The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 21, 1902, Page 8, Image 8

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    HJrKt! &tsi'&n2i.Y"-f? 3L'rsrt.rBjs
"T.WY , "' ".. T"
.4mr"v . t. .
(WW ' ,, r
1 1 A
1, - A ,l
Wall Itrtet Review
Kcw York, My 20,-Prlcc of atocki cored
ljultc a substantial rccomy today and enowi
the day pretty Hear the lop level and ''
There a muih morn cheerful feeling ii
regard to the outlook for uluc and none of the
rather urgent pressure (o sell which .was o fea
ture cteriliiy. The shsrp and sudden decline
among high priced but seldom active stock gave
iilacc to equally sudden recoveries tn the tunic
Rtrurltlc. fnternallonal Tower recovered 5
polnla of Its 13 point break of yesterday, and
thcic were wide gains scored by the electric and
express stocks which were notable sufferers yes
terday. There M not much news on which to
luse the rle. Sentiment was favorably affected
by the large absorption of United States btccl
st rising price. TliU soothed the anxieties
which were caused by jesterdaj'a rumors that ft
formidable bear party bad been formed in the
stock as on outgrowth of the criticism of the
mock tonvcrlon and bond Issue plan. The no
table strength of Canadian Tactile and Its subsid
iary roids, Minneapolis, Ht. Paul and Sault bte
Slarlc and llulutli, South Shore and Atlantic, also
bud a notable sympathetic effect on the whole
market. Ibis movement began abroad before tlio
opening here and was not explained by any pe
ilflo news. London wai a bujer on a consider
able wale after the hnllihv there, and confident
predictions were beard tint pcicc would be dc
i bred at an early day in South Africa. The
lormal announcement nt the terms for the taking
nver Jointly by LoulsWllo and Nnhyllle and
botilliern Railway of the Chlcigo, Indianapolis
ami Louisville slocks In return for lour per lent,
bonds was chlelly reflected In the price of Louis
lllc Tlio terms of cvhanic of the stool: or
78 for the common and IX) for the preferred ed
to some recession In their prices, as the Joint
lioiius, Juilgeil lv the precedent oi inr i
ciclungcd bonds, aie lint likely to command a
full par value. 'Hie pn-ence In the Wall street
district of Vcrctarv l'jsloy, of the Civic Icdeia
tloii and his ioniiltntlon with Important repre
sentatives of the anlliMilte liiensts gave rise to
oiijccturei that measures vvero in progress for
Hie settlement of the antlirnclle miners' strlue.
Wall (.trcet opinion remains confident that n set
tlement lies within reich at almost ntiv time.
Tlieie wus-aNo lauch les appiilieindon today of
n spread of the 1 ibor liouble Into the bllinnlnim
tout Holds, u tilth was considered l foutiidable
prospect jcsttrdiv. hngar was helped by the
lcports of nn agreement upon a Cuban reciprocity
iiieiMiri- and iualgainnted Coppir was Him on
tin- bclltr conditions loportod In the copper
tndo. The tloetd q ilet and steJtly. To
I li nti, M)S,m shires.
Ilonils were dull but were stead. Total sal"S,
pir value, J.II(i,(KX) I'nlted Mites rofiimlin?
2-s and new i't were 'i pir cent, on the last call.
The following quotations are fnvnlsheJ The
Tribune lij Haigbt k Krcesc Co, 311 J13 Mean
building. tt. D. Ituiion. manager.
Open. IIIcli Low. Close.
71. t ottf, No. 2 while, 44ali4c.t Ko. 3 white,
43a44Wc No. 2, !)!4c.t fair to choice malt
Ins;, 69a72c.l No. 1 flaxseed, l.60 No. 1 north
Western, 11,761 prime timothy seed. fffl.30aO.Ti!
mess pork, per barrel, )17.15al7.20t lard, per 100
lbs., 10.17H10.20t short ribs, sides, 0.03al.76;
shoulders, 8a8Vic.j short clear sides, tlO.tOalO.00.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
tftloflrrn. Mv WV .Csttlivnorotntjt. 4.000. In
(eluding 400 lexans: steady! good to prima
steers, $7e7.CO; poor to medium, M.23aJ80
etocKers anci iceuers, ja.i.iaowi cows, i,uuausi
ficlfcni. !(i!.7Ja0 00 canners, sM.60a2.riil; bulls,
t.Tsal.7A calves, fi.OOt"; Texas fed steers,
f;Voao m.
rtogs ltecetpts, today, 21,000! tomorrow, 15,
000!11 li to 10 cents lower! mired and butchers,
8(l.Di'uV.40 good to choice heavy, $7.a0 17. 1 3 1
rough heavy, S"a7.!3 light, 80.7617,13! bulk of
sales. 57.0.-.I7.2J.
Hhce.v llecelpts, 11,000! sheep, steady In 10c.
lower! lambs, steady! good to choice wethers,
Mad CO! western sheep, JfliOSO; native lambs,
fJ.OOa"; western limbs, So.Mki".
Buffalo Live Stock Market.
ftist Duffalo, May 20-Cattlc-Ilccclpts, light;;
Hogs llceelpls, .1.10; slow- for light grades'
steady for others, and fiilOc. higher! Iieav, $i.tO
7.30i mixed, S7.ROi7.40j pigs, ftO.OOa?! rouijlu,
Sf(l,7ui7! stags, $S 2'iaft 7.r.
Sheep and lambs Receipt, l,SO0j steady nt
yesterday's prices.
Oil Market.
Oil Clly, Jhy 20.-Credlt balances. $1.20 cer
tlfloitos, no bid. Shipments, 127,601! average,
JtM.lUK. lluns, Si.770; average, 7B,S.11.
Ani.ilgamnttd Copper. ,. OS I.'1; (i"i di'i
Amor. Car. & I'oundrv. 20':. 2M 2''j 2H
American he ts In'i IS 1?
Aincricnn Ire, l'r lit Id 01 , t ,
Amor. Ioeoinotie l)"s ..u's .'O'i ."OVj
Amor. Locomotive. I'i.. l tH'i Ofil HIs
Am 'molt. . Het'!;. I ,i. 4V2 Vi ' 4'i'a
Anioilcin Sugii 127' U"j 127'i 1277.
Anuonilu Co p-r II n llPt H2'3 lj-i's
AI(lil-on 71'i 7S1 7M "t
Atilii-on. l'r '17'ft 0T'2 07H W!
liill i Ohio m, KiilU 10.V ion
Iliook. ltrtp luin-il .... iil'. 00 fiVA Ifi
(anidiin I'k ilk 17S 1-1 12ias W
(ins k Olmi Ill tii' 40 -Soli
rhie. , Alton onc !I7, .mi T!
(hit. . !t. Wit 277, 2r 27'H 2S's
(hie. Mil. i. M. l,aiil..lW.Ts ll.'i l!i I''"1
llilo.. It I A Puiflc...l70ij 171'.. 170 171'J
Col. l'uol . lion 'I" t SO or
tol & Siiilhei -jo-, -nt't l"ir, rflij
I ol. & South. Pr Il'i tiH "'i -''
Hoi. A. linden Kt'i IT'. 17.!'- 17i,
I'lie It It .Ml'', M'H .''i'a 'ir1
lilo, 1st. T'r 1.7 GPa 07 ""'a
1 rlo. 2d l'r fil'i W fills "'-"
Hot King VjIIov si 2i SI t-t
llllnnN Contrnl liPi ri2'i IIP, 11J
InVrmll'inil I'owti .... V SO 7.-i fO
Komas ( its A s-niiili ...U'v; ti'i .'J'i at
Ioni. K Naslmll" .. . 117'. lll'i H7'l 110'i
Alniiii itian Ill '4 112 1.1 H1H
Mil. Its It74 It1 It"1! If
Jlixli in Cent nl 27'', 27',i ?J',i 27',i
Mo, Km K lr., l'r.. .Vi ,", .". .V,
Mi'ourl I'aeiflf 0's '" 'is 'x
N. V. feiitril IV, IV. i, Ill's lV.'j
Norfolk ,r Weslom ".! ,Vi :' frfo
orlli Anierinn 120 Ul li1 121
I'ntann .V e--tern M2H II 12 .!!
I'eniM It. II Wi MOH IIS 140'i
l'onplo's l!is ..., inn, llll", Jlll'i 0I'4
Vieved Steel t lr 11 H"J 1 1"4 ll"
Itenling lit II", ii2'3 Pl'd ii2',f.
lteidin-, i-l I'i S2'i W 2'3 M
Holding, 2d. l'r I.7U l-S'i 07 Os'l
Ilepublir Stool 10 17' IRT 1714
Ilepnhlif Stool. Pi 72 7l' 72m 7.1j
Sf. Louis A siM p, in... Mis 07 Ml. l7
Soiitlioin 1'idtif 1.1 fit'A IU' fits,
Siutliern It II i7i ."114 '1111; :'iia4
Smith. It. it, P tM's 'if- IH14 Otis
T11111 Coil K Inm I.2H MVs ?xa Wis
'li,is A Pintle '.mi, 40'i .VII, 40U
I'tili.n I'.itific Wis; 10114 KUi, lfll'i
1 ninii Pit Hit, l'r h7i8 R71g S7 87
1. S Ltallier I 1 1'4 11 H14
V S Steel I04 W io"i 40'4
1 S Moil, l'r 110 t)ii fO 00
Wabisl 2?i 21,'a 20 201A
Vabash. l'r 41i 41 42"4 4 HJ
AVtt. I'nioii Til SOU U014 S0i no
IMiecl. A Lal.0 Lric .... 2lli 21', :'H2 2l'i
i 1-rniiMii (cnlral 201a 2iir,, 20 2014
'total wiles 118,700. Mono l)s.
WIIEVT- Open High. low. Close.
Jly 7lli 7". 743 7434
fccpti ruber 7.1' 71 Ui 73Ts
liilv Oils 0U Ot'l f2
September 59f OOii SOU COU
Jul! tl'i ."., 31 ."PI
Scptcmliei 2S 2a 2sTs 2J
.lull 17.20 17.27 17.r 17.21
Siptenibti 17.o7 17.40 17.30 17.M
.liilv 1022 1027 1017 1017
September 10 21 1025 1020 1020
.liilv , 007 072 001 00.1
beptcmber U.72 0.72 001 005
Onen. High. Low. Close.
Jills- 88.1 8F0 SSO R.ffl
August Slid 8.1S 8.10 81S
Siptmibei 807 MVI 800 SOT
Oilubcr 7.0(1 7.00 7,00 7.M
Bcranton Boaid of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
' STOCKS. BM. Asked
Lackawanna Dairy Co., lr. u)
Coiinl Savings Hank & Trust Co,. Soo
l'lit Nilloiul II ink (t'arbondjle) tW
'llilrd National flmk ftV)
Dime Deposit and l)'-cotjnt Rink... lua ,,,
I'cnnom) Light, II. k 1', Co jg
1'irht National llarl liOO ,,,
latkJ. Tiust k tiifo Ucposlt Co,.,, iai ,,,
Clark & Snover Co , Pr 21 ,,,
Scranton Sivlngs Dink soo ,,.
1iader' National Dank 225 ,,,
Scrunton Roll d: Nut Co 125 ...
People's Dank ,,. 135 ,,,
fcranton Parkins Co 35
bcranton Pas&engcr Rallvva, first
Mortgage, due 1020 us .,,
People's street Hallway, first mort
gage, due 1018 115 ,,,
IVoplc's Street Hallway, General
mortgage, due 1021 115 ,,.
Scranton Traction 0 per cent 113 4..
l'conomy Light, Heat 4. Power Co 07
North Jeisey it Pocono Ico Co,,,,,, ,,. 07
Consolidated Water bupply Co 101
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II, a. Dale, 27 Lackawanna Ave.)
llutter Fiesh creamery, 25c; fresh dairy, 21c,
Chefsc-l.lJl312c. "
l-'ggs Nearby, ISc.j western, 1714c,
Harrow Heans Per bushel, $2.35a2,10.
Green Peas Per bushels, 1,7J,
Potatoes Per bushel, $1.00.
Unions Dermudas, $2.25 per crate,
New York Drain and Produce Market
New York, Jlay 20, Flour Quiet all day, but
steady and unchanged. Wheat Spot steadyi
No, i led, SSHc. elevator, and UOlic, t. 0. b.
utloat; No, 1 Northern Duluth, K)-,c. f, o. b.
utloat, Whtat was dull all day, but ktiad. The
elite was steady at a paitll e, net dvance,
Jlay closed SO'Je.j July, SOHC! Sept., i'JHcj
Dec, bO'lc. Corn SHit Hrnij No, S, 60c, elua.
tor, and 70c, f. 0, b, afloat. Option market 10HI
un sharply. 'Die market closed flun at Sialic
iidiancc. May closed t!4c July, 07c; Sent.,
U5?4c Dec. 61 lie Oats Spot steady! No! 3,
40c; No. J, 45!ic; No. 2 white, 61c: No.
H white, oOlic; track mixed western, 4 7a 13c;
track uliite, 60aS5c. Options fair, active; moving
wilh com all day. Butter Steady; creamery,
lMHa22c.; factory, UalOljc; renovated, 18a
20',ic; imitation creamery, 18Ka2013c; stats
dairy, ISHailc Cheese Quiet and Htm; new
state, full cream, small, colored, choice, 12a
1214c,; white, 1214c; large colored, 111,;
white, 1114c Fsrgs Klrm; state snd Pemu.,
17c; vvebtern, 187iaI714c) southeni, IlilSc.
Chicago Orain Market.
Chlcaeo, May 20. Corn took the lead In
srahi speculation lae today sod relieved the
sutlon from tbo dull hot weather fnonotoue that
has prevailed for several dsys. Other (rains
worked up In syinpathv. snd July wheat closed
14c. up; July corn, sialic, higher, snd July
vats, Vsc. higher. Proylstou lacked tone snd
dosed 2!a$ to 7H ctnta lower. Cash quotstlonj
rre as follows:
t'lour tirntj He. 9, 7iUMttc-i K. S tti,
Easily Convinced.
If some ono Hliould tell you fifty times
Hint Clmtnberlaln's Pain Bulm relieves
Rheumatic! paints and that many have
been permanently cured by It, you
might still be only half convinced. Gle
that liniment n trial, however, and ex
perience the quick relief from pain
which It affords, and you would bo fully
satisfied of Its great value. 25 and G0
cent bottles for sale by (ill druggists.
Rare Opportunity tor
Conservative Investment
Mr. Win. J. Douglas, 432 Connell
Building has for sale at par, an Issue
5 per cent. Gold Bonds of the Buck
eye Engine Co., of Salem, Ohio,
This company has had an excellent bmlnew
standing for fifty ears' and Is now making large
dividend. Purpose of this bond Issue I for en
largement of capacity to meet tho growing de
mand of It hiislnt'V. Ask lor pro.pectii.
Thee bond are guaiantectl bv the Prudential
Life Insurance Co., of .Newark, N. .1,
When Will
the Strike
In Prizes
For the closest guesses
as to the date of its
Bvery 50c cent pur
chase of groceries or meat
entitles you to a free
Buy where the prices
are lowest; as for instance
75c a Bushel,
We do not have to
charge you for Trading
We offer, to yield About
0 per cent,,
(Total Issue, $1,000,000)
Butte, Mont.,
5 per cent. 1st Mortgage Sink
ing Fund Oold Bonds.
Denomination ?10OO
Maturing 1 to SO jears.
Rudolph Kleybolte & Co.
Capital, $200,000
Surplus, $600,000
Pays 3 interest on
savings accounts whether
large or small.
Open Saturday evenings
from 7.30 to 8.30.
Connolly & Wallace
Scranton's Shopping Center
1 23, 1 25, 1 21 and 1 29 Washington Ave.
Nothing in the world brings so
many people to this store as the
feeling that whatever happens they
will be fairly treated.
Membcra of Houston (Texas) Oil Stock lix
cluingo solicit orders,
' Hi
m' flH'l
Tni. v.mmmmfm
Nature's SWeet
Is the name applied to "sleep."
Sleep of' tho most restorative i
kind follows the use of ,
Batiste Corsets.
With warm weath'er neoole are In vine
aside heavy corsets of coutil and putting
u 5"i wcijjul v.uiacis maae 01 net or
There are dozens of good batiste cor
sets made in this couutrv the rirrlih
shapes, of course, or you wouldn't find,
them here.
R. & G. Corsetsof batiste, bias cored,
straight front $1.00,$1.50 $2.00, $2.50.
W. B. Erect form $1, $1.50, $2.50.
( J. B. $1, $1.50, $2.
There is a time for all things.
This is the time for bargains, and
Connolly & Wallace's is the place to
get them. The people know it, too.
Jouvin Gloves,
Fresh lots from Greuoble of these
beautiful light-weight French Gloves.
Colors are as dainty a3 anything you can
imagine and you can take the workman
ship fot granted. Mode, tan, grey, brown,
pearl, beaver, black and white,
Women's lace lisle Gloves and Mitts,
25c and 50c pair.
.' Ul Auntl INTQxirxi.-
: Uh..?PAWKUMG "Li
, wlvEHT8An.9iioufOKiw ka
f..rMALT.iW'unDC w
(j Joyce Stores (J
Popular Piced Provisions.
Bfl Recommended by leading physi
cians as a pure tonic with
wonderful building-up properties.
Not a "darR beer," but a real
malt extract.
All druggists sell It. Prepared only by
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. Louis, U. S. A.
Brewers of tht famous Budwelser, Mlchelob,
Black 6 Tan, Pale-Lager. Fauat, Anheuaer
Standard, Export Palo and Czqulsite.
ft" JgQjSzv
If You
Walk Much
You can do it more comfortably
when time is spent in getting the right
shoe for the right foot.
Our shoes have a reputation for
GOODNESS, Style, Perfect Wearing and
Fitting Qualities not found in ordinary
Our $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00
Men's Shoes have no equal in the city.
330 Lackawfltinn Avenue X
K 5
Lewis, Ruddy, Davies & Murphy,
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
Cotton Duck.
Duck for skirt9 and dresses has been popular many season's but never more so than
now. It wears well and washes well, and when you are getting a dress that has to go into
the tub every week or so, those things are worth considering.
We have colored ducks in all sortsof dots, rings and stripes at 10c a yard. For
those who prefer white we have au excellent quality at 12$c yd, it is the best weave and
the best finish of ady we know of at the price.
Galatea, 15c a yard.
About the same weight as cotton duck, but very much like the English Galatea at
double the price. It comes in plain colors, stripes and dots nothing better for knock
about suits for boys and girls.
Lace and Embroiderie3-Qreat Showing.
Wash lyaces, with inserting and galoon to match. Swiss and Nainsook Embrdideries
with inserting to match. Beadings in Swiss, Nainsook or Cambric. Double edge Bead
ing Galoons in Swiss and Nainsook. Galoous of all kinds in Irish Point effects. Colored
insertings in pink, blue and black and white.
At Our Well Known Low Prices.
BUGGIES snd WACOXS of all kinds; iIto
Houses and Dullilinpr Iits at bargains.
Lackawanna Carriage Works.
The Wrecked Ship "Sydnia's"
ing Cargo Sale-
Is creating a furore among Scranton' best buyers for the home;
We said last week this would be the Greatest Matting SeHing Event that
ever happened and it is.
Had it not been, that in order to secure this elegant lot of mattings, we
were compelled to invest heavily, the entire line would have been cleaned yes
terday. As it is, the invoice was so large that a very good assortment yet re
mains, in spite of the vast amount sold but it won't last long.
If you need matting, and like real bargains, make your selections with
out delay.
This schedule of comparative values will give you some idea of the
price differences.
17c China Matting, Sale Price, per yard 9Jc
25c China Matting, Sale l'rice, per yard 15c
27e China Matting, Stile Price, per yard ISc
80o China Matting, Sale Price, per yard 19c
85c China Matting, Sale Price, per yard 22c
40o China Matting, hale Price, per yard 25o
45c China Matting, Sale Price, per yard 29c
See Our
Credit Yoa? Certainly!
Wyoming Ave.
Ask About
"Old Hick
ory" Porch
Furniture '
i i aeiu
f I J : II , I f
ft-- -.- ' mfaww Ma
c. E3. Woolsey c Co
Dealers in
Plate Glass and Lumber
Homo Office, 208-209 Hears Building.
VCe aro maturing shorn carh month which
show a net train to tlio investor of about 12
per cent, We loan inonev. Wo also iisue
1 VU, PAID STOCK $100 00 per share. Inter
est payable semi-annually.
ALBURT BAU,, Secretary. I
rear fill Lackawanna aenuc, manufacturer of
Wire Screens of all kinds; fully prepared for
the sprini scasou. We make all kinds of
porch scrcera, etc.
General Centmctor, Builder ami .Dealer In
lliilltlliiR Stone, Cementiae of cellars a spe
cially. Telephone 2592.
Olfke, S27 Washington atenue.
the scranton vltripibd brick
andTilb Manupa cturino Company
Makers of raving: Brick, etc. M. II. thle,
General Bales Agent, Office 320 Washington
avc. Works at Nay Ausr, Pa., E. & W. V.
Six Eagles Mines
An investment opportunity of ex
traordinary merit. It 1b the best
known mining property in tUe etate
of Washington.
A Developed Working nine
Not a Prospective Proposition.
A limited amount of stock is now
being offered to raise money for im
provement iu equipment and gener
al development of the propeity.
Awarded Bronze fledal
At the Pan-American Exposition at
Buffalo last season,
Stock now selling at $ .50 a share.
The pi ice will soon be advanced. Get
in now on the ground floor,
Wilte for full particulars,
1803 Orozler Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
A few days can be pleasantly spent
In a trip to
Norfolk, Va.'
Old Point Comfort, Va.
Richmond, Va.
Washington, D. C.
Steamers sail daily except Sunday
from Pier 26, North River, foot of
Beach street, New York.
Tickets, Including meals and state
room accommodations, ?8.00 one way,
$13,00 round trip, and upwards.
Send stamp for illustrated book.
81 Beach Street, New York, N. Y.
Trafllc Munager. J. J. BROWN,
General Passenger Agent.
General Agent for the Wyoming District for
Dupont's Powder
Ulnlng, Blasting, Sporting, Smokeless and tb
Itepsuno Chemical Company'
Eafety Fuse, Caps and Exploders. Boom 401 Con
nell Building .Ecraatcn.
JOHN B. SMITH & BON Plymouth
E. W. MUI.MUAN ,...,.WIIkc-Ilorre
Allis-Chalmers Co
Successors to Machine Business of
Dickson Manufacturing Co., Scranton
and Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Stationary Engines, Boilers, Mining
Machinery, Pumps.
Pennsylvania Ballroad.
Schedule in Effect Juno 2, ISOL
Trains leave bcranton: 6.JS a. m., vcek dsy
through vestibule traiu from Vt likes Barre. Pull'
rnan buffet parlor car and coaches to Fhiladel
phia, via Poltwillo; stops at principal interme
diate stations.. Also connects tor Hunburj, liar
risburg. Fhilndelnhia, Baltimore, Washington anil
for Pittsburg and the wist.
0.38 a. m., week days, for Sunbury, Barrisburg,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Pitta
burg and the west.
1.42 p. m., week days (Sundays, 1.58 p. m.),
for Sunbury, Harrlsburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore.
Washington ana ruisourg ana me west.
3.28 p. in., week days, through vestibule train
from Wilkes Barre. Pullman buffet parlor can
and coaches to I'Miaaeipma ia rottsvllle. Bto
at principal intermediate stations
4.27 p. m., week days, for Hasleton, Sunbury!
uarrisourg, rnuaaeipma gnu riiuours;.
J. U. HU1C11JNSON. den. Mgr.
J. B. WOOD, Qen. Pass. Agt"
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western.
In Effect Nov. S, 1S01.
Trains leave Scranton for New Sort At 1.40,
8.1S, 6.UJ, 7.00 and 10.05 a. m.; 12.45, 3.40, 3.3i
p. m. For New Yoik and Philadelphia 7.60,
10.05 a. m , and 12.45 and 3.S3 p. m. For Toby
hanna At 0.10 p. m. For Buffalo 1.15, 6 22 ant
8.00 a. m. ; 1.65, 6 50 and 11.35 p. m. For Dinp
hamton and nay stations 10 20 a. m. and 1.11
p. m. For Osnego, bracuse and Utica 1.15 and
6.2.2 a. in.; 1.55 p. m. Oswego, Syracuse and
Utica train at 6 22 a. m. daily, except Sunday.
For Montrose 0.00 a. iu. i 1.10 and 6.50 p. m.
Nicholson accommodation 4.00 and 6.15 p. m.
Bloomsburg Division For Northumberland, at
6 35 and 10.05 a. in.; 1.55 and 6.10 p. m. For
Plymouth, at 8.10 a. m. ; 3.40 and 9.00 p. m
Sunday Trains For New York, 1.40, 3.15, fl.OJ
and 10 05 a. m.; 3.403.33 p. in. For Buffalo
1.15 and 6.22 a. m.; 1.55, 6 50 and 11.35 p. m.
For Ulnghamton and way stations 10.20 a. m.
Blcomsburg Division Leavo Scranton, 10 05 a.
m. and 0.10 p. m.
Delaware and Hudson.
In Effect No; ember 24. 1001.
Trains tor Carbondalo Kac Scranton at 6.20,
8.00, 8.53, 10.U a. in.; 12 00, 1.29, 2.34, 3 52,
6.29, 6.20, 7.57, 0.15, 11.20 p. m.; 1.31 a. m.
For llonesdile 6.20, lO.lSa. m.; 2.34 and 6.3,
p. m.
For Wilkes-Barre 0.38, 7.48, 8.41, 8 38, 10 41
a. m.; 12.0J, 1.4. 2.13, 3.Jtf. 4.27, CIO, 7.43,
10 41, 11.30 p. in.
For L. V. It. It. Po!nU-0.39, 0.33 a. m.; 2.18
4.27 and 11. So p. m.
For Pcmujhanla It. It. Points 6.08, 0.38 a.
m.; 1.42, 3.2S and 4.27 p. m.
For Albany and all points north 6.20 a. m,
and 3.52 P. in.
For Carbondale 3.00, 11.3J a. m.; 2.34, 3.5J,
6.62 and 11.17 p. m.
tor Wilkes Baire 0.33 a. tn.; 12.03, 1.68, 3.23,
0.32 and 0.17 p. m.
For Albany nnd points north 3.53 p. m.
For Honcidalo 8 60 a. m. and 3.62 p. tn. '
W. U I'lUOH, D. P. A bcranton, Pa.
New Jersey Central.
COItlilXTCD TO NOV. 17, 1U01. '
Etatlom iu New York, toot of Liberty street
and boutli lero'i N. It.
Trains leave bcranton for New York, I'lillad.l.
.'liunk, White Haeu, Ashley and Vilkei.Bjrr at
Lehigh Valley Bailroad.
In cftect Muy 13, l!Wi.
'trains leuo Sirsnton.
For Philadelphia and New York via D. i II.
It. H-, at 0 38 and 0.3S a. m and 2.13, 4 27
(lliack Diamond iiireo), und 11.3 p, ro. bun
days, D. i. II. It. It., 1.63, 8,27 p. in.
For W hite Haven, llazleton and principal points
in tlio co j I legions, via D. i 11. li. II., i)Js, J. 18
and 4.27 . in. Fii Pottsville, O.Jb a. in., 2.19
P. m.
For Bethlehem, Taiton, Heading, HarrUburg,
and principal lnuiiuidlale nations, via D. 6. II.
(. II., II J3. 03l j. in.; 2.18, 4 27 (HUck Dia
mond i:prcss), 11:30 p. m. hundjjs, D, i, 1,
II. It,, V3S a. in.; 1.0 o.27 p. in.
For Tunkhannoik, 'lonanda, l.lmira, Ithaca,
Qeuca and principal Intermediate stutlont, til
D., I'. & W', II. It , U 35 a. m. and 3.40 p. iu.
tor Uuicw, Itoche.ter, Ujtlalo, .Niagara Falls,
Chliaco and all points west, tiu D. k II. II. It,
7.48, 12 0:1 a. in.: 3 23 (lllark Diamond f.x
prio), 7.49, 10 41, 11.39 p. lit. bumU, D. L II.
It. It., KM, 8 27 p. in.
Pullman parlor and tleeplng or Lehigh Valley
Parlor isra on all trains bctwetj Wilkes Usrre
und New ork, I'hiladjlpliia, Buffalo and &upen
sUn Bridge,
UOLUN 11. WILBUR, Gen. Supt., 25 Cortland
street, New York.
CIIAULES S. Li:i:. Coo. Pass. Agt , 9 Cortland
kticct, Nen VorU.
A. W. NONI'.UACIIER, Dlv. I'asi. Agt., South
Ucllilehetn, Pa.
For tickets snd Pullman reservations apply to
city tia uiku. 00 1'ublls b)uare, Wilkes lisrre,
UiunK, una, " """"
- i . m.. 1 r,. m. and 4 p. m. bunday, 2.10 p. m.
Obakcr City Kxprcss leaves Stranton at 7,30
a. in., tlnougli solid vestibule trail. 1th Pullman.
Buffet Parlor Car, for Philadelphia, with only
ono change of cars for Baltimore, Washington,
D. C. and all pilnclpal points south and west.
'o.- Avoca, I'iltntou and Wilkti'llarre, lp.ll,
... .. . c.mlav 9.10 n. m.
For Loni Brandi, Ocean Oiove, etc., 7.30 a.
"Vor" Blading, Lebanon and llarrisbnrg, via AN
icntown, at '.SO a. uu and 1 p. ui. buudsy, 2.1 J
'''For rottnllle at 7.S0 a. m. and 1
For ratis and tlcUU i pplv to agent at station, '
W. (I. BKSLEII, Oineral Manager.
C. M. BUltT, Cm. Paas. AgU
New "Vork, Ontario and Western,
in Lffect luesdjy, Sept. 17, ICOl.
w Mltltlt UOUDf
Leave av Arihe
Tialns. birunion. Carbondale. Csdo,la.
H, x ...10 ' 'n- " "' 1 00 p. :
k-o" 7 ........ -lu!'- "' Ar- Carbondale 0,40 u. ro,
1 SsOUltl HOUND.
Lcava Liavo Arrli
Trains. Cadosia. Carbondale. Scranton,
&.::::::::-. t1!l I-t
Leave Leave Arrlvs
Sraulon. Carbondale. Cadosia
.,... 8 JO m. A 0.10 p. in. jo a. m
,,,,,.. 7.00 p. m. Ar. Carbondale 7.10 p. in.
.eavo uat Arrivt
Trains. L'adosu. tariwnuaie. Scranton,
Nr.. ........ 7.00 a. in. 7.40 a. ni.
No. 10 430p.m. 0 ( 045p.m.
Trsim Nos. 1 on eek ds)s, und U on bundays,
make main Hue connections for New York city,
MiddletOKii, Walton, Norwich, Oneida, O.wcga
nd all points west.
For further information consult ticket agents.
J. C. ANDEItiON, C. P. A., New York,
J. E. WELSH, Tt A., Sainton, p. (
No. 0 ,
No. C .
Connolly & Wallace. l
lidL Mwbim
i. ', ,' Iff
, ,r
tf. .2.