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Ceremony Performed by Bev. E. J.
McHenry, of St. David's Ohuch.
Funeral of Mrs. Judson Staples
Yesterday Afternoon Alumni
Base Ball Club Entertainment in
St. David's Hall Installation of
Officers of Slocum Lodge of Odd
Follows Notes and Personals.
David O, Williams, at Buffalo, X. T.,
nnd Miss Jessie Phillips, of 129 South
Seventh street, were united in mnrrlage
at noon yesterday at the home of the
bride's mother, Mrs. Mary Phillips. The
t'cremony was performed by new E. J.
McHenry, rector of St. David's Episco
pal church.
They were unattended, the bride ap
pearing In a traveling gown of castor
colored mnterlal, nnd carried bridal
roses. The house was tastefully deco
rated with cut llowers, palms and pot
ted plants. A reception nnd wedding
dinner followed, which was uttended
only by the Immediate relatives.
Mr. anil Mrs. Williams left later In
the day on a wedding trip, and will be
:it home In a few weeks at 555 South
Park street, Buffalo. The bride was for
a number of years with Goldsmith's
Hazaar, and the g'oom is employed as
jm accountant by the Lackawanna Iron
and Steel company. Both arc well
known and popular.and the well wishes
of many friends go with them to their
new home.
Entertainment and Social.
The first annual entertainment and
social of the Scranton Alumni Base Ball
team was held In St. David's hall last
evening and attracted a large assem
blage. The programme included a
number of clean selections.
A featme was the exercises of Prof.
Victor Noth's physical culture class,
numbering many well-developed young
men and boys. They gave a very clover
exhibition. Mis Kate Rcardon played
a piano polo, Mist Ficd.i Kann sang
coon songs and Miss Jane McHugh
played a violin solo.
Lewis brothers gac a mandolin nnd
guitar duct, and the Wilson brothers
gave an acrobatic exhibition. A quar
tette from the Electric City Wheel
men sang and Mr. Liulwlg gave .a
whistling solo. The Neumls brotheis
also rendered a number of instrumental
The Host 1'amily Cough Remedy,
Dufour's French Tar,
For iral? by
101 S. Main. ave.
selections, A dance followed to music
furnished by Miss Reardon,
Installation of Officers.
A regular meeting of Slocum lodge,
No. 970, Independent Order of Odd
Fellows was held In Masonlo hall last
evening at which tho following: officers
were installed by District Deputy
Grand Master George Harper.
Noble grand, Nelson Anderson; vice
grnnd, David n. dlbbs; secretary,
Thomas J. Williams; treasurer, Georgo
Barth; warden, Thomas I. Jones; con
ductor, Charles V. Smith; R. S. N. G.,
James Leyshon; L. S. N. G., Thomas
Benge; O. G., Samuel Jones; I. G John
Hltchlngs; It. S. S., Alfred Lewis; L.
S. S., Andrew Wlokland; It. S. V. G.,
Lewis Jenkins; L. S. V. G John P.
Pig Boast and Smoker.
The Informal pig roast and smoker,
held at Co-operative hall Tuesday even
ing, under the auspices of the Oxford
Glee club, was the most enjoyable so
cial event In the history of the organi
zation. There were speeches, choruses, solos,
duets, quartettes, etc., galore, and tho
lunch was exceedingly well prepared.
The club has become a nermunent or
ganization and anticipate many future
events of this nature.
A committee wns appointed to con
sider the advisability of arranging a
benefit concert for William J. Thomas,
who was hurt in the mines on Mondaj.
Disorderly House Baided.
Lieutenant Davis, Patrolmen Lowry,
Jones and Collins raided a dlsordeily
house In Schnell court Tuesday night
and arrested three Inmates on a war
rant. They were Mrs. Annie Rosen
luanz, Thomas Gilhool and Joseph
At the heating in police court yester
day afternoon the woman was fined
$15 or 30 days In jail. Tho two men
were fined $5 each. Just before tho
hearing the woman fell in her cell nnd
feigned injury. Dr. Brennan was called
to attend her.
Becent Accidents.
Miss Bertha Harvey, of West Locust
street, had her hand squeezed in a. gate
recently, severely lacerating the thumb.
Allen Gilpin, of Edwards court, had
two of his lingers badly bruised recent
ly by being caught in a clothes wringer.
Mrs. G. G. Thomas, of 209 North
Garfield avenue, is suffering from a
sprained ankle, caused by turning on
it in the house yesterday.
A child of Mrs. James M. James, of
Luzerne street, ran a nail through his
hand on Tuesday.
Funeral of Mrs. Staples.
Many sorrowing friends, relatives and
neighbors were in attendance at the
funeral sen ices over the remains of
tho late Mrs. Gertrude Staples, yester
day afternoon. The services were held
at tho home of deceased's father, Al
derman Owen D. John, 322V4 North
Hyde Park avenue.
Rev. James Bennlnger, pastor of the
Hampton Street Methodist Episcopal
church, and Rev. D. P. Jones, pastor
1 Wearing Time
and Buying Time
i Is Now Here. . .
Best styles, best sellers of the season.
No exceptions. All of them exceptionally Sri
good. Some of these may be what you want. 5?
of tho Tabernacle Congregational
church) were the officiating clergymen.
The rholr of the Tabernacle Congre
gational church, under the direction of
Hugh A. Jones, Bang appropriate selec
tions. Many beautiful floral offerings
were In evidence, attesting tho esteem
In which the young woman was held,
The pallbearers nnd flowerbearers were
Alfred Joseph, Victor Noth, William
Brooks, Frank Lloyd, William Reese
and Richard Reese, Interment was
made In Dunmoro cemetery.
Funeral of Mark Irwin.
The funeral services over the re
mains of the late Mark J. Irwin, who
died at his home in Bellevue, were held
at Holy Cross church yesterday after
noon, and were largely attended.
The pallbearers were selected from
Division 186 of the Street Car Men's
union, which was represented. Inter
ment was made In the Cuthedral cemetery.
The Kiectrlc City Wheelmen nnd Mack Dia
monds will bowl a match game on the former'!
allojs this evening,
lite Epworlli league of the Simpson Methodist
Episcopal church will hold their regular monthly
business meeting in the church this caning.
Mrs. John T. Richards, of South Main aventK)
will Jseive tea from 4 to 7 o'clock today.
Herman Cosier mid family, o( Kejser avcn'ie,
have iemoed to Xtvvton.
Camp !U, Patriotic Order of Americans, held a
meeting in Washington hall last evening and
initiated several new mcmbeis.
Mrs. Fnlkcnbury, of Chestnut street, received
a telegram yesterday announcing the death of her
mollipr, 'Mrs. llloom, In St. Louis. The body
was shipped to Scranton last night, and when it
arrives will bo interred In the Forest Hill renie
tery. Deceased formerly resided in this city.
An enjoyable talent social was held last evening
at the home nf Mrs. Jennie Williams on South
lljde Park avenue.
The Lojal Crusulcru met in' tho Sunday school
room of the First Welsh Congregational chinch
last evening and cnjo.ved phonograph nelcc.tlo.13,
rcndeicd under the direction ot Comer O. Itccie,
William John Thomas, a member of the United
Mine Worker nf America, is the latest aspirant
for legislative honor in the First district. To
morrow is the last day for registering with Chair
man Jenkins.
Mioses Helen Davis, ot North Bromley avenue,
nnd Mis May Williams, of Acker avenue, have
returned home from a visit vvitli friends in Pitts
ton. Kdgar Towell, of Jackson street, has resumed
liis studies at Keystone academy atter n biicf
i.tay at Ills home. Charles Hughes, of North Sum
ner avenue, ha3 also returned to Kcj atone
Mr. Ida Truesdalc and sister, Miss Martha
Williams, of Hampton street, have returned from
u visit with their sister, Mrs. U B. Thompson,
of I'eckville.
Mis. W. .1. Morgan, of Cailiondale, foimcrly o
this side, is spending a few djs with West Strau
ton friends.
Peter McCoy, of Biadford, Pa., Ins relumed
homo fiom a visit vvtih his lelativcs on Tenth
Mis Lulu Morgan, o( North Miin avenue, has
accipted a position in New York.
Athletic Club to Givo an Exhibition.
Mrs. Anna Buss' Cow Found
in Joseph Stein's Barn.
3 Women's Suits
" Two items of moro than
'TS ordinary woitli. Women's Suits
of the new Hop-Sacking. Eton
and Ulouse effects, new military
3 fronts, handsomely trimmed
,S with raolre bands. Skirts made
!9 with graduated flounce and
iS ttlmmed with bands of molte.
Worth moro money.
Women's Suits of fine Pebblo
Cheviot, jacket tight lining,
hantlhomely stitched collars
nnd rovers; skirt made with
extra full and with graduated
flounce, lined with fine near-silk
and bound with velvet. Worth
more money,
OUB PRICE, $20,00.
Silk Comforts
A choice lot of these and the
variety Is great. Heie are two
Silk Quilts, filled with fine cot
ton, knotted with ribbon and
beautifully made and finished,
OUB PRICE, 83,75.
Sllkolino Quilts with exquis
ite silk panels; Reds, Blues,
Pinks. Yellows and Lavender.
OUB PRICE, 88.75.
A look at theso will tell you
more about them.
Pillow Tops
Mostly choicest of the choice
In this Art Goods stock; newest
of the new, Anything short of
perfect is too shabby for us
Floral designs, LIIles, Pop
ples, Wild Roses, Scrolls, Out
lines, Smokers, Burnt Leather,
Effects. And you can't help
but notice the largeness of the
Here are others I
Linen Crash with Scrolls,
Violets, Pansy, Daisies, and
Comic Pictures.
Battenburg with Roses, Pop
ples and other iloral designs.
Steel Engravings In Centres
and the Subjects are as fol
lows; Boy Choir, Elks, Holy City,
First of the Season, Love's
Young Dream, Music, Ideals.
Dog and Wild Fowl, Vesper
Bells, Water Lilies, Bashful
Suitor and other well-known
50c, 75c and 05 each.
There's need for an Umbrel
la this month If you go by the
almanac. A big assortment
here to choose from. We pick
these few from the lots.
26-Inch Gloria Silk, Paragon
Frames, Steel Rods, tight roll
and various plain and fancy
handles. J2.25.
Black and Colored, In three
styles, ?3.00.
Black Silk and Linen, neat,
strong and handy, $3.50.
28-lnch, Gloria Silk, Paragon
Frames, Steel Hods, tight roll
and choice assortment of
handles, $2.50 each,
28-lnch, better quality, Ster
ling Trimmed Handles. ,$3.00
28-lnch, still better quality,
plain Natural Wood Handles
& somue Sterliner Trimmed.
$5.00 eachk
Of course, we have cheaper
ones, too, '
Globe Warehouse
A gratifying revival in athletic exer
cises is noticeable at the Scranton Ath
letic club, and many of the older mem
beis have not only become Interested,
but a number of them have registered
their children In the junior classes, and
are taking a personal interest In their
development. For bcveral months past
the clashes have met three times a
week, to benefit by the Instruction of
Prof. Victor Noth, who has had charge
for a year past.
So rapidly and cll have the young
sters learned the various dumb-bell,
wand, horse and parallel bar exercises,
and tho numerous Intricate drill move-
'ments, that it was decided to give a
public exhibition, and this will take
place on ednesday, April 23. The fol
lowing excellent programme has been
Dumb-bell exercises, by small class
from 5 to 10 years of age; wand exer-cis-es,
by senior class: back exercises,
by small class; weight lifting, between
Instructor and captain; horse and
buck exercises, by seniors; individual
parallel bar, by members of Scranton
Athletic club; boxing, by two of senior
ehifcs; pyramid work, by seniors; tum
bling, by members of S. A. C; wres
tling, by two of seniors; exercises on
parallel bars, by seniors; club and
lantern swinging.
Tonight's Entertainment.
The entertainment committee of the
Young Woman's Christian association
of this side, have made arrangements
for a pleasant soclnl event, which
takes place this evening at their rooms
on Cedar avenue. Each member Is al
lowed to bring a friend and a large at
tendance Is expected. At the close or
the enteitaininenl refreshments will bo
Tho following progrnmmo has been
prepared: Piano solo, Miss Anna Vor
ls; voral solo, George Haok; recitu
tlon, Miss Cora Young; violin solo, H.
Frichtel; piano solo, Master H. Hum
phrey; recitation, Gussle Schuman;
vocal solo, James Norton; piano solo,
Miss Haubelmnn.
A Troublesome Cow.
Last November, a oow owned by Mrs,
Anna Ituss, which has a fancy to
stray from home, disappeared, AH ef
forts to locate the roving bovine proved
fruitless, until last week, when some
one hinted that a cow was locked un
on the premises of Joseph Stein, above
Moltke avenue,
A search warrant was sworn out on
Monday, and placed In the hands of
Constable Peter Marker, who located
the animal, Stein was called upon by
Alderman Lentes, yesterday, to explain
why a charge of larceny should not
be entered against him,
Dr. Schley's Lung Healing Balsam Is
guaranteed to cure all coughs. "No
cure, no pay." For sale by all dealers.
A jounsr man named William llorbach, of COT
Cedar avenue, was badly maimed vvhllo at work
In tho old Cliff works a few dajs ago, (lib at
tention was attracted from his machine a mo
ment, aid Ids hand got caught. It was badly
mashed and two lingers have had to be taken off.
Another man named UUhop, of 1127 PitUton
avenue, was caught In a similar manner Tues
day, and his band was badly mangled,
A first class entertainment will take place till)
evening under the auspices ot the Ringgold hand,
with the assistance of (he Junior Macunerchor,
Allow a cough to run until it gels beyond the
reach of medicine. They often tar, "Oli, it will
near away," but In most cases it will wear
them away. Could they be induced to try ths
successful medicine called Kemp's llabam, which
U sold on u positive guarantee to cure, they
would Immediately see the excellent effect lif
ter WMusr tho tiri-t dose. 1'ilco Wc. and gQc,
TriU size free. At U dnwuJ.U.
He Was Token Into Custody by
Patrolmen Hoekenberry and Addy
man Patrick Loftua of West
Market Street Injured In the
Marvine Mine Miss Sarah Sloog
and John E. Davis United in Mar
riageSession of the Men's Society
to Be Held Next Monday Evening.
Michael McCarthy, of William street,
was arrested yesterday afternoon by
Patrolman Hoekenberry and Addyman,
for disorderly conduct and fighting.
McCarthy entered William William's
hotel on West Market street and
Wayne avenue, and after taking a few
drinks began to dlsbute with a one of
the men inside. Finally they began
quarreling but were separated. Mc
Carthy stayed about the place for nn
hour or so and then started to fight
with Bert Hughes, the bartender.
He was several times put out of the
place, but Insisted upon entering again,
till finally he broke two of the largo
windows In the front. He was Im
mediately placed under arcst by the
officers and tnken to the station house,
where he will be given a hearing this
Patrick Loftus Injured.
Patrick T.ottiu, a resident of Wctt Market
stieet, met vvitli an accident white at work in
the Clark vein of tho Marvine mine yesterday af
ternoon, about fi o'clock. Loftus was emplojed
in the Clark vein, when a run-away trip of tars
came along, throwing him to tho ground.
He was picked up by his fellow-workmen and
taken to his home in the mine ambulance, where
lh John J. Sullivan, jr., was called to dress his
Quiet Wedding.
Miss Sarah Sloeg and John K. Davis, two well
known and very popular young people of this
pirt of the city, were quietly married Tuesday
evening by the ltev. W. F. Davis, of the Memorial
Baptist church, at his home, 1703 Summit avenue.
The newly married joung couple will take up
their residence at 1711 Summit avenue.
A Beautiful Decoration.
A janesta formed one of the most attractive
of tho beautiful decorations in the Providence
Presbyterian chuich last Sabbath and on Raster.
The janesta is of the shrub variety, the stalks
of which, sit inches or so from the soil, spread
out ami up into a prolific number of intcrtwinlrg
branches, and tlje.c, in turn aro lavished with
prctty-'haped gfeen leaves and innumerable yellow-
blossoms.. The "tiee" last Sabbath was
decked with thous ukI.h and thousands of these
leaves nnd llowers, atter their own uniniie sort..
The janesta was a gift to the Eatcr dccoia
tion in the Providence Presbjterian t hutch from
Mi .1. D. n Storch, .taken from her green
houscscfl, where it had for several weeks been
given special cultivation from her gardncr, Mr.
Meeting of Men's Society.
The Scranton Men's societj- have a rich treat
for themselves and friends at their April assem
bly, next Monday evening, in the Providence
1'resb.vterian social rooms. Rev. William Hollins
lied, of 1'orct City, will givo an address 6a
"The Catacombs of Home."
Mr. Hollinshed has given the subject much
reading and study and lias prepared bis address
in a popular st.vlc. lie is besides an entertaining
speaker. Tho Monday assembly will conclude the
second season of the Men's society.
JB? ' i.
iW f
firaMyuMB flclBK3n3lf l
If You Want to Know About the Smart
est Clothes See the
"Atterburf System
There is no doubt in our mind that
you would rather be well dressed
than ill dressed ; clothes made by the
best custom tailors are much too high
in price and you can't expect much
from the usual Ready-Made kind.
The Atterbury" System of Ready-to-Wear
Clothes gives you cloth pat
terns, style and tailoring that has sat
isfied some of the most 'critical dress
ers during the past two seasons.
Your Spring Overcoat or Suit will be
more satisfying to you if it's made
by the "Atterbury" System., The
cost is but half the custom tailor's
price. From
$18 to $28
Other Good Hakes, (fA j dr
Either in Spring Over- JKIII TQ JKIJ)
coat or Suit, from tlv v RtJ
Boys' Novelty Suits
Alfred Teddly. of Wales street, was arraigned
before Aldeiman Myers jesterday afternoon for
being drunk and disoderly and assault and bat
tery, preferred by bis wife. Peddly, a few da.vs
ago, eaini- home dunk and beat his wife severely
and started to abuse the children. He wai com
mitted to the county ail fn default of $300 bail.
A tegular meeting of Providence eajnp, No.
035, Modern Woodmen of America, will be he'd
in the Auditorium this evening. Six candidates
will be initiated. After the initiatory ceremonies
are over, a social session will be held. A clul
lengo is extended to the Green Ridge camp to
participate in a progrefstu euchre game, for two
prijcs, furnished and given to the winner by the
Providence camp. All members arc requested to
be present.
The Providence Methodist Episcopal church and
their friends will meet in the chuich parlor th's
evening for a general good time. Mrs. t.ordon
llincs and her Sunday 6thool clas of .voung men
will provide a short piogramme. Mr. Amy
Conks' class of joung ladies will provide suit
able refreshments for the evening. An offering
will be taken for the niissionaiy work.
Ihe second of the series of games' between tho
Ciackerjatks and the North End Stari will be
phived tomorrow evening in the Auditorium.
The Citizen's baud will meet for rehearsal th's
evening in John' hotel on North Main avenue.
Mis. J. B. rUh, of North Main avenue, is
visiting friend in llainbridge, N. Y.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Ilaldeman, formerly of
Chuich avenue, have taken up their res'dence in
the cential city.
Crad. Morris, who "as injured in the Clark
Tunnel Companj's mine recently, is able to bo
about again.
dunmore' doings.
Proposition for Building of Electric
Light Plant Heceived by Council.
Other Business Transacted,
Most mothers who have the
care of boys know this popular
juvenile department; it has be
come popular because of the va
riety displayed in Boys' Dress.
We are ever striving to secure
the best the best workmanship,
the newest cloth patterns and
the most exclusive designs. It
is this continued energy that appeals to the mothers
of boys. Our prices are always consistent with qual
ity of goods. Vestee, blouse or lwo
Piece Suits from
$2 to $5
Little Gents' Shoes.
When the little fellows want shoes, try the wearing qualities of
our "Little Gent." It's a revelation in boys' shoe making.
Samter Brothers,
The council met in regular ses,lon last evening
vvitli all members present. Chaiiman McLaughlin
appointed T. J. Hughes, of Chestnut streit, as a
members of the board of health.
The secretary was instructed to notify the Su
burban lcctriu Light company that their ser
vice was not satisfactory and that it must be
improved. A proposition from tho fidelity
Guarantee and Trust company, of Philadelphia,
looking to the building ot a municipal or private
elect lie lighting plant in the borough, was re
ferred to the electric light committee with in
structions to report on its feasibility.
Hie eevvcr specifications as finally amended
were ordered printed so that they may be placed
in the hands of prospective bidders at once. The
borough attorney was instructtd to get a de
cided answer at once fiom Harris & Co., u to
whether or not they Intend taking I lie issue of
sewer boaLa for which they were tho tucccstul
bidders many months ago,
W, II, Derby, of Electric avenue, again com
plained of a water nuisance in front of his prop
erty. Attorney Duggan, acting for Mrs, Mary
Langnn, of Apple street, complained of a similar
Burgess Ilurschcll reported police court fines
for the month of $.1.00, Chief of police reported
two arrests. Treasurer Wahlcr presented a state
ment of the recent issue of refunding bonds en
which he has received the money and applied it
to its proper uses.
Secretary Gitligan's statement for the past
j car showed an expenditure by tho borough of
$Jt,!J!.2I. Ex-chief of tho tiro department pre
sented his repoit which shows the total value ot
borough property In that department to be flS,.
The borough attorney was instructed to com
municate with ex-!lorough Engineer M. S. Knight
and notify him that all data relating to work
done In Ills department for the borough during
his tenure in office must be tiansferrcd to his
successor and on the event of his again refusing
to do oo, to take immediate! legal steps against
Tho time sheet of the street commissioner for
(310.47, chief of police for $300. and ihlef ot the
Ore department lor $160, as well as a largo num
ber of miscellaneous bills were ordered paid.
John Clifford, of Mead avenue, is conlhied to
bis home by Illness, ,
ilk Mary Welti, of Ureakcr street, who re
cently undcincDt i critical operation at tho
Scranton Private hospital, is thought to bo paat
the danger point now- and is rapidly gaining vn
stiength. Hir friends cpeet Mic will soon bp
able to leavo that institution completely icitoied
to health.
The orchestra of the Ashury Methodhl i:pi.o
pal feunday sdionl, .ivd.-tul by the joung inf-n'H
cla'H tauaht by Mi-n Kill Koncy and the thus of
joung ladles taught by Mr. illlroy, will give an
entertainment in the church pulors this even
ing. Tho featuio of the evening's en
tertainment will bo leadings by David HuVi. of
Philadelphia, a foimer lesldent of (Jieen lildge.
At the tloae of the literary progiamme
mcnH will be served by the juung ladies mid
gentlemen and an informal filial hour enjojed.
Councilman and Mrs, Aided Harvey, of Wyo
ming avenue, will leave this morning for u trip
through the eastern stales.
MnS. JOHN RYDER.of Clark's Sum
mit, died at her home, on Tuesday
morning nt 11 o'clock, from tho effect
of a cancer in the stomuch. Mrs, Ity
der was born in Barney Castle, County
of Durmun, England, fifty-four years
ago. She canto to this country about
thirty years ago, taking up her resi
dence In Scranton. She later removed
to Clark's Summit. Funeral services
will bo held In the Episcopal church,
Wyoming avenue, on Ftlday at 3 ji, ni.
Interment will be mudo In Washburn
street cemetery,
son of Mr. and Mrs, John McCormack,
of Houoken, N, J., died at the resi
dence of Mrs. McCormaeU's sister, Mis.
T. H. Dovlne, 713 Monroe avenue, yes
terday. The funeral will bo held from
the latter's residence, Friday nfternoon
at 2.30 o'clock. Interment In Cathedral
ly of this city, died at Buffalo yester
day. The remains will bo hi ought to
this city this morning, Services will
be held nt tho Hickory Stieet Tresby
terlan church at 2.30 o'clock this after
noon. Interment at Dunmore cemetery,
All friends aro Invited to the services.
RAYMOND M'l.OUOHLIN, the L'-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. William
MeLoughlln, of 1118 Luzerne street, died
yesterday after nn Illness from dloh
therld. The remains will bo taken to
Carbondale nt 2.30 o'clock this after
noon, where Interment will be made.
MRS. EMILY PERRY, nged SG. wife
ot George Perry, died ut her residence
Academy of flusic
II. BCIS, Lessee.
A. J. Duffy, Manager.
AM this vi:i;iv.
Commencing Motility Night. Matinees Beginning
Tucad.1, The Original and Popular,
Comedy and Stock
Ladies' Philharmonic Orchestra.
Strong bcenln Company.
I'rics 10, 20 and 30c; matinee, 10 and 20c,
In Waverly, yesterday. Deceased Is
survived by her husband and two chil
dren, John Perry, of El Paso, Texas,
and Miss Ruth Perry, of Waverly. The
funeral will be held from the homo
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Inter
ment will be made at Waverly.
EDWIN AVALLACE, the 7-months-old
child of Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel Wal
lace, of 556 North Decker's court, died
yesterday, Tho funeral will take place
tomorrow afternoon. Interment will
be made In Washburn street cemetery,
FRANCES DAVIS, tho 3-year-old
child of Mr, and Mrs, Morgan W. Davis,
of 2113 Juckson street, died yesterday,
The funeral will take place tomorrow
nfternoon, Interment will bo made In
Washburn street cemetery.
MRS. ELIZA DAVIS, wife of Henry
Davis, died Tuesday at her home, 1207
Ridge Row, age b'3 years. Funeral Fi 1
day afternoon. Services at the house
at 2.30 o'clock.
Ihe funeral of the late Mrs. John Moiuhan will
take place this morning fiom the house nn
Mratford avenue, Mnioln Height. Mas will be
celebrated In the Catholic church at Tujlor, and
the icmain will bo taken to bugar Kotih, l.u
zemo county, for interment.
The luneral of Mrs. John Iljder, which v.-as
anonumed for l'riday, April II, at 3 p. m., will
be held on the tame date at 11 a. m., at the M.
Luke's Episcopal ihuuli on joining avenue.
The funeral of Mrs. Kate I lord will take plaie
this iiiciulng at 0.30 o'lloclv from her late home
on LaiUwanua avenue, A high mass will bo
cclebiated at St. Peter's rathedial at 10 o'clock,
Interment will be nude In Cathedral cemetery.
Lyceum Theatre
M. RF.IS. Lessee and Manager.
A. J. DUl'FY, lluiness Manager.
Droadhurst & Currlo Presents
Tho Two Kniperors of Oermany, in Their Latct
The 1'unnlei.t ol the Season.
Prlces-23. M. T.'ic. and ?1,
beats ready Tuesday,
Friday Night, Saturday Matlneo and Night.
Mr. Win. T, Brady's Mignlfltent Ptoduitton
Ilv Lottie Illilr Parker.
Klahorated by Jos. firitnier,
Kndorted by Press, Public and Pulpit,
Prlies JJc, Wo., 75c,, $1,W. Matinee, ?5c,,
60i, 75c
bcaU on rale Wednesday,
The Bostonians
In the new romantic comic opera,
Maid Mariai
(A sequel to Hobln Hood )
By lteginald PcKoven and Harry 11. Smith. I
Dirti't fiom its three montlkV run ut the Gardtl
theater, New York. price3-I.ower floor, tl.!
balcony, 60o T-Je., $1; gallery, 25c. anl G'OJ
boats ou talc balurUay, April 1.', at VI. la. I
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