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The News of Catbondale.
,Lyr tJJ'tt' ... n . 1, n i- - ...1' nr. ... 1 .r ..,- - .--W - 1
Delaware and, Hudson, Bnllvond.
Tnilns lane fiiibomblft nt illy station in m
'"KrftMiuon nml VIII;M.ll..rrd-n,0O. W'S.W.
IUII, I0.M. 1I.2I il. I"! 1-Mi '''i -5I' J' '
6.ii, r.iw,, ii.iw ii. in- , 1n
Tnr Allmiv, hMr.ilottJ. Montreal, ""'IT"'
):iifllJli'l polnl, .itt1., 7.C0 n. I'l.i & ' nl'
''kj limit ami ltoi.CMl.ile, 7.-.H. H.W w'''
Hm,0.?y 'iV-i'liis let'vd Wnjmntt una Ito''1'5
i a, so it, in.; 1.45 p. in. . , .iit...iiiiT
Tmliu mtlvc'at failiomlalf (rftin.W H' ' ' rI"
n.l Scrmttnii follows 0.8".. 8.8' "J 'i,
a. 111.; )2.37. 21K1, 3.1S, 4.2?, H.0S, T.OI, S.JI.
ll.ij" n. Ill,i-2.0S il. HI. ... , ,n
SmuUy IMlM arrive- at U.27 a. m. !' "'',
4.2H, 0.2P, lt.iV i. in. .... ..iv.
iimlji-'n.iliiH iirrlvo :il f'itbuiutut? hon '
mill ami ltornil.i1c at 12.1" nml " !' '" ,
New York, Ontario and Western.
September 17, 111. , .
Tialiw CmlmmUle for Hcrmilon at ..w a.
nt. : 4.oj p. in.
Stiiubv tr.ilin nl 7.00 a. in.: 6.0i) 11. m. ,
Tulrn leave Ciiliomhlo for point n01,.1' ,"
11.10 a. in. On Sunday at UU . ! ft '" "
lejvliiR'nt 11,00 a. m. week ilay nml .JP " '
Siimla.vii make ronncctloin forew orl., "i
" Traliw'iirrlv'c from Scwnlun at 11.10 a. 111. 1 JM
p. m.': .from poliitH ncrlli. I.'JO 11. ill- s""1'.5;
Horn, Srianlon nt 0.10 11. in. nml ' " "'"
(olnlr,iil(il.riit,0,OR p. 111.
, . - - -
1 Subscribers to Tlio Tribune nro rc
'' niiepted ,to' report any Irregulnrlty or
'confusion In tbe delivery at this paper,
c!thertp tltc Cnrbondnle branch ol The
Tribune In the Ilurkc Uullillng, or Rob
ert j& heynoltl.", newsdealers. Sonic
confusion In delivery bus been reported
to this ofllco, and to aid In efllclent service-
subscribers nre urged to report at
once any delinquency.
TTnanimously Chosen at Joint Meet
ing of Councils His Efficiency
Publicly Attested.
V. K. Hupp,- whose term of olllue has
just expired, was last night unanimous
ly re-elected city enRlneor of Carbour
In connection with bis being returned
to oflice Sir. Kupp was given a llutter
ins testimonial by the councilmen.
Though only the councilman, Br.
Kletcher, who nlaeed him In nomina
tion, took occasion to speak of his 'effi
ciency, yet every one of the seventeen
councilmen silently approved of the
speaker's words, and would gladly en
dorse, orally, what Dr. Fletcher said if
there was the oportunlty, for no city
engineer of Cnrbondnle, it can be safely
said, has earned the approbation and
esteem of councils as has Jlr. Kupp.
When councils came tosether after
the separate sessions, Chairman Davis,
of select council, was called unon to
preside. When the nominations for city
engineer were called for, Dr. Fletcher,
of select, arose and, In presenting Mr.
Kupp's name, said:
"Sir. Chairman. I take great .pleasure
In presenting the name of F, K. Kupp,
who has proven so faithful in the past."
Sir. Nealon. or common council, sec
onded the nomination.
As Indicated in Tbe Tribune yester
day, there was no opposition to Sir.
Kupp. The roll-call was proceeded with,
all of the seventeen members present,
Sir. Cook, of common council, being the
only absentee, recording their vote for
When the vole was recorded and Sir.
Kupp's re-election was announced, Sir.
Puglinno, of common, raised the call
for the engineer, amid the hearty ap-,.-.p!nuso
of the members on both sides of
the house. The cry grew until It
reached Sir. Kupp, who was in his office
down the corridor. In a minute bo
rcann Into select council chamber and
' bowed his acknowledgments. The coun
.j.cllmen, however, Insisted on some sort
'of n speech. As was proven at the ban-.-quet
of Slonday night Inst, Sir. Kupp
."-Is a happy talker when called upon to
respond in 11 toast, but on this oecn
''sion he seemed overwhelmed with the
jklndly fueling of councils, in it very
,fi'W words, the earnestness of which in
dicated Ills feeling of gratitude, Sir.
,;,fKupp said that he honed he would do
nothing during his term which would
make councils feel soir.v for their ne
i.'tlon, "I've worked to the best of my
."lability," he continued, "to do the work
"of the city anil will continue to do so
'rdurlng the next three years. T ask your
t".co-oieratIon, and feel that If we W.ork
together, in harmony, everything will
be all tight." Slore applause mid con
gratulations followed his utterances.
jt, The confidence which councils ex-
pressed in Sir. Kupp by re-electing him
'was earned during his 'laift term.- IIo
(,. has been one or the most painstaking
'of city officials nml, above all, when the
.(emergency arose he pitched Into the
, work and labored the same as the low
Cnt employe on the street department
'iP'iy rolls. This devotion to his 'duties
could not but be recoenlzed and nn
preeiuted by his re-election. Sir. Kupp's
commences ills second term with the
utmost good will of councils and the
citizens nt' large,
It can be said that them will be no
, change In tho forces under Sir, Kupp.
htreot foreman John Kllleen has like
wise earned his re-uppolntment, being
n most valuable ally of lr. Kupp and,
perhaps, tho-most efllclent foreman that
itho city hiii-ver lind,
"1 1 r, mi, i . it
(loud PooJ-Sml (Inutl Health.
Tliisfoud tale from n trained nurse
is wort,i7pa.cljig: .,tt t-,t:-"I
want tb"tell you" of (ho curative
propertlcftij oJ.the good, ;food Orape-
Nuts,-nihl will say' tlity'"ai'6vif wlidlo
fortune to; piyonq Jt)ffering. asI-iUdf or
years" with' k stomach bo'6he1iroiiV as
to bo almost useless 'la me.
For years and years I was tortured
with ilntulency, heart burn, bloating,
twwenif sb' of -tuo stomach, unci many
VfHiWml c,'Jd bitterly becauso or piy
great distress.
""' fintV'never' to lib forgotten day Ulster
',,fcullW"unv"from 'CoTunibus jo vfsit, me,
"Sh'o'bioiifeht;,a'i)ackdBe of arajio-Nuts
"rrAe'T'tlib'fodd"Vbuld 'Agree with inc.
b"f "fouVia 'tlio 'new food' very delicious
it'Nvltn fcreani, and it caused me no pain or
disturbance -whatever,
, To make a long btory short I huyu
been Uilng Orupe-Nuts ever since,
Have 'gained-20 pounds in five months
,andmy health is perfect. It la a pleas-
urofto) be plump and healthy and' feel
v well 'again. I am a professional nurse
v,,Jund naturally apprecateltlilsyhUngo in
'iny1 health." Lucy Nl"nphnr4son4".Uox
'lit, tbgan, Ohio, .' T . . ;
Poor Doartl Directors Will Make nh
Inspeptlon Today. .
The .directors of the Curbondale poor
department will make their annual visit
to the almshouse, over Ureetilleld way,
today. Tho party will leave tho city
halt tit 10 o'clock, accompanied by rep
resenttttlvvsof the vicinity press.
This Inspection, or visit, Is nn annua!
custom and follows the re-orgunlzntlon
of tho board each year. Last year It
took plnce somewhat later, owing to tho
delay In fully organizing tho board.
This year, however, the directors understand-
each other better, and there
Is that.unlty that makes for n success
ful administration of the affairs' of such
bodies. This visit will enable tho
board to determine the necessary Im
provements and Is always attended by
good results for the poor of the district,
The Former Announced by the
Chairman nt Last Night's Meet
ingThe Tax Levy the Same as
Last Year, Ten Mills.
The committees of councils for the
coming year uud the tax levy were
the Important matters In last night's
meetings of both branches of count-lie.
The ordinance llxlng the tax levy
was Introduced in select council by Dr.
Fletcher. It was referred to commit
tee, tho committee reporting favor
ably forthwith, and ordering tho ordi
nance to be printed.
The levy Is fixed the same as last
year ten mills; general, seven mills;
special, three mills. The poll tax was
fixed at $1.
Select Council Commitees.
In select council, Chairman Davis
announced his committees as follows:
Finance and Taxation Daniel AV,
Humphrey, John F. Slanulon, John D.
Streets, J nidges and Sewers James
boloinon, Thomas F. Darrott, John D.
Light, Fire and Water J. F. Slun
nion, Thomas F. liurrett, James Solo
mon. Treasurer's and Collectors' Accounts
James Solomon, John F. Slannton, D.
W. Humphrey.
Finance Davis, Solomon, Humphrey.
Pi luting Fletcher, Humphrey, Slan
nlon. Itules llarrett, Humphrey, Slanulon.
Estimates D. W. Humphrey, T. F.
llarrett, James Solomon.
Judiciary and Legislation John F.
AUinnion, Dr. AV. W. Fletcher, John H.
Police T. F. Barrett, ' Dr. AV. AV.
Fletcher, John D. Davis.
A'ieo and Immorality John D. Davis, I
Dr. AV. AA. Fletcher, James Solomon. ,
Public Buildings Dr. AV. AV. Flet
cher. T. F. Barrett, John Davis.
Common Council Committees.
In '''common council, phnlrman Slas-tt-rs
made the following appointments:
Finance and Taxation AVllliam H.
Slasters, A. T. Thompson,' John J. Nea
lon. Streets, Bridges and Sewers Erwln
K. Stone, Alex. J. Kennedy, "W. If.
Public Buildings Xtobcrt S. AVhit
fleldAV. L. Hunter, Alex. Kennedy.
Light, Fire and AVnter A. T. Thomp
son, Abe L. Salmi, Henry Cook.
Treasurer's and Collectors' Accounts
Byron S. Clark, Gabrielle Pugllano,
John J. Xealon.
License George Hobbs, B. S. Clark,
Cinbriolo Pugllano.
Printing Henry Cook, Krwin Stone,
George Hobbs.
llules Abe Sahm, Bobert AVhllfi'eld,
Abe Kennedy'.
Intimates Cabriole Pugllano, 13rin
Stone, Bobert AVhltflcld.
Judiciary and Legislation AV. L.
Hunter, Krvln Stone, Cinbriele Pug
llano. Police John J. Nealon, AV. L. Htin
t..r, George Hobbs.
A'leo and Immorality Abe Kennedy,
Abe Sahm, John J. Xealon,
In select council, resolutions were
adopted, providing that the city clerk
have an assistant In preparing the
city duplicate, the expense not to ex
ceed $80 ; approving the drawing of tho
wairant for.u mileage book for the
police department, and changing- cer
tain gas llxturcs in the city treasurer's
In common council, tho controller's
annual report was read, and a resolu
tion was adopted directing Its publica
tion In the paper that has the city nd
irtiflng. This is In accordance with
the act of assembly. Later, when this
re solution reached select council, It was
referred to the printing committee,
Common council also concurred In
tho select council resolutions and
adopted a resolution providing for the
printing of the committees for tho use
of members. This resolution was con
curred In by select council.
Comment of Reading Tlmes-Dispntch
on His Splendid Work.
"The last of the series of entertain-metits-'ln
tho members' course at the
AVning'SIen's Christian association was
given last night before a highly de
lighted audience, it was an evening
with Sir. P. Kdgar Jlosenorans, 'The
Humorist of the Paint Brush,' who fur-
ulshed amusement for more than two
hours with his cartoons and witty com
ments, Sir, itoseucruus possesses a
high degree of artistic ability and a
rlyji npd raro quality of humorous per
ception, His sketches were executed
Willi great rapidity and precision, tho
Illustrations of the songs being beau
tiful productions, and won for him en
thUBlnstlo upplause, Sir. ltosencruns
exhibited great versatility in his de
lineation of characters and the lecture
was constantly lighted up with flashes
of wit uud touches of philosophy and
At Walt's hull, AVednesda.)', April 23,
afternoon and ovenlng, '
Returned to School.
Itoswell SlcSIullen'left yesterday for
Lehigh university. Mr, McMulleu hits
been spending a w weeks with his
purents, .Mr, and Sirs, Silas McMullen,
on Lincoln avenue,
Battalion .to Meet.
In yesterday's Tribune there was a
notice of u meeting Thursday night of
tho.Knlgjits of Father Sluthew, There
was an omission of the' word "Uut-
tnlloit," which would Indicate that the
meeting wus .not for the purpose nt
bringing out the new military branch
of tho Knights. It Is the soldier men
who will meet, mid the presence of
every mombot Is urged.
The News In The Tribune About the
Terminal Change Was Correct.
'Jim news which appeared exclusively
In Tho Tribune yesterday that the ter
minal of the Kite on the Jefferson
branch- was to 'bo changed from I3us
qtioliunna to Carbondule has been con
llrmed. Notices have been posted to
this effect, the change to take place on
Slay 1.
Tho new order of itffntfs will bring
fourteen railroad inon to this city, to
gether with their families, The order
affects two train crews and all ot tho
coal crews, leaving the way freight
men and those on the passenger train
service, only, to have Susquehanna as
their terminal. The change has been
brought about by the circumstance that
empty cars do not return by way ot
Cnrbondale, but over the Erie and Wy
oming through Hiuvley.
AVhllo tho change will benefit Carbon
dale, It will greatlyvlnconvenleneo most
of the fourteen men affected, as some
own properties In Susquehanna. They
are not satisfied, and have asked Su
perintendent Ames to change the order.
Steps Taken in the Case of Mrs. Kate
McNulty and Mrs. Mary Ellen
Steps were taken yesterday to prop
erly care for tho children of Sirs. Kute
SIoNulty and Sirs. Mary Ellen Jordan,
who have been woefully neglected be
cause of the almost habitual dissipa
tion of the parents.
Both Sirs. SIcNulty and Sirs, Jordan
were arrested Sunday and tnken before
Slayor O'Neill yesterday on. charges ot
being drunk and disorderly in tho
neighborhood-of their homes, on Hos
pltal street. The mayor did not use
much ceremony in disposing of tho
charges against the women, but dis
creetly lined them $10 each, with the
alternative of thirty days in juU;
Neither one had the money, and yes
terday they were taken to tho county
Now that Sirs. Jordan, who Is a
widow, and Sirs. SIcNulty are tempor
arily out of the way, as It were,' the
steps necessary to place the children In
some institution will be taken. Tho
little ones have been so neglected and
have been so exposed to grave moral
dangers by their parents' example that
tho authorities were imoelled to this
action. Persons interested In charit
able work have taken the Initiative in
the matter and will carry It to the end.
Temporarily the children are in the
hands of relatives, who will give them
the necessary care until their removal
to the proper institution.
James Reilly Returns, Accompanied
by Charles Whiteside.
James Beilly, of Hospital street, is
back to Carbondnle.ufter a four months'
tour of the British isles, but particular
ly Ireland.
Sir. Beilly was accompanied over and
across the sea, by Charles Whiteside, a
cbllege ehtim of St. Slchnel't' college,
Toronto, Canada, where both are stu
dents at the present time. Their trip
was highly beneficial physically, while
it was a means of Instruction and
mental stimulation. Sir. Beilly and Sir.
AA'hiteside are spending a few days In
Cnrbondale before returning to college
to resume their studies. Those who
have met them were privileged to hear
stune entertaining and Interesting de
scriptions of their tour.
Meetings of Tonight.
Division No. 11, A. O. H.
St. 'Vincent de Paul society.
Lucretla lodge, Daughters of Be
bekuh. Tribe No. 20S, Bed Slen.
Knights of Honor.
Local 1C11, United Sllne AVorkers.
Cnrbondale Cycle club.
Daughters of St. George.
Another New Engine.
The Delaware and Hudson company
has received engine No. 265 from tlio
Dickson works. This class of engines
that the American Locomotive company
ot Hcranton, formerly the Dickson
works. Is a big Improvement over the
kind that. have been In use.
Gone to Seattle.
A. E. Cilouson, who has been a resi
dent of Carbondule for a short time,
left last night over the Krie for Seattle,
Wash. Sir. Gleason has secured a good
position In the thriving coast town.and
will locate there. The friends ho leaves
behind in Cnrbondale wish him luck In
his new home.
Recovering from Injury.
Bobert Gardner, who ran a nail in
his foot ii few days ago, Is Improving.
He suffered severely during the few
days that ho has be'en disabled.
At the Baptist Conference.
Bev. Dr. H, J. AVhalen. pastor of the
Berean Baptist church, left for Scran
ton yesterday to attend tho Sllddle
States Baptist conference. This is the
assembly which honored Dr. AVhalen,
It's the Evidence of Scranton Feoplo
Published in Soranton Papers That
Has Made Such a Reputation for
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills.
Standing clear and distinct, marking
the difference, tho superior merit, the
adaptability to present-duy ailments is
the volume of local testimony for Dr.
A. V. Chase's Nerve Pills. It's so dlf
forent to the ordinary remedies refer
ring to cures mudo at distant points
which l l''d t verify. There is a
reason for Dr, A. AV. Chase's Nerve
Pills commanding home evidences wher
ever they nro known, It Is their Won
de.'ful Inllucneo In bringing up the
standard of nerve force.
Sir, Henry Alberts, of No. on; mrc,
street, Scranton, Pa., says: "For about
two yours HO' back and kidneys hud
been sore, lame and tho secretions in
had shape. Nolhlng seemed to help me
until I Kot Ur' Al w- Chasu'M Nerve
rMlls at Matthews Bros.' drug store,
No. 320 Luekuwunna avenue. They
did the work, curing the soreness
and lameness, making the secretions
healthy, uud' generally giving me
health and ttren,gth."
Dr. A. AV, Chase's Nerve Pills are
sold at 50e. a box at dealers, or Dr. A.
W. CJhnso Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. V.
Bee that portrait and slgnaturo of A.
AV. Chase, M. D., are on every package.
Curtain Shades
. Ready-Made
and Made
to Order
IT l'f S
i llltVii ma J I
LpltUtMrX j&fcV .
m lrmMA
.eFl II II.
1.--M I & mm
I h-
ltfar lit S
f jl r Jl J iji V
THE FIRST LOT Is'a 23-Inch Fabric, worthy of your attention, dark grounds, medium grounds, all designs, small and unique, A ' .
value oftentimes marked at 60 cents. Our special this week, yard ', ' 45C
THE SECOND LOT Is 25 Inches wide higher art Is sh'own'ln the make-up of thlsllne;,ln fact, we have collected' together all our 75c ,
and 85c values and priced them for this occasion at, a yard 09C
THE THIRD LOT Is extremely pretty, Including some of the richest designs in our stock. They come 25 Inches wide, and the color-
Ings are good, the designs the kind
Mistral Cords
In self colorings just heavy enough to show pretty
foundations both In contrast and same shades, 48 inches
wide and'made to sell for 89 cents a yard. Priced for
this week at
69 Cents
One of the Most
Effective and Desirable Fabrics
Found in this large Dress Goods Department is the
Etamlnes, green, Yale blue, grey, castor and navy blue.
Three prices $i,oo, and $1.50. Either one will
prove desirable In value and choice in quality,
54-Inch Black Serge, 75c.
45-Inch French Serge, SI. 00.
A complete line of colors in
King: Collar Buttons
and incidentally our town, by having
him delH-'er the nddress of welcome to
the delegates, who, are anions the most
representative clergymen who have
ever visited. Scranton, ;
The Open Window Club.
Invitations have been received In this
city to the first Informal dance by the
Open AA'Indow club ot West Scranton.
The dance will take place In Menrs'
hall, AA'est Scranton, on Friday evening
next, and will be attended by some of
the younger society folk of Carbondule.
The Open Window club is composed
or two score well known young men
of AVest Scranton, who are the life of
St. Hrendeu council. Young Men's In
stitute. At the Methodist Conference.
Uev. A. P. Chaffee, pastor of the
First Methodist church, and Mrs. Chat
fee, left last evening over the Erie for
AVaverly, X. Y., to attend the session
of the AVyomlng conference ot the
Methodist church, in session at that
plnce. Accompanying thoin were Rev.
U D. Tyler and wife, of Thornhurst,
this state, who likewise will attend the
Funeral of Sister Maurice.
The funeral of the late Sister Maur
ice will take place AVednesday morning.
Heginnlng at !) o'clock u solemn high
mass of requiem will be sung In tho
chapel of St. Hose convent. Bishop
lloban will assist In the services of the
dead, as well as a number of priests of
the diocese. Hurlnl will bo In the sls
teis' plot In St. Rose cemetery.
Arranging for New Store.'
Edward M. and George AA". Clarke,
who comprise tho Urn) of Clarke Bros,,
Scranton, were In the city yesterday,
arranging for the opening of the store
which they propose to establish In Cnr
bondale. While It is certain that the
Albrechl building on North Main
street will be occupied, the mutter of
additional room has not been settled.
Willie May Hurt.
Willie May, a driver boy at Xo. 1
shaft, was caught between a pillar and
u car yesterday afternoon and bndly
Hfiuctwert. Ho was taken to the hospi
llalph Hall was a Scranton vjsitor on
Miss Louise Bishop Is 111 at her home)
on Main street.
' h. L. rtoth, of Scranton, was a Car-
bnndale visitor yesterday, ,
1. P. IlriiRan, ,of Archbuld, was a
business caller In. (own, Saturday.
.Miss Florence Mollltt, of Scranton,
was a Carbondalo visitor on Sunday,
Miss Helen Ueese, of Scranton, was
tho guest of Miss Lizzie Brenuaii, on
Miss Angle und Margaret Jones, o(
Forest City, were Cnrbondnle visitors
l-j, T, Coddlngton's sister and. brother-in-law,
of Tanners Falls, were visiting
him yesterday.
V, AV, Clark, inanuger of tho Postal
Telegraph station here, was in Xew
Mllford, yesterday.
Martin Fleming and John Ruddy, two
clever ball players, of Archbuld, spent
yesterday In Carbondule,
Frank MoDermott. of Honesdule,
stopped over here a few hours yester
day, on his way to Utlcn,
Miss Margaret Finnan, of llonAdale,
spent Sunday in this city, as the guest
of Miss Frances Mouahnn,
Miss Cecellu Brudy, night operator
in the Jermyn fcxi-hunge, was tjp guest
of Curbondale friends yesterday.
K. V. Thayer, district freight agent
djmnnijM ScH3
1 1 i fi'll J Ti I-
HMIII'JIHI lllLi VII K Ull 1111111 llimi
AwA r Tf rw wm v-
r r . i
hvAfi; PaffArn I hie nt.tirr
twj iuiwiu im fiim8
Thnnn I lr, 4-A T'li.rvoA Ensvm
generally purchased. Always sold at $1.00 up to $1.25. but now priced at , . .'.
Dress Goods
42-Inch Black Melrose, 75c. 45-Inch
54-Inci Cheviot, $1.00. 54-Inch
LANSDOWNE, the Reliable. See that
for the Jersey Central at Scranton, was
at the American house yesterday.
Fred Moses, formerly of Carbondule,
but now ot New York city, was a. guest
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. Singer,
on Sunday.
Miss May Boyle, who hits been the
guest of Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Glllls for
several weeks, returned to her home
in Xew Mllford, yesterday.
Hal Torrance, who Is In charge of tho
Xew York olllce of the Carbondule Ma
chine 'company, has returned to his
duties, nfter a short visit in this city.
John M. Hughes, stamp clerk and
surveyor for the Scranton board of the
Underwriters' association, was in the
city yesterday on business, and was
registered at the Harrison house.
The Stocker Hose company met In
their rooms on Main street last even
ing, and after closing their charter,
upon which were enrolled tho names
of thirty members, organized perman
ently by electing the following officers:
President, T. A. Hendricks; vice presi
dent, Charles Pedrick; treasurer, M.
S. Collins: corresponding faecretary,
Thomas Marsh; financial secretary,
David J, Jones; trustees, John Mulal
ley, Thomas Davis and Walter Depew.
Tho following committees were also
appointed: Ways and means, M. S. Col
lins, T, A. Hendricks and Georgo Ed
munds; purchasing committee, George
Edmunds, T. A. Hendricks, M. S. Col
lins, Thomas Davis and George Wil
liams. It was decided to run u lire
men's ball In Assembly hall on tho
night of May :!!. Tickets will be sold
ut GO cents, und us an Inducement, each
ticket holder will have u chance on a.
$20 gold piece to bo disposed ot before
the closo of the ball, Tho new lire com
pany starts out under most favorable
circumstances. They have a beautiful
ly furnished room, nicely located1, and
tho boys are thoroughly enthusiastic hi
their new organization.
William G. Ogden, of Scott township,
and Miss Fannie Decker, un estimable
young lady, both of whom are well
known and have numerous friends In
this borough, will ho united In mar
riage at high noon today, at the home
or the bride's parents, .Mr. und .Mrs,
John Decker, of Greenfield,
Pr. Byron IT, Jucksoii, of Maylleld, Is
suffering from a slight attack of grip.
The game of football played hi Fowl
er's park on Saturday, between the
Rovers of Jermyn and Hangers of Pcck
vllle was won by the visitors by a
score of X goal to 0, The game was
an Interesting one, but was thrown
away by the homo team through over
confidence. Each side has now won a
game, and a third game, to settle tho
(supremacy, ought to be an exciting one,
Miss Currltt Richmond nud Miss Nun
Urowu, of Honesdalo, who have been
the guests of Mr. -nml Mrs, AV, T, Rob
erts, of Muln street, returned homo yes
terday, Tho funeral of tho late Thonuis 1
AVIIIIams will tuko place this afternoon.
Services will bo held at the homo by
nov. Jonathan Davis, of Forest City,
The members of the Delaware and
Hudson Benevolent association will at
tend In a body,
At a special meeting of the borough
council, held last evening, It was decid
ed tu attend tho funeral of tho Into
Ci'mellniaii Cahuney In u body this
mo;1. ilng,
Mr, nud Mrs. Alvin Evans, of Oly
phfint, wets, on Sunday, the guests
of Mr. nnd Mrs, William M. Davis, of
.Xorth Main avenue.
Jacob Moon uud family yesterday
moved up to their farm at Chapman
Rev. V, D. Fuller, D. 1)., Is attending
the Wyoming conference, s
Mrs. Totnun, who resides with her
An Excellent Opportunity
mmmiir rw w r
n4 -
GG laUia LU lillUUSG 1 I
Cream Suitings
In the clay diagonal, Panama, crash and fancy basket
weaves. Also that dust-defying fabric BrllHantlne and
Bedford Cord. They are 48 inches and range In price
$1.00 Up
A18 Wool Suitings
50 and 56 Inches wide, greys and blues, not another
fabric on our counters today will give you better service
than these suitings. Very stylish when made up In tailor
made gowns, and priced at
89c to $1.39 per yard
Satin Sollel, $1.00. 42-Inch Poplin, $1.00. 42-Inch Prunella, $1.00.
Broadcloth, $1.00. 45-Inch Storm Serge, Soc.
the name of WM. F. READ Is perforated on the selvedge.
5c Kind, 10c
! Fine Shoes
All tjlZCSeveryune
They are worth $2.50, $3.00 add $3,50.
Our Price
This Week
Come and see them whether you wish to buy or not.
Myer Davidow,
son, AVllliam J. Toman, of Fourth
street, who has been 111 for the past
week, Is Improving.
- .. . .
Council met last night, all members
being present except Messrs. O'Hnl
Iqrun, A'un Sickle and McMitlues. Bills
ot the electric light department,
amounting to S3SS.I7, und general bor
ough aecuunt, S13I.0,". were ordered
paid, A report was read from Burgess
Manning, In which he made some time
ly suggestions, President Brown an
nounced that John T AVlllluins, of the
Fourth ward, had resigned us u mem
ber n f the hoard of health und that ho
had appointed Richard Pettlgrow .to
sucreecl him. Council conlirnied the up
polntiueut. Tho bond of Secretary
O'.Malley was read and referred to" tho
borough solicitor for his approval.
James J. O'Mnlley, esq,, notified coun
cil that, unless settlement could bo ef
fected, suit would be commenced by
Stephen Klsllnsky to recover $:,0Q dam
ages, caused by tho borough obstruct
ing u natural water course In Grassy
Island, A notice was received from tho
Scranton Gas and Water company
stating that, unless orders held by them
ugulnst the borough were paid by April
21, tho supply of water would be slpit
off from Iho electric plant, Tho mat
ter was referred to tho ilunuce com
mittee, Several opinions were then read
from the borough attorney. Relative to
the matter of apnolntmeut of commit
tees by the president, which enused so
much trouble ut the last meeting of
council, the attorney staled that the
appointments were vulld, whether un
proved by council or not. An appeal
was heard from the borough of Taylor,
asking council to usslst In their legal
light ugulnst the telephone und tele
graph companies, regarding the poll
tux, as all boroughs will be Interested
In the outcome of tho case, which has
been curried to the United States Su
premo court. The council decided, to
contribute W.
A petition, signed by nearly ull the
to Buy
i Ti
- - wt m - - r
9 v t
c llaciirn
Kind, 25c Kind,
5c 8c
These Shoes are of the latest style
in Vici Kid, 'Box Calf, Velour Calf,
Patent Calf and Kid. The leathers
are perfectly seasoned and the shoes
are made up by men who are experts
in their business. Fine Goodyear
Welt Soles with the medium and
wide extension edges.
All MylCS Everyone I
$2.50 and $3
307 Lackawanna Ave 0i
property owners along Delaware street,
was read, asking council to hike stepsi
toward paving the street, between.
Smith Street and the intersection of
Lackawanna street. It was referred to.
the street commissioner.
Council adopted the same order of
business as was In vogue last year.
A farewell parly was tendered Mlsa
Kate Dodson ut the residence of John
V. Uavls, In Rlukely, last evening by
her pupils In the Columbus school.
Games and other enjoyable pastimes
wero indulged In until about 10 o'clock,
when refreshments wero served, Miss
Dodson will leave for her home In Ply
mouth tho latter part of this week.
Tho members of the Blnkel.v AVhlst
club were entertained by Miss Agues
Hull at her home, on Main street, last
evening. After n season of card play
ing, a delicious luncheon was served,
Joseph McIIugh, of Green Ridge, Is
visiting Mr. und Mrs. Joseph Million, at
tho Million house,
Miss Maggie Harris, of Plttston, Is
the guest of Miss Lettlo Davis, In
Mr. and Mrs, Edgar Davis, of Duryeii,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. D, E.
Evans, of Susquehanna street.
Mrs. C. O. Sutton left yesterday to
visit relatives at Plttston.
fonroy, Muck it Edwurds will be tho
next attraction ut tho opera house,
Max Xeedlo, who has conducted iv
store- on Jones street for several years,
has moved to Park Place,
.Allss Ulanoho Hull, of Green Ridge,
spent yesterday with AVest Side rela
tives. Supreme Court in Session,
l.t i:tlualut Whc fiom Tlie Ah-j(i'1 I'ic-w.
I'liiUiJrlplila, April 11. .The iiii'iui; couit (.
tor a wu wtYKs ifcvw, rciomcncil Jim- luiliy.i
;su th-rUloiM iro luiiik-u don n. '
To Cure a Cold in One Say
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tul
All druggists refund tho liionei
fulls to cure. E. V. drove's all
Is on cueh box. 25c.
111;.. -.'-..