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10 '
fathers of the Children Were Present
to Watch the Exercises Fire In
Office of Alderman Myers Destroy'
. ed a Number of His Books Fro
gramme That Will Be Rendered
Sunday Evening In the Christian
'Church Game of Hand Ball to Be
Flayed This Afternoon.
The closing exorcise of the hinder
BHrtcn of the Scrnnton Institute of
Ilunmn Development wns hold yester
day morning. The mothers of tho mem
ibcrs of tho kindergarten were present
by invitation of Miss Hester Thomas,
rthe klndorgartncr, who has had the
nineteen enrolled members under her
direction for the two months the kin
dergarten has been in operation.
The little folks show careful twin
ing, and thoroughly enjoy their work
The mothers and menus who were
present were delighted with the work
and are very desirous to hnvo this
branch of the Institute work carried on
in the fall.
Eire in Alderman Myer's Office.
, Fire was discovered In Alderman
Myers' office last evening, about 6
o'clock. The alderman was busy In hla
private office when he heard a noise In
the court room, and going to tho door
saw his bookcuse in flames. He called
his assistant, and by active work they
'succeeded in conquering the flames.
The alderman lost all his law books
and many other valuable books and
papers. The los3 is covered by insur
ance. In Christian Church.
In the Christian church, Sunday even
ing, the following programme will be
Organ Prelude Miss Anna Henry
Doxology Congregation
Anthem, "What Are These That Are
Arrayed" Mcl'hall
Tenor Solo, "The Holy City,"
Mr. E. Price
Mrs. Espy and Miss Amelia Evans
Berlpture and Prayer.
Solo Miss Carrie Perry
Male Quartette Messrs. E. Price, T. It.
Price, David T. Edwards, "VVm. Wilson
Anthem, "Make a Joyful Noise,"
Eolo, "Dream of Paradise" Gray
Miss Verne Slllock.
Miss Ethel Watklns nnd Mrs. McGlnnls
Bass Solo, "Star of Bethlehem, '
William Wilson.
Anthem, "Sing PraWs" Herbst
Solo and Choi us,
Miss Estella McCullnch and Choir
A game of hand ball between the
Donnelly Brothers, of Archbald, and
Kelly and Cody, of reckville and Dun
more, respectively, will be played on
the Henry court this afternoon, for a
purse of $23 a side. A quoit match
will follow, fou the purse of ?10, be
tween Thomas Middleton and John Da
vis, both of this place.
The meeting of the Indies' Outing
club of the Young Women's Christian
association, has been postponed until
Tuesday evening.
A great number of people from this
section attended the Presbyterian ex
cursion to Lake Ariel yesterday.
Miss Alice Melvln, of Bloomsburg
Normal school, is visiting Miss Lucy
O'Boyle, of Williams street.
Miss Miriam Owens, of Buck avenue,
is ill.
A special meeting of the Green Ridge
castle, No. 196. Mystic Chain, will bo
held in their hall on Monday evening.
Evan Lewis, Jr., who has been spend
ing his vacation at Crystal Lake, has
returned home.
Mrs. Edward Barrett, of Summit
avenue, is visiting friends in New York
and Philadelphia.
Miss Georgia A. Selhy, the secretary
Of the Young Women's Christian asso
ciation, will address the Sunday meet
ing: in the association parlors at ;t p.
m., on "Mary, the Mother of Jesus."
This will be the last Sunday meeting
till September.
The North Scranton Republican club
held a well-attended meeting in their
rooms last evening.
Mrs. Thomas J. Gwynne, of Cayuga
Street, is visiting friends in Clark's
Bunkman Thomas Phillips, of Hose
company N. 1, received a commission
yesterday as special officer. He will
patrol in Green Itldge.
Lieutenant Amasa Palmer nmi
Charles Terwllllger Hrc on a trip to
The Providence Silver Cornet band
will clve an open air concert at the
corner of West Market street and Brick
avenue this evening.
Mrs. H. S. Alworth and daughter,
Natalie, are visiting friends at Har
ford, Susquehanna county.
A literary and musical entertainment
will take place Monday evening in the
First Welsh Baptist church. West
Market street. Tho most attractive
,5 feature of the evening will bo the ren
dition by Prof. AV. M. Davis (Gwllyin
.5, Mortals) and party of a new song and
, cflonis., "Th,e Song of Labor," tho
.words being the production of Rev.
.;. J, Y. ,Dnvls, pastor of tho above
i church.
1 A Joint meeting of all the locals of
United Mino Workers was held In St.
Mary's liull yesterday afternoon, Tho
, meeting was addressed by District
,. President Nichols, Martin Ruscavago
, nd National Organizer Collins,
, About Sou people witnessed the huso bull
content (m the Riverside grounds yestcr
't day afternoon bolweon tho Taylor Hoho
4, company and Century Hose companv.
j. Much interest was manifested in tj10
,, game,, the deciding ono of tho set les or
th(fiP. When tho sovrnth Inning was
fended a dispute arose. The Taylor H0.10
company claims seven Innings was the
' ilnp't, so at this point they lotlred with
thfi scene n tTTelr favor 'M to 10, Tho Con-
lur.y company protested, claiming trait u
nlne-lnnlpg game was tho agreement,
The latter company went on tho Held to
, cuntlnuo (lie contest, their opponents
. falling to respond, ifmplre Keogh
' awarded tho same to the Centuiy'a by
' i to 0, The batteries wero; No. 1,
."Schllds and Neagell; No. 2, Sweet, How-
ells and Cllynn. Umpires. Powell nnd
Keogh, Tim fuaturea of tho game was
.the ecachluff of Comedlap Howells, of tho
. Ceptury's, und thn work of shortstop
flump, of tho Taylor Hose company.
Lackawanna Valley council, No. 81, jun.
- wr uraer united American Mechanics,
elecUd the (ollowlnr' for the ensuing 1
rZs wi
T: r?,sHIM.
w :y vsiim,
aw '"
M a Word. LW
sim y w
bbbbbbbbbV ri vv m
LaW. noyM
term nt Ihclr session on Thursday even
ing: Councillor, John J. Francis; vice
councillor, William Pi Ice; icenrdtng sec
retary, Evan G. Wntklns; assistant, Will
iam Heed; financial secretary. Evan A.
Davis; treasurer. John Van Kergen: cim
ductor, George Evans: warden, George
Perry; inside sentinel, itlchnid H. Jones;
outside sentinel. Gomer E. Davis: tuistce.
Elmer T. Daniels.
Sabbath services lomoiinw at I he Mi'th
odlst Kplsropnl chinch Pastor Rev. ('.
B. Henry will officiate. Subject of morn
ing, "A Pi lend to Worklusmcn." Even
ing subject. "Remedies or Perils." Hab
bathi school nt 2.15 u. m.: superintendent,
Charles Nichols.
Preaching services at the Calvary Bap
tist church tomorrow will be held at tho
usual liom-h. Pastor Rev. Or. Harris
will ofllclalc. All are welcome.
Rase ball this afternoon on the Rlvei
sldo grounds when the Reds, the local
pets, will have as opponents the Cliff
works team, which Is composed of first
class amateur players, considered tho
strangest aggregation In their ranks in
the country.
Talyor lodge. No. f,fiS. independent Or
der of Odd Follows, will meet this even
ing In regular Mission.
He Is Charged with Bunning nn
Opium Den Tray Full of Para
phernalia Confiscated.
Patrolman Huntington and Mounted
Officer Charles Perry yesterday after
noon raided the lesldcnec of one Soo
Hong, at the corner of Linden street
and Raymond court, arrestqd the pro
prietor and confiscated 11 complete set
of the paraphernalia, appertaining to
an opium "Joint"
Many complaints have recently been
received by Superintendent of Police L.
B. Day, that Soo Hong was conducting
an opium smoking establishment, and
that this was frequented not only by
other Chinese, but also by a number of
whites. The majority of these, it was
claimed, were very young men and ir
responsible boys.
When the patrolmen arihed at the
place yesterday they found two young
ooys theie. As neither of them was
smolslng. they were allowed to go free.
The place was searched, and an opium
outfit being discovered, Hong was tak
en to the central station, together with
the tray containing his outfit. The lat
ter consists of a heavy, wicked looking
pipe, a small transparent Jar contain
ing opium, a number of pellets, and
several peculiar looking little metal
vials, shaped moic or less like ink
wells. Hong was In agony all afternoon, at
being separated from his opium, to the
smoking of which he is himself particu
larly addicted. He is a malevojent
looking Oriental, and :ih he tossed about
his cell, his eyes had a positively wol
fish glare to them. "Jlp slcka, me
slcka," he groaned cunstiintlv. "I
wanta 111 pill. Jus' one 111' pill." He
ui lu, irivcn a hearing this morning.
This Institution was founded by the
Society of Friends, and has always
been conducted with 11 view to promot
ing the principles for which that re
ligious body stands. Its work, how
ever, is by no means secturlan but is
intended to promote, in the highest de
gree, that sense of Individual responsi
bility which makes for true manhood
or womanhood. Having no desire to
make it anything but 11 "Small Col
lege," Its management has been able
to maintain that Intimacy of contact
between professor and student which
is rarely possible in a great university
and which is probably the greatest
force lu any institution tending to the
development of character. Tho situa
tion of the college helps in the name
direction, Beautifully located, sur
rounded by two hundred acres of luwn
and grove, It overlooks a superb stretch
of country extending away to the Dela
ware, while clustered about tho camp
us Is the village, occupied largely by
families connected In ono way or un
olhcr with the Interests of the college,
nnd by the elevation of Its moral tone
presenting a strong c-ontruht to vho
communities in which emuc less 'n-
voroci institutions nro placed. Still an
other assistance in the lniilnteimnce of
healthy college llfo Is tho natural
grouping of young inoii and women.
under the same roof, maintaining ns
nearly as possible the conditions which
obtain in a cultivated home, and free
from the unnatural elements, which so
frequently make collego llfo destine,
tlvo of the finer traits of character,
Each of the four of study of
fered by the collego provides a liberal
range of electlves, nnd whether ono
enters classics, letters, science or en
gineering, he cannot receive tho
Bwarthniore diploma without having
achieved a liberal educutlou. Then
there Is Intelligent physical training.
Tho college has not only mtiintulned
uu excellent record in competitive ath
letics, but has glvcp careful study to
the problem of building up, In the best
possible manner, the bodily vigor of
each Individual student, This- has
given Swurthmoro a remarkable health
record, and, what .Is still better, has in
frequent Instances rescued from dan
ger young men and women about
whose future health and strength there
wus just cause for concern. There
may bo better places for young people
who merely want the fame of "going
through" college. Bwarthmoro Is for
earnest nennle w-lll, iim ur,ir.,,c, ......
pose to maHe the most of life,
( r
Special In (he Strnnton Trllmr.c.
Plllstnn, June .'".Work will soon bo
commenced 011 flip new silk mill at Dur
yenr. Mcits. Kaufman, the Now York
members and mnnagers of the company,
arrived In Duryea this morning and will
avwird the contract for the election of
the building wllhln n few days.
The only new development In tho strike
situation here Is the rcKlndllng of (he
fires at the Babylon colliery of the Temple
Iron comimny at Duryea. Since the
opening of the strike there has been no
attempt made to r.ilnc steam and oper
ate (lie pumps at this colliery, but a few
days ago a load of non-union men wns
brought to the place and tho pumps were
slatted today.
Mrs. Mary Comey. wife of John Comey,
died nl the PIttston hospital last night
about n."0 o'clock. Deceased was "i years
of n,,-e and was a duughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Patilek AleGlynn, of Sugar Notch.
The remains were taken to tho home of
The Fiohtino Blood
Lucu Baker Jerome, in Success.
T WAS A circular grass-covered plot
on the outer edge of the cemetery,
and the low stone wall surrounding
It was defaced and sunken in many
places. An oblong tablet, supporting
two monumental urns, rested in the
center, and it wns heaped high with
wreaths and blossoms, tho tribute of a
nation to its honored dead. The in-s-orlptlon
bore the name of one of the
most famous generals of the civil war,
but LurlndH Rundall, sitting idly on
tup of the rough coping, surveyed the
memorial stone with gloomy eyes. At
that moment she was wondering, as
she had wondered many times before
Pi her Iwcnty-flvo years, If life were
all that sin- had been led to believe that
idio would .Ind It. In spite of her fixed
belief In the general correctness of the
scheme of the she could not
refrain from thinking that there were
some things that she would have ar
ranged differently. That very morning,
in a despondent mood, she had con
fronted her cares and troubles, drawn
up before her In formidable array, and,
after a severe struggle with her com
mon sense, had finally owned herself
defeated. Usually, Luclnda was a per
son on whom the perplexities of life
sat lightly; but about every six weeks,
as she put it, she was abllged to think,
and the result was always disastrous.
It was in tills mood that, sitting there,
the fresh, strong wind, straight from
the ocean, whipping loose strands of her
blink hair from their fastenings, and
buffeting her slight figure like a live
thing, she withdrew her gaze from the
wave-washed horizon, nnd looked again
at the stone.
"Killed, while gallantly loading a for
lorn charge." she said, aloud. "That I
can understand. The heroism of the
moment, the wild charge in the glory
and blaze of battle; sudden, swift ex
tinction, exulting in the face of death,
that is a glorious way to die; but to
wear out one's life In tho tragedy of the
commonplace, one's worst foe oneself,
that is dying by Inches; it is worse It
Is a living death."
Her eyes suddenly widened as she
perceived u figure on the other side of
the mound silhouetted against the sky.
ft was that of an old man, bent and
tdiruukeu with age, but Luclnda no
ticed the square set of tho shoulders,
the attempt nt currying them well set
buck, and u general air of alert brisk
ness, which, to her observant eyes, pro
claimed him an old ox-soldler. Ho
climbed the wall stiffly, his eyes fixed
upon the sunken grave, with the flow
ers piled high above It, and the flutter
ing flags at either end. Wheeling sharp
ly, ns he reached the spot, ho stood
erect, and gave a smart military sa
lute, with a precision evidently born of
long training; then, stooping, he placed
on the grave a small bunch of dande
lions that he rallied.
Thou hu turned to Luclnda, smiling
I reckon you think this kind of
slrnuge," he said, speaking with a
Western accent, and laying one hand
tenderly un the stone, "but I've saluted
tho general every Memorial Day for
twenty years, Mhs; I've followed him
In ninny ft battle, and I don't forget:
and somehow I can't think that tho
general does, either." His shining eyes
looked across the tablet at tho girl.
"Muybe ho did you a kindness, too,
Miss','" ho asked, sympathetically, "He
did many n one In his day, I'll he
The girl Dashed a pleased look at
"General Eastwood was my uncle,"
she said, simply,
The old soldier's face beamed.
"Vour uncle, Miss?" ho said, earn
estly, "Well, I've wondered many a
day If I should ever bo lucky enough
to run across any o the general's kin;
hut my time Is getting so short now
I hut I'd about given up hoping," Ho
reached his hand Impulsively across the
grave to (ho girl.
She took It, smilingly In comprehen
sion. "I uni always glad to meet anyone
who served under my uncle," she suld,
wlnnlugly. "I huvo often heard my
mother tell how much lie thought of
his men."
"That's rlglil, loo," said the soldier,
the deceased's brother, Patrltk McrJlynn,
on Chnpell street, .from whence the fu
neral wilt be held,
Mlsn Theresa Vox, of Scranton, Is th
Ruost of her cousin, Miss Pace, of Se
bastnpol, n t'iltston Biiburb.
One of tho worst rases of cruelty tn
dumb animals that has been reported In
litis locality for somo tlmn wns perpe
trated on Parsonage street somo time
during Wednesday night or Thursday
morning. A resident on that street who
Is employed ns a foreman nt ono of tho
collieries and hud refused .to go out on
strike hud a doj which was a favorite
with the family. Palling to pcrsimdo the
man tn quit nnd effigies being Ineffective,
some one, evidently strikers or their sym
pathizers, decided to get revenge out of
the dog. During the night thn canine
wn captured nnd held up ngnlnst n tele
phone pole at 11 height of five feet, where
a wire was wrapped around its neck nnd
the pole, deliberately strangling the dog.
A big ptacard bparlng the inscription.
"Thin Is the fate for all scabs," was tied
to the animal,
J. H, Foy has purchased the Llewellyn
properly on Susquehanna n venue, West
I'lltston, The property Is well located,
facing the river and Is fx2no feet In slro.
If ndinlns the heauttful residence of Jo
senh Olennon. ,
Captain Fremont Stokes, formorly of
Beranton. who has hpen In command of
Company M. Ninth regiment., of West
PIttston. for the past year, has tendered
his resignation to Colonel Dougherty and
It has been accepted. A special election
will be held In the near future.
At the Exeter machine works voster
dav a large four-ton boiler which was
being conveyed from a railroad ear to
the machine shop's loosened from the urln
of nn electric ernne and fell to the floor
of the shop fifteen feet. Severn! of tha
employes had very narrow escape.
Miss Anna Gorman's piano pupils gave
n recital at her residence on William
Streof Insl evening.
St. John's Parochial schools held tbelr
commencement eierclses In Music hall
Inst evening, and owing to the Isrge at
tendance they will be repeated this even
ing. There are thirty graduates ns fol
lows: . Classical Course TJzzle Battle, Mar
garet Poley, Agnes Jovce, Mnry Ken
nedy. Helen Kcarns, Sndle Koaley. Mary
Mangan. Agnes McDermoft. Mara ret
MeCauley. Sidle McCabe, James Walsh.
Commercial Course Thomas Htirlte.
John Fox. Joseph Gibbons. Winifred Hlg
glna, Catherine Tlowley. Sarah Loftus.
Reno Morrow. Mary Mitchell. Catharine
Mulcahev, Margaret Manley. Anna Mr
Grane. Lorettn McAndrews. John Mc
Laughlin. Patrfc McNulty. Esther
O'Brien, T-lzale Proud, Nellie Pace. Ag
nes Roberts, Patrick Shannon, Jennie
eagerly. "Why, Miss, the day we made
that charge at it was hotter than, and the general was in the thick
of it, and always at the front, Miss, al
ways at the front." He shook a bony
forefinger, warnlngly "Don't you for
get that. The bullets were flying like
hail, und the general was sitting on his
horse like an Iron man, and we were
plunging after him, when Dick Fallon's
horse was shot under him, and he
tumbled on the ground right alongside
of the general. Dick expected it to be
the last of him, for the cavalry was
sweeping solid over the field. Was it?
No, indeed! The general Just swooped
down on him sideways, and lifted him
across his saddle bow, and led the
charge just the same. Dick never for
got that. I've heard him tell it over
and over, and not one of those who
saw it ever forgot it, either. Oh, I tell
you, Miss," the old man chuckled, car
ried out of himself by the memory of
brave war days, and becoming loqua
cious in praise of his hero "there never
was anything could daunt the old gen
eral. He had the, real blood in him
the fighting blood, we called It. Noth
ing ever beat It yet." He turned to the
girl, , his eyes luminous with feeling,
nnd his white hair blowing in the wind.
Her gaze was fastened on the vanish
ing line of smoke from an ocean steam
er, and the old soldier looked disap
pointed. "I think." Luclnda said, slowly, her
hands unconsciously destroying the
daisies that she held, "that there arc,
perhaps, some things which, if the gen
eral had had them to endure, might
have conquered even the fighting
"Don't you believe it, Miss," began
the old soldier, stoutly, but a glance at
her downcast face chocked him, "Yes,
Miss?" he said, interrogatively.
"Yes, I do," she said, more firmly.
"There are forms of battle of which
the general had no conception. It Is so
different with a man! His life was one
of action, vivid, stirring action, and
each act was applauded by a nation.
He stood high In the estimation of men.
Ho had wealth, power and fame. Did
he ever know" she went on, stormlly
"what It means simply to exist, to
spend one's llfo In waiting, till your
youth und strength and hope are gone?
Did he over know the humiliating sen
sation of failure? Did he ever mean
well, and try hard, and have It all end
in defeat? No! he never knew these
things. Even his courage might have
given way before such overwhelming
odds as these."
The soldier's stiff features melted
Into sympathetic lines at the girl's out
burst, but his faith in his heroe was
not to be shaken.
"No, .Miss," he said, patiently. "Beg
ging your pardon, for I can see that
you must have had a hard battle your
self, to talk like this, but even nil you
soy wouldn't have niado the general
give In," His eyes met hers. "It's
harder for a woman," ho Bald, gently,
Tho girl's eyes filled at tho words,
but sho kept her head dellantly high,
"I have lost nil that I cared for In
the world," s-hn said, steadily, "and
there's only lelt me a big, empty,
starving heart, that gnaws nt me night
and day." She looked nt the brave old
face wlsttully. "Do you think that tho
general 'could havo borne that?" she
Tho old soldier felt 11 sudden queer
tightening of his throat, He looked at
tho girlish llgure In Its round bluo
Barge, then hastily rose, striking his
stick (Irmly into the gravel path. All
thn old murtlal fire and vigor were In
his bearing as he stood In front of her,
JIo felt Intuitively that It was a case
where action of somo kind was needed,
"The general would never have given
up, Miss," he almost shouted, all tho
111010 sturdily because conscious of an
unwonted tremor in his tones, which he
wantc-jl to conceal, "Never! There
wasn't anything that ho couldn't huve
borne, and anyone with lighting blood
In his veins ought to fee'l that way, too.
Anyone belonging to tho general Is Just
bound to stand by his colors!"
The girl looked up (iiicklyyher lips
parted, and her face was suffused with
uu inward glow,
He met her look directly.
We take ifc for granted you , know this is the largest gents
furnishing store in this city ; but do you know that there's pattern
and styles here that are exalusivu yes, just as exclusive as the
clothes made by our famous "Atterbury System." The selecting
of a silk pattern for Neckwear or a madras pattern for a Shirt is
given just as much attention here as the selection of cloth for our
Clothing department. '
SUCH METHODS can only exist in a largestore, a store that
does a business that commands the attention of the best manu
facturers. We ask you to pardon our pride when we say this
envied position has been reached and reached only by our energy
in securing the best in fabric and the newest in pattern at all times.
SUMMER things
STOCKS-lt's a fashionable style of
summer neckwear and we're showing
some rich patterns at 50c.
SILK NECKWEAR-There'spatterns
shown in our windows. There's also
many exclusive silk designs shown in
side the store at 50c.
shirt made that compares with it. The
patterns are alwavs new and dignified.
Some new ones have just arrived here,
1.50 and $2.
MEN'S SHIRT WAIST in plain white
1 or fancy colorings, SI.
a new fabric that's cool and comfortable,
regular made an4 very elastic, 50c.
A special lot that's very good quality at
Hie price, 25c
"And you his blood, Miss!" he said,
reproachfully "the fighting blood."
The words stirred the gill's senses,
like a call to arms. She sprang quickly
to her feet, sweeping her long skirts
aside, and drawing her little figure to
its full height.
"You're right," she said, abruptly.
"The lighting blood does not give in.
What Is your name'.' 'Macallon?' Now,
Mr. Macallon, we're ready for the ene
my. Hurrah for the banner of the
fighting blood!" She smiled brightly at
the old man.who Instantly divining her
changed mood, and catching the "spirit
of excitement, swung involuntarily
around. Together they saluted tho
grave, the old and the young eyes
flashing In unison. The clear note of
a departing bugle lent color and reality
to the scene. The old man's voice iuu
vered on the all.
'"Tcntlon!" he piped, shrilly. "Eyes
front! Forward, march!"
'Financial Conditions Are Exception
ally Satisfactory Trade Well
By Utdushc W.rf from The Auocfuted 1'rnw.
New York, Juno 27. Tt. Q, Dun &
C'o.'s Weekly Itevlew of Trade tomor
row will say:
i-iunnclal conditions ato exceptionally
satisfactory and trade Is well malntalivMl,
although low teinporaturo Interfered with
tho dlstiiliutiou of mld-Humnicr, special
ties. Manufacturing operations havo In
creased in activity, and especially 111 tho
iron and steel industry and textile pioduc
tlnn, while thu I'oiiNti active work 011 now
buildings and lnlilges Is very heavy.
Labor difficulties hao not Improved In
tho anthracite coal region, hut iiumemM
settlements havo been citVcted ulsowherc,
Most of the blast furnaces that were
Ntopppd by the scarcity of authracllo coal
have resumed With cok", of which tho
ovens have established nuw records of
output, mid shipments have boon still
laraer owing to tho slocks accumulated
duijng the car shortage Desplto the vig
orous pig Iron production, numerous, 1 011
tracts havo been placed abroad, and still
the machine shops, manufacturers of
Btovcs and Implements and cousumcr.4
generally nro seeking dell vet les. Stru-t-111
al Hhapi's of steel and all form of 1 ail
way equipment continue to lead tho mar
ket ordcis in thc-,0 Unci, running far into
next year. Higher ficights huyo not ma
tcilaliy checked liiipoilutlons, and It is
reported that a large structural mill In
Oernuiny lias sold Its output for tills year
to Ameilciiu consumers, Another evi
dence of domestic needs Is tho placing of
a Mexican rail conduct with Hi lllah pro.
ilucei'H, which would oidiaailly havo
been taken in this country.
Eastern mauufactuics of footwear ie
port u larger volume of coutiacts, mainly
for delivery in August and (September,
Mora activity nccmrcd lu cotton goods,
although at some roncpHslous in prices.
Woolen goods have been taken more free
ly especially tho better finalities and law
Men's neckwear
And Summer Tfiin
You Need,
The South American Panama
The swell dressers are wearing this style.
The picture here is an exact reproduction of
our genuine imported Panama.
According to quality,
$6.50 to $15.
Samter Bros.
Complete Outfitters.
wool is In better request in the eastern
Agricultural piospccts arc far above
tho average, and rapid progress is inado
with winter wheat harvesting. Wide dif
ferences between cash prices and next
crop options indicate the views of trad
ers. The week hi ought little alteration
In spot quotations, ilght supplier hold
ing all cereals fairly steady.
Failures for tho week numbered "00 in
tho United Stales against 'M last year
and 20 in Canada against -.! last year.
Convention of National Republican
XeagUe to Meet There in October.
By t:.clusbe Wire from 'Hie Aisoiialcd l'rws.
Washington, June 27. A committee
representing the Republican National
League of the United States, consisting
of Isaac Miller Hamilton, president;
William Ij. Roher, secretary and James
Sheridan, of the executive committee,
all of Chicago, and .William Noble, of
South McAllister, Indian territory,
called on President Roosevelt today In
company with Postmaster General
Payne, n member of the Republican
national committee, They discussed at
some length the lines along which the
campaign shall be conducted as well aa
the place for holding tho next national
convention of the league. Although
Philadelphia made a strong hid for the
honor, It can be slated authoritative
ly that in all probability the convention
will meet In St. I.ouis some time about
the first of October,
While the members of the committee
would not disclose the details of the
convention, It Is understood that tho
president favoied St Louis mid sug
gested the names of several public men
whom lie would like to havo speak
upon that occasion A feature of the
convention will bo the presence of over
two-thirds of the Republican governors
of stutes, who have already signified
thdr intention of attending,
Percentages Made by the Various
ly Kuliuhr Win' horn Tin' .Wi'Utcl I'rcu.
1 Harrlsburg, June 'J7. National Guard
orders In regard to spring Inspections
vieio issued today by Adjutant Uenernl
Stewart, Company I, Thirteenth regi
ment, KaNton, stands at the head of
the division, with n general uvcrage of
P8.S7. Company 1, l-llglith regiment,
Hanisburg, and F, Fourth, of Potts
vllle, are second, wth figures of 08. The
highest companies In tho other regi
ments are:
K, First, V, Second, fll.3; A,
Thlid, oa.S; F, Fifth, DT.bT; A, Sixth,
01.7; A. Ninth, 'J7.S7; A, Tenth, 9.1.62; B,
Twelfth, 97.87; D, Fourteenth, 98.37; B,
Sixteenth,': K. Klghteenth, 93.00.
In the batteries, A Is first with 91.
The cavalry stands as follows:
First troop, 96,71; Second troop, 90. Hi
Khciidan tioop, 03; Clovcruor's troop,
SUIT CASES It's a handv thlnir to
have at all times, vacation time especially.
We're selling a good one at $1.89, better
ones at $3 and $4. The best cowhide
leather with brass trimmings from $6 to
healthy and absorbent qualities of this
underwear are recommended by many of
the famous doctors of this countrv and
Europe. It has special charms at, this
season of the year.
SHIRTS Theie's some plain tan and
fancy colorings in these shirts that are the
new things in New York City-thls week.
We have them at$l and $1.25.
See our new harness buckle belt at
50 cents.
Convenient to Theatres Mi Shopping
Districts. Take 23rd st. cross to we
cars and transfer at 4th ave. direct
to hotel.
Rooms with Bath fBulU with Bath
S1.50upwnd. 1 $2. SO.
W. H. PARKE. Proprietor.
Cor. Sixteenth St. ind In tag FUcefc
American Plan, f3,S0 Per Day and Upward.
European Plan, $1.00 Per Day aid Upward
Special Batea to Families.
For Business Men
in the btart eC the wholesale
r For Shoppers
4. x minute' walk to Wanamakwit
Store. Easy of access to the greal
Dry Goods Stores. ,
For Sightseers
One block from B'war Cars. !
In easy transportation to all
points of Interest.
Cor. llth ST. UNIVERSirT Pli
uniy ono oiogb rom arowiway.
Booms, $1 Up. rfSFQISSBk.t
Division B, of the navy, is tlrst with
General Stewart says that there is
much improvement ns compared, with
the spring Inspection of 1901, but jturth,er
Improvement Is expected, But 0119 com
pany was so Inefilclcnt as to warrant
Its dlsbandment, Company C, Four
teenth. Inspector General Sweeney reporla
that while Improvements are reported
in some organizations, yet few have
profited by criticisms.
Paris, June 27, At a cabinet nicetlnj
held at tho lOlysce palace this
lug, President Loubet signed a dj
closing the religious Institutions
havo not compiled with the pre
of the law of associations.
One hundred and thirty
incuts are Involved, liibtrj
the subject were sent t
j prefectures this afternooi
&&&i&&J&A&to&. Ji
- "-iaTrrn
g-j,..- ;M ., -t m "