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Bpfcll lo the Sctanlon Tribune.
PlttBton, May 21-F.Urlck O'nilon, of
Iflilmmi o tunltilinr nf tllC BtOClt CX-
Ichangc of tlutt city, was united In
nmrilnge yesterday motning 10 "
ki....f Mniiv. nf iiin nitv The ceremony
t..i. Ht,.n i.. uf Tntin'a Itnmnn Cntho-
lie church at 6 o'clock, Rev. l-uthor
3'Mnllcy oniclutlng. tiic gioom
ittendcd by Edmund J. Burke and the
irldcstrmld wan Jllw Dora Moffat. Mr.
md Mrs. O'Brien left Immediately for
n,. t n TVfnlmn. of this city, has
been elected delegate from the Luzerne
County Medical poclety to the annual
meeting of the American Medical asso
ciation which takes plate at Saratoga
in June.
1,1 t-v T.nrtls and Miss Carrie N.
Nuss, both of Wyoming, were united
In marriage Wednesday evening by
Squire Ehrot of the west sine.
David A. Davis, the West Side shoe
maker, was united In marriage Wed
nesday evening lo Miss Mary A. Price,
Of Set an ton. The ceremony was per
formed hero by the Rev. D. M. George.
Thieves broke into Company H's ar
moiy Wednesday evening and stole $80
woith of uniforms and other property.
Dial Rock'Chapter, Daughters of the
American Reolutlon, were entertained
last evening nt the home of Mr. and
Mrs. William Joseph Peck, on Luzeine
Mr. Hawk, supeiintendent of IJob
son & Co ' wagon works at T.itamy,
Pa., was a business caller in this city
this afternoon. Mi. Hawk was here
to confer with Mi. V. H. Booth, of the
West Side, in tegaid to the construc
tion of a wagon for the mountainous
country of South Africa. A few years
ago Mr. Booth was in charge of the
Kirkwood wagon works at Kirkwood,
N. Y and constructed a wagon of spe
cial design for a South Africa gentle
man. A duplicate order has been re
tched and as the Klrkwood company
has since gone out of business, their
entire plant having been completely de
stroyed by fire. It depended entirely on
Mr. Booth to draw up duplicate plans,
which he cheerfully did.
William Scott, a colored young man,
., ,b uirnatnri tnrlriv charred with hav
ing stolen a gold watch from the home
nf a n. rose, bv whom ho had been
cmplojed for a few days last week to
assist during the house-cleaning penoa
at the Case homo.
Considerable commotion was caused
loct mnninir -it the norformance of tho
TVniinr rii f us heie. During the hip
podrome racing act a lady driving five
horses was unable to swing me ani
mals out at the ring entrance at the
close of her act and the animals be-,.r,.-v-,o
nnfnoml The double four-horse
chariot race had commenced and the
I lady and her horses were crowded
among the seats occupred by the au
dience. Fortunately nobody was se
iinnaiv iniurpil nlthourrh a number of
I tho audience received bruises in their
I scramble to get out of the way.
i Bishop Talbot has notified the St.
L.Tames Episcopal church of tho appoint
ment or a ltev, air. waiaer a reuiur
Imo 1.. All thf jipnnev rreated by the
feslgnatlon of Rev. T. M. Johnson, who
tas gone to scotlana.
Thnio nrn nn nntt develonments What-
lic- in tho strike situation hero today.
All the washeiles closed down yester
day. This morning about 120 or me
Pennsylvania Coal company's mules
fiom the Barnum colliery wcie taken
to tho company's farm at Inkorman.
The Bainuin colliery is to be closed
down completely. Tho fires in tho boil
er loom will be drawn and the mine
ripening and entrances to the breaker
boarded up. Tills action is taken at
this colliery because theie- Is little or
no water in the mines theie and It Is
unnecessary to keep the pumps run
ning. There seems to be some dissatis
faction among the pump runners and
cnglnecis cmplojed at the small com
panies In regal d to the action by the
executive committee meeting at ic on Wednesday. We have
It on good authoiity that these men
would be better pleased If a uniform
wage .scale was adopted, that Is, if they
would bp paid the same wages as are
paid by tho large companies for tho
same class of work. A meeting of the
pump lunners, englneeis and fliemen
will bo held in St. Aloyslus hall heie
next Saturday evening.
ptelal to the Scranton Trltnint.
Forest City, May 23. Mrs. Frank Col
bur n, one of Potest City's most
estimable residents, was laid at icst in
It Cure
That's the personal question a woman
asks herself when she reads of the cures
of Womanly diseases by the use of Dr,
Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
Why shouldn't it cure her?
Is it a complicated case? Thousands
of such cases have been cured by "Fa
orite Prescription," Is it a condition
Rrhich local doctors have declared in
curable? .Among the hundreds of thou
sands of sick women cured by the use of
Dr.Pierce's Favorite Prescription there
re a great mauy who were pronounced
incurable by local doctors. Wonders
have been, forked by "Favorite Pre
scription" in the cure of irregularity,
weakening drains, inflammation, ulcera
tion and female weakues3. It always
help) It almost aluavs cures.
Three years ago," writes Mrs John Graham,
of2oi8 Plumb Street, (I'ranVford) Philadelphia,
fa , "I had a very bad attack of dropsy which
left me with heart trouble, and also a very weak
tack. At times I was so bad that I did not Lnow
what to do with rmself My children advised
me to take your Favorite Prescription,' but I
had been taking so much medlciue from the doc
tor that I was discouraged wuli everything. I
Smc to Philadelphia two years ago, and pick
t up one of your little books one day began to
I read what your medicine had done for others, I
Idetennlned to trv It mvself. I took seven bot
flies, and to-day I am a strong, well woman,
weighing i6j pounds. Have gained 34 pounds
Since 1 started to use ' favorite Prescription.'
Dr. Pierce'f Pleasant Pellets clear Ui
Miiolcxion sad sweeten the breath,
p y
Hillside cemetery, yesterday morning.
She had been 111 with stomach trouble
and her demise on Tuesday tvvas not
unexpected by her relatives and
friends. She was a member of tho
Baptist church, nn energetic and
alnccie Christian woiker, a good wife
and mother and a kind neighbor. 8hc
was boiti In Dalovlllc, Lackawanna
county, forty-five years ago, her maiden
name being ElUabeth Blackmnn. She
was united In marriage to Frank 'Col
burn In Scranton In June, 1883 and for
fifteen years had leslded heie. She Is
survived by her husband, one daughter,
Nellie, two sisters, Mrs. J. H. Dopue, of
Dalevlllo and Mis. O. H. Pearl, of
Mooslc, and three brothers, E. T. and
C. R. Blackman, of Scranton, and Nell
Blackman, of Atlanta, da. Rev. J. L.
Williams, of Susquehanna, had charge
of the funeral services.
Tho death of Prof. B. E. James, of
Montrose, which was announced in this
morning's Tribune, was learned with
regret by many people in this vicinity
who had come In contact with the pro
fessor In educational work.
The Delawaie & Hudson pays today
and It Is leported that tho Hillside will
pay Saturday. Many people nro guess
ing as to when the following distribu
tion will come.
The past two weeks have made a
considerable change In tho population
of Foiest City. Fully two dozen have
gone to the old country for a sojourn
and as many moio are seeking employ
ment in other 'places.
Charles Wildensteln and family have
moved to Binghamton.
Frank Darrow, of Plttston, and Harry
Rudan, of Scranton, attended the
funeral of Mrs. Colburn yesteiday.
Roy Bai tholomew, who left Forest
City two weeks ago to seek work at
Atlantic City w rites home to his father
that he found employment in the
Mathison hotel as day clck on the day
he landed in the big summeiing place.
Roy although only seventeen years of
age is a manly, self-reliant jail and his
fi lends are glad of his success.
Mrs. J. F. Doyle and son, Frank, of
Connecticut, are guests of the formci's
sister, Mrs, Frank Meddleton.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Tunkhannock, May 23 Miss Helen
Lewis, who has been .spending the past
month at Binghamton, N. Y., letuined
home on Fiiday.
Attorney O Smith Klnncr was a bus
iness man at Wllkes-Barre on Fii
day. Miss Margery DeWitt has returned
from a several days' visit with Wy
alusing friends.
Harry Welch, of Sayie, is visiting
his father at this place this week.
Dr. C. H. Stevens, of Laceyvllle, was
a caller in town on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Harding, of
Patterson, N. J are the guests of the
latter's mother, Mrs. Jennie Thompson,
on West Tioga street.
The next teim of court in this coun
ty will commence Monday, June 16.
The Tunkhannock Rod and Gun club
will hold an all day shoot on the fair
grounds on Friday, May 30, at (lying
targets. The Ballistete trophy for the
two men championship of Northeast
ern Pennsylvania will be one of the
chief events of the day.
There will be a legular meeting of
J. W. Rejnolds Relief corps No 147,
on Tuesday evening, May 27, at 7
Mrs. G, W. Scutt, of Caiboiulale, who
has been visiting relatives In town tho
past two weeks, returned home today.
William Race, of Vernon, has been
visiting his daughter, Mis. John W.
Gray, at this place, this week.
Twenty new members were initiated
in the fourth degiee at the last meet
ing of the Tunkhannock giange.
Mis. Fied Hewitt and thlldren, of
Pittston, who have been visiting her
patents at this place, retuined home
on Wednesday.
Rev. Samuel C. Hodge will pi each tho
annual sermon to the mem
bers of the grand ai my on Sunday
morning, May 23, at the Piesbyterlan
Dr. A. D. Tewskbuiy and wife left
on Friday for California, wheie they
will make their homo In the futuie.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Thompson, May 23. Mrs-. David
Ton ell and daughter, Stella have been
visiting their many Thompson ftlends
this week returning to their homo at
Uptonvllle today.
Sir. and Mis. Eben Claik, of Hones
dale, weio tho guests of Mi, and Mrs.
W. W. Messenger, Tuesday anil
Wednesday, and while hete put c based
a house and lot in Honcsdale of Mr.
N. L. Foster was ut Como, yester
day. Mrs. Leonard Colo and Mrs. Ira
Spencer, are in Caibondalo today.
Mrs. Reba Wllmarth is a caller In
Susquehanna today.
Fisheiman, native and foreign, ato
numerous and patient, but tho fish mo
shy and few aie taken,
Dr. W. W. McNamaia was profes
sionally engaged at Buinwood this
F, K. IJdwards, of Sci anion, lepre
sentntivo of the Lelghton r:tract com
pany, was the guest of his cousin C. C.
Wtlmurth while In town yesteiday.
K. K. Gelatt did business in Susque
hanna Wednesday,
C. M. Lewis was doing business at
White Valley, Wednesday and Thuis
day of this week and will not letuin
until this morning,
Mrs. A. C, Foster hns hats for little
gills who wish to go to Sunday school
but are not able to buy hats. Call and
get one.
The Stonlson ttoup will play Undo
Tom's Cabin heio this evening,
Kills Htimpson, night operator at
Unlondale, Is In charge of the station
heio today, In the absence of Station
Agent I.ydon.
A maibleman from Binghamton Is
putting up a monument at the giave
of the Juto John Washburn,
Special to the Scranton Trlbuhe.
Haw ley, May 23 The C, E. society,
of the Baptist church, will hold a
strawbeny and ee cream botlal at the
paisonage next Wednesday evening.
Rev, W, H. Swift, of Honesdale, will
preach the Baccalaureuto scimon for
the Halcy high school at the Piesby
teilau chuith Sunday, June 1.
I'rcu vv, bcnuun, representative qf
WangUm Lodge, No. US. O. O. O. F.I
is attenaing tnc urnna l.ongc, which
meets at Erie, Pa this Week.
The Jr. U. ii. of the Piesbyterlan
church gave a very pleasing entertain
ment at tho Manncrchor hall last even
ing. Mrs. Jesse Collom. of Port Jcrvls, N.
Y who has boon very seriously sick,
Is Improving.
' m
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Factoryvlllo, May 23. The 13. J. Rice
post, No, 211, Grand Army of the Re
public, will nttond dlvlno service tit the
Methodist Episcopal church next Sab
bath morning at 11 o'clock, to listen to
a sermon by Rov. J, N, Lee.
Sunday, May 25, the union temperance
service will be held in the Methodist
Episcopal church nt 7.30 p. m and Rev.
G, R. Smith, of the Baptist church, will
preach tho sermon.
Theatrical, J
LYCEi;M-"Tlio Climbers." Afternoon
and night.
ACADEMY Mabel Paige company. Af
ternoon and night.
"The Climbers."
"The Clltnheis," by Mr. Cljdo Fltr-h,
which ran for 200 nights at tho I31nu
tlitatpr, New York, will bo prcsentcd'tor
the first time in this tlty at the Iijceum
(his afternoon and tonight,
Mr. Fitch's play treats of contempor
aneous Now Yoik life, but Its themes
anil sltiiutlons are cnslly understandable;
they nro native lo any cltv in the t oun
try. A coterlo of members of a fash
ionable set In New York society furnish,
bj their amusing tactics, much divert
ing and original comedy. There nro
tnentv-onc speaking parts in Mr. Fitch's
billbant play and they have been as
signed to actors whoso names are known
to stand for tried abtllt.v. It has been
given a tasteful and lavish mounting.
Tim Murphi.
The craze for romantic diama Is dying
out, and while- It has been Interesting to
sec our favorite uctots in the dress of
past centuries, the plays have been in a
manner disappointing and, among tho
gieat number produced, not one will live
or probably ever see the footlights
again. Actors and managers are search
ing, both at homo and abroad, for plass
of today and thoso having a heart in
terest that it natural and, above all
Ihlncs else, modern. Mr. Murphy pre
sents "Old Innocence" again this bpring,
in answer to a popular demand, and bis
'en'-on of eight weeks In this little clas
tic is all but too short to meet the re
quests fiom managers who want It
Mr. Murph's appearance In this city
will be at the Lvceum on nc.vt Monday
Great Plays and Company.
For the past four jc.irs the Kcj stone
Dramatic companj hns made a. gteat
success by its complete pioductions of
famous plnjs This season, the manage
ment have selected at great expense
oinc of the latest New York successes,
Ineluaing "The Senators Daughter,"
"Round by an Oath," "Utah," "The
Mvsterv of Woodlawn," and others of
equal piomlnence. Its roster includes
manv representative stoik artists
Among its members aie Mr. Lawrence
B. McGiU, one of the best leading men
of the present da, and Miss Gertrude
Shlpman, ono of the most charming
leading women on the stage.
The. company will appear at the Acad
emy the week of May L'filh and present
"Home and Honor" on Monday night.
Special scenerv Is carried for each pio
durtion, and decided novelties in vaude
ville Is piomised nt each perfotmance A
eliango of play will be presented every
day, Willi mallncc dally.
"The Vagabonds" at the Star.
On next Mondav, the patrons of tho
Stai will witmss for the first time this
SLion one of tho grandest burlesque
piiiduetlcns evei piescnted before the
plav-golt.g public Tho attraction, "Tho
ngaboi ds," has few equals and no su-
peiioip, and it incut counts foi anv thing
It should do an ecellcnt business here.
An olio second to none Is presented, to
gether with two grand huilettas, and the
most magnificent production of living
Futures ever presented in Scinnton. The
bmlisiaips aie full of comedy and
catehv n.elodles, and "-eivc to put tho
audience in a good humor. Tho cos
tumes aie elegant. Many elect! leal ef
fects aie Introduced, and altogether it Is
a grand show, and will undoubtedly
give satisfaction to the pations of thu
lids Is po.dtlvelv the Inst builesquo
prrfoinmneo to bo seen in Stt.inton this
season Matinees will bo given evety
dij. Manager lleiilngton has given
these three dajb over for the benefit of
his employes, who will receive the cntlio
rinnctlQ Lynch, the voung snclct wo
man of Philadelphia who tcctntlj went
on tho stage, will retire June J to many
n lieutenant In tho navy.
In tho opinion ot many London ciitlcs,
Edna Muv saved tho "Thieo" Lltllo
Maids" from falluie. The stoiv of tho
plcco Is said to bu flimsy and the music
Klrko La Sheila muv not build a Now
Yoik theatre after all. Ho tan clear
$100,000 by i diminishing his hto on
Droadnay and thinks seiiously pf taking
the offer,
Loulso Gunning has been engaged to
play the pilma, donna lole in "Sir, Pick
wick," tho piece in which DeWolf Hop
per will star next season,
Ernest 1 IJoddlngtou, who has drama
tized Maiy Johnson' popular novel,
"Audiey," has delivered tho completed
manuscript of the play ' to Manager
Geoigo Tler,
" '
si fllWiwgrMIM A ft a7 K I
Eoirss is naturally contented with
llu co still dv sons
Wheie ujo they?
Bosult of Yesterday's Games.
Rending, (1: Scranton, G.
Lantastct -Lebanon. No game.
Standing of Clubs,'
I t'lavctl. Won, Lot. P.O.
Lancaster .,,. 12 s 4 ,(W7
Lclmnoti ,.., 13 S S .fill
Scranton ..,, 14 8 6 .571
Reading , 13 1 9 ,308
Today's Games, i
Scranton at Rending.
, , Lebanon at Lancaster.
Scranton Club Claims That the Um
pire at Beading Was Unfair,
Decisions Provoked Blot.
By fxcltHlve Wire from The Associated Vrcm.
Rending, May 23. Scranton and Rend
ing put up a hot tcn-lnnlng game this
afternoon and the lutter was victorious
by the score of 6 to 5. Tho contest al
most terminated In a llot. The visitors
were in an ugly mood from the begin
ning of the gunio, owing to alleged un
just decisions by the umpire. Gorton
tore the Indicator out of Schl's hands
early In tho game, and In the Inst round
because Sehl called Stroh out for cut
ting third base, Blukey rushed in and
shook and struck the umpire. Hundreds
of people surged on the field, nnd it re
quired a squad of police to restore
order. Tho offending player was put off
tho Hold, and he was nearly mobbed
after the game. Tho score:
R. H. O. A. E.
Gorton, cf 1 0 2 0 0
EWke, 1 f 112 0 1
Logan, 2b 0 2 14 3, r.f 10 2 0 0
Schmaltz, 3b 0 1 l o I
Stroll, ss 1112 0
Stcrnbeig. c 1 o fi 1 0
Ralnev, lb 0 2 9 0 0
Wnltsc, v 0 114 0
MtGutij, l.f. 0 0 0 0 0
Total) 5 8 27 11 6
"Stroll out for cutting third base
One out when winning inn was scored
R. H. O A. E
Barker, lib 0 0 0 1:
Jordan, lb 0 0 10 0 0
llnitman. c 3 2 ( l o
sscr, i f Olloo
Cole, c.f 112 0 1
Liwson. ss 1 2 2 1 2
L'ouiscv, 2b 12 2 0 1
t'omov. It 0 15 0 0
Klii'-el, l.f 0 10 0 0
I .1 1 oiitainc, p 0 2 0 2 1
Svmons, p 0 0 2 0 0
Totals 6 12 SO 13 7
Score by Innings:
Snanton 1 00000110 0-,,
Reiding 0 0 1 2 1 0 1 0 0 1-6
Two bnso hits Logan, Klnsel, La Fon
taine. Tlnec biso hits Hartman Home
riin-Ul.ikcy. Sucrlflce hit Sternberg.
Stolen bases Ralncv , Wiltse 2, Barker,
Lsslesr, Law son. Left on bases Rtadlng,
b; Sci anion, 10. Stiutk out Bv Wiltse, 3:
b La Fontaine, l, I'iist on balls Off
Wiltse, l: on. La. Fontaine, 1 lilt by
pitchei Stcrnbeig, Glllen La Fontaine,
Itaikcr. Umpire SCIil.1' Time of game
Lebanon Did Not Appear.
Lam a1-1 ci, Muv 21 There was no base
ball pamc here today, Lebanon falling to
Ameiican League.
At Chicago- It H U
Philadelphia 0 0 1 0 0 .; 1 0 0 ', 10 0
Chicago OOOOOOJOO J 7 2
Batteries 1'iazer and JatKlitsch, Gard
ner and Chance, llmplio O Day
At Pittsburg 11 ICE
New Yoik OOOnniOOO 1 7 2
Plttsbmg 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 J ." J
Battel ies Spa ks and Howciman, Do
hen and Smith. Umpire EmsIIe
At St Louis- R II E.
Boston 0 0 0 ". J 0 0 1 0 (, 1', 1
St Louis OOOJJOoO" 10 17 -'
Bnttciics Easou, Plttingei and Kltt
ildgo, Mmpliy, Wicker and Nichols. Um
piies Poncis and Blown.
Clnelnnatl-Btooklvn, not scheduled.
National League.
At Philadelphia RUE.
Cleveland 0 0 n o 0 0 n 0 2 .' ( 1
Philadelphia 0 2 o 0 o i 1 n i, u s
Batteries Stieit and Itemls; Plank and
Powers 1'mplic Connolly,
At Boston R ii.E.
Chicago 12 0 100000110 4
Boston 1 0 0 0 I 0 1 0 I, 10 2
ButUiles-Gilfllth and Sullivan; Young
andCilgcr. Umphcs Johnstone and Cat
uthcrs. At Washington-, R,1I E.
St. Louis 2 00 2 000 0.17 11 1
Washington 0 sooonooo sio 2
Batteries Haipor and" Sugdeu: ratten
and Claike. Umpire Shcildan.
At Baltlmoio RTl.E.
Detiolt 000300 0003 7 .1
Baltimore 9 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 7 3
Battel Ies Slovers and McGulic: McGln
Inlty and Brcsnahan. Umiilic O'Lough
liu. ,
Eastern League.
Piovldeucc, 1) Jersey City, 1.
Won ester, 11: Newark, 6,
to mind tho fuim.
4 Lines 10 Cents
Mere Than Four Lln, 3 Cents far Bch Extra Uns.
For Bent.
KOIt RENT Dm bur the mimmor season
nicely furnished house, ten rooms,
modem conveniences, abundanco nf shade
and pleasantly located on Dunmoro Su
buibnn car fine. Addicss J, C, caio
Scranton Tribune.
FOR RlSNT-Elghl-ioom house, 1514 Ca
pouso nveniio. nil modem Imntove
ments. Alt. I Clark, J10 Mears building.
EOR RENT No. fiOO Dudley Bticot, Dun
moro, i-a , ten rooms, rurnisncu or un
furnished; nil modern Improvements; wddo
porches and lino lawns, fruit, garden plot;
convenient to all tiolloy lines. Call or ad
dress D. E. Barton, 221 West Drinker
street, Dunmorc, Pa.
FOR RENT Finely furnished house fo
tho summer season; steam heat; 600
block Madison avenue. M. H. Holgatc,
Commonwealth building. i
FOR RENT House for tho summer, nice
ly locuted near station; hot and cold
water and bath; will partly furnish If so
desired. Address W. B. Sladc, Dalton, Pa,
FOR RENT To desliable party,furnlshd
flat In dcalrabln location from Juno
1st, Including electric light, telephone, and
all conveniences. Address F. H., Tribune
FOR RENT 021 Gieen Rldga street, nlno
rooms, modem Improvements; steam
heated, vciv lcasonablo nnd desirable,
Inquire F. E. Nettleton, 1536 Washington
FOR RENT-fi-mom furnished cottago for
tho season at Harvey's Lake. Apply H.
A. SIKius, 1012 Jones street.
BARN FOR RENT-J12. April 1st. threo
box and three slnglo stalls and wash
lack, tear of 324 Mudlson avenue. In
quho at UI4 Madison avenue
Furnished Booms for Bent.
FOR RENT Ono furnished loom, with
impiovements; also one on third floor,
cheip 027 Adams av enuo ,
FURNISHED ROOMS for rent, modern
Improvements; private faruilv; gen
tlemen prefeiied, at 637 Adams avenue
FOR RENT Fin nlshcd room; heat and
bath C25 Linden street
heat gas and bath gentlemen pro
fencU. at 3JD Ad.ims avenue.
For Sale.
PIANO TOR SALE-Alniost new: used
less than five months; elegant upright
piano: will saciliice 'Call day or even
ing .121 Fiaiiklln avo j
FOR SALE-A1I the buildings at W1 and
fill Lackawanna avenue, to bu iemoed
fiom the piPinlses Bids received until
Mav Gl Call ut ofllco foi fuithcr Infoi
matlon The Lackawanna Ironind Coal
TOR SALE-1J13 Hairlsbuig automatle
engine In A No 1 condition; ndmlr.iblv
adapted foi cleetlle lighting Can be
seen nt the woiks of tho Seianton Bolt
and Nut companv
JUST ARRIVED with 10 hoises, good
woikcis and ilihets, wiight troni 1,100
to 1,700, sevqial closely mntctuJ teams;
taji be seen at 3J1 Rnvmond court. F.
M Cobb
FOR SALE-Hand silk doublers
Bam foul Bios, Patcison N. J
Real Estate.
TOR SALE; Lot, tornei Mu!berr and
Wheeler avenue. S010: finest (location
on the bill I'oi turns address S. Kline,
Plalnlleld, N. J
FOR SALE Houso mid lot In the best
lesltlent section of Green Ridge at a
baigain Alt V Clark G10 Meats bldg
FORCED SALE of one thousand teet ot
choh c South Buffalo building lots at
less than one-hilf actual value, location
the best on diiect eai line to Lacka
wanna Steel plant. Foi par tlculirs write
oi wile mo at onee V. V Voigainnie,
No 201 Morgan building, Buffalo, N Y.
FOR SALi: niegnut sites tor homos ill
nppei Gieen Ridge, choice nelghbn
hood; most desirable loc.illtv for homo
In LackRwanni county J. A Maivlio,
17ij Sandeison avenue
Lost Strayed Stolen.
STRAYED To the undersigned's prem
ises, cow and calf, tho foimei is black
nnd whito with ono long and one shoit
hoi n Ownei can havo same bv paving
eppnsej Charles H. Shcdd, GrG Keys
avenue, tltj.
LOST A ladles' gold watch, n 111 eial
icwnid will bo given If icturncd to
Hotel Ton ace
LOST Steel beaded pmso containing
small sum of monev, on Lackawanna
avenue, near Wvomlng. Finder pie iso
return purse to Tilbuno office and keep
LOST $2". betw cen Peck Lumber Co ,
East Muikct street and Pi csbj tei Hn
church. Rowuid it icluined to ofllto of
Peek Lumbei Co
FOUND In front of Tilbuno office, puisa
containing memorandum Ownei can
havo sumo by calling at Tribune Blndeiy,
Board and Booms.
ROOM AND BOARD for gentkmen; fitst
class accommodations; all conveni
ences, at 411 Vinu etieot. Toims reason
able. VERY' DESIRABLE Biilto of looms with
tlrst class tablo boaid, tan bo obtained
at ii3 Jefferson avenue,
Wanted Booms and Board.
WANTED Two communicating i noma
with boaid, piivato family preforiad.
Two ladlea and a gentleman: state full
partlculuis, Addiess C. II. D Tilbune
Summer Resorts.
COTTAGE on Susquehanna liver at Black
Walnut, for rent by weok or month;
furnished, cots, stovo. dishes, tlueo boats,
apilng water, best fishing. Addicss T, J,
Relnhart, Black Walnut, Pa,
Summer Boarders.
SUMMER BOARDERS wanted at Dal-
ton, ten minutes iiom station, good
water, excellent location, with plenty of
shade, Addicss box lit,, P.tlton, Pa,
niifHirimiait All n, !. u. .. I -t.
can bo speedily and permanently fined
of all vaiiotles of Rheumatism by a vege
table compound; emes guaranteed. In
qulio or address J, E. Tuylor, Seianton,
Stilkeis' Notice.
WE 3KLL tickets and checks to all parts
of Em ope. Consult us be foi o puro (us
ing transpoitutlons. Wo will savo ou
money, Union Tlckot Agcnej, 2u3 Lacka
wanna avenue, Scranton, Pa Opposlto
Scranton House,
Wanted To Bent.
WANTED ROOMS-For two adults, thieo
or (our rooms, iiirnisucu or uiuuinlsli
ed for veiy light housekeeping. Hist flooi
pi cf oi red. Address M, U, Tilbune office,
WANTED Fin nished houso of foui or
fto looms for housekeeping. Address
A. U, E , Tribune ofllco.
Branch WANT Offices.
Want Advertisements Will Be
Received at Any of the Follow
ing Drug Stores Until 10 F. M.
I i
Central City
ALDKRT SClllir.TZ, corner Mulberry
ulreet nnd Webitcr aunue.
GUSTAV riCHEfj, 650 Adams avenue.
West Side
OEOROB W. JENKINS, 101 South Mala
South Scranton
FBED L. Tfcttl'PE, 720 Cedar avenue.
North Scranton
OtO. W. DAVIS, corner North Main
aicnuo and Market street.
Oreen Bidge
CHAKM.S P. JONES, 1557 Dickson
venue. . ,
F. J. JOHNS, 020 Grcon Rldce street.
O. IOI1ENZ, corner Washington ave
aicnue and Marlon ttrcet.
V. H. KM.PFKI,, 1017 Inlng avemtt.
Help Wanted.
ARE YOU willing to work for $2 50 dally?
aieauy position, utanuaid, 4 wells,
EARN 23 cents an hour wilting for us at
home. No experience necessary. Wilto
at once for paitlculais, enclosing " cent
stamp Phlla. Manfis. Specialty Co, .1
N. 10th St, Phlla., Pa.
i I
Help Wanted Male.
SALESMAN WANTED Enoi getlc sales
man; school supplies; tountiy woik;
$100 salarv and commission. R. O. Evans
& Co . Chicago, III.
TREVEL1NG salesman for Tennsjlva
nla to sell letall tiade Attiactlvc,
saleable line Established high latcd
house. Box 2J3, Detiolt, Mich
WANTED A boy about lfi jeais of age
Apply at stoic. Louis Isaacs, 41J
Sprute sticet
AVANTED-A laigc boy at Oci son's mll
llncry. WANTED A v oung man or ladv to stai t
endless chain Wiltc me, or send 10
cents foi tltkets A.. J. Mcrtz, 953 Pino
sticet, Allentown.
V ANTED A gentleman of good chai-ie-tei
and addicss, to do soliciting foi
financial institution Write and state foi
mci occupation, refeicnces, etc., to P.
O. Box 337, Seianton, Pa
WANTED Good stiong laboreis. wages
11 to 10 cents pti limn , steady woik.
Bcllvvood Manufacturing Co , Bcllwood,
TIONS!) S89 appointments made last
cai; piobably 10,000 required this vear.
only common school education required
foi examination eataloguo of Informa
tion fiee. Columbian Coiicspondente Col
lege, Washington, D. C.
Help Wanted Female.
LADIES wanted to eppy letters at homo
duiing spate time evenings and lctmn
to us We furnish papei fiee and pay
$10 per M. Send nddiessed envelope for
pat tic ulai s and eopv. F. M. C, Dept. 1J5,
Box 1411, Philadelphia.
YOl'NG LADI15S, $(,00 casllv earned at
homo evenings wilting for ua Vai
particulars send addiessecl envelope Pil
beit Mfg Co, Dept. 133, Box 1411, Phila
delphia. WANTED Glil tor goncial housework.
Call 6J2 Qulncy nvenue.
WANTED Gill to go to Stroudsbuig:
light gencial housework Call Hotel
Ten ace J to i o'clock afternoons.
Becrults Wanted.
WANTED FOR I'.S ARMY Able-bodied
unmarried men between ages of Jl and
3",, citizens of United States, of good
character and temperate habits, who tan
speak, read and wilte English For In
foimation apply to Rcci lilting Offlccr, No.
1.U Wyoming avenue, Seianton, Pa.
Situations Wanted.
AN EXPERT bookkeeper and accountant
deslics employment b the day or
week Beat refeicnces. Terms modciate.
B , Tilbune ofllee, Seianton, Pa.
washing, honing oi house cleaning oi
day woik. Mis. P. Miller, .712 Schnoll
SITUATION WANTED-Diuggist, regis
tered, competent, doslies position, or
relief work. Addicss J. E Stuui t, 240 E.
Noithampton sticet. Wllkcs-Bai re, Pa.
SITUATION WANTED to go out bv tho
day washing and honing. Call or ad
dress, L B , 331 Sumner avenue
Business Opportunity.
out delay. Wilto for our special mui
kct letter. Frco on application. S M.
Hlhbaid & Co, membcis N. Y. Consoli
dated nnd Stock Exchange, II and 4fi
Broadway, New York. Established 1864.
Long Distance 'Phone 23SS Bioad.
Money to Loan.
Qulck. stiaight loans or Building and
Loan. At fiom l to l per cent. Call on
N. V. Walker, 314-315 Connell building.1
NOTICE Appeals from tho state tax as
sessment will be held In tho oflico
of, tho county commlssloneis In tho comt
houso on tho following named days; For
townships mid boroughs, excepting Dim
moio boiough, on June 2, 190.'; for Seian
ton, Cmboudulo and Dunmoie, on Juno
3 and 4, 1902.
County Commissioners,
Attest:-W. G, DANIELS, Cleik.
petition of tho William Council Hoso
company, No, 10, of Seianton. Pennsylva
nia, a torpoiation chattered under the
laws of the Stato of Pennsylvania, asking
for a decieo of dissolution of the said
corporation, as piovidcd In tho act of as
sembly appiovcd Am II Otli, 183(1. and Its
supplements, will bo presented to tho
Court of Common pleas of Lackawanna
county, on Monday, tho 16th day of June,
1902, at 9 o'clock a. m.
V. W. STOKES, Attorney.
NOTICE IS heieby given that Blttenbcn
der company, poisons having a lien
under tho laws of Pennsylvania upon
goads, wuro and merchandise of W. H.
Campbell, consisting of one. sot of biugy
wheels on account of stoiuge and labor
bestowed on suth goods, tho ovvueis hav
ing failed, neglected and refused to pay
the amount of suth chaiges upon said
pioperty within sixty days after demand
thereof, mado pcisonally, will exposo tho
said set of buggy wheels to sale at public
auction at Bittcnbendcr Company's stoic,
120 Franklin avenue, city of Seianton,
Lackawanna county, Pa., on tho 5th dav
of July, A. D , 1W2, at 12 a. m . and icll
the samo or so much theteof us shall bo
sufficient to dlschuige said lien, together
with costs of sale and advertising.
3 Insertions 25 Cents
MorThM Pour Lines, a Cents for Uachniln LHs.
SEnKPril0FP.8AI'3 will hoTJ)c1TeTlJi
Dire Ln!? V,r tho Cltv Recoi del- by th
Tmin , ttL3. O'clock, ! n . on Mom! iy.
woik- iwuLfm,.t.ho fo'luwlliff ninu-ci
m?oer t. mTF t"ttll Iioitlons of CarbJit
Siui r'nm'i0. n.C0 l,?1"., Diamond avo.itiu
Siim ?,l,Ui sl,cc:- Willi vltt lied bllck on u
concieto Imso, In accoidancn with plans
EngKlng! 11 Illa '" th0 Bwtio
ninSSi,,l,Jer 8,la11 c"closo with their
pioposiil, cash or certlllod check In tho
BJ' u hunch cd ($too) dollars as a
5VSt-iMitO40Xec.ut0 ll contrnel for tho
work within twenty (20) davs If uwaidcd
tho same. In cusp tho bidder, to whom
tho contNjct phall havo aided, re
fuses dr omits to oNecuto a contratt for
tho woik'wlthln twenty days fiom tho
date of, tho awaid, lltol rnclosuro accom
panying the proposal shall bo forfeited to
tho use of tho, City of Seianton.
Proposals shall cover tho entire work,
and shali stato sepaiatelv tlta prlco for
sottlng-.or resetting curbstones, tho prlco
foi living per square y.ud, which is to
lncluclo the cost. of mailing as shown en
profile,, and tho price for "keeping said
pavement, in repair for tlvo years, from
the acccptanco of samo, by tho city.
System of snweis. Section '"h". Sovon-tecnth-Dlstrlct,
In the Twolfthmnd Nlino
teenthLwarcls. Bidders shallionclosa wllth
each proposal, cash pr certified check in
tho sum of threo hundrccL($300) dollars an
a guarantee Uo cxecuto a, continct If
awarded tho same. 'In case tho bidder to
whom .tho i contiact shall havo been,
awarded, refuses or omits to execute a
contract for tho work In accordance with
tho plans and specllicatlon thorofor-with-ln
ten .(10) 'dayst from tho datai0ftho
award, tho enclosuro accompanying a bis
proposal .shall bo f oi felted, to tho, uso 'oC
tho City of Scranton ' ' '
System of-sewcrs, Section' "Aj" Seven-,
tcenth District, Irii tho Elovonth ward.
Samo conditions as section ."F."
Svstem of soweisriii' Webster' avenuo,
Kollum court, Taylor avenue, Bucnzlt
couit, Irving avenue, Picscott avenuo and
Ash street, in tho Tenth wurd.
System of Fovvers In Wyoming avenuo.
Ash street, Oakford court. Forest come
and Brock coui t, In tho Seventh and Thir
teenth winds.
Bidders shall enclose with each proposal
cash or certified check In the sum ot ono
hundred ($100) dollais as a guarantco to
execute a contiact It awarded tho same.
In case the blddei to whom tho contract
shall havo been awarded, lefuses or omits
to CNCcuto a contract for tho work In ac
coi dance with the plans and spucllicatioim
therefor within ten (10) days from tho
date of the award, tho enclosuro accom
panying his proposal shall bo foi felted to
tho uso of tho Cltv of Seianton
Plans and spcclllcntlons are on lllo and
can be seen nt tho Bui cut of Engineering.
Bidders will bo furnished with proposal
blanks at tho Bui can of Engtnoeiing and
no others will be accepted.
All proposals shall bo tiled with tho Cltv
Conti oiler, in his office In the City Hall,
Scrantfcn, Pa . not later than I JO o'clock
p m , Inn Monday, Juno 2, 1902.
The.t'ltv lcserves tho right to reject an
oi all bids
JOHN E ROCHE, Dhector.
Department of Public Works.
Scranton, Pa , May 22, 1902
Govcinoi Supeiintendent.
Audltoi Gencial.
Stato Ticasuier.
PROPOSALS for furnishing Stationery,
Fuel and other supplies
In compliance with tho Constitution nnd
tho laws of tho Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, wo heioby invito sealed propos
als, at pi Ices below maximum lates lled
in schedules, to furnish stationeiy, fuel
and othei supplies for the sovoiaL de
partments of tho state government, end
for making repaiis in tho eveinl depart
ments, and for the distribution of tho
public documents, for tho vear ending tho
first Tuesday of Juno, A. D. I101
Sepal ato proposals will be lecelvcd nnd
sepaiato contracts awaidcd as announce I
in said schedules Each proposal must
bo accompanied by a bond, with at least
two sureties or one suiety company, np-,
pioved by a 1udgo of tho couit of com
mon pleas of tho county In which tho
person oi poisons making such proposal
may leslde, conditioned for the faithful
pel foi mane o of the contiact, and od
riiesscd .mil doliveied to tho Build of
Commissioners of Public Gioundi and
Buildings before twelve o'clock M, ot
Tuesday, tho Hid day of June A. D 1902,
nt which tlmo tho proposals will bet
opened and published In tho Reception
Room of tho Exccutivo Department at
Hairlsbuig, and contiacts awarded na
soon thereaftci as pi ac tic able.
Blank bonds and schedules containing
all neccsuy Information can bo obtal tod
at this department T L E RE,
Tor tho Boaid of Commissioners of
Public Giouuds and Buildings
Cei tilled Public Accountant.
Tiadeia' Bank building Old telephone.
No lSul
Real Estate Eschango Bldg, 12u Wash
ington avo
Civil and Mining Engineers.
, building, Spiuco stieot, Scranton.
touieys and Coimsolloia-at-Law. 60J to
UI2 Connell building.
CouiiHclloiH,- ut - Law. Commonwealth,
Building, Rooms 19, 20(nnd -'1.
Board of Trado Building, Scranton, Par
National Bank building;
No. 2U Wyoming avenue.
t. II
Patent Attorneys,
Tiade Marks nnd Labels leglstoied. Tlia"
only licensed Patent Att'ys In Seianton.'
Rcploglc & Co., Mears Bldg.
..-.,..., t
Hotels and Restaurants, ';
lin avenue. Rates leusoinblc, ;
1-, (, 1-41111; u'liir. f
Passenger depot. Conducted on tlio Eu.
lopeuir puui, vu-iur jue'ji, i-iupuuiiii-,
and cess pools; 110 odor: only Ihu j.rctj,
pumps used A. B Brlggs. piopiiotoiT
Leave oidoia 1100 Noilh Main uvoiiuw.
or Elcko's ding stole, corner Adams and.
Mulbeny, Both telephones.
Wire Screens.
ayo.. ,bpiantoii(,ift,ffti. of Wire Bcieeng
plies, envelopes, paper bugs, tvvltio.
'4 1
' K
jjgwfefr tmml &h ac-.. mt