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    " I
And need medicine for your
Kidneys, Liver, Bladder or
Blood, get the Best.
Dr. David Kennedy's Favorita
If you nro suffering from kidney or
bladder disease, the doctor askss " Do
you desire to urinate often, and are you
compelled to get up frequently during tho
night? Doesyourbaek pain you? Does
your urine stain linen? Is there a scald
ing pain in passing It, and Is it difficult to
holfl the urine back ? If so, your kidneys
or bladder are diseased."
Try puttingsome of your urine In a
glass tumbler, 'let it stand twenty-four
hours. If there is a sediment, or a cloudy,
milky appearance, your kidneys are sick.
Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy
will surely relieve and cure the most dis
tressing cases of these dread diseases,
that equals it for kidney, liver, bladder
and blood diseases, rheumatism, dyspep
sia and chronic constipation.
Walter D. Miller, of Delhi, N. Y.,
writes :
"I suffered for years with kidney
trouble and severe pains in my back,
at times it was so bad I cotdd hardly
. walk. My stomach also troubled me
and I frequently had twinges of rheu
matism. I suffered a great deal and
received no benefit until I began the
use of Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite
Remedy. After taking it a short
while it cured me."
It is for sale by all druggists in the
NawBO Oont Slzo and the regular
$1 .00 size bottles less than a cent a dose.
Sample bottlt-tnouxh for trial, frte by mail.
Dr. David Kennedy Corporation, Rondout, N.Y.
Or. Divld Ktnntflv's OsWtn Drept Instant relief.
NwralgU, NiMimttUm, Inliei, iumi. 83c, 60c
"They Draw Well." 0
Morris' Magnet Cigars 8
Th best i-nluo for .". cents. 0
Try ono nnd you will smoke, no
All tho lending biands of Tic.
clprnrs at J1.7H per box, or B for I3c.
Tho largest variety of Pipes and
Tobaccos in town.
v The Cigar Man
A 325 Washington Avenue.
In and About
The Gity
Will Eehearse Tonight.
. The choir of the I'enn Avenue Baptist
church will iclicurc tonight tit tho
Struck by a Street Car.
Frank lloran, a hoy ichlillug In the.
rear of S07 Adams iivciiuc, was struck by
a trolley car Wednesday night on Adams
avenue, and slightly injured. Jlo
:"was taken to the JWjses Taylor hospital.
Boy Burglars at Work.
A number of boys effected an entrance
Into J. 1.. Council & Cu.'s htore, at Frank
lin avenue and Centre sticct, early last
evening, and" appropriated several boxes
of sum, which wuro afterwards recov
ered by the police. Tho offenders escaped.
Prohibition Convention.
The Prohlbltionlhts of Lackawanna
county will hold their annual convention,
Aug, "9, at Nay Aug park. Dr. .Swallow
and other speakers of note will bo pres
ent and make addresses. The affair will
be in tho form of u basket picnic, 'tem
perance rally. All trlends arc invited..
Interfered with the Mail.
Peter Hubert, a driver in tho employ
of the Consumers' lco company, was ar
rested on a warrant yesterday by Special
Officer W. F. Clifford, charged with ob
structing the mall ear on Um way to
Dun'more recently. Ho was analgiied be
fore v Alderman Howe for a hearing, and
was' discharged after a settlement was'
Excursion to Maueh' Chunk.
Tho Central Ilallroiid 'of New Jersey
will- run nn excursion to Munch Chunk,
Glen Ohoko and tho Switchback next
Sunday, leaving Scranton at 7 si. m.
Their annual excursion to Long Hranch,
Ocean Grove and Ahbury Park will go
op. Tuesday next, July :.'.', and the annual
excursion to Atluntlo City will go on
'Friday, Aug. 1.
D., Xi. & W. Bay Days.
Tlio Delaware, Lackawanna nnd West
ern company will pay their mine employes
as follows: Monday Archbald, Ucllovuc,
Bcllovuo waslicry, llrlslilu, Cayuga, Con
tinental, Diamond, Diamond washery,
Dodge, Hampton, Humptnu washery,
Holclen, Hydo Park, Oxford, Oxford
waslicry, Pyno, Sloan, Htorrs, Taylor,
Taylor wasliory. Tuesday Avondalo,
AuchlnrloHs, Ullss, Hallstead, Pottebono
and. Woodward.
Urged to Become a Candidate.
Prof. John J. Costello. of West Market
street, Is being urged by his friends to
scok tho Donioerallu nomination for
Btnto senator. Mr. Costello Is a well
known man and known to everybody
throughout tho poui-ty. For tho p.iht
thirty years ho has been n teacher in
tho public schools and is at present prin
cipal of No. :u school In tho Thlid wnnl,
Ho lias scivcd tlireo years in tho hclcct
council, representing tlio Third wunl.
Advertisement in this paper,
extra Trading Stamps free. v
IConcluilcil from Piifte I,
aonrrnl Uorbln, Major (Jenorn! Wood
anil Paymaster Hittct), of tho United
States anny.
Review for Root,
They nro expected to arrive in Get
tysburg at I'-'.O.'i o'clock, Hiul will he
escorted to division headquarters. An
olhcr review of the division will ho
held In their honor at -'.30 o'clock to
morrow afternoon. A ahnm battle will
take place.
Major U. P. Ocailmrt, of the Twelfth
regiment, was brigade nnicer of tho
day today, and Captain 13. II. T. Con
rad, of Company A, was regimental of
lleer of tho day. Lieutenant Smith, of
,? 'S
wfn&3Mm ' 'h,
fZSZ?l'ZK -3.$-"i?
msssaz ;':.;-
iHBUllllllllllH ':.'
:m:Armm; ,-
i I A.', . ,s . ,.,t
'V?..r. J.
Of Compnny A.
Company I, was odicer of the gunrd.
It Is now about deckled that the Thir
teenth will break cui'np Saturday morn
ing and leave here at 7.00 o'clock.
There was little work besides the re
view for the regiment today. Major
Itobllng, however, conducted a drill of
the Second battalion early this morn
ing. General Gobln would have liked
to put the Third brlgude through a
drill today, but was unable to secure
the division parade ground, on account
of the inspection of the First brigade,
which was In progress. As none of the
other grounds is largo enough for
brigade maneuvers, the entire week has
passed without a single drill of the
brigade, as a brigade, taking place.
Adjutant General Stewart rode a
horse for the lirst time today since the
accident to his leg last year. The
homeward movement of the troops will
begin tomorrow afternoon, and It Is
expected they will all he gone at 3
o'clock Saturday afternoon.
Company M's regimental mascot, Billy.
13 of Invaluable service In patioling the
company stieet. William lh a sage, ven
erable looking goat, and up to dale has
eaten every scrap of paper and every
particle of rubbish which tho boys place
befoie him.
Captain Fred Drake, of General J. P. S.
Gobin's staff, is earning the general
thanks and universal commendations of
visitors to hcadniiartcis tliehc days, by
his ability as a mixer of cool and re
freshing drinks. Captain Drake, who for
merly commanded Company I of the
Thirteenth, Is an adept at mixing that
pleasant concoction, known as tho
"horse's neck." At nearly any hour, dur
ing the warm afternoons a happy little
group of officers may bo encountered oiit
sldo the captain's tent and General Gobin
always explains their presence, by tho
brusque comment, "Celebrating another
officer's birthday, this afternoon, I sup
poso?" Frank Coffin, Company D's popular
corporal, was wildly snatchcj fiom his
cot Thursday night, by n number of tho
other boys, and dragged to tlio htrcct
pump, where he was soundly boused. Tlio
escapade was the result of some peculiar
plots on Coffin's part, which weio dis
covered by the others. f
William Johnson, the non-com.'s clever
cook, received a compliment fiom Gen
eral Gobin this morning, which caused
him to blush a msy ebony. The general
happened to pass the mens tent, and no
ticing Johnson's kitchen, stepped In and
spoke of the blight nnd cleanly appear
ance. William was the pioudost man In
tlio camp today.
A spirired game of golf occurred in non
com.'s row last uicht. Sergeant Major
Charles Adams, of tho Third battalion,
first expounded tho principles of tho
game, nnd a match then took place, in
which a number of tho junior officers
"Lieutenant Newberry, of tho First bat
talion, can make a nimrter so farther
than any man 1 over met," Major Rob
ling remarked solemnly last night, and
then added: "No reflection is Intended
on the adjutant's generosity. You know
ho Is tho man who sends up thoso Fourth
of July balloons every night. 'I (Much
laughter, mingled with groans 'from tho,
K.fston delegation.)
Lieutenant Kzra H. Hippie, Jr of Com
pany D, makes a very efficient instructor
of the guard,
Thoro nro no less than four members of
tho Murphy family at picsent quartered
with Company C. Kx-Lleutennnt Thos.
F. Murphy, of tho United Slates army, Is
Its captain, ono of tho brothers Is a cor
poral, another u private, and htlll an
other Is his guest.
"Tho wrath of Kclleriniin and Malia,"
Is tho thenio of a pathetic illrgo sung
today by Privates TJryden and Thomas,
of Company (J, who last night braved tho
wrath of tho uou-conimlsslnued officers
and today grlovo over the punishment,
Mvlft and Mire, which was meted out to
them. Tho talo Is long and Bad, nnd to
bo propel ly nppreclnled should be heard
from tho eloquent lips of the company
bard, "Father" McCnurt. esq, Last night
tho two privates uunuyotl and vexed Ser
geants Mnlia and Kcllermim, until tho
latter two gave chase, puisued them
about a mile, and brought them back to
camp In durance vile, They woro then
forced to promise nnvur again to give
offense, nnd mild punishment wns Indict
ed. This took tho form of hulrcuts.wlilch
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removed only tlio growth on one sldo of
the head. Tho pilvattn vowed vengeance,
nnd when tho non-commtasloncri oIHccis
retired for tho night, they found their
cots wcro filled with popper. Another
stem chiiso ensued, nnd when tho smoke
of conflict had cleared awny, tlio privates
linil been forced to eat n spoonful of
pepper each, and In addition had been
given a practical llrtisliallon of tho work
ings of tho water cure.
A boxing match between Prlvato llry
den and Captain Murphy, of Company C,
aroused a good dcnl of Interest early
Tuesday evening. Tho match resulted u
a draw.
C. H. Derby, n former Scranlonlnn, Is In
camp with 'Compnny M of the Ninth regi
ment, Dr. A. J. Wlllson, of tho Lackawanna
hospital, Is attached to tho hospital
corps of the Twelfth regiment, of Wit
llnmsport. Dr. Wlllson's homo Is there.
A number of qnlet little games of poker
have been going on In tho company
streets, and many nnd weird are tho
Btortes which are heard, of big bets and
strangely wondrous hands. The star
story Is of a game In C street. A prom
inent Scrnnton guest was one of tho par
ty nnd wns the heaviest loser. At ono
time ho thought he was safe In netting
pietty heavily on a full house, which con
sisted of a quintette of fives nnd trays.
All that was out against him at tho time
wcro another full house, with three kings
as tho stellar components nnd four little
Jacks. Today tho visitor has a headache.
Mrs. II. Rush Field, of KiiHtnn, bus
been tho guest of her huslmnd, tho com
mander of the First battalion,
A laughable scene occurred Inst night
nt tho regimental band concert. Ser
geant Bauer and hit men were playing
In front of hcadqunrtcrs, when Drummer
Mike Tlghc, Just liberated from the guard
house, slowly approached to take his
place. There was a nod bv Sergeant
"Bob," and with a crash, tho band broke
Into the strains of "Hall to the Chief,"
despite the fact that this selection Is
usually played only for the governor or
some dignitary of equal rnnlc, Tglic's
face was Immediately wreathed In smiles
nnd the crowd laughed and cheered with
n vigorous good will, which showed Its
own feelings In the matter.
Leon M. Levy.
It Is Expected They Will Be in Place
Before October 1.
Before October 1, it Is confidently ex
pected by Director of Public Works
Roche, every street nnd nvenue inter
section In tho city will be Indexed with
a substantial and readily legible "sign
board." The size adopted is that manufac
tured by Benham & Brother, of Mil
ford, Mich. It Is 'a patented contriv
ance comprising both post and sign
boards. The post Is of iron pipe, two
Inches In diameter, with a jacket ex
tending eighteen Inches above grade to
give It additional support. It extends
Into the ground two and a half feet
and rests on an anchor Imbedded in
cement. The "sign-boards" are a little
oyer seven feet above the grade. They
are of 16 guage galvanized Iron, In two
sheets clamped about a rod, extending
from the top of the post. Between tho
upper and lower "boards" Is a ratchet
arrangement on the projecting rod,
which permits of the signs being placed
They Must Live
Within a Mile
of the Court House
A few bright boys nnd girls, 7 to II
years of age, who llvo within a mllo of
the Court, House, can earn n year's In
struction In singing and a llttio money,
too. Unsy work. Apply at tho studio
of Alfred Wooler, Carter Building, sec
ond floor, 001 Linden street. Friday, Sat
urday and Monday, July 1!!, 19 and 21.
This has no connection with The Trlb
lino's Kdticattonal Contest.
at any angle at which the streets may
Tho names of the streets are painted
In black on n white background. These
colors arc the most legible nnd tho
paints best withstand tlio weatlfer,
Every street find avenue intersection
In the city will have ono of theso stand
ards planted at one of its corners. This
means every street Intersection on the
map, whether or not it Is traveled or
has to be located with the nld of sur
veyors. The map shows 1,050 intersec
tions. Tho money to be appropriated,
$2,000, will buy 1,176 ot the signs, tho
cost being $1.70 apiece, In place. This
will leave 12G signs available for mark
ing the courts,
Tlio resolution authorizing the signs
has passed select council and the
streets and bridges committee of com
mon council, It will likely bo made a
law in tho course ,of two weeks. Ben
ham & Brother say they can put all the
signs in plnco in forty-five days.
Peter Haran, One of the Victims of
the Utah Mine Disaster.
Word was received in this city yes
terday that Peter Huron, a former resi
dent of Scrnnton, was one of tho
twenty-nine victims of the Daly-West
mine disaster In Utah on Wednesday.
He left here a year ago for Park
City, Utah, and secured employment In
the Daly-West mine, where he worked
up to tho time ot his death. Deceased
was an active member of St. John's
T. A. B. society, and Division No. 17,
of the .Ancient Order of Hibernians. He
Is survived by tho following brothers
and sisters: Patrick, of Phelps street;
Daniel, of Park City, Utah; Mrd. M.
Sheerlns, of Price street; Mary, of Ca
pouse avenue; Annie, of New York,
and John, of Aclurc, Ireland.
Beautiful lake Clemo. '
Lake Clemo is an Ideal place to
spend a clay, week or all summer.
First-class hotel, clean now boats, line
bathing and fishing. Only twenty
eight miles from Scranton on the Erie.
Four trains each way dally. For ho
tel rates, inquire of William Hanlcy,
Jr., 420 Spruce street.
Scranton Athletic club excursion to
Mountain Tark tomorrow.
Three Attempts to Amend Its Pro
visions Were Defeated by Its
"Fourteen Friends" Messrs. Chit
tenden nnd Merrlman Make Fur
ther Allusions to the Allegation
That the Similar Ordinance Passed
Last Year, and Vetoed by the Re
corder Was Corruptly Passed.
At last week's special meeting ot se
lect council, the Consumers' Clns com
puny franchise ordinance wus tabled
by tho action of its friends In voting to
tnblo an amendment to it vhlch its
foes had presented, forgetting that if
an amendment Is tubled the original
mensure Is, ulso tabled,
Tho ordinance and Its amendment
was tnken from tho table at Inst night's
regular meeting and passed on first
rending by a vote of 14 to 7, after it
hnd been freed ot this amendment and
several others which the opposition at
tempted to nttach to It. The vote was
divided ns follows:
For the ordinance Messrs Von Bergen,
Costello, Morgan, Kvnns, Began, Ma
loney, Nngell, Schneider, Quitman, Cos
grove, Coleman, O'Boylo, Coyne, McAn
drew II.
Against the ordinance Messrs. Ross,
Melvln, Chittenden, Merrlman, demons,
Vaughun, Oliver 7.
After the amendment limiting the
term of the franchise to forty years had
been duly killed, Mr. Merrlman, all un
daunted, proposed another which
would fix the maximum price to be
charged for gas at 90 cents nnd, after
the denfeat of this, still another which
aimed to compel the company to lay
pipes to all city buildings In the
Eighth, Ninth, Slxteeenth and Seven
teenth wards, within a specified time,
so ns to make effective the clause at
present in tho ordinance, which pro
vides that free gas shall be furnished to
all city ouiiaings along tne line or ine
company's mains. Tho last amendment
was killed by a vote of 11 to 10. Messrs
"Von Bergen, Schneider and Coyne
voted with the minority seven.
Mr. demons called attention to the
fact that there was a clerical error In
the clause levying a tax on the com
pany's gross receipts. To carry out the
evident intention of the ordinance It
should be amended by inserting the
words "and every year thereafter," fol
lowing the clause levying a tax for the
first year in which it is proposed to tax
the company. Tho friends of the ordi
nance had quite determined to put tho
measure through without amendments,
(.Continued bn I'dgc 8,
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N 1