The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 21, 1902, Page 7, Image 7

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i '
. f
Don't Waste
Your Strength
Doing iitincoctiHury labor
Tlop Wringers
avc tt mo ami don't waste
your PtiuiiKtli. N stooping
over no twisting a. lever
operated by Hip foot docs the
woik. Pilco $L'.7ii.
119 N. '"Washington Ave Q
The flardenbergh
School of
Mtisic and flrf
Offers exceptional advantages
to aspiring students desiring
strictly high-class instruction
in the study of Piano. Organ,
Theory and Harmony; Draw
ing. Painting and Designing.
Pupils may enter now. Carter
Building, Adams Avenue and
Linden street.
Spring Coals
for Children
Vorv lnlosl rfftets la fill.. Cliciiol mid
nroadilrlli-, in n'ct 4 1c 11 c.m.
Wash Dresses for Girls
Wash Bloomer Suits for Boys
Wnsli Kiwi in Wolfed for lioj?. 'Ilio
Nrw Slilor for bojs Il.iliy Girl Hats,
Daliy Hoy Hats.
118 Washington Avenue.
Livery, Boarding, Heavy Teaming
and General Draying.
New Stables, 1415 Mulbery Street.
New 'Phone 2057.
Will Gladly
Receive and promptly
uivcaiiaic i(jpin.auuii3
for loans.
Mis. kiic-, Hellly. 'f f-'.mll. Ouiibo, X. J., i$
i-.itln? rcl lines in Hum city.
Auditor Ceneul V.. It. Ilinlenlicreli "at jes
teuliy llic (,'uesl of lYiler.ll Couit C'leik K. R, W.
V. M. C.iiiiilull an. I il in-lit, r, Mii
tjinplicl, nf Culiiniil.ili', pellt jestewl.iy with
fiiemU in this clt.
Ml. mil Mi. W. W. I'jtleifon, t.f Pliilailclplili,
luvi' iiliiiiieil Iminf fiom 11 l-lt wllli Mr. 1). T.
llli li ml- of Mi.mlnn htrcei.
Jtli-. ll.iu Pin mil (hlliliui, of ltlehinoiul,
Vj., li.n kIiiiiiuI lionic from .1 Uill villi leer
p.iiint, Mr. .mil .Mi. HmrKt- I'jlrchilil, of Xorlli
Main jei m.
Ml- liliiie .Miiiiu , .1 -ueit oiml hui,itio
fiom lliooljin, .N .. kiiiu: toi .'in cIIiUdij In
Hie Niund l' iIiiikI, .a Hi' iiiuiii
Illit MltllO "InlllO I lllil Him," 110111' 11.111.
"lil't .Me-i ih. Ae the i'uiiu f-rnlf-i i'i l.lm
I'ail. tliuicli Jip kiiik Ihe villi, 'Coiiii' ruin 5U',"
li.t Cimiu, Ml Miiiiu In- 11 lu'.imiml m.Iic
uhkh I- .iiUmii lllv II iliu'il,
Rolled Down Mountain Side at West
A large boulder weighing upwards or
r,Do pounds, that "lipped down a nunin-taln-sldc
on the Uelu-vwire, Ijiiekuw an
na and AVehtein truck at a point about
one mllf below West Xanlieoke, Satur
day morning. ciiiimmI a wreck on the
THootuHburg division, .bout !.l." o'eloek
a irelglit t'liglne oraslied into the Mono
anil together with llw cats was tin own
lrnni the Hacks Into the canal bed.
Those that lemulned on tho road weie
plied up In every possible manner.
As there Is bin a single tiaek at this
place, traffic was delayed for the day.
The place of the wteek Is nenily op
posltti the Xantlcoko dam. There Is n
high cliff miming nlopg the loud and It
is thought that the thaw loosened tbo
giound, which caused one of the large
stones to 1 oil down anil wedgo betwten
two ties,
Got the Turkey by Means of Shakers,
IVullfi Cmnp, . iIIiIiHl' luunukn ami
tioi I fiitr ii'i, iiiIIhiiiiI 1 limit lunqurt ot
Hit' Villi 1MI .Vitti, li, ttllliiK how j l 1 oh'j
homo iwt in l.thaiiiin, nut fir luau the Mukir
iiiiiimiiiilty, A lunplf i.l 1I.1). Iii'fui,. Tlmnk-tfiv.
Ins ihf 1lf.1t on luil U-i'ii .ill Jii'.l iutu 4 niltlv',
ttlieie lie hail t'lijoifil rplenillil link jli the ilite
jml won the piue tiukty, ln uiilul It liom?
with niiiiiv iiiUsbiiU', .it he ilitMiltil Hit' M'jrrlf
Ui'i quetloi of liu wife, bin- l.iil iliininilliu,
how lie Inil tliuit.'il mi -mil i mi', know
In,' will Hut he u.n luu uuiuI n( hi, moiu
to haw ient It for a fimlly Ireit,
"Weil," .lhl the tlejtoii, lliiillj, "I'll till
yon hwv I ol il, 'Hut lukcn kjiu It U me."
New Vmk 'lilhune,
"A Strenuous IW
luxitt, " l "' fta"''" kliiu,
tRVQiifci. !""' l"11' "la,, ho
riTO5- lh! '01 ' '"''
llissr. nml u niulileul
lu. r of it. 'Il1.1t Id
will Ihu t'llNblllt.
AlOllV L ,. nun.
: nlar. oer mtlhoji
uii the Ut I iiu.Mi
Mll.l I'lVUUll' ll'-llll
not ohtalncj othll
wise, or U-tiftherB
In Hits Mille),
I, Vlfrftl Peiiiluj
ten. Plrtctor,
12. XV "''!
1K CmFy 7
Rev. and Mis. F. R. Batemmi Re
ceived on Saturday Night.
chip if tho most dcllftlitful soclul
ev'i'iitH ot the nelson win at "at home"
Klveti !' Hew and Mrtt. Frtmcltf, It.
llulemun on' Saturday pVenlnir from 8
to ID o'clock, the ocrimlon behiR tho
lirtccnth iiniilvcfHury of their man-lane.
Itov. iiml Mr. Mntcinnn wore wedded
on the Manil of at, Heleiia, tho homo
of tho bible's family, on Apill 18. 18S7.
The rectory of the church of the flood
Shepherd was tiannforniPd for tho oe
cuhIoii Into a bower of tropical vorduie
miif.o billlnnt by innssert of rotos and
deep, hui'd carnations Intertwined with
hpllotiope and little golden star blos
som". ,
Mrs. Ilateinan leeelvod lit rt Kown of
liivciulcr and black. She wow bride
roses and carried violets. The ladles
who assisted were: Mis. Valentine
Hllss, Mis. Lawieneo, Mrs. Osborne,
Mis. V. fair. Mrs. W. 10. flreeley. Mrs.
J. Altitun Itobertson with Mrs. J. Clard
nor .Sanderson presided at tho lefresh
ini'iit table In tbo dlnliiff room. Tho
young ladles who served' weie tho
Misses Parsons. Jeanm-tle Lawrence
and Floienco Slnirell. The house was
tlnoiiRPd nil the evening with guests
coining and going, almost all of the
congregation with other friends ot the
rector and his wife availing themselves
or the opportunity to offer congratula
tions and good wishes.
Itev. and Mrs. Buteimin were made
tbo recipients of many hnifdsome gifts
in cut glass and other things nppro
prlntu to a "crystal" wedding, from
friends too many to nnme. The ex
quisite decnrntlon of the rectory was a
tribute ot regard from Miss Anna Morel
to her pastor and his wife, and the
piofuslon of American Beauty rosea was
her gift, while the splendid bride rose
were a tribute from her brother and
sister, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morel. Other
lovely ilowers and plants came fiom
tbo Misses Oericke. Mrs. J. 11. Dinimlck
and the Misses Dlmmlck.
Scranton Club Made a Good Showing
Against the Team from Plttston.
Notes of Various Kinds.
The Scranton base ball team played
their first game of tho season Satur
day afternoon with the Plltston Broth
ers, before a. good-sized crowd.
The team presented by Manager Lnw
son wasn't a very strong one, but then
It must be taken Into consideration that
his best men haven't arrived yet. Tho
men that he tried showed up pretty
well 1th the stick and at their respec
tive positions. Manager Law son gave
a few Scranton men a trial.
Probably the best man Is Fenls. lie
fielded bis position well, and batted tbo
ball out in a way that pleased every
body. Blakey and Gorton are two good
fielders and alho rim the bases well.
Wlltse and MoGnrry are two very
good pitchers, who have the ability to
pull themselves out of a tight place
when called upon to do 5.0.
The Pittston Brothers put up a fine
game until tho fifth liming, and then
Scranton, taking advantage of their
errois and with good batting, won the
game. The scoio:
- bCHAMoV.
.1J. 1!. 11. P.O. . i:.
Cullull, r.f i 2 1 1) II 0
HlaKily, l.f li i ii (I II II
Pill-, r.t . -2 '' ,: I) 1
Sihmcll, II 4 1 'J 0 (I 1
Hu-s. 2h .-1 1 2 n :: 11
.loiilM.n f.- 4 2 1 .! 0 0
1'J117, .ill 'J (I U L (I 0
Morri?. .'ib ;! II 1 II I
SlumlicrK, r .", 0 :! 11 -t 2
MllbC. p - l 1 HIO, i : II 0 0 2 0 It 10 ,'. 27 11 5
A.ll. It. If. P.O. A. 1!.
.1. riliiiiilt7, c.f 4 I 2 2 2 X
i:. fehn.ill, p., t.-i :i 1 0 0 :s 2
Mel.'ullie, 11 I 1 0 !i 1 il
1'. gchnultr, .h., p.... a 2 11 0 l 1
Touhlll, il) 401s .', :i
Ituane, l.f 2 0 1110
Mor.111, SI 4 0 0 10 4
Falukugli, r.f I 0 0 11 0 0, c : :; o o n y 0
Totals HI fi i 27 10 11
kunlon 0 (I 0 0 1 14 1 O-ID
Pitt-tun ; 0 01010103
f-uiiiiiiirles riist'lii't In t'lior Scranton, S;
Pittston. 2. Left on hi-et-Sciiiiiton, 10; l'ltlr
ton, 4. I'ii-t bae on lull' OH Willse, :i; oil P.
SU1111 lit, !; Y.i SJimalt, 1. Mini I; tail Ily
Wultw, U; JlttiJiiy, '!; 11. SthuulU, II; V. It.
Sifini'iltB, 2. To lu-e hltt-Ho-. Stolen lia-es
-Itlakei-, I'. Sihniall. Johnson 2. 'Morii-, Stein-hei-.',
.i. Stimuli, I'. 11 Sihmalt, Touhlll.
Double iliy Toje to Tniihlll, Touhlll to Mi Unf
ile, .1, Nhiinlu 10 Toie. lilt hy pitiliti ll.i
Will.e. I. I.w-cil -lull Miiiilieiir, '1 ii.i 0. I'm.
pin--..'.Hi ml. 'Inliii 2.10.
1'iailltt at Iho pill." will l' tiki'il holU Iiioill
In,' mul alti'inoon nntll all of the mm el into
tiOll tllllllilloil,
'Hie Ni.inum ilnli will ko Into haul tialiihn;
from now until Ihe llilnl of May when tile 'him-plon-hlp
H'J-tm henlns
IMuaiil llilni'.i is a well built fe.llow u iicliliiif
ICO polll'll-. 1.11 H.lBII lie plJM'll ullli Iho
llil-lnl, I'oiin., league team ami ilhl lino wink.
Shoitttnp .lulii.-"ii, of MaKJi.i 1'alU, who wi.i
Kittn .1 l'.v llaiuisei I..IWM111, will piohahli
jnlu tin- la 1 anon tluh. lie hit for tint illy
ii-lmlji, Mannar Uiur,on In Ins un.ihli: to make,
loom loi him on tlie ti.llli.
ll.ill -iillll.lil, the thlnl lil.iliun, it 11 hlir
1-luppln.r follow cl fi'tt tall anil wcltfhin,' ISO
pound-. Iln Ik a he.11,1 hittti, anil la-t hCioun li'il
the l'tunjli.inl.i Iticue In hiltliif I1IU1 :t iiiim
her of Ihe tlumploii Kjtton club,
l.inv.'ir l.iwMii lia.1 Iinpiottil tho nppeiiancii
of tho Kioimil- M'iy ninth. He i-ihl S'lluula.i
iiinlm. lint he liiluiclf.l to (tiiitl the
uut ntihir, hi at la uiolil Hie neiia-Uy ot tho
ipit'tilnis tiotulliu upon Ihe flt'hl,
Thlnl Han Sullivan ami (Vtcher lab
waul llilniv, of l'oillaiiil, in 1 hul in Hcianton la-t
nlitht anil will hi'Klu atlbe praitlte Willi Hia
Si r.mli 11 ln-i) Imll tluh toil iv, (liilllelthi' Joe
MthtU, t'akhti MiMiinurt ami 1'ittherb MiCutliy
nml II inly arc . c t to he hejul from, llanly li
llit- lile-t plijci to he fclu-nul by Mannitr I.iw.
noil. He untie .1 joml lepiitalhui with the i-tinn
Mlooiia tluh li.t mmmiii ami I. I'MicMut lo re
inloito the pltthliu' stall ipilte 1 on-itleMble,
Republicans Will Select Candidates
on That Sate.
At a largely attended meeting of tho
Itepubllcan county rqniuilttee, held mi
Saturday nnd pi entiled over by I J, U
Tnlor, It was decided lo conduct the
pilmarles on Tuesday, July s, and tho
county convention on tbu Friday fol
lowing, Thu last day on hlei candi
dates may leglsler under tho i tiles will
be Tuesday, June IS.
Tho oilli'i'S lor which c,nudldatts me
to be rhoheii aro as follows: (Jongrehs
inan, Di plumb' couit Judge, two touuty
commissioners and two mine limpet-tors.
As aimouuccil in our advertising col
umns this moinlnbvMiss Colling will
continue her lectuieu and demonstra
tions for four days at U'tt North Wash
ington avenue.
COFo Is tbu best substitute) for coffee.
If No '"Reputable" Jesuit Taught
That the Means Justify the Ends
Then There Were Many "Disrepu
table" Jesuits, He Said Reiterated
His Statement That Their Methods
Were Repudiated by Those High in
Ecclesiastical Power Hopes the
Bishop Will Investigate. v
ltuv. Ur. .lames Mcl.eod, pastor of tho
First Presbyterian rliurclt, made n for
mal reply Inst night to lit. Rev. Ktahop
ar. J. Ilobnn'n challenge, calling upon
him to produce proofs that any refut
able Jesuit ever taught that the meunt)
jusllty the end. The church was crowd
ed to tho doors with poisons from
nearly eveiy Protestant church In the
city. The doctor spoke as follows:
In my dkcoiirso htt Sunday cienlmr on "Ism
tlm Lrjohi nml tho Jesuit.," 1 made mine re
mail in whlth tho llomin Catholic bishop ol
tli Ktirntor illntete hat tahen exception. In hit
zeal, mil with ur. .itiurnntc In which, I am norry
t.i tit, lie altuclicil a money aluc, he t,cnt lo
Hie 'uh of our illy the fotloivlnfr letter:
"On page 10 of to.hj'.t 'Irlhuno Dr. JteLeotl it
rtnirttil to hiie f.ihl, 'What ever be the tloi
trlnet of the Jcniltn of today, there tun he no
tloubl thai in the Mslecnlli century, and much
1 ill r, they adopted nml defended the proposition
tint 'the end jutllleH the lneint.' 1 tloubt it,
.mil It.itbv olfir one hundred tlolliM to the llom
for tlii. Friendlct if tho reicrcnd doctor 111
lunliy fiimWi mo with the proofs Hut any ie
imtnlile JiMilt ever tntiRht that 'the end ju-tl-Hit
the means' incynluK tliercby that we may
adept unlawful and unjust means to an end, how
ever (sood it may he or that we may 1n 0 11 that
Rood m.iy ciime. SI. J. llohm."
I would not notice IhU criticism weio it not
Hut to ignore it mlitht seem, discourteous to its
tuntiiiiuuus aiiothiir; iind, moicoier, if not no
lite 1, wire thoughtless pcrions who rcid
the I MiupVi letter, iniRht deem it unanswerable.
fiat tha Je-iilts of the sktconth and Inter ren
tuiiet nileplid "unliwful and unjust" in
older to secure what they resided an rijrhteoui
o'lX :! r.o new usertion. The ice of history,
with Its tnimpet tongue, has lepcatcd and em
pliasietl tlih. tlurge. Ilishop Iloban "tloubts"
Its tutttij, 1 think the bWiop will not ho of
fended it"! tay hit judgment on lint subject
il far Hincied from the legion of doubt. Hut,
ncuithrlcK, he offers to pay .1 hiindictl dollars
for "piooh" lint will reinoic hit "tloubt,"
I do not Know to what couit the bMiop would
like Ihe inooft lo be submitted. I suppo-e he
would claim the light andju.-tlylo take some
p..rt in the selection of the judge and jury; anil
he ot (.lit al-o to hive the fullest opportunity Jo
ews cvjmliio the wilnestet.
Sir uvcrend and highly rc-ncclcd critic tlort
tot li'.leio Hut any "leputable Je-nilt" ciei used
"unlawful .mil unjntL meant' to secure his ue
hirnl titl. In that cisc, theie mu-t have been, in
tho-e dij.t, a Liit number of tlltrtputable Jesuits.
I do not niat'i! with my critic. I hellcie that the
1110-t "itpulahle" Jeultt were thost' who were
tnoit turn to their piinriplea; and I hellcie tint
tho-e who weie most true to thcli print iplcs were
tho-e whom the governmeiiLs of Ihe world, and
their fellow-CaHiolits, most seveiely condemned.
They were gieit teacher-those old .tc"ill and
their oamplc was limit, potmt than their
Tho iffeitt- of their 1I01 trlnet and conduct
aie hi-lrrle.
Ncte lht-u fill-:
1. We know the iiiiain of the wold- ".Iceuii-l-m"
ami "Jituliicil." 'Ihtii mtaninir H obvious
v hi n r pllnl lo moi il iutstion-. 'i hey are tratc
Ji'e In the .le-iilif,. 'ihey .ire sit,
2. 'Ihu M. thitootom 01 the Jan-tnlsK. a de
Mint lioirin Cilhollt. did not "ilouht" that the
Jesuit- of his day adopted "unliwful and uiiju-t
II can-" 10 set lire their ends. The triilhfiilne-s of
Past d'j, thirge- will hardly lie nucstioned by
an out' who is not .1 Jesuit of the tipe whiih he
loiiilcmi.s The "Proiliiclal l.cttirs" are c.ioj of
iictc-s, and they throw a flood of Hirht on the
ipicst'on in i.tie.
1)11) NOT JJUUU'r If.
.1 ( lenient MV, the Pope of Rome, ilia not
"doubt" the guilt of the Je-uits of his day
(J,".P, for le In-ueil an edict against them, and
jbnll-l.cil the oidcr.
4. The KoM-rnmcnts of l'rante, and Spiln, .mil
Portugil, and llelgiimi, and Austria, and Italy
weie all Ilnnian r.ilholli ltus-lu was Ciieel: Calh
olio and rt they did not "doubt" tbat tho
Jtsnils wtic guilty as charged in the indiit
inent. Tliey weie banishnl from all these Cath
olic countries, because they engaged in polit
ical plots and intrigues which made it evident
that they were guilty of the same soit of old
tanery in Hie domiii. of polllics, a- they adopted
and piaetittd in the sphere and in the inteiesC of
5. It is not likely tint the methods adopted,
by leading Jc-uils, in Indli, and in China, and
in Japan, will be defended by Ill-hop lljban,
for they were icpudiatcd by the pope.
ft, It is nolewoilhy Hut the Je-uits were fc
pilled fiom l'rote-lant lomitiles by Prote-tant
govinimenls, for the sjme reasons that ihey
weie epclleil from Itoman Cathulle eoimtiitA
by Itum.ui Catholic goteinmcnU Tlie tiitiiS
lieach lido te-tlmonv of iluout and r.o.nan
lalholle-, Is conoboraltu ny rroic-iant 1111 J
nans, suth as Matauley and Kiomli- to mine
only lhiglUh lu-torini- who detlare that the
Je-uit of pi-l lentiliif- weie gulltv and gult
lu.vond aliv ua-onabh' "doubt" of the trlme
(ig'iinot right 11101 il- 'and liio lellglon of v.hleh
tiny hive been actu-ed.
Thcie i- no ntttl of fiuthei- eildenie. If the
Huht ol the mil weio iueiei-cd a huiulreil 01 run
a Hiou-aiidfohl, it would not, in the least ikrce,
lulp a blind nun to it. 'Ihe potirr of piejiiillte,
and of tilutatloii, and of a subtle Ljiiiiiiiy is :.l.
mu.t Iniuiuiahle. Thl- Is true outtlde, n well in
Inside the- tlrele and sett or the Jesuit, l.ou?
bffmn the time of Ignatiu- laivola, theie wtie
many who ailul upon the principle that "the end
justllV's the means," If icporls be tine, thee
hive been. In t our time in both uulllital and
itllgloii- clnle-thnso who ntltd upon t lit- priit
rlple. In ortltr to 11 In. 'ihiir ohjitt was sue.
ies, and they weie unscrupulous as to llic u'-o
of mt an-.
not iti;spos-iw.i: rou tih.m.
Theie Is no need to grt pxcilnl mci lii-,totltal
fails tint octiured cenluiits ago. We aie not
ri-spouslhli' lor them. The.v 111 ly be paintul to
coiiltiiiplale, hut It i to deny Ihem. Til
itfuse' to htllevo a blsloiii! tiulh, ur liny liutli,
tvin though that truth I- most cxiperatliis
thus not, in the least, alfpct or tlnm;e that truth,
If the t'lideiKi' that has toiivliiced prlnctv and
3 pound can ............ 15c,
Lemon Cling Peaches, a lb.
can (extra standards), 10c.
Cal. Extra Peaches (finest
fruit packed), 25c, per can,
Imported Sardines, packed In
pure Luccn oil; large tins, 10c;
small, 12c,
Deviled Meats, 10c,
Rolled Ox Tongue ($1.00
site), 70c; $8.00 per doz.
Lunch Tongue, 25c
Spiced Tongue, 18c.
Corned Beef, gfic, 2 lb. tin.
F. fi. RniirsRn.
I California I
polpntalc. )irlfM mul impen, Itomati Citlliollea
iiml 1'ioterUiitn tlut "tho .Truulli of tlir nlv
tenitli ichtiir.v nml imicli later," meil "unltiifiil
nml unjust mcam" In peciirp tliclr end-TV not
Milfklmt (6 remove nil "1I011I1I" from tlie inlrnl
of my kindly nml llliiral irllle, It might, nt
lt-ut, to Rive lilm uui, omt nuke I1I111 1I011I1I
tilt "iloulil"! nml, it liuy he, Hint, a ficsli In
1etliriitlnii nf tlie liWory of tlie Jpill wlilili
fhoulil nut tin e- pattr will lirlnir to Mm n day
of ileniir A Won. Meannlillc, hocer, 1 Imp
not liopp Ilial Hie "Itome for llic l'llcinl
less" will trot lilt liunilrul itollu.i.
Weddlnp Date Advanced to bratlfy
a Dying Mother.
Mlsa Maude Myere, daughter of Mr.
and Mm. DoWItt C. Myers, of 63S
WiiHhlngton avenue, nnd Jtldtmit 11.
Fantz, mannBer of tlie Four Cent Htorc,
were to havo been married In .lime.
The brlde'H mother Ib tin Invalid. One
of her cherished desires was to see her
daughter wedded. Her one primal wish
was that she might live to see this.
Frldny she was In a critical condition
nnd It was thought she could not sur
vive the night. Several times she ox
piessed regret that she was not to live
to see her daughter's wedding day.
The bride-to-be and her fiance, with
a most commendable consideration, de
termined to gratify the devoted and
dying mother's desire. Iato nt night,
Clerk of tho Courts Daniels was got
ten to the court house to Issue tho
license and Hev. 10. 11. Singer, of Elm
Park church, summoned to tie the knot.
As the midnight hour was fast ap
proaching the young couple at the dy
ing woman's bedsldo were mnde man
and wife.
Mrs. Myers was still allvo yesterday,
but perfectly resigned to the end which
her physician says Is not far off.
Nothing Has Been Heard of P. J.
McAndrew Since April 9 Police
Are Looking for Him.
P. J. McAndrew, the building con
tractor, whose residence is at 920 West
Lackuwnnna avenue, has been missing
from home since "Wednesday, April 9,
and his family are very much alarmed
concerning his whereabouts, as they
fear be has met with foul play.
Ho left home after dinner on Iho
above date and absolutely nothing has
been learned of his whereabouts since.
The family are at n loss to understand
why he should have disappeared, as his
relations with them were or the most
friendly character.
Ills bublness Interests were quite ex
tensive, and, as fnr as can be learned,
should in no way have caused him to
disappear. Inquiries have been 'made
among his friends and relatives, none
of whom have seen or heard anything
of him.
The night previous to his disappear
ance, McAndrew complained of feeling
ill, and Dr. Hall pi escribed for him. He
was about as usual the next day, and
did not have very much money on his
person when ho left home.
McAndiew was dressed in his work
ing clothes of dark material, and wore
ti dark overcoat mid derby hat. He Is
fi" ears of age, 5 feet 31 inches In
height, has gray hair and a gray droop
ing moustache.
The police have been liotllled and aro
on the lookout for him, and any Infor
mation concerning his whereabouts will
lie thankfully received by the family.
Large Congregation at St. Peter's
Cathedral Last Night.
The forty hours devotion was begun
yesterday morning at St. Peter's Cathe
dral with :t solemn high mass, celebrat
ed by Itev. J. A. O'RIelly, assisted by
Rev. Father O'Byrne as deacon and
Rev. Father Royne as sub-deacon. Rev.
,T. J. Grlflln was master of ceremonies
anil Rt. Rev. Bishop Hoban, who oc
cupied his throne, was attended by
Rev. D. J. Bustin and Rev. Lolar Mc
Laughlin. Bishop Hoban preached a
dogmatic sermon dealing on the real
presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed
Labt night there was benediction of
the most Blessed Sacrament. Tho large
congregation which attended the ser
vice listened to an able dlscouise by
Rev. Father Roland', of South Scranton,
who preached a sermon dealing with
the institution of the Blessed Sacra
ment and Chilst's desire to give the
Christian church by this means the
comfort of His presence at all times,
Theie will be masses celebrated this
morning lit S, 6, 7 nnd 8 o'clock and
confessions will be heard this afternoon
ami tonight. Tho services tomorrow
v.111 be at the same hours. At tonight's
service Rev. Anthony Broderick, ot
West Sctanton, will preach a hermon.
The devotion will be hi ought to a close
on Wednesday morning.
Lodore Will Be the Mecca for Ex
cursionists the Coming Season.
All Indications point to Lake Lodore
as the most popular of all excursion re
scuts for thu I'ast-apptoachlng season,
und to even suipass Its Immense busi
ness ot last year. Tho individual ex
cursionist pieftns a lake lesort, and tho
ticenli: beauties of Lodorn ltseir, its far
ppiendliiK Biove, incomparable dnnco
pavilion. Its merry-go-i ound, the de
light of tho children, Its well-equipped
kitchens, clam oven, refreshment
booths, Spalding ball giotindh, naphtha
launches, steamer, large excursion bout
and varied other amusements render It
a summer puradlse, nnd at tho same
time the most prollt-maklng resort for
churches and societies. There are notnn
splendid dates left, for tho privilege of
which please appply to W. L. Pryor,
district passenger agent, Delawaio and
Hudson Railroad, Scranton, Pa. "
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IUCI16C1 ilMtMltttlttflMfttfM)
Two Delegates from Each Affiliated
Body to Be Invited to Meet nnd
Pass Upon, a Proposition io Put a
Complete Ticket In the Field This
Fnll It Is Claimed That There
Are Enough Voters Among the
75,000 Union Men In the County
to Positively Assure Election.
At yesterday's meeting of tbo Cen
tral Labor union, it committee was ap
pointed to convene two delegates from
every nlllllated organization, to pass
upon it proposition to place a labor
ticket in the field this fall.
A congressman, state senator, four
representatives, orphans' court Judge,
three county commissioners nnd two
mine Inspectois aro to bo elected.
The Central Labor union feels that It
has within the ranks of organized labor
men capable of filling each of these
offices with the possible exception ot
tbo judge and It Is a question In tbo
union's mind ns to whether or not It
should not go actively Into politics and
proceed to fill these ofllces with labor
union men.
Each union will bo asked to send two
delegates, Instructed as to how they
shall vote on the proposition. There
nrc 75,000 men, women nnd. boys mem
bers of the various organizations af
filiated with the Central Labor union,
and it is the opinion ot the central
body that enough of this number ure
qualified voters to assure the election
of an out-and-out labor ticket.
The meeting also discussed for an
hour a motion to reinstate the Musi
clans' union, which was expelled for
falling to penalize members who rode
on tho trolley cars during the strike.
Tho matter was put over until the next
It was also decided to have the Cen
tral Labor union executive committee
use its endeavors to effect an adjust
ment ot the carpenters' strike, which
has been on for nearly three years.
It Is Claimed That Mrs. John Mc-
Anulty, "Who Passed Away at
Hospital, Was Maltreated.
John McAnulty, of 721 Scranton street,
may have to answer a very serious
charge. His wife, who, it is alleged, he
maltreated and neglected In a most
cruel manner, was removed to the
Lackawanna hospital on Saturday, at
the Instance of Mrs. W. B. Duggan,
agent of the Associated chaiitles.
Mrs. McAnulty had been an invalid
for some time, nnd because of her
squalid bttrroundlngs, neglect and brutal
treatment from her husband, was drag
ging out a most pitiable existence. Her
body bore a number of bruises, which
she said were from blows administered
by her husband. A warrant has been
Issued for his arrest.
Tht' gi mil commandeiy of Xew Jrney hold its
annual convocation at l'.itcrson, on April , with
Mr .1. P. Cunningham in. grand commander, and
Sir Morgan Van IIL-e as grand recorder. Itcprc-t-uitattVM
were present from every command in
the btate. llic report ot the grand romnundery
bliovvftl a ftourinhlnir condition. Sir Alfml li.
Trumbull, 1. (1. C, as supreme representative,
gave a very complete icpott of the lat supreme
i-ossions. Tht' "Illustrious Knight of Malta," of
York, l'a., ivas nude the offlclil organ of the
grand commautlery. Trenton was made the next
place of meeting. Grand ltecorder Van Hlsc re
higned. Ihe following were the principal officers
installed by Supreme ltecorder Sir Prank (liiy:
(Sraiid commander, Sir Joseph P.ittrrson, of Put
crnon; grand generalissimo, Sir Clcorge C. Whit
ing; giand captain general, Sir William Holies
ton; grand rccoidcr, Sir Irving ('. Bleam, of
Tienton; grand tieasurer, Sir William HrluilK
Past (.'land Coinmantltr Sir David Young, of Pat
eison, was'11 supreme icpic'scntatlic. The
tessiou was a great sucie-ii. commandeiy, No. 2J1, at Chester, con
feneil the Older of the Hcd Cross nnd Se.Tilelue
upon Its own noilthitts. mul thohe from Oriental
and Urotherly I.ovc toinmundcrles on April 8.
The sovereign commander was Sir W. Fletcher
Smith; senior councillor, Mr Robert J. Smith;
lunior councillor. Sir Arthur V. Lewis; high pre
late, Sir Kdvv nil Schoflelti; purulvant, Sir Harry
Allen; lltultl. Sir Hairy Johnson; master uf
ceiimonies, Sir William If. II. M.iwell, 1'. ('.
Some thlrtv oiheis weio in tht' tlcgreo t.ilf.
Knights 1'iinccs Smith, l'ithiaii, l.ihmau and
Hint composed tho elaboiale quartette, llele
gailoiv, wnt pieent fiom We"t ChcMer, Wil
mington, Medii, lllam, Phllidelplda and Marcus
lltiok. A large nuiuhir fiom IMcii coininindcry,
ii WVht flnMcr. witnessed tho ilegiee in full
fur tutor the lht time, and were my cntlnisi-a-iic.
Mint In commaiiih'iy, Xu. SU. at ltojnoldsilhV,
l'a.,' on April !., will admit a Uigc class timing
tin- thy and evening. All haie already icteivcd
and tiau'ltd the tvvti Dirt ilegiee,. At 2 p. m.,
liiauil Httoidtr I'itiee will ru-iuplify the higher
ile-grite. At 8 p. III., the Jtt'd ii'- ami Si pill
ehu will be confeirtd ill full form by the digit's,
stall of the command, i.fltr which tlicie will ho ,i
soeid In Hell's hall, follow id by u sui'ivr at
Until Hi'liup, at both o( which events iho ladies
will bo pieseut in lirse numbei'',
('onfLinllno i rtiiiiiiandory, S. 1, htld a l!d
Crcs tountil hi In ttinplo at I'lilladetplil i on
.Miith .'II, with sir laio Wormian, V. S. I ., .u
sovereign commtnder; Sir Ilany Moo.sley, in nil
or inuclllor; Sir Hubert S. Morale!'. Jmior
councillor; Sir Lewis 11, Wooillnuton, .11 hl'h
pielatc; Sir Charles II. Hllcy, as Lhanctlloi; Sir
John Calm, as 'lltuMl; niulul dlrettor, Sir
Other llouck, pursuivant! Sir Walter Murllt.
'Iho hall was fltinl up in 11 ierj elaborate form.
Martin I.uther comnnndery, Xi, HIV, at Lane ti
ler, on April 11, rett'Ived a thorough drill' In
Iho tltiulLtlo work, when (train! ltecorder S'ir
(ieorgo If, 1'Ifice completed the full instiuitlaii
of tho hotly,
The College of the Ancients wllj hold a special
of Our Shirts
$1.00 to $2,00
conclave in Malta temple, WlllUnvport, on May
14, when a number at candidate will be admit
led. Tlie candidate! from points In Central
IVnn.i.vltiltila wilt take advantage of the oppor
tunity to R.iln ndinltslon,
Remains of William Connors Found
nt Old Forge.
Tlie dead body of a man, believed to
bo WUlllam Connors, formerly ot the
Sibley, was found in a Held about halt
a mile notth of Old Porge, on Saturday
morning, Tho man had been loitering
around the boiler room of one ot tho
Pennsylvania mines In tho vicinity, on
Frldny night, and was chased out.
Coroner Sultry was called, and upon
searching tho body discovered a book
with tho name Wlllllam Connors In
scribed upon it. Several workman, who
viewed tho body, said they believed tho
dead man to be William Connors, who
lived nt the Sibley some years ago. Ho
wtis about fiO years old, and hud appar
ently been "tramping It" for some time.
An autopsy revealed tho immediate
causn of death to be exposure and tho
pre-dlsposlng cause to bo alcoholism.
Tho remains were taken in charge by
Undertaker Timlin.
An Inquest lit tho case ivlll bo con
ducted at a date to be fixed later.
Belief That Two Members of Kadgen
Family Have Small-pox.
Dr. John P. Walker reported to
Superintendent Allen, of the bureau of
health, yesterday that Thomas Kadgen,
of 149 Meridian street, father ot Patrick
Kadgen, nnd one of his sons displayed
symptoms of smallpox. Patrick Kad
gen, it will be remembered, was tho
young man who was afflicted with tho
disease a little over a week ago and
who has since been removed to the
emergency hospital.
A temporary quarantine was immedi
ately placed upon the building occupied
by the Kadgens, and Patrolman Brad
shaw was assigned to keep guard last
night. Dr. Houser will investigate the
suspected cases today.
Eighty-third Anniversary to Be Fit
tingly Observed.
The eighty-third anlversary of the
founding of the Independent Order oS
Odd Fellows will be celebrated with
appiopriate exercises at the Auditor
ium, Ptovldence, Sunday, April 27, un
der tho auspices of Lincoln, Celestial,
Green Ttldge, Ttebekali and Golden
Chain lodges and Hyde Park encamp
ment, Invitations have been sent to all the
Odd Fellows;, organizations In the city
and suburbs to attend. Addresses ivlll
be made by Rev. It. F. Y. Pierce, D. D.,
Rev. George Lees, Henry Harding and
Edward C. Deans. The North End
Glee club will sing.
Its Observance Commences This
Evening at Sunset,
The Jewish festival of the Passover
begins tonight at sunset and in observ
ance of the feast there will be services
in the Linden Street temple at G o'clock.
There will also bo services tomorrow
morning at 10 o'clock.
The observance of the festival, which
was instituted by Moses In commemor
ation of the release of the Israelites
fiom the Egyptian bondage, iill con
tinue for eight days and on the even
ing of the last day there will be services
at sunset. Rabbi A. S. Auspacher will
officiate at these services.
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