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II "
frtrlol to the Sainton Tribune.
TimUhaitlKicIt, Alii II l".. IK-V. II. If.
Wilbur In miHVt-lnjr trmn a severe colli
imil was nimble lo occupy Die pulpit at
the Mrtlioetlst Episcopal churrh on Sun
ilnv ovomIhk oa account of lionineiiMS.
Ulnrrncc liooi'KP, of ,s.iyip, uponl the
Sabb.itli an ltli frlemlH at tlih place.
drill t convened Monday iittornoon at
2 o'clock with .IuiIr.3 K. M. Dunham
miii Atwnrlitie .Tudites llitrvey S. SleU-
lei- ami Fiank'M. Vanulm on thn beiielL,
Dclnmr Slnrlc, oC West Xiciioison, is
Hlopplns with his brother, D. W. Stnrk,
on Wyoming iivonue, this wool:.
Mi. Thomas Vosc, of Wlilto'ts Feiry,
was culling on ft lends In town on
Mian Sophionca Luckcnblll, who has
boon vlslllrw; her paient.i, Mr. and Mr?.
Louis liUulccnblll. ut this place, re
turned on Tuesday lo Kuwt Miiucli
Chunk. wIipip hIiu Ima recently en
CTKCd In the millinery business.
Mrs. Albert hoe and Miss Kllssaboth
Gublo visited at Katonvlllo over Sun
day. Miss Nellie nitlliiB la ontertalnlni;
her friend,. Miss GeorKO, of Meshoppen,
this week.
Lynn Drake, n student at the Key
stone academy, who Is preparing liim
Mslf for the mlnlstiy, preached at the
Baptist church on Hunday evening.
Finnic Ace, who Is employed at thn
Shlojds Stone company's mill at Nich
olson, spent Sunday with his family at
this place.
The "Monday club" met at the home
of Mrs. Anion Brown, on East Tioga
street, on Monday afternoon at 2
Mis. Caroline Essor, who has been
making her home at Nowaik, N. J
with her daughter the past thice
months, has returned to this place for
the summer.
Fpeehl to tlie Scranton Tribune.
llallslead, April 15. Mrs. A. P.
Stephens has returned fiom a visit with
relatives at Scranton and Towanda.
The pupils In the eleventh grade of
the High school are pieparlng for an
entertainment on Apill lio. Ico cream
will be sold during the evening.
new n. Colwell left Monday morning
to attend the Methodist Episcopal con
feience at 'Wu.vcrly. Mr. Colwell does
not expect to return to Hallstead.
Mr. and Mis. J. D. LIndley left Tues
day moinlng for their new home in
Miss Florence King, of Binghamton,
spent Sunday with her mother in this
Mrs. Ityron Tanner and Mrs. Nelson
Coon weie visiting at New Mllfoid last
w eek.
John Duval has returned from a visit
In Hinghamton.
MKs Nellie Jleekhow, of Owego, spent
Sunday with her parents in Great Bend.
Geoige Teiboss, of Lestershire, was
calling on friends in town Sunday.
Mr. and Mis. U. C. liond wpre in
aMontroso on Saturday, attending the
funeral of Mr. Read's aunt.
L. T. DeAVitt, of New Milfoid, called
oa friends in this place and Great Bend
n Tuesday.
H. W. Lange, of Milanville, visited
his sister, Mrs.. J. Bylngton, on Sunday.
Miss 131Ion Donovan, of Brookdale, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Peter Allen.
Mrs. A. M. Sliker was in Einghamton
Jiobeit Morton is in Buffalo.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Watkins left Mon
day moining for a "week's visit in
Mr. and Mis. 'William Trowbridge, of
Binghamton, spent Sunday with friends
in Gieat Bend.
Victor Lee, of Susquehanna, is spend
ing a few days at the residence of John
Mr. and Mrs. Chailes Cardis spent
Satuulay and Sunday with friends in
Miss LeoiM Van Loan, of Lanesboro,
visited her paienls on Saturday and
,Mlss Seymour, of Corning, is visiting
Mrs. R. G. Claik.
Mrs. John Tyler-lias letuined fiom a
visit nt Marathon.
Mis. Aithur Thornton, of Soianton,
was called liere by the seilous illuets
of Mis. William Tiow bridge.
Frank Blown and family, of Elmlra,
attended the luneral of Miss Nina Tur
boss, Satuulay.
Special to the Suanton Tribune.
Thompson, April 15. Samuel llub
Tnard, of the township, has moved into
the rooms over Jnmea Bums' shop.
' Mrs. E, D, Witter returned yesterday
moinlng from a week's vl&lt with
friends In Scrnnton,
Chark.s AVrlghter, of the township, Is
A'lfaiting in Scranton. ICatio JlcMalion, of Sustiuehan
nn, Is the trimmer in Mis. L. M. 011
lett's millinery store this season.
GeoiRO Gelatt, of Scranton, spent the
Sabbath In tow'ii.
Mrs. Washburn, -widow of the late
Joseph Washbuin, living nt North
Jackson, died suddenly yesterday morn
ing. She is survived by a daughter,
Mrs. Wheeler, of Forest City,
John Lmnoiit has the foundation
nearly completed for I1I3 new building,
on Jackson street. '
Mrs. A. C. Foster spent the Sabbath
wth her hi other and his family in
Binghamton. Shu Is expected to return
The Ladles' Aid society of the Metho
dist Episcopal church will moot in the
Grand Annv hall, Wednesday afler-
Mr, and Mrs. 0. F. Spencer are visit
ing telatlves in Mount Pleasant.
II. M, Cole, of Scrnnton, visited his
father, lte L. Cole, Satin day.
Miss Iva Spencer is spending u few
days la Scranton.
Prof, Galiibha MoNumarn, of South
Gibson, Is visiting his hrother, Dr, W,
HYou Could Look
Into tlicfuturcaud see the condition
to which jour cough, if neglected,
tvill bring yon, cu would Reek relief nt
ouce ana that naturally would be (brougti
f 4 -d rfo k Ouarontecd to cure Con
I jIII WZ sumntiou, Uroucliltis,
Vt,ll Asthma, and oil I,iuig
Troubles. Cures Coughs aud Colds iu a day.
5 ceuts. IVrlte to ti. C Wells & Co.,
I,c Hoy, N. V., lor free trial bottle. '
mi .. n .... ..-it ji. ni
y--..- t r w.vv.
.. ii mi, ii,Mii i laiimwHBM wmmmmmmmm
MuNninnra, lto called on Professor
Compton, nt his school, yesterday.
Captain A. D. Milter, n veteran of the
Civil war, is seriously 111 at the homo
of his daughter, Mia. F. K. UnmiHs. Ho
Is a native of Delaware county, N. Y
and Is over 70 years old.
ltev. P. n. Tower left for Waverly,
N. Y today, to attend the Wyomlnrj
Miss .Tennio Clark, of Montdnle. is
visiting her sister, Mrs. F. W. Lewis.
Ifownrd Collins, of Susnuelmnnn, was
the guest of Mrs. Estella Howard yes
terday. Hew A. D. David left today for the
seat of conference, going via Montrose
to attend court a little while.
Mrs. Frances Deinnn and Mrs. C. M.
Lewis are shopping In Binghamton to
day. Miss Gertrude Brown, of Jnckson, and
Miss Estella Howard will take in the
Wyoming conference this week.
Mis. Wlllard Tucker, who has been
There are four
Fiutl the other two.
in California and the west for the past
year, leturned to her home here last
8 I HAilll
I " J
AU.ypEMY Hauy Aftcinoon .ind
bl'AIt Al llecvoV cuiiipiny. Afloinouii and
"Maid Maiian."
Tlu Dolunliiis weie giccted .it ihu I..icuni jt
lllRllt villi ono ot the lnge-t, niont lepic-enta.
tne nml most ic .uidiciicct of the
piescnl e.ison. Al tlio loniluiion of the peilonn
aneo iL was .il-o one of tlio uiOsl t.itt'-fled audi.
enect of the -ei-on. 'J'nic to tlicir npiititlon the
lloitonlans (j.ic an cnlcrtainincjit of the hishest
older of mcrll.
"Maid Jin mi," their new oticia it called a
sequel to "Jtolnu Iluod." It toulil with equal
propiicly bo lilnllc-ij .1 "ic-'iitc" of "Itohln
Ilcmd." i:Liy one of the tomjt that made the
oi famous it, not to ny imitated,
in the f-equcl. Tlioie i- a ihluklir- soiii! for
"lliown Ooloher Ale"; a contialto
solo for "O, l'iomi-0 Me," a glie for "Seo the
Little I.embkiiH I'lij," and a piighlly thinir in
wlilih C rii'-nler slip then- Mileklt with tlicii
dwoidi, whiili can not help Imt IiiIiir nuinoiitt
ill llii. -''Iinl.oi' i linriw." 'I tin . mnntinlim"
songt of the m.ijui.1, sufllce it to sa, uui nop;
help hut plci'0, but tiny arc the uiuie pleiiiu;,
when one has not heml "llubin Hood."
"lto! I'oi tin Oieniv.ood," a male thmin;
"Lino Jhy Come uiul t.o." a ipiinttllr, for m
piano, alto, in-, lniituiii) and teuoi ; a (piliiul
in mil song with which the teiond ,ut ilu is; tin'
ointialto --olo. "fill .Mu Aualu Hen llc.ul,"
a toiii.iiio loe Mii'a:. mid tie duet, "'Jiuo Lou
It ot foi a Day," nic the niinuiui.
L.kIi !- Mine; in a luaaner moil iiulUiblo (tin
for thu Rostonl.nK, Jo finer choim liu beiii
biouslit lieu: iu comic upcia. It U full, evenly
bilanccd ami ijpablo of piodiu'lii;; olnnic with
out a j ell or a lin-li note, It is a trained torn
pany of ocalil.
All that tin- moot cxacllng comic opera un de
maud of n prima donni it in thu po-w-sion of
Jllst f.'iace Stiuldlford, who it tills jear
lic.iillnpr the llostoni'iin as "Maid Maiiau." Her.
uopiauo ii lhwlci-9, her ili'.niialli.t duly aitlitie
nml she l a uiy handsome wonuii. Iu her loc
hone; whh Ii ii of tiro laaud open plane ami her
duet Willi Itobln Hood, (lie na. limit lilcttlvA,
'llu- audleiico it mined could not heir enough
of her siuit, inh and llcihlc ulio, 'Hie pilu tontralto, Adole llatlti, as Alm-a-lla'c,
i'jj ihc'woil; Hut made .hle Ilnllett l)ais
f.iiiHd, and ghc-, proiuiii- of liecomlng qullo as
fimout as her picdecevior, .ltlioiu;li not of the juopoitlont of tlio u-iul eonlrjllo, her
volio Iu-. i.iie Ftrcns.Ui, depth and U'hetiMMi,
IJclle Harpei as Lady Vhlan, ii t vliiomo joung
wonnii Willi a (.uipaiugly bweef bopiano. Her
los weie among the mot iiitliujttlcjlly ic
eciml of the pilnelpil uiiiiitu in,
W', II, Mclloiuld, a, Little John, was ijltcii
the unimctt uicjillon of any of the iiulo eingtu.
Hit biiitoiio is as pleising us cer. IViuk
Ituiliworlh, a J oiin,- tenor, as Itobln Hood, is
an exceptionally good clnser and good looker even
for a llostoulau tcnoi'loiir 'ihe basso, Allen
C, Hinckley, who tinn" Will S-iatkt, wai rut
giLii oppuitunlty to pune that he h all that it
claimed foi him. HU ono eulo, howeict, tlioed
that while he l u-rv rood ho is not (mles.
Uioigo II. J'lotlilnghuni'ii 1'ilar Tin. Is U not made
a imislciil part, and falls far Mioit of being iiniiii1.
Henry Clay llirnibce in his old cluiuetrr of the
blierlH of Nottingham, liowoer, mippliet all tlie
comedy iiquiied. He borrows Jibt a bit at times
fiom "loy ijulller," but on tlio wlwlo his
wittlci-iin nro good and of the kind that appeals
lo the best Intelligence,
The costuming and belling of the tluco aeU Is
-iriy elaboiatc. 'J he flint tcciio irpie-cnts a pill.
Miiiouiidlng the casllo of the Kail of Huniing
ton. 'J lie bocciul 1 a Cru:adeis tamp outslclo the
city of Aco in I'aleslini!, The third is the gleat
banqueting hill of Huntington caitlc,
Only In the first act is tlio gtccuuuod llivor
of "Itobln Hood" prcicntil. 'the story opens at
Itobln Hood's castle with Itobln gunn with the
Cru.-uleiu, and the bheillt of Xottiujluiu on
f piling agiinst him, with tt view of illuracliu
him lu the I'M'i of his bctiothed Maid Maiian.
Thu Hcoud act lus the old gieeuwuod letalucis
of Itobln Hood .iiihlng at 1 lie t'lu&adcrs nmp
and gicuting their ililif. Maid Mill in come
willi Hum to find out for hermit If the Sheillf
of Nottiiigluiu told I In- truth when he u ported
that Jtobiu was faUe to her and lilt King, and u.
6j)i-d to (Hove It with toigcd K-tltn.. 'Jhe &h?i.
Iff follows in UUguUe, boirajs the camp into the
liands of tlio Saracens and utiirns to Ihiglaud
Willi Maid Maiian leaving Jloblu Hood and his
followers captives in the land', ot the lulldil.
'J he third act hat a Vulctidc festival for an
opening and clones with Itobln Hcwl and the ict
U-turning iu time to jucicnt the forced inaniagu
of Mild Marian to the tliciM'. adopted kjii and to
ouit the Iiiipiutoi from hU uute. 'theie U Just
I ',,,,.
www 'Willi '11 Hi ' Tr'iii1 mlffittMk
ml PIHrSt
mw ml! ' -
ftioujrli Interest In the filot lo make atMctory
fill Inn In liolurcn the Kong4.
Will P. Burke.
One ot tlio spclnlllM to lie nrwoiitnl between
the Mctn at the Aimlemy t Music tonight to
a tmislcil sketch written by Will 1'. llml.e lor
the McC.'aim l.nnlly.
Mf. llurkc will nlo be In several rf bli
hut lllmlratetl rflns;4.
"A Kunawiiy Olrl."
Ono ol the many excellent feature ol Ibo
(tuttlcn cf lite iinidctl comeilj, "A Hunanny
tllrl," wl-ltli will be Been IVMay lilaht nt (lie
byreiun lliciler In Hit? city, N the m ifinlflrcnt
cflintul fcriio In Hie net. Tlio loiollly 13
Mippcicit lo be nenr the lihlorlc cunil In Venice,
flii'it tiupe Ii nllowcil In tlib sccim nml It
tull i(lantnuo of by ilin lnanARciiunt. Homo ev
cecillnitly liatidsome nml plcluresipio coslumet nie
ttoin by Hie partlclpinl, and n vny cntertalnlnu
and dcflileilly Interesllna iiuilal or itanc'c nml
liui.iic Intioitucoil.
Klowcr Rlrls, gomlolkra, lirlgmdi, reaianl',
fcoldlcru and mbot irlrt, nil ilnwcil in appropriate
costume, mid a beautifully painted cl nt wen
cry servo to m.ui nnnd pit lure during llic ac
tion o( llic prluclpalit In lliln strikingly oilgHml
ccnc. ."eats go en .ilo this nioiiiliiif.
(lllliut 1' hit yt the Amnion iliihta
ot "Tlio Tllclit of W'aj" In rlnilc fuilimiin. llio
litter bTlmd', lo slur William I'.iuridmn In tlio
Ulralttli T.ucu bat s-atlctl foi London nml
v lit l etui n rally In llw fall to tiko up lchcii
Pitt for the plar, "firelna Circcn," In which elio
will itir nct R.Jtnu.
golf players heic.
Strike Now in Progress at D., L. &
W. Collieries May Spread To
Hold a Meeting' Today.
The strike situation at the Pettehone,
"Woodward, Avonclalo and Jersey mines
of the Delaware, Lackawanna and
"Western company remained unrlianged
yesterday, no overtures having been
made by either side, hut today's devel
opments may result in a more gen
eral strike at the collieries operated
by the company.
A meeting of the strikers lias been
called for this morning at Edwardsdale
to consider the advisability of calling
out the United Mine Workers of Amer
ica in the employ of tlio Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western company.
D., L. & W. Board for Today.
The following is the make-up of the
D L and W. board for today:
1 L lSJlUV, AP11IL 13.
I'tiit lli-t la ji. in.,, v. 1'. Mullen;
H p in., i). Higguty.
Wi:i)i:hlJA, AI'HIL 111.
i:lia.s L.i-1 1. JO a. in.,, villains; 4
u. in.,, llolim; !l a. iu., Holjol.en, Mc
fiithclne; 10 n. in., 11, lilllijnni; 11 a. in., Ho
lioUn, Muiphr; 2 p in., C. W. Dunn; ."i p. iu ,
Hobohin, J, lSiuMiait; (i p. iu , ,7, II. Mi (.'.inn.
Summit-, I'.tc- U a. in., J, L'aiigg; 8 a. in., J.
lfeniiigan; 10 a. iu., MthoN; 1 p. iu., Tliouip.
ton j 8 p. in., (iolden.
Ihliiin 1.UU a. in., Mefiuieiu; T n. in., Ciafl
nej ; 10 a. in,, b-eoi; U.L'O p. iu., Stauloii.
l'lishert 0 a. in , W'iiiiiei ; 7 u. in., l'niucit.v ; S
a. in., lloii'ei, 11.11 a, in,, Moranf-l.'iO ji. "in.,
Xauniin; II p. in, (". Ilailholontiw ; 7.J0 ji, iu.,
Minph.i; ') p in., W. II. Iliidioluiiicvv; If) p. m,,
Ltiat Wet S a, iu.. It. CWmi; J a. in,, V.
McDomiiU with .lohn (tahigin'a mw; 1 p. m.,
A. IV Kclchnm; 2 p. hi., O, lt.indolpli; 1 p. m.,
M. C'armodj ; 11 j. ni 'I'. Iloudlcan,
IJoiiahiio and ciew urn II. "0 ji. in, itia,
April J3.
'.ie. and ciew-1 tin N a. in c.tia, Apill lit,
,T. J, Hufly Willi W'.ufel's crew- will mu Xo.
U, April 10.
A Uerrlty and ciew will run 3.13 ji. m, evlia,
Apill 1.
M. fllnley will urn plel.-iip u a. m,, Apill 10,
and until fin titer notke,
John C'onhoy gect out with H. II. (Jllllgan In
jilucof William T.ncll until further notice.
I'lauk IMvvardt goes out with J. II. McCami, in
jilace of J", i, Clul.c, until fuithei notice.
List of letteis lemaiiiiug imcalleil for tit the
i-iiiiinon poi,tofllcc, LaiKawanni comity, l'a
Anill III, ItXW. JVicmis calling foi these letteis
will picnic say admtiseil and give tlato of list.
Lira II. JlljipK-, J'oitmastcr,
Andeon. William. II.ii.I.a, Snuiiel.
Alrcen, Patilcl,. llowcn. Willl.ilu
Ackciiuin, .Mm. Hi owning. Theodore,
llioailbent, i:il7.ibctli, lliumit, MUt (1,
llaitlceoti, 1', i:., Miali J,
lluikc, Anthonv. llutton, Aluri-,
II alley, l M. II mU, I'laulc H.
ItucLley. A. .1. llurkc, Catheiliie.
Jlelmir Mfg Co, llrowu, A. W.
Drown. Ldn.ud L. Ilicbe, l)i,. Iteinedy Co.
Jlarr, .Mrs. June. Chitlniu, John J,
When Scott's Emulsion
makes the consumptive gain
flesh it is curing his consump
tion. Exactly what goes on inside
to make the consumptive gain
weight when taking Scott's
Emulsion is still a mystery,
Scott's Emulsion does some
thing to the lungs to6 that re
duces the cough. More weight
and less cough always mean
that consumption is losing its
influence over the system,
Scott's Emulsion is a relia
ble help. snd for Tree Sample,
SCOTT & UOWNK, ChcuiUu, iv 1'eatl bt., N. Y,
4 Lines 10 Cents
More Than Pour Lines, 3 Cents (nr L'acli Gxtrtt t.ln:
tfor Ren't.
roil HUNT I'lit of tin cc or four rnoina for
I'gnt liouvckccpIiiR. SIl Adaiiis avenue.
KOrt Itll.ST l'.littit mid twchc-ioom house, (ircen
illilffe, slciim hcatj very teasoiiablc. llolsatc.
1011 HKNT bK-rtcmi .H Willi Inlh, 'team
licit, b.m rnmro ami nil inodcin improve
ments, from A in 1 1 1st! lent reason ible. Call
early. Krcd C. Hind, to.) Mulbeny ttreet.
Toil tlLNT-Miinll fiuni-lied liouc foi lent. In
fiulrc at nil Vino i-lrcot.
STOIti: J-Olt HKNT ri22 Wcl LncUnwnntii ave
nue. Inquire I'IiIIIjj Sctincll, UiO West Latlca
wanna avenue.
IIAHS VOlt m:XT-?IS, Apill 1st, thtco box and
n. 'J.'"!" "'"K1'1 t.tltt and wash tacit, icif ol
SM afndlon avcniis, Jntpilic at Oil Mullson avc.
J'OII : HKNT Stt.ij"TiiiWiiiir lor rent In nkltson
City. l'n. IJiilMii," un feet 1v 21 feet, cellar
under nil, and second sloiv can be arranttcil lot
a family. All In rhoiI lepilr leuly lor ivc. Iwo
coal breal.eiii nml mines clo-o bv euiplojlns over
a tliouMind peoile. An clitcrprMiitf meiLhant
can pet a lnrifc Hade. Apply to William ".
Itlclunond, Illehmond It 111. HI25 X. Miln nvtnue,
f-crniilon, l'n.
Furnished Booms.
rOlt lll'.Nl A nicely funiMieil fionl iojiii in
privato laniHy Mlthln lite mlnulin w all troin
the Adihi-Es (I., Trililllic.
l'0H HUNT One furnished room, with Improve
ments; also oiic.011 thlid floor, cheap. U27
AdaiiH avenue.
rUUNlSIli:!) ItOOllS loi lent, modem Improve
menu; private family; gentlemen jneicired,
at C37 Adams avenue.
I"OIt ItPA r nirnlshcd front room, with hMt,
bath mil ra; nenr court houe; gentleman
prelened. Addrei lloom, Ilo 299.
t'OK ItLNT Knrnlhcd loom; heat ar.d bith.
C2j Linden stuct.
KURNISHi:i) nOOMS roil HKNT. with heat, paj
and bath, gentlemen prcfcried, at S39 Adam)
j?or Sale.
HOIIL' I'OIl SALIJ-lUy hoie 7 jeiu old, 13 2
lnnils high, weighs 1,0'n ihiuihU; hiiiiiiI,
hind and tins; ctia well cltj biohcit; doi i not
fcli.v or pull, I'eifict coufoiin ition, vny stj llsli;
price 1 50. Your money bocL It not i icpie
(ented. 1 11. I'.itlcisoii, M. I)., Hone-dale, l'n.
l"01t SALi; A picet loul nine, riiblur tired
luuaboiit. loul cirt and linnets; vIll sell
cheip. Apply at lSlj .V. Main avenue.
H' YOU WANT uiilnriit it night get a "ubnniiiio
Accljlini- (ia', Machine. Impdt our jiliut.
Philip J. cttei, 115 l'eiut avenue.
l'OIt hALi; Ilou-diold tiirnituic. Including
niiKc-, heater. c.upeH, lud", illnmir tilde,
chaiis, tool die l ami tuolo anil tiiidcn toolt and
liwn uinvvii. elienp. Call at iniic. -Mis. L.
Smith, 1122 W'joinintt avenue.
LC(,'S foi lnkliinsr, lltifl Icghoins exdii-ivclv,
I'licuellcd iu hlp and tuloi, 7.1c. jui 1". .(!.
A. (iaidiHi, LUJ I'uiii .ivcniic, Sli.uiIoii, l'a.
rOU Sr.L !l.,iid illc doublcid. Xcvv. llamfoid
Hi os , Palcri-on, X. .1,
Wanted To Rent.
WOULD LIKi: 10 JlCVTslinvv c ces and counter-!.
Addic-s C'my & Huri-on, 225 L icl.av.inn,i
WANTED ItOOMS For two adult", three or fom
rooms furnl'Iicil oi unfuinl-lied for very
light hou'ckecpliu, fust flooi pictured. Addreas
M. n Tilbunc office. , t,
WANTED-il'iirnishcd home or four or1 Hio ltioms
tor lioubckecjunjl Address A. C. t' Tribune
WAMLU Lli'vatoi 71! oi H feet; suitable for
hoMiiiR carnage?. Addict Janici II. Ki-nny, Pa.
(.uney, PulKcK, cue of 1. It. HooUer.
leaii, .Maud. Kiiin liiu. Willie.
Custer, 'Jililcn. Kellej. Mis Kate.
CluK, Mrs LuiiNc. Kcinnly, William.
Colin, Itofia. Koopmon, John.
I'ausli, Ailam. i.euis Misj riuiciiic.
t'.irr, l'red A. MiKciini, .Mif. Jnnri
'utcr, Mis L.llt'i. MiCuimj, .Mis .Nillie.
Caimion, l)i. ):. S. Met li-luul, J. S .
C.illrey, Ml'-, Amu. .Mcl.'ulii-, Iiumls
(uilci, Jul ii. MiHiikIi, Mi--, Annie.
Calpln, .liimes J". MiIIii-;li, .1. U.
Connili, Ifnbin, Maiiinn, M. Merlin,
.lane, PatiicK, .Milliiil, Libbie L.
Caii-h, .lohn. Mu tin, iu,u-,t.
CI ill,, Jii- . Mlllrr, ficoigc., .1. ', Miillii, Jul, u IL, Jr.
Ciiuli. -r. ..I. ..I ,-.,,
Coopci, Willi llll. V.IIHT,' W.
lanii.'iii, .icl.ii. O'Xclll, II, C.
Cule, Hem.. U'. i, .Inlui,
Cllllll' .Int. II 11.11,,. i, M... ,!...!.-
,. , .. '.ll.!H.l, .u,., . lui'i,
Ci.mfoid, lohn Iliis-.cH. Oiklev, Kimui J.
"us Jiis. i ooi-e. wuvtr, .iisi .Mint,
Diy, Mis John. lliklj, 1".
Dorscli, llivnioiid. Oiklev, (,'coirc
Diake, Mi,, A. (livens Dr. n. 'it.
H mills, A. . l'emiill, .inilo.
lliiiinliit, Mr. lMna Paii-hlei, Lenii I.
Ltivi. I'oiij. I'd J). ' ,
DoilLl. I.lrl l'irl Vllw- II... I..
lie lily, J. ' Pioiinei. A lion.
llevinc, John, (Juliihn, ,'i.oi'i'.
Diiirno. .1 unts luell, Mkt M ujarut.
llacU. W. VI.,, ii '""-'
1 Ivo. Jos lloll,, Ml .Md'l,.
IIviiik, Mu, I'htn N llopti, l. II,
Lvans John II, Ituucj, Mi,. ;
i:pi-i. I.iri. Hit. .i 11 VI, i- it"
I'M.c, Mitinel. Ilin-., r. J."
i latincr, .Ml. T, W. hlcvuis if, l.i7lc
ri-dier, Wlllliin. -it'll, Mi- Lnn,
1'alej-, William. !-uci. Mis ,
I'oattr, .Mis (I, K, Miiiitun, MK,.
1'imi li. .T.iiin. t.i.,1,1. It... it , ..
...-., ...,.., ,..,,,,.-. -I, .un, ..i,-, .iii-uuiim,
(aivy, MI Miaw. "-pentei K lliniiilt,
(itbriiii, John. Mikk, MUs Llie.
f!iiili,m M If lu.,,,
liaidnei, " ihii ' Puiiltty Milt'liN, IVtti,'
..liiit-i, . r-tiJiiiou .Vlt In,
fieiatj, Mis-, While. Sulliv in, Clin lis
fllr.i.nn. Mi. .l.titw 'Ii.idII Uu wi. .. ...
Holmes Wilbur, 'lim, C. i' 2.
ilinuic, Mi-, hiiiuli Ann. 'Ilinltii, Mlilnel,
nil... i,. i i..i . i-...., ,,
, ,(,,, 111,, l,t-l.l, 141.11, I,,
Hill. Iili..m, 11. 11 tl II. ,1. Xltlll....
..,,. M.,,00.1, .... ,,, -, ,1,11., I, ,111 llll,
llfiiillnir. JIM Miibd. Ta.doi. Mis William.
(.Ill -i, iiw-llill t IlMllllll', Kill Hi
llcivvcll, Mls Pi-ail. Vail, , Mu-
llookei, John II. Will. M,
ilualiis .l.imoi .1. Wiitklu-. II
Hill, Mr.'. I', White, W. II,
lllrrl,. Ml. j Mu,- r HM.iin Mu ll-
lliiltvtoii, l)r. J. V. Wert. Mali-.
iiaujn, vclllc S, will ml, M,i i,lj0,
.lui-.l,., VI. j T .VI'I.aI.. i..ii.r.....i
..,.,,,., n-., m. iMttttk-,, tiuiiiiii'l'ii.
Joialuio'i, JII-i JI, ,I Wild,, J'lojil,
Cayntl (liiueppc, Vjctto Alolll, Lnl.-ij MJK.
iiclli, JIvidliiKi Daniel.,
POI.MI, llu , i it In .,, j I ni. .it.-,,. r-...l.l.l. ,.....,
I.,..,, IIIMIIUIII.I.II1, ,11. iu,,,,-, 11,111,1111,, IVIIUI
Heib)s7, Antonai I'liucnukli), Jut( Kaikoviekl,
Adam Jenusrewi-kl, AIIU ll.trimi-ky, Joef Knnii.
viliz, Antuul CliiitkoHkki, I'itu Cisras Aiilony
Ifinliionltz, StanUlitun Iuiiiio.vkI.iuiii, I.ldur
KUiellus 2; Jof fianlnlls, Alem Xoiuiisiliule,
ManMivr Iviinihiiky, Miiuni I'mviljJlU, Antoiii
i'.vcl.nvvekl, bliiiiUtaw l't.ulrsil;l, .Mi, llioiikln,
ru i Siriiiic, AiilnuJ Wio-na, (haile-i Klniua,
AlcKwmlcr Pleliacki, Jllkotaj n.icjn.kl, Jlicluel
Doiuiiiski, Jau Mhli,itoHikl, I'raiuvjsick Lillian
iIc, Jan IIjkoHlc, I'racliwek ltostkow.1,1,
WoUleli Xagiodlkii, btciihen Douan.kl, Jtdn
l'auct Kuzda. Sinian f-atkltl iz. Mliliil, jii)u laiihii, J inoi (ijiilko, lliujtlu l.en.
icki, 11l.iu, Ali'k.iinlr.i Jlluejki, l'ruu-
,t.,1 1(11. 1 Mil ,1 n. I.. ,,..! I C, !.,,... It'.. .1.
.1111 ,(,?..,, ,tU IIIIIMIIt.UI, ...filial ,11 I1ILIII
Icuakl, (I'.uey will, Wlailvftiiv !lloluuky, Juntfu
ll'..l.l ,1.1,.. .,.!... .....I...I .. , r ',.
11VIUJKII, ,1.1111,1 .lll'llll, n,',lllll. UU.t, lieOlliU
I.l.w,.l -!.,. I V' Il.tnl., InJI., lit. I...
1!,II,4.V,, V,.,.VJ Mfc.l,,., , ,..J.I.,U ,.1-911111, Jl.ilJb
l.n.,i, kl.lL LM.1..IH, lll.f 'I ..... 1 t
llu. i 114, .'lujil ,11.11,1,11, iiiiianirt .lltit it'll ,1111, J!aiiilla, .lnif S'Ji li. .iticlaiy of ht, Jo.
hiph JliingJiiJii Society; Itaulai 1'epels Stephen
111.. I. .. t V- .1 1 II. ... t II ., I..I t... . I ... . ' .. it, .lilt Itiiktn, jiutfi-j 1111,11,11,1, .jail
uOuuk, Ivvan Cjck, John and Maiy Muclai.
West Scinnton Station,
1'icd llerlevv, John II, CoKiuan. H. L'oiuioo, )J,
(lett John CuoKaniU, 'llionui J, DavU, Maiiou
Fclvv-diiU, Owen J. riunegaii, (!eoit;o l'o, I'eiiv
(iarduci, Jjima Hill, Tckhcii Hopkliu, John W,
Juiiii, John l.aiii-s Hubert Mujei, Mi. 1'aini,
I'etci lUt. Hor.i M. 1'nry, Jim. llcatilco Itob
trts titoigu Smith', Tlioinai Miorls Annie JI,
Schucldci, -Mlts Kom I, brar, Udujul L. 'liac.v,
John II. 'Ihumas Joliu 'J bonus John J, Vim
('filler, William . Wilson. Jcnkln Walters.
Want Advcrtlsiments Will Vo
Eecolved nt Any of the Follow
ing Drug Stores Until 10 P. M.
Central City
ALDEHT BCIIULTZ. corner Mulberry
trect and Webater avenue.
OUSTAV I'ICllKL, KO Adaina avenue.
West Side
CL'OItai: W. JLNKISS, Wl South lUIn
South Scrrtnton
FllKD L. TUnrPC, ItO Cedar avenue.
North Scrnnton
GEO. W. DAV11, comer Xotth Mlla
avenue and Market street.
Qrcen Kldgo
CIIAltLES 1'. JONLS, 1537 UlelsoD
P. J. JOHNS, P20 Crccn Hide ftiect.
C. LOItKNZ, corner Washington ave
nue and Marlon etieet.
V. II. KNI.'i'l-T.T,. 1017 Irving avcuua.
J. 0. BONE k SON.
Real Estnte.
I ll.VVi: roil SU.I! oi ccluiwc the folio critr
propel ties jn Ins and tcini-i to ult joii, viz:
Houc ind lot Xo, 110 Mirlon stieit,
llouu mid lot No. 1121 (lurclnci avenue.
Hotiso nml lot comer (luidiicr avenue and Mir
lon stieet.
Ono diMSl-foot lot on Girdnu avinuc, reir
Clrecii lilditc licet.
lioiis.'.ntid lot Xo. 1017 Iloulcvaid. All inipio.i!
lnents Double house Xo. S.l'.l bli.ivvniG avenue.
House and lot Xo. 'I liato tticet. All iin
ptovementk. Hoibc and lot Xo. SO 1'aio ilicet. Hot and Cold
Ilou-ic and lot No, 32 Itaco slietl. Cold Via
tel, furnace.
Double houc No. 11.1 'lliroop stitit.
lloii'c and lot Xn. 1UUI Atniiia iiicuue.
, Double home, LI031I stieet.
House .ud lot No. aill Clinics .sheet.
Two lots on Itkhmont avenue.
One-half double hoiHe, Crilumbh avenue.
Hous.0 and lot NoJ (ill. ll.ilc hticet.
House and lot Xo. tiOli Ilitts streel.
Hoiiic and lot No. 501 llites Mild.
Stoic ind two family iiputmcnU on Hioivn ave.
Lot unil la 1 go Inrn on Jlimvn .ivcniic.
l'actoiy site and tluco family npaitmcnt'5 on
Ditkvon i.vcnue.
Two fimlly II tt on Dltk-nn avenue. All iin-jirovcmciit-.
Hot'.e and lot Xo lol", Sindeifon avenue.
Thice-i-toiv li.itlt (2 ftorlcj, I filitilles) Xo. Oil,
3 P.. Miiikit fired.
Hpiisi- mid lot, (trace sttcct.
IIotL-o .mil lot o. 5 llher-ldo driie.
Hoi,e uiul lot Xo. 1 Itiviistdc tliive.
House and lot, H1I11K11 htreet, Diiumnie.
lluikc and tlio lols, Shiruood uvimie, Dumnoic.
lloiii an 1 lot, Hill meet, llumnoi-c.
lIoi,c and lot, (iiionwood .1M'., f laiL's Summit.
Hoii-o ind lot, Jtdro.c avc,, Claik'-i Siunnitt.
Lot .it the Diiiinir Park, Iliikwn City and
"Dili uicr- on whidi I will linlhl or ftirnUh money
to build with. (il.OltCi: D. IlltOWX.
1011 f-LH I'.lc!f.iiit filter for linnie-. In upper
Oiecn Itldcc: dmiie ncliihboihood: mon ilc-.-Iralile
locality fm hnni" iu Lu l.nt mni counlj.
J. A. Jluvine, 173(1 SindcrMin avenue,
1'OIIM I Oil bU.n r,l ncics, 7 milm from &ei in
tun; also SI) ncie-i pisluri' laud for 'ale or
lent; oil kcatcd near Llmliuiit, V. II. Oaidnci,
Jlo'coiv, Pa.
l'AUM 1"0R RALL' Sixty-two acid, one milo
fiom Like Ailcl; twelve atiei of timber, lent
impiovcd; excellent fpilncr vt iter on lot; faim
situated on load. Tor partuuliis addu'si Will
iam, Ailel, Pa.
l'AUM I'OI! SLi: or cxdiatigc foi city ptopeity
sltintc In Siisquehaniii coimlv; iintiuiccd;
well Viateied; Mutable for diirjlnr. Mork or
sheep ial,imr and irrni'iil faiiuius. Ilanjen, At
toinev, C2Uij Washington avenue.
Business Opportunity.
PAltr.M'.ll wanted with -1,000 In inolllablc 111 mil
fm luiinir ImiiiiCiS JI. II, Holtrate, Ciumiioii
wcilth biilldimr.
hlOCK AM) WIILAT IIIAIHUIS without delay.
Write loi oui sjiedal uiirkct letter, free on
applttatiou, S. j. Ilibliiul & Co., uicnibcn N.
i. LViisoliclalicI and Stock 'dnnac, It and 10
Broadway. New Ymk. IMalill-iliid l'-il. Lony
Dislince' Phono 21S3 Dioad.
Money to Loan.
ANY AMOL'.Sf OP MONi: to I.OA.V Quick.
Etralght loin, or lluildine; nml Loan. At
fiom 4 to 0 pel crnt. Call on X, V. W'aikd,
El l-.'Jlu Coiiuelt building.
Boarders Wnuted,
PUIVA'Ii: PVMILY to hive two ni'c men
to bond, CieniMii or l,'nli,i. Call any tiiu.'
aflci Uhuiidaj. All tuincnkuces, 607 llairijo'i
Wfluted Booms and Botud.
ANTLIl Two ccn.iminlcating looms with boaid,
pilvato family prcfeiicd. Two Lidlcij and ,1
Kcntliuiau. State lull pailkiilars Addict C.
II, ., 'Jill line otflcc.
Agents Wnnted.
IIKN'II.IIMIIY and lady agtnts wanitd. honoi.
able and pleasant work; Situ) to si.imi per
ilat. W, J. llicuMfl, -'.05 Lliulin Mritt, Snail.
ton. l'n.
I.Osr join ir fo li-illu, bsd.v while, tall ldnk. rpoltid. Liberal icwutd lunl it leturned
to Sib Lackiwiiuui avenue.
l.Oi I' On Cipoiw nvciuic, uatth Mi; llndei ic
tiuii to J(iOt) t'lipome avenue and icceho ic
l.CM'-.SUel beidid puiwi inntuliitiu snull hiuii
of iiioiipi. 011 Liikie.anni .ive.mii, mil W'.s
ciiiilm,', I'lndev pli-a-c letiiiu jiuiM' lo lilban
iitnc and keep contents
LOST irW, between l'cil; Lumber Co.. La,t Jltt
ket .tint and Piivhiliiiiii ihiiich. ltewaid
If letuined to utile 11 ot Peck Lumber Co.
clean and model 11 up-to
oiaxct; M'lniatu lotuu;
1 11 it 1 kct: eh i.ttcji-. An
Ideal ttoiatfo for liou.ehold tlTt'ds, etc, 'llilrty
(.eparato Moraito rooux. huiantou Stoiaifu com.
rani, J13 l'r.iiikliii avenue,
Dissolution of Partnership,
BlijsOLllTlOV Ol' PAltlXLltSIIIP-Ihe iiartuer
ship heretufoic evbtluir bitivecu J, JI. Putdy
and A. JI. firm, under tlio Hun mmo of I'nrJy
li I'Iiiii, ia Hill "'JUi diy m -Mirth, lt-o;, dls
solved by niiitttil const nt, A. JI. 1'inn ictiiliur,
'Hie I'lislni's.-, bcicaflei will be inntliiucd by J, JI,
Puidy undei the llim name of J, JI, Piinly & Co..
to whom all nulatandluK iiieniiuts will bo paid
and who iimiiiiic all llabilitie.,
A. M, riim.
Daltun, Slauh 2'), J'-O'.
We Will Pay 7i' -00 names, if a reasonable pro
V K 1 cn O-O Port'on ! tnem invest $1,00 u week
YOU if) I5U.UU jn iQ best investment for small sav
ings ever offered. Particulars cheerfully furnished.
1 t
126.128 Washington Ayenue Scrmiton, Pa.
3 Insertions 25 Cents
Mori Tim Pour Line, 6 Cent) for llach Uttri Hi),
Help Wnntod Mnlo.
WANTLD Capable men li.ulnir Ind experience
ai (ravrllner 1 ilcnieti, Ipnilitii or Inetcliiint-tj
llbcinl (.ontifctj uiliii)' or roiitiiilmlcn. AiMresi
tuiperintendent, Hot i(l, Hcinnluii, Pa.
Olt.SO MUX wnnted any illtanu', copy lclleM,
Inline cvclilnni nml leliitii to us We pay $10
per thousand, tend addic-wcd envelope, pirllcii.
IJ" and cojiy. r. JI, t Dept. 415, lto-t llll,
M.MIIIKIt WANTLI) al 501 Linden Micct, upjio-
MIO Cotltl llolll-C.
WANTKD Ai-citialo man with some kiiinvledtto
ot bookkcepltur, tillllnsr ami nhlpplnif. (If
nrrald uf woilt, ilou't applv). Aililm-n, Blvlnif
arrc, etc., A. II. k Co., Trlbuiiu ofUtc.
CIVIL HKItVJCi: Kovciiimetit positions ll.xsii
.ippolntnicnts made hut tear, l'robalily 10,
000 t Ills v ear. Onlj toinmon nehool cdiicalloii io
nulred for rviiiilnntlnn. Cittiiloittie ut Infuinii
Hon free. Columbian CoirciiouiletiCe! C'ollecc,
WuMihiRton, I). C,
CANVASSIilt. unite n" female; n RCod )iiopi"ltloii
to one willing lu woik. Sihry and loinnils
nlott. ll caro of Tilbune.
WA.'Ji:i)-i:.pcilenced liulldlnt; and loan, tmui'
iiikc ami book c inuihsois Somcthit tt iiiw;
Booil pay, 1)., caro of Tribune.
NALIWtAX One who hia hid experience cllliij,'
Modn and bomh aud other ijood aecuiltlcs
A Rood wihiry to tlio light man. Lxpciluncc,
cue of lilhune.
W ANTLl) Two lncdi.ilile.Jl (iiiclnecu; htate ex-perk-lire
and salaiy expected. Apply by let
ter. Addiess I.'. JI. W., 'llibiuio office.
JOHXd JILX wanted am- distance, coppy letters
home cvenliiira uiul lettiin lo us We piy H)
per thousand. j.ond addrnncd enveloic, piiitiiiiLus
and copy. V. JI, C, Dept. l;'3, l)o: llll, Willi
delnlih. WANTP.D.
i"0 iltxid P.ilutets
i'y (iiiod Plmnbi'is
2", Tlii'iniths
S.0 i:iectiiiiaiis.
Oil! MpKooii uveiitif.
Xiiirai.l Pulls X. Y.
WAMI'D 100 Cood Caipenteis, ..'.7D per day.
fcxvi)i:it & niLLi'.ir,
PI! JlcKoon aiLiitte.
Xi.iS.1ia 1'alli.
WANTLD A first elaiw mm to take c ire of loetl
agency for c.i'V hclllnir ptoe'k. 'flic light mill
can make fiom I'M) to V-0 a vvtik. Write at once
to Invctor, 'tribune oftlcc.
WANTED Experienced salesman
for Curtain and Drapery depart
ment. Apply Goldsmith's Bazaar.
WAN'I LIl Two expeileneed Mdiouiapheis; up
lily to Intcruatlonil Salt Co, Council build
,lng, Scranton, l'a.
Help Wanted Eemale.
WANTLD fiood gill foi' general liouseworlc.
Apply comer Snth and Dudley stieet. Dun
more. WANILD (liil for geneial hoitaewoik. Apply at
SO'l Qulnty menuc.
WANTKD IMMIiniVI'KLV nirl for bciici.i1 iiouta
work. 112J Albright avenue.
101'XCl LMlll.S wantid, any ilistance, copy let
teis home evening-, anil ntuiu lo u,. We
piy l-K) per thous.ind, send nddiewd envelope, and (opy. 1". JI. U. Dept. ll'i, Ilox
llll, PhilatlLlphiii.
APPItnVTICLS WAXTLD Iinincdhitilv; call at
Vienna l)ies,tnnking Pailors !IJ1 I.tckaw.inni
avenue, Crane building. Tike elevator.
WAN 1LD (till for geneul liimcvvmk; mint
sleep homo nights. Call al 417 Adims be
tween 7 and S.
LADY OANVASr.n wanted to folielt subscrip
tion? foi 'llio 'lilbuue; good icniiniis-,ioii of
feicd with a fair guaiantee foe 'tusl-duss woikcr.
Apply pi-i-.ou.illy at liu'lncss Jlauagcr'g ofllte,
Scranton Tribiue.
Situations Wanted.
AN i:l'i:illi:XCi:i joung lulv v.ould like plain
f-t-viiij to (lo, go out by thu dai ; cm ftiiuUh
lefciinic. Addle.-. JI1-1, Jlae, caie Tilbune.
blTL'.VIION WA.Yir.n-lly .1 widow, would like
washing ami hou,e cleiiimg b.i tint daj. Jlia.
Jllllei, 7IJ Schiidl couit.
1'OillIOX wanted by a vuiiiiir ladv iiiltk In tig-mc-?
ami good pemmin, nil) (laidnit nvenue,
IN llll; LbTATK of Wlllliin J. Liwis lid- ot the
City ot Sciauton, County ot Lackawaiuit,
State uf Pciiicjhiinia, decta'id.
I.eltciH testamentary 011 the lain (iipallio will
having been gi anted to tlie uudeisigiicil 1111 t lie
alioie iMate, nil penon-1 having tlalim or ilu-inauil-i
against the sime will jilciie picsent them
for jiajimiit, and all those Indebted theieto will
1111I.1: imiiiedlate pi.vmcnt tu
WLLLKS tt TOltllP.Y, Attoinej.
XOITCi: I-, heieby given that at a iiirrtiuj; ot the
MiiichohleiK 01 iiieuiliiii. of thu I. .11 1, in. lull I
Store Asioelatlon, Limited, held at iH hIIili In
thu City of buaulou, Pernio Ivania, 011 thu llth
ll.v of Apill, 1I02, it was 1 1. -ol U'd Hut the Mid
iissoiialion lie. ilL,ohed bv volunti, action of its
iremliers, mid at the sum- meeting llio tuidii.
tlguid weiu iiipoluted Lhiiilditlng Tnulcn to
wind up the lumeiii mil dl.tilliute the a-.,cts
thereof unions the nuiiilicis in 111c.011l.1uct with
thu piovWona ol an Ait of llio (inieral As
(embiy of the 1'iiiiim.iiiui'iillh of lYnn,.tlatlla,
cnlitlid, "An Act .1111 hot Ulng the foiiuillnn nt
pulncisblp inns In whli li the capital
Mili-cillicil fli.ill aloiio ho n-.-iuii,ililu fm the
debts of the j-i-od ition, cccit iindii' icitalu ill-iimistaucci-,"
itppioved tin- t-eiond day uf June,
A. D, 1871, and the Mippliineiils tlieteto.
Ml pcisuns ale tlineforu uotlfled tint Mid
,i datioii Is In Ilipiiditloii .mil di.-ohnl, i
upt u fu as i tiiies-stiy tu keep it alivo for thu
Ixueililal winding up Ihcicuf, ami ciei one In
dcblul tu Mid .iM-oilatliiii i-i lieltbv nutitlMt to
piy such iiidtbttdnnii, without ilclav to the un
ililrliiiicil at their oftlcf, turner Jclleioun and
Laekawiimia uvenucs, Scianton, Pa and all pn
inns hiving claims agilast nld iiNiCilatlou will
pttneni them lu us 0 pijii'tnt at the bald of-
tC', (.Mgtidl) i:. P. IIA'IPII.LII,
Liquidating 'liiutca.
Seiaiilou, Pa., Apill 11, 100J.
UAXDIDVri'.S for the (ifllto of Iu,pertci- uf
Mines aro heieby iiotllltd (hat the Itoiti cf
rxaniliiem appolnteil by tlio Comt of Cuiumoii
Pita, ot laukawanni counly, will meet at thn
Hoard uf Contiol rooms City Hall, Scianton,
tut Monday, Apill 21, I'll-', nt JO a. pi., tor the
i'Miiiiliatlon of Mich candidate as m ly apiitur
beforo tbcni, Candidates will notltc that tho 1 iw
irijulirs lliem lo juothiio satifaciory evidence of
having bid at lcu.t live je.u.s uai cper.
tnte in the aiitlu.itlte nut mines
.1 uirs Yoi'vti.
Ki:i:sr. a. philmps,
lli:iimii: W.VllilNs.
political;---?. -
rltlST LEGISLATIVI! I)ISTHlCT-N-6tlt li here
!)' given to the Republican otera ot tin
rlrH Lcglsliitlvo District, that A Jirlnlary elec.
tlon will bo held 011 Saturdiy, April 2(1, 1002, l.c
tivcen thclioiiii! of four and nevrn i, m.,'tor the
purpese of nominating a candidate! for tlio Leg
Mature lo represent the district iitnl to elect lw-u
delegate lo the Kepubllcali Stale Convention to
be held at IllirMnlrg .tittle. 11, 1!02.
The conjenlloii tu rQinputc the, vole wilt b
held on Tuesday, April 2D, at 10 o'clock In Co.
operallia Hill, E.ieji candidate) must regk'tct,
with tho district clnlriiiiin, his full name and
liofitoffli b oddii-M, and pay hit Mcwnteht fifteen
days before the election, or his liamo lll not bo
pheeil on the offlelal ballot. .
Tlie district vigilance commlltfc, In the Vari
ous ivcclnct', will conduct the election, and tlia
result will bo leported bv tlie reltirn Judgo to
the tllstilet comrntlcn, which will lie composed
of the return judges. A written notke contain
ing their Itiitruellnns will lie mailed In the Ineiu.
bcrs of llio vnilotm district vlglHmo loinmltteci.
ar.O. W, JENKINS, Chairman.
Altcst-W, W. SIMPSON, Secretary..
hereby given to the Repitbtli in voIcm ol
the Scrond Legislative dlstrlet Hint a jirlmarv
eleelloti will be held on S thirdly, April 2il, looi,
bclwecn the liuura nf four and seven o'clock- p.
in., for the puipose of electing two delegates tu
irpresent iald leglslnthe dlstiict In Hie coming
Republican tatr conveiillon tu be held In liar
rlsbtirg on June 11, V11U, nnd to Humiliate
loiulliuto for the leglslatuie.
Tho convention to compute tlie voa will In)
held on Tuesday, April 2'', 1002, nt 1 o'clock p.
m In the looms of the Ccntial Republican (liib
in Sitnnlmi,
In accoidniiie with the rules governing this
ilUlrlct the candidate will be voted for dlrcctlv
by the voters nt the polls. Each candidate must
register with the dhltltt chairman Ida full rums
nnd postoMip uddicsi uiul pay Ills iic"sinent
twenly tlavn befote Hie election or I1I1 name vvlll
not be placed in the olfldal billot, neither will
inn- votes cnt for him he counted.
The district vigllanca committees In the vail"
oils prcelnels will conduct the election and tin
retiilt will be reported by the teliirn Judge to the
dlslilct convelition, wliuh will bo composed of
the'ieturii JhiIbcs ot the various ellstrlcts. A
written ticitlee (outlining further Insrrnrtlon vvlll
be sent to the menibeis ot the said district vigil-
ance committees.
PREDERir W. FLEITZ. Chairman.
Attest: WAL'IER E. IUVI, Secretary.
by given that there being only ono cmulleUto l
for repro-ei-iutlu', two delegales and two alter
mtcs 0 the State lomention having leghtered,
we, the 1I11I1111111 and Frcirlaiy of Hie Third Leg
islative district Rrpubllcin inminiltee, hereby di
(.laic the nine lo be the nominees oLthn HepnWI
cm p.uty lu the said district. In oirotilamc with
the provUIoiis ot Rules 21 nnd 2j of Hie Jiarty
'Ihe peif-ontiel of the staidlng committee Is
to iimnln as nt picsent constituted.
Hy older of
TIHTHS10X "s. l'ARKER, Chairman.
,7. E. WATKINS, Secretin y.
SI:AI,i:I) PltOPOSAI.S will be lecelved until 12
o'clock noon, on Monday, Apill 21, 130J, In
the ottlco of tho City Itee older, in City Hall,
hcianlon. Pa., for the purchise of Two Hundred
and Light-, -llvo 'Iliiiunnd (W'i,00O) dollars of
three mid on"-half (!l'4) Jiei cent. Scranton City
Uonils, known as "Judgment Funding and Jlti
nlcipal lviininent Iniproveinent Loan."
Ilciiomlnatiiiu of llonds lSl,(0t) etch.
Ilonds redeem ible in otdtr ot their numbers dt
Doniln Xos. 1 to CO, inilusive, May 1, 1007.
llonds Nos. fil to UIO. inclusive, Jlay 1, 11)12.
llonds Xos. 101 to liVI inclusive, Jlay 1, 1017.
Honda Xos. I'll to !IH), hulustvc, Jlay 1, 102i.
II0111N X'o. 201 to 2'iD. ini-limlvc, Jl.iv 1, l'U".
llonds Xos. 2'il to 2J.1, Inclusive, May 1, IK).'.
Prlndpiil and inteiesl Kuiirantccd by speclnl
tax levy and jnjable at the ottke ot the City
Treasurer, Scranton, l'n.
floiids iftued fice of all taes.
S1I1I bids will be opened bv the City llecorder
in his office in City Hill. Scranton, l'a., on the
d iv and hour above written.
All bids must bo accompanied by a certified
check for S.I.CKH1.
W. Ij. COSNT.L-L-. City Rccoidcr.
Eseeutlve Otitic, City Hall, Scranton, l'a.,
April 2, 2002. '
IHIEUMATIS.M All nartlc3 that wish een be
speedily and peiinancntiy cured of all va
rieties of ItheumalUni by a vegetable compound.
Cures guaranteed. Inquire or addicts J. L. Tay
lor, Scranton.
Certified Public Accountant.
Building, and St. Paul Building, New York.
pni:Dnnicic l. brown, aucil b beAIi
Estate Exchange Bldg.. 120 Washington ave.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Spruco street, Scranton.
and Couiuelloisal-Laiv, out to UU Council
Joonn 12, 11, 16 and 18 Burr Building.
tiuleil on real estate security. Mcars Building,
corner Washington avenue and Spiucc utiect.
Ctmimonwcattli Building, Roomi
10, 20 and 21.
00J-C0I, Oth floor, .Meara building.
of Trade Building, Scianton, Pa.
Bank- Building
til Wyoming avenue.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Dlt. W. E. ALLEN, 513 NOUi'II WASI1IN010.S
ington avenue. lte.ldence, 131S Mulberry.
Chronlo ol-ea.-ts, lungs, heart, kidneys and
gcnlto-urinaiy organs a tpcclatty. Hours, I
to 4 p. xn. ....
ington avciitt", Chronlo and nervous dUtiuci
a spetlajt), Coitsultattoii fice, "t
Hotels nnd Hestaurnnts,
uuc, Rates leasonablc,
r, ZIEOLER, rioprlctor.
eemrer depot. Conducted on tho Kurope4n
plan. VICTOR KOCH, rropilctor-
a u. "nmnos cleans privy vaults and
ccsa pooW; n-3 dor; only inijiroved juinips uieil.
A. 11. Brlggs, proprietor. Leave orders JlOd
North Main avenue, or Elckc'u drug stoie, cor
ncr Adaii'a and Mulberry. Both telephones.;
mmi'ii, store 201 Wabhington avenue; gie
hiuici, 1J0 Noith Main avuiuc; (tore tele
phone, 762.
Wire Screens,
Scranton, l'a., luauufactuicr of Wiio Screens.
albO ladles waUU. Louixj blictemaUr, 21J
Adams avenue.
vclopes, paptr bigs, twine. Waichucue, loJ
Wasidugtcn avenue, Scianton, I'J.
in Scraiiton at tlie news stands ol ReUuHtn
Bros, JOo tpiucc and MW Linden; M. Nortou,
S22 I.atkawaum avenue; I. S. Schutter, 211
Spruct streets v
.-i. - , --- ? --. .
iif.mixiiAj,??- .a. ,)., J;h-j j- iw fA. J. ifa,- jt. , J,,