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Senator GarmaGk Criticizes
President and General
The Widow of "Parson" Brownlow
Remembered Representative Mer
cer, of Nebraska, Will Present the
Omnibus Public Building Bill To
dayThe Proposed Pennsylvania
Jy Kxdiuhe Wire from The Associated l'ie.
Washington, April 25. Two extended
speeches occupied the entire Attention
of the senate today. Mr. MeCumber, ot
North Dakota, discussed his bill to pre
vent the misbranding and misrepresen
tation ot food products which enter
into Interstate commerce. Sir. Cur
mack, of Tennessee, one of the minor
ity members of the Philippine commit
tee, spokn in opposition to the Philip
pine government bill now pending. His
address nttructed to the chamber not
only many senators, but a considerable
number of his former colleagues In the
'house. He sharply criticized the presi
dent not only for the policy he is pur
suing in the Philippines, but for utter
ances, which, the senator declared,
tended to fan the flame of insurrection.
He also denounced General Funston,
whom ho characterized as the "Jaw
hawker brigadier from the wind-swept
plains the mightiest Sampson that ever
wielded the jawbone of an ass as a
weapon of war."
Pension Bills Passed.
The house today passed 145 private
pension bills, including bills to pension
the widow of the late General William
Ludlow at $50 per month, and the
widow of the late "Parson" Brownlow,
of Tennessee, at $S0 per month. The
remainder of the dav was devoted 1o
general debate on the agricultural ap
propriation bill. Sir. Lessler. of New
York, discussed the necessity for a new
.postofllce at New York; Sir. Cochran,
of Missouri, the trust question, and Sir.
H. C. Smith, of Michigan, "Good
Representative Slercer, of Nebraska,
will introduce In the house tomorrow
the omnibus public building bill agreed
on by his committee, and on next Slon-
duy n special rule will be presented to
th house for consideration of the bill
on Tuesday. The rule will provide for
three hours' debate and a vote, with
out opportunity for amendment. The
bill will carry authorizations for public
buildings In every state of the Union
except Delaware and Idaho, for which
states no bills were introduced. In nil,
there are 173 authorizations In the bill,
fifty-eight increasing the limit of cost
of buildings already provided for,
seventy-seven for new sites and build
ings, six for the construction of build
ings on sites already purchased and
owned by the government, sixteen for
the construction ot buildings on do
nated sites and sixteen authorizations
for the purchase of sites only. The au
thorizations aggregate $15,800,000. No
new postofllce building is provided for
New York city, but the bill authorizes
a commission, consisting of the secre
tary of the treasury, postmaster gen
eral ond attorney general, to select a
site In the boroush of Slunhattan. No
limit of cost is placed on the site to be
selected. The only condition attached
to It Is that it shall consist of a block
or square.
Pennsylvania Appropriations.
The Pennsylvania appropriations are
as follows:
In Ihc follow liur titles tho limit of cm! ot die
1'iililii' litilldlnits U Inenased: Xow Drlcrhton,
$J5,U00 In .S.-.,000; Philadelphia mint, ?J,000,OiHI
tn V.'.OiVXJO,
IApprnpr'sllon undo on condition that .trs
mo fold ' Mho I'nltcd Mate at a nninlml co't: f'ir.,1 4t,0lK Oil City, !HiO,IXIO.
Appioprhillons for biilldln:,". nnd site: Allen
town, f 1(0 MO; WcAt CIC-dcr, ?.'iO,(JtX); McKocs
port. $100,1)00; Lebanon, !?7.,i,000; Washington,
?00,000; NoirMown. $7h,000; New Cu-lle,,
III llin nl,nA t.,,li..i j .-... 1 ... 1 1.11. ....I
... .... ...'.... ..I'l....!',.,,..!.!,-. ,u, IIUIIIIIIIK rtllU
llo. there Is a pnniso the cost of site In
'each case shall not exceed l"i pr teat, uf the
total amount fixed. Johnstown gets lUO.OOO for
a tlte.
Steamship Arrivals.
By ISuiuihc- Wire from The Associated Press.
Xow York, Apill 23. Arilvcd: Kteamer ! Sa
vole, llmic. Cleared; Steamers I. (.'.iscolirno.
,. llauc; llolicnollorn, Naples ami Crnoi; Pots
dam, llotlerljm Wa llaulognri Campania, My.
errool, Idmponl Airhed; Steamer Germanic,
New York, ll.unlniig Arrived; Steamer peuUch
land. New York. Moilllc Sailed; Steamer Klhlu
pla (from (ilasvow), New York, noulognr
Palled; Steamer lloltenlam (horn Hottcnlaiu, New
Yojk, Chcibours sSailcd: Steamer Columbia,
flroin Hamburg and Southampton), New York,
Ifauc Arrived: Steamer La LliainpiKiip, New
York, Mard I'assediStcamcr Pcnnland, New
York for Antwerp.
Bible Enters Free of Duty,
D,v foi-lusho Who from Tho Associated Press.
New York, April 25. Tho antlipic Jllble, bound
in Bold, tho corner tet tvItU precious stones, ond
owned by J, Pierponl ilorgan, was pasoed by the
custom house authorities today frei; of duty, Tho
book was held up ut the custom house until an
invcntiKatlon could ba made. It was parsed on
tho ground that it i un old manuscript and
the precious stones part of the bindings, Mr,
Morgan tet the cost of the book at ?3,00O,
Mrs. Roosevelt's Garden Party.
By Kxch'iho Wire from Tho Associated Pica.
Washington, April 23. Sim lioounrlt today
issued cards for a garden party next Tuesday f.
ttrnoon from i to U o'clock, when the will re
tell e about flic hundred faints In the south
ground of tho whlto house. The Marine band
' s. will play nd 1WU refreshment will be served
'mi the lawn. ia Alice RijorfvcU returned to
the city today from u short, visit to New Yoik,
Eighth Carnival Under Auspices of
University of Pennsylvania.
By Exclusive Wire from Tha Associated Press.
Philadelphia, April 23. The eighth
annual carnival of relay races, and
other track events and Held sports,
will be held on Franklin Held tomor
row afternoon, under the auspices of
the University of Pennsylvania. There
are twenty-nine events on the pro
gramme and the entries include tho
best amateur truck and field athletes
in the country. In all, there ure more
than 600 contestants, representing 131
colleges, preparatory nnd high schools,
entered In the various events. "With
the exception of the two-mile and thu
four-mile events, ull the relay races
will be at one mile. Five national re
lay championships will be decided. In
the one-mile championship, Harvard,
Yale, Georgetown, Syracuse, , Notre
Dame university and Pennsylvania will
meet. ISnch has entered her fleetest
quarter-mile runners and the race Is
expected to be n record breaker. Yale,
Columbia, Harvard, VUlanova and
Pennsylvania will be in the two-mile
championship, and "Wisconsin, Penn
sylvania, Harvard and Yule are en
tered for the four-mile championship of
the United States. The other two star
relay events are the preparatory school
and high school championships. Wash
ington, D. a, New York. Brooklyn,
Philadelphia and Chicago are repre
sented in the high school race.
All the contestants from distant
cities arrived here during the day and
many of them took their final practice
on Franklin field this afternoon.
Versatile Weather Has Produced Er
ratic Fluctuations in Prices
and Affected Business.
By Inclusive Wire from Tin Associated Pics.
New York. April 23. R. G. Dun &
Co.'s weekly review of trade tomorrow
will say:
Versatile weather has produced er
ratic fluctuations In prices and affected
business very differently, according to
locality. The extremes were blizzards
and oppressive heat, with every Inter
mediate variety. Retail distribution of
merchandise has maintained a good
average, losses at some points being off
set by gains elsewhere. Slanufacturlng
plants are well employed, except where
wage disputes Interrupt.
Slost lurge consumers of pig Iron have
provided for their needs well up to the
end of the year, nnd consequently there
is little change to report in the situa
tion except as to small orders that ap
pear from time to time.
Increased output and quicker deliv
eries of coke facilitate work at Iron fur
naces and reduce the price, while the
lower list for anthracite coal has stimu
lated orders. Lumber nnd building ma
terials are having the usual spring ac
tivity. Slanufaetures of cotton goods are still
behind with deliveries, and active ma
chinery Is assured for some time to
come. Labor disputes have been tem
porarily adjusted, maklns the output
very heavy as compared with recent
weeks when the strikes were causing
Footwear shops at tho east have few
new orders, and shipments from Bos
ton continue to decrease.
While the prospects for n full yield
of wheat are less bright than they were
a week- ago, tho sharp rise In price
must be attributed In part to skillful
manipulation by Interests recently
prominent In tho stock market. A year
ago there was a sharp advance in price
on gloomy reports, yet the final yield
promises to be ti record-breaker. Ex
ports from all ports ot the United
States, Including flour, were 4,041,611
bushels, against 3,433,987 last year,
shipments being mnlnly of wheat pur
chased before tho advance. Corn was
attracted to market by the better terms
offered, receipts for tho week reaching
1,304,470 bushels, against 1,138,398 a year
ago, but Atlantic exports fell off to
310,237 bushels against 1,275,15(5 lit 1901.
Failures for the week numbered 212
in tho United States against 215 last
year, and IS In Canada against 25 n
year ago.
Dy Kxclushe Wire from Tho Associated Prcs.
New York, Apill 2.". The condition of Arch,
liUliop CorriiMn m Mill considered serious. Dry,
Kijei and Polalleld were in consultation thin
allernof.n, Pr. Jaiuway was not prea-nt. At tho
conclusion of the rcinfeirnce Ur. Keyc, Mho is
the uichblshop's lejrular physician, Mid:
"Tho temperature of the aiclibUImp Is cu
half deijree hluher than It was nt this time jcs.
terday. Th's speilcs Alterably for hU condition,
but coibidrrlnir l'l aeo lils condition is, never
theless jlantilnjr.
Decision Against Ticket Scalper.
By DxcIujIu' Wlie (ruin Tho Associated 1'rc.ii
New York, April 23. The uppellatc dllslou of
tho Supremo court decided today that a theater
rwncr mlirht refuse to accept any ticket not sold
by himself. The decision was inado In a btiit
brought by II. f'olllstcr, a ticket speculator,
to lcstioiu a theater-owner from Inleiferlmr with
tin- plaliittn' buslncM of belling tickets lu front
if the theater,
Death Sentence for Gruff,
By i:u'u.te Wire Ironi The Associated PieJ.
Camden, N, .1.. April 23. I,stajfttc (iruQ, who
last month killed bis wife by tutting her throat,
at tho homo o( her aunt, at Wcilmont, ,X, J,,
and was tomleled on Wednesday last, was toda
sentenced by Justice tlarrlsoii to be hanged i
nay ;.
Boat Bace at Kingston.
By Excluslie Wire from The AtsoclAed i'reu.
Jthaca, N. Y. April 2J. Manager llecker, of
tho Cornell track team, today announced (hat the
meet for the second 'wrslty track team with
Wjoining seminary has been scheduled for May
21, at Kingston, I'a. Tho tralniSti tabic for the
'sanity team will begTu next Monday,
Mr. Vaughn, the Founder, Says Or
ganization Has Come to Stay.
By Kxclualtf Wire from The Associated I'reu.
Washington, April 25. Hon. W. It.
Vaughn, tho founder of the new Jus
tice party, which bears his name, said
"Tho party has come to stay. Justice
Will be our slogan, for all men or women
be they white, black, yellow or red. We
are not working In the Interest of any
particular presidential candidate: wo
are playing no favorites. We shall
select as pur standard bearer the man
who comes nearest to representing our
Ideals and the principles enunciated In
our platform. 1'ei sonally, however, 1
tun Inclined very much toward Wllllum
It. Hearst. If the Republicans wish to
win votes In the South, they cannot
do better than to nominate Theodore
Roosevelt. He Is half Southern and
tho people like his dauntless courage."
Baltimore's Bequest for Ten Million
for Her Interest in Western
Maryland Boad Unavailing.
By Kxi-liulic- Wlie from The Associated PicsJ.
Baltimore. April 23. Tho bid of the
Fuller syndicate for the Western Slary
land railroad will not be Increased. This
announcement was made this morning
by K. L. Fuller, the head of the syndi
cate In response to the action of the
city councils last night, asking that
$10,001,000 be offered for the city's inter
est In the road, which sum has been bid
by the Reading company. It was inti
mated at the same time that If the Ful
ler syndicate responded favorably to
this proposition preference would bo
given it over the three other bidders.
The bkl made by the Fuller syndi
cate, which Is said to represent the
Wnbash system, is $3,751,370.4.";. Thts
sum Is equal to the Indebtedness of tho
road to the city, and Sir. Fuller says
he will not give a dollar more. The
matter will come up again when coun
cils meet again on Monday night, until
which time no further steps can he
Nearly 40.000 Inhabitants Send
Their Offerings.
By Iilusisr Wile ficsin The Aoc!.itel Pic-.
Cleveland, April 25. Sir. Slyron Her
rlck, treasurer of the SIcKlnley Nation
al Memorial asoclatlou has just receiv
ed u. remittance of nearly $1,700 from
Governor Hunt, of Porto Itlco, who, as
an honorary member of the association,
has had In his handij the work of as
sembling the contributions of the in
habitants of that newly acquired terri
tory. Nearly forty thousand inhabitants of
the Island arc registered as contribu
tors. Their offerings were in very
small amounts, being limited by Gov
ernor Hunt to 10 cents each, but the
proportion of people who contributed
is remarkable, and It Is pointed out at
the office of the association that n sim
ilar unanimity of sentiment here at
home, would Insure the completion of
the fund within a very few months.
Borchgrevink, the Antarctic Explor
er, Makes Application.
By I'Acluslrp Wire from The Associated
Washington, .April 25. C. E. Borch
grevink, the Antarctic explorer, today
made formal application at Washing
ton to become an American citizen.
Alexander Graham Hell, president of
the National Geographic society, and
Gilbert H. Grosvenor. editor of the Na
tional Geographic Magazine, accom
panied him to the Supreme court of tho
District of Columbia, where he re
nounced his allegiance to Norway.
Sir. Borchgrevlnk's plans are yet too
indefinite to announce. He will be a
rover for some years, but the United
States will be his home.
Rogers Kills His Granddaughter.
By I'xihiblte Wire from The A'soeiated l'lc.-s.
Butler. Tcnn., Apill 2.1. William llogprt, iigecl
73, hilled Ids grand-daughter, Mls Mary Awfleld,
aged .".0, and then hilled himself jestcrdny on
lloaiic cieek. In .Jtihu-on county. Ilogers cnt lu
Johnson city Tuesday to meet liU grand-daughter,
from which place, It h wld, they weie to
depart for the Wcot. Hie failed to appeal, and
Thursday he returned to this section, going to the
homo of the woman, who lived with a relathe.
filling her nut, hu shot her dead and then shot
and killed lilni-elf.
Cashier Boggs Released.
By Kit luslic U lie from The Associated Vtvia.
Tienton, X, J April 2.-,. William X, llogg
who w h sentenced to tlye je,tu' linpiisomnent in
the New .Jersey Mate pilson for his connec
tion with the wrecking n( the Pout, Pel., Na
tional Bank, was lele.ised today, he having !c,-n
p II cloned by President Kaox-udt, llojgs.uca
cnliUr of the l)orr bank and had about unothir
year to servo to complete liU henteiice. He wui
lil'ct ut tho prlMin by his wife ami went to 1'hll.i
delphia, wheic bo lias seemed a position.
Death in Wood Alcohol.
Uy I mIuJio Wiio from.Tlio Associated Picta.
Thomaston, Me., April 'a.'). As a result of
drinking Columbian spirits, a refined giade of
wood alcohol, thrco convict at the Maine Male
prison heie me dead and four otheia uro so se
riously HI that their recovery I not expected.
Among the dangerously sick la Kdward Oraft.ui,
the murderer of Clifford Mosher, of (lorliam, who
U serving a life bentenra,
An Air Company Dissolved,
Dy Exclusive Who from The Associated I'reu.
Tienton, X. J., I April 2.'. The Continental
Compressed Air company, uhich was Incorporated
in July, 1MW, was an authorized capital ot 13,.
000,000, today filed with the secretary' of stale
paper dissolving the company. The incorporator
of the concern "era John M, Mack, Joseph 1',
Mack and other PhiladclpMans,
Murder Follows Crap Gome,
By Exeluilv Wires from Tin Auociated I'ruj.
llocLviltc, Md., April 2Vloshua Terry was
found dead today near (lalthenburg, where scl
eral negroes were playing craps last cienln,-. A
iniarnl arose while the game Ji in piogrc and
Tern- waa bhot by William I'rater, coaling to a
ttafeiucnt of 1'eiry Plucs. Prater and Ulam ure
under wrest.
Fierce Gale Sweeps Portions oT
Kansas. Nebraska and
Two Dead and Five Fatally Injured
nt Joplln The Property Loss Will
Bench $250,000 One Killed at
Omaha Many Injured Houses
Unroofed, nnd Other Property
Damaged Street Car Traffic
Stopped for nn Hour.
fly i:elmlvc Wire from The Associated Picw..
Joplln, Mo., April 2.",. A tornado
struck this city at 1.45 p. m. today.
Four fatulltles are reported and many
persons were Injured. Meagre reports
from Galena, Kansas, and Webb City
and Cartervllle, Mo., indicate great
damage. The damage In this city Is
estimated at $230,000. Houses were blown
awuy and the city strewn with the
wreckage of the storm. The stores suf
fered heavy damage from broken plate
glass and floods.
Two dei'd and flvo fatally injured
have been reported. The dead:
Esther Hunter, killed by fulling tim
bers: Murtha Cupe, colored, died from
The number of buildings destroyed is
estimated at fifty. The worst fury of
the storm was felt In the suburbs west
of Joplln.
Omaha, Neb., April "5. An unusually
heavy wind storm, which struck this
city this evening, killed one person and
injured a number of others, unroofed a
number of buildings nnd broke many
skylights. There was a heavy downpour
of rain. Street cars wore stopped for
an hour: wires ond signs were blown
down In all directions.
Counsel Day Will Assist Attorney
General Knox.
By Kxclin,iu Wiic from 'I ho Af.iiclated I'lf..
Chicago. 111., April 25. William A.
Day, special counsel, employed by tho
United States government to nssist At
torney General Knox in bringing legal
proceedings against the big packing
houses that are alleged to be In com
bination in restraint of trade, will have
a formal consultation here with United
States District Attorney Bethea tomor
row. It Is probable that an application
for an injunction against the packers
will be filed In the federal circuit court
during the day.
Just how many firms there aro
against whom the attorney general's
orders extends Is not known. The ex
ecutive officers and attorneys of tho
packing houses nil profess to be In utter
Ignorance of what Is to come.
Washington, April 25. Second Vice
President J. A. Hoffman, of the Retail
Butchers and Meat Dealers association
of America, said today that the officers
of that association will be called to
Washington to nssist in any investiga
tion tho government may desire to
mako In the beef trust question. He
said the attorney general can get all
the Information against the beef trust
that he wants without going beyond this
city. "The beef trust," he said, "is
responsible for the present almost pro
hibitive prices of meat,"
The Latest Phase of the South Afri
can War Situation.
t,v i:.tlushe Wire fiom Tho AsMx.l.ited Press.
London, April 23. Speaking In Lon
don tonight, Mr. Broderlck, the secre
tary of war, said:
"Wo aro perhaps In f-lpht of peace,
but lu the Interval we arc sending out
men and material to carry 911 the war
for another year or two If necessary,
that being tho only spirit wherein tho
government can Interpret tho will tif
the nation nnd approach tho arrange
ments for the conclusion of peuce."
Big Deal in Anthracite.
0y Kirliuhe Wire from The Associated Press.
Mlllics-Hairc, April 23. A big deal In the an
thracite coal tude was consummated today. The
Algonquin Coal compmy sold IH 1'lno Itldgi
and Lamel Hun colherle.i to tho Delaware and
llmlvm company, Tho two inlnei haw on out.
put of 810,(100 tona annually mid cmploj about
one Ihuusaud men,
Porest Fires at Glen Summit,
fly t'-ieliulic Wire from The Associated Press.
Wllkcb-Ilirrr, April 23. I'orcst llrc-j luoka out
again last night In cWe proximity to the (Pen
Hiunmlt betel and cottagco near tho l.chigh Val
ley lalhoad, A laige number of men vterc dis
patched from this city to tho scene and after
uuikliig hard all night finally got the flame
under coutiul,
Strike Declared Off,
Hy Kxclushc Wire from The Associated Prcrf,
Vnungstown, O., April 23. A committee of tho
sliiklug employed of tho American llridgo com
pany, infoipiul (Icueral Manager Hunter today
that tho strike had been declared oir. The for
mer cmployci, will bo reinstated, excepting those
whose placet have been filled, and the cntira
plant will resume operations noU Monday,
Uy 1'iilibUo Wiro from The Associated t'icu.
Dubohi, Pa., April SJ.-Jiid,o William P.
JcnU died today at Ids home tn llrookWlle, aged
aged M years. He was ubrother of Hon. Ceorga
A. Jc-nkj, fcolocltor general under frcoldent
Cleveland. Mr. ,lenks was formerly
judge of the Jclfcrson Clarion district und had
practiced law many years in western l'euuyl-wula.
Sh Is Restive Under Liquid Diet,
Signs Unfavorable.
By t'Acluiho Wiro from Tho Associated Pre.
Amsterdam, April 23. In official cir
cles no amelioration of Queen Wllhel
nilna's condition Is admitted, anil her
doctoi-B' admission that she Is not sleep,
ing well Is talc tli ns u bad sign.
It Is alleged thnl the dispatches from
the royul family concerning the queen's
condition differ substantially from the
medical bulletins on the subject.
It Is reported that the queen Is rest
ive under the liquid diet treatment and
hits Insisted Unit her nurses give her
solid food. In this respect, however, her
doctors aro Inexorable. v
Tho queen mother has great diffi
culty In pacifying the patient. It Is as
certained that the doctors have advised
the queen mother, for the sake of her
own health, to relax her vigilance nnd
take a dally walk or drive. These out
ings, therefore, aro no Indication that
her majesty is progressing favorably.
Flans Are Perfected for Carrying on
Warfare Against the Ameri
can Organization.
By Kxclmlie Wire from The Associated I'icm.
New York, April 25. The National
league executive committee completed
its first' regular session at tho Firth
Avenue hotel tonight. The members de
clined to make public their plans for
conducting the fight against the Ameri
can league, but that a definite plan of
uctlon has been adopted, and that. It
will be thoroughly carried out, the com
mittee left no room to doubt.
"There Is no use denying that we
went over the matter from everv pos
sible point of view," said James A.
Hart, of Chicago, tonight, "but to make
public what the outcome has been,
would bo furnishing our enemies with
our ammunition."
Mr. Hart admitted, however, that tho
National league would follow up the
victory gained In the Pennsylvania
Supreme court in the Lajote case.
How much of a fund has been raised
by the league to conduct its fight could
not be lea'rned. This fund was origin
ally placed at $100,000, each club agree
ing to give $12,500. "
The committee went Into session at
noon. There were present:
John T. Brush, chairman, of Cincin
nati; A. H. Soden, of Boston; James A.
Hart, of Chicago, and N. K. Young,
secretary ot the league.
Andrew Kreedman, president of tho
New York club, was present for a. short
time during the afternoon. The commit
tee first took up the playing rules and
made ono or two important changes.
The umpire question was then taken up
and the committee selected Charles B.
Powers, of Pittsburg, as the fifth um
pire on tho staff. Mr. Powers Is ti news
paper man, has successfully managed
several minor leagues, and was once a
league umpire.
The following Instruction were Issued
to umpires: .
Umpires must announce nt the be
ginning of each game the names of the
batteries and the name of the umpire.
If changes are made during the game,
the umpire must nt once announce the
same to the spectators."
Rules and regulations were adopted
by the committee governing its action.
The rules conform to the resolutions
adopted at the league meeting culling
for appointment of the committee. The
rules adopted also define the powers
of the chairman, secretary and treasur
er of the league.
John T. Brush was seen after the
meeting and asked what plan had been
mapped out for flgl'ng the American
league. He said, "a plan has been map
ped out but just what It is I cannot say
nt this time. Itwould Injure our Interests
greatly to make anything public just
now. We propose to make a vigorous
fight and no one need be surprised to see
many of the old league players back In
their old clubs before many days pass."
Hy i:clusivc Wlie fiom The Associated Press.
1 Heading, Pa,, Apill 23. Today's teuton of the
Main legislative hoard of railway employes, com-po-ed
of delegates horn various railway organi
zations and allied bodies, was cntliely devote 1 to
I'vccutlve matter. The nc.t meeting will likely
be held in HarrUbuig,
At lliis afternoon's session, the action of Sena
tor (Juay on the Chineso exclusion law was con
demned. Tlia voting machine for nil elections In
this .Ute ua.l favored. The legUl.ithc commit
tee was Instiuctcd to act In harmony with the
.uto federation of I.ahor and the Vnlted Mine
Workeih in all matteis nlfeetlug the wciMrg
people at tint net scrti'on of the legislature, A
number of candidates from the leglshturo favorable-
to woiklngmcii woio cmlorocd and the- course
nf others at the last session condemned. .1, N.
Weller, xeuctury nf tin- boird of Maucli (hunk,
was endorse! for senator. It was agrecil to hold
mi adouruci! meeting In llairisburg i.exl Septem
ber. To Combine Scottish Coal Companies.
Uy Ilxrlusho Wire from The Associated I'rejj.
IMInbuigh, April 23. The r.ienlng ,s, of
this city, says negotiations, in which J. I'lei
pout Morgan is Interested, aro on foot to com
bine tho .Scottish Coal companies, with a capital
of ;!,O0O,00O fflS.OOO.OOO), It Is also raid that
ijtmial I.011I Dcllmu'll and Stuntuu, u Heottbh
reprcrenlatho peer, Is to bit at the head of this
'1 m
Will Locate Cuban Sugar Crop,
Hy lluluslte Wire from Tho Associated Press.
Washington, April 23, Tho senate commit tea
on Culm today decided to institute an imctlga
lion into tho chaigc that thn greater part of the
present crop of Cuban sugar is held by tho ctuar
tnwt of this country, as directed by the 1 evolu
tion Introduced in tho tinatc by Mr, Teller on
the 10th instant,
Waller and Day Acquitted,
ly HxcliisUc Wire from Tho Associated Press.
Manila, April 25. Major Waller ami IJeulen
ant Pay, ot thu marine toqit, who wero tried by
court inaitlal here, on the charge of cNeiuling
iititis of the Island ot Samar without trials,
hate been acimlttcd. '
- m
Amos J, Cummings 111,
Of Exclush Wire from the AkocIiUcI Press.
Ilaltlmore, April 23. It was learned from a re
liable source late tonight that Congressman Amos
J. Cummings, of New- York, Is tiltically ill pom
uuruinonLa at the Church homc'iu lids city.
Conference to Be Held Before the
Civic Federation Today.
By i:icluhe Wire' from The Associated I'few.
New York, April 2.". Tho members of
the committee of tho United Jllne
yorkers' union, who are to meet the
operators before the Civic Federation
tomorrow, when an effort will bo made
to settle the differences between them,
nrrlved here today. John Mitchell, presi
dent of thn United Mine Workers, and
the presidents of the three principal
anthracite districts are anion; the
members of the committee.
Senator Hanna, who, as president of
the National Civic Federation, will pre
side, will come from Washington. It Is
understood that ID the points at Issue
ure not definitely settled at the meet
ing tomorrow it will bo continued on
Sunilnv. ,
The Press will say tomorrow that
President Truesdale, of, the Lackawan
na company, and Socretury Ollphunt, of
the Delaware und Hudson company, are
authority for the statement that, the
operators will not concede any of tho
demands to be made by tho coal miners'
representatives at the conference to
morrow. These demands embrace an
eight-hour day, the readjustment of
the scale, the recognition of the union
and the weighing of coal ns prescribed
by the union. This action, it Is said,
may precipitate a strike of 150,000 men.
A Bombshell Will Be Sprung Mon
day at Convention of Amal
gamated Association.
Hy i:c1usive Wiro, from The A-woclatvd Pivw.
Wheeling, W. Va., April 25. If the
opponents of Theodore Shaffer are not
balked, a bombshell will be sprung
Monday on tho floor of the national
convention of the Amalgamated Asso
ciation. Today T. D. Flynn, one of the
national organizers of the American
Federation of Labor, arrived In the city
and stated that the purpose of his visit
was to secure a hearing from the con
vention and refute the assertion Presi
dent Shaffer has made, both in thts
convention nnd before it was assem
bled, reflecting on President Samuel
Gompers und tho attitude of the Ameri
can Federation of Labor during the
steel strike of the summer of 1901.
Nothing else, than Flynn's mission is
talked of tonight among the delegates
and they are rapidly dividing into two
factions, one desirous of according
Flynn a hearing und the other made
up of the more enthusiastic supporters
of Shaffer determined that no outsider
shall be accorded a hearing for his ad
mitted purpose of berating the head
of the Amalgamated Association. Mr.
Flynn said tonight In nn Interview that
every assertion reflecting upon Gomn
ers anil the federation, published as
emanating from Sliaffer, was without
the shadow of foundation, and this ho
could readily demonstrate If the con.
ventlon. In ft spirit of fairness, would
accord him an opportunity.
Three Bodies Taken from the Wreck
of the Pittsburg.
By Inclusive Wire from The Associated Pies,
Cairo, Ills., April 25. Two bodies
were taken from tho wreck of the
steamer City of Pittsburg today, One
was that of n white woman and was
so badly burned that positive identifica
tion was Impossible. From the location
In which the body was found, It was
supposed to be that of Mrs. Clay Breeze
of Unlontown, Ky.
Later In the day another body was
recovered from the wreck. It was that
of a colored man nnd remains uniden
tified. Tho search will continue dally.
The Veterans Adjourn.
Hy K.clulvu Wiio fiom The Asj-ociatrd Pi ess.
Pall is, Tea,. April 23. The twelfth reunion
of the l.'nion Confederate ctrrans at 3 o'clock
this nltcinoon pifwd into history, The boom of
iijnnnon and the Winding of "laps" by the
buglers, and Camp Albert Sidney Johnston was
no more. The last delegation of elerant filed
nut of the fair grounds, anil workmen begun
striking tlm tents, The Sons of Veterans con
tention nNo adjourned, after a .-hott session, de
leted n passing resolutions of thank.
American League,
Py Kicluslve Wlie Irom The Associated Press.
At Haltliiioris Philadelphia s. Ilaltlmore; lain.
At Chicago Chicago s. Detroit; lain.
At St. !',ouis- ll.II.i:.
Cleveland ,,,() O 2 ill 0 0 4 0-P) SI 0
Hi. bonis oooonoi)oo- i a
II itteiles Wright and llddy and Ma
loney. Umpire I'arutlier.
At Washington- ll.II.i:,
Iirvdou 0M 00 I uuo 1 4 11 4
Washington O 0 O it 11 S U I -1.1 Pi 2
llattcrie llu.tlugs ond Warner; Tuwiiscud and
Drill. Umpire Sherid in,
National League,
At Philadelphia- ll.II.i:.
Iloston 1100(10 JM II I-Ml II
Philadelphia 11(10(1 1 0U0 1-S 7 :)
llatterlcs Willis and Klllrcdgej White and
Dooln. Umpire llrowii.
At i'itUbuig it.11.1:.
Chicago 1 on i) 000. -in-4 S l
Pittsburg 1)10 0 0 0001-2 0 1
Uattcries Kisou and Kllug; Taunchill and
Smith, Umpire Cantllllon.
At llrooUju-lTcnn Innings) li.II.K.
New Voik 00200OO02J-J 7 :l
Hrooklyn 0 00 1 1 0 1 0 1 2-(J 3 a
Uattcries Kennedy and Bowcrruau; Newton Slid
Ahern. Umplro-O'Bay.
At Cincinnati (Ten innings) ll.II.i:.
St. Imls 3 00 13 0000 29 10 2
Cincinnati ..., 3 0 0 0 0 2 10 81313 3
llaticries-Popp and Nicholas; Phillips, Cur
lie, Sltmmcl and Dtrffin. Umpire Eusllt,
Attorned General Wlllelu Creates
a Sensation bu Attack
ing, the Court.
Interesting Features at the Trial of
the. Editor of Freedom The Trial
of General Jacob H. Smith -Begins.
Counsel for the Defense Simplifies
Proceedings by Making Admis
sions Manila Cholera Record. '
By Inclusive Wire from The Associated Pres.
Manila, April 25. At the' trial today
of the editor of' Freedom, who'ls charg
ed -with sedition In publishing an article
from an American periodical, to' which
the editor of Freedom agreed and added
remarks of htn own, censuring: the
United States commission's rule, the at
torney general, L. JR. AVIlfely, created
a sensation und astonished the judge,
lawyers nnd spectators. He lost his
temper with Judge Odlln and said:
"The civil government wants to know
where It stands under the law passed.
It wants to know whether it will be en
forced, or whether such unwarranted
statements will bo allowed. The court
knows the wishes of the government '
and It Is to be presumed' that It knows
its own rules.
Judge Odlln replied:
"The court will determine the case
according to law. The court wants you
to understand' that It believes individ
uals hnve lights us well as govern
ments." Tho defence had asked for a delay uf
a week, owing to counsel having been
disqualified on account of not passing
the Filipino standard of law.
The hearing, of the demurrers In the
case was postponed' until. May SI.
Tho cholera record up to date Is as
Manila, iiOo cases and 398 deaths: in
the provinces, 1,317 cases and 907 deaths.
The hoard pf health Is finding casei
of natives trying to bury the dead at
night, In order to prevent the detention
of the living.
Trial of General Smith.
The trial by court-martial of General
Jueob II. Smith, on the charge of con
duct prejudicial to good order and dis
cipline, began today. General Lloyd
Wheaton presided. Colonel Charles A.
Woodruff, counsel for the defense, said
he desired to simplify the proceedings.
He was willing to admit General Smith
gave Instructions to Major Waller to
kill and burn und wulce Samnr a howl
ing wilderness, that he wanted every
body killed, capable of bearhiff arms,
and that he did specify all over ten
years ot age, as the Samnr boys of that
age were equally as dangerous as their
Captain David V. Porter, marine
corps, and Lieutenant John A. Day,
marine corps, were the only two wit
nesses examined. Their testimony de
veloped nothing new.
Major Littleton W. T. Waller, marine
corps, will be the only other witness
for the prosecution. He was unable to
be present today, on account of sick
ness, but, it Is expected, will be In at
tendance tomorrow.
Tho defense will call several officers
of the Ninth infantry.
Dy Kicluslve Wire from The Associated Prrii.
Wilkes-llarre, April 2S. At a mcetlnsr of tin
Third LcRlslatho dMrict nemotratle committee
this afternoon, the following were elected dele
nates to the (date comention:
Kv-Stale Chairman John 31. Carman, B. W,
D.ivl., Tod Walsh and Isaac Weill, Tho question
of fmlou villi tho Independent Republican on
th slate tichet was condemned as not being
Policeman Kills a Gambler.
Iij- i:chidc Wire from The Associated Press.
i:i Pao, Texas, April 23. "Hiecnej-" Itarili
was shot through the heart here today hy Clar
ence Wohenon, :i special policeman in a ie
nler duel In a itainbllne; ball, Wolierton was
Hounded In tho hand, Kho .icjih hro, wlirn
Wohcitun wan chief of police of Colorado CIt.s
Col., he run Hauls out of town, nnd Harris, it U
fnld, thieatcned tit Kill 1dm on stent, They met
for the first time today, Tito coioner's Jury ac
quitted Wohetton.
Base Ball Injunction Hearings.
Dy Kxcliu've Who frorn Tie Associated Press,
St l.uuN, April 25. Judge Fisher today cra!n
postponed the bearing ot tbe petition of President
llolilaoii, of the St, LouU National Ioguo Usso
ji.dl club, to restrain Kmmctt J, lleidrlck from
plating with the American League's local tea-n.
lie' tet the 'hearing tor next Jlonday, when tie
c ies of Wallace and Harper will como up, in
Judlto Tally's court.
Could Not Live on Jail Diet.
tiy I'xtlnshr Wire from The AuocUted Press.
Mraciiso, X. V,, Aprll. Simon Shamonsky,
llchiiw sentenced to tho Onondaga county JjII
for fifteen dajH wa released today on appall ,ti
County Juilgo llcsd, on the ground that ho could
not h on tho Jail diet during tho pissover "a
Henry Again on the Seas.
Uy i:clusho Wire from The Associated Prow.
Kiel, April 25. The first nnval squadron und)
command of Admiral Prince Henry ol Prussia,
tailed today on a (raining cruise, which wfll Ut
several ueLj alone tho English-Irish coast.
t "T t - f '
, , 1
f Washington, April SU.-rForecast for 4
-f Saturday arid Sunday: t'oatcrn l'cnny. :;
4- vania, showers Saturday with rising tern-
-f perature; 6uuday fair and cooler; brisSt 4-
f4" south winds becoming west. -
, i
mrit m-
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,r 's --
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