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' The News of Carbondale, s yy
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The Volunteer Firemen Commended
nnd Lauded hi Speeches nt Cele
bration of Tenth Anniversary of
Andrew Mitchell Hose Company.
.Jl Stag Party That Was a Great
Success Banquet Followed by a
Season of Good Cheer.
Lust night was mi uvenlftit "tie In the
history of the Andrew Mitchell Hose
company o Ciirhondnle, one ot Cai
bondnlo's two stalwart and valiant vol
unteer lire companies, of which she is
so proud.
The occasion was the tenth anniver
sary of the Mitchell', ten years of life
l'ic-iiilciit of Milclull Hiw Company.
thfit are linked by deeds of sacrifice
and valor that shed Rlory on the ca
reer of the volunteer lire lads.
,11 was ii most felicitous event, and It
will mark an epoch In the history ot
the company, which will have wood
reason to recall the nlsht that the tenth
anniversary was observed. It was nn
important and eventful nlsht for two
reasons. It was an occasion that fit
tingly remembered the venerable citi
zen, Andrew Mitchell, nrter whom the
company was named, and it was the
means of revealing1 the Importance of
the factor that the company has been
since the organization. Secondly, it
was an occasion ot raie social enjoy
ment, an affair that bi ought together a
splendid gathering of farboudalc'H
sons, over 100'guests being present a1io
represented the professions anil the
highest type of citizenship that the city
can boast of. It is rare that there can
be found such a representation of the
city's life as graced last night's assem
bly. Hvery branch of the cltv govern
ment was represented fiom the execu
tive to Iho humblest public sei vant.
This circumstance alone ought to bo of
the gieatest satisfaction to the .Mitchell
As to the hospitality, it was of the
characteristic Mitchell company type.
This means It was warm-hearlod and
'generous, and that there were no fillls
in dealing it out to the guests. There
was no .stilting, no l'onnnlity: a le
freshing lieedom sun minded the guests
and they mingled with an air of we-feel-quite-nt-home,
from the time they
exchanged greetings on enteiing until
tiiomas r. iii:iini:iiT,
' I'dioiikiii ot Mikhtdl lime ('uiiiiianv,
tho last clsur was smoked and the
chorus of good-nights resounded In the,
Andrew .Mitchell, the venerable cltl
'zen, who Is the patron of the company,
twas the honored cuest of the evening,
'and It must have been a proud night
'.for him, perhaps the proudest he has
felt in many it day. All the talks of
,; Restores Health' More Surely Than
Any Medicine.
It Is a short road to trouble when tho
i?od,dtoes nqt supply the right material
Jjo robuid(tho brain, You cannot use
phottriilri'wltfiout breaking down small
giartlcles every day, .and you cannot
j'ebulld unless tho foo'd furnishes the
S',$W.,tynrL.0' btilldlng material, and
3hBfJjlJimH,n,il'nd phosphate of pot
i5,Bbs..iS?Ji,,lut'" 'I? Vou get from tho
SJlruggist but such as Nature stores In
eJpJ!L!i"'ll, Pc food- , ,
g urape-Nuts contains these particles
tnAiWPJ' defined results can bo obtained
rcoiiusdug thu toothsome, delicious
ood. , ,
S AnVwIn w;orker whose name can bo
fcl.'en hy,,thp Postum. Cq.,,J3utte Creek,
pllplt., writes; "Last full I got In u di?s
tJieralft condition through excessive
ifimqntjjl .work and lack of proper food,
Si jynjj, finally compelled to nbupdpn all
)U.8tows arid, geek nbsoluto quiet and
S'ep.JIiV,tJ.u vpuiitry.
R I luuTbeen under the care of a good
Mjy8.teJo.u for several mouths, but it
Steeeiijfd iny food did not rebuild tho
brnln"tjssuo properly, I was on the
Aerge of despair when r left for the
g Down nt the ferry I purchased an
Jevenlng Journal and my attention was
attracted to the headlines of a Urupt
JENuta a'KVeiltJsement width read; 'Food
Cure Jura's' Way," I read it euro
jfully nd decided to glyo Rrupe-Niits
a trial, so next morning I went In on
8;tho newp-'food -und In two weeks', time
gultjed'lQ pounds and 'felt like a pew
man aljipver,,, ," ,
S f canaidly believe if t fiaVkliown Iho
wremarkabla sustaining power of thuj
yhave needed a physician nor would 1
S -. . mmm'
11 lbaveifeai'lt.,kat'tUJi?--'
tho night turned In their kindness to
him, and speaker after speaker, before
ho sat down, turned to Mr. Mitchell nnd
paid htm warm tribute for his Interest
and his support of the company that
Is so creditable to him 'and the city
which It serves so faithfully.
Conspicuous In the gathering weio
the portraits of Mr. Mitchell, ounh
guest as he arrived belntr Presented
With a large button on which was a
splendid likeness of the company's
The event took ulaco In Ciernmnlu
hall, In the dance room the tables
were spread and here the guests, ut
ter the cigars and speeches, enjoyed n
rare repast, admirably served by Cod
dlngton & Thompson, of the Impel lab
Appropilutc "washes" went with the
various good things of the menu,
Prior to the repast, the guests, each
one with his portrait of Mr. Mitchell
on his coat lapel, assembled In the
smoking room, where theie was n
highly enjoyable season of speechmak
Ing. Thomas K. Campbell, president of the
Mitchell's, was a good-natured and
happy toaslmaster. The first speaker
was Hon. James .T, O'ls'elll, who led
tho way for the line tributes that were
paid Mr. Mitchell and the Mitchell com
pany. Mr. Mitchell, when called upon, was
so filled with emotion that he was not
able to make a response. He was so
overwhelmed with the generous nnd
warm-hearted despluy In his honor that
he was slleneeo.
Following Mayor O'Xelll, the speak
ers were: Chief McXully, ex-Councilman
T, Jr. Xealon, School Controller II.
F. Swlgert, ex-Chairman of Common
Council Alex. Kennedy, T. CI. Coughlin,
of the Coliunblas and ex-president of
the Firemen's Keller association: City
Controller Evans. Hon. John F. Hey
nolds, 10 r. WAY. Fletcher, ex-Chairman
William Collins of common council, V.
II. Masters, chairman common coun
cil; John A. Blown, of Columbus:
Sherirf Charles Armbruster, of Ilones
dale, A. K. Jones and Martin O'Mulley.
Thomas 13. Campbell, president, and
Thomas F. Herbert, foi email, whos'e
portraits appear, aie the active spirits
of the company and enjoy the warmest
friendship and confidence of their as
Women's Society of the Lackawanna
Presbytery Will Hold Convention
in Presbyterian Church Today.
The twenty-fourth annual meeting of
the AVomen's Foreign Missionary soci
ety of the Presbytery of Lackawanna
will take place in this city in the First
Presbyterian church today and Friday.
The sessions will take place this after
noon and evening and Friday nioining.
On Friday evening supper 111 be serv
ed in the church purlins,
The presiding oflUvr at the meeting
tomorrow afternoon will be Jtev. Clias.
hee. The addiess on tills occasion will
be delivered by Key. Mr. Janvier. The
devotional meeting 'will be led bv Mis.
W. AV. svianlon, of Stranton. The re
ports of the treasurer and secietaiy
will be heard and Mrs. ,T. 1-Z. Purr wiil
read a paper on "J'rogiess of Mission
Woilc During the Last Ten Tears." Af
ter the programme is finished a 'dele
gate will be elected to tepresent the
society at the national board meeting.
There will also occur an election of
ollicers and repot Is of standing com
mittees. TOWN TOPICS.
Memoiial park Is trying imrd to force
a smile of spiiug, though It Is not re
ceiving much assistance or encourage
ment from Old Sol. However, theie
is a suspicion 'of a smile In the big cli
cular bed at the eastern end of the The tulip bulbs that Parkkeeper
Kichurd Cdey planted a few days ago
have already pushed 'their heads above
ground. The moisture of the past few
days has greatly accelerated their
giowth and many of ilium are a
healthy and pleasing sight, With a few
rays of sum-hine, which are not far
off, they would begin to bud, and In a
few days more, a bed of color would
lellect the first smile of spiing. The
grass In the pari: grows higher each
day and some of the smaller bushes are
beginning to show buds.
ft wont be but a very few days now
until the park will be In the first stage
of the beauty with which It greets C.u
bondalians from the bright spring time
until the melancholy days of fall.
It would be quite timely now for
Common Councilman Whitfield to res
ui'pct the general sidewalk oidlnance
which he Introduced In council some
weeks ago, but which was not given
the reception to which it was certulnly
The backwardness of Carbondule In
the matter of sidewalks Is so patent
that it would be more humorous than
sensible to debate upon tho truth of
such a condltloif. While a good deal
was done last year by City Knglneer
Kupp In compelling property owners
to lay sidewalks, over a mile of flag
Ing being laid, he was not empoweied
to enfoi co the genet ul carrying out of
these Improvements, Improvements
that are u crying necessity. Theie was
needed a general ordinance, like the ono
prepared and Introduced by Mr, Whlt
lleld, but later uneeririonlously set
aside, Hut why this attitude towards
such mi Important and leasonablo
meusure no one could or can appuient
ly explain,
The ordinance Is far from being un
reasonable. It piovldes that side
walks be laid on all streets of the city,
the size of the Hug In different localities
being specified, where the grade 1ms
been established and accepted by tho
city, Mr. Smith cannot go ahead and
lay sidewalk in front of his property,
while his neighbor contents himself
with u mud hole, The reform must
be consistent, If theie Is an ungraded
stieet, tho propuity owneis should peti
tion councils to have the thoroughfare
graded. After the grade has been ac
cepted by the city, It Is obligatory upon
the property owneis to sjdewalk the
street. Hut no step can be taken until
the property owners, that Is a majority
of them, have sxpressed their willing
ness. It is plain, therefoie, that theio
Is nothing wiong about tho measure,
It simply paves the way for a general
carrying nit out of an Impiovemcnt
that Is one jf the biggest factors In a
city's grogress. Without well-paved,
well lighted and well hept streets, no
city ,can inove forward, but without
iVopi, It can easily enough retrograde,
The Tribune heartily commends Mr.
Whitfield's measure to the new coun
cils, both nt the behest I of Its own
judgment und f.f numeious property
owners who appreciate the need of
such an ordinance.
Speaking of improvements, recalls the
I in id gyms mug dm k&kng i
28,500 Collar Buttons at
Makers of the collar button that is known the world over, have devised a very clever plan of advertising their buttons through one big repre
sentative store in eich of the large cities. They allow us to sell 28,500 only of their
Gold-Filled Collar Buttons at Marvelously Low
This plan will introduce the "King" Collar Button in
and we are willing to do likewise, for the purpose of advertising and giving the thousands of people who will be here this splendid article for practi
cally no price at all. Ladies will buy the King Collar Button wherever they find it. It is the best adapted button tor shirt waists on the market. We
have every shape and style, and every button is fully guaranteed, and new buttons will be given for every one returned damaged.
10-Kt Gold Filled Col- J
lar Buttons, regular value rtQj
10 cents. This sale . .
The Great Sale of Newark Shoes
Continues to be the topic of the day in the city of Scranton. Thousands of Shoes have been sold the last few days, and thousands more will be ;
sold before Saturday night. Shoes for everybody at prices never heard of in Scranton before. Remember the Shoe Sale goes merrily on.
cranton's Big Store
possibility that the property owners
along Parle avenue will see realised this
summer the changes which they have
waited for with patience and long
suffering for years. A petition asking
for the impioveinent died with one of
the old councils, not last year's though,
and since then until the big flood of this
year, the project has come downward.
The damage which followed from the
flooding this year, was due In a meas
uie to the absence of sidewalks and
gutteis. Xu absolute necessity for
thee improvements being forcibly im
pressed on the unfortunate property
owiieis.uii awakening has taken place
and the Improvements will be urged
by the more publlc-splilted ones until
It was quite refreshing to see the
three cars that stood at Main street
and Salem avenue while the Grand
Opeia house audience was1 leaving
after the peiformanee on Tuesday
evening. Apropos of the resumption of
street car trafllc. the factor which trol
ley communication cuts In the attend
ance at the Grand was shown on that
evening when the biggest audience that
has attended one of the higher class
attractions was present. When the
cars begin to run to Forest City, the
attendance will be greatly increased,
William Connell Brings Homo His
Bride from the Silk Capital.
William Connell, a well known Car
bondallan, came home last night with
his joung bride, to whom he was wed
ded yesterday forenoon at her home In
Paterson, N. J.
Mrs. Connell was Miss Uachel Mc
Nnmarn, one of the fairest daughters
of the capital of the silk Industry In
this country. She will be welcomed to
Carbondale with the best wishes of the
numerous friends of her husband. Mr.
Connell holds a good position under
Foreman Mark Campbell, at No. 1
breaker of the Delaware and Hudson.
Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Connell, of
Woodlawn avenue, this city, witnessed
Auxious thoughts sometimes perplex
the wife who sees maternity before her.
If she is treading an untried path, she
sometimes frets herself into a nervous
condition which is injurious anil pros
trating. If motherhood has already been
n painful experience she is apt to shrink
from the coining trial ami by Jier very
mental anxiety mcrease thej possibility
of her suffering,
There is no cuise for anxiety for those
prospective mothers who use Dr, Pierce's
b'avorite Prescription. It trantjuilies
the nerves, encourages the appetite, in
duces refreshing sleep and produces
mental cheerfulness as well as physical
vigor. It gives strength and muscular
elasticity so that the baby's advent is
practically painless. It is the best tonic
for nursing mothers.
"I am m thankful for what rr. Pierce's fa
vorite Prescription lias done for me,"' writes Mrs.
John T. Smith, of Slocati, 111 It. Col., llox 50. "It
helped me through the loug months Ixforc baby
came and 1 bnvc a his, btront; tuby girl, the
most healthy uf the three, ami it cured me of a
disease which was taklug away all my strength."
The dealer who oilers a substitute
for "Favorite Prescription" does so to
gain the little more profit paid ou the
sale of less meritorious medicines. His
profit is your loss, therefore accept no
Dr, Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser sent free. on receipt of stamps
to cover expense of mailing only.
Bend at one-cent stamps tor the
book in paper coyersj or 31 stamps for
the cloth-bound volume. Address Dr,
R. V, Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y,
The Sale Begins Saturday
the nuptials which were solemnized In
one of the Catholic churches at Pater
son. Last night, after the newly wedded
couple reached the city on the S.33 Del
aware and Hudson train, they repaired
to the furnished home that awaited
them on Connell avenue, on the West
Side, where a reception was tendered
them. The occasion was of hearty fel
icitations, and of much social enjoy
ment. II r. nnd Jlrs. Connell will commence
housekeeping in their home on Con
nell avenue, amid the well wishes of
their fi lends.
Several Persons from This Vicinity
Change Their Residence.
Several persons f 10111 Carbondale and
vicinity left this week for the far West,
which they Intend to make their future
David Bengojigh and William Kren
ser, of Jerniyn, left Tuesday night over
the Erie for Trinidad, Col., where they
have secured piofitable employment.
Mrs. David Hill, of Jermyn, left last
evening over the Erie for Yotmgstown,
Ohio, where she will join her husband
who lecently secured employment there.
Frank McDermott and John Madlgau
left here Monday night for Denver, Col.,
where they will locate. Both are well
known, having been prominent among
the young men of the town for years,
The well wishes of many friends go
with the young men.
Those from This City Who Will
Serve Next Month.
Carbondale is well represented In the
list of jurors drawn yesterday to serve
during the weeks of May 1L 19 and 20,
For the week of May 12 aie: Dwlght
Crane, P. A, Duffy, John O'Rourke.John
J. Simpson, John J. Moflltt, William
Hounds, Edward Claiitson.
Week or May 19 W. W. Watt, Alvln
W. Daley, Common Councilman Ervfn
Stone, William II, Jleese, Morgan
Week of May 2fi George M. Simrell,
Itobert If. Tralles, Eugene Hudson, T,
J. .Smith.
No Manager Selected Yet.
Clark Bros,, of Scranton, who are
to open a general store In the Attken
and Albrecht buildings, have not chosen
their malinger as yet, He will be a
Caihondnllan, though, and will bo the
choice of several applicants now under
consideration, l, v, Lavln, who man
aged the Peckvlllo store until It was
destroyed by (lie, will be In charge of
the dry goods department. f. F.
Lai kin, of this city, is now In charge
of the clothlpg department of the
Scranton store, will come here in the
fall to assume the same duties here,
Selling Clgais.
Peter F. Lynch, a well known young
man of the town, lias obtained a prom
ising place ns traveling salesman for
W, H, Heck, of Deposit, N. V manu
facturer of the "Baton" and the "Kile
Pay Car" cigars. Mr. Lyuch's territory
Is from Forest City to Wllkes-Barre.
Ho Is particularly adapted to his new
position and Is likely to bo more than
ordinarily successful,
Meetings of Tonight.
George 3. Randolph Camp, Sons of
Branch 39, q. M, B. A.
Carbondale Canton, No. 40, Patriarch
The Sick List.
Robert Cox is out again ufter a severe
Illness of the mumps.
Miss Elsie ItopHlger Is 111 with the
grip, at her home on Wyoming street.
Made a Splendid Impression.
Among the visiting clergymen to Car
bondale this week wus Rev. D. D, Jen
kins, II. I)., of Unlondale. Rev, Mr.
Jenkins was heic on Sunday, and tilled
at 10 O'clock Sharp.
a very short time. The manufacturers are willing tn nse
14-Kt Gold Filled Collar
Buttons, regular value 15c.
For this sale '. .
the pulpit of the Welsh Presbyterian
church. He preached In the morning
and evening, in English at one service
and Welsh at the other. There was
an Increased attendance at each service,
and tho interest manifested by the con
gregation indicated the splendid im
pression that the visitor made. Rev.
Mr. Jenkins Is assured of a cordial wel
come and the undivided interest of tho
members of the church on the occasion
of u tetuin visit. 1
A. W. Haslam and George Griswold
Leave the City.
Two young men who have been con
splcious in the business life of Carbon
dale leave here this week, one for
Wllkes-Barre, the other for Scranton.
Arthur W. Haslam leaves today to
take up his residence with his family
in Wllkes-Barre. Mr. Haslam, it will
be remembered was advanced from the
position of local repiesentative of the
International Correspondence schools to
a position on the road as special agent.
As Wllkes-Barre Is more convenient to
his duties he decided to locate In
Luzerne's capital. Mr. Haslam Is
known as "Hustling" Haslam, so ener
getic and enterprising is he, and he is
sure to achieve far greater success In
his new field. He leaves here with the
satisfaction that he won a host of
friends whose best wishes accompany
htm and Mrs. Haslam who was a
favorite In her social set,
George Griswold has gone to Scranton
to assume the duties of assistant super
intendent for the Prudential Insurance
company in that glty. He held a sim
ilar position in this city.
Mr. Griswold enjoyed the warmest
friendship of his associates, who ban
tiuetted him nt the National hotel. He
has the earnest wishes of success from
his many Carbondale friends.
Daughters of Rebekah Entertain
Their State President.
Lucretla. lodge, Daughters of Rebekah
had a distinguished visitor on Tuesday
evening, Mrs. Annie Cogswell, the state
president of the order. Present at the
reception were delegations from vicin
ity lodges.
Mrs. Cogswell witnessed an exhibition
by the degree team of Luoretla lodge,
und declared In her commendation,
that the exhibition was a revelation
to her.
A luncheon followed tho exercises and
happy addt esses were made, Mrs.
Cogswell will be accompained on her
visits by Miss Mary Hughes, of this
Funeral of Raymond McLaughlin.
Raymond the little sou of Mr. and
Mrs. William McLaughlin, formerly of
Fallbrook street, this city, died Tuesday
night at the present homo of the family
lit Scranton, The child was two years
and six months old and had been 111
about a week with membraneous croup.
The lemalns will bo hi ought to this
city this afternoon, arriving on the :i.W
D. & II. train und will bo talteu to St.
Rose cemetery for Interment.
Funeral of John Martin,
The late John Martin, who died Fil
day morning In Emergency hospital,
wus taken Jesterdny from the Purple
Undertaking company's establishment,
wheio be was prepared for burial to tho
home of his daughter, Mrs, Joseph
Harris, 202 Belmont street. The funeral
will take place at 2 o'clock, services at
the Han Is lesldeuce. Burial will be in
Maplewood cemetery.
Doing Jury Duty This Week.
The following well known residents
of Carbondalo are doing jury duty this
week In Scranton; D. W. Humphrey,
Robert A. Jordan. I', F. Coogun, J. P,
II, Raynor, Robert Campbell, Charles
Rogers, J. J. Nell!, Thomas Lynott.
Result of Case from West Side.
The assault und battery cuse of Mrs.
4 and XA Price
The King Collar Button Co.
The Silver King Collar Q
Button's regular value 25c. XP
For this sale W
Bridget O'Mulley against Patrick Scott
was tried in criminal court at Scranton
yesterday, and resulted in a verdict of
not guilty, the defendant to pay the
The case was somewhat trivial. The
parties are neighbors on the West Side.
Mrs. O'Mulley said something that riled
Scott, who, it is claimed, struck her.
The testimony, however, was not clear,
and the jury, while they exonerated in a sense, decided that he ought
to be mulcted lor the costs for the part
he played in the episode.
T,wo Popular Carbondale Young
People Married Last Evening.
The Baptist parsonage last evening
was the scene of a quiet wedding, when
Mr. Henry N. Peters and Miss Sarah
Davis, were united In marriage.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
H. J. Whnlen, D. D assisted by Rev.
Ernest Melville, pastor of St. James'
Episcopal church, of Fort Edward, N.
Y., a guest at the parsonage. They
were unattended.
The bride was gowned In a beautiful
brown bronzed silk, with trimmings oi
white-tucked silk, brown velvet, and
white npplque. She wore a hat of
beautifully delicate cream straw, and
white kid gloves. She is the only
daughter of our well-known townsman
Daniel M. Davis, a member of the
Berean Baptist church, and an active
worker In the several depaitnients of
the church's work.
Tho groom Is one of the most highly
esteemed among Carbondale's young
men, and holds a. responsible position
among the conductors of the Delaware
& Hudson Railroad company. After
the ceremony, they were driven at once
to their nicely furnished home, In the
Oliver house, No. SS Wyoming street,
wheie a. lecoption was given to near
relatives and friends. A large circle
of friends will extend' heartiest good
wishes to these young people as they
set out on life's journey.
A rather pleasing accompalnment was
the fact that at the hour of the cere
mony, tho lecture audience was as
sembling at the church, and a large
circle of the young people were gather
ed at the gate to receive the young
couple us they arrived, and shower
them most bountifully with lice as they
departed In 11 highly decorated caniaRe
for their new home.
An Evening with Longfellow.
The audience that assembled at the
Berean Baptist church last evening
were delightfully entertained by Rev.
Ernest Melville, who Is known to Car
bondale people as "The Interpreter of
tho Poets." His Interpretation of
Tennyson In last year's people's lec
ture course won for him many ad
mirers amuim; our literary people, and
they were delighted to find Mr. Molvlllo
ns truo an Interpreter of our American
poet, us of the great laureate ot his
native land. In selections from the
poofs writings ho showed tho skill of
a master In tho art of expression, it Is
the hope ot the trustees to Introduce
Mr. Melville again next year for "An
Evening with Shakespeare,"
Miss Llewellyn Elected Teacher.
Miss Julia Lewilyn, of Piko street,
ship lias been elected a, teacher In Fell
township to succeed Miss Catliatino
Taking' Desperate Chances.
It Is true that many contract slight
colds and recover from them without
taking any precaution or treatment,
and a knowledge of this fact leuds
otheis to take their ehunees instead of
giving their colds tho needed attention.
It should be borne In mind that every
cold weukens tho lungs, lowers the
Vitality and makes tho system less uble
to withstand each succeeding cold and
paves tho wuv for more serious dis
eases. Can you afford to tttko such des
perate chances when Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, famous for Its cures of
colds, can bo hud for a trifle? For sale
by all druggists.
mnr? than thpir nenat -nfu
Kelly, who has been added to the corpsi
of Carbondale teachers. She is a grad
uate of the Carbondale high school anil
has the essentials of a good teacher.'
An Exceptional Repertoire Company
The May Flske company which opein
at the Grand tonight for five perfor
mances. Is an exceptionally fine reper
toire company.. Miss Fiske is consider
ably above the ordinary soubrette and
she has surroundeTl herself with a com
pany of exceptional merit. In tin:
booklns of the comnimv. Mnvfnsrpr
Byrne considers himself quite fortunate!
A leature of the attractions are Mrsl
Gen. Tom Thumb and her midget hus-4
band the baron. The opening perforJ
mance will bo tonight, when "The
Little Mairnet." will be nrodiieerl. Theiv
will be an abundance of good special
ties. There will be show cars after tho
performance for points down the valley
and north as far as the city line.
McGowan Cases Settled.
The reunion or Mr. and Mrs. John
McGowan, through their marriage be
fore Alderman Howe in Scranton on
Saturday last, was the means of wiping
out of the three cases against Mc
Gowan, which were marked for trial In
criminal court yesterday.
When the cases were called, in all ot
which Mrs. McGowan would have to
appear against her husband to serious
ly accuse him, It was announced to
Judge Edwards that the couple were
now re-united and seemingly forgetful
of those happenings. When it was
further represented to the court that
Mrs. McGowan had no Intention to
appear now, tho cases were marked
nol prosse and the costs placed on the
In disposing of the matter, Judge
Edwards took occasion to pay a com
pliment to Constable Edward Neary, o
this city, for his promptness la having
his cases ready for trial when called,
and ot his good judgment In disposing
of cases when the ends ot justice might
bo served without going to the expense
and delay of a trial.
In explanation It might be mentioned
that the prosecution of the cases rested
largely with the constable. He appre?
elated the circumstances, however, and
urged the disposition of the cases that
was afterwards made by the court,
Butler Goodwin's Death,
The lute Butler Goodwin whose death
was reported hi yesterday's Tiibuuo
was forty-two years of ago and was
born In this city about twenty years
ago. For a considerable time ho had
been employed hi W. E. Filsblo's shoo
shop on Church street. Ho Is survived
by a wife, two sons, George and Louis:
two daughteis, Cora and Martha, and
0110 sister, Mrs, Mary Kern, all of this
The funeral will tako place this after
noon. Services will be held at tho
house nt three o'clock after which
burial will bo made In Brookslde ceme
tery. The Passing Throng,
Edward Stevons, of Summit avenue,
spent yesterday In Scranton.
S. W. Bogert and W. S. Found, of
Wllkes-Barre, wcro at the American
house yesterday,
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