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Woman's Wot k
in preparing appetizing and
wholesome food is lightened by
this famous baking powder
Absolutely pure It adds
healthful qualities to the food
Baking Powder
The "Royal Baker nnd Pastry
Cook" most practical ana
billable of cook books
free to every patron. Send
full address by postal card.
Household Worries Abolished and
Expenses Cut One-fourth The Ex
periment Twenty Weeks Old
Other People Following Their Ex
ample. From n Sioux City Letter In the Sun.
Twenty-one residents of the suburb oC
Mornlngside have lived for twenty
weeks In Independence and defiance ot
thi servant girl, and have discovered
that by co-operative housekeeping the
head of the. family will save one-fourth
of the cost of satisfying the appetites
of the family.
The Parksldc Co-operative House
keeping association, organized in De
cember have cost each of the members
an average of $2.35 a week, and has
saved St cents a week for each. The
association has found that its plun will
mean an annual economy to a family of
four members of $178.48.
This union kitchen was the first of its
kind In the United Strifes, the members
say, but so successful has it been that
another association has been organized
here In the Relnhaidt flats, and two
more will be formed In Morningside, to
begin operations next September.
Following the example of the Sioux
city people, fifteen families of Marlon,
Intl.. have formed a co-operative asso
ciation, and recently began taking thiIr
meals In a specially constructed build
The co-operative housekeeping plan
solves the servant ghl problem, which
has become the terror of housekeeping,
relieves the housewife of all the worry
and labor of superintending the pre
paration of thiee meuls a day, and
paves the head of the family u fourth
of the cost.
All the membais of this association
live within a block of the home of
Oharleb Senlft, and there they meet to"
take their meals at two large tables.
Three looms aic rented from Sirs. Sen
lft for $10 a month, including light und
fuel for all the rooms except the kitch
en. The housekeeper and cook gets $7 a
week and her board, and two assist
ants get $1 a .week and their board.
The five women of the club form a com
mittee that makes out the bill of faie
t'ULh week, and a man Is chosen as buy
er to ,ser,ve for two eeksah assistant
to his wife, or, If hlngle, some other
man's wife. '
The congenlnllty of the members Is
seemed by requiring a unanimous
vote before a new member Is admitted.
The association buys Its food from re
tailers, but the purchuses are In large
(luautltles and the association practic
ally gets wholesale rates, amounting to
a saving of 15 per cent. The fuel cosls
no moie practically than In one fam
ily, meaning a weekly economy of $1.G0.
There Is but one' cook' for tho asso
ciation, and, while she gets' $7 a week,
it may ho assumed that tho five fami
lies would spend at least .$3 a w'eek each
for a servant, together paying $15. Add
ing the $1 recelved'by each pf tho assis
tants to the salary of the cook, tho
families Bave $6 a week by pooling.
The association gives the cook and the
assistants hoard and this Is two persons
fewer than would be boarded If tho
name families were eating on tho old
plan, so that $4.60 weekly 13 saved In
this way, ,
The 15 per cent, cut In the prices or
food amounts to m cents weekly for
each member, or $5.01 a week for all
Tho Ite'ms of economy for tho twenty
one .people, weekly, then, ure as fol
lows; Amount savcl.
I'Micl .,,. ,.. ,. , i , ,,,,, ,,$ 1 50
Servant wages .,,.,,..,,,,,., i 00
Horvant board ,,. ,,,. ,, ,, 4 00
Jood ,..., , 5 01
Total .,. ... , $17 H
This means a saving pf 81 cents a
week for each member, or $3.24 a week
for a family of four, amounting In a
year to 178.49 of actual economy,
''The social feature is a strong point
Light Biscuit
Delicious Cake
Dainty Past ies
Fine Paddings
There are cheap baking powders,
made from alum, but they are ex
ceedingly harmful to health. Their
astringent and cauterizing qualities
add a dangerous element to food.
In favor of the association," said Mrs.
W. W. Blown, who originated the
plan. "One learns to look forward to
the 6 o'clock dinner with anticipation.
"The plan. has worked wonders by
bringing Into the fresh air three times
a day women who have formerly
housed themselves carefully from cold,
wind and storm. Families in which
mincing at table and delicate appetites
have been the rule have developed start
ling appreciation for their meals, and
the table is surrounded dally by good
"Company at meal time has lost Its
terror. When a visitor drops in before
dinner there are no longer furtive
glances through Ice box and store clos
ets, and brain racking problems of
feeding a crowd with a dinner prepared
for a few. Instead, there Is plenty of
time for visiting, and hostess and guest
are undisturbed by culinary plans and
The success of the enterprise has giv
en rise to the suggestion that a suita
ble building be erected with one or more
well equipped dining rooms, each of
which will seat about thirty persons.
Interest in the plan has been aroused
In other cities and state. and the offi
cers receive many letters asking for in
formation and details."
Following are samples of the bill of
fare for a week day and for Sunday:
Thursday Breakfast: Cereal, griddle
cakes, syrup, bread and butter and cotfi.e.
Luncheon: Cold pork, potatoes, baking
powder biscuits and butter, plum butttr,
tea nnd coffee. Dinner: Liver, mashed
potatoes, pickles, tea, cakes, bread and
butter, strawberry preserves and tea.
Sunday Breukfast: Ham, fried pota
toes, syrup, crackers, bread and butter
and coffee. Dinner: Stewed clilclcivi,
m.'ihhed potatoes, celery, white and brown
bieud. butter, apple pie, oranges, nuts
and coffee. Supper: Bread and buttur,
cake, canned peaches, suet pudding and
Took the Place of James Etter in
James Etter, one of the watchmen
of the Cox building, which is used in
connection with tho treasury depart
ment, Is perhaps the dean of the gov
ernment survive. He will be S3 years
of age In a short time and has served
on the watch forces of the treasury
und war department for two score
years. After his service In the civil
war he was appointed to a position In
the Wynder building, which Was then
a branch of the war department, and
remained there from 1863 until 1900,
wlien he was removed by Auditor Mor
ris just before the latter's tragic death.
It Is said by those who havo known Mr.
Etter that he "Is the best natured old
gentleman that was ever allowed to
live," and several stories are told of
him which are fair proofs of this opin
ion. It Is said that when Mr. Morris
told the old man that he was to be
removed to the Cox building because
ho was too old to serve In a busier
ofllce, Mr.' Etter replied: "Why, sir,
I'm not old I'm good us I ever was,
I'm only 80."
Another Incident In tho government
life of this veteran watchman was an
uffalr which happened in 1863, and
which Included In its pei formers
President Lincoln, "It was a Sunday,"
said Mr, Etter, In relating It. "I was
sitting there at my door In the usual
placo and a- gentleman drove' up and
asked for the surgeon general, General
Barnes, and who should It 'be but the
president himself. Well, tho general
was not In then, und Mr. Lincoln drove
away, but In a short time ho was back
again asking for the generul. I told
him that the general was not In yet;
that he was over at the war depiut
ment.and Mr. Lincoln said to mo;
" 'Will you do me a favor, sir, as I
would do one for you? You go over
to the department and tell tho general
that I wish to see him, and I will
keep watch here until you como back.'
He took my place In tho chair and I
hurried oyer to tell the general. When
I came back there was the president
playing watchman In my place. I
turn your place over to you, sir,' says
he, 'and as safe as you left It.' and
then he went out to meet tho general."
The Spanish-American rar, insignificant as II
seemed to be, projected the United Statu on the
world (4 lflit-cli power, and opened tho j
(or the display of J. Plerpoat Morgan' com
manding genius, Mr, Morgan, ot courw, ai a
great wan before the war, Just as flcncral Grant
va before, the outbreak of the Civil war, but
tU was bit opportunity,
Sfill the Work Shop
of the Universe
Special Coricspomlcnec of Tho Tribune.
Washington, May 30".
A (1001) rlrril ot encouragement to
the manufacturing Interests of
tha country Is found In tho de
tailed statement of commerce for
tho month of Apt II and the ten mnnthti
ending with April, Just If-micd by the
ticnsury bureau of statistics. It shows
that mntiiifHcUiicrs' mnlfilaln formed
one-half of tho Importations during the
month of April, and In tho ton months
formed over lit per conlj of the total;
whllo tho exports ot manufacture's In the
month of Apill formed St 51 per cent, of
tho total pxpoits, against 5!U!i per cent. In
April, 1DQ1, and for tho ton months end
Ihg with Apill, 190-', they formed '.'S.fM per
cent, of tho total exports, as compared
with 27.W per cent. In tho corresponding
months of tho preceding fiscal year. Tho
total value nf manufacturers' materials
Imported In tho ten months ending with
April this year Is $3J8,(Vi7,M1, its against
J-S'0,S01,407 In tho corresponding months of
Inqt year, an increase nf $67,855,1,54 or 21
per cent. Exports of manufactures, It will
ho observed, aro ncaily overtaking thoso
of last year, tho gain In tho month of
April alonu being four nnd a half million
dollars over April, 1901, whllo lor tho ton
months the total value of manufnctm'03
exported falls but $3,4StS,SH below that for
tho corresponding months of last year.
Manufactures formed considerably mora
than one-third of tho exports In tho
month of April, having formed 30.51 per
cent, of tho total, against 119.05 per cent. In
April. 1901; while for tho ten months tho
percentage which manufactures form of
tho total exports Is higher thun in any
picccedtng year except 1900.
Tn imports of manufacturers' materials
the "growth Is found In almost every Im
portant class of articles. Chemicals,
which are largely used In manufacturing,
show a growth from 4114 million dollars In
the ten months of last year to over 43
million dollars In tho ten months of tho
present fiscal year; raw cotton, from 39
million pounds to 87 million pounds; cop
per ore, from 8 million dollars In value
to over 12 millions; fibers, for uso In
tifactuilng, from IS million dollars to 23
millions; bides und skins, from S7 millions
to 19 million dollars; rnw silk, from 23
million to :t(; million dollars; tin, from 59
million pounds to lit million pounds; loaf
tobacco, from 12 million pounds to 11 mil
lion pounds; wool 7rom less than 10 mill
ion dollars to over 15 million dollars, and
wood from 12 million dollars to 15 million
On tho export sldo tho largest Increase
In manufactures Is hi cotton goods, which
In the present flsral year will exceed by
25 per cent, tho figures of any preceding
year. For tho ten months ending with
April the total exports of cotton manu
factures were $20,430,379. and for the single
mouth of April were $3,032.71S, indicating
that for tho full fiscal year tho total will
exceed $30,000,000. Tho highest figure in
exports ot cotton manufactures over
reached In any preceding year was $21,
003.0S7 in 1900. A comparison of the figures
of tho present tlscal year with those of the
earlier part of the past decade shows
that tho exports of cotton manufactures
have doubled since 1S95. Prior to that
year their total value of cotton manufac
tures exported was 21 millions; In 1S&0, 23
millions; In 1900. 24 millions, and In 1902
will, as above indicated, exceed 30 mill
Ions. This increase is chiefly In cotton
cloths, and a largo pioportlon of tho
growth Is in exports to China. Our ex
ports of cotton cloths to China have more
than doubled since 1900, tho totnl for ten
months having ndvaneed from 104 millon
yards in 1903 to 372 million yaids In 1952.
Tho total exports of manufactures, as
aheady indicated, havo nearly overtaken
tho figures of last year, and for tho full
fiscal year seem likely to bo quite as laigo
as those of last year. The exports of do
mestic manufactures for the ten months
total $333,820,809, against $339,307,023. a de
crease of 4'4 millions; while tho fact that
April alone mado a gain of 4V& millions
over April of last year Indicates that the
tlscal year 1902 will probably equal tho
cord of 1091. An analysis of tho exports
.' manufactures, and that there nro
marked increases in other lines. Iron
and steel manufactures alone, chiefly by
reason of the unusual home demand, fell
10 million dollars helow tho exports of
last year; while the fact that the total
exports of manufactures aro but &V mil
lions less than those of last year Indi
cates that in other lines of manufacture
there has been a mniked gain.
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange.
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. Bid.Asked
Lackawanna Dairy Co., Pr.... 00
County Saw Bank & Trust Co 300
First Nat. Bank (Carbondalo). ... 500
Third National Bank G50
Dime Dep. &. Dls. Bank 300
Economy L,, H. & P. Co 40
First. National Bank' 1300
Lack. Trust & Safe Dep. Co... l'i
Clark & Snover Co.. Pr 12.1
Scranton Savings Bank Ii00
Traders' National Bank 22",
Scranton Bolt Ac Nut Co 12."
People's Bank 1J3
Scranton Packing Co 35
Scranton Passenger Railway.
first mortgage, duo 1920 113
People's Stieet Railway, first
mortgage, duo 1918 Ill
People's Street Railway, Gen
eral mortgage, duo 1921 115
Scranton True. Co., fi per cent. 113
Economy L., H. & P. Co 97
N. Jersey & Pocono Ice Co 97
Consolidated Water Supply Co ... 103
Soranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by H. G. Dale, 27 Lucka. Ave,)
Butter Fresh creamery, 23c; fiesh
dairy, 2tc.
Eggs Nearby, lSc; western, 17'c.
Marrow Beans Per bushel, $2.33a2.40.
Green Peas Per bushel, $2.23.
Onions Bermudas. $2.00 per crate.
Potatoes Per bushel, goc.
Spencer Trask & Co.
2X & 29 Pine Street, New York
Members New York Stock Exchange,
We offer, to yield About
0 per cent,,
(Total Issue, $i,ooo,ooo)
Butte, Mont.,
5 per cent. 1st Mortgage Sink
ing Fund Gold Bonds,
Denomination $1000.
V Maturing I to 30 years.
Rudolph Kleybolte & Co.
Capital, $200,000
Surplus, $600,000
Pays 3 interest on
savings accounts whether
large or small.
Open Saturday evenings
from 7.30 to 8.30.
Six Eagles Mines
An investment opportunity of ex
traordinary merit. It is the best
known mining property in the state
of 'Washington.
A Developed Working nine
Not a Prospective Proposition.
A limited amount of stock is now
being offered to raise money for im
provement in equipment and general-development
of the property.
Awarded Bronze Hedal
At the Pan-Amorican Exposition at
Buffalo last seaBon.
Stock now Belling at ? ,50 a share,
The price will soon be advanced. Get
in now on the ground floor.
Write for full particulars,
1202 Crazier Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
No 87 Broedway, New York City,
It your Income aiiftldentT Ifuot, and you
are nustouato Increase it, write rue, atatlng
what amount you cat Invest, If only $io, and
1 will write .vou u inter of advice Fre. for
yearalbavadono nothing exeoptatudy Invest,
moat. Junow 1 cun luoreiuoyotirlncomeby
pointing out Set luvesUinmu, ulttierto nu
known. ANDREW L. RUSH, lavatmat Broker.
Panic KtUrauttt tpriogflcld, Mmi
The women are delighted with the
"Dorothy Dodd" Shoe.
Such a shoe for three dollars is a
revelation. It fits the foot in every spot
it doesn't wrinkle nor does it pinch.
It's just right, and besides it has all the
lines of beauty that you would expect in
a shoe designed for women by a woman
of artistic taste and special skill.
The Boots are $300
Oxfords $2.50
(A Few Specials 50 Cents- Extra.)
Let us show you the
new shoe that is caus
ing the sensation in
the shoe trade.
The Brooks &
Sanderson Shoe Go
Cor. Lackawanna ana Wyoming Aves-
fill Hi
Manufacturers of
Old Stock
JSiiSL Scranton, Pa.
Old 'Phone, 333 1.
New 'Phone, 2935,
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps.
Kern Incandescent
Gas Lamp.
253327 Pcnn Aveiiue,
A "For Rent" sign
on your house will
only bo seen by the
casyal passerby.
A "For Rent" ad.
In The Tribune will
be seen by ALL who
may be contemplating
a chapge of residence.
Four lines one time, 10c.
Four lines three tims, 25c
v.rauutejiT raunp
Jfioejzr women
If You
To Sell
A Lodging House
A Restaurant . .
A Grocery Store.
A Provision Store
A Bakery . . . .
A Cigar Store. .
A Pool Room. . .
Or Any Business
4 Lines 10 Cents
Pretty Low Price, You'll Admit.
Allis-Chalmers Co
Successors to machine Business ot
Dickson Manufactures Co., Scranton
and Wllkes-Barre, Pa.
Stationary Engines, Boilers, Mlnlnc
Machinery, Pumps.
Delaware, Lackawanna nnd Western.
In i:ilcct Nov. 3, lixil.
Trains leave Scranton lor New orK At 1.40.
8.15, U.W, 7.00 and 10.0 a. m.: 12.43. 3.40, SM
p. rri. Kor Sew Yorl; and Philadelphia 7.00,
10,05 a. m., and 12.45 and 3.E3 p. m. For Tob).
hnnnj At 0.1U p. In. l-'or Iluflalo 1,15. (1.22 and
9.00 a. in.; 1.S5, 0.50 mil u.35 p. ni. for UIiie
itamton and way stations 10.20 a. ni. and 1.10
p. m. Foi Osc;;o, Syracuse and Utlca 1.15 and
U.2J a. in.; 1.53 p. ni. Ojwi'ro, bjracuia and
Utlca train at 0.22 a, m. dally, except Sunday,
For Jlonlro.o 8,00 a. in.; and 0.50 p. m.
Nicholson. accommodation 1.00 and 0.15 p. m.
Ulootmth'uric UUlalon For Northumberland, at
CM and 10.05 a. in.; 1,55 and 0.10 p. m. For
Plymouth, at 8.10 a. m.; 3.10 and 0.U0 p. m
tiundav Trains For New Yoik, 1.40, 3.15. 0.0J
ami a. in.; 3,40, 3.33 p. m. For HulTalo
1.15 and a.21 a. ni.; l.U, o So and 11. 5 . m.
Fur llinglianiton and nay stations 10.20 a. m.
Hlcomalmrg Division Leava ticrantoo, 10.05 a.
in, and 0,10 p. m.
Delaware nnd Hudson.
In UfTcit Koumber 24, 1001,
Trains lor Cartonclala U'jic Scianton at 0.20,
8 00, S.S3, 10.13 a. m.i 12.00, 1.20, 2.31, 3.02,
6 2V, 0.20, 7.07, D.15, 11,20 p. jo. j 1.31 a. in.
For llonesdalc 0.20, 10. Ua. m.i 2.31 ami 5.29
p. in. '
For WIIVes.Darrc-0.3S, 7.48, E 41, 0 38. 10.41
a. m.; 12.03, 1.4.', .18, 3.23, 4.21, C10, 7,ti.
10.41, ll.SU p. in.
For U V. It. 11. l'oinU-6.39, 0.83 a. in.: 2.18,
4.27 and ll.SU p. in.
For Pennsylvania II. It. I'olnts-.33, 0.38 a.
in. ; 1.4-, 3.28 and 4.27 p. ni.
For Albany. and all point! north 0.20 a. m.
and 3.5.! p. in,
For CurtondHlc 6.60, 11. W a. nu: 2.34, 3.62,
5.63 and 11.17 p. Pi.
For VtlW4llarre-V.3S a. m.; 12.03, 1.(3, 9.29,
0.32 and 9.17 p. m.
For Albany and points north 3.63 p. m.
For IIonedalc 8 50 a. in. and 3.63 p. m.
W. 1. PHYOU, U. f. A.. gcruiW Pa.
Xehlgh Valley Eailroad.
In effect May 18.. 1003.
Trains leave Scranton.
For Philadelphia and New York rla D. 4k FI.
R.-R;, at 0.SK and' 9.3S 'a. m., and S.13, 4.S7
(Black Diamond Express), and 11.30 p. m. Sun
days, D. & II... K. H-, 1.53, 8.27 p. m.
For White Haven, Hazleton and principal point
in the coal regions,- via U. & U. It. It., 0.33, 2.18
and 4.27 p. ni. 'For- Pottsvlllc, '8.38 a. tn., 2.U
P m. ..
For Bctlilehem, Haston, Readme;, Harrisbura;, ,
and principal intermediate stations, via D.' & II.
K. It., B.38, 0.3S a. m.j 2.18, 4.27 (Black Dia
mond Express), 11:30 p. in. Sundays, O. & H.
R. It,, 0.33 a, ni.; 1.5S, 8.27 p. m.
For Tunkhannock, Towanda, KImira, Ithaca,
Geneva and principal intermediate stations, vis
D., L. & W. It. it., fl.33n." m. and 3.40 p. ni.
For Clencva, Rochester. Buffalo, Niagara Fall,
Chicago and all points 'west, via D. k II. R. R.,
7.4S, 12.03 a. ill.; 3.23 (Black Diamond Kx
prcus), 7.4S, 10.41, 11.S9 p. ni. Sundays, D. 5: II.
it. It.. 12.03, S.27 p. m.
Pullman parioi and sleeping; or Lchiyh Valley
Parlor care on all trains between YVjlkes-Barr
and New lorh, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Suspen.
lion Bridge.
ltOLLIN' II. WILBUR, Gen. Supt., 20 Cortlanl
street, New York.
CHAIlLi:9 S. LEE. Oen. Pais. Agt., 28 Cortland
street, New York,
A. W. NONI'.MACIIER, Dlv. Paas. Agt., South
Bethlehem, Pa.
For tickets and Pullman reservations apply t
city ticket office, 69 Public Square, Wilkes-Dane,
Central Bnilroad of New Jersey.
In '"fiect May 18, 10O2.
Stations In New Yoik, loot Liberty street am
Soutli Ferry, X. It.
Trains leinc Scranton for New Yoik, Phlla.
Uelphiu, Huston, Bethlehem, Allentown, Muuch
Chunk, White Haven, Ahlcy, ft ilkes-Burii! anil
Plttston at 7.30 u. ni., 1 p. m. und 4 p. in. Sun
day, 2.10 p. in.
tju.ikcr t'ity Kpie leaies Scranton 7.30 a. hi,,
through holid vcattbutc tialn with Pullman Buffet
Parlor Cur Tor Phlladilphli viltli only one clunita
ol cars for Baltimore .ind Washington, D. (.',, ami
all principal points south und west.
For A'oiu, Plttston und Will.Barrc, 1 p. m.
and 4 p. m. humUy. 2.10 p. in.
For Iaiiib Branch, Ocean Urou-, etc., 7.30 and
For iti'adliifJ, lxb.inon.anil llarrisburg via At
l.ntonn ut 7.H0 a. m., 1 p. in. and 4 p. in. Sun
day, 2.10 p. m.
For Tumaqiu and Pottsvlllc, 7.30 a. m., 1 p.
m. and 4 p. in.
For ratcy and tickets apply to ugent at station.
W. (I. DIIrt&I.IIK, (leu. Manager.
O. M. HURT, Hen. P.iv. Agt.
Pennsylvania Ballrond.
Schedule in EOect June 2. 100L
Trains Kae Scianton: 0.3i u. in., week days,
through vestibule train Irom Wllkea.Barrc. Pull,
man buffet parlor car and cuadiva to Philadel
nhla, via Pott.vlllc; stupa at principal Intenna.
dlato stations. Alo connects lor Suubury, liar
rlsburg, Philadelphia, llsliimore, Washington and
(or Pittsburg and the wt,
0.38 a m., week days, lar Sunbury, Ilurrisburg,
Phlladelnhli, Baltimore, Washington and Pitts
burg and tho ct.
1.4J P. I"., ''tk dava (Sundays, 1.68 p. m.),
lor Sunbury, llarrldiurg, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Washington and Pittsburg and tho west.
3.28 p. in., week dais, through vestibule trail
from Wilkes-llaire. Pullman buffet parlor cat
slid coaches tn Philadelphia via PottsWlle. Stops
at principal Intermediate stations
4.27 p, m.. week dayj, for llailelon, Sunbury,
llairisburg, Philadelphia and Plttsbuiir.
J, II. IlinOHINSON. Oen. llgr.
J. B. WOOD, Gen. Pass. Agt.
New York, Ontario and Western.
In Utfcct Tuesday, Sept. 17, PJ01,
Lcato Leave Arrive,
Trains. hi anion. t'aibomlale, GadoalaT
Jel 0-3"- "' . "-I0"- '", 1.00 p. nt
No 7 ........ 0-lUp- ' Ar. Carbondalo B. 40 p. m.
"" ' "sOUril BOUND. v n
Lcuvo Leave Arrive
Trains. Cadwla. Caibondale. Scranton.
&. :::::::: & P. m. 7!8V". &'
Leave Leave Arrive
Iralns. Scranton. Carbondaie. Cadosla.
.So. 0 ........ 8.b0a. m. O.lOp. m. 10.45 a. m
No. 6 .,...! 7.00p. m. Ar. Carbondaie 7.40 p. m.
tic ..! SOUTH BOUND. " "
Lcaio Leave Arrive
Trains. Cadosla. Caibondale. Scranton
No, C ,.. 7.00a.m. 7.40, m.
No. 10 1.30 p. in. 6.00 p. m. 11.45 p!m.
Train Nos. 1 on week da), and 9 on Sundays,
make main line connections lor New York city!
Uiddletown, Waltnn, Norwich, Oneida, (Xwrg
and all points wot.
For further information ccnsult ticket srenta.
J. C. ANDKIISON. 0. P. A., New York.
J. WIXSU. V, t. A., Sainton. Pa. -
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