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Owing to the Fact That Not Enough
of Cases Were Ordered on the List
the List for the Throe Weeks Be
ginning May 12 Is Fifteen Cases
Shorter Than Usual Traverse
Jurrors Who Were Drawn Yester
day to Serve During the Term.
Deputy rrotlionolarj- John V. Cuin
mlngH yesterday completed the ttlal
list for the term of common pleas court
which opens Monday, JIny 12. Ordin
arily one hundred and fifty cases arc
listed for the three weeks term but
this time only 135 were available and
the llbt is fifteen cases short of the
it.sual number.
The present li.'.t has on
bi ought as late as March 14,
it cases
The list
Monday, May 12.
1'. 1'. N. Edward .igjiust S. P. Longslrcct;
0. U. Partridge, assignee, against George H.
Morris, et al.
John L. Hangi agalmt . Guernsey Brothers;
Patrick Oricr ag-ilnst J. Kearney k Company;
Duvid Spniks against Ilice, Levy & Company;
Itiulio Urol her? against Charles Teelrr; appeal.
Koran k IUaley acunst ltobcrt Illairj appeal.
Mat noM'iihltilh against Max Itlcc; appeal.
J. II. Akcrn & buns agilnft J, A. Cosiest c;
W. W. Wheeler against C. 1). Barber; nppcal.
Eduard Itooney against city of Carbondale;
Irrjp ins.
Wright Lowry against John Swallow; appeal,
George L. Peck, trustee, against James L.
Crawford; assumpsit.
II. Giecnvvald against JI. Solomon & Co.; re
pk In.
Id i Kolonsock against William Fisher, ct al.;
Xcary k Jennings against fancy Brothers; tres
pass. .!, B, Cilhool against Mary lloberts; appeal.
0. ltozello against B. S. Lewis, ct al; eject
ment, Greenfcld township agalnit J, 1", Kenjon;
City of Scranton against D, W. Williams;
i:, F. Carroll, ct al,, against Scranton Railway
company; trespass.
P. G. Itarick against S. E. l'eiberg; appeal.
lHrslilmcr k (JrilHn against Mary Smith;
ft!, fa,
C. L. like against C. I Smith; appeal.
George W. Mabey against city of Scranton;
tie -p .
C. II, Lewis, iceelver, agalmt John K. Jones;
el. fa.
II. A. Ilepuv against Jennie C. Brink; appeal.
Joseph Walker against O.K. Wcise, ct al.;
llmnili J, Schl.izcr against Elmhurst Boulo
vard company; trepasa.
Tuesday, May 13.
Gcorgo It. Tiaugcr against Viva Traugcr;
divorce. '
Hunt k Council company against John J. Col
llns; appeal.
Catherine Collzrr agalmt Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western llillroad company; trespass.
E. K. Thomas against Jlargarct Collins; ap
peal, i:. E. Thomas afilnst Nora Collins; appeal,
Sarah E, Snvdcr against John Davis, ct al.;
lolin Mummy against Delaware, Lackawanna
ami Western llallroad companj; trespass.
Hannah J. Lewis against William Van Gorden;
Ida Campbell agalmt James II, Hilton; appeal,
Warren Eliret k Co, against JI. E. Woidcn;
Wednesday, May 14.
Cifollne Manufacturing company against An
thiacitc Ilccr company; assumpsit.
I'irot National bank, Scrititou, against Patrick
Cannon; appeal.
Mary Ljdon against A. Lvdon; appeal.
Merchants' and Mechanics' bank against Dr.
James P. Purr-ells assumpsit.
Watts De Goljcr compiny against M, 'f, Keller;
Monday, May 10,
Owen McGovern against Lackawanna Iron and
Pteel loii'pany; trespass,
II, Goldsleger against Scranton Traction com.
pa n j-; trespass.
Alice M. Dunn against the Scranton Hallway
company; trespass.
Henry Armitage against John Ord; wages,
John Brown against Blttenbendcr k Company)
1, ,. Harding against (1. E. Hills appeal.
H, 0. Ilailett against M, G, A. Evans; appeal.
Continental 'fruit company against U, M. Win
ton, administrator; wl. fa,
Annette Iteynolds against Thomas Brooks, et
a) j trwpiM,
Could Fill the Paper with Them.
This paper might be filled with items
like the following, and every one bo the
absolute truth; I hud rheumatism for
years and tried almost everything, but
got no permanent relief until I used
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, three bottlea
of which have cured me. It Is the best
medicine J ever used Philip B.Rhoads,
Pennville, Mo, Pain Balm is for sale by
ftll druggist
labor, time,
I'ooto k Shear company against M. L. Langan;
W. V. Williams against John K. Jones; ap
peal. Llb-alic-th Carmen against the Scranton Hallway
company; trespass.
Wright Lowry against John McAndrcws, ct al.;
Stowers' Packing and Provision company
against Mrs. M. Swartz; appeal,
Kconomy furniture company against William
Anderson, ct al, ; replevin.
Sophia Harris against lllram Oram; appeal,
Wilson Bailey against Scranton Railway com
pnv; trespass.
Felix Vorokovicr, against Mount Pleasant Coal
compinj ; trcsp.i'i.
,1, P, Jordan against Scranton Hallway com
pany; trespass.
A. Bildcncer agiinst Mary Paliskcj; appeal.
i:. II. Hldgeway against Mary Itidgcway;
Joseph Korolon against Johnson Coal cora
pinj ; trespass.
J, ('. Densten against George Hausroth; appeal.
E. Rlngold Depuy against M. M. Spencer; as
sumpsit. Matv Koch against C. L. Smith; replevin.
J. O. Acliirman against h. L. Mjers; appeal.
Emma Haas against Scranton Itailway compny;
M. I'rcedman against Walter Gorman; tres
pas. W. Singer against K. S. Woodhouse, ct al.; ap
peal, Tuesday, May 20.
John J. Murphy against Patrick l'innerly; ap
peal. E. Bicker k Company against Mary McAIoon;
Fred C, Waller against Ftcd Brauer; assump
sit. Peter Lipovvicz against William Jcrvis; tres
pass. Woodbury Coil against Scranton Itailway com
pany; trespass.
Emmerson k Fisher company against William
Bright; appeal.
Justus Bishop against George Morook; appeal.
C. L. Smith against V.. V. Mcrrinian, ct al, ; ap
peal, II. Torklcson against Mary Biglow; appeal.
Wednesday, May 21.
II. W. Khington against II. W, Palmer, et al.;
0. P. McDonough against Patrick Gordon; ap
peal, Bridget Barrett against Itlchard McDonnell;
Mar' Gettings against Janson Colo; inter
pleader. II. Goldsleger against L. Frccdman, ct al.; ap
Monday, May 26.
Margaret Thomas against Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western Railroad company; trespiss.
0. B. Patridgc, assignee, against F. 11. Up
ton; assumpsit.
J, P. Schmidt against Peter Kinkier; wages.
Mary E. Derby against Pride of Durrmoro tem
ple, No, 8, Knights of Golden Eagle; wage
Frederick Mursch against Charles Teeter; ap
peal. C. M. Curtis, executor, against James Hoxton,
ct al.; trespass.
Ncugars Brothers against J. R. Cohen; re
plevin. W, II. Hatlctt ogainst P. F. Muilllgon; appeal.
M. 1'oohil estate against city of Scranton; tres
pass. G, . Tuller against James Flynn; appeal,
C, 1 Moorchouse against E. Russell; appeal,
Wright Lowry against Ceorgo Thachet; ap
peal. Kate Keegan against Metropolitan Life Insur
ance company; assumpsit.
B. M, Winton, administrator, against Lacki
wanna Coal company, limited; assumpsit.
Charles II, Welles against A, rrolhiughain; as
tumiislt, Joseph Mclin against A, Bedford, et al,; as
sumpsit. A, Ttosrnhlirm against Harry Jones; appeal,
Patrick Moran against Young Men'3 Total Ab
stinence and Bmeflcial societyj oppeal,
City of Scranton against Roger McGowan; ap
peal. City of Scranton against Mary Williams; ap
peil, Thomas Magec against George W. Brown; ap-'
f, II. Madden, rt al., against Scranton Rail
way company; trespass.
Olyphant Kewage Drainage company against
boiough of Olyphant; trespass,
K, Washer, et al., against P, J, McAndrew, et.
al,; appeal,
Johanna Ferdlnando against city of Scranton;
Daniel Holland against W. S. Bartlctt, et al.;
Pennsylvania Central Brewing company against
Julh Gilllgan; appeal.
Catherine Kane against Bridget Keonan; ap
peal. M. Kcistmis, administrator, against Ontario
Accidental society appeal,
John llrown against Scranton Railway com
pany; trespass,
Tuesday, May 27,
Hunt k Conncll company against Collins &
Brennan; appeal,
M, B, Drown & Company against Mary A.
Sweeney, ct al,; assumpsit.
Kills Stewart against David J, Burke; assump.
Sam Miller against Michael Sefschlks appeal.
George C, Joel, et al., against Scranton Hall,
way company; trespass,
James Robinson against Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western Railroad company, ct al, ; trespass.
John M. Farrell against Scranton Railway com.
pany; trespass.
J. F. Hodman against Johp Swallow; appeal.
J. J. Williams, acnulriLtrator, against R. Mc
U ul! en; sci. fa.
Frank White agiinst V. KlescI, et al.; reploin.
Wednesday, May 28.
G. It W. Bearle, trustee, against Scottish
Union National Insurance company; assumpsit.
J. A. Splccr against Frederick J. Tliomas; ap
Michael Holland gainst Mary Hajcj, eject-menv-T
Margaret Ridgeway against Hillside Ccal and
Iron company; appeal. '
0, E. Baldwin igaiost M. E. Wcrdcn; appeal,
The following Jurors were drawn yes
terday to serve during' the three weeks
when the cases listed above will be
Monday, May 12.
I". H. Shea, fanner, ('oWngton.
Harry It. Kingsley, book-keeper. Seranlon.
Michael T. Lacllc, gentleman, Scranton.
A, V. Biackinton, manager, Dunmore,
Natlnnlcl !. Robeitson, manager, Scranton.
P. P. Smith, insurance agent, Scianton. "t
Arch. Courtright, gentleman, Clark's Green. ''
lliomns Biglin, drher, Stiauton.
Thomas O'Brien, laborer, Scranton,
Jacob Bedell, firmer, Ransom.
David Lewis, eaei, Scranton.
A. II. Smith, manager, bcrautun.
James Blair, teller, Scrauton.
William G. Howell, miner, Taj lor.
J It. Diniinick, barber, Scranton.
II. It. Hatton, ilcrgyman, West Alilngton.
Dwight Crane, merchant, Carbondale.
F. ijf. Shirer, book-Keeper, Serantn.'.
James Gllles,ie, pumpman, Peckvillc.
Aithur C. luitchell, purchasing agent, Scranton.
Miles r. Clark, laborer, Scranton.
A. J. Duffy, agent, Archbald.
Kdward S. Dolph, executor, biranton.
Isaac Divis, carpenter, Taj lor,
Adam Robertson, farmer, North Ablngton.
Patrick J. fadden, Kcnlleman, Scranton.
P. J. Kelly, engineer, Olyphant.
t.'eorge W, Thomas, engineer, Peckille.
Robert Llewellyn, merchant, Taj lor,
Thomas R. Brooks, book-keeper, Scranton.
Frank Bailey, engineer, Dickson City.
Arthur II, Whitmorc, principal, Scranton.
J. A. Athcitou, merchant, Taj lor.
Junes Mav, gentleman, Scranton,
M. J. Burke, tailor, Dunmore.
11. A. Maloney, laborer, Pcrkiilli.
M. Norton, merchant, Scranton.
P. F, McDonald, agent, Scianton.
Joseph Stout, laborer, Gouldsboro.
John O'Rourke, expressman, Carbondale.
J, J. Simpson, merchant, Carbondale,
Thomas John, jr.. miner, Vandhng.
M. r. Wjnihs, undertaker, Scranton.
G. J. Van Buskirk, fanner, Madison.
Clarence White, farmer, Justus, Scott township).
John B Jones, contractor, Scranton.
Henry Beyea, superintendent, Dunmore,
A. J. Hjdcr, motornian, Scranton.
Daniel Gilroj-, miner, Scranton.
John T, Porter, merchant, Scranton.
Sterling Parker, insurance agent, Scranton.
P. J. O'Hojle, agent, Scranton.
John J. Mofflt, merchant, Carbondale.
John Orchard, master mechanic, Carbondale.
Harry Reinhardt, clerk, Scranton.
Robert P. Koeliler, foreman, Scranton.
William Rounds, trainman, Carbondale.
Kdward Clarkson, gentleman, Carbondale,
James P. McElroy, manager, Scranton.
Monday, May 19.
Tliomas McGratl, laborer, Archbald.
M. II. Hlggins, merchant, Scranton.
W. W. Watt, gentleman, Carbondale,
Martin F. Donohoe, machinist, Scianton
Owen Griffith, miner, Taylor.
Frank McElroy, engineer, Winton.
Leo Crossen, clerk, Scranton.
Robert B. Penman, clerk, Scranton.
H. L. Harding, mining engineer, Scranton,
Lewis R, Stelle, secretary, Scronton.
Stephen Corej-, carpenter, Winton (Jessup).
II. D. Spangenburg, shoemaker, Jefferson,
II. C. Rutherford, architect, Scranton.
Joseph A. Dolphin, book-keeper, Olyphant.
A, W, Coon, welghmaster, Jernijn.
Preston T, Brown, fanner, Scott.
B, T. Jayne, manager, Scranton.
Thomas M. Davis, laborer, Jemij-n.
William Howells, clerk, Dalton.
George Sbamal, miner, Taylor,
Philip Noales, miner, Taylor,
Michael J, Larkln, clerk, Scranton.
Ljman A. Clark, printer, Scranton.
Amos Holllslcr, farmer, Moscow,
Thomas Carpenter, farmer, Benton,
John G, Grler, miner, Scranton,
Edward Henney, laborer, Scranton.
R. W, Luce, Jr., insurance agaent, Scranton.
Thomas Dully, school director, Mlnooka,
DaWd II. Evans, miller, Scranton.
Clarence 11, Van Buskirk, clerk, Scianton.
A. W, Dalej-, gentleman, Carbondale,
Giles Roberts, farmer, Dalton,
In Ins Stone, milk dealer, Carbondale,
Joseph Giltllths, bather, Waverlj-. ,
Alanson Hobbs, farmer, Clatk's Crecn.
W, A, Bird, farmer, Madison,
K A. Cobb, farmer, Jefferson.
William A. Reese, miner, Caibondal'e,
Patrick Nolan, laborer, Scranton,
Morgan Thomas, foreman, Caibondale,
Walter H, 1'ordham, dentist, Scranton.
Jiidson II, Cook, merchant, Jefferson,
Daniel Ilvaus, miner, Tajlor,
C, W, Gumtcr, cashier, Scranton.
Dayton Warren, farmer, Benton.
J, P, Sherman, farmer, North Ablngton.
A. D. Slelle, president, Scranton,
'Ihomis M, Jones, miner, PcckWilc,
William Bird, taltsniun, MadUon.
Oseor Yot, Jeweler, Dunmore,
Patrick Laughncy, miner, Jeimjn.
George Goodrich, farmer, Scott,
M. J. Barrett, motornian, Scianton.
William 0, Thomas, insurance agent, Scranton.
Thomas Drake, fanner, Old Forge,
P, A, Caauaugh, merchant, Scranton.
George W. fctine, meichint, Scranton.
John It. Jones, maibcarrlcr, Scranton.
Monday, May 26.
John Home, merchant, Scranton,
George M, Simrcll, foreman, Caibondale.
William J. Howells, miner, Tajlor,
James Shaefer, teamster, Scranton,
Robert 11, Tralles, confectioner, Carbondale.
William Rawlins, clerk, Old Forge,
J, S. Ilombaker, fanner, Madison.
II. A. Kingsbury, merchant, Scranton.
W, II. Daley, foreman, Scranton.
David II. Tliomas, foreman, Spring Brook,
Herbert Jones, barber, I'ecktllle.
William Craun, miner, Oljphant,
DaWd J, Smith, Eupciintcndent, Dunmore.
M.J. Fahey. hotel, Scranton.
John D. rcttlgrcw, trarklayer, Olj-phant,
Divld E. Jones, Iwok'keeper, Tajlor,
Thomas Collins, laborer, Scranton.
John 11. Bryant, engineer, Scianton.
TtVXsaatU i remedy
Thorns M. Richards, manager, Seranlon.
Sltaa White, farmer, Clark's tJreen.
Morgan Dai Is, farmer, Spring Brook,
George Backus, miner, Throop.
Henry Jenkins, miner, Scranton.
I'atrlck Itoran, laborer, Scranton.
G. 0. Carpenter, farmer, Waverl).
11. C. Shafcr, cashier, Scranton.
Morgan t"Aans, barber, Olyphant.
Thomas Wcater, miner, Olyphntit,
George It, Oatlin, banker. Scranton.
I'eter aunstr, tablnet-makcr, Scranton.
L'ttgenc Hudson, merchant, Carbondale.
Thomais Nrarj;, clerk, Scranlonr
John V, Faraday, miner, Old Forge.
II. W, Loftus, Insurance agent, Scranton,
Joseph Ballej', fanner, South Ablngton,
Jonah K. Kvans, blarkMiiltli, Scranton.
Miles Gardner, miller, LaPlumc.
A. B, Uj-non, cashier, Scranton.
Thomao I)als, miner, N'ronton.
Harry P. Decker, dnigglst, Scranton.
Eugene Cosgrote, clerk, Scranton.
Item v T. Dal, news agent, Tajlor,
0. I!. Green, poultryman, Benlon,
George V, Arelln, lumberman, Scranton.
J. B. I'lsh, superintendent, Scranton,
M. F, Madden, laborer, t ronton.
Patrick McClulrc, miner, Scranton.
F, J. Smith, agent, Carbondale.
llov. W, V, Davis, clergyman, Scranton.
Hinry A. Coursen,. Insurance agent, Scrauton.
Max, carpenter, Scianton.
Thomas T. O'llnr.i, teamster, Blakely.
Martin McAndrew, miner, Seranlon,
I'atrlck Monahan, laborer, Scranton.
John Lutz, baker, Scranton,
James Toben, miner, Scranton.
Ah In Barnes, engineer, Scranton.
Wall .Street ReTiew.
New York, April 0. There was a noted specu
lative movement in the stock market today which
is universally attributed to the operations of an
Important eomblnalon of wealhy western men
who were Important factors in the constituent
companies going to make up the United States
Steel corporation, before It wus organized. While
there was no actual news accompanying the move
ment there was an abundance, of rumors, which
ceutercd mostly about Louisville and Nashville,
which was again the leader of the market In
point of activity and sustained strength. The ru
mors reached the stage of an alleged formation
of a community of interest project for the whole
southern Held, which would supposcdlj' take
in the Southern railway, Illinois Central and pos
sibly minor competing systems. Louisville, while
occasionally reacting, forbed up to the top level
to S points over last night in tho final dealings
and closed witln a shade of that. The Southern
Itailway stocks were also lifted forcibly to the
top level at the last. The rest of the market
showed the effect of realising at the last and
some important stocks closed with net losses,
notably New York Central, Manhattan, Chicago
and Northwestern stocks and Rock Island. Some
of the minor railroad stocks which have recently
advanced were also sufferers. While a large num
ber of important stocks were included in the ad
vance, "which movement" was by no means uni
versal many prominent clocks were neglected and
sluggish, United States Steel stocks conspicuously
so. 'There was also the usual assortment of Mo
lent movements In high priced industrials: which
arc closely held by concentrated interests. The
electrical stocks and New York Air Brake made
wild advances and almost equally sensational ic
lapsse. The iic of 0J4 in New York and New
Haven was unexplained. Total sales today, 992,
2U0 shares. Some of the active speculative bond)
were affected bv realizing and the maiket was
generally irregular. Total sales., par value, !f."i,
MS.OOO. United States It's advanced '4 and the
il's coupon declined ', per cent, on the last call.
The following quotations are furnished Tha
Tribune by Haight & Freest Co., 314-315 Meart
Building. W. D. Runj-on, manager.
Open. High. Low. Close.
Amal. Copper Wi C8 (J (wU
Am. Car Foundry '.iO'a 21 'a 29Va
American Ico 17 17 l?s l7d
Amcr. Locomotive 31 SVt, 31 ,'U
Am. Locomotive, Pr .... 9.) fti W O.t
Am. Smelt. & Rcf. Co .. 47 4; 47',i I7V4
American Sugar PU 131 131T H2'4
Anaconda Copper 114?i 111 114b 111
Atchison 78 70 7S? 70
Atchison, Pr 03 03 !fc 03
Bait. & Ohio 10tf 107 lOil'J 1007
Brookljn R. T G3b Mi 65 ('-
Canadian Pacific 111 114 11.1 lHVi
dies, k Ohio 40 47 40 40
Chicago k Alton 37 37 30 37
Chic. & G. W i!4 21 24 24
Chic, Mil . & St. P ....10S 100 103 108
Chic, R. I. & P 175 175 172 171
Col. Fuel & Iron 101 101 91 09
Sol. & Southern 27S 27 27 27
Sol, & South., 2d Pr .... 44 41 41 44
Del. k Hud 172 17.! 171 171
Erie 37 37 87 37
Erie, 1st Pr 61 118 68 08
Hooking Valley S2 82 82 S2
Illinois Central 143 141 143 141
Louis. & Nash 110 114 109 114
Manhattan 131 lSSH 134 134
Metropolitan St. By ....KwVi 10-" 165 105
Mexican Central 20? 20 20 29
Mo. K. & Tex.. IT 55 55 55 55
Missouri Pacific 101 102 101 102
N. Y. Central 162 103 102 102
Norfolk k Western 50 SS 50 57
Ont, k West 32 .13 32 31
Pacific Mail 42 43 42 42
Penna. B. U 151 151 150 150
People's Gas 102 10". 102 102
Reading 57 08 57 57
Reading, 1st Pr 82 82 82 82
Reading, 2d Pr 03 09 6S 69
Republic Steel 17 17 17 17
Republic Steel, Pr 7J 7.1 7J 73
St. Louis k San Fran... 71 71 71 71
Southern Pacific 66 60 60 66
Southern It. U 33 34 33 34
Southern R. R., Pr .... 03 90 04 06
Tenn. Coal k Iron 09 00 69 69
Texas & Pacific 41 41 41 41
Union Pacific 101 101 101 101
Union Paciftc, Pr 88 88 88 68
17. S. Leather 13 13 13 13
U. S. Leather, Pr 84 64 64 84
17. S. Rubber 17 17 17 17
U. S. Rubber, Pr 53 53 68 55
U. S. Steel 41 42 41 41
U. S. Steel Pr 94 04 04 04
Wabash 21 24 24 24
Wabash, Pr 44 45 44 44
Western Union 00 00 00 00
Total sales, 077,000 shares.
WHEAT Open. Hiah. Low. Clw.
July 72 73 72 72
Mav 71 72 71 72
May 63 59 6ssi 63
July 69 60 53 59
May 42 42 42 42
July 33 34 33 34
May 10.12 10.41 10.40 10.45
July , 10.62 10.70 10.57 10 07
May O.S'i 0 00 0.5") 0.60
Julv O.CO 0.70 0,00 0.70
Mav S.87 800 8 87 S.00
July 0.00 0.02 0.00 0,02
Open. Hick. Low. CIn
Mar 8.07 0.07 807 000
July 8.07 0.07 S.II7 0.01
U"U?t 8,70 8.83 8.70 S.M
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. Bid. Asked.
Lackawanna Dairy Co., Pr, o
County Savings Bank k Trust Co., 300
First National Bank (Carbondale) 500
Third National Bank 6&0 ,,,
Dime Deposit and Discount Bank., 300 ...
rconomy uignt. 11. r, cu. g
First National tunic
LacVa. Trust k Safe Deposit Co.,
Clark & snover Co., rr
Scranton Savings Bank
Trader' National Bank
Scranton Bolt k Nut Co,,,,,
People's Bank , ,,
Scranton Packing Co ,,,,,
Scranton Passenger Hallway, srat
Mortgage, due 1020 ..,
People'! street Railway, first mort
gage, due 1913
People's Street Railway, General
mortgage, due 1021 ,,,,,,,,.,,.,..
Scranton Traction 0 per cent. .,,,
Economy Light, Heat k Power Co 07
North Jersey k Pocono Ice Co ,,,,, ... 07
Consolidated Water Supply Co , ,,, 103
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II, G. Dale, 27 Lackawanna Ave.)
Beans -40.
Butter l'roli creamery, 30o.s Juno creamery,
20c; fresh dairy, 22c.
Cheese 13al3c.
Fggs Ncarbj', 17c; western, 10c,
Peas Per bushel, $1,75.
Marrow Deans Per bushel,, ?2.33a2,40.
Potatoes Per bushel, b5c.
Onions Per bushel, $1.10.
New York drain and Produce Market
New York, April 0. Flour More aetlve and
firmer in tone. Wheat Spot firm; No. 2 led,
Etc. elevator; No. 2 red, eOc, ( ,t. b.; No.
This signature is on every box of tbo genuine
Laxative Bromo-Ouinine Tabids
that cures vM la oa day
more beforo tlw.prloa of
stock In tlio
Oil Go.
tVrsimt nrlen 5". rents n stifinttitit
AllotniPiitls nearly nxhaiistnri, in
cieiscd nil production forces tho
rrleo. Now wells cntnlim In overt
iff ri.ivs. l'.cmcmbcr. tbls stock
pars now
on tlio Investment.
I.. K. I'lke k Co.. 400 Real Lstate I
Trust bld'g., Philadelphia. , Opcn
Monday anil Thursday ceninga.
tha Special Prhas Qmted Below:
10,000 Anglo-American, par $1.00 ?00l
12,000 Texas Oil k Pipe Line, par $1.00 4',
1,000 Texas (Vnsollditcd, pir 1.00 10
1,600 Lucky Dime, par 10 cts 10
1.000 fihdjs, par 10 cts 10
2,000 Victor of Oilvc-ton (new) 03
2,000 (Jrare, par 10 its 03
1,600 Federal Crude, par 30 its 17!4
1,000 Home Oil Co., par $1.00 40
3,000 Independent c 01
6,000 American Oil A. Ilellning, par $1.00 OS
2,000 Merchants' k Mrchaniis', pir 10 cl.. .01
1,500 National Oil & Pipe Line, par if 1.00.. .31
2,000 (llobe, par 10 cts 03
3,000 Buffalo, pir 10 i U 0-1
2,500 Union Oil k ltctlning, par 10 cts 10
1,600 Beaumont Confederated, par $1.00 17
2,500 Bun's Bluff, pir tff.OO 30
2,000 Beiky Sharp, par 10 i Is 00
250 Forward Reduction, par JIOOO 6.70
3.000 Manhattan, pir t.00 b5
2,700 Gold Uagle (bank guirantecs 20 per
cent, dividend), par 10 ct3 10
ISO Higginc pal IO0O0 SO 00
Hc.wvoed, pu $10000 11000
Hie Hc wood Oil company pijs Its third I per
cent, quarterly dividend April 1", on its entile
capitalization of ' Thii is a totil of l
per cent., or $00,000. It lias also expended S120,
000 in equipment. Every dollar of the ibovo
nmuuntH was obtained from the mIc ind delivery
of oil bv tank ens in 'lcas and Louisiani.
Tlio April slitcmcnt of the Hlggins Oil k Fuel
Co. shows tint this cumpanv, Lhniigli capitalized
nt only ?2,5OO,00O, his ussels worth, at a very
low- salualion, $1,303,000. A dividend of 4 prr
cent, on the entire capitalization was paid in
January, and Ihe-jear conliacts will, the Smtn
Fc, Southern Paciftc. anil oilier lailwa.v companies
will enable lliggina to pay large and legular divi
dends. All stocks punhitcd will be transferred on the
books of the companies
Investigate and compile our financial standing,
reliability and past recoid with others ill the
busine-vs. Call or write for iiifoimitlon. Remit
In an v convenient foini. Orders will be piomnt
lv and accuntely executed. COOI) LOCAL RKP
Kimball-IhcCarty Co.,
149 Broidwav, New Yore (s ilte .114-315).
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western.
In Effect Nov. 3, 1001.
Trains leave Scranton for New .ork At 1.10,
3.15, 0.05, 7.50 and 10.05 a. m ; 12.45, 3.40, 3.3J
p. m. For New York and Philadelphia 7.50,
10.05 a. m and 12.45 and H."3 p. m. For Tobj
hanna At 0.10 p. m. For Buffalo 1.15, 0.22 and
9.00 a. m. ; 1 65, 0.50 and 11.35 p. 111. For BIng
hamton and way stations 10.20 a. m. and 1.10
p. ni. For Oowego, Syracuse and Utica 1,16 and
0 2i a. in.; 1.55 p. m. Oswego, Svracu'e and
Utica train at 0.22 a, m. daily, except Sunday.
For Montrose 0.00 a. iu.; 1.10 and 0.50 p, m.
Nicholson accommodation 1.00 and 0,15 p. m.
Bloomsburg Division For Northumberland, at
6.35 and 10.05 a. m. ; 1,55 and 0.10 p. in. For
Plymouth, at 8.10 a. m.; 3.40 and 0.00 p. m
Sunday Trains For New York, 1.40, 3.15, 6.05
and 10 05 a. m.; 3.10, 3.33 p. m. For Buffalo
1.15 and 0.22 a. m. ; 1.55, 6 50 and 11.35 p. nu
For Illnghamton and way stations 10.20 a. m.
Bloomsburg Division Leave Scranton, 10.05 a.
ni. and 6.10 p. m.
New Jersey Central.
In Ellect Nov. 17, 1001.
Stations in New York, toot of Liberty street
and South Ferry, N. R.
Trains leave Scranton for New York, Philadel
phia, Eastcn, Bcthlehtiii, Allcntown, Mauch
Chunk, White Haven, Ashley and Wilkcs-Barie at
7,30 a. m., 1 p. m. and 4 p. 111, Sunday, 2.10 p. m.
Quaker City Express leaves Scranton at 7.30
a. m through solid vestibule train with Pullman
Buffet Parlor Cars, for Philadelphia, with only
one ihange of cars for Baltlmoie, Washington,
D. C, and all principal points south and west,
For Axoca, Pittslon ami Wilkes Barre, 1 p. m.
and 4 p. ni. Sunday, 2.10 p. m.
For Long Branch, Ocean Grove, etc., 7,30 a.
in. and 1 p. m.
For Reading, Lcbamn and Harrlsburg, via Al
lcntown, at 7.10 a. m. and 1 p. m. Sunday, 2,10
p. m.
For Pottsvllle at 7,30 a. m. and 1 p. m.
For latea aud tickets apply to agent at station,
0. M. BURT, Gen, P.c Act.
Dist. Pass. Act., Scranton.
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Schedule in Effect June 2, 1001.
Traln3 leave Scianton; 0.3j a. 111,, week days,
through veatlbulo train from W ilkes-Barre, Pull
man bullet parlor car and coaches tn Philadel
phia, via PottbVillc; stops al, piinclpal liiteime
diate stations, AL10 connects tor auubui), Har
rlsburg, I'hihidelphhi, lUltlniou', Washington and
lor Pittsburg and the vvrst,
0.3S a. in., week das, foi Sunbuiy, Harrisburg,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Pitts
burg and tho west.
1,42 p. m,, week dajs (Sundavs, 1,63 p. in.),
for Sunliury, Harrlsburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
tvasliliu.on aim ruisuurg anu urn wesr,
3,28 p. in., week davs, through esttb11I0 train
from Wllkiwliaire. ruiinun buitel parlor car
and coaches to Philadelphia via PotUviltc Stops
at Drlnclnal intermediate stations
4,27 p. in., week daxj, for Ilazlclon, Sunbury,
Harrisburg, Philadelphia and PitUburg,
J, B. WOOD, Gen. Pass. Agt.
1 northern Duluth, Sliv. f. 0. b. afloit; options
had a bullish diy, except for a brief midday ie
action. The maiket closed Hun at r?iuMi'. net
higher; May closed 7S?4c'.: Julv, 7b.; hipleiu
ber, 77TU'. ; Deccmlici, 70c. Corn Spot sttuj) ;
No. S, tiSic elevator and 00V4t( f. 0. b, afloat;
options while less active than ji'sliulay and at
No. 3 white, 60c.; tiaek mixed wiMcui, 40',i4l'.!
track while, 40433c.; options ineirular but gt-u-nally
firm ullli other markets. Iliittei Mcady;
tieamery, 20a31c; renovated, 20,120c1, ; imitation
creamer), 24i2S'ic,; state ddry, 2,iWk'. 1'liece
l'lniij ttuli full (ream, mull rally nuke, fancy
colored, 13al3',4c; state full cuniu, small cirly
make, fancy whiter lUllJic; full cream, luge
fall make, fancy eoloicd, liililic; full cream,
large fall in ike, colons!, 12al2'ii'. Eggs ling
uist; slate mid tVni!vv.a!ila, lUaloUc ! western,
15at0!ic; southern, l.lalS'.Cc,
Chicago Grain and Produco aiarkot.
Chicago, Apill 0. BullMi news prevailed In
grains again tuda.v and biought fall activity and
better prices nil around. Liquidation for prollts
made tho maikets dip at tlmca. and brought a
restless feellna;, Hull spceulatois, however, bad
the beat of it, and continuing the tactics of us
tcrday brought a net gain in Mav wheat, 6bi j
May corn, "Jo. and May oat. ',i'. PiovMonx
olcjgd, 6il0c, liiglici. Catli quotation weie as fol
lows: Flour Firmer; N 2 (-pfiiin wheat, -;
No. 3. u3a71c; No. 3 ted, 7fa0f.; No. 3 oaW,
421iH2f,i No. 2 white, W4H; No. 3 white,
42!ic.; No. 2 rje, SO'sc; good feeding bailej, ;
fair to choice malting, COaOtk-.; Nu. 1 Ilex rser,
tl.ti'i; No. 1 nurthwesleni, $1.73; prime tiinolliy
seed, $7; ine,s xirk, pel buret, $l0.13alR.60; lud,
per 100, $u 5340.075$ 1 short clear tides, $0.250.35;
wbUkey, $1.30.
tunes vveaheucii iieiu lairiy Mi any nil my, clos
ing Uafic. net hlglur; Mav dosid Olc.; July,
ullii'.; September, OJUc at-.Mwt Unit: Nu, 2,
47Vta47?ie.: No. J. 47c: No. 2 while. 60V-ic:
A Five Per Gent. Investment
We offer subject to advance In price without notice tho ,
Consolidated First Mortgage Forty Year 6 Par Gent, Gold Bonds
'of the
Webster Coal and Coke Co.
Free of Tax in Pennsylvania.
Redeemable at 110 and Interest
i, iRar and Interest
Temporary Quarters
135 WashiiTfoi Avanue. Scranton, Pa.
Before making commPtmentu, plcmo
rcco'd m the privilege of submitting
our descriptive list of investments,
SpencerTrask & Co
27 & 29 Fine Street, New York
Capital, $200,000
Surplus, $550,000
Pays 3 interest on
savings accounts whether
large or small.
Open Saturday evenings
from 7.30 to 8.30.
Cor. Sixteenth St. and Ir Ins Place,
American Plan, $3.50 Per Day and Upwards.
European Plan, $1.00 Per Djy and Upwards,
Special Hates to Families.
For Business Men
In the hsart ct Ui wholesale
For shoppers
mlnutec-' walk to Wnnamakers;
S minutes to Blegel Cooper's Hig
Store. Kasy of access to the srea:
Dry Goods Stores.
For Sightseers
One block from B'way Cars, cl"'
Ins easy transportation to all
points of Interest.
Only one Block from Broadway.
R00m5, $1 Up. Prices Keasonabl:
Delaware and Hudson,
In KITect November 21, 1001.
Trains lor Cuiuoiulalc leave bcranton at 6.20,
8.00, S.W, 10.13 a. lit.; 12.00, A 2.01, a 52,
6.2D, 0 23, 7,57, 0.13, 11.80 p. in,; 1.31 a, in.
1'or llonewlale 0,20, 10.1.i. in.; i:i aud 0.29
P'i'or Wllkes-Darre ASS, ".IS, 8.41, 0.3S, 10.13
a. in. J 12.W, 1.1-', 2.1S, 3.23, 1.27, C.iO, 7.13,
10.11, 11.30 p. in.
For h. V. It. II. Points U.33, 0,33 a. ni.; 2,19,
4.27 ami u.u p. in
.1 gmt .,u '
I'or l'cmiylvaiiU II. It. Points 8.3S, 0.33 a.
.in u ii.t.l i 7 ,i ,,,
Vor'.Muaiiy and all pulnt nortli 0.20 a, rn.
and 3.G2 . in.
For Cjibondjlc b.50, 11. U a. m.j 2.31,,
5.62 and 11.17 p. in.
I oi Wllkm-Hlirc 9.3S j. ill.; 12.03, l,M 3,0a
0.32 and 0.17 p. in. ,
lor Albanj and point north 1.S2 p, m.
For llone.djle S.60 a. 111, and 3 S3 p. m.
W. U. I'110H, 11. P, A., bcianton, Pa.
New York, Ontario and Western, i
In r.tfect Tuesday. Sept. 17, 1001,
Leave Leave Arrive
Tralnv Kiunton, Cirbonilale, Cadolj.
No. V I0..l0a. 111. 11,10 a. 111. 1. tx) ,,. ,.
- &&,! j1oudaI,,tiWl, m-
L;ave Leave Arrive
Trains- Oadosta. Carbondale. Scianton.
No. 0 7;00 a, ,. r10 a, ,,
So, 8 5.1 p. in. 1.00p.m. l.-lOp.m.
Leave Leave Arrive
Tralna. Scranton. Carbondale, Cadojia.
No. . ..,.!. b.S.0. 111. O.lOp. m. 10.13 a. in.
No. 0 ..!.... 7.00 I'- ' Ar. CurbonJilo 7.10 p. nL
bOUl'il BOUND. Leave Arrive
Tiaini. Cadosla. Carbondale. Fcrjnton.
S' f. 7 iv) a. 111. 7.1'ta. in.
S'o. 10 4 30 p. in. n 00 p. 111. 0.13 p. ni.
Tiaini Kos. 1 on week da, and 0 on .Sundjvs,
make main line cciinectlons foi cw Yoik city,
Mtddlctovvu, Walton, Ivoivvicb, Oneida, Ovvega
and ill point! vvct,
For (urtlicr information consult thket a.-cnti
J. t. ANUhltsON. U. l. A., New ort
J. f. WLXH, T. I'. A., Scraatoo, l'.
BUGGIES and WAGONS ot all kind); aba
House and Building Lots at bargains.
Lackawanna Carriage Works.
J.B.Woolsey tSCo
Sellers In
Plate Glass and Lumber
Home OIDce, 203-200 Hears Building.
We are maturing shaics each month which
show a net Rain to the investor of about 12
per cent. Vie loan nioncv. We also Issue
PULIj PAID STOCK $100.00 per share, inter
est payable semi-annually.
ALBERT BALL, Secretary.
rear Ml Lackawanna avenue, manufacturer of
Wire Screens of all kinds; fully prepared for
the eprinf season. We make all kinds of
porch screens, etc.
General Contractor, Builder and Dealer In
Building Stone, Cementing of cellars a spe
cialty. Telephone 2502.
Office, 827 Washington arenue,
Makers of Paving Brick, etc. M. II. Dale,
Gcneial Sales Agent, Office 321 Washington
avc. Works at Nay Aug, Pa., E. k W. V.
Elegantly Rich
The new patterns we are
now showing are beautiful!
specimens of the metal
worker's and designer's
-skill they possess charac
ter and finish that appeals1
to the exacting purchaser.
Tho prices, too, are as at
tractive as the designs.
Wo invite inspection and'
Have you seen the new
patterns ia the twin beds
we've something worth
seeing, whether you wish
to buy or not.
Many new and beautiful
patterns in odd Dressers
and pieces for the bed
100m. Hill & Cornell
121 Washington Avenue.
Lehigh Vulley Bnilroad.
In Effect, Nov. 3, 1001,
'1 1 aim Scranton.
Tor Philadelphia and New York via D. It II.
I, R at 0.SS and 0.3S a. in., and 2.18, 1.27
ililaek Diamond fliprc-a), and 11.30 p. m. Suu-
ilajs. I). & -M "- ! ? , ,
For White Haven, ilazlclon and principal point!
11 the coal tegioiu. via II. A. II. II. It., 0 33, 2,18
aid 1.27 . - I'M Pottsvllle, 0.3S a. m., 2.48
'"'For nctlilehcni, Easton, lteadlnj, llarrUburg,
and principal intrrinedlate stations, via D. k II,
It, lt fl.38, 0.3S a. in.; 2.13, 1.27 (Black Dia
mond Expie.), 11.1.0 p. 111. SutidajK, I), k II.
It. II. 1 IW3 a. in.; l., 8.27 p. in.
I'oi Tunkbannock, 'lovvanda, Llmlra, Ithaca,
Geneva and principal intermediate stations, via
II., L. and W. It. It., 8.10 a, -n. and J.SO p. ni.
For aeneva, Itocheter, lljflalo, Nligart Palls,
ChlcuRo and all iwlnts west, via D, & II. Iti It,
7,49, 12.0J a. 111.; 1.1'. 3,23 (Black Dianiord E.
pi ess), 7.13, 10.41. 11.30 p. in. bundaitf, D, k H,
It. It., UM, fc.27 p. rn.
Pullman parlor and elceplng or Iehigh Valley
Parlor cars on all Iralni between Wilkes llarr
and New Voik, Philadelphia, Uuifalo and buspn
kton Mild.'c. '
ItOLI.lN II. WILniilt, Gen. Supt., 28 Cortland
slictl. New 'V.ork.
CHAItLKS S. LEE. Gen. Pau. ,gt 20 Cortland
street, New York.
A. V. XONEMACHElt, Div. Po. Agt., Souti
Bcthlciicni, Pa.
For tickets and Pullman reservation apply t
city ticket viUcv, (. I'ubllu bouare, V ilkti Barre,
Pa. '
. ,' - - 4 ,jf , -. . - , . . , . , -