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a r-iilillilicel Willi-, Sunday, iy Tlie Trlli
tone Publishing Company, at fitly CciiM Meintli,
J.IVY B. HtCttAllO, r.dltnr.
U. V. MY.MIKH, .llinlnrai Maiuner.
New Yolk Office ! 150 Nawati St.
- s. a. vnt:r.iisit,
' Hole ArchI tor I'airlRii A'lurtUIn?.
fcnlcrcel at the l'olnflle.c at Seranluti,
Swontl ClaM Mall Matter.
Pa,, in
When space will permit, The
Tribune Is always glnd to print
short letters from Its friends bear
ing: on current topics, but Its rule Is
that these must be signed, for pub
lication, by the writer's real name;
and the condition precedent to ac
ceptance Is that all contributions
shall be subject to editorial revision.
nit: i-f..r ii.vri: roii .ivi:imsixi.
Thr followliiir table ohuun the liilce- per I111I1
f.Kh lncrtlou, to be inl rtltliln imp cir.
"lfim'ot Miiltiu
JHSI'hAV, . JMpprlJIc'.icll
i.(i"tirin"m (ih'Iipi. ,m .""
M Inclifs Ml .It
im mi ,:i.l
tWi ' ; .-:
friO " 20 ,a
Iikxi " in ,17."
iioixi " i.v, .17
(IIKIO ' .IS .111"
sylvitiila, New York mill Illinois have
naturally flptirrtt liiiBtly In the mailer
of number Involved, with 27, and
II nor cent., ipspeullvely, tif till those
tin own nut or work. Thltty-ono per
cent, of Hip ulrllteia were hi the con I
and coke Industrie?, li por cent. In tile
litillitliiK tntilos unit 8 tier cent, each In
niutitls nnd In it'nnxporlntloti. Ot nil
the Htrlkes which oitauned only itliout
mic-lmlf Httcceedeil, lit per cent, were
piii-tlully HUcccHofitl mid :M per cent,
fulled entirely. The number of em
ployes In nti'lkc.M lulling iiltORPthcr wuh
ulmoMt ni Iniffc iih Unit In which they
wholly or partially Hucccedcdi
Tilts Iuhboii nf theno BiMierul llBltles Is
confirmed .liy local exiierlence. C'ount-
Iiik up, all the coils ot strikes In Sornn
lon In the past three years, Who cull
contend that they have paid'.'
We notice tlntl certain Democratic.
Journals me cIiiiirIiik that President
Koosevell had 11 hand In Quay's In
irratltude to Klkln. They would like
to pet Trthly mixed up In 11 state ,iuur
rcl, hut their milmiis Is too iippnrput.
Tor each of tlintiU, rci-rlutlon of romlfili'iKv,
nnd similar tonli ihul loin lu tlip tiJtuie ot ml
citllntr 'I lie Tillnino nukes u 1 liaise ot 5 cfnli
ll.ilpi ot Ch.lfleil AiIiimIMhi; fmiiMiril on
For governor of Pennsylvania, on the
Issue of nn open Held mid fair play,
JOHN P. ELKIN, of Indiana,
subject to the will of the Republican
Timely Counsel.
lIIE Olyphant Record stiongly
advlsesjagalnst the proposed
Incursion of the Central
' Labor union Into politics on
a separate labor party basis. It says:
"One of U10 most dangerous tenden
cies In u country like ours is the effort
to divide the population Into classes.
Our government in its entire makeup
Is hostile to such nn Idea. Caste dis
tinction cunnot prevail here success
fully and it would bo a very sorry diy
tor the country if It over should.
The wage-earner today is often the
employer and capitalist of tomorrow,
and every ambitious toller should see
in every attempt to divide our popu
lation into classes a menace to his
hopes and to his liberty. Simply on
this ground alone the launching of
such a political enterprise should be
put out of mind. Better go slow
gentlemen. But every man who knows
the history of trades unionism, nnd
who honestly deslies the success of
such organizations will not be In :i
huiry to start a labor party In this
valley. This is not a new venture.
It has been tiled before, and has al
ways resulted disastrously to the
unions. Scrjnton has had enough ex
perience In this line to cause the
older and wiser heads to doubt the
wisdom of trying It again. U is not
necessary to go Into particulars. They
are really too sad a feature of our
history to be brought for waul except
upon the greatest necessity. The men
v,ho sought to do these things years
ngo have leceived the punishment for
their notions; but the greatest suffer
ing came to the organizations. Kvery
labor movement that has gone Into
politics wrecked itelf and brought loss
to the unions."
If there were a leal necessity for a
labor third party, the formation of
one would constitute u public service.
Hut recognition of just labor claims
is easily secured from the existing
parties, thus obviating the need of
another party. If it veie desired to
uisrupi me labor movement in this
region no better way could be selected
than to encourage the movement for a
labor party.
It was a foregone conclusion when
K. L. Fuller started to get control of
the Western Maryland rallioad that
he would get It. It Is a way he has.
Figures Worthy of Study.
OJIE Interesting' deductions ure
drawn by Bradstreet's from
the recent report of the com
missioner of labor dealing with
the statistics of strikes and lockouts.
First and chief Is that the strike as n
weapon ot otfense by the employe is at
best a dangerous one, costly to the em
ployer, it is true, In many instances, but
infinitely more costly, to the employe,
not only because of the fact that sta
tistics show that the employe In the
mass loses two dollars to the employ
er's one. Another conclusion Is that the
risk of friction, in other'words, the dan
ger of strikes occutrliig, seems to In-
oiease us the number of hands em
ployed In an Industry Increases. That
there may be some connection between
the character of the men employed as
legards intelligence and the tendency
to strike also is brought to mind when
it Is Iearnvd that the, coal and coke In
dustries are, basing the reasoning on
twenty yenis" experience, most liable to
strikes. The building trades, metal In
dustries and transportation employes
nro next most commonly alfeoted.
Males, of coutse, largely exceed females
in "industrial occupations, and it Is no
surprise to leant that !)0 per cent, of
all strlkeis In the past twenty yeats
liavo been mules, while only 10 pur cent,
have been females. It Is to be noted,
however, that Industries employing
largo proportions of employes suffer
from strikes to a great degree. For
instance, fully ouo-half of the strikers
in the cotton, wonfen and silk goods In
dustries have been females and 0110
tltlrjl, tq tNYo-lifths of tho clothing, car
pcH, 'paper, rope, rubber and tobacco
vworTteis weie women,
Ifls shown by the teport that
employee were thrown out or employ
niftU'Tiy tho "strikes and lockouts of
thj'past twenty years, M per cent, by
tllV'TIi?!'.. ("id the. loss In wages by
euYployes In that timo was upward of
tfdfi.'OOtf.OOd. In addition, tho stilkera, or
thope locked out, obtained nearly $20,
009,000 from other organizations, which
tva's presumably used in supporting the
strikers. Tho loss or employora by the
itrjkes and lockouts was over $112,000,
)ou;t so that tho troubles may be said
to have been twite us costly to the op.
tltlvvs us to the employers. I'epn-
Senator Bevcrldge's Speech.
UK Ol'UNTNCl note of the Re
publican iintiimnt campaign
. M of 1002 was sounded at In
dianapolis "Wednesday In a
speech of great power by Senator Uev
erldge, the gi eater part of which was
devoted to n consldeiallon of the legis
lative problems growing out of what
mo popularly called "trusts"; In re
ality, combinations of capital mid en
terprise for works piiinmlly or inci
dentally or public benellt. The senator
presented Jlguies in some detail and
with exceptional skill to prove that
whatever evils may come to pass
through abuse of power by those man
aging these large lncoiporatlons, they
are far outweighed by the public ad
vantages. To illustrate;
Tlip fanner tliip-i hU main to 1IM1111I point",
liumlrevl.-, iIiousiikU of mile aaj. lip nerds
I hup VJlcs nm! cpikk ipp.i! Shuit anil fop'
null- Urns of 1.1II10.I1I weie ilHomenli'llt, hixli
pilieii, wia.ife anil lim. The lui-lne 1 in 111 IP
iiiire.l liU mail In- the -ifte-t. 1110.111-.; ilei.i.v of
u J.i , an hour, 111.1) mean ili.itir. 'iiin-i tiaiw
portilion iikii foimil that ilieii piolit 1 11 in
meeting (lie tieie-sMtie-t of the pioilueing and
the Ihimikm woihl. lleie in M'gleif.ileil
lo.uls Hue lon-ollil-iled into tin- "IIIlt I'oin"
1IH". 'I lie old "J. II. and I," "Vinceiines" anil
". mil. ilia" welf alisoilied lij (lie Pcnii-.lvaiii.i.
What followed? Intprmpil Kriu Iiilici-ciI em
ployment of I.1I101, higher .ijii'j U'Riilar p.1.1,
leiluced lain on fieii;ht, lower laie-. for tmel,
dinitne , penl anil e.ilet. Tor evimple: The
uierane i.ite per himdie lu'eijfiil 011 grain fiom
(heen-)hmjf (o Chnagn dining tuit.fie jl.hs
liefoio the "llii; Pom" r onolidalion w.m V't cent.
Today it ii a r-ci.K 'In Xew Veil; the old late
Wat l',7!i ct iit; today. Ifi'.i tcntA On live
'tod; fiom l.'ieen-liuii; 1 11 Cliie-iRO the inerayc
tieilit late tor tuciily-llp heloie conwli
dallon W.I-. '" oints ptr hmnlipilweiKht; todiy
II is U ii nl. To 'i Yoik then, S1.10; today.
7 tent, temp tltlmi did not cainc all tlii-, In-'e lietuien !ieenljm mid Chitaso theie i-
pot, and iicut I1.1- lieen. the slightc-t competi
tion. Mini iliil c.ui-e it? Jleiely tlii-. s-imple
l.m : I.oh iatu 1111M114 Kiealer flilpnien(-, and
luiilin? at ijnanlitle- at Miiallu piites ineaiH
meater total iiulit. Coi'.--ider Hie impioemenl
in peed: Uefoie consolidation, the axeraso
time of i ran-poitaiion t.f a car of freight from
lliei nOiuitf to Clikairo ne.uly lliiee 1 1,1 s ;
todaj tln inprase Ihne i-. s-i(ecn hnmi. To
Nm Vml; tlie old lime was ten to fifteen il.i.;
110M' th" -iM' time is the to .-i d.ijih. Or
coii'-idtr im leaded tonunieiKe: Htfoie lonf-oli-ditioii,
.1 pa-eiii;ir soin" lium Tine II mle to
New Veil; hul to ilunae cats live times; today
lie Koes llniiiiii wiliuait .1 .inle i li.inne. Ilr
tike l.iilw.iy i iiipk'.unriit tlnoiiKhout the whole
lepnlilk: In l&tK) has lh,m 70',0iK) men weie
emploM'd I,v Anicneaii railw.n-, lrtehlni; .i,little
0M1 KKi,l)0,iHin in r-alarh-. and wai;e- eeiy jtar.
In 1"UO nenlv l,20il,UiO liirn weie eniplo.(d liy
I illiu.iiU. and weie iiid niaily 'vl-fl.UUO.OiK) ceiy
,uai. 'yii-. imiea-e was nut t.uwd liy new mil
u.a liec-aii-e tnd.n iheie rile ne.ui.i .'Kni.tKlO
ninie mm rmplojed lij iiilw.i) than weie tin
ploiiil in lvi7, and ale p.iid neaily s2n,(ioi,u,iij
mule iay .w.u lhe, weie paid in ISI7:
and -cince flicn not 1 iionah new i.iilwas liae
lieen lmilt tci tmpo( in opei.ition 7u,(-0() men.
Another much-attacked specimen of
the industrial tendency to bring to
gether manufacturing' processes under
centralized direction is the steel trust.
Senator Ueverldgo wns not afraid to
tell the truth about the steel trust:
It rmplms mer 20,0txl moie hhoiinir men now
til 111 the total nimiher employed h. all t tie ev-tjljlNlitiiciil-
w lilt It weie tonoliilated into fids
itiRlc tonipiny. 'the tteel tui-t emploj-. today
mole limn ln,(KX) laiiouis and pa,.i thiin mole
tli.m uliri.ijW.OiJii innj jiar in waKt, 1101 in
iliiiltiij olticeis and .-.alaiics. 'Hie auiasu wjRe
lo eaili l.ihoiei i-. J(I per lint, l-mjer than hcfoie
lon-olidilion, and nuiiieir.ile wajte-. -lie mcr 10
per cent, meaier tlian bifoie.
Has this general movement toward
concentration by consolidation upon the
whole oppressed the American people'.'
Senator Beveildge thinks not;
It lias not oppre-.ul the woiklnsnien, lieean-e
moie lalioien aie now emplojed nt'hlshir waye
than ever befme in hkloiy, and In .i inj? hanks
.Uono American wiuklngim-ii have on depoiii to
day c,cr 4,r.0il,Wi(),Miil-moie than tiiuiigli le.nli to lau out anv ten of Hie ure-ilcst coipoia".
lions of tho woiiil. It U M lint this mine
ment lliion-s lahnr out of employment, Whin
the lallio.ul i.inie, the I.iki- ilibir and lioi-e
dealer thought they were thrown out of em
ployment; hilt, Instead, ntw and lietlir Mil
plnyiiicnt was noiilcil. Wht-n (he udMiinder
t .imc. hUM'steis tlniiiKlii their nttiinailon irone:
ilutead, new and lllcr neiiipation eaini',
whole develo)ineiil, llnowiiii,' men help and
ciminion limlliethooil of wtWce Inako ot the
Aiiirffe.111 propld not only tlio iiiraf fimrcittil tilil
lnip)ilet of tiatloml Paul down the liliitl; fl.iR
bt cl.i4i httreil nnd let the! Slnm nint SIllpM ot
freedom mill lr.ltctnll.v nlont! &c oer llilt pco.
de ituile ttrDiijj nnd (dorlont liy nnitUnl roii
llitriiei! mill nITectluii. liidii'tilnl peace tlnottpli.
out I Im Ilrpiilillct linhitrliil war, our fortrs nil
united) :maltit forrlgn ihtiH hi the in.iikclt ot
tho world. "I iillrd no llimil, ilhldeil we fait"
t lil Is the council nt pitilolPm anil pnxperity.
The seiutlor dwelt at length on the
approaches necessary' lo a wise federal
supervision of Incorporations engaged
In Interstate commerce, and took a
position alongside the president in
favor of such supervision aiming to
check rascality and to "nilmlu human
greed." Hut he made no concession to
popular piejudlco. lie refused to play to
Hit! galleries. "The Republican party,"
hi: declined In his ncrorutlon, 'Is the
organized spirit of Ameilcau progress.
Wt dare not stoop to demagogue de
vices; that Is the role of the opposition
to the government. We dare not trick
up llctltlous Issues to catch temporary
applause. We dure not bo Insincere to
capture this or that eotcrloof voters.
We darn not counsel with fear or com
promise with read Ion. Our success
our very life Is In harmony with the
progress of the American people toward
their natural supremacy."
It Is Inspiriting to hear such candid
anil hopeful talk In place of the flabby
dointtgoglsm so orten palmed a(t by
fake politicians on a long-suffering
The announcement , that the beef
tiust has cornered the poultry In
Chicago will no doubt bo heeded by
the intelligent farmers of the Kast.
Now Is the time to give the setting
liens opportunity.' Chicken raising
may prove the most profitable ot
agricultural put suits hereubouts this
Governor Odell announces that ho
has no present presidential aspirations
but would like to go as a delegate to
the next national convention so that
he may cast a vote for Theodore
Hoosevolt to succeed himself. Xo
doubt this can be arranged.
The met that the claims of mission
aries in China for property destroyed
by Boxers amounts to $2,000,000 shows
that the contents of the contribution
boxes must have boon more valuable
than we have been led lo suppose.
The limit of the woes of Paterson
seems to hove been approached. With
afflictions or fire, water arid anarchy
following in close succession, the good
citizens must begin to realize the feel
ings of Job.
U (tropin In tlio tor a ciiiitllelale wliei will
liavo Hilflclcnl ttirngUi In tneiko jkimIIiIc IiU
liomliullon wltlt the aid of the lundon-illy-owncd
ildejrttlom from IMill.Wktplil.l mnl Alleitlteny'.
It is expected that on June 23th the
northwestern corner of the common
wealth will jingle with parlotism and
modern .Tefferesonian simplicity.
It Is unfortunate fiom an anti-im-perlallstie:
standpoint that the much
talked of "water cure" is an invention
of tho Filipinos.
'I Ills
time out of emplnjnient for a eliy, fiiniMirs
peim.inenlly Imicii-iil employment for (lie eur
enlarKimr numliii' of Anii'ilean workiiiRinen; and
while l.'-lil.M" wae e.nneis weie einnloieil in
nuiiuf.ictmc ten ,r.n.-, ao, upaily li,lnv),uto
worlcliiisnuu aie r-iiiiliu; lilsher mmijis inav In the
sliiuhi oceupition of tuto .ilone, This
mou'iui'ut, llipii, h.t. nul oipi(-ed lihoi, It Ii.h
not oppie-sed the nRiliiilimisK hei.iiko mtil.
can fanneis in the jt rfs t,i.i luuo paid ui.ut.
(,-iki-. on their f -i i in-, to tho amount of ij.Oil.ihli),
mm, and the faimei; eouhl todiy with
hi- live lok iilone pay tlio entlli! I11II011.1I delils
of Pnalaml ami liunuuy, and -l 1 1 1 havo nvi 1
irJ20,iX)i),WHl left. It I1J1 not oppie.'d any ilass,
lipi-uiae tho well helm; of the whole
p'oih) Ii the UstviiMiiiiPiit and tmy of the
Oliilcs the people? W I1.1 i-liimM (iny oi-iinl-ntlon
ot Indiiitiy or-ioiuuei(e ippip. the p-o,
ile? Their pio-peiity ili'penels upon llm jieopie's
prmpeiity, Piolit of lallmad-. 101110 linn
fieiKlitH em shipment;) or fairs i,f ii.ii-onii.s.
And pioptrlly of tlio people nn-iiis laii;e ildp.
ment' and luavy travel; poveil) of I lie people
liieaiu little fielsht and fiw pa-s nuns. lUnki
liavo no bOinie of iiieoiuu.otliei than i.e,haiiii
ami loans; hut when times aie haul time aie
few Joans ami little euliainje. The teel tin.t
can make money only by mIIIiii; kti'il fur i.ill-
loid., bullcliiiKi, biiilKC.; bill If Ini.liie.v, Is not
ruuiI, bulldlnss, ijlliuad., liiidKOi will not be
(ioiutiiieted. The prnllU of eveiy ins.iiil.itlon of
ceimueiie, iinlutiy and finauee aie di.iun tioiu
tho cleat fountain of the common pm-peiity
ot the people. When tlii'-o orrfaulzatious uihl
ttaiily lak-u pilieii for lempoiaiy profit, folly
dlrei'ls their lui.lni'.i, and that folly u tlnin
(.elves U .1 wipnif In the people, and iuut be
pietU'lileit and inmMied, Hut ile'Cirasiiiir in lee-.
impioHil tpulily, beltir Keivke-theso .110 he
vIm and kviipi.iI polity of oij,".ui!u Indnstiy.
'h.v 1 llecaiue theaper pritet. ami bitter epiallly
iiu'.iu Biealer tali's; and tho tno largir luotltp
In vat talcs with inull iiiuigiu o) eaeli (ale
than theie in In tew tales with a Ktealer piolit on
rath tale, Siuto' WA steel ludiistiy lias .teadlly
triown Into even vailer ilngle ursaiiUitlous, un
til now the uilmiiutlon 1011194 in the uilijlitlett
Iudutila ecn-olld.itloii ot hUtoiy; .let hue Is
tho filling ichedule in the pikes of ulcel; In
lts;s fctei'l rails Kild in Anmka 11 1 !1U) per ton;
1675, W0.30; lfftj Heel rails tell at f.!S jwr ton.
Opprojlonf PetallallonK Vinifeanee? Dislave.
mint! let tlnteei bitter woieU be hu.heilt Let
iistleo. ivIkiiI Let toleiJiice be ,ou'iel'iit Let
human tliouglit and aelivlly be hfifl
Elkin's Candidacy Growing in Favoi'.
1'iom ( lianibeitijuii; Public Opinion.
All le.Honahle peifims wlio line watihed the
lanipaijtn or the Ifoneuable John 1'. Klkln frr
the nomination for governor of l'ennijlvan'a
inut be iinpiessed with the manliness ot it.
.nii; befoio any of the piliu.uies vveio held lie
announced hiimelf as a randielate, thus openine;
Im? up a fail field for a fair raee. The lesult is
lint in almo-t eveiy county wheie the primaties
liavo been held eitlir delegates liavo been neleel
cd who aie -eniely Klkln men ri the one-, clio-en
have been iii-tiucle'd for him.
An instance ot the failings of his rontct was
etiven in Ul.itr county, win re Colonel Waties
finliil to hive ids pipei-. lileil in time to p;ct
ills name upon the ballot, Xot wMiIur- to lake
an adv. mtaw .Mr. lllkln waive.l tlu mle and
peimitlcj hi-, opponent's name to pro n the
ticket. 'I his Ip-iro to be fair is all the men e
noticeable in view ot the fact tliat it is piett.v
well estahli-hed tliat L'uluul Wanes' manageis
puipo.-1'ly delaved until too late in older to
make the howl that Mr. r.lkiu had taken an'- :iilv.uil.iui. If .Mr. lllklii had held to die
"tiict letter of Hie mle in lllair county the moil
Krel pie-n of the state would have published
lnei.okj.-t that he had iudiileteil In .shatp piaetlce
at the e'.peno of his opponent, 'fortunately,
Jlr. KlkiiiV houetty and fuline-.s foie-,lalled this
The altoinev ( lias piatlkally won hi.s
llalit lufore the llepuhlkan vntei-s of the Mate,
lie has vlitn.illy i-e'cmed ids nomination. shall
It lie wrested fiom him now? Mull he be turned
down at the benest of ,1 few of his pciroual
enemies in PUbhurff and becau-e of the Inwlnrts
deiliiiKs of 11 .vouni; lii'in lo whom the ltcpublb
can piny nvviv. ab-ailutelj uolhins? It is tor (he
iii.ijouly of the delei:ales to the Male I'onventicn
to an-wpr this iiiiiMlnii, II elionld be .iiuvvried
by plaeiiier .Inliii 1', Kll.lirat Ihe held of the
Bradford Stands Firm.
I'lom Ihe Tow.inil.i Ileioiter-Journil.
lu a till' -ind temperate aitlelo In it- l.i-.t iisiie
the JItailfoiil Itipubliiau In dl-e UsIus tlie politi
cal i-ltuatiou in this county k.i.vs: "II1.11I1011I
cmmt.v 'ii ilelejr.iK.s au in-.tnii.tcil for Klkln, and
if they, stand by in.tiue tion. will vote for him in
the convention, whetliu he 1-. a laudiilalo or
The drlcKilcs fioui III. ahold lount.v lanuot
consistently ov hone.lly do an.v thiinc el-e than
lollow the Instructions: trlven them hy the ion-
venllon. The l-ne was will underilood befme
the piluijih-s and their le-nlt was endoised by
the I'Ciiiveiillou llislliu-llin,' iU delegate-. In vole
(or .Inliu I'. Klkln for governor. That they will
do M as hunt u- he 1. a landidite, ami that he
will be a tandidite, "inl; or .swim" until Ihe
lonviiitloii ineelt, theie is nn ijiie.-tiOM,
A Beautiful Scheme, Until It Failed.
1111111 the l,aue astir ew K1.1.
II l aunoiuued on appauntly lelialde aulhoi.
Il.v lh it senaloi ijua.v oliiud lo Mippoit lleniy
W, Ollvei. Hie I'ltUbuii; inlllioiulie, mid leade'i
of the illllion-iliiV Combine In Allegheny, i 1 1
etoveinor, but the. latter piomptly decliueel. It
)s ulmi Intimated Hut the deal which involved
the lieacheiy to and taeilhee of I'.lkiu tartlv'l
with it Ihe 1 lection of t'.nneion lo the smci.
iioiviup iiihi uaiil in lie Mluiu a. I'liaj'ti eiic
ce.jor. Incldeiilall), lo make po-.lble tho cari.v
Inir nut of the suppo.eilly well-laid ehenij, Din.
him, in mmldeiallnii ot ilellvi'lini; a tolld dele.
nation fiom I'lilladelphli In the e lonveii.
II, hi, was piewnUeil' b,v llm Icudeu of (ho lain
Independent mnuimiit lu PhllnlelpliU entile
abseiue of opposilloii (u hi. iiia.vnialty eaudldalo
net ribiuary, Tho ileal wa. ikllllully aiiungril
nnd toinpieheii.lve, but as Ihe wtahii, of tlio peo
ple weie not lousldeird. Its mii-icm In Its pie
lluiluaiy it.mi'S li.u not been all that w.u imtlel,
pated, I'.lkin Is IoikIiik ahead ami bJne;liiK' dele,
i-.itcs wheie lea.t autltipated, t'.imtroH Is piue
tkally bowled out, nnd iiIIut Is too nn.ut i
lie) cauijht wllli (Jiin.vV Kohlbikk nomination fur
an iilllee, to civuie width ho would have to run
the ttaiinllet of (lies peoplv, With Iho kaleldo-
tcopio 1 1 iti-.s In polities fiom day to da.v, al-
most any development 1,111 he expelled and none
will eie.ile tuipihe. .Mejuulille, rViutor (uay
When the eiulp toinmltlee mi liillllary iilT.ln
was iccently toiwfelfrlng (.umliy bills lo coirect
tlio Ipenuli ot notcUcM Who hail srrvcet III the
Civil War tlicin w notne n.vintiilhy cvprcmed
Inr peti'lou applicants who hid been illMpl.itltlod
thimult tecli'iltjHtloj. ''1 know how- It ii,"
ahl Hrnalor Joseph n. I'oriiker of Ohio. "I
inlitht be ilebatrtil )njelt If t npplleel for a t;cli'
Ion. When I tried to tnllst I vvav only ' 10
jeurs old. They told me that lH jeam va the
limit, I wanted to net Inln the army, anil, nj I
looked to bo older than 1 Win, f confided lny
troubles nnd my desires to an old tcrireiiiit who
Win ulliwliid to the rerrultlnir nltlte. 'Ilele,' he
raid, '-oil take thli chalk and made "13" on
the soles nf jour lio. Then, when tlio recruit.
Inn! oirker nk how old nn ore, Jon can cay
joil me over IS.' It was quite 11 Mrcltli for
iny 1 oiixrlpiicc, but I did ll, ut Ihe Mine,
and was duly ciuolleit as IS je.irs ot .me. Now,
my rceorel In the field Is nil rluhl, but my ofli
rial 1 re in el is not, and, Ihercloie, I might have
n lot nf ti milile If 1 tried to Ret 11 pension."
Centttt A-ftnt lot lh Wyomlr.f District tit
Du pout's Powder
Mlnlnff, niMtlntr, Snorltnir, RmokcltM nd th
Repauno Clitmtcal Cejinptny'i
Etfttj' Fuse, Ctps nd Ktplodcri. Itcom 401
' nell DulldlnK ,Scrntcn.
.tons it. smith k fcOM ,
. ...I'ljmoulli
Allis-Chalmers Co
Successors to Machlno BuslneM ot
Dickson Manufacturing Co., Scranton
and Wllkca-Barre, Pa.
Stationary Engines, Boilers, Mining
Machinery, Pumps.
yj- 'is
4 ar
Spring and Piininier Oxfords and Dools that con
tent the mind and comfort the feet.
Men's "Always" Busy Oxfords, $3.00
Ladles' "Melba" Oxfords, ?2.50.
Lewis 8c Re illy,
114-116 Wyoming Avenue.
Elegantly Rich
The new patterns we are
now showing are beautiful
specimens of the metal
worker's and designer's
skill they possess charac
ter and finish that appeals
to the exacting purchaser.
The prices, too, are as at
tractive as the designs.
"We invite inspection and
Have you seen the new
patterns in the twin beds
we've something worth
seeing, whether you wish
to buy or not.
Many new and beautiful
patterns in odd Dressers
and pieces for the bedroom.
During tho summer of 1902, in
struction in all the subjects required
for admission to tlie best colleges
and scientific schools will be given
at Cotuit Cottages, a Summer
School of Secondary Instruction,
Cotuit, Massachusetts, under the
direction of Principal Charles B.
Fish Tlie courses of instruction
are lor the benefit of live classes of
1. Candidates who have received
conditions at the entrance examina
tions. 2. Candidates who have postponed
examinations until September.
3. Students in Secondary Schools,
who, by reason of illness or other
causes, have deficiencies to make up.
4. Students in Secondary Schools
who wish to anticipate studies and
save time in the preparation for
5. Students in college who have
admission conditions which must be
removed before the beginning of the
next Scholastic Year.
For particulars address,
CHARLES E. FISH, Principal
School of the Lackawanna,
Scranton, Pa.
Hill & Cornell
121 Washington Avenue.
Do You Want
a Good Education?
Not a short comse, nor an easy couiso,
nor u cheap course, but tlio best education
to be had, Xo other education U worth
spending time and money on. II you do,
write for a catalogue ot l
Easton, Pa.
which olfcis thorough pirpaiation in the
laiginccriiiK and Chemical rrofe'ions aj well
as tho legular College couiscs.
The Greatest of All
The Scranton Tribune will open on May 5 its third great
Educational Contest. Like the others, which proved. so profit
able to the contestants during the past two years, this will be open
to young people, not only of Scranton. but throughout Lacka
wanna and other counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania. There
tire offered as Special Rewards to those who secure the largest
number of points,
Thirtythree Scholarships
in some of the leading educational Institutions in the country.
The list is as follows :
2 Scholarships in Syracuse University, at ?432 each. . .S 804
1 Scholarship in Bucknell .University 520
1 Scholarship in The University of Rochester 324
1 Scholarsliln In Wnshlntrtoii School for Boys 1TO0
1 Scholarship in Williamsport Dickinson Seminary . . . 750
1 Scholarship in Dickinson Collegiate Preparatory
School 750
J Scholarship in Newton Collegiate Institute 720
J Scholarship in Keystone Academy 000
J Scholarship in Brown College Preparatory School . . . 600
J Scholarship in the School of the Lackawanna 400
1 Scholarship in Wllkes-Barre Institute 276
1 Scholarship in Cotuit Cottage (Summer School) 230
4 Scholarships in Scranton Conservatory of Music, at
S125 each
4 Scholarships in Hardenbergh School of Music and Art
3 Scholarships in Scranton Business College at $100
5 Scholarships in International Correspondence Schools,
average value S57 each
2 Scholarships in Lackawanna Business College, at
$85 each
2 Scholarships in Alfred Wooler's Vocal Studio 125
Kat StroueWmi s, l'a.
The cMitiiiiatlons for ndmisbion to tiie Middle
Year and Senior Year I'liviP? will lie held .lime Hi.
Hijtii kIioo! pradiutei will ho permitted to take
both criminations anil enter tho senior rla
wlieie their woih lias covered tlio junior and mid
dle cjm couiso of tin1 tiinmal. This jcar will
lie the last oppnitunit)' c,rle'ii to do po, as tin1
tliiiv c.ii-i e.oui-0 is ill full force ami all will
come under tho stale regulations of examinations.
For full particulars addrev, at once.
(1. P. llinu:, A. Jl., Principal.
T. J. Foster, President, Elmer H. Lawtll, Ttcm.
Foster, Stanley P. Allen, $
R. J.
Vice President.
Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, Pa.
Under Management ot Friends
Offers a vIde range of elective studies within the four courses
that lead to degrees In ARTS, SCIENCE, LETTERS AND
ENGINEERING. Swarthmore College has extensive campus;
beautiful situation and surroundings; superior sanitary conditions;
adequate libraries, laboratories, shops, etc, It provides for sound
and liberal scholarship and intelligent physical culture while It at
tends to the needs of individual students. Catalogues on applica
tion to the President.
Each contestant failing to secure one of the scnolarships as a
special reward will receive ten per cent, of all the money he or she
secures for The Tribune during the contest.
Special Honor Prizes.
A new feature is to be added this year. Special honor prizes
will be given to those securing the largest number of points.
each month. Just what the prizes will be are to be announced
later, but they will consist of valuable and useful presents, such as
0vatches, books, etc. .
The best explanation of the plan of The Tribune s Educational
Contest will be found in the rules, which are here given:
independent of the ultimate position ct
Tlie special rewards will ho ijiteii to the
pcison securing the larse-t nuuihcr of
Points will bo credited to eonle-duiit.s so
curliiff new f,uhci ihers to The Scianton
Trihunc as follows:
One month's subseiiption ? .50 1
Three months' subscription... l.'2S 3
hlx months' subscription 2.f0 n
One jear'a subscription 500 li
Tlio contestant with the highest number
of points will be given a choice from the
liit of special rewinds; tlio contestant witli
the second hisliest number of points will
be Riun a choice of tlie lemainini to
ward, nnd to on through the list.
Tlie contestant who secures the highest
number of points during any calendar
month of tlio contest will rcceUo a t:crl
honor lewaiel. tills reward beins entirely
the scholarship..
llach contestant fallinp; to secure a spe
cial reward will bo given 10 per tent, of all
money lie or she turns in.
All subscriptions must be paid In advance.
Only i.ew subscriber will be counted.
ItenewaU liy persons whose names are al
ready on our subscription INt will not bo
credited. The Tifhunc will investigate lacli
subscription and it fourel irregular In any
way reserves the right to reject it.
No transfers can bo made after credit
lias once been glu'ii.
All subsciiptions and the cash to pay for
thcin must be landed in at The Tribune of
fice within tho week in which they are se
cured, so that papers can bo sent to the
subscribers al once.
Subciiplions mint he written nn lilnnles,
which can be secured at Tlie Tribune oflice,
or will be sent by mail.
Those desiring to enter the Contest should send in their
names at once, and they will be the first to receive the book of
instructions and canvasser's outfit when the contest opens onMay 5.
All questions concerning the plan will be cheerfully answered.
Address all communications to
Scranton Tribune, Scranton. Pa.
A new line of
Wrist Bags
lu Seal, Walrus or L:z-
ard, with plain or Jeweled
clasps in Silver and Gold
finish, which vary in price
! $4.00 to $15.00.
'Phone 2007. Old 'Phone 7o.a"
Don't Strike !
Buy the
ft' V, , H . It r . K K . J , . t KH . K ! It . ! K tK, R m ! W
A powder to lia bhaken Into tho iJioej. Your
feet fetl swollen, iicivoim and hot, and get tiled
easily. It ou Imio (mailing feet or tight thoe.
try Allin'n I'oot.Ka.l. It tools tho feej, and
make walking tasy, t'tue swolli'ii, wcjtug
tect, ingiowing nallc, bli.tcis and callon spalt
ItclicK conn and bunions ot all lulu and glws
iet ami comfort. Try It today. Sold by all diiis,
glits and blioc loie' for 23c. Don't; mce-ut any
tuUtltutrs. Tilal paekago I'll in:. Addicus Allen
S. Oluuteil, l.v Hoy, ,. V,
We are speaking of New
Spring Shoes now. The
newest that fashion lias
dictated, and the newest
and the best that makers
have made,
Shoes for the millionaire and mechanic ; Shoes (or mistress and
maid ! Shoes for youth and age ; Shoes for indoor and out, .
In fact, all foot-wants are here, and at prices 1hat allow your purse '
to go away a third heavier than It would from most houses hereabouts. 'J
Lewis, Ruddy, Davies & Murphy, s
330 Lackawanna Avenue,
It 'A 4 '4 '4 '4 '4 '4 '4 '4 '4 '4 '4 '4 4 '4 '4 4'4 '4 W '4 '4 '4 "4 '4 '4 ' ' '4 '4 4 4 '4 '4 '4 X
Alercereau & Connell, .j.
; 132 Wyoming Avenue.
Atlautic City.
CupailtyoulniKi'ilto il(). Newitnel. Modem
son lIHAUTimi. ROOMS
Will ninku ii Spcciul Sprlnc Rnto of $3 mul per day; Mil, 3 niul 15 per week.
TiioMipcHiiii'i.enle'Otiiiili'iili.liiool tho punt
two m'iinuiih -vltt ho iiwilntiiltiiMl tliroiiKliont
tlio onlliei your. JOH.n . tCulT.
The Westminister
Kentucky ixe., near Keaeli, Allaiuie I'ilj. 1 ipeii
all Ihe .eir. Mm I'Jilnr, llli'iamr and all nioiK'iii
Jiiipiuuiiuntt. ictial Spiliiij Hates.
CIIAS, HUltkll, Prop.
VSmoot," the Typewriter
Mau, takes pleasure in ex
hibiting its merits from morn
till night. 1st floor Guernsej
Building, Scranton, Pa.
Hotel Soton
On Mrglida aiiiiic, the witloit ami nio.-t faln
lon.ihle- lu Atlantic; ('It). Iihlii a few jauli ul
the raniuu Meel Pier ami lleiaulwjlk mid In
fiout nf the most clcsliuhlc balhluK iiioilild,. All
W'lluiiU'iic'i'.!, Iiieliidiuir bleaui heal, sun pului,
ileatni to fctiiel Icul, hot an.) ceild h.illn. Table
ru'cllc'iu, AeuonmiuiljlloiH for thicii hundicd.
VclliH iiiuilcratc. Willu for bnukle't.
The Dr. Diemel
is tho most healthful, comfortable
cleanly underclothing1 of tiny hither
to known. This is i Invge claim
but those who have used the goods
beax' testimony to the accuracy of it.
Send for descriptive pamphlet and
samples of material, or call and ex.
amine the garments for men, women
and children.
Dr, Jaegars' Sanitary Underwear
N. R- Bothwell.
4 IS Spruce Street
809 Xnckawanna Avenue.
U -.
-. .,
, .i$ '7
Kj-Up M.t 1 Hi
1" " , '
ffi&, hK-t)k?A