The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 16, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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Viiblloiifd Dally, tlxcept Sumhy.J-y 'j'lifi!;
mie Pulillalilng Oomptny; nUIKyj'.ciit.t Mcntii.
1.JVY S. MOIIAltD, l'clllnr.,
0. V. PYXnEE, lliulncfi Miingfr.
New York 0llccl ICO Naval Sf.
Sole Affcnt tor 1'orclgii wertJl,
Inltttil at die roilofllci- til HcMiitoii, P., i
Second Clnw Mill Matter,
When space will permit, 'fne
Tribune la always gliul to print
Hhort letters) from Its friends benr
.ing on current topics, but Its rule is
that these must be signed, for pub
lication, by the writer's real name;
and the condition precedent to ac
ceptance Is that nil contributions
shall be subject to editorial revision.
Tilt: ITAT rati: I'Olt Ai)V:itTl81Nef,
'I lie following talilo Miown tha price per Inch
Mcli liwrlion, to bo uctl within one wr.
llllll of
11 per.
1'iwll l.lll.
l.rMtli.111 M lntiies.
to Indies
TfH "
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for i anil ot!., reoti!lloin cl cnwloleiicj,
nrnl -linllir lontillmtlom In tlip naluie of nil
Mitllng The Tribune nukes a cimrgc ot ft cents
a line.
HjIch ot Classified AihertUlns; furiiNlicil on
KCUANTON, APIltL 10, 1002
The figure or the 'budget submitted
by Sir Michael Hicks-Bench will 110
doubt convince the British taxnnyers
tltnt flonernl Stioruinu'h definition of
war wns correct.
Of Course He VViil Fight On.
V"fHBRE Is nothing surprlsl
, I In the fact that Attorn
, in me iiiri mat .iviiurimy
JL Cieneial Klkln has decided to
continue his gallunt battle
for the gubernatorial nomination. It
ii tine tluit Mntthcw Stanley Quay,
senator by virtue of Klkln's loyalty,
has with brutality unparalleled deciecd
that ISlkln shall be slaughtered. And
it Is no doubt true that the Quay-owned
camp-followers who have been protend
ing to be for Klkln will now slink away
from him and hunt the tent where the
dark horse Is being groomed. Any oth
er result would be Incomprehensible.
But the fact remains that a host of
the young Republican stalwarts of
Pennsylvania have set out to effeot Mr.
Klkln's nomination If possible; and the
trickery of Quay or the inconstancy of
the camp-followers supplies them with
no reason to desist from their enter
prise. If the outlook Is not so bright
today as it was before Quay delivered
his Judas stroke, that is simply a con
vincing reason why they should honee
lorth work all the harder. Their can
didate is clean, able and stalwart like
themselves.- Ills populaiity has been
bhown wherever tested and liai grown
wherever ho is known. In a fair and
manly appeal to the voters, against a
chorus of detraction and hired calam
ity wailinp, all emanating, it is now
believed from the Pittsburg influences
which later captured Quay. John P.
Klkln went gallantly before the Repub
licans of Pennsylvania, and won their
verdict wherever his challenge was ac
cepted. The odds against him are
stronger now than they wcie a week
ago, but we see no leasou to doubt that
he can yet face and vanquish any op
ponent dating to submit his candidacy
fairly before the people.
Of coulee Klliln is still in the Held
and if the counsel of his friends shall
prevail he v.111 stay there, to win or to
lose only when the last vote shall have
been counted, in the meantime, how
Is it among those who huvo platted
Klkln's destruction'.' They dare not
announce their man. They are playing
the old lilek of keeping him hidden
liom public notice until the delegates
have been counted and the deals all
dealt. Under the lofty banner of har
mony and reform no nre now seeing
easily the shabbiest: exhibition of boj-s
brutality In the modern history of
politics, and the amusing part of It is
that among the loudest applauders ate
those who have won what little renown
they possess as howling critics of boss
There is no question that a cloven
hoof Is behind the beef trust.
Nearlng Its Finish,
RKUAUPLKSS of how aeelli.ile
the published guesses at the
lenns of tho pending peace
negotiations are, it I.t plain tho South African agony Is In its
death throes, For ono reason, not a
filth of the original male lloer popula
tion of fighting ago remains at large to
llsht, the other I'our-llCths having been
captured hv the British and lijd us
prisoners of war. Then, again, though
seemingly ineshuui.tihle, the Boer sup
ply of ammunition appears at last to
s-how signs ot giving out. Huperlor
.weight, steadily bearing down upon
Jthem, has gradually crushed out the rc
islstlng power of lhc great tcnmlning
bulk of tho burgher population until,
despite tlio brilliant and dashing stiat
egy of PeAVet, Uo.I.a Itey and their
ihaniUul of gallant followers, the Inevit
able Jias approached within unmls
itaknlfTe view of the most obstinate,
' This condition ulono exulaius tho
present Intel change of peace overtures,
jl'ugland, Jt Is needless to say, is sick of
',tho war and horribly sick of its cost;
but sick as she Is, Kuglaud would not
consent to terms of peaco which cast
Jtny shadow of doubt upon tlto Identity
Sir the victor or upon tho future stabll-tj-'-'of
British ciuplri) in South Afiica.
JTe war on England's purt has been
Widely misunderstood, but pot in Eng
land. There tho people know that it
jiaS been a battle of races for control
of the southern half of the African con
tinent, Twico before hud the vain en
deavor been mude topostpone this In
evitable' by u process of compromise;
tWs time It Is In every fur-seeing Eng
Ifshman's heart thut there shall bo a
settlement for all time,
."But with the British emblem afloat
and secure his majesty's government
mhy well emulate the spirit of Lincoln
when he proposed that If the South
wquld write "Union" at thu top of the
pilge It might put whulever It pleased
bcw. In other words, If "British soy
Bf)ty" la written ut the top of the
s5Bfejji. &. J tS-ji'-Mki
r -mp-.f.ri-'-L -ftJ jjg
peafco natters In the M'retotln. negolla
tlons, It would be Die policy ot wisdom
on tho part of tho English not to be loo
exacting regarding the details. Untitles
tlotmbly this war, miserable as It Is
while In progress, means tho beginning
of n now and blighter eta. for the wholo
of South' Africa. Kruuerlsni and the
seventeenth century still It of bigotry,
(Hid lutolerunco that i-o long stood In
the way of the development of lloer and
Briton alike, have gone down In It
never to come up again. Among tho
Boers themselves a new generation will
arise broadened and strengthened
mentally and physically by the experi
ences or tills struggle, and with a new
heritage of liberty and chance for
growth. The future of the country calls
for mutual understanding Instead of
Violent and cultivated prejudices, and
to this end generosity on the part ot
the preponderating power Is absolutely
We do not doubt that when the end
Is reached and the ofllclal terms are
made known to tho world, It will be
found that this Just expectation has not
There 1110 still many who believe that,
when raised in the interest of harmony
in tlio ranks of b! titivated Democracy,
the voice of Hon. David B. Hill hath a
hollow, mocking sound.
T 11111513 YEARS ago, on the
1'jth of this month, a num
ber ot Pennsylvanlans resid
ing In the metropolis organ
ized the Pennsylvania society of New
York, Their object was to cultivate
social intercourse, collect historical ma
terial relating to the state of Pennsyl
vania and to keep allvo its memory In
the chief city of lis neighboring com
monwealth. The chairman Is .Bishop
Potter; Andrew Carnegie, Charlton T.
Lewis, Sevoio Mallet-Provost and Rob
ert (J. Ogden are vice presidents; tho
chaplain is Rev. Dr. John V. Carson;
the treasurer, John A. HUtner, and the
secretary, Barr Fence. Among the S70
members are names of wide renown In
every walk of lite. The list of member
ship is almost a roster of the foremost
citizens of New York. Among non
resident members we note tho name of
Frank K Phillips. He Is Scranton's
only representative a worthy one, lint
there should bo more. Scranton's raiil
In Pennsylvania affairs calls for a
larger fellowship in this valuable so
ciety. The Pennsylvania, Society of New
York Issues a year book, the compila
tion of its secretary, Mr. Ferrer. The
second number of this has just been
received. In addition to the recoids of
the society it contains a large quantity
of carefully digested information relat
ing to Pennsylvania affairs, making the
volume virtually a "year book of con
temporary history and patriotism."
Thus space has been devoted to a se
lection of notable magazine articles on
Pennsylvania; a summary is given or
historical annlversatles, celebrations,
memorials and memorial portraits;
there is a digest of more significant
state legislation; notes on historical
buildings preserve the sequence of in
terest In tills fruitful field of Pennsyl
vania research; and, perhaps most im
portant of all, there is a department In
which the more notable books of the
year relating to Pennsylvania history or
achievement are bilefly but fairly re
viewed. To Pennsylvanlans everywhere
these records are serviceable. Their
promised future compilation on yet a
broader scale calls for appreciative an
ticipation. At the last dinner of this society, the
third annual "festival," It is euphemis
tically called, the address in response
to the toast, "The State of Pennsyl
vania," was dellveicd' by that eloquent
representative of Pennsylvanla-aer-tuany,
former Attorney Ooncial Ilcnsel,
We do not remember to have seen it
reported at the time, last December.
Certainly ' it merits perpetuation in
print. Perhups n few quotations from
it would yet be seasonable:
In tlio Amy of Atnritc.ui coiiiinoiiire.iltli; 01119
Is a H .1 blank pi;t'. Wo luo Uen pu bu.y
lic.iling tlio side, tijlin- law suite, jiicKliim; the
gospel, tillini; tlio 11, building- iaiIio.ul-, open,
lug cujI mines, "lioiiiif- oil welK nnd ioiglng '.tool
1 ills, that u Ii.tvo left Hie wiilli,1,' of liUtoiy
to our fillow cuiiiitijnicn of MjvucliuwtLi nnd
And yet llieie I-. not miuh In tin; hMoiy of
Pt'iin-.vlv.mli tn be .ili.uniil of, and 1niK.l1 to be
gialeiul for. Wo neither Mole our linkage ficm
1 inwii or i-tuige, but bought and paid nr li,
(lt tic.111 hing mill then fioin .iboiiglno. If our
III -A M.ttleii thtl fii'in loHgUm-, and pollliiiLt p-M-feiiitlon,
they at bioiighi with tlii'iu tic
Ide.i of loUratlou; mid if tho t-pliil of any H'it
pcuncatcil tho foundation ot our commonwealth,
it v.'.H (emptied with duo leg.iul lor all dilhr
once of opinion, ullglom or political. Wo neur
banished tho I'llgilui to tho wiMmii'-i tor hH
Hfp-iil t) iccognUe thu Inner light, nor burmil
tho ruiltau for bN stubborn to icjeit the
foiuul oath, nor bmed the tongue of tho I'lc-i-b,vlcrl.m
tor his. icjutlon of our foiiu of hpeoili,
lur whipped uoiuui ut the tall of the cart for
their iiiaUtenee mi the tauaiuuil,
Tor inn mil .1 Inlf ci'iitiulei, fieedoui of ion
M'leueo and lilal b jtu.i distinguished the I'um
s.vhanla Fj-l"iu, and li we have never iirMul
011 llio people of iiiiv other iciumuulty tuning
Hod or blnu auonllng to our pleatjnio, ve hac
,ii.iiitl,v defended their lighU to do it accent
ing -to thc!t own.
('uncoiling In Now I'ngland Intelleilu il leader
ship, will it bo deulul that If that M-itiou of the
Luiintiy h.H advanced ll.elf In livaMilp Hllli the
uiotheilaiul In aits ami lettcus, until, forooth,
111 dramatists lhal Mialt".H'.iie and,
u poets hliiKo the high note-, of Mielley and
Keats mid It pduU-i-. ocol Ite.enoldi nod Tur
ner, I1.C11 not the lueielunts iiud iii.inuriciuieis
of tho Middle Mates done ( to cast tho
balance) of tho uuilei'a tiado In our faior, and tn
glo Auieill.i iiinong tie
nitlom ot thu caithV I'lg lion plajs a put in
tlio Hoihl'j) pingic as well ai poetiy. The ill
liio electee that man tOiall not Iho by bioul
nlouc Iu uewr been eiilngid lu a legulall.u'
that man Mull llto without biead; and, limit
the dijs of s'U'phui (iliaul to .lohii WauunaKcr
an I Amhew ('ninigle, liom the time when Itoliert
l'ldluii espeilniculid on tho necks ol lib n.iihe
Inland county until the day when Ciaiupi outllt
luttlediipi for, IVuultaiil.i has done her
pait to puivi! Low lh Anierleaii 111ct.1I lings,
Today kliu Is netting tho woihl not to hay Now
yYoil: .111 esiiuple In INeal and mechanical uill-
10.111 iiianageiueui, louseiiiug me loiiuinciio
ot the public and the aduutauo ot tho .itocV
holiler; and In this period of the most advaueed
ami hU'lily mgaiil.ed toinbln.iiliiiis of capital ami
Incliiitiy, hu iiuhtii in) apology for being tho
birthplace of tho gie.ilet entcipibei
the wnild lias cttr Miomi, wIiom! caigoei croud
every kea and whoa l.rc light the homesteads
of ociy chlllzeil nation under the cky.
Literally, Is the taujlng coals tu .Vetteartlc,
(filing iws in b'lefttcbl, bulldlu;; locoiuothi. (or
ltu&ila and supplying1 miH'il.iaut to tho armie of
If see ct l'cmu.ibanU still wall; lu the
furrow whfio our foicUthcis 1 1 ode, and wear the
yoke our father- uoie two tcutuiies ago, it was
tlJ canvavcoveicd ''Coneslogj" wagon that
tracked the path fioni trans-continental hlg'mvajo
ot cpirmtTcc; tho red barns of tho l'cmi.syvanla
farmer baio clotted thu pialtlos of every great
OKileultuul Westen tat ct tlieio remained 1n
Ilia Quaker and (ieruiaii counties ol Kastern
I'enni'lvanta a population which has not only
sV ??
JiAM.tA4nk3iMii)m,-. Ja,.JtJ-fAifc.t JkHjafam&-,
lecpt Ihrin pTe-nuliinit, but tvMcti for ktraiHatl
liefi, IndiiMiy, llirlfl ami wealth atnl (he rtijo.v
metit nf tho rrrilme comfort 1 lull be) p.lMlttl on
llio globe. 'Hie pioeeihlal limplUllly nnd good
cheer of the I'ctiit'.. banian a tint without hli
toilo origin. Iter fount!, m did not land In a
Feaoii of vetetlly, itiulil biealilng Wave that
"clwlieil high mi a bleak New I'.nglanil co.nt,"
but n.llleil Milnothly tip plaelil wiUrm mi 11 mllel
nilil'inmner ihj, between batik niiel
IhiHer-deckiil ino.idoiK. There h legltlin.lle Mic
to'iloii III thu (rooil direr whldi liai illitlngilWicil
the- ttninmtle! llio (if the cluirac tn ltlc l'enMl
unit home pier lnee ii lliat while one cf the
pioloctoM of the Xorlhem Pacific relates
that In remote Oicgon ho detected a l'eiiii'ilvanla
liouvewlfo by lier wipper of chit ken and ialltei",
11 blind tnin, deif mid iliiinb,,ioiilil ilhcoter hint
felf at Hie table of n Ij.111r.nter county
fanner by the e.hallenui to Ms reinilnllig M-ueS
of the teficshlng presence of tlie native cheeses
nnd nine kinds of pie,
The drawing together oj Pennsyl
vanlans whether tit home or away
from It Is a good thing. Good luck,
therefore, to the Pennsylvania Society
or Xow York.
A Pittsburg girl who look a pill to
make her j?yes sparkle had ti narrow
escape from rapid ascent of the golden
stairs that will make her content to
have her orbs resemble those of un
claimed market shad for the rest of her
Some exchanges Intimate that If the
arrival of Miss Stone falls to arouse
Pat Crowo to notion It will bo pretty
good evidence that the mysterious kid
napper has passed to the great beyond.
Derail1.!! If. Is our luK-ion nnd our duty to
alloi 1! Il11a11cl.1l, as well as, help to fctrug
gllng peoples the wide woihl oci.
llec.uiM! when we weic struggling for cslst
enco as an infant republic, help wa extended
to II!,
Ilccau'c in fioin Cutii'A limbs the
shackle? of Spiln, we tacitly agreed tu help the
ciuOied sufferer, to stand on her feet, and walk
Ilecam-e it Is tho gloiy of American manhood,
to bo piompt In redeeming all Its obligations,
legal or implied.
" llec.iuse t'uba is our r.eaiot neighbor by the
wa, and It Is eminently to our inlcic-t, to have
piopcioiw nclclibot.
llec.ui'.e the help we are aked to afloul, is
not pleaded for as a gift, but In return for
valuable 1ceiproc.1l trade privilege,-.
Ilec,nic in tho tiealy with us which wilt im
mediately follow the c-tabli'dunent of the Cuban
re public, Cuba will agree not to make tiade or
other treit'es with foielgu powcis, nor to Imue
bonds, without our con-cnt.
nccatwMve arc to 'elect and retain, puck naval
and eoallng stations on the i-Jantl, ns we desiie.
llecau-i! in the natuio of things, (ilia will be
come fo linked to 11?, commercially, that in
helping her, we aio practically helping ourselves.
Because Migar is her chief pioduct, of which
we consume -l.flffAOM.OUO pounds annually, and
only produce liOO.OOO.UOO pounds. Consequently
the pockets ot our people, nationally speaking,
will gain, nofJpc, by a lcduetion in favor of
Cuba, ot the tariff on sugar. The same is true
proportionately of tobacco and other pioiluets.
Ilecauoo while in the jcar ISSfl, our cspoits to
Cuba, wcie only $U,:!!7,1US, ct the uct jear,
when the McKlnlcy tartfl bill was enacted, with
its iccipioeil reductions of from 23 to 50 p"r
cent, on Cul an fiade, in .1 short time, as Eii,
Colonel Sanger, in h's admirable "Census of
Ciibi," nrai ly the entire trade of Cuba was
tiaiufeiicil to the I'nitcd Slates. Dy the Jcar
IS'i!, our cypeila to Cuba weie $2J,GU4,0!)4, a
giln under ucipioclly of ItTl per cent, in four
j e.11 -.
Uecau-e limited reciprocity witli Cuba, our
rcaiby protege, is nn entirely diffeicnt thing
fioni leeipioclty with a far away, 01 even neat
by, unallicd foielgu country.
lieeause the thiited States is Cubi's naliiial
m.uket, end Cuba i- a cnnvenient, natural mar
ket for our pioducls and nianufactuies.
Ilecause Cubi, licni'v in the poHtion of st.nt
'ng in bu-,inc-.s without, capital, and with only
limited credit, will be compelled to do business
hugely live baiter. Mie inuat fcek to give picf
crenco in buvinur, to thoAe markets in which
she cm, the ino-,1 cniily, sell her own products.
Ilecause, and for the icaon, wo aie, at ucs
ent, Tiling Cuba only one-third cf the animals
and animil pioduct-', and Iioota nnd thoes, she
lieoau-e we aie only celling Cuba, without
reeipioeity, t-i per nut. of her total imports.
Decline in Itiut, vvo old her (1.7 per cent, less
Hi in in I'lOO, while Oeiuuny ld -JU.l per cent,
l!ee,iu-e in aiding Cuba in her hour of need,
we Mull be doing only what is light, and fur
ther piovo to llio wmld that Aineiio.iu sympathy
means dollais, as well as words.
Walter J. Pallaid.
Schi'iifilady, N. V., Apill l.'i.
IMiltn of 'the! 'Iiiliuie
Mr: In our Mudy of the conditions ncc's
saiy to widen the maikcts for Auieucan pinducij-,
we have become convinced that the oig.inUitioii
nt our iiidusliies into laige units is ncccaiy if,
in lids highly peciali.ied age, we would lead
the world in tlio maul for commercial fupie
111 icy. Agencici, niii't be established, i-alesmen
f-ent out and advcitislug in new fields done on a
-eale be.vond iudividinl clfoit. I.argo capital is
necessary to hindle to advantage the foices
whicli now couliul the woild of tommcice, bleiiu,
clectilclty and machlneiy,
'llio combination and consolidation of our tall his lesulted in lower rates and better ter
vice, until now the people of the United States
aie getting their tiaupoitatlou for about one
Inlf those ot other print ipil nations, aid cur
pioducts me earned .1 thousand miles to our
seaboard ter les.s than the lailioad.s of "other
countiles ihaigo for taii.vlng the same products
two bundled miles inland from their sc.iho.iid.
'ibis cheap tiaupoitatlou eoupled with theap
pioduction by the laige units of capital known
111 "Tt lists" is fist, glvlna: m tho uuikel-, of
the win Id, and wo need in older to keep
our labor and capital hleadlly and lenmucratiiuly
cmplo.visl. 'the lugcr ami nunc contimious cur
production, the cheaper we can pioduce, but we
we must have a uiatkcf abo.ud for our siuplus.
We1, thtiefciie, dopieealo the unthinking and
Indlsuhulnate ileiiunci.itloii of "Ttu'ts."
A'civ tuily .vuiits,
I'nlted Slates llspoil Association,
I'. II. 'Iluubei, I'lolilcnt.
Xew York, April 15.
'I hi May Ceutuiy Is In begin a i-nles of jupeis
by II ly Staiiuaiil llaker on tho tiicat Soiahivcst
New Mexico nnd Ailzoua 111010 (specially, Tlice
papcis me to be illu-ttated by .Malleld I',
who bis lolleetid photographs on tlio pnl, ,i.
other dunning feaiiuo of tho Ceutuiy is 11 pioiu. fities of leiulleclloiis by that delightful
vcti;r.iu uttor, .1, II. StuebUi t. 'this, also, Is to
begin lu the May nimibei,
"I he Tllals of a Vnuiig llou.-fwlfc," by Lillian
Hell, is the subject 0! the leading article lu liai
pel's llaar tor .May, It will bo appieeiated by
ituifii-11, as will auutlier 111 tide 011 "How to lie
Happy Though Minsk." Juno lnldes and gill
liiadiiiles 1110 tho subject! of intieli utleutloii tn
tills number of tin leading fashion and heme
IMwaiil I'lideilo lleiison, author of "Podo,"
has Ju.t eoiupletcd another society novel, that Is
I dug .bi ought out by l. Apple toil and ctinp.iuy,
entitled "Sunlit and ll.vssop," 11 is u lrmark
able sloiy of l.oud.u huclety, 11 inanteily ilUsec
lion of lis follies, v Id's and vapidity
. Nj
l'lauk T, llullen, author of "The Cruise of the
Cachalot" ami other tauccHful sea ttorlev, pas
ju.t biotight out iiuolhcT Volume of .iltvvitcr
jarns, called "Deep-Sea; l'underlngs. it is pub
lished in Auii'ilca, by llio Appk'tons. '
Tlio long toiy 111 tlio Apill St, Xichulas, 'l lie
Ito.vs of tho.Hlncon ltancli," by II. I. Canflcld,
is one of the n4t icadablo mid iiifouulng pieces
of Juvenilo lictlou that we have lead in many a
day, I'.veiy boy thould lead It.
A nev book by Hooker T. Washington, en
titled, "riio liullding of Character," U foon to
be published. It comprUe u utile of his blin
dly evening talks to the pupils of Tuslegco in
stitute, Not Guilty,
A ltocht'sk-r, N, V.( woman vouihej for the
following sloiy of an experience bishop Poller
had In Connecticut!
Some time ngo, the idoiy goes, lllshop I'ollet
went mi 11 ill to filcnds lu Connecticut. While
llieie ho was .vked to pleach In n Miialt ehiiieh
tifiir Stonlnglon, Tho mall, support of the little
parLelt was n wealthy widow, n devout iliiieeh
woman ami a tiluul of Ihc blihop. She Invited
the prelate to dliinei, adding that rlici would
tonlder It a tirlvllcge to oiler him slicker over
nliflit. As Hie next train out of Hie Iniulet lelt
nt 7 o'clock Momliy iiiornliig, llio bishop accepted
her Invllatlnii, A nuiplc of hours alter Ihc
l)lhop did left tho home .Mrs. II., who was n
woman of a somewhat linpcluniu nature, dlcov
rreil that a bait btinti ami comb were mlvl ig
from the toom occupied Hie previous night by
lljshnp Poller. Ilaidly reallzliiK vyliat she was
(loin, the wolniu liuirleill)' illspatelieil the fob
lowlnif note tn the bishop of New Yorlci
"Dear lllshopt Is It possible lialr btuli and
comb wcie put In jour grip by mlstnlcn!"
Tlio following day Air. II. received thht reply
by telegram: 'q'oor, but honest, Look lit the
upper drawer,"
i( fM
,s m
Spring and Slimmer Ofoid.s ami Iloots that con
tent the mind and comfort the feet.
Men's "Always" Busy Oxfords, $3.00
Ladies' "Melba" Oxfords, $2.50.
Lewis 8c ReiUy,
t 114-116 Wyoming Avenue.
"" ' Atlantic City.
Hotel Sothern
Sea end of Virginia avenue, the most fashion
able avenue in Atlantic City. Within a few
steps of the famous Steel Pier. Complete with
all conveniences, including steam heat, sun par
lor, elevator, and hot and cold baths.
Table unsurpassed; dliecl ocean view.
Itatcj-W.DO to S3.00 pet thy; $12.00 to $15.00
weekly. Write foi booklet.
Formerly of Scranton.
II Atlnntio City, N. J.
Capacily enlarged to 100. Xcvv and Modern.
Will make a Special Spring Rale of if2 and 2.50
per day; tfltl, !)J2 and J15 per week.
The superior Reivice and cuisine of the past
two seasons will be maintained tlnoughout the
entire year. JOrM B. aCOTT.
I Swarthmore
1 Collei
LITERATURES; for the physician there is special work In BIOLOGY;
for the lawyer or business man there is the course in ECONOMICS
AND SOCIAL SCIENCE; there is work in the field and training
In the shop for the CIVIL OR MECHANICAL ENGINEER, while
the laboratories open the doors to ELECTRICAL AND CHEMI
CAL ENGINEERING. Joined with all this there is Intelligent
Physical Culture with all that
more, too, there is that intimate
9 dent, which is probably the greatest force in the development of C(
character and which Is possible only at a small college. Under $
4 Management of friends. Catalogues on application. &
3 WM, W. BIRDSALL, President. jg
Hungry Qrass
If you want your lawn to grow up quickly
with strong, healthy grass, you should feed it now.
The best fertilizer to use is our Odorless Lawn
Dressing. It is entirely free from weed
We have it put up conveniently in bags.
Q-pound Bag Stic
25-pound Bap; , , . , $1,00
50-pound Bag , $1,50
JW fjeed Now
To fill in the bare places on
Special Lawn Seed
cleaned seeds. Price, per pound, 30 cents. Com
mon Lawn Seed, per pound, 20 cents. Special
prices in large quantities. We also have at the
lowest market prices:
(Jarden Jools
We have all the necessary tools for putting
your lawn or garden in first-class shape.
Divt Bairows ,,,,,,.,,,,,.,.. 81,50, $1,75
Garden Bairows ,,,.......,,, $3,50, $-1.00
Lawn Rakes ,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,, 45c and 50c
Garden Rakes ,,.,,...,,. 15e, 80o and 05c
Spading Forks , , , . 50c, 00c find 75c
Green Trading
1 jtfet id'ltn&rcI'MtmtJV
During tho summer of 1902, In
struction in nil the subjects required
for admission to the best colleges
and scientific schools wilt be given
nt Cotuit Cottages, n Summer
School of Secondary Instruction,
Cotuit, Massachusetts, under the
direction of Principal Charles U.
Fish The couises of instruction
are (or the benefit of live classes of
1. Candidates who have received
conditions nt tho entrance examina
tions. 2. Candidates who have postponed
examinations until September.
3. Students In Secondary Schools,
who, by reason of illness or other
causes, have deficiencies to make up.
4. Students vin 'Secondary Schools
who wish to anticipato studios and
save time in tho preparation for
5. Students In college who have
admission conditions which must bo
removed before tho beginning of the
next Scholastic Year.
For particulars address,
CHARLES E. FISH, Principal
School of tho Lackawanna,
Scranton, Pa.
Do You Want
a Good Education?
Not a short coutte, nor an easy course,
nor a cheap course, but the best education,
to be bad. No other education Is worth
(pending lime 'and money on. If ou do,
write for a catalogue of
Easton, Pa.
which olIei.s thorough preparation in tho
Engineering and Chemical Professions as well
113 the regular College courses.
T. J. Foster, President. Timer II. Lawall, Ireas.
R. J. Foater, Stanley P. Allen,
Vice President. SccreUry.
Swarthmore, Pa. Pro
vides, first of all, the broad cul
ture of the COURSE IN ARTS;
then there is the practical field
the phrase implies, At Swarth- 2
contact of professor and stu- 5
the lawn. Our
entirely from re-
is made
We Have
Both 'Phones.
.n.t-j.. i... .yH-H:..
The Greatest of All
The Scrnnton Tribune will open on May 5 Hs third great
Rducntional Contest. Like tho others, which proved so profit
able to the contestants during the past two years, this will be open
to young people, not only of Scranton. but throughout Lacka-.
wannn and other counties in Noithcastefn Pennsylvania. There
are offered as Special Rewards to those who secure the largest
number of points,
Thirty-three Scholarships
in some of the leading educational, institutions in the country.
The list is as follows :
In Syracuse University, at 432 each
tn nunlrnnll TTYll vnraitv
In The University
School .
tn WnaliSntrtnn
in Willlamsport Dickinson Seminary . . . 750
In Dickinson Colloglato Preparatory
, 750
in" Newton' Collegiate Institute 720
in Keystone Academy 60O
in Brown Collcfjo preparatory School . . . OJJ"
in the School of the Lackawanna 400
in Wilkes-Barre Instituto 80
in Cotuit Cottage (Summer School) 23U
4 Scholarships in Scranton Conservatory of Music, nt
$125 each
Scholarships in HardenberKh School of Music and Art 460
Scholarships in Scranton Business College at t?100
each 300
Scholarships in International Correspondence Schools,
average value $57 each 38,
Scholarships in Lnckawanna Business College, at
?85 each
Scholarships in Alfred Wooler's Vocal Studio lgJ
Eacn contestant failing to secure one of the scholarships as a
special reward will receive ten per cent, of all the money he or she
secures for The Tribune during the contest.
Special Honor Prizes.
A new feature is to be added this year. Special honor prizes
will be given to those securing the largest number of points
each month. Just what the prizes will be are to be announced,
later, but they will consist of valuable and useful presents, such as
watches, books, etc. ,
The best explanation of the plan of The Tribune's Educational
Contest will be found in the rules, which are here given :
Tlie special rcwanls will bo rIvch to tho
person securing the larjc-t number of
Points will be credited to contestants to
curinj; new tub-eubers to The Sdaiiton
Tribune o follows:
Ono month's subciiptlon ? .."') I
Three months' -subscription... 1.20 '!
Six months!, subscription 2.W)
Ono jear'a subscription 5.00 12
The contestant with the highest number
ot points will be given a choice from tho
list ot tpecial i crank; the contestant with
the fcconel highest number ot points will
be gieeii a choice ot the remaining ie
ware), end to on through the list. '
The contestant who sceuics the highest
number ot points elurinc; any calendar
month ot the contest will receive n s-pecial
honor rewaid, this reward beinsj entirely
Those desiring to enter the Contest should send in their
names at once, and they will be the first to receive the book of
instructions and canvasser's outfit when the contest opens onMay 5.
All questions concerning the plan will be cheerfully answered.
Address all communications to
Scranton Tribune, Scranton, Pa.
For Wedding J
Cul Gloss,
Alercereau & Connell,
132 "Wyoming Avenue.
Matchless Splendors
t. 1
YOllO A'ALWJV, the CItWAT CLA-I'liiK-u
vcBlon described by "Whyni
jipi, tli connucror ot tlio Jlntterhom,
an llt'ty ' sixty .Swltxcrluffda tolled
Iiito emo-uwelieil only by tlio
Canadian Pacific Railway
Dully tr.inhcontlnoutul train service
tluouirlioui thu yew from Toronto
and Montreal, UlI'KUIAL LIMITED,
,., ,,wji,i. thu continent In IVT huurs.
leaves Toronto ami Monti enl (com-
inoiiclni? Juno Jji ih'.nw every nmiuii,
wviinitsclnv and I'llelay. Hleenliur anil
clinlnt-r cam uttuflicil to all tliiouj,'li
i7ii-ur.chisn hotels! In thu mountains.
tiwlss guides at tlio principal points.
j'or raiCH, etc.., appiy m iieaicm ukuiic.
fir tlio O, l R.. or Ui K. X, Sltlnner, 303
Di-ondw.ty, Now n'ls.
PaBsener Traffic Manager, Montreal
differ ' --fijmps .-.
S? 864
of Rochester 324
Rrlinol for BoVS 1100
independent of the uUlmalo disposition of
the ecliolaii-hlpj.
Kach contestant filling lo secure a spe
cial lcware) will be given 10 per cent, of all
money ho or Mie turns in.
All subscriptions must be paid in advance.
Only new subset lbcra will be i-ountcc.
llcnewals by peifons whose names nre al
ready on our Mib'.eiiption list will not lie
credited, 'the TiHiuiio will instigate each,
f-ubseiiplion and it four el Inrgular in any'
way resencs the right to l eject it.
Xo transfers can be made after credit
lias once been green.
All subscriptions nnd the cash to pay for
them must be handed In at The Tiibime of
fice within the weel; In which they aie t-c-ciucd,
to that papers can bo sent to tho
biib'cribcMs at once.
Sulisciiptlon must lie wiltten on blank',
which cm bo s.ecure.1 at Tlio Tribune office,
or will bo sent by mail.
'Phone 2007. Old 'Phone 7o
Don't Strike
Buy the
"Siuoot," the Typewriter
Man, takes pleasure in ex
hibiting its merits from mora
till night. 1st floor Guernsey
Building, Scrnutou, Pa.
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps,
Kern Incandescent
Gas Lamp,
2.)3.327 Pcuu Avonuo.
n.K.. Thiji