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v ' : ' a
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In and About
The City
Municipal Pay Day.
The members of the police unci tire de
partments iccelvcd their June wages yes
terday atternoon.
Drew the Clock.
The drawiiiR for an clKht-diiy dock
held at the Ai Huston hotel last nlstfit,
was won by Charles Klefcr.
Free Excursion.
The managers of the Sauqulot silk mill
will slve n free excursion to Its employes
on August f. ft will ro to I.uko Ariel.
Visiting- Not Permitted.
On account of the prevalence of small
pox In Sjeranton, no visitors will be ad
mitted to Hillside Home until further
Creditors' Meeting.
The llrst meeting of creditors In the
case or Kilwlu V. Teal, banltiupt. was
yesterday held before Referee In Bank
ruptcy Van AVormer.
Field Schedules.
The bankrupt llrm of Kinlmek &
Wclehel. formerly pioprletors of tho vJrv
iriK hotel, filed its schedules yesterday
with Referee In Uankruptcy C. E. Van
Excursion to Lake Ariel.
The excursion of the Pcnn Avenue Bap
tist church utul Sanday school to laiko
Ailel on July 10 will be a laiRe one; every
lueparation will bo made to Insure an
enjoyable time.
Wills Admitted to Probate.
The will of llonry AVInkler, late of
f-'eranton, was probated yesterday and
letters testamentary granted to Barbara
AVInkler. The will of Anthony McDon
nell, late of Dunmore, was also probated
and letters testamentary granted to jtlury
Small Boy Arrested.
Tony Mates, of IVnn avenue, was nr
lested by Captain of Police Williams
yesterday inoinlns ono the charRu cp"
stealins u revolver from Itawlln's (.port
ing Roods store at "'.'9 Penn uvemui. Mates,
who Is a small boy, was caught In the
act by u clerk.
Picked Old Man's Pocket.
A man who save his name an Patilelc
Dowdell was last night arrestul in Cas
HCfcBo'a. hotel on!:uwanna avenue,
nlicro the bartender saw him removo ?1
from the pocket of an old man, In wlinso
company ho was. llu was removed to tho
Center street station.
Officers of Division 168..
Division 1UJ, AmalRamaled Association
of Street Railway Employes, at a meet
.Ing early yesterdny morning elected of
lleers as follows: President, 1. J. .Shea;
vlco president, Thomas Udwaids; (luan-
c(al secietury, Oeoigo O. ICcslcr; coiro
spontllng secretary, J, J. Kaily; tieaauror,
AVIlllnm Race.
Admitted to Bail.
Matthow Duggau, 'cjinrgcd with burg
lary, was" yesterday admitted to bail by
Judge Udwnids lti,.t1io sum of t'JHl. Ho
was also hold iu-J3W lnll on chaises of
larceny nml rcaelvliiR and malicious mis
chief. Barbara Monlnu nualUled In both
IE Ann Vsvu llAinM !. S.L.
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Inslnriees. John Comproiiki, elmrRcd wllh
reslfltlng nrrest, wni held In 3t. Jacob
Buravlts! became his bomtsmntt,
' , (Shot in the Hand.
flnmuol t'lltclinril, of North Bcrnnton,
wiih nrrulgned before Alderman llliddy
yesterdny on Hie clmrgo ot selling fife
iirms to a minor, prefcrted by Michael
Uosgrove, of Theodora street, Tho Int
trr'H young roii, Kugenc, recently bouahl
a small revolver nnd it quantity of blank
cartridge from 1'iitchard, nltd oh Mon
ilay nccldnntnlly nhot himself through llio
bund. Judgment was suspended until n
further hearing, when tho extent of tho
Injuries will bo known.
Remarkably Brilliant Performance
of a Young Pianist.
A large audience at Guernsey hall
Inst nlghl heard a truly remarkuule
lilunlstc. Sho Is Mi.Hs Loretta Fahey,
ot AVest Horanton, n pupil of Unydn
Kvnns. Although a child In years,
Miss Fnhey Is a real artist. She ren
dered a programme that ono might ex
pect to hear tit n PoderewsM recital,
nnd acquitted herself In a manner thut
enthused thu critics.
ller performance, ot the opening num
ber, the Qrleg Sonata, op. 7, was bril
liant and stamped her nt once us the
possesssor of rare ability. Selections
from Cliainnuule, Chopin, Duponl and
AVIenlawskl were played with nn ex
pression worthy of a master.
Mr. Kvnns looks upon his pupil ns a
prodigy and predicts for her a great
". A. lloberts, a pupil of Dr. D. J.
J. Mason, rendered a number ot vocal
numbers in a very clever manner.
Rev. Sol Foster, of Newark, N. J.,
Officiated Last Night at Linden
Street Temple.
The Rev. Sol Foster, of Newark, N.
J., a former resident of this city, was
In charge of lust night's services at the
Linden street synagogue. He will also
be In charge this morning, ut the linnl
service to be hold bv the Reformed
Jewish congregation, until It moves Into
the handsome new synagogue on Madi
son avenue, now In course, of construc
tion. Mr. Foster, who Is a recent gradunte
of the Rabbinical school at Cincinnati,
preached an excellent sermon last night,
taking as his text tho following pass
age from the story of Joseph, in Gene
sis: "The evil they devised against me
God has brought about for my good."
Ho compared the life of Joseph to tho
course throifgh history ot the Jewish
nation. "Joseph," said he, "is a proto
type of Judaism. Like Joseph, the Jews
have had to first pass through a series
of troubles, through bondage and tribu
lation, until dually they have attained
their goal.
."Like Joseph, the Jew has had to
suffer untold trlnls for his faith. And,
like Joseph, ho has surmounted nil diffi
culties, and successfully run the gaunt
let of u course of torments nnd tortures
which would put the horrors of darkest
Africa to shame. Thank God,
days are now over, and the 'effects of
his trials have only made the Jew more
patient, more enduring and more true
to his faith."
I. C. S. Employes Entertained at St.
Luke's Parish House.
The employes of tho International
Correspondence school conducted a
minstrel jubilee last night nt St. Luke's
Parish House, und fully entertained an
audience which thronged tho hall. The
stage was cleverly decorated and the
performers, coolly attired in white shirt
waists and duck trousers, looked calm
and comfortable.
Joel Foster acted as interlocutor, and
Jerry Foster, Charlie Swisher, Hal
Hunting and AValt. Davis made four
excellent end men. The programme
was divided into two parts, the first
consisting of an opening chorus, a tenor
solo by Gustavo Report, a snare solo
by I ml Hunting, a bass solo by D. 12.
Wenzel, solos by Charlie Swisher and
AValt. Davis, and selections by a quin
tette composed of John Stoeber, Gus
tavo Repert, Fred Ileintz, John Kern
pher and Jacob Kmick.
The second purl of the entertainment
was furnished by Hal Hunting, Hftry
Clark, and Roach and Loftus.
Those In chuigo of the performance
were: Manager, John J. Hurley;
musical director, Charles llanne; ac
companist, Harry L. Tyler; property
man, Harry Hurgess; stage carpenter,
Harry Jeffrey; electrician, J. D, Smith.
Fire Crackers Distributed Frre from
7 to 0 a. m., July 4.
Lewis & Rellly, the always busy shoe
dealers, will, as has been their custom
for the past thirteen years, glvo to tho
boys and girls on July 4, Independence
day, between 7 'and !) o'clock In the
morning at their stores, 111 and 11C
AVyomlng avenue, packages of tiro-.
crackers free. The store will be closed
all day excepting tho hours above men
tioned, and during those hours no goods
will bo sold. Ample arrangements have
been perfected so that every boy nnd
girl who calls at the store will bo pre
sented with n package of firecrackers.
No matter how largo the crowd, every
one will bo supplied, as the Htoek of
llrecrackers will bo so large that dis
appointment will be Impossible, Tho
llrm of Lewis & Rellly nro always gen
erous to the little folks nnd take pride
In pleasing theni. Tho boys and girls
of the entire valley are Invited .to be,
present on the morning ot July 4 nnd
receive their present. '
. C?!.J
mc Luiimi v :
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Scranton, Pa., change my paper
Was Committed to the County Jail
Last Night by Alderman Millar in
Default of $1,000 Bail Three Men
Arrested nt Olyphant for Rioting
at That Place and Held In Bail.
Warrants Have Been Issued for a
. Number of Other Men.
Peler Miller, a striker ( who lives In
tho rear of 713 Scranton street, was
last night committed to the county
jail by Aldcrmnn Millar In default ot
11,000 ball." Miller Is charged with
threatening to blow up the house ot
John Hutchko, of 112 North Seventh
street, with dynamite.
iltttchko Is u mine worker, nnd most
of the time since the strike begun has
been employed at the Diamond wash
ery of the Delaware, Lackawanna nnd
AA'cstorn company. Miller and others
hnvo tried to dissuade Hutchko from
working, but without success, and fi
nally Miller declared that unless Hutch
ko joined tho strikers he would have
his house blown up by dynamite and
all of the inmates kllledr He nlso ap
plied some very opproblous names to
AA'hen arrested yesterday Miller de
nied the threats, but several witnesses
tcstlflod to honrlnjr them made, and the
aldernmn held the accused. For call
ing vile names, he was fined $10 and
costs and In default was committed to
tho county Jail for thirty days.
District Board Member Stephen
Reap, of the United Mine AVorkers of
America; Edward Lawier and John
Lyons, all of Olyphant, were arraigned
before Magistrate AA'.'S. Millar yester
day afternoon, on the charge of being
Implicated In Thursday's rioting at Oly
phant, near the Delaware and Hudson
Conl company's collieries. Reap was
fined $20 nnd held in $500 bail, while
Lawier and Lyons were fined $10 each
and held In $300 ball.
About thirty other warrants are out
for the arrest of mine workers, among
them Hugh Duggan, AA'lll lilorr, Lin
coln Pettigrew and Oliver Roe, who are
charged with having taken part in the
riots. AA'nrrants were nlso served upon
Frank AVheeler and P. J. McCormack
yesterday, who, with Reap, Lawier and
Lyons, were accused of rioting, May
20, but their case was continued, at
the request of their counsel.
At yesterday's hearing, tho defend
ants were represented by Attorney J. J.
O'Mulley, and Attorney J. H. Torrey
and Joseph O'Brien conducted the
prosecution. The warrants were Issued
at the Instance of George Meyl, John
Pettigrew, George Moran and David E.
Lewis. -The hearing look place at 3
o'clock, the magistrate's office being
thronged with spectators. Superin
tendent E. E. Jtose, of the Delaware
and Hudson eonl department, and
other Delaware and Hudson represen
tatives were present.
Meyl, Pettigrew and Mason swore
that a crowd of nbout thirty men had
Interfered with them, when they were
going to work, and that on Heap's
counselling them to go home, they had
done so, fearing to go to the colliery,
Lewis was then put on the stand, and
swore to tho commotion which occurred
Mny 20. He claimed that between two
and three hundred men met him, when
he was going to work, early in the
morning, closed In on him, and by their
shouts and threats deterred him from
going on. He declared that Reap
seemed to him to bo the ringleader.
"Did Reap lay violent hands on you?"
quelled Ir. O'Malley.
"No, sir," answer the witness.
"Did he have any weapon, or any In
strument In his hand," was the next
"Well, seeing that there were over a
couple of hundred men with hlni, I
hardly think he needed anything," the
witness responded.
Mr. Goodrich, a watchman at the
crossing, testified to the fact that an
unusual crowd of men had gathered
early In the morning near the colliery.
His testimony was productive of a
ruther lively tilt between the opposing
Magistrate Millar granted a contin
uance In this case, and Mr. O'Malley
then asked that the defendants be dis
charged, as no direct evidence had been
brought to show that they used force
or violence, Tho act of assembly of
1901 was read by counsel for the pros
ecution, however, showing that the riot
ing done was sufficient cause to hold.
Magistrate Millar overruled tho mo
tion to dismiss the case, and Stephen
Reap was then placed on tho stand.
His story of the caso was to tho effect
that on different occasions he had met
Meyl, Pettigrew and Mnson, near the
colliery. On his speaking to them
amicably, and asking them to Join the
other strikers, crowds had collected
about them, but no threats, or Intimi
dation ot any sort had ever been used.
Tho other defendant.- testtmnoy was
of the same nature.
The Glorious Day at Lake Lodore,
Where a 350 Qold Prize Will Be
There will bo no place In all the
region where tho glorious Fourth will
be more fittingly celebrated than nt the
popular and beautiful Luke Lodore, In
addition ta tho manifold attractions at
this dimming resort, every excursion
ist will havo a chance of winning fifty
dollars lit gold. A numbered coupon.
will lie given on the grounds to every
person presenting an excursion ticket,
and the gold will be awarded in the
pavilion promptly upon the arrival of
the last excursion train. A greut vn
liety of excellent amusement will be
provided. The famous Mozart baud
wll play delightful dance music. Ca'
teror M, F, Fadden Is under bond to
supply an abundance of many kinds of
refreshments uficient for fifteen thou
sand persons.
Greatly reduced excursion rales from
all points on the D. & II. railroad. Fare
from Scranton. Adults, 76 cents; chil
dren, CO cents. Trains will leave the
Lackawanna avenue depot ut !M5 and
10,13 a, in,, and 1.12 p. in.
Mr. Tom Qippel, Solo Tenor,
Assistant and couch to Miss Cordelia
Freeman, of tho Powers-Alexander
studios, New York and Scranton, will
accept u limited number of pupils dur
ing the summer months. For terms,
etc.. address cure of Miss Freeman's
studio, Council building.
The court attuches of Lackawanna,
and Luzerne counties will piny hall at'
Athletic park thlS afternoon The
Lackawanna team will be made up as
Catcher, William Wlrth, clerk of re
corder of deeds; pitcher, Richard AVnt
klns, clerk ot county commissioners!
short stop, James E. AVatklns, court
messenger; second baseman, William
Klein, warden at county jail; flrBt base
man, John Van Bergen, clerk of coun
ty, commissioners' office; third base
man, Reese Lewis, clerk for recorder of
deeds; left fielder, Charles J. Mlrtz,
deputy clerk of courts; centre fielder,
Peter .Neuls, clerk for county controll
er; right fielder, John Gaffney, deputy
Admission to the game will be free.
The visitors will be entertained with a
supper nt the conclusion of the game.
The triennial adoption ot text books'
by the board of control is to take place
In the near future, and the first har
bingers of the event are found In the
persons of n host of agents who are nl
ready In the city, representing big met
ropolitan book publishing concerns.
Several have already dropped into tho
municipal building for a quiet little
chat with the board secretary. Three
yenrs ngo the board re-ndopted the text
books then In use, and it is very likely
that changes will now be made, and
lurge purchases result. The matter will
not be discussed nt Monday's meeting,
but nt a later session.
At present the American Book Pub
lishing company and tho Butler Shel
don compuny have the contracts for
the greater number of school books In
Company K, of the Thirteenth regi
ment, will elect a first lieutenant next
Tuesday night to fill the vacancy
caused by the promotion of AVIU S.
Gould to the captaincy.
The candidates are Bugler Fred
Gould, Sergeant Major John M. Ed
wards and Second Lieutenant Walter
Off for Cranberry Lake Tomorrow.
Hundreds of Scranton people will go
to Cranberry Lake, the Lackawanna's
new pleasure park, with the Durkin
Social club tomorrow. It will be a rec
ord trip from this city, the special train
leaving at 8.15 o'clock from Delaware,
Lackawanna and AVestem station,
going through, without making a single
stop. The club wanted two stops ar
ranged, but the railroad refused be
cause it Is going to show the people
who go on this delightful Sunday out
ing that Cranberry Lake Isn't so very
far away after all. The fare is only one
dollar a half-cent per mile, and you
get one of the finest trips ever offered.
Children go along for seventy-live
cents. A big New York exburslon Is
coming to Cranberry tomorrow also.
Durkin club tickets are for sale at the
depot, at Rogers' jewelry store', and
Loftus' drug store. The club assures
all who go with them that there will be
no lack of eatables on this trip. Tick
ets are good only on special train.
The Best Vegetables
And fruits of the season are putting In
nn appearance now. Our assortment for
this morning Is complete, and when you
order your Sunday dinner, call nt our
market or telephone us and we assure
you best goods and prompt service.
Order early to get freshest goods.
The Pierce Co.,
110-114 Penn avenue.
!A Few 1
IGood Ones
For Monday
Light Printed Lawns, good styles, 10 yards for 10c
Light Printed Dimities, 8c goods, 10 yards for 49c
New Light Lawns, neat, small designs, 10c quality 6 l-2c
Good Dress Ginghams, new red and blue stripes 6c
Best Seersuckers, choice styles, in short lengths Be
New Dimities, Lawns and Batistes, 12 l-2c grade Dc
Just arrived, Batistes and Swisses in new printing of
green on white and black, on white, very swell 12 l-2c
Linen Ginghams, stripes, were 25c, special ? 13 l-2c
Lot of Scotch Ginhams, new styles, 20c cloth 12 l-2c
Home Spun Skirtings in blue, green, brown, and grey.. 10c
.Galatea Cloths, sure to wear, kind for boys and girls.... 18c
White Goods Attractions.
White Stripe Madras and open lace stripe muslins, a big
selection of 25c values
Barber Cotton Huck Towels, 5c each; dozen
Linen Huck Towels, good size, 17c value
Extra heaw. lame size Huck Towels, all linen
White Curtain Lappet Swiss, yard wide 12 l-2o
Stevens Crashes, brown and bleached, 6c to 12 l-2c nt THe Nankins, nure linen,
Larger and better grade Napkins
Some slightly soiled Napkins in
Half bleached all Linen Table Damask, 60c values, nice as
sortment For Wash Dress Trimmings, New Black Chantlle Lace.
Special values 8o to
New White and Linen Serpentine Laces, big line, 8o to . , .
i i
Given Awayjen Stamps
With every purchase of $1.00 or more, June
28 or 30, Present This Coupon at
Our Office.
Mears & Hagen,
415-417 Lackawanna Ave,
I mmtmmmM9Mt mmmvmm, MJXsljf&jLMbtk'. ku.ii -J. --L4 . ' ' r !iv- ii-nfliinniiM r
Superintendent of Building Inspec
tion F. L. Brown' Has Completed
the Plans for New Fire House for
Phoenix Chemical and Hook and
" Ladder Companies Changes Which
Will Be Made in Order o Provide
Accommodations for Women nt
Police Station.
Superintendent of tho Bureau of
Building Inspection F. L. Brown has
completed the plans for the new fire
house for the Phoenix ' company,
and Hook and Ladder company on
Lackawanna avenue and tho women's
want- in tho police station. The lire
house will be located opposite the
present quarters of the Phoenix Chemi
cal compuny, on laud purchased from
the Lackawanna Iron and Steel com
pany. It Is to be a two story brick
structure, seventy feet in length, with
a frontage of forty feet. The first
floor will have an asphalt flooring, and
its walls will be finished In brick. It
will have a wooden celling, and the
front part of the building will contain
the hook and ladder truck and chemi
cal company's apparatus.
The horses will be placed In a differ
ent position from that in which they
are stationed In the other engine
houses of the city. Their stalls will be
built in such n way that the horses
will go direct to their place at the ap
paratus, instead of running the length
of the engine. ,
The truck will have a three horse
hitch, and the stalls in this case also,
will be arranged in such a way ns to
greatly facilitate 'dispatch In respond
ing to an alarm.
On the second story will be a large
dormitory for the men of both com
panies, with a separate room for the
captain, and parlor for the men. In tho
rear will be locker rooms, with a sep
arate locker for each man, bath rooms,
with ordinary and rain baths. Above
them will be bins for grain and a loft
for hay. The heating apparatus and
fuel bins will be located in the cellar.
Superintendent Brown's plans pro
vide for a rearrangement of 'the police
rooms, which will fill all requirements.
The large, room opening off the base
ment corridor on the Mulberry street
side of the building will be transformed
into a place for women prisoners. Five
steel cells will be placed In It, and two
large cells arranged for women who
are merely temporarily detained, and
who ought not be placed In the regular
cells with criminals.
The small room adjoining this apart
ment, which Is now used as an emer
gency hospital, will be alloted the police
The seats and railings which arc now
In the police court room will be re
moved, only the railings In front of the
magistrate's deck being al!ow;ed to re
tain their place. The apartment will
be used as a lounging room for the pa
trolmen and officers while off duty,
with the exception, of course, of times
when a magistrate Is holding court.
Mr. Gibbon's book.
Those Black Diamond Men. s
How tho Underground Half LIvds.
Just received at' Norton's.
the dozen , UBc
80c fi
broken stylos, special
, 25c
, 25c
How and Where to Get It ,
. vc
You Pay Too
for your loan if you fall to got It on OUR NEW REBATE PLAN, Sure
ly It Is worth your while to save from $5 to $36.50 on a loan, accb'flP
lng to Its size. 'i
Money to Loan
on Household Furniture ,
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You should como here:
Because this company does NOT
tell you that' you MUST WAIT a day
or two for the loan. Only nn hour. or
two's notice necessnry here.
Because our rates are the lowest.
Because we guarantee that there will
Because your friends need not know.
Scranton Loan
No. 207 Wyoming Avenue.
Near Cor. Spruce St. Scranton Pa. New 'Phone, a8a6.
Business Hours: 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.i Saturdays till 10 p. m.
Customers Are " The Life of Trade"
And we are attracting many customers these days. Not only
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Some Things for Saturday
0 ' All at Special Trices
5 Hosiery and Underwear
t Complete assortment of Hosiery and Underwear for men,
X? women and children. We take special pride in keeping thlsv,
0 department up to a high standard, and it is.
H riuslin .Underwear
rfk TJiis stock is "second to none" in the city. It" is filled
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If the drain on your nervous energy shows
in a falling off in weight and lack of appetite,
your system requires toning.
Munster or Bohemian Beer, used at table
or before meals, supplies an ideal tonic-beverage.
Rich in malt and containing a very small
percentage of alcohol, It is at the same time
invigorating and light.
A case, of two dozen bottles,
delivered for ono dollar.
Every label bears
Jhe dato of bottling.
2i6 Lackawanna Avc.5cjumton
Cleanest bedding for
your horse, Keeps stable
free from foul odors,
& Grain Co,,
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ment if you want more time.
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you a large part of tho cost.
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the loans of other companies so as to
save tho difference in rates.
Because our system Is so simple that
a child can understand It.
Guaranty Cot
A Family Trait
v Price List fnr he
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known ,
Wilson Bros.' Eclipse rirnfl
Panama Hfiv4
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