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llfHeNews of CarfeoncUle. .
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- MIbb Lucy McDonough and Michael
Barrett, Jr., Wedded with Exceed
Ingly Pretty Ceremony at St. Bose
Church Miss Anna C. Leaner and
John H. Steele, Both of New -Buffalo,
Wedded by Bev. A. F.
A .exceedingly pretty wedding ser
vice took place In St. Rose church a
few minutes before the tolling" ot tho
nncclUB. '
The charming bride wns Miss Hcy
McDonough, of Cottiigc Btrcet, and tho
groom was Michael Barrett, Jr.. of
Fnllbrook Btreot. Miss Mamie Burnett
wns the bride's attendant and Thomas
Barrett, brother of the groom, was the
best man,
Just before six. with the beautiful
i.'hurch thronged, the wedding party nr
r!ed. When they entered the church,
the Joyful mush: of the wedding inarch
from Tanlinuscr, greeted them. Up the
ulslo the party gracefully marched to
the" tilumphal air of the wedding
march, making u beautiful tableaux
before tho marble altar, where tho
vows were perfected;- How Walter
Cioriuan, solemnized the ceremony.
, While the solemn words of the mar
riage contract were being icpeated, the
sweet melody of "Hearts and Flowers"
tilled the church and was succeeded by
the joyous notes of Mendelssohn's wed
ding inarch as the bridal party left the
church. The music was a happy feature
of tho ceremony. Prof. Stockman was
hi tho organ and was supplemented by
l'rof. William J,ynott, with the violin.
The bride looked exquisite In a gown
of cream albatross, artistically trimmed
with applique. She wore a hat to
match and carried bridal roses.
Miss Burnett, the mold was most
becomingly gowned In a steel colored
gown with trimmings of black lace that
produced a striking effect. Her hat
matched the gown and she can led car
nal lonu.
A reception followed at the home of
the parents of the bride on Cottage
street, and later the wedding supper.
Mr. anil Mrs. Barrett will not take
the customary tour, but will go to
housekeeping at once.
' The bride Is the daughter of lCx
councllman mid' Mrs. 1'. O. McDonough,
and Is a favorite In her social set. Her
husband is most popular among his
associates and has a wide acquaintance
about town. He is a son of Kx-chlef-of-pollco
M. F. Barrett.
Lesher-Steele Wedding.
The other Juno bride of tho day was
Mit-s Ann. i C. Lusher. She was wedded
to John II. Steele. The nuptials were
exceedingly simple. They weie sol
emnized at tho pai soilage of the First
Methodist church, on Terrace ' stieet,
ltov. A. F. Chaffee, officiating.
The bride and groom are both from
New Buffalo, Pa. The former Is a sls-
Mer of Prof. (.'. M Lesher, principal of
the commercial del urttnent of the Oar-
bondale high school.
Total Abstainers Who W1J1 Elect
District Officers.
The total abstinence societies here
abouts are electing delegates to the
district convention which will take
place In Arch-bald on Sunday afternoon,
.Tulv 6.
More than ordinary Interest and Im
portance attach to tho choice of the
societies, as these delegates will cast
the votes that will elect the officers
for the coming year,
Tho delegates 'elected thus far are:
.7. P. Campbell, Kdward Dockerty,
Matthew Connor, M. It. Campbell and
Michael Horan, Knights of Father
Matthew, and John Dovancy, Timothy
J. Gllhool, James Connors, Joseph Man
nlon, Daniel Kelly.
Successful Dnnce at Dundaff by Bon
Ton Club.'
The most enjoyable dance in the
country this hummer was conducted on
Tuesday night in Decker's hall at Dun
daff. It was conducted under the patronage
of the Bon Ton Heading Club, of Car
boidale, and attracted a throng of
young people from this city. The
pleasures of the affair, the drive Into
the country, the dunce and the social
commingling, were so attractive that
Or Feed so You Can Keep Up.
People must be well fed in this world
if they are expected to do good work.
A carpenter with poor tools must take
less wages nnd handle the poor Jobs.
So In life, the person with a weak, badly
nourished body must get out of the way
for tlio strong ones.
A hchool teacher writes from Ver-
.mont, She had been compelled to take
a little, backwoods school for small
wages because she had not tho strength
to conduct a better school.
"Small nppetlto and poor digestion
'.kept mo weak. I had been compelled to
Host at the noon hour ripd shut myself
itway."fioin,all company morning ami
jjfclslit5.Jnv'fll wny'-only could I work,
Sip to about a year ago, when a lady
Sisltlng here from California led me to
Hlinro a dish of drape-Nuts with her.
.During th"d ivlnfor l.ato occasionally of
3tho food, nhvuya wftlt good results.
"Last July it was 'necessary for me to
JSttend UicittummeiiiL'iioQl for jenchers.
jliclng podr'ln purse and sick in body I
jyould not pay the expense of boarding
fin a big place, so I rented a room and
JJoarded myself, Orape-Nuts and cream
Wasted good and I lived almost exclus
ively on the food,
"Gradually, to my surprise, toward
JEho clpse of the, second week the sort of
wiL-Miui iiusu mm nua oeeii aoout mo
or a long' time, broke away and I
iraspedjho thought presented with a
iieurnuaa i nua noi Known for a long
"I came back to my school with better
lealth and memory than I have known
JKfifllK-SfcnLSi-JiJULnuw,. while at
Irri repeat I havo butter nerve and
braJnjowcr..qnd better digestion than
ITurvB had" before Ju twenty years."
There Is a' reason for this. OraDe,
Nut- -Food s u sure, steady brain
builder, It is made for that purpose
and. anyone can prove It by use. Names
Hlven by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
t Abooklebof excellent redA's. J a each
pu'lage of Qrape-Nuts,, ,
not a conveyance waB left In Carbon
dale. Tim night wns acceptably cool
mid made It Ideal for dancing. The
music was splendid. Miss Maine Mnx
well'waa at tho piano.
Among those who attended the donee
from this city were Misses Genevlve
Scott, Maud Collins, May Illttan,
Blodwln Kviiiih, Alice Brcnnan, Isabelle
Itooney, Bridget Itooney, Lucy Robin
son, Klla McNtilty, Mary Muldowney,
and Messrs. John Williams, Nowell
Stoddard, David Harvey. Frederick
Gleason, Ira Pedrlck, Frank MeWonnld,
Wllllnm Lee, William Brcnnan, Harold
Quliin, Thomas Potter, James Thomp
son, Harry Bfownell, David Morgan,
Fred Hubbard, William Bell, Irving
Snyder, Harry Uoblnson, Willis D. Wil
son, Louis, Rex Nicholson, David
Craft, Boyd Oliver, Claude Stocker und
Harry Freaser, of Jcrmyn.
William Thompson Aged 18 Years
of Hospital Street, Is Suffering
from a Mild Attack The Outbreak
Charged to the Visit to This City
of Archie Lewis, of Ashland, Who
Is Now a Small-pox Patient In
Small-pox which has been within n
few miles of Cnrbondnie within tho
past few months, but seemed to keep
decently far away from the town, Is
at last In our midst.
There Is a case located In tho homo
of Andrew Thompson on Hospital
street. Tho victim Is William Thomp
son, his 18-year-old son. The case Is
a mild one, the type of the disease being
The origin of the Thompson caso
Is traced to Archie Lewis, of Ashland,
who Is now a small-pox patient In
Jermyn. I-ewls It will be recalled,
came from Ashland a few weeks ago
to visit at the homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Dald Thomas, of Bacon street,
Jermyn. He also came to this city,
visiting for several days among Cnr
bondale acquaintances, the Thompson
house being among the places he staid.
On his return to Jermyn he was com
pelled to go to a physician to seek
treatment for headache and a rash on
his face. Tho physician pronounced the
case one of- small-pox. Since then,
Jewls has been -Isolated In a tent In
the borough of Jermyn.
Tlie discovery of tho Thompson case
was quite accidental. Yesterday a
physician was passing the house on
Hospital street, when he wns called In
to prescribe for the sick lad. When
the doctor examined the youth, he was
struck by tho similarity of the symp
toms to thoj-e of small-pox. He was
convinced that the boy was suffering
from a mild attack of varlloid.
To be positive that the case Is one
of small-pox, word has been sent to
Dr. J. -W, Houser, of, Scranton, the
physician who is in charge of all of
the eases in that city. Dr. Houser will
come to Carbondale today, it Is expect
ed, to pass on the case.
Tho Thompson house has been quar
antined temporal lly by Sanitary Police
man Moffltt, who has promptly taken
every precaution that he knows to
check the spread of, tho disease.
The absence of a board of health In
Carbondale at this time Is deeply de
plored. Tho fact that there Is no board
of health, It will be recalled, Is due
wholly to politics, politics that were
condemned on every hand yesterday
when the presence of small-pox became
known. There Is no board of health,
It might ho mentioned as a reminder,
because tho names submitted by Mayor
O'ls'ell have been held up in select
council, owing to the failure to obtain
pledges for the support of- a candidate
of the office of secretary of the board.
The day after Lewis visited Carbon
dale and It was known that ho had
smull-pox, a Carbondale physician gave
notice of the danger thnt there wus of
small-pot occurring In the places that
Lewis visited. Tho Thompson house
was particularly mentioned and it was
suggested that the necessary precau
tions be taken towards confining tho
fabliy. However, there was no board
of health to take ofllclal notice of tho
physician's warning. Now It will cer
tainly be hard to foretell tho conse
quences as Thompson Had been around
a good deal with Lewis and had even
gone to Jermyn with him.
The proper thing, the thing that Is
demanded, Is that select council, that
Is those responsible for the holding up
of the names of the appointees of
Mayor O'Nell meet at once and take
action In order to permit of the re
organization of the board of health.
The public health and safety demand
such action as against the satisfaction
of small political purposes.
Interesting Night for Members of
Class of '02 Carbondale High
Peihaps the most Interesting of tho
exercises In which they will participate
were the clriss day doings of tho class
uf 'Oi of the Carbondalo high school in
tho splendidly decorated auditorium
of the Central school building last eve
ning. While of particular Interest to the
class members the programnio had
much to hold the Inteiest and to en
tertain tho unusual audience that
thronged the auditorium.
The regrettable feature of tho even
ing was the disappointment shured in
by so many who were unable to gain
admittance, some of whom were mem
bers of families wherein there were
graduates. There was much criticism
of tho arrangements for accommodating
tho throng that unsuccessfully sought
admission. Six or seven time's the num
ber of persons who could be accommo
dated had beep invited and twice tho
seating capacity of the hall wus on
The merilorlons programme which re
flected so brightly on the participants
was us follows;
Oration ,,.,....,,, ,.,, Walter Loftus
Clans History Jlury Flnneren
Marlon 'Mill. Uiac-o Powell, Johle
1'lngelly, Nora Olver.
Clans Poem ,.,....,,.,,, Hoy Pcngclly
Medley .,,, ,.,!,.M CI.ihs of 'i2
Presentation ..,,.., ...Hilda McMulleu
Jlfcply ..,, ,,.. ...........,..,, Wulter Lottus
Class Prophecy Kllzabctli Cavuuaiigh
Plant) Soo , Alamo Myers
Class Presents to School.,,, Mary Sluriln
Clans Will ,,.,! ,.,,.,, ..Mary Horan
Mantle Oration .u..,.l.uWllllm,Moi,iin
Reply ...... ...ii. ....... ... ...'..Robert Glbbs
Class Song.
Class Veil and a Tiger.
The Crescents arid the Carbondale
Clubs Will Battle Royal.
There will bo a base ball battle royal
this afternoon on Duffy's Held In the
meeting of the Crescents and the Car
bondale team. It Is likely that this
game will settle whether or not It will
be tho survival of the fittest.
Tlie game will be called at 3 o'clock.
All tho rooters ore expected to be on
hand as the game will be well worth
turning out to see nnd to Join in tho
cheering of the fine points of the con
test. No gome of the Benson promises
so much as this afternoon's contest.
Unolatmed Letters,
List of leltei-B remaining In the Carbon
dalo postofflee Juno 18, lfKW for persons
iinKiiown: J. Wnlter Bump, It. L. Davis,
Clean llarpklns, James Jones, Dr. T. J.
Lamb, O. W. Rnbblns, Harvey It. t'ndcr
wood. Mis. Jean Amnicrman, Julia An
derson. Miss Sera Matthews, Perfect Cus
tom Short Co.. Wladyslaw Misockl. For
eign, Fiirtlnato Morcuredl Clltisoppe,
Alalia atgllotll. J. 11. Thomas, Postmas
ter. Attended a Wedding.
Maxwell Shepherd Is In Oneida. N. Y.,
whcie lie will attend tho wedding of his
cousin, JIIss Clarice Maxwell, to Frank
Anlieuf. Miss Maxwell has visited Car
bondale anil has many well-wishing
fi lends In this city.
On Fishing Trip.
Dr. J. J. Thompson, Attorney W. E.
Watt and Walter Scurry left early yes
terday morning on a tlshlng trip In
Wayne county.
Wllllnm Thomas Is one of tho mine em
ployes who left tho city ns soon as the
strlko was declared to seek work else
wheie. He Is now employed in one of the
biggest and swellcst hotels in Saratoga.
Thomas Camion, of Sand street, Is ex
hibiting to many lriends a forty pound
turtle which ho caught in Brownell's
The condition of Martin Duffy, of Fall
brook street, who Is ut Emergency hos
pital, suffering after a dangerous attack
of appendicitis, Is quite encouraging.
Thomas Kane, jr., of this city, who on
October 1J, 1SH7, was convicted before
Judge Kdwards of burglary nnd sentenced
to seven yems in the Eastern penitentiary
was released from tho penitentiary Tues
day. Cleon Briggs, son of Percy Brlggs, of
Dickson hill, who has been employed by
the Delawaie, Lackawanna and AVestein
lallrnad at Scranton, has resigned to ac
cept a better job in the locomotive works
at Schenectady.
Daniel Scurry and family and Mrs. Al
fred Pascoe, of this city, and Miss Mnr
garet Davis, of Hyde Park, left for Ocean
13 rove, where tliey will occupy tho Scurry
cottago till late In July.
Miss Nellie Thomas, of Wayne street,
has leturncd from six months' visit with
homefolks In Wales. She enjoyed tho
tilp very much. It also proved very benc
llclal to her health.
Marshall- Seutt, an employe of tho
Clover Leaf Manufacturing company, left
yesterday to spend a week's vacation nt
his former home, Tunktiaunock.
There was an unprecedented rush for
seats for the high school commencement
and all tlie seats on the main Hoor of the
opera house are sold.
Rev. Rodin A. Sawyer, rector of Trinity
church, Is home fiom Honesdnle. He has
been enjoying a couple of days' outing
about that town with Rev. J. P. Ware,
rector of draco church, llonesdale.
JSopher Lee and P. A. Rlvcnburg spent
Tuesday fishing at Robinson's pond. Thoy
lelurned with one of the finest messes of
fish seen here In n long time.
Mr. and Mrs. Wllllnm Moron, of South
Church street, are home, nfter spending
several weeks at New York city,
J. H. Campbell, of Spring street, Is
spending his vacation in New Vork.
Miss Mary McDermott, who has been
living with the family of P. F. Coogan,
left Monday for Atlantic City, where she
will spend the summer.
Sirs. B. S. Emory and daughter, Nadine,
of West Plttston, are guests of Airs. G.
B. Sampson, on Canaan street.
John AY. Jones, of South Church street,
Ir. confined to his home by Illness..
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krantz,
of South Church street, a son.
James Bush, of tlie Maple City, was a
caller in town yesterday.
John Williamson, of Wilkes-Barro, was
a guest In this city over night.
C. J. Smith, of Seelyvllle, was nt the
American yesterday, .
Miss Ethel Rogers, of Nanticoke, bus
returned to lior home, after u brief visit
with Carbondalo friends.
Airs, John Howurth. a highly respected
resident of Third .street, died at 6.15
o'clock laht evening, after a very painful
Illness of seven weeks. Deceased was
born in Oldham, Lancashire, England,
sixty-two years ago, and previous to com
ing here resided at Plttston. She Is sur
vived by two daughters, Mrs. John Jones,
with whom she resided, and Mis. .1. B.
Berryman. Two sisters, Airs. Harry
Smith, of Mils borough, and Atrs. John
Howaith, of West Plttston, also survive.
Tho funeral arrangements have not yet
been completed.
A rumor Is being circulated throughout
tlermyn and Maytleld that on effort was
made at tho last meeting of the Jermyn
and Alaylleld Merchants' Protective asso
ciation by some of tho merchants, to all
go on a cash basis. Whoever stalled this
rumor has evidently done It for selfinh
motives, for tho mutter has never been
brought up nt the association meetings,
nor even discussed. Each and every mer
clicant Is conducting his own business as
he sees fit; trusting whom ho plenses,
selling strictly for cash or posting notices,
closed today a privilege which no ono
has a light to dispute. It Is not known
whether tbese reports were started by
sonio of tho merchants for effect, or from
outsldo pai ties, (but wherever they como
from, they are positively false and done
for a purpose.
The business people of Jermyn are not
pleased with tho recent changes of tho
mall. As it Is now wo get ono mall at 7
u. m. and the next at 2 p. m. This leaves
a long space of time In the business part
of tho day. Wo should certainly havo a
mall from Scranton direct on the 10.43
train. It Is hopid that our postmnuter
will Interest himself in this, and have the
matter corrected.
Tho shooting of firecrackers, toipedoes
and other fireworks on tho main streets
of Jermyn has becomo a greut nuisance
and annoys people that nro nervous and
In delicate health, and endangers the
lives of those who drive horses, as the
boys havo become veiy careless, nnd
often throw llrecruckers at liort-es as they
pass by. While boys should bo grunted
all the pleasure that there Is In this kind
of sport, It does not seem necessary that
they should use tho pilnclpal streets for
It. Theio Is a law and penalty against
this, and we hope our borough officials
will piohlblt the use of tho streets for
such puiposes.
A delegation of members of Oriental
Star lodge, No. CSS, Kice and Accepted
'The Best Cough Medicine,
I sell more of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy than of all similar prepara
tions put together and it gives the best
satisfaction of any medicine 1 ever sold.
J guarantee every bottle of It. F. C,
Jaqulth,. Inland,, Allen. This remedy is
for sale by all druggists.
At the Same Point with
Scranton People as
, Trouble begins with tho first back
ache. "J'Ib serious trouble too Kidney
Neglect means other pains more dan
gei oust.
Urinary disorders quickly follow.
Loan's .Kidney Pills euro all kidney
And are endorsed by Scranton citi
zens. Airs. K. P. Jones, of 1010 Lafayette
street, says: "Stiffness of tho knees,
bloating around the ankles, pain across
tho loins when stooping, lifting any
thing, or when I exerted myseir, clearly
proved I had' kidney complaint. Doan'a
Kidney Pills were brought to my notice
through an advertisement I saw in ono
of our papers, 'and I procured a box
from Matthews Bros.' drug store. I
followed up the treatment until I used
several boxes. Tho lameness and tho
bloating disappeared. I know of others
In Scranton who used Doan's Kidney
Pills und obtained great relief."
For sale by nil dealers; price 50 cents.
Foster-Milburn Co,, Buffalo, N. Y sole
agents fpr the United States.
Remember the name Doan'a and
take no other.
Alasons. paid a fraternal visit to Aurora
lodge, No. 523, Wednesday evening.
Airs. Hodge and daughter, AlabcJ, of
Olyphant, spent yesterday with Atr. and
Airs. David Allen, of Alain street.
Airs. William Brown and children, of
North Alnln street, are visiting her re
latives at Honcsdalc.
At S o'clock yesterday morning an ex-'
eeedlngly pretty wedding wns performed
In St. Patrick's church, when Alius Mary
O'Boyle, the only daughter of Hugh
O'Bovle, of Dunmoro street, und John
Laughnn were joined in marriage.
Promptly at the hour appointed, the wed
ding party entered the church and pro
ceeded to the sanctuary rail, as the
strnlns of Atendelssohn's wedding march
were played by AIlss Nettle McDonnell.
The ceremony was performed with a nup
tial mass by Rev. P. J. Alurphy, tho
pastor, and was witnessed by a throng
of friends of the contracting parties. The
bride was very becomingly nttlred In a
tailor-made gown of brown broadcloath".
She wore a white chiffon hat and carried
a prayer book. She was attended by her
cousin, AIlss Annie Hoban, who also
looked very attractive In a gown of grey
liberty satin, trimmed with coffee-colored
lace and turquoise panne velvet, and a
hat of white chiffon. AI. W. Cummings,
jr., was groomsman. When tho nuptial
services were concluded, the bridal party
returned to tho bride's home, whore a
reception was tendered to tho immediate
relatives. A sumptuous wedding break
fast was served. Air. and Alts. Laughan
left on the noon train for a trip to New
York and other places of Interest. The
bride and groom have many friends who
extend to them their slncerest wishes of
enduring happiness in their united lives.
Earl, the Httlo son of Air. and Airs. Wll
llnm Adah- received a painful cut on tho
head by being accidentally thrown against
a fire hydrant while tho Excelsior Hose
company wero out making tests on Tues
day night. Dr. A. E. Crnus dressed the
Bartholomew J. Lynch and Aliss Ger
trude Allller were married yesterday
morning at 0 o'clock at tho bride's homo
in Lancaster, Pa. Air. Lynch Is a young
merchant of this place. He Is also vice
president of tlie Citizens' bank and a
director tlie Blakely poor board. Ills
bride Is a graduate of AIMIesvIIle Stale
Normal school. After an extended wed
ding tour. Air. and Airs, Lynch will reside
in n newly-furnished home on Delaware
Harry Hutchlns, of tho United States
marines, who has been spending a few
days with his parents In Blakely, returned
to Norfolk, Va., yesterday.
Another June wedding wns solemnized
In St. Patrick's church yesterday morn
ing. The brldo wns AIlss Katie Hevers,
of Alarshwood, and Alartln Walsh, of
Dunmore, was the groom. The ceremony
took placo at 11 o'clock. Rev. P. J. Alur
phy ofllelatlng. Tho bride wore a very
protfv dress of navy blue silk with white
chiffon trimmings and white hat. Slio
earned a bonnet of white roses. Her
maid was AIlss Kntle Dolphin, of Price
burg, She wns attired in a stylish cos
tume of light grey crepe, with luce gar
niture. Tho best man was James Hevers,
a brother of the 'bride. AIlss Esther
Hevers played the wedding march. After
the ceremony, the wedding party wero
driven to tho Delaware and Hudnon sta
tion, wbero they took the 11.44 train for
New York, to spend their honeymoon.
Air. and .Mrs. Walsh will reside In Dun
more, Tlie marriage of AILss Clara Sbermnn
and William S. Jones, of Blakely, oc
curred yesterday morning at Scranton.
The ceremony was performed by" Rev. Dr.
Pierce, pa.Mor of tho Penn Avenue Bap
tist church, Later the bride and groom
left for Atlantic Cltv to enjoy a week's
honevmaou. Air. and Alts. Jones will go
to housekeeping on Lackawanna avenue,
Tho report of the borough auditors for
the year VM has Just been issued. It Is
In the form of q circular and several
hundred copies of tho same have been
printed. The leport Is one of the most
complete over Issued und is a credit to
tho auditors. Alessrs, T. L. Williams, P.
J. Fnrrell and P. J. AlcIIale,
T. F, Jordan spent Tuesday at Rock
AIlss Sarah Ruddy and Af, J, Ruddy
went to Worcester, Alnss., yesterday to
ntend the commencement oxerclses nt
Holy Cioss college. Their brother. Hugh
Ruddy, Is a member of the graduating
Alts, E. C. Harnden, of Binghnmton, Is
tho guest of Air, and Mrs. AI. K. Harn
den. of Blakely,
Airs. John O'AIolley, of Dunmoro street,
spent yesterday with Air, and Airs. C. P,
O'Mnlley nt Scranton.
The Wilson Fire company has pur
chased a supply of new service (Ira hats.
, During the seyoro thunder storm which
passed over Peckvllle Monday, lightning
struck tho rcsldenco of William Tuthlll,
on Alaplo street, Tho chimney wus de.
mollshed and the building badly wrecked.
Alls Tuthlll, who wns In an upstuha
room at the time, received a bevero shock,
but quickly recovered.
Tlie Blakely High school bcliolars pic
nicked at Nay Aug park yesterday.
All the losses at the big tiro Insured In
companies lepreseuted by Air, D. O.
Black, aiiioumlng to many thousand dol
lars, have been adjusted.
A meeting of Local Tool. United Jllno
Woikers of America, will be held In the
Throop Park on Thursday afternoon at
2 o'clock.
All men and women nro Invited to at
tend. A number of speaker wil be on
hand. By order of the president.
Henry Jarvls.
Connolly & Wallace
Scranton's Shopping Center
Perhaps our best service to
the people is in keeping shoddy
out of the store. Saving a few
pennies Is often the worst ex
travagance In the end.
. Bathing Suits for Women
We are more particular than our forebears
know more of sanitary conditions, and believe
more In the ounce of prevention. So we tnlce
our own bathing suits, which fit; and get a
style that is becoming into the bargain, and
luxuriate in the cleanliness of tho age.
A bathing suit that clings can't be becom
ing, so mohair, which clings least of all, is con
sidered best. These prices :
$2, $2.50, $3, $3,50, $4, $5, $10 $11
Also an excellent quality of black silk
taffeta. Price $16.50.
Reduced Silks
The entire department is filled with them. All a third less than usual.
Mostly Foulards, 39c, 49c, 59c, 69c, 79c, 89c, 99c, $1.19.
Tents for the Children
Lawn tents made of good strong duck just the thing for the boys and girl's
to romp in and have a good time in the yard thele hot summer days.
Size, 5 ft. x 5 ft., white $2.75 Size, 7 ft. x 7 ft., white $4.00
Size, 5 ft. x j ft., colored stripes.. 4.00 Size, 7 ft. x 7 ft., colored stripes.. 550
A pole and sufficient number of stakes go with each tent, Easy to set up.
Reopening of the White Sale.
If you come in asv great flocks as yesterday
and the day before, you musn't expect the
variety to hold out. What you will find are
sheer nainsooks and cambric, in very summery
and pretty styles.
We omit details today other news must
be told; but the variety is still good.
Connolly & Wallacef
Improved Train Service via the D. &
H. B. B. and Lehigh Valley Kail
road Between Carbondale,"Scranton
and New York and Philadelphia.
On June 13 the Lehigh Valley rail
road will put on a new train called the
"Wyoming Valley Express," which will
leave Carbondale via the Delaware and
Hudson railroad at 7 a. in., Scranton ut
7.41 a. m., arriving at New York at 1.13
p. in., Philadelphia at 12.40 p. in.
Wost-hound train leaves Now York
at 4.10 p. m., Philadelphia at 4.30 p. m
arriving at Scranton at 10.03 p. in., Car
bondale ut 10.49 p. lii.-
Thls train will have a through Pull
man buffet parlor car and Lehigh Val
ley day coach between Carbondale and
Nw York. '
Atlantic City the New.
Atlantic City is the gem resort of tho
world and the thousands who visit this
famous beach enjoy .features to be
found nowhere else. The great board
walk, the several ocean piers, the peer
less bathing, the wonderfully complete
hotels and the varied amusements con
stitute a life enjoyable and iccreatlve.
The New Jersey Central lias a lino
train service between New York and
Atlantic City but three hours ate con
sumed In the journey und trains leave
New York at ,40 a. m. and 3.40 p. in.
the trains are vestlbuled and thorough
ly un to date. Buffet parlor cars are
attached to every train. The New
Jersey Central Passenger Department
(Section A. C.) New York city, has
this week Issued an illustrated descrip
tive booklet on Atlantic City, which Is
sent free' upon application to any ad
dress, National Delegation Association,
Minneapolis, Minn,, July 7th-lltb,
For the above- occasion tho Lacka
wanna Hallroad will sell .special ex
cursion tickets to Minneapolis, good
going July 4th, nth, and 6th, at $30.50
for round trip, and to be available for
return passage leaving Minneapolis not
earlier than July 8th, or later than July
14th, except by depositing, tickets with
Joint, Agent at Minneapolis not later
than' July 14th, nnd upon payment of a
fee of CO cents at tho time of deposit,
an extension of tho limit of leaving
Minneapolis tq and Including Sept, 1,
Delegates will please bear in mind
the fact that by leaving Scranton on
the Lackawanna liallroad, only ono
change of cars, Chicago, Is necessary.
A popular time Is leaving Scranton at
ti:50 p. m., arriving Minneapolis ":45 the
second morning,
Low Bates to Asheville, N. 0,, and
Beturn via Southern Bailway,
The Southern Hallway wilt sell round
trip tickets to Asheville, N, C Aug.
17, 18 and 19, good to return until Aug,
25, 190:', at rate of one fare, account
of the meeting Society of American
Florists and Ornamental Ilortlcultural
Ists, This rate is applicable to the gen
eral public. Tho round trip rale from
Washington will bo $14.05. Through
Pullman dra whig-room sleeping cats to
Asheville dally, Charles L. Jlopklns,
district passenger agent, Southern
Hallway, 828 Chestnut street, Philadel
phia, will furnish all Information.
Low 'Bate of Fare to Denver, Colo
rado. On account of the Sunday School In-
thi remedy
Bathing Caps and Shoes
The newest bathing shoes are black sandals
meant to fasten on with long cross laces.
25c and 50c a pair.
Plain- rubber caps and fancy water proof
caps of many descriptions.
25c and 50c each.
$15.00 to $60.00
150. From a maker we've been getting a
great many from all this spring.
Nearly all of these are un lined. Some are
trimmed with lace; some are stitched with
white; some are entirely black; while still
others have little capes over the shoulders.
They are probably the most populai of this
summer's light-weight wraps.
former Governor ot Tomiessee, said of Onteopatliy: "When a century later
historians aio sifting the events of this time for tho epoch-making discoveries
of j-clenee and civilization there will he few chapters more important, I think,
than that devoted to the reformation In medicine which will havo come about
through the acceptance and practice of Dr. Still's system known as Osreo-'
vathy." For free Osteopathic literature, address Dr. Horbt. I. Furman, 1530
North Washington avenue, Scranton, Pa.
A 'Series of delightful Skelchei utt It
sued by the Lackawanna Railroad. These
sketches aro contained In a handsomely
Illustrated book called " Mountain and
Lake Resorts," which describes some ol
the most attractive summer places In the
n postage stamps lo T. W. I
assenger Agent, New York I
will be mailed you. I
Send 5 Cents I
LEE, General Passenger
City, and a copy
tornatlonal association triennial con
vention lo be held at Denver, Col., Juno
:: to July 2, special round-trip first
class tickets may be purchased of the
Lackawanna railroad ticket ofllco at
one-way faro for .the round trip, $15.25.
Tickets will bo sold und good going
June 21, 22 and 2.1.
On tho return Hip, the payment of 25
cents to tho Joint agent, same will bo
validated for return passage to. August
31, 1002.
Tito entcitaiiunciil under tho auspices
of tho llovs" hilgado at tho Tripp Ave
nue Christian ehuicti was largely attend
ed and much enjoyed by thoho present.
Tho young t-oldleia under tho leadership
of Carl Altnmose, pet form tho various
military evolutions in a highly credltanlo
manner, both to themselves nnd their In
structor, now Dalmey has succeeded in
Interesting a largo body of young folks In
church wotk wIiomi activity extends be
yond tho walls of tho Tripp Avenue
Dr. IJntcson gavo n lecture on the phy
sical and mental ipinlltles of distinguished
men, Samples of dladstone, Grunt,
Napoleon Honnparte, Washington, Well
ington and many others wero dosciihcd
Irnm charts. The doctor described tho
human teuipeinmentK and said among
other things that persons, in texture, can
bo eomp.ued with ocd or cloth, The
stern, rugged and solid mail Is likened
unto tho powerful oak or elm, Then Vhoro
Is the dish-water man, all swash and
t-oflnessj ho is cmnpaied to or
poplar; such men are rcai'so and gios
ami can stand but little outward prcssmo
from others who aro inoro llnely orean
Izcd. Sonm pei miiis nro Iil;u coarse tow
or linen clolh. tho rag-tag of ail ri ca
tion; otheis tuo ll'to tho ijner ciadcs of
bilk and batlu. Tim" Importance of health
was cousldeied. l.lfo la not a succesM
without health. Nature has un better
panacea than pure water and air. Tho
military drill alfqjds a healthful exeuiMi
and conect polbo of the body. Tho diet
should icielve caieful attention. In or
der to bo healthy wo must eat what nn
tn io bcems to require, and what agiees
ThUelgaaturels on every box of the genua:
Laxative Bromo-OuinineTabictt
that cure a cold In ouo Uuj.
No store is so fresh or
varied every day as Connolly &
Wallace's, No store has such
a huge or varied stock to make
it fresh every day. .
Scott & Co.
Prices That
Speak for
Shirt Waists
So many beautiful ones we
hardly know where to begin
to tell about them.
Hade for Service Dainty,
White Waist, solid tucked, in
sertions, new sleeve, buttons
in back,
S3.75 each
Beautiful as Well as Service
able An exquisite combina
tion of Valenciennes lace, tiny
tucks and insertion, elbow
sleeves, buttons in back,
$4.50 each
A complete lino of plain
hemstitched Tucked Waists at
$1, $1.25 and $2 each
Slimmer Corsets
The intense heat of the past
few days suggests the need of
tho cool Summer Corset.
The corset department is re
plete with the high, medium ,1
and low corset, straight front,
nnd girdle in light weight
linen batiste and ventilating
net. - '
Price 50c and $1 each
with us Wo should eat to live rath
er than llvo to eat. A boy or young man
blinuld not only be caieful or his actions,
but of his thoughts, Tho mind becomes
elevated In propoithm as u person at
tempts to do good and make others
A, I', McDonough returned lust evenlngr
from lluwlcy, where ho lias spent tfi.9
pust few days.
St. Mark's Sunday behool will picnic at
Lake Ariel today, tho train leaving Duff.
111010 depot at S.SO o'clock. ;j,
John Nichols 1 etui lied yesterday fiorjl
a successful trout llblilng tilp in Plljp
county and lust evening cnlciiulned gi
number of friends at a trout supper (t
his home on thinker street. .
Mrs. Tied Cooko retunrned to her honj?
In Now York city ycstciday after a sl:;y
of several days In town. "
-t -y M " "'
aV.' -A
f VZi
1 .,.