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THIi) SCltAJSTOtf TlUktJNE-SATURDAY, MAY 10, 1002. .
The News of
-'J;'iiIimi loots to Tlio Ttlbunu ni' to
qiieuteil to loputt any liU'KUlailty of
jron fusion la tlic uelhery of tills pupcr,
"either to the Cinboniliilo bmholi of The
M'ribttno In the llmKc btillilliltr. of 1to
ei't & Tloyjiolili, nuwvuYnleiM. Homo
confusion In tlellvuiy bus been ieiorleil
to tills oliltv, anil to nit! In ultleilenl Vei'
vke Piibscilbeii nn tu-ROtl to lcrioit ut
once tiny iK-lliuiulnvy.
The Pioqi amine of Commencement
Excrcibeg, Oltibs Bay mill tho
Jtinloia' Reception nt the High
The uiciiilieii of the cIiism of 'OJ of
tin Cutunntliilo HIkIi school nutl their
filciuli tin1 untlclpatlnir the ionunenn
nient ouielsui which will take1 plow
In the Oi .tint Opeui lioife on Fil'lny
pvdiliijr, June lil).
Tin otator of the occasion, as stated
liefoie, will be Attoi nuy l'etcr O'ltiiyli-,
of West J'lttslon. Mv. O'ISovlu Is ltue
niost unions the spc.ikeis of this liui't
of. the city anil tin C.n hoiiilalluns who
will piobably llll the Cliimd that pven
lni; uio nssuied of ilu eloquent speaker
who will he et'italn to Ileal his theme
In it nmniii-r thul will mole than i
puy the elloil to hear hltu. Mi.
o'l'oelo Is a sifted lawyer and has a
t'oinmaudliiK place ninoni; the IjiiiiIh
tois oi l.uxine county.
.Hnie Kllpjtilck who was tied fur Ihst
honor with Walter Quiun will hni the
Mtlututot j. "Oui Debt," beliiK his sub
ject. Waller Quliin, the v.iledU lot Ian,
lias chosen "An Ideal' an his theme,
".roan ol Aie" will be the iiulee of
JIIss limy Murilln, who took Mhlid
honoi. The f.ut that boih of the
liljjhMl hnnois woie captmed by litem
Is ihe cause of much initio uiuoiur the
youtiK' men of the clif-s.
J'tof. V. V. Taj den, pilneipal of the
Feltnol is pi fp.ii ini? a piofjianiino lor
the conntieiKemciit ewtci'-es which he
Is Impel ul will Mitp.ifcs any pilot jcmi.
The el tss il.iy cxeielses will take
It!. tic In the IiIkIi school huilil
iiw andltoiluin mi Thut-ilay evenlne;,
June IS. The pioirwiuime linn been de
ckled upon, but lolIowluiT the tuition
Its public ailou lull be wlthcld.
The escuKes of the year will
be on Jlondaj evening. June :!', when
In obtcijme ut a ilnie-hiinoitd i u ,
toil), the .luiliot i la-s will kI- the
Biaduatis si ui plloti. The AleK.ut
oitliestia will pi initio niiMi.
James Thompson, of Codding ton
& Thompson, Owner of Impeiial.
A cluin;;e look pine till, week In the
pioiiIcUihi of tlic Impciltil illiiiiitf
room on Xot th lUiiln utiiel. l'clw.tut
Coddinqton of th" fli in of CodtllUKtnn
.t Thompson, wlikh has owned the
le-it.ttii.iut Hlnce il was opeil'-il .1 eai
iiri), has 1 "tli I'd. .1.11111. s Thompson,
his painei, ha- ,ie(iiheil his Inteiest
and will be hi s()le chaise. As he has
had a; espeilunte ill lestautant
wcuk and is wel known about the
town the lontiniied -uiec-'-s 01 ihc plate
stems as 111 oil.
Mi. CoddliiKliiii is iniilei ided as to
what he will do Jle has .1 1 ouple oL
ofleis ut positions in ( '.11 bond tie, iiln
two Itoni KoeheUei, X. Y., whkh he i-.
comldei intr.
At Ginnd Oiieia House Under Aus
pices of Women's Kelief Coips.
The l.ulles of the Woman's ttdlil
toips h.ue eiiK.iKed Almuo Hatch and
his to Kie .111 enleit.ilnnient
at the (It .iiid Opei.i house 111 t S.tlut
dav exeiiln-,'. Slxiy inox hi,- ph tines,
thhty llliustiated sonss, mni the he-t
Kdlson kinctosiope in the bnslne-s,
Oui people should he idad of a chain e
to help the ladles put money hi iheir
icllel fund, lor niaiij dr;etinir pour
me ,is-iNted l nun tin 1 ili which thev
luqillie hv their united uiisellisli et
Bulletins ?ostecl nt Onco Eageily
Heart hy Cnihonrtalians.
Tlieie v as an acute In the
coal .stilke Hltuatlon In this illv yeji
teidav .ilteinnoii and evenlni,'. Whetli
rr 01 not th.'ie would he a tilke was
the iiiesilwii tlt.iL was In cveiy mind
nnd passed itoni iiioiiih 10 mouih
wll'Mi-Ml thtne ,as the Miiallest 1011
Iti elation nt men.
Theie Was a Keen appetite tut newt.
Right Foot! to Take. It3 Plnce.
"The fJioitncxs of the meat supply
nnd the high in it 0 of wteak Is not an
unmltlKutcd eIl. On the conttaiy It
hi a ptoliable blessIn-T," sa,s the
MrooklMi E.tKle.
"If meat could he mlsed to a pike
hat would make It piulilblimy, u
illBlit Htlll be of jvood lesult, because
it would to.uh those who depeiul al-
moHt Diitltely upon It to widen their
Uletuiy nnd leam to enjoy ninny Rood
things of which they uiu now iKiiotant.
To innny, especially hi the iltltsi, then
(it 0 hill tlnee meat, potatoes
and biend. The weiny monotony of
this piOKtaiu, the iiiiatlMled hut I11-
Idellnltu Iqiu'Iiiks for a wlilenliiK of II,
ulfoct cippetite and nuiely affect cpltliK
"Tlui hthdivr erte.s to IiIh wotk filled
with meat, potatoes and bread. At
noon ho Hilda cold meat and In
IiIh rtliuter-p.ill and ut night he In (on
fronted by meat and potatoes, pome
tliucH bepaiate, MUiiatliiieii combined
Into n gieuny Htew, honietlme.s chopped
ipto hush, '
TIiIh kind of tliliii,- lllls htin, but In
n liner- beiiho It can hatdly bo fctild to
leed him. Physicians luivo dlsroveiett
thut a limited and unclmngliier diet
luiyfis vitality and licnlth,"
Such n ilnm ns this kInch every ono
an oppoitunlty to test tho aiiIuo of
Oiape-Xuts no u food and ptovo to
thenibvheu thut it mote than takcK the
placo of meat mid leally rutnUhes
UiqrJ)0urshiieiit for tho body and
-jrrentet strength ud ltullty tor tho
hrain anrt nervous sjsteuii It Is alio an
tconotnlcal food that leducci the cost
pf living to the minimum.
Orupe-NutB nro piobably entitled to
tho claim to he tho most perfectly
udapte4 food for human needs now cx
t .tint. I'he, pu-'t puter tint! the vegetnr
Idn'are alike 'charmed with Its' cilsp
taste ana the delicate flavor of giapo
eusrar and the careful housewife is at
tracted by the fact that thctc 111 c foiu-
vtecu 0QrU9ii3,Jii p, i;p iiackuge.
ftonl Mel anion, which was t-atlsMed bo
fur as (ottld be hv bulletins ftoni The
Tl Ilium ollleo posted lis often usneccs.
tiry tin the boaid In limit of' .1. A.
ICc1I'h ill tiff slnte. While the lillnel'it
delcKiites weie lit scsilon the uew's of
their dellbelatlous weie fnltly deiuniid
ed, The Tilbuue ollhe belhK besleKcd
with IlifilllileH. The III si news! of the
adjournment of the dclesiill's ut "ilii
was announced 1111 The Tribune bulle
tin. Whjle the news was belnir posted
a ciowd tapldly collected nnd In 11 few
minutes the cot iter wan thtoiiKcd, each
one onset Iv pllHltlilK to fciiii the bul
letins. Later in the eetilii(T another
bulletin I'ljiitulitliiK the news of the
Kellctal stilke was posted which was
also the Hist public announcement In
Caihotidale of this nionientuous iictlon
on the pait of the mliieiM.
A Joplln (Mo.) Paper Speaks Inter
estingly of Him.
.Many t'111 liondallanii will iceull D. J.
Mojle", Heveial cais nKo he was tit
the Anthiaclte hotel, coming heie tinm
lito liniiin III SrtMtllnll. Ho left this
lyoi'tlon lor the West, entetltiK the.tlile-
als tor which he showed a iteciuetl
talent, lie not a kooiI eiiK.mement
with the Wilbur Opei.i company, eon
tluulni!' with II until this season when
he KPcuied the li niUiif? idle In the e
(nuviiKaiii'a ".luck and the Uaumittilk."
Incidentally, It inlht be said thai the
pilnclpal Intel -t In Ibis pioduellon Is
owner! by J. J. (Joodwln, a Hciantoii
The Jopllu (Mo .1 Uillv Globe speaku
InleicsthiKly of Mi. Moyles in lollow.c
"D.m J. Movies Is a bokit lnoUln-f
fellow', ltli liish Hiay eye- and a
frank I.iiibIiIiik lace, i:eijone In the
company c.illn him "Dannie" and
111 ui5 ot them s'cni to poi t ot look up
to and lean on him. If anyone im-Uf-lnes
llutl this Is a lesull ol his im
poslutt: apiicaianee as a kI.iiii, or his
sitpciiotllv, physically, to the others
In that lole, then that one Is much
mistaken, for theie was neer 11 mote
helpless tniituie, nor one nioie thor
oukIiIv deticndeiit upon those aiound
him, than is the "slant" ftoni the
time he to put 011 the enoimous
boot-, which aie the tinlshlncr touches
lo his "Kienl" costume.
'To si e the plant's tioii'-eis coiiiini?
leady lo be donned, on a waim du l
enough to chill- no, not chill but to
stilke ten 01 to the Inavest hcatt. Thev
aie Immense and aie heavIK lined
with slit op's wool, 11 la naluial Ml.
Mo.,k'.s nsstinied an ah of biavado and
pullid Jheni iierlils otheis, laiUeniiiK
them aioiindfhis neck. Then came his
immense cht,st, made of wlrkm, whlth
ulbo la"tens aiound the nei k and in
the back.
Mi. Moyps does pot until the list
minute hide hi-1 own duly Unlit blown
hah, and then it Is with a head lu
st. ,ul of a wl-jf. The head or skull
piete is made of 1 esemhlliiK
tin coxei of a baseball ."lid has a filmic
ol led h.ur aiound It. Mt. Moyles
adds to this 11 tiliif-e aiound his line,
ui.ikiiiK whisker lo inati h. The hat
which siiimounts nil this is as lue as
a sun tiinbiella.
"At this stage of the makeup pioeess
Mi. Moles nieiely looks like a dv.aif
suffeiiuer f 10111 elephantlils, though he
-lands ,"1 feet HI oidlnaill.v. The boots,
which by a'.'e paiado, ate the
ciownlinr featuie of the whole tiling,
lie culled upst.tii.s hy the piopeity
man and aie ulwa-s in leadlness jor
his "highness" when the cuitaln goes
down on the ait ju-l piecedlnff the
Khint's .ippp.iuiite.
'The boots aie about tluee leet high.
They aie of link, soles and Icks up to
w ilhln a loot ol the top. Fhmlv fast
ened onto the link Is a pair of simes
Into caeh of thc-o ho 11 usts his foot and
then a .sli.ip I caielnllj wound lound
and lound e.u h one An artanse
incnt similar 10 a s-pilnt tuns up the
"Ide of each lliuli and stiaps aie wound
lound this tiNu. Then when all is eiy
.''Cine, llii- tops aie tinned up and
fasti ncd 10 the lioil"ei t wilh main
mutilh s-atety pins. Now Mr. Moyles
Hands mi, (ttlte latettllly at Hist, and
as he has sjtown to about leu fiet in as
s-hiut or idic-iter lime than It tool: the
h"insl.tlk to Kiow, eaillei In the pei
loi 111a 111 e.
"lie s.i 1 It Is easv enouyh to walk
In l lice If you aie lust eat etui not to
lean to one side. TIipii you would top
ple oei; but the waj to lean is for
wanl. Ic haujt.s 011 to his lotmldablo
looMnq: club, which It- lli- feet eij;ht,
about, and aids him Kicatly in pteseiv
Imr his iiiulllbtluni, and nbserlim: the
laws of siavllatlon.'
I.V.MAX WUITI1, who has lied In
Cillloul since a lad, about CO,
passed away yesteiday mm nine; at tlto
ik' of heenl-iwo. lie wan bom In
Albany countv, X. V., and came jto
ibis .-eclloit In his boyhood, lie won
the lespect of hi-, nelKhbois and al
ways had their best wishes.
The fitucml .IU take place Sunday
tirtetnoon. Kei vices will bo held tit 2
o'clock In the llaptlut church. Buihil
will bo the Clllfoid eemeteiy.
Ci'UTIS Joseph Hennett Cm tin,
the Hcnen-iiiouths old son of Mi. mill
Mis". Chin leH Cut tin, of Cohmibla
HelKhtb, died on Thuiadiiy nlKlit Horn
an at taut; of influeiua. The f uncial
will titko jilaco ft 0111 tho lesldonoe,
Sunday nfteinoou at a o'clock, liuilnl
Wll be In Muplowood cemoleiy.
In the Emit Business,
James CmiiRim, tho youiiB- liiiin who
has met with xn innny luvei'Hes lately,
has gone' Into the f 1 lilt business ami
with his push cult of bananas, elc
udd .somewhat to tho mtitiopolltau tip
peaianco of iho city's stieet, Tho
loss of ?,lr, CoiiIk.iu'h hand some time
iiko Is a beiious luuidlcap to him. Ho
hopes for the puuouitgo of his ft lends
In his now undeituklntT.
Meetiiifjs of Tonieht.
f'ouit l.lly, hVircsteis of Ameilea,
Diamond laidRc, .Shield of Honor,
Local ll, United Mine Woikem.
Meetlues of Sunday,
liopeer father Mulhew s-oelety,
St. Joseph's cadets,
Didef Hallway Coiiductiiis, Xo. 1M,
Accepted n Pobition,
Miss Agnes iinimou.i, ot Not th Main
sltcot, has acecptcd a po.iltlon ut the
liupei lal lOFtuatant 011 Xoilh Main
Old Emit Stand Gone.
Nick Itogois, who has Kept a stand
nt the loriier of Slain sticet and Salem
aenue, ut the Altkcn bulldliif,- has
From the Treasurer of the Young
People's Christian Temperance
Miss Elizabeth Caine, Fond dti Lac, Wis?
' I II I I !! I -!
The ndvent of womnnltood li fraiiffht with chinifcrs tA-hlch even careful
mothers too often neglect. Soma of tho iltttiffers nro belated anil suppressed
menstruation. "The lily droop emits stem nutl dies heforc its beauty la
inifoldeil.'' U Is well tlenionstratcil in HIlss I'uinc'.s h'tlcr tlint Ijjdlti 13.
I,liikliiiin's Vpttcdtlilc (JoiupmiiHl Is certain to nss'ist ntituio to perforin
her regular duties, ami yomipf women who arc Iriejjtilar, or iiave anv iillinent
peculiar to their mx siiould httsteu to eoinmenco the ubc of liydln 13. Plnk
liam's V'gftiilil t'omiiomid.undtlicn s,lt elown anil write a letter to Airs.
I'inkham tvillnj,' her all about tlieir illness .she. will tfUc th ease cateftil
niitlintitherlyeouslilerntioii, andaiHIsc just what to do to jet welt Shin considers
ouch letteis strictly eonlldeiithil ; site will cliarffa nothinjir, and Ihoiibundit of
youn(f women owe their present health and happiness to iter ttdvlce.
3frs. FiiikluiMi InvltoH nil younjr moiiiou who nro 111 lo iM'lto
her for tulvics.1. Address Lynn,, jjlvhuj full particulars.
.-V- I 1' " VS. s.-'-s
';-' v
"Dn.vr. jrns. Pixkiia.ii: I want lo toll you and all tho young l.ulies
of the counfi, , how g raleful I am to you lor the 1'cneills L have leceivetl
fiom u-iiu'' Jdia H. IMiiklium's Vcgclnlilc Compound. Isuli'ered for
fight months from suppies-ioil inensti'uation, and it affected my entire bys
tfiu until I bec.ime Meak and debilitated, and at times felt that I had a
hundied ach"-. in as many iiluee. I only used tho Compound for a few
weeks, but it wrought a rhange in 1110 "which I felt fiom tho very beginning-.
I have been veiy legator ninec, have no pains, and lind that my
entile body is tis if it a as tonewed. 1 gladly leconnhend Lydia 13. Plnk
lminN VKetiille Conspiuuul to everybodj" aIiss Et.iABErii Caine,"
(19 W. Uivihion bt., Fond clu Lite, "Wis. m
"When the young girl's thoughts become sluggish, when she experi
ences headaches, dizziness, f.untne&s, and exhibits an abnormal disposi
tion to sleep, pains in the back and loAver limbs, eyes dim, dcsiie for
solitude, and a dislike for tho .society of other gills, when she is a mystery
to henelf and fiiends, then the mother should go to her aid promptly.
At such a time llw greatest aid to nature is Lydia E.Pinkliam's Vege
talilo Compound. It prepares the young system for the coming change,
and is the surest reliance for woman's ills of every nattue.
"When you for Mrs. Pinkliam's medicine at your druggist,
do not be persuaded to take something else said to lie " just as
good." Nothing in tho world is so good for -women's ills.
niood Into the Unole hulldluK' on
H.tlrni nvenue.
The tiliaudonnieiit ol lloaeiV place tind
it'1, icinovfil makes quite u elmnse in
the itiipe.tianee 01 the Salem nvenue
side of ihe At then building. Coiiteni
jdntej lui)iovoiuenti, the constiuetlini
iif dUiilay window along the Fide, v. as
the 1 casou for lemovlnjr the t.tand. Xn
tenant has been seemed as yet foe this
Delightful Evening- Enjoyed hy the
Cr. G. S. on Cr.iin.nii Street.
The nienibcis ol' the O. tl. C former
ly the T. y. CJ had 0110 of the moil
enloy.thle evenliurs last night .since the
uiK.inls'iillnii, uheu they .spent
liouiK us the quests of Miss Maiy Pen
di f nt her lionie 011 ITpuei I'.iniiiui
Mlt.i l'llulcr dlseimiued the iiiiietluns
ol' hoatcss In a most Ki.ielout. and Kit-l-imtoiy
mtmiier and i happy eiowd
ot jouiipr lullis left her home when it
Tlte general standard of measurement
for womanhood is "growii-up-ness."
When :i girl is emancipated from school
and arrives at tlic dignity of trailing
(jUirts nnd elaborate hair dressing the w
looUeel upon as;
n young woman.
But nature
known nothing
of such stand
ards. When tlic
womanly func
tion isestablibh
etl womanhood
is attained ac
cording to her
btaudarcls, audi
there is need of
womanly caie
uuil caution. It
is mrlisli ignor
ance or neglect
til tlti.s critical
titnewhlch often
results in Jong
year;, of after
Mothers who
perceive the e i-
deuces of func
tional deranire-'
meat in jouiig girls should promptly
h ive them hegiti the line of Dr. rierce's
l'.i orite Prescription. It establishes reg
ulaiity, tiaiiquilues the nerves and toiien
up the Miola system.
"My trouble sUrteil diirini: my ulilliood,"
nle JII.s 1 lora I, (Ircci, of io; llone htrcet,
Akiou, O , "lint did not proie rion until It.;.!.
I'roni Hut tune 1 did not tee a well day. I
hullered ut every monthly period with tcrriulo
licnd iclw, Irritation of the tpiue and paint h;
my heeU 1 had Nireuw. tliruiifli my mtu unit
oaticit all the lime and coastunt back idle.
Due doctor would tell pie one tiling uileil ine,
another would s.u noiucthiuK altogether diftcr.
cut, but they only ieliccd 1111. I Hint wiote
you mid followed j our atb ice. I tooklieloltu-j
oi Dr. 1'ien.e'b I aonle Prescription, four of
Oolden Medical Jncoctyi and luc vlali of
'I'clleU.' lluc not luil a single kymnluiu ot
my old trouble to far. fun kcp uood, wort
hard, and tat tolid uud substantial food with
out distress."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cleanse the
bowels and stimulate the sluggish liver,
Ovring to the fact that tome skf ptical peopl
have from tune tu tunc questioned thegenulne
nesiof the testimonial letters v.e arc constantly
publlshln' we have deposited with the National
Lilv uank, 01 cynn, Aiass., s,co, iucu tvui
be paid to any person who will show that the above restitnontal is not
genuine, or was imblUhrd before obtaining the wiiter'a special permis
sion. LydlA JO. riuklmui Sledlclns C'ouipAny. Iyiin, SlasR.
wits time to, Theie was .1
number or ltiusleul f-eleetlons and 11
lous dhetslons nutinlnlned the Inteiest
and ciijoj meiit. ltelieshnipnts weie
soi ed. .
Thoi-e piesent weie: C'.uinel
O'llc.un, K.tthtjn Little, Nellie I.lttle,
M.ugaret AleDonald, Sadie MeG.uiy,
Jliinilo Olennon, Doiothy Kailey, Ce
celia E.tiley, Mamie Pender, hostess;
Mumlc loiKifrhan, "Annie ironiiBhau,
MehHis John Peel, John Lnftus, Kd
waid r.llhool, Claienee jreHale, Will
I11111 Jlclfale, Dan Peel, U.iymoud
tlui he,, John Lynch, Martin Mooney,
John IMwaid", Kdwaid Gull.iKhii'i of
Ob pliant.
Exchange of Pulpits.
Toinoiiow nioinhiK Uev. II. J. Whu
len, of the Detenu Daptlst chill ell will
exehuime pulpits with Ilov. D. V..
Dew Is, pastor ol' the I.usseiiio Aenue
Daptlst ehiueli of Plttstuu, lte. Mi.
Dewh Is nheiuly hnown to the Cui
bondali) peoiile and lll he hetiid by a
huso 1 uiiRiejfjtlon.
Dr. AVluilon will occupy his , own pul
pit In the evenlntr.
Rev. W. B. Glow Will Lead.
The ineu'H inornlilK piayei-iueotlnjr
at the Deiean Daptlut ehurcli will be
led tomoirow mornlnsr by P.ev. AV. D.
The men of the Detenu conffiegutlon
will bo Kind of this announcement, an
Mr. Orow Is so highly respeeted nnione;
Examinations of Catechumens.
After ii bt let address by the pastor,
Rev, F. DhlhiKcr 11 tlto servlovo In St,
Paul's ehuich Sunday moin-int-r,
there will ho an examination of
catechumens piecedent to .their con
firmation and fli. st communion ur
The catechumens ate: C' 11,
V. M. Sehlveder, AURtifit 13. Clei Intuit,
Albeitlno Pioetyhh. H.iibutti D. Cler
huidt. It is dthhable that the tnnrsresutlon
nnd tho lelathes ol' the eateehumeus
show their Inteiest In these younir
flii'lstluns by their uttenduuip at tho
set vleu,
Tho pKMr.inuiit) Mill ho Sabbath
pchn, OjSO a, 111,; iej;ulnr Hetvleec,
James Collins Fall.
James Collins, 1111 Oitttulo nnd West
cm lliciuan, Hitbtiilncd 11 palutul scalp
wound uud u number of IuuIsch about
IiIh body by i.tlllnir from thu Outtnio
and AVehtem tiestle, at tin leaf of
Muplowood teineteiy, on Tliur?dtiy
night, lie Is nt I'hnetBOiiey hospital,
Honesdnlo Visltois.
Jniut'S I lui lie, the populur Uuluwaio
& Hudson timekeeper, of Cnihiindule,
called on filendb In town Tuesday,
.Mr, (Did Mis. Geoigo Mooio, of Clin
ton', lian just beeonu) iesldeut.s of Cai
bundah. llonesdalo Cltls'.en.
Miss Dtliel JiobbltiH, foimeily of Caf
boiuiale, hut now of Kentucky, Is the
fittest of livlfi Coles nnd wife on upper
Dust rittcel, Wnyno County Ilernld.
The tioor board at Its meeting lust
night lefened it hill of $12,211 fiotn
t'uieiReney hosplluli leteiird dlsputod
hill for cute of .lumen TetnpUliy, of
Attiyllettl, nt Dttnvllle. Tho riuwillnn ot
new iiiitntcra was dlieussed, hut put
oxer until next nipetln.-r.
No Hopo for Baneit.
Thotims Hull pit, Jt the Mm of Select
Councilman Tlionmn tlunett, wim tuiten
home ut ID o'clock Inst night In 11 dying
condition. When he left Dr. Wheolet'it
hoppltul It wits expected that he would
not Ih'e until morning.
Base Bnll panics.
Theie will be tlttee biiKe bull guilieT
toinoiiow, us folliniHi Crchcentt vs.
Olyphitui 1'towiin: Hlnipton s. Pihc
btitg; Centennial s. No. I.
MHses lillllim and South Ciiddlnaton
left yesteiday for Driilllinc wltete they
will visit their mother, Mi.s. Milium
.Misses Ktllii and l'dlth Caiey, attend
ed the dance In Ifoiiesdale, last even
ing. !'. D. Wutoi house, ot Seiaulou, was
a Cnibonditle visitor yeHterday.
W. II. Culluni, Hiipcilntcuitcui of con
strttetlon for the Now York Teleirniph
company, of Now Voik, was a visitor
here yesteiday.
John Cole, of Wluwood, was a Car
hondalo visitor yesteiday.
Ii "W. Clatk took a tilp riouii the
valley yesteiday.
.Miss Maine Dougherty, or Olyplinnt,
was the guest last evening of the
Misses Coleman, of the West Side.
Xewton Gordon of Seianton, lepic
sentlng the Atlantic Refining eonipany,
was at the Ilaiilson House, yestei
day. Dessle Thninas ami Mamie
Jones aie ljltini? among Sci anion
It lends this week.
William Snlladhi Is back to his wmk
at Klrby's, attor a bilef Illness.
Miss Anna Delle'Gaidner, ot Clifford,
Is visiting Miss Lena Illsted on Maple
.i onue.
Miss Delia Williams, or Dunnioie,
fonnetly of this city, Is visiting fi lends
In town.
Miss Tessle Keegnu has returned to
her home In Hyde Park, nfter several
weeks' lslt with her aunt. Mis.
Chailos C.ivanaugh, on Dundnff stieet.
C. L. Dice, genoial agent of the
Diiuitable Lite Insurance company, of
New Yolk city Is in town on business.
Result of Yesterday's Games.
liiiri(cr, II; 'cr.iiiton, '
I r-li 111011, 'i; ItcjillnR-, 15.
Milliuii-poif, I, III.ri.i.iiii, n
Standing- of Clubs.
I 1111 j-ti r "
V 1 , ml nn ",
Wilcvlliiip "1
I.ehinoH ."1
Jicidin "1
V Illhimpoi t 1
Won f n,t. I'.C.
.! 2 .(l)
; 2 orm
2 .(.0)
t 4 .ii
1 4 .mo
Today's Games
Scranton at I. nic.i-.tcr.
iles-II nro nt tVilliinirpoit,
1 tbinon at ncadina:.
Lawson's Apaches Aie Scalped by
the Lancaster Agvicultuiists in
n Ragged Game.
Il l.iluli Mile fiom 'Ihc A.ue!atril l'lct.
Lancaster, Pa., May 0. Lancaster
and Scianton, ihe leadeis of the league,
opened the .season heie toilav lo an
audience of about 1,000, the local club
winning. The plajlng on both sides
was rugged, and fhe pltchei.s weie
touched up piettj lively. Continued
wi angling piolonged the game. The
s 01 e :, ii.
it ir n . 1:
'ihimi-, s, J 1 - J J
Piloi. 211 j i :: 4 1
S.I.IH.V, 1 1 7 0 1
IllUii-", .ih i 2 1 Ii II
III Mill", Ih ',. 1 1 II 1
llll'o, l.f !! U 0 1 1
M. lilinu, i.f. jiul ji 1 1 ii j
I hi Ic, 1 f I 1 11 0 11
hiVWI, Ji 0 II II ,1 II
I iinhipi, if 1 ii 11 0 u
'IniiN 11 'Li; t) s
"hli-ii I u- out fu intufuimi.
f-( ItAVIll.N.
II. II. O. ., 1;,
Cm Inn, i.f II I 2 0 11
liliKo, I. f n u 11 0
MiliulK r.f I ' .1 0 11
Loam, -h 1 1 ' '1 11
sullliaii, ,li , 0 ,! " :i
s.lnnllt, Ih 1 1 s I) il
Miuh, a.- -' :: 1 1 1
Mciuhpi, c 0 1 4 1 1
.Mil! 111 v, i 1 II I) 1 11
ll.irih, p u 11 II n 1
M.llKJ, p 0 11 II 1 0
'I..IU-1 in
Sunt hi Iii'iitus;
JI It 1 0 1 0 (I ,! 1 n x )
Siiiiitmi U :: 0 u -j 1 11 l u u
I'anicil tuna Kuieatttr, i, Two hi'o hlta
Mifihim, .lcftrlci, lllncii, fhiniids, Jlrauh,i, Co),
tin. 'lhroo Inn- lilts l.otr.111. Kailllco lill
hclilM.), Meilliim. Stolen JoflrlCN lllius,
Khlb.N. Hioli J,, Miliini. miIIIijii,
siluuilt. Lift on liasti. 1-iiicaslu, S; -ci inlon,
Ladies' Shoes. Vici Kid
I Special
ible soles, at $2.00, $2.50, $3.00 aud $3.50.
Ladies' Dougola aud Vici K'd, button aud lace Shoes, at ge, 1.25 aud $1,49.
Ladies' Oxfords aud Ties, Patent Kid, Velour Calf aud Vici Kid, flexible haud
sewed soles, all widths, at $2.00, $2.50 uud ,$3,00,
Ladies' Oxfords at 75c, 05c, $1.25 aud $i,.q, Boys' Shoes at 95c.
Misses' Shoes al 75c, Children's Shoes, all prices.
It will pay you to call and lefbk them over, Remember there is no
trouble to show goods,
IH "w
Millions of Women
flLLIONS of Women Use
CUTICURA OINTMENT, for preserving ptJiifyiner,
nnd beaurifvinc tht skin, for cleansinp; the scalp of
crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the stopping; of falling hair,
for softening, whitening:, and soothtngf red, rougjh, and sore
hands, for baby lashes, itchine;s, and chafing-s, in the form of baths
for annoying irritations and inflammations, or too free or of fensivr
"perspiration, in the form of washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and
many sanative, antiseptic purposes which readily suggest them
selves to women, and for all the purposes of the toilet, bath,
and nursery. ,
CUTICURA SOAP combines delicate emollient properties derived from
CUTICURA OINTMENT, the great skin cure, with the purest of cleansing; in-'
greditnts and the most refreshing of flower odours. No other medicated soap ever
compounded is to be compared with it for preserving, purifying, and beautifying
the skin, scalp, hair, and hands. No other foreign or domestic toilet soap, how
ever excensive, is to be compared with il for all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and
nursery. Thus it combines in ONE SOAP at ONE PRICE, the BEST skin
and complexion soap, and'the BEST toilet and baby soap in the world.
Complete External ftiitt Intornrrt Treatment for Every Humour, 91.00.
Consisting ot t'LTIcutW HOAP, I'lO., to elcanBO tho nkln of crusts
5tJ -aml Bontes, uuil kuiioii tho thickened cnttelo; Coticoba Oint.
llIl'rilMLST,00c.,tolnetiiiit!y nlluy ItclihiK, iiilbtnmiitlon, nnd IrritaUon,
UlltVmailIl(l B00thQ !in,i llMi. onu cirriuuiu HisoLVLvr raw, 21., to
Z7 -. . . cool tuiil elennio the blood. A SlselMi Skt Is ofton BUfllclont to
The Set, SI onto the nioettorturliiff, dlsflfiuiltifr, Itelihiff, Iminlng, nnd bo.i y
humoure, ccem-ii, l.ishe-i, nnd lirltiitiom, with loss ot hair, when nil 0U0 falla. Sold
tlnouiihout tho world, llritlsh Depot: U7-28, ChnrtorhotiBO 8q., lAin.toii. Fronch nopot t
C Hun du lit I'nlx, l'nrls. I'orn.ti initio and Cui:m. Corp., Solo Props., Moeton, U. S. A.
t w. .mt w 0 to Ic, ani 1 ke"tl"c, nnil lcoiif question, tlio imiost, Bwooto, most
HuMAcaSS!lSbioauA sklu purlllers, Umnour curw, and tonlc-dlgcstlves
jet compounded.
II. Mmrk oui llj Mr(.lnii, (1, lij .Midnn, J.
Ii II inli 1; 1. t.irk, 1. llisii mt lulls tilt
Kwiei, ;,; olt Mcdljnii, 1, of Mil.iun, ': nit
Mini', l; oir Sstirki, 2 lilt hi pltelici "-elill-sll.
bihiinlu, hleinhcrL', .Mcrfittj. I'niplie
( 'Ilim1 ! houi.
Wilkoa-B.11 re-Wiliamspoi t.
Mllliiin-iorl, P.i, Mil-11 Milllinnpoit )ihjol
.1 tultri idle IK'Idin;; rjiiio ajrilnt Wilki- llu-o
In in loi'.ij, -.ill uith ihc wihlmiiH of Hi 11 wtie
ui'tlile to mcicoino llii- fist noil, mill lilrr ltc
pitehinK uf thn Msitors. Ihi- srnuo ua. 1I110I1I
of an L'peiul fcittui. 'Hi.- ffoio: iiunir.
It. II. O A. ''.
Illlipllll, 1I " " 11 0 11
Chilli?, Ji-. 0 (I I n 11
IlhcK, If 0-1 11 11 I)
r.rcwi, if 1 II II 'I 1
l Villi-', 0 11 j 1 j
.i-'l', 2h .' n till
( 1011,'hau. cf 0 1 (I (I 1
nrlhlcy, e. 0 0 u 2
llirtinin, e 0 11 2 II IJ
lh-ll, p 0 1 0 . 0
Totils 1 1 21 li 7
1! 11. o a. r.
Kti-ir, if II 0 2 0 0
linker, .Ih I 1 ." 2 0
Cole, if 0 O (I II (1
S.ipp, s 1 0 I .! 0
W.1M1, lh 0 II II (I 11
comoj, ir 1 1 11 i) 11
Iouhi.i, 2!i 1 12 0 1)
Iluikc, c (I 1 t 11 2
M10l.11, 1 2 0 (I ."1 I)
Toldl. 0 4 27 1(1 2
Willi I1llsi(il t U 0 I) 1 0 0 0 (I 0 I
Wilkc-i-Bam- 0 0 112 2 0 0 (1
En nod mna lAilKislVrrrc, 2.1 'Iho Lui-e- hits
Coinny, Com w.i. Three liw lnti Ilnrke-. ''11.
Ufieo hlU-firihlci, Kmsj. Stolen liin-iip,
Conioy, fllblej. T oft on b.isn likes 11 mc,
11; Willi mi-port, 2. Mruek out -l fetukil, 4.
llonhle plJj Sipp ,inil W.1M1. II1k;,' i-c ami
'lemplcn. l'li-l bi-e on bill Oft litll, ."ij nil
Stnkii, 2. UR hi pitelier Tniiplpii Wild
plleli 11(11. I'mplu 'fid. lime- I 20.
I!i idln'. May P lliailuw 1-ept iii IN lu-ln
.-luik 1. filing iindoi to the I thiiinn 1 lull (Ills
.iftiinoon. Hit home team ftiuid ol with .1
111-h but uiiktnnl ljc'irfinntr wlih the sewnth
imilii? and Hie M-itui'. won by th- eoie of Pi
to 1.1. It v.i4an i(Piiliii;ly he i) hittliu t;un ',
hut 1 tiUli wlnii win leipoibibh- foi 1 im.nlm of
tho I11H. eh iLi'-iip will oceur in tlic- U"id.
nil, li-ini in .1 far 111.1a. S oie:
It. II. O A. V
M1IM1U', k I 1 2 .I O
,miliar. 21 2 ! .1 .". I
(o-dillo, if 2 1 11 0 II
llollln-,, c 2 I (1 I I)
( lcniciu, i-b U n 1 1 II
Phllhin, ef. ! 1 II il 1
I.ilTcj, If 1 2 t 11 2
Dunn, lh 2 .1 It i 2
Kline, 11 t 2 n ( 1
TiiliN ......1 21 27 1'. 7
II. II. O A, i:
Cul'iniii, ,I into
.loidi 1, JI ,....; .: II 0.0
1'iyii.lili. f 2 2 I 1) (I
1 (H.-OH, .-- 1 I 2 I t
llltlil, 2b I 1 II .'' I
llonthioii, ( 1 .! 1 1 II
r-ici, If I 2 2 1 (1
Mi 111, If. mill 1 1 r " " I
1'rjci, 1 1 I 0 0
JMIo, p 1 11 " "I n
li rimt 1I1 1', U 0 0 2 n 11
'lotil f! 20 27 11 .i
Lcbinon 2 II 2 1 0 1 1) I n-pl
lloultiiK 7 1 I II 11 if I I 1-li
'Am biac hit. Mi Dade, ln-dello, Dmiii. Iliuo
lui-e hlU llolllnc, 2: lluiilliiun, 2; Collin in, 1
Nuiilleii lilts .lord ill, 1 imw, Killii, Hohn
ln-us Hi)iiold-, fijir, .Millide, oiiinr, I'hllbin,
Dunn. Left on Imm-sIIi 11II11,', 10; 1 ebaiinn, ,!.
Slunk mil lly Mine, fli by l"icr, I. lloiihlo
plu.iK lln .nut Jordan; l.iwon, llltlci ,uid
.lord 111; MilMde, louii,,- nul II111111. l'ti-t Ljso
on riioin-Iluulluir, I.; Lib. nun, .1. fli-t bi-u
fli hill,-0fl Mine. I; nil 1'ijn, I: nil M.-hl,
2 Mil hv pitihcil bill-lllllii. I'hllhln. IMscd
lull,- Itullliv, 2. I inplic Snttliuril. 1 line 2,1 j,-.
Aleu'a Ught Box Calf Velour, Vici Kid and Patent Calf Hand
Sewed Shoes, all styles, all widths and all sizes at $2.oO, $2.50,;
$3,00 and $3.50. ,
Men's Satin Calf and Box Calf Shoes at 95c, $1.25 and $1.49.
Hen's Oxford, Box Calf, Velour Calf, Vici Kid and Patent Kid,
The uewe'Jt, at $2,00, $2.50, $U,oo and S.qo.
and Patent Kid, button and
HwyTrTiHfnrtjMfi irnMBggn
CUTICURA SOAP, assisted by
National League.
At St. I.ouia lt.Il.f.,
I'hlliddphh 1 0 0 t 2 0 0 1 0 fl 10 3.
t l.miU 0 (I 2 0 0 2 2 Ox 0 10 11
lUltili'i lhfi-', Mil.'cc nnd lloolnj Mipphy mil.
Hi 111. L'mplre Cantllllon,
At Cinciniiiti 11.11,1". .
Iioston 0 2 1 11 11 0 1 0 11 A 11 1
Clneiiinitl 0 0 II 0 1 0 1 0 1 .! 10 1
ItittcrliM Malirkr.v, Willis nnd, KlttiliUc;
Mlnvnicl and Hri-reu. fmpiic Powers aid
Al Pitt-bin lt.Il.f.
iiiooM.Mi 0 in n 0 0 ft 0 0 u ii 0
Ilitlirns lliinov.111 and Ahcain.laiuichlll and
Sniilh. fnipne O'lli.i.
Al Ohiuiao . 1! Il.f.
.Sim 'iotk 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 .1 I
Chlcazu 2 0 0 0 '! 0 II 0 v 5 12l I
Hilled l.iau-. and I)owciiiiinjrSl. Vinln ait"
Klui' t'nipiie l'niMle.
Ameiican League. .
Al Philadelphia It.ll.I'.
Ililtlnioic 1 2.1 2 I 0.! 1 01'i 11 J
Pliiladelpliu 010 1100006 S 4
I!itlcnr ItiiKhcs ind Ilobin-on; Kcnna and
Powii". t'mpire O'Lousrhlin.
At ISo-don II II. f.
iislilngton II 11 n 2 .1 0 O 0 0 6 1 (I
Uoston (I 0 O 2 0 1 0 II I 4 11 (1
liatleiii lee nul 1'rlll; Dincen and Wuinir
and Crlirci. IJnipnc -hriidtn.
At ClPMhnd 1! II f.
Chien;o 0 1 I 0 2 1 1 0 fi 12 17 "
Clucluid -2 03 000 JOB Ml il
IHIleri'"; Cilnllnn nnd Mefailand; I.iindiioin
and lleiiii. finplica Cuullieis and Connollj.
At liottoit n.11.1:.
Si. I.onis 2 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0-. 10 t
Detroit 0000001012 .", C
Iiittuies Midhofl and Siurdcn; Moicr and Pue
luw. I mpirp .lobnstone.
Eastern League.
Nih iik, b. loionto, 7.
Mntiliril, 7; .leivci Citj, 4.
lluflalo, ldi Moicclci, '
lloche-lci, ii! PioMilence, !".
Defeated Hany Hillmnn Acaitemy
by Scoie of 15 to 2.
Tin Ims-i- ball te-ami of St. Tlioni.i'
collpo .mil the Hairy Illllinun ucad
omy, of AVIlKes-Barit, United for 111
lni'inary :it .tlilotie- ye-steiclny
St. Tlioni.i". (ollcKi- won by a score of
in to -'. Theio was ii HX conaldei
tiblt' uniouiit ol klcktnjr" inilulBcel in by
Ulllniin boys bee.iiiHQ ot hoiiie; of Uni
Iiin I'uslck's (IplKIuiim. Tlio score was
an lollows:
it II. f.
M, 'll.oiil 1-. .1 .! I 0 II 1 0SI 0 Ii if II
II iiii Ifill . I 2 1 II 111) II 7 1-12 . 7
ll.'fliil(v-lliidiiu, an 1 Kum'i'Thnnip.oii ami
M-i-. I iiipiie I 11-iel.
The funeral of Mis. midget Phllbln
took pluf 0 ye-stculay- morntnjT twin lie-r
Into lioniB on I'ppei Duiiniou rittcel.
The tiltendauei of le'latlve.s junjft lends
vu4 veiy luiKe, At id o't'lotlr-'tlio' iv
11111I1H woit- coneyeil to St. Patilok'a
climeli wlieio a lilgh le'iiuloni iniiss wui
1 oleiuuted by UeV. John O'Dohnell. At
tin- eoueluilon of tlic service the cor
teKe tuined Uf way to the West Slda
LOinoteiy wheio Inturment wna made.
lIoiiv' Uoim, of Wllkes-niirro, wni
n, oallor In town yobtenl.iy.
For a Weak Back.
Tho muscles of the buck may bo
veiy much HtreiiKtheneel nnd nil puln
nutl soiuncss leniovod by npplylnir
Chiiinbeilaln's Pnlu Balm and liavliifr
tlio pnitH rubbed vigorously for llo
minutes ut each application. Twcnty
llvo nnd fifty-cent bottles of this lini
ment me for stile by till iliUGKlstK.
lace, light aud heavy, flex
Cheapest Shoe-Store,
Lackawanna Avenue,
1 .
' s.jji&ikj Ae -as