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1 .171
Cooking with Gas I
FOR FOUR DAVi'S, commenc
ing April' 21st, every afternoon
nt 3 o'clock MISS EMIbY MAR
ION COLLING will continue her,
lectures nnd demonstrations, on
how well the Otis Range docs Its
work, nt our STORti ROOM, No.
lhj Scrantin Gas & Water Co.
1. Billlran.y.
2. Durability.
' 3. CoicrhiK Capacity.
bo emi.iii.-on Willi the SATISFACTION
experienced and ltKsnr iilitaliied In
iisltifr an article which contains those
u the i:i:cofiSi7.i:n stanpahi) in teady
Ml.ed Paints.
Atlantic White Lead and
Fura Linseed Oil ... .
make on "HVKRtiAKTLVG" paint ami
when applied will. WliriTNti'fi HliFSIIF.S,
beautiful and pcini.iiiint tlnl-li is al
ways asnrcd.
W110I.KS.IM: and iletall Agents.
320 Lackawanna Ave.
Back to the
Old Stand
Wc have at last recovered
from the effects of our recent
fire, and are now back to the
old stand but its a brand new
store nevertheless, and the hand
somest in town.
During this week we will give,
double trading stamps' with all
purchases ot u.- W9&.
Wall Paper, Pictures,
Frames, Paints, etc
Jacobs & Pasold
209 Washington. Avenue.
Chairs Recaned
Furniture upholstered and repaired.
Send postal to 124S Providence Road.
Old 'Phono, 109-S, Green Ridge.
( Gty Notes. J
MIXTINfi TO.NItillT. Thcif- will bo an impov.
taut inocllns te.nis.hl at S o'clock of tho mem.
beis of the (itliulic Women's club in the club
Iiouc on Washington avenue.
HlsTltllll'TlU) TODAY. The new k-ue of tlio
1'ocs.ot. Guide, rontaiiilnir the coinplcfe neiv
schedule nf t lie Tiaction company ami tin- b.i-e
ball schedule for 10U2, will be distributed today.
W1T1IOIT A l.llillT. William Hut.-, was nr
lostod lai-t niRlit on Adams airnue by I'atrohiiiii
Huntington tor riding a bicycle without a lamp.
He left bis wheel as security for his appearance in
polite court tills morning.
Dli:i FHOM ACfTi: MANIA. John Ilellam,
oirrd 41 yens, of providence road, died from
auilo manl.i at the Moes Taylor hospital on
Tuesday night. Tlie deceased had been a patient
at the institution for five weeks.
use of small-pox from the house adjoining tlio
i.idgcu home on Meridian sheet was rcportvd to
Jr. Houser vciteiday afternoon bv Dr. Walker.
Che place was put under temporary quarantine '
tui an Investigation will bo made by I)r, Ilouscr
thij morning.
yesterday caused the arrest of Helen Loiundoskic,
of South Iriing avenue, on the charge ot pcij'iiy,
11c thai she (.wore falsely against lilin In
a civil action before Aldemun lvcnie on f-atur-iliy
night last. The woman waived a hcailn? and
iniered ball befoio Maglstiatc Millar in the Him
of MOO.
Choial iluli held u ttudy and ichcnrwil last night
In tlio KtilBtlilbof Columbus club house. Thirty
tcen members were pretext, The study was of
ltolnl's "Inllamatus" and the veheauil w.h un
the "Xoel" by llemmeirel and the "Alleluia" by
MrndclnMlin. The iholr U to be Inereaicd to
100 voter In (lie near future and will give a ion.
ten for chaiily,
WANTED !. I'lIU I)AY.-Tcnly hliorcw
nnplojcd by Contractor Webster, who has tint
contrail for tearlntr down tlio blast furnace, went
on Etrike yesterday at noon because their demand
tor on luciciie jn wu?cs from vl.SS to H.oO p:r
diy bad not been uranlcil, 'Iho men were iu.
ployed with teveral olhcis In teailnu down (lis
wall of tlio old rcscrtoir and allcao that
nf lliclr leliow employe mo gtltlus $1,M,
I). I, AND W. 1'AY 1)AYS.-Tia imployrs of
the Ayoiidale, Auchiiiclox, UI.t, HalNtead, I'd.
tebone nnd Wuodtvard will In, pahl todiy. To
iiioiicav tho ciiipIoje of lu Diamond mines and
witkhery, the Manvillc und Stoirs will bu palil.
On Sattuday, the employe of Ihii fulloivins will
be paid! Aichbald, llellcvue, Iklleuie waJiery,
IlrUbln, Cjj-urj, Coidlnental, Uudve, IlJinrtoii,
Hampton waiheiy, UohKn, Hyde I'Jik, Oxford,
0fonl wa.heiy I'yne, .Sloan ami Taylor will be
rali tor the flr.t half of April.
For sale cheap: llarrels of houst'h'd
.Booilf, Including 1900 washei-, bookciiBe,
parlor heater, kitchen tabletawn mow
er, harness, chairs, portlers, etc Mrs.
L. Smith. 14i!3 Wyoming t.venue.
!IuMu More for all tt!" " Kemp's Bjlam for tl'.e
Thr'ot and luoijs, the preat JUarantced remedy.
Would you believe that It is told on Us meritj mil
anydruzgiit it ttuthsrlad by (he proprietor ol
tblj wonderful remedy to give you a (ample bottle
(reel It never falli to euro acute or chroulo
icoughi. All druggUU sell Kemp's Balsaia. Price,
He. tod We.
That Very Interesting Municipality,
Old Forge Township, Is In Court
Agntn In a Very Interesting Case.
Attack on Common Councilman
John McHalo's Naturalization
Papers Discloses Some Readable
Testimony Divorced After Being
Deserted Thirty-two Years.
An unusually huge number of cases
of general Interest were, heard, yester
day, by Judges Kdwnrds, Kelly und
N'eweomb In argument court.
One of them came from that un
usually Interesting municipality, Old
Forgo township, of which The Tribune
has had occasion to write about sev
eral time.. In 1S0V, when Old forge
borough was carved out of Old Forge
township, a I0i) acre tract ot laud
owned by the Delaware, Lackawanna
& Western company and populated by
live families, was left to constitute
Old Forgo township. The township
recently went Into court to secme an
apportionment of the funds In what
was the Old Forge township school dis
trict. Attorney K. A. Thayer, as ex
aminer, found that the little town
ship's ptff l.ita share of the school
funds was $,000. Tho Old Forge bo
rough school district and the Old Forge
Tax Payers asoclatlon of which Wil
liam Repp is the moving spirit, object
ed to the examiner's (hidings and the
exceptions caine up for a heaTing yes
terday afternoon.
II. M. Hannah, OT.iien & Martin
and J. K. Watklns for the exceptants
argued that the township school dis
trict was not entitled to any share In
the funds as It was a legal impossibil
ity as a school district. There are only
seven voters nnd six children of school
age in the .whole municipality It was
shown, and Its people are not main
taining what would legally be con
templated us the machinery of a school
district. A school district, under the
law, It was argued, is simply an agent
of the state in tjie distribution of a
charity. The township sends its six
children to schools In adjoining muni
cipalities at a total expense of $30 a
year. To give it $3,000 uf the state's
charity would be, it was considered a
Major Everltt Warren,- replying for
the township, which is owned by tho
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
compnay. argued that it made no dif
ference how great or how small was
the number of people in the dlstrli't;
the funds from which It was seeking
its share and the only question for the
court was as to whether or not tho
examiner had made a. fair anil equit
able appartionment, and this the other
side did not contest. The township.
he further contended had an existence
fifty years ago has an existence to
day and cannot be wiped off the map
in the manner the exceptants are
The attack on the naturalization
papers of Common Councilman John
McHale, of tho Eighteenth ward was
aired at length, by George D. Taylor,
representing AVUliam Rush, Mr. Mc
Hnle's defeated opponent, and Joseph
O'Hrlen, representing Mr. McHale.
McHale was naturalized in this coun
try In 1SS.". He swore be arrived In
this country August. L'l, 1876. when he
was under eighteen years of age. The
complainants aver that he was over
eighteen when he arrived hero and
consequently that his n;iLurul:'.;itloii
papers being hypothecated on fraud
should be cancelled.
Mr. McHale staled in his examina
tion that he was born in Ireland In
1837, came to this country In 1876, re
mained in Scranton two years, went to
Pittsburg and stayed there until lS8i,
he went to England and was married,
returning to Scranton a month later,
hla wife following him In ISSf.
To discredit Mr. McHnle's story, Mr.
Taylor quoted tho testimony of James
Hums, a resident of the Eichtei'iith
ward, who averred that he met Mcl-Inlo
in 1SS3 and that McHale told him he
had been In the country only two weeks.
The meeting took place in or near a
freight car on the Bloom division of tho
Lackawanna, near the alley connecting
Railroad avenue and Meridian street.
It was at 12 o'clock at night, and Hums
with two companions, one of them a
woman, were having a jollification In
tho car. McHale happened along, and
In the course of a conversation with
Burns said: "I am a greenhorn and
have been In the country only a couple
of weeks,"
'Squire John P. Kelly, another wit
ness whom Mr. Taylor quoted, averred
tlmt he saw McHale for tho first time
twenty-one yenrs ago. He looked then
as if he was a "greenhorn," and peemed
to be as old, as he Is now. McHale was
selling books, tho 'squire testified, and
when nsked on cross-examination bv
Mr, O'Hrlen what book It was. the
'squire replied that to tho best of his
memory It was "The Assassination of
President Ilnyes," or something like
On the cross-examination of McHale,
Mr. Taylor brought out that ho was
selling bookB when he was In Pitts
burg, and that he spent several years
canvassing the city and surrounding
towns. The only surrounding town he
could remember having canvassed was
In reply to Mr. Taylor, Mr. O'Hrlen
argued that the only witness who gave
any testimony bearing directly on the
case was Hums, und tho depositions
would show, Mr. O'Hrlen said, that
Hums was not worthy of belief,
In the ensit brought to compel P, V.
Scuulon to show cause why one-half
of tho. bill of costs for serving sibpoe-
nns In the Lungstaff-Kelly election con
i Sir: Please enroll my nutne as one of the contestants In The Trib
une's Educational' Contest, and send mo equipment ami more detailed
information concerning uie work as soon as Issued.
NAML ,..... ,..,,; ,f ., ..,,, ,,
(Cut tbU out and mall to "Contest Wttori Scrautou Tribune, Sainton, Yi.," at onto
in order that you may be aman? the first to receive the printed matter and canvasser's out
fit. See advertUemeat ou fourth page of this iisue.)
test, should not be Bald to Dennis 3,
Roche, court discharged tho rule for
wnnt ot Jurisdiction,
Arguments Were heard on seven de
murrers to suits In assumpsit brought
to collect paving assessments. The de
murrers were based on tho decision of
the Supreme court In tho SturgcF. case,
In which It was held that a paving as
set.stnent Is a tax nnd not, collectable
by assumpsit. The City of Carhondalo
was plaintiff In three of the cases, the
defendants being A. Olllls, Thomas
O'Oonnell and If. R. Jntlwln. The de
fendants In the Scranton caseH are
West Lackawanna avenue property
holders, Roger McOownn, George Ivct
low, John Wuench nnd II. A. Coyne.
These nro cases in which the Hens
wore Irregularly filed, am Hi which the
city sought to recover In assumpsit un
der. I he act of 18811. In the Sturges case
tho Supreme court declared that the
act of 18S9 does not give this authority.
Attorneys T. P. Duffy and C. C'omegys
represented the demurrers. Cltv So
licitors Watson and Stunrt argued
against them.
Tho case of the commonwealth against
Michael Kosh, In which the defense Is
seeking a new trial on the ground that
the only witness for the prosecution,
Frank Jones, Is not veracious", was sub
mitted on the depositions.
The rule for u new trial In the case
of the City of Scranton against Martin
Flaherty was discharged. This Is the
case In which tho plaintiff secured pay
as police officer for the time he was
under suspension and the period elaps
ing between bis dismissal by the mayor
and councils' concurrence In the dis
missal. Other cases were dealt with
as follows:
nisi'o-fiTiox or cam:s.
Aruueil Thomas II. C' .ijuliut Ch.iihs
"tuailj nil.! I lill;p off mm-mit. In re: Divis
ion of tlio borough nf Did Kortte Into .nd; iw
icplloiM lo itiinmllonen' lepoil. In re:
!n i-pilmr Idool: nnd Clifton tmvnihtpi; Oic-p-tbiiu
to lipnit of vi.wct..-. In lo: ('
of Itrowii Hollow tUMIplhc; exception,, to
of July of view. Cuuiinonwialth aaln-t .bunts
Kilk; rule lor leward for uppieliendliiir hoi.-o
thief. l'.nn.yU.inl.i llrewlng loinp.iny
aaaliift Peter 1,'ponlcz; exceptions to nlll.lnil Of
Hull" Absohitc Commonwealth ag-alnt Thomas
llomi', .lului Smith, linger, Thomas
Smith, William Hair, John Connolly, t.encruvi
Spiath, IMn.'inI Ate ii ; iiiles to remit cost'. M.
Kiictine ag.iiu.-t II. 1'iccdm.inj lulo to iitiath
Ituto Pi-ch.irscd by Aireement f.Ymimoi'.wra'ih
.iC.ilnt A mini Sitiion.ik; rub to mult f.i
fcilure. Uulo Absolute by Agreement!:. Ib-bliiion's
fens' agaiiTt Jacob Suvodtz; inceptions to . ali
dad), of defense ami rule for judgment.
Submitted Commonwealth again.-t Ml'..e Sod
lock; vule to remit fo.foituic. In re: Ciimse of
polling place; Third waul, Sei oml dldili-t, Dini
morr. In re; Adept ion of William ('. 1'ishcr.
Continued The Rochester Chciniial company W. II. Coon company, limited; nilo In
lile amended Matenunt. (.Vnmioiiweallh air.iiii.t
Michael CminliisrliHm; iitlc for it new Dial. Com
monwealth .lKiiinsI Alex. I.oan; nile to remit
foifriluip. Ct-mmonwciillh against John Malloy;
lule to remit co-U (two t.ise-), Silem towti'hip
ajMin-l. spring llruok trr.ui'hip; ruin on ovei sects
of the poor lo pay costs and expen-es. Cotnni"ii
wealth ;tg.tin-t I. S-idnian; rule lo remit to-l-'.
Coin)immieallh. JiMiu-t Harry r.Mtii!.; rule to
qn.iMi indictment (two t-,i.r). Mount liu lika
Land and Coal eunp.itiy .iiMin-t James M. Muv
l,iy; equity.
The case of tho City of Scranton
against Henry T. Koehlor and others
rules to strike oft municipal lien will
be argued this morning.
Two Divorces Granted.
Mrs. Phoebe M. Edwards was yester
day granted n divoive from Oeorgo
Edwards by Judge Ncwcomli on tho
ground of desertion. They were mar
ried in Mndlsnnville, March 2, 1S7.
Foiirti-cn months later he left her, stat
ing that he Intended to return to tho
Sandwich islands where, he avered, he
had a wife and two children. Mrs.
Edwards has heard nothing from him
in thirty-two years. Attorney D. I,.
Fickiis rHpresenled the libellant.
Judge Newcomb also granted a di
vorce to Mrs. Sarah Peters who show
ed that her husband, William Peters,
dererted her in Peckville. Feb. 20, WOO,
two years ofter their marriage. lie
told her he was going away to never
return. She has heard nothing from
him since. Attorney C. 13. Oliver
represented the libellant.
Court discharged the rule for u de
cree in divorce and dismissed the pe
tition in the case of John Reese of
North Scranton. against Ellen Reese,
of Wales. He alleges she deserted him
In Wales. The fact that they had
never had a common domicile in this
country left the local court without
Application for divorce was made by
Emma L. Williams, wife of John F.
Williams, of Scranton, formerly book
keeper at the IIIlFhlo home. They
were married June It, 1S93, at Har
ford, Susquehanna county. She left
him March 30, 1002 on account of cruel
treatment. B. F. TInkham Is attorney
for Mrs. Williams.
Publication was directed In the di
vorce case of Harriett Reed against
Patrick Reed. The divorce cai-es of
H. Satterwalte against Ada Satter
walle and E. A. Ralsley against S. G.
Ralsley, were yesterday submitted in
argument court. The case of Celiu E.
Tiffany was continued.
Both Want the Money.
Last week, John Dienkus was tried
on the charge of larceny, When he
was arested ?43 was. found on his
person. This was taken possession of
by Aldermun Myers und produced by
hlin In court.
Dienkus was acquitted and now his
attorney, P. J. Loughran Is demand
ing the return of the money. H. S, Al
worth private counsel for the prosecu
tion refused to give it up, Insisting
tlmt despite tho acquittal he was dis
posed to give the money to the man
vlu claimed Dienkus robbed him.
Court, yesterday made an order
directing Mr. Alworth to turn the
money over to Clerk of the Courts
Daniels until such tluiu as It can be
regularly determined who should have
It for keeps.
Orphans' Court,
In tio orphans' court yesterday
Judge A. A. Voshurg heard motjous
and made various orders, lit the
estate of Ellen E,, Teresa Lee and
Rose I, Lee, minor children of Samuel
Lees Michael Burke was appointed
Mrs. lick Is Stevenson of Salt
Iriiko VMy Tells How Opern
(Ions For Ovoriun Troubles
Mny He Avoided
"heap Mus. PtNKitAM! I suffered
rrith Inflammation of the ovaries nnd
womb for over six yenrs,cudnrhig aches
nnd pains which none can dream of hdt
these who have hud the bamo expo-
riencc. Hundreds of dollars went to the
doctor and the. dritffglst. 1 was simply
a walklufr medicine chest und a phys
ical wreck. My ulster residing in Ohio
wrote me tlmt she had been cured of
womb trouble by using Lydin 12.
Piiililinm's Vegetable Cora
pound, and advi&ed mo to try it. I
then discontinued all other medicines
and pave vottr Vegetable Compound a
thorough ' trial. Within four weeks
nearly all pain had left me; I rarely
had headaches, and my nerves were in
a. much belter condition, and I wus
cured in three months, and thisavoided
a terrible surgical operation.'" Mns.
Eckis Stevkxpon. 2.11) So. State St.,
Salt Lake City. Utah. JSOOO forfeit If
above testimonial Is not genuine.
Remember every woman is
cordially invited to write to Mrs.
Pinklinni if there is anything
about her symptoms she docs not
understand. Mrs. Pinlciiaui's
address is Iiyniij Mass.
In the estate of Bridget Moran,
Patrick Moran and Hugh Moran minor
children of Ann Moran, Michael Maron
was appointed guardian.
In the estate of Carrie S. Barrlnger,
a 'minor, Peter S. Hamlin was dis
charged as guardian, his account hav
ing been finally confirmed and the
money paid to tho ward who bus al
ready arrived at the age of .21 years.
In the estate of Frederick Simon,
deceased, hearing was continued until
a subsequent, date to be agreed upon
by the counsel, it being staled by S.
B. Price, esq., representing tho re
spondent, and C. C'omegys. esq., for the
petitioner thai the matter was iu
process of settlement.
Marriage Licenses.
Mhhacl Coljibar Dunmore.
Annie SzemJu Dunmoro
.fiKcph W. SelU Bcrantnu
Peru riMhcr Scranton
Joint Ciii Seriinlon
ll.iny Seiimlon
The Only Ike Seidman ifs Now
Charged with. Doing a Colored
Man Out of Five Dollars.
Tho only and inimitable Ike Seidman
is once more in trouble.
The man who bus this time dared ,to
disturb the peace of mind of this argus
t.yod sleuth is Harvey Irving, a colored
man. residing hi Raymond alley. Har
vey is tho "st cad v car fare" of lln
Ilndu Bowie, the buxom colored woman
arrested last week for carving the face
of Robert Mills.
Mnliuda was held under bail by Al
derman Ruddy on the charge of fe
loniously wounding Mills. According to
Irving's story, just us she was being
committed to jail Ike appeared on the
scene and drawing him Into a corner
confided the Information that ho knew
a man who was just dying to get a
chance to go Mallnda's ball.
He exulalned that there would be a
111 tie expense attached, of course, and
suggested that So would cover It all.
Irving claims that he gave Ike $5 and
that the latter went out to get tho
bondsman but failed to live up to bis
contract. A warrant for his arrest on
the charge of obtaining money under
falre pretenses was Issued yesterday
afternoon by Alderman Ruddy and he
will be given u hearing this morning.
Dumb Rabies Are Responsible for a
Damage Suit.
An Interesting hearing is promised for
tomorrow night at Aldermun Knsson's
olllce. The plaintiff is Drayman John
Farrell and tho defendant, Dr. II. A.
Paget, veterinarian.
One week ago Tuesday, A. Battalllo
brought a dog to Dr. Paget to have It
examined, It being suspected tho ani
mal was suffering from dumb rabies.
Tho following day, Mr. Farrell, with n
bill of sulo for tho dog, and accompan
ied by Dr. Jacob Ilelmer, veterinarian,
waited on Dr. Paget and demanded the
dog. Dr. Paget refused to give It up.
A few days later Dr. Paget killed tho
dog, being satisfied it was allllcted with
rabies. Mr. Farrell now sues for the
value of tho dog.
Dr. Paget will offer In evidence tesll
many by Superintendent Allen of the
bureau of health that he was ofllclally
entrusted with tho care of suspected
dogs, and also a certlllcato from Dr.
Leonard Plersou, veterinarian of the
state llvo stock board, corroborating
his diagnosis, the carcass of the dead
animal having been sent to him for
Inspection. '
Lodore Will Do the Mecca for Ex
cursionists the Coming' Season.
All indications point to Lake Lodore
as the most popular of all excursion re
ports for the fast-approaching season,
and to even surpass Its Immense busi
ness of last year, The Individual ex
cursionist prefers a luko resort, nnd tho
scenic beauties qf Lodore Itself, Its far
spreading grove, Incomparable dance
pavilion, its merry-go-round, the de
light of the children, Its well-equipped
kitchens, clam oven, refreshment
booths, Spalding ball grounds, naphtha
launches, steamer, largo excursion boat
and vurled other amusements render It
a summer paradise, and at the same
time the most protit-muklng resort for
churches and societies, There are some
splendid dates left, for the privilege of
which please appply to W. L. Pryor.
district passenger agent, Delaware and
Hudson Railroad, Scranton, Pa,
Court Decides That Sheriff Schndt Is
Entitled to the Maximum of Twen-
ty-flve Cents a Head Per Day Cost
of Food Is Now so High, the Court
Says, the Time Is Not Appropriate
for Decreasing the Sheriff's Allow-
anco Below That Which His Pre-
decessors Received.
Sheriff C. H. Schndt Is to continue to
receive twcnty-ilvc cents a head Per
day for feeding prlsonets. An order to
that effect was handed down yesterday
by Judge Newcomb.
Tho count v conitntH'doiiers hnrl Ik en
llxlng the compensation of the sheriff!
for feeding prisoners, and at the begin
ning of the present year they discussed
a proposition of the county controller to
decrease the amount. Thereupon, tho
sheriff's attorneys, O'Hrlen & Murtln, j -7S
proceeded to show that the county jj
commissioners had no jurisdiction in I .m
the matter: that it. rested entirely with' '
the judges and that at till events tlio 4
rate was none too hlsh.
The attorneys for the commissioners ,
and county' controller. County Solicitor rjg
H. L. Taylor and ex-Judge J. W. Car-' vj
penter, did not contend against tltcj;
claim that the commissioners had no fs
power to fix the compensation, but bent
their endeavors in an effort to show
that 25 cents was loo much of tin allow
ance. Tho court rules that If 25 cents was
a fair amount before It surely is now,
when all food supplies are unusually
high. The order, written for the court
by Judge Xewcomb, is as follows:
Thin 'n an application by the Miorifr undnr the
act of iicmtily of Aptil 11, lb,";, I'. 1,. :ill, Me
llon -1, for an order fixing the amount to bo al
lowed him for boaitling the prloii3is committed
-o his custody.
The act was pasted for all the counties of the
stale, excepting Alleidietiy nnd Philadelphia. It
has been tiipctacdod in several other counties by
later lesNIallon; but i.i In foice In this county,
Although e cannot find that any order agreeab.y
to Its piovlslons liai been made heretofore.
It wits concidcd at th; aigumcnt that the
amount heretofore paid to the several sheriffs of
this county been fixed by the counly commissioner.-',
and that it has never been 1cm thin He
Him of twenty-live cenU per day for cadi
prKoner. 'Ihat is Iho maximum an.oant ulikli
the couit may allow under the statute itfcrrel I".
I'lidoubtcdly at the. time this act was passed,
the expetr-e of boardintr prisoner uas con-'id-erably
les than it is now. At that time the .sup
ply and cost of pro;ions were not controlled by
unnatural and artificial cuditions.
Ih'o application has been pending' slnre the he
(tinnine; of the year, ami in the meuitinio on
(idct.ihle testimony has been taken on th" part
of the sheriff, county cominissloneis and ion
(roller. The e.d.lence as to tlis coin il cost of
feeding the prisoners is oonfliilliiT. In view ef
the lluMiie that has hetcloforc been paid to the
din iff, as well as to his scleral prinlcve-Mirs In
oltiee, and ot the advance In tlio priecn of all
food staples within recent joai, arl espeehlly
nllliin the current year, we latiuct sre any lalld
reason for rcdurlin; Hie sltciilT'.s allowance at this
time. Indeed, It is not easy just at thin limo lo
see how tin pris iicrs In his nistody ."in be main
tained in a propn stale rf imlrilioii al the nul
mum piile allowed by the statute.
It is therefore ordered that, tie di'-rliT of Ih's
county be allowed for bii.tnUue; such iii-is-onei-. in
shall lie contmiltod to his (UJtiKy, the Mini of
tni'iity-flip ('.'.V') per day for each piivti'r. Thin
order lo take clfcct fnmi tho brahmins of Ihi'i
ycir. Ily the
Another Exhibition Game
by tlis
Local Players.
The Scranton team got In another
good practice game yesterday with the
locals and' like the proceeding day shut
them out without a run. Wlltso, the
clever south paw pitched tho first hllf
and Mcf.arry the whirlwind twlrler
from. Easton pitched the last half. The
locals secured but one safe hit during
the game, a scratch single by Gal
lagher In the eighth inning.
Stelnburg gave a clever exhibition of
backstop work, catching several dif
ficult foul flies and hatted In fine form.
Power tho ex-Southern League play
er nnd Grlflln who played on the Read
ing team a couple of years ago pitched
for the locals and barring a little
wlldne.-'s both did very good work
against the leaguers. The score:
ii. ii. o. a. i:.
(iorton, if t l ti u
Itlahdy, If 0 1 2 O n
NiekeH, rf :: 2 2 II 0
I'erils, .'ib :.. 3 l i :; (i
Schmaltz, II 1X710
lioss, Ub 1 2 ) :! o
Miliary, .s and p 1 o I :: (i
Steinberg, p 12 7 2 0
Wilt-c, p, and us 0 I) 2 :: 0
Total, Ill 10 27 11 0
1!. 11. O. A. K.
CauMu, lb 0 0 12 I 0
Gallagher, 2b 0 1 2 :: ,1
Rainiy, o (10 7 2 ft
Keller, if 0 0 i) n o
I'o..ner, p. nnd If 0 0 2 II f
(,'rlfhn, ir, aid p n it l in
Harrington, a' 0 0 a o d
Carton, :tb 0 I) :! 2 1
Delnur, si II II I I 0
Totals II I 27 111 1
.Scranton .". 0 (I :! a 0 1 n I iu
Locals 0 11 0 (I O 0 U II- 0
Two-lwe bit Stcalnbcrg, Double play Wiltsc
to !to.-s to Hohmaltz. U.ifcs en ball-lly I'osncr,
bi by (iliflln, i. Stolen bares tiorton, Ilalney,
Nickel,, iVrrl. Wild pitdu-(lriftlii, 2: 1'os.
ner, 3, Time of tfaiiie Ll'l. I'lnplre Siltlvin.
The Lackawanna, oi r-oiaiilon, ihallemfp the
Pitttloii HrotboiN for Kitmilay, April fit, on hi
lliother' grounds, .lames 1 rait;, captain.
Dr, Ltndnburj', Surgeon, diseases of
women a specialty, 215 Connell building,
Hours: 11 a, m. tol p. in.; 7 to S.30 p. m,
Dr, II. B. Ware, Specialist, eye, car,
noso and throat, haw removed to Board
of Trade building, second lloor front.
Best Imported
Kriday and Saturday, 5
Mears & Hagen
0 fio-rif uicKiwinni Hvenuo. v
Upholstering and Cushion Work
Is done by us cheaper and better than any where' ;e"lsls
in town. We refiulsh furniture also. Our cabinet maker
will call on request to give estimates.
Scranton Bedding Co.,
i F. A- KAISER, Manager.
Lackawanna and Adams Avenues.
V3 . .
i our wondeoiui Disp oy
1 nf Ufnrlhir Ufnoh Mo
King Cotton has no notion of relinquishing his sway, nnd
never has a brighter gem adorned an imperial crown than the
thought which placed these charming productions within the con
llneg of King Cotton's realm.
Every imaginable trick of the looms displayed here. They
are "attention catchers." No woman passes them without stop
ping and stroking them lovingly.
Prices Range from 7c to 69c a Yard
Take a second look at the fine Lawns in charming black nnd
white and colored figures.
Seven Cents the Yard
And a host of other new friends, as well as all the old friends.
In fact, a very full assortment of all the varieties of fashionable
Wash Goods, In the best of styles.
1 With the White
This is a most important stock and its offerings equal any
of the more showy stocks. The goods are of the very best and
the quantity gives you something- to choose from; the best in the
market at tho prices. All kinds of lace stripes and other stripes;
a list without limit, including fine White Piques. Notice the
yard-wide "P K's" at 25c a yard. Of course, we have White
Goods from 12 l-2c the yard tip, as choice a lot as ever gladdened
any thrifty woman's hen"-
; Addenda
ICC The heavier the harvest, the richer the gleaning, and here
iS are the gleanings of all the cotton markets. Indeed, these are
S "a sight for sore eyes." The prices also will be a surprise to you.
1 mcCxtve & Co. I
J 400-402 Lackawanna Ave. N
Forty-fourth to Be Given Tomorrow
Evening in Guernsey Hall.
The forty-fourth recital of the Scran
ton Conservatory of Music, under tho
direction of J. Alfred Pennington, will
i be given tomorrow evening in Guernsey
hull. The students will be assisted by
Master David Perkins, soprano soloist,
of Wilkes-Barre. Tho following is the
Lu'emhlei ('!.. (l'our Pianos-)
Iilylle, Opus Hit, ."o. II C.iiilltt
Ldilli Aihimson, (Juvjio Brandt, Charlotte Crois-
dale, llittio Kills, Helen lllvln, Irene Cliem-
beilln, Clam Unas, Nana, Price.
Frark l.mbach (Snanton)
Pnlki. C Major Webb
-Maiy llyan (Scianlon)
l!o,v 's Mony-tio-ltound fJade
The Mill In the VaJIey Cien-chali
Selection from Farltnn Fundamental Jlc.idei
(Will ! played In any major key asked
tor by the audience.)
1'otir Nalier, Lmll'y Wilcox, Marlha Itldinioml,
lirace Umleiivnod.
lialph liuld'tnlth ((iiecn itidge)
1'romrn.idq in Ane Wacln
David Pciltlr. (Wllkes-Uane)
Sons Selected
Mr, Floyd Hunter (.lunijnl
Joyeiix Moulin (The Lively Mill) tlitu
Itomaliio llronson (Duninoro)
rioirnee Kennedy (1'iiceburg)
Joyful Llfo Iltedcnniiin
Helen Hopewell (S(iJtiton)
I'astorella, 1' Major. Opus 13 f.'rc?ii
N'oiina Johns (Tayloi)
Macula in K 1'L.t, Opus 101 llelns
Dai Id Pcrkliu
Sons Scledcd
Miss Howena Heiiiunn (Pinhore, I'.i,)--
(ilocker.blunien. blue llelhi Motley
Ml-s Mary I'lowir (iouldboio')--
(liililamlco. Opua 1U7, No. II (iodanl
Miss Clara llio'vriug (HeiaiitmO
ballade In A Flat Major, Opiii 17 Chopin
L'uciivhlo Clan, t'l'our Pianos) -
Overture to llomeo ami dullelte llellinl
MU Hone, .Mis Hiuwnlntr, Ml l.Vilod;, Ml,s
Kiaulcr, Mis Stone, M!m VoiU, MIm V.'jjjJW-
Imisl, Mr, WlllJn-,
Yesterday Was Devoid of Auy
Change One Way or the Other,
The condition of John Jermyn con
tinues to be critical though not hope
less. Yesterday brought no change
ono way or tho other,
It Is hoped that when n change
comes it will be for the better and that
with the aid of his home climate,
which agrcen with him best, he will
surely regain his health.
Poth 'Phonei
Behind a Mask.
Some grocers will try to sell you
a package made ,to imitate
None swcii
claiming it is "just as good" Ms
not. Look at the
box carefully
see that it reads
"None Such"
and has the
picture of the
'None Such"
mince meat girl.
Write us if
your grocer re
fuses to immedi
ately supply you.
Mcrrell'Soule Co.
Syracuse, N. Y.
Depends ou Nature and
on her corset. Few forms
arc naturally perfect, but
any woman's form can be
greatly improved by the
right kind of corset
the one particular model
that corrects the little
imperfections of her fig
ure. C. B. a la
Spiritc Corsets
Are conceded to be tri
umphs of artistic model
ling. Without distort
ing the figure they' ob
tain the straight front
effect demanded by fash
ion. Furnished in thirty-six
distinct shapes,
they make it possible for
any woman to obtain tho
corset best suited to her
own form.
For one week, this
celebrated line will be
demonstrated for us by
Mrs. Lewis, recently with
Simpson, Crawford &
Simpson, New York. Do
not miss this opportun
ity to receive valuable
advice on the artistic im
provement of your per
sonal appearance,
Meldrum Scott & Co,
126 Wyoming Ave,
., N-v