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For years It Wrfs Supposed That
Gold Wns the Only Natural Wealth
It Possessed But That Idea Has
Been Shown to Be raise -Great
Valuo of Its Coal measures Make
Up of tho D., L. & W. Board for
Today Pennsylvania's Dividend.
Notes of Many Kinds.
tf1iltt B.30 h. m.i E. NVill S n. m.. 0. Bit'
tholohiew) 7.30 p. m.( Murphyl D p. lit., Y. II.
Bartholomew; 11 p, m., Lamping.
Helper 1.30 a. in., Mcdatcrn) 7. 1. m.,
GalThcyt 10 a. tn., 8cur 11.80 p. m., Elanlon.
i:(rr Wnvt 8 a. m., 0. Itamtotphi It a, in.,
M. C'-atmodyl 2 p. m., T, t)oinllcon 4 p. m., t
Klnfrslcyj 11 p. m., It. CnMncr.
tt tl. Mann and new llt run 11.30 p. tn.
extra, May 1.
MctJatlicrnc and wow will run 8 a. m. extra,
May -'.
Itonohun ami rrcw wilt run No. nj. Slay 1.
Ilmina.1 O'llsllcy rcporl tor It. .1. I..irUn.
William (lylca repoits lor Joseph Ualugan.
1 Since the- conquest of the country by
the Spaniards, Mexico litis been known
nlmoHt exclusively as a producer of sil
ver, and It is only during the lust ueo
ntle that the signal decline in the price
of the white metal has caused the pros
ecution of gold mining on o lurtre scale.
Tho precious mctuls, however, consti
tute but a small part of Mexico's min
eral resource, and the recent opening
of a large plunt of Monterey Is an
indication that vigorous efforts will
now be made to prollt by the vast de
posits of coal and Iron. Many Inter
esting facts relating to the subject will
bo found collected In the last number
of Engineering.
As lately as a quarter of a century
ngo the belief was current among
geologists that there wore no coal
measures of great Importance In Mex
ico. In 1SS1, however, the existence of
anthracite was reported from several
widely scattered districts, and the
specimens forwarded to the capital
caused the appointment of commis
sions to make a systematic survey of
all the promising localities In the re
public. At Barranca In Sonora an
thracite beds containing up to 90 per
cent of fixed carbon were discovered,
and found to be extensive enough to
revolutionize the whole of the north
western section of tho commonwealth.
The same mineral was encountered at
other places in the same state, as well
as numerous points in the states of
Mlchoncan, Vera Cruz, Guerrero, Pue
bla and others. It seems that the late
Mr. C. P. Huntington bought some
mines In Coahulla, which are now'
yielding 300,000 tons or more annually.
Quito recently at Peldras Negras, In
the last mentioned state, a deposit of
coal having continuous, powerful and
compact seams was met with, and,
after twelve trial shafts had been sunk,
ii French engineer computed that 9,
000,000 tons of high grade coal were In
sight. It has been calculated by the
engineer Knmlrez that In the one state
of Coahulla there Is a carboniferous
region covering nearly live thousand
square miles. The coal measures of
Sonora are estimated at seven thous-1
'and square miles. At San Marclnl a
six-foot seam was found at a depth of
no more than seventeen feet, and this
seam, containing coal "great In quan
tity and excellent in quality," has been
folowcd for a distance of ten miles.
Three other veins have been traced
one of them as much as twenty feet
thick and containing fuel said by test
to equal tho finest Leigh Valley pro
duct. Without enumerating other
localities In which conl has been met
with, we may say with confidence that
enough Is known to justify an early
and careful examination of Mexico's
coal deposits by American experts.
Fortunately for the future develop
ment of Mexican industries, Iron and
coal are found in close juxtaposition.
Xear I.imontla in Puebla, for Instance,
are Tepevco and Moreno, where specu
lar nnd hematite iron of excellent
quality is encountered in unmeasured
quantities. In Durango Is the Cerro
del Mercado, or Hill of Iron a solid
mass of mineral 640 feet high, averag
ing about 70 per cent of metal, and
capable of yielding over 300,000,000 tons
of solid Iron.' It is asserted on good
authority thati if Durango were
brought in direct communication with
the United States, a company working
this mountain of iron could export Its
products at prices that might almost
defy competition. Iron deposits only
less rich than those of Durango are
found at Nochltslan and Zlmatian In
Aaxaca, the first named being in prox
imity to coal at TIaxlaco.
Seml-Annual Dividend.
At a special meeting of thn board of
directors of tho Pennsylvania Rail
road company today, a semi-annual
dividend of !I per cent, was declared,
payable an nnd ntter May 31i to the
stockholders of record May C. This Is
the first dividend of 3 per cent, flat
declared since November, 1S92, and Is
payable on the capital stock of ?"0I,-37-1,850.
Last November, the directors de
clared a dividend of 2i per cent, ami
an extra dividend of 1 per cent, upon
a capital stock of $202,003,200.
In May and In November 1892 a 3
per cent, dividend was declared, but
after that year was reduced one-half
per cent., excepting In November, 1900.
nnd November, 1901, when extra divi
dends of 1 per cent, were declared.
This and That.
P. B. Smith, superintendent of din
ing car service, Lackawanna railroad,
was in the city yesterday.
The high speed nlr-brakc system will,
in all probability, be introduced on the
Lackawanna railroad in a few weeks.
Special Officer P. P. Spellman, of the
Delaware and Hudson passenger sta
tion, resumed his duties yesterday, after
a few days' Illness.
The Lackawanna railroad trainmen
appeared In their new spring uniforms
yesterday. They were made by Joseph
P. Webber, of New York. f
P. J. Langan, superintendent of tho
air-brake svstem on the Lackawanna
railroad, has been in Pittsburg this
week, attending a convention of air
brake officials.
The American Locomotive company
has orders for fifteen eight-wheel pas
senger engines and ten ten-wheel
freight engines to be built at the Cliff
works In this city.
The Vulcan Crucible Steel company,
of Pittsburg, that recently built a (cru
cible steel plant at Allqulppa, Pa., Is
drawing plans for a rolling mill nnd
open-hearth furnace to be added to the
works. The concern now manufactures
crucible tool steel.
General Freight and Passenger Agent
J. C. Anderson, General Manager J. E.
Childs and General Surjerlntendent E.
Canfleld, of the New York, Ontario and
Western railroad, who are making
their annual tour of inspection, spent
Wednesday night In the city, and left
yesterday morning.
Jones & Laughllns, Limited, of Pitts
burg, will soon have the Talbot open
hearth furnace at the South Side mills
ready. It Is expected that this furnace
will start early in May nnd will turn
out about 300 tons of steel per day.
Should the steel prove satisfactory
Jones & Laughllns will probably install
a second Talbot furnace.
At a recent meeting the Liege Geo
logical society discussed the question of
recent discoveries of coal in the district
known as La Campine, situated In the
province of Antwerp. The existence of
coal beds In Northern Flanders has for
some time past been a matter of prac
tical certainty; and expert opinion now
inclines to the belief that there is an
extensive coal-field In this part of Bel
glum which connects those of Yorkshire
with the Westphallan deposits.
Wall Street Review.
New York. Mav 1. Tho volume of ilealln fell
off again in tottn' Mock market, and the move
ment nf pilci Imllcatcil ninth uncertainty and
fotifnslon of (rtilhmiil, The flurry In fall money
to 13 per rent. votitd iro far to explain the action
of the market, 1ml there Verc some aupplcment
aryictiiw Mlilili Mere ronfiwdna" and no doubt
hail fotnctlilmt to dd with tho ilc-In the money
rule. The preparation for the May disbursements,
which nrc unusually heavy this jcur was of
course, the prlniiry cause of the ronatrlrtion of
the money supply. Hut meli n demonstration of
Instability aa that nf International l'ovvrr and a
number of other liiilulrlnl, whose affairs are
more or less shrouded In mjctrry, y.terdy anil
today, had the Inevitable cITet t of Indtitlnsr rtoer
m'ttitlny of tho character of collateral offered for
hmiw. The May ilMiimjcmcnts for dividends and
Inlerett are estimated at over $.V3,00O,0W, In
cluding the heavy payments for United Mates.
Steel dividend. The nib-treasury operations this
Meek taken from the bantu over &!,500,000,
largely duo to dcpolta to retire bank rlrculatlon.
There hd been miiio demand from the Interior,
ai hIiohii by tho drop in New York eschunqiu at
(liltiicu In ii discount, The International Power
episode earned a decidedly feverish feeling mnonir
tho obacuro claw of li.ilnilrlnbi. Hicher tirade
ulucks nf this clam wire less affected, althuugh
U. S. Steel securities showed Eomo depression,
luitly due to some public dNousion of a rather
biting character of the HiiancliiK of tho corpora.
Hon. Ntiujar, Amalgamated Copper oml People'
(lag were firm to strung. Tin- Rrnln canylnir rail
roads started to advance on the overnight reports
of nhowtrs In Knusi.t and the Northwest, but
the advance was iheikcil b.i- the failure of the
gialn market to retted any benctlt to the crops.
There was large and concentrated buying of M.
Paul, which seemed to be' due to the advance in
tho dividend rate on Northern Paclllo from a 4
per cent, to n 0 per cent, bask. Another notible
center of Htrength was in the Southern trunk
lltiea, which had no other explanation than tlio
reports of very largo north and noiilh traffic.
The movement affected Louisville and Nashville,
Illinois Central, Chicago, Indlanapollt and butiti
vllle and to a less extent Southern Hallway. Tho
flxfnir of thn f.1v KP,ni..'inniiilt ilU'itli'ml frlto on
Pennsylvania at ' per cent. Induced larRC buying
of that ktock nnd helped the other trunk lines.
Vnr tnn IMra (lift I,r tltrMntw! nn l'nlin.
sjlvanla tias been 2Vj per cent., while In No
vember there was ft declaration of 2Vi per cent,
regular and 1 per cent, extra. The rate of dis
bursement Is unchanged therefore, by today's
rate, but the fact that it is called regular is
accepted as a declaration of contldence in the
future on the part nf the director. The unde
cided nucstlon of the anthracite miners' terms
was a welgiit on that portion of the maikct. The
closing was irregular. Total sales today, 825,500
The bond market was Irregular In sjmpalhy
with stocks. Total sales, par value, 2,130,000.
United States new 4. declined U per cent, on
the last. call.
The following ouotatlons ars furnished Th
Tribune by liaight ft Krecse Co., 314-315 Mcara
Building. W, 1). Ilunyont manager.
Open. High. Low. Close.
Am. Car k Foundry .... :U 31 U 31 3114
Amal. Copper 6J?i WH4 Giai CO
American Ice 10i2 ID'a ISTi 1STJ
American Ice, Pr fi-l'.i 0.1 02 C2V4
Amcr. Locomotive 31 3IU Si 31
Am. Locomotive, l'r. ... 95 fills OfSi M5i
Am. Smelt. & lie's Oo. . W& 44'i 41 41,a
American Sugar 127 127V4 131 12"?i
Atchison H)i 81 SO 80 JS
Atchison, l'r. ! W tS"!i 83
Bait. & Ohio 100 J0014 lOT1); lOSli
ltrook. Itap. Transit .... MVl 70
Canadian Pacific 12014 127&
flies. & Ohio 47 45
Chic. & Alton H7',i 374
Chic. & fit. West 28't "SVi
Chic. Mil. fc St. I 175 175
Chic, If, I. i- Pao 171) 17fi?i
C! 69U
12" 120
4714 47
3714 S7'.i
27Vi 28
173 17l',i
17f 17I
Col. Fuel k Iron 10s Vi 103',4 10514 101
Increase of Earnings.
The Pennsylvania Railroad company's
comparison of earnings and expenses
for the month of March, 1902, and for
three months ending March 31, 1902,
with same periods of 1901, is as follows:
Pennsylvania railroad lines directly
operated month of March. 1302: Gross
earnings, Increase, 1447,200: expenses,
Increase, $415,200: net earnings, increase,
J32.000. For three months, ending March
31: Gross earnings, increase, $1,397,800;
expenses, Increase, $1,30S,100; net earn
ings, Increase, $80,700,
Philadelphia, Wilmington and Balti
more, month of March: Gross earnings,
decrease, $19,700; expenses, decrease,
$3S,000; net earnings, increase, $18,300,
For three months, ending March 31:
Gross earnings, increase, $22,600; ex
penses, decrease, $27,200; net earnings,
Increase, $49,S0O.
Northern Central railway, for month
of March: Gross earnings, Increase,
$20,100; expenses, increase, $21,200; net
earnings, increase, $4,900, For the threo
months, ending March 31: Gross earn
ings, increase, $100,200; expenses, In
crease, $10,800; net earnings, Increase,
West Jersey and Seashore, month of
March: Gross earnings, increase, $42,
000; .expenses, increase, $11,900; net
earnings, increase, $30,100. For the three
months, ending March SI: Gross earn,
ings, increase, $41,000; expenses, In.
crease, $47,900; net earnings, decrease,
$8,000, '
Twines west of Pittsburg nnd Krle,
directly operated month of March:
Gross earnings, increase, $390,700; ex
penses, Increase, $394,100; net earnings,
decrease. $3,400, For the threo months,
ending March 31: Oross enmlncs, In
crease, $1,285,800; expenses, increase, $1,.
029,700; net earnings, Increase, $256,100.
Dv L. & W, Board tor Today,
The following is the. make-un of tha
D., L and W, board for today
Kstraa. 1HU-8 p. ni., Jfoboken, Laltlmcr with
Abranw' rrew; 10 p. m., II. Dolicrly; u n. w
J). Wallace,
l' p. m., A. V, Frantr.
Kxtras llait 1.30 a, in,, Hoboken, J, (icrrity:
4 a. in., .). J. Mm my with M. Luughney'a crew:
f) a. in., Ilolwkcn, J. ,Y, I'evine; 10 a. m., Wil.
11am Hoar with McAllister's cicw; 11 a. in., Ho.
bokeu, II. J. Jjirkln; 1 p. in., O, W, Dunn; 2 p.
in., tlobolteii, M. J, llcnnlgan; 2,30 p. rn,, M. P.
NcLanu; 3.30 p. in., Jlubokcn, J, V, Ilurkharti Q
p. iu., 11. DUblngj (l p. in., Hoboken, KuemJ.
Summits, Etc. 8 a. in., Frouufelktr; 8 . m.,
Nichols; It a. m., J. Utuolgau; 3 p. m., J, Cur.
Puilur-6 a. iu., II. Coaltr; 7 a. ro., B. Fin.
prrtys Sun., Uouier; 0 a, m.,,.l4piUickt 10 s.
v. j.'Uuluc, 11.15 a. m., JUonn; 1 p. w., L.
By Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated Press.
American League.
At Washington It.If.E.
Philadelphia, 0 0 0 0 2 4 0 0 00 7 2
Washington 1002000003 0 4
Duggleby and I'oweis; Orth and Drill. Umpire
At Baltimore It.H.E.
Boston 112 0 10 0 0 1012 0
Baltimore 2 0 0100 0 0 1412 3
Batteries Dlncen and Criger; Howell and
Itobinson. Umpire Shei idan.
At Detroit It.H.E.
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 01 9 0
Detroit 10000021 x 4 7 2
Batteries Moore and Bemis; Miller and Mc
Gulte. Umpires Connelly and Johnston.
At St, Louis H.II.E.
Chicago 0 0 10 0 0 0 10210 1
St. Louis 3 0 000 0 00.x 3 0 1
Hatterles Patterson, Piatt and Sullivan; tSud
hoff and Sugdcn. Umpire Caruthers.
61 i
2(5 "
Col. & Southern .1111 Si 14
Col. k South., 2d l'r... 1141 45's
Del, It Hudson 170'4 17014 J. II 3H KJ'i
i;rie, 1st. rr. 70',i
Hocking Valley ftl
Illinois Central 15.)',4
International Power ...l.!5
Louis. & Kahh 123
Manhattan l)54
Met. Street Ity. 152
Mexiran Central 2SU
Misso.. Kan. & Texas... 21114
Mo., Kan. & Tex., l'r... 5S
Missouri Pacific 101
X. Y. Central MiOJS
Norfolk k West 53
North American 121
Ontario k Western 315
Penna. It. It 152
People's Gas 10194
Pressed Steel Car 45'.
Bending 11. B 071i
Beading, lit. Tr. S014
Heading 2d. Pr. 7!'-i
Itepnblic Steel 101&
Itepublle Steel, Pr. .... 75
St. Louis & San l'ran... OS
Southern Pacific 07
Southern It. B ?A
South. It. B., Pr. OflU
Tenn. Coal k Iron 70'4
Texas k Pacific 12
Union Pacific 10114 10iU 101 10414
Union Pacific, Pr. SS SSU 87:!i 6314
u, s. i,e.itner H
IT. S. Leather, Pr 84?4
I". S. Steel 42
IT. S. Steel, Pr. fK-TJ
Wahaih 27H
Wabash, Pr. 4594
Western Union Tel 02
Wheeling k Lake Erie.. 2214
Wheeling & L. E.. 1st Pr fti?4
Wisconsin Central 27
100TJ lOOTi
181--4 10014 Kil',4
5S4 03 53
12954 12.9 12914
SIW 3414 3114
15P1 152 133
10i 10194 10514
43 4'i 451
No. 1 northern Diiluth. 01. f. o. K aflotf.
Option opened shade easier) developed
traction that liter In the day became rro
notmcrd. .tloseil stronn at IlialHe. net dvane.
May closed fttHc.i .Inly. S2HM Rrl- SlSfc".!
Dee., 8.V. Com-Hnol flrm No. 8. 70$e. ele;
valor, and 70He, i, n. b. afloat. Dotn oprned
steady and' later adianeedl iloed firm and Up.
net advanced. May closed nsftcj July, fe.
Hepl., 071ic Oats-Spot flrnu N'o. 2, 474e.)
No, if, 47e. t No. 2 while, filHM N. -I white,
fil.l track western, 47a48e.( track ttlille, Ma
Mc. Opllons generally firm all day on active
demand from shorts. Itutlcr-Vlrmi creamery,
20a2.1c. do. factory, 17a20e.t .Tenovated, l.'.i
21c. I Imitation creamery, 18a2lr. dtate dairy,
ltfl22c, Cheese Klrni! tale full cream, mull,
early make, fancy colored, and while, LlalSr.!
full cream, luge, fall make, fanry colored and
white, 12al2ic. Eggs-Steady to firm; idate
and Tenna., 17al71iu.t western, HOlalTWc.)
western, lo?iai;i(i'. toutliern, IR-'H.ilOllc
Chjcago Grain Market.
Chicago, May 1. Heavy wheat exiwrls bulled
grains today In the face of good weather news
and beavy deliveries on May opllons. Corn
was Inclined to slide off on favorable crop re
ports, but wheal helped It sympathetically. Tho
close showed July wheat Hial9ic higher; July
corn, !4i up, and July oits, lc, ndv.mrcd. Pro
visions rccuvered from u weak position anJ
cloved 10 to 1714c. higher. Cath quotations were
a4 follows!
Hour Steady. Wheat. No. 3, 73.; No. 2
ba.I 6'... . X.. A ...- ll, . V- rt . a.I..... tit
Uo.i. , u. 4 corn, u.vAi,, o, jviium, ...
c.i No. 2 oats, 43al34e.i No. 2 while, 4ll
o45'4c.J No. 3 white, 4la3c.; No. 2 rye, 5914c. ,
barley, fair to rltolvc mnltlng, USaTOUc; flaxseed,
$1.08; Nn. 1 northwestern, 1.7': prime tlniolhv
seed, 7.1ta7.20j polk, $10.7fia1i.S0: lard, $10.0',
alO.0714: ribs. $9.40,10 55; shoulders, 7';ia8e.j
sides, $10,110.10; whiskey, ?1..'I0.
Buffalo Lire Stock Market.
East nuflalo, May 1. Cattle OfTerlnga, ?5fl;
nothing doing, tendency lower; veaK receipts,
100 head; tops, $; fair to good, $5.50
flO; common and light, $t.50a5 25.
Hogs llccelpts, 3,800 head; fair to active, Si
10c. lower; medium, S7.25a7.50: no heavy here;
packers, mixed, $7a7.29; plgi, $0.10a0.00; roughs,
lj0.(10afl.75; stog $1.75n5.25.
Sheep and lamtis Itecelpts, 3,400; yearlings and
sheep, slow; clipped lambs, steady; wool lambs,
stronger: sheep top, mixed, $Oa0.25; fair to
good, f5.50iri.75i culls and common, $.1.76.1(1.75;
yearlings, $oC0a0.75; clipped lamb, tops, $fl.G5a
(i.75; fair to good. S(l.26a0.00; culls nnd com
mon, Wa5.50i yearlings, $0a(l.25; clipped sheep,
top mixed, $5.60a5.75; fair to good, SI.75a0.25;
culls and common, $2.50al.50.
East Liberty Live Stock Market.
East Liberty, May 1. Cattle Steady; choice,
$0.S0a7; primes, $Oa0.75; good, 5.85jO..T5.
Hogs Lower; prime hogs, $7.25a".30; best
mediums, $7.16a".20; ' heavy yorkers, $7a7.10;
llsht do., $0.76a0.(i0; pigs, $8.10a(l.50; roughs,
Oil Market.
Oil City. May 1. Credit balances, 120: certifi
cates, no bid. Shipments, 131,852: average, 108,
702. Buns, 137,510; average, 81.311.
Connolly & Wallace
Scranton's Shopping: Center
123, 125, 127 and 129 Washington Ave.
Opening of Our
Infants9 Department
Everything for the Little
Folks at our well known
low prices.
The Connolly & Wallace
Infants' Department
Will be run on the same,
liberal lines as all other
departments of the house
01 'J
Low. Close.
Open. Utah.
National League.
At New Yoik It, U.K.
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2
New York I01100 00. 3 8 2
Hatterles Voorhces and Douglass; Matthcuson
and Ilowerman. Umpire O' Day.
At Boston It.H.K. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 fi 2
Uoston 0 1 00 0 4 0 (1.x 5 11 0
Dattcrles Kltson and Ahem; Willis and Kltt
rhlgc. Umpire Drown,
At Chicago (12 innings, game called, duik
ncss) it.H.E,
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 5 0
Chicago 00 0 00 00 0 0 0 O 0 0 S 1
Ilattcrlcs Halm and Hereon; Taj lor and
Chance. Umpire Cant llllon.
At Pittsburg
M. Louis 000
.'lOiooA u o
I'ltUburg 0 0 3 1030 2.x 18 ill; fi terles Pope, Murphy ana; Ilyan; Tanucl'iH
umpire r.mnllc,
and Smith,
Eastern League,
Rochester, 3; Montreal, 2.
Toronto, 4; IlufTalo, O,
Jersey City, 0; Providence, 3.
Worcester, 7; Newark, fi.
Other Games.
At Cambridge Harvard, 3; Amherst, 0,
May 741i
July ui: ,7t
May CPi 02i
July 03',4 (S3?i
July 34S 35'4
September 2tii 30?4
May 10.45 10.75
July ."... 10.C0 10.07
May O.S5 10.02
July 0.05 10.07
May 0.3', n.17
July 9.40 ' 0.50
Open, High. Low,
July 0.50 050 0.30-
August 0.30 Oi.O I). 11)
10 02
Capital, $200,000
Surplus, $550,000
Pays 3 interest
savings accounts whether
large or small.
Open Saturday evenings
from 7.30 to S.30.
A Sale of Silk Skirts
50 Petticoats of good taffeta silk, In
blue, cardinal, violet and rose, corded
ruiflo, well made and liberal In size,
value $6.00. Price
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Low neck, wing sleeve
High neck, wing sleeve
Body Vests
More than forty different styles,
many of them in lace trimmed effects
Toilet Goods Department
(Near South Entrance.)
Colgate's Finest Extracts In bulk, 25c per ounce
Colgate's Violet Toilet Water, half pint bottles, 75o
Colgate's Dactyle's Toilet Water, 6 oz bottles, 58c
Colgate's Pine Tar Soap, 1 0c cake.
Colgate's Silverware Soap.small cakes 3c, large 8c
Colgate's Honey Soap, 10c cake
Colgate's Cashmere Bouquet Soap, 24c cake .
Cutlcura Soap, 23c Cake
Mennen's Talcum Powder, 1 5c
Connolly & Wallace.
Bid. Asked.
Plenty of Money at Washington,
By Eicliutvo Wire from The AisocUtcU l'ru.
Washington, My 1, The monthly
ktaltment of the government receipts unci cxpcif
dllurea shun tint during tho month of April,
lOOtl, the total recclnts were 11,315,300, a de
create as compared with April, 1001, ol $2,552,000.
Tho fupcinlltnns for Iho month agKTeK4tcil 10,.
7W,'.'0J, which learn u Mirplm (or the month of
$1,310,01X1. i'ur the lat ten muntlu the totul ie
(elpts were fH)l,2l8,200, und the cxprmllturc
$39S,e24,K, leaving a turt..m for that period of
Chicago Xive Stock Market.
Chlcaco, May 1. Cattle Ilerclnts, 0,000, In.
clujing 200 Tcxans; clow, biddy; good to prime
iteem, fd.75a7-30s poor to medium, M.KUO.Wj
stockeM and (ecaert, ?2.60a5; cows, jl.KU5.7S:
lieltera, f2.2Sa8l cannera, fl.t0a2.10; bulb, i.2J
5.40; calves, fiaol Ttxai fed altera, f3.25ad.2i.
Hogs Itecelpta today, 30,000; tomorrow, 23,000;
left over, 6,500; 10c. lower; mixed and butchera.
6.70a7.15; good to choice beavyj I7.i7.25; rouh
heavy, ).7Sa7; light, fO.oOaO.OO; bulk of'j,
6hecp Receipt M0 iheep, ttcady; hnihi,
lower; good to choice wetben, f5.50a0.10; fair
to choice otlxtd, I4.76a5.60; western ahcep, $0.2 J
ae.10; native Urut. $4,758.10: uetera lambs,
J5.25i6.W; xm1i4 Culoradot. (7,15.
Scranton Board of Trade Exchnngo
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100,
Lackawanna Dairy Co., l'r.
County Savings Bank k Trust Co.
first National Hank (Carbondalc),.
Third National Hank
Dime Ucpojlt and Discount Bank,,
Economy Ucht. II. k 1. Co
First National Bank
I.acka. Trust k Safe IVnosit Co...
Clark k Snover Co., l'r 123
Scranton .Savins Bank 600
Tradt'is' Nutional Hank 225
Scranton Bolt .fc Nut Co 123
People's Bank v....... 135
Fcranton I'acl.lns Co
Serantoir l'assciicer Hallway, first
Moitiragc, duo 1020 113
Teople's street Hallway, first mort
gage, duo 1013 113
IVople's Street Hallway, tieneral
mortgagp, due 1021 ,, , 113
Scranton Traction 0 per rent 1J3
i.ionoiny i.ignt, Ileal rower Co
North Jerbey lc 1'orono lio Co
Consolidated Water Supply Co
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II. O, Dale, 27 l.atkawuniu Ae.)
Flour $M0.
Butler Froli cicamcry, 2c.; freih daliy, 23o.
Cheese lSaUHc
I'g-Ncarby, 16c,; western, 17!le.
Teas 1'cr bushel, fl,73.
Harrow Beans Per bushel, $2.S3a2.10,
(Ircen Peas Per binhel. ?1.75.
Potatora Per bushel, fl.OO,
Onloru Per bushel, 1.30.
Philadelphia Grain and Produce.
Philadelphia, May , Wheat-Firm, lc, high,
cr; contiail grade, April, eVUjaSTc, Corn Vic,
higher; No, a mlxeil, April, (UaOfic, Oats
()ulet, but tteady; No. 2 white clipped, 01c,
Butter Firm; f.tra western ireamery, 2iU
2lc.i do. nearby prlntj, 25c, Utga Flimi fresh
nearby, lile.i do. western, lUlJalOH';.; do. hiuIIi.
westcin, lUc.s do. toutliern, 13.il3Vic 4 heese
Ulidianged. Itrtlned fugjrs Firm, good ile.
maud. Cotton Mdc, loner; middling uplaiuU,
mif, Tallow Finn; illy prima in tleriej, 11U
uU-Jc.; counliy prime In bjrreU, OWao'.ic,; do,
dark, SXaOc,; cakea, 7c. I,lo poultry I'lrm;
fowls, hear fat lion, 13c,; 'do, small und med
ium, 12al2Vac.; old roosters, RMc,; 'Winter
clikkciH. na20d.; spring clilckena, 30a.'IV-,;
ducks, Italic; geese, DilOt.-, Dicsed poultry
Steady; fowls, choke, 12Hc.; do. fair ift good,
IHialie.j old roosters, (USVic; wntcrn rout,
lug chickens, fioscn, llalOc,; do. brollei-a,
frozen, lda20i.
ltecelpts-Flour, 1,700 lnrreln, and 1,704.000 Ilia.
In sacks; wheat, 62 000 bushels; corn, FU0; oats,
0,400. Shipments Wheat, 72,000; corn, 6,000;
oats. 8.000 bushels. ' '
New York Grain and Produce Market
New York, May 1. Floui-ltoie active and
flimcr In tone. Wheat Spot firm: No. 2 red,
&:. elevator; No. 2 red, voKc f. 0. b, afloat;
Six Eagles Mines
An investment opportunity of ex
traordinary merit. It is the best
known mining property in the state
of Washington.
A Developed Working nine
Not a Prospective Proposition.
A limited amount of stock is now
being offered to raise money for im
provement in equipment and gener
al development of the property.
Awarded Bronze Hedal
At the Fan-American Exposition at
Buffalo last season.
Stock now selling at $ .50 a share.
The price will soon be advanced. Get
In now on the ground floor.
Write for full particulars,
1202 Crozler Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.
"""'''"'''''''''''''"-ssaasMMMsiatiMmii aissanM sn ! ns ! ! .se eat
hfln j CL0THIHG (llflON CREDIT! I
I Cash Stores. r 1 nimmmmsmglrimmmmamximaxA I
B -I L
Some Special
Bargains this
week in Ladies'
Tailor - Made
Members of Houston (Texas) Oil Stock Kx
cbuugu solicit orders,
Hail imtwciTUA.
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Schedule In Ktlcct June 2, 1B01.
Trains leau Scruuton; O.a.3 a. in,, ucek days,
through vestibule train from WilLcvliarre. full.
Dian bufTct parlor car and toadies to I'hiladej.
phla, via l'oiUIllei Etop.s at pilucipu! inteuue
dtate stations. Also connects (or buuliuri, lUr
rULurg, I'hilailclphla, Uultiiuorc, Wuahington and
lor l'utsburg ana the west.
0.38 a. m., week days, (or Eunbury, Hurrltburr,
rblladelphla, Baltimore, Waslilngtou and I'itU
burg and the west.
1,4.! p. m,, week days (Sundays, 1.5S p. m.),
(or Sunbury, Harrlsburif, fhlladclrihla, Paltlinorc,
Washington and I'ltUburg and tho west.
8.28 . m.. week days, through vestibule train
trom wilkes-Barre. I'ullman buffet parlor cat
and coaches to Philadelphia ia I'oliSYillc. Stopa
at principal Intermediate statical p. 111., week days, lor lUzleton, Eunbury,
HarrUb.irg, Philadelphia and Pittsburg-,
J, U. 'aUTCHlNSOS. Oen. Jlgr,
J. U. WOOD, Qen. Pass. Agi.
Big Values for Saturday Buyers
Clothing on Credit, Man, Woman, Chill
Don't let another fine Sunday go by without the new Clothing. We appreciate
the fact that everybody can not have a pocketful of cash, and so we say to you :
Come and pick out your Spring Clothing, Hats and Shoes tomorrow, have therri
charged and pay in small, convenient payments,
We charge nothing extra for Credit. Quality against quality
our prices are as low as any cash store.
Come and see for yourself. Come and examine the stylish
spring garments. You will not be urged to buy.
For Womankind
Handsome Man-tailored Suits; Stunning Spring Jackets, Smart
Waists, Silk Raglans, Stylish Skirts. Fine Petticoats none more
stylish none priced lower no terms easier.
For Mankind
Nobby Spring Suits in attractive patterns, handsomely made
up and carefully finished p'opular styles.
Boys' Suits, single and double-breasted very strong, durable
and stylish.
31V Lacka. Ave.
Second Floor.
Open Evenings.
New Jersey Central,
In Cttcct .Vor, 17, 1001.
6tat!ons In Ntw York, loot ol Liberty street
and South ferry, N. It.
Trains lcae Scranton (or New York, Philadel
phia, Eustrn, Ucthlelnm, Allcntonn, Mjucb
Chunk, White Haven, Ashley and Yilkeg-Bsrio at
7.00 a. m., 1 p. m. and 4 p. in. tnmdiy, 2.10 p. m.
er ii iy r.i.pre icaua scrjnton at 7..10
a. m., through solid vestibule train with Pullman
(juaLer City Kxprets
m,. tlireusli solid ves
Cutlet Parlor Cars, for Philadelphia, with only
cue change o( curs lor Ualtiniore, Washington,
P. C, anil all principal points south and weat.
For Aoca. Plttston ami Wilkes-Darre. 1d.hl
and 4 P. in. Bundsy, 2.10 p, m.
For Long; Uunth, Occaa Orove, etc., 7,30 ,
m. and 1 u. in.
For Itcadini;, Lebanon and llsrrliburg, vU Al
ientoun, ut 7..J0 a. m. aud 1 p. 01. Sunday, .10
p. 111.
For Pottsyillo at T.30 a. m. sod 1p.m.
For rates and tickets upply to agent at station.
W, G. UL'bLlUI, Otneral Manager.
Delawaro, Lackawanna and Western.
In KITect Nov. 3, 11)01,
Trains leave Scranton tor New ork At 1.40,
3.1S, D.U5, 7.00 and 10.0J a. in.; l'J.45, 3.40, 3.3J
p. m. Foj New York and Philadelphia 7.50,
10.03 a. ni., ami 12.43 aud U.fS p. in. For Tobj.
haiina At C.1U p. in. For Uultalo 1.13, C22 and
0.00 a. 111.; l.U, 0.50 nml 11.33 p. m. For lllnz
hamton and way tt.itlons lO.iiO a. m. and 1.10
p, 111. For Oswego, bjuiuse ami Utlca 1.15 and
0.2:; a. in,; 1.63 p. 111. Osneiio, Syracuse and
Utlca train at 0.2.2 a. in. daily, except Sunday.
For JIun(roo P.00 a. m.; 1.10 and 0.5O p. m.
Nicholson accomiiiodjtlon 1,00 and t). 15 11. m.
Uloonisbuiir l)lislon For Xoilhumbcrland, at
C.S5 and 10.03 a. in.; 1,55 and 0.10 p. m, For
Plymouth, at 8.10 a. in.; 3.40 and 0.00 p. m
Sjndav Trains For Jtw York, ,1.40, 3.15, 0.06
and 10.0j a. m. 3.40, 3.33 1. 111. For llullalo
1.15 and a. m.; I. 3, u.50 unci p. m.
For Ulnshsnituii and way blatlons 10.20 u. m.
HlcomsburK Uhislon Leave bcrauton, 10.03 a.
in. and 0,10 p. m.
Lehigh Valley Eajlroad.
In F.flect, Nuv. 3, 1001,
Tulus cranton.
For Phlladelpha and New York via D. & 11.
It. It., at 0.M und f.JS a. m., and 2.13, 1.27
lltlack Ulainonil xprea), and ll.aj p. m. Sun.
iajs. i. & 11. n. n.. ,-.5. e-V v, ! ,
For ttlille Ijmii, llaslctou and piincipal points
in the ioal rmions. U l. k II. II. It., 0.3S, S.ia
and 4.27 p. iu. Fr I'ottavllle, 0.33 a. m., 2.18
For llelhleheni, Kaston, Ileailliiff, llarrUbursr,
and nrlncipal iiitirnicdlatu stations, ia 1). k II.
It. It., tl.3S. 0.33 a. w.l 2.1S. 1.47 (lllack 1JU.
mond txpress), 11.30 p. 111. Sundays, 1). k II.
It. H., 0.3b a. m.i 1.5S, S.27 p. 111.
For Tunklunnotk, 'lonanda, Llmlra, Ithaca,
Geneva and principal intermediate stations, via
I)., U and W. It. It., 6,10 a. :n. aud 3.50 p. in.
For aencva, ltvvhettrr, Uailalo, Majjaia Falls,
riiltoao and all points nest, via D, & II, It. 11.,
7 4S 12.UI a. n..; 1.12, 3.23 (Ulack Diamond lixt
press), 7.1S, 10.41. 11.30 p. in. buudajs, 1. i: U.
It. It., 12.03, 8.27 1. m.
Pullman patlor and slecplnB or Lchijrh Valley
Parlor cars on all trains betweea Wllkes-Ilarre
and New York, Philadelphia, llutfalo and Supcn
slon llrldfe.
110L...N II. WILDIlIt, Ccn.fSupt., 20 fJortland
street, New York.
CIIAltl.CS S. l.i:i:. Gen, Pass. Agt,, 20 Cortland
btrcet, New Yoik.
A. W. NONi:SIACili:R, UIv. Pass. Agt., South
Ilethlchim, Pa,
For tickets and Pullman reservations apply ti
city ticket otllce, 00 Public Square, Wllkcs-llarre,
Delaware and Hudson.
In Kffcct November 21, 1001,
Trains (or t'arboudalo leave Seraulun at 0.20,
6.00. 8.33, 10.13 a. in.; 12.00, 1.20. 2.31, 3.51,
6 20 0.25, 7.57. 0.15, 11.20 p. lit,; 1.31 a. in.
For llonesdale 0.20, lO.lSa. m.; 2.31 and 5.29
''"For Wllkes.Barrc 0 33, 7.4S, S.41, 0 3S, 1011
a. m.: 13.03, 1.1.', 2.1s, 3.2S, 4.27, CIO. 7,1 1,
10.11, 11.30 p. m. 1
For h. V. It. it. Polnbi-0.33, 0.33 a. m,; i.13,
4.27 and 11.30 p. m.
For Peun.jlvanU n. lt. Polnts-C.33, 0.33 .
m.i 1.11. 3.2S and 4.27 p. ni.
For Allan) aud all points north 0.20 a. m.
and 3.3 p. m.
For raibond lie 3.00, 11.. '13 u. m.; 2.31, 3.53.
5.52 and 11.17 p. m.
For Wllkc-llJire U.S3 a. ro.; 12 03, 1.33, 3.23,
C.S2 and 0.17 p. in.
For Albany and points north 3.53 p. in.
Vor llonekdale 8.60 a. in. and 3.33 p. ni.
W, L. I'KVOll, ii. ', A., Sujulou, Pa.
Allis-Chalmers Co
Successors to Machine Bualnes ot
Dickson Manufacturing Co,, Scranton
and "Wllkes-Dtiric, Pa.
Stationary Enslnes, Boilers, Mining
Machinery, Pumps.
New York, Ontario and Western,
In Kifcit Tuesday, Sept. IT, 10OI.
Leave Arrive
Trains. Siraiiton, Caibomlale, Tadoala.
n" 1 '1i,;,;?a",.u")J,,!. 100p-'
-' fi-m illr;umo,"Jale6ll0'- -
Uuvo l.eavo Artlx
Trains. CVidosla. CuiliowUIr, Serantan,
No. il "' ' 7.10 aJni.
0. 2.1', p. in. 4.0H 11. m. 4,10 .,
Uave Leuvo ir.i..
Kraiilun. CiirlHindale, Cadoala
, S.30 a. m. 0.10 p. in. 10 43 a. m.
7,00 p. 111. Ar. farbonJalo ",10 p. m.
MJUl'il HOUND. "l.ra.
U'avo Umvo Arrive
LUdvaU. Carboiulale. Scranton.
1.00 a. iik 7.40 a. m.
No. 0 ....
No. 6 .,.
1.30 p. 111. 11 Oil p. 111. 0 13 p. m.
No 0 ,
Nn. 10 .
Tialns No. 1 on week da)., ami II on biiud.ya.
make main line connections for New York city,
Miildletovvu, Walton, Noiwlcb, Oneida, Ooivetl
and all points west.
For further Information rciuult ticket agents,
J. (J. ANDKltSON, U. P. A., New York.
J. U. WELSH, (V. P. A., Scranton, Pa.
V..r-.M.S1 MMl'll. r!
,r-V k ''-