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Success of Rev. J. W. Davies in Illinois,
Opening Session of the Cymanfa.
Other Events of Interest.
The manv Went Scranton friends of
ttcv. J. W. JJuvIca, Bon of Mr, and Mrs.
Thomas) W. Duvlos, of 437 Fourteenth
ntrget, will be gratified to learn that ho
has accepted n pustorutc at Creston, 111.,
and recently nbsumod charge there.
Ten years ago this young limn was
employed In the mines hereabouts, und
was assisted by members or the First
Welsh Congregational church, to obtain
an education. Ho entered Marietta,
academy in 1S94. and graduated from
there in 1896. The same year he en
tered Marietta college, from which ho
was graduated In ISO!).
From this college he received the de
gree of Bachelor of Arts, and was a
member of the Magna Cum Landa
fraternity. He was elected his class
orator, in which class he ranked third,
and was also elected a member of the
Phi Betta Kappa, und K. B. 13. fratern
IHps. u
Rev. Davies entered the Chicago
Theological hcininnry in ISM, and was
graduated from there in 1902. While
there he hold a fecholarshlo for three
years, and for special work the degree
of B. D. was conferred on him by the
faculty of the seminary.
While attending the Chicago seminary
Rev. Davies was. pabtor of a church at
Garden Prairie, III., and is now engaged
in preaching at Creston, 111., where he
recently located. His cneer thus far
has been a source of much pride to his
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Globe Wareholis?. I
relatives nnd friends, nit of whom hope
for greater achievements from him.
First Session of Cymanfa.
There was a large attendance last
evening at the opening session of the
annual Cymanfa of Welsh Presbyterian
and Cnlvlnlstlc Methodist churches in
the J?elle,vue Welsh Calvlnlstlo Metho
dist church. neprcsontutlvc8 were pics
cnt from many places, and a larger
number Is expected today and tomor
row. The opening sermon was preached by
Ilev. S. T. Jones, of Rhyll, North Wales,
nnd ho gave a classical Welsh sermon,
which was listened to with marked at
tention. He Is a very oloc.uent and
forceful speaker, and a preacher of rec
ognized ability.
The convention of delegates will as
semble at 9 o'clock this morning, nnd
transact the business of the associa
tion. Ordination services will be held
at 2.30 o'clock, after which Rev. H. W.
Griffiths, of Plymouth, will deliver nn
address on "The Nature of the Church."
The preaching services will bo re
sumed at 7 o'clock this evening, when
two sermons will be delivered. At 10
o'clock tomorrow morning preaching
service will again be held, with two ser
mons by prominent preachers.
At the Sunduy afternoon session, be
ginning at 2 o'clock, preaching services
will be held in Welsh and English, with
an anthem by the choir, "Jerusalem, My
Glorious Home." Preaching service will
be held also In the evening, commencing
at 6 o'clock.
Aldermanic Cases.
Mrs. Payton Taylor, of Kelly's patch,
was arrested yesterday at the instance
of Mrs. Daniel Davis, her neighbor, who
charges her with making threats. The
former was held In $200 ball bv Alder
man Davies. Ex-Alderman Kelly quali
fied as her bondsman.
Philip Itupp, of Fllmore avenue, was
arrested yesterday at the Instance of
his neighbor, Edmund Edwards, who
charged him with malicious mischief
and making1 threats to kill. When ar
raigned for a hearing hefore Alderman
Davies, Rupp became abusive, and was
fined $." for contempt of court. The case
was continued until this morning.
Scranton Choral Society.
The Scranton Choral society will meet
for rehearsal tomorrow evening at S
o'clock sharp In St. David's hall. Every
member of the choir expecting to sing
on the competitive piece will be ex
pected to be present.
A complete enrollment of all members
will be made tomorrow evening, and
the singers will be placed in their re
spective places as they will appear on
the dayof competition.
The bass and tenor will meet on Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock, for part
practice, in Co-operative hall, and It Is
requested that a good attendance of
these parts be present.
The executive committee will hold a.
meeting after the regular choir re
hearsal. Secret Work Exemplified,
A regular meeting of the Ladles Aux
iliary, Division No, 4, of the Ancient
Order of Hibernians, was held lust
evening In Y, M. I, hall. The new rit
ualistic work of the order was exem
plified and proved to be very interest
ing to nil who witnessed It.
The meeting was attended by a large
delegation from Division No. 1, of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians, and the
members of the Auxiliary county
board. Mrs. M. H. Gahagan presided.
New fire alarm boxes have been
placed In West Park and Tripp Park,
at the corner of North 'Main avenue
and Schluger boulevard; and Dorothy
street nnd Sumner avenue.
Invitations were received here yester
day for the wedding of Robert Frances
Brudlcy and Miss Rosa Dcna Rosen
krance, which will take place on Thurs
day evening, Juno E, at 7.30 at the First
Presbyterian church, Plttston. Both
are well-known In West Scranton,
Miss Morvudd Morgan, of Hampton
street, left yesterday for Washington,
to attend the graduation exercises at
the Emergency hospltnl, of which her
sister, Mary, is a graduate.
Misses Edna, and Rena Bonner have
returned home fiom a visit with rela
tives In Peckville.
Dr. W. A. Paine, of Washburn street,
has returned from Boston.
Rev. Edward Howell will occupy the
pulpit of the Sumner avenue Presby
terian church tomorrow evening at 6
o'clock and will address 'the Panooka
tribe of Red Men, who will attend In a
body. Miss Via Jones of West Scran
ton will sing a solo.
Rev. David Jones preaches tomorrow
at the Congregational church, Oly
phant. In his absence Rev. S. R. Jen
kins, of Merthyr Tydfel, Wales, will
preach at the First Congregational
church, South Main avenue. Morning
service at 10 a. m., English. Evening
at 6 p. m., Welsh.
Plymouth Congregational church,
Jackson street Morning service at 10.30
o'clock. Evening service at 7.30 o'clock.
Sabbath school at 12 o'clock. Sabbath
school at Sherman avenue at 2.1G p m.
Rev. Harry Dougherty, of Shlckshinny,
will occupy the pulpit.
Simpson Methodist Episcopal church,
Rev. IT. C. McDermott, D. D., pastor.
Preaching at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
Sunday school at 12 in. Junior League
at 3 p. m. Epworth League at 6.30 p.
in. In the evening the pastor will
pi each a special sermon to the Wom
an's Home Missionary society. The
members of that organization are ex
pected to attend In a body. All made
Postoffice Clerk William Ellas, of
Washburn street, has been laid up for
a week with a disabled hand. He tore
his thumb with a pin and blood pois
oning set in.
David Robinson of the West Side shoe
shining parlors has postponed his trip
to Atlanta, Gn., until October. He will
go there on bis bicycle.
The Anthracite Camping club will
leave on Monday for Lake Ariel, wheie
they will enjoy their annual outing. The
members are Thomas Francis, David
H. Williams, Thomas Elias, Thomas J.
Davis, William D. Davis, James Davis,
John W. Thomas, Seth Jones, Gwilym
Griffiths, Fred Beecham and John D.
The members of the Washburn Street
Presbyterian Bible school held a re
hearsal last evening for the Children's
day exercibes.
There was an interesting and In
structive meeting of the probationers'
clabs In the Simpson Methodist Episco
pal church last evening.
The Alumni base ball team and the
Aleits will cross bats at Athletic park
this afternoon. These are two of the
best amateur teams In Northeastern
S. W. Reynolds, of North Hyde Park
avenue, has received word that his
father died on Thursday in Toledo, O.
Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds will attend the
Announcement has been made of the
coming marriage of William Hutton, of
Jackson street, and Miss Edith Martin,
soprano soloist of the Green Ridge
Presbyterian church. The ceremony
will take place on June 3, nt the home
of the bride-elect's mother in North
The Alerts base ball club was de
feated by the Taylor Reds on Thursday
by a score of 10 to 2.
Mrs. William Hutton. sr., of Eliza
beth City, North Curollna, is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Will Luce, of Jack
son street.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Terry, of North
Sumner avenue, are entertaining their
daughter, Mrs. James Jackson, and
daughter, Catherine, of Hazleton.
Miss Edith Fowler, of Jackson street,
who has been HI at Espy, has sufficient
ly recovered to return home.
Moses Staples, of North Sumner ave
nue, Is confined to his home by Illness.
James Boyd, of North Main avenue,
has returned homo from a visit at
George Burge, Charles Dixon and
Charles Warren are on a fishing trip to
Mrs. Anna Williams and daughter,
Florence, of North Main avenue, will
leave today for a visit at Kane, Pa.
Mr. und Mrs. Thomas Cooke, of
Wilkes-Burre, have returned home from
a visit with Mr. and Mrs, Joseph P,
Phillips, of Swetland street.
Rev. R. T, Jones, of Philadelphia, Is
the guest of his brother, J, E. Jones, of
Elm street.
Thomas Jones, of Academy street, If
recovering from un Illness,
John Wllllums, of Decker court, is
home from a visit at Nicholson.
Tho alarm of flro from box H yesterday
afternoon was caused by a slight blao
In tho house of Mai tin Dolphin on Brook
street. Tho Uro staited in a mysterious
manner, seemlnir to bo between tho floor
and plaster on tho second floor. Tho
prompt arrival of tho John B. Smith and
Elect! lo Hose companies mudo shoit work
of tho (lead oyer and tho damago done, will
not exceed J.W, which Is covered by in
suianco, Flvo clerks In tho office of Supoiliitend
ent Sidney Williams woio Informed yes.
toiday that their services would not bo
requited after toduy because tho strlko
has cut down the work In that depart
ment. Tliobo laid oft are; James Hart-
man, Claience 13. Watious, J, It. Hunrt,
B. D. Ames and William Zelglcr.
All the employes of tho coal department
of tho Erie company will bo paid Tues
day. Tho pay cur will bo at Dunmoro de
pot ut 9 o'clock on that day when all
hands will repoit und receive their pay.
Hugh Thomas leaves on Monday for
Gullltzln, where ho has accepted u lucia
tlvo position with tho Webster Coal and
Cnko company in tho oftlco of Munloy
Donaldson, formui ly auditor for tho Erie
and Wyoming Valley railroad with of
flees In this place.
Tho Mowery & Wilson Coal works wore
obliged to suspend operations yesterday
Van their employes refused to work longer.
'ino email breakers hereabout aro now
all closed,
Mrs. Eunice Toft and Miss Anna Taft
returned to their homo in Hawloy yesler
day after n Btay of several weeks In town,
Mis. Thompson, of North Blakoly streot,
Is III at bcr homo.
Mrs. Royal Taft returned yestcntay
from New York city, where sho has spent
tho past two weeks,
Tho First Methodist Episcopal church
Rov. Charles Henry Newing, pastor. Ser
vices nt 10.30 n. m. and 7.30 p. m. Tho
pastor will preach at both services. Morn
ing subject, "A Wulk with God." Even
ing subject, "Final Decision." Class
meeting at 11.45 a. m.; Sunday school at
2.30 p. m.i Daniel Powell, superintendent.
Evening prayer servlco at 6 30 o'clock.
Epworth Icaguo meeting, Tuesday oven
Ing nt 7.45 o'clock. Mld-wcek church
prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7.30
Tripp Avenuo Christian church-Preach.
Ing both morning and evening by the
pastor, J, D. Dabncy. Morning topic,
"Envy and Religion." Evening topic,
"Tho Preacher nnd His Sermon." Sunday
school at 10 o'clock. Everybody mado wel
come. Rev. David Spencer, D. ,D of Blakoly,
will preach In tho Dudley Street Baptist
church Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
After the regular business meeting of
the Round X club, which took place In
tho clcty'u headquarters at Hotel Rosar,
on Cedar avenue, lust evening, a social
nnd smoker was held, at which there was
a full attendance of membors. Tho ser
ious afralrs of life were cast aside and
Jollity was tho order of tho evening. Sev
eral members were called upon by Presi
dent Hawck for speeches. After'' the"
soclul scfslon had been fnlrly started, an
appetizing supper was served by Caterer
Hurry Baft, which was much appre
ciated. The membership of the newly-organized
social club Is made up of some
of the best known business men of this
part of the city. Another social session
win iiu.e placo In the nenr future.
The Star Social club will have Its an
nual outing and picnic at Mountain lako
tomorrow, providing tho weather Is fa
vorable. Philip Rader, a veteran of tho Civil
war, and a prominent resident of this
.side, has been quite ill for some time.
The Ringgold band, which has im
proved wonderfully under tho leadership
ot Prof. Jicob Gulh, a vcternn of the
German nrmy and the Spanish-American
war, vi conduct a picnic and concert at
Wtthlcr h gtovo on Decoration Day.
Tho Choral union, which will sing for
the Knights Templar In tho Lyceum next
Wednesday, held a well attended rehear
sal in tho parish house, on Hickory
stieot, Inst evening.
Mr. Smith, of Elmira, will spend May
30 as tl.o guest of Mr. and Mrs. Burs
chrll, of 31S Birch street.
Dr. Schley's Lung Healing Balaam Is
guaranteed to cure all coughs. "No cure,
no pay." For sale by all dealers.
Tho Junscr Maenncrclior and tho
Scranton Si.tngerrunde will hold rehear
sals tomorrow.
Mrs. Kornachor "n 111 lead the Gospel
mPEtlng Sunday afternoon at the Young
Women's Christian association nt 3.45.
Tho servlco will bp in German. All wo
men and girls aro most cordially in
lted. The Tansy club will give a social this
afternoon. All members and friends aro
cordially invited.
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He also recommended it to a lady here,
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Jf9f; Bn
m?f; fSBI
JHLv m
Origin of the Blaze la Unknown,
The loss Sustained Amounts to
About ?1,B00 Play to Be Present
ed by the Crystal Dramatic Club
Next Friday Night Services in
the Y. W. C. A. Parlors on Sunday
Afternoon Notes of a Personal
Fire completely destroyed the house
owned and occupied by Mrs. Ann Gll
hooley, of Wales street, early yesterday
morning. Tho origin of the fire Is un
known. Tho membors of the family
were sound asleep when they wero
awakened by one of the youngest mem.
bers, who discovered tho flames burst
ing Into his bed room.
The family made their escape from
the burning building by Jumping from
tho second story window to the ground,
Tho hoso companies arrived on the
scene, but their efforts towards sav
ing the building was in vain. Tho loss
to the building and furniture will
amount to $1,500, which Is partly cover
ed by Insurance.
Crystal Club to Produce "Linwood."
The Crystal Literary nnd Dramatic
club, which Is so famous In this section
will produce that beautiful four act
mclo-drama, "Linwood" at the Audi
torium, Tuesday evening, Mny 30. The
club has been rehearsing for tho past
month for this play and there Is no
doubt that the boys will make a suc
cess of it. The following Is tho cast of
characters: Victor Blanchard, P. J.
McGulrc; Dudley MIddloton, P. H. Mc
Cafferty; Captain Ransomo, Georgo
Houser; Judge Carlyle, Thomns Can
non; Edwin Carlyle, Michael Gahagan;
Epethus, Ellas, Erastus and Confucius
Carter, D. J. Evans; Luclllo Cailylo,
Margaret Burns; "Gray" Carlyle,
Lorotta Duggan; Katie Wilmart, Efllc
Edward Seal and Walter Rodney, ot
Springeville, and George Teal, of Dal
ton, spent the last few days at thp
home of Miss Laura Duggan, of Park
James Lonnon and brother Patrick,
of West Market street, left Thursday
for Maryland.
Miss Letah S. Sterling, of Brooklyn,
Pa., who has been visiting Mrs. Helen
Roderick, of North Main avenue, re
turned home Thursday.
Miss Emma White, of Peckville.
Bpent yesterday with Miss Cora Snyder,
on North Main avenue.
John Pritchnrd, of Wnyne avenue, B.
la. Roberts, of William street, leave to
day for Trenton, N. J.
Michael Sandeis and Jpssp Sickler,
spent the evening with fi lends in Oiy
phant. ' A specially Interesting service will be
held In the Y. W. C. A. parlors on next
Sunday afternoon at 3.30 p. m. It will
be a promise meeting and Miss Lena
Clark will give a short address.
A newly organized bowling team,
under the name of the Nationals, will
play a match game with the Electric
City Wheelmen's bowling team, on the
North Scranton bowline- allpvs. Mnnrlnv
evening. The team is composed of tho
Dest players of this place, who have
been practicing for the la&t week for
this contest. The team rnnslata nf
William Davis, Wallace Mosher, George
Davis, Joseph Davis and Bert Laird.
Concluded from Pago G.
changes in the railroad department of
the Delaware & Hudson."
Air Brake Instructions.
Instruction car, No. 503, of the Inter
national Correspondence Schools will be
located at Scranton on Bogart's switch,
east of passenger station, for a period
of days for tho purpose of instructing
railway employes on air brakes, valve
motion, boiler attachments, break
down, etc. '
The employes of the Delaware,
Lackawanna & Western railroad are
requested to attend as often as pos
sible. The car will be open daily for
Instruction from 8 a. m. until 10 p. m.
Lectures at 2.30 and 7.30 p. m.
Following Is the make-up ot the
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
board for today:
Extras East 8 p. m W. J. Mosler.
Summits AVest-8 a. m W. H. Nichols.
Pushers 11,45 a. m., Mor.ui; 7.S0 p, m.,
Murphy; 9 p. m., W. H. Bartholomew.
Helpers 1.S0 a. m., McGovern; 7 a. m
Gaffnoy; 10 a. m., Secorj 4.20 p. m,, Stan
ton, NOTICE.
IT. Smith and crew will run No, 53
There'll be something
doing; t Samter Brothers
next Tuesday. Watch
the papers. Our ad. will
tell you all about it.
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Rough Hands Prevented by
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rough, and soro hands, for baby rashes, i tellings, and dialings, in tho
form of baths for annoying irritations and inflammations, or too free
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nesses, and for many sanative, antiseptic cleansing purposes which
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the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. Cuticuka Soap com
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ekin, scalp, hair, and hands. No other foreign or domestic toilet soap,
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The Set fit n,ul elenneo tho blood. A Single Set Is often sufficient to onro
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Walsh Knocked Out.
By Exeluslte Wire from The Associated Tres-i.
Baltlmoro, May 23. - Rofoico Mantz
stopped tho bout at tho beginning of the
tenth round between "Young Peter Jaclc
(.on" and Harry "Walsh, of Canada and
awarded the decision to "Jackson."
Walsh wns practically knocked out. Tho
fight was to have been twenty rounds.
Cholera at Manila.
By Excluihe Wire from The Associated Press.
Manila, May 23. Cholera is lessening
hero. Thcro have been only eight cases
In twenty-four hours. Ono of these was
on board tho United States transport
Hancock and delays her depurtuio for
nnothor five days.
1 3 Joyce s ores 5 1
Consisting of CUTlCDnA Soap, 25c., to cloanso tho ftkln of crusts
and scales and soften the thickened cuttcla; Cuticdra ointment,
50c., to Instantly allay Itching, Inflammation, and Irritation, and
Gootho and heal; and Cuticltra. Resolvent Pills, 23c, to cool
Lyceum Theatre
M. HEIS, Lessee snd Manager.
A. J. DUFFY, Bus. Mansger.
Amelia Bingham presents her
The Climbers
PniCER-nvenins, Sic. to $1.50. Special Matinee,
25, 50 and 75 rents.
Seals on sale Thursday at 9 s. m.
One Night Only,
Monday, May 26
Mr. Tim Murphy
In his greatest success.
Old Innocence.
Trices: 25c, 50c., 76c., $1.00, $1.50.
Seats on sale Friday morning at S o'clock.
Academy of flusic
U. B.E1S, Lessee an'l Manager.
A. J. DUFFY, Business Manager,
and the Southern Stock Company
Prices- Oc., 20c. and 30c. Mats. 10c to any
part of theatre. Amateur nlglit Friday. . "
Supporting Lawrence D. McGill and Mls3 Ger
trude Shlpman.
Prices 10c, 20c, PDc Mats,. 10c and 20c. ,
Ladles' Ticket for Monday night only.
Alt. O. Herrlngton Manager.
Monstrous benefit for the employee!
. of this theater.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,,
May, 26, 27, 28.
One big burlesque attraction ')
Don't forget the boys.
Convenient to Theatres and Shopping
Districts. Take 23rd st. cross town
cars and transfer at 4th ave.i direct
to hotel,
IlooBis with Hath ) f Suits with Bath
$1.50uittnrd. ) I 82.60.
W. H. PARKE, Proprietor.
Cor. BUtccnth &t. and Ir-ins Place,
Amertean Plan, $3.50 Per Day ana Upwards.
Eropean PUn, (1.00 Per Dsy and Upward
Special Ba'es to Families.
For Busmcss aiou
In the heart el the wholcsaU
Foi' Shoppers
x minutes" walk to Wanamakersi
S minutes to Bleeel Cooper's Big
more. Easy of acces to the great '
Pry Good Stores.
lor Sightseers
One block from B'way Cars. glr
Ing easy transportation to all
points o' tntoreat.
Only one Block from Broadway.
Eeoms. $1 Up. SSflh
- rt
' t-