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TV. Children
By purchasing & O
Ferris Lawn Swing
They're nice for older folks,
too. They're well Braced y
and made to lost. Q
Three kinds prices: V
$4.50 $7.50 X
2 passengers 4 passengers X
Foote & Shear Co.
119 Washington Ave.
The Hardenbergh
of Music and Art
Season 1002 - 1903 opens
Thursday, Sept. 18. Most
modern and approved methods.
Send for prospectus. Carter
Building, 604 Linden street.
Livery, Boarding, Heavy Teaming
and General Braying
New Stables, 1415 Mulbery Street.
New 'Phone 2057.
If You Are Considering
The purchase or sale of any high grade
stocks or bonds, better consult us. Wo
make a specialty of this kind of securi
ties. I. F flEOARQEL & CO.,
Itooms 206 & 207, Commonwealth Bids.
When drawing your pay lay
aside a portion of it for a rainy
day by using our savings de
partment. THE PEOPLE'S
Jliss Claik, of avenue, Is spend
ing her vacation at Atlantic City.
Congressman Irving P. "Waiiser, of Kor
rlstown, was at the Jermyn yesterday.
JIl&s Josephine Piolilc, of New York, la
vlbltlng Miss Vivian Burnett, of 203 Jef
ferson avenue.
'Mr. and Mrs. duties l Pellcn, of Dun
morc, hdvo lcturned fiom u. fortnight's
visit In Connecticut.
Mr. and airs. J. B. Morton aro enter
taining their daughter, Mrs. John llag
gerty, of New York.
Mlbbes Nettie Phillips and Emily Smith,
of West Pittston, mo visiting Uieiuia in
the city for a few days.
Miss Bertha Kelly, of Ahh stieot, has
accepted a position with the New York
bankrupt storo at Allcntown.
Mlsa Jeniilo Kauffmun, of Pie.cott avo'
nuo, left yestoulay to spend her vacation
with ft lends In Wllliamsport.
Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo A. Dlokcrson and
daughter, Uvelyn.of Putnam sticot, leave
this morning for Atlantic City.
Mbs Lizzie Jenkins, of Prico & Jenkins
and her sister, Mrs. T. Joftcisoit Key
ltolds, nro at tlio Wlnola houso, Lake
William E. Morgan, of Climch avenue,
accompanied, by his daughter, Melrlon,
and .son, Moi timer, ate visiting ft lends in
Blatington, Pa.
Mrs. Arthur Kehrcus and daughter,
Helen, of Foirst City, and Miss I.auta
Davis, of llydo I'atk, spent yesterday
with Mrs. J. U. Peck, of Notth Park.
Mrs, A, H. Van Dental k, of Church
avenue, and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Gay, of
Lexington, Ky., are spending a tew dajs
In Caibondale, as the guests of Mr, Jc
elah Van Dennaik, .
Mrs, Gcoigo W. Napo and ton, llnbort,
will leave today on tlio 6,21 Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western train for Buf
falo, for a two weeks' visit with Mr. and
Mis. William Moser.
Advertisement in this paper,
extra Trading Stamps free.
A Vacation Necessity.
When you provide all. other comforts
that money will buy and It Is u good
deal of money usually with most of us
to secure the comfort mid enjoyment
of your family, do you think you ought J
to overlook one ot mo jeast expensive
and most profitable? It Is certainly u
comfort and an enjoyment to have u
dally letter from home In the shape of
a live newspaper while you aro away
on your vacation, You can sit In a
shady nook, no matter how far I'tom
your usual scenes, ami1 mid of the dully
life of the town where ul your Inter
ests IJe ami friends reside, and when
you get back home again, you will not
have to go around and giopo for the
misting links of Intelligence. Have The
Tribune sent to you while, on your va
cation and it will be the best outlay
you have piade toward the comfort and
enjoyment of that testing time. It will
be sentT postuge paid, to any address In
the United States, Canada. Cuba or
, Mexico, for the same price us at homo,
EO cents a month,
Scranton Athletlo club excursion to
Mountain Park tomorrow. Trains leave
t 8.20a. nj. and 1 p. m.
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
Company Succeeds in Starting Up
Its Fifth Washory with Twenty
flvo of Its Former Employos Prac
tically All tho Wa3herlos In Thl3
Region Now in Operation Local
Labor Union's Contributing to
Miners Big Mass Meeting.
With twenty-five of Its old employes,
tho Delaware, Litcktiwnnna. and West
ern company yesterday starUd up Its
Taylor waahery. This makes flvo wosh
etlca this company has In operation.
They arc turning out 6,000 tons of coal
dally. It has thus far 'been used ex
clusively for making steam at the col
lieries. Practically all tho washcrles In
this region aro now in operation.
Tho local Typographical union and
Brothei hood of Carpenters and Joiners
have voted to make weekly contri
butions to the minors. The members
of the Typographical union will con
tribute a dollar apiece ouch week, dur
ing "flic continuance of the strike. In
view of President Mitchell's declaration
In favor of a call on all labor organ
izations for financial aid, It Is likely the
other unions hereabouts will be soon
following the example of the prhiteis
and carpenters.
A joint mass meeting of all United
Mine Workers ot North Scranton was
held In St. Mary's hall, on West Mar
ket street, Ihst evening. The hall was
taxed to Its capacity with miners, to
listen to the addresses given by John
J. Kearney, of Archbald: Anthony
Schlosser, national organizer; John II.
Devlne, president of the Central Labor
union, and Hugh Fraync, president of
the State Federation of Labor.
The meeting was opened with nn ad
dress by Chairman Richard Butland.
He was followed by the North End
quartette, which rendered several pleas
ing selections.
Tho various speakers all made en
couraging addresses, assuring the
minors that they would win.
Manager John R. Mullory and Editor
Charle3 Thaln, of the Courier-Herald,
the official organ of the Central Labor
union, of Wllkes-Barre, havtf been held
in $11,060 bail each, to answer at court
for libelling twenty-two employes of
tho Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern company at the Pettebone and
Woodward collieries.
Several weeks ngo tho town of Ed
wardsvlllo and the upper end of Ply
mouth township were flooded with cir
culars headed "Unfair List," and bear
ing the names of the twenty-two prose
cutors, with the subscription to the
effect that these men wore unfit to as
sociate with honorable men.
Detectives John Hannigan, James
Fancy and J. W. Casey, of the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western com
pany, were detailed by Chief Adamson
to discover who was responsible for the
publishing of the circulars. The arrest
of Mullery and Tltain was tho result.
They were given a hearing before
'Squire Pollock and required to furnish
$300 ball In each of the twenty-two
cases. P. M. Gllllgan and Patrick Col
ligan became bondsmen. John T. Lena
han appeared for the company's em
ployes, and James L. Lcnahan, for the
Fifteen mules owned by the People's
Coal company, which were sent out
into the country when tho strike began,
were taken back to the Oxford last
night. That company is said to have
applications from a large number of its
men, who want to return to work.
Had His Bride-That-Was-to-Be Com
mitted to Jail.
Miss Antionette Seplosky was Wed
nesday night committed to jail in de
fault of $300 ball by Justice of the
Peace C. XV. Thompson, of Greenwood.
The charge was false pretense.
Behind this an est is a romance that
has a tinge of tragedy in It for Anthony
Moskowska. He is il thrifty Russian,
32 yeats of age, who has long dt earned
of the Joy of having a wife and a fire
side of his own. Seven weeks ago, An
tionette came to this country and took
up her residence with relatives. She
was from Anthony's part of Russia,
and ho called upon her soon after her
It was a case of love at first sight on
his part, and the young woman, who is
21, pretended that she reciprocated. She
ngteed to mairy her ardent lover, and
ho furnished tho money with which she
purchased an elaborate trousseau,
Tuesday the lovers came to this city
rtnd seemed a marriage license, Wed
nesday they were to have been wedded,
but that morning she sent word to
Moskowska that she could not marry
him. He pleaded with her to keep her
word or return to him the things ho
had purchased for her, but she would
do neither, and In despair ho went be
fore Squire Thompson and lodged in
formation which caused her arrest.
When she vns committed to Jail Mos
kowska pleaded with her to marry him
and savo the disgrace of Imprisonment,
but It was all In valu,
Yesterday Joseph Nogalvlck agreed
to breoniQ her bondsman, She was
taken beforo Judge Edwards and re
Old North Mill Site Has Been Regu
larly Transferred.
Tho deed transferring tho old North
mill slto passed, yesterday, from tho
Lackawanna Iron and Steel company
to the Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western Railroad company, The con
sideration has not been made public,
As explained previously In The Til-
bune. tho new owner will ntlllo tlin
land for machine shops, a freight depot
anil additional yard room,
The Best Diarrhoea Medicine on
That Is what Mr. V, E. Landers, a'
prominent farmer near Indianapolis,
Ind says of Chamborluin's Colic, Choi
era and Dlajihoea Remedy. Read his
testimonial: "It alves me great pleas
ure to tell you how much Chamberlain's
Colic, Choloia and Diarrhoea Remedy
has dona for me, I have used it far
nine years unci I think It Is the best
medicine on earth. It has saved my
life seyerul times. I would not think
of being without a battle of It In the
house." For sale by all druggists,
An Expression of
Mr. J. Alfred Pennington,
Dear Sir: Wo are entirely satisfied with our daugh
ter's progress In music at tho Conservatory. It Is surpris
ing how soon the reading of music becomes easy under the
Farltcn System. Tho recitals aro of partluular value to
students, because of tho unusual cure bestowed In
preparation for them, as well as the conlldcncc gained by
each experience. Wo hope our daughter may eompleto tho
entire course. Sincerely yours, v
The New Prospectus Will Soon Be Issued
D., L. & W. Car Construction and
Repair Shops to Be Located in the
Upper Part bf Keyser Valley.
Bids have been asked by the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western com
pany for tho work necessary to install
extensive car construction and repair
shops In Keyser Valley, on tho far side
of the Keyser Valley branch, just back
of the Cathedral cemetery.
It was originally intended to locate
the shops near the Dodge colliery, where
Scranton and Taylor meet, but the
rocky formation of the ground made
excavating too expensive and tho com
pany's engineers looked about for an
other site.
Several tracts In Keyser Valley owned
by the company were viewed and An
ally the one indicated above was se
lected. The work of Installing the shops will
begin at once,
Presented, Through Dr. Logan, by
the L. I. and S. Company.
Thiough the efforts of Rev. Dr. S.
C. Logan, D. D., Scranton Is now the
possessor of the old blast furnace gong,
which for more than thirty years has
sounded tho city fire alarms.
When the Lackawanna Iron and
Steel company was moving away, Dr."
Logan conceived the idea of securing
the old gong to the city, and to that
end wrote a personal letter to Presi
dent Walter Scranton. The latter
brought the matter up before a meet
ing of the directors, and the result was
a resolution donating the gong to the
Dr. Logan conveyed the resolution to
Recorder Coimell and the gong was ac
cepted by him for the city. The re
corder" and Superintendent Ferbcr, of
the Are deparcment, interested General
Superintendent Clarke, of the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western company In
having the gong placed at, the com
pany's machine shops, where there Is a
constant pressure of eighty pounds of
steam, nearly twice what theie was at
tho blast furnace. Mr. Clarke hud the
gong placed as desired, and yesterday
it was tested for the first time.
With the heavy steam piessure, the
gong bounds much louder than It for
merly did, and formerly It could be
heard in Nicholson, twenty-one miles
Dr. Logan contemplates some formal
ceremonies to commemorate tho trans
fer of the historic gong to the city.
Building Inspector Brown Explains
to Commoners' Committee.
Plans for the proposed $10,000 police
and Are headquarters In tho rear of
city hall were submitted Thursday
night, and by that body referred to its
building committee for Inspection. The
committee met last night and had Su
perintendent tJrown go over the draw
ings with them,
The committee heartily approved the
general Idea of tho building and found
no objection to any featuie of it, ex
cept that It was to be of brick. The
majority of tho members favored stone
of tho same quality and cut as that in
tho city hall.
Superintendent Brown stated that he
himself at Atst favored making the
building conform In style and material
to city hall, but when became to con
sider that the top of the two-story new
building will reach only tho bottom of
tho second floor of the city hall, be
cause of depression of the ground In
the rear of the hall, he concluded that
the now building should have a de
cidedly distinctive style, as a, means of
saving it from assuming the appear
ance of an addition to the hall.
The committeemen were disposed to
veer around to the supeilntcndent's
way of thinking, and decided to ad
journ until next Thursday night, to
have opportunity to give tho matter
Alson M. Price, who served In Company
D, Kitty-eighth teslmcnt of Pennsylva
nia Infantry, was yostciday granted a
veto) an's llcenso to peddle,
The Northern Lackawanna Railroad
company yesterday filed indemnifying
bonds in favor of Gustuv Wensko and
Philip Penkolskl, whoso properties In
South Scranton will bo damaged by tho
building of tho railroad,
James Kearney was jestcrday brought
In on a ball pleco and entcicd ball In
tho sum ot $M0 to appear at tho next
term of court for sentence, At tho last
term, ho was convicted of embezzlement.
C, 8, Woodruff became his bondsman yes
terday, Jacob Ilartman and William Luther,
by their attorney, A. A. Chase, brought
iut yestetday against tho Scianton Stool
company, Each scekH to recover $3,000
damages, caused by tho Hoods In tho
Lackawanna liver last sptlng, tho alle
gation being that tho Hooding of their
ptPiiilscs was caused by tho Steel com
pany narrowing tho river channel near
tho lower steel mill,
Advertisement In this paper. 30
extra Trading Stamps free.
The annual excursion of the Scran
ton Llederkranz will take place Mon
day, July 31, to Mountain Park, Bauer's
full band and orchestra. Tickets, 70
cents; children, 60 cents. Tialns leave
at 8.30 a. m. and I p. m.
Go to Mountain Park tomorrow with
the Scranton Athletic club.
Entire Satisfaction
Scranton, May 24, 1002.
Companies of the First Reglmont of
Lancers of C. T. A. U. Will
Proceed to Lake Lodorc.
Today will mark the opening of the
first regimental encampment In the
United States of men whoso aim Is
holding aloft the banner of total ab
stinence. Tho First Regiment of Lan
cets, of the Catholic Total Abstinence
union, of the Scranton diocese, will as
semble this morning at Lake Lodorc,
and remain under strict military disci
pline for one week.
The regiment is composed of two bat
talions, with four companies In each
battalion. The ofllcers and companies
are as follows:
Colonel, J. T. Phillips, ot Wllkcs-Barrej
major, Walter A. McNIchols.West Scian
ton; chaplain, Rev. J. V. Moylan, North
Scranton; surgeon, Dr. W. J. L. Davis,
West Scianton; sergeant major, Michael
F. Kelly, AVcst Scranton.
First battalion Company A, Wllkcs
Bane, Captain M. Ramsey; Company G,
Wllkes-Barre, Captain Joseph Moran;
Company E, Plymouth, Captain William
Jones; Company F, Plahi3, Captain M.
A. Burke.
Second battalion Company B, West
Scranton, Captain John P. Murray; Com
pany C, North Scranton, Captain C. P.
Stewart; Company II, South Scranton,
Captain James Arthur; Company K, Car
bondalc, Captain TTmothy J. Gllhool.
Strict military discipline will be en
forced throughout tho encampment,
and tho staff ofllcers have formulated
general camp orders, which will be en
forced as follows:
G 00 a. m. Roll call.
6.30 a. m. Mass.
7.00 a. m. Mess.
8.00 a. m. Police and sick call.
9.00 a. m. Guaid mount.
12.00 m. Mess.
1 00 p. m. Battalion drill.
5.00 p. m. Recall.
5.13 p. m. Dress parade.
6.00 p. m. Mess.
7.30 p. m. Band conceit.
S.0O p. m. Retreat.
10.00 p. m. Taps.
This order will bo observed during each
day except Sunday, when mass will bo
celebrated at 11 o'clock.
The commissary department will be
looked after by competent caterers.
Rowley's band, of Wilkes-Barro, will
accompany tho regiment, and remain in
camp during the week. The camp will
be formally opened tomorrow morning,
when the regiment will attend mass at
6.15 o'clock.
Special excursions will be run to the
lake on Sunday, when a military high
mass will be said. Rev. J. V. Moylan,
chaplain of the regiment, and assist
ant pastor of Holy Rosary church,
North Scranton, will be celebrant; Rev.
Thomas Hanley, of Honcsdale, deacon,
und Rev. P. J. McManus, of Green
Ridge, sub-deacon. The choir of Holy
Rosary church, and Rowley's band will
assist In rendering the mass.
The First battalion will leave Wllkes
Barre over the Delaware and Hudson
railroad at 9.03 o'clock this morning,
and will be joined in this city by Com
panies B, C and H, and at Carbondale
by Company K.
Protests Against Granting Street
Railway Charters,
Secretary of the Commonwealth
Grlest gave a hearing yesterday at
Harrlsburg on protests against tho
granting of charters to four street rail
ways in this county, on the ground
that they were In conflict with tho
routes of corporations already char
tered. It was found that there was no
conflict In the case of the Maylleld,
Carbondale and Crystal Lake company,
and the protest was withdrawn.
Tho opposition admitted In tho case
ot the Tripp Park company that tho
conflict of routes wns less than the
amount limited by law. The remaining
point Is whether the Punooku Street
Railway company and the Stafford
Meadow Brook Street Railway com
pany could uso three hundred feet al
ready used by tho Scranton Rallwuy
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Mint Sauce
and Currants
Large shipments for Thurs
day, Watermelons
Ripe and sweet, Rocky
ford Melons, 3.50 per crate.
Golden Queen, Porto Rico,
Red Spanish and Sugar Loaf
E. G. Course!!.
Three Contestants Scored Yostorday
in Tho Tribune's Educational Con
tost Miss Coloman Passed Two
Competitors Maxwell Shepherd
Made Substantial Gain A Good
Time to Begin Three Months Bo
fore Contest Closes.
Standing of Contestants
Charles Burns, Vnndllng.448
Oscar H. Kipp, Elmhurst. .330
A. 'J. Kellermnn, Scranton . 330
Fred K. Gunstcr, Green
Ridge 207
Wm, T. S. Rodriguez
Scranton 264
Herbert Thompson, Car-
bondalo 225
Albert Freedman, Bclle-
vue 220
Maxwell Shepherd, Car
bondale 174
Chas. W. Dorsey, Scranton. 08
L. E. Stanton, Scranton. . . 94
Wm. Sherwood, Harford. . 79
Homer Kresge, Hyde Park 60
J. A. Havenstrlte, Mos
cow 60
Harry Madden, Scranton . . 58
Frank B. McCreary, Hall
stead 44
Miss Beatrice Harpur,
Thonipson 40
William Cooper, Priceburg 38
Grant M. Decker, Hall
stead 37
Lee Culver, Springville. . 33
Hendrick Adam3, Chin
chilla 33
Walter Hallstead, Scran
ton 27
Harry Danvers, Provi
dence 25
Louis McCusker, Park
Place 23
Hugh Johnston, Forest
City 23
Miss Jane Matthewson,
Factory ville 19
C. J. Clark, Peckville 18
Louis Gere, Brooklyn .... 18
Miss Edna Coleman,
Scranton 18
John Mackie, Providence. 16
Eddie Morris, South Scran
ton 15
Fred Kibler, South Scran
ton 15
Thomas Dempsey, Oly-
phant 13
Elmer Williams, Elmhurst. 13
Three contestants added to their
scores yesterday In The Tribune's Edu
cational Contest. They were Charles
W. Dorsey and Miss Edna Coleman, of
Scranton, and Maxwell Shepherd, of
A friend of Mr. Dorsey's who sub
scribed for the paper for three months
requested the three points to go to the
former's credit, although Mr. Dorsey
will not know it until this morning.
This help enabled Mr. Dorsey to take
ninth place away from Leroy Stanton
and still have a margin of 2 points.
Miss Coleman went up two positions
ngaiu yesterday, duplicating the ad
vance of the day previous.
Maxwell Shepherd, of Carbondale,
added materially to his score. Ho is
now only 20 points away from the 200
This is a good time for new contest
ants to enter. Over three months of
the contest are left. Full particulars
will be mailed on receipt of request.
The standing of the ten highest con
testants for July follows:
Tho standing of the ten highest con
testants for July follows:
Leading Contestants for July.
First Prize
Birdsoye Maple Writing Desk,
Second Prize ,
Waterman Gold Fountain Pen.
1. C. W. Dorsey SI
2. Albert Freedman 69
3. A. J. Kellcrman 43
?. Herbert Thompson 42
5. Maxwell Shepherd 29
8. Fred Kibler IE
7. Frank B. McCreary 9
8. Miss Mary Yeager 8
9. L. E. Stanton 8
10. Charles Burns 7
C. O. Pratt, of Cleveland, O., national
executive committeeman of the Amal
gamated Association of Street Railway
Employes, Is in the city to ndvlso with
the members of Division 16S In their
dealings with tho company regarding
the grievance submitted to General
Manager Sllllmau, Monday.
Mr. Pratt is stopping at tho St.
Charles. He declined last evening to
say anything about his mission or to
comment on the local situation,
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'"Hi""!1" ' i I I ! tmmmmmmmm i mmmmmmm i i i ' 11' " ' I I wmmmmMmmmmmmt wmmmmtmmm t li
John Qulnn Succumbed In tho Scran
" ton Prlvnte Hospital.
The murder ot Mary Qulnn In the
Keyser Vulley six weeks ago Is re-
rntlnil 111. flln .Innfl. rt ItnH lihrtltmi.
John Qulnn, In tho Scranton Private
nospuai at lu.uo o'clock yesterday
morning, after a short Illness, caused
through grief over his sister's mur
der. lie had been very melancholy 'over
Blnco Mary died, and was Inconsolable.
This Is the fourth death In tho family
within a year. Deceased was .10 years
of age, and conducted a hotel on
Twenty-fifth street. Two married sis
tors, Mrs. James Cooncy, Mrs. Thomas
Taylor, and one brother, James, sur
vive him. The funeral will occur Mon
day morning. Services will be held In
St. Patriot's church, and Interment will
be made In the Cathedral cemetery.
Verdict of the Coroner's Jury in tho
Gallagher Case
Coroner Saltry conducted an Inquest
In tho court house last evening to Iri
qulro Into tho death of Edmund Gal
lagher, the boy who was crushed In the
elevator In Tho Tribune building re
cently. After hearing tho testimony of tho
father, P. XV. Gallagher, and his son,
Caslmlr, the jury rendered a verdict
that death was accidental. The juroi3
were M. J. O'Toolc, Thomas Cosgrove,
John .1. McWIIllams, Joseph A. Mur
phy, Charles L. Teeter and Howard
Davis. ,
Employes of City Hall and Court
Houso to Play Ball.
The city hall and court houso em
ployes' respective ball teams will play
at Athletic nark tomorrow nffnrnnnn.
The city hall team Is made up as fol-
lows: necse, c. r.; uolter, p.; lilscle,
lb.; Frank Phillips, 2b.; Hcalcy, 3b.;
Cosgrove, 1. f,; Schunk, r. f.; Lynolt, s.
s.; Grimes, c.
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Day and evening sessions of the
Scranton Business College will reopen
Tuesday, September 2. Write, call or
'phono (SG2) fdr information. Buck &
Whltmore, corner Adams and Linden.
Dr. LIndabury, Surgeon, diseases of
women a specialty, 215 Connell building.
Hours: 11 a. m. to 4 p. m.j 7 to S.30
p. m. ,
For a good time, go to Mountain
Park tomorrow with the Scranton
Athletic club.
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, Cuaranted to stand all storms
,,c money refunded.
Mrella Manufacturing Co.,
313 Spruce Street.
on exhibition at our sales
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