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The News of Cadbondale
Crescents nijtl; Susqttohanna Teams
Vanquished by Jupiter JPluvlus, at
Susquehanna, on Saturday Two
Innings Played Other Ball Games.
Juniter Ptuvtus' mood on fin tu relay
broke up thn .gntnc between the Ores
cents nilrt tlie Bttsquennniui icuiii
The game was abruptly ended In the
second Inning, with the score 2-1. The
Crescents easily made two runs In the
first Inning. In the next the rnln in
terfered with tjip Crescents' handling
of tlio ball 'I'liul 'IhVillnt! from 'the cnpl
tnl nt the ttrlo's .Tcrferson division suc
ceeded In getting one run a. sort of
present from his majesty,, the storm
It was -worse than n shame, nfter our
"Pots" Journeying" to" Susquehanna and
a victory In sight, to bo-prevented from
finishing the ruuio. Hotter luel: Is
hoped for next time, as Susquehanna,
looks like "easy money."
O'Garrn. formerly of this city, pitched
against Curbondnlc, He showed much
of his old-time Cleverness. " The Sus
quehanna people have won the ever
lasting respect and admiration of the
c'rosiinntM fm1 their pnortsmnnllke
methods during the ball pa me and their
kind hospltullly afterwards. Nothing
was too good for the Carbondulo boys,
and It Is hoped that another opportun
ity to finish the contest for base ball
supremacy may present Itself soon.
The names of the players and those
who accompanied them are as follows:
"Walter Loftus, Owen McAndrew, P.
Kclleher, .lames Mctlale, James Gul
lughy, James' "Murray, Gus Cuff, "Will
Hull. John Harte, P. F. Fox, Clarence
Mcllalc. Frank Frillies, Wescott, Ger
ald McIIale.
Cycle Men's Scorching Game.
If anyone should Inquire, yon can say
that the Curbondnlc Cycle members are
some "shucks" as ball .players. For
proof, first read the score of the game,
on Saturday and then ask the Ontario
and Western firemen, clerks and "Rail
road Jack," alias "Policeman Jack,"
the mascot, about It.
The "It" happened on Saturday after
noon on historic Duffy's field, when the
Cycle club made a scorching run and
when It was over the score was 12-3.
The firemen thought they were switch
Ins cars and that's how the ".I" came
on the scorer's card.
The name was a warm one, and the
crowd had much to make rinlse about,
oven though "Railroad Jack" was down
'ir. the mouth and refused to eat a yard
of sod for Tom Diiffy.
Smith and Duggau wore the Cycle
men's crack battery, and Drum and
Robinson stood for the compliments of
the railroad men for not winning. After
the game. Rates, bought' the soda water
for tho.erawd. He was celebrating over
his luffc: bo 'made a three-base hit.
Smith, Smith of the mighty arm and
lightning speed, pitched a splendid
game, and struck out so many men that
the other players had no work to do.
St. Alqysius Team Walloped.
AVlritcresting'same of base ball, de
spite the one-sided score, took place on
Sandy's field Saturday afternoon, when
the Kxcelslors, of Welsh Hill, walloped
the St. Aloyslus team by a score of 20
to 3. .
The Excelsiors nlnyed fast ball nil
through the game, and the St. Aloyslus
Old not have a show of coming out
abend of the game.
John Conai'tpft. of the Kxcelslors, es
pecially distinguished himself with the
stick, hitting the ball for one three
base hit and a homo run.
John Harrett and Thomas Polond
played the best game for the St. Aloy
FlllS. The score lly. Innings was:
st. Aloyslus a i i o i ft o n n s
Kxceliilnrs 3 14 0 2 13 0 020
The Kxcelslors' team was as follows:
John Purccll, o.j Dugermnn. p.: John
'nnurton, s.s.; Joseph Common, lb.;
IMward Fox. 2b.; Kdward Conarlon,
Kb.; Harney lli-pnimn, l.f.j Walsh, c.f. ;
Murphy, r.f.j Conarton, s.c.
The St. AJnyslus: Kdward Golden, c.j
'onvey, p.; Unit, s.s.: Joseph Alannlon,
lb.: Mnrau,' 2b,: Mohr, 3b,; Tucker, l.f.;
li.-irrctt. c.f.; T. Hart, r.f.
The, Kust.S.lde Craekerjaeks walloped
the Scuih Side base ball team on
Sandy's Held, Saturday afternoon, by a
(core of 21-.',. Hart, McAndrew and
"'erdy were th" battery for the South
Side, and Carroll and Mofllt for the
Tlie Peach Hill Rushers sent the Kx
celslors homo in sorrow. The se-ore was
T-r.. The game was played on the brick
yard grounds, and furnished plenty of
excitement for the crowd. Courtney
and Uuggun were the Rushers' battery,
and Conarton and Murphy acted In the
same capacity for the Kxcelslors,
Bartenders to Piny Scranton Men.
The bartenders at Caibondale are to
play the bartenders of Sernntop in this
e'lty on Tuesday afternoon, An after
noon ;or; sp'oi't Is anticipated, whether
or not the best uinne Unit was ever
played Is put. up.
The Caibondale players will be na
follow: McUonough, c,; Smith, p.;
fVHourke, h.s.; Hlgglus, lb,; Nealon,
lb.;, WJU-.McNuUy, .'lb.; (lenity, r.f.;
JWIIl Uenjey. I.ri: lluddy, c.f,; Becker,
j-'.o,; James Thompson, Oscar Hep
fcker,' .Martin Connor and Pete Farrell
im the bench In red sweaters.
; T)o High School team Is after the
Cycle club and will play this afternoon,
Jriie High School players are under the
Impression that (hey will glvo the
Cycle men tho first real game of tho
season, and are prepared to put up a
j-enl live contest.
The Carbo'ndnlo' Metal Working com
Jiany", hankering for a ehrinco to get
back at the Cnrbondolo Machine com
pany, Issued n challenge hist week for
another game, Tho challenge has been
nccepted and the contest will take plaeo
ho beginning of next week on Duffy's
field. A same that' will be worth n
Rood-Blued crowd and a full quota of
May leave Us.
The Susquehanna people were so
favojably Impressed by the playing
ability a.nd'd.epjirtment of the Crescents
on Saturday that It Is probable their
efforts to secure tho, members of our
team to Join their organization will be
Buccessf ul., The players particularly de
elrablo aro Captain Cuff, Second Base
man Murray and, Pitcher McAndrew,
i . '-t
Burfep Has His lUUrty,
Domnlck,I3urlte,wJio UUeUer.known as
"Topsy" Burke. Is at liberty again, after
several weeks' Incarceration in the coun
ty jail, on the charge of assaulting a
young girl frqni, Jtrmyn. His was the
. .i . ..'; ... ,
sensational case which was nlred In Al-derlnnti-.ldne"onlce
sonic weeks ngo.
Uurko was committed without brill, but
In tho meantime attempts were tilado to
effect his release, hill without success
until Friday. Thn court fixed his ball nt
tl mm tl nee i.n llm i-ltinnl iikuiiiiII elirnirn
and $.100 for linnet smutting an olllcer. V'M-f
ward lltll'kc, his lit other, was accepted as
Tho Centennial Club Vacates Booms
for the Summer Months.
The Centennial Social club, which
was made up of well known young men
and conducted several of the smartest
socials In Carbondulo the past season,
has disbanded,
The quarters which were In the Lead
er building were vacated on Saturday.
Tho furnishings were stored uwuy un
til the fall, when an effort will be made
to reorganize tho club.
The strike wits prlmnrlly responsible
for the dlsbandmcut of this successful
organization. Most of the members
were affected from different sources
when the miners ceased work, and the
club became so depleted through mem
bers leaving town that tho club censed
to be self-supporting. The few who re
mained regretfully decided to disband.
The club was organized by a few so
cial spirits during the days of Carbon
dale's semi-centennial festivities last
September, and took Its name from that
Beautifully Improssivo Ceremoniea
Mark One of the Most Significant
Events in Sodality's History Ser
mon by Rev. P. J. Boland of Scran
ton. One of the most significant events In
the history of the Ulessed Virgin Mary's
Sodality of St. Rose church took place
last night when 230 candidates were re
ceived Into full membership with the
beautifully Impressive ceremonies that
mark a sodality reception.
Just prior to the services the sodality
members and the candidates marched
In u procession from the church base
ment to the places assigned them in the
beautiful edifice. The remainder of the
pews were occupied by the congrega
tion which crowded the unreserved
sea tings.
Very Rev. T. F. Coffey, V. O., pastor
of St. Rose, conducted tlie ceremonies.
While the candidates were receiving
the blue ribbon, the livery of the con
fraternity, the sodality, with Miss Alice
Uridgett at tlie organ, sang a number
of hymns.
The altar of the Blessed Virgin had
been converted into a beautiful shrine,
and was radiant with flowers, glowing
sanctuary lamps and blazing tapers.
The sermon was delivered by Rev. P.
J. Roland, assistant priest at St. John's
church, South Scranton. It was an
eloquent discourse, that, prayerfully
urged the sodalists' devotion to the
Blessed Virgin Mary, their patron and
"The 'reception was highly gratifying
to the pastor, Very Rev. T. F. Coffey,
and thu assistant priests of St. Hose,
for the number received, 230, was as
largo as admitted ut any one time since
the sodality was organized, and the
largest in a number of years. Tlie
fruit of the labors of the three priests
and the effects of the recent mission
were happily manifested.
The out-of-town priests who were
present in the sanctuary were: Rev.
John J. GrKIln, 'ScrnntDn, chancellor of
the diocese; Rev. M. K. I.oftus, Green
Ridge; Rev. J. W. Holmes, North
Scranton; Rev. T. J. Commerford,
Arehbnld; Rev. J. J. Dunn, Jermyn;
Kev. Richard Walsh, Forest City: Rev.
Walter Gorman and Rev. ueorgc Dixon,
St. Rose.
Ho Is Hardly Expected to Survive
Another Day.
Alderman William Morrison, who
has been a victim of grip for three
weeks, pneumonia developing in tho
meantime, is in a'v dying condition.
I.nte last night it was announced by
Dr. William Morrison that his father's
condition was so low It was feared he
could not recover; It was oven doubtful
If he could survive more than a day,
perhaps not through tho night.
The change that Indicated that dis
solution was approaching, came at noon
yt-sterdny. The temperature arose des
pite repeated applications of Ice packs
by Dr. Morrison, himself, who has
worked over his father with the heroic
devotion of a son for the past week.
The pulsations Increased so that they
could not be counted and the respira
tion went up to seventy. Rvery heroic
remedy known to science has been em
ployed by Dr. Morrison; oxygen, In
jections of salt solutions and the most
powerful heart stimulants, but to no
avail; the pneumonia has increased un
til there Is no hope of a rally.
This will be extremely depressing
news for the legion of friends of tho
patient, who Is one of tho most promin
ent citizens of Curbondnle, who were
.filled with tho hope of his recovery.
S. N, Hallcy in 111 ut ids homo on Ca
iman street
T, K. Swingle, tliu Park .street mer
chant, Is regaining In strength after u
severe illness of several weeks,
Vera Fassett Is dangerously ill ut the
homo of Mr, and Mrs. J, P. A, Tiiigley,
on Washington street. Frederick II, Fan.
sett, esq,, her uncle, of Tiuikhumiock,
camn hero on Saturday to visit her,
Kdward Knapp, of Camian street, who
has been dangerously III for several
weeks, Is slightly Improved,
More Young Men Leave,
James Campbell, of Terrace street, em
ployed In tlie blaeksmlthlng shop of tho
Delaware and Hudson company until the
strike, has left for Home, N, y where
he lias secured employment,
James McAllister, of Mirny's court, has
secured employment In Cleveland, O,,
whence he left on Friday,
Gone to Convention.
William Collins, Initniclar of dancing,
left last night for New Vork cjty, to at
tend' the masters of dancing- reinvention,
which opens today, Mr. Collins will bo
absent ten duys.
To Depart on European Tour,,
Mrs. James Solomon, wife of Select
Councilman Solomon, of tho Sixth ward,
and daughter, Gladys, uiul Miss Nannie
Mitchell, of Helmout street, le'avei tomor
row. for Now York city, from whenco they
will eull on Wednesday for Kuglund.
They will spend several weeks in Corn
wall, after which they will tour the
British Isles. They will return In September.
Addressed the United Mine Work
ers in Their Quarters, Saturday
District President Nlcholls, of the
United Mine Workers, was It) Carbon
date on Saturdny evening, In company
with District Vlce-Prcsldctit Adam IIIb
envage, of Plymouth,
President Nlcholls Was at tho Harri
son limine early In the evening, and
later he addressed n meeting of the
United Mine Workers In their bend
qiittrters In tho Leader building. He
snld that his visit concerned the four
Delaware and Hudson engineers who
have remained nt work, but he would
not say whnt phase of the situation
wits dealt with or discussed,
The local unions, or members of them,
appear to be greatly concerned over tho
notion of tho four men who are still at
work, and committees have been active
tho past week In their endeavors to
have the quartette desert their posts.
So far they have been unsuccessful,
though various Influences have been put
to work to effect tills purpose.
Mrs. Joseph Heap, of Park Street,
Says He Broke Into Her House for
Purpose of Assaulting Her Bon
netti in Jail.
"Mike" Bonnettl, the Italian fruit
dealer, whose market Is In the Anthra
cite building, Is In tho city Jail, and will
be given a trlul before Alderman At
kinson at 0 o'clock this forenoon, on
serious charges made by Mrs. Joseph
Heap, of Park street, who alleges ho
broke Into her house for the purpose of
assaulting her.
Bonnetti's arrest, which took place
early last evening, was somewhat sen
sational. He came to the Heap resi
dence about 6.30 o'clock, and after ho
made his way into the house Mrs. Heap
engaged him In conversation until her
niece could telephone to Constable
Moran, who has had a warrant for
Bonnettl's arrest since Inst Tuesday
night. On that night, according to Mrs.
Heap, or shortly after midnight, Bon
netti broke Into her residence, or at
least attempted to enter the house. He
broke a window,- but was frightened or
driven off by Mrs. Heap and her niece.
The next day a warrant was sworn out
before Alderman Atkinson by Mrs.
Heap. Bonnettl was not faken in the
meantime. Last night, about 6.30, he
re-appeared at the Heap residence and
it was while he was in conversation
with his accuser that Constable Moran
was called to the scene to servo the
Two charges are against Bonnetti
attempt assault and burglary.
Bonnetti or Bonnett, as he is called,
has been conspicuous in police and al
dermnnlc circles ever since his locating
in the town. Aside from the charge of
airs. Heap, his record is not unblem
ished. He has a wife and six children,
with whom he lived in the Italian set
tlement on Belmont street.
Mrs. Heap Is a widow, her husband
having died recently.
Will Meet Tuesday Night.
It Is earnestly hoped that the members
of the High School Alumni association
will bear in mind that there will be ii
meeting in the central school building to
morrow evening, commencing at 7.30, and
arrange their time so as to be present.
It Is tho sentiment of a number to have
reunion exercises and a banquet this year
but to decide on the project a good-sized
attendance of the members will be necessary.
Will Change Quarters.
T. V. Walker & Company, of South
Main street, are preparing to change
quarters, and will move In a few weeks
into the McAndrew building, which ad
joins, and which is practically com
pleted. Tho upper floors will be occupied by
tho Knights of Columbus and will afford
splendid quarters when ready for occupation.
Drive Through York State.
Select Councilman D. W. Humphrey
and J. J. nieglcruth, proprietor of "Tho
Fair," will leave this morning on a trip
to Midillctown, N. Y where one of tho
hitter's several stores is located, They
will drive the whole distance, to and fro,
nnd will go via llawley and nlong the
Delaware. '
The Up-to-Date Club. "
The l'p-to-I)nto Hook club was enter
tained on Friday evening at the homo of
Miss Grace IJngley, on Canaan street. An
evening of pleasant entertainment and
prollluble discussion of works of fiction
was passed by the progressive young la
dles who make up the club's membership.
Scranton Men at Smoker.
Among the out-oftown Woodmen at the
smoker of Crystal camp were: II. J.
Waller. James A. Cannon, Daniel Dewey
and John 1,. I,. Ilenton. of Scranton; K.
F. Wormer, of Wllkes-liarre: J. B. tlrlf
llth, of Jermyn; T, A. Surdtim, of Forest
City, and R. Hocking, of Mayfleld.
Home from Wedding Tour.
Mr. and Mrs. Kdward J. Healcy have
returned from their wedding tour, which
embraced a visit at New Vork city, Al
bany and the other principal cities of
Now York state. They will be nt home
after a few weeks In a pleasantly-located
homo on Upper Dimduff streot.
Carbondallan to Be Ordained.
Rev. Kdward Ilurke, son of Mr, and
Mrs. K. 1. Burke, or this city, will be
ordained to the priesthood In St. Peter's
athedral, Scranton, the latter part of
this month. Mr. Uurko has just com
pleted his theological studleB at St.
Mary's seminary, Baltimore.
Meetings of Tonight.
Common council.
Olive I.enf lodge. No. 156, Odd Fellows.
Federal union, No, 720-1.
Patriotic Order Sons of America.
Carliondiilo council, Knights of Columbus,
George Hunt Is visiting frloiuls In Scott.
W. W. liurdtek, of Riverside, Is spend
ing a few days In town.
Kdltor Jones, of tho Olypbant Record,
spent yesterday in Curbondnlc,
Andrew Hrceze, nf Locust streot, has
returned home, after culling on Plttston
Frank P. Duitcklee, of Alanuigordo,
Now Mexico, visited (Mrbondulo friends
over Sunday,
T. J, Skinner, of Teiruco Htrcot, Is In
Uellwood, wliern ho lias secured tempor
ary employment.
Patrick I.ogun, of Scranton, Is visiting
nt tho homo of bis niece, Mrs. A. Hughes,
on Gordon avenue.
Nathan Armstrong, has returned to
Schenectady, N. Y., and resumed his po
sition ut the Kdlsou electrical works.
Mrs. H. Singer, of South Main street,
bus arrived homo nfter a few days vlblt
with her son, Dr, B. Ii. Blngcr, of Phlla
delphla. Michael Scanlon. of fowderly street,
(oft for Paterson, N. J., where ho Intends
It is "Putting Off "Till Some
Other Day that Causes so
Many Sudden Deaths,
If Its for tho kidneys, Hver, bladder or
blood, rheumatism, dyspepsia, chronic
constipation, or tho weaknesses peculiar
to women, the most efficient mcdlclno
known to the medical profession Is Dr,
David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy, and
a very simple way to find out if you need
It, is to put norno urine In a glass tumbler
and let it stand 34 hours ; if It has a sedi
ment or n milky, cloudy appearance, if it
is ropy or stringy, pale or discolored, you
do not need a physician to tell you that
your kidneys and bladder aro badly
The Rev. Theodore Hunter, pastor of
tho Presbyterian Church, Greensburg,
Ky,, writes us tho following :
"Itgivesmemuch pleasure to state
that I havo received great benefit
from the use of Dr. David Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy. Some time ago I
had asevero attaolc of kidney trouble,
'butafewbottlesof 'Favorite Remedy' r
have entirely removed the malady."
"Favorite Remedy" speedily cures
such dangerous symptoms as pain in the
baclc.frequent desire to urinate.especially
at night, burning scalding pain in passing
water, thostainlngof linen by your urine.
It is for sale by all druggists in the
NOW SO Oeht Size and the regular
$1 .00 size bottles less than a cent a dose.
Sample hotIt enough for trial, free by mail.
Dr. David Kennedy Corporation, Rondout, N. Y.
Pr. DarlA Kennedy's Salt Rbcnm Cream cure!
014 Horei, Skin an Scrofulom DUcisei. COc.
to make bis homo for tho summer
Miss Kmma Taylor and brothers, Ar
thur nnd Hugh, spent Saturday at the
home of their brother, Joseph Frank, In
Miss Mabel Edwards, a former resident
of this city, now of Denver, Col., Is visit
ing her mother, Mrs. Mary Edwards at
her homo on Park street.
Mr. and Mrs. II. ("5. Humphreys, of
New York city, are visiting at the home
of tlio former's aunt, Mrs. Margaret
Davis, on Iirooklyn street.
Mrs. James O'Brien and daughter,
Helen, of Onconta, N, Y., who have been
visiting the former's brother, Lawrence
Burke, havo returned home.
Lawrence Burke, of Pike street, who
has been visiting friends In Scranton and
Pittston, has returned home, accompanied
by his cousin, Miss l.orclta Burke, of
The Jermyn Boys' brigade attended
church last evening as usual. The col
onel, John Bolton, of Olypbant. having
gone to Scotland, they have secured the
services of Mr. Gilligan, of Mayfleld.
Miss Jennie Greenslode, of Cemetery
street, was a Wllkes-Barre visitor j-cster-day.
Messrs. Bishop and Spelcher, of Arch
bald, were visitors In town yesterday.
Thomas Quinn, of North Main street,
has gone to Bradford county, where he
has secured employment.
Miss Maggie Vnn Goreler, of Meshop
pen, and Miss Lizzie Robinson, of New
York, aro visiting friends at Mayfleld.
Tho Brothers of Mayfleld defeated tlio
drum corrs of tho South Side, Carbon
dale, in n game of base ball Saturday,
the score being C to 5. Batteries Carbon
dale, Hodglns and Bradley; Mayfleld,
Nlcols and Parry.
Willlo Phillips and Henry Meyers have
accepted positions at Ilcndrlck's factory,
James Sullivan, of Vandllng, was a
caller in town Saturdny.
Robert Cox, of Carbondalo, was a vis
itor In town yesterday.
Mrs. Patrick Monahan and Mrs. John
Cain, of Second street, aro visiting rela
tives at Centralia.
A one-story frame building used as a
barber shop and known as tho "Manway"
on Dunmoro street, was destroyed by lira
at 1.30 yesterday morning. An alarm from
box 18 quickly brought tho Excelsiors to
the sceno and extinguished tho flames.
The building was owned by Hugh Dug
gau. On account of tho grounds being in
wet condition tho Browns did not go to
Honcsdulo on Saturday. Instead thny
played tho strong Young Men's Institute
team from Jcssup and defeated them by
n score of 2 to D. Savage pitched for
three Innings and struck out soven men,
Phillips was also given a trial in the box
and showed up well.
The Excelsior company has decided to
purchase u new hose wagon nt a cost of
$."00. With this addition the company will
bo one of tho best equipped In this sec
tion. Pearl Ackcrly Is visiting relatives In
Tho officers nf the I.ndy Ellon Penman
I.odgo of Rebckah wero Installed on
Saturday nlKht py District Deputy
Hughes, of Cnrbondale, After tho in
stallation a social session was hold. A
number of members of tho order from
out of town were present.
T. F. CUbboiiH has accepted n position
as salesman for a Scranton firm.
Charles O'Boyle, of Dunmoro street, has
gono to Now York.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. debhard, of Jer
myn, were the guests of Mr, nnd Mrs.
J. W. Patten yesterday.
Miss Mary Wood, of Avoca, Is visiting
Miss Nellie McAndrew, of Scotch street.
Mrs. A. W. Ilenscnter, of Cnrbondale;' ji-aiuruuy wiin ner parents in
Messrs. Prank Richards and Charles
Mack left yesterday for Chicago, III,, in
search nf employment,
Thieves gained entrnnco Into tho store,
room of II, J, CummlnES general store
on Sunday morning and secured nearlv n
ton of flour. The lock was broken. 'No
trace of the thieves has been found.
Water has been turned on at tho public
fountain. A dipper should now be pro.
.vldcd for tho fountain.
Mr. and Atl-M. W. .T Hrrtml cn, 1VI.,
field, and Harry lfenrj- npeiit yesterday
pear Wayinart,
Mr. Harry CJard hns returned nfter
spending a few days at Niagara Falls.
The und Sunday sciols will run an
excursion to -I.ako I.odore, June 20, This
Is tho only excursion booked from tills
place to nny summer resort so fur tills
season, Tho excursion should bo well pa
tronized. S. W, Arnold and William Ooyuo reT
turned Friday from u llsblng trip ut
Slcklei's pond,
Miss Jennie Harris, of Peckvllle, was a
Visitor in town Friday.
Miss Bertha Culjuway Is visiting rein,
tlves In Scranton.
Tho children of tho Presbyterian Sun
day school aro practicing for Children's
Day. Tho exercises will bo held Suaduy
evening, Juno 15.
Grot-go S. Dunn, of Jermyn, was a busi
ness caller In town Saturday.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Walsh, of Monroe street, was brightened
by tlio arrival of a young daughter.
K. T. Phllbhi was a caller In Carbondalc,
Saturday. '
Connolly & Wallace
Scranton's Shopping Center
During the months of July and August Connolly
& Wallace will follow the custom established by
them two years ago, and will close their store at
noon on Saturdays.
WILL YOU share with us the privilege of in
augurating in Scranton shorter hours for
business? During the hot months of July t
k. and August shopping in the morning will
help very much. Will you bear this in mind?
Besides, the store service is better then. The
most willing hands become tired by the end
of the week, the clearest heads grow heavy.
It is, then, not what salespeople would like
to do do, but what they can do.
If a Saturday half holiday (which isi'F
tually a full day, from 12 noon to 9.30 p.
m., our usual business hours on Saturday),
of rest and recreation will bring our peopW
back on Monday morning to the store fresher
and stronger, we shall be fully repaid for the
day of business we give up each week.
We have closed in this manner now for
two years, and so far we have heard no crit
icism of the move, plenty of endorsement.
Our effort to bring about a shorter work
ing week during the hot months for the thous
ands of people employed in stores, must soon
bear fruit. Other stores are beginning to
fall in line and it is only a question of time
before it will be general. It means so little
to the women who shop. , It means so much,
so very much to those who work.
The women of Scranton can dp much by
helping the earlier closing movement. It
now depends on them. The merchants are
willing. All you have to do is to stop shop
ping at 12 o'clock noon on Saturday. Is this
a hardship? Would not a little thoughtful
ness in planning your day's work accomplish
it? And is it not worth while?
Think what it means in the way of sim
ple pleasure to the women and men who
serve you and supply your needs in the
thousand and one calls you make on them.
In the simple matter of every-day living,just
consider what this small act of thoughtful
consideration from you means. At home at
noon on Saturday. A whole day in which
to freshen themselves, to throw off the cares
of the day, to prepare in leisure for any little
festivity they may have on hand.
You, who have all your time at your own
disposal, can hardly realize all that this half
holiday means. But try to imagine yourself
in their place. Picture yourself as going
through their routine for one day. Then you
will know. Cannot we instantly bring about
a general early closing movement by all
stores? What a fine thing it would be if
every store were actually deserted of shop
pers at the magic hour of 12 noon on Satur
days during July and August.
Some customers, conversing in the store a few days ago
on the Saturday half-holiday subject, remarked that "Con
nolly & Wallace lead and the others follow."
It matters little who leads in the early closing, the big
thing Is that a store can close nowadays at noon on Saturday
and lose none of its business.
' We are glad that some other stores have decided to close,
because we believe it is the right thing to do that customers
are as much benefitted in the better service they receive from
the salespeople as the salespeople are benefitted In a physi
cal and mental way.
Connolly & Wallace
$ Jitf ays