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Special to the Scranton Tribune.
rittpon, April l.-Mllfoid Crntsser, of
Cornelia Htroet, will be unlteil in imv
iliige on April 5 to Miss Alliiiito Mil
ford, of Lolilghton.
Mrs. Catherine Cjitlnii, inlilUle-iiBed
lndy, died this inornltiB lit her home nt
X'lttsloti Junction. Sim Is Htirvlvud by
seven children.
1'ntrlck Mulluto wus found dead In
bod this morulnf? between 8 nnd !)
o'clock, nt his home on Plnu street, this
city. Death was very unexpected. De
ceased was employed its a miner In No.
10 colliery of the Erie company nnd had
been nt work yesterday as usual. Ho
nto a hearty supper last night and re
tired without cnmplnlnlng of not feel
ing well. About 1 o'clock this morn
ing, he uroje, and, after telling his
dnughtertt they need not arise early
this morning because he was not going
to work, returned to bed. Several
hours later his son went to call him
and found him cold In death. The fu
neral will lake place Thursday morn
ing. The remains of the man who was
found along the railroads tracks near
I'atterpon's mills Sunday morning have
been Identified as those of Stephen
Young, of Prosepect street.
The twenty-three saloons of this city
who were refused licenses lecently,
closed their doors last night nt 12
o'clock, jit the expiration of their 11
. censes. The Kaglo and 'Wyoming Val
ley hotels were open for visitors, but
the bars were closed tight.
Almost every colliery In tills district
was idle today.
Word has been received here of the
marriage ut llinghamton of Miss Bes
sie Sumner, daughter of Kev. J. 15.
Sumner, a former pastor of the Broad
Street Methodist Episcopal church.
Special to the Scranton Tiibunc.
Tunkhannock, April 1. The Wyoming
Telephone company has gone Into new
hands, and the present owners of the
stock Intend- to put the concern In bet
ter condition and to extend their lines
to other points during the coming sea
son. Some of tiie dlrectois are expect
ed hero this week to look over the
Held, and plan new Improvements.
Charles SIsk, of Pactoryviile, was in
town on Tuesday.
A small lire started in the law ollice
jf H. S. Harding on Tuesday morning,
but it wan speedily quenched without
much trouble. The furnituie wits
slightly scorched, and Mr. Harding had
one of his hands severely burned In
his successful attempt to extinguish
the llames. Evidently some caller had
thrown a match or lighted cigar into
the waste basket.
The case of Carey vs. Lamoreux, as
sumpsit, was tried before Justice .las.
T. Ketchledge, on Tuesday. The case
arises fioni a lumber contract, and the
parties are from Northmoi eland. The
justice reserved his decision.
Having sold his milk route. Chailes
Wheelock has a dairy of twelve cows
which he desires lo dispohe of.
M. P. Spellman, of Scranton, was a
caller In town on Monday.
The annual license court for this
county will be held on Monday next.
Benjamin Hymen, who has been con
ducting :t hand laundry on Bridge
street for several years, closed up his
place oh Monday and left for hin home
in AVilkes-Barre.
' Andrew P. Bedford, of Scranton, was
doing business here on Tuesday.
The court calendars for Api II term
haver .been printed, and are ready for
Jllss Fannie Burgett, of Elmira, N.
Y is the guest of relatives here.
Special to the Scranton Tribun-'.
Pactoryviile, April 1. The borough
council will hold its regular meeting
this (AVednesday) evening.
Last Thursday evening a delegation
of Kebekahs from this place drove to
Clark's Green and were royally enter
tained by the members of Jlay Urlflln
The union temperance services at thft
Methodist church last Sunday evening
were very Interesting and well attended.
Lewis Harding, of Cornell university,
is spending his Easter vacation wltn
his parents In tills place.
Mrs, A. E. Bush, of Scranton, spent
Tuesday with friends In town.
The Six .Principle Baptists will meet
at the. home of Mi', and Mis. Bray ton,
Prldny afternoon nt L'.ISO. llov. Caterer,
of Dalton, will preach. All tne wel
come and cordially Invited to attend
these services.
The remains of the late Sterling B.
Tripp, of Scranton, were brought hero
last Monday and interred in Evergreen
Special to the Scranton Tribune. .
Thompson, April 1, Allen D. Miller,
after a week with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Miller, returned to his stud
ies at Wyoming seminary tills after
noon. Mrs. Nettlo Collyer wus called to
Moscow yesterduy by the death of her
mother, Mrs. Travis.
Miss Flora San foul, of the Methodist
Episcopal pnrsonnge, left yesterday for
Wnverly, Pa., where sho will spend
some tlmu with her parents,
F, TX. Wrlghter spent yesterday in
Scranton on business,
The Methodist Episcopal Sunday
school guvo.a very line Euster service,
entitled, "Thu Beautiful City," last
Sabbath. Miss Hazel Witter, as one of
the prominent characters, did very
nicely, and the solo by Miss Nosslo
Leonard was u feature which was flne
ly executed nnd greatly enoyed by all.
March went out with a. roar not
lamb-llkii and Apill begins with a
whlto spread on It,
Miss Laui'u Pickering Is visiting her
mother, who Is In Scranton for treat
ment. Miss Lillian Mead Is with her,
nnd they will spend the week wth rela
tives there.
Dr. Cole and Bruce Bronsou, of Juck
son, uro home from their trip to Cuba.
Hurry Crosier was iiuulllled as bor
ough constable at Montrose yesterday.
Mrs, Eupheinla Lamb Is spending
Konio time with relatives at Nlnevah.
N. Y,
The action before It. F, Howard, es
of tho receiver of Cornwull Mutual In
Huraneo company, of Lebanon, Pa., vs.
B. S. Oalloway, of Great Bend, I'a.,
lu'ouvht Uie defendant and hit- uttornov.
G. P. Little, esi)., of Montrose, to
Thompson today. Floyd B. Axlcl, of
the firm of Miller & Axtel, of Susmuc
hnnnn, represented the plnlntlff. The
suit was ndourncd.
MiiBon Bloxhnm, who has' been ser
iously sick In Blnghamton, has so far
recovered ns to return home tind Is
now convalescing nt his parents' home,
Mr, und .Airs. E. 11, Bloxhnm,
FOREST CITY. lo the Scranton Tilhuiic.
Forest City, April 1. Tho Welsh Con
gregatloual church took In over $700
by their fair In the opera house, last
week, and over $50(f will be left nttcr
the expenses have been paid. This
amount will wipe out the church debt.
Tho congregation is to be congratulated
on the success of the affair. '
Beginning tonight the Vnndllng Hose
company will hold their annual fair
In the Opera house. All the hose com
panies In tho valley, from Forest City
to Peckvllle, have been Invited, and It
Is expected that the company will have
u delegation of visiting tiro laddies to
entertain each evening. , This worthy
organization, which is ever rendy to
Tn this picture there is another man
and his wife. Can you find them?
give its services when needed, should
now receive the generous support of
the community.
On Wednesday evening the Uev. Dr.
AVntklns, of Ottawa, Can., will lecture
in the Congregational church on "Anglo-Saxon
Supremacy." Dr. Wutkins
preached In the church Sunday even
ing, and made a very favorable impres
sion on his hearers. He was recently
in South Africa, and has many inter
esting facts to relate about the English-Boer
llev. AV. Hollinshed, of the Presby
terian church, made an address In
Christ Episcopal church Sunday even
ing, It being the farewell service of
Itev. J. E. Brodhead, who has been rec
tor of tho church for the past five
years. Mr. Brodhead goes to Jermyn.
He has been well liked by the entire
community, and his departure will be
generally regretted. He Is no stranger
to tho parishioners of St. James' church
at Jermyn, as he spent several sum
mers there while preparing for the min
istry, and we predict thnt his work
in Jermyn will meet with the same
gtntlfylng success that It has In For
est City.
Druggist Alfred Davis it, In Scranton.
Bert Howard, n welt known resident
of Forest City, died yesterday after an
Illness with kidney trouble. He wus ii
prominent member of the Enterprise
Hose company and popular generally.
Besides his wife, two children survive
him. The funeral will take place to
morrow morning. Services will be held
at the Methodist chinch at 8 o'clock.
Interment will be made ut South Gib
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Townndn, April 1. E. S. Ryan, doing
business as a merchant at Gillett, has
been arrested by Deputy Marshal G. C,
Hollow on u warrant issued at Phila
delphia, charging him with obtaining
goods to the amount of ?27 by misrep
resenting himself. Before u muglstrato
lu that city he was committed in de
fault of ball to await further court In
vestigation. Joseph Notnrlanni, a contractor of
labor, of Johnsonburg, Pa has uecept
ed largo contracts on the Schroeder
branch for the lumber tract of Bar
clay Brothers.
Attorney General Klltln has llled ex
ceptions In the Dauphin county couit
to tho viewers' recommendation of tho
state building two bridges in Sullivan
county, and also for one In Monrooton.
A peculiar case Is reported from
S.iyles, this county, of which It Is stated
that George Holford und wife, of
Sayles, were man led over fifty years
ago, Thirty-five years ago they dis
agreed and concluded to dissolve part
nership, He went west, where ho aguln
married und hud one son, Mrs, Hol
ford also married some time ago.
George Holford's wife rUed, as also did
Mrs. Holfman's second husband, Two
weeks ago Mr. Holford returned euBt
und found his former wife a widow, Ho
has commenced living with her again,
just us though they had not separated,
The neighbors guve them a serenade.
f-m v. ... . ,A
into the futureand aee the condition
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will bring you, you would seek relief at
once aucl that naturally vtould be through
fu urn. Ouarauteed to cure Con.
vlll V AsUintB, and all lung
Troubles. Cures Coughs and Colds in a day.
SS cents. AVrlte to 8. C. Well & Co..
,e Koy, N, Y., for free trial bottle.
V.riADuiT,, ....ItUa tl Bluii
V '.'- 'J
Mr. Holford refuses to have any Inter
view whatever for publication.
By good authority It has been report
ed that the Empire Bridge company,
including nil Um bridge companies In
New York Btnte, expects to enlarge Its
plant In Klmlnt and nt Hoi-Beheads.
Joseph Elsenzlmer lias a suit In court
this week ugalnst the Lehigh Valley
company, to recover damages for In
juries received by the falling In of the
roof at the round-house nt Sayre.
M. J. Welsh und A. L. Wllkins have
been nrrested on u warrant charging
them with entering a lady's room nt
the Wilbur house, In Sayre, and steal
ing a gold watch and other jewelry.
The Union Veterans' ussoclatlon of
the Wyoming Methodist conference will
hold a camp-flro In tho O. A. It. hall, at
Wnverly, on tho evening of April 10.
Tho position of yurdmnster nt the
Erie yards In AVnverly has beon dis
pensed with, and now J. S. Carroll, the
station ngent, tills thnt position In con
nection with his regular work.
Isuau Lyon, a prominent resident of
Enstern Bradford, died at his home In
Orwell township, aged 88 years.
The county of Bradford has asked
tho state to build six bridges, destroyed
by tho flood. The two last usked for
ure to be replaced In Wyaluslng nnd
East Troy.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Hallstead, April 1. Mrs. J. Brown
spent Sunday with friends In Brooklln.
Charles Crook was out of town on
business. Saturday.
Mrs. Daniel Merrill, of Montrose, has
been visiting at the home of A. L.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunt, of Pac
toryviile, visited at the home of C. R.
Bliss over Sunday.
Edward Simons spent Sunday in
Miss Myrtle Swartz is home on a
short vacation.
John Chidister was in Montrose last
week. ,
Miss Odesta Arnold spent Sunday at
the home of Bruce Ross.
Mr. and Sirs. AVilllam Schmidt visited
In Brooklln over Sunday.
Miss Ella Chase, of Pactoryviile, vis
ited at the Baptist parsonage, Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cardls spent
Sunday in Blnghamton.
Miss Nellie O'Malley, of Blnghamton,
has been visiting her parents In this
Miss Mudaltne Wentz. of Blnghamton,
visited at the home of Gregory Mc
Creary last week.
Mrs. Ager visited at the Presbyterian
parsonage, Monday.
Mrs. A. L. Mack, of Hornellsville,
nnd Mrs. Ellas Bnty, of Blnghamton,
are visiting at the home of J. Simpson.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael AValters are
moving on their farm In Steam Hollow.
Their house in town will be occupied by
Peter Allen.
Mrs. Cul AA'ood Is visiting her niece,
Mrs. AV. E. Barnes.
Hon. and Mrs. J. T. DuBois have re
turned to their home In this place.
Miss Violet Woodley, of Blnghamton,
spent Sunday with Miss Allle Scotten.
Miss Carrie Summerton spent Sunday
at her home in this place.
C. W. Banks was In Blnghamton, Sat
urday, on business.
Van Munger spent Sunday with his
parents tn Montrose,
Miss Nellie King has been visiting
her sister In Blnghamton.
Misses Jennie und Melissa AA'atklns
are spending a short Easter vacation
at their home In this place.
Miss Hazel Ross, of New York, Is
spending a few days with her parents
In this place.
A Beautiful Monument to Be Erect
ed to Their Memory,
Finni the Washington bur. ,
A beautiful monument will be erect
ed at Arlington cemetery April 30 In
memory of the American soldiers who
gave up their lives for their country
during the war with Spain. It will bo
an Important addition to the many
memorial shafts In picturesque Arling
ton, contributed by the National society
of the Colonial D.unes of America. It
Is rapidly neuilng completion and the
contractors uro required' by their con
tract to have It completed und In posi
tion dn or before April 20, It will bu
located In the northenBtern part of
the Spanish war section of Arlington,
In u most commanding position.
In design the monument will be u
stone column forty feet high, sur
mounted by a globe, with tho Inscrip
tion, "In God We Trust encircling It,
and topped by un American eagle with
outstretched wings and u sheath of ar
rows and laurel In Its talons. Near the
base of tho column Is a tablet contain
ing suitable designs and tho luscilptlou
stating that It was erected lu memory
of the American soldiers mid sailors
who fought und died during the war
with Spain. At each of tho four cor
ners of tho pedestal will be a massive
cannon ball, while four cannon will
Hank the monument on the northeast.
This monument in memory of tho
men lu blue who gave up their lives
under tho Hag Is said to have been a
conception of thu late President Mc
Kinley, under whose administration the
war was so quickly and victoriously
brought to a culmination. Commander
Lipscomb says that the Spanish war
veterans were deeply appreciative of
the labor of love performed by the Col
onial Dairies, In erecting such a mag
nificent tribute to tho memory of the
comrades "wlui arc sleeping their last
long steep In tho silent bivouac of the
The total number of soldiers burled
In the Spanish war section, exclusive
of the victims will be marked by a
whlto mnrble headstone, similar to
those lu tiie civil war section, he. soon
ns ,nn appropriation for thnt purpose
Is made by congress.
Theatrical, J
ACADEMY Irene Mjcra company. Afternoon
ami night.
STAH-Wcber's Vaudciille ennnuny. Alter
noon and night.
"Alice of Old Vincennes."
Thnt the late Maurice Thompson did not rlte
"Alice of Old Vlmennefc" with un Idea of ill
being dramatised will lip oticliufcd by those"
who read the book and m'o "Alice of Old Vln
cenneV im pl.ijed by VlrfiinU lliirneil nt the
I.jceum lat. Many of the brst dtimn cluiac
tela of the hook aic entirely omitted from the
play, and scleral clnruttcrj not found In tho
bonk are' Intiodiiccd In the play. The omNsbm
and introductions, however, do not rciloily id
fed the nntclhtV theme lly what mut liac
been a moit zealous ntudy of the nuthor'x Idea,
Miss Itarned tikes Alice Itouilllou out of tho
book und present her mail, acceptably ns the
readers came to knnn- her, while Mr. Hose who
hat done Mich excellent woik In the condcnii
tlon of books Into dram is without destioyhm the
flat or of the dory quite excels hlni'olf in bis
treatment of Thompson's stoiy.
In the book there Is it pattrlty uf clean-cut
toincdy. The ttiiRe demands a clean cut com
edian. Tn meet the demands of the stage, Mr.
Hose, In this Instance, introduces a decided nov
elty. It might be clawed as an eccentric com
edienne V'irr. Sidle T.aut plays It and the
plays It in n manner that supplies about all the
distinctive comedy any play needs. The char
acter Is one wholly lacking In emotion a
female dullard. Miss I.auer reveals it with a
wealth of exticincly clcter "lniiine"," as stage
folk' call It, and her :y of dolnc; it Is so le
frcshingly original that the players tlieinsclrcs
join in the laughs she protokes.
Tho stage torsion of tho story has Its opening
scene In fiont of the Itouslllon houe. The (list
act is in the main a vehicle for introducing the
chaiactcrs and fchotvlnc; how the lote of the
heio and bciolne aic inextricably Intel woven in
the Hcvolutlouaiy period. The second act de
picts the story of the departure of Heverly on
his peiiloiH expedition to bring Captain C'laik
to the succor of Vlnccnne, anil ends in a tcry
exciting curtain. In the thiid act the UrltUh
colonel is about (o assault Alice, whom lie has
decoyed to the foit, when she seizes his pistol
fires a shot from tho lookout which signals tint
C'laik'H foices ure to attack, and then in a laplrr with the colonel defends herself until
the Revolutionists anitc and capture the fort.
The fourth act is somewhat foiced, its only
excuse for existence being that the theater-goer
does not want to be compelled to take it for
granted that "they got mart led and lited hap
pily together ctcr
Miss Harned has treated a lole that will lite
long a.s a pleasant memory with those who wit
nos her portiayal of the girl of Mich decidedly
coutiadictory moods that 'llionipson made the
central llguie of his cxtiemcly popular btory.
I lor poitiuyal of the girlish and the lieiolc and
her changes from the one. to the other are tinly
aitistlc. In the strong emotional scenes she was
especially aitlstie.
William Courtleigh doerf splendid woil: in
the pait of Lieutenant Ilcterly and piotcs he
could do moio it the oppoitunity afforded. Ar
thur Hooops as Colonel Hamilton, mikes the most
of his ungiacious pait, und Thomas McOrath Is
it quid, natural ,1'ailiei 'iWct. Miss Maig.uet
Oordon in the ingenue patt, one of the intio
ductlons of the dramatist, acts us adnihably as
she looks picttty, and she is "as pretty as a
plctme." Wallace Undone, Cecil Do Mlllc, Hob
ert llrodcilck and George E. Brjant and Helen
Tracy aie some of the ery capable members of
the company filling minor paits.
The stage settings are plctiuoaciuc and the me
chanical and electrical effects arc moie than
usually elaborate.
"The Stowaway."
, "The Slott.uvaj" was the play piesentid at
the Academy last night by the Ircno Mjcrs
company and in the afternoon "The Two Or
phans" was seen. Uoth were 'acted in a splen
did manner. The specialties were tery enter
taining. '"J ho White Hat" will be the attiactlon this
"Eben Holdeu."
11. M. Holland will play "Elicit Holdcn" in
the dramatization of that popular story to be
presented as a icttiiii engagement at the I.jceum
theater Thursday night. This insures ono valu
able feature In the piodtictiou that Chirles
Frolinun will make and it is said that this man
ager bus been none the less partlcuhr in etery
detail. The company includes many well known
iiiniro and tho tuial scenes will be gltcn dab
oiatc tireseiitalions.
The piny was made fiom Irting Hadicll-r's
highly succes,.ful book by Kdward 11. Hose, who
is said lo bate caught in a happy manner the
.spirit of the author and done lull Ju-tice to the
quaint chaiaoterlzation of "Kbcn Holdcn." A
pretty lote tlucail hum tbiougli tin- pl.ii. rivals
now- ready.
West's Minstrels.
The William II. West Hlif Min.trel Jubilee
will be tho uttt.ictlon ut tho I.virum theater
Friday night next. To present hlglv class mill
slrelsy lias alums been I lit' aim ofvtliat moat
piollllc und popular of minstrel purvt-.tors, tho
late William II. West. That he has succeeded
to a notable extent was made in.inlfist l.i-t
season, when be tuned the countiv with what
-a-, generally conceded to be the best mliistul
oiiMiiizatlan etcr piocntcd In America.
The company selected for this tear
the names of many famous toCali'ts and come
dians. The singing contingent is partlculaily
stioug, including Clement .Stewart, England's
gicatest iiilndiel tenor; Hairy Syltester, a new.
ly dlatouied .ind now famous singer; Wilson X.
Miller, a famous basno ot England, and (ieoiglu
Jones, a boy baritone of whom a gieat cuieer
is predicted, Tho comedians uie headed by Hilly
Van, tho lirepiesslblo comcdlun of lal seisoii's
iompan.t, who will bo heard fiom In an entirely
new t-pec laity and with u icpeitulro of new- gags
and Jokes that aic sure to lontulse liU brawn.
W, II, Hammond, John Kfug and ,, S. Cur com.
Ilso the other cud men, and a.-, they hate al
ways been considered umoni; tho funuiot of
black-face (omedlans, a good laugh Is piedlcted
for etcr.thody. Seats go on sale. tlu morning
at 0 o'.lotk. '
"Friend Karl."
"I'llend Karl," the play In which Killing He
toy will appear at th l.yituin theater Saturday
matinee and night, is nut only an admirable
t chide for tho alar, but It alo dctelnps a 'dram,
alio story of great iutcic-a.. There aro at leatt
two scenes ttiicli will roiupair fatoiably lu their
thrilling effects with some ol thoso fit famous
melodramas, One is the tire scene at the end ft
tho second act, which Is so managed and in
lunged as to pioduco tonio really nutel and ; tatt
ling stage effect.
There is. Iiownir, no attempt at meie fcihu
tlouulUm in "I'rlend Kail." Tho ttoiy has u
llung legitimate lutcrot, and the (one of tho
play Is pint' and nholcsome. Emiiiet Dovot
with Ids cliaimiug toho ami method is bound
to become one of tho greatest matinee fjioiitci
lu America. Ills songs arc in demand wherever
liu appears, .Scats go ou sale Thuuday morn
ing at f o'clock.
Irwin's Big' Show,
llcgliinliifc' with the u.tul matliife at the Star
theater Thuisday, Tied Irwin's Jllg bhow will bo
tho attraction lev time lUyi, Mr, hwln olk-is
tho patipns of the &tar as su opening burlesque,
"Am You un rjltlet'1 Members; of this older
will not fail lu.ace this gieat opening burlesque.
It is funny from start to IhiUh.
In the compiny ate James P. Leonard, the
greatest ilh comedian; the Century Com.'sV
four, (iertle Ho Milt, Hilly Watson, Will lam No
lile, llurimin and Van and a large and uttructlto
choius. "At (lay Conc" is another burlesque
which will be presented. ,
4 Lines 10 Cents
More Than Pour Llnet, j Cent for Rach Extra 1,1ns.
For Bent.
l'tlltXISIlEI) Hotter: -Kent rc.unu.iblp to tie
sirable party. Call or nddivss 123 Dudley
street, Dumitorc.
KOIt HUNT In Daltcm, u furnished cottage tor
the season; flue location! short distance
from the station. Address Lock Box 07, Dalton,
I'Oll HUNT Flto roonis, 327 Wjoiiltng avenue.
I'Olt ItllST A beautifully finished house nf
twelve rooms, alt modem tontenleiiees, in
Ninth 1'aikt line loettlrn, Apply Wis! Elcclrlu
incline, North Hark.
MIOIli: 1'OK HUNT (UJ West Lackawanna. ave
nue. Inquire Philip Schnell, U1H West I.aeka
wanna atcnuc.
11AHN I'Olt RKNT-MS, April 1st, three box and
three single stalls 'and wash tuck, rear of
,TI Madison uvenuc. Inquire at 031 Madison uvo.
roil 11KNT Stme building lor tent In Dickson
City. Pa. Hulldlng 80 feet by 21 feel, cellar
under all, nnd second story can be arranged for
a-famlly, All In good repair ready for Use. Two
coal bicakers and mines close by employing otef
n thousand people. An enterprising merchant
can get a large trade. Apply to William H.
Hlchmond, lllchmond Hill, 3125 N. Main avenue,
Scranton, Pa.
Furnished Booms.
I'OH ItBXT Large furnished front room; modern
conteniences; rent reasonable. 2i8 Adams
KOH RENT One furnished room, with improve
ments; also one on third floor, cheap. C27
Adams atcnuc.
FURNISHED ROOMS for rent, modem Improve,
meats; private family; gentlemen prcfeircd,
it 637 Adams avenue.
FOIl KENT Furnished front room, with heat,
bath and bus; near court house; gentleman
preferred. Address Room, Uox 299.
FOR RENT Furnished room; heat and bath,
623 Linden street.
and bath, gentlemen preferred, at 539 Adams
For Sale,
JUST ARRIVED with fotty hoies; good woik
ers and drivers; weight from 1,100 to 1,000;
settral closely matched teams, (.'an lie seen ul
'3' Raymond couit. V. M, Cobb.
FOR SALE Oak sldeboaid, dining table, chalis
and bedroom suit, all quartered oak; uUo ear
pets. Party leatlng city. Inquire -IJU Webster
FOR SALE Roll top desk. Inquire Room 72S
Council building.
FOR HALE April 1st, car load of New York State
horses. Clark Bros., Cuslck's stable, Wash
ington avenue, city.
HANDSOME bar fixtures and cash register for sale.
Inquire at 51S Lackawann.-t atcnuc.
CARPETS, linoleums and oil cloths sold etciy
day 3 o'clock. SOS Lackawanna. See auctions.
For Sale or Bnt.v
FOR SALU OR RENT 3-acrc poullty and fiult
farm; located on old depot bill overlooking
town; splendid place for summer residence; 10
minutes' walk from depot; S-room hou'C-, film-l-hed
or unfurnished. Address J. K. Ztvilzlg,
1'actoiyvllle, Pa.
Business Opportunity.
Write for our special market letter. Free on
application. S. M. Hihbaid & Co., members X.
V. Consolidated and Stock Sxthange, 41 and 1G
Hroadway, New York. Established 1W1. Long
Distance' Phone 23SS Broad.
Boarders Wanted.
PRIVATE FAMILY wishes to have two nice men
to board, German or English. Call any time
after 'Thursday. All conveniences, b07 Harrison
Wanted Booms and Board.
-WANTED Two communicating roonis with board,
pritate family preferred. Two ladies and a
gentleman. State full particulars. Address C.
11. D., Tribune office.
Wanted To Bent.
WANTED ROOMS rot- two adults, three or foul
. rooms, rurmsneci or unturniHhcd for very
light housekeeping, first Door picferred. Address
M. B., Tribune office.
WANTED Furnished house or four or five rooms
for housekeeping. Address A. G. K., Tribune
Beal Estate.
TIMBER TRACT 15S acies, lurm and load home
hotel for sale. Will be sold cheap to wind
up estate. 0. L. Helilegel, heriinton.
I'Olt SALE New house on Cornell stieet. Round
Woods Paik; modem iiupiutemeuts; easy
terms. Apply to Sming BiooU Lumber Co.,
Monslc, Pa., or E. S. iVoodhouac.
81,300 WILL BUY a lot on Colfax avenue, 40:,l(i0;
wuteicd, sewered, gus; itduced from fcl.GUO.
$s100 down. Comegys, Conncll Building.
FARM FOR SALE Sixty-two aeies, one mile
fipm Lake Aticl; twelve acres of timber, rest
hupiotcd; excellent spring water on jot; farm
situated on load. For particular uddicss Will
iam Tteslar, Aliel, Pa,
FARM FOR SALE or exchango for city property
situate lit Susquehanna county; Impioted;
well watcicd; sultuhle for dalrjlng, stock or
sheep lalslng and geueial fanning, Hanjcii, At
torney, .'ii'j'.i Washington avenue.
Money to Loan.
straight loans or Building and Loan. At
fiom i to 0 per cent. Call on N. V. Walker.
311-315 Conncll building;.
LOfiT At the charity bill, a diiehcase laco hand'
horcuiei. i inner win no renamed In ic
tinning same lo owner; Adddicv. E. K.,' taio
LOST I'liteliipo containing sum of money Mon
day creniii-f on Lackawanna ateiiiu near
Matthew llios. finder will w lewaided by
ii'tuunm,- same to Miss hnllc Hatis, Matthews
Bios, diutr stole.
LOST IfSJ, between Peck Lumber Co., Kat Mat
ket street and Presbyterian thurth. lieu-aid
If icturntd to oftlec of Peek Lumber Co,
Situations Wanted.
WASTE A position us an experienced slen
ogiapher and bookkeeper, Addicss A., Tiib
imu otitic
SITUATION WASTEHTo go out by day wash
ing, iioning ot cleaning, PJeasu call at 13S
l'l uikliit avenue, city.
SITUATION WASTEl-By a glil. .'l .tears old,
us nurso gir; can furnish rcfeienees. Ad.
dies A, Tlibuno oftlec,
SITUATION WAXTKH-Hy mother as eook,"Tiid
daughter as iiuiei- gill or light wuitie; ,-ood
lefc-reiicc', Addie-is "Mary," eaie Tribune oftlce,
AN EXPERIENCED woman would like pcliioii
ul housework of an.t kind. Addicss Mis. E.
A, 1'ib, 201 Pviin utcuiic.
SITUATION' WANTED -lly a sobei, indiisirloii,
tunn,; iiKti, willing lo do any kind of woik;
gjlik'ii woik and cam of hoises pitteried. Ad
diciis -I', II., 127 MadiaOlt uicuue, Duuii'oic, Pa,
MTT'A'IIUX WANTElt lly un Aiucilcan boy, can
lead and v.iite Polish, Address bos; 4,
Plltcbuig, Pa.
DRAUnil'ISMAN Mechanical engineer and lite
chanlo wants jiositioii as draughtsman i good
icfcieutt'; tpcakFKngllsh, (lei nun, French. A.
(J. Tribute ofnce.'a'
SITUATION' WANTED-By a competent gill for
geueial housework or cook." Cull 00 Frank
lin atcnuc, city.
Help Wanted Male.
WANTED At mice. 10 or 1,1 laborcisl Sl.GO tier
day. Apply Jennings, at Central Mjnu switch
and Fifteenth street, West Side,
WANTED Flrcl-i'lass pilnter; sternly employ
ment tor right parly. Address lslS : no
atenue, city.
WANTED A clothing saleinian of cvpcrlrnii'
and good habits. Adddress "Mcieh.iiit," caie
ol Tribune,
bn thoroughly r.tpciichtcd, speedy and goutl
penman; Remington. Apply lu person or by lft
tcr, gltlng reference". Scranton Holt nnd Nut
Co., btratiton. -
MAN with hoitc and wagon wanted to tlcllter
and collect. No cuntusslng. Ml per week
and expenses. l"i(l cash deposit tequlred. Col
lector, llox 78, Philadelphia.
YOtlNO MEN wanted any distance, copy let
ters, home ctculngs and icttint to tis, We
pay tflU per thnusind fend addressed entelope,
paitleukirs and copy. 1'. M, C, Ilept. 113, Hot
1111, Philadelphia,
WANTED An experienced clerk in curtain and
drapery department, with refeiente. Apply
Goldsmith's Bazaar, city.
WANTED Experiences! F'jllcllor for established
trade; permanent portion; cite teferenccs.
Address "Solicitor," P.. 0. Box 3D!, city.
WANTED Salesman for Great shoo
sale. Apply at office, Jonas
Long's Sons.
WANTED Two experienced stenographers; up-
ply to Inlcinatlonal Salt Co., Connelt build
ing, Scranton, PaT
Help Wanted Female.
GIRL WANTED for general housework hi family
of four adults, who can sleep home. Apply
at CJi Gibson street.
YOUNG LADIES wanted any distance, copy
letters, home evening nnd lcttirn lo h. Yt(.
pay $10 per thousand send addressed cut elope,
particulars and copy, F. M. C, Dcpt. 413, Box
1111, Philadelphia.
WANTED A competent cook; best of leferences
icqulrcd. 401 Jefferson avenue.
WANTED At cnee, gill for geueial houscwoik,
German or Swede prefeired; icferentcfl le
qulnd. Apply Wednesday afternoon or Thuu
day morning to 709 Madison avenue.
WANTED A girl who understand cooking and
laundiy work, at 343 Madi-on avenue.
WANTED A lady, between 23 and 35, who is
capable of biingiug up an infant, and to
make herself useful about the house; good place
for right party. Apply to Dr. Hulpctl, COJ
Washington atenue.
WANTED Salesladies for Great
shoe sale. Apply at office, Jonas
Long's Sons.
LADY CANVASSER wanted to solicit subscrip
tions for The Tribune; good commission of
fered with a fair guarantee for first-class wotker.
Apply personally at Business Manager's office,
Scranton Tribune.
IN TIIE DISTRICT COURT ot the United States
for the Middle District of I'cnnv, h.mi.i. In
the matter of Ficderick E. Guniaei, bankrupt.
No. Ifi2, in Hankiuptcy.
To the ucditors of 1". K. Gunner, of Chin
chilla, in the county ot Lackawanna and distiict
ufosesaid a bankrupt.
Notice is hereby given that on the Sflth day of
March A. I). 1002, the sail) P. E. Human- wis
duly adjudicated bankrupt; und tint the Hist
meeting of their crcditois will be held ut tho
office of the Rcfciee in the Government building,
in the city of Sciantoii, Pa., on the 10th day of
April, A. 1). 1002, at ten o'clock In the forenoon,
ut which time the said creditors may attend,
piote their claims, appoint a Titistee, examine
the bankrupt, and tiaiisacl such other business
us may properly come before said mectins;.
1 C. A. VAN WOHMER. llelercc.
Scranton, Pa., 1002.
Proof of claim, CO cents.
IN RE: Transfer of hotel license of Michael
Mellody, of the Second waid ot Scranton.
to Simon Thomas. In the Court of Qutrtcr
Sessions of Lackawanna county, No. 429, Match
Sessions, 1002.
Notice is hereby given that court has fixed
Monday, Apiil 14, 11)02, at 0 o'clock a. m.. in
open court, as the time for hearing the ubote
petition. II. L. TAYLOR.
Attorney for Petitioner.
IN RE: Transfer nf hotel license of Charles
Jacobs, of the borough of Old Forge, to
Charles Jacobs. In the Court of Quarter Ses
sions of Lackawanna county, No. JI5, Mtt'ch
Sessions, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that court has fixed
Monday, April 14, 1002, ot o'clock a. in., in
open court, as the time for hearing the nbotc
petition. II. L. TAYLOR,
Attorney for Petitioner.
IN RE: Tiausfci' of hotel license of Joseph La
hotsky, of the borough of Throop, to Louis
Domenlskl, 111 the Couit of Quattcr Sessions ot
Iickaw annua county. No, 037 March Sessions,
Notice is hereby given couit lias lived
Monday,- April 14, 1H02, at 0 o'clock a. in., in
open couit, as the time for bearing the above
petition. II. L. TAYLOR,
Attorney for Petitioner.
IN RE: ESTATE of William J. Lewis, late of the
City of Scranton, County of Lackawanna,
State of Penns.tltaula, deceased.
Letters testamentary on tho mm cupatlw will
having been giautcd tn the imdci signed on the
above estate, all persons having claims o,- de
mands against tho same will please piesciit them
for payment, and all those indebted thcicto will
make immediate payment to
WI'.LLES k TOUREY, Altoinej.
A MEETING of the membeis of the Lackawanna
Stoic Association Limited, Mill be he-Id ut the
ofllcc of the association In Sciauton, Pa., on
Monday, the llth day of April. A. D. 1002, at
bull past two o'eloik In thu afternoon, for the
purpose of taking action upon tho question of
dissolving; The Lackawanna Stnie .soeiatiou
Limited, by vulunUiy aetlrn of tho itieiubeis,
and, in case it is decided to dlssolte the said
association, then for the ftntlier puipoue of elect
ing tlueo liquidating tuislees to wind up tin
utlalts of the association according lo law.
II. S. I'AIRCHILI), Svcietary.
Scranton, Pa Jlaich 22, 1002.
TO TIIE OWNERS or icpuled owners uf piopeity,
bounding or abutting on l'ig sheet, tioin the
Lackawanna liter to Remington atenue; ou Rem
ington uteniu', tioin I'iif stiiet to Hie Stafloid
Meadow lliook: on Brook sliect, fiom Rei ilug
ton atenue to HciU court; along Stafford Meadow
llrook, thiough pilvatc propeily, fiom Pltistou
avenue to Elm slrcel; on Elm stieet, from llerl.
court lo South Webster avenue; ou Locust
street, from Prospect atenue lu ItrrtK entiit: on
Cherry stieet, from Reinlngtcii atenue to HciU
court; ou Fisher place, from Donnelly couit to
Hcrlx couit; on Fig stieet, tioin Remington atenue
to Herts couit; on dealt place, fioui Haiiiui couit
to HeiU court; on Palm street, fiom Cedir
avenue to licit-! eouit; mi Pear stieet, fiom
Pittstou atenue to HcrU couit; on lluuy place,
fiom llJiiini court to llort. eouit; ou Genet
stuet, fiom PitUtnii atenue to South Webster
avenue; ou Dolau plate, fiom Hanim eouit lu
HciU court; on Sehluiplf com t, from Palm
stieet to 1'ig stitci; on Cedar atenue to Palm
ttieet to the Marloul Meadow- Brook; ou Klut
court, It om Peat stieet to llrook street; u
Pittstou iiti'iine, from Breck street in btiilToid
Meadow lliook; on llamm eouit. fiom Dolau
place to Genet strict; uIsk hum Barry place tu
Pear stieet; also fiom llealy plan- to I'ig street;
on l.atello court, fiom II recti stieet to Cherry
stieet; on I'ro.peit uteiuic, from Ilievk sll.'-t
to Locust street; on Donnelly court, from Dolan
place to Hairy place; a No li out llealy place, tu
Fig street, und from ('I.lier place lu Cheny street;
ou Hertz court, fiom llietk street to I'eai street;
uUo fiom llealy place to lliook stieet, uud from
Haitiilau place to Elm slice!; on South Wthslrr
uteutie, fiom Buck street to llh'l stiiet, in the
Twentieth waid.
Take notice, that under (ho dheclloii of conn,
ells, uuexiueiits will be nude for iiiiiliuctlng a
b.tsteni of sewers, Section "A." in the Eighteenth
illstriet, In the abotc named streets and places,
ou Monday, .Mull 11, lOil. at 10 o'tdock in tin.
forenoon, at the Department of Public Woiks,
Bureau ol I'ngiiieeilug, City Hall, Scranton, i'a.,
at which lime and place )0U may appear and be
beaid if sou so desire.
JOHN E. 1IOCIIE. Dlicetcy.
Department of Public Woiks.
Straulon, Pa., March 31, 11)02.
3 Insertions 25 Cents
Mom Thti Paur Unit, 6 Centitor Hach Btr Uns
,., 'y. vi)''.n ,0 tl,e Hepiibllcan voters ot the
lltst Legislative District, that a prlnmiy clcei"
tlon will bo held on Saturday, April 2(1, lutt, be.
tween the hours of four and seten p. m,, for the
purpose of nominating a candidate for the Leg
islature to represent the district und to elect two
licit rfiilcH to the Republican State Contention to
be held ut llrrlbiiig Juno 11, HUM.
'Ibe routeiillon to compute the vote will bu
held on Tuesdav, April '.. at 111 o'eloik In Co
operatlte IMU. Each ciiuttdale must register,
with the district clultmaii, his full name uud
postotdte uddicss, and p.-iy bis assessment nfleru
iltts before the election, or bis name will lint be
plieeil on the official ballot.
'Hie dlttrltt vigilance cnmmlttee. In the vari
ous piecliicl. will conduct the t lection, and tin
lcult will be reported liv Hie return Judge to
the district contentlui, which will be composed
of the 1 1 1 tu n Judge. A written notice contain
ing their Inttructloiis will be nulled to (he mem
beis of the turlom dlstrltl vigilance committees.
OEO. W. JENKINS, Chairman.
Attest W. W. .SIMPSON, ccictary.
heirby given to the Republican voters of
the Second LegWutlte illntri't that a prlntai.v
election will be held on Stturday, April 2U, 10UJ,
between the hours of four and setdi n'cWk p,
in., foi the purpose nf electing two delegates tn
represent said legislative distiict in the comllK
ltcpiibllcaii state tonttutlon to be held in
rlsburg un June It, 1002, and to nominate a
candidate for the Icgi'daliuc.
The contention to compute the vote will ,b
held on Tuesday, April 2'l. 1002, at 1 o'eloik p.
in.. Ill the rooms of the Ccnlial Republican chili
In Stiantoil,
In accordance with the rules gntcrnlns this
district the candidates will be voted for tllieetly
liy'tlii voters at the polls. Each candidate must
register with the district chairman his full namn
nnd postnfllce addicss and pay his nrsc-amene
twenty clays before the election or his name will
not be placed In the ballot, neither will
uny votes cast for him be counted.
Tho district vigilance committees In the tail
ous precincts will conduct the election and int
i cult will be rcporled liv the return judge to th
district contention, which will be inmpixed of
the leluin Judges nf the tailous districts. A
written notice containing further Instruetlour will
be sent to the members of the said district vigil
ante committees.
Attest: WALTER E. DAVIS, Secretary.
Agents Wanted.
AOPA-TS WANTED for the best cornet utrotche-
made; nine other articles, needed In cvei.'"
home. Apple to W. J. Brewster. Room 20, .vr
Linden sltee't, Scranton, Pa., at 7 p. m., or by
Dry, clean and modern up-to-date
storage; separate rooms;
inditidtial kets; elevator. An
ideal stoiagc for liou-ehold effects, cte. Thirty
separate storage rooms. Scranton Storage com
pany, 11.1 Franklin atomic.
RHEUMATISM All Dattics that wish ran ha
speedily and permanently cured ot all va
rieties of Rheumatism by it vegetable compound.
Cuies guaiuntecd. 'Inquire or addicss J. E. Tay
lor, Scianton.
Musical Instruction.
college banjo club, desires few pupils ol
banjo; trims leasonable. Addicss II. A. Y.
Tribune office.
Certified Public Accountant.
Building, and St. Paul Building. New York.
Estate Exchange Bid?.. 123 Washington ave.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Spruce street, Scranton.
und Counsollois-at-Law. 60J to (112 Connc'
Rooms 12, 14, 16 and IS Burr Building.
tiated on real estate security. Mcars Building
corner Washington avenue and Spruce street.
Commonwealth Building, Rooms
19, 20 and 21.
003-tXM, Oth floor, Mears building.
of Trade Building, Scranton, Pa.
Dank Building
Ill Wyoming avenue.
Physicians and Surgeons.
ington avenue. Residence, 1318 Mulberry
Chronlo diseases, lungs, heart, kidneys ani
gcnlto-urinary organs a specialty. Hours, I
to 4 p. m.
Ington atenue. Chronic and nervous diseases
a specialty. Consultation free. '
Instruction Musical,
p. o.piiJsi:ii7.ius. bao.T7! eachkiTSiI
Volco Culture, Haunouy, Countci point Tiii't
(imiposltlon. Compotitlons collected airl'iij.
vised for publltatlon. t'3 New Yprk street.
Hotels and Restaurants.
nue. Rates reasonable.
P, ZIEQLER, Proprietor.
srngcr depot, Conducted on the European
plan. VICTOR KOCH. Proprietor.
cess pools; no tdov; only Improved pumps Ussd.
A. li. Brlggs, proprietor, Leave orders 110'
North Main avenue, or Eicke'a drug store, cot
per Adams und Mulberry. Both telephones.
rtmen, stnra 201 Washington avenue; greet
liauses, 1020 Noittt Main avenue; iters tile
phone, 782. ,
Wire Screens,
Scranton, Pa., manufacturer of Wire Screens.
alo ladies waUts. Louise Shoemaker, -Jl.'
Adams atenue. r
v slopes, paper bags, twine. Warcuoust, VJt
Waslilugtcn avenue, Scranton. Pa,
iii Scranton ut the news stands ol Itelutuu
Bros., 400 tpruce und fAJ Linden: U. Notton.
322 Ucktwanna tvenue; I. S. Sehutttr, 211
Kpiuce street.
! -V
, So.