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The Nrw CUIzomh HulldlnB nml
I.onii Auioclnllon will loun Jl.OOO
ftl $10 u month. Vain Jior cent,
on wtoek tiuymcnts. Vines mo only
1 per cent.
HKNKV J. BlKOf.nil, t'icslctcnt.
Ml Ccdur Avonnc.
T. 3. SNOWUIIN. Vice Pi evident,
MnMin Snondcti l.nmber to.
HENHY 1'. BinniilJU. Secietiiry,
ZlpRlor & Schumacher.
II. T. HAltDlJU, Tiriimiicr,
GL Adams Avenue.
JOHN SUHKl'lllt. Jn.,
rvnnn. BaUltiR Co , 310 Kim St.
1211 Mtilhctiy Sticet.
JACOK V. MtMiUR. , . ,.
Int. Act. til Hon nl of Tinrtc llltls.
hunrv scniiuunT.
II!) Ninth BUcct.
M7 TJmlen Street.
s:n s. livhiB Avcnnc.
auonan smith. ,
Aldeiman Mcyci x Offleo.
AttoitiPV, 111 Hoaul of Tiade BUlR.
Of SpitlU"! Biothcis.
Y "They Draw Well."
Morns' Magna ugars
Th" best "alnc for "' cent?.
Try one and you w 111 smoke no
other. , ,
Alt the Irndlnff btnndt of Re.
clcnrs nt $1.75 per loc, or fi for 2oC.
The largest variety of Pipes and
Tobaccos In town.
The Cigar Man
325 Washington Avenue.
Knights of Columbus.
fThc Knlfihn of Columbus will hold a
special meeting tonight.
Bowling Postponed.
The bowling same whs to lme
taken plate this eenlng between the
.UacKus Llub and the Arllngtons has bien
Newsboys' Picnic.
The following additional uontiiliutions
to the ncwHbos' picnic weiu made cs-tn-day:
J J. ".Vllllnms J-'; P M. Joidan,
1, H. J. Wdltei. Jl: II. B., :'5 cents.
Donations Acknowledged.
The SNteis of St. Joseph's Foundling
home acknowledge with thanks a dona
tion of die fiom Potei J.
O'Donnell, of K.iilio.ul inuiuc, Scianlon.
Ice Cream Social.
X The Ladies' Aid society of All Souls'
nl oi baliht chinch will hold an ice
'i cam hocial on tho chinch lawn Wcil
k -ichday cNcning. July -J If wc.ithei is
btoiiuy it will bu held hi tho chuich.
Moonlight Dance.
Piofosor J. Piank Slc,?el will conduct
a moonlight dance ut Mountain Paik Au
gust 4. It will bo chapel oned by JIis.
Sirgel, Jtis. Flank Buuulagc, Mis. Kd
Blid and Mis.. (Jeoige Davis.
Civil Service Examinations.
On August l'h tho Culled States tlill
Feivlcc comniKMon will conduct cxnniina
tlons for tho following positions: Picis
nian. Philippine serico; compositor, qual
llled as linotpo operator oi as machin
ist HuoUpe opoiatoi, Philippine seiicc;
bookbinder, Phllipphip teilce.
Reunion of Mumfoid Family.
The ipunlon of the Mumfoid fani
il will bo held .il tho homo of W. W.
Mumford. Stauucca, Pa., on Wednesday,
August :n All mciubeiH of the family,
whether of the .Mumfoid name oi not aio
imltcd to be pic&ent, Those CNpeetlng to
ntteiul w'ill pleaso I'ommuuicatp with Min
nie B Mumfoid, Stauucca, Pa.
Tho Piesident's Cabinet.
Inqulier Seiotaiy of s-tate, John lln ;
sei'iPtniy of the tieahiiiy. Leslie M.
Shaw; sccietary of war, Ulthu Boot; hee
ictary of t he na. W. II, Moody, secie
taiy ol Inleiioi, Allen MitcluoiU;
Feiietaiy of agi ieulturo, James Wilson;
attorney Philander ('. Kno.;
postmabtei gcucial, Ilcniy U. l'.inc.
Violated City Ordinance.
T. At. VtneenL and Joseph Kluolskl,
both of Chestnut stiei'l, West Scianton,
wcio jesteidaj aiialgncd befoio Mag
stiato v. S. Millar, ihaiged with Inning
'iolated the city oidlnancc, by udlng on
.he left bido ol the load. The men wcio
tlncd $3 null. They wcie aiicsted by
Special Ofllier Moigiin on Pcnii lucniie,
wheie the two blcullslw had collided.
Honesdnle Water Company,
J. 1) hloiker and William Walker
spent jenteid.iy In HoiumIhIo iuspeellug
the new woik of the MoiiPMlalo Water
ipmpany. This gives thorn a laigo Mor
ago lesanoli that togplhei with tho thuo
Hand wpilug lakes t mulshes nno of tha
b'bt watei (.iipplle.s In Northe.ihtein Penn
sylvania. They lmxe iiImi puuhascd land
pultabln for another iei-eiolr and rnn
demncd tlio waters of tho nutlet of Cajaw
pond. This Mipply they do not Inlciid to
tibo except In extiemo dimiths and Iheii
for maiiufm tilling pui poses, 'Mm com
pany is Hpailng no pains oi money to go
their patious a pel feel rein, with
their now iPhPiwilr the aio In position,
by lajlug a shoit distant c of pipe, u go
tho town ii eiy luavy pi e sine for (no
piotectlou any (lino they may sen fit to
abandon theli Ilia engines now in uso,
Blid at u ciy iiomlnnl uite.
In and About
The City
Are You Going to the Seaside
Or to the Country ?
If so, have The Tribune follow you and keep
posted about your friends. Fill out this coupon and
mail to us. r
from'1111"16 publ,Bh,aB ComPany Scranton, Pa., change my paper
Old Address ..,,.,,.,,
New Address ......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
,, " ' ' ' ' ' ..,.....,,.,,.,, , .
ir ou aie not a subscriber you can fill out the two bottom lines and
6cSuVmomh!W,t ' iW,promy- 'ih9 Tribune coVuiscinS "week "o?
Made a Donation of $25 to Miners'
Belief Fund.
At the meeting of the ClRarniakern'
union last night, $25 was voted U the
striking miners,
Kniloiscmctit wits also given a icro
hillon comniciidliiB tho Liquor Dealers'
assiielntlon for iiRrcelng to sell only
blue label uIruis. The locals In Vllkcs
Uilne, Cailjontlalo and 'Olyphaiit have
also ctuloised this resolution.
Cf.. A. Kntzwlnklc was named its dele
gate to tho American Federation of
Labor convention, and George Dothlcr,
a. A. Kntzw Inkle, John J. Claik and
Daniel Harris as delegates to the Cen
tral Labor union.
News of Big Fight Will Be Read
from Stage of Star Theater.
Itcturnn fiom the Jcffrles-Fltzslm-mons
prize light will bo received at
the Star theater Filduy night, and
te.rd fioln the Rtage. A four-round
sparring exhibition Is also billed for
the night.
In addition to these two featuics
Mnnnger Hculngton has secured Max
Lutbeg, the famous little wrestler, who
will be hi the ring to meet all local
comers. He will try to throw any thiee
men In one hour, or forfeit $25 to each.
International Convention Held Here
Yesterday Is Attended by Near
ly One Hundred Delegates.
Twenty-five priests, and about sev
enty lay delegates, lepiesentlng a to
tal of forty-one Gieek Catholic
chuiches in the United States and
Canada, conened liv St. John's Gieek
Catholic church, Bellevue, yesterday,
for the puipose of healing the leading
of the by-laws regulating the govern
ment of the church.
These weie lead and discussed and
amendments made theieto. They will
be finally passed upon nt a second con
vention, which has been called for Oct.
20, at Hazleton. Rev. Andrew Hoda
boy, of this city, vicar general in the
chut eh, presided over the convention
und celebrated a mass, before the
morning session. The chuich was
handsomely decomted, a vast quantity
of bunting and American lings giving
It a decidedly ornate appearance.
The attetnoon business meeting was
in session fiom 2 to 4 o'clock, dinner
having been first served the delegates
at the Scianton house. In the after
noon they weie shown over the Tilpp
faun, the estate lecently purchased by
the chuich.
Hev. Father Cornelius Leuiisln, of
Shenandoah, who was the author of
the by-laws yesteiday submitted to the
convention, in a conveisatlon with a
Tribune man, last night, said: "Our
object in holding these conventions lb
to get all the Gieek Catholic churches
in a torpoiutlon, secure a charter for
It and then govern It by the by-laws
now under consideration. In the by
laws which wete read to the conven
tion, today, weie clauses defending the
light to use our national language, In
the cclebiatlbn of inass, the right to
letain oui Gieek rites, cciemonles and
the old Gieek calendar, -and advocat
ing man luge among the eleigy.
"We are at present under the domin
ion of the Roman Catholic chuich and
Latin blbhops. Without in any way.
severing our connections with the
chuich wo desiie to huve a Gieek
bishop of our own. The hentimenl of
the convention was unanimously in
favor of the election of a bibhop, by
the people and clergy.
"Theie was a gieat deal of comment
and discussion on the by-laws, after
their reading, and they will now be
printed in icvlscd foim, and copies sent
to every Gieek Catholic church in the
country. They will then bo brought
up for final action at the Hazleton con
vention." Tho Gieek Catholics expect to havo
a bishop of their own within a jear,
and the Rev. Hodaboy, of this city, is
thought to be tho clergyman upon
whom the honor w'ill fall. After the
Hazleton coneentloii, full .statements
will be senl to the Roman chuich au
thorities at Rome, expicssing tho
Greek (hutch's attitude, legaiding the
blshopilc. A number of the delegates
to the convention left the city last
night, and the icmainder will leave
this morning.
THOMAS M'NULTY, nil old, lespect
ed and esteemed icsident of Pino Btook,
died at the home of his daughter, Mis,
J, F. Loftus, 001 Wyoming avenue, yes
teiday moiuiug, after a lingering ill
ness. Ho Is survived by four daugh
ter and three sons. They aie; Mrs.
James F. Loftus, Mrs. Thomas Red
lugton and Thomas L,, of this city,
and Mis. James McLoughllii, .Mm tin,
Michael and LUzle, of Philadelphia.
Funeral announcement later
GUUTUUDK DECKER, daughter of
Mis. 13. P. Decker, of I2J North Sum
ner avenue, pabsed to her luvvaid on
Monday, after an illness of several
yeais. Sho Is survived by her mother
and hi other, Hany. Tho funeial will
bo held tomouow ut 2 p, m. fiom the
late home, and Interment will be made
In the Fotest Hill cemetery.
John t Woidcll, of 122J Linden sticet,
died last evening. Hho was nged :i;i
yrais, and waa well known in the city,
The funeial announcement will bo
made later.
New Porto Rico Clgais. '
New lot of brcvas mid palilalia
shapes just icceived ut O'Huui's elgar
General Manager Silllmnn Declines
to Read the Disputed Clause as the
Union Employes Would Havo It
Interpreted Granting That There
Is an Honest Difference of Opin
ion, tho Union Men Decide to Send
h Commltee to Mr. Sllliman to Talk
the Matter Over.
Tho threatened renewal of the street
car strike Is postponed, at least for a
few days, General Manager Sllllmau's
leply to tho letter of the men was re
ceived last night. It was, In substance,
tneicly a reltctatlon of the claim that
his Interpretation of the disputed clause
Is the coirect one. The Joint commit
tops of the street car employes' union
nnd the Genital Labor union decided
to send a committee to General Man
ager Sllliman with a view of reuciilne
a settlement by talking the thing over,
nnd If that proves unsuccessful, to havo
the dispute nibltinted.
The joint committees, nt the conclus
ion of their meeting last night, gave
out the following statement:
The following letter was sent on July
"Frank Sllliman, Jr , Genet al Mnnnger.
"Dear Sir: At the close of the street
car strike In this city, Apt II " Inst, tin
ngreement was entered Into between your
company and the Amalgamated Associa
tion Sticet Railway Employes, Division
"The agreement was entered Into In
good faith by organized labor In this
city, and all opposition to your companv
was Immediately lemoved at the close of
the strike. We believe that the compio
mlse made, If fairly carried out, was a
sacrifice by organized labor, but agreed to
the pioposltion .submitted by ou because
we felt that a better feeling could be es
tablished by a lompromlsc by both par
ties to that unfortunate affair.
"Section No, 0 of our agreement reads:
" "To employ no men except those on
the pay loll Sept. 30, 1101. until the num
ber of men so emploved are the same us
on Sept. 30, mOI, at which time the runs
will be ranked among the men according
to their length of service.'
"The time has come when the number
of men has been reduced to the number
In the employ of tho company on Sept.
30, 1W01. We now ask you that ou com
ply with vour agreement; that the uins
he 'tanked among the men accoiding to
their length of service.'
"We would regiet the nccesMtv of a
lcpetitlon of the 'trouble which for six
months existed In this city as a result
of the lastTsliikc of laboi emplojed on
our lines The tests enthely In
vour hand. We ask thai 5011 give tills 1
matter your most earnest consideiatlon,
with a view of pieventlng a trouble which
must result in a gieat loss not onlv to
our compnnj, but to the gcneial busi
ness Intel ests of this city.
"Cential Labor union executive commit
tee acting In conjunction with the execu
tive committee of the Stiecl Hallway Km
plojes union requests that jou take tills
matter under advisement.
"The lolnt committee of these organisa
tion will meet in .special session on Wed
nesday evening, Julv Ifi, to receive our
answer, as to whethei or not jou aio
willing to comply with the lciiulicmcnts
of the agreement, submitted b youisell,
at the close of the last stilke.
'"An official of Division US will wait on
you on Wednesday atleinoon to leceive
your answer.
"Executive Boaid, Division KS,
"P. J. Shea, PicMdont.
"Executive Bo.ud, C. L U.
"John If. Deviiic, President.'1
The joint committee met on Wednesday,
July lb, to receive the answer of Mr. Sll
liman to the communication submitted.
Mr. Sllliman Informed the committee,
tbiough I'rc'ldcnl Shea, that he had sub
mitted the matter to Piesidcnt and
would bu unable to answer the commit
tee until Tuesday, July 2.'
The following answer was ucelved fiom
General Manager Sllliman:
"Scianton, Pa., July 2., 190-'.
"Mr. V. J, Shea, iiesldent Division Ins,
Amalgamated Association Stieot Rall-
wn Kmplojes of Amei lea, Scranton, P.i.
"Dear Sir: Jn answer to vour letter.
which was handed to me on Julv II I1
beg to state that this company intends
to fully comply with all the conditions
of the agicemenl made with jou, duled
April 7, 1D0J. and Is compljlng with thoi
teims in wo undei stand them.
"Fiom jour letter, however. It appeals
you aie not Mtllslltd with our Interrela
tion of Section No. 6 of the agreement,
which piovidcs that the 'inns shall ho
ranked among tho men accoiding to their
length of service.' The meaning of this
dause, as wo have intcipicied It, was ful
ly explained to jou befoie the settlement
was made, nnd It was stated and certain
ly must have been clear to j-ou that we
did not piopose in any way to obligate
ourselves regarding tho cniploj ment of
our men. In such a manner as to neces
sitate giving the men who entered our
servlco on Apill 7, 1'iOJ pilorlly over tho
men who vveio In our servlco befoio that
date. This wo had repeatedly refused to
do In tho numerous cffoits that weie
made to leach a settlement of tho stilke.
Wo think that thero Is 110 giouud for
jour contention that jour length of sei
vlco should dale pilor to Apill 7, 1902. You
left tho sci vlco of the company Oct, 1,
10O1, nnd, ns well known by j-oii, our
mles and lecoids for a number of jears
established the precedent that when one
leaves our employ, and Is aftei wards rc
cmplojcd, his length of scivico dates
from the time he was taken back,
"i'mits tiulj',
"Frank Sllliman, Jr.,
"General Manager,"
It was the unanimous sentiment of the
Joint committee that tho answer of Mr.
Sllliman was unsatisfactory and evasive.
A eommllU'o of tinea was appointed to
meet Mr, Hllllmau and lnfmni him that
Ills luterpietatlou of the agi cement did
not meet tho approval of tho committee.
If utter a fair discussion of tho dlffet
enecs of opinion, In tho matter of Intel -protullou
of tho written agreement, Mr.
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Some Sensible Advice to Wo
men by Mrs. E. Sailer.
"Dkir Mns. PiNKHAUt When I
passed through what la known as
change of life,' I had two years' suf
fering, sudden heat, and as quick
chills would pass over mo j my appctlto
was variable and I never could tell for
a sBSbsL am
President Gorman Rollof Association,
Los Angolos, Gal.
a day at a time how I would feel tho
next day. Firo bottles of Lydia E.
Plnkham's Vegetable Compound
clianged all that, my days becamo days
of health, and I have enjoyed every day
since now six years.
" Wo have used considerable of your
Vegetable Compound in our charitable
work, as we find that to restore a poor
mother to health so she can support her
self and thoso dependent upon her, if
such there be, is truer charity than to
give other aid. You havo my hearty
endorsement, for you 'have proven
yourself a true friend to suffering wo
men." Mrs. E. Saileb, 750M Hill St.,
Los Angeles, Cal. fBOOO forfeit Ifaboue -tlmonlal
Is not genuine.
No other person enn give such
helpful advice to women who
are sick as can Mrs. Plnkham,
for no other has had such great
experience her address Is Lynn,
Mass., and her advice free if
you are sick write her you are
foolish if you don't.
Sllliman cannot view tho matter In a
proper light, the committco Is Instructed
to offer to submit tho whole matter to
an Impaitlal boaid of atbltratlon.
The Identity of the committee which
is to wait on Mr. 8Illlman was not dis
John Stanton, for many yeats a
superintendent at the Lackawanna
It on and Steel companies mills, was
jesteiday appointed foi email of a now
chnnt ff-mi. fm mnrl In thp limp.m nt
highways and seweis. The salary Is
52.2o per dav.
Cat adoc Morris was appointed in
spector of the Eleventh waid sewer,
vice Ganett Wien, lcslgned.
List of Icttcis lemalnlng uncalled for nt
tho Scianton pnstottlcc Julv 2J, 110.'. Poi
sons (.ailing foi these htteis will pleaso
saj- adveitised, and give dale of list. En a
II. Ripple, postmastci.
Andeison. II. M. l.esIg, Jed
Atwater. Edwaid Millai. Miss Irene
Alnev, Mr. D. U. Mclvin, Miss L.
Diooks, !. A Matthew, 1'iank V.
Blown, Miss (liidlo Millies, T.
licemlsh, Ilanj- Mutiny, Miss Gcr-
Uadglej, Mis. Mar- trndo
gictta Moiebel, M.
Biandt. Mrs. I J Mlciike Co. A. E
Hvid, Thomas " O'Bllcu, Miss Helen
Black . WainerPetias, Mis. M. J.
Lbi. Co. Pailow, Mis. Mar-
Hlglln, A. W. gaiet Pattcison
Bioekwaj-, II. Buss, John
Ciovvle.v, Mis. Jen-La Itace. W.
nlo ( Boiler, Sadie
Chiise, Mis. Lllll-Snover, Mai In S
an E Suaioz, Dr. A. C.
Con. Mis. Alien Spcncei, A. J.
Cnnlon Sons, p. J. Stewait, Miss Jcs
Clulst, Mis Mar- sh A.
gaiet Stanton. Miss Ella
Casing, Ileniy Shiffei, Mjs. Jessie
Davis Delllc Smith. I.andon
Davidson. M. II. Seliall. J. P.
Denmme V. A. Smldh Mis. Annlo
Evans, Ruthio SdimaMz.Mi.s Annie
Voslei. D 'A Sigafoos, Mis. Will-
Gllgallon.Miss Maiy lam (2)
Glnley, James J, Scianton Castle. No,
Oicnn. Mis. M. F. 117. A O K. M. C.
r.iimths, T. S, Simon, Mis lletnian
GiKIlths. Mi- LniuaSmllh, William J.
House, Mis C. B. Tlnglev, T. J,
llalcv. Mis, Mar-Tmnej-, Miss Llzzla
gaiet Tallni, Mis. Edwaid
lllrsehneld. ,T. J, Wodd, Mis. Will
llnmbkc William lam C.
James, Fied Wade, John ,T.
James, John G. Wolf, Chailcs Oscar
Kcillng, George A. Weaver, Piank
Kennedv. Andiew Williams. Cluis. care
Law son, L W. Chas. Kubs.
Antonio D. Agostluo. Donienlco d'Aml
co. Antonio Ulnlale. Victor Rovlti. Mr.
Alllx car Victor Roditl, Antonio Lucluna.
Piter Mnrclkwnic. Mis. Jowa Slman
utle, Mnrcale Rautkiudl, Jan Zoiawskj-,
Mis. Knty Wojtkovskv, Josef Hordws
cevvsky. J. Wcszlnskl, Slanvs Malluowsk ,
Edw. rashkowskl. Anton! Tuicsyuskl,
Cialls, Wllblm Slavvlnskl,
Fijnk Stanchcvvski, Jan AiiiovvskI, Wa
dvstau Bosotonskl, Wolentey Yendrols
zcnskl, Poter Beltuicbv, Adonmo Kvved
nrnwlezlns, Jnn Grodesky, Adam Kiup
skl, Mich SUInvoll.
Jazubas Jankowskos. Finns Adamus,
Yuaas. Mallsauskos, Majk Lorboiwics,
Jorefu Vloskemu, Ziinnl Ciimca, tUanj
slaw Uiiuda, Anslonlf Adiosltn, Wleh
tiiiju AV'otoiusanka, tiiui Czvs, Mis. Mar
to KntkaiiHkmtle, Catlcs S. Sickles, Janus
Km paw iczu, Antanas Cindzunas, Jakob
Woloska, Levvouas Jewavauskas, Peter
Woszkls, Benedvka Slnklejeovvn, l'cter
Batloltl, Rsan I.ukns. Telepcsclk Tedor,
Maczo Tula. Jnn Cok, Mai tin Tekuh,
Wlktorja Wolowlee, Hoiniit Kenlg, Os
car Waecknill, Ignacv Kaszuba, Janns
Gatamlackn, Anton RiiMlnckas, Piaiicls
Koweanskor. Mike Saflon, John Csolei
nal, Sznlla Mai ton. Fecllr Tynlclm, Ku
Ilk Andias, Mlko Slogeils, Kuteitua Cor
mnk. '
Mis. B. Bnwen, St! 3 David, Wladlstaw
Dawidowskoma, W. M, D-ivIs, Amy Fer
guson. J, Hnffeit, Miss Mm lei Jones,
Finnclska Kozlatcn. Stlf. Maslai, Thorn
as Peicv Mouls, R, P. Peirj-, Chai les
Smith. Edwaid Smith, Rnulluas Senanio.
dls. Miss Mamo Tajlor, Joseph Wvnj
tauckas. Ml'IJU BAVIDOW. v
Two Thousand Newsboys to Parade
and Picnic Will Be Purniahed
with Free Sinner and Sweetmeats,
Given Bides on the Merry-Go-Fvound
and a Hundred or So Prizes
for Athletic Superiority Pro
gramme of the Say and List of
Prizes Additional Contributions
The Scranton newsboys will have
their fifth annual outing at Nuy Aug
park today. It Is estimated that neatly
two thousand boys will participate In
the parade and picnic.
Preceding the picnic nt the park the
newsies will parade the principal streets
of the city. They will form on the court
house square, Washington avenue side,
at 8.30 a. in. Dr. G. 13. Hill will bo
grand marshal and tho West Side band
will furnish music both 'during the
parade and at the park. The line of
march will be down Linden street to
Wyoming avenue, to Mulberry street,
to Penn avenue, to Spruce street, to
Franklin avenue, to Lackawanna ave
nue, to Washington avenue, to Mul
berry street, to the park.
At tho park the newsies will ,be taken
In hahd by the committee of arrange
ments nnd piovided with everything
that will make them happy. There will
bo Ice cream, lemonade, watermelon
nnd cake, sandwiches and pie, and, In
fact, everything that appeals to, the
healthy, lusty-lunged youngsters. The
boys, too, will be furnished with free
rides on the merry-go-round, nnd then
will come the races and athletic con
tests of the day. Hugh Keenan will
mnnage all the sports.
The vailous athletic contests and
prizes follow:
1. Tug of war.
2. Pig race First prize, child's suit;
second prize, shoes.
3. Foot race (boys G to 8 years) First
prize, boys' shoe; second prize, knife;
third pilzc, boy's belt.
4. Foot race (boys 8 to 10 yean) Fiist
prize, bojr's shoes; second prize, knife;
third pilze, boy's belt.
5. Foot race (boys 10 to 12 years) First
prize, boy's shirt: second prize, straw
hat; thlid prize, boy's belt.
6. Foot lace (boys 10 to 12 years) First
pilzc, hat; second prize, plotuie; third
prize, boj's belt.
7. Wheelbarrow race (boyi 9 to 12 jeais)
First prize, brush and comb; second
prize, slippers.
Peanut scramble.
8. Wheelbarrow lace (boys 9 to 12
years) Fitst prize, ; second pilzc,
combination pencil.
9. Wheelbarrow race (hoys 12 to It
jeais) First prize, Bernard's; second
pilzc, knife.
10. Wheelbarrow blindfolded race Fiist
prize, package.
11. Sack ince (boys S to 10 years) Fiist
prize, package.
12. Sack lace (boys S to 10 j cars) First
prize, package.
13. Sack race (boys 9 to 12 years)
First prize, package.
II. Sack raco (bojs 10 to 14 years)
First prize, package.
15. Ban ell 1 ace First prize, sweater.
16. Three-legged lace (boys 8 to 10
j-cars) First prize, package.
17. Three-legged nice (boys
8 to 10
j-eais) First pilze, package.
IS. Three-legged race (bojs 10 to 11
yeais) Fitst pilzc, package.
19. Three-legged race (bojs
10 to 15
yeais)1 First prize, package.
20. Blcjcio raco (boj-s 7 to .1 jcars)
First prize, Collins'; second prize, metal
bank; third prize, knife.
21. Blcjcle race (bojs 'J
First prize, cuff buttons;
base hall pad; third prize,
to 12 j-eais)
second prize,
22. Blcjcle raco (bojs 9 to 12 j-cais)
First prize, boy's pants; second prize,
sweater; thlid pilze, knife.
23. Bicjcle race (boj's 12 to 15 jcars)
First prize, bicycle shoes; second pilze,
straw hat; third prize, .
24. Blcjcle nice (bojs 12 to 15 years)
First prize, blcj-cle lamp; second prize,
dictionary; third prize, pocket knife.
25. Messenger bojs' biko race First
prize, telegtaph Instrument; second prize,
metal bank; third prize, knife.
26. Pony race First prize, metal hank
containing $1.50; second prize, watch.
27. Pony race First pilze, mctnl bank
containing Jt.00 and whip; second prize,
28. Donkey race First prize, sack flour;
second prize, Rose's.
29. Pony raco (free to all winners)
First prize, sack flour; second prize, met
al bank containing $1.00.
CO. Pig race First prize, accordcon.
The following contributions have
been received for the outing In addi
tion to those .published in yesterday's
Frank M. Vandling. $2; J. T. Boyer,
100 lemons; II, G. Dunham, $1; Mer
ceiau & Council, $1; George A'. Millar,
$1; Merchants' and Mechanics' bank, $2;
Isaac Tost, $2; G. W. Fritz & Co., l;
Casey Bros,, $3; Victor Koch, 50 cents;
F, G, Folej, 25 cents: P. II, Durkln, 2;
T. II. Fronch, Jl; Dr. G. E. Hill, 5;
Lackawanna Dalij' company, can milk;
Schouor Bros,, 500 lolls; Guthcluz, Wels
scr Si Krajcr, ham; Connolly & Wal
lace, ribbon for badges; Atlantic Ten
company, sugar; Joseph Block, 100
"Famous Rlppei" cigars; M. Norton, a
sot of books; 'Robert Meirlck, $5; . II.
Hall, $7; Thomas Miles, ; Frank E.
Boyle, $l; II, J. Walters, $1; If. S. Gal
lughcr, 10 pound box of chocolates.
Cholera Infantum,
This has long heon regarded ns one of
the most dangerous and fatal diseases
to which Infants are subject. It can bo
ciued, however, when piopcrly treated.
All that Is necessary Is to give Cham
berlain's Colic, Choleia and Diarrhoea
Remedy and castor oil, us dliected with
each bottle, nnd a cute Is certain. For
bale by all druggists.
Ladle,1 Vlcl Kid, Iluttou, Patent 'lip,
.' 30 and $3 00 Shoes, at $1.17.
Ladles' Patent Leather $1 B0 Shoes, nt
Ladies' Juliets and Soutliei n Ties, wot th
J1.60, at 97c.
1,000 pairs of Ladies' Dongola, nutton
and Lace, Jl 60 Shoes at 97c
Hoys', Youths' and Little Gents' Shoes
at P7c,
The above are only a fow of the many
liai gains. AVo Invito jou to cull and ex
amine our goods before buying clsowhere.
Remember tlieio's no tioublo to show
vou goods and you will suiely save money
by It.
Ours Is a Lamp
Store, and what
we haven't In
Lamps Isn't much
of a lamp,
Lamps, 23 In. tilth, 9
In. globe, partly painted
by hand, center Oral
Geo. V. Millar & Co.
Walk In and
ft Wash Fabrics
If and Wash Suits
Are being: offered 'this week at Irresistible Prices that
not only charm the beholder, but Indicate a lesson In
practical economy not likely td be soon forgotten.
Ladies' Stylish Wash Suits
ix t.g sf Choice of 10 Lovely New Styles, ranging in
AL thl ) value from $2.50 to $4.50 each. The assortment
K,V includes suits in fine fast color Cambrics, yokes
full tucked back and front; shirt, belt and stock trimmed with
Pique piping, etc. Batiste Suits with piped seams, full tucked, etc.
Suck Suits with sailor collars, etc., in all the good colors and choic
eest patterns of the season. The making and fitting qualities of
every garment is perfect. No extra charge for alterations, If re
quired; we guarantee a fit. Equally good values in Smart Wash
Suits nt$2.50, $2.98, $3.50 and $4.50. '
Tour size is here in full choice of styles and patterns.
The Sale of Wash Fabrics
Is attracting-wide attention. Every yard offered Is of this
season's manufacture, and you know we took the lead from the
very .outset for novelty and dainty loveliness.
These reductions are guaranteed and not mere nights of a vivid
imagination, let loose to catch the unwary.
Light and dark figured Lawns
and Dimities; goods worth So
the jard.
Lawns, Batlstfcs, Dimities and
Swisses; goods worth 12'c and
Gicnadtnes, Swisses, Eonita
Silks; goods worth 15c and ISc
tho yard.
i McConnell & Co.,
xg The Satisfactory Store. 400-402 Lackawanna Ave.
We have secured two hundred more pairs of MUSLIN
RUFFLED CURTAINS, of the same style and quality
as those offered by us a few weeks ago. They are 40
Inches wide and 2 and 3 yards in length.
One Lot at 50c
These are plain muslin,
with ruffled border, and
actually woth 7 cents.
See Oil? Window Display.
Advertisers of Real Bargains Only.
129 Wyoming Avenue.
This is the best time in the year to look after your, uphol
stered furniture, Special prices now in the Drapery DoparK
ment where you can select your tapestries, while work left in
the Upholstery Department now will be completed and ready
(or delivery when you return from your vacation
Closed Saturday Afternoons During July and August,
211 North Washington Avenue.
CAn VTI T As an Introduction to our New Art Studio,
rWIV. ivLJ an Washington Avenue,
For the next three days, this unparalleled offer
is made to anyone who presents this Mad" at
the studio on or before Saturday the 26th of
this month, we will make one dozen of our
$4.00 Imperial Cabinets for $2.00
Without this coupon the price $4.00 prevails.
Mr. Griffin, Himself Haies Ajl Sittings.
Don't forget the new address, opposite the court; house.
Wo 'sell better
Lamps for. less
money than others
wo can afford
to. We buy In
larger quantities
and get better
134 Wyoming Ave.
Look Around.
Imported Dimities, line Em
broidered Tissues, Lace Stripe
Ginghams; goods worth 25c the
Silk Ginghams, in lace stripes
and nil the colors; chaimlng as
Balance of our choice stock of
Silk Foulards, dainty, fashion
able designs and the best of
qualities. Special sale prices this
week, and they begin at 39e.
One Lot at 75c
In this lot are some beautiful
effects in stripes that were
made to sell for $1.00.
T .
. iur ' .
I - III tgy-gMJy--Mfef,