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Bpcclnl tti the Hcrnnloii Tribune.
Ilotiesdnle, .luly 11. Major George II,
Whllhev took llirce fine saddle horses
to camp ut Gettysburg, one for his own
use1, one for Chaplain Wlllliiitt H. Swift
and the other for the commissary.
II. Scott Salmon la spending a few
days In New York city.
Allss Frcdorlokn E. Turner cnter
ttitncd ut cards, Friday liflernoon, at
her home on Eleventh street, In honor
of her "guest. Miss Ilulbcrt, of Scran
ton. A few yearn ago Henry 7.. Russell,
whose generosity Is always manifest,
erected at his own expense a' band
a tit ml expressly for band rehearsals
Mild concerts, People are wondering
why this free sift Is not appreciated
and used pleasant summer cvciiJiirs.
Honesdaln Is Hearing the free postal
delivery system. Preparations arc under
way for rc-num boring- the streets and
The Alaplo Olty band has been en
gaged for the pxourslon of the Hud Men
to Shohola Glen, July 15.
The Honesdtile National bank has de
clared n scnil-unnual live per cent, divi
dend, and a special one of two and one
half per cent.
Announcement Is made of the engnge
ment of Miss Elizabeth 51. Ryan, of
Honesdale, and William P. Feeney, of
Chlcaco. r
rMrs. VJ. D. Weston, Misses Want-he T.
Wood and Bessie Ham will have charge
of refreshments at the golf grounds,
Saturday afternoon.
Fair weather Saturday afternoon will
bring a large crowd to the Honesdale
hall grounds to witness the meeting of
the Oarbondule luid Honesdale teams,
over ;hlch there has been so much
controversy. Some fine playing Is ex
pected, V(
The directors of the Northeastern
Pennsylvania,. Oil company have de
clared a stock dividend of one hundred
dollars per-share, pay bio on August 1,
1902, and no oil yet in sight.
Npyerslnk lodge. No. 253, Brother
hood bf Hallroad Trainmen, of Port
Tervls, ,wlll run their annual excursion
to Lnke'Lodore some time during the
month of July.
' Richard Duslnhorrie, superintendent
of the Citizens' Telephone company, of
Honesdale. and .Miss Gussle Collum, of
Port. Jer.vls, were married Thursday,
July 30, by Rev. W. A. Chadwick. in
the Methodist church at Tort Jcrvls.
After a wedding tour, Mr. and Mrs.
Duslnherre; jylll take rooms at the
Allen house.
Attorney D. M. Atkinson has' returned
from a te days' stay at Cape Cod.
Special to the Scran ton Tribune.
Hopbottom, July 11. 'Miss Fannie
Dershlinor, of Dalton, Is spending a few
days as the guest of Miss Alta Finn.
Mrs. Ahnira Brown and daughter
have returned to their home In Newark
, Miss Stella Jeffcrs and sister, Berniee,
tve' visiting at the home of Mrs. O. D.
Miss Fannie Cruise 'has returned to
herthome In New York, after spending
tJpust two weeks In this place.
Mrs. K. M. Tiffany and Miss Lillian
Byram attended the concert at Kings
ley, Wednesday evening.
Dort't forget the sacred concert at the
Universalis! church on Sunday evening-.
The Universallst Aid meets In Ten
nunt's hall on Thursday, July 17, for
tea. All are Invited.
Mrs. F. B. Jackson, of Newark Val
ley. N. Y., Is visiting her brother, W.
E. Brown.
Mrs. Fannie Hell, of Blnghainton, is
Visiting at the homo of C. II. Kellum.
Mr, and Mrs. J. t Merrill were in
Blnghainton last week.
Mrs. Ii. P. Bell and children, of Les-
tershirc, are visiting Mrs. Hell's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller.
Special to tho Scriinton Tribune.
Hawley, Pa., July 11. Mis. Joseph
Fryer was called to Port Jervis this
week by the illness of her mother.
Mrs. S. S. Spoors, of Port Jervis, and
her daughter, .Mrs. Arthur Avery, of
Brooklyn, N. Y are the guests of
relatives in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, of New Orleans,
are visiting relatives and friends. Mrs.
Palmer was formerly Miss Alice Atkin
son, of this place.
Miss Paul, of Brooklyn, N. y who
njtteuded the IIouck-Fryer wedding has
returned to bnr home.
Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Donnelly huvo
Uncommon Colds.
"It is just a common cold," people
ay, "there's no danger in that." Ad
mitting their statement, then there are
'uncommon colds, colds which are dan
gerous; for many a fatal sickness begins
with, a cold. If we could tell the com
mon cold from the uncommon we could
feel quite safe. But we can't. The
uncommon vari
ety is rarely rec
ognized until it
has fastened its
hold on the
lungs, and there
re symptoms of
Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical
Discovery cures
coughs, bron
chitis, "weak"
lungs and other
diseases of the
organs of respir
ation, It in
creases the sup
ply of puresrich
blood and builds
up the emaciated
"I took a severe
old which settled
Id the bronchial
tubes," write Rev,
Frank Hay. of Nor
tonville. lefTeMou Co.
After trying
medicjaei labeled 'Sure Cure,' almost without
number.' I was led to trv Dr. l'ierce's (loldeti
Medical Plicovery. I took I wo bottle and wa
cured, and have stayed cured.) When I think of
the great pain I bad to endure, and the terrible
cough I had,.lt teems nitwit a miracle that I
was to toon relieved, Tbat Ocxt may spare ou
many year anil abundantly blcsa you is the
prayer of your grateful friend."
If you ask your dealer for "Golden
lledical Discovery" because you have
confidence in its cures, do not allow
.irself to be switched off to a niedi
Pt claimed to be "just as good," but
which you did not asfc for ana of which
you, know nothing,
XiXy Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure di.
hie and Mck headache.
returned from their wedding tour and
will remain In town for a few days as
guests at the Mangah homo before go
ing to Plttston.
Align haura Ilea und Hanitiel Martin,
of Corning, N, Y were married In Phil
omena's church, Thursday morning at
0 o'clock. They left on the early morn
ing train for an extended wedding tour.
Mr. and Mrs. George Colburn attend
ed the wedding of Miss Otisslo Colburn,
of Port Jervis nnd Itlchnrd Dtlslnbcrrc,
of .Honesdale, at tho bride's homo on
Thursday of this week.
Special to the Scranton Tilbunc.
Welsh Hill, July 10. Several from
Welsh Hill attended the delightful en
tertainment Riven at South Gibson,
Fourth of July evening.
J. S. Owens has returned from his
western trip, ho did not find the climate
Airs. Owen Owens entertains the
Ladles Aid society at dinner today.
Airs. L. W. Manzcr nnd Airs. L.
. , For the Little Ones.
VVZ'AhV, I'ScTmtK NO. .TiO.-Cilt out the pictures appearing on this pngo each
day. draw a pencil mark (found tho hidden object, save them until Saturday,
then send them or take them to The Tribune ofllcc in an envelope addressed to
"Puzzle Department." The boys nnd girls who correctly mark the six pictures ap
pearing (lining tho week, and whose answers are first received, will hayo their
names published In Tbc Tribune Alonday morning.
I, I o I IUHdirBI
I -1 IK Va -
Find father
Brundage, of South Gibson, spent yes
terday at Willow Dale farm as guests
of Airs. W. H.Davis.
Air. and Airs. AV. Watklns spent Sun
day with the hitter's parents, Air. and
Airs. A. Corey, of Herrick.
Fred Owens Is enjoying a trip through
the. West.
Our boarding houses are beginning
to till with old and new faces.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Uniondale, July II. Quarterly meet
ings were held In the Free Alethodlst
church, Tuesday and Wednesday even
ings. Presiding Klder Allller otllciated.
Rev. J. G. Raymond made a business
trip to Carbondale on Tuesday.
Allss Shannon, or Scranton, Is visit
ing relatives In this place.
Evangelist Charles Newell has re
turned home, after visiting friends In
White's Valley.
Air. and "Mrs. It. K. Tennant and
daughter, Alberta, spent the Fourth nt
the home of Rev. A. Kastniun, in South
Canaan, Wayne county.
Not the least of the Improvements
made on Darrow street lately is that
on the external appearance of the homo
of Charles Wedeman, It has received
a. new coat of paint, It. E. Tennant
being the successful artist.
Air. and Mrs, Nelson "osier, of Star
rucca, spent the Fourth with their son,
Arthur Foster.
The two sermons delivered last Sun
day by Hov, J. G. Raymond In the
Alethodlst church were spoken of very
Air. and Airs. Archie Johnson, of
Scranton, and their little son, were
guests among friends on the Fourth
and over Sunday.
Way, U, S, Houston, of Manhattan,
Kims., was In town Thursday, making
arrangements for a lecture on the Holy
Land, to be delivered In the Presby
terian church In August.
Tho Fourth passed away pleasantly
in Carpenter grove. There was very
little noise from firecrackers. It was
the most musical Fourth ever wit
nessed In the town, the band and or
chestra, under tho leadership of Ira H.
Thomas, discoursing the latest music.
The proceeds of tho day were $170, It
will go to aid the Carpenter brothers
In prospecting for coal. These gentle
men are very grateful for the interest
shown In this enterprise, and they will
leave no stone unturned In their seurch
for coal,
Levi Swartz, who lives near the Rear
Drool; school house, retired at sun
down last Saturday evening, but before
he had slept long he was aroused from
his dreams by a war-whoop which
would have made a Sioux Indian turn
green with envy. Tho war-whoop came
from his son', William and a party of
friends, who hud come to pay their
respects to Air. Swartz, on the sixty
fourth anniversary of his birth. Air,
Swartz was completely surprised. All
the necessary arrangements were made
by Allss Grace, daughter of Air, Swartz,
After the ui'i'lvul of tho (lrst party,
others soon came and In a short time
about ninety persons were assembled.
After refreshments, consisting of leu
cream and cake, were served, Air,
Swartz was presented with a lino oak
rucking chair by tho guests and with a
beautiful bible by his daughter, Iva,
Among the guests were; Rev, and Atra,
Prentice, 'Mr, ami Airs, J, S, Ilornbaker,
Air, und Airs, Klwood Parry, Air, and
Airs, Zlbu Alott, Air, itud Mrs. Shcp
Alltchell, Air, and Airs. George Dings,
Prof, and Airs. F, E. Stephens, Air. and
Mrs. Charles Noack, Air, and Airs. Or
Vjlle Noack, Air. and Airs. Frank
Resecker, Air. and Airs. Friend Depew,
Air. uud Airs, Abram Wall. Mrs. Slls
bee, Airs, linoa Swurtz, Alts. Al. 13.
Yeagcr, Atlssca Mnttlo Hornbiickcr,
Ztlisstc Depow, tidlth Cooper, Myrrt
Hodgson, Nettle Wcldy, Jessie Mutt,
Elma Fcrgtison, Mildred, Flossie and
Born Swartz, llcatrlco Cnry, Allss Hoss
Itcltcy, Alcssrs. George Noack, t'eter
YeaRcr, Harry Alltchell, Howard Petite,
Grove HwaHz, Charles Parry, Arthur
and AIosIh Yengcr, Iloucrt DcTomple,
Karl Waters, ltolaud DopcW, Ii. A.
Itelph, nttrlon Weldy, Harry Woln
backer, Nelson Weldy.
The following hained children and
grand children of Mr. Swartr. were nlso
present Atr. and Airs. Wlltlnm Swarlr.
and son, Stanley, of 'Georgetown, Air.
and Airs. C, h. Krotzcr and three
children, Ada, Hnzel and Frederick, of
Troop, Allss Iva Hwartz, Airs. D. V.
Swartz and two children, Walter and
Ataybcllc, of Scranton and Grace
J. II. Hathlll. salesman for tho It.
G. Chase nursery, hits again been the
lucky winner of the ilrst prize, offered
for the best sales of fruit trees for tho
month of June. He also won the first
prize last year.
Airs. Aledway, of Dalevlllc, nnd Airs.
Nllcs, of Kane, spent Friday with Airs.
F. II. Gardner.
Dr. and Airs. Pier, qf Dtiryea, spent
Wednesday with Dr. and Airs. Wilson.
Air. nnd Airs. Caughbauch, of Alooslc,
arc visiting Airs. Caughbauch's mother,
Alts. D. J. Hobcrts.
Airs. Alonzo nines has relumed from
Indiana, where he has been on a busi
ness trip.
The ladies of the Woman's Itellof
and mother.
corps gave Airs. C. P. Van Brunt a
pleasant surprise Friday. Those pres
ent were: Airs. G. S. Brown, Airs. Alary
George, Airs. V. T. Pcllon, Airs. John
Clouse, Airs. J. II. Hathlll, Airs. Cath
erine Bui'ken, Airs. George Bortree,
Mrs. Kd. Van Brunt, Airs. Woodworth,
Allss Helen Clouse, Allss Rae Aran
Air. and Airs. George t'ostler have re
turned from a visit at Swiftwater.
The death of Rex ford Wiigley, son
of Rev. Abel Wrlgley. formerly of this
place, was one of tho saddest that has
over afflicted us, A young man of
much promise, winning manner, intel
lectual lu a marked degree, the only
son of his parents and the youngest,
makes the sudden going away the more
heart breaking.
Allss Kmma Van Buskirk who has
been very III at the home of her sister,
Airs. Speece, in Scranton, was able to
be removed to her home this week. She
Is slowly improving
Allss Grace Relsecker Is spending a
few days at the home of Rev. and Airs.
Wrlgley. at Mill City.
Air. and Airs. Henry Freeman, of
Fnctoryvllle,, visited her father, Air.
Adam Thompson on Tuesday.
Air. W. C. Van Buskirk, of Johnstown,
was the guest of his uncle, C. Van
Buskirk, the past week.
Air. and Airs. Steven Alontanbe, of
West Plttston, who have been guests of
Air. and Airs. K. R. Ward, returned to
(heir home on Thursday,
A large iiumber of people from this
place attended tho funeral services at
Factoryville on Thursday morning.
Airs. W. I,. Speece, of Scranton, who
is spending a few weeks here for the
benefit of her health Is Improving.
Allss Grace Ayer, of New Jersey, Is
a guest of her cousin, Airs. C. Van
W. A, HIce and Oscar Van Buskirk
were In Scranton on Thursday.
Airs. O. A'uii Buskirk returned on
Thursday from u visit at Scranton,
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Factoryville, July 10. Hev. L. Ij.
Sprague, of Wyoming seminary, will
occupy the pulpit at tho AI, K. church
next Sunduy, both morning and even
ing. Allsses Kalhryn and Nina Stark and
Harold ICwelslg, left last Tuesday for
tflon City, where they will Join their
There will be a clay pigeon shoot
on the grounds below the railroad (111
this afternoon, All arc welcome to
shoot who wish to.
.I. I..,
Special to tin Siranton Tribune,
Tuiikhaunock, July 10. Attorney John
Kelly, of Alontrose, was doing business at
tills pliii'o on Thursday,
Theio will be a gamo of base ball at
this place on Saturday, between Alain
rnso and Tiuikhanuock teams,
Fred Avery, who Is employed at the
Plttston hospital, Is .pending his vacation
with his parents here,
leu cream, cako' and homemade can
dles nt tho lawn nodal at tho Presby
terian m.mso this evening, Everybody In
vited. Allss Ruth Broughtou Is visiting relu
lives at AInntrpso this week.
Ira Aiiulck, of Aleshoppeti, was a caller
In town on Thursday,
Atr. James Doubter and daughter, Ma
cliol, left on Thursday for Sprlnsyllle,
whero they will remain for tho next two
mouths on their furm.
John U. Vnnlioi-ilnn. of .Aleshoppcn. Is
nn aspirant for the Republican nomina
tion for county commissioner.
Mrs. William Aluier Is 111 at her home
on Warren street.
' Allss Rita Ross rctui'iujj on Wednesday
fiom a two weeks' visit wlh Air. und
Mrs, Morris June, ut Uungur, Pa. ,
. .. i
He Was Worn Out from Overwork
and Suffered with Nervous
Prostration The Story of
His Recovery.
"1 had coino back fi'oiii a trip lb
Florida," said Air. C, A. Hood, it mem
ber of tho well-known lumber Urm of
Hood, Beard & Co., 20-28 Decker street,
Yoimgstown, Ohio, to it reporter.
"Kvery winter I was obliged to go
there for my health until a prominent
minister of this city gave me a piece
of advice which has not only saved me
hundreds of dollars In doctor's bills and
travel, but was the means of making
me a well man.
"For six years I had been In poor
health, brought on by close confinement
to business and overwork. I was weak,
short of breath, had a great deal of
headache and was nervous. All the
time I was getting worse and finally
became unable to attend to business.
For sixteen months I could do no work
nnd during this time I suffered physic
ally and mentally as only those who
have had nervous prostration can ap
preciate. I went south for a change
of climate but It did me no good. Noth
ing helped mo till upon the recommen
dation of this minister I tried Dr. Wil
liams' Pink Pills for Pale People. Af
ter I had taken tho pills according to
directions for about two months, t was
able to resume my place at my busi
ness. While I used to have wukeful
nights from nervousness, I rest well
now. I do not have headache any
more and feel like a different man. Aly
wife also takes Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People and has been
greatly benefited by them."
"Nervous prostration means that the
nerves are tired out and cannot perforin
their work. It Is not at all uncommon
and comes from overwork, anxiety, ner
vous strain or similar causes. The one
remedy which has proven itself an ab
solute specific for this trouble as well
as for all diseases brought on by weak
ened nerves, Impure or Impoverished
blood Is Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Palo People. They may be obtained
at all druggists, or direct from Dr. Wil
liams Aledlclne company, Schenectady,
N. Y.', fifty cents per box, six boxes for
two dollars and fifty cents.
Special to the Scranton Trlbuno
Harford. July 10. Allss Addle Jeffcrs
spent tho Fourth with friends in Soutb
Allss Kclith Krwln, of New Alilforrt, was
the sue?t of V.. AI. Watson's family Sat
urday and Sunday.
Airs. L. W. Aloorc. of New Alllford. has
rented rooms of W. W. Osterhotit and will
take posse-slon about August 1.
Air. and Alis. Mace, of Blnghanitoii, will
spend the summer with Airs. Paris Tif
fany. Air. IT. S. Kstabrook entertained Air.
and Mrs. V. P, Tlngley and B. F. lline
and wife tho Fourth.
Jennie' May and Richard Osborno ot
Nicholson are the guests of their grand
parents. Air. and Mrs. A. T. Sweet.
Allss Barhni-ii Poupoie, of St. Albans, is
visiting her tliter, .Mrs. Bert Grant.
llllaud K.stnbrook, who Is a member of
the Thirteenth regiment, will leave for
Gettysburg Friday evening.
Airs. C.ipwell and daughters, of Scran
ton, relumed to thc-lr home Tuesday.
Air. and Mrs. C. F. Whitney, of North
Jackson, and Atr. and Airs. Will TucKer,
of Susquehanna, attended the funeral of
Alivs. Coughlan Monday.
Several new monuments have been
placed In the cemetery this week, among
them being those of ii. D. Sherwood and
W. B. Hammond.
The funeral of Airs. Hannah Coughlan
was held from the Copgregattonul church
Alonday. Rev. C. W. Hawkins officiated.
Her age was M year'.
Miss Jennie Williams, of Peckvllle, who
has been spending a week with Minnie
Barrow, returned home Tuesday.
W. S. Sophia. O, I-;. Steams, K. J. Whit
ney weie on a road view uL Burnwood,
July 10.
Special to the Scrantou Tiiliunc.
Plttston, July 10. A one-year-old child
of Air. and Airs. Abe f.clbson, of North
Main street, died .M'stordiiy at Kilwarris
vllle, whcie Airs, l.cibsou was visiting hor
Mrs. Dressier, of Sturmcrvllle. who re
ceived Injuries on tho Plttston linn of tho
Scranton Traction company, and who
had threatened to bring suit for damages
against the company, has hcuurcd a sct
tloinenl of the cat-o.
Attorney SI.' N. Donnelly returned yes
terday from his wedding trip. .Mrs. Don
nnelly will spend i few weeks at tho
homo of hor parents at Hawley before
beginning housekeeping on Prospect
street, this city.
Herman Van Camp, an Exeter boiough
hid. received Injuries at a bane bull gaum
yesterday at Sturrnervlllo. A bat which J
hud slipped from tho hands of a batten
struck him in tho mouth, knocking out
three toeth and lacerated the luwer lip.
Dr. Fleming dressed his Injuries.
At the special meeting ot the Plttston
board of school control this evening con
tracts will bo awarded for tho construc
tion of additions to tho old Uutler Hill
school building,
Eddie Davis, of Bellevuo, is spending a
few days with AVcst Plttston friends.
Slaster Henry ( Fenu and Allss Slnr
tha W, Fenu. children of Hoc. and Airs.
Courlenay Fcnn, who were at Poklu,
China, during the lata siege, are yIMtlug
their grandparents on Susquehanna ave
nue. AVest Plttston .
John Walukiis and his father-in-law,
Simon Uartusky, of Dtiryea, for whom
warrants were Issued charging them with
Intimidating U F. Hants, a coal and Iron
policeman nt the. Babylon colliery, re
cently, appeared beforo Squire Gllhoy last
evening and entered ball In tho sum of
51,0X. Jiartusk's wife was arrested a few
days ago by Sheriff Jacobs' deputies, and
last evening sbo sworo out a warrant for
the arrest ot Harris, charging him with
assaulting her while tho deputies woro
attempting to muko tho arrest. Her hus
band and father who tho deputies woro
also searching for had been lu hiding
but gave themselves up last cvenlpg us
mentioned abovo,
The king bolt ot tho buggy used by Alail
Carrier fieorgo Dolahunty droppetl out
whllo ho was on duty at Exeter yesterday
afternoon, nnd tho front end of the buggy
dropped to tho ground, frightening tho
horse, which ran awn'y. Delalpiuty was
dragged quite a distance hud badly
bruised, but not seriously hurt, ,
While repairing an electric light at Dtir
yea yesterday afternoon, Patrick Toolo,
of this city, an employe of tliu Citizens'
Electric Uglit company, received a sovcro
shock and may lose his arm from tho ef
for children teething, Is the prescription o
cue of the beat female nnvsloinns and
tiurses In the, United States, and has been
used sixty years with neverrfalllng surJ
ress by millions of mothers for their chlu
dren. During the process of teething its
value is Incalculable, It relieves the chill
from pain, cures diarrhoea, griping In tin
'bowels, and winil-roltc. By giving health
to the child It rcrH tho roothe.r. Price,
twenty-live cents &. uottle, '
-JUJLY 12, 1902,
Only Half a Cent a Word.
Help Wanted Male.
vania to sell retail initio. Attractive,
saleable line. Established high rated
House. Box L'71, Detroit, siicn.
YOUNG MMN wanted: any distance;
copy letters homo evenings and re
turn to us. Wo pay $10 per UioiiHaiid:
send addressed envelope, particulars and
cony. F. At. C. Dept. fig. Box 1111, Phila
delphia. WANTUU-Soveral young men to can
vass; expenses advanced; must bo
nble to give good reference. Call on
George Walker, Lackawanna Valley
CIVH, Service Government Positions
7,072 appointment mndo between July 1,
1901, and April 15. 1002. Only common
school education inquired for examina
tion. Catalogue of Information free. Col
umbian Correspondence College, Wash
ington, D. C.
COAIPETENT AlAN to represent thor
oughly reliable company, with 2oo,000
capital, in business eighteen years, Sal
ary $75.00 nor month and expenses, pay
able weekly according to contract, not
conditional on results, but on faithful
work, Small cash deposit and references
required. For full particulars, address
Manager, Dcpt. F., Hox 43S, Philadel
phia, Pa.
WANTED Hoy to work In architect's
office. Apply at 415 Pnilll building.
WANTED A thorough mill num. it good
turner preferred. A. AV. Shepherd &
Sons, contractors, South Alain and Dana
streets, Wllkes-Harre, Pa.
WANTED Competent machinists to
work In large railroad shops near
Pittsburg; unmarried men preferred.
"Wages paid, 'S .26 and 'J7 cents per hour.
Permanent employment given for satis
factory service. Free railroad transpor
tation furnished from AVIlkes-Ilarre to
Pittsburg. For further Information ad
dress C. I,. Snyder. IH2 Slooncy ftulldlng.
Buffalo, N. Y., in writing, give ago. ex
perience, where last employed, and on
what kind of work.
ENERGETIC Salesman School supplies;
country work; $100 salary and commis
sion. R. O. Evans & Co., Chicago, 111.
Help Wanted Female.
YOUNG LADIES wanted; any distance;
ropy letters homo evenings and re
turn to us. Wo pay 110 por thousand;
send addressed envelope, particulars and
ropy. F. Af. C. Dept, GS. Box Mil, Phila
delphia, y
WANTED An experienced girl for gen
eral housewoik. Must bo good cook.
Apply at once to K!7 Monroe avenue.
launders shirts ut So. each and collars
and cuffs at le. each.
Via Pennsylvania Railroad, Account
Meeting Y. P. C. U. of the Presby
terian Church at Tacoma, Wash.
On account of the meeting Y. P. O.
V, of the Presbyterian church, at
Tacoma, Wash.. July 23 to 27, the Penn
sylvania n.iilioatl company will sell ex
cursion tickets to Tacoma, Portland,
Seattle, Vancouver, or Victoria from all
stations on its lines, from July 10 to
July 20, inclusive, at greatly reduced
rates. These tickets will be good for
return passage until September 15, in
clusive, when executed by Joint Agent
at destination and payment of r0 cents
made for this service. Apply to ticket
agents for aifditional Information.
Two Tours to Canada via Pennsyl
vania Railroad.
For the summer of 1002 the Pennsyl
vania Hallroad company has arranged
to run two personally-conducted tours
to Canada and Northern New York.
These tours will leave July 10 and Aug
ust 11, including Niagara. Falls, Thou
sand Islands, Rapids of the St. Law
rence, Quebec, the Sagucnay, .Montreal,
Au Sable Chasm, Lakes t'hamplain and
George, and Saratoga, occupying llftecn
days; round-trip rate, $125.
Eac;h tour will bo In charge of one of
the company's tourist agents, assisted
by an experienced lady as chaperon,
whose especial charge will bo unescort
ed ladles.
The rate covers railway and boat fare
for the entire round trip, parlor car
scuts, meals en route, hotel entertain
ment, transfer charges, and carriage
For detailed Itinerary, tickets, or any
additional information, apply to ticket
agents, or address Oco. W. Hoyd, as
sistant general passenger agent, Broad
street station, Philadelphia. "
New Sunday Train Service to and
from Philadelphia.
Lackawanna Limited train No. B, east
bound, leaving Scranton at 11.33 p. in.,
nnd No. .1, west bound, arriving Scran
ton at 1.50 p. in., now connect daily with
Pennsylvania railroad at Mauunku
Chunk, to and from Philadelphia, and
intormedlato points on the Helvldore
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
Kffvctivo Saturday, July 12th and
every Saturduy thereafter, the Lehigh
Valley railroad will operate a train be
tween Now York and Wllkea-Carre, to
be known as the ".Mountain Special,"
for the accommodation of people desir
ing to spend Sunduy out of town, Train
will consist of vestibule couches, and
Pullman parlor car ami will run on the
following schedule Leave Now York,
Saturdays only, Twenty-third street at
2.10 p. m., urrlvo Wllkes-Harre, 7,03 p,
in, Leave Wjlkes-Barre, Sundays only
tit 6.00 p. m., arrive New York, Twenty
third street at 11.15 p, m. Train will
stop ut principal stations.
Knights of Pythias Meeting, San
The Nickel Plate railroad will sell
August 1st. to 10th, Inclusive, special
excursion tickets', Huffulo, N, V, to tiun
Francisco and return al rate J62.00,
good returning to Sept. 30th., account
ahoye' meeting. Best accommodations,
fast time, lowest rates. See nearest
agent or write It. 13. Payne, general
ugent, 291 Alain street, Buffalo, N. Y,
Homeseekers' Excursion.
To points all through tho West via
Nickel Plate railroad, Lowest rates,
best accommodations. Through tourist
cur service, finest couches. Club meals
No Order
Accepted for Less
Than 10 Cents.
Help Wanted Male.
Air. A, J, King, Superintendent, with bituminous coal mines In the town of
Pocahontas, Tazewell County, Htato of Virginia, on tlm Norfolk and Western Hall
way, wants Homo good, experienced coal minora at onco.
for pick mining and loading entry coal 0(1 cents per car
for pick mining nnd loading room t-oal "., cents por car ;
for mining nnd loading machine under-cut entry coal. ...70 cents por car
for mining and loading machlno uutlor-cut room coal ...Wt cents por car
Inside track layers JU.OO to $:'.2." per day
Inside track layer helpers.... n ,$i,no to $1.7.", por day
Ins do timber men .JiUio per day
Inside timber men helpers. $i.rjo por day
Parlies of 10 can procure special tickets lor 10.73 for each person over thn
Pennsylvania Railroad -from Philadelphia to Pocahontas. Regular faro for ono
person alone, $U.Ki, Arrangements can bo mndo to advance tho railroad faro to ro
sponsible persons, i
Good miners will got regular employ nient and good accommodations, ns the
town of Pocahontas has aver Inhabitants.
POCAHONTAS COMjIEKIBS COA1PANV. ffll Alcndo Itldg.. Tlllla.
Situations Wanted.
SITUATION WANTED by high school
graduate as bookkeeper, stenographer
or typewriter. Good references. Address
"Business," Tribune ofllcc.
SIT WANTED ny a lady to take work
homo or go out by the day. S. M., -703
Wells street. Providence, Ta.
lady at any kind of work. Address 2U
wnmut street, uimmorc.
been a teacher desires engagement at
modest wages to go with a family to tho
country and look after children. No ob
jection to light second work. Address
Box 299, Scranton.
as shipping nnd stock clerk; has good
habits and bits a position at present, but
desires a change for good reason. Can
furnish good reference. Address H. C,
enro of Tribune.
Real Estate.
NOTHING BUT DIRT Wo offer dining
July Woodlawu Park Lots at 23 per
cent, discount. No hotter residential sec
tion In the city. Sower, water, gas and
electric lights; select now. If you buy
now we will loan you the money to build
with. Ezra Finn & Sons, ofrlce, corner
Ash street and Penn avenue. Both
FOR SALE Farm 120 ncres; stock, good
orchard; nine miles from Scranton;
two miles from Moscow. Farm alone or
farm and stock. Mary Jenkins, Alaple
Lake, Pa'.
LOTS, houses and farms for sale.
J. C. Zurflloh.
FOR SALE Elegant sites for homos in
upper Green RIdgc; choice neighbor
hood; most desirable locality for homo
in Lackawanna county. J. A. Alarvine,
17;'6 Sanderson avenue.
Business Opportunity.
out delay. Write for our special mar
ket letter. Free on application. S. AI.
Hibbnrd & Co.. members N. Y. Consoli
dated and Stock Exchange. 44 nnd 46
Broadway. Now York. Established 1S61.
Long Distance 'Phone '23S8 Broad.
Money to Loan.
Quick, sttalght loans or Building and
Loan. At from 4 to 0 por cent. Call on
N, V. Walker. 314-313 Council building.
Board and Rooms.
VEIYDESIRABLE suite of rooms with
first class table board, can bo obtained
at 333 Jefferson avenue.
Furnished Rooms for Rent.
FURNISHED ROOMS for rent, modern
Improvements; private family: gen
tlemen preferred, at 537 Adams avenue.
heat, gas and bath, gentlemen pre
ferred, at 539 Adams avenue.
35c to $1.00, also meals a la carle. See
nearest agent or write R. IS. Payne,
general agent, 281 Alain street, Buffalo,
N. Y.
$5.00 Atlantic City $5.00
On August 1st. the New Jersey
Central will run their eleventh annual
excursion known as the Red Alen's ex
cursion to Atlantic City. Fare five
dollais, and tickets good for ten days
exclusive of clay of sale. Special train
will leave Scranton at S.00 a. m stop
ping at Taylor, Alooslc, Avoca, Plttston,
Yatesvlllc, Aliners Alllls, Parsons, and
Wllkes-Burrr. 150 pounds of baggage
checked through to Atlantic City, free
of charge. For list of Hotels, boarding
houses, or any additional information,
apply to ticket agents, of to J. S.
Swisher, district passenger agent,
Scranton, Pa.
$5.00 Ocean Grove Asbury Park.
On Tuesday, July 22, tho New Jersey
Central will run a special excursion
from Scranton, Plttston,- Wilkes-Burre,
Ashley and Intermedia to points to
Ocean Grove. Stops will be made at
lied Bank, Long Brunch, West End,
Klbaron, Deal Beach, and Allenhurst to
accommodate those who wish to stop
at these places. For further Informa
tion apply to ticket agents, or to J. S.
Swisher, district passenger agent,
Scranton, Pa.
Thelvcs entered the storage room" of
Peter Basylaga, the East Side grocer,
on Thursday night and secured (lfteoii
sacks of Hour. The lock was pried off
tho door. Tho thlpves left no trace.
This Is the second theft of flour from
East Side merchants within u month.
Chicken thelvcs nro also plying their
nefarious trade almost nightly on the
East Side.
Air. William driest, of Ulakcly, v;us
a caller In town yesterday.
Airs. John Ueinbo, of Bell place, was
a caller at the Lackawanna hospital,
Scranton, Friday,
Alcssrs. Huthaway, Desk, Lloyd and
President H. L. Thompson, of tho
board of heulth madu a tour ot Inspec
tion thruugh the borough Thursday,
Allss Anna Cleiidull, of Alain street,
Is spending her vacation at Lake
George, N, Y.
Tho Allsses Funny Williams and
Alyrtls Rittcr called on Airs. Joseph
Jlahon, of Olyphant, Thursday,
Air, Harmon Sltgreavcs, of Alain
street, la visiting friends in Curbon
dale, The Allsses Jane Lully und Katie Sul
livan, of South Scranton, were callers
l n town the fore part of the week.
Miss Alavcs, of Jerinyu, Is visiting her
aunt, Airs, A. W. Jenkins, of North
Alain street.
Prof, and Airs. William Dennison and
little daughter, Marlon, of Lanesboro,
aro visiting Airs, Dennlson's parents,
Air, and Airs. W, V. Alace.
Airs. Joseph P, Bell will-leave todav;
for Auburn, N. Y whero she will join
her husband who Is now located there,
Air, William Alajor, of Salt Lake City,
Is spending a few duys with friends in
sywwyaswypFrW-. J"J--
" &T-)rw
Only Hall a Cent a Word.
Help Wanted Mnlo..
Tor Rent.
or unfurnished; modern Improvements;
short distance from station; will rent for
summer or longer. Address W. B. Sladc,
Dalton, I'a. ,
FOR KENT From September 1, 1902, S
room house; all modern convbiUoiicon
with steam-heat furnished; rent, moder
ate. Inquire at Tribune ofllcc.
l-OIf RENT Largo ton-room- liouso and
barn In Wnvcrly borough, Garden,
frult, fine spring: newly painted. Georg
L, Stevenson, 737 Council Building.
FOR RENT Half of a new doubloMinuse;
all modern improvements. 438 Web
ster avenue.
1-On RENT Cheap, S-rooin cottage,
Heart Lake. Pa., two boats; woll wa
ter. Reference required. J. Victor Schad,
Blnghumton, N. Y. '
5 ItENT Furnished or unfurnished
... desirable house, nlno rooms, city heat.
7M Clay avenue. Inquire 203 Board of
Trade .building.
For Sale.
to do sold, A very lino bay horso, 18
hands, weight about 1,075 pounds; a flue,
carriage or surrey horso; sound. Kind and
fearless of steam or electric cars; llvo
years old; sired by Britanlc dam Lady,
Taylor, both standard bred. Trier, $275.
If not as represented money will ho re
funded. P. B. Potcrson, Honusdalo, Pa,
CUBAN PARROTS-Just arrived; pretty
as pictures; strong as little bulls; J3.00
each. Parrot and cage, $0.00. Shipments
guaranteed. Those birds am all males
nnd will talk in three months. Mexicans,
Amnzons nnd Africans. $3 to $73 each:
"Wc are headquarters for talking parrots.
Fox, 49 N. Ninth street, Philadelphia.
LOST Last night, a pockotbook contain
ing $10 and two samples ot calicos, ho
tween 7 and 8 p. m. on tho Thrnop car be
tween Dimtuoro and Throop. Finder will
receive a liberal reward If loft at Trlbuno
LOST Bunch of keys, reward If returned
to Dr. Laitbach's office, Wyoming avo.
LOST Brlmllc bull terrier about three
months old. Answers to namo of
Rover. When last seen had leather col
lar. Return to 721 Green Rldgo street.
FOUND On Court Houso square, leaning
against bench on corner of Linden and,
Washington avenue, a red and gold sliu
parasol, on Monday noon, July. 7. Tho
owner can receive It by culling at- the
postofllco and inquiring for letter carrier,
No. 12, and identifying it and paying ad
vertisement. Pasture.
PASTURE for horses. George B. Stev
enson, ,2f uonnell nuilding.
SEALED PROPOSALS Will bo received
by the County of Lackawanna for
building a steel girder coucroto-covored
hridgo over Hull's creek, In Blakoly bor
ough, Pa.
Bids will also bo received for masonry,
wing-walls, and Idling for said bridge.
All bids to bo addressed to the under
signed and lu bauds by 12 o'clock noon
Saturday, July 12, 1902. Plans and specl
llcatlons at ofllcn of County Commission
ers, Scranton. Pa. Tho right to roject
any and all bids is reserved.
E. A. JONES. County Controller.
Deputy Controller.
Certified Public Accountant.
Traders' Bunk Building. Old 'phono ISBIl
Real Estuto Exchango Bldg., 12 Wash
ington avo.
Civil and Mining. Engineers.
building, Spruce streot, Scranton.
tornoys and Counsollors-at-Luw. 603 to
012 Conncll building.
Counsellors - at - Law. ' Commonwealth
Building. Rooms 19, 20 and 21.'
Board of Trado Building, Scranton, Pa,-
A. W. RERTHOLF. Ot-'l-'lcE AlbVED TT
No. Sll Wyoming avu)ua.f- -i s j.
Patent Attorneys.
The only licensed and equipped patojvt
solicitor In tho city. No cliargo- for InH
filrmatlon on patentability; over ten yeaw
c.iperlouco, ''.,' .!
Kcploglc & Co., Wears nidjr&
, , ?
Hotels and Restaurants.- r i'
Hie elk cafe, ass and 127 frankv
lln UVeilUO. Ituics reasonaiiio.
Rates reasonable.
. P. HllJG.LUR, Proprlotor?1
Pttfcsengar depot, Conducted oivthoKitt
ropoan plan, Victor Koch. Proprietor.
Scavenger. g
and cefcs pools: no odor: .only lp)prfwcv
pumps used, A. It. Ullgss. proprietor.
Leave ordors 1100 Nortii lain -avcinuf!-or
Elcko's drug store, cornec- Adums und
Mulberry, Uqth telephones. t- ST
1, Wive Screens,
ave., Scrunton, mfrs. ofWIro 8urooni.'
Miscellaneous, ,,
plies, fcnvcloiies. paper bags, v,tB1mSL
Wwreltouse, pw Washington avenue. j
1l! Ii , . ,1,
bu bud hi Scranton nt the pows stand
of Rcisinuu Bros., IW Spruca. upd JW3
Llndfiii M..'tfortQjj;'..3W,IAcUuiftima
avo.; I. B. Bchutittr,-"11 Spruce tUvH.
II t
ilsr -;M ac --&'. ' - ( .i -dd 7 1