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Ireclal lo the Scranlon Tribune.
TunUlinnnnck. April n.-MtH. William
KlttredRo nnil ilmiglitor, Helen, nre the
fcUi'Rls of frlciuls at Sriniitoii this week.
Miss Klllo Hoynolds, u teacher In the
iciiools nt Montrose, visited lu-r par
(ntf, Mr. and Mrs. Norval AV. Heynotdf-,
ttver Sunday,
The new ferry across! the Hustiuehnn
ha river Is roinpleted and ready to do
business, and tennis were carried over It
6ii Monday. The schedule of prices
fixed by the proprietors does not seem
lo Htrlke a popular choul, however, and
It Is safe to say that the old ford at
Hie upper end of town will ! patron
ized when the water Rets a little lower
In the stream. The prices reported
Bre 40 tents for u team one wav. and
iV) cents for u slnclo horse one way.
rite ferryman don't work for his health.
Mrs. Victor Lvmali died at her homo
rm Putnam street on Sunday evening at
ibout 10 o'clock of en tun It of the stom
ich. The funeral will take place this
Wednesday) afternoon at '2 o clock at
lcr Into residence. Deocnsed was an
?stlmalile lady, and her untimely clp-
"nilso will bo sincerely deplored by ""
Vho know her.
Mnrshall Seutt, of f'nrbondalc, Is vis
iting, friends nt this place.
Mis:; Katie Council spent Sunday with
friends at Wllkes-I'.-irrc.
Mrs. GeorRO Ttultlwlii. who has been
111 with bronchial trouble, the past
Svcclc, Is eoimilescln-r,
Robert Blakeslee and son, of SnrliiR
Vlllc, visited friends In town Monday.
Llceiihe court was on Tuesday, and
tilt applicants were grunted licenses ex
cept those whoso applications wore re
monstrated against, and these wore the
Wyoming house, in Tunkhannock, and
the Slsk house and Keystone hotel, in
Factory vllle. After hearing the evi
dence in those latter cases, the court
intimated that decisions might bo ex
pected on Thursday morning. The li
cense year begins on April 11.
Tiny DeAVItt met with an accident
while peddling milk on Tuesday morn
ing. One of the wheels came off the
milk wagon, and the milk, milk cans
nnd driver were scattered over the road.
Mr. DcWltt escaped with no other in
jury than an ugly gash In the upper
lip, which had to bo sowed up by n
Burgeon. He was soon selling milk
Mrs. Stephen Carey, of Ens-ton, was
entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
3tobcrtsoii, on Second 'Htreot, over Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Aaion Brown weie shop
ping at Wllkes-Bane, on Saturday.
HONESDALE. tn (he Scranton Tribune.
Honesdale, April !). At n recent meet
ing of the Wayne county Democrat
committee, Hon. Charles A. McCarty
was re-elected chairman: Fredeilek
Saunders, secretary and treasurer. Hon.
John D. Brennan and Hon. Leopold
Fuerth were chosen delegates to the
state convention.
The net.receipts from the Faster sup
per given by the ladles of the Baptist
church was $147.04.
The young ladles and Gentlemen of
the Honesdale schools, who are seking
a college education, will find a rare
opportunity in the prize contest of
fered bv -The Tribune,.
Mrs. W. .7. Ferber, who has been con
fined to her home with a fractured
nnklc for the past three months. Is
now able to go out.
Frank Cornell, who was coachman for
Dr. C. K. Foster many years, then re
moved to Scrantou, has returned and
entered the employ of J. E. Richmond
ns coachman.
The piano of Grace church Sunday
school, ruined by the recent flood, will
bo renl'acpd bv a new one, from the
music house of N. B. Spencer.
The ladies of Grace church . 111 be
pleased to see everybody at their sup
per, which will bo served Thursday
evening in the Presbytoilan chapel,
Proceeds for renovating their Sunday
Fchool room, damaged by the recent
A movement is being made to Inaug
urate the free mall delivery system In
The Allen Villalr Repertoire company
will appear at the opera house for three
nights, commencing this (Thursday)
evenjn, presenting "Under t.ho Black
Flag," "The Two Orphans" niul "Bag
Bed Jack nnd the Lady," including lat
est moving pictures and Illustrated
Superintendent of the Flectrlc Light
company J. C. Richards, wife and Utile
daughter, were asphyxiated with coat
ga's from their furnace during Monday
night. The daughter awakened early
Jh the morning," and this aroused the
mother, She found the rooms filled
with gas. .'ho reached the telephone
nnd called Dr. Vote) Ion, who soon gave
them relief. Mr. U hards had just re
turned from an pxtended stay at
Wilkes-Barre, uud started a new lire
In the furnace.
Fpcrlal lo the Sainton Tribute,
Nlc.-hol.son, April 9. Mrs. F. W. Boyle,
imNwv Mllford, spent Sundav with her
brother, F. N. Boyle, of this place.
Mrs, D, W. TKus is visiting Iter' sis
ter, Mis. Repp, nt Old Forge,
T.ou Tiffany, of Klngsley, spent the
One of the most prevalent, annoying
nnd Irltatlpg troubles Is Itching Piles,
Suffering ones do not bellovo they can
bo cured," because they Jinvo tried so
many remedies that failed. It Is now
nit admitted fact that Dr. A. W,
Chase's Ointment peter fulls, und to
Impress upon Scrantou peonte thu ah
polule surety they huve, Matthews
Bros, urn authorized to guarantee sat
isfaction nr refund the price' paid,
Mr, V, J. Mutlley, of No. flic Blfcli
Htreot, Scrantou, Pu., says; "For eight
years I had been a sulferer fioni Itch,
lug piles. Some nights r could pot
Mcep at all, und In hot weather I lost
lots of tlmo nt work wllh them, tho
irltatlon was so great. I tried every
thing with no success until I got a
box of Dr, A. W, Chime's Ointment at
Matthews Bros', drug store, 320 Lacka
wanna avenue. 1 used part of the box
nnd have seen nothing of tho truublo
elnco.f This result I consider wonder
ful in tho light of past efforts and fail
ure to cure. It's a srent ointment."
Dr. A. W. Chase's Ointment is sold
nt COe. a box at dealers, or Dr. A.
W. Chase Medicine. Co., Buffulo, N. Y.
See that portrait and slgnuturo of v.
W. Chase, M. D., are on every package.
day with his sister, Mrs. E. t
Miss Blanche Hopple, or Greenwood,
was, u cnller In town one day last week.
Miss Clam Titus, of Klngsley, is vis
iting her uncle, D. W. Titus.
Miss Amhra Hlnkllc died at her resi
dence In Fields Brook, Tuesday morn
ing I. E. Harding Is on the sick list.
Mr. Bundle, of Taylor, was a caller
In town Monday.
Miss Alary Anderson has returned
home, after spending a few days with
friends in Parsons.
The Lawrence colliery of this place
began oneratlons Inst week,
Miss Klslo Hughes was a caller In
Scrantou yesterday.
Miss Beatrice Perry spent Sunday
with friends in Scrantou.
There will bo a grand concert nt tho
This fair rider
companion in the
him and the fox?
Brick Methodist Fpiscopal church, Fri
day evening.
Mrs. Ornn Burleigh, of Tunkhannock,
is visiting at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. William Shales, of this place.
A public meeting attended by neaily a hundred
nieii was held in Windsor hall I.i-t evening for
tin- puipo-u of (milling a eo-opeultic stole. The
incethi.' a, pieaidcd oer by Willljin II. I.uti-y,
I'etcr .1. Kelly acting as kecielaiy. Scveiul
H-eihea wcio madi viuouuging the motein-iit
mil it was decided tn dispose of the shues lit If-i
per bluie. Nu one lo liold inou- than live tluiesv
'limotb.v Donovan v elected tieaauier jnd bis
bond-, weie plated at ll,Om). It was biiggcstcd
Hut conmiiiteo be appointed to canva-a the bo
rouxli nnd solicit nipiubiis, but il was after
wauls thought Ibis would be minecta.iiy,
one member stating that llicic would not lie Hie
slightest difflculy in dinponing of the abate-,, lie
foio adjourning it was decided to hold another
public- meeting in the same lull next Tucssday
ltc. Kinest Melville will give bis lettuic. "An
livening with Tennj-,on," in tntei prise lull this
cvinlng. The lecturer's ability N such, Unit it
ouslil not to be uciessaiy to vuge anjone to at
tinil this evimng-s leiluie. II U safe lo sav tliat
those u)ii do will Iiave u uie treat. 1 he lecture
is t" bo given under the auspkes of tlie St.
Agnes' guild of st. Jjincs' cbiirili and tickets been placed at the reaionable piice of 20
cents to all lulls of the lull.
At the monthly meeting of the Jlajfleld coun
cil hold Monday evening the bond of TicUMiier
Wignall for 1J0.UU0, O. V. Winter and II. A. Will
man being tl.c boud-nicn, was lead and accepted.
The auditors' lepoit was lead, but Clir.liman
Mil. into i.iUed objection to ceilalu amounts paid
by the poor boaitl and tin- adoption of the report
was defcued until next Monday evening when a
special meeting will be held for the purpose.
The street committee estimated the amount need
ed for the present year lo put the stieets of tho
borough in icpali' would bo $700 but seveial of
the lnembeis took exception to the estimate,
claim the amount was too high. Objcitluus weie
ah-u laiscd agalnt expending $.100 on the wall
on Hill stioit, but the iliairman oveirulcd the
The Ociuotciy association meeting called for
last cenlng Iuj been postponed until net Wed
nesday night.
.lames Hi mile, of SYiautnu, spent .vestenlay with
Ids patents, Mr. and Mis, ltennle, of Second
Charles, tlie llrtlc son of Mr. and Mis. John
Hiclkirtl-., of Tiger Valley, died yesterday morn
ing utter u few days' illness. Ho was two jeirs
old and a blight and interesting child. Tlie
funeral will be held tomorrow- afternoon at 2
o'llock. Interment will be made In Union iein-U-iy.
'Tin- nhool board will meet in icgular session
As usual Ob pliant will be well icprcscntcd in
the national game thin car. The Drowns who
have made a icioul for themselves in jeais gone
b.v, will iigaiu bo in (lie field. It is likely that
mini) of the best plajirs of last season's Hub
bciuciks will Join the IIiowih, whkli will make
u strong combination,
The lllakcly Choral society is working haul
under die direction of Mr, and Mis. Vied WiUou,
of btiantoii, picpailn; for their closing roiiveit,
which will be given in the lllaki'ly HilaptUt
cliuiili Thursday evening, May IS, It is hoped
that the people of lllakcly, 01) pliant uud bur
luuudlng towns .will turn out uud greet the so
ciety wllh a paikcd house. The concert is ex
pelled to bo even a greater sihccm than their
lait one, They will give eight selection) from
"Caiincn" and other good operas, alo sonio beau
tiful sacred choruses, duets and nuaitcttcs. Tlie
socii-lj's lomcrt will bo followed by a recital
of the private pupils of Mrs. Wilson. Tickets
will be un s.ile in tho near futuio in several
prominent business places of tho town ami can
also bo bought (loin nicinbeis of the society, Alt
niembeia arc icquostcd to be on hand promptly
ut icliearsals fiom now on,
Miss Josephine Walsh, of Plains, was the guest
of Mr, and Mis. John Joidan, of lllakcly, jcitcr
day. Yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock Mlts Katie
ritzsininions and Paplik Ileal)-, of Oussy, vvcro
milted in uurrtaga in lit, Patrick's chinch by
J lev. I', .1, Murphy, the pastor, The bridesmaid
was Maggie liuiiiilgan uud Peter l-'ilzslmnions, a.
brother of the bible,' was best nun. Tho bilde
wow a pretty gown of giey ilotli with whllo
tiliiimlngs. Ilei uuld was attlied in blue Willi
white garniture. Mr. uud Mrs, Mealy will go to
housekeeping In Grassy,
The Jolly llimy Jenkins company plujed "My
Old h'entucky Home'' before a good sized audi
nice at tho opera liou-c last evening. The illus
trated songs by Will 1 lluike wne un enjoy
able feature. "'I he Pcikfhlie IlilU will be pre
sented this evening.
The committee In charge of the smoker which
will bo given by the Obphant conila.c of Ilep
tcsopks tomorrow evening, is arranging an ex
cellent piogramine. A number fiom out of town
ure exiieited.
The Ol.vmpla oriheslra opened i dancing da,j
iu boiouali lull, I'rleeburg, last night.
Mr. uud Mrs. J, Arlington Spcnier and family
have gone to Wllkcs-Barre, where llicy will re
tide permanently.
Itcv. I'Mlicr Ray, of Mlnooka, was a visitor
at the parochial residence yesterday. '
Mr, David ltellly, ol Scranton, vlsllcd rela
tives here ) enter Jay,
Mrs, Ellen Lewis, of Wllkcs-llarrc, wa the ol Sir. ami Mrs. Charles HuUor Tuesday.
The following Is the pionramme to he ren
dered nt tho entertainment lo bo held this even
Inp at the Arelibald and I' no Primitive Meth
odist church. Doors open at 7 p. in., entertain
ment coinnicncci at 8 o'clock! Address by chair
man, Hon. Edward James: selection, Anthracite
(lice club solo, delected, Thomas Honors! recita
tion, Edith Thomas; select I on, Walklns family;
recitation, father 1'lnnock; solo, selected, Ohvon
M. tlovvolls; recitation, Alice Plait) selection,
Anthracite (lice elubj duet, Messrs. Rogers nnd
Morgans recitation, Blodn-ln Itoucllls; selection,
Walklas family; solo selected, Arthur Morgans;
recitation, Delia Davis; solo, selected, Thomas
Rogers! recitation, Eugene Bacon) selection, An
thracite miartetttc; recitation, -Mini l'rlcc; elec
lion, Watkins family; soio, Miss Howells) recita
tion, Herman ltelnhardt; finale, Anthracite Rico
club. Ticket", children 15 cents, adults 2J cents.
The new branch which, is being laid o the new
washcry here is wiring completion,
George Klckack has broken ground for I lie erec
tion of a large grocery store In North Tlor.
Misses Annie und Huolc Powell huvc returned
homo from their llt to West Scrantou.
All members of the Century Hose company, No.
2, arc requested to meet Krlday oenlng In tpeclai
Mis. I. A. Smith, of New York, and Dr. Itobert
MucKcnrle ar.d daughter, Margaret, of l'lttslmig,
has outstripped her
chase. Can you find
were guests of Mrs. MacKeiuie, of Union street,
the foie part of tlie week.
John Powell, of this place, visited lclatives in
West Scrantou, jesterday.
William Moms of 1'itUburg, is visiting icla
tives in town.
Owing to it ru-Ii in orders the eniplo.ves of II.
ltenanl Silk company ate compelled to noil:
Mcn-ii. John S. Gilffith, John Coombs, Alficd
Jones, William Ch.ules and 1'iedeiick Andiens
lift .vestenlay for their native land, Wales.
Tlie regular all-day meeting of tlie Ihiislian Al
liance will' be- held at the uu,il plaie today,
Itcv. James I.cishuun, of Scrantou, will conduct
tho feu ices, which will begin at 2.30 ami 7.0
C. 11. Kennedy, of South Miln stieet, was seized
with paulysls while walking in ilic gaiden jes
terclay inoiiiing. Her loudition is ijuiie niti.:.ll.
Mis. John l.iney, of III oviw illc-, is ctillcally
Dr. und Mis. W, r. Pier luve icluiiied from
Miss Nellie Scalilll is isiling friends in Cai
boudale. Tlie Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist Kpls
copal thuiili will meet at the home of Mis. Jo
seph Domuicuuulh this evening. Itcfieshincuts
will be served for I", ccnls.
Mr. and Mis. John (,'rulum, Mr. and Mis. Alv.i
Hines, Mis. M. A. lToclc and Mis. Hattle Hell
attended tho silver wedding of Mr. and Mis. It. II.
Campbell at .Seiaiitou last evening.
There will be a joint meeting of tlie Saisfleld
Literary club and Michael D.uilt club in .Sais
fleld opera house tomonow evening.
Tlie i-iglit-inoiitlis-old son of Mr. and JIis. John
McCounlik, of lloboken, foinieily of Monsli-, died
at the home of Mis. I.alley, of Sciautou, jester
day, Tlie qiiaiantlne was i.iised yesterday fiom the
Valley Huiisc, inueli to the relief of ilio taspiy
ers. A gieat deal of lminieiessuy expense has
been contiacted weie the cuuncilnieii a little mule
economical in looking after the aflaiis about tlie
place. At the meeting on Monday evening John
lluike picscntcd a bill for $.KJ fur lent of house
for four boms. I'.ut of the een-cs weie oidered
paid. I'lanl; MiCormiik was elected boiough at
toiney to succeed M. J. Dixon. Only live mem
beis weio piesent, fJilioy, I'lue, O'tio.vle and
Webb remaining uvvaj.
Tied Pommcimiith, of bhelton, Conn., is doing
business in this town tills wik,
James Weddal, son of Jicph Weddal, was
struck on the bead with a piece of coal .vester
day b.v a foreigner with whom lie woiked in tlie
I.angcliffe slope. A deep Incision was nu-lc ut
base of the skull.
Undertakers Mershon and Cole had ihaige of
the funeral of u child of Patrick Shea, of Dalton,
Wednesday, April H. The interment was at Nlch-
Mis. llinlly I'cny, wife of fieorgc l'eiry, died at
1! o'clock Wednesday morning fiom u stroke of
paralysis, funeral anominccmcnt later.
The following persons were entertained at din
ner by Miss Mary (iiien last l'rlday: llev. Mr.
and Mrs. (ioiUhall, also Miss Floience and Nelson
(iodshall, W, A. Saiifoid and wife, Henry White
and wife, Miss Sarah Mono and James Stone.
Mrs. Clarence Van llusklik, of Clrecu Itldge, was
called here on account of the serious illness of
Mis. (ieoigu I'euy, her sister.
On account of tlie inclement weather the meet
ing ill the inteiest ol I lie church choir which was
to be held Jat Tuesday evening ut the Baptist
c lunch, was postponed until come future tlmo.
Thomas Hall, of lilenbuin, intends to oiganlzc
a class in musical rultiire to which all arc In
D., L, nnd W. Board tor Today,
Tho following Ib the make-up of tht
D., L unci AV. board for toelay:
Kxtias llast 8 p. in., C. W. Dininj 10 p, in,,
lloboken, J. W, Dei lite; 11 p. m., (i. T. fitaplcs.
TIIUllbPAY, Al'lllf, 10,
Kxtias llast t.SO p. in., Ilobuken, 111 inly; 4
a, m., M, I'iimerlyj l) a. in., lloboken, Carncyi
10 u. m., Laiighucy; 11 a. in., lloboken, II. J,
Laiklnj 1 p. in., M. II. MvUno; i p. in., Ho
bokeu, M. J. Ileniilganj 3 p. in,, W. J. Mosliri
ft p. in., lloboken, M. Smith; 0 p. in., lloboken,
A. I', Mullen.
Summits, IHc. 0 a. in., .1. Canigg; 0 a. in.,
Frouufclkcr; 10 a. in., Nichols; 2 p. in., Thonip
son; b p. in., M. (iolden.
l'iuliers-0 a. in., Wldner; 7 a. m., S. Fin
nertyj S a. m., liousvr; 11.11 a. in., Morau;
i p. in., Kauinan-, 0 p. in., O. llartholouiew ;
7, no p, m., Muiplij; 9 p. in., W, II. llarlliolo
tnew; 10 p. in., Lamping.
Helper 7 a. m., Uullncy; 7 a. in., Singer; 10
iTTTi'T f Ifc I
?. ;
rjM- ."5i -X -
Kept Him Home.
Dr. David Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy
Cured S. H, Stroud, of Canastola,
N. Y.; read hia conoleo letter.
" I suffered awfully with rhon
mallim. Attlmis it was bo sovcro I
could not got oat or my house.
i uoara 01 ir.
David Kennedy's
Favorite Bern
edy nnd took four
bottles of It and was
oomplc t e I jr
cured, nnd I havo
hnd no return of tho
rheumullim since.
I an happy to
Held my testi
mony to Iti virtue
nnd cheerfully
recommend It to
Dr. David Kcnno
dy's Favorito Rem
edy rcstorcH tho llvor
to a healthy condi
tion, 'and cures tho
worst cases of constipation. It is n cer
tain cure for all diseases peculiar to fe
males and affords great protection i'rnm
attacks that originate in ch.ingo of lifo.
It cures Bcrofula, salt rheum, rheuma
tism, dyspopsia, all kidney, bladder nnd
urinary diseases, gravel, diabetes and
Bright's disease. In this last disease it
has cured whero all clue failed.
Ifyoti are not already convinced that
Dr. David Kennedy's Favorito Remedy
is tho medicino you need, you may havo
a trial bottle, absolutely free, with a val
uable medical pamphlet, by sending
your name, with post office address, to
tho Dr. David Kennedy Corporation,
Rondout, N. Y., mentioning Hub paper.
)Dr. David Kennedy's Favorito Rem
edy is for salo by all druggist at $1.00 a
bottle, or 0 bottles for $5.00 less jthan
one cent a dose. ""
Dr. David Kennedy's Golden Plasters
ktrengtheu Miuclei, remove pain anywhere. 13c
t. m Secor; 6.13 p. m,, Stanton; 3. CO p. in.,
Ktrai 'e.t S a. in., If. Gii-iiioiIy; 10 a. in,,
T. Doudiean; 1 p. m., C Kinsley; 2 p. m., P.
W'nll; 4 p. in., It. Gi-tner; 11 p. in., .1. llemil-
Wlllhim Kiiby will run Xo. f,r, April 9, with
T. Hopkins' crew, ami until further notice.
T. Nauinan will run 5 p. in., pusher, April 9.
Fellows and cicvv run 3.15 p. in. extra,
April 9.
-M.inu anil ciew run 11.30 p. m. extra, April 0.
I'ricry and tievv lun 8 u. m. extm, Apill 10.
Donahue and crew tun Xo. 02, April 10.
II. Doherly anil crew will repoit at tialnnins
ter's office, 8 a. ni., April 10.
William Heater will go out with l L. Hogers.
This and That.
A number of the new refrigerator
cars for tho Lackawanna rallroucl are
belnpr received every day und put 111
The ofllcials of the Lackawanna rail
road will attend tho monthlv confer
ence in New York today.
V, N. Sarber has been appointed
agent of the Central HailioaU at Nan
tlcoke, and W. L. Itosengrant has been
made assistant iiEent at Ashley.
Consul Wimlovv 'writer froni I.leec that the
businef.i outlook in that part of Ilelffium is inuth
lulglitcr, and that thou- is u fine openiuir for
Anieiicaii gooils, especially kiboi-saviiiK- machin
ery, HoIri in lnanuf ictuiTis aie beginning to
icaiize that in onler to"fully meet Hie
competition of Hip t'nileil State-), up-to-date ma
chinciy is ncecs.ny, and in the opinion of tlie
consul there Is in tliat cutmtiy a matket for
this elasa of our cpoiK lie pijs tlieie have ie
cetitl.v been many calls for adilicsnc-, of Ameri
can lilnij engaged in vaiious Hues of manufactuie.
I T&eafificat
I,YCi:i'M "Iludolpli and Adolph." Night.
ACAUKilV Walte Comedy company. After
noon and night.
STAR "Tlie Devil's Daughter." Aftunoon
and night.
Mason and Mason.
Ilroadhuict .t Cunie'.s new niuileal production,
entitled, "ltudolph and Adolph,"' in vvhleli Dan
and Charles A. Maou are the stats, conic to
Hie I.jicuui on Thiusday night, and iu addition
to tlie btais will piesent the following plavers;
llealrlie .MeKenzle, Xellio Monkell, Claia II.
f-niltli, Ive Jlerl.vii, tho Sisteis I-auienee (who
cieatcd a en-.atlon in New Yoik lit wintet),
I.cvv II. Xcvvtoiiib, Hobby Mack, Kildlo Iluv-ell,
Ilauy James, Samuel Jllrtleld and I.oltlc WIN
II.IU13 Salter, the clever comedienne, who eeas-un
before last made an enviable ii-putation for hci
self by placing at dlrkieiit times each of ihe
K-ven female characters in Oeorge II. Uroad-bun-t's
"Wliy Smith Left Home."
Dan and (hailes Mason, uho a.-ume the title
role--, are adiplablo Individuals who can bo ex
pected to dominate wlialevir tilualion, no mat
ter how mirxpeitiil, In which they iiuy be
"Way Down East."
Muuser William A. Uraily'a pioductlon of Lot
tie lll.ilr 1'arker'b play, "Way Down Hait," will
bo rIviii at tlie loccuin IVIday night, .Satuiday
lnatini-e and night, Tlie play i.i a eplendld btuUy
of New Knaljiul life, full of, ami that
pvrullar appealing quality vvhleli home to
every lieirt. It Is called a btoiy of plain people,
and they .no plain, everj-ihv iharactem engaged
Iu the homely putsuits of dotncblklly, but He
tcrk'S of event-, which aie unfolded lu tho couife
of tho play aio of a deep diaivatto Interest, in
lawed by the ulniplUlty und uutuialuced of their
tell In,'.
The hcbt of critics piuiinuuec It a Fiiperler
play to "'Hie Old Homestead" or ".Slioto Airen."
And whciever it has been pu-M-ntcd, bcoieu of
letters front clirgjuien, bihool teachers and
othern have been rccelvnl telling of their delight
at the itoty that it to aptly leadici, The dl.i-login-
ts stirring, the wit and humor blight, and
the love actn.-s dellly mraiiged,
"ruder Two Flags" wn presented at the Acad
emy of lliiiio hut nlglil by tho Walto Comedy
and block company, ThU iifteinoon "'Ihe War of
Wealth" will bo repeated und tonight "The (Iol
den (Slant Mine."
OeoihO Meredith's. "Tito HgotUt" lub been
dtamatiml and will be pioduecd In I)inloi next
biMbun, 'iho book U bald to bu ve'iy Uiamatle,
and bhould tho pla)wilgh du Ids vvmU well, a
big nuee-s is umiiuhI.
Madeleine l.melto II) ley has wtlen tlie lib
retto for a comic opeia, fur which (iustavu
h.ii uiitteit the uiible, It U to be dono Hut in
Loudon, Mid. It) ley denied that tlie U nuking u
comic opera vei.iou vt her btucefiil Loudon
pine, "Mlcu and Jlen."
The Loudon i:picRi kay that compile alloiu are
likely lo uil.-o uvir Mr llcuiy Iniug'i, engagement
of Miss Cecelia Loflus t play Mjrguetite In
"Jr'avut," 'I ho Alluuibra MuU- hall ia a ioij
tiaet (or her e.eluive services for khtccn weeks
f i oin her nrilval lu Knglaud,
Kdgar belden, who U rctpoiitible for the Itajs
lu " Hot Old Time" being on the load today,
bli tlgatttire ! on ?ory box of tT ftnaM
Laxative BroniO'OuinineTweu '
WamfiY "" curen a call! Ill MM dT.
.Laj&iJ&t'vM. &
. iif
4 Lines 10 Cents
More Than Pour Line', 3 Cents tor Each Extra tin j.
For Rent.
Toil ItllST bk room and nlile. Inquires at
once, UW Dicknon nvenue, Orceit lthloe.
I'Oll ItENT .Store No. S.5 Liickaw ilium nenue
also second lloor, above Scotch Woolen Mill!
Co. Excellent bulncM eland. Hoiim for calllnif,
H to 10 and S to 7, Apply 1551 Sanderson ave.
1IOUSK roil HUNT Inquire 111 Mulberry street.
I'Oll ni'.NT Small furnished bouse lor rent,
quire nt D2J Vine itlrect.
KI.AT I'Olt HUNT at A18 Lackavvamm e
ntiej nil modem Impioicmcnls. Inquire of
n. Moses, 618 Lackawanna avenue.
KTOm: FOR HKNTWi2 West Lackawanna ave
nue. Inquire Philip Selinell, 026 Weit lack-
wanna avenue.
IIAIIN' FOK ItKNT-$l2, April lt, three box and
three single ptalls and vmiIi lack, rear ol
.T24 Jladison avenue. Inquire at 0.14 Madison ave.
KOIl ntlNT-Stnre building- for rent In Dickson
City. l'a. Ilulldlng ED feet by 21 feet, cellar
under all, nnd second storv can be arranged for
a family. All In good rcpilr ready for ue. Two
coal breakers and mines clo--o by employing over
a thousand people. An enterprising iiicitliint
can get a large trade. Apply to William II.
Itlchmond, Richmond Hill, 3423 N. Main avtnue,
Scianton, l'a.
Furnished Booms.
TOR IHIN'T One furnlslicd room, with Improve
ments; also one on thlid floor, cheap. 027
Adams avenue.
FUnNISIir.D ROOMS for rent, modem improve
ments; private family; gentlemen ptcfcircd,
at 537 Adams avenue.
TOR REST Furnished front room, with heat,
bath und gas; near court house; gentleman
preferred. Address Room, Box 2U3.
TOR RENT Furnished room; heat and bath.
025 Linden street.
and bath, gentlemen preferred, at C39 Adams
For Sale.
WE WILL send ,iou a handsome aluminum thim
ble for two -Jc. stamps, lloslon Noreltv Co.,
P. O. Dox 205, Scrantou.
FOR SALE A fecond-hand organ; in first-ela-s
condition; will be sold at a baigain. 222
l'icscott avenue.
ARPETS 50,000 yards caprets, mattings and
oil cloths at public auction, 230 Lackawanna
avenue. "See Auctions."
KOIl SALE A pacing horse, marked. Also
buggy and harness. Inquire ut Thomas
John-.' hotel, Xorlh Main nvenue, North End,
HOUSE FOR SALE Uay horse 7 jears old, 15-2
hands high, weighs 1,000 pounds; sound,
kind nnd true; etra well city broken; does not
bhy or pull. Peifect conformation, very ttvlislr,
price, $150. Your money back is not as repre
tcnlcd. P. R. Paterson, M. D., Honesdale, Pa.
JUhT ARRIVED with foity horses; good work
ers and drivers; weight fiom 1,100 to 1,(jOO;
several closely matched teams. Can be seen ut
S34 Rajmond court. F. II. Cobb.
CARPET.S-50.000 jards Ilruiscls, Ingrains, Vel
vets, also Mattings, Oil Cloth; 10,000 ple03
linen sheets, table cloths blankets, couiitci
panes , napkins, etc., lion beds, springs,, chairs, ubout six unloads at
public auction. Sale begins Tuesday at 10 a. in.
and 2 and 7 p. in., at 2.M Lackawanna avenue,
next Scrantou Street Railroad waiting mom,
opposite Penn avenue. Cummings 4: Bro., Auc
tioneers. Wanted To Buy.
WANTED TO BUY One genuine diamond, weight
about two "K," will pay cat.Ii prite. Ad
dress "Ring," Tilbuno office.
Boarders Wanted.
PRIVATE FAMILY wishes to have two nice men
to board, German or English. Call any time
after Thuisday. All conveniences, S07 llarriion
Furnished Room and Board,
PLEASANT furnl.-hed room and boaul, piivate
family, modem conveniences; Hill section.
Address Hill, Tribune olllee.
Wanted Booms and Board.
WANTED Two communicating rooms with board,
innate family preferred. Two ladies and a
gentleman. State lull paiticulais. Address 0.
II. D Tribune office.
Wanted To Bent.
GENTLEMAN' AND WIPE wUbcs two or three
unfiuuilijcd looms suitable lor light hoit-c-kiepiug;
modem Inipiovemtnts, Addicss Pei
maucnt, Tribune olllee.
WANTED ROOMS-Poi- two adults, tluce or four
looms, furnished or unfurnished for very
light housekeeping, first floor prcfcired. Addie.s.s
M. IS., Tilbuno office.
WANTED Furnished liou-o or four or five rooms
for housekeeping. Addresj A. Q, 1.'., Tiibune
Wanted Furnished Booms.
WANTED Furnished rooms for Knights Templar
Com lave. May 2(1, -27 and 23, 1IK). Address
(ieoige II, .lenmn, Chairman Hotel Committee,
WANTED Private le-tons I nliorthand during
afternouik,. Shoitliand, Tribune,
Kenl Estate.
FARM FOR SALE-SlNtv-tvvo acies, one mile
fiom Lake Ailel; twelve neie.s of timber, le-t
Impioved; excellent i-priiig water on lot; farm
hituated un load. For paitltulais uddies Will
lam Trcslar, Ariel, Pa,
FARM FOR SALE or exchange for city pmperty
situate iu Susquehanna county; Improved;
well watered; sullablo for dalrjiug, Bloik or
fcheep uUliig mid general fanning, llanven, At
tome, 'Ji'J'j Waslilnglon avenije,
Business Opportunity,
A IH'.I.IAllI.i; and ie.pon-.Uile iiianufaittirlng inui
p.iny want u man with I.COO cash to take
sole agency for Laikavvanua county for a new
ccimumlcal power ef great merit, ued for any
and all puipcwcu wheie unv power can bo used;
almple, elfcctlvc- and lellable, from onu to thiity
liun,o power; cost of ruiinlug seven cents u day
for euli lioiso power; no engineer u-qiilied to run
it; no iitleudame necewary after siartlug; no
boiler, mi labor, no trouble, un danger; salca un
limited; InMi'c.s permanent and liumrnsclv ptollt
able, Inqulio fleorgo Cicssmuii, Terracu Hotel.
Write for our special market letter, I'reo on
anplleatlon. S. M. Illbbaid li Co., members N.
V. Cciibolldated and btoek Sselianije. 41 ami 10
Broadway, New York. IMabllahcd 1SHI. Long
Distance' Phono 2JSS Rroad.
Money to Loan,
straight loam or Ilulldlng and Loan. At
fiom 4 to 0 per cent, Call on N. V, Walker,
311-315 Council building.
I.OiT ii.l, between Peel; Lumber Co,, Eat Mar
ket ttiect uud Flt-jhytrrliii chinch. Itcwaid
if returned to olllee of Peck Lumber Co.
is (ullabniating with I', Oppc-r, the lUitQonitt, on
a iiuuleal comedy they Intend pioduclng next
teasoii that t, if tlie llayj can be petsuaded to
Mop making nuuey vvitli their pic?eut 1110.9
giown tliow.
When Henrietta Crosinan is ween lu tlie larger
cities next season, beided "MUtiess Nell" and
"A4 You Llko It," the will hao at least threo
new plaj, "The Matque of the White Itos?,"
'Madeline" und "The Raltlmoru Mauiuge." Ihe
latter having to do with Hie affair of Jerome
Bonaparte and EhUabelU Patleuon. j-ifc-V " Jt'jii -v.?-1
Want AdvertlsAinents Will Be
Heeelved at Any of the Follow
ing Drug Stores Until 10 F. M.
Central City
ALBERT BClItlLTZ, corner Mulberry
itrett ind Webster avenue.
QUSTAV PIC11EL. 050 Adam irenu.
West Side
GEORGE W. JENKINS, 101 South Main
South Scranton
('RED L. TEHPPE, 720 Cedar avenue.
North Scranton
aEO. W. DAVIS, corner North Uila
avenue and Market street.
Green Bidge
CHARLES P. JONES, 1557 Dickson
F. J. JOHNS, 020 Green Ridge street.
C. LORENZ, corner Washington ave
nue and Marlon street.
W. II. KNEPFEL, 1017 Irving ivcnu.
Help Wanted Male.
BOY WANTED To make himself generally useful
ae iiiae aiue uospuai. jcciercnccD icquircu.
CO Good Painters.
25 Good Plumbers.
2.', Tinsmiths.
20 Electricians.
01.1 McKoon avenue,
Niagara Falls, N. Y.
WANTED 100 Good Carpenlei. .2.70 per day.
Ol.'l McKonn avenue.
1 Niogaia Falls.
WANTEI A first class man lo take care of local
agency for ea-y selling stock. The rigiit man
can make from $,'10 to 930 a week. Write at emit
to Investor, Tribune oftlce.
WANTED Experienced talesman for Cm lain and
Drapery depaitment. Apply Goldsmith's Ha
raar. WANTED Expeiienced hut and gent's furnishing
salesman who understands window dicsing;
reference required. Apply to lto?o the Hatter,
22J Lackawanna avenue.
WANTED Gentleman over twenty-one to appoint
and manage agents for ;l Pliiladeliliia firm;
salary ten clollaix per week and expenses paid,
experience not icqulred. Address Box, 05, Tilb
uno. WANTED A tbouiouglily competent, all around
inolder. Permanent position for the right
man. Iu making application, state age, experi
ence and wages desiitd. II. W. Beach, Mont
rose, Pa.
MAN witli horse and wagon wanted to deliver
'and collect. No canvassing. i-2t per week
and expenses. $1.10 ca-h deposit required. Col
lector, Box 7S, Philadelphia.
WANTED Two expeilenced stenogratihcrs; ap
ply to International Salt Co., Council build
ing, Scranton, Pa.
Help Wanted Female.
WANTED Lady bookkeeper, who can make her
self useful; required. Hose the
Hatter, 22.! Lackawanna avenue.
WANTED Stenographer who can asist at book-
Keeping; expenene
Remington, this office.
Keeping; i'.perieut:cu prcierreu. Acuuire.-s
GIRL WANTED-I11 small family for general
housework und cue of children. Good ref
eienccs absolutely required. i:iS MadUou avenue
(near Elcctlic), Dunmoie.
WANTED First cla,s cook at Hotel Walsh,
collier Washington avenue and Phelps Mroet,
LADIES WANTED Home woik, $20 per monUi
guaranteed, stamp for particular. National
P. J: S. Walih Co.. B.iltliuoie. Md.
LADY CANVASSER wanted to solicit subscrip
tions for The Tribune; good commission of
fered with a fair guarantee for first-class1 worker.
Apply peuonally at Buaiiiens Manager's office,
Sciantou Tribune,
Agents Wanted.
INSURANCE and Building nnd Loan Solicitors, I
tan ofler you a proposition that is heller and
will pay jou more than jour pit-sent line, Cu
opciativc, eaip of Tribune.
$10 TO $50 PER WEEK to several might, ener
getic men and women of good nddicA-, who
will woik for us in Scianlon or vicinity; tl.ite
qualifications and past Hue of work, liwlu, care
of Tiibune,
Recruits Wanted.
WANTED FOR U. S. ARMY AbU-lioUleil un
married men between ages of 21 and :-'; citi
zens of United States, of good chaiacter uud
temperate habits, who can speak, read und wiite
English. For infoimatlon apply In Reuniting
Oflleer, No, 12.1 W.vuiiilng avenue, heiautoii, Pa,
Situations Wanted.
WAIN'lED A position us bookkeeper or n'niit
ant; call filllli.-li leleienee.s us to cli.iuetci uud
ubtllty. Addrc-M Bookkeeper, cam of Tiibune.
WANTED Hy a middle oged lady as housekeeper
or any kind ol work, Addicts 210 Walnut
ttiect, Duumore,
SITUATION WANTED-lly jomi-r man as book
keeper, or assistant, can give lefeienee. Ad
tlies L. M. EUluger, 744 North Main avenue,
A GERMAN woman would like to have -i plaee
a- cook, Mrs, M, T., 22J Pent! avenue-,
SEALED PROPOSALS will be opened lu the olllee
o( the City liecoider, by the Dlieclor of the
Department of Public Winks cm Mmulav, Apill
21, IliOJ, ut S o'clock 11. 111., fur the 1 cubing, and
lot- the paving, with VitrllUd Brick on a loucielo
base, Waliburn fctieet, fiom Simmer uveniio lu
Iho westerly side of Van Ilium iienue, In tho
Fifth waul, In accurdauio with plans and pcii
licaliou 011 ille iu tlie lluieaii of Kiiiiice-i inir.
lllddeis hhall enilo'o with llielr pupoal, i-.ili
rr ceilllled check lor the t-um of One- Hundiid
Dollars us 11 guarantee to execute u eontiact fur
tho woik xx j 1 111 11 twenly da,v4 If awatded thu
mine, In ruiu t lie bidder to whom the contract
dull bavu been awauled falls lo execute u con
11 ml for the work in uccoidaueu Willi the plan.-,
and niccllleatlons theiefor, within twitily da
liom tho date of tin- awaid, the one bundled dol
lar!,, ta.h or cirtlllcd (heck acenmpan- lug hl pio sliall be forfeited to the ue of Ilea City of
Scrantou, . . ..
Dlddets shall ttalft pilcu at which thry will
eontiact to keep the pawmuit iu lepalr for .1
period uf llve wi, the piliu of iepaii not tu
be Included In price (barged for la.vliu pavement.
Pioposals bhall cover the vnllie work and sliall
ktale sepaiately llie price for setting or ic-tet-ling
tuibolone, tho nrlco for pav'ng per npuiu
vaid, which shall include the eoH of grading ui
ihown on the prolllc.
Bidden will be (uinUlied with proposal blanks
at the Iluieau of Engineering, and no others will
be accepted,
AH propolis shall be filed with tho Oily Con.
troller at hU office lu tlie City 1 1 J II. Scianton,
Pa., not later than 2 o'clock p. 111. on Monday,
April 21. 1W2.
'Ihe city reterves the light to relect unv nr all
Dhector Detiartment uf Public: U01U.
Scraiitoii. l'a.. Abiil II. 1U02..
r .
3 Insertions 25' Cents
Mom Thai Pour Lines, 6 Cents lor fiacliBxtra Un.
ESTATE of Samuel Koerner, late of the City ol
. Seruiiloii, County of Lackawanna and Stats
of Pennsylvania, dcceiised.
I.etleis of admlnlstralloii upon the above
lule having been grunted to tlio undersigned, all
persons having claims or demands against llm
said estate are hereby notified to present Ihrnt
for pajinent and those Indebted to Mid estate will
make immediate paviiitnt tn
FRED H. CRAWFOHD. Admliilslralnr.
521 N. I.lncotn'iWenue,
Scranton, P.
V. V. GIIIIIS, Allomey for IMale.
Room (121 t'onnell Illilg, Scranton, P.
THE OWNERS or reputed owners of property
bounding or abutting on both sides of Wyom
ing avenue, fmi Phelps land line to Ash street;
both sides of Ash street, from the D. & II. It.
11, to Washington nvenue; both sides of Oakfonl
court, fiom Ach street (0 Poplar street; botti
sides of Forest lomt, fiom Ash street to Poplar
street; and both side of Hreck court, from
Phelpj land line to Poplar street, In the Sev
enth ami Thirteenth wards. Take nolle 0 that
under the direction of councils, I will make tho
assessment for the construction of a system of
lateral sewers for the drainage of the territory
mentioned above, on Wednesday, the lftlli ilaV
of April 11, WO', nt 10 o'clock In the lorenoon, at
the Department of Public Works, Bureau of En
gineering, City Hall, Scranton, Pa., at which
time and place jou may appear and be luard
If )ou so desire.
JOHN E. ROCHE. Director.
Department of rubllc World.
Scranton, Pa., April 8, 1002.
CANDIDATES for the office of Inspector of
Mines arc hereby notified tliat the Hoard of
examiners appointed by tho Court of Common
Peas of Lackawanna county, wilt meet at tho
Hoard of Control rooms, City Hall, Scranton,
on Monday, April 21, 1002, at 10 a, in., for the
examination of such candidates as may appear
before them. Candidates will notice that tho law
requires them tn produce satisfactory evidence ol
having bad .it least live jears practical expert
ence in tlie anthracite coal mines.
A MEETING of the members of the Lackawanna
Store Association Limited, will bo held at tho
office of the association in Scranton, Pa., on
Monday, tlie llth day of April, A. D. 1002, at
half pant two o'clock in the afternoon, for tin
purpose of taking action upon the question of
dissolving Tlie Lackawanna Stole Association
Limited, by voluntary action of the member.',
and, in case it is decided to dissolve the said
association, then for the further purpose of elect
ing three liquidating trustees to wind up tin
affair of the association according to law.
II. S. FA1RCIIILD, Secretary.
Scranton, Pa., March 22, 1002.
Dissolution of Partnership.
ship hcietoforc existing between .1. M. Purdy
and A. II. Finn, under tlie firm name of Purriy
& Finn, is tills 2'JtU day of March, 1002, dis
solved by mutual consent, A. Jl. Finn retiring.
The business hereafter will be continued by J. M.
Purely under the firm name of .1. M. Ptirdy & Co.,
to whom all outstanding accounts will be paid
and who assume all liabilities.
.1. M. PURDY,
A. M. Finn.
Dalton, Maich 20, 1002.
Dry, clean and modern up-to-date
storage; separate rooms;
individual keva; elevator. An
Ideal storage for household elfects, etc. Thirty
separate stoiage rooms. Scranton Storage com
pany, 11.1 Franklin avenue.
RHEUMATISM All naitlca that wish can ba
speedily and permanently cuicd of all .va
rieties of Rheumatism by a vegetable compound.
Cuics guaianteed. Inquire or uddrcss J. E. Tay
lor, Scianton.
Certified Public Accountant.
Building, and St. Paul Building, New York.
Estate Exchange Bid?.. 126 Washington ave.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Spruco street, Scranton.
and Counsellots-at-Law. IAIJ to 012 Council
Rooms 12, 14, 10 and 13 Burr Building.
tlated on real estate security. Mcars Building,
corner Washington avenue and Spruce street.
bcllors-at-law. Commonwealth Building, Rooms
10, 20 and 21,
00.1-BOI, Oth floor, Mcars building.
of Trade Building, Scranton, Pa,
Bank Building
211 Wyoming avenue.
Physicians and Surgeons.
ington avenue. Residence, 1318 Mulberry.
Cluonlo dUea.-es, lungs, heart, kidneys and
gonlto-urinary organs a specialty. Hours, t
to 4 p. m. i
DR. I). G. EVANS. 0ST7.0PATH. 1J0-8 WASH.
ington avenue. Clironlu and nervous disease)
a specially. Consultation lice. --.
Hotels and Restaurants. '
uue. Rates icaaouable. .
P, ZIEOLER, Proprietor.'
cengcr depot. Conducted on tho European
plan. VICTOR 1(0(111. Proprietor.
Scavenger, ,
ress pools; 111 idor; only Impigvcd pumps used.
A. II. Rrlgg. proprietor. Leave oiders 1104
North Main uvetiuu. or Eieke's diug store, car
per Adam.? uud Mulberry. Both telephones. -
rr-nu-n, store- 201 Washington avenue; grata
htiuses, 1050 Noith Main avenue; store tell-
Wlro Screens.
Scranton, Pa., manufacturer of Wire Scrum."
uIm) ladles wulats. LuuUu bhoeuuVer, tli
Adams avenue.
telopca, paper bags, twine. Warehouse, )jt
Wellington avenue, bcriuton, Pa.
in Scranton at" the news itunds of RcUiutn
Bros., 400 tpruce and 503 Liuden; M. Norton,
822 Lackawanna avtnue; I. 8. tkhutter, 211
ftnrtu a slrk.