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Tlie News of
hi .-''
.Pelaaro nnd Hudson Bailrond.
.' . N'oi ehilicr , 1U01. ,
.Trains lcao Caibondalo at city station as fol
"2;or 8cranon ami VVIIkrs-n.irrc-n.00 , 7.0IJ, .M,
J0.O1,. 10.01, 11.21 a. 111.! 1.00, 1.13, 2.0. .!).
5.00, 7.00, 10,01, 11.00 p. 111. , ., , , 1ft
wiBiinday Train lenie at 8.50, 11.21 a. m.j l.W.
2.40, 6.M), 8.M p. m. , ,, , ......
for Alinny, Satatoga, Montreal, uoion, J
Inland poiiiln, etc., 7.00 n. m.i 4.13 p. m.
' Tor Wnjm.nt and Honesdale, 7.22, 11.03 " n-S
3.51, (I.2J p. in. . ,, . ,.,.
Sunday Irnlns leave Wnymart and llonesuaio
It O.S0 a. m.t -1.15 p. in.
Trains atrlvc at l.'atbondalp doni wllkw-lj"
, and, Scrnnlnti as follows: 0.WI. 8.JI7. IM0. 10 j
"ai m.i 12.37, 2.00. 3,13, 4.23, 0.0J, 7.01, 8.31, ..
11.B7 p. 111.! 2.03 a. in. .. , ,
Sunday trilns arrive at 0.27 0. m.! 12.10, 3.L'.
"I.W, 0.21,' 1 1. f... p. In, , ,,.,
Stmdnv trains nrrlio at C.irbnnd.ilp fiom
'mart and lloneidalo-nt 12.17 and 7.M p. "
'New York, Ontario and Western.
September 17. 1(01. .
Train's lraic Caibondalc (or Scranton at i.ou
' ni.: 4.00 p, in.
.Sunday tr.ilns at 7.00 a, m.: 0 0,1 p. m.
Trains leave Cirlioml.ilc for poinK no"1' ."J
11,10 s:i.'m On'a. m. r,a,11"
leal Ins at 11.00 n. in. week diys and 0.10 n. m.
Snnda.iit nuke connections for New orK, cm
w.ill, rte. ,,
., Trains nirivn finni Sci anion nl 11.10 n. ni..
p. oin.: from points north, 4.00 p. m. FiincMjs
fretn Friaritnn at 0.10 j. in. and 7.15 p. m.i
from Cndnsla at 0.&! i. in.
Subscribers (o The Tribune arc rc
'questcd to roport any Irregularity or
confusion !n tho delivery of this paper,
"either to the Carbondnlo branch of The
Tribune In tho Burke building, or Rob
ert & Reynolds, newsdealers. Some
eonfiiflon In delivery has been reported
to this ofllee, end to aid in efficient ser
vice subscribers are urged to report at
once any dollnqulncy.
Ontario rind Western Company Sends
Homo Its Clerks at Mayfleld Yard j
Until Farther Notice Tho D. & H.
to Do Likewise Merchants Will
Not Ecfuse Credit During tho
The numerous offices of the Ontario
nnd Western company at Maylleld yard
arc all but deserted. Of all the force
there, none is at work but the heads of
departments, perhaps a half-dozen.
Tho enforced vacation took place yes
terday, when the clerks were notillod
that there would be no work for them
until further notice. While the notice
was depressing, it was not a surprise.
What work icnmlncd after tho strike
was declined was cleared away on Sat
urday. As no trains are moving on the
road, no coal being transported, ail tho
collieries, washcries, etc, being closed,
there is nothing to engage the clerks.
Hence their suspension.
Tho coal Inspectots of the company
are Included In the order, as there Is
no effort being made' to operate even
this several waMiertes which the On
tailo and Western controls between
hero and Scranton.
IL might be said that only a handful
of men are at work on tills illusion of
the Ontario and Western. As the mad
Is practically tied up, few cars moving
and engines being lined up in the yard,
the shop hands at Mayfleld yard have
been laid olf. In all, clerks, shop hands
and trainmen, there are over 1!00 men
out of work on theJDutnrlo nnd Wcst
prn. The Erie has laid off Its otllce help.
This order, however, does not affect so
many as the Ontario and Western.
Tho Delaware and Hudson has not
issued a suspension order, but it is
looked for almost any day this week.
Tho clerks are now getting their work
up to date, which will take only a few
days. After this, there will bo nothing
to do, save for some of the clerks in
the freight office, nnd tho company will
bo certain not to carry any unemployed
help on its pay rolls. During tho last
coal strike, tho Delaware and Hudson
clerks were not suspended, but those
in tho Ontario and Western offices were.
Tho woik in the repair shops of the
Delaware and Hudson is necessarily
slackening, with tile consequence that
an order has been issued laying the
employes off for tho last three days of
this week. It is not known whether the
suspension will be made indefinite.
The enforced Idleness of the several
hundred men In Carbondnlo, nnd the
fear, that It may continue for a long
period, has stirred them to seek em
ployment in other Ileitis beyond the in
fluence qf tho anthracite strike. Since,
and even befoie, the strike numerous
young men began casting about for ap
pointments that would provide for them
Jn tho event of tho blight or a. strike in
this region. Some have been success
ful, and, If the prospects of a prolonged
lock-out grow, there is likely to bo a
lively exodus of young Carbondnlo men,
.n"pprec!ubly greater than after tho
abandonment of the gravity road of
tho Delaware nd Hudson.
Mercliunts Will Give Credit.
The merchants of Carbondnlo will not
cease giving" credit to their customers
during1 'the strike, unless tho Jobbers
hnuld refuse to allow credit for what
o'lsthe.vijn.c.rpbunta buy. ,
TWj3!,i';'d(!i:J(lr1d .nL.tho, meeting of
-tho M"rSrWU:, Jh'oUwtlyq,, association,
pef&teUio( eifysiitev tno" 'matter.
'4Wr nustioaw Vius 4 thoroughly can
vassed, nnd the united sentiment was
tll-lf- Mm innrnli'iiilo .n..l.,n .1....I. ,,,
strike as before, nnniely, to give credit
to wlionjgyor In their JufJg)ije.nUviJi,en-
Mhltes;-Brrilliitf: NeWsfm-
pecs.;,;,. .iu4j ,;
t'otiration cnnnnY r.nnffv,.a
(&S0C-f."4 I? ,W';''but
(il(e elements -necesaury
'tll soft Ci'.IV miltlui. In
.i.r'' m f. . " "
tells hJwjfieKot yc1I from
ape-Nuta-J&jygkfgsk pood,. "I
ti'd bv seVernl. n1iv.uir.inm, n,
lospltal. My dlsinjcj. Jvna pro-
iviieuruBiuuiiiii lljerY.PUB pros-
.-.H Joctftvft, gavi, me various
tallica "-without producing anv
cl?A MuJO, ,1 finally got so weak
2jar KgoT'Tiegan-tho'usa
Of-Grape-Nuts and a marked improve
ment set.ii at once, -Ju.elfclit, weeks I
had reedlned' 'my 'strength' ttrid could
do my old" work ev6h t)etfe'r than bo
fpre,thcot SvrUIn X.tUe pTftj -xh
hdhW ttf 'drape-Nun." NdtmnflVeh by
Dostum, 'Co,.,Btt'tle-Crek, -Mich,
la tz
ft " a tuim
. TH AaLS t!
Vfll cohtol
lliM CO
on tho wholesale men deullng likewise
Willi the Carbondnlo itierclinnts.
The chief factor In the merchants ar
riving at this decision was Unit the
miners from tills city did not want it
strike. They Rent four deloRUtcs who
were opposed to a strike and four who
were instructed to follow President
Mitchell's advice. The strike was not
of the making of tho Carbondnlo mens
it was only unfortunnto that their
wishes did not prevail.
The local mcrehantn say they have
not felt the eltects of the strike, as yet.
Iluslncss was as good as usual Satur
day night and there was tho. ordlnnry
volume yesterday. The buying now is
from tho money made the past month,
or saved now and then In anticipation
of a strike. It will ho a couple of
weeks before the receipts of the cash
drawer will show there Is a strike.
Four Young Men Leave Carbondalo
for Other Fields.
Tho miners strike In causing some
changes among the young men. of the
town, many of whom are being forced
to sock other positions.
The first to leave the city by reason
of enforced idleness are Charles .T.
Mahoney and Robert Schoonover. Hoth
were employed In the cigar factory
of P. J. Collins, ns cigar makers. On
Saturday night they suspended work
and yesterday they loft for the K.i3t,
intending to locate In Roston, Mass.,
where tho prospects of steady employ
ment at their trade are bright.
Jtlr Mahoney and Mr. Schoonover
made themselves exceedingly popular
among a wide circle of friends in Car
bondalc, since locating here. The
former Is from lilnghumton and the
latter from Honesdale. Roth are fore
most among tho members of the Cen
tennial Social club, Mr, Mahoney hav
ing been Measurer. Mr. Schoonover
was conspicuous In local athletics, lie
played with the "Indian foot ball team
and has won prizes In athletic con
tests. Their departure will be regret
ted by a host of well-wishing friends.
Thomas Joyce and Casper Benson,
who likewise leave many friends behind
in Carbondalo, departed Inst evening
fu- Chicago, where positions await
them. Roth were Delaware & Hudson
This Is How Citizens Regard Re
moval of Gate-tender at Lookout
Crossing of D. & H. Will Petition
Councils to Keep Man There.
The property owners In the vicinity
of Lookout mossing of the Delaware
& Hudson arc aroused over the order
of tho railroad people of a few days
ago, removing Edward Kenworthy, the
man who lowered and raised tho safety
gates at this point, and transferring
him to another place down the valley.
The crossing is now without the' pro
tection that the citizens feel v their
safety demands and their voices are
making n. chorus of vigorous protests
against what they denounce ns a
source of great danger. Those protests.
The Tilbuno has been informed of by
residents of the vicinity of tho crossing
will ho voiced in a petition to councils,
asking that Iho Delaware & Hudson
company, bo directed to maintain a
man In the signal tower in place of
Kenworthy whose station has been
changed Tho operator In the tower is
supposed to do the work, hut the com
plaining residents say that his duties
will not permit him to give the gates
tho attention they call for. He is
obliged to report tho passing of trains,
taking their number, etc., which takes
his tlino and attention. Half tho time
he has no opportunity to lower the
gates. This condition prevailed, tlicy
declare, dulng the last strike. The
gateman was temporal lly removed, as
now and several times a day, it Is
claimed, no gates were loweicd; the
crossing was unguarded and teamsters
or persons could rush unchecked Into
the path of danger. It is the purpose to
pi event a repetition of these dangers
and the steps for tho presentation of
the petition nro now under way.
The Lookout crossing Is extremely
dangerous. Fourteen passenger trains
on the main lino pass the crossing
each way every day, and four each
way on the Honesdale branch. Re
sides theie are scores of coal and
freight trains, though tho coal trains
are not running these days. A3 the
passenger trains lly past at top speed,
almost, and tho roadway over the cros
sing Is traveled constantly, there is
grave concern over the lack of protec
tion that it is claimed exists.
The Close of the Season.
Thcro will be a fitting close to tho
theatrical season In Carbondalo with
tho presentation of Augustus Thomas'
"Arizona" at tho Grand on Saturday.
"Arizona" is a play that bus met
with popular npprovul because of the
picturesque types It so faltfully pres
ents. The play is a greater educator,
for It presents a true plcturo of a
picturesque part of our country tho
wilds of Arizona, In a manner that
could not be possible through tho uso
of n roomful of histories. The play is
so splendidly staged that it will bo
n. treat to Carbondallans. Next to
"Tho Ronnie Rrler Rush,' it will rank
ns tho best production ever booked
for Carbondale.
Mayfleld Man Creates Disturbance.
A man fiani Mayfleld, named Cawley,
annoyed pnssersby on Washington
btreot, just before noon jfesterduy by
stopping them and Indulging in maud
lin talk, Sanitary I'nllccmiin Moflltt
arrested Cawley, but had to have tho
assistance of James Campbell before
tho prisoner wns safely lauded In the
city jal. When tho cell floor was
opened ho mado a stubborn --Hell t
against being Imprisoned, and "for a
few minutes made things lively for
tho officer and those who assisted him.
Cawley will be brought befoio Mayor
O'Nell this morning.
Meetings of Tonight.
William II, Davies Post, G. A. R.
St, Vincent do Paul.
Lackawanna Tribe, Red Men.
Carbondulu Conclave, Ileptusuphs.
Boys in Trouble,
Alderman Delavan hold three young
sters, Michael Nallln, Cornelius Dug
gan and John Sullivan In 4100 bail each
on tho complaint of Angela Cutra, of
Hospital street. Curra' suys tho boys
for a Joke stoned his house to their
heart's content, breaking a. number of
windows. The joko was turned In tho
nldcrninn's court when the three Bports
were held for their appearance.
Enjoynblo Affair Under Auspices of
P. O. S. of 'A.
The members of tho band of Wash
ington camp, Patriotic Order Sons of
America, sustained their reputation ob
entertainers by successfully conduct
ing a concert in Cambrian hall, on
South' Church street. An lee cream
social followed.
The band entertained with two open
air numbers, the "Now Annapolis
March" and "Tho Colonel Brett
Starch." Tho programme In tho hall
"Friendship March," (Macklc)s "Two
Action March" (Hood); "Golden Wed
ding Waltz" (Mackle); "Creole Belles'!
(Lampo); "Yale 'Varsity March"
( Johnston): "Bachelor Club March"
(3t. Clair); "McCunc Cadets" (Farrar).
The hall was crowded,
Common Council After Protracted
Discussion Postpones Passing Or
dinance for Repeal of Municipal
Water "Plant " Bonds Until City
Solicitor Gives His Opinion Both
Councils Meet.
The municipal water question in Car
bondalo bids fair td lead to Interminable
discussion. There was another phase of
the project ventilated In common coun
cil last night until some of the mem
bers spoke twice or more during the
close debate.
The protracted discussion was pro
voked by the reporting of the ordinance
repealing the bond Issue of $143,000,
which Mr.-Stone Introduced at the last
meeting of Common council. Some
members ofcouncll want the bonds re
pealed in order that money may be
procured for the liquidation of even
some of the city's expense's, which are
piling up like a hay stack In the midst
of u Held of hay makers in harvest
time. Other councllmen believe that
the bonds should be left undisturbed
until the Injunction suit be fully dis
posed of by the lower court. The
council -for the city shares in this "view,
that tho bonds should be untouched
until the supreme court either affirms
or over rules Judge Halsey's opinion.
The opinions were plainly expressed
!nst night and in making a fight for
postponing action those who were op
posed to disposing of the matter now,
fought for a postponment until the city
solicitor's written opinion as to the
regularity of either course be obtained.
This side led by Mr. Nealon was suc
cessful. Action was postponed until
City Solicitor Stuart could present a
written opinion. This resolution of
couise is subject to the action of select
In the discussion Messrs. Nealon,
Whitfield and Hobbs opposed im
mediate action, while Messrs. Stone,
Thompson, Masters and Salem argued
In favor df repealing the bonds In order
to relievo the city's finances. Subse
quently Mr. Salem Inclined to the other
side and it wafiihlSninotlon t6 postpone
action that prevailed.
Tho other Important matter of coun
cil was the passage on two readings of
Chairman Masters ordinance for addi
tional arc lights.
Tho other business of tho session
were the adoption of the following res
olutions: Ry Mr. Thompson Dlrestlng that tho
city water bo turned on in the drink
ing fountains and in Memorial park
from G a. m. to 10 p. m.
By Mr. Whltiield That the Joint
building committee effect the needed
repairs oa the city building.
There was a license ordinance Im
posing a tax on all venders, which Mr.
Clark Introduced.
Mr. Whitfield brought before council
what uppearcd to be too rapid running
of curs by the Scranton Railway com
pany. No action wns taken, though
Chairman Masters jocularly suggested
that cyclometers bo placed on the
wheels of the trolley cars' to keep tabs
of them.
On Mr. Stone's suggestion, tho city
engineer will inquire Into the rotten
condition of the roadway on either
side of tho trolley tracks on Belmont
In Select Council.
Tho most important measure dis
posed of at tho meeting of select coun
cil was the adoption of resolutions
providing for n surface spwer on Arch
bald stieet, to Eight avenue.
Tho resolution covering tho sewer
dispute of John AVaterfleld and one
similar involving tho property of Mrs.
A. V. Nichols which common council
passed last week, after considerable
discussion wero leferred to committee.
Tho common council ordinance pro
viding for a sewer on Thorne street
Volumes, nt times, of woman's happi
ness or misery. The dull, sunken eye,
with its dark circles almost surely speaks
of womanly ill-health, nnd its attendant
suffering. With the dull eye goes usu
ally the ballow, sunken cheek, the drawn
mouth, the shrunken form the whole
glory of woman's beauty marred by tho
effects of disease.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures
the diseases which undermine the health
and mar the beauty of women. It estab
lishes regularity, dries weakening drains,
heals inflammation and ulceration, and
cures female weakness.
Sick women are invited to consult Dr.
Pierce by letter free, and so obtain tho
advice of a specialist upon their disease,
All correspondence is strictly private
and sacredly confidential. Address Dr,
U. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
"Willi pleasure I send a few lines to let you
know that I feel much belter tlmu for eight
years before talihitf your medicine," writer Mrs,
I'lercc (lelse, of 8 Wen I'hlla. Hlreet, York, la.
"Will recommend Ur, 1'ierce's medlciue to every
ferou who may inquire us to wlut It liai done
or me, 1 was troubled with female weaknem,
and bean to think I would never lie well. Iff
had continued the trcctmeut prescribed by my
doctor I don't know what would have become of
me. When your tieatiucnt was commenced my
weight was loS pounds, at present it I U.
Rave healthy color and my friends say I look
well, My best thanks to you and my best
wishes, loo, for what you have done for rue."
"Favorite Prescription" makes weak
women strong, sick women well, Accept
no substitute for the medicine which
works wonders for weak women.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cleanse
the clogged system front accumulated
WH f w
ml (c
tkfrbfst family laxative
It is pure.
It is gentle.
It is pleasant.
It is efficacious.
It is not expensive. ' ' ' '
It is good for children.
It is excellent for ladies.
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It is used by millions of families the world over.
It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians.
If you use it you have the best laxative the world
to tho Canaan street sewer, passed
first and, second reading.
Thcro was an ordinance by Mr. Bar
rett providing for a Are hydrant, at
the upper end of Fallbrook street,
whore lire recently destroyed a resi
dence, largely beeause of lack of water
facilities. It was referred to commit
tee. A resolution for a profile of Lincoln
avenue cast from Harrison avenue was
adopted. Concurrent resolutions were
adopted as follows: Payment of bills,
requisition of Mitchell company, re
pairs on city building by joint building
The resolution directing that the
water flow in tho drinking fountains
was sent to committee. It was con
sidered to be ahead of the game, as it
were, to start the water at this time.
JAMES HEAP, a native of 'Manches
ter, England, anil a resident of Car
bondale for twenty years, passed away
at his home on Itoger avenue on Sun
day morning. His sickness was brief
of three days' duration. An affection
of the heart brought on tho end.
Mr. Heap was C3"years old. He came
to thls"'country in infancy. Ho came
here from Brooklyn, N. Y and worked
in the Deiawar.e nnd Hudson car shop
and the .Hendricks company's plant,
where ho was employed as machinist
up to the time o'f his sickness. Ho be
longed to the congregation of Trinity
church, and was a member of Fidelity
conclave, Hcptasophs. He had numcr
our warm friends. His wife survives
him; nlso two step-daughters, Mrs.
Bonham, of Simpson; Edwin Walker,
The funeral will take place this af
ternoon nt 1! o'clock. Services at
Trinity church by Rev. It. A. Sawyer.
Burial will bo in Brookdule cemetery.
of T, K. Durphy, of Scranton, passed
away Sunday evening at a Scranton
hospital, where she had been taken for
treatment several days ago. The de
ceased was brought from Scranton by
Undertaker Purple and was taken to
the home of her daughter, Mrs, J, A.
States, No, 69 Mill street, from where
the funeral will be held this afternoon
at 3.30 o'clock. Interment will bo
made In Mnplewood cemetery.
Mrs. Durphy was born In Susque
hanna county, but had been a resident
of Carbondale for about twenty years.
She wns nn attendant at the Presby
terian church. She is survived by her
husbnnd and two children, Mrs. John
A. States and B. E. Durphy.
PEARL JIAIR. 2-year-old daughter
of "William J. and Violet Hale, of No.
91 Spencer street, died Sunday evening,
after a brief Illness, The family have
resided here about eighteen months,
and a wide circle of friends offer their
sincere sympathy. The funeral will bo
held this morning at 11.30 from tho
home. Tho child will bo taken on the
1 o'clock Delaware and Hudson train
to Yntesvllle, where burial will be
KILEEN. Two children, Infnnts, of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Kileen, of Electric alley,
died this week. One succumbed Sun
day,' the other yesterday. "Whooping
cough was the cause.
Changes at Hotel American.
Tho contomplated changes at Hotel
American took place yesterday. Tho
ctifo was changed from tho rear to the
front, to tho room occupied until yes
terday by tho Lackawanna Vulley
Electric Light company. This was tho
former location of the cafe, Tho elec
tric light company moved Into Its new
quarters In tho Shannon building,
Delegates Lenve for Convention.
Tho following delegates to tho Odd
Follows' grand "convention at Erie left
this city last evening;
Mrs, S, N. Bayley, Luoretla lodge,
Daughters of Itebekuh; Charles A.
Knse, Cambrian lodge; George W.
Hughes, Lackawanna encampment;
Edward Hall, Olive Leaf lodge,
Dr, Downton at Home.
Dr, Ernest Downton, who bus been
graduated with thin year's class in
medlclno nt tho Mcdico-C'hlrurglcal col
lege, Philadelphia, arrived homo last
evening, and was besieged with the
congratulations and welt-wishes of his
friends. (
Masons to Visit.
A delegation of Masons from Carbon
dalo will go to Jermyn this evening to
spend a few hours as tho guests of
their brethren of the borough lodge,
Tho visitors will leave hero on tho 7.06
Delaware anil Hudson train.
Alvord & Hale Dissolve.
The croucrv firm of Alvord & Male
was yesterday formally dissolved. G.
C. Alvord retires, and S. F. Male re
mains to continue the business in its
present location on North Main street.
J. E. Ryan, of Honesdale, is in the
Vincent C, Manners was a visitor in
Scranton yesterday.
Thomas Carson, of Scranton, was a
Carbondale visitor yesterday.
Peter D. Nlland, of Scranton, mado a
business trip to Carbondalo yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Mahon, of Toby
lianna, visited in Carbondale on Sun
day. John F. Carroll, of Elmlra, N. Y
Is making a business visit in Carbon
dale. A, L. Rose, the well known Scranton
hatter, was a Carbondale visitor on
Miss Delia Devaney, of Scranton, was
the guest on Sunday of her sister, Mrs,
M. Morrison.
Joseph Keller, of Wtlkes-Barre, was
the guest of John Keller, of this city,
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Battenberg, of
Archbald, called on Carbondalo friends
on the Sabbath.
Miss Sadie Gdllena, of Dunmore, re
turned home yesterday after a few
day's visit with Carbondalo friends.
Misses Grace Evans and Lizzie Davis
of Scranton, are visiting at the home
of. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Morgan, on Salem
Mrs. H. M. Isby and Miss Maggie
Somers, have returned to Scranton
after a brief visit with Carbondale
Theophllus Morgan, who has been at
home on a brief visit, returns todny to
attend tho graduation exercises of his
class in the Philadelphia College of
Rt. Rev. Ethelbert Talbot and Rev.
R. A. Sawyer, visited In Honesdale,
yesterday. In tho afternoon, Bishop
Tulbot left the city to continue on his
itinerary through tho Episcopal
Misses Loretta convery and Mary
McCrea, of Scranton, returned home
yesterday after visiting over Sunday
with the Misses Anna Tlghe and Nellie
Campbell of this city.
Mrs. James B. Doyle, Mrs. John
Handley, Miss Kittle Healey and Miss
Mume Flyn, of West Scranton, visit
ed In Carbondalo on Sunday. They
were registered at the Harrison house.
Jermyn school report for month end
ing May S. Those who have no marks
below 90 per cent, and no unexcused
marks are as follows: Senior, Frank
Pondered, "Walter Taylor, Carrie Vail,
Mamie Evans, Murgaret Marsh. Jun
iors, Nellie Evans, Edith May nurd,
Nellie Rowland. Sub-juniors, Beulah
Sprague, Flora, Depew, George Geb
hartlt, Harold Davis, Katie Monnhan,
Preparatory, "Willie Allan, Preston
Badger, Susie Davis, Bessie Jones,
Seth Sprague, Henry Shields. Tenth
grade, Florenco Miller, Ida Baker,
Helen Gavin, Agnes Frea3, Genevieve
McChrone, Ninth grade, Minnie Parks,
Maggie MeAndrew, Daniel Thomas,
Eighth grade, Hilda Phillips, Eloise
Shields, Genovlevo Murphy, Margaret
Jenkins, Lulnnd Stone, Leollan Gilbert,
"Wlllord Jones, Mary Furoy, Frank
Loughney. Seventh grailo, Bertha
Forsehner, Hazel Carter, Laura Tomp
kins, Edith Enstlake, Albert Phillips,
Arehlo Avery, "Willie Davidson, Charles
Hawkins, Leonard Spelchor, Sixth
grade, Ethel Hurvey, Mario McClos
koy, Anna Clark, Sehna Johnson, Nu
both AVIlllums, Charles "Winter. Fifth
grade, Anna Collins, Roy Wall, Ros
well Satisbury, Glen Wall, Bornotta
Murphy, Fourth grade, John Kelly,
Emerson Bennot, Blanche McHale,
Mary Blglan, Blodwln Evans, Klsslah
Smith, Eva Moon, Rodney Whltniore.
Third grade, S usle Curoy, Walter
Purkey, Willie Cunningham, Robert
Thompson," Albert Long, Mildred Gil
bert, Helen Davidson, Clara Harvey,
Alfred Veale, Hannah Trotter, Grace
Tompkins, Hazel Hoyt, Carollno Blake,
Ethel Yates, Lllllo Davis, Floyd Klrk
patrlck, Second grade, Carollno May
nard, Raymond Bennet, y.ouls Olazler,
Raymond Wake, Laura Davis, Austin
Pryun, Lulu Griffiths, Stella Grilliths,
Alice Green, Foster Crawford, Mildred
Pryor, Mary Evans, Edith Bray, First
grade, Louise Nicholson, Oranla Rob
erts, Kailo Gallagher, Dean Bennet,
Roy Thompson, Merty McLaughlin,
Leonard Bennot. Flunk Rowland,
Ruyinond Soby, Hazel Bnaffer, Charles
Tho fourteenth anniversary of tho
Epworth Leuguo was celebrated In the
Methodist Episcopal church Sunday
evening. Tho singing of tho Young
f v,. X' ThU rignMow U on wwy fro it O MM
??. 2h& Uxatlve Bromo-Qulnine t.h.u
KJ Si AJfrrWUXu wniBdy, i ta tana wl in vu Vi
B ecaJ3e
Its component parts are all wholesome.
It acts gently without unpleasant after-effects.
It is wholly free from objectionable substances.
It contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which are
agreeable and refreshing to the taste,
All are pure.
All are delicately blended.
All are skillfully and scientifically compounded.
Its value is due to our method of manufacture and to
the orisrinality and simplicity of
To get its beneficial effects buy the genuine.
Manufactured by
San Francisco, Ca!.
Louisville, Ky. New York, N. Y.
Men's Christian association quartette
was especially pleasing, and the ad
dress of Sir. Main, assistant secretary
of the society at Scranton, was excel
lent. The service throughout was very
enjoyable and was largely attended.
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Lott, of Forest
City, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. T.
E. Roberts, of Main street, Sunday.
John McLaughlin, of Forest City, a
former proprietor of the Sweeney
house, was in town last evening.
Miss Kale Davis and Miss Hannah
Watklns, of Carbondale, were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Griffiths, of
North Main street, on Sunday.
A little daughter arrived yesterday
at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Forsehner, of Main street.
Mrs. Philip Kelfer, who has been
visiting her son, Justice of the Peace
Keifer, returned to her home at Scran
ton last evening.
The wholesale meat house yesterday
Inaugurated a cash system of business
with the retail butchers, and the latter
will, for the present, be compelled to
sell for cash only.
The services in the Congregational
church last evening were quite largely
attended and tho sermon by Rev. Mr.
Jenkins, which was a very forcible
one, was thoroughly enjoyed.
i, The Alonz'o Hatch moving picture
entertainment will be given in Assem
bly hall this evening. The strike has
'somewhat Interefered with the sale of
tickets, but it is hoped, for the sake
of the church under whose auspices the
entertainment is being held, that the
performance will bo fairly well at
tended. OLYPHANT
Yesterday the buslnes of the church
usoelution was finished up at the morn
ing session of tho conference held in the
Susquehanna Street Baptist church.
At the afternoon service two enterest
ing and instructive sermons were de
livered by Rev. D. C. Edwards, of
Taylor, and Rev. Richard Williams, of
Parsons. Last evening the concluding
service of the conference was held at
7.30 o'clock. Tho speakers of the even
ing were Rev. W. Morris, F. R. G. S.,
of South Wales and Rev. Mr. Evans,
of Edwardsvllle. Both clergymen de
livered excellent addresses. The meet
ings throughout have been very suc
cessfully conducted.
A music recital will be given at the
Father Mathow Opera house this even
ing by the music pupils of St. Patrick's
Parochial academy. An excellent pro
gramme has been arranged and the
event promises to bo very interesting
and enjoyable. Admission 15 cents.
The convention of the Catholic Young
Men's Total Abstinence and Benevolent
societies of tho Scranton diocese will
open In tho Father Mathow Opera
house tomorrow morning and will con
tinue until Thursday evening, when
the local society will observe their
thirty-third unnlversary. Will F.
Burke and tho Lyceum Stock company
will present "A Truo Irish Hero."
After the peformanco a social will bo
At a meeting of tho Lady Ellen Pen
man Lodge of Rebecca, on Saturday
evening tho following officers were
elected: Noble grand, Mrs. Lydla
Prosser, vice grand, Mrs. Lizzie Bar
rett; financial secretary, Charles
Thomas; secretary. Eva Vessey; treas
urer, Mrs. Gwendoline Brown.
A young son bus arrived at the homo
of Mr. und Mrs. T. L. Williams on
Susquehanna street.
Mis. Daniel Scott and Miss Lizzie
Blewltt, of Plttston, wero visitors in
town Sunday,
Charles M. Hathaway, Jr., has re
turned from Yalo college to spend the
summer vacation at his home In Blake-
John Laughran, or Tunkhannock, Is
vlsitlm? his parents on Dunmore street.
Mr. und Mrs. Edwin Symons have
returned to Hoboken, N, Y after a
visit with relatives here.
Mrs. Jennlo Swingle returned yester
day from Honesdale, whero sho attend
ed tho funeral of a relative,
Mrs. Huttlo Barber, of Main street,
Is very III with pneumoniu.
Tho traction company still has tho
ncrvo to chargo a ten-cent faro from
Peckvllle to Archbald; a distance of
two and u half miles.
Mrs. Stephen Kimball, of Plttston,
Visited relatives hero Sunday,
Tho Alonzu Hatch Electro Photo
Musical company will glvo an exhibi
tion at the Methodist Episcopal church
on Wednesday evening next. Tho en
tertainment given by the above com
pany is an excellent one. There will
bo bhowu by the Edison kinetoscope
blxty moving pictures, rhero will ul&o
the combination. 1,1 mm
fi I
be given thirty Illustrated songs. Willi
the Alonzo Hatch company are How
ard T. Collins, pianist and accompan
ist; Ralph Farley, harpist, and Alonzo
Hatch, vocalist. The entertainment
will be given under the auspices of
class No. 9, and should receive liberal
patronage. J
A regular meeting of Lleutenantl
James G. Stevens post, No. 304, will ba
held this evening to make arrange
menta for Memorial day. All old mem
bers who ever belonged to the post ari
cordially welcome to attend this meets
Ing and will hear something for thehl
benefit. By order of Commander. Jcssq
Edwards, of Grassy, died Sun
day, after a short Illness with pneu
monla. Deceased is survived by a wifel
and seven children. Tho funeral .wilt
be held Wednesday. l i ij
The Epworth League anniversary
meeting,' held in the Methodist Eplsco
pal church Sunday evening, attracted)
a large congregation. Tho following
programme, "The Epworth Leagua
Rainbow," was well carried out: JunA
lor processional; Psalm I, repeated Irk
concert; prayer; recitation, 'Triumphal
Arch," Helena Holllster; reading, Mrsf
E. W. Ha thrill; recitation, "Some
body's Mother," Pearl Gress; slnglngy
"Scatter Sunshine"; original paper!
"Education, Derivable Through Ready
ing," Mrs."vJ I. Me'gafgte; recltatlork'
May Sherman: exercise "Seven Coly
venant"; recitation, "The Ralnbov
Treasure," Frank P. Noack; readln,
Eliza Roberts; slnglne, "I'll Go When
You Want Me to Go"; remarks "Chrlsl
tian Stewardship," J. E. Lovcland!
reading, Mrs. F. B. Gardner; remark:
by tho president, F. W. Posten; due
"The Rainbow Land," Mrs. J. Mi
Noack and Mrs. L'Aamorcaux; offer
ing; doxology; Epwfrtn League bene-i
Mrs. Huntsman, of Stroudsburg, ii
visiting her brother, G. S. Brown.
Mrs. Myra McLean, of Blnghamton,,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. V. I. Megar
Mrs. Stone, of Scranton, has moved!
In her homo hero for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. John Roney, of Scran
ton, visited the lattcr's sister, Mrs,
Charles Parry, Sunday.
A line lecture on tho "Passion Play'
will be given by Rev. L. B. Weeks, ofl
Lestershlre, N. Y., this evening. Tickets:
25 and 15 cents.
Leroy Blesecker and daughter, Ella4
of Nebraska, are visiting the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaao Blesecker.
Mrs. Fernsely and daughter, Fan
nie, of Scranton, spent Sunday with!
the former's mother, Mrs. Stono.
John McLane and Miss Nellid
Havonstrlte, of Jermyn, roturned homo
yesterdny, ufter spending a few days
with the lattcr's grandmother, Mrs,
William Havenstrlte.
M"rs. Wetlock la viHltlng her parent
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gnlgc.
Tho funeral of tho lato Patrick Gal
lagher, of Lane street, took place yes
terday morning ut 10 o'clock, when a
solemn high mass of requiem was cele
brated In St. Patrick's church In Oly
phunt. Mr. Gallagher had resided in
this town tho past thirtyflve years,
during which timo ho hnd won the
highest esteem of tho entire commun
ity. Mr. Gallagher was a devout mem
ber of St. James' Catholic church, and
leaves a hirgo number of friends and
relatives to mourn his loss. He Is sur
vived by two daughtera und two sons,
Mrs. B. J. Cummings and Miss Mnr
gurot. Messrs. Martin and Patrick, all
of this town, Interment was made In
the Olyphant cemotery.
Miss Hrcnnun, of Dunmore, is visit
ing nt tho Sheridan resldenco on Clark
son avenue.
Miss Hulllgan, of Dunmore, Is visit,
ing friends In town.
Believes in Abstinence.
Tho mothir of two ountr com considered it
licr duty to Mart Ihciii In the way they thould
travel tliioiujU life. Therefore she wai dolnj;
lier best t mike tho wino cup a thine to lit
ubliorrnl. To this end the bflongul to the Oooi(
Templars, tho W. (.', T, V, ami any other tu.
prranio orb'Jiilzatiin ha could dUcovcr. bha
alio leased not, day or night, to iro.uli her he.
lief tu her hojs and alu to qiiiiouikb It from
wrloiu KtIiiio platform, bho leally nut a tern,
iieramo advosutc,
In the courto of time a third son wis ndded
to the family, A day or to after the cent
a filend of the family stopped the lO-ycar-old
lioy to inquire into Ills opinion of hU iew
"So jou luvo i;ot a luby brother down it
jour house, Lhaillct"
"Aren't you pleated with him?" .
"ViViu. Itathcr had a tlatcr, though," in4
he bhlftcd uncjtily to tho other foot and looked
for a chance to escape.
"What arc jou goin to call Mm. Is he nimed
jet I"
'.Win, but If mother hat amthlnx to ay
about it, I let she'll cj1 turn Total Abstinence.'
w .
' l
. "
'J .
&T.Z. iJt j