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in Art Shop
an Washington Ave.
Opposite Court House
Burnt-Wood Bargains
Their exquisite pieces for
artistic home furnishings
arc made In our own Studio,
hence the very low prices,
It will nay you lo devote a
little time to the study of our
window. Its alive with new
"They Draw Well."
Morris' Magnet Cigars
TIip best vnluc for " cents.
Try ono nnd you will smolio no
CA?ir' the loading, brands nf He.
clears nt 51 7" per box, or r. for 2oc.
The largest variety of Pipes and
Tobaccos In town.
X tmm, -v. m - -w - - J
y The Cigar Man
A HiiiJ wasmngion .n.veiiuc. a
' xxxxoooooooooooo
Automobile Races at Speedway.
Tbo Automobile club will hold races on
the Boulevard this afternoon.
D., L. & W. Pay Days.
The Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern paymaster begun paying the train
men yesterday for June, and will finish
today. This will complete the pays here
abouts for the month of June.
Bond Approved.
The bond of George V. Gcthman, cul
ccctor of taxes of West Ablugton tnwn-s-hip,
hi tho sum of J.'.DK). was appiovcd
by tho court yosteiday. The sureties are
J. 13. Finch and Georgo H. Colvln.
Reunion of Veterans.
The Seven County Veterans' reunion,
arrangements lor which are being made,
will be held the thhil Wcdnc-day In Au
gust at Nay Aug Park. The Wowan's
Hellef corps will furnish lefreshments,
and a huge attendance. Is expected.
Special railroad rates will be made.
Missing from Home.
A. C. Nlevell, of 527 Jefferson avenue,
has been missing from home during the
PHst week, having dis.appeaied last Sat
uulny night after telling his wife ho
.vould soon ictiirn. lie is .",7 years of age,
iicdlum height, heavily built, dark hair
and hou gray moustache. The police are
looking for him.
' Bankruptcy Hearing.
Refereo in Bankruptcy C. A. Van Wor
mer yesterday morning conducted a hear
ing In the caso of John A. Coddlngton, of
liallstead, certain creditors of whom
have filed a petition alleging him to bo
insolvent and to have committed, an act
in bankruptcy. Coddlngton denies tlio
allegations. Hcfereo Van Wormer will
Rive judgment In tho matter later.
Must Moderate Speed.
Director of Public 'Safety F. Ij, Worm
ner lias decided that tho rceklesrs speed
nt which automobiles are being propelled
along tho city streets must be stopped.
Ho yesterday instructed Supeilntendcnt
of Police L,. 13. Day to arrest all persons
who violate tho city ordlnaneo on tho
matter. This provides for a fine not ex
ceeding $10, to ))o Imposed for any viola
tion of the ordinance.
Por Fast Driving.
James Ronnie and Maggie Jones were
nrralgned before Magistrate Howe, In po
lice court yesterday morning, charged
with violating the city ordinance, re
garding fast driving. Tho two were ar
rested Thm sday night by Patrolmen Da
ls and Hnggerty. When told to stop by
tho latter, Ronnie, it h claimed insulted
them. In default of a $10 fine, ho yes
terday went to jail. Tho Jones woman
paid a $5 ituo.
Bankruptcy Cases.
Jomes C. Chatham, of Fnrrcndsvllle,
Clinton county, yesterday filed a petition
in bankruptcy In tho olllco of Clerk K.
R. W. Seniie, ot tho district Federal
court, Tho matter was referred to Re
feree AV. 13, Gray. The caso of Mrs. Re
becca Licborman, bankrupt, of Gettys
burg, was yesterday lofcircd to Referee
Donald McPhcison, Tho petitioner slates
her liabilities to bo, and her as
sets, $J,007,0S.
Mischievious Small Boys.
William Corbett, jr ot Hemlock street,
nniUPiiiijlt nnd Io Ryan, of Prospect
avenue,' were arraigned befoio Alderman
John T, Uowo yeMoiday, mi tho charge
of tho now Rapid Tiunslt company,
of tho Klectflc' Rapid Trnnsit companv,
They weru charged with aiding Joseph
Tuffcy, who was arrested Thuisdiiy, In
destroying a cog-wheel at Hie Roaiing
Uronl;-, liijrji. H was further claimed that
they hiivo caused ,,piuch mischief by
throwing wheelbarrows and lumber from
In and About
The City
Are You Going to the Seaside
Or to
C It so, have The Tribune follow vou and keen
L jjpsted about your friends.
t Hldll IU U5.
S-Trlbunj) Publishing, Company, Scraiiton, Pa., change ray paper
Ts 8 i" e's,,,' """""""" '1111111(11111111111 . .
p 5 2s 4 S-; ,t-' to
New Address . , ,,,;..,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,, , ,
-itCm n i ..v.'Ur i
If you are pot a. subscriber, you can fill nut the two bottom Hues, and
era.per,'Jl JWTlfly you Promptly. The Tiibune costs J2 cents a week or
69 cents a 'month
41 .
embankments nnd acting In a general
dl.orderly ninnncr. Tho boys' fathers
wclit their ball.
Kept on Collecting.
Myron Junes, nf Lackawanna nvcniic, n
young ninn who has Iippii employed as
colelutor by Flank O. l.tilly, was ycslor
day committed to tin- I'onnty Jail by Al
itcrmnii Knssoii, In default nf VK) ball,
lmrmid on tbo chaipo ot fraud, Junes
wu-i dliclmiRcd recently by, ntul It
was later toported to bin ex-employer
that tho boy was nevertheless continuing
collecting bills, nnd Riving receipts. Ho
collected over M before his arrest.
Champion Bowling .Team of the City
The nnnl games In the City Howling
League were rolled on the KIks' alleys
last night, and Invincible! Arlington;!
won two out of tho three Ranies played,
thus winning the trophy for the series.
The totals were as follows:
J. Klcfcr 1.-.7 117. J.lfi-4.-.S
Smith 1(9 ino 190-4ri!l
C. Klefer IS! IN! 131 47S
Itoll us in 177-47a
Hopkins 17 14. IDS 4S(J
SOS 7lil S2J 2331
I'eckham 112 IS", im- 4M
Jones liii! Hi) 174 ISO
Wnldncr 171 IRS liri 477
Fnhronholt IM l.V. i:is 429
O'Connell Hi'. 17H 117 4i!G
TBI SU 737-2312
llluli man-Smith, IN).
High average Smith, IfiG 1-10.
Plans of tho Building It Is Proposed
to Erect in the Rear of
City Hall.
The plans submitted to common
council Thursday night by Superin
tendent of Building Inspection F. L.
Brown provide for a joint fire nnd
police house, to be erected by the city,
at a cost of $10,000, on the lot adjoin
ing the city hall, facing on Mulberry
street. Tho lot Is 130 feet long by CO
feet wide, and is municipal property.
The structure is to be two stories in
height, and will be connected with the
first floor of the municipal building by
a bridge. Superintendent Brown's plans
call for the use of an Iron spotted brick
with brown stone trimmings, In the
construction of the building, but coun
cil Thursday referred the matter to
committee, with instructions to pro
vide for the use of stone instead.
Mr, Brown claims that from an artis
tic standpoint It will be entirely wrong
to use the same building material as
that employed in tho construction of
the city hall, as lie says that the prox
imity of the latter will make the new
structure appear small and insignifi
cant by comparison, whereas the judic
ious use of building material essential
ly different In nature will effect a splen
did contrast between fhu two struc
tures. The primary use of the building is as
general fire headquarters. The llrst
floor will be arranged for the accom
modation of three companies, two
steamers and a truck, with the attend
ant men. The present Intention is
understood to be the moving of No. 2
Truck and the old Crystal company
Into the building. A third stall will be
used for the housing of the chief's car
riage and the supply wagon. This
apartment will be in the front of the
first floor.
Another apartment w ill be partitioned
off, which will be utilized for a general
repair shop nnd a storeioom for dam
aged apparatus. Underneath will bo a
cellar, used for the storing of fuel, and
a tower will extend from the cellar up,
which will be utilized for the drying of
In the rear of the repair shop, facing
on Dix court, there will be three stalls
for the police patrol, ambulance and
reserve apparatus of the fire depart
ment. Three separate box stalls will
be used for the care of horses, tempor
arily disabled, who will be brought
here for hospital purposes.
In the front of the second htory the
chief of the fire department will have
his room. Other apartments on this
floor will be a parlor for the men, a
separate room for the captain, a dormi
tory, locker rooms and baths. A large
supply room will also he fitted up, con
taining all the supplies for the city fire
lu the rear of this lloor will be the
rooms of the bureau of police. Apart
ments for the fire nlarm and teiegrnph
apparatus will be located hero, as will
also feed and grain bins and hay lofts.
The first floor will bo paved with
asphalt, and the interior finished In
Man Who Did the Stabbing Made
His Escape.
A stubbing affray occurred at 8.30
o'clock lost evening In a boarding house
at US Franklin avenue, conducted by
O. Battaglla.
Two of the boarders, Antonio Panatto
and Peter Carbble, both about 18 years
or age, became engaged In nn alterca
tion, and Iho hitler plunged u table
fork into Panatto's leg,
Tho pnllco were untitled, hut Carbble
had escaped. He will bo arrested to
day. m ,1
Yesterday's Marriage Licenses.
Joseph Skmlch Scr.inton
Louisa Hluslh Sctnuton
Vasll Koty .'. Scrantnn
Maiy Fcilurzo WiiRluimton, N. V.
the Country ?
Fill put this coupon and
Lower Court Sustained in tho Case
of Qeorgo L.. Peck, Trustee for
Howard H.' Beldleman and His
Creditors Against William Connell
and Reversed in the Caso of Qcorge
Cooper Against tho City of Scran
ton Opinion as Rendered in the
Latter Case.
In Ihe two cares from this county
In which the supeilor court handed
down opinions nt Philadelphia Thurs
day Important questions were decided,
The court Of this county was sus
tained In the case of George L, Peck,
trustee for Howard It. Beldloinan' and
his creditors, against William Connell.
Mr. Beldleman was In the book busi
ness on Spruce street In this city. On
April 20, 1896, when he began business
ho borrowed $1,500 from Mr. Connell and
gave his mote for that amount.
Along In 1809 Mr. Beldleman became
financially Involved and to protect the
note ot $l,fi00 Mr. Connell had an exe
cution Issued on It. On June 5, 1899, Mr,
Beldleman filed a petition In bankruptcy
nnd on June 19 following was decided
a bankrupt. In the meantime there had
been a sale of his stock on the Connell
judgment and $1,200 was realized.
Mr. Pock, as trustee for the creditors
of Beldleman, began suit to collect from
Mr. Council the amount realized by
tho sale, alleging that the amount
should bo divided pro rata among the
creditors taking the ground that as
the execution was not Issued until less
than four months before Mr. Beldle
man became a bankrupt under the
bankruptcy law Mr. Connell was not
entitled to preference on his note but
must tnko his place among the other
Tills position was vigorously opposed
by Attorney Ezra H. Connell, who ap
peared for the defendant. He argued
that it was not the purpose ot the
bankruptcy act to take from a creditor
Ills incentive to vlgllence in collecting
his claim from a debtor who happens
to become an Insolvent and that It
would bo a great Injustice to rob a
man of his right to collect on a note
where It was manifest there was no
attempt at preference on the part of
the person owing the claim.
The court of this county sustained
the position taken by Attorney Connell
and decided against Trustpe Peck who
thereupon took an appeal to the su
perior court where Attorney Connell
again argued "the points that won a
victory in the lower court. The opinion
of the superior court was written by
Judge W. D. Porter and endorses the
contention of Attorney Connell as good
law and good sense. There will be no
division ot the amount realized from
the sale.
The other Lackawanna county case
was George Cooper against the city
of Scranton an appeal by the city from
a verdict of $1,400 awarded in favor of
the plaintiff. It was the third trial of
the case. On the first trial a non suit
was granted on the ground that if the
Eight street sewer was inadequate to
cart- off the water it was an error ot
judgment on the part of the engineers
by whom the sewer was planned and
the city was not liable for their errors
of judgment.
On the second trial the declaration
was amended to show that the damage
was caused by the negligent manner
in which the sewer was maintained by
the city and a juror was withdrawn
and the case continued.
The third trial resulted In a verdict
for $14000 in favor of Cooper and from
this an appeal to the superior court
was taken by the city. The opinion nf
that body written by Judge . D,
Porter follows:
There was no dispute as to the facts
material to the consideration of this ap
peal. The plaintiff was the owner of a
lot of giound on which was elected a
block of houses fronting on the cast
side of Eighth street In the city of
Scianton. . Eighth street ran fiom Lack
awanna avenue north to Linden stieet,
Tho grade of the street had been a grad
ual descent from tho former to the latter
sheet, and a sewer was laid in the street
hi 1S9J which carried off all surface wa
ter and pi evented any injury to the prop
erly ot the plaintiff. In lS0."i tho city un
dertook the work of constructing ap
proaches to the Linden street brlge over
Luckawamm liver, the city councils by
a duly enacted mdlnanco i.iised the
grade of Linden street and about 240 foet
of tho northerly end of Eighth street,
so as to make tho grade of the latter
stieet correspond with that of Linden
sheet nt the intersection.
Tho proceedings were conducted in a
regular manner and tho physical changes
requited to mako tho streets conform to
tho newly established grades weio mado
upon tho giound. Tho change In the
grade of Eighth street extended from
Linden street south to a point about op
posite tlio middle of the plnlnlHT'o prop
erty, from which point after the work
was completed, tho grndo of tho street
slightly ascended In each direction, south
to Lnckawanua avenue and noith to Lin-
len stieet, Tho consequences was that
tho plaintiffs property was left opposite
a depression In the stieet, tnwaid which
tho surfni'o water from each end of the
street flowed, Instead of as formerly hav
ing on uninterrupted flow from north lo
south over tho1 whole length of tho sheet,
This rhnngo ot giado ot Eighth street
caused witter, which formerly passed off
hi another direction, to flow upon the
propoity. Tho plaintiff brought tills no.
tlon ot tiespuss to recover damages al
leged to havo icsulted from tho flooding
of ids hoiitjo and lots,
Tho nieio omission of tho municipal an
thorltleH to provide udeqiuitu means to
carry off tho water, which storms and
the u.ituial fniiuatton of tho mound
thiow upon 'ity lots and streets, will not
viistaln uii action by tho owner of land
against tho municipality for damages
arlblug f loin the accumulation qf water.
Cities nro pot bound to provide sewerage
for tho natural How of tho surface water,
although they are invested will) tho pow
er to construct surli sewers, as In the
Judgment of tho ofllcers exercising the
coipoiutu puwcis, uio necessary and ex
pedient. When they do adopt a plan of sowor
ago they uio not liable for damages le.
suiting from tho Insufficiency in thn size
of tlio howero, although they muy be
called upon to answer for Injuilcs icrnilt
ing fiom negligence In tho consti action
or lepalr of such works; Car vs. North,
cm Libeitles, 33 Pa. 3U; AHentown ys,
Kiamer, ,7.) Pa., 400; Fair vs. Phlladjb
Phla, fcS Pa. 308; Collins vs. Philadelphia,
9.1 Pa. 27i; Falii.iwn Coal Company vs.
Bciantoii, H8 Pa, 231. The plaintiff could
not recover because of mere Inadequacy
of tho Eighth street sower, with Its catch
basins, to curry off the surface water,
A municipal coiporatlon Is. however,
ll.iblo to be called iippii to nmke compon
eutlon for tho Injury to pioperty result
lug fiom Intorreicnco with or changes
of Ihu natural flow of tho wateis as a
A Splendid
WANTED-A few bright boys and
fill!., 7 to 14 years of age, lu cam a
year's Instruction In singing. Easy
Apply at the studio of Alfred Woolor,
Carter building second floor 601 lin
den street, Scranton! Saturday morn
lug, July 12th lnt 9 o'clock.
This has no connection with tho
Tilbutio's Educational Contest.
consequence of lis public works; Wlor
vs, Plymouth Borough, 118 Pa. 506! El
liott vh. Oil City, 129 Pa. 670; Torrcy vs.
Scranton, 133 Pn. 17,1. Tho plaintiff seeks
to recover on this ground. The sourco of
tho Injury complained of is thus stated In
the paper-book ot tlio appellee. "In
1MW Linden street was graded. Thn in
vino down which thn water hud thereto
fore flowed was dnmned up. The guide
of tlio north end of Eighth street was
changed from a down grade ot l',4 per
cent, from south to north to a grade of
1 per cent, from north to south for 2(0
feot, Tho result was, nccordliiR to the
testimony, that n taigo volume of water
was cast from Linden street upon tho
north end of Eighth street, which, to
gether with tho water accumulating for
240 feet on the north end of Eighth street,
was all accumulating In front of Coop
er's property and cast Into and upon the
This Is a correct statement of tho po
sition taken by tho learned counsel for
the appellco here as well as in the court
below. This leaves no doubt that plain
tiff's cause of action has Its foundation
lu tho chango of tho grado of Eighth
street. Under article It!, section fi, of tho
constitution of 1874, "municipal and other
corporations nnd Individuals Invested
with the privilege of taking ptivate prop
erty for public use shall mako just com
pensation for property taken, injured cr
destroyed by the construction or enlarge
ment of their works, highways or im
provements." Tho injury meant to bo
provided for wns such as was unavoid
able in the accomplishment of tho public
undertaking, but tho property protected
is not limited to that directly abutting
upon tho improvement, but Includes all
sugllclently near to mako tho injury
proximate. Immediate and substantial;
Melior vs. Philadelphia, 1C0 Ta. 611; in re
Mellon street, 1S2 Pa. 397. It has been
held that an Interference with the drain
age of property is an injury within the
macnlng of the constitution; Chathams
street, Philadelphia's Appeal, 191 Pa. tot.
Tho property of the plaintiff abutted di
rectly upon that part of Eighth street,
tho grade of which was changed, and the
accumulation of water in front of the
property as a natural and unavoidable
consequence of the chango. If the prop
erty wns injured by the chango it came
within the protection of the constitutional
provision. The changes of grndo having
been made in the manner provided by
law In ordaining the Improvement. The
grade as established must stand until
changed by the city authorities, all that
the plaintiff can demand is compensa
The effect of the chango of the grade
of the street upon tho drainago was di
rect, immediate nnd unavoidable; water
must flow down hill. This was there
fore an element to bo considered In de
termining tho effect upon the value of
the plaintiff's property resulting from
tho chango of the grade of the street.
The constitution gave tho plaintiff a right
to compensation, the remedy has been
regulated by statutes. The city of Scran
ton was at tho time in question a city of
third class, and the damages and the
benefits arising from the change of the
grade of Eighth street might have been
ascertained under tho provisions of the
act of May 23, 16S9, P. L. 277, or the plain
tiff might have avuiled himself of the
more satisfactory remedy provided by
tho act of May 10, 1891, P. L. 75. A statu
tory temedy having been provided for
by the enforcement of the constitutional
right, that remedy ought to havo been
pursued. The ascertainment of the dam
ages and benellts arising from tho exe
cution of a public work by a municipal
ity, is a matter In which the public has,
and many private individuals may have,
an inteicst.
It Is important that those who are to
receive compensation for injuiles and
those who are to pay for benefits accru
ing to property ns a whole must be taken
into considetatlon, in connection with
any Injury that may result to land and
If each Individual owner of land upon
a newly graded street were permitted to
fcettle his lights In an action of trespass,
tho lesult would lend to confusion and bo
prejudicial to tho lights nf the public.
When the injury to property is such only
as is direct-, Immediate nnd necessary or
unavoidable consequence of tiie net of
eminent domain itself, iricspectlvo of
care or negllgenco In the manner, of exc
cutlon ot the work, a proceeding beforo
viewers Is tho appropriate remedy; Den
nlston vs. Philadelphia, 161 Pa. 41; Stork
vs. Philadelphia, 193 Pa. 101. We afo of
tho opinion that the plaintiff whs not en
titled to recover In an action of trespass,
and that the point of the defendant le
questlng a binding Instruction ought to
linve been nfllrmed.
The ludgment Is revcised.
Stamps That Can Be Redeemed Until
July 1, 1904.
An amendment to the act of congress,
approved May 12, 1900, providing for the
redemption of documentary and pro
prietary stamps which had been pur
chased during the war and were of no
further use, was passed by congress
and approved June 30, 1902. It removes
the two years' limitation, nnd provides
that these stamps may be redeemed on
presentation, prior to July 1, 1801,
As originally passed, tho net only al
lowed tho redemption of documentary
and proprietary stamps, If presented In
amounts of $2 and upwards, in two
years from tlio time of their purchase,
Many stamps sent to the office ot Col
lector of Internal Revenue T. F. Pen
man had to be sent back, on this ac
count, but tho amendment now vali
dates all these stamps.
An order Issued this week from tlio
treasury department reviews the pro
visions of the act to amend tho war
revenue law, which states that any
person who has not affixed tho required
stamp to an Instrument, at the time of
execution or Issuing of same, should
present it to the collector ot Internal
revenue, who upon the payment of the
tax due, and penalty, if any, can affix
the proper stnuip and note the date of
this nction upon the margin of the In
strument, As the stamps have now been all
called In nnd the collectors are thu3
unable to Immediately comply with the
conditions, they are to retain tlio docu
ments and make orders upon the treas
ury office for such stumps as are
needed, which will be then forwarded.
A number of local cases havo recently
arisen, whose exigencies came under
the latter clause of this order.
Excursion to Glen Onoko,
July 20. The New Jersey Central will
run ono of their ever popular Sunday
excursion's to Glen Onoko, Mauch
Chunk and Switchback railroad. Spe
cial train will leave Scranton at 7.30 a.
in., stopping at Taylor, Mooslc, Avoca,
Plttston, Miner's Mills, ParEons.Wllkes
Barre and Ashley,
Trio of Delaware nnd Hudson Com
pany Watchmen Stroll Out of Oly
phnnt nnd Cross tho Diokson City
Line to Be Grabbed Up by Chief of
Police Visnoskl nnd Sent to Jail
for Carrying Concealed Weapons.
Preparations Being Made to Oper
ate the Oxford Washery.
Three coal and Iron police employed
by the Delaware nnd Hudson company
nt Olyphant, ate In the county jail to
serve thirty duys each In default of a
fine of $25 for currying concealed wea
pons. They arc' John Harvey, II. Cor
dell and John Ilolnhan.
Their Imprisonment is due to Bur
gess William Kennedy, of Dickson City
The thro policemen wore oft duty yes
terday afternoon and went out for a
stroll. As tlio geographies they had
studied did not clearly define the boun
daries between the upper valley muni
cipalities, they unwittingly got across
tho Olyphaunt lino Into Dickson City.
Whether pr not they wore followed
has not developed, but bo that as it
may, they were not .very long within
tho precincts of Dickson, when Chief
of Police Lulgl Visnoskl took them in
tow and nrralgned them beforo Burgess
Kennedy on the charge of carrying
concealed weapons. They had revol
vers in their possession and could not
deny tho charge, but sought to prove
their right to carry arms by producing
their commissions from Governor
Stone, giving them all the powers that
a Philadelphia police officer has.
The ordinances of Dickson, however,
were held to be superior to tho state
laws, when tho two came in conflict,
and when the luckless policemen could
not produce $7G, with which to mollify
the offended dignity of Dickson City
borough, they were committed to the
county jail for thirty days.
The Delaware and Hudson company
began an Investigation of tho case last
evening, and will likely proceed to have
the prisoners released on appeal or
possible habeas corpus.
The Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western company is preparing to open
up another washery, the newly built
one at the Oxford colliery. A gang of
men was ht work yesterday, cleaning
up the place and oiling the machinery,
preparatory to starting up. Tho wash
ery will probably be In operation Mon
President W. II. Trucsdale, of tho
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
comuany was in tho city for a few
hours yesterday, but had nothing to
give out regarding tho strike.
Dlstri ct President Nicholls, of the
United Mine Workers, declared yester
day that the anthracite miners are
unanimous In desiring the coming na
tional convention to declare a general
strike. He spoke confidently of some
thing being done by the national con
vention which will insure a victory to
the strikers. The delegates to this con
vention from this locality will leave
next Tuesday, President Nicholls, Vice
President Ryscavage and Secretary
Dempsey will accompany them.
A mass meeting of tho North Scran
ton locals will bo held In St. Mary's
hall next Thursday night. Delegations
from all the locals in the city are ex
pected to attend. It promises to be one
of tho biggest mass meetings of miners
ever held In North Scranton.
Discussed by a Board of Control
At last night's meeting of the build
ing committee of the board of control,
the matter of establishing a central
steam heating plant to furnish steam
for the high school, the proposed man
ual training school and tho proposed
annex to the high school was discussed.
Nothing definite was done in the way
of carrying tho Idea Into execution,
A committee of property owners of
the Fourth ward was present, asking
the board to join with them in con
structing a private sewer on Rebecca
avenue, .from Price to Jackson street.
The sewer will run alongone side of
No. 19 school and the committee de
cided to recommend to the board that
it join with the citizens in building
the sewer.
The high and training school commit
tee also met last night, but did not
take any notion with reference to In
creasing tho high school faculty. It
will be deferred until tho attendance
In the high school, after tho next term
begins, is ascertained. The committee
decided to recommend that high school
pupils who do not return the school
books entrusted to them be sued. The
district bus sustained great loss
through tlio action of pupils In re
taining a number of schol books when
they leave school. The practice Is
quite general.
Prank Cobb nnd Barney Cobb Ac
cused of Blackmail,
Frank Cobb and . Barney Cobb,
brothers, of Kressler court, were held in
$500 bail each by Alderman M. J.
Buddy, yesterday, on the charge of im
personating officers and blackmailing
speakeasies and the proprietress of
houses of Ill-fame. In default, they
were committed to tho county Jail,
Tho two men visited several houses
In the Sixteenth ward, among thou tho
places of "Red Annie" Wilson nnd
Charles Thlele, on Vino street, Kate
Lewis in Center street, and Daisy Mil
ler, of Raymond court, and threatened
to raid tho house the samo night unless
Instantly paid protection money. They
obtained from $10 to $10 lu each place,
Hundreds of dollars were obtained fiom
hotel keepers.
Antonio Schiavo, of Hazletou, Placed
Under Arrest, i
United States Marshal J. W. Snyder
yesterday arrested Antonio Schlovo at
Hazlcton, on a charge of manufacturing
and shipping cigars packed In un
stamped boxes.
. He was taken beforo United States
Commissioner Hill, of Hazletou, and
held in ball for a heating Tuesday
Wanted. Canvassers; reference re
quired. George Walker, Valley House.
1 SI0.00 to S300
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I Household Furniture
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nlso try to accommodate you just as
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No Publicity
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If you get a .loan here, ALL the
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orx.uiaxi Hoc
All Hfty-cent Washable Neck
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This Is Saturday. Have
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Old Thone
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Under Drawers
Fine grade muslin,
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Torchon lace and In
sertion, tucks, fleeced
$1.25 value 79C
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val lace inser-
tlon and tucks 79C
i -
' - r -a
y5 Ac ' v:y liz
.$ s , & I
" .& iViVJ f