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Cooking with Gas
FOll ONE WEBKi commotio
ItiR April 14th. overy ufternoon
nt 3 o'clock Mtsa EMILY MAIl
10N COLMNC1 will glvo hor lec
tures and demonstrations, on how
well the Otis llnnge does Its work,
at our STORE llOOM, No. 120
IhjScrantin Gas & Water Co,
The best thing in the world
to make and keep them so Is
Wiley's Waxene
Applied with a brush, cloth
or sponge.
Protects floors from fat
grease or staines.
Shows no heel prints nor
Dustless and Sanitary.
Can be used for Bath. Rooms,
Halls, Closets, etc.
320 Lackawanna Avenue.
Fire Sale of
Wall Paper..
There still remains a proat
quantity of munt desirable "Wall
Fapcis, Shades, Etc., although
we have sold an enormous quan
tity during the pribt. week.
As our now stock for our new
store arrives next week, WE
WEEK, as it must ho disposed
of before reopening our fuimcr
Jacobs & Fasold
505 Linden Street.
Chairs Recaned
Furniture upholstered and repaired.
Send postal to 1248 Providence Road.
Old 'Phone, 109-3, Green Ridge.
f City Notes.
P., T,. i W. pay PUS.-The Sirnnton
men will lie pud ami the tuimnui to-inoiron-,
beginning at 8 n, in.
Till: IHOl'T SKASsOX. 'flic brook trout rr-.ivm
Offiii mt Tucliv ami alii-tde- local tl-lierm.'ll
aic Kctting thtir lints unU loils in icadincas.
tin- t'niliil Mates ('nil hnlio eonimisdoii will
conduct im oviiiiinatiun for .i copper d.ile nup
SIOXUI) WITH MIV VlltK.-Jitk Dunn, of
Till.-, lit, tliu well known Imw lull, Ins
f-ltflicd Willi tliu NCW Yolk tl'illl as i-lioit slop.
lie pla.w.l tliliU liivy with (he II ilttiuurc team
List ,
HI'tiT IX '1111'. MIM.i.-runk Moul, ntrod
10, resitlinir ill Howard pi Ko, wis slightly in
jured by ii fall of tool in one of the Oilman- mul
lludson ndne-i jcMcidjj. lie .m iiinoecl to Hie
Lackawanna liot-idtal.
TOIt PlSOIiniail.Y CONIirCT. Vlto (Jolnclno
wis ancslr-d lust night ,it the iiiat.inic of Cicnero ;
i'oterno, who eluded him with dliuidcilj enu.
lut t, claiming that lie luil called hlni llo mine-
Alderman Untidy fined Vlto ifj ami cu-tn.
JAMtiS HCN.Mi: IXJUlli:i).-.l imes Jtnniie,
flRCil !i(l, a tlihcr employed by Xcills the lluij.
nun, Ml off n wjkoii width lie n. thinner in
Jsorth Scrunlon jotterda.v and leeched ,i bid int
titer one of bin cics. He u taken to the
l.jtkauaniu lio.-pltj.
MOIITlNfJ TIIU I'AllK.-An inueinenth line
been perfected for the. llulillnir of Xuy Aug Park
with tlcittltlty thi tomlnir tiiinniei. The mulli.
trn end of the paik, wlilcli Ins been practically
tompleted, will be brilliantly Illuminated with
re and incandescent light,
JIAKIXO TOUR OP INSl'l.rriDX.-Serond Yiie
Pienldent II, (I. Young, of the Deliuuro and
Jludion rompany, ueroinpjiilrd bj Master Sir
titanic Stock and Chief of CoiUriutlnn llrllii.'
tin, ate making a tour of Intprttlein of the com
panj'i eistcni in this part of the state,
I.ITTI.r. DISCHAHOKD.-JhuMrile John T,
llowo jostenlay decided that the cidcnee in the
criminal libel suit brought against lticlurd Lit.
tie, editor of the St rantonlan, by Piter Llpi.
wlcz, of Xotth fccrjnton, Old not warrant the
holding of tho defendant and lie rcoicltngly dis
charged, him,
PIHCK SKT1XKI) m-.-tieorge Price, of Peck
llle, who gac a worthier chuk on Sunday last
)n paj nunt of a police court fine of $15, came
clown jctterday morning and vet tied up, plying
ho for the cost of Issuing the wairunt for his
srrest, lie contended that he gate tho cbeik in
good faith tclletlug lie had money In the bank.
Auction Sale,
On Thuisday, April 10, at 9 u, in,, to
continue until April 12, tho contents oV
the Irving Hotel, consisting of furnish
ings of 100 bedrooms, lecently refur
njshed; bedroom suites, carpets, iton
nnd brass beds, mutti esses, springs, bed
linen, linoleum, bar tlxtures, elmlis, two
cash i agisters, safes, hotel omnibus,
jniscellaueous household goods.
13. M. Htrong, Auctioneer.
For Lunch Hanley's.
Whether you desire a cup of coffee, or
hearty lunch Hanley's noon service
is satisfactory. Popular piices prevail
at i?-0 Snruce street.
ill - M
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gibson Charg
ed with Neglecting Children.
Michael Olhson nnd his wife, Sarnh,
were tirrcHted early yostenlny morn
ing nt the Instance of Mrs. U. Dug
gan, of the associated chnrltle, on
the charge of neglecting their children.
The 7 year old boy of the couple was
found wandering around 1'enn nvenuo
nt 4 o'clock on Tuesdny morning an
recounted In yesterday's Tribune. A
stilt younger boy, oven dirtier nnd mote
forlorn looking than his brother, was
also taken charge of. Mrs. Duggnn
claims that the third child, a little girl,
was pplrlted away by relative and
elm In conducting nn Investigation for
tho purpose of finding out .ho did It.
When Olbton and his wife were nr
ralgncd before Mnglstrnto Millar they
had absolutely nothing to say and weie
each committed to the county Jail In
default of $500 ball. Sergeant Jones
said It did hlri heart good to sec tho
doors of the county Jull bang behind
The two boys are not to be sent to
St. Patrick's Orphan asylum as was at
first planned, They are to be sent to
the Catholic Industrial school at Buf
falo. Both of them were cleaned up
and dresed In l'tesh clothes yesterday
by Mrs. Duggan.
R. R. Y. M. G. A. FUND.
A Record of Thirty Days Frogiess.
The Delaware & Hudson,
Fledge Their Support.
The canvass for the building fund of
the railroad department of the Young
Mens Christian association was thirty
d.tys old yesterday. Some delay has
been caused by sickness and other ob
stacles, but In spite of that, the com
mittee was yesterday able to report
that the Lackawanna company's con
dition had been fully met. At tho
meeting of the building committee held
last night total assets of $2."i,ll0 were
reported. This makes binding the
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
pledge nnd provides the committee with
a sufilcieut fund to begin building at
Architect L. C. Holden was ptesent
at the meeting last night and coun
seled with tho committee concerning
plnns and specifications. As boon as
tho plans are completed, which will bo
In the course of n few days, the com
mittee Mill ndvettlse for bids. Tho
question of temporary quarters for tho
ratlio.ul department during the sum
mer has not jet boon settled but will
be soon. A fund of $.",000 Is still needed
for tho completion and furnishing of
tlir building, and this will be raised
while the building is being elected. A
particularly encouraging feituie of the
(Mtiv.isa came In tho forivS of a letter
fiom the D. & If. company which an
nounced a subscription of $1,000 towards
the building and S10 per month towaids
tltf current expenses of the wotlc.
Considering tho small number of
Delawnio & Hudson employes center
ing hete thks is cons-klet ed a liberal
contribution. The Lackawanna engin
eers have made a splendid show ing
having laibetl $1,000 with over half of
their number ot to be heard fiom. The
committee will send a representative to
New Yoik this week to submit the te
sult to President Ttuesdalo for his ap
pioval. It l.s believed that the wotk
of construction may be begun as eaily
ns May 1st, or possibly befoie. Tho
icsponso of tho contrlbutois has thus
far been generous and heaity and It Is
hoped will continue so until the entlic
amount has been pledged.
Court Appoints Boards in Both Old
Distiicts Notwithstanding' New
Act Makes Only One District.
Hoards to examine candidates for
mino fmcinen nnd miners' cet tltlc.ites
wuie appointed by couit. yestciday, in
ordcis leading as follows:
While the .ut of PiO! pioiide-. tint T.itki
winni county shill miMilutr one in-pe.tlon til-.-trkt,
it tontahis i.o refeieiue In the r induing
boards for mine founitii and for miners. In
appointing the-e bonds we Hull tlitiifmr ne
Mru' the tenitiild integritv of the ilMihU ,.s
de-lgnilcil in llu in t n tS'll.
As bond of cwunueis of eindldiles fur mine
foremen in the 1'nst ln)tition tli-lrlti tor the
jcar 1!XK wo appoint . (i, ItolieiUnn, fiih tin
tindent, .md Joseph T. llobeits and Thoniia H., piactlr.ll inlliri-.
In the betoud llisliedKni ilitikt louct .iiiiioiuls
.lolin O. IIjc--. bupennteudeiit, .iml .lolm 1),
Griffiths and M. .1. (.'huh, piailical ininus.
In the pilot and Suoiiil In-ptitlon tlM.hts as
ill in the act of l'll and In aieoidiu e
with the plow.-!on of the ,nt of WJ7, tho (dim
ing "luiueis examining hniidf," ion-Ming of
nine miners actiiilly cngagid in the mliiln,; Inbl-
nifs 1 their ri'pe(tie distiicts .mil who lute hid
llin jeais practlic .ii miners, aie appolutiri:
l'iist Imputlon IIMricl Jnlin T. Hime. of
anilllng; John (iallncj ami Thomas I'. 1'ariell,
of Ciibonililc; (iforge Wllllutii-. of Oliphint;
Thomas I'inncity, of Archlultl; Samuel ll.iddui,
of pumuoii; llohtit L. held, of l)ickon City;
William Ull.-on, of Sxiauton; diaries Jinking of
f-ccond Inpictlon District -James W, lleit-e,
Kuos Webci, P. .1. Slullaney, John -1. Phillip..
Lmll Molir, of f-crantnn; Patrick McC'onnlik, of
Punniore; V. P. firUlltln, of Tujlor; Willlaui
Major, of Mettle, William MeirUk, of (ireenwond,
Pive New Places in the Bureau of
Fire Filled Yesterday by Di
rector of Public Safety,
Director of Public Safety F. LVVonn
ser Issued an order yesterday afternoon
appointing the following permanent en
glneeiH for tho several engino com
panies: Engine compnny No. 1, John
J. Kellcy; Engine company No, L', Max
Itosur; Ihiglno company No. a, Thomas
H. Allen; Engine company No. , Hon
y Heinz: Engine company No. 5, Hur
rv Perber,
Tho same order provides ulso for the
appointment of John Stilus call man of
No. 1 engine company, us permanent
man to succeed Daniel J. Slowc, who
has teslgned to accept a position as
foreman at tho Scrunlon Pump woilts.
Louis Cohen, bunk man, Is appointed
permanent man nt No. 4 engine houte,
lco Henry Heinz, piomoted.
The enKlneeiH who huvo been un
pointed will icrelvo a salary of $720
per annum, or SG0 a month, and will
devote their whole time and attention
to their duties. Thu engineers who
have previously been seivlug huvo ie
eelyed only 200 a year, und wet a on
duty only when llres were In piogiess.
The noyv men will he expected to keep
their engines In Hist cluss remilr and
In this way their set vices vlll he es
pecially valuable.
m i
Of Unexcelled Merit.
"O'llara's Leader" new 5c cigar. Best
yet. Frank O'Hara, 131 Spruce at,
Shown In the Beports That Were
Laid Befoie Councils Last Night
in Connection with the Annual
Message of Eccordor W. L. Con
noil Suggestions and Recommen
dations Made to tho Recorder by
F. L. Wormser, Director of Public
Safety, ns to Improvements.
P. L. Wormser, director of the de
put tment of public safety, on Feb. 1
sent to Recorder "V. L, Council u re
port of tho work of his denai tment.
together with recommendations nnd
suggestions. This wus presented nt the
joint session of councils Inst night, with
the message of the recotder nnd the ic
ports of the various other hearts of de
partments. The report of Mr. Worin
ser follows:
Pipirtnuit of Public SMfllj.
f'itj of bcranton. Pa I'cb. 1, V.K)2.
Hon. W. f,. Council, City ltecorder:
Pcir y'i: I liaie the honor of submitting to
3011 a repoit of the condition of the dtpirtmcnt
of public jfety, with such recommend itiotts mil
suggestions as appiai to me of grcatist Import
ance to be lonsiiliiisl and acted upon lit thin
'I he report herewith enclosed furuMies a de
tilled statement of the uihninhti.itlon of af
filrs In the several bureaus of the dcpiitmcnt, us
provided by law.
It Is noiilhss for me to point out to 3011 the
neclty in the immediate future of a liny flic
houe for Chemical, No. 1, and for the
housing of the engine former! In commivden at
Knglnc tompanj o. 1, nnd row held as a ic
scne ciulne for the central cit ; nlio for the
hotting of tho ladder truck now held in rescne.
The lease on the building occupied by Chetniial
coiiipiiiy No. 1 csplrcs on Oclobir 1ft, 1MI.
The ownei-s of said building arc crowded for loom
and aie anxiously awaiting the time when our
letw with then will expire. Thus jou will see
the neiosslly for new quarters foi the Chemical
company, which should be in the nclghboihood
where they are .it picsent located.
It would bo difficult to piocure suipiblo quar
ters for the company on upper Lackawauni .up
line or ikltilli, and if Mich a phce coull be
found, the lental for the some would neussarlly
be cpcnhc.
m:v ogin'k iiousi:.
I do not think tint a house, such as the de
partment requlics, inuli ho rcnlul for le-s tl in
sJWI pu ,M'ii. I would theiefoic reeommeiid the
puich.ise of a sullihlc site foi a new tngine huuce
f-omewhere near tho intPi-ection of litkiuama
aid Adams aenue. In thU houo, the hook .md
litMer truck or reserve engine could be plteid.
'Hie lot in the teir of the cits hall, origin illy
pmth.iscd as a 1m itiun fd .111 engine hnii-i .
i-hnuld be impimed Hid .1 building itidilibte to
the utr ereited theicm. Tin-, new bou-c i-huuld
be KnoiMi is fire and polite heidquirteis.
In this building should bo IioiimnI Kiigine loin
pm.c No I, mil siith otlur rppn iliis as would
lie most deniable foi tin- elliticney of the hiniati
of file, lleidquirtcis foi (lie thltf of tho biiieui
of liie ml bunk looms foi tin biittau of pnliio
should be piuuiled In thU building. Pimison
should nl-o be 111 ide foi stipti jntcndcnt of (iii
al.uiii telegraph i-stim; also .itnplc loom for the
polite piliol w igons and horse.
In niv rslliiiate nf expinihliues for the buieiu
of pollie, I liaie iiirlutled an item ol 4u,0ik fir
tei. legnlir pitiolniru, the nn evilly for whiih is
more thin apparent. 1M1II1 this unall iucieue
in the poluc force is not adeqinle for the pin
tcctlon of the cili, ,iet this snnll number will
tiieitly add to the clllcirni.v of tliis important
brineli of the ilepartnient of publii Mfely. The
experiente of other cities dcnioiistratis that for
proper piotcct on there must be at ono
polite oilltei for eich l.nno inhibit mis. f tug-ge-t
tint the four be innei-ed ft run jear tu
jcir, so as to reach (he dune minimum at tlie
eirliest po.-llilo elite coiisWint witli the cilj's
Im im ill condition.
Wlun the ten additional men lne bien s
tiueil, .1 Mithcient lmmher should be tit tailed fer
dulv at polite hoidqmilois to it.pnntl to .my
emergiiic that 111 1 ocim.
'I he cost of .1 lot and the election of two
lioii-es, siiih as I hive indlnltd, would not e
tettl in.OJH). 'faking into toimideiatlon the
amount of itnt now piid bj the c It-, and the
adilitioiii! iueiiiso 111 itntul at the pxpli itlon of
the leic with the Scr.inton lletlding coinpin. I
beht e the mo I ilesii.iblc thing to tin is to i-suo
bonds In the sum of vo.OOu foi tin so mm h needed
liiiiinciuent-. 'Ibis, iiiin-p. If pui-iied, wouhl
be in the interest of iconoinj, as shewn by the
follow 'ng tlgurts, ii.:
Purine houe No. t, nut now piid per
jear U20t) 00
IliHik and I.idder house, lent now piid
pel .sen Sin CO
fhcniltal company No. 1. .ipproximitid.. HOOIO
We are pijing foi the tare of police
liorse-. m follows:
I'm pitiol wagon teim (so no
li h:res foi mouultil ollletis Mill 10
Total ?-U00 CO
savinci to 'i am'.w r.ns,
ThCM1 liocs can be kept for lfl pei month,
Hi? fame as file hornet, a suing of $JiiO
Tho tax neee-.nil. levltd to jirovlde for the
Inteiost and sinking fund on this loin of !fi,0,fiHi,
a-Miuilug Its lliiiltlation in thiity M.irs, wou'd
cmount mil. to Tsi.300 pci nniuini. 'I bus, lo. an
a Til it inn il iiimuil exitiidlture nf the mmll Mini
of s200 for thiity jeirs, the city would find it
self posve.s-ed at the mi of this peiiotl of two
Hue piopntles whhh It would hue seiiuod for
almost nothing: and this does not reckon on the
gieally inrie.ised illltlent) of Hie flip and police
liiirruw dining tlie tirm nl jeais, the im ilcul.
able benefit of whiih to the city need not bo
I dislip lo call your attention to the fact that
although the Pioxlilince section of the city has
four hose homes and one engine liou-o at t.'ieen
Hldge, tlie facilities for fighting fires In that lo
tallty arc not whit tluy should be, This Is ow
ing to the fact tint the fire in tint fee
tlcii are not preperly dletrilnitcd,
As the houses art' now located, Ifce company
N'o. , Providence Kqiinic; Ilo-e company No, l,
comer of North Slain avenue aid Pro Idem 0
road; lln-e company No. 0, on Oik and lliiih
fctiects, and lloe coiiipiiiy No. 7, 011 West Mil.
ket slit ct. In the third ward, ou will icidlly
see that tlicre Is abiolutily nn piotcctlon in
iae of fire for the buger portion of the prt
ward. I would recommend that Cxielslm lio-o
house be xacatcd and a liou-c icntcd for flip pin, tomewhere near the' InttisCttlon of N'titb
Main nvenuo and Parker street, thus Increiilng
the ctllcleuc.v of tho dcpaitmciit in tlie Providence
section of the city.
In my otinnte of expenditures for the fiscal
jear of l02t I hivo included an Itnn of syto for
the rental of a base homo for tlila purpose. I
would alia recommend that tho house nnd lut in
which llo'c con pauy No, I is now housed be sold
mil tint fiom the proceeds of the tale n suitable
tliu be puicluscd and a hoa house rtectrd
tliercnn for the proper limning of llme company
N'o. 1. at a point as indiutcit ubove,
'Hut thu appointment of engineers of stranien
should be mule periuaneiit. U of utmost Import
am 0 to the olllilint.v of the of lire tan.
not be questioned. At pieunt, an oiilln.inen of
louiiells lives pie salaiy of t.uli one of tlie Hie
cnglneeri appointed ut 2M p;r jear for man
ning the I'lulnes. 'Jills iiiiangement has proved
vt'iy uiisitUfactory, In some taei, th.-se e-iui.
iriis, who aie eU'vhiie nnplovul duiiug the
da, c jut nt lespoud to uu a'.aim of fin- in the
ilaj-tline, thus leaving their engines wilhoiit an
engineer la case of fire; bt-jtilis, Ihu englnu aie
pot retelling thu caie they ought to have, a
these engineer-! have not the time to devottt tu
I lie cleaning and cuing for tliem. I hive in-
Roses and
A delicious mouth and tooth wash.
Was Sick Eight Years with
Femnlo Trouble and Finally
Cured byLydla E. Plukham's
Vegetable Compound.
"Dexh Mns. Pinkmam: I have
never in my life given n testimonial
before, but yon havo done so much for
mo that I feel called upon to giro you
this unsolicited acknowledgement of
President of OnkUnd Wommn'i Biding Clot,
the wonderful curative value of JLydla
E, plnklmm's Vegetable Com
pound. For eight years I had female
trouble, falling of the womb and other
complications. During that time I was
more or less of an invalid and not much
good for anything, until one day I
found a book in my hall telling of
the cures you could perform. I became
interested ; I bought a bottle of Lydia
E. Plnkliam's "Vegetable Com
pound und was helped; I continued its
use and in seven months was cured, and
since that time I have had perfect
health. Thanks, dear Mrs. Plnkham
again, for tlie health I now enjoy."
Jlns. Jennie O'Donnkix, 278 East 31st
St., Chicago, 111. 'fSOOO forfeit if abtut
testimonial Is not genuine.
Women suffering from any
form of female Ills can bo cured
by Iijdla E. Pinkhams Vegeta
ble Compound. That's sure.
Mrs. Pinkliam advises sick wo
men free. Address, Lynn, Mass.
eluded an Hem of n,fiO0, imtcad of $1,000 tu per
la-t vear'a appropriation, for Ave permanent en-
To my mind, this propoied change is an abo
lutn neccultv for tiio good of the Mrviee.
, 11.1. Illl-U ..'IMi .V. ftlfVW ,u. ... iuil im-b u.
ho.-e. which amount iliould by no means be re
duced. 10 sroi1 sTfiixr c.n.
I would suggest tint an ordinance be pisted a
soon in piactle-iblo, making eeitaln regulations
nnd providing adequate i)eiialtie,t for their in
fraction. There 'hould be a hvv providing that
in e.r-o of an alarm of Hie from anj of the city.
br.e-j, tint all ftieH c.n-s give the right of way
to ant .itiptr.itu-i. amhulnfo, police paliol ei
tompanj N cmeigenev wngnn-e running to duty,
.md tint tali i-liill stop until fin-h vehiolea fliall
hive pietl, and tint at all times when passing
lire house's, emploves on cirs slnll fo redure
speed is to ivoid ai. act blent in case of appara
tus criuiug out of tuarters
'I he need of legulatiug the running of car-, nn
our illy s-treets in tase of an nlaun of fire, is so
aipuent, tint no comment is necessary to point
out the wisdom of liu'.s provision. tint tlie Stranlon Hoard of Under
writirs fiirni-li the superintendent nf the bureau
of tire a schedule of losses on building and per
sonil pioptrtj bv jiiv fire within thirty dajs
after the sune shall have oecurred.
I'roXitbng that propel tv ownen or tenants of
anv building or buildings shall remove rubbish
nnd all combustible wistt- materials within
twentj-four liours .ifter being notified by the
sitpeiinttndent of fires.
l'lovldiiig that owners of buildings shall clean
their own rhinincjs at loist once a jear.
The passage of an ordininee covering the pro
visions suggested, seems to me tunely.
The superintendent of the bureau of fire In his
leport to mo rcgirding ehininets. hass: "With
pioper circ iml attention on the part of citizens,
many dismtious Hies might be prevented."
During the fall of every .enr, many fires re
sult fioin the tib-triiclnl contlllloii of chimneji.
While man- of these Hies are trivial, some
piovo tbsistious. The clt tiling of lluo at regit
lir interv lis would obviate all this trouble.
In ipeakmg of eellirs, the superintendent savs:
'The tondition of the telhrsnf many of our
biislne-s liou-es is a fcuous eliavvbaek to the tie
pirtiiunt when endeavoring to ctinguSh a lire
miming tlitreln. Tins dilllcully has been ex
pel ienccd on numerous, otca-ions during tlie pa.t
jeir." rroi-lon should be nia-lo retutrifg
iiierchints to Keep their cellars fiiu frriu lub-bi-li
and to provide suitable openings, thus giv
ing the fucinen free ingress and egress.
In addition, there should be a thorough In
miction, with a view of securing a rigoious en
forcement of this provision.
There ran be no nuc-tlon as to the desirability
of nn orlmance requiting tlie Iloaid of Under
willcre to furnish a schedule of lose on build
ings and person il pioperty by any Arc within
tidily (lava alter the same shall nave occurred.
In the reports fiom the cities rrom this and other
stales I find such lo.-es enumerated. The bureau
of Ru should be In possession of this inform itiou.
Tlie tire alirm tclegiaph sjstem is a proposi
tion wlile h must be met sooner or litei and I
l.i nvv of no leinon why II should not bo con-
side ted at this time. Wldle I do not believe
tint the owning of the flic alirm ttdegraph s.vs
tcm wtiull jirovo any considerable saving tn tlie
tltv, I nevertlieless am cetlaln it would not le
anv more expensive the rental of the present
s.vslem. The municipal ovvncnhlp of tills utility
seemn lo me a step In the right direct'on. '
In t.ilM with ,ou, I hive pointed out
I lie necessity of lltting up of epiartcrs wheie the
sevirnl bureaus nt this department may be
pi iced on one floor, theithy biinglng the director
into clon-r touch with the penonnel of the sov
eril bureaus. I am satisfied that the change
! would be of gieat benefit to the entire depar'-
nifiit. I believe that tlie work now performed
by three cieiks could be peiformed by two and
If the thtee wile stained they could bo of ai
sMince lo t, a superintendent of tho bureau of
building Inspection, whu his a.l.ed for a clerk In
his bureau.
I regret to announce to jou that the plnlc
blip penalty of Wo per hundred dollars addi
tion il piemluni placed ujoii the insurance rates
In this city has as jet not been removed. Im
niedlitely alter taMmr the oath eif office as dliee
tor of the department of publia tafetj, I icceivccl
bids end sub-etuently awarded contracts for cue
Metropolitan fire tngine, a most powerful ma
chine, and a Haves bidder truck and fifteen bun
dled feet ol fiist-chi'H bose, vva3 told at that
time tint the purchase of These machines and
thin hose was ticeessar.v In eider to have the add!,
tloiul rate taken ofT and the rebate niado to nil
tliu policy holders who had paid the extta pei
centaic. ,
S.-veial nioiitlii elapied, and jet I had dis
covered no sign of the penalty slip being re
moved. I then made Intpilrv what other require
incuts beoldci the engine, ladder ttuck and lio'e
win neces.-arj,
I was then furnished with a lUt of rfcomiuen
tlitloiH nude bj Inspector W, II. Joluifcon, in
Jul), 1SUK. I linmedlaiely anwvvticd to the I'll
deiwilteis a,wH lallou ever) iccciuuncndatitiu and
fiiinlshid a copy lit Inspector Johnson, who was
em the 'ground und made an Inspection at the
time, an I was evidently pleased with tlie Im
piuvcd condition of the the department,
lllltrl.i:V.Yf HE(JUIlll-:.MK.VrS,
This U evident flout the fact that all of our
pievlous vvcik was acceptable to the inspector
and tliu new icnulit-mcrits and additional well;
demanded from us In the schedule of recommen
dations of October, 1U01, wcio all additional
uies and were mtliely Jrrevelant to the earlier
icqulrements, wlilcli, a.s I have dated, wtia uvi
dully acceptably met by us.
The new damands embraced In the schedule ol
October, 1001, call for a central fire beidquar.
Ins, protecting shutters on tho Mears buibliug
und the icmoval of the wooden cupola on this
structure, and tlie extension of (he tire limits.
Tlie Item coveied by these ictoiuiiicndatioiu, us
I undcr.tiiud it, bad nothing whatever to do
cilgliially with the imposition of the 5 per cent.
Continued en I'a.'c 1 x
Councils in Joint Session Re-elect
Martin T. Lavelle City Clerk and
Listen to the Reading of Recorder
Connell's Annual Message City
Fathers Burst Forth in Applause
and Call on Clork Lavelle for a
Speech Tho Meeting Was Held
Under a Flag of Truce.
tinder n truce between the wnrrlnp
factions of tho lower brunch of coun
cils, a Joint cession wus held, Inst night,
to receive tho nnnual messnuo of tho
recorder nnd elect a city clerk, duties
retntilnlnn; unperformed since Monday
by rcuson of the contention over the
re-organlzutlon of common council.
Dy mutual understanding City Clerk
Lrtvello culled the roll of both councils,
and President Joseph Oliver was elect
ed chairman of the joint session.
There were thirty-two commoners and
eighteen selectmen present, und till
voted with enthusiasm to continue
Muitln T. I.uvelle In the oHlce of city
clerk, which he has so nblv filled for
more than twenty years. He was nom
inated by Mr. Chittenden, und the nom
ination wns seconded bv Mr. ItCKun,
Mr. Keller and several others.
When Chairman Oliver formally de
clared Mr. Lavelle elected for unother
term of two years, there was a spon
taneous burst of henrtv cheers find
cries of "speech," "speech."
The man who once refused to let the
councils increase his salary and who Is
told bv the estimates committee each
recurring; year that he can have more
pay any time he asks it, showed a fur
ther Indication of his innate modesty
by blushing like n school girl as he
essayed to speak his appreciation of
the councils' action.
"Mr. Chalrmnn and gentlemen of the
councils," he said, In a tone of deep
earnestness, "I thank you sincerely for
this substantial evidence of your es
teem and confidence. 1 attribute my
election to your friendship rather than
any particular qualification I may pos
sess. Councils have always accorded
mo the most considerate treatment, and
my relations with them have alwaya
been of the most pleasant character.
I urn deeply grateful to you for your
kindness tonlKht and trust no action
of mine will ever cause you to regret
Another burst of applause followed.
At the conclusion of the mcetlnjr the
members of both branches came to the
city clerk to shake his hand, nnd speak
tome word of compliment.
The reading of Recorder Connell's
message then took place. Clerk La
velle was forty minutes in reading it.
Tho members paid close attention to
the reading, despite the fact that it had
been printed in the dally papers. When
the reading was concluded, Mr. Chit
tenden moved that it be tecelved and
filed und its different recommendations
referred to appropriate committees. The
motion prevailed and then the meeting
' m
Auction Sale.
On Thursday, April 10, at 9 a. m., to
continue until April 12, the contents of
the Irving Hotel, consisting of furnish
ings of 100 bedrooms, recently refur
nished; bedroom suites, carpets, iron
and brass beds, mattresses, springs, bed
linen, linoleum, bar fixtures, chairs, two
cash registers, safes, hotel omnibus,
miscellaneous household goods.
E. M. Strong, Auctioneer.
Allen's Koot Fase, a powder. It cures painful,
smarting, nervous feet and ingrowing nails, nnd
Instantly takes the sting nut of corns and bunions
It's the gieatest comfort dicoveiy of the age.
Allen's Koot-caso makes tight or new shoes feel
easy. It is a certain cure for sweating callous
and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it todaj. N)(
by all druggists and shoe stores. Don't accept
any substitute, llv mail for 2Jo in ttamps. Trill
package FREE. Address, Allen b. Olmsted, I.c
Hoy, N. Y.
From 9 to
12 A. M.
Special Bargains
Between the hours of 9 and 12
o'clock, Friday morning only, we will
place on sale 300 of these work stands.
Only one sold to a person and none to
SSSIjS Uprights, like cut, hand
y-ii)i j 2 U1?AX'
The New Furniture and Carpet House,
322 Lackawanna Avenue,
We arc showing the finest Hue of Brass Beds
ever seen in Scranton. Their finish is perfect.
Our Iron Beds cost you about two thirds what
you pay elsewhere.
Scranton Bedding Co.,
F. A. KAISER, Manager.
Lackawanna and Adams Avenues.
" Fresh, Glean and Attractive
Looking Stock Is a
Merchant's Best Advertisement."
We read Ilic foregoing, or something to the wine cflcct, recently, and it im
pressed us ns being the "Secret nf Smews" In nur liuinesii. Do joii reillro IU ilg
nlflc.ince? Xo old stuck nciiunul.itcH In our establishment; well, we keep It not only
new and Iredi, but clean and attiautlvc. It couldn't very well be otherwise now.
Black and Colored Dress Goods
'0 Tlili stock Is chosen from the best and most noted nnrkcts In Europe and Amcr-
'Sk lea, everj tiling worthy. We nie-m only to nell such goods as will give entire tatla-
L faction. Wc not only mean it, but we are doing it, v
rj "c'1'l ts a partial INt of things for this scacon:
For Tailor-Made Suits
y ycncllans, Coverts, Droadclolhs, Kclskln, Thibet, Rain Vioof Suitings.
3 For Gowns and Dresses
Mcliose Cloth, Whipcord, Beiges, flranltc, Armnrcs, rrunollas, Batiste, Tamese,
Jd JHamlnes, Vollle, Wool Crepe cle Chene, Alhatros, Mistnl.
T Evening Shades in I,ansdovuc3 and Wool and Silk and Wool Fabrics.
3 Waist Cloths
ifs Fine assortment of fine fabiics for Waists, and all the delicate shadings arc here;
,2 Wco' "id Silk and Wool Goods.
French Cliallics in choice new colorings, Satin Stripes ami the like.
Among the Black Goods, Mohair Brilllantlncs and Silk Warp Tissues are much,
j, in evidence.
3 Every New Variety for this Season
S All ever arIng newness of designs. Odd looks and good looks never oddder or
:jg better. Too full of life and sparkle to fall out of favor.
i McConnell & Co.
Men's Furnishers. Women's Outfitters.
400-402 Lackawanna Ave.
Save Your Quarters
Don't Spend Them
Don't Lend Them
See this space tomorrow.
somely finished in gold,
with fine silkoline pouch.
Both 'Phonis
What Are
the New
Shirt Waists
A question everyone
is interested in. The
season's waists show
a great variety of
style, the color almost
without exesption be
ing white.
A new pattern is made, yoke
front and back, with box pleats
stitched flat, 'broad shouldered
Decidedly chic for morning
The dainty lawn and India
mull waists are designed with
broad shoulders, blouse front,
long waist and tight fitting
back. Collins and cuffs are
soft, graceful, trimmed like
waists, Insortion, embroidery,
lace and hemstitched with laid
in tucks are combined in those
waists, making them a collec
tion absolutely above compari
son. The advance stock received
last week are now on exhibi
tion, Como in and see for
Scott & Go.
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. V
-t -,-i
rawsb. w-gftjaMJ PJ