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The Perfected
Shoes for Women
Every week the sales of
"Sorosis" shoes show some
increase. There's really no
possible doubt about them
beingthe best shoe made for
ladies. The difficult part about
it is to convince you of this
fact. - ,.We have a convenient
ladies' shoe department and
expert fitters who will give
you every attention. The
next pair ,of shoes you buy
just try a "Sorosis." Al
ways the same price,
"Hanan" Shoes
For Men
Do you know how different
the "Hanan" styles are from
other makes of men's shoes?
If you have an idea there's
no difference, we can convince
you that it's a mistaken idea
and it won't require much of
an argument either. See the
"Colonial" Oxford.
Vi Ak
xlWIrnt 'MKrtMi' w ti
The many explana
tions and assertions we
have published about this
perfected system of
clothes making has con
vinced many beyond a
doubt that it's the up-to-date
method of custom
made clothes, ready-to-wear.
We shall keep on
giving explanations and
advertising 4 'Atterbury"
system. "It's a good
thing," and, we mean to
push this "good thing." The designers and
cutters who first conceived this up-to-date
system of clothes making realized that the
progress made by Americans in all' other
lines of business was also' necessary in the
tailoring business. There's nothing wonder
ful about the "Atterbury System." It's
simply the development of ideas and rules
produced by thoughtful men. As Mr. Edison
is studying to develop electricity, so are these
men striving to raise the standard of clothes
making and make the "Atterbury System"
ESfrn cnmnottt ma HMA
r v
, f
i ft-
The above picture is one of
our- "Special" shapes. It's
very swell and we haven't
the least doubt that jt will be
very popular. We have rnany.
other shapes that are the latest
production of strav hat
makers. There's ,style
and dn abundance of
good qualities" in every
hat. From
50c tQ $3
We need not repeat that
'Manhattan" is the best shirt
made. Most men know it;
but it's possible you don't
know of the rich combinations
of color that's shown in the
new "Manhattan" this season,
in Madras and "Air Cell"
Complete Outfitters to Men arndi Boys.
Tfae News f Catboncfafec
Edward Kenwoithy Was Changed
Though Ho Is on Duty Again.
The Order of His Removal Xeads
to Confusion and Discharge of Two
Men The Tribune's' Story Was
Not Incoriect as Asseited by Del-
awaie and Hudson Officials.
:;A'n- Iteuv.nppeared'In jlhe- Carbondalo
orrcsion'ileiipe"5f- a, morning paper lo
tUfiJcrtecftbatiJibe "Kateninn ut the
Lookout 0)i&Iuk of thy P. & H. had
beVn, rpniuycd. ' ,'u alla.x the alleged
exullqincut of kouiu people ovi'i" the
d'aiiKer ofUlftj'iiiiguarded crossing It
can be suldtiiac "tilts jt'ein .Is Incorrect.
The' ate tdnaefjilind ilfigm;i.ii, Edward
Ivllnv'iirthsj'irj'ftlJoJU dtrly"' there and
will ' lPiriafu aa formerly. ft veiling
Leader of'yesteiilay." "
One of thu liifciyuge.sof this currec-
People Oct Wilful.
A cow or horse or even a dog will re-
1 to cat or drhil: what tin' animal
1 Knows to iio harmful, but 'mankind will
persist In iiourlng In colloe even after
having been fully assured that It Is
't Kteadlly killing lilm. Once In a whllUc
they wake uji and do the sensible thing)
A lady says, "Why will people wait
as long as 1 did when it Is so easy to
m'e oneself the mtlferlng caused by
coffee di Inking'.' After using corfeu
several years I discovered that I was
j breaking down nervouMy, I consulted
I novel ul jloctora.bui in spite of every-
! thing, snea'dHy-grciV woio,
Une.pb.vslelnn lulvlwl me to quit
. eov-;yin((!Si:t1'iU(iyffJ,KJ1,5' llic wa
! of will powei'.'-but every time It was a
'.julHei'iibly fHliuip.
.My stoinavh. was -In dreadful shape
Tilfii'I was uuahlii to sleep at night, ner
vous pioHtratlnn set In and I became
bn'lVrtble to drag-about,
,One day while visiting a minister's
wife, a motherly old lady, sip pioposed
th give mo a cup of coffee, the kind
silo had yjeernusliig, three times a day
for three years. Ho she hi ought out a
clip of the most fragrant, delicious bev-
e'rage. It was coffeajupd- t was not
qbffee, I tried It and wan eigor to
ftiow how It was made.
She Buld, 'Flvci years ago I was af-
(fJotcd much as you are but I quit
'rtJlnltlng coffee and began using J'os-
iuni Food Cotfe,e( and that produced
f-IJiii result you 'see and restored me to
J health.' '
Mbe wild a lqt.inoru and jvUpii I went
feiofna I got a box of J'ostuin find began
'"Yrsfiig It. Sueli a soothing effect took
Slacc and I began Bleeping nights and
felt a relief from my awful nervous
,tii8lon, Gradually and surely I got
r.-well and now I feel us strong and
RieMthy as a woman should at riiy age,
With all my old-time energy restored.
"Vf.jearriestly entrea all coffee drinkers
change to Poatum. What Is the use
of suffering day and night .becitusef of
fjsoine paltry coffee.when one has but to
VJeave'lt off and'uie Postum tosbo. well,
and I think onyoiji will agreo" wltliniiie
that health l'frorth everything else;
money,. Dropferty ar tme," Name gv-
n bf foatu'm Co., Battle Creek; Mich,
Hon Is that Kcnworthy,. the gateman
at the Lookout crossing, bad not been
removed at all. The fact is, as The
Tribune stated yesteuhiy, Kenworthy
was removed and olf duty for a
day. Furthermore The Tribune was
correct when the story that appeared
yesterday was written. Unfortunately
it was crowded out on the day it was
Intended to appear, but was used on
the tlrst opportunity. In the meantime
the return of Kenworthy to his post
was not made public.
'Bev. F. Ellin ger's Contribution
Touching on'tho Situation.
Hev. F. Khlnger, pastor of St. Paul's
Lutheran church, left last evening for
the Lutheran mlnlsterum at ICaston.
Cefoie leaving he communicated the
following to The Tribune, touching on
the strike situation:
"Our annual convention, the Mlnls
terium of the Kvangellcal Lutheran
Church of Pennsylvania, is meeting in
Kaston, whence T go, wishing the stilke
over by my return. During the famous
stilke of 1S77, I had charge of the
Plttston Lutheran church. AVe felt like
a lamlly besieged, as the trains were
cramped with .soldiers, armed to the
teeth, and famine seemed Imminent, I
can never forget the horrlbltt aspects
of the situation, and was glad to leave
the coal regions by neenpt'iig a call
from near Huffalo, ,, y.
"And now 1 live again in tills region
for n number of years, where strike?,
so various, follow each other In such
MiecesMou as to make life unpleasant
In spite of all pleasuie arrangements,
to lull tho people asleep at the bilnk
of the abvss,
" 'And Qod looked upon the earth and
behold It was corrupt.' CJcnesIs, vl:12.
Nothing1 less, but a speedy return to
that true C'hibulnulty and love of the
first century can correct nnd remove
the evils that menace tho world. The
old,, corrupt world, reprrwnted In the
Unman empliu was saved and regen
erated by this true t'hil.stlanlty of the
III st century. Tho speedy return to this
spirit could and would solve tho grave
social pioblems of today,
Itev, P. Khlnser.
May 20. 100J.
"Arizona" Diagram Opeun Tonight..
The diagram for Augustus Thomas'
beautiful play, "Arizona," will open
this evening at 7.10, Cheeks will be
given out at 7,30. This attraction is
guaranteed by tho management of the
(linnd to be the greatest dramatic
eyent In tho history of Carboiidale, The
oilglual cast and production us was
seen during Its long run In New York
city will bo seen here,
Operated on for Appendicitis.
Miss Catherine Momihitn, of Fall
brook street, was operated on for ap
pendicitis at Ibuergency .hospital on
Monday nleht. Yesteulay" her condi
tion was tavofablo uml her recovery
seems assured.
New Yard Engines.
The Delaware and Hudson company
has just received from the Dickson
works three new yard engines of the
latest design. They are luwubticd 25,
20 and 27, They have sloping tanks
und are without puny trucks. The en
gines are considerably heavier than the
yard engines heretofore used by this
company and are capable of much more
work, being able to haul trains of al
most twice the length of the old ones.
No. 23 is being used In the Carbon
dale yard. It Is in charge of Engineer
Blake and Fireman Joseph Herbert.
Numbers 20 and 27 nrfl In use In the
Green Kldge and Wilkes-Barre yards.
They Will Be Held in This City on
June 11.
The United States Civil Service com
mission announces that on June 11 an
examination will be held In this city
for the positions of clerk and carrier In
the nostofllee service.
! This examination is open lo all citi
zens of the United States who eomol.V
with the requirements. Competitors
will be rated without regard to any
consideration other than the qualifica
tions shown In their examination
papers, and elisibles will be certified
strictly In accordance with the civil
service law and rules.
For application blank, full instruc
tions, application should be made to the
Applications may be filed with the
secretary of the local board as Jato as
9 a. m. on June 11, 1002.
P. F, Fox, Secretary Postal Board.
There Will Be No Prohibition Dele
gate from This County.
Itev. Dr. Whalen, pastor of the Ber
ean Baptist church, will not go to the
state Prohibition convention as the
delegate from Lackawanna county. It
is likely, therefore, that there will be
no one to represent this county at tho
meeting of Prohibitionists at New
Castle today, as there is no one of the
parly who Is prepared to step lu and
fill tho breach.
Dr. AVhalen, when the choice fell on
lllm, acquiesced In the wishes of the
county committee and Intended to leave
today, Circumstances of church work
enrao up yesterday that would not al
low him to bo absent, and last night
Dr. AVhulen regretfully decided that he
'would stay at home.
Golf Club's Officers.
The members of the Carboiidale Coif
club met and reorganized for tho sea
son on M,oudny night by electing D, L.
Crane, president; Albert II, Crane, sec
retary, and George II. Paul, treasurer,
Tho club begins Its second year under
very favorablo circumstances. It was
decided to make a number of Improve
ments to the links and a new club
house will be erected to replace the
one destroyed by fire early In the
spring. Those wishing to join the club
may communicate with any of the officers.
Heap Obsequies.
Yesterday afternoon occurred the fu
neral of the late Joseph Heap. The
cortege left his late home at 2.30 and
proceeded to Trinity Kpiscopal church,
where services were held. Itev. It. A.
Ehrlnger officiated. The funeral was
exceptionally large and proved the
high esteem In which tlie deceased was
held by a wide circle of friends. Inter
ment was made in Brookslde cemetery.
Sick in New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Bandall Stevens, of
hunmnt avenue, received word this
week of tho illness of their son, Henry,
in rew lork city, who Is suffering
irom typhoid fever. Word was received
yesterday that ho was resting quite
easy. Mr. Stevens Is a trained nurse,
having been, in the Bellevue hospital
for a couple of years.
Unclaimed Letters.
List of letters remaining in the Car
boiidale postofllce, May 21, 1902, for per
sons unknown:
S. Bell, P. A. Dis, Edward A. Lan
gan, T. F. Price, N, U. Slasburg. J. J.
Ward, William Yundo, Miss Katie M.
Smydern, Mrs. L. A. Llndsey, Mrs.
Welch. J. H. Thomas, Postmaster.
Mrs. Catharine Durphy at Rest.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Cath
erine Durphy took place ypsterday af
ternoon at 'J o'clock, services being
held at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
J. A. States on Mill street, after which
Interment was made In Maplewood
Blackmen, whitemen, red
men, yellowmen, all are busy
eating away at the world's
food supply everyday three
limes a day.
Every one is entitled to a
share. Are you getting yours ?
Does it do you good ?
If not, take Scott's Emulsion.
It is a concentrated, predigest
eel food much nourishment jn
small space and all usable by
the weakest system.
It restores the flesh of young
nd old.
Send for l'lc Sample. '
SCOrr & DOWNS. CbcmUli, iw I'iarl St.. N. V. '
Remains Taken to Plttston.
Tho funeral of tho late Pearl Hale
took place yesterday morning at 11
o'clock. Services were held at the late
home on Spencer street, after which the
remains were conveyed to tho Delaware
and Hudson nnd tnken to Plttston
where interment was made.
Fishermen After Trout,
M. J, Oliver, of Summit avenue, nnd
William Foster, of Cherry avenue, me
on a fishing trip near Unlondale.
Richard Craft, of Clark avenue, re
turned from Ilonlck Centre last even
ing with a largo basketful of trout.
Walter Mills s 111 at his home on Gil
bert street,
James Staple, of Waymart, drove to
this city yesterday. s
Kugeno Cusick, of Sorauton, was a
Carboiidale visitor last evening.
Prank Coddlngtou, of Tanner's Falls,
was a Carboiidale visitor yesterday,
John O'ltourko Is back at wotk af
ter sojourning a week on the grand
Jury at Scianton.
David Lewis, of .South Main street,
Is In Philadelphia undergoing an opera
tion on his eyes. Mr, Lewis la lu the
Wills Kye and Ear hospital,
Charles II. Wvllrs, of Siranton, jrij J. 1),
Stoiktr, cf .lemon, made a luoliirt hip to
I'liilailrlpliU Monday, whom tliey met Mr, H'il.
IUiii Walker ami ilosdl j con trait fur five water
plants it Kitlamiluy and udjaceut leirlluiy, II le
new omieu will consolidate the the iomi.mtti,
'I le plant will he u model one and one ut the
liett in ncstcin IViimylwnU of any touu of ill
tin: KltlJiiiilns It Hie county teal of Arm.
ttioug luunly, forty-four miles northeast of l'itls
liuri; on (lie Allegheny rlwr. The new dant
h!II le canltollteil at about one-lull million.
The proirolcrs are lacked by Srranton and Kit
tanning capitalists. The property is a uluablc
one and considered a good purchase. Mr. J. J.
Miller, of Jcnnjn, has been employed by the i.ew
company, and will leave on Monday to take
charge of the new enterprise.
Mrs. ,1. U. Stotker, of Jcnnyn, has iued about
l."0 imitations to her friends from Caibondalc to
Siranton, for a tea to be ghen Thuisda.v after
Mioon, and it will be the social event of the wu
on in Jenmn.
Friday will be patrons' day at the public
schools, at which time patents and all friends
of education Jrc most cordially invited to IU.
There will be on exhibition work that has been
piled away during the jcars, done by each pupil
on eery subjcit . The teachers have done tomo
hard work in pieparations for litis event, and
earnestly desire a larpe attendance.
Friday evening there will be a society meeting
In the Primlthp Methodist chinch. Hev. Buck
ingham, of WilKes-Uarre, will lead the exercises
and a large attendance is desired. Kicrjono is
cordially invited to be present.
The Alonzo Hatch entertainment, which was to
have been given in Assembly hall last evening,
nua cancelled on account of the strike.
A large gathering of people attended the recital
given by the mu-Iu pupils of St. Patrick's acad
emy, at the Father Mathew- Opera House last
eiening. An attractiie programme was presented
and the efforts of each participant was much ap
preciated and liberally applauded by the audience,
Charles O'Hojle, of Lackawanna ttreet, left yes
terday for New York.
Tho lctteis uncalled for ut tho Olyphant post-
omco are as follows: I). B. Kians, W. G, How
ard, lllanehc Morane, ,T. I. Williams, Waller
Cioss. William llisns, James Hodirins, John K.
Jones, Amu .1, Loftus, Viola Murphy, Sidney
Jtlchmoud, John S.wuon", MifS i'.llrn Connell,
Tlie funeral of Fiank Udwaids, of flra&y Island,
will be held this afternoon tit 2.30 o'clock. Inter
ment will lie made In I'rwpect cenictciy, Peck
llle. Mis. William Kians, of i:dvardillp, is tho
gnet of .Mr, and Mrs. 0car Azer, of lllakely.
The employes of tho UclauMO and Iluiton col
lieries here wire paid yontcrday.
Tlie weekly social of tho .liuenis Panting tliuta
will he held in Mahon's hall Friday evening,
.Musiii by Lawicncc a orchestra.
.Many from hcic attended the ciicus at Scranton
yesterday, i
Miss Mrlc Kians, of Plttston, la visiting friends
in town.
The lllakely Choral society accepted tlie imita
tion of their Instructors, Tied II. and Mrs. Palny
Hall, and paid them a ilslt last eiening
at lliclr homo in Scranton, coiner of Mulberry
street and Momoe- aieutte, The society, about
thlity stroiur, made tho trip In a trolley car.
The host und hostess gaio a very cordial wcleoino
to their guesta. The eiening was tpent ery
pleasantly lu soma-, mtulo and amucment9. Itc
frc.hmenU were terved, anil the hoclety returned
to lllakely glad oier tho oening's pleasure.
For the Boys and Girls
Also the Grown People.
This cut. represents a J
new novelty the 2oth
Century Air Ship. De-
lights everybody, durable
and harmless in every
respect, will fly from jo
to 300 feet in the air, and j
iinay be used hundreds
'of times. One of these
Air amps given wun
every $i.o purchase or f
more of bhoes or Ox
fords. All the new
Summer Styles now in
I The Brooks & Sanderson Shoe Co.,
Cor. Lackawanna and Wyoming Aves.
J P. S. We Also Give Green Trading Stamps.
After an lllncsj of peveril months, Joseph Hall
passed away at tho home of Mrs. James Nash,
of I'nloii street, je.terdjy afternoon at 1.B0
o'clock, lie was li jean of ago and a member
of Mluooka tllbe, .No. 'JI7, linpioied Order of
Ited .Men. The funeral Mill be held onvThurlay
afternoon, Interment in the 1'rcsli) tcrlau (erne
tery, The following police oftliris hue been appoint
ed by llingess V, l, tirifrttln und Chief of Police
Kiam for the varioui Maids, and appiutid by
the police committee of the borough council;
liiat ward, John Howard, Thomas Wclby, John
Powell, HUhard MorrU; Suond ward, I'.dwm
Allen; Thiid ward, William l'riie, William Jones,
(ieorgu I'eny, John II. Thomas, C.'lirltt Zumhatlr,
Fourth waul, John Kians; Fifth waid, IV, J.
itaudall; Hi Mil ward, First dUlritt, W. J. Wil
liams, Conrad Phlllipi, John W.ivi; beiond dis
Irht, (ieoige Mianuon, Joseph I'rl tr.
'Hie fuueial of Daniel Jenkins took plain fmm
Itl-t late homo In llaihertown, Old Foige, jiv.ef.
day afternoon, and was largdy attended. Inter
mriit was made in Murcy cemetery,
Mr. and Mrs. V. J. HoAlns and family, of
Alhcrton ttreet, attended the funeral of tlie fur.,
liter's mother, Mrs. Margaiet lloskins, at Wet
Scranton, )eierday,
Mluooka tribe. Order of lted Men, will meet
in legular teuton this eirnlng.
Meiiliant M. V. Judge is liomo from Philadel
phia, where lie i lilted hi brother, J.tnes Jud,;e,
who is levelling treatment in a hospital there,
TI16 Ijikawanna company will pay the tin.
p)o;c of tho larious collieries in this borough
on Saturday. The Delaware and Httdion torn-
pany will pay their emplojes at Ciicenwood Xos.
1 and 2 mines today.
Taylor lodge, Knights of Pjtliias, will meet
tills eiening in regular scciun.
Mes-M. Jccph Coomlm, John A, I'.vans and
Jolm Ott left jesterday Mr Allantie City.
MImis und May Pltllllns ami Su-Io Powell
visited friends in Kingston on the .Sabbath.
Prof, (Jcorge Howclls, of Siranton, was a
buslncfs taller in town jestcrday.
JIanv of our citizens attended the clrciu
Simi'cn yesterday,
William Hughes and Mart Segraies spent yester
day fbllng at Lake Lodorc.
The Forest and Stream club will meet Saturday
eiening at 8 o'clock at tho office of tlie Peik
Lumber Manufacturing (oinpany, All membeia
ate lequcttcd to be piesent,
'Jhv iiieinbers nf Hatper lodge, No. T07, Inde
pendent Order of OJd Fellows, will meet at tho
hoso hotf-s UiU afternoon at 1 o'clock, prior to
altendlng tie funeral of tho late Frank K, IM
wards, members of Warahpa tribe, No. 211, Im
proud Order of lied Men, will meet at the ho
litmo at 1 p. in. today to attend the funeral of
(la late Frank F. Kdwards.
The funral of tho latn Frank IJ, Kduards, of
flimsy tiet(, will take plate at the .Methodi.t
Kpiscopal thurcli this afternoon at 'J o'clock, Hev.
F, (.eudall clticlatlug. Interment In Protpcct
Mr. H, M, Steele, of Piltsbuig, grand organ.
I?er of the Daughter of Ht, fieorge, has been in
tonn during tlie pat few dajs, Vesterdiy tftcr.
noon a large delegation of the Daughtrrs from
Jeiiniii to li.imouth were piesent. A few dim
cullks bale been can. I tig disturbances lately in
tlie order, and Mrs. S'tecls rame here to esplalu
the lawa and ipicll Hie disturbances.
The remains of Ocorgo Steecle, who died in lie
Philippines tcveral months ago, were taken lu
Motion's undertaking rstabll.liment on Saturday
eiening and prepared for burial. The family 10
sides In liurjea, and owing lo hi.? iiiothci's ill
heallli they were not taken homo until a ftw
houis before bmlal, Inteimeut wuc nude with
military hunors in Many cemeteiy.
The Infant daughter of Mr. and Mis. (irorge,
of White llaiui, uas Interred lu Langclllfe ccine
tery on Sunday afternoon,
'Ihe fiiiieul of Mrs. Audrew lleal.-.v look plate
on fcutuulay afternoon, lutenneiit was made in
tt. Marj's lemetcij".
MUcs Allvu Hellly and Nellie Armstrong, of
i'iltston, spent Sunday with (rioiulj here.
All illlTereuces bettvicu the brldgemen and (lie
Da) ton t'ouitructlon lompatiy haic been seltltd.
and a full corps urc at 1101k yesterday morning
on tlio Hprlng Urook bridge.
Mis, Mario Pnrmvl and tun children, of ll.izli
ton, are guests of Mrs. Sanders of Lincoln Hill.".
Will F. Iltttke, ftlatrlng with hla own lompan;',
Is plijlng a three-light'.' engagement In Sau'.
field Opera lloue this neck.
Mr. Joseph Miller, of Carbond.ilp,
spout Monday with Ills sister, Mrs.
James Voran,
Miss Mary Thomas, of Wllkcs-Bftrre,
spent Sunday with her parents.
The Misses Hind entertained a foiv
of their friends on Saturday evenltiR at
their home on Main street.
Mr. Bofirar returned to his home In
New York after spending Sunday In
Mr, William Campbell left yesterday
for White Haven where, ho has secured
a position,
Miss Davis, of Hyde Park, spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. U D. War
ner. Mr. Thomas Glllet, while at work In
the mines some time ago, was htruclt
in the eye with a piece of coal, Ills
eye Is In 11 very critical condition.
Miss Mae Greene spent Sunday with
her parents at Plains.
First Class Tickets to San Franclsctt
nnd Return at Less Than One Way
On account of tho Imperial. Council,
Nobles of the Mystlo Schflne, San
Francisco, California, June 10th mil,
1002, (ho Lackawiiumv railroad will ls
fiue first-class excursion tickets from
Scianton at the low rate of $66.25 for
tho round trip, on salo good going May
2fltli to June 7th Inclusive and for re
turn to reach original starting point
not luter than 60 days from original
date of purchase of ticket, See Depot
Ticket Agent In regard to stop off priv
ileges variable routes, side trips, Pull
man reservations, etc.
Western Union Official Resigns,
Uy Kxcluslie Wiie from The AocUtcd Press.
Philadelphia, May 20.WHltim IJ. GUI has re
signed as superintendent of the Sixth distikf of
(ho Wotciu t'nion Telegraph company, eastern
dil Ulon.
. 4 - r, - .