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The News of Carboiidale.
-- i
Yearly Statement Bhows Fell School
District to Be the Beat In Its His
tory Schools to CloseTuno 13.
The unnuni reports Hubinlttcil tit tlio
meeting Monthly night show the Fell
township school district to he In tlio
heat condition llminolally perhaps since
the district was formed,
The funds In this hands ot the Irons
liver are siitllclcnt to pay.nll the teach
ers, while the unpaid hills amount to
only $700, with bonds to the amount
of $4,000. This makes this district com
pare favorably with tiny In Lackn
wnnim county. The standing of the
district has been the subject of favor
able comment from County .Superinten
dent or Schools Taylor.
The present standing of the Fell ills
. tvlot Is all the more Ri'iittrylitR since
live years ago the condition ot nnnncos
was almost i oversell. At that lime,
there were $S00O In bonds and the
tenchets salaries were unpaid for six
months or mote.
The board decided nt this mecotlng
to close the pchools June 13.
The Silk Mills Hero Will Probably
Continue All Summer.
It wns rumored throughout the city
yesteulay that the Hllk mills at Simp
son would shut down indefinitely this
evening. A scarcity of silk, due to the
trouble among the dyers at Pntcrson,
was given as the reason for the con
templated shut down.
It will be a icllef to learn, however,
that this depressing rumor Is unfound
ed. CSenernl Manager Frlcdcr Informed
The Tribune last evening that there
was no truth In the story. Not only
will the mills not shut down tonight,
but they will continue, it is expected,
throughout the summer months, If even
they shut down ot all. There Is hope
that the trouble in Paterson will be
settled, but even If It should not, the
mills here will be able to procure
enough silk from the mills where there
is no disturbance, for several weeks at
least. It Is certain, at any rate, that
there will be no Immediate shutting
down, Mr. Fricdcr says.
This will be cheerful news as the sev
eral thousands of dollars that the mills
here disburse each month Is an import
ant Item in this community at all
times, but particularly during the de
pression consequent with the coal
strike. The wlthdiawal of this sum
would be sorely felt, and there will
accordingly be rejoicing over the dis
sipating: of the disturbing rumor.
Parties Who Are Going Abroad and
Across the Continent.
Mrs. Solomon, wife of Select Coun
cilman James Solomon, and daughter,
Gladys, and Miss Nanny Mitchell, all
of the Belmont section, are preparing
for a tour of the British Isles, which
they propose to begin abbut the middle
of Juno. They will sail from New
York city on "Wednesday, June 11. They
will go first to Truro, Cornwall Eng
land, where they will visit for several
weeks. After leaving there they will
vNit London and the principal places
of interest throughout the British Tsles.
They will return about Sept. 1.
Druggist Joseph If. Kelly and ox
Common Councilman John T. Loftus
will leave some day next week on an
extended trip across the continent.
They have planned an Itinerary that
promises enjoyable results, as they will
practically encircle the country by the
routes they will take. They will go
through the south and from Now Or
leans down through the southwest,
passing from Texas through Colorado,
Sneaks of Coffee Drinking,
About coffee drinking, Dr. Hewot
says, "X have the best ot reasons for
naming coffee as among the most dnn
goious of slow poisons. My own per
sonal' experience outside of the gen
eral experience gained by my practice
has taught the truth.
At about 16 I became a member of a
young people's society whose pledge
banod the use of all Intoxicants, to
bacco, tea and coffee, until tho ngo ot
21, 1 kept my pledge and early tem
perate habits were formed. Up to
about my 30th year I was an athlete;
no one had better health or spirits.
A short time after passing thirty I
began the use of coffee at breakfast
with an cup at evening par
tics. The ilrst symptoms of ill health I
remember came soon, and later sore
mouth and stomach trouble. Finally
well marked dyspepsia supervened. My
bowels sympathized, of course, also my
nervous system became Impaired. Du
llness attacked me, and tremulant
hands rendered wilting exceedingly
ilKIIeult. My diet had 'to bo resit Icted.
ICxperleneed medical advisors forbade
all fruits.
Several attacks of gastritis tioubled
mo frequent. The shadow of inclan
;holla menaced mo and caused mo to
wonder why u man, of my lineage,
strength and endurance nnd temperate
habits should be thus mulcted.
ISininontspeeinltsts nnnicd it, 'miasm,'
' Dthers as noted said, 'mleiobes.' X now
ray, 'coffee arablca.' Why? Because for
(he Ilrst thirty years I did not drink
eoffeo. and enjoyed good health, the
iccond thirty years coffee drinking be
came a habit and Illness mure than
ept pace with tlio Indulgence,
I am now past 00 yours of age. About
18 months ago I saw a shrewdly writ
ten statement of Postum Cereal Coffee,
lave It careful reading and thought,
mil as an experiment substituted Pos
:iun for Java and Mouha, For the Ilrst
three, days of the change I felt, keenly,
the loss of tho stimulant, after that the
mtrlent quality of the drink more than
lompensated the deprivation, und an
astonishing change came In lecurriug
.Hunger three times dally; 1 could
scarcely wait for the meals, a sensa
tion I had not had for moie thiiii thirty
Now my health Is excellent. I eat
fruits of all kinds and food as my ap
petite demands.' I am legalnlug my
nervous tone and my strength s In
ireaslng daily. Except my change from
offoo to Postum I have made no
;hange In my mode of living,
Do you wonder that I name coffee us
imong tho inoat dangerous of slow Pols
ms? A believe thero are thousands suffer
Tig as I Buffered with a better excuse
'or Ignorance than I can offer," A. C.
Hewet. M. D 491 W, Adams St., Chl
;osof 1(1. . . .
Utah tind Nevada to California. Re
turnliiR they will travel aloiig tho Up
per border Hue, through Washington,
Montana and the Dakotas to St. Paul,
thence homo Via Chicago. '
Mr. Kelly ami Mr. Loftus will slop
for n few Weeks In nnd about Denver,
viewing tho land leased by the Devel
opment company, which was recently
formed In this city, In which Mr. Kelly
is n shareholder.
Henry Weddlngtou Succumbs After
a Pew Dnyo' Illness.
Henry Woddlngton, an employe of
the street department of the city, died
somewhat suddenly and unexpectedly
at his homo on Blrkott street, about
1 o'clock yesterday morning.
On Thuisday Mr.Weddlngton worked
as usual on the city's streets. That
evening ho was taken with an attack
ot iiulnsy. His heart became nffected
and ho expired suddenly enrly yester
day morning.
Mr. Wcddlngton wns born In Glou
cestershire, Kngland, March 127, 1SI7.
Ho came to Amotion In his early years
and lias been a resident of Carbondalc
i... ., Irmrr ,!,, 7Tn linlnnirnrl In Colll't
U.IIy lodge, No. i"0, Foi esters of Ameri
ca, and enjoyed the siuccrest regard
of ills brother Foresters. Among his
many acquaintances ho was likewise
warmly esteemed. His wife nnd the
following daughters and sons survive
him: Mis. Clara Mycr, May. Annie,
Andrew, Jacob, Thomas and Florence.
Mr. Holllstor About and Mr. Man
ners Disabled.
Clare U. llolllstcr and Vincent C
Manners, who had such a thrilling ex
perience in the runaway at Forest City
on Monduy night, have almost recov
ered from the severe shaking up they
received. Mr. Holllstor was fully re
covered yesterday and was able to at
tend to his business affairs. He suf
fered principally from shock. Mr.
Manners, however, was lea fortunate,
and was confined to his room with a
sore shoulder.
The horses fared better than was at
first reported. One of the animals es
caped unhurt, while the other had a
badly torn hoof. Unfortunately, tho
injured horse H Mr. Hollister's trotter,
Slasher Boy. Tho horse, which is un
der Veterinarian Moyer's care, will be
in good condition In about a month.
The runaway was caused by a hind
foot of Slasher Boy's getting caught in
the forward wheel of the carriage,
wliilo the team was Hying nlong to
avoid the htorm that was setting In.
The spokes of tho wheel were smashed
by the trotter's struggle and the mis
hap frightened the horses, and there
was a runaway team Hying along the
roadway. In another Instant, the oc
cupants of the carriage were thrown
out. The team continued In its wild
career for about two miles, being
caught In the woods about Forest City.
Lucretia Lodge, No. 109, Daughters
of Rebeknh, Elect Last Evening.
The semi-annual election of officers of
Lucretia lodge, No. 109, Daughters of
Hebokab, was held in their hall, on
South Church street, last evening, and
resulted as follows: Noble grand, Mary
Roberts: vlee-giand, Ella Price; secre
tary, Dora Lmhvlg: trustee, Clara Carl
ton. The ofllcers will be installed on
Tuesday evening, June 10, by District
Deputy Mrs. Mary Hughes.
An interesting feature of last even
ing's session was tho report of Mrs. S,
N. Bayley. the representative of the
lodge to the btute assembly, held in
Kilo last week.
The report was most comprehensive
nnd prepaied In a manner that showed
the lodge made no en or in the selection
of its delegate. '
Departed for California.
Dr. John S. Niles, who leturned from
a brief visit to Philadelphia the day
prior, left on Saturday evening on his
trip across tlio continent. He will stop
en route to visit with his brothers,
Frank Niles, at Colorado Springs, Col.,
and Dr. Hurry Nlles, surgeon at Mercy
hospital, Salt Lake City. Dr. Niles will
continue to California to spend several
weeks In her salubrious climate, relax
ing and recuperating after unremitting
attention to his practice. He will be
absent about two months. Ills father,
Dr. Andrew Niles, and Dr. Harper will
care for his practice during his absence.
Prof, Bryden Improving,
Prof, W. D. Bryden, principal of tho
High school, who was taken sick this
week nnd .was threatened with typhold
pneumonln, vus somewhat Impioved
last evening. Tt Is believed that all dan
ger Is now passed, and that he will bo
back among tho students by Monday of
next week. During his absence Prof,
.L. M. Lesher, of the commercial de
partment, is acting principal.
Honcsdnlians in Town.
Homer Greene, Hon. John Kubach,
Jonas Kii.Uk and Manager W. J, Sll
vcrstone, of the Ccntial theatre, all
prominent Honcsdnlians, stopped In
Carbondalc long enough, whllo en route
to Scrauton yesterday, to enjoy a treat
that Is hardly known i,n the Maple city,
tho discoursing of several selections, by
tho Mo.nrt baud.
Visiting Pastors.
rtev. It. A, Sawyer, lector of Trinity
Fplscopal church, left yesterday for
York, to attend tho Kplscupal conven
tion. He will bo nbsept for several
Rev, Dr, H. J. Wluilen is expected
home today from Philadelphia, where
he has been since Monday,
Gone to Wnle3.
David D.ivls and William Painter, of
Vandllng, have left op a tour through
ICnglnnd and Wales, They will be ab
sent during the greater part of tho sum
mer. Meetings of Tonight.
William II, Davles post, G. A. 11.
Pioneer castle, Knights Mystlo Chain.
Fidelity conclave, Hcptasophs,
Carboudalo lodge, Knights of Pythias.
Unclaimed Letters.
l.lst ot letters remaining In tho Car
bondale, Pa., postofllco, May 2S, 1U02,
for persons unknown;
A. J-. Avery, Boran .t Loyeland, W. H.
Brown, It. W. Burnhain, George Caul,
Daniel Cannon, J. L. Clark, Peter Cog
elns, James Dclaney, T. W, Kills, Jos-
cph Kgnn, 13. James, James McMullen,
William Shelly, O. VI. Bltnon, W. n.,
cure Harrison house, Thomas York,
Miss Kllzit Fisher, Miss Margaret
Jones, Miss Maggie Jones, Miss Mary
Plnnel, Mrs. J. It. Beomer, Mrs. Bert
Clark, Airs. It. C. Dotter, Mary Cnllcn
dor Ann Furrclh
J, lit Thomas, Postmaster.
Will Meet to Arrange for Memorial
Day Exercises.
William Meyers, president of tho
Spanish-American volunteers, has is
sued a call for n meeting at 8 o'clock
this evening at tho Mitchell Hoso
The mooting in to arrange for tlio
volunteers participating in the Memor
ial Day exercises. They have been In
vited by Davlos post to assist in honor
ing tho day, nnd It Is the earnest hope
to make a showing that will bo a fit
ting expression of tho men's apprecia
tion ot this Important and significant
dny. An urgent Invitation Is extended
to every volunteer, no matter of what
service, to alltcnd tonight's meeting.
Will Bo Decided Upon nt a Meeting
to Be Held Today.
It Is the purpose to establish head
quarters of the United Mine orkcrs In
this city, and n meeting to arrange for
the opening of tho same will be held In
the header building tills ufternoon at
1 o'clock.
At tho present time, thero Is no
moans of directly communicating to
tho miners messages or instructions
that President Mitchell has occasion
to send out from day to day. With
the local oillccrs In direct communica
tion with strike headquarters In
Wllkes-Barrc, tho opening of the pro
posed local quarters would greatly fa
cilitate matters.
Positions -with Clarke Bros.
The opening of Clarke. Bros.' branch
store In Carbondalc has opened oppor
tunities for the employment of clerks,
which have been tilled as follows:
Miss Margaret Morrison, who has
been employed at different times as a
book-keeper, is now cashier in tho new
Miss Kllzabcth Horan, of Scott street,
who was employed in the general store
kept until recently by W. It. Moon, has
accepted, a clerkship' in the store.
Miss Anna Tlghe, of the West Side,
who resigned her position as stenogra
pher in the ofllco of Attorney George
B. Davidson, at Scrnnton, to accept a
similar one with Clarke Bros., began
her duties here yesterday.
George Tryon Quite 111.
George Tryon, of Darte avenue, is
quite ill of pneumonia. Mr. Tryon was
prostrated on Sunday evening and has'
since had the care of a professional
nurse. Last night, he wns as comfort
able as could be expected. As yet,
however, it is too early In the disease to
say that all danger has passed. How
ever, there Is hope that he will rally
through tho attack.
Thimble Tea on Thursday.
On Thursday of this week, from 3 to
7 p. in., Mrs. L. 12. Thorpe and Mrs. A.
L. Van Gordon will give a thimble tea
at the home of the latter, 93 Wayne
street, A cordial Invitation is extended
to ladles and gentlemen, both old and
young. A silver offering will be taken
for the benefit of the Methodist Kpls
copal church fund.
To Be Wedded Today.
A wedding which will attract wide
spread interest will take place In St.
Kose church today. The principals are
Miss Mary Gerrlty, ot Dundaff street,
and Edward J. Healey, one of the most
popular of the young men of the town.
Resigned His Clerkship.
Harry Hlller has resigned his posi
tion as clerk in the store of G. W. Rey
nolds & Son, and intends taking a trip
west, visiting Pittsburg and Chicago,
with the thought of locating In either
Operation for Appendicitis.
Julia Collins, dnughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Collins, of Brooklyn street,
was operated on for appendicitis at tho
Emergency hospital yesterday. Her
condition wns comfortable last night.
Mrs. Normlle and daughter. Miss
Ruth Normlle, of Salainnnca, N. Y are
at tho Harrison house.
P. T. Rcllly, of Scrnnton, was In the
city yesterday.
Misses Lorclta and Cecelia Coleman,
of the West Side, spent yesterday In
Colonel John McComb was among
tho Carbondallaus who witnessed tho
Knights Templar parade in Scrnnton
Tho Juvenls dancing class will hold
their weekly social In Million's ball, Fri
day evening. Lawrence's orchestra will
play for dancing.
Among those from hpro who attended
the Knights Templar tournol at Scrnn
ton last night were.Mr, und Mrs, H. B.
Bush, J, W. Kennedy, Misses 'Lucy
Hull, Olive .Murphy, Gertrude Voyle,
Maine Surge, Dr. F. L. Vnu Sickle, Dr.
L. Van Buskirk.
John Williamson, of Wllkes-Burre,
was u caller In tpwn yesterday.
T. V. Powderly, jr., of Carbondalc,
spent yesterday here,
Mrs, William Thomas and Mis, AVest
Frederick, who luivo been the guests of
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SCOTT & BOW.NE. Chemist, oa I'utl Su tt. V.
Mrs. William Gilbert, have returned to
their homes In Dover, N. Jt
John Rccne, Henry Williams, John
Steed.Wllllam Petch and David Thomas
left last night for New York, from
where they will sail on tho Oceanic for
Wales today.
Mrs, A. F. Grans left yesterday for a
ten dnys' visit with relatives in Bine
hnmton, N, Y.
Mrs. P. F, Mltlcr, ot Archbald, spent
yesterday with her Bister, Mrs, John
Ferguson, of Lackawanna street.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilnrry Wright, of Car
boudalo, visited relatives In town yes
Thi following exercises will take
place on Memorial day In the cemetery:
Vocal quartette; prayer, Itcv. Twyson
Jones; address, Attorney C A. Battcn
bcrg; romnrks, Rev. J. K. Broadhead;
benediction, Rev. Maynard It. Thomp
son. Before tho exercises there will be
a parade by tho Jermyn Boys' brigade
nnd veterans of the Civil and Spanish
American wnr and a squad of the Sons
of Veterans. Tlio committee in charge
of the arrangements fear thnt they
may have unintentionally omitted to
send Invitations to some of the veterans
of both wars. If this Is so they take
this means of correcting tho omission
and earnestly request all to participate
In the exercises which will tnko place
In the cemetery nt 10 o'clock. The
formation of parade and lino of march
will bo given in tomorrow's Issue. The
parade 'will commence at D.1G o'clock In
the morning.
Mr. J. J. Miller left Monday to take
up his new position as manager of the
Consolidated Water Works at Kltton
nlny, Armstrong county, Pa. Ho takes
with him tho well wishes of his many
friends for his success in his new field.
Kthcl Peard a little girl living on
Second street was bitten last evening
by a dog. The wound caused was not
a bad one and no serious results are
Peter Henry, of Fourth street, Is
seriously III with symptoms of an at
tack of typhoid fever.
Leighton J. Eldridgo of Wllkes-Barrc,
who lias been the guest of his brother-in-law.
Dr. Byron H. Jackson, of May
field, left last evening on a visit to
friends at Minneapolis.
The employes of the Hillside com
pany's collieries at tho Erie, Glenwood
and Keystone breakers were paid yes
terday. A little daughter arrived yesterday
to gladden the home of Superintendent
and Mrs. Frank Hemelrlght, of Second
The Jermyn school board will hold an
adjourned meeting tomorrow evening.
Ben Davis, jr., of II. street. Is suf
fering' with an attack of tonsilitls.
The new Hag pole In the school
grounds was raised Saturday In the
presence of directors Morcom and
Waters and hereafter old glory will be
seen flying from the school on the
proper occasions. -
Tho Citizens' band will give an open
air concert on Main street on Thurs
day afternoon at 3 o'clock. The fol
lowing programme has been arranged:
March, "Bethany Commandery," Myer;
overture, "Birth of Love," Lafforty;
overture, "High Boll," Beyer: cornet
solo, "Luella Polka," Althouse; over
ture, "Felecia," Grunwald; song and
dance, selected; concert waltzes, "lo
lanthe," Holzman, march, "Blaze
Away," Holzman.
The funeral of the late Mrs. John
Williams took place from her late resi
dence at Rendham yesterday afternoon
and was largely attended. Brief ser
vices were conducted at the house after
which the cortege moved to the Stew
art Memorial church, where the ser
vice was continued. The church" audi
torium was filled wih sorrowing friends
and relatives. The .pastor, Rev. J. L.
Race, officiated and delivered an elo
quent and impressive sermon. The
church choir under the direction of
Chorister Johns, 'rendered appropriate
anthems during the service. Their were
a number of beautiful floral gifts pres
ented by friends and relatives. The
flower bearer was Arthur Henshall. Tho
pall bearers were: William Franklin,
W. J. Williams, Edward B. Decker,
Joseph Merrltt, T. K. Williams and
Richard Price. Interment was made In
the Marcy cemetery.
The Anthracite Glee club will not
hold their regular rehearsal tomorrow
evening but will hold their regular re
hearsal on Sunday.
The following excellent programme
has been arranged for the concert to
bo held this evening in the Welsh Con
gregational church for the benefit of the
Juvenile choir: Instrumental selections,
Miss Lydla Hoskins; selection, Juvenile
choir; solo, Miss Edith Watklns; recita
tion, Miss Sarah Price; recitation, Miss
Margaret Dnvls; solo W. L. Jones; 1
recitation, Miss Verna Williams; reci
tation, Ml?s Lydla Jones; duet, Misses
Edith and Gertrude AVatklns; recita
tion, John E. Evans; recitation, John
E. Evans: recitation, Oliver Howells;
recitation, Miss Martha Smith, solo, J,
E. Watklns; selection, Juvenile choir.
Mis. J. A. Noecker, of Schuylkill
Haven, Is the guest at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thomas, of Pond
street. .
Daniel O'Biien, ono of our local quoit
men defeated John Lewis, of Bellovue,
at the latter place on Monday In an
Interesting match for "?50 a sldo by a
score of 31 to 21. O'Biien was a great
Mr. and .Mrs. W. a. Howell, ot Main
street, liavo returned from Erie, Pa.,
where the former attended tho grand
session of Odd Fellows which convened
there during tho past week,
The borough schools will bo closed
on Thursday for tho summer vacation.
Appiopriato exercises will mark tho
closing event,
The following young people from this
town attended tho reception tendered
Miss Blodwlu Jones at Bollevuo last
evening; Misses Hannah Powell, Han
nah Dnvls, Llzssle Davis, Leah and
Muud Evans, Lillian Ileffcr, Sophia
Thomas and Messrs. John II, Harris,
John Thomas, Albert Welsenfluh, Louis
tSchulthles, Fred Sterges, Samuel Miller.
Henry Coombs, William Rogets, Dunlel
J, Davis, Titus Evans, Henry Reese and
Daniel Reese,
Miss Mary nnd Arthur Ulmer nnd
Will Ilittinger, of Carbondnle, and
Messrs, Young and Dick, of Avocn,
spent Sunday as the guests of Miss
Elizabeth Owens, of North Taylor,
Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Morris, Messis.
Joseph Jones, John Morgans and Wil
liam Johns, left yesterday for a trip to
their native lund, Wales.
A large delegation of our citizens at
tended the Knights Templars parade'
at Scrnnton, yesterday.
Messis, M. II, Sitgruvrs and William
Hughes returned yesterday from a llsh
Ing trip at Lake Lodore. They suc
ceeded In catching Jlfty pounds of bull
heads and peich, '
Tho fire ulurm is out of service on uc-
Connolly & Wallace.
Scranton's Shopping; Center
count of the borough electric light wires
becoming crossed with the alarm wires.
Messrs. Harry Gard and Thomas
Williams are on a fishing trip over in
Wayne coupty.
Frank Ledyard Is on a business trip
to Newark, N. J.
Mr, H. L. James is doing Jury duty at
Scrnnton this week.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
in the post office at Peckvlllc, week
ending May 27: Annie Rock, Mrs. Har
riet Morgan, Ellen Todd, J. Johns, Pri
vate Frank Cofleld, Company F. Thir
teenth Infantry; Jan Frenak, Peter
Creka, Lewltski Razylnerkl. Foreign
Maryjamma Szatkouska, Antonla
Mannlso, Gueseppi Maucuro. Persons
claiming the above will please say "ad
vertised" and give date of this list
V. Mace, Postmaster.
On account of tho National Meeting,
Fraternal Order of Eagles, at Minnea
polis, Minn., June f! to 8, the Pennsyl
vania Rnllroad company will sell ex
cursion tickets from all stations on its
lines to Minneapolis or St. Paul, May
31 to June !!, good to return not earlier
than Juno .1, and not later than June 9,
ut greatly reduced rates. These tickets
will be good for return passage only
when executed by Joint Agent at St.
Paul or Minneapolis and payment of 5
cents mnue for this service, uy leposit
Ing ticket with Joint Agent not earlier
than June 3 nor later than June 9, and
payment of 30 cents at time of deposit,
an extension of return limit may be ob
tained to leave St. Paul or Minneapolis
not later than July 7.
First Class Tickets to San Francisco
nnd Return at Less Than Ono Way
On nceount of tho Imperial Council,
Nobles o,f the Mystic Schrlne, .San
Francisco. California, Juno 10th 14th,
1902, the Lackawanna railroad will Is
suo first-class excursion tickets from
Scrunton at the low rate of $6i3.25 for
tho round trip, on sale good going Mhy
'20th to June 7th Inclusive and for re
turn to reach original starting point
not later than 60 days from original
dato of purchase of ticket. See Depot
Ticket Agent in regard to Htop uff priv
ileges variable routes, sldo trips, Pull
niun reservations, etc,
A Much Tnlked-of Improvement.
The stir tho Now Jersey Central's re
cent announcement mado In regurd to
Its hourly trains between New York
and Philadelphia was far reaching.
Very few cities can boast of such a
train schedule and the beauty of it is,
that it's easily lemcnibered a train
every hour on tho oven hour from 7 a.
m, to C p, m.
The locomotives, cars nnd Pullman
caw aro the most modern, the roadbed
Is rock ballasted, and as only hard coal
Is used thcie Is no smoke or cinders.
Every train runs direct to Reading
Terminal, Philadelphia, without change
and many of them cover tho distance In
A Farmer Straightened Out,
"A man living on a farm pear hero
calno n a short time ago completely
doubled up with rheumatism. I handed
him bottlo of Chamberlain's Pain
Halm and told him to use Jt freely and
f not satisfied after using It ho need
not pay a cent for it." says C. P, May
dor, of Pattens Mills, N, V. "A few
days later ho walked into the store as
straight as a string and handed mo a
dollar saying, "give me another bottlo
or Chamberlain's Pain Halm. I want
jt m tho liouso all the time for It cured
inc."' For tale by all druggists.
A welcome to our distin
guished friends, tho Knights
Templar, here In attendance
upon the annual conclave. If
you are sight-seeing you will
find the store Interesting. You
may come assured of a hospl
table reception.
Wiiite Goods for
Gowns and Sbirt Waists
The pbolvcs aro bursting with do
llpthtfully cool, crisp whlto things
new ones kcit. coming almost every
Test them nny way you llko In qual
ity, quantity, variety or price.
McrccrlKcri striped madras fifteen
dlffctcnt pattorus ot 3."c. ,
2."c. Cheviot, madras.
Sheer, lino Persian lawn, 20a to 13c,
t yard.
French lawn, 3.c. to I.
French nnlnsook, 35c. to $1.
Dotted und figured Swiss, 15c. to
India llnon, 10c. to 10c.
Women's Stockings and
To women who haven't seen them,
wo rnn't say too much about them;
to women who have, wo need say very
All spoclally pood for tho money.
12&o. Imported plain blaok cotton.
Sic. Onon worked bliick llsto.
2.c. nibbed and plain black llslo and
embroidered cotton.
Hoc. Open worked black and colored
Men's Madras Shirts
Negligee and Pleated Fronts, $i.ooand $1.50.
Last year's shirts of these lines were best in town Not one
returned or complained of all season. This year both the Madras
and the stvle are better yet. They are are very comfortable shirts
roomy, but not clumsy. Plain while and white grounds with
neat slripe or figure, are best.
To Women
Do you care for FashionP
For new gowns or wraps or
dress goods or silks or laces
or for bargainsP Will you let
some one else find these things
firstP But what's the use of
asking every woman know3
our ads and. read them first,
and yet they are only ads.
8 ,j.
If You
Walk Much
s Lewis, Ruddy, Davies & Murphy,
&; 330 Lackawanna Avenue. J
two hours. The Reading route by which
the Philadelphia line Is often known, is
not only a short way to Philadelphia,
but It is likewise the scenic route. This
service goes into effect on May IS, but
In no way does It Impair the fast and
elegant service of tho Royal Blue line,
which will run independently of tho
Philadelphia line. '
Through Sleeping Car to Welch, W.
Va., and Points on the Norfolk and
Western Railway.
With the schedule in effect May 23,
the Pennsylvania Railroad company
will Inaugurate through Pullman buf
fet sleeping car service between Phila
delphia and Welch, W. Vn via Harris
hurg, Hagerstown, Roanoke, and tho
Shenandoah Valley route.
This car will bo run on the following
Lv. Philadelphia (Penna) R. R. 8.25 p.m.
Lv. Lancaster 10.03 "
Ar. Harrisburg 10.33 "
Lv. Harrisburg (Ctimb. Val. It.
R. It 11.03 "
LV. Carlisle w,. ..11.12 "
Lv. Chnmbersburg 12.30u.m.
Ar. Hagerstown ,, 1,10 "
Lv. Hagerstown (Nor. and
West. It. R.) 1.20 "
Ar. Roanoko 0.03 "
Ar. East Radford 10.10 "
Ar. Hluelleld 1,33 p.m.
Ar, Welch -1,23 "
RirrURN'INU. Daily.
Lv. Welch (Nor. and Wcbt.
R. R.) 1.10 p.m.
LV. Hluelleld 1.00 "
Lv. Kait-Utidfoid C.30 "
Lv. Ronnoko S.00 "
Ar. Hagerstown .,, -1,15a.m.
Weelt-diiys, Sundays,
Lv. H ago rs t o w n
(Cunib. Vul.R.R.)
Lv, Chanibersburg.,,
Lv. Carlisle
Ar, llarrlhburg .,..,,
Lv. ilurrlhbuig
Ar, Lancaster
Ar. Philadelphia (Pa,
R. It.)
1.20 a.m. 7.05 a.m.
S.00 " 7.10 '
li.00 " S.45 "
li.10 " 9,25 "
fi.&3 " U.S7 "
7,13 " 10.30 "
9.37 " 12.17 p.m.
odutlons will be
Day coach iiccomn
provided on theho trains between Har
risburg and Welch.
Close connections will he made for
Winston, S.ilem, Uristol, Norton, nnd
Oiurlotte, N. C.
Lackawanna Railroad Popular Ex
cursion to Niagara Falls,
On' May ,29th tlio ticket agents of
12Uc. Seconds of the Sc. Bortn.
Itlbbcd whlto cotton shaped high neck
18c, or three pair for GOc, seconds of
Cic. sorts. Ribbed 'white and colored
lisle, low neck vests.
2,-.c. Lace trimmed, ribbed whlto llsla
vests or trimmed whlto ribbed cotton
drawers. . ' .
COc. Laco trimmed ribbed white llsla
vests or drawers. , . .
To Men
Five minutes a day is all it
takes to see what's in our ads
for you. Five minutes on the
train or trolley is nothing,
you're trying to kill time any
way. Get into the habit of
glancing over our advertise
ments. It pays.
& Wallace
You can do it more comfortably J
when time is spent in getting the right j
shoe for the right foot.
Our shoes have a reputation for ft
GOODNESS, Style, Perfect Wearing and J
Fitting Qualities not found in ordinary J
Our $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00 ft
Men's Shoes have no equal in the city.
the Lackawanna railroad will sell
special round trip tickets to Niagara
Falls good going on any train on tho
above date and for return up to and
including June 1 at tlio extremely low
rato of $6.55 for the round trip, which
will bo from Scrnnton. Children be
tween the ages of five and twelve years
one-half of tho adult rate.
Low Rate of Fare to Portland, Ore.,
and Return.
On account of tho National Convention
Travellers Protective Association of
America, Portland, Ore,, June 3rd to
7th: the Supremo Lodge A. O. U. W
Portland, Ore, Juno 10th to 20th, 1902,
the Lackawanna. Vnllroad will Issua
First Class round trip tickets for $70.30
on sale good going May 26th to June 7th
inch and for return passage to reach
original sturtlng point not later than
00 days from original date of sale. Seo
Depot Tlckot Agent for particulars as
to stop-over privileges routes and train
A, R. Encampment Gettysburg,
Pa., June 4th and 5th,
For the nbovo occasion ticket agents
of tho Lackawanna railroad will sell
first class tickets to Gettysburg and
return at regular ono way faro for tho
round trip good going Juno 1st to 6th
Incluslvo with filial return limit Juno
7th. Children between tho ages of s
and 12 yeais one-half tho adult faro.
Intercollegiate Regatta, Ithaca, N.
Y., May 30th.
For the ubove occasion tlckot agents
of the Lackawanna railroad will sell
Ilrst class tickets to Ithaca und return
at regular one way faro for the von nit
trip. Tickets will bo sold good going
May 29th and 30th limited fop return
to Muy 31st, Children between tho
ages of 5 and 13 years one-hulf the
adult rate,
Low Rates to Ithaca, N, Y,, and
Return via the 0. & W.
There will be a college regatta at
Ithaca, N. Y on May 30. Tho Ontario
and Western will sell round trip ticket
at the fare ono way. Tickets will bo
Fold and good going May 29 and 30,
good returning to May 31, Inclusive.
' &
. .. ,
'J." ' . j