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    r t a. t
: -"--"., ,,. i- t
fully pre
pared to do
all kinds of
interior decorative work, from wall
papering to the most elaborate In
terior work known to the decora
tive art.
It will pay you to consult us II
you arc about to have the interior
of your home redecorated.
Ill Wallpapers, Pictures,
Frames, Mouldings, etc.
- Our Stock is the Best.
Jacobs & Fasold,
209 Washington Ave.
Paying Dividends of 1295
per annum, and (hern Is sufficient ore ON HANI)
$10,000,WX to continue dividends at this rite for
Hie net fifteen jenri, own und operating Smeller
221 tons dilly; no diblK.
Those wishing to nuke a pafo and proBtablc In
vestment In a listed stock will do well to write
Hie for prospectus
136 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, Pa.
J. P. COULT, D. D. S.
Surgeon Dentist.
Twenty years' successful prac
tice In this county.
! City Notes
Mn.TIM! rOSTPONKI). llicrc will be no
merlins of flic Central Vomcn'i Christian Tem
per nice union this afternoon.
ALDiriNO COMMiTH-.U. The joint Hidlting
committee of lounclls met last night mil ap
piocd a number of hills without question.
M'.WMAX I IXTntK. Major elect James J.
Ocelli, of Carbondalc, will lecture before tliu
Niwmin club tonight on "Aiclibc-lipp Canoll;
II It Ufu ard Woik' "
hllMIAN.VI'Ui Mi:..ll(;. Hie semiannual
meeting of the f'onitiegation nho Che5ed will
bo held this evening .a S o'i lock In the vejtij
loom of the temple. A luge attendance is dc
sued. 10ft HUM'irUr llu? trustee, of the State
hospital acknowledge, with thanks, nceipt of
lontiibutiou of 12.21, being Jiioieods c.f Sewing
3!i I.uneli, held hy the ladles of the Home Mis
sionary society of the Pust Preibj tei un church.
SLIGHT HI.AZi: pile of rubbiah in Ilia
cillar of Krotosky Hrothers' clothing ituic "
1 ackiwanna .ncnue, bicatuo ignited )e,teida)
aflernoon'and filled the biciiniit lih Mnoke.
An alarm was turned m fimn the bos. at Pinu
and Lackawanna avenues, but the services of the
firemen wcie not uttdid, as tlie clciks in the
store MHOlhirrd the tljim-j. So paitlculti dam
e was done.
initouv nioM si.i:k;il i)r r w i.uure
was tluown from his idiii,li at Ww. minor and
lackmanna a'tnue cailv ,c-teida uimniiig and
dragged a bbou distant c. Ills iiijiuies arc not
scuie. While the doitoi wis imiuding the ml
nei fiom I ickawanna into W .mining amine the
leigh nwitmntd. 'lhe lmi-e i in awa but tt.H
stcppdl witliiu j few liundicd 1'iet.
N01 IICII VI V Kit sicxnii'Miii.ipr Al.
I iwi-nn Im aildul cue mole pli,ei In the scran
tun lull club, 'lhe new nun is .lo-iih .Mckil-,
f Philadelphia, an out lit ld r. Mckilt bigan hU
plofrj-slonil linn at Noriistown, Pa,, wlire lie
plaud 1I111I11,- the bi.i-.oin of lSOs 0) In VM)
lie was a ineiuliii uf tin. e".tih cluli of lhe
Hlautli' asocl itiiin and 1 it sewm lie as tap
lain of the Uliiitu" n i lull ol the l'miiMl
v.uiia Itague lb is a mow bittct having led
his tinni wall a pmeuugc of .101. Hie i-igiihi.f
of MikcU complete the outtleld of the S.un
I p3
Tlioiivinds tt pioplc about the )
" Snow White Flour"
'Ihc, know it h, the Prime uf all Hour, but we want
We ak jour help In the following manner-
Tor either pice or poetry .lesriitbe of, or IntioducliiB "snow Wiilto" flour, as to IH
wonderful bread making qiulilio.-it pu Itj lu utienstliHU whilines-ii nettrieis-Its
unifoiiiill ot irratlr, ete., (ti , etc.
We oiler the followlnjr prUe;
For the best poetic or prose advertise- lf ,
nwt $15.00
For the second best poetic or prose adveillse-
'i' 10.00
For the third best poetic or prose advertise-
ment 5.00
For the fourth best poetic or prose advertise- .
m: 4.00
For the fifth best poetic or prose advertise
ment 3,00
For the sixth best poetic or prose advertise-
merit.., . 2.00
For the 7U1, 8th, 9th, loth, nth, 12th, 13th, . .n
14th, 1 5th, 16th and 17th, each 1 ,00
All difitloemcnts lo bn and remain with i as our pioperty. 'lliej nnut ronsUit of not
over one hundred and fifty word. a I.KhS number IS HKTTri:il,
The contest will rlcso on Slant 1st, 1002,
Meio literary tlnlsli not as denlrablo an blight Ideas put In an orUlual waj.
Write clearly on only one Ma of the paper, Mark the iop with a. number, plate the
author' name and address In a small emolopo and niaiL it with the unit number ud tend
all In a largo envelope to our address IIY MAIL.
Tlie Judges will thus liaic no way c( knowln;r the author's ifame until the choice Is
The following crnltcincn bale Mudly romentul to act as Judges and their decbiou will
be announced as soon as made in the dally papers.
Dickson Mill and Grain Co.
No. 12, Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, Pa.
ton feam Willi Wakey In left, 0lon In renter,
mul Nickel In rttclit field. Manner l.nuon fceli
Mire that this combination will give n eoml ac
lount of themselves after the reason opens.
Jlnby Bnznnr Removed
to 118 Washington avenue,
Tluown Down by the Colliding of
Freight Cars.
Hciijainln Heimett, employed In tlie
Lackawanna's ti mister fiolfiht station
near tlie Wast Lackawanna avenue
crossing, was litjutetl lit u peculiar
iniinner yesterday morning.
A coupling on a train being nullotl
not th biukc, after the train hail passed
the cto'sslng, ami the rear end of lhe
train started hack along the track. A
switch was Hot to let cars from the
main line into the frclchl Iioupp and
Into this switch dashed the ears, crash
ing against cars that wcie standing at
tlit ft eight house.
Helmut t was In one ot these cais, and
was thrown Itcovllv to the lloor and
seriously Injured about the heuil, yev
eial of the oars sustained considerable
JMotorrnan Lost Conttol of It on the
Mulberry Street Grade Philip
Qhen Injured.
A tiolley car on the Piescott avenue
line hud a wild time of It yesterday
inornlnpr. It was one of the large
double track variety and It was laboi
loiisly climbing the grnde that leads
irom Mulberry street up to Gibson.
About Pino stieet the motorman lost
control of the ear and it started back
townid Mulberry street at a tertlfle
pace. At the turn at Mulberry stteet
the car left the track and flew stialght
forward until It landed against the
wall ot the now Grace Euthctan chinch
where It came to a sudden stop and In
the stopping was badly wiecked. The
damage done to the church was slight.
The conductor, motoiman and one pas
senger jumped In time to escape Injuty.
When the car started on Us reckless
race down the grttde, Philip Ghen ot
1110 Linden stieet, a dilver for II, A.
Knufhold, was going up with a horse
and single wagon owned by his em
ployer, lie was unable to clear the
tuck In time to no!d the lunaway and
the wagon was struck by the car and
badly wrecked. Mr. Ghen was tluown
some distance but fortunately escaped
with a. few ballses and a seoie shak
ing up. The horse escaped Injuiy.
Ciescent Passes Into Hands of
Lackawanna Valley Company.
The plant of the Crescent Electile
company has been sold. The sale was
coiibumated Thuisday when the Lack
awanna Valley Electric Light and Sup
ply company took possession.
What the consideuitiou Is cannot be
ascertained at this writing, but It Is
said to bo In the neighborhood of $.20,
000. The power geneiated at the plant,
besides being used for lighting pm
poses, aus used in the operation of the
coal mines of the Elk Hill Coal com
pany, located nearby.
The new company Is composed huge
ly of people living In the lcinlty of
Carbondule. .T. 13. Russel Is ptesident
of the company. It has contracts now
with the city of Catbondale and the
boioughs of Fotest I'ity and Jeimyn.
The Crescent Electile company has
been in existence about eight jeais. Its
principal sluue holdeis aie Thomas E.
and Edwaul S. Jones and James J.
Williams of Sciauton. An-hbald Citi
To Be Elected by Congiegation of
Holy Ctoss Chuich.
The congregation of the Chinch ot the
Holy I'toN ut Uollcvue, has decided to
elect a pfitoehial lesiilenre at Eroad
way and Eifth aenue, on a piopeity
pui chased Mime time ago for the jun
pose It Is dliectly acioss the htieet
tinni the cluii ill.
The building at nie.spiit occupying
the site will be l emmet! and it thiee
sloi. lesldence of Colonial style eiert
ed. The house will tiont on Uio.ulway.
The pastor. Rev. V. P. O'Doimell, has
lequested that n committee tioni the
tongiegatlon assist him In lhe woik of
ni ranging lor the oiistiuctloii ot the
lesldence, and the lollowing huc been
mimed: l !'. Calpin, W, A. C.tady, T.
II. Walsh, James iiiog.iu and James
Can Get Parf of If
Mrs. Kate Berg, Secretaiy Ladies' Aux
iliary of Knights of Pythias, No. 58, Com
mercial Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn., After
Five Years Suffering Was Cured by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
" Dear Mrs. PinkuaM: Whatever virtue there is in medicine
seems to be concentrated in Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. ,1 suffered for five years with profuse and painful
menstruation until I lostfleshandstrcngth,rtnd lifchadnocharmsforme.
Only three bottles of your Vegetable Compound cured me, I
became regular, without any pains, and hardly know when I am sick.
Some of my friends who have used your Compound for uterine
and ovarian troubles all have the same good word to say for it, and
bless the day they fiist found it." Mrs. Kate Berg.
"When women are troubled with irregular, suppressed or painful
menstruation, weakness, loucorrhuiu, displacement or ulceration of the
womb, that bearing-down feeling. Inflammation of the ovaries, backache,
bloating (or flatulence), genornl debility, indigestion, and nervous pros
tration, or aro beset with such symptoms as dizziness, faintness, lassitude,
excitability, irritability, nervousness, .sleeplessness, melancholy, "all
gone" and " want-to-be-lef t-ulono " feelings, blues, and hopelessness,
they should remember there is one tried and true remedy. Lydia E.
Pinlchnm's Vegetable Compound at once removes sush troubles.
Refuse to buy any other medicine, for you need the best.
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women to write lior for advice.
She lias guided thousands to health. Address Lynn, Mass.
Department of Public Safetu Takes Radical
Steps to Prevent Spread of Rabies
Among Dogs of the City.
Two eteiinaiy suiKeons of the high
est standing hae wiltten to Dr. Alien,
supeiintendent of the bureau of health,
within the post week, notifying hlni
that labies is becoming' epidemic
among the clogs In the cential
part of the city. As a pre
eautionaiv tneasuie an order was Is
sued yesteiday by Dliector of Public
Safety V. I. Wormser, dlieetlng the
police to "summailly dispose of," or
in oilier wouls, shoot all dogs found on
the public Htieets without being muz
zled or held b a chain.
The fit .st letter iceelved by Dr. Allen
came eaily lat week from Dr. Jacob
Ilelmer, who lepoited an outbieak of
tables In that p.ut of tlie Seventeenth
waul bounded by Olhe stteet, Clay
uenue, Gibson stieet and Jeffeison
aenue. The doetoi lepoited that one
dog in the vicinity of No. P.J school
was found sufieilng fiom the disease
and was killed. Anothei developing
symptoms ot the dlsoi der left Its ovv n
ei's keeping and never letinned.
The body of a thltd dog, which was
Kept under close obsei vatlon until it
died, was sent to the laboiatoty of the
State Live Stock Sanltaij Uoatd in
Philadelphia tor mieioscople ami
teilological examination. The follow
ing telegiam was received by Dt. Hel
mei :
l)r I nob Ilebmi. Ill 'pun? Mrert, Munlon
i:uuhulioi! of do hi ni (omphUd, I mpios
tliuuhh 1 idler.. I. tumid t't ir.-o'i.
The doctor 1 spoiled that four dogs
aie known to have been bitten by dogs
sufteilng ftom the disease but states
that It Is Impossible to tell the exact
numbei of canine victims as a dog suf
feilng liom rabies loams miles away
fiom home, biting olh"r dogs and ani
The period of Incubation in dogs, the
doetoi goes on to say. Is on an aveuige
fiom twenty-one to foitj da.vs It
may be as shoit as six or seven dus
and occasionally exceeds one hunched
das. Continuing the doctor wiltex;
"Theie Is no doubt but that more
than the number of dogs which I have
mentioned aie victims. In the face of
such an outbreak It becomes
10 assume this to be the case in older
that eveiy precaution may be taken,
It Is plain that danger will exist not
less than sixty days, although piactl
cally It will disappear In about six
vv eeks.
"Finally as to the lontinl of the sit
uation, I am not paimltted to speak,
Hut lu behalf of the safety of the peo
ple and the piotectlou of valuable dogs,
the Idea of publicity suggests Itself as
11 defensive meamue Again, If eveiy
owner of a dog would take tho precau
tion of efllclent muzHug dm lug an out
bieak, the spieod of the disease would
soon be hi ought to an end. Authentic;
statlstlrs cun he furnished to show
this, And whatever aigmuents mav ho
ndvnneed against muzzling, the lesults
that have been obtained by It Justify
Its adoption wheiever theie Is nn out
bieak of canine madness,"
The second letter vun lecelved yes.
teiday fiom Dr, II. A. Paget, who ie
potts having had soven discs of tables
In vailed paits of the cential city in
tho past seven weeks, or moie than he,
has piovlously had lu his six yeais'
practice in this city, The doctor re
pot ts that his diagnosis bus been con
firmed In seyeial of the eases by the
bncteilologlst of tho state Ilvo Stock
Sanitary Uouid and by the assistant
bucteilologlst of the New York city
boa id of health. He suggests tho advis
ability of 01 tiering muzzling within the
city limits until such time as there is
Mr, Wheeler Got Rid of His Bheu
niatlsm. "Duilng the winter of 1S08 I was so
lame In my joints, lu fact all oyer my
body, that I could baldly hohblo
aiound, when I bought a bottle of
Clittnibei Iain's Pain Jiului. Fiom the
llrst application I begun to get well,
and was cured and have worked
steadily all the year."-n. Wheeler,
Northwood, N. Y. Kor sule by all diug-glsts.
evidence of the decline or absolute ces
sation of the present outbieak.
Supeiintendent Allen and Director of
Public Safety P. L. Wormser confeiied
over the matter jesteid.iy and decided
that decisive and piompt action should
be taken The diieetor accordingly Is
sued the following oidei late yesteiday
Iona B, Day; Superintendent of Pollic.
Diar Sii: In view of the fut tint seieial well
Mitlumlcated iase of rubies line been icporlcd
to 11114 dtpaitment bi' two vrterlimiini of liic-h
xtaudiiitf who liive hid iniro-.eoplc and luc
tuioiogicil evaiiiiiutioiv- made of the heads of
uiiimah who have dhd trom h,diophobii in this
til and of the fiet that ntlui dog have
been bitten bj the-e diea.ed auiinals who aie
now runnlm; at lare, thereby c iii-lii' ureit dm
Kei to the eommuiiln it i- hiieh) ouleieil that
all doj; found In the citj htieet-, without being
inurletl or hi Id b n chain will be suimiiirilv
ilNli-il of bj the polne. oii are dliected to
Etc that thi" uiilir K ttiittl enfuiiul.
Il ordti of
T. I. Woiui-er,
Dneilur of Public hiM.
Theie Is to be no del'iy in the enfoi ce
ment of this mder. It will be begun
today, and owmis of dogs aie warned
by Dliector Woimser to keep their dogs
tied up or spcuie musics lor them at
11111 p.
Dr. Paget, when seen last night by a
Tilbune man, "aid that to his knowl
edge six pei sons in tills city have been
bitten by dogs aflticted with the rabies,
dmlng the past two mouths. A sev
enth pei son, tt man who was bltlen
about nine weeks ago, died of hydio
pliobla in its most violent foim. The
doctor said Hint this man died In the
pieseuco of seveial local physlchuii,
who stated to him that his suffeiings
weie houlble beyond description. The
doctor lelused to state who this man
was, sailing that he Is pledged to se
cieey on this point.
He said that lluee of the poisons who
have been bitten have taken the Pas
teur u eminent within the pidper time
limit ten to fouiteen days after the
"People should nwnko to the setlous
ness of the situation," said ho, "Genu
ine tables Is pievnlent in this city and
pievnlent In all p.uts of It. The dis
ease Is not confined to any ono pai titu
lar pint 01 the city. I have had cases
in eveiy part, uoiib, east, south and
west, mid they have not been cases lu
which I have only my own diagnosis to
go by, In tho majority of instances I
htivo sent nervous tissues of the dead
animals to Dr. llevemil, the b.icteilolo
gist of tho state live stock sanltiuy
boiud, mid ho has confirmed my diag
nosis after fateful examination.
"Many people Imagine that theie Is
no such thing as lables possible In tho
winter, but this Is only one of the many
false IdeiiH which ptovall among the
nnibses legaidlng this disease, which Is
just us likely to develop one month as
another, I think the dliector of public
safety hos done a wise thing in order
ing all dogs muzzled or leashed, for
theio Is eveiy leason to believe that
theie have been a gieat many dogs
bitten lu the last few weeks by mad
dogs and that a gieat many ot these
animals will contract lables.
"The imijotlty ot the cases of the dis
ease that I havo attended nio what Is
known as 'dumb tables' The unlmals
manifest no fuilous symptoms. They
ute simply sullen and dull, and for this
leason their owners do not think theie
Is mi) thing vvioiig with them.
"I would ndvlsu all persons who aro
bitten by a dog, who Is pronounced to
bo Buffeting ft 0111 rabies by n, com
petent voteilnailan, to go to New Yotk
city nt once, bcfoio ten days elapse,
und become Inoculated nt tho Pasteur
Institute. This Is the only pieventu
tlvo of hydrophobia known to science,
and pel sons bitten by mad dogs, who
fall to take the tteatment, run a gieat
risk of becoming ullllctcd with this
most terilblo of discuses,' which Is ab
solutely incurable. Oi dinar)' cauteilza
lion of (he wound by the corner. drug
gist or family physlclnn In prucllenlty
The doctor hatf had nn iron cage built
In his hospital, and In this ate placed
tho (logs which become unilclcd With
rubier. When the nnltnnl.i die, ns they
nhvnyn do, for the disease Is fatal In
all Instances, tho doctor dissects a por
tion of tho netvoiia tissues nnd sends
them to Philadelphia for examination,
All dogs bitten by the dead animal are
kept chained when a continuation of
his diagnosis Is received.
A dog, supposed to be mulcted with
rabies, bit thlity sheep belonging to
George Feesee, of Wnymnrt, so badly
the other day that alt the animals wore
killed. A number ot supposedly mud
dogs wcie also killed In Holllstervllle
last week.
Electric City Wheelmen and Backus
Teams Made Splendid Scores.
Latter Made 080 Game.
Ilecord-bi caking bowling was done
Inst night by the Backus and Klccttlc
City Wheelmen bowlers. The latter
team made it six stialght fiom the
Green Ridge Wheelmen and made the
splendid total of 1:677, one of tho high
est ever recorded in n league game In
this city. They had two 900 games and
Williams made the exceedingly high
average of 191 1-3. The scoie:
1:1.1-critic rnv sin:i:iiMi:.v.
.Met'racl.en 20,
William-) triS
Del'ne no
Datis I'll)
Wetlllnif 201
PhlllllH 12ft
(iuinter. l.'u
fcchwlndt (,()
Vlidenspachcr IIS
niclil 1.VI
16 liM- !M
mi 2n ;7i
ins nil i.)
l'H I"". - iiJI
20J ym 3r,
nt 2;:
171- no
1ST 1177
us ns
1M t42
3VJ 4.01
700 T(t 7 hi 2J(M
High beoic Williani-!ill.
High jeeraire William?, 191 1 3.
The Backus bowleis made a stiong
showing against tho Hlejcle club five,
and their second game was the best
ever lolled In a match game bv linv
team in the Northeastern Pennsylvania
league, the score being 086, or only four
teen this bide of the much coveted
1,000 maik. The scene:
I'eckham 171
Moore 131
1'ahrenhoU 1S2
lloll m
Hopkins Ill
Vi 152 fill
ISs 1(S 310
l' K.2 .'42
22 ( 143 5't
17' 187 520
S14 21.17
StlUNTOX niCYCLH 01.113
Ooiman IV) 121 141-412
Oold 17fi lis 152 170
Mitchell IIS 201 110 301
IVdei 1"8 IsO 13'l 4ctf
W'.udcll ICO 101 11,7 31b
7s2 512 73'J 2JOJ
IHllli seoie-ltoll, 22.1.
High aeerat'e I'ahicnholf. 130 2 3
The bowling at, be
tween the West Knd Wheelmen und
the Gieen Ridge Wheelmen, was lather
ragged when comnaied with the other
bowling of the night. The West Knd
eis took three straight, with falily high
sioies. The score:
(iitr.Ex ltiiKJi: vhi:ki.ii'v.
Seanuus 131 128 14 1400
Kowlir l.!2 1SS 127417
VI iso 127 lilt 40't
Wedi man 1(.l ion 110 471
TJjlor If. 172 170527
710 784 7o(, 22J0 i:nu wiikm.mkn.
Weljind 141 13f 111431
Yo-t Id'i 14i. 107 4S2
I md 150 M 12) 411
Hunter 171 1VI 114 4't!
l)aU li2 171 IMI-.122
Sli SII 7S1 2110
Hihli More Dim. 1VI.
Hhtli averaKe 1 ijloi, 173 2 (.
The Dlectile City AVheelnien's team
now goes to the fiont, but is closely
ptcsoed by the Ilnckus live. The stand
ing of the clubs follows:
Won l.ot. 1'. C.
I'lcitrlo Oil; Wheelmen 12 n .0.7
ll-ul.ue 11 7 .(ill
(in en lt!d;c Mu ohm ii 8 10 ,411
West 1 ml Wheelmen S 10 .141
Srantou lllc.vele club S 10 .441
l'.lks 7 II ..'.VI
School Board Besolutious on Death
of Patrick Golden.
At n sptclal meeting of the school
boiud held on Satin day night to take
action on the death of School Con
ti oiler Patilck Golden, of the Sixth
waul, the following t evolutions weie
'lhe hoard of coullollein Iv cillul upiu to pnj
lit nimk of re-pec t to cue of IN niemlieu, who
cliuli'ir lilt incniiibeney ot lhe ofi.ii a- the up
icentatlle of tliu Sivlli wild, endeaied lilimclt
to his fello-.-UHmbein.
lie wj.i a hlcnd whu k flight fui, a'ld
nivn turned a deaf ear to un apoeil for help.
Maty theie au who .an li-n (r-.tlmoii) to liN
rfciurusltv and hountioui aid in all nes ot
need, l.lvlnif In a locality where wealth am
not evidint, he, b,i iudu-tr) and ajplic itlon, jl
cumulitcd a coiupcline.t, which was useil in
behalf of his lfw fortunalc lit icblioiH. As a
f it lit r lie was kind, IndulKiut and provident; ns
a friend lie was htjumh and (rue, neiei jleldln,
to the blandUhmiiits of nil eneui- fo tntriu
him from the pith of duty to such friend, Vi
a member of the board of conliol, he was iiilbe,
indu-lrlous and eieitt'tlc 'lhe present hchoul
liulldlng now In course of election in his waid
will Mand as V monument lo his Indefatigable
ilTortx In behalf of Ids con.tiluinls. We, the
iiicmbiix of (ho board of control lay our tributes
at Ids stave, with a hope that Ids incinori nn)
S Grand Display of g
iNew Tailor Gowns 1
Tuesday and Wednesday Strawbridge & Clothier,
of Philadelphia, will make a display of Fine Tailor
Suits at our store. Goods may be selected, your
measure taken and suits made to order. Over a
thousand styles to select from.
wmmmmmmmmmm vmsmmmmmmmmm
Many iiew (roods are mldeil In our mlendld follrctlim eVetv ill, ort of ilalh npfii
Insr. New- nrrtmN of .1 M'VNIIM! ItllltlCS SVrSPMA Hlt.VI.H IIKCOItAir.l) .s.S,
MKTAI, Tit MP, tie. If )ou Invo evei bomjlil Roods of llils chnrarltr, crnnbirc ptltrsl
tTnpnnese Ivory Eigurcs ?3. DO
Japanese Ivoly Elrjurcs 0 Indus High 0.00
Sntsuma Vnsco 12.00
Jnpnncso Metal Pin Tiayo 10
Japnncso Metal Brush Trayu 2D
Do's It piy lo buy from jour permanent tiomc ilealcrs? W'c lcic )ou lu Judc.
Geo. V. Millar &
We Clean and Sterilize Carpets and Rugs
Making them look fresli and new nnd destroying nil mollis.
Carpels scoured without injury to color or texture
Scranton Bedding
Lackawanna and Adams
on every package
Many good things beside mince
pie can be made with
Mince Meat
Recipes on every package for
Fruit Pudding, Fruit CaJce and the
tempting "None-Such Hermits."
Ten cents a
2-plc' package
j& at any goad grocer
in town.
Merreli-Soule Co.
Syracuse, N. Y.
ever leuiind iu of his devotion and high reya-d
for dHy.
lteiohed, lint the members of this boaid at
tend bis funeral in u bodv, Kuither,
Heiobed, ' is a maik of re-pect Id" seat
be draped in moutniu for a peilod of thirty
dijs. i'urtlur,
Itisuhed, 'Hi it llic-e le-oliillons be spread upon
(lie liunutes, and u copy be picientcd to bis sot
rowinjr fimilj.
T. .1. .Ironings. W. V. Mav, K. S. ltirkcr, A
I.. Proncois, 1. .1. l.anK.m, eomml'tec.
The funeral of the dead school con
troller will be held this afternoon at
2:30 o'clock trom Holy Cross chuich
with Interment in the Cathedial ceme
tery. FOB SALE.
A Desiiable Residence on Clay
This propel ty is delightfully located
on Clay avenue In the !I00 block. The
house is tooniy and tlie lot is 48x100.
The price is leasonable and the teims
Apply to W. T. Hackett, Pi Ice build
ing, 12S Washington avenue, city.
D., 1. & W. Boaid for Today.
The following is the make-up ot tho e, Lackawanna and Western
boaid for todny:
IMias h-Hl S p. in., 1'. HalkU; 10 p in., P.
CavanJUtdi; 11 p. in., Iloboken, 11, Dolui'j.
'HT.Mm, 1'MHH AJt 21
Kvtias Kn-t I..'(l a. us., Iloboken, II. II. (illlt
lean; 4 a. in, lli-lilni;: G a, in., Hobokcn, 11 .1.
larkln; 0 a. in., Ilubokm, .1. 1". ltuikhart; in u.
in., A. (!. llJinmllt; 11 a. m., W. W. l.nbii- 1
p. in., (iraiisp 'llionii-: 2p. in , 1 . l:. Va i Win
met; .! p. in., I. Wallace; 3 . in , I". 1 ilrpn
lick; (i p. in,, C. W. Dunn.
suinmlK S a in , .1 CaniRtr; 1" i. '
l'lounfelkei ; 11 a, in., Mi hols; 2 p. in, Thomp
son; 0 p in., lUnneisan; S p. m , (Jlnley, (,ol
dcn' ciew,
I'liiluia I! a. in , Widnei; 7 1. in., 1'lnneiti; b
a, in., llou,ci; ti a, iu .1. d. .Vluna.i' 10 it. m ,
II. (nblir; 11.41 i. ni.. Vloiuu; o p. in.. (. Hat
Ihuh'ineu; 7, ,o p. m, Xaiuuin; u p. in,, W. II.
Iljllholomeu ; II p in, l.iuiplinr
r.vtiis Wet 8 a. in., J, (iinhj; 10 a. m , VI
laimmb; 1 p. m., T. Doiidicau; :' p. in,, O'Haia,
4 P in, (), Hit iinlpli; p. m, I. Kliicrs'ey; U
p. in , klib), WallV eiiw.
ravcuiiir l.iiKlnt-o 7 a. in. (laftuet ; 7 i in,
slimei; lii.i, ui I.attiuiii; n.ll p. m., Suuto-i,
S.:.0 p in., Mi (, 'oi mi.
.NO! U.'f.
T, Vli(,aithy nnd new will inn II .0 p in
to Iloboken, Monda.i, I'lbnuiy 21.
Keliliuin and new will run work tiaiu Totv
ilev and Wednesday .
llrakeuun hiluanl HornluK rf polls for .1 lien
Mr.ikeuian W, W'aidell lepoils for ' Hallett
lliakiuun William snjdei leporls fin II Ills
Pnlmn Eounnlly Elected.
lUuiij, l'eb 21. Dr. Toinas INtiida I'lluu
and s.,), j,t,ve2 weie tndaj Cumuli) elected
by (no ilnliru! ifllUje. iepectlvelv first prcsi.
it'll aid t'ikl vke pietlcleut of (he Cubjn it
piiblh .-rinilois weie alio eleclcd
W &
415-417 Lackawanna Avenue. JjJ
Co., F- AMANiser
Avenues. Both 'Phones
End of the
Season Sale
324 Lackawanna Avenue.
300s l'er.-IJii and Marten Storm
collir $15 00 now $0 00
1023 Pelclan and .MipuHIoii' Storm
collar llOOnow 8 00
1007 Mink Storm collar 25.00 now 13 (JO
2224 Mink (ollaictlc I000now2000
102S Olebe Collarette !.. 13 110 now 0 00
ia niack. Mirdn staif fiOOnow 4 (X)
1222 lllick Mirlen Surf 7 00 now 4 (1
1001 I'll ctric Seal Seaif 1.50 now 1.01
1001-i:ieitilo Seal Staif 2 50 now 1.50
1118 sible l'o sCJr( is ni) now 10 00
1110 Sable -'ov. caif S "0 no.v 500
1111 lllue I.)ii Scarf 11 00 now 1000
200 Uliie Ijnv Scarf 12 00 now 8,01
lOOO-lted I'nx Scarf 7.00 now 10)
Mill Mink siarf, lonir tabs ,13 (X) now 2.1.00
6010 Mink Scilf 2300I1OW 17.00
072 Clnniinon Heir lloa, : jds
long .13 00 now 21 00
527 Illack Ileal Hoi, .! jds lonir. 2!) 00 now 11 (VI
H71 Ilrown III ir Ho.i, .1 )ds Ions:. 13 00 now 10 03
SOO Xatnral Oppo-um lloa, .1 )ds
lout; i li 00 now I.0D
799 (liny l'o Una, .1 )ds loin;.. 10 00 now 7.0)
291 Itluo I.jnsj lloa, 3 jds long. IS 00 now 12 00
Furs Repaired. I'uia Manufactured. Haw 1'un
Lisle Hosiery
Oui new lino of hosiery Is notice
able for Its air of quiet elegance.
The gavlv coloiod altair of last
season Is replaced today bv I In
soluble silk stocking in black,
embioideied in dainty coiois ami
Silk hose fiom $1.25 to S2.75
a pair.
Lisle (lace), 50c, 75c, S1.0O.
Embroidered Lisle, 75c, SI. 00,
126 Wyoming Ave.
STProf.O.FTf HEEL.527 Aaflfi
raiiinriDniiu r. uair urnari nurriaiiai in
AmrJri. liutrtalit l rur alto, hj ruall TiVt(kltf
DUttumi. F.lf !. Abutt. Hlood I'oUot. frrruT
vt whi,1 o( nibtoi(i ri-ef( dt ftrifiur(no7
rriTrM-trurttt 4 tt 10 diTt,lll str rrulUulk a irrtl
fQliiai inafieicDnfnii iS snruitUfH urttiisv.?
0pllftl tipf rlt&r la Lrraft7in4 (qr btjak jTri)ltv1l
f - JI..I . .I..1-I..I ... J. M..1I. .ILL. T
lyvaiaa; m9rj mtmhii siiiriti if bih mmww vPri
Scott I; m.