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' ' ' . . .
JUNE 28. 1902.
W ' " '" f
To the Bcrtnton Trlbunt.
Toncsdule, June 27i An Intel oatltig
In me of ball Is pi utilised Saturday af
ternoon on Mm Honetklule Hold by the
Hcrunton Alumni and the Honcsdale
The express company will move to
their now quarters In the Whitney and
Spencer liulldlnK next week.
Ptofcssor Mark Ciensey has declined
the prlnclpalshlp of the Honcsdale
High school, which was lecently ten
deied him.
"The New Abolition" will be the sub
ject on which Itev. ('. L. Petey will
speak In the Baptist chinch on Sunday
evening. '
After being held up for over a year
, n,t Harrlsburg, a chai ter has finally
' ' l)cen granted the Consumera' "Water
company, of Honesdule.
Mis. Henty T. Dnltuetsch has Issued
invitations to a lecltal to bo given at
her home on Park stteot, Monday even
ing, June :iu, at S.15.
Prof. Thomas S. March Is packing up
his household goods ind for the ptes-
cnt will locate at Huston, Pa. He has
not decided on a peimanent location,
ills successor as principal of the
Honesdnlo High school has hot yet
been chosen.
The Susquehanna-Wayne semttoilal
(onfllct will piobably end with two
Republican candidates.
Thcseason Is on, but the weather Is
off. Consequently, the sale of funs,
stiuw hats and shht wulsts has been
fpccisln tin bcrnnlon Tribune.
Neu Mllloid, June 27. An Ice cream
festival was conducted by the Young
Pcoph's Baptist union on Fi Iday even
ing, June 27, and a vety pleasing
phonograph entertainment was given.
IT. M. Hunuuh. of Scrnnton, was a
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dai Id McConnell
the foicpart of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Fied Claik, of Car
bondalc, visited in town iccently.
J. 3t. Valls visited his daughter, Mrs.
E. H. Osboinc, In Hat fold, the fore
part of the week.
.Mis. S. V. Tiunibull entertained the
following ladies at tea Wednesday af
tcinoan: Mis. D. W. Hugcr, Mrs. Wil
liam Van Cott, Mi. L. W. Moore, Mis.
F. F. Moss and Mis. Ira Moss.
Miss Jennie Boyle is visiting lelatlves
in Caibondnle.
Mr?. Robert fSlllesple gave a dinner
pai t to a few of her friends on Wed
nesday. P. L. Biyant, of Deposit, called on
fiicmls in town Thuisduy.
Spfclnl to the Sirantou Tribune.
Welsli Hill, June 27. The Cougiega
tiotidl Sunday school of this place was
well lcpicsciued at the local institute
held at Dundaff, Thursday, June 1!).
Pi of. Thomas, of Fnctoiyille, was a
visitor heie over Sunday.
Mis. L. Robeits and daughter, Coi.i,
of Scinntou, who Iiavo spent seveial
wicks at John Moses', returned home
The Mioses Maiy E. Klchaids and
Annie Lloyd are attending the sum
mer normal at t Lake tills week.
Mr. and Mis. Henry Hanis, ot Scian
ton, aie iitots heie.
Mis. Owen Moigans is visiting lier
daughter. Mis. Sidney Chappel, of Par
.ker stKeet, Scianton, this week.
Mrs. John Watkius enteitained the
Ladies Aid at dinner yesterday.
The Sunday school will picnic at the
head of Ij.ike Idlewild July 4. A cor
dial Invitation is extended to all.
Specuil to tlic Scraiiton Tribune.
Tuiikhaniiock, June 27. The DeWltt
j'umily leiinlun was held at the lesl
dflite of C4. Dow DeAVItt. on Susque
lianna stiect, on Wednesday, and a
huge imnibei wctu in attondance.
V. (i. Wheelock and Miss Minnie
Buitiain wire joined In inaiiiage at
the home of the bible's parents in this
place on Wednesday at noon, Itev, H.
11. Wilbur omeluting.
The lesidenco of Aithur H. Squid-,
on East Tioga stiect, was desttoyed by
tile on Thutsduy morning at about 3
o'clock. Fito broke out in the upper
story, and is supposed to huve been
caused by the explosion of a Rochester
lamp which wus left burning during
the night. Mis. Squler and her little
' '
n Nightmare
Gives point to the fact that excessive or
irregular eating disturbs the digestion.
Niglttuiateor night hag lias it's day time
correspondence in the undue fullness
after eating, with the belchings and sour
or bter rising so often experienced after
too hasty or too hearty eating.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
cures dyspepsia ami other diseases of the
stomach ojjl its allied organs of diges
tion.and nutrition, When these diseases
arc cured, the whole body shares iu the
increased stiength derived fiom food
properly digested and perfectly assimil
ated. "YcjurMJoletM Medlcnl J)isciery' and Dr.
Bagi .Catarrh Remedy have been of great
Vneflt tome," writes (Prof.) 1'lcasaut A. Omer,
oI'ViqK 1'iiltoii Co, Ark, "Before I used the
hove mentioned remedies inv sleep was not
foumV. iflisenlon had; a continued feeling of
inisery.f I now feet like u uew mini. Any one
(n neetl'of medlcnl treatment for nasal catarrh
could to no better thin to take treatment of
Pr. KVS fierce. I Vuow lil mediciuea are all
right iw il class of diseases."
Sotncipies a dealer tempted by the
little niorejroJit paid on the sale of less
utiiiuuuus iiieiuciues win oner cuu ccia
pmer a substitute as being "just aj
on- as ine"uiscovery." is ueiicr
uin necaiiie Jt pays netter, out u is
Ijuun iur you, 11 vuu wain mc
ae iiiai uas cured otuers, ana
pu believe will cure you,
tree's Pleasant Pellets cleanse
cd sjsteut from accuniulateu
son weie alone In the house nt the
time, her husband being In attendance
at the Hcmociattc state convention at
title, and the other membe.s of the
family away tin a visit. The Triton
Hose compnny wete soon on the
ground, and after a haul stitigglu suc
ceeded In getting the Haines under con
trol. The building and furnltuio were
fully Instiled.
Christopher Teel, an aged resident of
Second street, died on Wednesday
night. He was the father of Mis. Olles
II, Boss, and was past 80 years of age.
A lerrlile wind storm, accompanied
by rain, visited this town on Wednes
day evening, and many shade trees
weie blown clown In dlffeicnt parts of
the town.
ISatney (licen, of Nicholson, Is cm
ployed as porter at the Kceler house.
Hairy Ptcvost, of Wllkes-Bane, Vis
ited his pai cuts here on Thursday.
. Mrs. JGinma Bums was a visitor In
li 7
Ptepatations for the wai, 177-1. Min
ute man leaving his home to Join the
i inks. Can you find two other minute
men .'
Wilkes-Bnno on Thursday.
There w 111 bo a shoi t session of argu
ment coutt held heie today, with Picsl
dont Judge Dunham on the bench.
Mr. and Mis. William A. Klttildge
have tetutned liom their wedding tour
and will commence housekeeping in the
Mosier lcsUlence on Second stiel.
Mis. Fannie White, of New Yoik, is
the guest of hei sister, Mis. W. U. Kitt
tidge, on Susquehanna stiect.
Pi ofessor Frank Simpson, of Bueknell
unlveisity. Is spending the summer
with his patents at tills place. I
Sp'cial to tlic fciunton Inbunc.
Hallstead, June 27. A largo and en
thusiastic crowd witnessed one of the
closest games ot base ball of tho season
on tho homo giounds, Thuisdny, be
tween Gieat Bend and New Milfotd.
New Milfoid was badly wiped out by a
scoi e of 5-0.
John O'Bilen bus accepted a position
with u wholesale house In New York
Mary Dougheity is spending a few
days with I..esteisli!ie fi lends.
Misses Saia Watkins and Kdilli C'or
wln are1 lsltlng Mis. 13. G. Simons, at
Hoboken. While thcie they will take
pat t in an entei tninment to be given in
the Itnlltoad Young Men's Chtistlan
association looms.
Mis. Mary Melice, of Foiest Lake, Is
spending a few days with fi lends in
Wood Wilmot. nieteian of the CiII
war, celebiuted his seventj-foutth
biithday on Ftlduy.
James II. Uaulgg, of Itochester, N.
Y has leturned home, after spending
the past week with lelatlves In town.
Mi. nnd Mrs. AVllliam Hallstead, of
Blnghamton, weie teeent Alsitors at the
home of .Mr. and Mis. Willlunt Waul,
A band conceit and Ice cream social
will bo held at the home of Thomas A.
Pottlt, at Upsonvllle, Tuesday evening,
July 1, under the auspices of Bullatd's
Comet band.
A. Id. Sherwood will lead the Yoke
Fellows' band at the Young Men's
Chtlstinu association, Sunday morning.
Tho alteinoon meeting will be ud
dressed by Itev. Chailes Smith, of New
Mrs. flattie I.oomls and sons. Harvey
and Fied, Mrs. U. K. King, Peter Allen,
Kenneth Johnson and Mr, and Mis,
Fred Osterhout attended the giiinge at
Hickory grove, Wednesday evening, it
being an unnlveisary meeting.
Rev. J. J. Itanklu, of Scranton, will
occupy the pulpit at the 1'iesbyterlan
chut eh on Sunday,
H. B. Little and John Couitilght, ot
Montrose, weie business callers In town
Miss Edna Trowbridge Is .spending n
few dajs with Scranton friends.
Mrs. John Humphrey, Mis, William
Watd and chlldteu and Miss Itena Mer
rill left today to visit at the homo ot
Mr. and Mis. Geotge Waid, at Buffalo.
D. f Hamlin Is home liom Buffalo,
laid up with a sptained wtlst.
Mis, Ous Sllker and duughteis, Es
tella and Alaud, have gone to Hiteketts
town. wheio they epect to spend the
Mr, and Mis. (leotge Ttek have
moved Into P. It, C'aipentet's house, on
Main street, fouueily occupied by
Fiank II. Beldeu,
Mm, Samuel Wells enteitained tho
ladles of thn Ptesbyteilun chinch nt
her home, on Main stieet, Thursday
Sjjeelal to the Serunton Trlbuur,
t'nloiulule. Jniin "7. Wlllln llr, ,i,. ...
Cut bondale, Is lsltlng his aunt. Mis'. F,
,11, J.111C.
Al thill- Foster nllemlpil tin, fin,,,,..i . .
his giitiulniothor at Thoinnsun. iWiii,.
Chlldieu'tt l)av wns obseroii in n.n
MetllOdlfit CllUllll lllHt Slinililt mmnli.i.
and a laihe plied audlenco enJoH'd the
MlS. it 111 1 lot Hlisuell 1m Hl)llrlln- n.
week with her dauirhtei, Mis. .Meudo, m
Owln to tho 1'invt encuy and skill of
Mrs. Ed Irforgnn, MJlss Frank Lowls and
Miss Daisy BronSon, the Boclal held on
Mrs. Morgan's lawn last Filclay even
ing was In cvoiy respect a success. The
proceeds of thn evening nellcil $18,
Mrs. Simon Pomety, of White's Vitllsv,
was a guest of Ilev. 1). D. Jenkins last
Itev. If, J. Cianu and wife ate Hpeiv!lit
thlslweek at Ural t Lake,
Miss Bvelyn OilIMn, or Calboiulale, Is
visiting her mother, Mts. Fiatik West
gate. At it recent meeting of tho school boaitl
Miss Nellie C'loneey was elected Inter
mediate and Miss Billth Smith primary
teacher. Tho boaul inn now waiting for
mme nppllratlons for the pilnelpalslilp.
Theio are brlglit ptospeets for a very
Interesting and enjojnblo Fourth ot July.
The committees aro meeting with excel
lent success. It Is expected that many
fiom the neighboring towns will ttnllo
with us to multo this Fottith one of tho
most delightful ami gluttons ocr wlt
nctscil In the community.
C'lilldren's day will be observed by tho
Sunday school of the Baptist chinch Sun
day mottling.
I'ropat nitons ato being made by the
Ladles' Aid society of the Baptist ehuich
to hold a lawn festival on tho church
lawn on July 1. ,
Walter Clark Dean, an elcctllclnn la
the United States nay Mini tit Noitolk,
Vn Is spending a few days with his pa
tents heie, Mi. and Mis. W. A. Dean.
A. L Gutney, of Carbondalc, dltikt
in town the past lew dajs endeaioiliig
to oigani.50 a camp ot tills scciet and tn
siunntc oidur. He evpuets to hold a
meeting on Monday evening
next In Lee s hall. leimlon of the Wilglcy fam
llv was held on Thiu.silay at tho homo
ot Mis i:il7.i Can. ot tills place. A most
delightful time was had and a bountlf il
dimiei was paitnkcned of at tables ai
langeit on the lawn at the side of lli'Mr
house. The i allow lug prngiamme was
leudeied: Piano solo, Jtis. Fied Wilg
lej ; icclt.itioii, Rutli Collin: quartette,
Mcssis Abel, James, Abinm nnd Uex
fmd Wilglcy; declamation. Paul Wiig
li 5 ; plami solo, Stella Wiiglej; song,
Stadge Wtlgluv: recitation. Vol a Ool
ln; piano solo, Mary Collin; soinr, Bex
foul Wilglcy; tec llatiou, Mildiod Wiig
lej; song, Alls. Wlnton Wilgley; -'Revci-ks
of an Old Minor," Llzio AViigloy;
lt'ituuks on the' old home, Messis. Abfl,
Scth and Samuel Wiiglev; clulstenlng of
habv Lawienee Can; piaci, llev. Abel
Wtlglei; ' singing. "Blest Be tho Tie
That Hinds" Those piesent weie: Jits.
BlUa Can- and daughtcis, Ella. Ada, and
Ethel, Balton; Mis. Meiton Collin and
duughteis, Caiiic, Ruth, Maiy, Veia, and
son, ctei, Claik'a Summit; Seth Wilg
loy and wile, Seinnton: Rev. Abel AS'rlg
lev and wife, son, Retford, and daugh
ter, Madge. Mill Citv; Samuel Wilglcy
nnd wife, daughtcis Louise and Mlldied,
Scianton; John AVriglev and "wife, son
Paul and daughtcis Enid and Hazel, Like
C.ney; James AViigley and wife, sons
Ai thin and Claieucc. and daughtei-H Celia
and Shlia; Abinm AViigloy and wile,
daugliteis Stella and Fanny and son Stan
lei ; Wlnton AViigley and iiile, Factory
illle; William AViigley and son, Seth.
Scianton; Chailes Klelufelter ami wife,
Blnghamton; Jli.s, Sidney Corey and sons,
Kenneth and Paul. Pa Plume; Mr. and
Mis. Geoigo Ciur. sons 'Miller and Jnmos
Lawienee, Wilkes-Banc; Mr. and Mis.
Vlnnlo Gui ilner and son, Robert. Fac
tory vllle; Pied AViiglev and wife. La
Plume; Mis Ilojd AViigley and daughter,
National League.
At Philadelphia R.I'i.E.
New A'mk 1 0 0 t0 0 0 (I 0 1 I 2
Philadelphia OuGlKl 100-712 1
H.itteiie iliuko and Bowctmuu; AVIiito
and Doulu. Umplic Emslle.
At Boston R.ll.E.
Brooklyn a i u I o I 0 o 0 7 il 'i
Boston 1 0 0 .! 0 0 ." 0 li. 3
Battoiles Kltsou and Abeam; Halo und
Kittridge Catltllllon.
At St, Louis R.H.E.
Chicago O.l u 0 0 0 0 t (, 10 0
St. Louis ) 0 0 '1 1 0 t 0 0 I U II
Battel leti Ulioades and Kllug; A'erkcs
and llynu. I'mplies Poweis and Bio,vn.
Clnelunatl-Pilthbuig; not scheduled.
American League.
At AViushlngiem Jt.IT U.
Philadelphia 001002010 t r, (I
Washington 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 'J C 1
Battel lesWIItso ami Schteckeiigosf,
Townseud and Cluik. Umplio-L'uiutheis.
At Baltlmoto R.H.E.
Boston .,,,, x 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 ,1 0 15 0
Baltlliuuii 2 00000010 S U I
Battoilcs Winter and AVatner; Howoll
uml Biesn.thau, Umplies Jolmstono and
At Chlcago-Chlcago.Dultolt, postponed;
wet giounds.
At Clcivelaiid R.ll.E.
St. Louis ,., ,,.0000000022 7 1
Cleveland ,..,000001000-1 7 0
Battel ies-Pow ell and Douoliue; Mooio
and Bemls. I'mplio-Sheildau,
Eastern League.
Pioildcnee, 10; Bochestei, i.
AV01 tester, G; Buffulo, 3
Toionto, I; Jersey City, 3.
Monti cal, 0; Now ink, 1.
A ptoposal has been oDlclully piomul.
irated to amaleumatit luiini v.ilun., K..I..I,
colllciles loj- tho putposo of ouJtlng
iiun-in:iui wu.11 noiu t.uiope, 'i-po cupltul
of tho new combine is to be JCJ.OOO.OOO.
The coilleilca uffected uio In Lanark
shh. and have a lotnl nutmit nt ,: anA
000 tons. The colllciies cun bo muintu'lne'd
lor at least imriy euis and a decision
ifguiiU- uoBiti iu bo madii next
w cek
Very Low Sates to San Francisco
and Pacific Coast Points via South
ern Hallway.
On account of the biennial meeting
Knights of Pythias; to be held In San
Francisco, Aug. llth to 22d, the South
ern Hallway will sell round trip tick
ets to San Francisco, or Los Angeles,
on Aug. 1st to Aug. oth, good to re
turn until Sept. 30, 1902, ut greatly re
duced rates. The tound trip rate from
Philadelphia will bo $60.7r., and eor
lespondlngly low tates front other
points, with generous stop-overs and
privilege ot returning 11 different route
If desired, ut rate of 903.25. Passen
geis muy avail themselves ot cither
the standard sleeper In which berth
rate le $19.00 tlnough from Philadel
phia or the excursion sleeper In which
beith rate Is $7.00 from Washington.
The above lates apply to the general
The Southern Railway operates tri
weekly personally conducted tourist
cars between AVashlngton nnd San
Francisco without change via Atlanta,
New Orleans, El Pnso and Los An
geles. Tourist cars leave AVashlngton,
S.43 p. m. every Monday, AVodnesday
and Friday. The route Is through the
most delightful section of the south
and west. It Is most Interesting to seo
New Orleans, San Antonio and El
Pnso, the latter place which Is Just
liei oss the river it 0111 the old Mexican
town of Juutez, where all the old cus
toms prevail.
Chus. L. Hopkins, District Pussenger
Agent, Southern Railway, 82S Chest
nut St., Philadelphia, will be pleased
to furnish all information.
Fourth, of July Excursion to Pictur
esque Mountain Park.
Mountain Park Is situated on the
top of Wllkes-Barre mountain, over
looking the beautiful AVyomlng valley.
Trains will leave Scranton nt 8.30 anS
11.30 a. m.j 1 a. m. and 4 p. m. Rates,
75 cents; children, 50 cents.
Trains will leave Wllkes-Barrc nt
0 00, 10.00, 11.00 n. m., 12.00 noon, 1.00,
2.00, 3.00 p. m.
Tho Scranton trains wilt make all
local stops between Scranton and
Amusements of all kinds will be pro
vided: Bowling, merry-go-round, coast
er railroad, mirage and all athletic
First class music for dancing; an
abundance of refreshments of all
kinds. Tickets will be sold at nil sta
tions. No tickets will be sold on tho
trains. J. S. Swisher, District Passen
ger Agent, Scranton, Pa.
Improved Train Service via the L &
H. R. F. and Lehigh Valley Rail
road Between Carbondale, Scranton
and New York nnd Philadelphia.
On June 13 the Lehigh Valley rail
load will put on a new train called the
"Wjoming A'allcy Expicss," which will
leave Carbondalo via the Delaware and
Hudson railroad at 7 a. 111., Scranton at
7.41 a. 111., ai living at New York at 1.13
p. m., Philadelphia at 12.40 p. 111.
AVest-bound train leues New York
at 4.10 p. m., Philadelphia at 4 30 p. 111.,
arihlng at Scranton at 10.03 p. m Car
bondalc at 10 49 p. m.
This train will have a through Pull
man buffet pallor car and Lehigh Aral
ley day coach between Caibondulo and
New York.
National Delegation Association,
Minneapolis, Minn., July 7th-llth.
For the above occasion the Lacka
wanna Itaihoad will sell special cx
cuislou tickets to Minneapolis, good
going July 4th, 5th, and 6lh, at $30.00
for tound trip, and to be available for
1 etui 11 passage leaiing Minneapolis not
earlier than July th, or later than July
14th, except by ''depositing tickets with
Joint Agent at Minneapolis not later
than July 14th, and upon payment of a
fee of 50 cents at the time ot deposit,
an extension of the limit of leaving
Minneapolis to and including Sept. 1.
Delegates will please bear in mind
tho fact that by leaving Scianton on
the Lackawanna Railroad, only one
change of cars, Chicago, is necessary.
A popular time Is leaving Scranton at
6:50 p. m., ai riving Minneapolis 7:45 the
second morning.
Niagara Falls and Return.
To Niagnia Falls and lotuin, only
Ti5-i. For all tialns July 3 und 1, the
Lackawanna railroad will sell special
round-tilp tickets from Scianton to
Niagaia Falls, good going on elate of
sale, and foi return up to and Includ
ing July 6, at $6.53 for tho lound trip.
Chlldien between tho ages of 5 and 12
years, one-half adult rate,
Independence Day at Niagara Falls.
The Lehigh Aralley tailroad announces
the low fine of $6.53 from Scrunton for
'the lound trip. Tickets on sale July
3id und 4th, limited for return to July
Oth, and will he honotcd 011 any train
except the Black Diamond expiess.
Seo agents for further particulars.
A very luteiestlng cuso took place in
Justice of tho Penco McGimn's ofllco last
uvonlng between Huriy Jammer and Mike
Piestosh, both of Glassy street. It ap
pears that a number of men including
Mlko Prcstosh, was passing their lel.smo
tlmo away under a shady tree, when their
dogs commenced to light neaiby. On In
lestlgatlon 0110 of tho dogs ptoved to ho
Mike's, who Immediately citdeui 01 ed to
separata them. Not being able to do so
ho took a latgo stoito und stiuck tho
other dog on the head, killing him in
stuultly. At this time Huriy caino on
tho sceno and claimed tho dead dog, On
being infoimcd that, Mlko did tho killing,
Jammer struck tho slayer of his pet u
heavy blow with his list In the face
which left an ugly gush. At tho hearing
Jammer was obliged to f mulsh $300 hall
for is nppeaianco at court. Martin Cur
ium of Uiussy stteot, became his bonds
man. Miss Kntlo Donnelly, nn employe of tho
Colliery Engineer, Is enjoying her annual
Misses Kntlo Curran and Mary O'Con
nor is attending tho summer school of tho
Kestono ucudemy ut Factoryvllle.
Miss Maiy Luwlcr, a student nt tho
Scianton Business college, will spend her
wcntlau with ftleuds In New Yoik city.
Mi. und Mis. Parilol Roots wero callers
In Scranton jestetduy,
BOROUGH OF Dickson Clty-Notl.-e;
All poisons, cotpoiutions, uud llims,
1110 icquestcd without delay, to iufoiiu
thu secietaiy of tlic Boiouku of Dickson
of any wuiiunt or wauauts or mdors on
tho borough tteasury, or uny other legal
oildenco of debt which they may luno in
their possession, giving tho number, date,
and amount of thu older or warrant to
the end fiat such measutes muy bo tin
dcitukon by tho proper nuthoiitles ot tho
borough, for tho liquidation of all Juut
dobtH duo by tho boiough to tho several
cieditois thcieof.
Piesldent of tho Council.
(.MA'CTltF-W AlciPllKRSOK Kuriulmv.
Only Halt a Cent a Word.
For Rant.
COTTAGE on Susuuehunnn liver tit Black
AVnlnttt, for tent by wcea or monin,
furnished, cots, stove, dishes, throe boats,
spring wuter, best tlshlng. Address T. J.
ituiniuirt, uiacK wiwniu, x-a.
HOUSE FOB BENT At Bolton, nicely
located, near station; hot and cold
wnter and bath. Address AV. B. Blade,
Dalton, Pa.
FOB BENT-Fui nlshetl or unfurnished
deslrublo house, lilno rooms, city heat,
7H Clny nvotiue. Inmihe 203 Bouid of
Trado building.
FOB BENT-Half ot a new tloubto house.
4.J8 AVebster avenue.
Furnished Rooms for Rent.
FOB BENT-Furnlshcd room, heat, gun
and bnth. 127 Adams avenue.
FOB BENT-Ono furnMicd room, with
impiovcments; also ono on thltd floor,
cheap, t.27 Adams avenue.
FUBNISHED ROOMS for rent, mo-lorn
lm' voments; private family; gen
tlenu.i preferred, at 537 Adams avenuo.
heat, gan and bath, gentlemen pio-
ferted, at 539 Adains avenue.
For Sale.
AVILL sell a safe, sound family horse,
caiilago and harness, cheap; hoiso 7
jeats old, 1,0V) pounds and absolutely
safe for family use; wagon, Crawford
pneumntlc, good condition, lnqulro at
this office.
FOB SALE One 1518 "Hnirlsburg" au
tomatic cut-off cnglno (17.1 H. P.) In
first class condition. Scranton Bolt nnd
Nut Co.
Real Estate.
Location Elmhuist on tho
Land .......... Scenty-two acics;
fuim, gaidcn and
House Contains l." rooms
not counting nurs
eiy, scivants' rooms,
bath loom", lavator
ies, halls, closets, etc
Other buildings . . cottage for farmer,
two laige barns,
wagon house, work
shop, green house,
Ice house, chicken
house, etc
Light Illuminating gas is
furnished by u fine
75 light acet lene gas
. plant.
Heat t'"ivo open fire places,
in addition to steam
heat throughout.
Water . An nbuudanco of
Hparkling spring wa
tet to all the build
ings witli a pressure1
ol 25 pounds to
squaie inch.
Plumbing The plumbing is the
best open wot k Tho
bath looms aio tiled
and equipped with
handsome tlxtures.
Summed up The beauties of a
(iilthated fuim and
tho luxuries of a
modern citv resl
d e u c o delightfully
This piopertv cost between ?50,000 and
jw.noo Will sell fm $u.oon.
For teims of sale and pel mission to in
spect the place, apply to
120-128 AVashlngton Ave., Scranton, Pa.
LOTS, houses and fauns lor sale. See
J. C. Zuiflieh.
FOB SALE Elegant sites for homes In
upper. Green Ridge; choice neighbor
hood ; most dcsliablo localltv for homo
in Lackawanna county. J. A. Marvins,
173G Sanderson avenue.
AVANTED-Llght toad cult; suitable for
speeding; good condition; low priced.
J. D. Delahunty & Co , AVcst Pitttston.
Board and Rooms.
VERY DESIBABLE suite of looms with
flrst class table boutd, can bo obtained
nt 3J3 Jcfforson a entio.
Lost Strayed Stolen.
LOST In Nay Aug Paik, near picnic
giounds, a ladles chatelaine black seal
bag, containing a pockotbook with about
$35, a Lackawanna inllroud annual pass,
cards -with ownei's name, keys and other
articles. Libel al lewaid if letumed to
Lackawanna tailroad ticket office,
RHEUMATISM-A11 pal tics that wish
can bo speedily and permanently cured
of all varieties of Rheumatism by u. vege
table compound; cuies guaranteed. In
quire or nddicss J. E. Tuylor, Scianton.
RECEIVERS' SALE-In necordanca with
an oidet mudo bv the Judgu of the
United States Dlstilct Court on tho loth
day of June, 190J, tho uudci.slgned tecel'er
of the Scianton Lumber Company, lim
ited, bankiupts, will expose at public sale
to tho highest bidder for cash, at 10
o'clock a. in.. July 10th. at No. 207 East
Muikot stieet, in tho City of Scranton,
tho following desciibed piopeity, to wit:
Ono team son el draught horses, one
team daik bay diuught horses, ono slnglo
chiving hmse. H, B, ANDREWS,
AARON A'. BOWEB. Receiver,
TRUSTEE'S SALE - The undcrslncd,
Tiusteo under a Deed of Tiust made
byWilllam.Maver and Fiecleilca Mayer,
his wife, dated October il, 1S7S, and rc
oi iled In the ofllco for tho lecordlng of
deeds In und for Lackawanna county, in
deed book No, 1, page l.'b, etc, will offer
at publla sale, venduo or outriy, on Fri
day, Juno 27th, at 10 o'clock a. m at tho
Sheriff's oftleo in tho Court Houso, in the
City of Scranton. all tho following de
scribed lot or pleco of land, situate In
tho City of Scranton. County of Lacka
wanna und Stuto of Pennsylvania, bound
ed and desciibed as follows, to wit;
Being lot No. two C') In square or block
No. foity-olght (18) upon stieet called and
known us Jelfeison avenue and Linden
street, upon tho plot of the City of Benin
tan. Intended to be iccnided, said lot be
ing forty GOj feet in fiont on Jeff ci son
avenuo and ono bundled unci fifty (130) In
depth, tho mensuiement of depth to com.
menco ten feet lusldo of tho sidewalk on
uboo avenuo and street; with thu light
to Inclose, use und occupy ten feet In
fiont of said lot on said nvenuo und stieet
for celluiwuy, poich, poitlco, bay-window
and sluubbciy, but not the light to cicct
anv building theicon.
Excepting nnd icservlns tho coal and
mlncials us tho samo aru excepted and
lesened In tho deed tioni Tho Susquo
liannn and Wyoming Valley Balltuad and
Coal Company for suid lot. dated Octobor
L'Stli. 1SGS. and lecoidcd In Luzeiuo county,
ill deed book I'-'S, page 27.'. Said lot is lm.
Piucd with a two-story bilck dwelling
house on Jeff ci sou avenue and a double
two-stoty Banio dwelling house nit Lin.
den stieet.
Terms of Sale Twenty.flvo per cent, at
the time of sale, and tho balance to be
puld within ono year, defened payment to
be secured by bond and moitgago on tho
WELLES & TORRE V. Tiusteo.
Attornoys for Ti tisteo.
.Tuna t 11XW.
ma-m4 . m
No Order
Accepted for Less
Thnn 10 cents.
Help Wanted Male. ,
A. vT. Iltnr fltltinf Inlmwlntifr- with
Boculiontas, Tazewell County, State of Vliglnln, on thn Norfolk and AVcstctn Ball-
nii vvuius somo gnou, cxpcncnccct coai mincitt at once.
Ior pick mining and loading entry
.,'m ihvk mining aim lonciniK rouiu com ..,....,.,,,,,, in cents per tar
for mining and loading machine under-cut entry coal, ...70 cents per car
for mining nntt loading machlno under-cut loom con1..,.rS cents per car
Ins do track Inyers i ....$2 00 to JJ.Zi per day
ins do track layer hclpcis i to fl.7u per day
inside timber men j'.oo per dav
Ilisldo timber men helpers............ Jl.fio per day
I'm tics ot to can procuro special tickets frir lto.7,1 for each pciHon over th
Pennsylvntila Rnllroad from Philadelphia to Pocahontas. Regular faro for onci
Poison alone, JH.m.
Oood mliicis will get regttlnr employment and good accommodations, as tha
town of Pocahontas hus over 1,000 inhabitants.
; Ml Arcndo Bldg., Phlln.
AVANTED-A good wood turner who ran
mako himself genet ally useful In a
sash, door nnd blind factory. Address or
call on J. E. Patterson & Co., Plttston,
AVANTED-Trustwoi thy peison In each
county to manage business, oul estab
lished house, solid tlnunclul standing:
straight bona fide weekly cadi salaiv $1S
paid by check each AVednesilnv, with all
expenses dhect fiom licadntiurtois; money
nclvanced for cxiienses. Manager, 370
Caxton building, Chicago.
AVANTED Man with some expel lenco
with clectiic mnchineiv to run launch
on Lake AVInola for July and August.
Applv promptly, Lake AVInola Paik Co.,
121b Jackson street.
Help Wanted Female.
AVANTED-A cool: at tho Y.
203 AVashti.gtou avenue.
AV. C. A.,
once. Rooms 44 and 46 Burr building.
II. AAr. Sykcs & Co.
Help Wanted.
HOME WORK too monthly coplng let
ters: either sex. Send two stamps for
pai Hernials. Hick's Supply Co, 5031 Hal
sted street, Chicago.
Recruits Wanted.
WANTED FOR U.S. ARMYi-Ablo-bodicd
unmairlcd men between ages of 21 and
35; citizens of United States, of good
character and temperate habits, who can
speak, read and write English. For in
foimatlon apply to Recruiting Officer, No.
123 AVyomlng avenue, Scranton, Pa.
Situations Wanted.
SITUATION WANTED by young man as
assistant bookkeeper. Can furnish
lefciences. Address F. C. L., 714 N. Main
avenue, Scranton.
YOUNG MAN would like position in an
office or any honest woik; best tefer
ences; four years' experience. Address
J. T. R., tir Noith Sumner avenue.
A AVOMAN wishes to take washing home.
Call or address No. 743 Kiessler court.
BOOKKEEPER wants evening employ
ment; anv sjstem: references Al.
Addiess K., Tribune of lice.
cleaning, washing- and honing. Ad
dics.s Mis. Miller, 712 Schncll court.
girl as second girl. Address Box 3.13,
Moosic, Pa.
A GENTLEMAN and wife, with best ref
erences, would take caiei of a house
for the summer in absence of owner. Ad
diess C, Tiibuno office.
SITUATION WANTED by a bov 14 cars
of age as ofllco boy or clcik in diug
stoic. Addiess 10.19 Mousey avenue.
Money to Loan.,
Quick, stiaight loans or Building and
Loan. At from 4 to 6 per cont. Call on
N. V. Walker, 314-315 Connell building.
Business Opportunity.
out delay. AVrlto for our special mar
ket letter. Fieo on uppllcntton. S. M.
Hibbard & Co., memheis N. Y. Consoli
dated and Stock Exchange, 44 and 40
Broadway, Now York. Established 1S61.
Long Dlstanco 'Phono 21SS Broad.
Certified Public Accountant.
Traders' Bank Building. Old 'phono 1861.
Real Estate Exchange. Bldg., l-'fl AVash
lngton ave.
Civil and Mining: Engineers.
building, Spruce strcot, Scranton,
torncys and Counsellors-at-Law, GOJ to
blJ Connell building.
Counsellors - at - Law. Commonwealth
Building. Rooms 13, 20 and 21.
Roard of Trndo Building, Scranton, Pn.
No. 211 AVyomlng avenuo.
Patent Attorneys.
DATr IVITOlnallcountrics
KA I C.IN I Oof the Globe.
The only licensed and equipped patont
solicitor in tho city. No ehaigo for in
formation on patentability; ovor ton ycais
Rcplofflc & Co., Mcars Bldjr.
Hotels and Restaurants.
tin avenuo. Bates teasouablo,
P. 5JIEGLER, Piopiiotor.
Passenger depot, Conducted on tho Eu
topcan plan, A'letor Koch. Piopiiotor,
" ' I1 '" ! I I
and cess pools; no odor; only Improvud
pumps usod, A. B. Bilggs. piopiiotor,
Leavo oidois 1100 Noith Main itvonue.
or i:icko's diug stme, comer Adums und
Mulbeiry, Both telephones.
Wire Screens,
ave., Scranton, mfis. of AVIio Screens.
piles, en elopes, paper bags, twlao.
AVarehouse, HO AVashlngton avenuo.
bo had In Scranton at tho news stand
of Bclsman Bros, 406 Sluueu amt.a.W)
Linden; M. Norton. 322 LuckuwaTiiia
ac.; I. S. Schutzer, 211 Spruce street.
mPPTlftRVi ;
VVMWM'VaiL Jl 'a ,1
1 J. J , '' V" ' 'J
"biuy Half, a Cent a Word. ., j '
Help Wanted Male.
tilt timttmitt rtnnl t-nlnncf It ! 4m. . m
coal 10 ccnta per car
l "i
Central Railroad of New Jersey.
In Effect May 18, 1902.
Stations In Now Yoik, foot Llbortv
stieet and South Ferry, N.R. lJlucy
Trains leavo Scianton for Now York.
Philadelphia. Euston, Bethlohcm. Altnn
town. Munch Chunk, AVhlto Haven, Ash
ley, AMlkes-Bai ro and Plttston at 7.30 n
m . 7 p. m. and I p. m. Sunday, 2.10 p. m.
Quaker City Express leaves Scranton
7.30 a. m tlnough, solid vestibulo train
with Pullman Buffet Parlor Car for Phil
adelphia witli only ono change of curs
for'Bnltimoro nnd AVashlngton, D. C, and
alljprlncipnl points south und west.
For Avoca. Plttston and AVilkes-Barro.
I1 p. m. and 4 p. m. Sunday. 2.1i p. m.
For Long Branch, Ocean Glove, etc..
7.30 nnd 1 p. m.
, For Beading, Lebanon and Harrlsburg
via Allentown at 7.C0 a. m., 1 p. m. and 4
p. m. Sunday, 2.10 p m.
a For Tamaqua and Pottsvlllo, 7.30 a. m.
1 p. in. and 4 p. m.
For rates und tickets apply to agent at,
,.W. G BESSLER. Oen. Manager,,.
C. M. BURT, Gen. Pass. Agt. f
: 1
Delaware, Lackawanna nnd Western.
In Eftoot Juno 1, 1902.
Tialns leave Scranton for Now York
At 150. 3 20, U.03. 7.G0 and 10.10 H. m.; 12 40,
3 40, 3 33 p. m. For Now York and Phila
delphia 7.00. 1010 a. m., and 12.40 and 3 33
p. m. For Gouldsboro At 6.10 p. m. For
Buffalo 1.13, 6 22 and 9 00 a. m.; 103, 6 50
and 11.10 p m. For Blnghamton. Elmlttc
and way stations 10 2 a. m., 1.05 p. m
For Oswego. Syracuse and Uttca 1.13 and
6.22 a. m.; 155 p. m. Oswego, Syracuse)
and Utica tialn at 6.22 a. m. dally, except
Sunday. For Montrose 9.00 a. m. ; 1 01
and 6 50 p. m. Nicholson accommodation
4.00 and 6.15 p. m.
Bloomsburg Division For Northumber
land, at 6 33 and 1010 a. m.; 153 and 610
p. m. For Plymouth, at 8.10 a. m.; 3.10
and 9 03 p m.
Sunday Trains For Now York, 1 50, 3 20.
6 03, 1010 n. m.; 3.40 and 3 35 p m. For
Buffalo 1.13 and 6 22 a. m.; 1.53, 6 50 and
11.10 p.m. For Elmli a and way stations ,
10 25 a. m. For Blnghamton aiidjyay sta.
tlons, 9 00 a. m. Bloomsbmg is'S.'-lon
Leave Scranton, 10 10 a. in. and 6.10 ti. m.
Delaware and Hudson.
In Effect Juno 16, 1902.
Tialns for Caibondulo leavo Scranton at
6 44, 7 3i, h 36, 10.13 a. m.; U 05, 1.12, 2 11. ,; 5i,.
5 29. 6 25. 8 21, 9.15, 10 04 p. m.; 12 18, 1 38 a in.
For Honcsdale ti 44, 1013 a. m.; 211 and
5 29 p. m.
For Wilkes-Bnno-6 3S. 7.41. 8 41. 0.17,
10 tJ a. m.: 12 0.1, 1.42, 218, 3 2S, 4 33, 6.10.
7.48. 10 41, 11 49 p. m
For L. V. R. R. Points-7.41, 9 47 a. m.;
2.1R. 4 33 and 11.49 p m
For Pennsylvania R. R. Points 6 3S,
9.47 a. m : 1.12, 3,2S and 4 33 p. m.
For Albany and all points north 7.36 a.
m. and 3 56 p m
For Caibondulo 8 50, 1133 a, m; 211
3.5u. 5 52 nnd 11.17 p. m.
For AVilkcs-Buno 9 38 a. m.; 12 03, 1.58,
3 28. 6.32 and 9.17 p. 111.
For Albany and points noith 3 56 p. m
For Honcsdale S 50 a. m.; 11.33 and' 3 53.
p. m.
AV. L. PRYOR. D. P. A.. Scranton, Pa.
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Schedule in Eftcct Juno 10, 190.'.
Trains leave Scranton: 0 38 a. in, tcck
days, tlnough vestibulo ttaln from
AVllkes-Bano. Pullman buffet pallor car
and coaches to Philadelphia, via Potts
vtlte; stops at piineipal intermediate sta
tions. Also connects foi Sunbuiy, Har
rlsburg, Philadelphia, Bultimoia, AVash.
ington and for Pittsburg and the AVest.
9.47 a. m.. week days, lor Sunbury, liar.
lisbmg, Philadelphia, Baltimoio, AVash
lngton and Plttsbuig and tho West. v
1.4.1 p m., week davs, (Sundays. 1 5S p.
m.), for Sunbuiy. Harrlsburg, Phlladel
pliia, Baltimote, AVashington and Pltts
buig and the AVcst. i
3 28 p. m., week elnys, throiign c3tibulq
ttaln from AVllkes-Buno Piillmnn biifte
patlor car and ccaches to Philadelphia via
Pottsvlllo. Stops at piineipal Intermediates
4 33 p m., week davs. for Hnloton, Sun
buiy, Hurrisbutg, Philadelphia and Pitts-
UlS' J. B. HUTCHINSON. Gen. Mgr.
J. B. AVOOD, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Lehigh Valley Railroad. .'
In Effect Juno 15, 1902.
Tialns Leavo Scianton.
For Philadelphia and New York via D.
6 H B. R., at 7.41. tlnough Parlor Car
and Day Coach Carbondalo to Now York
and 9.47 a. m.. with L. V. Coach Carbon
dalo to Philadelphia, and 2.18. 4 33 (Ulaok
Diamond Expiess), and 11.49 p. m. Suih
days, D. & H. R. R., 1 6S. 9.17 p. m.
For AVhlto Haven, Iluzleton and piinei
pal points in tho coal legions, via D. & 11.
R. ... 7.41, 2.18 and 4 35 p. in. For Potts
vllle, 7.11 a. in.
For Bothlcliem. Easton, Beading, Har
ilsbtng and piineipal lutci mediate st.i
tions, via D. A.. 11. R. R.. 7.11, 9 47 a. m.;
2.18, 4 35 (Black Dlnmoiul Expiess), 11.49 p,
m. Sundays, D. A: II. R. R, 9oS a. m.;
1.5S. 9.17 p. m.
For Tunkhannoek, Towanda, Elmira.
Ithaca, aenova and piineipal intcrmedinto
stations via D L. & AV. R. R , 6 33 u. m.
und 1.53 p. m.
I"or Genen, Rochester. Buffalo, Niag
ara Falls, Chicago and all points weit via
D. &. H. R. B, 12 03 p. 111.; 3 28 (Black
Diamond Espiess). 10 41, 1149 p. m. Suti
dnys. D. & H B. It., 12 03, 917 p. m
Pullman pallor and sleeping or Lelilcli
A'nlloy Pallor cuis on all trains betwcei
AVllkes-Batro and Now A'oik. Phlladelf
phla, Buffalo and Suspension Bridge. -rv
Coitland stieet, Now A'oik. i
CHARLES S. LEE, Geu, Pass; Agt., 2S
Coitland stteot. New A'oik. r sl,
A. AV. NONEMACHER, Dlv.iP.iss. AgW-
South Bethlehem, Pa. -,s.
For tickets and Pullman reservation
apply to city tit kdW oci, 09 4 PilblU',,
Squnro. AVllkes-Barte, IM. ' -
New York, Ontario and Western..
Tlmo Tablo in Effect Sunday, Juno 15, 1902,
Leavo Leuvo Ai live-
Trains. Scranton. Caibondulo. CudpslnL.
No.l 1030a.m. 11,10 a. in, l.OOp. m.
No. .! .... 1 ,00 p, in. 4411), in. (, oo p. m.
No, 7 ...... CW P m.Ar.Carboiidulq 6 lu p.m
Leavo Leuvo ,Attv&-
Tialns. Cadosiu. Ciirbotidale. Siipirttort?
No. u tjijiia. m, 7,23'a. m-
No. 4 ,,.,,, 8,10a. m 10 01 a, in. loiou. itV
No '2 2.1". p m. 4 ft) p. in. 4 43 p. niV
Leuo Leuvo Anlve?-
Trains. Scianton, Caibondulo. Cacjpsia?.
No. 9 8 30 a, m. . 0.10 p. m. 10.45 a. mr
No. 5 ,,.,.. 7 Oil p. n'i.Ar,Cnil)ondalo7,i;n,in n Lavo Allivo
Tinlns. Cudosla. Carbnndule. SoiautonU
No, 0.. ,,...' BSilii, in. 7.."i u.111,, 430piu,,
Tialns Nos. 1 on week dajs. and u on
Sundays connect for Now York citv, Midi
dlotown, AVulton, Norwich, Oneida, Ost
wego und nil Dolllls west. !
Tialn U forPoyntelie, AValton, Dolhl.x
Sidney, Noiwftli mid all New Boilhi
blanch points. , , ,
Train No. 0, with "Quaker City Ex
piess" at Scranton. la C, B. B. of N. J,,
for Bhlludelphla. Atlantic! City, Baltimore
AA'nJhliiBton uijd PennsjIvanU state
points.' s
Seo.tlrac-tablo und consult ticket agents
for connections with other, llms -J.
C. ANDUItSON. O. P, A , Now A'oik.--
'. E. WELSH, T,j A., Sciautou. V, ,
' ' jt ,- , ,w In i . i i' 5