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1 -.- 1
Deputy Food Inspector Stevens
Secures True Bills Against Four
Men for Illegal Selling of Patent
Butter True Bills Also Against
Cruel Parents Petition for a
County Morgue Is Opposed Jury
Session Continued to This Week.
Other Mattoio In the Court3.
Connolly & Wallace
Scranton's Shopping: Center
1 23, 1 25, 1 27 and 1 29 Washington Ave.
The store that has abnormally low
prices on some things either sells
you trash or makes its loss up by
charging too much for other things.
This business was built on satis
factory service. It is never too late
and we are never too busy to listen
to a dissatisfied customer.
fri 'Wfl
H Cubanola cigars cost one fM A
H ihird more to manutf ac - ? J IB
H ture than other I IM
LAjliiot have this benefit? H
True- bills wuro ruturnrd by lite
jrantl jury, Saturday, tigulnat M. P.
VConnor, Alfred Horry ami Joseph
Cross, of Curbondnlc, chnrged by
Deputy Stato Food Inppector Stanley
J, Stevens with selling renovated but
ter without a license.
There were also true bills returned
against Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gibson,
charged by Mrs. Duggun with cruelty
to their children, and John Coleman,
or Dunmore, charged by Agent Wilson,
of the Municipal league with selling
liquor without a license. Among the
bills Ignored was one charging J. "W.
HHnk.of the Exchange hotel at Dun
more with selling liquor Illegally.
Agent Wilson says this party will
bo rearrested. The complete list o
true bills Is appended:
Ilurglarj Mliliuil dudge mid Xl.ick.iy, Mellon.
hiirIi; Loni n. Day, pros. Mlchiol .)tid0'e, M.iukay
Jlrvonouirji; Lonii II. l).i), jros.
Latcrny mid Deceiving .lolm TulTyj I.ona Day,
1io. MorrU Klein; Lena Day, pros. Tcofll Mali'
nou..M; Mlihacl Coui tnry, pro. Thomas Wit, Knic-t Walking; James fchieUls ami Joseph
(inglrm ; Lona Day, pros. Maikny McOumush,
John J. Walsh, Putrir-k :iml Mhluel
Judge; Lona Day, pros. A. II. Adams; Lona Day,
pi 01.
Assault and Hattrrv Luke Hobcck; fcckla
Wangiancck, pros. John Kirn; K 1. Frovvikik,
pro. Paintul Van Wen; S. 1. l'rovvdrlk, pros.
Henjainln Jnrvls, Thomas Tumor, Kiatik llalnite
iniil Krank Units; l' I.lncjevvtki, pios. Kvan
Jehu; Mary Zigmoular, pro. William MfAn
iliivv; .Tunics Killy, pio. William Uronan; Helen
I.npuinck, prot. Joseph Zima. Stanley Novaltof
ski, Stanley Villinski, Frank Kiimvviski and John
iownkl ; Frank hlppcl, pros, Henry I'll col
I.ona II. Day, p ro. Irf-opild Schimpfl; .Miry
hi himpff, prov.
Itcciivintr Molru OfoH Jacob I. Told; I.o-ia
)iy, pros. William Hushinsl.y; I,oi.a Day, prey.
b.-llini; Rrmnaliil liutler Without a l.icciwc
"T. P. O'Connor; ht.mley J. Stovcm, pro. Alfred
3oiry; faunley J. Minns, pro.'. Jus.'ph Cros;
latiley J. Mcvens. puis.
O unity to Infant Michael Cili-on; Mrs. W. n.
JluRjn. piov. t-aiali fiihson; ill-. W. B. Dug
Kan, prov.
Iincny In- Bulrc Mai.v Phillips; ltolicrt
.Alexander, ru.. Abe PoMior; James,
pi OS t
.NeglcetiiiK to Kcrp Hooks Jacob l'eld; I.ona
l'iv, pro Jaiob Mivitli; I.ona Day, pio.
Mulicious Mlsdiiif Benjamin ,1arvi, Frank
Milone, 'Ihonias Turner, 1'iank llullz; Frank
I.inerwiski, plus.
Dl'chargins Firearms Joseph Demeliin; John
.' iluli, pro.
ollins Liquor Withtul a Lilpujc John Cole
nun; llobcrt Wil'nn, pre;.
Malicious Mischief to Railroad'. Michael JCa;
all i, Iluinllo Mace; Mcphen, pro?.
The jury made a favorable report
on the petition for the establishment
if a, county morgue. If the next grand
jury also favors, tlm proposition, court
will have the authority to direct the
county commissioners to proceed to the
establishment o the morgue.
The jury could not complete Its work
'nturday and continued In session
intil this week.
In Orphans' Court.
At the ht-ssion of the orphans' court,
m Saturday, before Judge A. A. Vos
,iurg hearing was had in the proceed
ings to compel the representatives of
the estate of John K. Mahon to file an
account. The petition was presented
by Mrs. Donovan, an aunt of the dc
cednnt's wife, who claims to be a cred
itor by reason of, services performed in
the care of Mr. and Mrs. Mahon. The
respondents deny that any relationship
of creditor exists and therefore the pe
titioner has no standing to compel the
filing of an account. The petitioner was
represented by C. H. Welles, esq., and
Attorney D. J. Reedy represented the
respondents. Argument of counsel will
be heard on Tuesday morning at 9
In the- estate of Peter Manning, cie
ceased, leave was granted the adminis
trator to mortgage the real estate of the
deeedant for the payment of debts. , Pe
titioner was represented by R. C.
On motion of II, C. Reynolds, J.
George Elsie was appointed guardian of
George Ferber, a minor.
The May term of common pleas opens this
noining, with Judges Kelly and Xcucomb pro
dding. Will r. Clifford, ulio m indicted last week
for like personation of a dctecthe, applied to
lourt Saturday for a liicnsc. He had had a
license, but allowed it to lapse,
Eull List of the Various Competitive
The national eisteddfod to be held in
the now armory on Thursday and Fri
day, May 9 and 20, piomlses to bo one
of the greatest musical events ever
held In this country. Following Is the
liked Chorus. Firtt prUc, SJt.Ono; setond prise,
?J5. "The Night Is Departing" Hymn of
I'ralte (Mendelssohn), Jiowllo, Ewir h Co.
edition. For choirs not under ISO nor omt 173
Jlale Chorus Open competition. First prize,
$.100; Kcond prize, $100. (a) "The, Ilritons"
XDan I'rothcroe, Mus, Dae.) (b) "Ar Ilyd y
No" ("All Tlno' the Night)" (Arrangement
of T, J, lUvlcs, Mus. He.) For ihoirs not un
der M oIces.
German Male Chorus For Cicnnan societies only.
Trophies valued at ip.WH, 8300 and $ZOO. Ojm
A "Dlo Hlutenfcc" (Ilegar); not limited to
any number ot voices. Cluni II "JJer Pilot
(Carl Figue, op. 40); for choirs not under SO
nor out "0 voices. ClaM C "Kinehi" (WIN
helm Sliuni, op, 10, No. 'J); for iholis not un
der thlity nor over iO oleea.
Indies' Clionu Open competition. Hrst prize,
pw; fccond priie, $t00. (a) "Spanish Ojphy"
(Ijsseii). (b) "Nos Calan" (New Vtar'3 Ke),
Jirungcnunt of J, W, Fireon I'rleu; to bo
.ling tult throughout. Not under 0 nor out
C3 olu'.
Qujrlellf I'noc-companlcd. I"rhe, 20. "Sunset"
(Dan I'rotheroe, Mil Uac.) I'rica donated by
Mi. Kate Cios-sln O'llrlrn.
Ouet Soprano and contralto. Prize, $13. "Cheer.
Whooping Cough.
This Is a very dangerous disease un
less properly treated. Statistics show
that thei'o are more deaths from it
than from scarlet fever. All danger
may be avoided, however, by giving
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, It
liquifies the tough mucus, making It
easier to expectorate, keeps tho cough
loose, and makes tho paroxylsms of
coughing less frequent and less severe.
It has been used in man epidemics of
this disease with perfect success. For
fcale by all druggists.
fulness" (P. (Jumbert). Prize donatetl by Hon.
A. A. Wburc
Duet Ti nor and bif-. Prize, 15. "(!o, llafltcil
Coward, Co" fiom oratoilo of "&ampon"
(Handel). Nniello, Kcr .t Co. edition. 1'ilzo
donated by Hon. A. A. Vosbiirg.
Soprano Solo. I'rire, 10. "Tlio better Land",
Key otl), (F. Concn). Trle donated by Dr.
John O'.Malley.
Contralto S)lo t'ri?e, flO. "Hope On", ey of V.
flat (I. Klein. I'llzc donated by I-!. S. Jic-
Naul, esq.
Tenor Solo Prlro, 10. "Lend Mc Your Aid"
from "Queen of Sheba," key of C, (Gounod).
Prize donated by Dr. J. J. ItobeiK
Bass Solo l'rie, $10. ".lust Are the Waa of
(Jod tn Man" from "Samson," ey, (1 miner,
(Handel). Novello, Kwer k Co. edition. I'rlzc
ilonated by I). M. Iteynold-), eq.
Juu'iiilo Chonis l'irst prize, iji73; second pil?c,
5'. "Tho Niffht Hells" (Clnrles Vincent. ?u-
M'llo, i;er Co. edition. For choirs not im-
dir 10 nor over CO oiets, and not out 10 jeais
of iirc; can hac aistmcc of four adult Ices.
l'nrcs donated by Messrs. Clarke IiiolhcrJ.
i.iTKH.viun!: I'ltosi:.
Kssay Fust prbe, ?i0; wooiid piie, $10. "Ih
rVnnpukory Aibitration Feasible, as a .Methed
of hettlimr. Industrial nipute-i in the United
St.itei?" (Vote The e6ay to ho in Kngllsh
and not to exceed the thousind word. The
prizes arc donited by tin- Scranton Tune.-.
FfiiK-Clmedl Gjmrcis First prize, 25; serend
prize, .10. Porluniidol o I"njrt Pnndeithasol
a fittclthfa-d jn Ardilocild Mnnml lnnyl.i
nla, beb fod dio ddcir mil o eiiuu. (Nmel in
ihe Wcl'h lanejuice, not to cm cod 10,000 void-,
illuti-atlc of life in the mininp regions of
I'cnns.slvjnia). The prizes arc donated bj W.
R. Ijewis, esq.
Poem In Unlish. First piize, $.,0; second prize,
?10. "In Jlemorlam" McKlnley. ot to ex
reed one hundred and fifty line. The pnzc3
arc donated by the Scranton Tribune.
Song First prize, $23; second prize, $13; third
prize, 10. Words for solo and ihorua; subject,
"The Song ot Labor." (The so'.o to consist of
three ciRht line stanzai, and a chorus of four
line.'. Tlio intention being to net the words
to music). The prizes arc donated by the
Scranton Truth.
l'r.iddet Dde-iifladol (Yn Oymraeg First prize,
Si",; second prize, $10. "Rhaiadr Y Niagara".
Heli fod droa 130 o linelliu. Djsgwjllr i'r
Ilrdrtest gjnwjs dim r, rMeugnn i haner can'
llinell cifaddisi'w adrodd nionn I.titeddfodm.
(A descriptive po-m in Welsh, "The Fal's ot
Ma-r-ira," not to exceed l"-0 Uncs). The prizes
are donated bv John 11. Jone", e.q.
Enchn. I'rizc, 3. Teitjii, (wibject) "Eng
D.. Tj. and W. Board for Today.
Following 13 the mnke-un of the
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
board for today:
Pushers 8 a. in.. Homer: 11.43 a. m.. llnrm'
MO p. in., Murphy; 9 p. m., W. H. Uarth.
Helpers 1.30 u. in., McOmcrn; V a. m., Cart
ney; 10 a. r,i Secor; 3 30 p. in., Stanton.
riclcup 9 i. m., May 12, annulled.
A. Cerrity and crew w ill run 11.S0 p. in. extra.
May 11.
Mi Cue and crew ill run 8 a. in, extra, May 12.
Kafterty and crew will run No. C2, May I.'.
This and That.
Notices wore posted yesterday at
the Dunmore car repair shops of tho
Kiie company, stating that they will
be shut down until further ordets. They
employ about 300 hands.
Work on the Erection nf tho power
plant for the new shops of the Allis
C'hulmciR company, nt We&t Allis, Wis.,
is under way. The building will he 57b
feet long, U'O feet wide and CO feet high.
It will contain the central power sta
tion for the entire plant and also the
blneksmlth shop. The stack will be 173
feet high.
The Pittsburg ortlce of the" Allls
Chahners company has been awarded
tho contract for tho erection of a blow
ing engine at the bessemer plant o
tho Republic Tron and Steel company,
Youngstown, O. It will bo of the verti
cal compound condensing type, with
sti'am cylinder 40 Inches and SS by 60,
air cylinders 78 inches and 70 by CO
Tho general committee of tho Order
of Hallway Conductors of tho Lacka
wanna system, itnUhed its conference
with General Superintendent Clark,
Saturday. An answer Is to be given
as to what the company will do regard
ing the four Kingston men discharged
for non-compliance with the new order
substituting flagmen for conductors on
pusher and helper engines,,
Now Dining Car Service on the
Lackawanna Railroad.
Effective Monday, May la, a new
dining ear will be placed In service,
leaving Scranton train No, ir at ti.22 a.
m. to Owego, j-eturning Owego to Ming
hamton In train No, -12 and Glnghaui
ton to Dover, N, J in train No, 4,
leaving Scranton for New York at J2.-15
noon, and Dover to Scranton In train
No, 25, which leaves New York at 1,00
p, m arriving Scranton 8.55 p, in.
Tho following quotation ore furnished 'Ihe
Tribune by iUrehl It Frccse Co., 311-315 Mean,
building. W. D. Run) on, manager.
, Open. UMi. tnur. Tin
AmiiKaiiutcu uupper oa
Am. Car & Foundry ,,,,30
Amcr. Locomotho ...,,, 32
Araer. Locomotive, I'r.,. 04
Am. Smelt, k Ilo'tr. Co,, 10U
American Sugar ,,.,....127?!
Atchlicn ,..,,, ,,, IDVi
Atchison, Pr. , ,, 07
Halt. c Ohio ,..,.107U
Brook. IUp. Transit ,,,. W
Canadian Paclflo ,,,,,,,127
Clicg. & Ohio ,,.,..,.,,474
Chic. & Alton ,,,,. SUVi
Gbic. k Gt, Wat. ,,.,. sog
107i 107W
03K IW,
i27',i nay nmu
tfl'. iTLt int.
'X'Z sau soHi
301i 30 SO
Tobacconists and
Distributers of
Six Eaglss Minis
An investment opportunity of ex
traordinary merit. It is the best
known mining property in the state
of Washington.
A Developed Working nine
Not a Prospective Proposition.
A limited amount of stock is now
being offered to raise money for im
provement in equipment and gener
al development of the property.
Awarded Bronze Hedal
At the Pan-American Exposition at
Buffalo last season.
Stock now selling nt $ .50 a share.
Tho price will' soon be advanced. Get
in now on tho ground floor.
"Write for full particulars,
iw mm ntf c co
1203 Crozier Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
willia'm b king&co
Members ot Houston (Texas) Oil Stock Ex.
change solicit order",
ikL SiouCJTUA.
Chic, Mil. & St. 1'. ...170 170 VJi'i 1!!1
Chic, It. I. A- l'.ii 171,s 17o 17.1 17",
Col. Fuel k Iron I014 10-J'J 101U 101V&
Del. & Hudson W) isi lTit- IbO
Eu 36T4 ;t7 :.h :;6h
lne, .t. I'r. C1 dS h7 t.7?s
Uili, Jd. I'r ."i .Vi'i S3 .n.i
Iliickin' Vnlle RI 83 S3 Kl
llliniils Centrdl V.ZYi l"i2 15'H ir,2'
International l'oncr 0.1 liYi 03 l J4
Louis. A- Nashville 112 142', U07A HO'n
Mjiihattnn Mi 1J2 l'il H1H
Met. Stieet By. IJ9V4 140i 110 140
Mevieau Ctntnl 27" 27Ts 27T', 'J7"S
Miuso., I.m. k 'lci-.... 2"i'l 2J'" 2"iJi li'i'-j
JIo., K.m. & Te., I'r... r :,7 W, .r,7
MibMiiri I'Jcific lOUli 1003J Wi, V0
N. Y. !, ir.S 157i 177Vi
Nmfolk d Wi.'teru u,Ts "'7Th "7"i P7-4
Ont. .c Wetim iU M.l'.i 32T 274
I'cniia. It. It IjOH l.iHi lW'b HO'.-i
l'cup'o's Gjs iati iar; 10,114, lOJVi
Pitted Steel Cir 11 11 II 14
Mcidini; Itv (Vi'i ,5i 01!i lTa
Headinjr, M. I'r. SI S4 S3' S4
Itiailins, 2,1. I'r (i')Vj 70 CS CHi
Ilepubllc f-teel 17 17Ti 17 17Ts
ltipublie fiteel. 11 73i Wi 7.!"A 7.14
St. LouU k .Sin nan.. (,7Ti 07'A (.Oh C3
.'niithfin Pacific f,','i WIVi CnU Ki'S
Poiithcin It. I! :i7-li 37?4 SiFh Sti'i
Smith. 1! 11., I'r IW'4 llJVi PJU "J'S
Tcnn. CVial k Iron 01 (llli fti ul
IJiilon Pacific 1U4V4 10Hi loiu lOf'S
Union I'anlie, Pi h71l h7 S714 kT'i
V, .s Leither mi 1.0 H'i 1 14
V. f, Lnihcr. l'i MH M'4 Sl'i fct'l
U. S, Steel 41'i tla 41'i lli
U. b. Stiel, I'r. 01 I1"h !il'i HH4
Wabash ,i4 231 a.ij fliA
Wabash. I'r 4P4 14H 44 Hi;
Wct. Union Tel O"! Y Hi Hi
Mic1. r L. Krie liiH 21i ?2U 22V,
Wi-iinMu Cenlial 27'.j 274 ,"i )H
Tot il bale- isii.Stfi.
Jlonej 1.
WlinAT Open. Hiirli. Low. Close.
July 74's 7J1a 71)1 7.'i'H
h ptunbrr 7.i?i 71V1 7Js 74'a
.luh (.Pi om oi? r.i4
&eptrmh(r W,'& CIV', 00'i M'A
.Inly fll'i S.VJ 3ITi ""
Reptenilnr S'l'.a 209i 2a',i iOi
.luly 17.17 17.47 17,27 17.I10
rieptcniber 17.1') 17.15' 17.27 17.27
.1 ul v 1032 10.:'.', 10 SI 10.2.1
isep'tember 10.32 10.:;2 10,27 10 27
Tulv 0.07 0.70 I.tiJ 0.02
r-eji'tcmber 0.70 t,70 . ROl U.03
Open. Ilia!- Low. t loie.
July I.11 (i,2l 0.12 0.12
August S.U.1 h.07 S.7 f S7
September S.ll MO H.M S.'W
Oclobci S.2J S.2.-I 8,20 &20
Tteseive, decie.iso $1,021,000
l.o.iiis, ilwrciis 2,221,riOO
Specie, ileereue H.SflO.lKiO
U4l tender, iluieT.i a.Wl.fWi
Dcpo-lt, detieiMi 7,054,(hhi
CiKiilation, jncuae 1(0,300
Scranton Board, of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. nij. A$teJt
I.acUwunua Dairy Co,, Pr. IX) ,.,
County S.nings Hank k Tiiiit Co,, Soo
I'liit National Hank (Caibondalo) ;w
Third National Haul; ,,,., ZM ,,,
Dime Deposit and DUoiint Hank,,, 300 ,,,
Hconomy Light, II. i; l, Co 4'j
Tint National Hank 1300 ...
Lack.!, Ti net k Site Deposit Co,.... 11)3 ,,,
Clurk k Suoer Co., I'r ,,,, 125 ,,,
Scranton S nines Hank ,,, 500 ,,,
Tuilt'iV National Hank ,, 221 ,,,
Siranton Holt k Nut Co 121 .,,
I'eoplu's Hank ..., , ,,, 133 ,,,
Scranton Packing Co , 33
Scranton Pamcr Hallway, (Irst
Mortitage, due 1020 , 115 .,,
People's Street Hallway, first moii-
fe-a.-e, due 1013 , 115 ,,.
Pioplc'a btiret Haliway, General
mortgage, due 1021 ,,,, 115 ,,.
Siranton Traction U per cent,,, 113 ...
economy Light, Heat k Power to 07
North .Icrtey k i'oiono lie Co,.,,,, ,., 07
Consolidated Water Supply Co 103
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II, O. Dale, 27 Lackawamu Ave.)
Hour ?U0.
Ilutter Freeh creamery, 23c: fieh diiiy, Sic.
K;g Nearby, 18e.; western, 17Wc,
Manow lieuns Per buhel, il 31j3.IV.
Oreen Peas Per bu.luU. fl.75.
Potatoes Per builicl. $1.00
Onion Bermuda, $2.25 per crate.
Capital, $200,000
Surplus, $600000
Pays 3 interest on
savings accounts whether
large or small.
Open Saturday evenings
from 7.30 to S.30.
We offer, to yield About
5 per cent.,
(Total Issue; $1,000,000)
Butte, Mont.,
S per cent. 1st Mortgage Sink
ing Fund Gold Bonds.
Uenomlnilioii $1000.
Matuiing 1 to 30 years.
Rudolph Kleybolte & Co.
Matchless Splendors
of (lie
Canadian Rockies
CIER a region described by Whym
per, tho eonquerer of the Matterhorn,
as fifty or sixty Switzerland rolled
Into one reached only by the
Canadian Pacific Railway
Daily transcontinental train service
throughout the year from Toronto
crossing1 the continent in 97 hours,
leaves Toronto and Montreal (com
mencing June 15th next, every Sunday,
Wednesday and Friday. Sleeping and
dining ears attached to all through
First-class hotels In the mountains.
Swiss guides at the principal points.
For rates, etc., apply to nearest ugent
of the C. P. R., or to E. V. Skinner, 353
Broadway, New York.
Passenger Traffic Manager, Montreal.
A few Uuya can bo pleasantly spent
In a trip to
Norfolk, Va.
Old Point Comfort, Va.
Richmond, Va.
Washington, D. C.
Steamers sail dally except Sunday
from Pier 2C, North Itlver, foot of
Heueh street, New York.
Tickets, including meals and state
room accommodations, $s.0O one way,
$13,00 round trip, and upwards,
Send stamp for illustrated book.
81 Beach Street, New York, N, Y,
Ti-alllo Manager. J. J. UitOWN,
General Passenger Agent
Women's Jackets
Black Cloth and Tan Covert Cloth Jackets
it's been a race between the tyo all spring.
Now is the time when you need a little jacket
more than any other season of the vear something
that looks light and is light. And you will find
that our jackets keep their shape longer than most
because we uve put more thought into the tailor
ing of every one. ,
. Covert Cloth Jackets $10.00, $12,50, $15,00
and $16.50.
Black Cloth Eton Jackets $6.00, $7.50, $10.00.
Black Cloth Jauniv Jackets, mostly 27 inches
long, $7.50, $lo 00, $12.50, $15 00, $17.50.
Silk' Etons $15.00, $16.50, $18.00 up to
Shirt Waists
As warm weather draws nearer, the buying
of White Shirt W.tists' waxes last and lurious, and
this superb Connolly & Wallace stock keeps pace
with your demands exceeds them, stimulates
them, in fact. For it is an inspiration to every
woman to look at the variety of beautiful styles
gathered here.
Materials such as Lawns, Dotted Swiss Mus
lin, Madras ate fine, cool, and wrought into every
conceivable effect by means of plaiting, insertion
and embroidery.
You can buv a simple but well-made and styl
ish waist for 75c or go as high as $4.00.
Connolly & Wallace
niTGGIES and WAGONS of all hinds; also
I! uses and Duildinc Lots at bargains.
Lackawanna Carriage Works.
J.B.Woolsey cGCo
Dealers in
Plate Glass and Lum3i?
Home Office, 205-200 Mcars Buildlns.
We ale miturln? tliaici each month flhlcli
Wi'W a net Rain to the Imrstor of about i
I'(.r cent. Wp loan money. Wo also iaiue
1'1'LI, PAID SrOf.K flOOOO per share, inter
est pajable semi-annuilly,
ALIIEHT BALL, Seeretaiy.
far 511 Lackawanna .-nenue, manufacturer of
Wiic Greens of all kinds; fully itieparcd for
tho spring season. Wc mako all kinds of
porch scieens, etc.
(loncril Ccntractor, Builder and Dealer in
riuililniK Mone, Cementing of cellais a spa
tially. Telephone 259J.
Office, 327 Washington aienue.
The scrantoi Vitrified Brick
Maker of Pavlmr Pliiek, etc, M. II. Dile,
General Sales Agent, Office 323 Washington
aie. Works at Nay Auff, Pa., H. k V, V. It. II.
General Agent for the Wyoming District for
D.upont's Powder
Mining, Blasting, Sporting, Smokeless and tht
Repauno Chemical Company's
Safety Fuse, Caps and Exploders. Ileum 401 Cou
ncil Building ,Scintou.
JOHN- B. SMITH .V SOX , I'ljnioutli
C. W, MULLIGAN WilUs-llarr
New York, Ontario and Western.
In Uttect Tuesday, Sept. IT, JU01.
xouni UOL'.NU. N
Leae Leave Arrh
Trains. Ssrintuu. Cilbonilale. Cadosls.
i-o , i a. m. 11.10 a. in. I.OOp. in.
Ku 7 ........ .Wp. m- Ar- GirbomWo tl.o p. in.
"" ' sOtllil HOUND.
Uii l'ae Anr
Trains. Cadosia, Carbondile, Scranton.
No. 0 , 71WU. m. 7,a. m.
so ........ 2-15 P- '" 4o P- '" -i9 li. m.
Leave Lcaia Arrl?
Trains. fccramon. Laiuoniuic, i;auosla.
No. 0 8-JO ,n- . yP- " , W J. m!
;toPtiT:i ilSuNa lcMOp-ra-
bCUVU ,ac Airtve
Troiiu. Cadosia. Caibondalc. Scianton.
, , 7 00 a.m. 7.40 a.m.
No! 10 ....... 4-30 p. m. , ODD p. in.
Iralns Nos. 1 on week daj, and 0 on bundajs,
make main line connections for New York city,
Middletown, Walton, Norwich, Oneida, Q,weg
ind all points et.
For further Information rcntult ticket agents,
J. f. ANDKHbOX, U. V. A., New YerL
, E. WfLSli, . 1'. A., &.rnton, t'.
Here Are Some Bargains
317 Lacka. Ave.
Second Floor.
Open Evenings.
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western.
In Klfcct Nov. 3. 1001.
Trains leave Scranton for New "tork At 1.40,
3.16. ii.05. 7,60 and 10.03 a. m.: 12.15, 3.40, 3.3J
D m. 1'or New York and Philadelphia 7.60,
10.05 a. in., and 12.45 and 3.33 p. ra. For Tob).
hanna At 0.10 p. m. For lluffalo 1.15. 0.22 and
0 00 a. m.i 1.55, 0.60 ,ind 11.35 p. ui. Tor Blng
hamton and way (.Utlons-IO.M o. m. ahd 1.10
n in For Oswego, bjracuse and Utica 1.15 and
o'2 a. m. : 1.S5 p. ra. Oswego, Syracu- and
Utica train at 6.22 a. in. daily, c.uept Sunday.
For Montrose 0.00 a. in,; 1.10 and 0.50 p. m,
Nicholson accommodation 4.00 and 0.15 p. m.
illoomsburg Division ror Northumberland, at
6.35 and 10.05 a. m.; 1.55 and 0.10 p. ra. For
Plymouth, at 8.J0 a, m.i S.40 and 0.00 p. m
Sunday Tialns-ror New York, 1,40, 3.15, 6 OJ
and 10.03 a. in,; 3.40, 3.33 p. m. For lluffalo
1.15 and 0.22 a. m.i 1.55, 0 50 and 11.35 p, ra,
Fur Ilinshamton and way stations 10.20 a. m.
Illconnburg Division Leave Scranton, 10.03 a.
ni. and 0.10 p. m.
New Jevsey Control.
COltllKOTEI) TO NOV. 17, 1001.
Stations in ,iw YorK, loot ot Llueity street
and South i'uiy, X. 11.
Trains leave Scianton for New York, Philadel
phia, Kastrn, Ilethleluni, Allcnloun, Maucli
llmnL, Whltf Haven, Aehley and Wilkes-Daire at
7,10 a. m, I V "' ""J P. '" buiiday, 2.10 p. m.
tluaker Wly Impress lcaiej Scrantoii at 7.39
a. in., through solid vestibule tiulr. ultii Pullman
Uullet I'arlor Cars, for I'hlladelphla, with ouly
one change ot cars for Jialtimore, Wa&hiugton,
1). O,, ami all principal points south and vcot.
For Avoca, 1'ltti.ton uid Wilkes-Dane, I p. ra.
and 4 p. m. Sunday, 2.10 p. to.
Tor Long llranch, Ocean Qiove, etc., 7.30 .
in. and I p. m.
For Itcadlu.', Leban-m and ilairlsbuig, via A!
'ciitovvn, at 7.30 a. iu. and J p. m. Sunday, 2.JQ
p. in.
For Pottsvillo at 7,30 a. m. and 1 p in.
For rates and tickets epply to agent at station.
(I. niM.lllt. tldieial Manager,
C. M. UUUT. Ren. fas,. Am.
Lehigh Valley Railroad,
In Kltect, Nov. 3, 1001.
Iiaint lcivo bciantou.
For Philadelphia and Xcw York via 1). k II.
It. It , at (U and 0.33 a, in., and 2. IS, 4 27
(Dlack Diamond fciircss), and U.3J p. m. buu
dajs, D- k II. II. IS-, L5, lJ.27 p. in.
For White lltvcn, Ilailctun and pilncipal points
in the coal legions, via D. i. II. It. II., 0 JS. 2.IH
and 4.27 p. m. Ftr I'ottsvillc, 0.33 a. in,, 2.IJ
p. m.
' For Dethlehrm, Laston, Heading, Ilairkburg,
and pilucipal lutiriiicdlatc stations, via 1). 4. II,
It. It., ll.3, 0.341 a. in.; 2. IS, 4-27 (Ulack Dla.
monil i:prcb!.), 11.30 p. m. Sundajs, D. & II.
11. It., IMS . in.; 1.6s, i.27 p. in.
For Tuitkluiiuuck, Touauda, Lliulra, Itbaci,
Summer Underwear
Not the kind that everybody sells the Con
nolly & Wallace Underwear is mostly made espec
ially for us;
Of course, makers put our suggestions into
their general stock for next year. But for a whole
year we have the good points to ourselves.
The variety, we believe, is larger than any
other store can show.
Men's, Women's and Children's right together
Children's Stockings
And Underwear
Everything from baby's first togs up to the
things worn by little men and women. '
Stockings start at I2jc for baby's Cotton
Socks and Children's Long Ribbed Black Cotton
Stockings and go up to fine silk. Underwear starts
at isic for white ribbed cotton, and goes up to
fine merino. Everything comes direct from the"
maker to you, and is bought in large quantities so
that you get the greatest possible money's worth.
Told in a Minute
It makes one feel better when they get in
Connolly & Wallace's. That sentence won't parse,
but it contains a great deal of meat. It was heard
yesterday in the central promenade.
it you want to be comfortable this summer
pet fitted with the right Corset in our Corset De
partment. Experienced fitters to tell you what to
wear and how to wear it.
The store is as ready as it will be with cool
clothes and other hot weather comforts.
The store is less crowded in the morning it's
essier to see and get around, and buy, and rest
then, than later.
Pay in small Payments
For two days we will sell regular
$i$ Tailor-made Suits for $9.95.
18.00 Suits for $12.48.
22 00 Suits for $14.98.
Regular $7.00 Silk Waists for
9 00 Silk Waists for $5.48.
No old stock here. Everything
is new and stylish. Come and see
for yourself.
Clothing, Hats. Shoes, Man.
Woman, Child.
Geneva and principal intermediate stations, vis
D., L. and V. II. ., 8.10 a. m. and 3.50 p. m.
For Geneva, llothester, Uuffalo, Niagara Falls,
Chicago and all points west, via D. k II. B. It.,
7.43, 12.0J a, ni.! 1.42, 3.28 (Black Diamond Kx
press), 7.1S, 10.41, 11.30 p. m, Sundays, D. & IL,
It. It., 12.W, 8.27 p. in.
Pullman parlor and olceplns or Lehigh Valley
I'arlor taw on all trains between Yi'ilkes-Darra
und New York, Philadelphia, liuffalo and Suspen,
tlon tlridgc.
ItOLLIX It, WlLnUlt, Gen. Supt., 28 Cortland
street. New Yolk.
CUAItLKS S. LKi:, Gen. Pass. Agt., M Cortland
street, New York.
A. W. NOXLMACIILB, Div. Pass. Agt., Soutli
Dethlchfin, Pa.
For tickets and Pullman reservations apply ta
city ticket oluu', C9 Public Square, WllUs-Usrre,
Delaware and Hudson.
In KOect November 24, 1001.
Trains for Carbondalo leava Scranton at 6.20.
8.00. 8.03, 10.13 a. m.i 12.00, 1.29. a.3J, 3.63.
6,20 0.25, 7,07, 0.15, ll.Wi p. m. i 1.31 a. m.
Foi llonesdalc 0.20, lO.lta. m,; 2.31 and 5,2
P'ror" WilkPs-Darre-ti.39, 7.48, 8.41, 9.38, 10.41
a. m.i 18.01, 1.1-'. SM, 3.20, 4.27, 6.10, 7.4S.
'Vo'r U"v.1fi."li. Points-0.33, 9.38 a. m.j 2.18.
4.27 and 11.30 n. in.
For I'eimlv'inla It. It. Points-0.S8, 0,33 a.
in.; J.4J. 3.23 and 4.27 p. m.
For Albany and all points nortlt-0.20 a. in.
and 3.5J P
For Caibondlle 3 60, 11.33 a. m.i 2,34, 3.ii,
5.6J and 11.17 p. m.
lor WllkM.narie-9.C8 a. ni.; 12.03, 1.63, 3.2J.
0.32 and 0.J7 l. rn.
For Albanv and points north 3.52 p. in,
For llone.dalc S.60 a. in. and 3 61 p, ra.
W, L. PllYOIt, D. P. A., btranton, Pa.
Pennsylvnnla Railroad.
Schedule iu Effect June 2, 1901,
Train) Hava Scranlo.i; 0.3s a. m week days,
throu-'li vestibule ttair, from Wllkcs-Uarie. Pull,
man bullet parlor far and coaches to J'hiladvl.
phla, via Pottsvllle! stop, at prluclpal iuteime.
dtato statlo'is. Also connects for Sunbury, liar.
risbuig, 1'hiUdelphlu, Daltlmoiu, Washington aiU
for PltUbmg ut.d llm Mut. a. in., v.-eeli dajs, for Sunbury, Harruburg,
Phlladilphia, tliltlmoie, Washington and Pitts
buirf and the weft.
Hi p. in., vvcel; ilis fSundavs. 1.53 p. in.),
for sunbury, llairUbuig, VliiladelnliU, Daltlmore,
Wavhliuton and 1'lttsbur.' and the wot.
3.23 . in., wccl: il.u, thiough vcstlbula train
from Wilkci-Harre. Piillinuu bullet parlor car
and loathes to Philadelphia via Pottsvllle. Stop
at princijul intermediate station
4.27 p. in., ucck diy, for lUtletou, Sunbury,
llarrUburg, I'lilladelphla and Pittsburg.
J. 11. HinCllINfcON. Uen. Mgr.
4. U. iOOD, Gen. Pasa. Agt.
P, .
' ft ,
C .
X K f.
,1 -J "