The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 10, 1902, Page 5, Image 5

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rTf " v?T t, t7w;j
f i'
hie MoDEnw nAnnwAna troni.
Cook Book
A neat tlllle clolti ImiinJ rook
book full of Miluablp rrcolnt fur
nulxlnnUitl illiliM ntul dainty dr.
ncrtH ullli extra Wank imrm for
pRlln(t In your own receipts, vou
get It flea Willi a
Gem Food Chopper
Sold this work only for
&1.00. -
Footc & Shear Co.
M9N. "Washington Ave
The Hardenbergh
School of
Mtisic and flpf
Offers exceptional advantages
to aspiring students desiring
strictly high-class instruction
in the study of Piano, Organ,
Theory and Harmony; Draw
ing, Painting and Designing.
News term begins April 11th.
Carter Building, Adams Ave
nue and linden, street.
Shoes Are All
Spring Styles at Popular Prios
134 Washington Ave.
Green Trading Stamps.
Spring Coats
for Children
Verv latent cITccts in Silk, Cliclot and
Wash Dresses for Girls
Wash Bloomer Suits for Boys
WMi Russian Bloascs for lio s. tho
New Sailor for boj?. Baby CJirl Hats,
Baby Boy Hal.
118 Washington Avenue.
Livery, Boarding, Heavy Teaming
and General Draying.
Kew Stables, 1415 Mulbery Street.
New 'Phone 2057.
We would like to
consult with ou
about laundciing
annnfirinfl im turul,is' .flno
"""" "0 1
ices, tliatns chair
coeis etc. We do
careful land uoik.
306 310 rent) Avenue.
The employees of the new dry goods
nrm of McConnell & Co., had tlielr llrst
soeiul gutherlng, hiHt night, at Guern
bey hall. A programme of literary iind
musical numbers, a dance una mipper
were the principle features of the evening-,
Thomas C. Walsh was chairman.
There was an address by ouo of tho
proprietors, John J. McConnell; vocal
polos by JIIfs H. Schlve, JIis. T. C.
Walsh and Floyd Cogllzer; a piano nolo
by Miss L. St'oelc, and a comedy by u
troupe of employees, under the direc
tion of Adcll Mooie.
It Is 'proposed to have events of this
hind regularly,
Miss Halllo Miller, assisted bv the
Misses Vim and Helen Decker and Miss
Mnrlan Mills, entertained a number of
friends at her home, COU North Wash
ington avenue, on Tuesday evening, in
honor of Miss Pauline Cogswell Hall,
who is leaving here to again tuUe up
her residence at her home In Waveily,
?. V, Miss Hall has been in this city
for some time, In connection with her
work as a teacher of elocution, and has
made many warm friends, who regret
exceedingly her departure from among
Rvcrott 13. Fieor, of I.nko Wlnola,
and Miss Louise Jenkins, of AVest
Scranton, were milled In marriage last
A WelMfuowu Citizen
lUd J JOIing SOI)
whom Iiq wanted tu
ie iiutriu'lcj In
ilaiio-torte,by COY.
, MMVATOBV niclh.
oilt, Uo tent him
to in. lleio h liU
"Hear Slis:
September my t.on
rntcru the Uouscrr.
story a$ u liezlnucr.
He his taken the regular clas.j tvoik am) to inv
iieuiriit li inauc rapid moeiint. and It has not In.
trrftrcd with liU kIioo! toik at all. Tint he
bould bq able to (ilay (ill his emtlacs and pleics
n suy key u a wouuer to inc. It u mv inteu-
Ion to hate him go on with thU training.
iouistuiy, iieo. w. Brown"
Letter ot this tort are numerous. J. Allied
jfumlnjlQii, Director,
evening by new D. P. Jones, at the
parsonngo of the Tabernacle Congre
gational church.
The couple were uimtlended, and af
ter the ceremony were tendered a re
ception at the homo of tho bride's par
ents. They will reside at Lake Wlnola.
Ml4 Mjitlo Nancy, of Wyoming atomic, lias
returned fiom a slay In N'cw Voik city.
K. I). Smith, nipciltitciutcnt of ttliittitf tnr
ftorWce, Lackawanna Mllioad, tta In tho ilty
Mr, and Mid. Ilnrloii MacDonaM have returned
from tlielr wedding trip and aic at home nt 171?
Momey ntcnuo.
(I. Kpllug, of l'lilladclptila, who has been
guest at the home of Attorney Arthur Dunn ,nt
Creen Jlldge, returned home )eatcrday.
l)llrlct I'jsscngcr Agent ,t. S. Swisher, of the
Central of New Jcrcey, and wife, re
turned home last night from a. month's tucJtlon
trip to l'.ilm Uracil and Miami, l'la,
Henry J. Collltu relumed to this city lat
night from PottMllle. where he went to cilub-
IMi his nephew, .Mm 3, Colllnt In the clothing
luislticM. The litter was for Jeari n clerk In I1I1
mule's stoic In thU city, lleniy .T. Collins'
family Is now IMng in New York and ho will
go there today to join them.
Ceremony Was Performed at the
Mercereau Residence Last Night.
A wedding, which for the prominence
of those most Interested attracted un
usual attention, was celebrated Inst
night at the homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles La Monte Mercerenu, 413 Quln
cy avenue, when their daughter, Jo
sephine La Mnnte, was married to Pro
fessor Frank Bowers Llttcll, of Wash
ington, D. C.
The coiemony was performed by Rev.
Dr. S. C. Logan, assisted by Rev. Dr.
C. M. OliTln. The marriage was wit
nessed by only a small company of tho
closest friends and was followed bv a
large leceptlon, attended by representa
tives of the choicest social circles In
this and other cities.
The beautiful rooms were elaborately
decorated, the mantels, corners and
much of tho walls being hidden by
rich greenery. The dining room was
exceptionally effective with ferns and
masses of pink roses. The ceremony
was performed In the living room,
where a large bay window formed an
attractive sotting.
The bride with her patrician face and
fine carriage, made a charming picture
in her bridal robes. She wore an im
ported gown of real lace, over white
satin and chiffon. Her veil was fas
tened with orange blossoms. The maid
of honor was Miss Grace Blrdsall, who
will herself be a fair bride in .Tunr.
Her gown was of satin faced crepe de
chine, in a soft yellow tint, and she
carried a great bouquet of pink carna
tions. The best man was George H.
Peters, of Washington. The ushers
were Burton La Monte Mercereau, the
bride's brother, and F. De Los Mac
Gowan. The wedding music was played
by Prof. Chance and Bauer's orchestra.
Mr. and Mrs. Merceieau and Mrs.
Marie A. Littell, the groom's mother,
assisted in receiving the guests.
Professor Littell is a man of whom
Scranton is very proud. He is the son
of the late J. H. Littell and belongs to
one of tho oldest families in this region.
He has achieved a remarkable place for
himself, of which a man twice his years
might well be proud. He is"" now pro
fessor of mathematics in the navy de
partment with the rank of lieutenant,
and is considered one of the foremost
men in the nation in his particular pro
fession. Last year he was in charge
of the expedition w hlch went to Sumat
ra for astronomical observations, and
his knowledge of scientific subjects Is
so great that much Is expected of his
future career.
His bride, the only daughter of Mr.
C. L. Mercereau, the senior member of
the firm of Mercereau & Connell, is one
of the most talented young women of
this region. With every advantage of
culture her attainments both in music
and as a miniature nainter are pre
eminent. She has rare graces of per
sonality and character and will be
greatly missed in her home city. Pio
fessor and Mrs. Littell will reside in
Washington, where a handsome borne
awaits their occupancy. It will be
beautified by innumerable gifts from
friends, representing the richest and
costliest of bric-a-brac, china, silver
and decorative art.
Among the guests were:
Mr. Heniy Jleiccieau, '.jtuontc Jlerceaicm and
Jlr. und .Mis. John Men clean and fainilv, o V.
inlr.1, X. Y.; Ml. und Mis. l.'ibfj-ii, Mis.i Uinfiin.
ot Wjjinort; 0. 11. Peters Mmliliigton; Miss
Jjdwln, Cubonihle; Mr. and Mm. Daniel Ljoiip,
iiiiignainion; jiks iiauiet A. Woohcy, Bud
foul, X. Y.; Mij Kate Littell, Mr. L. A. Watie-,
Mris W. I Connell, Mr. und Mis. V.. V.. Ch.iic,
Miss Ida Albio, Mis. M. J. Andrews, Mi. and Mis.
O-car Adams, Mr. and Mrs. (i. M. IlalUtcid, Mi.
and Mit. Itobert Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Buidiik,
Mr. and Mis. George II, Birdsall, Mr. and Mis.
II. C. llaikcr, Mis. Buir, Sir. mid Mis. C. K.
Bradbury, Sir. nnd Mis. A. b. Ilmditk, Sir. and
Sin.. Albeit Buidick, Jlr. and Slis. A. O. Buig.
lei, Slis. Bibli, Sits, Annie Barnes, Sir, ond Mil.
Cullender, Sir, und Mis. William Carr, Di. mid
Mr. .1. W. CoolldBe. Mr. and Sir. William Cm
ry, Jlr. and Jin. Dodge, Sir. and Mr. Daniel Fos
ter, Sir, and Sirs. 11. B. l'ranMin, Sir. ami Sirs.
II. W. Kirkpatikk, Jlr. and SIi.v. llulhuit. Mi. and
Slis. J. A. Liii-ilngi Dr. and JIis. II, V, I.osui,
Sir, and JIis. Wlllurd Slattliew, Sir. and Mis.
Daniel Xcunun, Sirs. B. II, Plait, Sir. and JIis.
D. W. Powell, Sir. and Mis. C. II. Clumllei, Mis.
I'tnnun, Sir, und JIis. r, ;, I'cck, JIr. Itey
noUH Dr. and JIis, ,1, X. Wee, Jlr. ai.d Mi.
P. l Christian, Piofev.or J, JI. (.'banco, Jlr, nnd
JIis, John Shciuood, Jlr, and Ml.'. L.inun .Smith,
Sir, and JIrs, (.ndicv X, Walker, Jlr. and JIh.
Wolfe. Mn. Aija Williams, Mis, Kiei stead, Jlr.
and .Mi-'. Bower, Sir. und Jits, Bcrnhaiil, Sir, und
Jli, Oernon, Mis, DoWItt, Mi J. W, Towlcr,
Dr, and Mi. 1', W. Langc, Sir, and Jli. I.. A.
l.anse, Sir. and JIrs. .1. I'. Wagner,
'Ihi! Slices (illmoie, llcwll, Alluo, Bitd-all,
l'oiler, llroadbent, Cullender, Counen, Chose,
Com Decker, (iraihatt, llanlcy, Helen Hand,
lluiiw, Kdith lllll, JckIp C Connell, Hitchcock,
Hutching'', Klci.trad, I.a Monte, I.oui.c M it
thews, Kmily Jlajcr, .Mctiuushey, Xetlletou,
Xurllmp, lleiihn Powell, Bice, Mnipon, CUru
f-lnii.ion, i:iUabelli &teeiH, Grace Sunder.on,
Anuii Salmon, Watson, Beitels,
Dr, J, I.jman Peck, JIcsis, J, b, f-telle, llmr,
llean, Decker, V, 1'. Puller, I.u Monte, Sanders,
Powell, (,'hrUtlan, Miiipon, Snyder, Hay l'lilkr,
Wolfe, J, 11., .lficil 0. Kihclmu,
Held Their Annual Meeting; at Asso
ciation Rooms.
An annual meeting of the Scranton
Wholesale Meichnnts association was
held yesterday in Its rooma at 3 J Lacka
wanna avenue. The following gentle
men were unanimously elected to hold
office during the ensuing j'ear: John
T, Porter, presdentj Max Rice, vice
president; M. J, Healey, treasurer;
David Spruks and C, l Wentss, direc
tor; John QuaekeiibuHh, secretary,
A pleasant feature ot tho meeting
consisted of un infotmal luncheon,
served In the association rooms.
Auction Sale.
On Thursday, April 10, at 9 a, in., to
continue until. April 12, the contents of
the Irving Hotel, consisting of furnish
ings of 100 bedrooms, recently refur
nished; bedroom suites, carpets, Iron
nnd lirnsa liPfls. mattresses. Rnrlnrm l,,i
linen, linoleum, bar fixtures, chairs, two
ensn CBiaier, aie, nuiet omniOUS,
miscellaneous household goods.
13. M. Strong, Auctioneer.
Benefit of a Reasonable Doubt,
Which Always Belongs to the De
fendant, Is Supposed to Be Re
sponsible for the Finding Another
Acquittal in a Police Case Walk
ing Delegate Found Guilty of As
sault and Battery Legally Sealed
Prosecutrix's Lips by Marriage.
A verdict of not guilty was returned
yesterday morning by tho jury In tho
case of John Arcentls, charged with
the killing of Hurry B. Frederick at a
house on Providence road, last Christ
mas night.
The stress laid by the defendant's
counsel, H. L. Taylor nnd C. Comegys,
on the matter of reasonable doubt Is
supposed to have secured this finding.
All through the trial they sought to
make uncertain the Identification of the
defendant by Annie Howlltt, the girl
who witnessed the affray, and all of the
nine law propositions submitted to the
court for transmission to tho jury dealt
with the legal principle ot tho defend
ant being entitled to the benefit of
every reasonable doubt.
After receiving the verdict, Judge Ed
wards called Argentls before him and
said to him that tho jury had prob
ably acquitted him on tho ground of a
reasonable doubt existing ns to the
identification, but hnd a verdict of guil
ty been returned It would not have
been unwarranted by the evidence.
The police were positive they had
Frederick's slayer when they arrested
Argentls, and despite tho finding of the
jury do not propose to look further for
tho culprit.
Another aeaulttal In a police case,
yesterday, which caused some surprise
was in the case of the commonwealth
against Arthur LaBar. On the night ot
March 3, two men were seen carrying
a couple of sacks from the Lackawanna
Mill and Elevator company's building
at the Diamond crossing. In the morn
ing it was discovered that the place
had been broken into and two sacks
of flour and $8.6,1 In change carried
away. The money was taken from a
shelf above the safe where it was cus
tomarily placed over night, because of
attempts having been made to rob the
The next day the police received a
"tip" which led to the arrest or Wil
liam Foster, a bo- living a short dis
tance from the mill. He confessed his
guilt, restored the flour, which with
$1.35 was his share of the bootj-, and
told that his accomplice was Arthur
LaBar, a young man living on Blair
avenue. When arrested LaBar stoutly
denied all knowledge of tho crime.
Foster went on the stand, yesterday,
and told in detail the story of tho theft.
There was no corroboration of his story,
however, and the jury, it is supposed,
heeded the behest of the law about
looking with suspicion on the unsup
ported testimony of an accomplice. C.
H. Soper and A. W. Bertholf represent
ed the defense. Hon. John P. Quinnan
and Assistant District Attorney Walker
represented the commonwealth. The
case was tried before Judge Savldge.
A nol pros on payment of costs was
entered in panh of the five riot cases
growing out of the trolley strike
troubles on Lafaj-ette street. The de
fendants were. Ellen Schell, Jennie
James, Margaret Jones, charged with
rioting, and David Jones and Josepli
Reynolds, charged with assault and
battery. Stephen Dyer was prosecu
tor in all five cases. The various other
assault and battery and riot cases
growing out of the strike are likely to
be summarily dealt with.
The cases against Frank Kofehinsk!
and Edward Sharak, special officers,
charged with extorting money from Old
Forge saloon keepers, were put over
until the next term, because of the
fact that KofchlnskI is a defendant in
the McAullffe murder case set down for
trial next week, and it was desired by
his counsel that tho testimony on the
extortion cases should not go out to
the community at a time so close to the
time when he will be on trial for his
A vet diet of guilty was returned In
the case of E. C. Patterson, charged
with assault and batters' on Edward
Walters. At the last term of court the
trial resulted In a disagreement of the
Patterson Is walking delegate of the
Carpenters' union. Walters Is a con
tractor. The latter was putting up a
building for James Savllle on Main
avenue, near Lafayette street, and was
employing several non-union caipen
teis. Patterson complained to Savllle
of this, and together they went to see
Patterson and Walters had some
words which resulted In a personal en
counter, Walters says than Patterson
struck hi in in the face without oro
vocatlon. Patterson declares that Wal
teis attempted to strike him, and that
In trying to ward off the blow his hand
accidentally brushed lightly against
Walters' cheek.
Tho case was tried before Judgo Kel
1 The prosecution was represented by
Assistant Dlstilct Attorney Grumer nnd
Joseph O'Brien, of counsel for the Citi
zens' Alliance. City Solicitor George M,
Watson represented the defense.
Four cases in which John McGowan,
of Caibondale, was defendant, weio nol
prossed. Ho was charged with crim
inal assault and attempted criminal as
sault on Margaret Buiry; with assault
and battery on Constable E, J. Neury,
and with carrying concealed' weapons.
Since the arrest, McGowan and Mrs,
Barry have married. This prevented
her from testifying against him even
if she wanted to, as the law makes a
wife an Incompetent witness ugalnst
her husband In. criminal proceeding.
Constuble Neary wltbdiew the other
two cuses out of consideiatlon of the
A settlement was effected in the case
In which King Miller, the tailor, was
charged by Oscar Heyer, thu Jeweler,
with unlawfully retulnlng a diamond
ring, The jeweler owed the tailor $55
for clothes. The tailor took an $S0 ring
for Inspection and refused to return t.
When the case cams to tilul, yester
day, Judge Edwards suggested that it
be settled by Miller paying Heyer the
difference between the clothing bill and
the value of the rlnsr. This was satis
factory to all concerned und a verdict
of not guilty was entered.
A nol pro3 was entered In tho case In
which Joseph Perrln, a 9-year-old Car
bondale boy, was charged by Margaret
MatnwarriiiK with muliclous mischief.
Judge Edwards refused to let him be
tried on account of his years.
Not guilty but pay the costs was the
finding lh the case In which' Patrick
Scott, of Caibondale, whb charged with
having slapped his neighbor, Mrs, Brid
get O'Malley, because she snld ho wtts
getting to be a dude since his father
died and wilted him $100,
A verdict of not guilty on payment of
costs was entered by agreement In tho
assault and battery case of Itaffaelo La
Mortc, of Dunmorc, against Vlto Slleo.
In the case In which lllchard Llew
ellyn, of Vandllng, charged Mary Jane
Willis with being a common scold, the
Jury found the defendant not guilty and
divided the costs.
Lottie Smith was on trial at adjourn
ing time, in Judgo Kelly's court, on
the charge ot keeping a house of Ill
fame, In Oakford court, just to the rear
of the cathedral. Le Koy Welch Is the
prosecutor. A number of women who
were inmates of the place were called
to tho stand to testify to Its character,
but only two of them, Maggie Dlmler
nnd Annie Anthony, would admit that
It was anythliiB other than a decent
boarding house. Superintendent ot Po
lice Dnj', Mrs. Duggan, of the associat
ed charities, and Mounted Officer Perry
testified that tho house has a bad repu
tation. Salvatore Caplello, of Jcssup, was ac
quitted of tho charge of assaulting his
bartender, Carlo Buclarlsh, nnd the
prosecutor was directed to pay tho
costs. C. E. Daniels represented tho
A verdict of not guilty was directed
In tho case In which C. L. BIgert was
charged by Ellen McIIale with tho lar
ceny by bailee of a $300 life insurance
policy. It was alleged that Bigert who
is an agent for the company, issuing
the policy, took it away to have It
amended and did not return It. Judgo
Savldge said It was a case for the civil
A settlement was effected in the false
pretense case brought by Attorney H.
L. Taylor against Peter Llpowlcz. Llp
owlcz gave a $30 check to the attorney
for one of his clients. When it wna
presented at tho bank It was found he
had no funds there.
A verdict of not guilty but pay the
costs was directed in the case In which
John Petrufsky charged Frank and
Pauline Leshnoek with assault and bat
tery, The case of Matthew and Anthony
Stroko, of Olyphant, charged by Joseph
Keollc with assault and battery, was
on trial nt adjourning time before Judgo
Edwards. H. J. and J. J. Manning ap
peared for the prosecution and M. J.
McAndrew for the defense.
Anthony Neary, who was convicted at
a previous term of recklesslj' running
down a child In Wlnton, was yesterday
fined S13 and costs.
Marriage Licenses.
i:erctt i:. I'u-ir LaKc Wlnola
I.ouNe Jenkins Scianton
Ciiiivauni Jlattuicci Yatcsille
Xicolina Arbciurio Yatesillc
buisi lucole kick.iwaima town-hip
Louise rrameiandc Lackawanna township
John A. Honey Scianton
Xellie Hinds Jtoscow
Thonns Aimtionjr Tajlor
Katie (i.illagher Rcinntcn
John Klnir Stlnonku.
Jlary IleiiiihMii Jlinooka
Owen DiiiiI;mu Scranton
Li7ic I.jnott 'ciunton
1'. J. Began jestenliy began Intel pleader proceeding-,
fur the po'fluMon of the Xruln liery
outfit which his been 'cized on un eccution by
the Tiadcrs bunk.
Dr. William.-, joieiday begin u ticpis suit
against, the city nt Scranton to teroicr damages
for a caniage which Mas biokcn by miming into
a gully on South Scranton sticet.
JI. 1". Mitchell, nhoinis Walkle nnd John 1'.
Sluiphy -ncio jcstcrd.iy appointed icwcrs in the
matter of aciting a load leiding fiom a point
ubove r.lmhurst rcsenoir to the load to J!udi-on-
Annie M. I.owiy begin proceedings in divorce
yesterday against Cliailrs S. I.owiy, alleging de
sertion, lie began proceedings in dhorco agiint
her neaily two years ago. The suit is still pend
ing, and he pay a her ji" a month by order of
coiut. 'they were married July 2"i, 1S37. The
alleged descition took place April 11, 1(I03. C.
. baneon is attorney for Slid. I.owiy,
Maxwell Shepherd the First to En
roll from the Pioneer City.
There was an additional entry yester
day in The Tribune's Educational con
test, which opens on May 5. It was
that of Maxwell Shepherd, 63 Salem
avenue, Catbondule. Mr. Shepherd will
have a first-class field to work In.
It was a Carbondale j-oung man who
won the second place In last year's
contest and thereby earned a four
year's scholarship In Lafayette college.
Inspired, doubtles, by this there will
be a number of other entries from the
Pioneer city. However, Mr. Shepherd
Is now fit st In the field from that sec
tion of Lackawanna county.
Although the contest does not for
mally open until Monday morning. May
n, those who Intend to enter should send
In their names now or as soon as pos
sible. Canvassers' outfits will be pent
to those who enroll In the order of their
names on our list.
A full list of the scholarships, with
the rules of the content, nro printed
every morning. They wll bo found on
the fourth page of today's Tribune. All
applications to be- enrolled and letters
of Inquiry must be addressed: "Contest
Editor, Scranton Tribune, Scranton,
Convention of Federation of Wo
men's Clubs, Los Angeles, Cal.
For tho abos'o occasion, which takes
placo May 1st to 8th, 1002, tho Lacka
wanna railroad will sell special round
trip tickets good going April 19th to
26th Inclusive, and for return, to reach
starting point not later than midnight
of Juno L'5th, at faro ot $GC,23 for tho
round trip. See ticket agent for infor
mation about stop-off privileges, vari
able routes, side trips, etc.
Auction Sale.
On Thursday, April 10, nt 9 n, m to
continue until April 32, the contents of
tho Irvlnf? Hotel, consisting ot furnish
ings of 100 bedrooms, recently refur
nished; bedroom suites, carpets, Iron
and brass beds, mattresses, springs, bed
linen, linoleum, bar fixtures, chairs, two
cash registers, safes, hotel omnibus,
miscellaneous household goods,
E. M, Strong, Auctioneer,
There is no other Booflng
That is just as good as
Warren, lilirct Co'.s
The Book tells you why
send for it. Warren Eluct Co.,
331 Washington Avenue,
Played the Arllngtons Laat Night
and Won Two Out of Three, the
Latter Losing the Championship
by Wretched Bowling In the Laat
Game Llederkranz Team Won
Two from the Hoodoed South
Sidera and Finish in Third Place.
Last Night's Scores.
The Hnmpe team won the City Bowl
ing League championship by taking
two out of three games fiom the Arling
ton's last night. Tho two teams were
tied for first placo and broke even In
tho first two games. The Ilnnl test
came In the last game and the Arling
ton's went down and out with a score
of 697 to the Hampo tenm's 711.
The Arllngtons, however flnksh second
while the Llederkranz team comes out
third, Tho Franklin and Central City
teams are tied for fourth place and the
South Side team finishes up at the
bottom of tho ladder. A remarkable
feature of tho season Just ended Is
that there were no postponed games.
The members of every team was
"Johnnie on tho spot" on Wednesday
nights. Tho Hampe-Arllngton score
as follows:
Poll ill 107 107 S57
Ilothcimcl 1." ill IS'i 4.V)
Murphy 171 111 HI) 431
llicssir 127 172 150 440
Lappln ISO 177 IliO 5K
79 711 711 224S
Jici-tcr 170 IS! 141 402
II. Klefcr ISO H l.!0 421
C. Klefcr 102 177 1.17 47(1
H.inck 100 J42 142 4T.1
J. Klefcr 113 133 111 452
7SI 60 1 097 2201
High Score Lappin, 1M.
High Aerage Iappin, 177 1-.1.
The best games of the night were
those rolled by the Franklins and Cen
tral teams on the Hampe alleys. The
Centrals took the first two but lost the
third. O'Connell's splendid rolling was
the feature. The score:
Dlrcher Ifil 142 in 4?0
Lcilner 127 170 178 4S1
D.nis 132 144 100 4f2
Jonci 101 150 100 4S1
Andeicss 170 15.1 20S 510
7S4 771 SI3 2100
Wbaiton 20) lit ISO 477
Alexander 107 ISO 1 IS 401
3l.n-li.i1l Ill 1"1 137 410
O'Connell 210 202 141 53.1
Jones 110 1)4 170 433
1 1 Ijrli heme O'Connell, 210.
Illgli Aer.iffo-0'ConncH, 1S1 1-1.
The South Side team managed' to
take one game from tho Llederkranz
team but was badly outclassed in the
other two. Waldner started out with
222 and finished his last game with a
score of 137. The score:
Jlejcra 1SI 110
liicft 110 lfl
Waldner 222 100
in-olo 1V1 101
Koch 147 Ibl
' SIO 777
soimi sim:.
Pecklin 202 12i
IXiih 00 101
Xcisman l.'i'J Ml
Hctbolt 170 IIS
Ilrowncll Ill 102
721 701
JIIsli Score WiiWnei, 222.
IIIrIi M erase Waldner, 170.
The standing of the several clubs at
the season's end is as follows:
llampct 10
Ailiuvtoni IS
I.lcdorkrau. 10
I'lankliiis 15
LVntr.iN 1"'
South bide 7
.ot. r. C.
11 .0.'il
12 .000
1 1 .533
11 .500
n .500
21 .2.1J
Members of Coeur De Lion Com-
mandery Also Enjoyed Banquet.
The newly elected officers of Coeur De
Lion commandery, No. 17, Knights
Templar, were installed with elaborate
ceremony last night, In Masonic hall,
by Eminent Grand Commander T. P.
Penmnu, of the state of Pennsylvania,
and the members of his staff, in the
presence of a large number of knights.
The officers Installed were aH follows:
Eminent commander, Ed. Evans; gen
eralissimo, David J. Davis: captain
general, Frank Moyer; treasurer, E. P.
Kingsbury; recorder, E. L. Buck. Fol
lowing tho Installation "Walter L. Hen
wood, tho retiring commander, wus pre
sented with u beautiful tiast com
mander's jewel by Eminent Command
er Penman, on behalf of the cont
lnandery. A banuuet was then served In the
banquet hall by Caterer Barnes. Em
inent Commander Penman presided and
addresses were made bv It, A. Zim
merman, C. I). Sanderson, Walter Xj,
flen wood nnd others.
Sweet Fea Seed
at Clark's, florist.
Fancy Maine
Sugar Corn
Franklin Brand, 12c; SI, 20
dozen. Nabob Brand,12a; $1,20
California Asparagus, 20c
per can,c53.00 dozen 13 1-2 lb.
Extra Fancy Caiuielo Peas,
18c per can; 82,00 dozen.
Fancy Sifted Peas (very
small) 15c, regular price, 25c.
Oreen Beans (long or cut) 3
cans, 25c; OOo dozen,
Fancy Tomatoes, 2 cans,
Lima Beans the little fellows
15c can.
E. G, Coursen.
What! Does the Grim Spectre
Follow You Into the Joy
ous Springtime?
Dtftats tha Work of Death by
Removing Your Terrible
Burden of Disease.
Are you stilt In suffering, misery, and
despondency? Does tho grim spectre,
Death, follow you closely as the joyous
springtime brings happiness and bless
ings to others around you? Are you
still clinging tenaciously to fulse theor
ies of physicians or friends who per
sist In assuring you that time, cure,
and the use of your present medicine
will give you new health?
Be assured your present condition Is
a perilous one, The continuance of tho
medicine you are now using Is a folly;
you are simply trifling with life and
wasting precious time,
You should remember that while
nature clothes tho fields with fresh
grass and flowers, and while the trees
with a strong life arc showing bursting
buds nnd new foliage, thut human be
ingsold and young drop off In thous
ands In springtime.
Now Is the time for prompt, decided,
and practical action if life Is to bo
saved. Prejudice and the erroneous
theories of even medical men should bo
cast aside when the hand of death Is
upon you. It matters not what your
social position be; tho medicine that
saves the humblest man or woman is
surely the one ndopted for tho needs
of tho rich and those In high social posi
tions. Palne's Celery Compound has a record
of life saving that no other medicine can
ever equal. It has rescued rich and
poor from tho grasp of death when
physicians and their most carefully pre
pared prescriptions failed In the work.
If the suffering men and women of
today could but see the happy faces
and hear the kind words spoken by the
tens of thousands who have been made
well and strong by Palne's Celery Com
pound, it would soon dispel their ex
isting doubts and fears.
Palne's Celery Compound Is the only
medicine that reaches the root of dis
ease; it Is the only agency that can re
move your terrible load of disease. Un
solicited testimonials of cures pour in
every day. Young and old constantly
bear witness that rheumatism, neural
gia, kidney disease, liver complaint,
dyspepsia, and blood diseases are ban
ished permanently when Palne's Celery
Compound Is faithfully used for a time.
Begin its use today poor sufferer; do
lays are dangerous.
Always Ask for Diamond Djes
Pennsylvania Day Charleston Expos
ition, April 16th, 1902.
On account of the above the Lacka
wanna railroad will sell special round
trip tickets from Scranton to Charles
ton good going ivprll 14th and 15th
and for return within 11 days including
date of sale at the low rate of $17.73.
S. Jones, Machinist, of Scranton, Pa.,
After using your "COFo" I a in con
vinced that It Is the best substitute for
coffee in the market.
"O'Hara's Leader."
Try O'Hara's new hand-made Ec.
cigar. Best ever. O'Hara's" cigar store,
431 Spruce street.
Hanley's "Business" Lunch.
Menu and service, the best. Prices,
popular at 420 Spruce street.
Dr. Ferdinand OT. Heider, Chiropodist,
Office Hotel Jermyn Barber shop.
All the good Cloth
ing that's made, but
our word for it, we
have a good assort
ment of the choicest
patterns for this
John D. Boyle,
416 Lackawanna Ave.
You Can Save
30 per cent, on tho dollar when
you purchase direct from the
Our line of Umbrellas and
Parasols is large and complete,
and embraces all the latest pat
terns. We guarantee all our
Umbrella Manufacturing Co.
313 Spruce Street.
Malon?y Oil & ManlifacNiring Company,
141-149 Meridian Street,
Ooing out of the bicycle
J business.
Our $50 Scranton i
I Special Bicycles j
Wo nro closing out at
A Few Ladies' Machines
$15.00 Each
See us before buying.
Bittenbender&E. :
126-128 Franklin Ave.
Shirt Waist
Ladles should call at once and
select one of our handsome
Stamped Shirt Waist and Komona
designs to embroider on- Fine
White Linen. These are our own
exclusive designs. We also have
the patterns to stamp on any ma
terial you bring.
Cramer-Wells Co.
130 Wyoming Ave.
'PHONE 3S3-3.
tiff Bosom.
Former Price, $1.50 and $2.00.
412 Spruce Street.
Mill & Grain Co.
Providence Road,
and Hay
Snow White Flour
,TI All grocers eell It. I
i f I NVe only wholesale it.
Branch at Olyphant, Pa.
and Burning
litiii it;
i i
w -4 .