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f-'pcelal to llio Sttanton Ttlbune.
Mniitrosn. Anvil !!), The 1'iolilbltlon
ini-lv nf KitRmlnliiilllllt cullllty Illot ill
convention ut the cmirt house In tills
folnco tills nfturnoon. A total of iibout
tw.ciity-llVQ ilelesiitus turn visitor were
Hcv. P. H. Tower, of Thompson, was
I'loctcd oliiilnimn of the county coin-
knitter-: .'. H, Hrynnl, of Jackson, was
elected seeietnvy, tmd Dr. A. is. biiyuer,
lot Now Mllfoiil, unit tniosen trrusuier
for the pounty fonunlttec.
Itev. v. C. FoRIpii, ol iJiieiitiniviiie,
was elected chairman of thoi'on voli
tion, and !'. W. Lewis, of Thompson,
The following nominations were made
ly iiccliiimttlon: For coiiRi-esM, P, II,
DlcUerson, of North Towanda, nradford
county; for state senator, Salmon P.
Jones, of Wayne county; ror sheriff,
llcnj.'itiilii Taylor, of South Aubuin: for
county treasuier, KdRiir NV. Holies, of
Kulrdiilo; for 1 agister and recorder, C.
V. Ilathnwny, of Ararat; for county
cotnmlssloiiorti, AV. N, Judson, of South
Auburn; Harvey Jlrown, or Juclsson.
County Chairman Tower presented
ringing resolutions rondeinnlng the
lhiuor traflie and commending the pio
hlbltlon inoveinont and the Women's
Chrlsllnn Tomperanco union, of whkh
organization novel al representatives
ivoie on the floor of the convention.
Alfred Howell, of Henlck, and K. I J.
Smith, of New Jlllfoid, were nominated
for representatives In the stale legis
lature At a meeting to be held tonight In
the court house, ex-Mayor U. 3D. Nich
ols, of WilkPS-Barre, -will deliver a lec
tuie, his subject being "Temperance in
a Now L,lsht."
Chairman Tlldcn and Rev. James AV.
Itiiynor made spirited and eloquent
speeches upon the great temperance
issuer and their remarks were loudly
FOREST CITY. to the Scranton Tribune.
Forest City, April 29. Itev. AV. IIol
llnshcd will make the address at the
installation of itev. T. AV. Bow en, In
the Nicholson Presbyteiian clum-h, to
morrow. A number of our residents attended
the conceit of the Choral society in the
Methodist church, at Dundaff, this
owning. Jt was under the direction of
Prof. A. P. Thomas, and the Oipheus
quartette and Pi of. Tliielo, of Scranton,
The commencement exercises of the
Foieht City High behool will lie held in
the opera house on Tuesday evening
next. There Mill bo sixteen graduates,
and County Superintendent Jloxley
complimented them very highly on the
excellent average made in examination.
Miss Amnnd.i Tamblyn, of Scranton,
was the guest of her cousin, Jliss Maine
J3udd, the past week.
As yet no one-lias come to the rescue
and volunteered to accept the Forest
City tax collectorshlp. .1. Freednuin,
fvlio lias been collector the past year,
inder appointment, lias failed to iullty,
md the office, -which is supposed to be
the most Jncrative In the borough, is
now going begging. The county dupli
cate, lit now ready, but as court lias ad
journed no collector can now qualify
until August, and the same condition of
affairs will exist that confronted the
borough last year.
Mrs. AV. A. and daughter arc
homo from a visit with the former's
puienls, Mr. and Mrs. AV. X. Hcese, at
The funeral of Dr. Stanford Xiles, of
Pleasant Mount, -who died very sud
denly in Maylleld, jcsteidny, will bo
hold from his late home at 2 o'clock to
morrow. The doctor was a Ma&on and
an Qdd Fellow. He was one of the best
known men in AVayne county.
Spec ill ti tlic Stranlon Tiibune.
Dundaff, Apiil 29. C, Glvens
is eontlned to his home with swollen
feqt and Hinbs-. Ho is being attended by
Dr. J. V. IMwards, oC CIIITord.
Ebeu Ihownoll has recently moved
into our borough lioin Scianton. He
occupies one side of the Joseph Slorum
homestead, Mr. iliowncll is n brother
of Daniel Brownell.
Mr. and Mis. Hairy Hocl.-ad.iy ate
visiting friends and lel.ithcs at Scran
ton. Itev, AV. H. Tinker Is expected to take
the pastorate of the First Haptlst
chinch of this place on or about the
Jlrst Sunday In May.
Thursday evening, Apill 21, was the
feeue ol" a very pleasant gatheiing nt
the homo of Mr. and Mrs, Albeit Cobb,
It being the twenly-llrst birthday of
their oldest son, Aimer, Quito a largo
company of friends and neighbor,
mostly young people, were piesent, nd
nil seemed well pleaiied with the Tun
ing's enioviuent. A Ruiiintuons mmi...
was served at about 10 o'clock. Music, I
games, eic,, worn also enjoyed. Those
piesont were; Misses Delia Snyder,
JMlunlo Snyder, Nellie Hvarts, i;ie
Cobb, A'crna I,ee, Tre.ssle Kunyon, Ora
Hull, Flora Hui-dlck, Florence Milliard,
Oeitle Spencer, Jessie Wells, Maggie
AA'ellH, Suslo Wells, Susie Illgland, May
AVInters, Kinma AVIuters, Maggie Win'.
toiH, Kinma Hounds, Miss liiown, Miss
Oliver, Miss I'tley, Miirtha Hawkey,
Sarah Atkinson, Mrs. liert L,ott, Mrs,
Hello Williams, Mrs. Kinma I.ce, draco
Cobb, Olla Cuddnl,Mek, Huttle Tinklt
paugh; Messrs. Claienco F.vnrts, John
IMIllcr, Myioit Mulllneux, Willie Hou
nctt, Kdwaid Greene, AVIlllo Ayies,
Oiln l.ce, Curtis, Lewis Lee, Hoy
Horn, AValter AVhlte, C.iuver illveuburg,
John AYiiymiiii, Allen Finn, Walter
AVliltinan, Hurry Slieiidau, Hugh AVI11
iains, Sidney Fiedercle, Mr. Jones,
Chillies Winters, Hert, Jo&eph, AValter, Henry Snyder,
Poles mo being disti United along the
roadway from this plueo to ClilTord,
preparatory to puttliifc- In u local tele
phone line, which Ih a very good thing
ns far as it goes. The loug-dlslnuce
comes us near us on onu wldu us Fefu
Her Son'3 Life Saved by Chamber-
latu'o Colic, Cholera anil
Diarrhoea Beraedy,
"A neighbor i,m in with u. hot Ho or
Clminbciliiln'a Colic, Cholera and Dlar
llioeu iteuiedy when my son was suf
fering with Hcvero cianips mid was
given up us beyond hope by my regu
lar physician, who stands high in Ills
profession. After administering three
doses of It my son regained conscious
ness and iccovered entirely within
twenty-four hours," says Mrs. Mary
Haller, of Mt. Cr.iwfoid, Vn. This
Itemedy Is for sale by all druggists.
hall and South Gibson on the oilier,
only a distance or seven miles, and the
new line should bo connected and then
we could say wo had something. This
matter has been ngltntcd and talked of,
and, in fact, some $700 raised to put the
lino through, but there is not quite
enough money raised yet to llnlsh the
In the deatli of John CI, AVnymnn,
which oceiti red on Satin day, the Sfltlt
Inst,, at 1 o'clock p. in., wo loso nn
other friend and neighbor, Mr, AVuy
maii had been n long sufferer "and dur
ing the last few days of his lite he be
came unconscious, Mr. AVnyman was
CO yeaiH of u ge and a widower.
Fprdil to the Sciiititon Tribune.
ilopbottom, April 2'.i. Mrs. I'm Icy
AViight, or I.a Orange, Ohio, is visiting
A 'I V9 III V$&p"''fr fMzshKAiJ
If Coffee had not worsted the fencing mas
ter lie had two friends v)ho would have taken
up the gauntlet. Can you find them?
her pa 1 cuts, Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Bailey,
of this place.
Mis. John Davis; of Philadelphia,
spent a few days with his son, Guy or
this place, last week.
Seveial people fiom this place at
tended the commencement exercises of
the Biooklyu high s-chool on Friday
Mrs. S. AV. AVilmarth spent a rew
d.ijs In lilnghnnilon last week.
Miss Ida Smith, of AVaveily, was in
town over Sunday.
Mrs. O. D. Roberts returned home
yesterday after spending a few days
with her sister, Mrs. K. D. Bell, of
Special to tlic Sciantun Tribune.
Thompson. April 29. The AV. C. T.
U. and friends held a faiewell reception
for Rev. A. D. David at G. A. IX. hall,
Monday evening.
C. M. Lewis and K. C. Layton made a
business trip to Monliose, Monday.
George UnHletlcr, of Susquehanna,
called 011 friends here, Sunday.
Mabel and Elliot Bloxliam spent Sun
day with Aiaiat fi lends.
John Jloaley, of Susquehanna, is in
town today.
Rev. P. R. Tower Is in Montrose this
week attending the Prohibition conven
tion. Miss Cora I-ayman spent Saturday
and Sunday with her parents at
Rev. P. It. Tower occupied the pul
pit at the M, K. chinch, Sunday morn
ing. Floyd Axtell, or Susquehanna, gave a
a line temperance address at the Bap
tist church, Sunday evening. Mr. Ax
tell Is one or the most piomislng young
men of our county.
The graded school entertainment will
be hold at Messenger's hull, Filday
evening, May I. Admission ten cents.
K'sr;.? i
'lie pnoloiiai, i a. .i,ve 1 u . vi . . , i, t
Maijuile .liukliw, tlic jmiii't diuiilitu if llev ,
P. .lulling I), 11., of t'ntoiiilaU'. Hie was one
nf tliii jiaiV Kiadiutes In tho failed fehool of
the above plan. Ilavln," oblalnid llw liiulie.t
niaikj in lit t" eumliutioiu, lie w.d Hie xalidli.
Id Ian of hi 1 (Us, v.Uli the uilijitt "iJku and
J.irc," .md ileiciviit mom tlilit .1 pi-olwr nolUc.
lhjically the I no 1 Ijikc, und a tu cum.
plw.loil 1 a IiKiiJp, ,u,il U poC'oul of K'VCial
liili'icitlna; diarjdeii.lUs. slip U ntt luvitcialc
nadir, bavlmt tuiiiliniiy vvhh .1 number of our
ttJiu'aiil .lulliois. "il(u Hut" and the "Pilnce
of India" kbe hn tvvlic, unit U at jm
Hit leading liie lllblc throiiglt .vMiinatli.illy fi,i
llin llilld lime. Shu Is a vvry tlioiouuli ttuiUiil,
liavlnif .1 villtablo pas.ioii fot .udy, btt-in lua
imuliul all lur work, ImUiiji hud rettular liottid
for homo duties and tlioso of the nliool 100111,
i.evir luoHtullnif htr bludlei bejuud tho hour of
U u'llotU in the ivenlna',
Shu lias iiianlfe.ted toiuldeiabiu taito for Vug
lldi lltiiature, alcibra, tlvlts und plillo.ophj,
hailns' obtalntd liladi nudes in all. lit Hie f.uo
of 1ur t;IItii and atipiUllloiu thu Is (xtidnily
inodcat, niaKlnn nu etlort at dUplay, U blow to
attrpt uny position er honor ullervd to livr, al
vvj.vs liellevlui; that tlisio U wincoua near who
U belter iju ilitio.l and niuih more vvolllo,
i-lie Is pcrnevirlni;. 'lids H cvldtnt In her he-'
Ini; able to lumplt'tu her in tplle of puny
Kicat dl..HhantJi4(t(. As a muvltlaii, having re
dived her training from mother und I'rof A,
1". Tlionui, of Cuboudale, tho 11 pruiuUtns
fche U ttioiii'ly liKllni'd to a tcitaln Mud of
: M2saQa
Ohrlstlan worli. Vlolltng nflllctcd liomM, wlicro
klii1 cun caity good cheer by her inriramrntiil
iind vocal clTotts In iiicrcii donft, ultotiU her tliu
mot plcmnrc. She iniicti prefers llils to Any
)tcniro ilcrlied from the nsinl nodal pdlier
Iiibj of lier JounR nvocliilr... Iter tuntmlim li
to nnli fiinunl to .1 point of liljthcr nluoJllor.
&ho U lieM In IiIrIi iind toilnir esteem by all licl
te.ii.lRT5, MioolmalM nnil t lie ml I re community.
Tim pei formance oi tlic ticatillfiit oralodo,
"Jmlas .Maccabees," Riven on Momlav cienlnit
nt the t'aliuiy ll.iplM ihurcli, liy tlic Taylor
Oratorio society, Under the ellielent direction ol
i'rof. I). 1!. .lone.. The larRe ilnucli auditorium
iai taxed to lt ulino't seutln capacity. Tlic
thorn, wai awltcil liy lUucr'i full orelicilra;
Mls I.lih Homer, ilollnlsl; Mlm I41IU Ilol.ln,
oiuanltt, and Jllsi liorence lllthtnond, planlft.
The Kolotatt were Mki Alberta O'Xelll, soprano,
MlHies-llairei Mr.. I.cnore Tlionipmn, contralto,
.Scianlon; Mrs, l). T. Davis, tenor, Wilkes-llirre,
anil Jlcsi, ,I, T. WatKIm and Jotin W. ,Ione,
liaio. Tlic cliorm sltiRlnff vva. exceptionally Una
nnd was worlby of ronuncnitjtlnn, which hoiud
1'iof, .Ione' klll at ft tmilcnl director. The pto
ductlon wa? one ot the flnct cur rIiciv lieie,
nnd certainly iprnki well for our Vngeis. TI10
perlorinanic lasted nearly three hours and was
delightful to hear.
The funeral of Sophia, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. William Walking, ol lteiidliain, took plate
jC'tcrday nftirnoon fmin t lie family reldencc,
ami was laiRcly nltended. Services were conduct
ed In the hoUM! nt 2 o'clock. Itev. .1. .1. .Icnklm,
p utor of the Nebo CoiurrrgAl tonal tlmicli, oflltb
ntcd. Tiieie were many floral trlbutci presented
by blends and rel.itlvci and wcio mot beautiful.
Jnteiuient tt.13 mule in (lie Puiiat Home rtinc
tci;. AmioiinceuunL has been made of the .ipptoath
inn; mjiiiagc of Willi. tin 11. Thom.i', .1 popular
.vountf 111.111 of thw ton 11, iiiui liii Mollis, an
estimable .ionii,c hub of Vct be union. v
.Mr. .IcnKiits .md mjii, Sinnu I JciiMtB, of
W'animie, I.uitne county, hive been the Miosis
of Mr. and Mis. Tliunu-. .1. lVvill, o Main
htieel, for the pat fev dai.
Mls Kvil.Mi wlf, of 1'eikville, w.n the !;uot
of li-! (Icitiude U'atldns, of (Jiove tlurt, on
Mis. if. J. .Tones, Mrs. ,T, M. 'I honm ami Mrir
Kuet, Mi-s Hannah Moi.uis, of OUpinut, ele
Kiicsls of the foimci's ulalivcs in l'l iiutvilie cu
Hie b'abbilli.
'liie tociil and cnlett.ilumcnt held under the
au-plcrs of tl.iss No. 11, aL the Wel-b lliptl-t
(liuitli lx-t I'.niliij wji a sutee'-', l,oth &u'.i.illy
mid I111.111ti.1lly.
Ml-,") I'.lljliplh and John On en? of Oil. strrol,
visited lclalives in Cirboudilo tin Sund.i.v.
roiemaii aid Mis. John It. John and diihhcn,
011111 and Halm, of blieel, t-pcnl the
iiihbilli in Jlo-eov.
MUses t.liibcth JJ.iv 15 and Mabel Smilli and
lisfis. .I0I111 and WiMhni lin and S.nmul
Ktith, ot Avoea, were fruests ot fticndi in town
on Monday.
Mr-i. 1:, I'alnur bniitli Ins liecn quite ill tlic
pa-t few- dt.
Attorney and M11. 1'itd St oil, of Snantoii,
wtie Kiitots, of tlieir aunt, Mia. Iliuvvn. on
PUNll l.l,
.Ntl-on IJeibhimer and MI-3 S11.1I1 Ilu Hois
spinl '.mid iy with the latl"t'-i sistei, Mid.
Miuton Mi1kIc-.v, f Diiidar Hill.
'J he Dillon tiieie held lis tegular
niTtitut Monday eveiiim? at tho home of .Mr.
and Mi-, w. h?. Iliislaniler.
Albeit Ball, of I'lail.'s Sunilliit. will move
his household Roods to his ntn liome in this
plait this Weill.
House lie. minor nod t-'aldfli 111.1K i Ji-r ale the
piiniipat doln:;s in till- 1 1 0 1 1 , 1 : -i 1 1 at pii-cnl.
Mi. and -ln. William J'.ans and family, of
Suanton, spint Siindiy vvltli their pairuts, Mi,
and Mrs. J, T, hutiieis, and tlieii ister, Mis.
ha Kii'.-ac
Spddal to Hie Scinnloii Ttibunc.
Tiinhhannodi, Apill JO. Mr. nnd Mi-. William
Mosiei, of Palien, wcio Aisltim; fiicnds and lela
lives at tills, plite on MolidiJ.
II.111.1 Mddt ind fuull.v, or Ki.vre, am vi-l'lng
his fathei, .lo-epli Well h, on Ilaiiisou slieet.
Tin -day of lieu wed. is the datn lived by law
foi Hie iletllon of a county bupeilulenihit of
.si hools, 'I lie only tamlidiUs iuonlioii(d ale the
piisint Eiipeilntendent. I'lanh II. Jarvi, and
I'lofci-or 1'ianli .1, Heniian, of t lie Mehoopiny
nliool., Supcrlnti intent Jarvls was fu-t cleticd
in the spiin? of IStni, and ln.v tilled two terms
5-pultl (Itllecr J0I111 t'ud.ey, of Savie, and Pe.
Iitlivc liny (', llallon, of Tovvandi, wete (.tilers
In town 011 'lucsdav,
,luil,e I!. M. Iliiiihaiu haudeiU.iovvn an order
on Tll(da.v in wltiili James CJaliup, ronllned for
de-irllun, was dlicded 10 be allowed lo (iiUr
bill lit Hie turn nf l.orja pcudlui: the di-po.l;i,iii
of ids (j.e, 'I be hcarlus Is fet down for May Vi.
Ml-;i llulli I'iatt leluined on Moudiy from
S 1.11 u -i', vvliein the lias been In allcudau:e lit
Hie uiiiverblly as 11 Undent,
W, I!. I.ilile, ei., was dolms biulneas at Xitii.
idson on Tue-daj.
'Hie filote in Ihe llinlvvell block recently .
(.ited by I!. M", I'uiun, is beltitf painted and
leiiovaled by II, 1 Ivelhvi?,
An application ins liieii nude to tiaiisfcr the
Loose joints, bow legs, big
head, and soft bones mean
rickets. It is a typical disease
or the best workings of Scott's
For the weak bones Scott's
E m u 1 s i o n supplies those
powerful tonics the hypophos
phites. For the loss of flesh
Scott's Emulsion provides the
nourishing cod-liver oil.
Scott's Emulsion corrects
the effects of imperfect nour
ishment and brings rapid im
provement in every way to
rickety children,
hend Tor Free Simple.
ICOIT & liOW.N'K. Uien&U, 4g Furl Sw N. Y,
taicrn llcene ol Hit Ntver Itoujc fll Nlcliolion
from the lltcnsre, Charles I'rcdcnburff, lo Klrko
Stephen?, who li.ti lately puichaed Hie properly.
Charles M. Leo 111 enter upon hi dutiei m
justice ot the pence on Monday next, tucceedln
Jniuet T. KetelileilRC.
Jtl l'lorcnte IvUhpaimli, ot Ilarrlduirir, was
the nuent of frleinU at II1I1 place on .Monday.
Albert Mack, who la engaged In the lnur.ince
biulnrM nt Roranlon, is (pending a tew days
with ItU family here.
f Theatrical J
CATM.'MY flnrles l.cj bourne's Uon Ton Stotk
company. Mallncc nnd nliflit.
One Is the better prcpirrd to nccept the Samp
son and the plllan slory tine i.tto, alter tcelni?
Himlow iierform us he did last night at the
t.jccinn. A lllllp lltlnir lllp puhlii!r down a
stone houc would scm 111.0 llsht eeiclso for
this modem man of muscle, liven tome of the
famed strong men that "used to live in Car
bondalc" and oilier kiic.Ii plates would scarcely
attempt some of the things Sandow did with
tomparallvc case.
The feat to the nudienco seemed the mot
man clous was the illnuv act of his exhibition
of linger stienglh, tlic tearing squarely In two
of time full decks nf piajlng cards. 'Ihe 111 "t
time lie did It tlic cards did not tear sqiiaielj.
He called lor moic cards and icptatcd the ntt to
his own satisfaction,
forming a bridge a platform was placed on his
thcsl ami atop this 710 pounds of dumb boils
and sK men v.etc plated. A ninety-pound ball,
attached to .1 tlialn a jard in length, was al
lowed to loll from Sainton's hand width held it
at arm's length, the end of the chain being
giapcd In the hand. The "Jetk" did not pull his
hand down halfa-foot, A (ull-siiil man l.iing
prostrate on the stage was piilicd up by Hie
belt, with one Innd, nnd placed usiride 11 lioi.-e.
An entertaining featutc of Sandow's c.lilbitlon
was his posing on a pedestal under 11 sltung
caltiiim light. Ills wonderful muscular .develop
ment as diidaved In the arIous poes brouglit
fiom the spettuloH that eliemo tvidcnclng of
cmprlsp and wonder "Whew!"
Samlovv, Ixiwcvd, Is not the whole show. His
vaudeville eonipmy is one ot uuusuil cxtellentc.
The Ikiinin llrothers, tomedy ueiobats, ale the
liest p.ilr in their line of wotk who have ccmc
tins way. A sketch, "Hooked by a Ctook," by
the .Ma-on-Keehr company, Is an exceptionally
clever ad, and thne Is .1 good miisldil tutu
by tlie Leslie Iliothcis Cross nod Hildcu, in
songs and dances; Julie Iting, in songri, and two
juvenile artists, liie Little I'tick", do vety credit
able woik. The poitonnance tloaes with a living
pidure exhibition.
Sandow is pla.vipg nn end o-tho-eason engage
ment with I). Marner, tlic Amniiean iepreenla
live of Ihe famous London booking llrm of Warner
k Co. U the dose, of this engagement it Is his
intention to open pli.v tiilttnc .sdiuols in
several of the higer K.istein cities, devoting a
diy a wcik to eatli city.
"Heaping the Whirlwind."
A slrong fom-act drama, "Reaping Ihe lMdil.
wind," rcteived .1 line piesditation last night,
at the At jili in, at the hands ot the Hon Ton
Stntk coiupinv.
In the aflcinoon "All for (Sold or Money
.Mad" was the attraction. Tills alttrnoon the
(ompjtiy will ine-jiil "1'lie Little Mvcndfcr."
"The Merchant of Venice."
The advame sile of pells for the lelurn en
gagement of Aiodje-ka 111 d .Tame, at the Lwcum
ll.tatie, on Ihmsdiy evening, opened at the box
olllte .vesUidn.v uiotnipg. 'Ihe pliy this time
will be "The Metdiiht of Vdtite," 111 wiuJi
line, lodje.s'.a will be seen In be. fmio'is pnr
Ira.val of I'ottla, wludi Is ilaiuitd by Willi nn
Winter In be Mia ki -pe tic's must fciiilninc wo
nt in, and Modjeska's gieale-t aillstic achieve
ment. ' .Mi. .IniKs, of ((iin.-e, will lie -cen in
Ihe ude of Sh.vlotk, a stiikii.j; (onttiit to the
ehaiaiter of lb" wilv Cirdmal Wol-ey, whkh lie
cssavid heie at the beginning of tlic season.
The pn"nt ltliini cnigci'itnl uf Hit-o ills
linguished adois pos-c-s k .1 petuliai intei-st m
Ihe fid that It vvil! 111 all piobdulity milk Hi
fanvvell nppeaniiite on Ihe si ige of aline.
Modje-ki, is sin litmus lo lur native I'ulind
at the of tlic cetson and ill inue
her futiiio borne in her iiitiva 1 itv of liaco.v,
wh'ie, at Mi.ish.i'al iubivals, he will app-ar
In tlj-sle tides in Ihe endow id thealiis of t'ta-
cow-, Moscow- and Piuue.
rl lie piodudiou of "Ihe "Meidiant of Vcniie"
will bo one of MCtile .splendid, and tjie suppos
ing toiiipinv is iiuc of p irticiil.ii sturigtli and
ginetal 1 xccllcuqc. large aiidleme will iloulit
less a-senibl,. at t lie Lvecum on 'lli'iisday to wit
ness Mi tkespo ire's gi palest inniedj-diai.ia, ,.i
picsenlcd by these famous atti-ts.
"Bonnie Uricr Eush."
line of Ihe t Lit f .lttiadlons of ihe drtnutie
season will be Ihe ippcarame of -Mi. -i. II. Mod.
d.ut in "1'ho liuiinle Hi it i- Ilu-ii." 'J lit" date of
this engagement is Situidii.v luitinee and night
at tlie L.veeum. Ml of those familial with tba
(lijuuin,: .slinv of Ian Maelauii, as well as Iho-e
who kno.v .Mi, .Sloddart thioiigli his prcvlom
InipeiMitialiona, tan easilv see wliy the pieie
made Midi a pionmitKcd suticss in Vew Vml;
11IJ. The tiitits tltric weie all of the opinion
Hill lltmiatlst .lames MieAilhm- has c.'ielnll.v
pii'M-ivid He .ltinnsplii're whldi fciinis Hie lngir
pait of Ihe biiuly in the Iv'ale.v.u 1 toiles. Him.
ever, it is in the iliumlir of l.iehlin ('.riiili(1l,
poitiiveil In .Mi, Moddiil, thai Hie dilef lutii
et of the pli.v einleis. Canipbell, II will lie ie.
uieuibi'ied, is a tjpiral heolelt rhlct, w'011 allows
his iniirow interpr.'talioii of his tieed lo lake
pieeedtiite ovir his love fur ids diughltr.
Ihe comedy clement ill the piece, too, Is
sliong and pTsii-linl. lis ililcf exponent Is
"I'osty," wboi-c dtnll phlhi'opliy and wiltielsmi
lortu ,111 excellent foil foi tho mere serious pnr.
lions of the play, The pieie is staked and aded
witii that flatness which ehiiatleries Kltko La
SheTle'.s attratlio'is.
"Tlie lloimip Drier lludi" in id" sudi a pro
nounied lilt v.lieii fccii bete a dioit time ago
Hut Ihe l.jteiim tlieatir will hold Iwo lirge
nudlentes next Mttirdi.v, Suits gu on tale to
morrow morning at I) o'dotk.
Blue Blood Bui'lesqueis.
'Hie llliie Woods Umloniip and Vaudeville ioiii.
piny and coinedlins und que pus id beauty will
In gin 11 three ilji&' cngagenunt at the Slar to
morrow nftiinonii, 'lho living plttinps ate leal
works of ait, itch In tnloiing, toinplcle In ev
ery detail, and of hicIi lnimniotli ptopuilioni
us to (.iiisij astouUlimeut,
'lho piegianiuie begins by showing the Hl'ie
Itloods on a (lip to Puis, 'ihe mude is 01 L'l ill
and vi ty b) I, vei (litTeieiit fiom the general
inn und by uiiuigeis of burltwpio imiipanlts,
home familial- and well known ailMx make up
1111 olio 1 t muni be excelled, und is tchloai
tquilled by any iiavtllng oigaulrallon.
'Ilu) peifortnaiKp iomliids.1 with Hip C'hlueo
operetti, "Wit Ting," .1 satiic ut "sail To.v."
llva .Mitchell as Mi .Melinite, the lloweiy liitl,
late of the New Yoik tlieatet,
i:ts lit" Dirllug is the new piinii douni -cf
"The hultaii of Milu." M10 Is diluted to be ,1
elbcoHiy of lltmy W, Sivage', Her predeecswr,
.Miss Mi Kinney, has been tiansfcited to "The
l'rlitic of I'llstn," now in icheatnal.
Mheti Viola .Mien stalls licit ectsun .Willi "lho
ricinal I'll" IMvvaul .1, Jlorgun will bo liar
lending nun, Tho new pliv nideied for Mr.
Moigan will not be icady until about the Hist of
the ,vpjr, and Ids Marring tour will Mart then,
.lust pli llulkley has obtained Hm dramatic
rights of t'athennu ralheivvouil'd novel, "La
jiii'," Oils Mlnuer und Aubrey lloudejult will
rndilUke Hip ihanutUatlon of tho book, wjlh 4
view lu produtlng a play for Mr, hkliiiur next
Maudp IValy Ins withdrawn ppiniancutly fioin
William (lllleltc's llieatileal ronipany, ,MIs
Kealy sjIUiI Immediately for tliU loiintry upon
the Iriiiiliutiun of her toutraet Willi UilU'ttc
und will play (or eight wicks In a stock tout.
pany ill Shi KiancUi'o.
"The l.ltilp Ktiiicli Milliner" reecntly ptodueeil
In London, Is an adaptation of "I'oralU.' & I'o."
Hie khoeklngly ('utro couieily that was onto pin
elitccd in New Yolk by Clurles Fiolmun. The
piece baa caught rxji in Loi'dou and is a big
fluilfi Frobnuu will kt ir Ilertha Calland li'vt
geason In t'aul Toiler's ".Voire llauie." 'Ihe
pliee wus origlmlly vvrlttitt for Ml Hallaud,
but had to be ulllUnl by the fctiitk comiuiiy,
William r Owen, I'rank im und 1'iank l.o5ee
will be In Mlis lUIUnd'.- iupiwrt.
4 Lines 10 Cents
More Than Four Lines, 3 Cents for Each Extra Lin !.
For Bent.
foil ItnST A fl-room collage, with lieivy fur
tilture, in Unlomlale, Susfptclianna Co.. I'.i.,
trn miles west of f'atbondalp on .lellerwn llrandi
railroad; good water and mountain air; chuiih,
1,1 1 1 rend, mall, telephone, telegraph and like no
tommodallous. Imiulrc early. .Mrs. IMward
Motgin, Uiilondilc, I'll.
I'OH lU-IXT 10-iI Olive ftieet, Btngte linttse of
idnit. call morning. between in ana u.
I'OII IHlST-SlxToom tlat with bath, fte-im
heat, gas lange, and all model n Impiove
mcnlsj rent reanoualile. Call early, fred O.
Hand, TO.) .Mulberry elrcet.
fOIt lll.NT-Pmall furnished house for rent. In
quire nt lJ Vine street.
IJAHN foil ITi:NT-12, April 1st, three bo nd
three firglc (tails and w.isii rack, rear ol
324 Madison avenu. Inquire fll 031 Madison avc.
fOP ItKMT Store building for rent In Dickson
City. Pa. nulldlng FO feet by 21 feet, cellar
under nil, and second Ktorv can lie arranged for
ft family. All In good lepiir ready for ue. Two
coal breakers nnd mines tlosc by employing over
n thousand people. An enterprising merchiiu
can get a laree trade. Apply to William H,
Illclimond, rtltlimond Hill, Sir N. Md" a"-"uc
Pcranton, Pa.
Furnished Eooms.
FOIt TinXT One furnished room, with improve
ments; nlsj one on third door, cheap. C'JT
Adints avenue.
FUnNlEIinD ROOMS for rent, inodetn improve
ments; private family; gentlemen ptcferred,
at G37 Adams avenue.
FOll MOT furnished room; heat and bath.
G-3 Linden sttect.
FUrtNISTint) ROOMS FOR nnNT, vvltli heat, gas
and bath, gentlemen ptcferred, at O.VJ Adams
For Sale.
fI.OOIII.NU Matched Hardwood and nil other
kind-. Our lumber Is well Msi.otiiil. Ilet
glades, lowest piites possible, Hzt t 1'lnn & Sons,
Corner Ash sttect and I'emi avenue. Iloth
I-OIt SAI.i: A put it runabout und u finiflv ton; good condition, linptltc 7(W Ail
mi's avenue.
1'Olt SAI.i: Heavy coal wagon, double bnx-, or
will exchange for light wagon. J. C. Diiley,
FOIt SAI.i: &ov en-year lease nnd furnituic of a
flO room hotel in cood ippnlr, near Centtal
depot. Itca-on for soiling, mv time all taken lip
in other business Right man who knows tile steel
plant people tan do a big Hade M they all hive
lo pjs the hold. Iteut l,tl.)) a veat; nil thor
oughly lenovaled. Xcw bat and kitchen list
spiing. Hold Hollar hold can ulso be bought on
cay terms. Addtess' .1. W. Ashley, Hold Hollar
Hotel, lluftalo, X. Y.
FOIt SiM.i: Will fat.iifiee a 100 piano of an old
reliable make; walnut ca-o; only been used
two ve.iis und is in perfect condition. For par
ticuhits aeldibs "Cliance," Tribune oflke.
FOR SM.i: Cheap for cash, phaeton, good (on
dltioii; bargain to one who wisliis tu buy.
Inquiie III, (ircen Ithlge slieet, Uiinmoie.
FOR SAI.i: Shade dees and iiiiiseiv slod., exlta
M7e. (Jlles L. Clatk, WW Wood dieet. New
'plione 1021 15.
JFSr AliniVi:i). two car loul of hoises. good
workeirt ami dnvers, weight f ntn 7,ouu to 1.6111 ;
seveial eicfdy matt bed teams: can be ,ecit at ;:.ii
Haji.ioud couit. F. M. Cobb.
C'MtPH'iti- JO.OfiO vaids Htuls, Ingrain.-, Vel
vets, ais Mnttin-'s. 0 1 ( luth: 1U.0U1 pieces
linen (duet., t ili'e i laths, bl inkcts, ennnier
innes, napkins, rtt,, lion beds, spijn's,
mitlt.'s-cs, (hair-. about six tuloids nt
public audion. '-tic begins Tuedn al 10 a. in.
and 2 and 7 p. in., nt 2.10 Lack tvv i-tna avenue,
next Set niton' Mipst Hiiluiid walling mum,
oiipo-ilo l'eim avenue. Ciinnnitigs ,t tiro., Auc
tioneers. FOll SI.i:-A beautiful dhmonil iimr, one carat.
Mill sell for "'i. Addiiss 1". O. Ilo OJ. Cltj.
FOR Sl.i:-lLnd Ml douhleri.
Ilros., Pater-on, X. .1.
Xew. Ilamford
Wanted To Eant.
AN'I III) I'uini-hed mom,
by a lidv cmplo.v.-d;
Adhcsi II., Tribune.
In a pihate fiuiilv,
jmiit be te.isonablc.
WAXl'FH ROOMS For two adull.s, three or foul'
looms, fuml-hcd or nished for very
light hoii'i keeping, tlrt lloor picleired. Addrbi
M. 11., Tiibune cfllte.
WANTi:D Furnished house or four or five looms
ftr housekeeping. Address A. U. i: Ttilnme
Eoal Estate.
UOOHLUW PA UK 1.0'IS lively oilier invest,
ment speculative. Values Mint luti'i-e.
Small aiiniml invested ollcu brings f.tnpu-ing
li turns. A Land-lbink is the only uic one, hep
us at onie. IVta Finn .x; Sins, Cornel Ash street
and Penn avenue. Iloth 'phones.
FOR SALI1 lllegint sites for linntes in upper
(item Ridge; choice ueighbnihood; nio-l dp.
firablc loeallty tor home In l.iekav.aniii eemnly.
t, A. laivine, 17.IO bindciMin avdiuc.
FOR HUNT oi f.ile at (-unbtiry, Pa, A substan
tial fcui-.story hi 1(1, building, foi fadoiv nr
wholesale sloir. Light Horn lliicc hlihs, o'tflec,
hick of warehouse, catiiigo liou.e and stable
convenient. Rent leasonalde. Addtess L. Lvon,
Pljmoulli, Fa.
FOIt SAI.K Two lots, iinproved, with feme, .side
walk and gultci, X, llltkely st.. Ilmimore;
vety reasonable, Addicis Albeit Jenkins, Hottlh
Canaan, M.tyne county, Pa.
FOll SM.ll A desliable and well improved fiitm,
situated Iwo miles from Honerdale inntaliiing
f-ll or mote aires. Hood buildings, well vvaiercd,
a nevrr falling spring, nitharil and wood lot,
Mtgar bush und mil glove. Mis. dticuilali (!u
rett, Ilone.sdaIe, Pa.
FOIt SI.i: Llegant sites for homes in upper
Ctteen Ithlge; tliolee neighborhood; most de
Firablc locality for homo In l.aekiwantu county,
,1, A, Matvine, 17M Rindcivin avenue.
FARM FOR SALi: Sixly-twn acres, one mllo
from Lake Atlel; twelve acred of limber, lest
improved; excellent epilog water on lot; firm
tltuited on mul. Foi pattituiars uddtcss Will
iam Treslai, Ariel, Pa.
rUtl'nS-Hl.f'On j ltd) lltit.seli, Ingi ilm, Vel
vets, nlo Minings Oil Cloth; 10,000 plcd-s
linen bhcets, talilo tlatlu. blankets, lountei'.
panes, napkins, etc., lion beds, springs,
luattirsscs, chillis, about six' lailonds t
publlei auction, Pile begins 'lucsdav al 10 a. m.
and 2 and 7 p. in,, nt 2!0 Lidavvaiun line,
next S-'tranton Sttect Itnlioul wailing toom,
opposite Ptiiu avenue, Citinmlngs & llro,, Auc
tioiK'ira. Wfiutecl.
VAyri:il-$J,30i) wanted at ,1 psr leul, mi i liy
pioptitj worth over lfl,0ti, Call ut loom
10 Piiee building befoie noon todav,
Wnnted .Rooms nnd Bonvd,
WANTKll Tvvj rcinmuiilcatiug looms with boirl,
pillule, family pi del led. Two. Udles and a
gentleman. Suto full paitliulurs. Address C,
II. D,, Trlluno otflcc.
I.OsI V gold und enamel pin, "S. l. S,,
1'JW." Finder will please nulilv or pall at
J.Vlj 'i tin uviutie.
LO.sT A datk jellow pd eat, atuvvers tp ha
lulite of TcddU', A suitable rev. aid If ie
tinned to Rita Capouse avim.e,
I.OiT A 1 idles' gold waldi; u liberal lew ml vvl
be given if letuined lu Hotel Tetrjip,
LOST A gold watch and fob cither on Caiboii
ttliTt or (tout Caiboii iiiivt In Miillietry en
Penn, Finder ittiutt lo Htoigu ,1, Aili. 'iutit'i
oltlte. Reward,
LOST Slid beaded puic (Otitaluliig .null kmio,
of iitone, on Laekavvanni avenue, Heir Uy.
oming. Finder ple-4 e jclurn pur.e le) Tilb.-.n?
olllce and keep content.,
I.OM' ?2"i, between Peek Lninlur Cn.. Fast SHr
ket tticet and Preibvtirliu clititeb Ite.vatd
if returned to office of Peek Lumber Co.
Branch WANT Offices,
Wnnt Advertisements Will Bo
Hecclved nt Any of the follow
ing Drug Stores Until 10 P. M.
Central City
AI.IH'.IIT fsCllt't.TZ. corner Mulbeiry
strict and Wcbter nveiiiie,
GUSTAV PICIIFL, 6J0 Adams uvenue.
West Side
UCOIIHK W. JF.SKINS, 101 South Main
South Scranton
f Hill) L. TLHPPi:, 720 Cielar avenue.
North Sernnton
(MM. W. DAVIS, corner North Main
avenue and Muikct street.
Green Hidge ' l
CIIAIH.I'.S P. .lONLS, 15W Hlcksoll
F, J. JOHN. 020 Crcett ltldhc street.
C LORKNZ, comer Washington avc-
avenue and M.nion .sttect.
W. H. K.NLTFIX, 1017 Irving avenue.
J. o. noxi: & sox.
Help Wnnted Male.
WA.N'IKI! Operators to tlo copying (v(niiig, 7
In 10. Apply Remington 'Jvpewillei ofllce,
422 t-piuee attcct.
WA.N"Ii:i) Iliaitihlsnian to make patent draw
ingx. 211 .Meats building.
VOHXf! Mi:x wanted any dlslauee, copy letters,
home cvcnlnvs and rcltirn to us. Me n.v "jltl
per tlioiisaiid tend adetiessed cuvelnpc. paitiftl
lais und copy. F. M. C. llept. llo, llox- 1111,
CIVIL SFltVICi: governinent positions. P.SS'l
appointments miiile last jeai. Piobtlily 10,
000 this leu. Only loinmon sdiool cdiitatlon ic
qtilicd lor cximlnatinn. Catalogue of informa
tion free. Columbian Coire-pondence College,
Washington, D. C.
WA.NTKI) Experienced boy at Ulistol hou-c bar
be r sliop,
WANTFD Clothing salesm in of oxpetimee nod
good hablls. Apply to John 11. Uo.vle, -llfl
Lackawanna avenue.
WAXTF.l) n.v one ot the ingest old line life
iiisttianto tnuipanles, leu agents for Xoith-
cislctii Pennsjivanla. Ldipial toiitracl. salary
or commission. Addiess jhnagcr, taie Tribune.
WA.NTF.D A young man who has hail one veil's
CApetiencc In tin shop. Foote & Fiillct,
Mens building.
WANTi:i) Fitst class shoemaker, for repair
woik. 11. A. llavis, I.uicme avenue, West
WAXTIID Piiiileis; onlv good men need apply.
Call at Charles Wagner's, ii'll Adams avenue.
Eelp Wanted Female.
WANTFI) Xuic gill ol wnmiii lo belli take
c-are of ththiieu untlei llnee jeats of uge.
I'leisp -lit- wages expected and .voui age. Call
or address Wis H, J. tkiiison, llivvle.v. Pa.
l A N'I'l.'IlM onicn to canvass for and lcnrcse-it
Ihe TA1I.MH) IXV LIIIIISUV; in some eli
tricis sith-eriptions lnve been seeuied at ptac
tieally every house; cxpeiieneed (omissus can
make .r' a week. Hive lefcientes und addrtss.
IV. F. Smith. Mgr. hub. llept., 'I lie lloohloveis
Libiai.v, Plillidclphia.
VOl'Nfl LMIIKS wanlid any distame, copy let
lers.lhome evenings and teliiin lo its. We pay
l'l per tIiouanil tend addtcsed envdope, pii-titnl.n-
and copy. F, M. C. Dipt. 415, llox 1411,
i:pi:iiii:nci:i) laundry hi:lp waxti:d Ap
ply at Ke.vstone Laundrr, 114 Soulh Main
avenue, hdween 7.:j0 and S LO p. in.
AN'Ti:il fiiil for genci li lioiiscnoik.
717 Mont ce anue.
LADV CAXVASSr.Tt wanted to solicit subscrip
tions for Tlie Tribune; good commission of
feied with a fair guarantee for flrst-tlass vvotker.
Apply pcr.oniliy ut Dusincsa Manager's office,
Ecianton 'lribu:.e.
Agents Wanted.
Ids Son, lli:v. FltAXK DI'.WIIT TALMAOi: nnd
as-oclite cditois nf Cluisllau Ileiald. Only book
cndnised by Talmagc family. L'tiorntom proflt
fur iigents whn act quickly. Outfit ten cents,
Wtllc Immediately CLAK si Cj xn t,
4tn s , Pullu., I'u. Mention tills Paper.
Situations Wanted.
WIDOW wllh one child wants u situation as
housekeeper In a wldovvei's family. Address
It, li., 09 Rod; sttect, Pittslon, Pa.
blTlUTIOX WAXTKD-Of any kind, by .xoung
man who is willing to wotk; Kiher, indits
ti Ions, fail cducaticn, Call or addrcsi 127 Oak
fotel cum t.
A WOMAN' want! place lu lountiy hotel or
farm vvliete (-lie (an have her boy to woik
for his board and wninin to mok and do general
housework. M. I) Motovv, Pa,
hl'l C.VI ION WAXTKD-Lid.v tenngrapher and
tjpevvritcr deciles position; cxperltnecd. laOO,
fcl'l CATION" WANTFD-lly a lellalde colored
man as poiiet, oliice or tlaj'.s work, Ad
dtess II. A., :ilii Penn avctuie,
POMTIOV wanted by a fust ela-s (arrlage paint,
er, Adijiess 1I2S Piospett aviniic.
fci'll'A'IION MAX'li:n-Ily on cxpeiieneed man,
wllh good icputiitlon, as tcam.lcr or st.ililo
woik. Can furnish rcfeiences, Addtess 127 Oalv
foul plate, clly,
hl'lHATION VANTi:i)-Ily u widow, woitlel llko
washing and houso t leaning by, Mrs.
Mlllei, 712 Sehnell court,
For Salo or Bent.
FOR H.,I J OR HUNT The Forest House Hotel,
Splmdld location and sillsfactoiy ieaon.s for
(baiige, Tciuis on appllealion to A. .1. Uavlu,
1'oicst liou,e, .leiuijn.
Boarders Wanted.
PRIVATK FAMILY wUhcs to have two nhe men
to board, Gtrman or Fngltsh. Call any timj
alter 'lliursdjy. All com ententes, to llarriaon
Business Opportunity,
A.N i:( I'.P'lltlN'AL business opMiituulty is open
tu a tellable mm of diaiai-tn n Invut 1 l.f-o )
in a fclilttl) leglllnialo and exirdlhigl.v piullt
ubp biisine.s. Piison'il inleivlcvv- onlv, AddtccS
"Chnaelei," TiHmnu itllte',
CARPI'.'ls .'O.oiio vardi ltiurls, Ingiahu, Vel
vets, also .Mattings, Oil ( Ittb: 10.UOI ."ee
lli'di heet, table tlotltn. blankets, ioiii! er
lams, iiapklm, eli Iron b-ils. Hiring-,
ii.all.isn-, tliaiu, iibout l taibltdi at
publii- auetlon. s-tflc begiiu Tite.iUy lit 10 a. in.
tnd 2 and 7 P in.. t 2'0 l.ukawinni an'iue,
next Sei.iul.1. Mllft llsUiom willing num.
(it polte Pei.ii avinue. Ci.uimliu lliu,, Auc.
lion crs.
Srot'tx AND WIIBAT J'Klli:t!S without delay.
Write for our petial market letter. Irie on
ipllratiou. S.' M. Milliards': Co.. irembir .N.
CLiisolldated anJ ttw.1. bulimic, 41 anl W
llreadwaj, .New York. F.laWUiisd lil. Ls..i;
Dulimc' Phono 2:Ji3 D.'eiJ.
3 Insertions 25 Cents
More Tim Pour Llnei, 6 Cent tor llach Bttn Llrl j,
rill, ANNUAL Hireling of the lot owncru of tin
Cemetery Asjotlatlon of Dunniori' will h(
held ut the nfflie on the ground Friday, Jbiv 2,
1IKH, ill .1 o'clock p. in., for the purpose of elect"
tig two trustees to scrip for three ycats and
trancnet such other bulnes.s that may come he
fore the meeting,
HI'.N'ltV ni'.YIlA, (tecreiary.
XOTICIl Is hereby given that A. it. no!iidA
Sons, prisons having n Hen, under Hie laws
of Pennsylvania, upon goods, wares and mer
chandise of tlie Doer Park thcnlng Company,
consisting of one two-horse delivery wagon, in
at count of Moiiirp and labor bestowed on such
goods, (lie owners having failed, neglected and re.
fuwd to pay the amount of such charges upon
wld ptopcrty within sixty dnja alter demand
thereof made petsonilly, will expose the said
two-horse delivery wagon to sale, at public mo
tion, at fl'iuld'a Catrlage Works, Xo. 415-121
Linden street, clly of Reranlon, Lukiiwiinin
county, Penusvlvnnla, on the 14th day of May,
A. D. 1WK, nt 10 o'tlock a, in., and sell Hie
fame or hi much I hereof us shall be sufficient Ie
discharge slid Hen togelher with costs of sill
and ndvcrllslng.
A. It. nOIJLT) k SON'S.
WILLAItl), WAltni'.X & KN'APP, Solicitors.
Money to Loan.
straight loans or Ilulldlng and Loan. At
from 4 to 0 per cent. Call on M. V, Walker,
814-315 Council building.
nili:UMATISM All parties that wish ran h
speedily and permanently cured of all va
rieties of Rheumatism liy a xcgctahlo compound.
Cures guaranteed. Inquire or address J. E. Tay
lor. Scranton.
Certified Public Accountant.
Duilding, and St. Paul nulldlng, New York.
Estate E-sehange Bldg.. 12 Washington ve.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Spruce Btreet, Scrantoo.
anil CounscUois-at-Law. COS to 012 Council
Rooms 12, 14, 16 and 13 Burr Building.
tlated on real estate security. Mcars Building,
corner Washington avenue and Spruce street.
Commonwealth Building, Rooms
10, 20 and 21.
903-004, Sth floor, Mears building.
of Trade Building, Stranton, Pa.
Bank Building
211 Wyoming avenue.
Physicians and Surgeons,
ington avenue. Residence, 1318 Mulberry.
Chronic diseases, lungs, heart, kidneys and
genlto-urlnary organs a specialty. Hours, 1
to 4 p. m.
ington avenue. Chronic and ncrvou3 diseases
a specially. Corsultatton free.
Hotels and Restaurants.
nue. Rates reasonable.
P. ZIEQLER, Proprietor.
eenger depot. Conducted on tho European
plan. VICTOR KOCH, Proprietor.
cesa pools; ni sdor; only Improved pumps used.
A. B. Brlggs, proprietor. Leave oiders 1100
North Main avenue, or F.leko's drug store, cor
ner Adams nnd Mulberry. Both telephones.
en men, store 201 Washington avenue; green
houses, 1030 North Main avenue; itora tele
phone, 782
Wire Screens.
Scranton, Pa., manufacturer ot Wire Screens.
also ladies waists. Louise Shoemaker, 2U
Adams avenue.
v elopes, paper bags, twine. Warehouse, 139
Washington avenue, Scranton, Ta.
in Scranton at tho news stands ot Rcismai
Bros., 400 Spruce and 003 Linden: M. Norton,
322 Lackawanna avenue; I. S. Sthutzcr, 211
Boruce street.
The Scranton Storage Co.
offers perfect facilities for the
Storage of household goods
Upwards of. 30 dry, clean
aud thoroughly ventilated
room3, with individual keye
are at the disposal of the
113 FrankHn Ave.
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