The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 24, 1902, Page 7, Image 7

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that will Ueep out tho
flics nnd other Insects,
nnd that will stand the
Blam nnd banpr which
most screen doors aro
subjected to, nro what
wo have for your Inspec
tion. Four styles, varn
ished nnd unvarnished.
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Scranton Investor
iVol. 1.
Connoll Building. No. f.
We have Pennsylvania Central Brow
ing company bonds at $85, yielding over
7 per cent.
We have four and ten shares o the
International Text Book company stock
Cor sale.
We will exchange Clark & Snover
Tobacco company stock for Title Guar
anty and Trust company stock.
If you have securities In bank as col
lateral and want to sell them we will
buy them.
We have for sale $750 worth of the
Clark & Snover Tobacco company
Btock. It yields 8 per cent on par.
We will exchange Telephone company
Hrst mortgage bonds for Pennsylvania
Central Brewing company bonds or al
inost any good bonds.
Wc have some rights to purchase the
hew issue of stock of the Title and
Guaranty Trust company for gale.
We have for sale 8 shares of the En
terprise Powder company stock at
5107.50 per share, eight per cent, divi
dend. Tho seller needs money.
If you do not caro to take your al
lotment of the Title Guaranty and
Trust company new issue of stock,
come and see us. Wc will pay you
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We have made no mistakes thus far
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sire to keep the good reputation we
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Our ofllccs have been removed to
handsome quarters in the Connell
Phone, 109.
The flardenbergh
of Mfisic and flrf
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tages of piano and organ study
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Dr, LIndabury, Surgeon, diseases of
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flours; , a a. m. to i p. m.; 7 to 8.80 p. in.
vent Was Celebrated with a Banquet
in tho North Scranton Auditorium
last Night Judge H. M. Edwards
Was Tonstmaster and T. F. Wells,
Judge A. A. Vosburg and Col, E.
H. Ripple Responded to Toasts,
Auieresung xiiaiory ox mo iigago.
Read by Secretary Thomas S.
Morgan, '
Prominent Masons from all parts of
the city last night sat around the fes
tive board In the auditorium In North
Scranton and assisted the members of
Hiram Lodge, No. 261, In tho celebra-
AVorshlplul Master of Hiram Lodge.
tion of the fiftieth anniversary of the
organization of the lodge.
The spacious hall was beautifully
decorated with flowers and potted
plants and covers were laid at tho long
tables for 200 guests. The tables were
decorated with green foliage and at
euch place a pink enrnation was laid.
Each of the lady guests received a sou
venir cup and saucer decorated with
tho Inscription "18B2 Hiram 1902."
During the progress of the banquet
Bauer's orchestra played a number of
selections; at its conclusion a formal
list of toasts wore responded to.
Dr. D. II. Jenkins, the-worshipful
master of the lodge, made a few re
marks, introducing Judge H. M. Ed
wards, who acted as toastmaster. The
judge made one of his characteristically
clever speeches and was followed by T.
S. Morgan, secretary of the lodge for
the past twenty-five years, who read
an Interesting resume of its history.
The charter of the lodge was grant
ed on March 1, 1S32, and on May 27 it
was constituted and organized for
work. There were but ten charter mem
bers and the initiation fee was but $6
as compared with $10 at the present
The past master's roll, comprising
those who attained to that office and
who have retained their membership
to the present time, or till removed by
death, Is as follows: E. S. M. Hill, first
mayor of Scranton; John W. Caldwell,
Dr. Agustus Davis, of Hyde Park;
Joseph GotUrey, John H. Smith, Jos
eph M. White, John B. Gillespie, Wil
liam J. Lewis, Jacob C. Bowman,
'James W. Gillespie, Thomas S. Mor
gan, Alex. L. Francois, William A.
Bunting, James W. Pike, Jonathan B.
Nicholas, George W. Wilder, Joseph It.
Silkman, Frank L. Taylor, Dolph B.
Atherton, C. Joseph Gillespie, Emllne
Morris, E. P.. Morris, W. W. Simpson,
Daniel M. Jones, Samuel H. Swingle
and Joseph Fidlam.
Among the prominent men of this
city who have been members of the
lodge, Mr. Morgan mentioned John Jcr
myn, Dr. Horace Holllster and Dr. Ben
jamin H. Throop. He referred, also, to
the men from tho lodge who fought In
the Civil and Spanish-American wars.
District Deputy Grand Master Thomas
F. Wells responded to the toast "The
Grand Lodge," and Judge A. A. Vos-
burg'told of the "Free Mason in Peace."
Toastmaster of tho Banquet.
Colonel Ezra H, Hippie, tho last speaker,
spoko on "The Free Mason in War."
After tho banquet, dancing was enjoyed
by muny of those present until mid
night. The committee of arrangements which
had the affair In charge comprised the
following members: Dr, D. H, Jenkins,
Hon. A. A. Vosburg, D. B, Atherton, J,
C, Baumun, A. L. Francois, W, W,
Simpson, Isaac 8. Jones, Fiulay Ross
D, W. Iteeso and J, B, Olllesple.
Tho present officers of tho lodge are
as follows; Worshipful master, Dr. D,
H. Jenkins; senior wurden, D, U, Reese;
Junior warden, I. S. Jones; treasurer
Charles W, SJIegler; becretary, T, B,
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Crown Emblems, for decorative pur
poses, 20x20 Inches, 10c. each. Williams
& McAnulty, 129 Wyoming ave, J
In Sf. Hike's Parish floiise Uidifortom,
Tuesday Evening, June 3.
flsThis recital will take the place of the two
recitals announced for May 27 and June 3 in Guernsey
hall. Tickets issued for next Tuesday will be honored
June 3.
Mr. Pennington will be assisted by MRS. LOOItE THOM
SON, Contralto Soloist or Elm Park Church, and MR. F. II.
WID.UAYEIi, Violinist.
Party of Nowspaper Men Enjoyed a
Rldo Over It to New York
and Return.
That the Jersey Central, since Its In
corporation ns part of the Reading sys
tem, Intends to enter into more active
competition than In the past for busi
ness In all the communities that It
serves was plainly and forcefully stated
In an address made by General Mali
nger W. G. Besler Thursday afternoon
in tho cabin of the steamer Sandy Hook,
to a party of newsmmer worknrs on-
Joying a day's pleasant outing as the
guests of that comnanv.
Mr. Eeslcr said that the new manage
ment had adopted as Its motto: "The
Jersey Central, the model railroad," and
would proceed as soon as possible to
make that motto a recognized fact. As
a token of good faith, tho statement
may be added that new passenger
coaches of handsome design and spaci
ous accommodation have been ordered
and an overhauling of the entire motive
power and rolling stock begun. "A
pleased patron the best advertisement"
was Mr. Besler's way of emphasizing
the company's purpose.
The excursionists to whom these re
marks were addressed had left Scran
ton In a special train at 7 o'clock on
ihursday morning, and they returned
shortly after midnight yesterday morn
ing after a delightful run to Jersey
City, whence a ferry had taken them to
Pier 8 on the Manhattan side, and a,
ride enjoyed down the bay to Atlantic
Highlands. The guests included repre
sentatives of the newspapers along the
line, with sisters, sweethearts and
wives, and their comfort was gener
ously ministered to by General Super
intendent W. C. Huntington, whose pri
vate car had been attached to tho sn.
clal as an observation car for the ladles;
General Passenger Agent C. M. Burt
ana ins assistant, Mr. Hope, and Dis
trict Passenger Agent J. S. Swisher.
Dinner was served on the Sandy Hook
during the outward voyage and supper
at the station restaurant at Allentown.
General Manager Besler was asked by
a Tribune reporter what plans he had
In view for the upbuilding of passenger
and freight traffic in the Scranton dis
trict. While not caring to disclose these
in detail, he said that if first-class ser
vice and the most modern equipment
could Influence business the road would
surely get an increased share of it. The
new Quaker city express, he said, has
more than fulfilled expectations and a
new and greatly Improved schedule for
local and New York traffic Is among tho
early possibilities.
Accompanying the party on the boat
was Mr. Besler's father, general man
ager of tho C. B. & Q. railroad.
Swarthmore College, Swarthmore,
Thlq institution was founded by the
Society of Friends, and has always
been conducted with a view to promot
ing the principles for which that re
ligious body stands. Its work, how
ever, Is by no means sectarian but Is
intended to promote, In tho highest de
gree, that sense of individual responsi
bility which makes for true manhood
or womanhood. Having no desire to
make It anything but a "Small Col
lege," Its management has been able
to maintain that intimacy of contact
between professor and student which
is rarely possible In a great university
and which Is probably the greatest
force In any institution tending to tho
development of character. The situa
tion of the college helps In the same
direction. Beautifully located, sur
rounded by two hundred acres of lawn
and grove, It overlooks a superb stretch
of country extending away to tho Dela
ware, while clustered about the camp
us Is tho village, occupied largely by
families connected In one way or an
other with the Interests of tho college,
and by the elevation of its moral tone
presenting a strong contrnst to tho
communities In which somo less Va
vored Institutions are placed. Still an
other assistance in the maintenance of
healthy college life is the natural
grouping of young men nnd women,
under tho samo roof, maintaining as
T A. & P. Elglm Creamery But
ter, per lb 25c
A. & P, Blended Coffee, per lb, 13o
Choice Drinking Teas, per lb,, 40a
A. & P. Rice, whole grain,
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A. & P. Pearl Tapioca, per lb, 5c
A, & P, Corn Starch, Mb. pkg, 7o
A, &. P, Tublo Salt, Mb, sack,, So
20 pounds Fine Granulated
Sugar ,..,...... , ,1.00
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tually saves you cash for cash.
Tbe Great Atlantic
And Pacific Tea Co.
4U I.uckawanna avenue, 321 North
Main avenuo. 'Phone, 73-2. Prompt
delivery, New 'Phone, 123.
Mr. J. Alfred Pennington
Director of the Conservatory,
Will Give a
Pianoforte Recital ,
nearly as possible the condltIons"vhIch
obtain In n cultivated home, and free
from the unnatural elements, which so
frequently make college life destruc
tive of the liner traits of character.
Each of tho four courses of study of
fered by tho college provides a liberal
range of electlvcs, nnd whether one
enters classics, letters, science or en
gineering, ho cannot receive the
Swarthmore diploma without having
achieved a liberal education. Then
there is Intelligent physical training.
The college has not only maintained
an excellent record in competitive ath
letics, but has given careful Btudy to
the problem of building up, In the best
possible manner, the bodily vigor of
each Individual student. This has
given Swarthmore a remarkable health
record, and, what is still better, has in
frequent instances rescued from dan
ger young men and women about
whose future health and strength there
was Just cause for ' concern. There
may be better places for young people
who merely want the fame of "going
through" college. Swarthmore Is for
earnest people, with the serious pur
pose to make tho most of life.
Changes of Procedure That Have
Taken Place Since It Was Passed.
The Supreme court has decided that
the viaduct ordinance passed a year
and a half ago Is legal and binding,
but no definite action looking toward
the erection of the viaduct will be
taken at once.
The ordinance directs tho city clerk
to advertise for bids for the construc
tion of the viaduct Immediately after
Its passage. City Clerk Lavelle said
yesterday that he has given the mat
ter no consideration as yet but it is
probable that ho will consult the re
corder before doing anything. The lat
ter Is expected home from Virginia
The ordinance now declared Jegal
was framed when Scranton was oper
ating under third, class, city laws and
complications mayf result in this par
ticular. It provides 'that tho bids for
the construction of the viaducb shall
ho received and opened and the con
tract awarded by couiicils. The "rip
per" bill took the awarding of con
tracts entirely out of the hands of
councils and vested It solely In the re
corder and head of the proper depart
ment. The ordinance In question provides
for the construction of a viaduct from
curb to curb on West Lackawanna
avenue between Seventh nnd Ninth
streets, the cost of construction to be
borne jointly by the Scranton railway
and Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern companies, the city to pay all re
sultant damages.
Lodore Will Be the Mecca for Ex
cursionists the Coming Season.
All Indications point to Lake Lodore
as the most popular of all excursion re
sorts for the fast-approaching season,
and to even surpass its immense busi
ness of last year. The individual ex
cursionist prefers a lake resort, and the
Kcenlc beauties of Lodore itself, Us far-
spreading grove, Incomparable dance
pavilion, its merry-go-round, the de
light of the children, Its well-equipped
kitchens, clam oven, refreshment
booths, Spalding ball grounds, naphtha
launches, steamer, largo excursion boat
and varied other amusements render It
a summer paradise, and at tho same
time tho most profit-making resort for
churches and societies. There are some
splendid dates left, for the privilege of
which please appply to W. L. Pryor,
district passenger ngent, Delaware and
Hudson Railroad, Scranton, Pa.
Lieutenant Ezra S. Grlffln nobt. Col
onel William Monies post, Camp 8, Sons
of Veteruns, and their auxiliaries will
attend divine service at the Penn Ave
nue Baptist church on Sunday evening.
Members will meet at Memorial hall ut
7 o'clock sharp.
Order Cream from Handley.
Deliveries made at the desired hour.
Orders should bo left or 'phoned to 420
Spruce streot.
Golden Rio Coffee 12c,
5 lbs 50c.
Breakfast Java 20c a lb
Special Java and Mocha
25c, lbs $1,00.
B, F, Japan Tea and For
mosa Oolong Tea at
50c, worth 75c.
During the First Day the Diagram
Was Open $1,800 Worth of Courso
Ticket Reserved Seats Were Mark
ed Oft Other Diagrams to Open
Next Monday Brief Mention of
the Out-of-town Men Who Are to
Act as Adjudicators of the Musical
and Literary Competitions.
The diagram of scats for holders of
courso tickets to the national eistedd
fod and tho preceding night's concert
opened yesterday at the executive com
mittee's headquarters, 003 Linden
street, opposite the court house. Be
fore the day was over 600 of the 1,800
reserved seats were marked off. Three
hundred of the?o seats have been set
aside for out-of-town patrons. This
leaves only 600 of these seats still avail
able, On Monday the diagram for the
single ticket reserved scats will open.
Thoro re 2,000 of these. Altogether
there will be 8,000 seats, and from all
Indications there will bo none of them
vacant at any of the sessions of tho
eisteddfod or the concert. The com
mittee will give notice In the papers
when the scats ure all disposed of.
It is a surety there will be no vacant
scats the night of the concert. To hear
Mile. Belle Newport, Gwllym Miles nnd
H. Evan Williams for 25 cents is an
opportunity fev will want to miss.
The committee Is priding Itself par
ticularly on the prominence of tho
men It has secured ai adjudicators.
.No eisteddfod In this country has had
such an array of Illustrious musicians
and literary critics to judge in Its com
Of Walter Damrosch suffice it to say
that he has been recently engaged as
conductor of the New York Philhar
monic society to succeed Emll Paur.
J. W. Parson Price, a prize pupil of
Garcia, is now recognized as the lead
ing musical artist and teacher of all
Welsh-America, and New York regards
him as one'of the greatest composers,
directors and teachers of voice culture.
He was recently paid the nice compli
ment of being selected from among all
of New York's musicians to compose
the music to the "Cloth of Gold" song
which Miss Julia Marlowe sings in
"When Knighthood Was In Flower."
Mr. Price has been musical adjudicator
at more elsteddfodau than any other
living man.
Jenkln Powell Jones, of Painesvllle,
O., while not very well known In the
east, Is nevertheless a noted musician.
His only appearance In these parts ns
an adjudicator was at the Robert Mor
ris lodge eisteddfod. He made such
an excellent impression that he was
one of the very first picked upon by the
committee of the national eisteddfod
when It was casting about for adjudi
cators. The Cincinnati, Racine and
Denver elsteddfodau each had Mr.
Jones as one of the adjudicators.
G. H. Humphrey, who with Judge H.
M. Edwards and Prof. George Howell,
will adjudicate the literary contests,
is a Utica lawyer. Besides being a lead
ing member of the bar he Is a noted
Welsh writer and in English literature
has attainments 'of the highest order.
An evidence of his versatility Is
found In the fact that in the McKinley
campaigns he delivered political
speeches in English, Welsh and Ger
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Thousands of people suffer through
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store the full vital functions of the
If you value life, delay not the use of
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Emma Doty, of Red Bultcs, Wyo
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follows: "I had a terrible pain in my
side owing to kidney troubles. I could
hardly lie down; but the trouble has
all left me through the use of Palne's
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mountain fever and was sick a long
time; since taking Palne's Celery Com
pound I am strong. I feel very grate
ful for your medicine. I am glad to
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people to use it."
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