The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 29, 1902, Page 10, Image 10

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' the parade, 1 Tt K 1 IlTrrTC ducks, lOatlo. Dressed PotiHry-Qulet
This young lady is looking
into the baking powder ques
tion in a practical way. She
will find that, using Cleve
land's Baking Powder, and a
Cleveland receipt book, she
can make cake and rolls finer
than the baker's and save half
the cost.
' Besides, she will be sure
that they contain no alum
and are absolutely pure and
Concluded a ft om IMro 0.1
Addle? Comt.irle Henry Minding
Lincoln's Gnttj Mmrp; Addri"i. Commander
"Ainciii'a" Choir and Assembly
TIcih diction rirv. Willlum S Ulubons
rirlnsr Snlut.
Detail Camp s, Son- or Veteran"!
Tmpi Robert l'lttnck
Committee Jolm H Hobday. II. K.
I'nlne, Jiiir-on Cole. A. Ali'ten IVckens.
j X. Snjder, ChailPi Oilflln. Amos
iu:Ti:usBt'no catholic chmutury
TSoll Call of the Dead.
Oflicer of the Day 0. Sl'.ultz
Sons of Vetcr.tii'-' Hosponie.
Commander and Captain
Silent Salute all 111 uncover.
Lincoln's Octt shurfr Add! ess. Commander
"America" Assembly
riling Uctnll Lt. U S Cirffln Camp
Committee Gcoige Schultz.
rr.Ti:RSBUiio prOtestant cnsin-
Ill eliaiRe of r. r. Adams, P. P. Com
n.indcr, Post IJi
Assemble at C'enietcrv at t a. m.
Roll Call of Dead Olllcor of Day
Address Rev. John W. Randolph
"Tcntlnt on the Old Camp Ground"
O. A. R. atemoilal Sen lee.. Commander
Recitation Miss Mtittio Williams
"Uoer Them 0er"
Commander and Captain
Silent Salute all will uncover.
Lincoln's GetUs-buitr Addiess. Commander
"My Cutintty "lis of Thee".. School Xo. 3
Ilencdletion Rev. John . Randolph
mill-,- Detail.
l.t. L. S. Grirtin Camp. Xo. S, S. of V.
Committee Georgo Schultz.
Tn cIuuko of IM. L. Haas, Past Pobt
Commander Xo. Slit.
Assemble lit Cfmeterv at n a. m.
'Jpenlng Sen Ice Rook Commander
Roll Call of the Dead Officer of Daj
tlknt Salute all Mill uncover.
,'i.ijer Row Hiiuser
11 Uhlc Selection ,...M. 13. Sunday School
1. A. It. Scnlce Senico
Hook Commander
Soils of Veterans' Response,
Commander nnd Captain
Geiman Prcsbj tcrlan Sunday School
Address Rev. Hauser
Lincoln's GctUnliurpr Address, Commander
"America". Sunday School uml Asscmblil.i
Rcncdictinn Rov. Huuse'r
riling Salute,
Detail Camp S, Sons of Veterans
Taps William Sames
Committee Adam T. Miller, Levi Gets.
Assemble ut Cemettry at 10 30 a, m.
Opening Service Rook Commandet
Roll Call of the Dead Oflicer of Day
Silent Salute all will uncover.
Prnjer Rev. Peter Christ
JNIusIc Selection. ..Parochial Scjiool Choi:
G. A. lt. Memorial Sen-ice Ser Ice
Ik'l Commandet
Sons of Veterans' Response.
Commander and Captain
Musle-Selectlou Parochial School
Address Rev. Peter Christ
"Atneilra"... Assembly and School Choir
Kiting Salute,
Detail, Camp S, Sons of Veterans
Tnps Wlllum Samoa
Committee Levi Gets:, Adam T. Miller.
Old Korea Township.
In Lhiirgo of P. S. Humlln, P. P. Com
mander, U. A, It.
Assemble ut Cemotciy at 10 a. m.
Opcnlng-Hervlco Hook Commander
Roll Call of tho Dead.
Silent Salute nil will uneoier.
Prayer Chaplain Ira Porter
Music Selection lltlck Church Choir
15. A, U. Memorial Service,, Commander
Sons' of Veterans' Response,
Camp 8. Sons of Vctirans
Music Selection Choir
Address Rev. Oaylord C. Jacobs
Lincoln'! aettysbtirg Addiess. J, 13. Davis
"America" Choir and Sabbath School
Kiting Saline,
Detail Camp S. Sous of Veterans
( Taps jy jo. 1'rlce
The parade will be in chumo of Col
onel Etn 11. nipple una will nturt
promptly at 1.30 o'clock, passing over
, the following lino of jnaich; Linden
street to Wyomlns avenue, to Lacku-
, wnnna avenue, up -Lackawanna to
Washington avenue, to Spmce street,
, to Jefferson avenue, to VIto tMeet, then
countermarching to Jefferson avenue,
to Vine street, to Washington avenue.
It will be reviewed by the chief mar
shal and Recorder Connell from the je.
viewing stand erected for the Knitrhts
Tmuplur. The parade will be formed
as follows:
Kltst Dlvlslon-Lloutcnant Ezra S, Qilf
fln post, 130; Colonel William N. Monies
post, 318; Spanish War Veterans: soldlets
pf other wins; Camp 8, Bona of Veterans;
caulugcs containing a. A. R. veterans.
Second Division Marshal, W. V, Albro;
Invited guests In carriages; cltUens and
a tux i,n riiahntirlltitr of the parade,
memorial exercises In honor of the
comrades who died durln tho past
venr will be conducted In Memorial
hall, nl tho corner of Linden street and
l'enn avenue. The following order of
exercises will be followed out!
Opening, Selected,
rjrirnn Post Qunrtolto
Prayer t,.,,,..,.... .Chaplain
Reading of Outers Adjutant
tl. A. It. Ritual Sonlco Commander
Vacant Chair S. X. CnllemiVr
Addices Hcniy Harding
Doxology ' Qtitirlclto
In keeping with the general custom
of past years a memorial ebneert will
be given In Memorial hall tomotrow
night under the auspices of St. Ezra S.
drimn post No. 130. The progrnmme to
be rendered Is us follows:
Vnrnl Solo Miss M. A. Do Grnw
Recitation, "The Moon Rose,"
Miss Ueatrlco Morris
Vocal Solo Mrs. Randolph Jones
(a) March of Sonow Chopin
(b) Kantnslc Populalio Lconatd
Violin nnd Piano,
Piof. P. Vcndorvekcn, Mis. P. L. Wilson
Duet, Vocal, Selected.
Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Wilson
Soldiers' Chorus, from "Faust" Opern,
Plnno Solo Oh. Gounod
Mr. Harry Tyler.
Vocal Solo, "He Was a Prince,"
Miss Jennie. Kiiufmiinn
Recitation, "Our Flag,"
MIfk Maud Wotheitaug
fn) CVli-matcd Seienado Sclnliert
(li) Capilclo PIcTnez
Pi of. P. VamlcneUon, Mis. 1'. 13. Wilson.
All Eternity Mascheionl,
Miss 13dlth Benson
Violin Oblltrato P. Vundorveken
Piano Mis. 1'. 13. Wilson
Tho following Memnilal day order has
been Issued by the commander-in-chief
of tho Grand Army of the Republic:
Hendqu.utern Grand Army of tho Repub
lic. ,
Minneapolis, Minn., April 13, 19"l.
General OrdeiH Xo 5 .
To eveiy patilot, Memoiial Day Is the
most sacied of the year, and Its proper
obsen since one of the nutlon's strongest
It Is tho nation's Raster, When the peo
ple nio summoned to the pati lot's tomb:
not with power to stir the encampment of
the dead, but "by tho imstlc choids of
memory" to resurrect the litucs which
adoi ned their lives.
It Is the nutlon's Sabbith, when at tho
philne of patriotism, all creeds are for
gotten and we leeciie Into our heaits u
now Insplintlon to dutv a benediction dav
to all who obserie It In its tiuo spirit and
Xo moie beautiful or impiesslve seeno
could be witnessed than that of a te
decmed nation, ceasing from Its dally toll
nnd gathering mound the gnncs ot Its
defendeis, beating offeilngs of llowois,
nnd giving suitable ccpiesMon of lovn
and giatltude which a gieat people feel
towaids those who guo their lhes In de
fense of their count) y.
Plutaieh tells of wltnessluK the six
huiidicdth memorial "en Ice in honor of
the Athenians who died at Miuuthon. We
aie only In the jouth ot outs, but the
memoiial is !-o becoming, and has nlread.i
been so fiuitful In blessing, that It will
surely continue to be obseived as long
as the republic enduies
To eely soldier of the Union It Is n dav
filled with sweet and precious memoilcs.
Unlike the dead of other wnis, the mem
oiy of our comiodes never fntles. Though
unseen by mortal ee. they still walk by
our side, and their place In our h;aits
lemains untitled.
Wo lejolce as the dnv appioaches, and
in eer dimlnisbiiig numbeis lovingly deck
with (lowers tho multiplying graves ot
our eomindes In biokcn column nnd
with enfeebled step wo still cairy thu Hag
they loied so well, and maich to the '.una
music to which their feet weio at
tuned, our hearts pulsing with jo.ous
pildo as we loallzc that the inemorv ot
thoso who fell in defense of "licedom and
tlie light" Is Immoital.
Comindes will, theiefoie. In tumpllanco
with well established custom, llttlnglv
obseno Pildny, May 00, 10u.' as Memoiial
Post commanders aie lequesled to In
ilte clergmen, of eeiv denomination, tn
deliver nppi opi late addi esses on tho Sab
bath piecedlng Memoiial Dav. and bo far
as piactlcabln posts should attend dlilno
sei vice on that day.
i j'osi coinin.iuucis aie reuucsieii 10 nsiv
'the schools in tneir icspectlve locaimes
to bold patiioHc soiviccs immediately
piecedlng Memoiial Day, and co-opeuite
w till tho teachei'" nnd school oflleeis In
hiich bcivlcPH. This duty is of special im
portance, for unless the deeds of tho
fatheis live in the heaits of the ehlldien,
the altar of llbeity will bo without In
cpnse. The" beautiful ceiemonv of sti owing
with tloweis the wateis that inn to tho
sen. In memory of our sailor dead who fell
Ip the causo of the ropubllo is heaitlly
commended Mnv tho mjiiad sticains, ns
they go laughing and sparkling on their
Joyous join nvy to the sen. e.u i y .somo for-got-mn-not
to those who sleep limits
tin bed in its restless bosom.
Tho Woman's Relief eoips, Sons of Vet
erans, Ladles of tho Grand Aimy of thu
Republic, nnd kindipd organizations, and
nil citizens who sympathize with thn splilt
or tho uny, aio cordially Invited to unlto
with us In Its pinper observance.
Piesldent Lincoln's Gettvsbing ndihess
Is published herewith, and in nceordniico
wtili tho lesohition of the thlitleth na
tional encampment, will be lead at all
Mcmniial Dav held under tho
auspices ot tho Giand Army of tho Re
public. 1311 Tounnco, Commander-in-Chief.
Rv commind of
Silas II. Tower, Adjutant cCucral.
Electrical Machinery.
It Is understood that the proposed
new shops, which the Delawuie, Lacka
wanna and Western Ruilinad v
contemplate erecting on the site- of the !
old Xoith steel mill, will be entirely
equipped with electrical machlnovy.
Tho work of dealing the land Is going
on rapidly, but nothing has been done
as yet In the way of beginning the
erection of the tunposed Hhops, The
plans are now being perfected.
D., L. & W. Boaid for Today.
Following Is tho make-up of the
Delaware, Lackawanna & AVestern
board for today:
Summits West S a. m Carrigg,
Pusheis 7 a. m ITouser; ll,4n a. in.,
Moinn: 7.i.0 n. in.. Murnhv: fl n. m i. II
Helpers 1 30 n. in., McQovcrn; 7 a. in,,
Gaffneyj 10 a, in., Secor; i 30 p. in., Stun-
T, Doudlcun mid crew will run 7 p. m.
etra, May Si, In place of P. J. Nculls
und crew.
L. G. AVIImot and crew will itin No. Bl
May 29. ono ttlp, III place of R. Stack
and crew.
Corporation Chartered.
By Excluiive Wire from Tlie AuocIte l'rci.
Han lslmrcr. Atnv ?ft .Pliut!o, o -uc .. ia
sued by the utato depaitment toduy to tho
following corporations: Noith I3nd Coal
company, Scrantons capital, 200,0C0.
Oil Market.
Oil flfv Mnv B rfo-ll l.ninMAnn ioa
?; .,. wMiuiin, 4w,
turuuLuita, no um: empmonis, w,ib bar
rolaj average, 102.741 barrels; runs. 101.331
All rfMtm It m Imk at k i
uxatlve uromoyuinuieTtuu
Wall Street Review.
Now Yoi k, May IM. Today's Block mar
ket offers small subject for comment. ' lt
was sttletly an altalr of toom trading of
a class which Is known In Stoek exchange
pin lance as "trading Jack knives." Tho
piollts madcv or tho loss sustained wero
coniiticd to tho limits of tho board toom.
Outside ol del h wero inslgnlllcant. Thu do
cllno of tho preceding days found tho
traders generally committed In a small
way to tlie short side and thev attempted
to cover their shoit conttacts befoto tho
ilvul trades could do so. The fact that
the rise of something over a point In
Reading was accompanied by nimois that
developments wore Impending encourag
ing a hope of the settlement ot tho coal
strike wan ot veiy little weight, and
ninny Wall street offices had dispatches
from tho mining region repotting tho
piospectr unchanged, without affecting
tlio small gaming that was In progress.
Thoro was somo demand for the soft coul
cairieis on the ground that tho shortage
of anthracite enhances the demand for
soft coal as substitute: but thoro Is tho
doubtltil element also of the possibility
of success of efforts making to get tho
bituminous mlncis to Join tho anthracite
sti liters. Tho 3(.-polnt ilso in Hocking
vnuey nnu as additional giounus a pro- i
posed Increase in the dividend rate, j
Pressed Steel Car moved tipwaids today, I
but did not hold the guln, and the ten- i
dencv to Hvmnathv In stocks of other
equipment companies found Its most no
table effect todnv in railway steel spilng,
which moved up over a point. Tho ap
pinach of a halt week holiday emphasized
tho disposition to reftnln fiom specula
tion. A good pnit of the advances wero
lost on loom pioltt-tuklng and the maikct
closed llfelcs.i and heavy. Total Bales to
day, ,T7.r09 shires. Tho maikct for" bonds
was dull and steady. Total sales, par
Milne, United States bonds weio
all unchuiiged on tho last call.
The following quotations nre liiinlshed
The Tilbune bv Hnlghl .v. Piece Co, 811
.115 Mcurs building. W. D. Runyon, man
ager. Opon.Hlch.Lnw.Cioso
Amal. Copper W C9 CS1i r8
Am. C. & P Jl 32 3H& a
Ameilean Ico Wj "0 1S lSi
Am. Ice. Pr ol'i G1'4 fit'fc lil'
Am. Locomotive .... 31',i 3.T 3JVu 2'.i
Am. Loco Pr 01 9Pi M'(, fli'4
Am. S. & R. Co .... JS1 sS' 1SU 4SU
American Sugar 1 2SH- 1J9'4 l-'SVJ 129
Anaconda Copper ...111) llfiU lin HS'A
Atchison 71"i SDl8 794. 70'i,
Atchison. Pi n? mys s i'sv;.
Bait. &- Ohio 10V,:. lOii KiTiVi WVt
lliook. R. T i7 (mU 1,7 (!71
Cnnadlnn P.iclllc ...13 1W(. 1 lulU
dies . Ohio 4ii'. KS'i -li. .ii'i
Chicago A: Alton .... !I7', ,nS :!7?4 37"8
Chic. Ar G. W U. L'Tfe '.'S, L'9
C. M. ..- St. P 1i.1i 171 V.'IU JTO's
C.. R. I. & P 172 1T.J,2 IT.' 17r.'i
Col. & Southern 31 III I'J 31
Col & South,. Pr ... 42 42 12 42
"Del. & Hud 174 174 174 171
Erie SIV :17',. 3fl'i 37's
Erie, 1st Pi (171 US G7" f.7Vi
Eile. 2d Pr "Pi SJ :.1"h 2
Hocking Vallev S2i su sn s-,14
Illinois Centinl r.21, Va r2i( lr.24
Knn. City H. South.. 3;3j 31 3! HI
Louis, fc Nosh 1.11 1"0 VMi. l.tS'i
Munhnttan H2V4 1 -i 112 13I's .
Met. St. Rv IIS 141 HS 14S '
Mexican .... 2i" 'J 2.1" 2.VJ
Mo K. & Tex 2".U "Vi 2V- 23Vb
Mo. IC. .Sr Tcx Pi.. "i't r,ijiR "en r.fii8
Mo Pncillc 111 lftiil, WH W
X. Y. rential te,i, l"ig r.i'- 1'.i.if.
Xoifoik & Western., a.-"! r,7 : r.7
Ont. & West 321i .'l! ::2"8 2'4
Pacific Mai! 4t II II 41
Pennsylvania R. R141... 149 119 149IJ
People'. Gas 102 lft2"t 101". 101"
Piessed Steel Car .. 17 .TO' I 17 4li:
Reading ma, fitU rK fi;'5
Reading, 1t Pr .... Mt S:"K sji; ST
Repuhlle Sleel 17'i 17'. 17' 17'
Republic Steel Pr... 71'. 71". 7li 74'A
St. I, & San U l.7Vi i7'i 7'i (.7'T
Southern Paeillo .... i.4'i M' (.P. CW
Southern R. H "iii'n 37 i;'b '."t
Southein R. It., Pi .. 9 fl73 01','- Pl"
Tenn. Coal . lion .. r.l i.l f,vl l
Union Pjcilic lOl'i nu 104', miv.
T'nlon Pacillc. Pr ... S.7H S76, S7U S7",
U. S. Leather 11'', 1 :u jjii lu;
U. S Leather. Pr ... SI Sl, SI M
1. S Sleel :irC din :',q7, if,i ,
U. S Steol. Pr 11 n'J ci", ft, 4
Wabash Li,", 27 L'..U IMA
Wabash, Pr Wi !l i ft trf
Western Union lis; fivR ii-j ryi
Wisconsin .. 2' s L'J CS',
AVI I DAT. Open lllsh Low Cloe.
Tu'Y ; '7'i 73'', 7-T, 72".
SnnnvrCl' ,J"8 '-'" ;,1 'P"
Jniv fi-i'j r.i C2TS i.rj
September MJ7i U'a uO ifl
inly ."'; rs :-" "'
September L'si, is', 2S1! LVi
null 1712 1712 1107 1707
September 17.", 17 27 K.17 17.17
Jniv 1017 1020 ion ior.
September 10.22 10 22 10 22 1022
Jlllv (H.7 9 (.7 'M.2 'iij
September 9 ir 9(j-. 9 U". 9 1,5
Open. High Low. Close.
Tulv NT, S9S K91 S9?
August Six! 5 70 sIm S70
September Sill Ml sin S r,
October 7.91 7.97 7 91 7.07
Bcranton Bonid of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. Hid Asked
LacUnwanna Daliy Co , Pr ... i.o
County Saw Hank & Tuist Co S00
l'list Nat. Hank (C.n hondale). . . 10)
Thlul National Bank rci
Dime Dei) . Dis. Rank y . .
Uconomy L 11. jfr P. Ci Iij
I'lirt National Hank VM
Lack. Tiusl tc S.ife Dep Co... IT,
'l.uU ft Snover Co. IV 12"i
Sci.mton S.iilngs Rank tfn)
Tiadei.s' National Hank L'2"
Seiantnn Holt .t Nut Co 12".
People's JJunlv II")
Reianlon Packing Co 'J")
Siuintnn Pai-suiger Ruui.ny,
Hist raoitgagc, due 1920 11"
People's Stieet Rnllwav. Illht
moitgage, due IMS 11",
People's Sticit Ralluav. Gen-
eial moitgage. due 1921 11".
Reiaiiton True. Co , li per cent. 11".
Kconnmv L H. .V. P. Co 97
N. Jeisoy , Pncono lee Co 97
Consolidated AVater Supply Co ... li'S
Scinnton Wholesale Maiket.
(Corrected by II. Q Dale, L'7 Lacka. Ave.)
I 'lour H lo.
Rutler I.'iesh cie.iuieiy, 2'ie,;
Ualiy. '2le
Uggs Ne u by, ISe.; western, 17'lc
Mai low Iteiius Per bushel, $2 .ru2.40,
tlieen Peas Por bushel, $!"'.
Onloiin Heiinudas. J2 00 prr ciato.
I'otutoeh Per bus.iel, tOe
New York Grain and Produce Market
Now Yoik, May 24 l'loui Quiet and
lower to sell. Wheat Spot caslci : No 2
ii.l, nominal, eluvium; No. 2 ml, now
eiop. 'SViMlHo. f. o b. nllorit; No. 1 1101 ill
cm Ditliiih, S2'sc. I, 11. li lt a
bear day lu options, pi Iocs losing a cent
per bushel under stopdoss selling and 1111
0x101131011 of short accounts Tho clo.-.o
una. weak at lal3ic not loss; May closed
79;c; July, 7&Ho ; September, 7''4e : De
cember, 1$Kv. Coin Spot eiibler; No. 2,
7".'3e. elovatni; 7lV4e. f, o. b. alloat: op
tions declined an a result of tnoio llhoial
couutiy oelfilngs. heiny unloading and
absence of support, do dug H-c, lower ex
cept May, which was jc. higher; Miy
closed; July. uW.e,j September, Oiin.
Oats Spot easy; No 2, loe.: No. a, 4",i.;
Xo, 2 whlto. ysu.i No. S white, Me.; Rack
mixed wchlein, Kila.; tinck whlto. 49a
Me,; options unlet and eabler. Uuttei1
AVeak; cieameiy. 20a22'4c; factoiy, 17n
VW.c; renovated, I9u20!'jc ; imitation
cieamery, ISMitfllSc.; state daliy, IKlJa
22c, Cheese Irregular: state now full
iienm, small cnloied, choice'. 10c.; white,
10V,p,; laigo roloied and white, lOe. K?g3
Firm; htate and Pennsylvania, HWuInc,;
westom stouige packed, 17alSe,: southoin,
Philadelphia Drain and Produce.
Philadelphia, May 2S -AVlicat-1c. lower;
contiuet guide, May, MaM'sc. Coin Hie.
lower; No. 2 mixed. May, WiCJuitfe, Oats
Quiet but steady: No. 2 white clipped. Mc.
Huttor Mini, fair demund; extin west
ern cre'iimeiv. J2'ie.; do. nearby pi hits,
23c. Kggs-Stcndy; modeiuto demand;
fresh ncaiby. 17'ii'.: loss off, do. western,
18c; do. do. do. southwestern, 17c; do. do.
do. southern, 10c. Cheeso Lowei ; New
V n, 1 f.lll .pnn.l.U lirlmn nmnll 1 1 fl ..I,.. .
do. do. fair to good. Halite. Rellned
SuffdiK Unchanged. Cotton-Steady, Till-
un Bicuuyj eiiy prune, in lieices, i.iU
7c; countiy pi lino, in but els Gl&aiSAir.:
do. daik. oafiiic; cukes, 7a7Uc Live Pout
tiy Film, good demand; fowls. He.;
old loostcrs, 10c ; ipilng chickens. 25aS0c;
ducks, lOallo. Dressed Potlllry-Qlllet
nnu iowibi lowcri iowih, enoico wesiein,
Me.j do. do, southern ntid southwestern,
ters, SHaPc. Picsh killed broilers, nearby,
llllic; do. fair to good, HUnlZe.; old roos
SOa.lnc.i western do., Soiinoc! toasting
chickens, 14al5c.j ltocn poultry, fowls,
Ha13c: neatbv broilers, 22a2Sc.i do. west
ern, lfinlOc: turkeys. in.u'Oc: ducks, Ma
lOe. Receipts-Flour, l.fioo barrels and
B.S.1I.0OO pounds In sacks: wheat, 24.IW
liushclsi com, 1.S00 btishels: oals, L'.O'W
.uxiieiK. nnipmenis wneat, luT.fim nusu
els J corn, 1,800 bushels: oats, 2,00tf bushels.
Chicago Grain Mnrket.
Chicago, May :, Hears had their ttilti
at the grain mnrket today. Genornl con
ditions wern moderately bearish but as
on yesterday, it was tho action In ths
corn pit that turned the tnbles and nil
gialns on the lists were forced lo a weak
ness greater than yesterday's was strong.
Thn whole situation hinged on the llbeial
acceptances of Chicago bids by country
holders of corn. Theso wero so much
greater than had been anticipated thut
prices broke badly In the corn pit and
other ginln suffered sympathetically. July
wheat closed Hia1ie. lower: July coin,
H4al?ie. down and July oats, Vic. lower.
Piovlslons closed unchanged to a shade,
lower. Cash uqotntlons wero ns follows:
Klour Steady: No. 2 spring wheat. s
Xo. 3, 74c: No. 2 red, MliiiSl'ic! Xo. 2
corn, : No. 2 oats, 41an!(o.; Xo. 2 white,
4.4e.s Xo. 3 white. 44u41l5!1c.: Xo. 2 rye,
.Vtiir.sVic. ! good feeding bailey. : fair to
choice malting, G9.i72c: Xo. 1 flax seed,
II OT: No. 1 northwestern, 11.77; prime tim
othy seed, G9a72c: mess polls per barrel.
$17 O"al7.10; laid per 100 pounds, lio.l'.a
1U17V&; short ribs, J9Cfla9 70: shonldeis, 8a
8',4c: shoit clear sides, l0.10al0 20
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Chicago, Mav 2S. Cottle Receipts. IS,
00(i, Including 1,230 Toxana, mostly lt'il.'c
lower: good to pi Inn ntucis. 7a7.Wli poor
to medium. $190.10.75: stockcts nnd feod
eis. $J"tiari.2ri; cons. $l.n0a3.75: helfeis, 2."0
aK."i0; cnnneis, tl.VlnJriO: bulls. $2 Mail M;
talven, 2uii.2fi: Texan fed stneis. ir.''iifiW.
Hos Receipts todav, .10,000; tomonow, 2".,
ooi); left oer. 4,0jii; stiong lo Re. higher;
mlM'd nnd butchers, (!8.)a7.1.": good lo
choice heavy. S7.10i7?.O: loiurb be-ivv. Ji.S)
Ii7.03; light, Jti (.Our. 9"; bulk of sales. Jii'jOi
7.20. Sheep RceelplF, 20,000; sheep and
lambs, 10c. lower; good to choice weth
eis. 13 lOafi 23: fair to choice medium, ll'.O
a3 40; western sheep, &" 2",u 25: nnthn
lambs, r,aiS5: western lambs, S3 TUG S3;
spring lambs, 7.4o.
Buffalo Live Stock Market.
Hast nuffnlo. May 23 Cattle Recelnts,
73; steady. Veals Receipts, Jt'O; easier;
tops. $0 70a7: fair to good, ImiGuO: common
to light, 5a.". 73. Hogs Receipts. ..100:
.stiong to oc. higher; lieaiy nuotable, $7."fl
a7.40; mixed, 37.10n7.2'i; pigs. 3Gi0aU73:
loughs. 3K t,0a". SO: stags. $4 73a"30 Sheep
and Lambs Receipt, 7.000; sheep slow;
lambs, 13a23c. higher: top lambs. S7.10i
7.23: fair to good, W '0a7: eulls and com
mini, $la"30; vearlings. 33 73afi23; sheep,
tops, mixed, $"a3r.0: fair to good, 31S0a3;
culls and comonm ,32.30a).
East Liberty Live Stock.
Kast Llbertv. Mav 2S Cattlo-Stcadv:
choice. 37.13n7.30; prime, $i'.73a7: good. 3(5 73.
Hogs Steady; prime heavy, $7 L0a7.V;
best mediums. J7a7.03; Yoikcis. icnuaGD";
light do, $ii7kifiS: pigs. 3GOaliG0; roughs,
J'.afl.7.. Sheep Steady; prime wethers,
31 F0a"; eulls and common, $.122 30; choice
jambs, 3G25aG50; cal calves, $7a7."0.
Capital, $200,000
Surplus, $600000
Pays 3 interest on
savings accounts whether
large.or small.
Open Saturday evenings
from 7.30 to S.30.
aglss Mines
An investment opportunity of ex
traordinary merit. It is tho nest
known mining propeity in tho state
of Washington.
A Developed Working nine
Not a Prospective Proposition.
A limited amount of stock is now
being offered to raise monoy for im
provement in equipment and gener
al development of the property.
Awarded Bronze Hedal
At the Pan-American Exposition at
Buffalo last season.
Stock now selling at 9 .SO a share.
The price will soon be advanced. Get
in now on tho ground floor.
Write for full particulars,
1202 Crozier Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
Spencer Trask & Co.
T( & 29 Pine Street, New York
Members New York Stock Exchange.
lo 87 Broadway, New York cily,
Is your Income Biilllclonl? If not, and you
ara uuxlouato Increiinelt, urlto me. statins
whut amount you can Inext, lioily f lo, und
I wdl wrllo you a Intter of advice Pre For
yfurKlliavedoii8iiotliUicf.c;o)t study In vtitt.
uiuntic Iknow 1 cuuluoiuuuyoiirluujiiieby
nolulliiK out stile lncatinuuts, liltUcrto mi.
ANDKQW L BUSH, Inveitment Broker,
Bank Kclerencn SprlnglUIJ, Miff
j Cubanola cigars are made from A
H old, mild Havana leaf, which H B
H is cured and aged J I B&
HHH in e Cuban " "h h H !,
Mm climate 11 II P.
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps.
Kern Incandescent
Gas Lamp.
253-327 Penn Atciiuc.
Manufacturers of
tf t ii it ! j ! tj i !
n.SE, Scranton,Pa,
Old '1'lionc, 233 1.
New 'Phone, 2935.
Done quickly and reasonable
at The Tribune office.
Lehigh Vulley Railroad.
In cftcul iliy li. 1110.'.
'Jruhn U.itu ttuiitun.
To' riiilaililpliii anil New orl. U P. & II
II. It., at 6lb iiitl 3JS 11. 111, ami 2.1S, 4 2.
(Ul.n-I. Diamond t.'pr?), ami 11. U p, in. femi
Oajs, V. K II. It. II 1.33, i.27 p. m.
lor Wlillc Hum, lljkiun ami piliulpal point:
in tho coal n.'.loin, ia 11. L II, II. II,, ts J5, i.l'
anil 1.-7 1. " l''ur I'uttiiMlIc, V.Ji a. m , 2,u
For Iktlililicni, Kaston, lUad'iij, HarritliuiR
and principal intcriucilUlo station. i 1). A: II
It. It , l ' J"" !" i -! --7 (MlatU Dla
manil KxpH'Bk), UiVi p. in. Suiiiljjh, 1), & II
II. It., 1'. J- u 111 : 1 Sn, Kil (i. in.
for 'lunklnnnuiU, lunamla, l.lmlra, Ithaca,
Cltnoa uml printlpal lntcrin.UIatn f.allorn, tU
1) , I., i. W. It. It.. "iJ a. "n. ami '' H p. 111.
Kor ciincia, ItoUiei:.,-, liutlulu, Nliisrara I'alia,
Uilcigo nrl all polnta isl, U I). ,V. I. lt. II ,
7,43, V.'UI .1 in., ''-' (III id. Dltiujiul
ihc0, "-t 1U.II. It-"'1 I'. ! humlajs, I), .v, II
It. It , l.".OI, 1S7 p. hi. '
Pullman pailoi anil Meepln' or Iflilsli Vallc,.
parlor tars on all Iralni Lctutoii Kilkis lUnv
uml .New orL, I'lillail.'lpliia, lluflalo and buipttn
kion Urtd.'O.
ItOLI.lN II. Wll.IUIlt, Gin. Supt,, SO Cortland
urod, Nciv 01lt.
C1I.M1IX& S. I.hi:. Gen. I'asa. Act., UU Cortland
ttait, !uiv Yorl..
A. W'. M).Vi:SI.Clli:it, Dlv, Pass. Ast., South
Dctlilcnciii, l'a.
lor tlckcu und I'ullmun re-enatlona apply to
city tlctu oilliv, C! Public bquaic, UllLco Uarre,
New York, Ontario nnd Western.
'in UUcct Tucsdaj, Sept. IT, 1W1.
NUItlll UOL'.M).
Lcavo Loaio Arrlts
Trains. Siaiiton. OarUwIalo. Cadojla.
i0. 1 10.10a, in. 11.10 a, in. 1.00p.m.
So 7 ,, 0.10 p. 111. Ar. C'arliondalelUOp. in
Uao I.eaic Arrit
Trains. Cadosla. Carbondale. Scranton.
No. u '0"a- ni. 7.10a m.
So a 2.15 p.m. 4.00 p. in. JO p. in.
bUNimb OM,V, NOItril IJOU.MJ. r
I,cato Lcao Arrlri
Trains. bcraiiton. CarLondile. Cadosla.
No. 9 ,..t.. 8.Wli. m. U.10 d. in. 1034,,
No. 6 ..... 7.00 p m. Ar. Cartondale 7.Wp. in.
tense Leave 'Arrlvo
Tralnf. Cjdosla. Carlwndalc. Kiranton.
No, C .,, V.??"-"1' 7-Wa. m.
No. 10 ....... 4 30 P- in. 0 00 p.m. 6 ti p. m.
Trains Nos. 1 oil ceL Hay, and 0 on Sundaia,
mako main lino conncvtlom for Now York city,
MlddUtoun, Walton, horwiiL, Oneida, 0Keva
and all points not.
For further Information rcmult ticket agents.
J. ('. ASDKKSOV, 0. 1'. A. Mw York.
). L. WKLSIi, T, 1. A., Ecrtntou, l'a.
L nUU Su SoUo
Tn ton tien ri I at a
09 Lacka. Ave.
This Elegant
Maue of clear white maple,
strong and durable
We onlv have a limited
wa tj aMBvttaL I
,;, early to get one. They sell regularly from $2.So to $3.oo.
I Scranton Carpet
Jr. .j. , .J. .j. .1 .. . .. ! 4
1 Pap tho
2- I Ul LI1U
Also the Grown People.
, 1 V vS Sty tT
j The Brooks & Sanderson Shoe Co., j
Cor. Lackawanna and Wyoming Aves.
P. S. Wc Also Give Green Trading Stamns,
:! 54i3"H,tI,,l,4'4"i'4'5'
Delaware and Hudson,
In i:0li( Soumbcr 21, 100L
Trains fur Curbomlalo Ujc Scranton at 0.20,
.00, b.5l, 10 1- J. I".. 1-00, l.iiJ, J.JI, 8 02,
SiO, 0JJ, 7.51, 0M. II -J l. li'.; 1.31 a. in.
For Honcalale 0.J0, 10.Ua. in.; .6 unJ S.2J
P'For WIILMlJairc flS", 7.43, 8.11, OSS, 10 41
a. m.j 1J.IW, 1.1-',, J2S, 4.2f, t'.lu, J.a,
10 41, 11. u ni.
lor L. V. It. II. I'oliita-O.38, O.iS a. in.; 2.13,
4 21 anil li," 1'. in.
Tor rtnnolvanla It. lt. Points 0i3, 0.33 a.
in.: 1.1-'. J -a uiul 4.J7 )i. m.
1 or AlUii) iyid all points north 0 20 a. m.
irnU I', in.
I'or CaibonJili. B 50, 11 SJ a. m.j 2.31, 3.32,
.62 anU 11.17 p. in.
tor Wllki.-llairc 0.33 a. ni.j 12 03, 1,63, 3.23,
0 32 anil 0.17 I', in.
Kor All an v anil points north 3 53 p. m.
tor llont"tl ilo S 50 a. in. and .3.53 p. ni.
W. L. I'ltVOlt, U. I'. A.. Scranton. Pa.
Delaware, Xackawanna and Western.
In KfTcct Nov. 3, ltwi,
Tralm leave ficranton lor New" lorn At 1,40,
3.15, 0.05, 7.50 ai.U 10. Oj a. in ; 1J.43, 3.40, 3 33
l. ni. for Na York ami PhilaiUlphla 7.50,
10 05 a. in., ami 12.45 and SSI p. ui. I'or Tub),
lianna At n. in. I'or lluflalo 1.13. 0.22 aril
9U0 a. in.; 155, 0.60 .iml 11.35 p. in. For Win I
liamton aim way auuons lu A) n. in. anu I.1U
p. m, for Oitt(,'o, b;raouic ami Utica 1,16 ami
0.23 a jn. ; 1 6) p. in. Oswrxo, bracuw and
lltica train at, 0.22 a. in. Jail), exicpt bundjy.
i'or Montiuie 0 00 a. !; 1.10 and 0 50 p. m.
Nlchol.on attoniiiioilatlon 4 00 and 0,15 p. m.
Uluoinsburir Ulu.lon For Korlliumberlaiid, at
C.i5 and 10.05 a in.; 1.55 and 0 10 p. in. Kor
Phmoutli, at 8 13 a. m.j 3 40 and I) 00 p. m
Sunday Twins Fur Sev York, 1.40, 3 15, 0 05
and 10,01 a. ni.; 3.40, J.33 p. in. Kor I hi III lo
1.15 and n.2j a. in.; 165, t50 und 1135 p. in.
lot Ulnshainton and way (tatlons 10 io a. an.
Illconubiir.- PlvUlon ln bcruutou, 10 05 a,
in. and 0.10 p. m.
Oriental Rugs
Host Pleasing, Host Lasting and
Tloit Useful Articles for . . .
. Wedding Presents.
Porch Chair
varnished, and is large, heavy,
number, ana you'll have to come
& Furniture Co.,
Lackawanna Avenue,
! 4
I 1
cut represents a
new novelty the 20th
Century Air Ship. De
lights everybody, durable
and harmless in every
respect, will fly from 50
to 300 feet in the air, and
may be used hundreds
of times. One of these
Air Ships given with
every $i.o purchase or
more of Shoes or Ox
fords. All the new
.Summer Styles now in
boys am (iim
Treading system.
Cential Kalhoad of New Jersey.
In riltit JIj.v i 1002
hjatiom in Nih uiU, fimt l.lbtily strict an
Huiith Firry, N, II
'lialn lute hcuntun for c- YoiK, I'lilh.
ililphia, I'.irtmi, llctlililiim, AlhntuHii. 'Miudi
t Inink. Wliitc IIimii. UhUi, Wllu-Hunr- and
I'ltulini .it 7. 'to a. in , 1 . in. and 1 p. in. Sun.
iljj, 2.10 p. ni.
OuiKir I My Kpii liao Mranton 7.10 a. in,,
tlirmn,h holjif Mtllnili" lialn llh Piillniin Mullet
I'arloi Cm (or I'lillidt'lplila with "nly one dunjn
t.l ui-, foi llaltlnioic ami ahliulon, 11. L., and
all pilmiiul points south ami u.t.
I'oi Amci, l'ltttoi ami WIIKes llarrc, 1 p. m.
and I p. in. buiuM. -' H p. m.
For l.oni Iliaiuli, On ui l!luc, etc., 7.TO and
Kcr itc.iillnrf, I.ibanon ami IlarrUbuiff U Al
ii ntmwi at 7. J a. in , 1 . in. and 1 p. in. fcun.
day, 2 10 p. "
For Tainn)ua and I'ottsWIIc, 7.30 a. in, 1 p.
ni. and 4 p. m.
For rJtc-. ami tiikiU aply In JCcnt nt ljllon,
W. (!. Illi-Sl.nit, l!(ii. Managir,
V, SI. IHIIir. lien I'aM. A8t. '
Pennsylvania Bailroad.
SUudulo In FUiot June 2, iOOl.
Tralm iac 'scrantu.i; O.s a. in., week duyj,
through n-silbulc tuln Irom tlkto Uarrc. pull,
man bulla parlor car and coaclwj to l'luladrl.
pliU, ia I'ousUHc; ttopa ut principal lutiini.
diate bUtlo'is. Also counocta for Suubuij, Hi r- .
liiburu, Pliiladdphla, llallluiorc, JshliiKlon anil
lor I'ilUburir and ihe wit.
0.83 a. in, week duy, lor Sunbnry, Harriburc,
I'hiladelpliia, llaltlinor, Washington and Pltta
burf and tho went.
1.42 n in., tuilf da)- (Sund.ns, 1 63 p m ).
foi t-unbury, lUrrbburu', 1'lilladilphla, Ualllmorc,
Uaililn'.tm and Pitttburi; and ttio wot.
3.28 p in. week, dan, through vestibule train
(rout U liked Uarrv, Pullman bullet parlor car
and loathu to PhiladclphU via Pottsville. Mop
at prim.lpil jnteriiK-dlaU stations
4 27 p. in. imk dj)s, tor llailcton, Sunbury,
liatri.b If.', Philadelphia and PitUmrg.
J. II IIHICIII.SiON. tivn. Mcr.
J. U. WOOD, Gu. Piii. Ast.
t i