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The News of Carbondale.
3 Ex-Mayor o'f dnrbondnle and One of
V! the Town's Foremost Citizens Suc-
;' climbs After Three Weeks' Illness.
I His Interesting1 Career.
4 Hon. WIHIuin Monlson, ex-mayor of
. Cnibondnle, attlcnniin of the Thlul
! ward, one of the most prominent figures
In the business life of this community
and foremost citizen, passed away last
' evening at a few minutes artcr sK
Death was duo to pneumonia, super
induced by an attack of Blip which
piostiated Mr. MwiUon about three
w celts nntf, A ,vefjt af?o pneumonia
develoi)ectii.rM. 'Moirlson's corpulanee
- was a faetgjyuKiAl.a.'sf. his teeovery and
the disease iiiogtcid' iiiilcliy.
Career of Hon. William Morrison.
lion. AVUUamUIVlUKOii wits otto of the
ie iiionYinetfrTtfei'-'iTt- Cn rbnudulo w'ho.
Missed away In lele-nt je.ils wlm was
ciinspUuotrs liguro la the publlo eju al
most until the ce uC Ills death.
Though onlv la his sixtieth year, he
Ihid iinwsitrlufc' .Ids, Iiicitaslng enemy.
lii(lutryJ'im.actlvtly?.inknyeai s moi e,
and was lougei lelcntllled with the Lilys
ilcclopm at than; tnaiiY l "Bed lloiic'cr
who long idtiM lMliUd tioni busv liiusulls the unlet of lecllnllig yeais Km Blnco
Mio left the Clrammiir school and wiestled
with life. ptoblLin, Willi nil Monlson
inhibited Uiat:Ueless eneigv vigor
and lobustiiHS -that letnulileel with him
.until Ills initiation a few d.ivs aso. Ills
tiaoi(llliaiy phsliue Indicated thee
iMiiiitcilHtli", clniacleilslks tint made
lilm fine vl, "the Htiniiget Humes In the
life ol C.ulioiidale for the last ipiaitei of
a cental v or mine.
Mi. Monlson descended fiom one ol the
ploneei lainllles ol C.n boiuhile. and It
was n Miuite. oXuilde to the dec'easid to
reel that lwwJs'?i.atie of the town
with which his fntliei was -o i loolv Iden
tlllcd la whose e.ulv development be was
an Important f.utoi. li utholomew Moi
lison, his fatlui. c.i me to CjiIjoihIjIo
finm lleliuul Jnt secntv e.uf aBO,
twentv "ye (u'h biU'oio c'.ubonil.ile became
a clt.v. lie had the stuidv lminhood and
bttnng (Iiiii.k teil-tUs that weie tuins
mltted to his son and det loped uimIt
his llgoioiis, tendei, cue
The seuloi MniiKon's .ictivltv In the de
velopment of the town .cn'ii led him Into
politics and foi ve.n.s he was a justice of
the pe.uc. whoso sound common -eii'-e ap
plication ol the liw and Justice made his
opinions sought and allied otn by Uw
fls,wll weie cimi1 111 the law
1.1 ko his fatbpi, Aldeimnn Moil Noil In
i lined iMtm.ilh to politics and when In
IN74, whinv.cjn)y in bis tlilil.-iliJt vein,
he w.kKclC(4ed jto "the highest ofllee in
the tltVfTif -was-chosen as maoi on the ticket Decaiwe he was Htiiiug
and tinsweivlng In his opinions he left tho
ofllee of mil, or with some enemies even
iimolig thoe who had been his liiends but
to whom lie rclused to .Ield on questions
r on which he took what he thought was
the light rstand. nml even though hLs
,icoltitloti lnjiiied hlnifccll and otheis of
his f i lends This was one of ills .iliou,;
ist cluiacteiistles, his ilrmuess and out
spoken mind foi what he believed light.
On the death of the lalu Miclutl Lof
tus. .Ml Monlson was appointed bv IJov
cinm Hastings! to the ofllee of aldeiman
of the 'Phil tl waul At the lollowing elec
tion he was victorious oec e-t'hief of
Police Willi nn Gnidou, the Demoetatlc
nominee. Maot- of Caibondale and al
deiman of the Thlid wnid weie the pilu
ilpal offices lie held. TIoweei, ho was a
towel of stiongtb In politics of the Tlilid
waul, which he showed b his being ap
pointed aldeiman as a succe-sor to a
Demoeint over tho wishes of a well oi
anized Inllucnco in the Demociatic paity.
William Monlson was boin In Cn lion
dale, M.ncli ISI'i 111 pioslmlty to his pies
injifjitjej and was theicfoie In this sl
tlclh .e.u. lie obtained a common school
education, tint is, he spent a it w eais,
Icnvhiiy.Trart tails Ut,e to take up diling
n ti-.un ii followed Hie bl.icksnuthlng
ti.ido foi fomtecii cais and at the t net
of this. pei Iod he became so Intel esleel In
polities that ho made his vv.iv to the of
llee. of mnoi. SnbsorpiPntlv lie wcit
Into, the ices' bustnchs, whicli he conducted
illidetVJUie, name of the distal Lake lee,
eomWlii ..which was conllnued under that
name aftei bo dlsiiosed of It up to the
It was iluilng lliN time ho was
in tho lie business that Mi. Monlson put
to tho list the lem.ukable Htiength and
enduiaiiee ol his etinoidlu.u
inake-up He winked day and night with
rcgulailtv ol siiiiesslnu and ctuseil his
fl lends to uinni'l that he i mild ictalll the
Kin and fieslmcs that he did Hul tills
untiling Indinti) was so stionglv chai
ni Iciintli of him and liu was of Mich
Mi our1 pm pose that when lie set out on
a niNhloii he accepted all the eonse-(ineni-es
to himself without tho l"ast
thought In this case., hi saw op
poitunlties of accomplishing eettain
jcsulls tint would gio him the
stall he wanted Imam liill, and bo stioxn
to tho end ugiiirtlPhS of the ehnnees that
otheis might think ho was-taklng In tho
wnv of lchsenlng his physical foues.
A flu disposing of file 1co builiess In
ISTii, aftei ilghleeu c.ais nenlce, Mr,
Monlson bet nine n fiiinltuie dealer and
undeilnker. l'lvo jcnis uro ho sold out
his fuinltuto business, which was lo
cated on Not th Main stuet, but contin
ued the huslneos of directing funeials,
tlalmltiB ns big a patronage ns any one In
tho same following In Cnihondnle.
Dining these )ems Mr. Monlson's bun
Iness slilewilnesM led him to putchilfo
leal estate which piovcd a piolltnblo In-eeqtltii-nl.
The most lllllioltlint of Ills 110-
f qtilrcmenls weie tiaets In Hlmiwm, the
Hist sale or Willi n lie mauo in tuu hiiu
mill companies whoso factoiles aio lo
en led theii'on at the picccnt time. Un
ccntlv ho sold another site to the Tell
Urewlng conipanv. which Is being Im
plored by the election of a model a blew
ety. Wlillo holding these lands he tniide nttemp's to locate Itidiislljes
theieon, which would be of iiliiletlal help
to Cathoiidale. Mr. Monlson iilo holds
(onsldeiable piopeitv thioiigout Ihn city
and Is among the tnndeiatcly wealthy.
Mr. Monlson was a member of St. Hose
congiegatloiralid was a faithful son of
the chinch In which he was lenied. The
onlv finteinnl oiganbatlons to which he
belonged aio the Catholic' Knights of
Ameilca and the Knights 'of Columbus.
He was a ihnlter member of cich and
was qulto netho In the couuells. of the
foi mer.
Mi. Monlson, thniish esceeillnglv flunk
and outspoken In his lgoious nplnWilis,
had u win m iintute, lie was tender to
those about him nml to his fi lends, and
he hud n tlglit-he.iited, mlithful spit It.
and when awikencd It ljluinlncd those
shout him. His filendblp was a stioug
bond for those who won It. Ills pilde, bis
chief pihlo. was In the f.imllv liuie. and
he lavished on his famllv all the nhec
tlon of a loving and Indulgent husband
and father.
Ills somewhnt unespected death follow
ing u bilef illness of a few weeks has
ftuellv tmn the bruits of the dear ones
who loved lilm. those In whom he was
wiapt and to whom he gave even ad
vantage to well foi life's lutlle
The sadness that his depaituie hotter
causes Is not conllnid to bis own home,
it will be keenlv felt bv minv a one
whom his chiiltv aided. As a woithv
c Illen his losw will be deoloied. and
tlnotighoiit the eltv deep-sealed lcgiets
will follow the news ol Ills death
Mr. Monlson Is Miivlved bv Ills wife,
who wis Ml'is .Tare Qiilnu. to whom he
was mauled la Im,s, one son, Di. William
Moitison, who bus an et"tisve pi.ic'
tlee In I'lillailelphln and two daughteis,
Miss Xoia, who lived with Di. Monlson,
mid Miss Jane, who ri actuated on I'll
d.iy fiom Wet Chestei Noimnl school.
,- fatjvHclaq5 arnct".ing tittenf,ton to the
-'iiil4IHfat iilflucjtiia; qi, grip, )mu come to
ItUrjlJn tlte Urfljer.tlties there has been
j;4?Ptked diseases affecting
wtbV-6ffjans of respiration; which increase
is attributed to the prevalence of influ
enza. Persons who are recovering frotn
grip or inflijeinawcfin a weak condition
and peculiarly liable to pulmonary dis
ease, Dr, Pierce's Qolden Medical Discovery
cures coughs, b,rqjjcbitis, lung "trouble"
ltd other diseases of the organs of res
piration. It is the best touic medicine
for those whose strength and vitality
baveb,e en exhausted by au attack of grip.
It purifies the blood, cleansing ft of
me poisonous accumulations wli eti breed
u ac-and
unplv 6f oure blood.
rich with the red corpuscles of health.
J !A ttwdrct for Vour 'Golden Medical Dlscov
.t. ry.' " writes Mr. V, A. Bender, of Kecue.
Cothoctcin Co,, Ohio. "We have tieen using it
' a family medicine for more than four year
, 4 a couitTi remedy anil blood-purftter there u
, Bothinr better, u4 after baniair Ibi grip Dr.
" Pierce'r Golden Medical Dlwevcry ii jutt the
v riybt medldue for a complete Urating up."
v 4 Xrxepiriio uUtltuU'fo'r ''Golden Med
ical Discovery," There ii nothing "just
&A''JW$bVMiff ,h.e ,t?Fach,
lpRJupjf.- -i4
The sluggish liver li made aclive by
the uk olVt, Fierce' Pleasant rellet.
Mrs. Heap Has Accuser Arrested on
Charge of Keeping House of Ill
Fame and of Enticing Annie Scud
der Who It Is Claimed Bonnetti
Attempted to Assault Scudder
Girl Admits That the Charges
Against Bonnetti Were for 'the
Puipose of Blackmailing Him.
Tlieie was t sensational seciuel last
night to the case of Mike Eonnottl, who
was nnested Sunday night for an at
tempted assault on Annie Scudder In
the homo of Mrs. James Heap on H.u
rl'on avenue, Highland Paik. night Mi. Heap was attested
befoie Alderman Jones on the ch.uge of
keeping a bawdv house and of enticing
fiom home foi Immoial put poses An
nie gcudcfei, nonnetti's accuser. Just
befoie the heailngr the sensational se
quel developed when the Scudder felil,
pte.ssed by her Mstei, who had Mis.
Heap ni rested, confessed that the
ch.uges against Bonnetti weie all false
and were lnought for the expiess put
pose of blackmailing him.
It was a tory of a boldly conceived
mid dellbeiately can led out scheme of
blackmail that the Scudder gill told In
the nldei man's office. It was planned
by Mis. Heap, she .said, to cntlap Bon
netti and after compioinising him to
make a .stand for a good sized of
money, $200 unci upw.nds. The vlIioiiw,
however, only paitlallj succeeded, for
the Scudder gill weakened when con
fionted by his sister, whose home Mie
left only two weeks ago to come to
Mis. Heap's, and confessed In detail
her connection with the case. Her stoiy
goes to exculpate Bonnetti of most of
the ehui Res on which he was held by
Aldeiman Atkinson vestoidn.v.
The Scudder gill's tdoiy was that
Iionnettl had visited the house of Mis.
Heap on one ot two oicas-ions pi lor to
Sunday night, when he was entiapped
and attested.
Mrs. Heap, the gill f-aid, had her go
Into Bonnettl's stoie, last week, and
Induce lilm to call at their house. It
uppeaia that Mis. Heap, who accom
panied her to the s-tote, knew ItonueUI.
Bonnetti came once or twice befoie
Sunday night, Hnih time he had i I it
ptoper lekttlons with her, the gill ad
mitted. Mis. Heap knew of tills, nhe
Mild: In fact ptoposed It.
Iionnettl was ng.iln invited to call, on
Sunday. He eaitie and after he went
up .stalis'wlth the glil.Mrs. Heap locked
I he door and sent vvonl to Constable
Moran. Bonnetti was thieatened with
auest and ptosecutlon if lie failed to
pay over money to fiee himself, Theio
weie piotcsts on his pail, and in the
iiieuntlme Countable Mm an came on
the see no and took tho ncetised man
Iionnettl, the Kill said, did not break
In the house, Tuesday night, nor did he
make a fntclbln entty Sunday night.
He came Tuesday night, on her and
Mis, Heap's Invitation, the door was
opened for him; he remained for some
time, and ho not dtlven off, ns
she and Mis. Heap testified to at tho
healing In Aldeiman Atkinson's olllto
vesteiduy inclining. Neither did Bon
nettl assault her, tho Scudder girl ac
knowledged, Ho did not stilke her In
tho bieast, as she and Mis, Heap testi
fied to at tho healing In tho alderman's
ofllee. Theio was no assault and bat
tel y, no bieaklng In the house; In fine,
none of the chni ges to which they
swoie to at yestei day's healing weie
title, the glil confessed. They weiu
conceived by tho lleup woman, iiud the
gill lent heiself to ruining out the
plans to entrap Bonnetti and bleed lilm.
Another staitllng featuio of the
Scudder gill's confession vus her ex
planation of her motive for euteilug
Into tho scheme. Money, the piomlbe
of It fiom Mrs. Heap, was what led
her to toinptomlse hen-elf and lead
Iionnettl on. If they succeeded In
bleeding their victim for $200, sho was
to lecelve J'-U; but If they could seeuio
only $l!iO, then she was to get tX, tho
balance In either event was to bo Mis.
Heap's shaie, Bonnetti, however,
didn't or couldn't pioduce.
All of whafthe girl told, was lelaled
lit Alderman Jones ofllee last night be
foie Mis. Heap's heating was called.
The gill's sister, who came over fiom
Promptou,- tielr home, yestei duy, and
caused tho nirest of Mis, Heap on tho
charge of enticing her sister (the Scud
der girl) from home for Immoial pin
poses, was deeply giieved wheij she
leurned tho cheumstuuees of tho case.
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pneo .oe.
aor.v rT. ns wnll im top
Put up In pocket Mais, containing CO doses,
She wept hltteily, which hud a pood
deal to do with the accused aistei telt
Injr us finely all sdie had to do with tile
salacious ease.
When Mis Heap's attorney, Hon.
John V. UejuoltW, learned of the Scud
der jrltl's confession to hei sister, he
ndied Ills client to waive a heailngr
and enter ball, which she did.
Later In the evening, Bonnetti after
being leleased on ball, went befoie Al Jones and had a sworn
out for the airest of Mis. Heap, on ges ol blackmail and atilioi nation
of perjmv. The w. u rant will be seived
bv Constable Is'eaiv, who at rested Mis
Heap e.ulier in the evening- on the
othet chin ges.
On hei way to the alderman's ofhYe,
last night. Mis Heap expiessed a w II
lliigneis to the constable to settle the
chat ges against Bonnetti for $200.
This Is the sum which the Scudder
glil and Mis Heap weie ttjing to
extoi t fiom Bonnetti.
Bonnetti has letalned Attorney F. AV.
Moiioghun to defend lilm.
At the healing In Aldeiman Atkin
son's oflito yesterday morning, Mts.
Heap and the Scudder girl both swoic
that Bonnetti broke into the house n
week ago, but was dilven off by Mis.
Heap, tit the point of a lcvoUei; that
when he lettuned Sunday evening, he
knocked the gill down in Mis. Henp'a
nbsenco, for the puipose of committing
an assuult on her. On their testimony,
Bonnetti was held in 51,500 ball on five
ch.uges, namely, burglmy, assault and
battel y, attempted cilmlnnl assault,
malicious mischief and suiety. These
weie the identical ch.uges which the
Scudder glil declined last night to her
sl.ster weie all false and founded on
blackmail and etoi Hon of Bonnetti.
The Scudder gill has been here about
tw o weeks, coming fi omPi ompton, her
home, to lhe with Mis. Heap.
No Game Because of Disagreement.
Picked Nine Plays.
The ba-e ball game scheduled for es
terday aftei noon between the High
school and C'jclc club nines failed to
matoilall.o on account of the inability
of Manager Moon of the w heelmcn to
accede to Malinger Kllpatilek's teims.
Novel theless, the school boys weie not
to he done out of u game by an eleventh
hour lefusal, and played a picked nine
Their opponents Included pluyeis fiom
the "Pots" pluinbeix, machinists and
&t. Aloslus. But this foimldahlo ag
Kiegallon did not citicer the students,
who stalled in at the beginning to fin
ish their ndveisaiies with ungloved
On account of tho lateness of the'hour
only seven Innings weie played, nt
which stage the scoie showed a decided
advantage for the students, tho lesult
being 2. to II.
A huge assemblage witnessed the
contest, among whom weie many up
holdets of the led and blue, who used
their vocal oigans to good advantage
in behalf of their lepte.sentative.s.
Ilajnoi olllclated in the bo for the
students and did well, sti iking out
eight men (lining the game,
The school manager lias received
many communications fiom outsldo
schools, but piofeis to engugo the homo
teams in older that school boys may
substantially piovo their supeiloilty.
Line up:
High School Burke, c.; Tlayiior, p.;
Davis, ss.: Conuughton, lb.; Kllpat
llek, 2b; Duffy, lib.; Scott, If.; Bolund,
cf.; Benton, if,; Campbell, id c.
Cycle Club Monahan, c; Harte, p.;
Qulnu, ss.; T. Conaugliton, lb.; Lynott,
!!l..; Cuff, ah,: Fox, If.; McHale, cf.;
Wanen, if,; Collins, id e.
Umpli e McDonough.
Caibondale H, C....0 5 S 5-2J 10 G
I'leked '.....2 0 4 4 1 3-14 11 8
The Caibondale Club Reorganizes for
the Season.
Tho Cuiboridale Tenuis club, one of
the city's most lepiesentatlve otganl
zatlons Is undergoing a, levlval of spit it
Just now tliat auguis well for tho fil
iate of that scientlllu pastime In tills
viclnlly, An enthusiastic! meeting was
held last evening, the chief business
tiuusactei being the admission (f ten
new membiUH to the club's loster.
Tito clul) lius nn active membeishlp cif
sixty at piesent fiom which a baseball
nine and foot ball eleven nie to bo se
lected. Tho annual touinuiueiit will
without doubt piove us Interesting ns In
foi mer jeuis.
The Local Favorite Base Balllsts
Shall Encounter the Sunsets.
At last the Aichbald Sunsets have
consented to cioss bats with the local
pets and by gieat pet suasion and In
ducements have agreed to meet the
Citscpnts on Duffy's field. The game
will be the star attt action of the base
ball season as the aich-enomy have le
ci tilted all the star playeis of the val
ley to -vanquish their lieietofoto con
queiors, the descents.
The game will commence at 3 p. m. on
Thtirsdaj aftei noon and a big atten
dance Is deshed. Ladles fiee. Admis
sion to grand stand collected at east enhance.
Common Council Committee to De
cide as to Canying Case to Su
preme Court.
The judicial y committee of common
council, at the instance of Mr. Whit
field, was last night instructed to In
tiulie into the status of the municipal
witter injunction, that is, if It can be
cat lied to the Supteme couit, the lepoit
to be made at the next meeting of coun
cil. The oidinance pi milling- for the le
peal of the bond Issue for the watet
project was called up and killed by a
ote It) which Clark, Stone and Thomp
son weie the only dissenting ones.
The only other Impoitant measutcs
befoie council weie the passage of the
vendeis' license on thlid reading and
the passage on two leadings of an ordi
nance by Mr. Hohbs for a number -of
surface sevveis. The license ordinance
was amended to let out all merchants
who pay a meicantilc tux.
Dr. James Clime Consideiing a Flat
tering Offer fiom Other Side of
James Clune will have giaduated as a
dentist In a few dajs at the University
ot Pennsylvania Dentnl college In Phil
adelphia. The chances .no that ho will
immediately stmt for South Afiicu. He
has under eonsldotation a veiy natter
ing offer which If ho accepts will guai
anteo his expenses and a salaiy of $l7r
per month. Theio aio openings now in
South Attica foi men ot education, cn
tetpilse and endtuanee. As Mi. Clune
is qualified to answer those l equip
ments and as he Is oung and ambitious
it Is moie than likely that his parents
will soon be leeeiving letteis fiom
Master Mechanic Resigns.
Master Mechanic Itobeil Itennie, of
the Delawaie and Hudson shops In this
city, has leslgnod his position, the les
Ignatlon to take effect June 14. Ho will
be succeeded by W. C. lOnnls who was
foreman under him.
Miss Nellie Itvan, ot Scr.iutou, Is t lie
gties't ol Miss K. V. Kennedy, of South
Main itioct.
.1. I'. Hale, of Pitlstoii, Is a guest lit
tho homo ol .Mr. and Mis. Thomua Dal,
on Highlit avenue.
The commencement merclses of the
Mii.vllcld sihool will ho held In Assembly
hall tomouow evening. Tho gindimtes
ale: Man McCiuriv, Maiy Donnelly,
Nora Kdmunds, Bildgot Davltt, Mnmo
Kllher, Wlnlticd Meelmn, John Unit and
ctiuiles Miller. The tollovvlng Is tho pio-
gramme: Mutch, "Illao Awav," orche--I
tin; salutatory, "Wo Must Shape Our
Own Destiny," Charles .Miller; oration, I
"Manual Training," Wlnlticd Median; j
oveiture, "Popular Tcmis Medley," oi
chestra, class history, Noia IMniunds;
ncul solo, Patrick Mcehini; otatlon, "A
Woman's influence," Muiy McCi.ury;
wiiltie", "Helmet of Navanc," orchestia;
oration, "In Bombast,' Muiy Kllker;
oration, "Clinracter." BrldKOt Davltt: I
Uoinhone solo, 'Beyond tho fiutes of
Pnindlse," Jumos Harris, Jr.; class
prophecy, John Hart; vocal solo, Piank
McAndievv; valedlctoty, "We'll Find a
Way or Mako One," Mniv Donnellj ;
nvettilte, "Concoit .Night," oiehestrn;
pieseutntion of diplomas, by Piesident
Kllker; nddiess to claps, Prof, D. II.
Kilso; nidi oh, "Cuban Independence,"
A cno of miiiill-iiox exists at the home
ot Mi, and Mis, David Thomas, on Bacon !
stieet, tno lctlm nelng Arelile I.evvls, or
AsUlund, Pa,, who eaino heio hist Thins
day to visit tho Thomas family, Mrs.
Thomas being u cousin to him. On Sat
urday, ho complained of being unwell,
and walked to Dr, S. D. Davis", to see
tho doctor, Tho littler' being out, I.evvls
uitid ho would call again. Dr, Davis
did not sea him until Sunday, when lio
dluguosed it as a mild case, of genuine, Di, I, S. Qiuves, tho heullli
ofllcei, also saw him and agreed with
Dr. Davis as to tho natuio of tho ills,
euse. To lemovn any doubts, Dr,
llouser was summoned up from Scrnntuu
yesterday aftei noon, and, after seeing
Lewis, declaied the disease to ho small
dox. Tho news quickly spread through,
out the boioiigh and was much dlueusfed
dining the afternoon.
Prof, and Mrs. Ilauett will cntettnln
tho members of Class '0.' nt their home
on Tliuisday evening.
TbU fTtftaitare U oa eVery box ot 1Kb imm
Laxative Bromo'Oulaiieibut. '
rymf Uii miiiiil i.l lut i him m wtUk f Mil tn
Connolly & Wallace
5cranton's Shopping Center
During the months of July and August Connolly
& Wallace will follow the custom established by
them two years ago, and will close their store at
noon on Saturdays.
ILL YOU share with us the privilege of in
augurating in Scranton shorter hours for
business? During the hot months of July
and August shopping in the morning will,
help very much. Will you bear this in mind? '
Besides, the store service is better then. The .
most willing hands become tired by the end
of the week, the clearest heads grow heavy.
It is, then, not what salespeople would like '
to do do, but what they can do.
If a Saturday half holiday (which is vir
tually a full day, from 12 noon to 9.30 p.
m., our usual business hours on Saturday),
of" rest and recreation will bring our people
back on Monday morning to 'the store fresher
and stronger, we shall be fully repaid for the
day of business we give up each week. ,
We have closed in this manner nowVor
two years, and so far we have heard no crit
icism of the move, plenty cf endorsement.
Our effort to bring about a shorter work- ;
ing week during the hot months for the thous
ands of people employed in stores, must soon
bear fruit. Other stores are beginning to
fall in line and it is only a question of time
before it will be general. It means so li,ttle
to the women who shop. It means so much,
so very much to those who work-.-.
The women of Scranton can do much by
helping the earlier closing movement. It
now depends on them. The merchants are
willing. All you have to do is to stop shop
ping at 12 o'clock noon on Saturday. Is this
a hardship? Would not a little thoughtful
ness in planning your day's work accomplish
it? And is it not worth while?
Think what it means in the way of sim
ple pleasure to the women and men who
serve you and supply your needs in the
thousand and one calls you make on them.
In the simple matter of every-day living,just
consider what this small act of thoughtful
consideration from you means. At home at
noon on Saturday A whole day in which
to freshen themselves, to throw off the cares
.of the day, to prepare in leisure for any little
festivity they may have on hand.
You, who have all your time at your own
disposal, can hardly realize all that this half
holiday means. But try to imagine yourself
in their place, Picture yourself as going
through their' routine for one day. Then you
will know. Cannot we instantly bring about
a general early closing movement by all
stores? What a fine thing it would be if
every store were actually deserted of shop
pers at the magic hour of 12 noon on Satur
days during July and August.
Some customers, conversing in the store a few days ago
on the Saturday half-holiday subject, remarked that "Con
nolly & Wallace lead and the others follow,"
It matters little who leads in the early closing, the big
thing is that a store can close nowadays at noon on Saturday
and lose none of its business.
We are glad that some other stores have decided to close,
because we believe it is the right thing to do that customers
are as much benefitted in the better service they receive from
the salespeople as the salespeople are benefitted in a physi
cal and mental way.
Connolly & Wallace
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