containing the
names of the prosecutors. He classified
them under the had of "unfulr work
men," and then so It was claimed,
posted them In conspicuous places
throughout the region. Two women
testified that they saw a man who
looked like the defendant put up the
Circulars on telegraph poles near their
homes. Magistrate Pollock held Mul
luhy In the sum of $300 on each charge,
which made the ball piece $12,500. The
bail was promptly furnished by friends
of the accused. Secretary Mullahy has
been very active in the strike. It is
said that through his influence he has
held 95 per cent, of the striking firemen
firm. Engineers and pumpmen have
gone back to work In latge numbers
since the strike began, but the liremon
.have remained out with the miners
almost to a man. At strike headquar
ters Mullahy's arrest, on so many wur-
llits, is termed an outrage.
Sheriff Jacobs was called to Duiyea
today to disperse a mob which had
gathered in the vicinity of the Warnke
washery and prevented some men from
limine to wni'k. When thr sheriff ar.
rived on the scene fhe crowd left.
The woik of distributing relief among
the strikers of the Wyoming region be
gan today. The most needy cases will
receive aid at once.
Agents from the soft coal regions In
Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
and Illinois have been in the Wyoming
region the past tew days, hiring miners
to work in the bituminous mines. Near
ly one hundred miners and laborers left
itlie region today for Western Pennsyl
vania and Ohio. More will go tomor
row and the following day.
President Mitchell said tonight that
there was no change in the situation.
Statement by Secrotary Wilson, of
the Miners.
Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
rlndiumipolls, July 28. Secretary Wil
son, of the miners, said today that the
anthracite men are beliiK well cared
or, although the assessment of the
lltumlnous mlncis is just beginning to
1)1110 in. He does not expect the bulk
the assessment until next week, be-
kuse the majority of the mlneis uro
lid semi-monthly. The clerical foice
I headquarters was increased today to
tidle the funds.
fhe miners are making an appeal to
members of tho American Feder-
an of Labor, which practically
lounts to an appeal tiom the officers
Ithe federation. The habeas corpus
Icecdlngs for the iclease of the men
prisoned for violating Judge Juck-
Injunotlon are being prepared.
pies Accused of Assaulting Work-
ingmon to Be Arrested.
Eeluslvc Wire from 'J tie Aociated Trcis.
.Mlkes-Burro, Pa., July 28. Warrants
Ire ibsued today for the an est of a
Imber of striking miners at Nantl-
te w.ho are charged with holding up
Id assaulting several bteani employes
the susqitenunn.i coal company
ho were on their way to work on
Jaturday morning.
' At strike heudtiuurters President
Mitchell wos busy receiving and un-
rowerlng telegrams from Indianapolis
and United Mine Workers headquarters
(n West Virginia, He albo dlbcussed
Be plan of mm with beverul com-
es from untied Mine workers that
The exodus of miners from this
In to the bituminous districts con
!s. Seventy Polish and Slavish
rs left for Western Pennsylvania
Ohio today.
foreman of the Kohtnoor Colliery la
Seriously Wounded.
i Exclusive Wire from Tlrj Abiociated Tress,
Pottsvllle, Pa., July 28. Daniel Lund-
Inan, foreman ut Kohlnoor colliery,
Ienondoah, was shot tills morning
ir his homo by a crowd of strikers.
fuco and shoulders uro torn with
bkshot but he will recover If blood
sorting. docs not bet in.
ub rt Landermau was also chased
lot and four other non-union men
.bout 1.30 o'clock this morning a
of strikers, numbering several
ted, raided the Cambridge colliery,
ted by the Cambridge Coal com.
puny at Shcnnndojd compelled the
engineers, pumprui.jjund firemen to
leave their positions. ? Jio strikers pro
ceeded to tho Wrsfr'Khenundouh col
liery of the Philadelphia and Heading
Coal and Iron company, wheic work
men resisted the raiders, but were
beaten and forced to stop work. Murch
crs also made clmllur demonstrations
at Gllberton and Mahanoy Plane toduy.
Mine Workers' Headquarters at In
dianapolis Turned Into a
Banking Boom.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Indianapolis, July 28. Mine workers'
headquurteis in this city have been
turned Into a banking room nnd every
Inch of space is requited to accommo
date the extra force that has been put
to work to handle the contributions
since tho voting of the assessment on
the miners and the appeal for funds
was made.
The business has risen to such an ex
tent that Secretary Wilson has been
obliged to mavo out of his rooms
and occupy President Mitchell's offices,
while the office force has taken pos
session of his former quarters. Secre
tary Wilson smiled' at a report from
New York that the coal trust has 1,200,
000 tons of anthracite coal In reserve
within one day's haul of the metropolis.
"I have not been East recently and
don't know where this coal can be
hidden," bald Mr. Wilson, "but If the
operators have got It I hope they will
show it pietty soon. It would be a
shame to keep us waiting too long to
find out where this great supply Is."
Mr. Wilson declared that the usual
amount of contributions were received
at the hadquarters today, but no ac
count was kept of the total amount,
owing to the changes being made In
the arrangements of the headquarters.
A check from the Alabama district for
$1,000 as its donation to the defense
fund was one of the large contributions
The auditing committee of tho organ
ization which has been in session since
the recent convention, reviewing the
books of Secretary-trensurer Wilson,
completed Its work. "Tlie flgurcn were
found to be correct. Tho books are ex
amined quarterly. The auditing com
mittee consists of John J. Mossop, of
Ohio, Patrick Fltsssimmons and Michael
McTaggart, of Pennsylvania. AH the
members left the city today.
Warrants Issued for Fifteen Per
sons, Charged with Contempt.
By Exclusive Wire fioni The AviOcUted Tiess.
Chat lesion, W. Va., July 2S. Upon in
formation made befoie Federal District
Attorney Atkinson today, warrants of
arrest were issued for about fifteen per
sons, charging them with contempt of
court In violating the injunction Issued
by Judge Keller, covering the "Flat
Top" coal field along the Norfolk and
Western railroad. Tho clerk declined
to give the names of those for whom
warrants were Issued.
Federal Judge Keller today Issued an
Injunction ngalnfet G. W. Purcell, a
member of the national executive com
mittee of the United Mine Workers; AV.
B. Wilson, national secretary; Chris.
Kvnnp, national statistician; "Mother"
Jones and five others, at the suit of
Gauley Mountain Coal company. It Is
In the Fame form as those heretofore
It was charged that Purcell, Evans,
Wilson and others were purchasing and
distributing supplies to feed the strik
ers in this district.
Big Deal in Iron.
fly Exclusive Wlie fiom The Associated Tress.
Duluth. Minn., July 2S.-John G. Will
iams has icturucd from Utah, where, In
tho capacity of attorney, ho closed tho
purchase by P. L. Klmborly and Flunk
Iluhl, of Sharon, Pa,, of enormous depos
its of Iron oro hi that fctnto. Tho deal
was ono of the luigest Iron deals over
made In tho country, tho consideration
being $.',250,000. Tho Iron oro deposits
which aio acqiiiied by tho purchasers are
on Iron mountain in Iron county, Utah.
Lynched for Assault.
By Exclusive Wirt1 from The Associated Tress.
Pembroke, Ga., July SS. John Wise, a
negro, who last Wednesday committed op
UHMiult upon Mrs. John Smith, a young
whlto woman, was lynched hero Inst
night. Ilo was captured near Poller, Gu.,
after a desperate light with a posso, Ilo
was returned to this place and positively
Identified as tho assailant of Mrs. Smith,
Ilo was then hanged to a telegraph polo
und his body ilddlcd with bullets.
Fifty Princeton Students Dropped.
By Exclusive Wile from The Associated I'ress.
Princeton, N. J., July 28. Tho final ro
ports of the Juno examinations bliow over
fifty- students diopped. This Is tho lurg
cbt number to bo cuught at one examina
tion In tho history of Princeton univer
sity. A dozen athletes are In tho list of
failures. Tho snphomoio cIubs was hit
tho Imideat, twenty-four fulling to pass.
Wages Are Increased. I
By Exclusive Wire froia The .Wqclatcd Tress.
Cumberland, Md., July 2S. Orilcluls of
tho West Vliglulu Central and 1'lttsburg
Ititilwuy company announced today u
voluutury iucieuse of wages to its em
ployes. Tho Increase affects all tho em
ployes of the transportation department
und uverugcu ten per cent.
Schwab Has Becovered.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Atluntlu City, N. J July 2S.-Churles
II. Schwab bus entirely lccuveicd from
his recent indisposition and spent bomo
time this evening on his cottugo porch.
Ha also took un uutomobllo rldo toduy
uid lila wlfa o(t for Navy York Jodnv,
Storm Onuses Postponement of tho
8.00 Pace.
fly Excluilvc Wire from The Associated Tress.
Columbus, O., July 2S. The Grand
Circuit meeting opened here today with
all conditions favorable for a success
ful week. The weather was warm nnd
delightful until a hard storm blew up
and drenched the track so thoroughly
that the 2.09 pace, In which three heiitB
had been decided, had to be postponed
until tomorrow. Before tho storm tho
track was lightning fast and every heat
winner lowered his murk. The Melds In
tho three races on the card were small,
as many of the owners preferred to re
serve their entered hqrscs for events
later In tho week. Summary: class, trotttlng; two in three; purse,
Directum Spider 1 '1
Darwin 2 2
lloraco W. Wilson 4 a
John Patterson i 3
Times, 2.H, 2.11U.
2.09 class, pacing; purse, $2,000 (unfin
ished). Fred S. Wcdgewood 114
Captain Sphinx (14 1
Daphne Dallas G 2 2
Dan R 2 5 G
Prince Direct 3 3 3
Lou Vaughn 4 dls
Time, 2 0054, 2.0JU, 2 0GU.
2.18 class, pacing (two in three); purse,
Miss Leach 1 1
Km mu Lou 2 2
Josh 4 .1
Legal Hal 4 3
Time, 2.13',, 2.UH.
Three Persons Killed Large
Amount of Damage
to property.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Pittsburg, Pa., July 28. A terrific
thunder and lightning storm with a
heavy rain visited this section this
evening, causing three deaths und much
property damage.
The killed are: Mrs. Kate Walsh, of
Eureka street; Francisco Impertora
and Costello Mattco.
Mrs. Walsh died from shock, caused
by lightning. The two Italians were of
a gang of ninety working at Unity.
When the storm broke In Its fierceness
tho men sought shelter under some
trees nearby. Lightning struck one of
the big oaks and the two men wero
killed lnstuntly. Five others of their
fellow-workmen were severely injured,
but will recover.
Throughout the city and suburbs" the
storm inflicted considerable damnge In
tho way of overflowing sewers, flooding
cellars, etc.
In Hazlewood the Presbyterian church
was struck by lightning and the steeple
thrown over, but no one was Injured.
Quite a number of residents had to
flee for their lives, so quickly did the
rise come. So far as known, all es
caped Injury.
The storm seemed to expend its fury
In this immediate vicinity and traveled
eastward with much lessened Intensity.
It is safe to say that twenty-five build
ings, residences, stables and outhouses
were struck by lightning in this dis
trict during the twenty-five minutes
the storm prevailed.
Many People of the Wealthier Classes
Are leaving the Islands Gov
ernment Feeds 6,000.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated I'ress.
Kingston, St. Vincent, July 28. Tho
Soufrlere volcano has been slightly In
eruption twice since last Monday. A
severe eartnquaKc shack, accompanied
by a. tidal wave, affected the northeast
point of the Island, washing a fire,
swept estate. No further damage was
Many people, both of the wealthier
classts and laborers are leaving the
islands, fcurlng disaster. The govern
ment is still feeding 6,000 persons. The
settlement of refugees In huts on uc
qutred lands In safe localities Is pro
gressing. Tho Panama cable repair ship New
liigton, which is engaged In work eigh
teen miles north of St. Vincent reports
that the depth of the sea there hos
increased to u mile and quarter. At
tempts to pick up tho cable have been
futile, owing to unfavorable weather.
Enginoer of a Lake Tugboat Prob
ably Fatally Hurt.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Duluth, July 28. James Taylor, mas
ter of tho tug Abbott of the local
branch of tho Great Lakes Towing
company, last night shot George Wil
son, engineer of tho tug Ituber, at West
Superior. 'Two shots were fired and
Wilson is expected to die.
Captuln Tuylor, who is under arrest,
says that Wilson anu? others were en
gaged In throwing stones ut his bout.
He warned them not to repeat It, but
they did not heed his warning.
Report Untrue That the Secretary Is
' Seriously III.
By Exclusive Wire liom The Associated J'ressj,
London, July '.'8. Itopoi ts of tljr rious
Illness of Jobcph Chamberlutn, irTu colon
ial secrotary, uio undue.
Ho Is still bcmewlmt weak from Ills re
cent accident, hut he bus been attending
to all Ida official duties fur tho past foit
382 Deaths Beported in Manchuria
in Eight Days.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
St Petersburg, July 28. Deaths fiom
cholera In Manchuria between July 13
and 23 numbered 10U Itubulaus und 27t
Most Bitter Contest In Deteoate
Elections In Southern
New Jersey.
"Joe" Goddard, the Well-Known
Heavy Weight, Is Probably Fatal
ly Shot It Is Alleged That He Be
gun the Quarrel with a Colored Of
ficer Another Serious Affray.
Number of Persons Badly Beaten.
By Exclusive Wire from The Awoclatcd Trcsi.
Camden, N. J.) July 28. The primary
election for delegates to the convention
of the First Congressional district of
New Jersey was held this afternoon
and evening in Camden, Gloucester und
Salem counties, which comprise the dis
trict. The candidates for the nomina
tion are Henry C. Loudenslager, the
present congressman, and J. Alpheus
Van Sant.
The contest has been one of the most
bitter over held In Southern New Jer
sey. The polls were open from G p. m.
to S p. m., and the three hours were
marked with serious fighting. Ono man
was killed in this city, and "Joe" God
dard, the well-known heavyweight
pugilist, of Philadelphia, was probably
fn tally shot, while electioneering in
Pensnuken township. Another man was
dangerously stabbed in this city, and a
fourth man received stab wounds at
"Dog corner," near Merchantvllle.
Goddard was at a voting place In
Pensauken townrhlp when he was shot.
He was with a number of men who
were traveling from one polling place
to another. The pugilist got Into a
quarrel with a colored constnble named
Robert Washington. It is alleged that
Goddard assaulted the constable with
a base ball bat and the colored man, in
self-defense, shot Goddard in the head.
The constable surrendered himself to
the police, and the wounded prize
fighter was brought to Cooper hospital,
here, where the physicians say he may
Near the same polling place, Con
stable Isaac Fowler, while In a fight,
was stabbed twice. His wounds,
though painful are not considered seri
ous. There was considerable trouble
in Pensauken township and at Mer
chantvllle, and a number of persons
were badly beaten.
The most serious affray occurred at
Third and Beckett streets, In this city.
Each side had a crowd at the polling
place at that point, and a general riot
was started. When It was all over, It
was found that a man whose Identity
Is not yet known had been shot through
the heart by some unknown person and
a policeman, not In uniform named
Harry Miller, had received two cuts
on the head and a probably fatal stab
wound in the left lung. There were a
number of other persons in the fight
hurt, but not seriously so.
At midnight both sides claimed the
election, but the returns up to that time
from the three counties indicated that
Van Sant had secured a majority of
the delegates. The adherents of both
Loudenslager and Van Sant are charg
ing each other with fraud and with
bringing large numbers of repeaters
from Philadelphia. Tho convention will
bo held at Woodbury on Wednesday.
Camden, N. J., July 29, 1 n. m. Al
most complete returns at this hour
show that Loudenslager will have a
majority of about twenty-five delegates.
President Boosevelt and Family Em
bark Upon Pleasure Trip.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Oyster, Buy, N. Y July 28,-Pre.sldent
Roosovelt, accompanied by Mrs. Roose
velt, his daughter, Miss Alice, and mem
bers of tho Sagamore Hill honso party
took luncheon this afternoon on board tho
Mayflower. In a way It was a farewell
luncheon, as tho Mayflower has been or
dered to Gardener's bay near Shelter Isl
and for target practice. She will go
thonco to Now London, Conn., to Join tho
North Atlantic squadron for tho summor
maiiucuvics oft that port.
Tho Mayflower will bo replaced by tho
Sylph, which was used often by Presi
dent McKlnley for short flips on the
Potomac river. Sho Is not so largo and
not so 'elaborately fitted us the Mayflow
er, but Is nevertheless a trim and etuunch
little ship.
Mob Smashes Windows of Moderate
Club Troops and Police Out.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tiess.
Venice, July 28. Rioting In vuilous
parts of tho city has followed thu success
of tho Cleilco-Moderutes In tho com
munal elections. ,
A mob biuuslicd tho windows of tho
Modei u to club on tho Piazza Garibaldi
and tho mombeis of the. club retaliated
by tin owing chnlrs on tho heads of theso
In tho nttueklne crowd, Troops and po
lice Intervened and order was restored,
A similar outbreak occurred at Padua.
Steamship Arrivals.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Now York. July 28. Arrived: Truvo,
Naples; Snuthwurk. Southampton,
Cleared: Kronpilns AVIlhelm, Plymouth,
Cherbourg und Bremen, Lizard Passed:
Vaderland, Now York for Southampton
and Antwerp. Plymouth Sailed; Penn
sylvania, New 'York. Sicily Passed:
Hottcidum, Now York for Boulogne and
Uottordain ,
,E. W. Burko Nominated.
By Exclmlvo Wire from The Ahsociattd Tress.
Wilkes-Ilarre. July 2S.-The Fifth legis
lative district Democratlo convention mot
utiPlttstou today und nominated Hon. K.
W. tfuiko for tho legislature. Mr. Burko
served In tho last house und as his dis
trict, ts overwhelmingly Democratlo his
ro-elcctlon is a foregone conclusion.
General Orders Issued Announcing
the Details of Contests of 1002.
By Exclusive Wire from The Awoclnted Tress.
Hnrrlsburg, Pa,, July 23. General
orders were Issued from tho headquar
ters of tho Nutldnal Guard of Penn
sylvania announcing the details of tho
annual rifle, carbine nnd revolver com
petitions for 1902 on the state range at
Mt. Gretna during tho week beginning
August 18. The range will be open nnd
ready for practice on the 19th, at which
time two prnctlce mutches for both In
fantry nnd cavalry teams will be shot,
Tho regimental and cavalry matches
will be shot on the 20th, the skirmish
match and inspector of rifle prnctlce
match on the 21st, the brigade match
on the 22d, nnd the Trexler trophy
match on the 23d.
Each regiment of Infantry, troop of
cavalry and the state naval mllltiu. will
be represented by a team of four men
nnd ono reserve to be selected by the
commanding officer of these organiza
tions. Only the regulation United States
magazine rifle or carbine, calibre 30,
and the regulation United States Colt
or Smith & Wesson revolver, calibre 38,
can be used.
Handsome prizes and trophies will
be offered for the competitions by Gov
ernor Stone and leading officers of the
Distinct Shocks Are Felt in
California and Ne
braska. By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Omaha, Neb., July 28. an earth
quake shock which was general over
portions of Nebraska, -Western Iowa
and South Dakota, occurred shortly
after noon today. The seismic disturb
ances were felt at a large number of
towns in the three states and lasted
from ten to llfteen seconds.
No damage has been reported thus
far, although the shock was sufficient
to rattle dishes and to affect bell towers
in some places. In this city the shake
was barely discernible and few people
knew of such a thing until the weather
bureau reported tonight.
Santa Barbara, Cal July 28. Meagre
reports received from Los Analosr
forty-flvc mljcs north-of this place, re
port that an' unusually severe shock of
earthquake occurred about 11 o'clock
last night, doing damage to the prop
erty of the Western Union Oil com
pany, estimated at from $12,000 to $15,
000. At Harris station, on the railway, a
fltsure is reported to have opened, and
from it a stream of water two feet
deep and eighteen feet wide is now
flowing. A slight shock of earthquake
was felt In Santa Barabara shortly be
fore 11 o'clock, but no damage was
Lompoc, Cal., July 28. Lompoc val
ley experienced a severe earthquake
shock at 10.55 last night. At that time
a violent shock was felt, which lasted
fully thirty seconds and was so severe
that dishes, clocks, house plants and
other articles wero thrown from
shelves. The people wero stricken with
terror and ran from their houses, some
fearing to return, as other, lighter
shocks continued for several hours af
terward. Another heavy shock was felt at 5 a,
m., and one at 11 a. m. today. A lurge
water tank was knocked over, the earth
cracked nt many different places, and
the Santa Inez river bed was slightly
changed at places,
General Colin Leaves Port au Prince
with 2,000 Troops to Repel
Firmin's Army.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Washington, July 28. Acting Secre
tary Hill today received tho following
cablegram from United States Minister
Powell, dated at Port au Prince toduy:
"General Colin left Port au Prince
yesterday morning with 2,000 men to re
ppl Firmin's army, which was landed
from the Haytle,n naval vessel com
manded by Admiral Killlck. After u
skirmish which ensued the forces of
Flrmln retreated to tho warship. Colin
returned to tho city yesterduy after
noon. The Information Is that twenty
were killed and sixty wounded. Tho
number killed on the other sldo Is still
unknown. The Haytlen vessel left last
night; destination unknown, and there
was much firing in the city. Tho Mu
chais has arrived at Cape Huytlen."
Mr. Carnegie Declines.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Richmond, Va., July 28. Andrew Car
negla has declined tho proposition sub
mitted to him by tho bpeclal commlttea
representing thu uit societies of Rich
mond to glvo tho $100,000 ho ptoposcd to
donate to a public library, towuids a fund
tor tho election of a great building to bo
the homo of tho lino iirts In this city,
which building, It wus proposed, bhould
Includo u library,
Corporations Clmrtored,
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Harrlsburg, July !S. Churteis wero Is
sued by tho statu department today to tho
following corporations: Towanda Motor
Vehicle company, Towanda; capital, $:3,
000. Susquehanna County ICIectilu com
pany, Susquehanna; capital, $30,000.
Rothschild Commits Suicide. ,
By Exclusive Wire from 'I he Associated Tress.
Chlcugo, July 2S.-A. M. Rothschild, un
til leccntly head of tho firm of A. M.
Rothschild & Co., nnd son-in-law or Net
boil Mori Is, tho packer, committed uulcldo
this afternoon ut Ids home; ut Thirty
beventh street and Michigan avenue.
Many Persona Injured nnd Hundreds
Anested Outcome of Clerical nnd
Anti-Clerical Demonstrations.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Trcsi.
Purls, July 28. Many persons Injured,
ton of them seriously, and hundreds ar
rested are the net results of the street
disturbances yesterday, In which both
Clerical and anti-Clerical demonstra
tions, brought about by the closing of
unauthorized religious schools, were
Great crowds were on the boulevards
throughout the evening, In expectation
of further rioting. A large procession
of students, shouting and singing, was
dispersed by the police, and attempted
red-flag demonstrations at the Stras-
burg statue also were broken up. Quiet
was restored at midnight.
Donation of $10,000 Has Been Re
ceived by Secretary of Union.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Washington, July 28. Rev. Alexander
P. Doyle, secretary of the Catholic
Missionary union, has received a gift
of $10,000 for the establishment of the
apostolic mission house, an Institution
on which is to be opened in this city
for the training of Roman Catholic
priests as missionaries to non-Catholics,'
and to the newly acquired Insular pos
sessions of the United States.
The donor declined to allow his name
to be made public but it Is said he Is
a well known priest who Is greatly
Interested In the cause of missions to
Bills Are Filed Asking That a Re
' ceiver Be Appointed to Take
Charge of the Grounds.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Baltimore, Md., July 28. The troubles
of the Baltimore American League base
ball club arc now to be aired in the
courts. Today the Baltimore Base Ball
and Athletic company, by its attorney,
filed a bill in circuit court No. 2, asking
that n received be appointed to take
charge of the American League
grounds, and also asking that Presi
dent B. B. Johnson, of the American
League, be required to account for all
money received by him since McGraw
and his associates left Baltimore and
joined the New York National League.
The bill was filed against Byron B.
Johnson, defendant, and upon it Judge
Henry D. Harlan signed an order re
quiring fause to be shown by July 31
next, why the receiver should not bo
appointed as prayed.
The bill states that In January the
club became a member of the American
Lcngue and leased the present grounds
on the York road. This lease, the bill
declares, was assigned to President Ban
Johnson In Maeh last, as trustee.
Besides the appointment of a re
ceiver, the bill asks that vhc assign
ment of the lease from the Baltimore
Base Ball club to Ban Johnson be de
clared void and that Johnson be re
quired to render an accounting of the
profits on the games received by him. '
Au injunction is also prayed to pre
vent the president of the American
League from disposing of tho club's ns
sots and property at the base ball
grounds. Lnter In tho day, Johnson's
attorney filed nn answer, in which he
denies the allegations and claims that
Mr. Johnson, as president of the
American Lengue, Is continually acting
not only as owner of the Baltimore
club, but of all other clubs of the
American League.
Damage in England's Wheat Area
French Yield Good.
By Exclusive Wile from Hie Associated Tress,
London, July 2S. Tho Mark Lano Bx
prc3 in Its icvlow of crop conditions says
that wind and rain thcratoits serious
damago over u com-ldprablo portion of
tho wlwut aica of tho United Kingdom.
Barley has bcnolltcd by tho weather and
oats havo not suffered.
Tho Ficnch yield is ubcivo tho n vertigo
In ho most Important provinces, tho to
tal ciop being estimated at l.' quar
ters. Ryo Is not ahovo tho average, but
oats nro from 5 to 10 per cent, above,
A big wheat nop Is repotted In Hun
gary and moro than nn nveingo yield Is
expected In North Germnny, Saxony, Ba
vurla nnd Silesia.
Changes Expected in tho Congrega
tion of tho Propaganda.
By Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated Ticss.
Rome, July 25-Tlio death of Ciudlnal
l.cdochnwski, prefect of tho Congiei;atlon
of tho Piopaganda, piobubly will if.sult
In buvcrul changes In thu high pcraouuol
of tho congiegallon.
Gonerul satisfaction Is opii;bsed nt tho
deposition of Mouslguor Meszezynski, who
was o'steiiblbly pilvutu sceictury to Car
dinal Ledochnwskl, but who wus leally
bis deputy, and whobo peiboiiallty was
dlbtubtcful, especially to many Amerl
By Exclusive Wire fiom Tho Awoclated Tress.
Fulton, Mo July 2S. Rev. Robort Mor
rison, ono of the founders of tho Phi
Delta Theta fraternity nnd prominent hi
educational work for many years, Is dead
at bis homo near here, need b0 yen is.
While at tho Miami university, from
which ho graduated In T&2, Moirtson with
live other students founded the Phi Delta.
T'hctu fraternity. Ho wrote the bond of
tho fraternity and designed tho lodge.
Accident on the Mahanou Division
oi the LehlQh Valleu
Accident Occurs While Train Is Run
ning at a Rapid Bate Around a
Sharp Curve The Boils Spread and
the Last Car Is Thrown from the
Track and Dragged for a Distance.
List of Injured.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Mahanoy City, Pa., July 28. The last
car of the west-bound train due here
at 11.09 a. m on the Mahanoy division
of the Lehigh Valley railroad, was
wrecked near Delano today and the
thlrty-flve occupants of the car were
more or less seriously hurt. The most
seriously Injured are:
leg and hand hurt.
C. F. RUFF, Philadelphia; ribs frac
tured, head and hands cut and inter
nally injuicd.
dren, Mahanoy City; hands lacerated,
body cut and contused.
nose fractured and shoulder hurt.
ROSE SYCAVAGE. Hazlctoo; nosa
broken, head gashed.
Nicholas; side and arms hurt.
Tatnaqua; arms bruised and body cut.
daughter, Vends, Wllkes-Barre; arms
and legs bruised.
ETHEL ROBINSON, Philadelphia; cut
and othorwlso hurt.
MRS. F. D. BUTLER, cut and bruised.
Scarcely one of tho thlrty-flve per
sons escaped some Injury.
The train was travelling rapidly and
rounding a curve when the accident
happened. All but the lust car had
gone around the bend when the rails
spread, throwing the last car on Its
side and dragging it for a short dis
tance.' The passengers Tvere ""heavily
thrown against the roof nnd side of the
Many Improvements to Be Made by
the New York Central.
By Eudushc Wire from The Associated Tress.
New York, July 28. From an au
thoritative source, the Herald wllll say
"It has been learned that Mayor Low
has received from the officers of the
New York Central and Hudson niver
Railroad company an offer to change
the motive power of all Its Hues within
the city limits from stenm to electricity.
This includes the Park avenue tunnel
and the open railroad to a point In tho
Bronx not yet determined upon.
Not only are steam and smoke to be
abolished, but other changes are pro
posed In the line of safety nnd con
venience for the public. Tho Park ave
nue tunnel Is to bo widened and a new
electric lighting plant installed. All of
the suburbs are to be given better train
service and the running time between
stations in the Bronx and Forty-second
street will be considerably reduced.
"In return for theso concessions and
Improvements, the railroad company
has asked from the city some valuable
privileges, which It Is thought, with
some modifications, tho mayor and the
board of aldermen will accept. Tark
avenue Is to bo widened and additional
land surrendered to the company above
the Hnrletn river to facllltnto the sub
stitution of ono kind of motive power
for another."
Natives Killed, Many Villages De
stroyed and Property Lost.
By Exclusive Wire fromThc Atsoilatcd Treis.
Manila, July 28. A cyclone at Camp
Vicars on Saturday lust caused much
loss of property.
Many villages were destroyed and a
number of Moros wero killed.
Another Injunction Against Strikers.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Trejs.
Puikersbuig, W. Va., July 2R. Judgo
Jackson Issued another Injunction this
afternoon of tho hume gonerul character
as those for whose violation "Mother''
Jones and others wero tried. It was Is
sued upon tho application of G, C, Gard
ner, iccolvcr for tho Flomlngton Coal
company, and Is directed against thirty
strikers and organizers,
Death from Heat. r
By Excluilve Wire from The Associated Tress.
Lancaster, Pa., July 28. Amos Besslg,
nscd 5S, a laborer, whllo working at tha
I'lvo Point hotel, Columbia, this after
noon, was suddenly prostrated, It Is sup
posed by tho heat, and died a few minutes
Locnl data for July 27, 1902!
Highest tempornturo ,,,.,.,,,., S8 degrees
Lowest temperature ,,,., 03 degrees
Relative humidity;
h" a, m. ,.., ,,..,.,.,..,.. M per cent
S p. in ,, 71 per cent,
Ptpclpltution, 21 hours ended 8 p. m.,
0.01 inch.
' m
4 4
Washington, July 28. Forecast
4- for Tuesday and Wednesday: Eabt- -f
4" ern Pennsylvania Showers nnd not
4- bo waim Tuesday; Wednesday; -f
-f fair and wurmer; light vuilablo 4-
I-f winds. 4
J? I
i A
,5' I
u f.i
v -
fca- wm