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v '"'' ' ' I '1 - .
Bath Tub
Enamels . . .
No tedious process can bo
applied by ANYBODY BUC
It Is vory easy find inexpensive-
to impart u real en
amel finish to old shabby find
worn bath Tubs with
fell's Bath
Tub Enamels
They roslst hot tind cold
water. Form a hnrd, smooth,
lustrous surface. Easy to keep
clean. Makes a bath Tub an
ornament to the homo.
Price, 25c, 40c and 76c Cans.
020 Lackawanna Ave.
Attractive Features
Of our slock Is (he low cost and excellent quality
truly Rood fcjtuics; don't you think?
Our Hue is
Jacobs & Fasold,
'209 Washington Avenue.
Morris' Magnet Cigar
A' .,....,, Y
"They draw well."
All flic popular 5c. Cigars at $1.75 per
io. nn u inr M e.
0 Tin- l.uecst ailuly nf Smoking Tobaccos
and I'ipcs in Sciauton.
o E. C.
X 325 Washington Avenue. O
These Concerns Are Giving
Free Tickets
to the
National Food Show
Now being held in the Scranton
Bicycle Club Hall, Washington
Call and 'Get Free Tickets
Hincy Groceries and Market Supplies, Fisli,
Ojsters and Clams.
Doth 'phone's, 7n Ailanu ac.
In and About
The City
Wooler's Studio Chorus.
AlCied Woolor's .studio chorus
meet ut 7.13 this evening.
Will of Joseph Heap.
Tlio will of Joseph llcan, Into of Car
bonclale, wan yi'htunlay ailmltteil to pro
linto anil Icttei.n testamentary woro
Kiiintcil to Saiwintha Heap.
Park Committee.
Tint park commlttco of select council
will niiet cm Monday night to consider
the ordhianco providing for tho purehato
of additional land for Nay Am,- park.
Assistant Examiner, Patent Office.
Tho United States civil servlrs com
mission announces that an examination
for tho position of asslstum examiner In
tho- patent pllico will be held on Juno 10.
' jj
2 Funernl of Miss Cuslck.
Tlio funtfrnl of tho Into Miss Toresa Cu
Bleltl will bo hold tomorrow nftornoon at
SSOJi'clock from, fit. Paul's church, Qro-sn
Ridge, with Interment In tho Cathod'al
' Graduates of Bucknell.
There will bo forty-nlno candidates In
tlioclaas that will bo graduated from
Bunnell university on Juno 18. Anions
tho ."members of it ixo Frances Anna
Rait, of , this city; Frank Whlto Htanton,
of (Jhinehllla, and John Davis, of Naittl-
Life Insurance Figures,
Figures' compiled i,y tno jnBUMI1C0
I're Dhow that during tho year wot tho
total amount of, Ufa tiiburanco .paid by
conilanlcsjn sptlllm; claims In I'eniiByl.
vnnii wan ftt.SBI.lftl. Of thlH amount,
IttS.MQ.wati paid In Scranton and 1202,320
Jn W.ilkc-JJurrc
(-;-4)..L.& WPay Days.
The; employes of tho Diamond ami
BtuirsKmlncs wcro paid yesterday. Today
for Children. Mother Cray, for jcars a nurse In
the Children's Homo In New Yl, Heated chll.
Ureu tuiteisfully with a remedy, now liicpjicd
and p)ced Ja llif druu .tforcn. filled MMIicr
UrayV Bweet lWdm 'for Chlldren.'Thfy j,J
lurmlca uv milk, phMuut to tA'9 am) uqver
tilt A." certain cure (or fccrUrjm, toiijUpa.
lion, Jicjd aiho, tvcthlus 1 ktomach dlsor.
dim add remove worms. ,t M tlruggUu, Sic
Don't accept any substitute. Sample tent I'llt'L'.
t&VrSr ;sr eshwi
MP fPr m
tlie cmplnyes of tho Archbatd, Hcllrvue,
Cu.itliicntitt, DoiIrc, Hamilton, Hyde
l'nrK, Iloldon, l'ytie, Sloan, Taylor,
Cayuirn, llrlshln and Oxford will bo paid
for thu first half of liny.
An Afternoon Blaze.
A RllRht lllo ocetti'i-cil yesterdny nftor
nonon about 'J o'clock at tho I.nclcawntiiia
Woolen mills, It was canity oxlliiB"lihud
by tho Century, who leHpoiuled to nn
alarm finm box Kl. Tho ilnmnRo ilone by
the llnincs was eIIkIU but thcro was n.
cottHlitrrttblo umoimt of stock damaged
by smolcQ. ,
Original Stato Flag. ,
Comrailo a. W. Itond Inst nlr?ht pro.
Rented tlio Kara atlllln lioit, rlriiud Army
nf tho Hcpuhllc, with tho oi Initial Ht.tto
Ilap; of Pennsylvania. This Ih the llrst
slato IIiik over deslKiicd and mada In this
slate, it was timilo lit 1SI0. It will un
doubteilly piovo to bo of Hi" moat Inter
eating icllca In Memorial hall.
Eyesight Injured.
OeorRo 1'felffor, of Tenth ntreot,
met with a set Inns accident on Tlmi'H
ilny whlto at work In tlio Scranton
Stnvo works, lie had occnnlou to iiho
somo Utrnl dlirliin; his work, and acci
dentally It' splashed and Homo of It
reached hl3 eye. The hIrM was affected,
and It may bo a liinj; tlmo before ho
recovers It.
Candidates for Degrees.
John Thomas Gavin, of this city, Is a
candidate for tlio dojjreo of civil cnpl
nocr nl Lehigh University next month.
Tho Hubjoct nf his thesca will be "Tho
Railroad Orado Crosidnps In South
netlilchom, la., and tho Methods of
1'rotictlon AKiilnst Accidents." William
Taf-'Kntl fnrpenter, nf t'lttston, Is a can
dldato for a similar deitree. Ills theses
will boon "Thu TlHchnrno of the T.chlRh
l'lvov at Ilethlehcni. 1'a., fiom Novem
ber, 1301, to Juno, 1!2."
Memorial Day Sermon,
r.ev. Ilobert V. Y. 1'ieicc, D. D., of tho
IYnii Avenue Haptl.?t church, will pi each
the annual hcnnon tn the Grand Army
posts of tho city at tho IVnn Avenue
church tomnrow cvenlnw. All orpanlza
tlons of soldiers and patriotic societies
nre imltcd to pattlelpato In this ser
vice, that proper inspect may bo shown
the honored men who pledged tliolr lives
and service for tho country In tho Kreat
Civil war. Dr. 1'lercf has announced to
speak on the topic, "A Nation's Hemes,"
and the choir of the church will render
special nuiblc.
Saw the Wallace Shows Yesterday
Afternoon and Night-time
The Wallace circus, the second big
show to strike Scranton this week,
played here yestetday and drew two
Immense uudlcnces.
At the afternoon performance, des
pite the threatening nspect of tho
weather, every seat was tilled at 2
o'clock and one entire side of the hip
podrome track fiom one end of the tent
to the other was tilled with squatting
men, women and children. At least the
majority were standing. A number
didn't want to dirty their clothes by
sitting on the ground and refused to
sit down despite tho constant chorus
of cat calls which were sounded Into
their ears. The heavy shower which
came up didn't Interfere at all with
the ciicus performance and very little
rain found Its way Into the tent.
Theio were several novelties that
took well with the big audience. One
of these was the performance given by
the Four Colinis, a troupe of what
might bo called acrobatic dancers from
Austria. There were two men and
two women all attired In faultless eve
ning dress and they went through a
series of most lemarkable dances. They
danced mostly In couples to waltz mu
sic and both the men and women would
swing each other around through the
air with as much apparent ease as if
they were tossing around pieces of
cloth or something else as light. One
or two of the movements were adopted
more to European nudlences than to
American but the act was loudly ap
plauded. Another splendid feature was the
wire act done by the Sllvorton trio, Tho
piece de resistance of this act came
near the end when the two male per
formers stretched n, slender polo from
shoulder to shoulder. The young wom
an performer stood on this and the
two men then walked across the wire
with their hands outstretched. It
seems to be quite tho proper thing
nowadays for circus performers to pur
posely miss doing some especially dlf
llcult feat for the (list two times and
then successfully accomplish It on tho
third attempt. This young woman's
great trick was to jump over a chair
and a table while on the wire. She
failed twice but the third tlmo she did
It with consummate case amid thun
derous npplause.
The St Irk family of bicycle riders re
peated their splendid bicycle net and
several of the members of tho troupe
rode on the "cycle whirl" or Inclined
track, This part of tho performance
produced the same sensation that It
did earlier In the week.
The cquestiiun feats performed by
William HoIIls Is probably tho best ever
seen In this city, especially his back
soniersaults with the horse going at a
lerrifto rate of speed,
side a ball and rolls It up and down a
spiral track was again seen nnd the
tiniest of till little Japanese, perform
ers, a wee ml to of nn almond eyed
brownlo only four years old, gavu a
peiforiiianco on top of n ban el bal
anced on his mother's feet.
At tho night performance tho ciusli
was even greater than that of the af
ternoon. The selling of tickets was
stopped llvo minutes before tho show
It Has Been Invented by Miss
Dando and Frank H. Stair,
Through Heplogle & Co,, patent law
yers of tills city, a patent has been
obtained on u miner's lamp Invented
by Miss Anna M. Pnndo nnd Frank II.
Stair of the American Safety Lamp
company of Capouso avenue,
The feature of tho lamp" Is the lock
ing devlco which makes It Impossible
for the miner to open It and thereby
prevents explosions in tho mine. The
locking and unlocking of the lamps I?
done by an electrical device, tho nature
of which is kept a secret from tho min
er. Tlio lamps are all locked and un
locked in Uio superintendent's otllce,
Seasonable Clothing,
Wo arc showing the best line for the
least money In skeleton suits, shirt
waists and straw UutH.
Richards & Wlrth,
320 Lackawanna avenue.
STONrM'ARLU-At tho Chonango
Sticct Methodist Kplscopal parbouutse,
,VJ Clicnungb street Illnghamton. N. V
May 22, by Itov, Qeorgo Forsyth, Her
bert F. Striae, of Scranton. J'a.. and
Murearet Hurlc, of VilUvs-Barrc, i'u. J
They Will Begin to Arrive nt Noon
Monday nnd Will Be Taken in
Charge by E. Sir R. A. Zimmerman
and the Members of His Reception
Committee Where tho Visiting
Commanderles Will Havo Their
Headquarters Big Parado Will Be
Hold Tuesday Morning.
Willi the exception of street decora
tions, everything Is now In readiness
for tho coming of tho Templar hosts to
the forty-ninth annual conclave of tho
grand commandery of Pennsylvania,
which opens hero Monday, to continue
tin eo days. The work on tho street
decorations is being pushed with all
possible rapidity and by Monday morn
ing will be complete In all details.
Last night tho local committeemen,
assembled at tho armory to view the
decorations nnd illuminations. The
electric lights were turned on for the
first tlmo and wcro found to work per
fectly. The committeemen wcro great
ly gratified at the artistic and beau
tiful embellishment of the armory In
terior and feel satisfied that those who
view It at Tuesday night's ball and to
monow will be filled with admiration.
Tho carpenter work on, the reviewing
stand on court house square opposite
tin. nnalnfllpp wns nrnctlcallv complet
ed last evening. All that yet remains
to bo done. 13 the draping, xnis
will be for" tho exclusive use of tho re
viewing officers and the ladles of the
visiting and local knights.
A number of the commanderles will
ut-irf fnr Snraninn tndnv proceeding toy
well arranged itineraries which Include
brief stops at various points or interest
en route.
Tho visitors will begin to nrrlve abodt
noon, Monday. E. Sir R. A. Zimmer
man, chairman of the rcceptton com
mittee, has issued tho following notice:
Attention Sir Knights:
The committee of Knights Templar on
anival and reception of commanderles,
will assemble at tho Armory In tlio Ma
sonic temple, Spruco street, In full Temp
lar uniform nt 11.30 a. m. Monday, May 20,
As many of the Sir Knights appointed
on this committee may not bo able to at
tend tlio chairman invites all who can,
whether on the committee or not, to como
out and assist.
It, A. Zimmerman, Chairman.
The visiting commanderles and their
headquarters are given below:
Grand Commandery, Pennsylvania, Ho
tel Jermyn
Philadelphia No. 2, Philadelphia, Hotel
DeMolay No. 0, Reading, St. Chales Ho
tel. Mountain No. 10, Altoona, Hotel Ter
race. Pilgrim No. 11, Harrlsburg, Pullman
Lancaster No. 13, Lancaster, Hotel Ter
race. Palestine No. If, Carbondale, on cars.
Coeur dc Lion No. 17, Scranton, Masonic
Hugh De Payon No, 19, Easton, Coyne
Allen No. 20, Allentown, Lackawanna
Valley House.
Baldwin II No. 22, Wllllamsport, Scran
ton House.
Packer No. 23, Mauch Chunk, Pullman
Hermit No. 21, Lebanon, Cbyno House,
Lowlston No. 26, LewlstoHvn, Pullman
Kadobh No. 29, Philadelphia, Hotel Jer
myn. Jit. Olivet No. 20, Drie, Pullman Sleeper.
Ivanhoo No. 31, Mahanoy City, .
Ilutchlngson No. 32, Nonistown, Hotel
Jei myn,
Cyicuo No. 31, Columbia, Conway House.
Mary No. 30, Philadelphia, Hotel Jer
myn. Heading No. 42, Reading, St. Charles
Dlcu Lo Vcut No. 43, Wllkcs-Barre,
Guernsey Hall.
Hospitaller No. 40, Lock Haven, Con
way House.
St. Albans No. 46, Philadelphia, Hotel
Corinthian Chasseur No. 53, Philadel
phia, Hotel Jermyn.
Kensington No. SI, Philadelphia, Lacka
wanna Valley House.
Wyoming No. D7, PIttston.
Temple No. CO, Tunkhannock, Lacka
wanna Valley House
Chester No. CO, Chester, Arlington Hotel.
Mcllta No. CS, Scianton, Masonic Hull.
Mt. Vcinon No 7J, Hazlcton, Hotel
Getbseninno No. 7.", York.
St. Andrew No. 70, Susquehanna.
Malta No. 11, Ulnghamton, N. Y.
Cnnlago drives and visits to points
of Interest in and about tho city will
occupy Monday afternoon. In the even
ing there will bo receptions by Mary
commandery, of Philadelphia, at St.
Luke's palish house; Alban and Kadosh
commanderles, of Philadelphia, at Hotel
Jermyn; Dieu lo Vout commandery, of
Wllkes-nnrro, nt Guernsey hall, nnd
numerous band concerts by the visiting
bands at tho various headquarters,
Tuesday morning will occur tho
parade; Tuesday afternoon the open
ing session of tho grand commandery
nt the Lyceum, and Tuesday night the
ball and lournol ut tho new armory.
Visiting knights not members of the
grand commandery und nil visiting
ladles will be escorted about the city,
to the mines nnd over tho mountain
boulevards, Tuesday nfternoon, Wed
nesday morning the grand commandery
Tho following are the prices or ad
mission to the National Eisteddfod and
Concert, May 20 und 30, 1S02:
Season Tickets , $2,00
These tickets are good for specially
reserved seats nt concert, May 29 and
the three sessions of the Eisteddfod
May 30;
Reserved seat at concert only ,50
General ndmlsslon to concert 25
Reserved seat ut morning session
of Eisteddfod ,., ,,,, ,75
General admission at morning ses
sion of Eisteddfod,,,, ,.,,,, ,50
Children's tickets for morning ses
sion only ,..,,....,.,,,,,,,.,, ,25
Reserved sent at afternoon session
of Eisteddfod ,,,,, 7s
General udmisslon at afternoon
session of Eisteddfod,,.,.,,,.,,,, .qq
Reserved seats at evening session
of Eisteddfod .,,,,.,,, ,,,, 1.00
General udmisslon at evening ses
sion of Eisteddfod., ,.,. .50
Reserved seats for the three ses
sions of Eisteddfod,,..,.,,,,,,,,,, 1.50
General udmisslon for the three
sessions of Eisteddfod,. ,,,,,,,,,, 1.00
Tho diagram for tho sale of reserved
seats Is at the Eisteddfod headquarters,
505 Linden street. As these seuts ore
limited to 1,500, Intending purchasers
should bo prompt In muklng application
for same, New 'phone, 16H,
will have a session, and in the nfter
noon tho conclave will come to a close
with a public installation of officers In
the Lyceum.
Fully three thousand visitors will bo
here during tho three days, not count
ing those not affiliated with tho Tem
plars, who will run In to look on at the
parade Tuesday.
D,, L. & W. Company Considering a
Tract of Land It Owns in That
Part of the City.
On account of the uninviting lay of
the land, the Delaware, Lackawanna
nnd Western company has practically
decided not to build Its car shops nt
the southern end of tho city, near Tay
lor, and for several days Its engineers
have been casting about for a more
favorable site.
Chief Engineer McFarlln was In
West Scranton one day this week and
examined the large tracts owned by
tho company in Keyscr valley. Ho
was well pleased with this location and
It Is thought he will recommend that It
be bhosen as the site for the new shops.
An announcement can be expected any
day that Keyser Valley is to be made
the scene of one of the biggest of tho
city's industries.
At Schriever's Photos at Night.
As a convenience to the multitudes
of wage earners who havo previously
been forced to loose a half day's work,
to have photographs made, Schrlever
has arranged to make sittings by his
new artificial light process, every Sat
urday evening, or week nights, by ap
pointment. Results equal daylight
Cut This Coupon Out
Good for ten extra stamps, upon a
purchase of $1.00 or more, Saturday or
flonday, flay 24 and 36.
New Wash Silks, colors and white; 50c goods. Sale 5l
Price 30c ?
Black Taffeta Silk one that we recommend; value 65c. &
Sale Price 40c S
Black Taffeta Silk, full yard wide. One that will wear. r"
Sale Price 98c &
Black Taffeta Silk, Cheney's best grade; value S1.25. 5
Sale Price 08c 6?
Black Taffeta Silk, Clifton mills; $1.25 value. Sale &
Price 08c !
Black China Dress Silk, full yard and n quarter wide. 35?
Sale Price 81.25 &
Black Foulard, Cheney Bros.' $1.00 value. Sale Price. 75c !
Figured Fancy Foulards, beautiful work, all colors. 5"
Sale Price 45c $
Foulards our best $1.25 goods. Sale Price $1.00 g.
Foulard our best $1.00 goods. Sale Price 75c '
Taffeta Silks, Fancy Stripe and figured; all 75c and
$1.00 goods. Sale Price 50c ;
Taffeta Silks good range of colors; pure silk goods. 5"
Sale Price 49c tf:
Albatross, full range of colors; 50c value. Sale Price. 30c S
Henrietta, 45 inches wide, all colors; 75c value. Sale "
Price 50c &.
Tannise, Batistes, Whipcords, Baskots Cloths, Etc.; &
value, 60c to 75c. Sale Price 45c 55
Poplins, Armure3, Coverts, Granites; value $1.00 to 1.25, SP
Sale Price 75o &
Fancy Plaids, were 50c to 75c. Sale Price 25c '.
Pedestrian Skirtings, greys, browns, blues; $1.00 to &
$1,25 goods. Sale Prlco .' . . . . 75o SZi
Heavy Melton Skirtings; $1.50 and $2.00 goods. Sale !
Price $1.25 C?
Black Cheviot Serge, Whipcord, Granite Serge; value 75c. &
Sale Prico 50c .
Black Cheviot Serge, value $1,00. Sale Price 75o
Black Cheviot Serge, value $1.25. Sale Price 05c fe
Mohair 45 inch blues, red, brown, grey; value 75c. -.
Sale Price .... 50o
Mohairs 40 inch blue, blue, red, brown; value 50c. jj"
Sale Price , 30c
Genuine German Hair Cloths. Sale Price 15c J-
Shrunken Duck, blacks, grey and white; value 12V&C. g
Sale Price Oc ;
Percaline, colored, thirty shades; 12',&o and 15c goods,
bale f tico .. t... ....... .............. . . . . . oo ?
Percaline, fast black, 12Uo grade. Sale Price 8'jo j
Percaline, fast black; 15c goods, Sale Price .,, lie &
Percaline, fast black, 25c grade. Sale Praco 18o ;
Percaline, black, silk warp; 60o goodB. Sale Price...., 30c S!
Mercerized Linings, black and colors; 35c goods. Sale &
Price , , , 25c t;
These prices are positively fj
for THREE days only.
Mears & Hagen,
-- - j
415-417 Lackawanna Ave. si
Explanation of It That Is Given in
an Article Printed in the Philadel
phia Stockholder It Means That
the Erie Is Hereafter to Handle n
Certain Portion of the Coal of the
D. & H. The Board for Today In
struction Car Here Erie's 600
Mules Shipped to Country.
Tho Stockholder of Philadelphia,
yesterday contained the following:
"Rumors havo been current of late
relating to an alleged deal said to bo
In process of negotiation between
Erie and Delaware & Hudson Inter
ests, and which purported to be tho In
centive behind tho recent buying tn
those stocks. Commenting there
upon tho Coal Trade Journal says:
'There Is excellent reason for believing
that tho rumors in regard to Erie and
Delaware & Hudson matters mean
this: Tho Delaware & Hudson now
sells upward of half a million tons an
nually from mines at Wllkes-Barre and
vicinity to the Pennsylvania Railroad
company for shipment south, nnd tho
plan Is probably for shipments to points
reached by the Erie railroad to bo sold
by the Erie sales ugents on a slmllur
Thus it will be seen that thd Dela
ware & Hudson In no wise loses Its
Individuality, and Its general sales
agency remains as before to caro for
lino business. The advantage to the
Erie lies in tho fact that it will abso
lutely secure for the future tho freight
upon the large amount of coal now
shipped west by it for the Delaware &
Hudson, and, which might in the event
of futureresults, go to tho New York
Central, the Ontario & Western, or any
other road which In future years might
secure control of the Delaware & Hud
son. "At the same time the coal depart
ment of the Erie will derive such
benefit as may accrue from sale of the
Delaware & Hudson cool, and tho
prestige arising from such representa
tion is an asset of no such importance.
There Is good reason for denying that
there is any truth in reports regarding
Continued on Page 8.
Friday, Saturday I
and Monday
Cheapness Is.
Not Lowpricedness
There Is a limit to low price nnd high price and below the one nnd
nhovc the other are both extravagance. There's another thing worth
knowing we offer you the best Value for the money Invested.
Suggestions for
And tho best wo ever offered
interests with a nrm wnicn never misrepresents.
Ladies' Hosiery
Here Is particular value for tho price. Ladles' Drop Stltrh 2
Threml Lisle Hose, fust black, double soles, high spliced heels and toes.
Wo make tho price 21c. ,
Ladies" Vests
Pino Whlto Ribbed Vests, Richelieu rib, silk tnpes, extra good
quality. All sizes; usual twcnty-ilvc cent garments. Our price 21c.
Tape Girdles
Light nnd comfortable for summer wenrlng. Ladles' Tape Girdles,
In pink, blue und white, nil the fIkcs, every excellence of make and
ilnlsh. These Girdles were Intended to sell at 1.00 each. Our price 69c.
Fans and Pocket Books
Tho touch of tho designer's art Is shown In thoso fans. Customers
tell us this Is tho most charming stock of Pans they ever saw. Fans
from the modest palm leaf tn the dainty Silk Tissues.
Pockctbooks of all tho fashionable kinds.
Ladies' Neckwear
Take n minute or live minutes nt this counter and you'll know ex
actly what wo are doing. Ribbon Hows. Violet Clusters and all tho
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Men's Furnishings
The fashlonnblo world, that Is.
with much favor on our new and Immense stock of Men's Furnishings.
Fine Neckwear, Negligee Shirts, Suspenders, Night Shirts, Hosiery
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McConnell & Co.
The Satisfactory Store
This Elegant
Made of .clear white maple, varnished, and is large, heavy,
strong and durable
We onlv have a limited numberand you'll have to came
early to get one. 1 hey sell regularly from $2.50 to $3.oo.
Scranton Carpet & Furniture Co., J
Registered, 406 Lackawanna Aven ue.
Minister and Bohemian
Hade Exclusively from Malt.
Munster and Bohemian beer possess just
those nutritive and thirst quenching qual
ities that make them pre-eminently
The Family Beer
The date of bottling is stamped on every bottle,
insuring absolute freshness.
Cases of 2 Dozen Pints
Sales Department 216 Lacka. Ave
Old 'Phone 2162. New 'Phone 2974.
Mm 'ilium
Ehref s Slag Roofing
Has been on a building in Phila
delphia, used for manufacturing
acids, ior 28 years. Still in good
311 Washington Avenue, Contractors.
In point of quality.
Better trust your
the fashionable men. are looking
4 4
Porch Chair!
NSv-- B
The beers that sparkle
in the glassand
soothe worn-out nerves.
,, ,. ,i .1,-., ,i,-,,-riv ?ov ! nt ' t ' ' '
to- '.