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BkcI1 lo llio Scranton; Tribune.
Fnetoryfllle, Am II U.A very lileus
tutt reception wub tendered to Mr. iiiul
Mis. Alfred Ho.ssltur and Mr. and Mrs.
13. I,. Wiitkliis, lit tlio Methodist Kpls
fopnl puiRoiiiiiro, lact rfiituriltiy lilttht,
by tlielr, friends. Those two popular
young couplet linvo decided to cast
their fortunes In other fields. Mr.
and Mis. Yv.iitU.lnrt will reHlde ut Slilck
phlnnv, Mm., w licit Mr. AVntklns has
purchased u Jewelry Htore.' They have
ulndo many frlcndn here In the pant hIx
or seven yeais. Mr. AVntklns hold thn
Iltlon of buiKess for the past two
j-cHi-.x. Mr. and Mis. Itosstter will .bo
to Huffalo, wheie they expect to makn
their future. home. They were very
popular youiiK people of our town, and
especially In their church work. About
forty Were present at the reception,
and helped lo make It an enjoyable
affair. 'Mrs. J. N. J-ee, In behalf of the
Ladles', Aid society, presented Mis.
AVutklns with a 'handsome chair. Mr.
Itosslter was presented with a purse by
the members of the Junior league. Re
marks were made during the evening
by Ilev. J. J. Lee, Mrs. J. X. X,cc, Clms.
Oardner, Mrs. Wntklns and Mis. Chas.
Curd nor. Refreshments were served.
Mr. 'and Mrs. Wntklns and Mr. nnd
airs. Hosslter take with them the best
wishes of a host of friends.
Mrs. Xewcomb leaves today for an
extended v!lt among relatives In Con
jieutlrut. Ilev. Hulley occupied the pulpit at the
First Baptist church last Sunday morn
ing. Huigess E. L. AVutklns handed in his
leslgnutlon to the borough council be
foie he loft town and, of course, It had
to bo accepted. The council have peti
tioned court, asking for the appoint
ment of II. L. Haiding as buigess to
1111 the unexpired teim.
The borough council, nt' their last
meeting elected A. J. Warren as street
Commissioner for the present year. Our
streets are In a deplorable condition,
nnd'lt Is necessary to have the repairs
begun at once.
Roth of our hotels ivc-ie granted
licenses this' time, nnd theie will be
no di ought In this borough for the
present year.
C. A. J,isk will serve as a grand juror
lu the United States couit at Jlarrls
, bin next month.
The'lTght company are wiling the
business places and private residences
now,, and some of the stores hud elec
tric light last Saturday night, for the
This Tuesday evening will be an
eventful one In the Rebekah lodge of
this place.' The principal feature is the
presence here of Mis. Annie Coggswell,
the state president of Philadelphia.
aTunkhannock Rebekahs and also Xlch
olson will meet here with this lodge
on that occasion, and no doubt It will
jaln' the following day. tJ
'The funeral of the -late Jacob Place
was conducted from the residence of
his bi other near Lake Wlnola, Satur
day 'afternoon. Quite a delegation of
r friends and neighbois went over from
"this place.
Rov. J. X. Lee will attend conference
n Waverly, X. Y., this week.
MONTROSE. to the Pci.'nton Tiibuue
- Montrose, Arll 14. Mrs. John Doyle
has been yitlcally 111 for some time
past, at e family residence on High
'The regular term of Apill couit
opened at the court house in this place
today. The morning session was taken
up with rules and motions, and this,
afternoon, soon nfter convening, court
adjourned until 9 o'clock tomoirow
It Is rumored that Rov. Fr. A. T.
Brodriclc, the popular pafor of St.
Maiy's church. Is soon to r transferred
to unother parish. Such a .lange would
be regretted by people 1 1 all denom
inations In this place, and we hopo
that the report "may prove to be un
founded. Theie will bo sei Vices In rit. Mary's
church on Wednesday evening at 7.30
o'clock, and on Thursday morning mass
will-be celebrated nt 5, C and 10 o'clock.
Visiting cieigymen will bo present.
It Is., now practically assured that
Admiral . Sampson will, with his fam
ily, spend the. coming summer In
Trout fishing beason opens tomonow
and It will bo fittingly iiiauguiated by
iiir local sportsmen. '
James Mori Is, jr., Is In Tllugluiiiitoii,
Mrs, Amanda Smith is staying ut the
In GirShootf
There is a great need of motherly watch
fulness and care. A growing girl needs
nil her strength, and if she is nervous
and melancholy, and loses appetite there
is surely something wrong. This is espe
cially true as the young girl approaches
uiui important pe
riod of wiunge
when the woman
ly function is es
tablished. Time
ly care and proper
treatment at this
period may save
much after suf
fering. The best medi-
, cine for young
girls who are
nervous, melau
choly, and irreg-
. ular of appstite,
is Dr. Pierce's l'.i
vorite Prescrip
tion, It cures
nervousness, diz
ziness, and melan
choly, promotes
the uppetite, ami
gives the body
robust health.
( There is no alco
hol jn "1'avorite
Prescription" and
it is entirely free
from opium, co
caine, mid all
sother narcotics,
SAOUUl Cni llOtllluir. ltatl frfti nml
;...- .M ' ' ' ' ." '"."' J'urpie circles
lw,.rfW0"'l wn luelancliofy. A woman
'", '"'.'Sll!0''1 '" ' My lour 'l'avorite
HI Ion ' iffill I'lFawiiK Pill. i l .il,lii. -ii.i
ituuti liv
Irlena i
After to Villi: ont bolllo of each t.hif Iwkjii lo iui
lirov and ,U H II mprovi.i(f. People wld &he
1oClL.Cfl IIJ. tllOIK'll All.' Ari n.1.... !..!.. .ll.,l.'
hhe Ulwelve jeari. old There are no circle
nrpumll hef fja now auij lu- h healthy nml
rnbiikt. cat:, a much a uuy iliiid, ami ii irow.
iuj fatter every day." '
Dr. Pierce's Pellets regulate the bowels.
".My ilaiifUUT was troubled with diuiuess mid
routiiatio i mid v.-as very nervous tor five
&! X.tltFi Mrs- " Cartcr- f 'M3 4lli btreet.
V "WsliKto.i D.C. -I trlcJicveraiaw:
lorabul lliey u.ive her no relief At times the
home of Mis. Henry Warner during the
absence of the hitter's daughter, .Miss
Harriot Warner.
The engagement Is announced of Miss
Louise Wnrrlner, eldest daughter of
Rev. and Mrs. K. A. Wnrrlner, and
Ficdeilck Smith, of Lowisburg, Pa.
A. It. Anthony and family, of Wllkcs
nnrrc, have at rived In town, nnd nre
occupying tlielr summer residence on
Lnke nveiuie.
William and Aichlo Devlne, of Hush,
are ntteiHllng'court this week, nnd vis
iting nt the home of their slsteiv Mrs.
George H, Frnzler.
Homy Foster, of Chicago, has been
culling mi old-time friends In this place.
Speclil to the Scranton Tribune.
Spiingville, April H. Ztba Lott re
turned fiom the hospital nt Sayre last
week, where he went to bo treated for
Besides her pet
here a pig and a
appendicitis, and he has got along
nicely. !n three weeks from tlfe tlmp
he went away the operation had been
performed and he was back home
Miss Claire Oiattau has returned
from Xted Lodge, Montana, where sh"
has been staying with a brother and
sister, Kobert S. Wilson and Mamc
Lyman, since last summer. She is very
much pleased with her tilp, although
she has several pounds In weight
while away.
Edgar L. Button's horse uwny
last Sunday morning, while going lo the
milk station at Lynn, where Edgar Is
employed, and partially demolished the
buggy. No other damage was done,1 ex
cept some slight bruises and a lume
About forty yeais ago theie lama a
little sore on the right sldo of Luke
Scott's face, near the right eye. Noth
ing was thought of it at the time, al
though It never healed, continuing the
same little sole until two years ago,
when it began spreading and developed
Into n cancer. He Is now In a very pre
carious condition, the eye being eaten
out, and it Is a question of a few days
befoie death will bring lellef to his
S. O. Culver and son, Leigh, are doing
a large job of painting and paperhang
ing over in Auburn this week. About
May 1 they will go lo Set anion to do a
large job of painting.
The omceis of Jlnple lodge, No- !)92,
Independent Order of Odd Fellows,
weio Installed the first meeting night
In April, as follows: Noble grand, A.
L. Tuttlo; vice-grand, A. N. Fargo; -ec-retary,
E. It. Lake. A. O. Thomas goes
to the Grand lodge as lepresentatTvc.
Mis. J. ir. Mitchell Is very III.
Some time ago thero wus a petition
starteu, nnu extensively signed, pro
posing a road from Theron Strickland's
up through his fields, crossing I. A.
Strickland's, Nelson Fike's and Airs,
Helen M. Itoot's lands, coming out in
the lane on Mrs. Itoot's land, taking In
several stone qunnies In Its couise, be
sides getting around two very hard
hills, The road Is a necessity long
talked of, and should be built. The
view has been made, und the finding of
the viewers approved by the court, nnd
now let it bo put through.
Mrs, P. W. Terry Is at present In a
hospital at Wllkes-Ba'rre, being treated
for tumor, the removal of which was
made one day lust week. The patient
was doing well when last henrd from.
Mrs, Peter Bush found It necessary
to receive further treatment and Is now
at WUkes-Barre, although not. In the
S, O. Culver Is building a huge porch
on his house, which will giently add to
Us beauty.
Beginning as soon as the weather will
penult, the band will begin serving
cream once a week all tho summer.
It Is safe to make the assertion that
tho roads have not been In as bad con
dlllon for years us at piesent, '
The long-talked-of sale of the hotel
has finally been consummated. Tho
new pioprletor, Joseph Kelly, expects
to take possession about April 20. A,
E. Hodney, tho present proprietor, has
purchased the E. B. Scott farm and
will move into tho rooms lutely vacated
by John Underbill,
SpeeUl to the Scriulon Tribune.
New Milfoid, Am II H. The Lltetary
society held a banquet at tlio home of
Mr, and Mrs. U, n, ouiet lust Fildny
evening. ,
Mis. O, W. linger enlertnlned the
Magazine club nt bupper Fildny after
noon. Mis. 1). Van Bubkltk, Mis. Jaines
Hayden, Misses Maude Trumbull, Helen
llutchlngs, L. A, Van Jott and J, V,
Axtt'll spent Saturday in Blnghamton.
Mis. J, W, Juy and Mis. Chillies
Tucker, of Blnghamton, were guests of
triends In town last week.
.Miss Mary Hund, of Hallstead, spent
Sunday w)tli her patents In this place.
Mrs. Chester Blandlug Is visiting
relatives in ning'hamton.
Mrs. Julia Badger culled on Gieat
Bend friends Saturday.
Miss May Bradley, who bus been
caring for her grditdmother-, Mrs. Shoe
maker, lu Rush, Is home for fwo weeks.
Mrs Helen McCollum, of Clront Bend,
attended St, Mark's church, In this
place, Sunday, f
Mrs, A. M Aldrlch Is conlliicd to Iter
home by Illness.
The following couples attended a
dance nt Nicholson Inst Thursday even
ing: I.tiola Thitterfleld nnd Roy Haw
ley, Henrietta Hnyden and Charles
Renjamln, Inez Bhclu and Frank Bttt
torilcld, Clara Inderlled and T. J. Mc
Carthy, Nina Taft and Cloorge Kggnrt,
Noll Qulnn and Howard Hayden, Kntli
eiino Qulnn and Qpoiro Pratt.
Special to Die Scranton Tribune.
Honcsdnle, April 14. David L. Ilower,
tlio present cfllclent superintendent of
the Wnyne county schools, will be a
candidate to succeed himself, at the
convention of school directors to bo
held In the court house on Tuesday,
Max 0.
A session of the Wayne county court
will commence Monday, May C. The
grand jury will meet Monday, April 28.
Announcement is made of the coming
marriage of Dr. F. W. Powell and Mrs.
Orace Keene Kimble, which will .take
place April 24.
Rev. William II. Swift will Breach
the anniversary sermon before Freedom
cat, Dame Trot has
rabbit. Can you ilnd
lodge of Odd Fellows, who will attend
services In the Presbyterian church on
Sundny evening, September 27.
The town council has fixed the tax
rate at six mills and a sdocIuI tax at
three mills.
Pleasant Mount and Honesdale will
soon have telephone connection, by way
of Promnton and Aldenvllle. The lines
of tly Citizens' and Noitheastern will
be connected.
"A Night Off" is u play that the
Amity boys have been lehearsing for
some time, which they will present to
the public on Tuesday evening, Apiil
Charles Truseott, Herbert L. LuBarr
and John Carmlchael have recently be
come members of Protection Engine
comDnnv. No. 2.
The members of Company E are
making arrangements for their grand
ball, which is to be held In the armory,
Friday night. May 2. Cc'onol Watres
and staff will attend.
The net proceeds fiom the suuoer
given by the Indies of Grace church, in
the Presbyterian chapel, will exceed
AVIlllum J. Kief, who lias been con
lined to his room for the past five weeks
with inflammatory rheumatism, Is
slowly improving.
In the old town of Bethany, the (list
county seat of Wnyne, may bo seen one
of the old Inn signs, which Is placed on
n high post in front of what was oilce
a stopping place for tho stage coach.
In the days of travel by stage, the inn
signs weie plenty along the turnpikes.
County Commissioner George Sen
mans, Councilmnn C. A. McCarthy, At
torneys A. T. Searle and Henry Wilson
were In Hnnisbuig last week, confoi
rinsr with the attorney general in re
gal d to replaping, by the btate, sevoial
bridges throughout the county that
were carried uwny by the recent flood.
Mrs. A. T. Searle has returned from
an extended visit at Colorado Springs,
Col. ,
Speilal to the Scianlon Tiibune.
Towanda, April 14. The Union Tan
nlntj t'oinpany have come Into control
of 4,000 acreB or timber land In Tioga
county. The deal was made with the
Pennsylvania Joint Land and Lumber
C. P. "Wc-IIps has purchased a Foster
steam automobile, the first In Towan
da. Two trains of seventy-live curs each
passed tluougli AVaverly today, over
the firle, loaded with "Worcester salt,
Vlll Dennison, of Blnghamton, it Is
loported, contemplates Uulldlnir an
opera house at "Waverly, by popular
subscription; that Is, If he can sell
1,000 tickets to tho (list engagement, nt
$5 each, ho can build a $20,000 opera
house, The people of Athens, Bayro
mid "Waverly now have to go to Elmlru,
Ithaca or elsewheio to witness stund
urd plays.
The Lehigh Valley Hulhoad company
will replace its ptesent air brake, or
tho opes now lu use on all passenger
trulns, except tho Black Diamond ex
press, with tho No. 1 high-speed air
brakes und automatic reducing valves.
The leport olso states that by June 1
every car w til bo equipped. The speed
tit' all trains on tlio Lehigh Valley Is
pow much greater thun when tho
brakes now lu use .were put on, and
tlio necessity for the high-speed brake
became more and more nppuient every
day, Arrangements uie now being
made- to have the company's eais, ns
j'ar as their alr-bpukes uro concerned,
Inspected ut Bayre. This, with tho
equipment uf ,tlo cms, will undoubted
ly increase the foxie lu that depart
ment of the shops.
Froi-pectlng lor coal Is being mode
pear New Albany, whero a drift Is now
being opened lu the mountain. It Is In
the same iapgo on which the Long
Valley and Bornlce mines nto located.
M. ,S. Hoadley, formerly propiletor
yyyVTff itsw witiwto itot wm M M. mMwi
4 Lines 10 Cents
Mare Thin l-our Llnei, 3 Cent (or Each Extra Line.
For Bent.
l'OIl 1II1ST Flat ot three or (our reoira for
' Unlit hoincltcciiliitr. CI I Adams arrniie.
l'OIl HUNT lllitlit niul luelic-ioom hmnv; Oiecn
ItliiKf, elcam licit) M'iy icnunable. Ilulttilc
1011 HUNT SKtooiii Hat with b.ilh, kleini
licot, rjiti rmiBo nml nil nioilcrii Improve
merit, from Ajirll lull lout tcnsuiubli'. Call
fatly. Kicil C, Hand, IWJ Mulberry sheet.
l'Olt lt;xr Stoio No. ,ari bickaw.tnAa ai'ime
alo second Door, above istiilili Woolen MIIN
' ". i.ceilciilJillicM ft aid. Hours (or cauinir,
8 to 10 and
o 10 ,
Apply Ii5l Sandeison ue.
roil IIKNT-Small (mnlttieil homo for lent,
qnlrc at Ifil Vine tlrcet.
fcTOIli: POII MINT fli! Wel l.akawanua ave
nue. Inqulio I'lilltp SmIiiicII, IU(I Weft Lacka.
vvannu oienue.
flAIlN KOIl 11KNT-I2, April lt, three box and
three dlrgle stalls ami wah tack, rear ot
ilJl Madlion avcnip. Inquire at 031 Madison ave.
rOIl HUNT Store liutldfng for rent In l)lckon
City, I'a, limtiiiiur W) feet by 24 feet, cellar
under all, nnd sec.ond slorv can be ni ranged tor
a family. All In Rood repair leady for ue. Two
coal breaker and mlncn close liv cniplo)lnr; over
a thousand people. An enterprlslnc merchant
enn (ret n lane tiade. Apply lo William II.
llleliniond, Hkhmond Hill, 11123 S: Main avtmie,
Scranton,' Pa.
Furnished Booms.
l'OIl MINT. A nicely furnished front iihiiii lu
pi hale f.iinlli within five minutes will!: fiom
the l.lmleu. Adthcss 0 Triliiiue.
O.Ni: Oil TWO picas nit looms. Table board.
May be had in Mime block, if desired, Ull
Webster avenue.
FOK JH'.XT One furnished room, with improve
mciits; also one on third floor, cheap. C27
Adaiiii avenue.
FURNISHUl) IIOOMS for lent, modern iinprave
ments; private family; itentlemen. preferred,
at 637 Adams avenue.
KOR HEJiT Furnished front room, with heat,
bath and sas; near court bouse; gentleman
preferred. Address Itoom, Uo 209
FOIl HUNT Furnished
02S Linden stiect.
oom; beat and bath.
FUIWJSHi:i BOOMS FOR RHNT. with beat, pas
and bath, gentlemen pretcrred, at W0 Adams
For Sale.
FOR RAM'. IloiMhold furniture, including
laime, lu ltd, carpets, bods dining table,
rlnii-, tool (licit and tools and gmlen tools anil
law ii niouci. cheap. Call at once. Mis L.
Sinilh, 1IJ2 Wjoniiig nvenue.
Efllil for hatrhing. Huff Leghorns cxehuivclv.
Ihiexi idled in sle .mil culoi, 7'ic. iic-i I'!, (i.
A. (laidncr, llil l'eiin avenue, Scranton, I'a.
FOR SAI.i:-lhnd silk doublcr--.
Ilros., 1'ntcison, N". .1.
New. lliiiiiioul
JUST ARUIVEI) wllli forty hon-e-.; good woik
eis and diiveis: weight from 1,100 to l.OOil;
seveiul (lonely matched teams. Can be seen at
:Df Ramond couit. r. M. Cobb.
Wanted To Rent.
WANTED ROOMS Foi two adults, tlucc or foul
i umiw furnished or unfuinMied for vcr
light hciu'el.eeping, first floor picferred. Addre.M
M. U., Tiibunc office.
WANTI'.D Fuinished hoiiic or foils or flic rooms
for housekeeping. Addreii A. Cf. E Tiibune
WANTED Slevator 7xli m II
hoUtlng ciiiiagi's, Adilrc'i
P.usons, I'a.
i c foi
Dry, clem and model n up to
dale btoiagc: tcpnatc looms; l.,.Vh. lM.ilnt Si.
ideal fctoiage foi household pffccls. etc. Thlriv
separate stoiago rooms. Seianton Storage coin
paiiy, ll'i 1'iaiihlln avenue.
f.OVr On Cipiiu-c nvenue, walib fob; thidci ii
luin to 100') Capou-c nvenue and leceive ic
vvnid. J.OsT Steel beaded purse containing- miiiII Mini
of monev, on l.ickivvanna nvenue, near Vy.
otlice .mil keep ronlcnK
I.OVl Zi, bclivecn l'eilc l.umbcr Co., Eait Mil
kct ttieet and Presbyterian ibuich. Reward
if illumed to oflUe of Peck Lumber Co.
Hecruits Wanted.
WANTED l'Olt l S. ARMY Alde-lmdiiil un
mariled iiien belvvien agc of 21 .mil .Ti; cill
reisa of Untied State-., ot good chu.tctei and
lenipciatc habits, who can tpeak, read nml wiltc
EhkIIkIi. l'oi infmiilatlou apply to Hciniithig
miiicci, ,o. s.-j vi.Mimnig avenue, seiantcn, I'a,
Situations Wanted.
I'OMTION w.iuli'd by n joung l.ulj quick In Hi
lure uiiu guuu iiinni.ui. mil o miner avenue
WANTED I'ubition by u joung man as book
keeper oi .mutant and tjpsw liter, wheio good
hard woik e ills for advancement. Am txiie-l.
meed and can fnuiMi ufeirnOra fiom l.itu un
plojci, Xot uh.ild of woik and will lugln wllh
leawmablo ealai, AdditM lioohkcepei, cue of
of tlio Hoadley hotel at AVaveily, with
his family, bus moved to Wyoming
The Catholics are holding a fair at
Alheus this week.
Amusement was afforded tho small
boy and others on .Saturday evening,
when It became known that a married
woman hud just gono through the
street attired lu man's clothing, wear
lug u Fedowi hat and raglan. Every
thing was still and tho crowd still
"uibbered and stretched their necks,"
when a down-town resort was reached
and tho woman gained admittance and
vas usheiLd lu by the proprietress.
The unme was caught, the visitor dis
covered her husband, and of course he
made up his mind to take his departure
with the ono ho first loved. Main
street was all light for a block or
more, hut then a daiker street suited
the gentleman better In completing tho
Journey homo with his Hist love, '
Two candidates nro now mentioned
for tho Towanda postniasterslilp, d, J,
Sweet and D. M, Turner, the present
olllclul, who has fllleel the position to
the general satisfaction of all patrons.
It has been suggested by Congiessinnn
Fred Wright that u vote be taken by
the patrons of the olllce to decide the
mutter, ,
Tho Wyoming conference of the
Methodist Episcopal church begins ut
Wuveily toiuonofv, continuing infill
next Monday, Abuut SOO ministers are
expected to bu present, Including other
members and vlsltois. Bishop s, m,
Merrill will preside. The confeience
Includes n p,ipt or whole the counties
of Biootpe, Tioga, OtM'go, Chenango
nnd Tompkins, lu New York state;
Wyoming, Susquehanna, Wnyne, Lack
awauuti nml Bradford. In this slate,
Thlt dtrsktur U on Vtry box of tli llM
Laxative BromoOuinine Tablets
fiHANCII want offioks.
Want Advertisements Will Be
Received nt Any of the Follow
ing Drug Stoves Until 10 P. M.
Central City
ALDF.RT 8CIIUITZ, corner Mulborrj
trtet and Webiler avenue.
OUSTAV l'lUllEb, 0 Adams ircnue.
West Side
OEOROE W. JENKINS, 101 South Mala
South Scranton
FRED h. TERI'l'E, 720 Cedar atuu.
North Scranton
OEO. W. DAVIS, corner KortU Mlla
avenue and Market itreet.
Green Ridge
1517 DlcliOB
F. J, JOHNS, P20 Orecn Ridge itreet.
C. LOHKNZ. corner Washington ave
nue and Marlon street.
W. H. KNlIPFEb, 1017 Irvine avenua,
J. O. B0NB k SON.
Heal Estate.
FOR HAI.K Elcgint sites for homes in upper
irein Itldgc: rhoko neighborhood: most, de
sirable locality for home lu Lackavianna county.
J. A. Mai vine, 17.10 Smdcisoii avenue.
10ltf roll RAM: 54 mies. 7 miles fiom Pcr.m
toni also M) uiich pmtiire hud for solo or
lent; all iceiteil mai I.ImliuiM. I. n. lanliui,
.Mo-covv, l'.i.
l'AKM FOR h.VI.i: .Kty-ttvo aiirs, one mile
from f.uhe Ariel; tvvilve ncies of timber, rest
liupioved; excellent spring water on lot; faim
situated on load. For lurtluilus addict Will
lam Treslar, Ariel, Pa.
l'ARM FOR SAT.!', or exchange for city propcity
situate In Sibqueh lima county; impioved;
well watered; Mutable fir ilniijln;, .stoik or
sheep uilslng nnd fflinilng. liJliv en, At
torney, Sl'J't- Washington .iienue.
Business Opportunity.
PARTNER wanted with 1,000 in piofltablc uiiiiii
factuiliig bu-iin&s. M. !1. llolgite, Coiuuion
weilth building.
bUOCk AND WHEAT TRADERS without delay.
Write for our market letter. Tree on
application. S. SI. llihljaid & Co., member! N.
Y. Consolidated and Stock Sxchange, 41 and 16
liroadnay, New York. Established Hill. Long
Distsnce' Phone 2383 Broad.
Money to Loan.
straight loans or Uuilding and Loan. At
fiom 4 to 0 per cent. Call on N. V. Walker,
SU.J15 Council building.
Boarders Wanted.
PRIVATE FAMILY wishes to have two ni?e men
to boaid, German or English. Call any time
after Thursday, All conveniences, S07 llarrljon
Wanted Booms and Board.
WANTED Two rcrr.municating rooms with board,
private family pieferrcd. Two ladle's and a
gentleman. State full particulars. Address 0.
II. D., Tilbuno office.
HIIEUUATISU-All naitlca that wUi ran bo
spccdilj and peimancntly cured of all a
rlctles of Ithcuniatlsin by a vegetable compound.
Cures guaranteed. Inquire or addiess J. L. Tay
lor, Scranton.
Dissolution of Partnership.
bhip hcietofoic rxi-tlng between .1. M Purely
and A. M. Finn, under the flnu inme of Purlv
& Finn, is this 29th daj of Manh, 1MH, dU
tohed by mutual consrnt, A. JI. Finn ictlring
The liusincss hereaftci will be continued bj .1 M
l'uiilj undei the linn nunc of J. M. Puidy k Co '
to whom all outstanding accounts will be paid
and who .assume nil liabilities.
, , A. M. Finn.
D.ilton, Maids 20, tm.
by given to tlio Republican voters of the
lirst Legislative District, that a pilmary clec.
tlon will be held on Situidnv, Apiil JU, luui, be
tvvcen the liouis of font nml scscn p. in., for the
jiUipose of noiiilnating a t llelate foi the Leg.
islamic lo icpresent the dlstilet and to elect two
delegates lo the Republican State Convention tu
ue iii-iii at luuisuuig .nine 11, l'JU.'.
The mm cut ton to compute the vote- will be
held on Tuesday, April ill, at 10 o'clock in Co
operative II ill, Eaeh candidate mem re'L'tei,
with tho district rlniriiun, hit full name and
pofttofflce aildicss, and pay his nssc-ment lllteon
daj.s hcfoiit the election, oi bis name will not bo
placed on tie ofBciil ballot.
The district vigilance committee, In the vari
ous picclncts, it t conduct the election, and the
lesult will be repoited liv Ibe leluiii JiuUo to
the district convepticn, vthlch will bn composed
nf the seturii Juilgoj. A wiltten notlic contain
ing their hiilruollons will be milled to Hit- mcin
bcis of the un Inns district vigilante lominlt'rc.
OEO. W. JENKINS. Cluinniii.
Attest-W. W. MMl'&OX, Secietaiy.
lieuby given to the Republican votria of
the Second Legislative district that a primary
election will bo held nn Satimli, April 20. 1WW,
between the hours uf foiu and evcu n'clofl: p.
in., fin the puitiuso nf clei ting tu delegates to
icpicscnt aii legl-lalite ilUti tel in the coining
lleiiublleiii htntc convention to bo held in liar
llsbuig on .lime II, nnu, iml to Humiliate a
candidate for the legislntuie,
'llio convention tn compute the vote will be
held on Tuesihy, Apiil 2'J. IHOi, at 1 "Mock p.
Ill,, in the leioma of the I'flitial llipublliau i lull
in r-crantun.
In uieoiilaiiii. tilth I In' rules goiriiiing this
dUtrict tlio eaiidldalra will Im voted for illieclli
by the votcis at the prdU I'.acji cundldlte Ill'Lit
register with tho dlttilct cbnlruuu liln full name
and pufctofllio nililii.i-, and pav- Ids nrsinsment
twenty ilujs befoio thu ehcllou or hit iiamo will
not be placed in the official ballot, neither will
ant- votes cast for lilm bo counted,
'flic district vigllanco committed In the vail
ous precincts will conduit llio election and tnc
icult will be rnioited v the lelurn judgo to tho
district lomtntion, wlilch will bo composed ol
the letuiu judges ut the vailous tlUtrlcts. A
written notice containing further imliucllomi will
bo i-ent to the ineiiibeis ot the tald dUliict vigil
aneo conimltti'es.
.'REPERIO W. n.iurz. Chairman.
Atte.l:-WAI,TER E. DAVIS, beeiflai.i.
by given thai theie being only one taudidjte
for lepietet'tatlie, tivo delegates and two alter
nates u the btate contention having leghtciul,
we, tlie chairman nml M'Cirlary nt tlio Thhd Leg.
islutlio el 1,1 lie t Repuhllean enminittee, hereby ele
clam tho saiiiu (o be the nominee ut thu ItepuMI.
can paity lu (he said district, In accoidaiicc wllh
tho iOtlleius of Rules 21 und 2.1 of the parly
'(ho peiMHiiul of the sCJiillir," lOiniiiltlee (
to itmaln as ut prctcnt coillliitnl,
111- oidei of
'IIH'IISTOV S, PARKER, (luliiiun.
J. E. WAT KINs. Secretin)-,
We Will Pay
You $150.00
ings ever offered, , Particulars cheerfully furnished.
126.128 Washington Avenue, Scranton, P,
3 Insertions 25 Cents
MoMThtit Pour l.lnei, A Cents tor lUchBttri Lias,
Help Wanted Male.
CANVAJsEH, male or fennfej a Buod proposition
lo one vvllllnir to work. Salary and commis
sion. 1) rare of Tribune.
WANTUU i:perlented building; and loan, Injur,
nnce nnd book canvasscm, Hoinclhlinr new)
gooil pry. I)., fire of Tribune.
SALESMAN One who has bad uxperlenci delllnic
MnekH nml bonds and other good wcurltles.
A (rood ailary to llio right man. Experience,
care of Tribune.
WANTED Two mechanical enxlncciat nUte ex
pcrlenco and mIiv expected. Apply by let
ter. Address B..M. U' Tribune offlce.
WANTED Menogiaphcr who can nlt at Iwok
Kceplnifi experienced preteired. Address
Rciningtoii, Hits office.
ObNO Mh.V wanted any distance, copny letters,
homo cvenlnffs ami return to u. So pay 10
per thousand, send addressed envelope, particular!
"""I, copy. F. M, O., Dept. 135, llox lilt, IMilll
delphla. WANTED.
CO flood Painters.
!!5 flood IMumbeis.
25 Timmltlis.
20 Electrlelans.
SNYDER k tilLtXrr,
BI1 MiKoon avenue,
Niagara Falls, N, V.
WANTKD-lOi) Good Carpenteis. .70 per day.
bNVDEIt & aiM.KTT,
91B McKoon avenue.
Niagara Tails.
WANTED A first class mm to take caie of local
agency for easy selling ttock. The light man
can make from $M to MO a week, Wntc nt once
to Investor, Tribune ufllee.
"WANTED Experienced salesman
for 'Curtain nnd Drapery depart
ment. Apply Goldsmith's Bazaar.
MAN" with horse nnd wagon wanted to elellver
and colled. No canvassing. "-Jl per wcik
and cNpenses. l.-,o cash deposit reunited. Col
lrctoi, llov re. I'hlbileliihU,
WANTED Tho epoii'necd ftiiiogiapliciii: np
ply to International Silt Co., CuimcII build
ing, brunton, I'a.
-Help Wanted Female.
WANTI'D tlirl for general l'iameiork ; must
lcep home- niglits. Call at 417 Adanv, be
t iv ccn 7 and S.
WANTED-A second ghl. Apply to Mm. L. 51.
flates, SO-J Jlulbeiiy ticet.
WANTED A young lady bookkeep
er; address in own handwriting,
stating references and salary; E. X.
L., care of Tribune.
OL'NO LADIES wanted any distance, copv let
ters, home evening and leturn to us. We pay
10 per tliou-anil, wild addressed envelope, paitlcu
lars and copy. F. 51. C. Dept. l.ii, Bos 1411,
LADIES WANTED Home work. fr-JO per month
guaiantced, stamp foi particulars. National
1'. k 8. Watch Co., lialtlmoic, 5Id.
LADY CANVASSER wanted to solicit subscrip
tions for Tho Tribune; good commission of
fered with a fair guarantee for first-class worker.
Apply personally at Uusiucss Manager's ofSce,
hcranton Tribune.
Agents Wanted.
GENTLEMEN and lady agents wiintcd, honoi
able mid plcatsiiit woik; .!00 to ." fier
day. W. ,f. lhcwtter, C0J Linden tticet, hciun
ton, l'.i,
fcEALED PROPOSALS will be leeched until 12
o'clock noon, on .Mondaj, Apiil 21, 1'jM, in
the ortlcc- of the Citj Recoidei, in City Hall,
ixianloii, I'a., for the purilmse of Two Ilundied
and Eight) -tile TliouMiul fT2''.00i)) dollars of
three and one-half (HH.) per cent, hcianton City
Bonds, known as "Judgment Funding und .Mu
nicipal I'ciuunent Improvement Loan."
Denomination of UoniU ".l.OUO each.
Ilnnds icilc'cmable in oidei of theii numbeis as
Donds Nos. 1 to mi, inclusive, .May 1, I!i07,
Hands Nos. 51 to 100, inclusive, Alny 1, lllli.
Donds Nos. 101 to 1MI inclusive, ll.iv 1, 11117.
Ilanib Nos. 1.11 to 200, inclusive, May 1, 1HJ.'.
Ilonil) Nos. 21 to 230, inclusive, 51ay 1. I'i27.
llunds Nics. 2rl to 2(0, hie leiio. .May 1, 1W-. and inteicst guaiantced by spec-Ill
li lciy and pajable at llio oftiiu ot the Citj
'lYcasuier, Scranton, I'a.
Ilonds liued freu of all lae.
Niiet bids will bo opened by the City lieeuider
in his oflico hi City Hall, Scranton, I'a., on the
day and hour above written.
All bids must be accompanied by a itrllllul
check for is.1,0011,
W. L. CONNEfX, Cltv HceorileT.
Evecutive Oftlee, City Hull, Seianton, I'a.,
Apiil 2, SUB.
bEALED PROPOSALS will be opened in the office
of tlio City Hit older, lev llio Dlrectoi of the
Department of Public Works on .Monil.iv, Apiil
21, 11)02, ut tl o'clock p. m., fm the ctuhing, und
for the paving, with Vitiiilcd 111 ilk on a coucicte
base, Wai-libum stiect, fiom .Sumner avenue to
the westerly side of Van Huron uvemic, in tho
Filth vvuid, in accoidancc with plans nnilyipecb
Mentions on file in the lliire.iu of Eiuinecilng,
DklilcM tlull enclose with theh,, iali
or ccltlficd check for the sum of Olio Hundred
llollais as a guarantee to eveeuto a contract for
the work within twenty da)s it aiiaulcd tho
uniie, In line I lie bidder to whom (lie contuct
ehall bale been awarded falls to execute a con
tuct (or the woik In accoidaure with llio plans
and gpei'incatlons therefor, ftlthlu Inenly dais
from thn date of tho award, tho one hundred dol
lars, cash or certified check accompail)lng hi- pin Mull ho forfeited to the use ol thu City of
N union,
lllddeis eli til stale pi Ice nt which they will
(ontiact to keep the pavement lu npalr fur a
piilod of llio )c'.us, the piice of repairs not to
bu fuc hided in pi ieo chin gcd foi la)lng pivrni'iit,
1'ioposaN shall coiei the entile woilc and nhall
ft.ito fepaiately the pilco fm setting or re-set.
ling cuilwtones, tho price for paving per square
vnul, ithhh thall Include the cost of grading as
LhuHii on tin' motile.
lllddeis will he list nUlicI with blanks
at the limcau VI i.ngiiicciing, ami no omen vrnt
be accepted.
All proposal, shall bo (lied with the City fun..
1 1 oil IT ut his cifllec In the City Hull, N'l.mlou,
I'a. not liter than 2 o'clock p. in, on Monti ly,
Apiil 21. 1002.
The city icrves the light tn reject am- or all
bids. JOHN E. ROCHE,
Dhrctor Department of I'libliu Woiks.
Niantou, l'a Apill 0, 1W2.
CANDIDATES for tho office of Inspector ol
Jlhies ma lieieby liotified lint the lloaid of
ciaiuincis appolnteil by the Couit of Conmion
I'leas cf LnckavinniiJ county, will meet ut the
lloaid of Contiol ioo.ii. City Hall, hciantiiii,
oil .Monday, Apill 21, 1P02. ut U u, in., fi (.
I'Minlnatlon of tuch candldali'S its may aiipear
befoio them. i;jndiiales will notlco that tlio law
icnulies lliim io pioduic tatWacloiy nldciire of
luting had at least llvo )iUo piarllcal cpcil
dice in the anthi.ii.lic coal mines.
.1 WES VOl'MI,
llEESl! A. I'llll.LII'S,
OKOltllE W.VIlil.NS.
L'vaiulii it,
For loo names, if a reasonable pro
portion of them invest 1.00 a week
in the best investment for small sav
NOTICE la lierebv irllrn flu I nl a nircllnr nt
tliarclioldem or Inembew of lhc Jtfawanna
Stoio Association. Dmitri!, held nt Hi offlce in
tho City of ScratilAn, il'etms.vlvanlfl, on tho 14th
day of April, 1UH, It waa teolvisi that the mM
assoeliitlon be Olssolveil by Voluntary action of Its
members, nnd nt the dime meeting the under
slped were, appointed Mqttldatimc 'Trustees to
Vvlnd up tho conierii am! distribute tho assets
thereof ninontf tho member In accordance with
tho provisions cf nn Act of the (leneral As
sembly of tho Commonwealth cf Pennsylvania,
entitled, "An Act authorising the formation of
partnership nwiclatlons In which tho capital
subscribed shall nloni be responsible for the
dehls of tho association, except under icrtnln clr
rtumtnnces," aiiprovnl the netond day of June,
A, D. I9"f, and the supplements thereto.
All person!) are therefore nollfled that said
assoclitlon it In liiiuldatlon and dissolved, ex.
iipt so Mr ns Is nceessny to keep It allvo for the
liciieflilnl vvindhm up thereof, and everyone In
debtee! lo hi Id association Is hereby notified lo
ply such, Indebtedness without delay to the un
dersigned nt their offlce, corner JclTerson and
LariMWdiiiii avenues, Scranton, l'a and nil per
sons havlmr ila'tms against Mid association vlll
present them to us fo" payment nt the said of
lice. (Signed) I!, I'. IfATFlEI.I),
Liquidating Trustee.
Siranton, Pa., April U, 1W.
IN RE: Estate ot William Edgar, lato of tli
City nf Ovvego, County of Tioga, and State
of New. York, deceased.
Letters testamentary having been granted tu
the undersigned on the nbore estate, all pirsons
having claims or demands ngalnst the same will
please present them for payment, nnd all tbo.e
indebted thereto, will make Immediate pay.
incut to
UAPl l'UIVl.l.l;,
ESTATE ot Joseph Obcr, late, of the City nl
Scranton, Lackawanna County, I'cnnsjl
vanla, deceased.
Letters testamentary upon the above namd
estate have been granted to the undersigned.
All persons having claims against the same will
present them ( for pavment and all persons in
debted thereto will pleao inaele Immediate pa)
PEERS & ORA5II1H. Atlornc)s.
NOTICE Is hereby given that a meeting of the
stockholders of the The Title CltMiaiity ami
Trust Company, of Scranton, I'enn., w 111 be held
nt tho oflico of the company, 135 Washington an
nuo, Seianton, I'cnna., on .May 17, 11)02, at IO.1"
a. in., to take action on npproval or disapproval
of the proposed increase of capital stock of said
company from iSOO.OOO to $-7iK),O0O.
RALPH S. HULL, Secictary.
TO THE OWNERK or reputed owners of property
bounding or abutting on both sides of South
Webster avenues between Ileech street and Itliei
stieet; both sides of River sticet, between Botith
Webster avenue and Prospect avenue; lioth alilw
ot Hickory street, between South Webster ave
nue and t'respect avenue! both sides ot Eldei
Mrcct, between South Webster avenue and 1'ios
pect .ivcnue, in tho Nineteenth waid.
Take notice that under the direction of Coun
cils I will nnkc the assessment for a ten nl
seners to dinln the above mentioned tcrrltoiv,
on Tuesday, the tweiit) -second of April, l'soj,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Department
of Public Works, of Engineeiing, Cltv
II ill, .-seianton, I'a., nt which time and
)ou may appeal' and be heaid If you so desire.
Director Department of Public AVors.
Scranton, I'a., April II, 1002.
'10 'HIE OWNERS or reputed owners of pioperly
bounding or abutting on both sides of Ash
street, from 1'iescottt .avenue to Webster avc
nuc; both sides of l'rcseott avenue, fiom Al
btreet to the City Line; both sides of Irving ave
nue,, fiom Ash street to the City Line; both side
of fa) lor nvenue, from Ash street to the Clt.v
Line, and on the west aide of Webster avenue,
fiom Poplar stieet to the City Line, In the Tenth
Take notice Unit under the dhcctioit of Conn,
ells I will make the assessment for the construc
tion of a sjstein of sewers for tho drainage of the
nbove mertioncd territory, on Mondaj, the twenty-first
day or April, 1002, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, at the Department of Public Works,
Bureau of Engineering, City Hall, Scranton, Pj.,
at which time nnd place jou may appear and lo
heard if )ou so desire.
JOHN E. nociiE.
Director Depirtmcnt of rubllc Works.
Scranton, Pa., April 11, 1002.
Certified Public Accountant.
Building, and St. Paul Building, New York.
Estate Exchange Bldg.. 126 Washington ave.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Epruce street, Scranton.
and Counselloss-ut'Law. U0.I to 612 Conncl
Rooms 12, li, 16 and 18 Burr Building.
tlatcd on real estate security. Hears Building,
corner Washington avenue and Spruce street.
eellors-at-lavv. Commonwealth Building, Roorni
10, 20 and 21.
DO.'1-DOl, Oth floor. Hears building.
of Trade Building, Scranton, Pa.
Bank Building
til Wyoming avenue.
Physicians and Surgeons,
dr. w. c,
Inglon avenue, Residence. 1318 Mulberry.
Chronic diseases, lungs, heart, kidneys and
gcntto-urlnary organs a specialty, Hours, I
to 4 p. m.
DR. D, (1. EVANS, OSTEOPATH, -1.'6 8 WASH-
iugtou avenue. Chronio and nervous dbcua;!
a specialty, Consultation free.
Hotels and Hestaurants. ;
sue. Rates seasonable.
P. ZIEOLER. Proprietor.
cenger depot, Conducted on tho Europesn
plan. VICTOR KOCH, Proprietor.
cess pools; no Jdori only improved pumps used.
A. 11, Briggi, proprietor. Leave oidtrs 1104
iNorth Main avenue, or Elcke'a drug store, cor
per Adan'i and Mulberry. Both telephones.
frjmen, storo vol Washington avenue; gieta
houses, 1030 North slain avenue; slor tel-
, phone, "62. '
Wire Screens.
Scrsnton. Pa., manufacturer of Wire Screens
alto ladles viaUts. LuuUu bhoeuialcer, ii
Adams avenue.
v clones, paper bags, twine. Warehouse, M
Wsuhtiigtuu avenue, Scranton, Pa.
in Scranton t th news stands of Hehinjii
Bros., W tprucc sod taJ Linden: XJ. Noitou,
iii l.stkJHiuna aieouet I. S S.huUcr, ill
Enrutt street. " " i.
h X.t
,-K V sT?K ..,iA:
S .', '
r .--- i" U- -nT"
a. ,w ,h i fc -sj.jr -
a..u Uvafc-gj
ittli. "J
. . W., llV-z,,
' Wj ue a . lS' V - S