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Special (o (lie Scraiiton Tribune.
I'ltlslon. KpIi. 23. The I'lttntuii choir
t lliiintown riivo uii cntertiilniucnt In
the MclhodlHl KplBcopul church nf
Avooii on the evening of WnshhiBton'B
hlrthilny. They wore assisted by the
zither quartette.
ArraiiKcincnts btivo Just been closed
for a tilp for the local V. M. C. A.
basket bull team to I3iicl.ncll university
nnd Hloomsburfr Htuto uornml Hchool.
They will piny at thu latter nlacc on
the evening of March 111, and at the
former place on the following evonlntf.
Michael Murphy, brother ot Select
Councilman Altirpliy, had one of bin
thumbs badly crushed while at work at
the Unrnuni colliery Friday. The mem
ber was uinputated.
It Is rumored the Luzerne judges will
hand down their opinions next Monday
on the liquor license remonstrances
from this city, uy many It Is thought
the licenses In most cases will be grant
ed but that thqlr possessors will be
severely chastised by tho court and
warned that an offense In the future
will result In the license being i evoked.
Already It I said several of the hotel
keepers lmve been tioubled with guilty
consclnces over having purjiu'ed them
selves to escape the penalty of the law
nnd have made good resolutions for tho
future. '
IJngle Hose company boys have pre
pared a llttlng testimonial of esteem
which they will present to the liiem
beis of the Warwick, X. Y Hose com
pany, whoso guests they were the lat
ter part of last reason. The testi
monial Is a prettily arranged picture
of the Individual members of the Kagle
company In ii handsome frame.
The members of Nugent post, (J. A.
3t aie tit ranging for a nienioilnl day
The pupils of Mr. nben Kvnns, of
Uollcvue, gave a very entertaining
piano recital In the audltoilum of the
Y. M. 0. A. here Saturday evening
i hlch was enjoyed by nn audience of
IfiO Invited friends of the participants
on the programme. The following took
part: .Muud ileinback, Nellie Hull,
Hucluh Snyder, Ksther Fisher. Morti
mer Mullholhiud, Gertrude MneCor
niack, Allen Hairigan, Jessie Walburn,
Aliiry Huntley, the Misses Jones, Hello
Filley, Helen Stiles, Thomas Aloleskle,
Kliznbetlt Howell and Miss llliodit
Hustle, all of thin vicinity, and ICdger
llorsan, of .Scraiiton.
The members of the Welsh Congrega
tional church this morning voted to
ask their pastor, now D. M. George, to
withdraw His resignation, which was
presented shortly after the lirst of tho
year to take effect March 23,
Miss Clara Schmaltz, a nurse In the
lackaw.inna hospital, was a caller
among relatives and fi lends here Sat
urday afternoon and evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 15. Crawfoul and soli
Foster, of Jeiinyn, spent Saturday and
Sunday with. Mr. and Mrs. S.
Trinuu, of York avenue, West 1'ltts
ton. William Klise, a well known young
man who formerly resided here, but
who has been employed-with Joseph
nice, tho AVilkes-Barre bicycle dealer,
for the past year or more, has leased
the stoierooni on South Main street,
formerly occupied by Proud's tailoring
e&tabllsiunent, and will open up a bi
cycle emporium in n ftw days.
Among the business changes which
will lake pi. ice on the West Side about
April 1 will 1)0 the retirement of Victor
D. J-aichsingcr from the grocery busi
ness. Considerable Interest Is taken on the
West Side in the distribution to be
made by the recently elected council
men of tho olllees at their disposal,
namely, street commissioner, chief of
police, and borough clerk. Theie aie
three' candidates for the comnilsslou
ershlp George Winner, who lias held
Ihu olllce.for the seven years, Col.
Hnnuicl Urqii.iiirt and John Tench," an
ex-Pennsylvania Coal company foio
man. It Is likely that George Hall
stead who was recently appointed by
the council to 1111 the vacancy created
by the resignation of Chief of Police
W. I!. Uiehnids, will have stiong op
position when lie comes before the
council for re-appointment at the first
meeting of the new council. Henry
Qerlew and Charles Schooner ver aie In
the race for the position.
Miss Mary Owens and Miss Hannah
Kvnns, ot Uellevue, spent yesterday
and today the guest of Miss JCIeanor
Owens, of llallioad street.
The funeral of Thomas 1). Kearney
took place yesterday from the fitfully
homestead on Market street. Mr.
1 Kearney was for yeais a prominent
blacksmith of this city, but for tho
past year had been an inmate of the
Danville asylum, where he died on
A repoit rrom the hospital this after
noon was to the effect that 1'eter Sen
ecl;, the Sturmervllle I'olander who
was foully dealt with In the Kxeter
mine a week or more ago, has had a
relapse and Is now In a critical condi
tion. Although this city and vicinity was
light li) line for a pood portion or the
Mir snow storm, no serious damage has
u'Hiilted, other than much Inconvenience-
to tho traveling public owing to
he slushy condition of the htieets and
lie blocking of the street car system,
'nrs wont running Irregularly between
hero and Wllkes-Uarre.
The lecture and concert course of
tho West PlttHtun Methodist Episcopal
church wiih brought to a closo last
Friday evening with a concert by the
choir. The programme included ten
numbers four splendid selections by
the choir nnd solos by Miss Carrie
Hughes, Miss Clam I.angford, and
Thomas 11. Williams, and organ solo
by Miss Kyt, the ohm eh organist, and
two readings by Miss Staples, a pupil
of Miss southw ell's cluss In elocution
at Wyoming.
Tho basket ball season will be re
opened hero this week with a game In
W ft V.. if Mil A V -s1i- I
3L JL hito the futureutid tee the condition
to which your couch, if neglected,
will bring you, you would, beet: relief ut
once and that naturally would be through
rf w j sy. Guaranteed to cure Con
Q .la- sumption, Bronchitis,
VUft ti Asthma, and all I.uug
Trouble. Cure Cough and Colds iu a day,
23 cents. Write to Si. C Wixls & Co.,
I.e Roy, N, V , far free trial bottle.
s it. st i n..if .lit fa DliiJ
l"""v " J
t -'' -'"--'
Armory hull between the local Y. M. C.
A. team and tho Ninth leglnient team.
The smallpox quarantine ut Hughes
town borough will be lifted neM Wed
nesday, '
Special to the scranlon Tribune.
Tunkhnnnock, Fob. is. The heaviest
snow storm In many years visited thlH
section on Frlduy night. .Saturday
morning, the snow lay twenty-eight
Inches (jeep on the level, and the labor
of largo gangs of men working all day
long wns necessary to nmku the streets
passable. None of the stages were able
to get In on Saturday, and travel was
generally Impelled,
llev, SYiintiel C. Hodge Is entertaining
Ills mother fiom Krle this week.
Ilanslcr Wall Is seriously 111 at his
homo on Second street.
The German Medicine company gave
I.lttle P.obln Redbreast sat upon a
t'p went the Pussy Cat, and down went
Down came Pussy Cat, away Robin
Says little Robin Redbreast, "Catch
me If you can!"
Fine three other cats.
Solutions for Last
Shiiuliv, I'eb. 17.-Out' boy can be found be
tween the r.iu of tho two gii N, ami one It at
dip elb-.w or" the grill to tho light.
Tur-ilij, IVlj. IS. 1'ctqr llcndtuon can he
fnunil ln'tui en the hell mill (he hn..
WhIiicm1.iv, l'cb. 11'. Prime Homy of I'liiiu.
lis concluding cnteiiainment on Sat
in day evening tit Plait's opera house.
Ex-Sheriff Charles Knupp. of Skin
ners Eddy, spent Saturday iu town.
The funeral of Mrs, Oliver Easton
took place at her late home In Wind
ham, on Saturday afternoon.
James E. Frear and C. O. Dershliner,
attorneys, are in attendance at Su
preme court, at Philadelphia, this week.
Uenjainiu Shook will occupy the J.
Seidell Swisher residence on Plttston
street the coming season.
E. J. Jordan, who lias been ill for
several months past, was able to make
a trip to Wilkes-Barre on Thursday to
consult a physician.
Special to tlit Scranton Trlbum.
Wlnimers, Feb. 2:!. The election in
Jefferson township was as follows:
School director, J. P. Collins; treasurer,
J. AV. Cook; auditor, Joseph Velth;
cleric, O. C Emery; constable, U. E.
Mitchell; judge of election, A. E. Cobb;
Inspector, Jacob Spangenberg; super
visors, John Owens and Christian Ed
luger. John Compton and Theodore
Mitchell, candidates for noor director,
are tie, with S'i votes each, but It is
understood Hint John Compton has
taken out n petition and Is going to
try to have the court appoint him poor
direct or.
A mad dog got Into the flock of sheep
owned by George Feesee and bit thlity
so badly that they hud to bo killed,
Last week tho men of Holllstervllle
killed nine dogs, supposed to be mad.
One escaped.
A Ladles' Mil society was formed
here last Wednesday, February 19.
The following are the ofllcers: Presi
dent, Mrs. 1'krIo; vice-president, Mrs.
W'j. J, Emery; secretary, Mrs. Fred
Dcnulek: treasurer. Mis, A, Emery.
They will meet at tho home of Mis.
William Masters, February -'7.
Mrs. Charles Frlsblo died at her home
iu Lake township, Wayne-rounty, Fri
day morning.
Two Pretty Little Children's Part In
the Coronation,
I'lnlll the l.omlou Pl.-ii.lkli,
All conversation here ultimately
turns to tho king's coronation. One
of the latest and most Interesting de
tails of that loyal spectacle Is the se
lection of the two little daughters of
Lord Uurghclere, piouotinceil "Uur
claii," to attend Queen Alexandra nt
the ceremony, They will servo In the
capacity of train bearers, and two
prettier chlldien for tho distinguished
task could not be found In all Eng
land. The Ladles Juliet and Althea Gard
ner, for their father Is better known
as Mr, Herbert Gardner than as Lord
Uurghclere, are especial fuvorUes or
thu queen, She s fond of liming
them around her, and It was this de
she, together with her eagerness to
delight the childish mind, that dictated
their selection for posts of honor in tho
coronal ion procession;
As Heibert Gardner, Lord llurghclero
sat In the house of commons aa liberal
member for Satfton Wnlden lor many
years. Ho was president of the board
of agriculture dining the whole jcuuru
of ohice of the last llberul government.
His wlfo Is tho eldest sister of Um
Carnarvon. They have one other daugh
ter besides the two who have been hon
ored. Coronation echoes are heard from all
directions. Wo read of children who
have been born In these early days of
coronation year being named Coronlus
nnd Corona. And referring to this
subject of names, n daughter ot sir
'Frnncls Knollyn, private secretary to
the former queen, uinl now secretary to
the king, bears thu name of Louvhnn,
Which Is formed frotn Hid 11. 'at letters
of thu nalneH of the Princesses Louise,
Victor ami Maude.
Sir Francis' sister, the Hon. Char
lotte Knollys has been Qilodn Atoxiiii
drn's companion for twenty years, nnd
will net In an Important capacity at
thu coronation.
Storm Played Havoc with the Mech
anism nnd Stopped the Wheols.
During nil ot the eighteen years that
thu clocks have been In operation In
the court house tower, they have never
suspended operations under such pecul
iar clicunistnnceM as wns the case dur
ing Friday night's storm.
Thu water beat against tlitS faces In
a relentless manner, until finally the
hands became so numb and cold that
the tender heart-strings or the great
machine gave way to the Frost King,
which held the pendulum In Its grasp,
and only after many hours of hard
work on the part of Jeweler K. P.
Gross, was the apparatus placed In
running shape again.
Three of the great clocks are In good
order again, but the one on tho north
Woek'3 Puzzles:
'Iluu-div, nil. 2D The king', inutile is funned
h the honi.s of the nen.
1'ifd.ij. l'cb. 21.--"Hunger i-i the be.-t Mine."
Saliuilay, Pi'li. 22. 'I he liiiele i, under the nw
mill the liimliir is luttteeu the tuv" himl vg
.mil .l.uL )
side of the tower remains silent, with
Its hands pointing to the hour of live,
and will have to undergo ltirther re
pairs before the occupants of the Hoard
of Trade building can depend on it for
When Mr. Gioss was called lo ex
amine Hie worklnes he found them
frozen stllf, and from the licwspaiicr
reports, several clocks in different parts
of the country were similarly affected.
The striking weight of the clock weighs
-.400 pounds, and the time weight 1,1100
pounds. It is no easy task to adjust
them when out of order.
The pendulum weighs B30 pounds, and
is operated on what is known as the
three-legged gravity escapement plan.
Tho system is similar to the great
clocks In the London House or Parlia
Select Council Will Take Them
of Committee's Hnnds.
An adjourned meeting of the select
council will be held on Thursday night,
and some of the members of that
branch declare that if the rallwiiv's
committee does not report on the street
railway franchise ordinances, these
measures will be taken out of the com
mittee's iitnds.
The iiillway ordinances came over to
select ltoni common some six
weeks aso and were let'erred to tho
committee at that time. The commit
tee lias had but one meeting, but Is
ready to report upon one of the ordi
nances, the one awardinsr a franchise
to the North End Street Railway com
pany. Thu other two have not yet been
considered, nor has any effort been
made within the last two weeks to call
the members of the committee together.
Examinations Announced by Civil
Service Commissioners.
The civil service commissioners an
nounce tho following examinations;
March 30 Messenger boy.
March 23, L'G, L'7 For deck olllcer,
coast and geodetic survey.
April 2 For plant pathologist, chem
ist, physiological chemist, analytical
chemist, Phlllpnlno service; ogrosto
loglcal clerk, department of ngi (culture,
April 2, ;i Local and assistant Inspec
tor of hulls, steamboat Inspection ser
vice. Scrnntor. Bowd of Tinde Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100,
Lackawanna pjlry Co,, 1'r. ,
County S.iin4 Hank 4: Tiut Co.,
l'list National Dank (C'.iiboiic!jc) .,
Ihlnl Natlonil II ink
Dime pciodt ami DUcnunt Hank.,
Ik'onomy Light. II. i I'. Co
l'iitt National Hank
l.atk.i. 'ftint .V Safe pciolt Co.,,,
Clark & hnour Co., I'r ,,
t-iuiitoii Savin;; flank ..,,,
Tiailm' National 11 ml; ,,.,.,
Htiaumn Holt & .'.'ul C,i ,
I 'topic's Hank ,
Siuiitoii I'ackiiii; (o ,
tcianton I'atteiiKer Hallway, first
Mortgage, due Ui20
Vronlc'ii hired Hailnay, llri inort-
gaire. dni 101S
Pec-pic' btrcct Hallway, CU-iiend
mortgage, due 1021
fkrJiuon TutUon n jcr cent
Ktoiioiny l.lint, licit & i'onir Co..
Noilh Juscy : Pucoim Jrp to
Hhl. Aikri
10 ...
... 600
Ml ...
MM ,,.
won ,,,
JS :::
SS :::
in .
i ...
in ...
us ...
in ..,
115 ,..
Scranton Wholesale Market,
(Corrected by II. CI. Dal', 27 I.atkawauiu Ao.)
iioui - SL'JJ.
Ilea iu '. Hi.
flutter l'rli iri'Jiuuy, :
BiViaSJlje.: dab, ft!v. '
Chun. )UiJl2c.
l'lftf Nearby, -fOc.
I't'M lr hml.l, 1(1.70.
I'otutoe !' r tm-diol, Wo.
Ouiouj-lW buihcl, 1.W.
lOv.i Juue iieainery,
Theatrical. I
"TIWf'Fli!"" '" ww
Al'AUHMV- Mamie llllltildli romi.iuy. Nlftlit.
HTAII lln Ton HutloMUleri. Afternoon and
M:V AIIMOIIV-I'ailerrwai Nlirht.
"The Bonnie Brier Bush."
The inot nillttle proilititlon ul tlilt nnd in.iuy
llieiililcnl pc.wiiH ttin ttlliicn-eil nt the J'1111"1
tlicittr S.itiinliy iillcinomi inn! nliilit, wlieii .1.
II, Stoitdart iiiie.neil III .Initios MeAltliiii'H dram
ntbnlton if Liu M.H fircu'fl story nl lllirhland
life, "llcifilc the llotuilo llrlcr lludi." It
the inovt nrlUtle lnoiluclloii hciniKe Mr. Slod
dart's nillinr Miipasseil nti llilnic ncen In Serine
ton In many, iiiiny )e.n, ami became the play
It'tlt conic iiocr to nuliire and luuelics the
stilnin ut the beint wllb n softer touch .Hun
anything see of Lite en the American Mairc.
The ttoiy of the ilny U trccly ml.iptcil from
Pi'. W'.itson'n Mniic. Its uvun ure laid In the
IIIkIiI.iiiiI ll!.ii;e of l)iiunlnbl), ami it tcllx (be
ntory of I lie liaietoiniatlun of ,l,.n hl.m C.iiiipbcll,
nn old v'iotih ."liccp fiiruiei. He It n cold, haul,
idem man uiicii the pl.ij opcin, brllolnir In the
strict letter i.f the Iik, iuiiJi'Ioik only ot HfcN
bitter le.llltiii. Ho im ii s ,il in heart ultlilll
but be ithiM l no il.arro to break thronah the
coating of piety In which It Ii tie
With blin Hi ci bis only ililld, hli diUKhter
I'lora, who I" cm li ih the apple of lilt ee and
IiIh miiiI'r only ilellirht. Mre ben u ynuiur, no
hleuiaii, l.oid Duuild ll.i.v, ng.iinst lirr l.lllicr'n
will nnd limirJcH him iiccoidlnir In the Sconh
rile when he Is eilled nway lo London. The
"Cloud net dl(hw bcr writing n letter lo hii In t.ondiiu. Liichlau liuiM her suircp-tltlou-ly
(.enilliu; the lain- by "Po-lc," the
m.illni.iu, nnd te.nliii; It fiom hr, li'.ul It. Ill
the loiter t-lie lefrrt to "our cectit." inc.iiilni:
flic liinrii.tge, Ifir fithei deiiiande to know whit
the hctirt U, an. I when i-he lcfiM". to till him.
he ui'lip" 'he hat loiunillted what i In bin
mind the one uuuidouable yin.
In n burst of ai.tce p.i-ion he diiwi her fiom
hoiiie, ami taking Hie llible down he take? his
pen to Mi.iUh fiom It the reiord of her liiith.
Illi boihood'n lileiid. Dr. MiCliue, veks to
M ly his hand, but I.rIiI.iii dilvis liim from the
hoii-e, too, mid blots out flora's name from
the -ailed liook. 'i'lini, icnscioiis (f bis own
loneliness .mil lemcmheiinx hii ikinmhtei',. love,
be repiuts and puts a candle hi the window
lo Kiilde hoi liome .main, weeping pivlotiatily
the .hlle.
The Ihlul net 'hows him still walllin; bir le
turn after thue months, wllh a mhiovv most
profound. 'I lie nicer of stenuiCNS lias been
w.i-bcd nway and tli true Liililm f'.iiupbeil
ktands foilb, kind, jrcntlp, and hn.ible. The
ihuabter icliuns to lier father and In r hii-hand
nnd the Dual i ml. nn falls as the foinur writes
iu the old llible the winds, "1'lni.i r.iuipln.11,
who died ard who jel lives.
TIil, in luiif, is tlie sloiy of the jihij thai
biouiiht tens Into the ejes and nioved the
heats of htiniiicds on Satiuday, but wnuts caie
not pletiue the Inde-rilhililo ilium and he.iuty
of (he idcie nor convey the sllivhti.-l ide.r of
the woiahiful acllnt,' of .Mi. t as
Canilihell. 'I lil, din. old vetciJii of the ,tago,
who LcUhr.ltid his sevcnlj seventh birthday a
few week, into, -tamped bis ih iiaiteuVatioti with
Hie inipics of -oiiietliin? more than genius and
lilted it In a plane far .ihove the level uf Hie
1 Hirer pan of modem day ncllnir.
The ti.'iirie eiandcur and solemn luipic-beiien,
of his aetlirg in the groat Me'ins in tire i-cioriil
nil when he dthes bis ilaunhter liom his home
could nut be sinpr-ed. Ih, oiee lang clear
and tine with all the Ihe nnd igov of joutli.
Wondeiliill.v pilbetle was his srilcf when he
-ie, I'loi.r's -uiiboiinet on the e hair- and kisses
It and when he tails on the table in an out of pa,Momlc sohblui;. Tinder beyond de--eriptlon
w.r, hi, sonow .u lie la,pcd little
-Maiy, the neiijlihoi'., child to hi, nuns and eiied
fui his "nritln-ilrssj bairn." Smrly thi, eharac
teiirtion cntitbs Jtr. Stoddirt in' the lr-t c.u
uf bis -blue eaicer to a place with the very
greatest of the world's llilnif .utors.
Sec nnd oul.v to .Mr. Sluildait'ii work wa, that
of lteiilien l'a a, Alesanoer MeKettilck, the
postman with an ovei-foiulm,-, for ehildien and
ftronir drink. It I, not extravagant jiral-c in
.y tint Sir. P.r'.s actins i, one of ihe finest
ihaiacter hits ever been in this iltv. .lohn .Ion
rilnies realized fulls the ios,bllltles of Doctor
MeCluie, a vrusjeon of the old ,i bool. The' fe
mile iliii.uleis woie fiankly not iu Mirlr loin
pelcnt hand,. linn l.t Picric1, wlio has been
.-ecu hcie before as the linoine in "Way Down
l-it," was the I'loia Lainphcll. The role is
(jtille hevond bcr capabilities.
'Ihe iiiiiuiitiiin was Miperli, especially that of
the thlid ael, showiuir a nliiup-p of .r Siolih
muoii at nightfall. A lining innovation was in
troduced ill this act. The stage1 Is giadiully
d likened from the lime the curtain rise, until
at near the end of the act the faces of the aclois
cannot he distinguished. X,, light was
turned on, and Sir. Sioddait went II. rough one
of his strongest -eenes in practical ilirknes.
. n elloil will be made to scuiie a leluin cn
gagcmenl. of the pl.ij, and If It comes hcie again
lit no one stay nway because of a fear of Siotch
dialect. 'Ihcre Is dialect to lie sine nnd plenty
of It but It is- all iiiidoitatulab!e ami only adds
tu the ili,irin of the piodirctioii,
Pnderewski Recital Tonight.
'Ihe advent uf PadeievvsM, the vv.iild'.s ruo,t
fiuroiis .mist at tiro New Armory thi, evening
is an event which in the in liter of luipoituiiiv
f.u oveisluelovv, of any artist who lu, ever
before come to thi, illy. 'I be Inlciest shown
uinl the piliou.igo grven by our people
to other greit aitisls who have appealed line
ha, attracted allciition to oui city mid It is lids
which iiiadc Ii poihle to lulu,; lids great
musical mister here at this time, when either
title, me 1 1. miming tor his appearance. 1'aeltr
evvski come, diicet Horn Kevv iiirl:, where ho
gave Ids second recital ul fin m trie ball on Sit-
unlay hcfoie an niidieueo vvblib illhil Mils eu'.it
ball lo it, capacity. Ills lecejillotr wn, iu the
natllle of an ovation n ml tlie I' .,r 1.1.
auditols knew no bounds. 'I ho New- Ym I; IleiaM
spcai.s or ii a, rue event o tlie sei.son Iu tlie
way of mi aitistio succc-.-. Pailerewskl'n retep
tluli in S, r.mtoii will tin socli n, will ioil.l ,
upon eitu loving people mid Ihe brilliant
audiincc wlili Ii will greet him, not only repic
unllng Siijnton but eveiy cll.v and town lit
Noillle.rstelll PetlllsV Iv.lllt.l will til.ltn tl- nil ntpnl
long tu be leiuenibeied. Tho auangcnicnls at
the nimoiy uie such us will in ike it ,i commit
us well a, n pleasure for all and lho,e who rue.
piescnt will be able to see mill hear lo, advantage.
A limited number of seats have ln'cn set usiihj
for which a ginei.i admission of T.'i ceuU will be
eli.iigcil. 'ibis will glvn those an opportunity
tu In ai (he nit 1st at .1 populai luiee, who
loiihl not othrrvvJM1 attend. To avoid the lu.-h
at the Ijo cllne these I lei, els cm be pine il.lse. I
at Pciwell'n Jliisie store, eomiueiiclng at !l o'clock
this inclining.
Ample tieeonunodillons will be piovideil by the.
Sei.rnton Hallway company and rutin iar,s maiked
"Aimnr.v" will run fiom Die eonlial tlty and
roiiucrt with cars and Incoming trains oir ui
lalliumU Trains en Ihe Dehvvair, Laikavvaniia
nnd H'c.lcin mad, r.oith ami south, will stop al
all stations after tho conceit and the special
lates flour all points or, the Delavvaie and Hudson
will ueioniniodatu people flour up and doivu
ihe v.illu.
Mann nnd X,ipman.
I.oul) Mum and Clara Llpmaii will be at tbo
Lyu'iuu fur u sccouVl visit on Tuosdiv eviiilng,
and they will, of eiuiiso, be seen Iu "All on Ac
i omit of Ultra," which made such u Milling lilt
l.eie cm its fnimcr visit, that local pl.ivgocin
have ilainuied for anotlicr view ot it. Mr,
Leo l)ililcli3tclu, lu author, has tinned over a
new leaf iu play-wilting; and laifc-tomcd) nets
iMliiKiibhcd ur IhU most anublug, but wholly
ligltliuale diaiu.i, ( tu "Tiiephoiie Olrl,"
"(Hill flour Paris" and till cither girl-. In "All
on Account uf l'.lliu" Mi. Mann and lij l.iie
nun luve tlie best cntcilulmiicmi of tlieii ciicht,
ami il i Jilst as whulis'iiiio as it U luuiiy. Seats
now leads,
Andrew Maclt,
Ainlii-w Haek' new play, "Tom Mooro," whleli
was wtlttcii for hinr by Theodore Uurci Isajie,
will luvv lis Hut local liurlng ut the Ljccuni
oif Wediiihalay, inatliiro ami night. Thu manage,
incut r.ptct that lids new Irish play will be in
lo.Milly ireeivcel iu vv-a the IiIJi poet for whom
It I lUUH'd. as it nuika J deeldul ilcpaitiue from
the kt.vle of litth drama which we have been pro
scntul with fur the last half century.
Slack should be a itt'r(ec-t Jlooie. He will slnifu
numlirr of Sleuur's soiijh during the net ion ot the
play, 'the sale of aeatu openj tbU uinruliig; for
4' Lines 10 Cents
IMoreTImn Pour Lines, ,1 Ccnt.i for t-ncli Uxtrri Lin;.
For Rent.
1011 HUNT April 1st, utoro and rooun, fotnnr.
Iv nrritpleil bv Clnrl; Pros', merit in.nkel, lilt
North Main nvciuie, liiqulic of Michael llnlland,
-I'll .Main nvemre.
liOltMi: roil HUNT-tin) Mulhcny stieet; all mini
mi Impinveiurnts, Impilro II. Mose, -II
Wyoming avriiue.
KOIl ItLNT-rivo uinl f loom fills with bath,
strum heat, gas, runae, dr., fiom Aptil 1st.
Call rail.r. Hcnl ieaotiable. I'red V. Hand, lll
Sliilbens fUrct.
I'OII HUNT Plum rtprll 1, Flore loom cerupleil
by llublii Diamond Co.. 21'i Liicknvvmina ne
unci nlm Hoor above. Apply loll Sjinleiwn
nvi nue.
I'OI! IIIIN'T 11-ionm house near 1'iulutyvlllc.
lileni'M IncMtlon for the niininer; good
p.tsluio for boises, Apply 1S0S S'jndcison aveirue.
1101'Si: N'o, (III X, Washington irvenue, "oilier
Pines-lied, 11 looms nnd lutli; all iu tierfect
order. Aiply nt iW7 Linden sttecty
I'OH IIKXT Cornel sloie Xo. "M lalekiiwuiiim
avenue, Abo dwellings above. Appl to
(loldsiiillb Pros., !i(i Lackrwanna avenue.
I OH HUNT Stole loom on second floor over .'It')
f.uikaw.inu.i .iv c line. Plate glass hunt. In
"liilie of Krnlo-I.y Pros.
101! HIIXT I'ronr April 1, htiltdlng now occu
pied by the Dickson Milling Co., No. W
Lack.iwanii.i avenue. W, P. llo.vle. Council Uldg.
HAM' DOCIILi: bouse, CHS Harrison avenue, M.
Also half elouble house, 100S Pine stieet, !17.
Possession now. Apiily U'l llnnlson avenue.
For Sale.
1, (lOil.ciil STOC K in it corporation now earning
large dividend,, ami srue Co lucteise lapldly
111 pi Icr. Addicss lllg Pivideiids, 'Jribune olliie.
I'OII SAM!- I'liinlluie for sl looms; evcij thing
needful for one stinting housekeeping, veiy
irasonabli1, on account of leaving city. Mu-t be
sold befoie Jhiielr 1. L. (!., Tillnme olllce.
CAItPIHs, linoleums and oil cloth, -old ivei.v
day :i ii'ilnil, .VIS Lackawanui. fc'ee auctlo'ls.
f.ACI! cl'IITAINH-SfW pairs l.nic.v Cuilalm al
aiictloii. .Vis l.icl.iwauna aven'ie. See auc
tions. I'OII SAI.P- I'ltie l.lnclling wood, stove1 length.
Two dollnis big load deliveied nuvvvheir.
Mail .irileis-. .lenuiiigy, Mine, nil. lso
-einnd hand lumber suitable for all purp'.s"s,
vcr.v elreai.
I'OH SALL Two Uaht spring wagons and some
hainos, eheaii. Kvans, rear 11J'' Lu.einc
POP S ALP Cheap: hoise,,, spring wagon and
harness, at Xo. l2ii Ced.u avenue.
Boarders Wanted.
l'KIVATi: PAMILY wishes to have two nl'-e men
to bond, (,'cinitn or Knglisb. Call any time
alter Tlraisda'. All convciuciiccs, 07 U.llrl-Oil
Wanted To Buy.
WAVnil) TO 111 Cish pild for second hand
gialn tacks; will also Imv sceond hand bar
rel,. New telephone So. 1 1 07. The (Juacken
bush Sloiage Warohou-c Co., Iliidgc St., ciipuslto
das house.
IFurnisliod Booms.
I'OI! HI'.XT line fiiiuihed rooiii, with linpiovo
mcut,; also unc cur lliiitl Hoc:', cheat). (i7
Adams avenue.
KUltN'ISIILD HOOMS for rent, modem Improve
ments; piivatc family; geirtlenien preferred,
at R17 Adams avenue. x
l'Olt PKNT rurrrlshcd front loom, with heat,
bath nnd gas; near court house; gentleman
preleucd. Addiess lloom, llo 2U'l.
rOlt IIP.XT rumislird loonr; heat and hath.
bCo Linden street.
runXISHI'.l) ROOMS TOR Itr.XT. with heat, pai
and bath, gcntlenien pielerred, at 5-,9 Adams
Money to Loan.
LAHCii: Oil SMALL amounts. Prompt Is made.
Inleiesl .1 per ccnl. Okcll, Attorney, Lo.rl
I'xehangc building.
straight loacs or Puildiug mid Loarr. At
front 4 lo 0 per cent. Call on X. V. W'a'tker,
Ull-tilo Council building.
bolli the iiiatiuee and evening
rial in it luce at 2. 1.1.
peifiHinuiees. Spe-
Tlm Murphy.
A thcatiical event of the first importance is tho
appeal. line al the Lvccum neU Thui-daj niglit
of Tim Sliuphy in hU Litest suites, "A L'aplCol
Cornells," u new play by Paul Vv'IMnih. This
cll.v i, one of tlie lir-t to see the ciu.ilnt e oui.
edlan In his new creation. Ile.wlll piescnt "A
Capitol C'onieds" Willi Hie ficrli scenery, fiirni.
tine and furnishings of Its first niglit, siiiiouuded
h.v .1 rrolable of pl.iver, irr their oiiglual
role.,. .Mr. .Minpliv's eluraelcr I, a blcmling of
liimior and hmn.iii sticngth, quizzical and spun
Inneous Its its fun, eonvintlng and sjinpilbello
in II, film slutc'it.v.
'Hit1 tule was not wilttcn lo (It Mr. Aliuphv,
though it was w l ltd 11 lor him. lie n utlrul.n ly
asked that his pci.sonal and temperamental char,
alter istlts bo not considered, lie wanted In lit
hlui-clt to the. role, so as to pttsnvc1 ihe propor
t Ion mid the liatuialucs of tlie mlglinl poitr.ilt
Bon Ton Burlesquers,
The popular ciaze nowadays Ins tinned hour
ill. light vailety In gq;iil clean biulescpre, and with
tho Idea or i.iteiing lo this taste,, 51 linger l;d,
I'. lln-li submits bis Hon Ton ItiuleMpiers fot
public Mlppiov.ll ut the Slur lod.rv.
Tlie.pleir de re,staneu is the1 "l)ane Du Oil
cnl.i," in life Ii forulecir handsoiui1 vvonieu ills-
pl.iy their ability mid aglllly In this famous
Parisian ainusemeiit. Hie entertainment also in
cludes specialties by a number of stellar lights
of this partleiil.u1 bunch of the piofcssloii.
The liisl tun Is "Dora I'lora" and thu burlesque
Includes "The Hon Ton (llrls Ku Tour." .Mat
inee tod iv.
Willie Collier may tiy unci write a play for
hhiisclf for nt!t season.
( hatles I'luhmaii is s.ud lo have tbliteeu eoiir.
p niles now pl.iving in Lugland.
Ilelaseo Is going lo ill c mate Ids new Itrpuhllr
tbr iter. In New Yoik, hi the LouU XVI stsle.
Tbo lome'd.v by .Martin Motion, whleli Jacob
Lilt has accepted for Willie (.'oilier. Is to be
called "The Dlplonial."
IMward II. llo-c Is irpottrd to bo haul at
woik fir Huston uii the music for III, new liable
id eoiuecl "Ping I'ong."
The Rjji have sold "A Hot Old Tune" to (im
Dill for n siiui said to be !s.'il,fwi.), mid will be
under bis iiianageiuent after Slay 1,
The Svvln or Papal (iuaiil, which bai rlited
since the lllleenlli cciilmy, will bo ph lined In
Sllldrrel llullainl'ii new play, "The Lady and
the Prince." The inrinbew of (ho guild wear
the s.iinc uiilfoiui now as the n.
Mr, Cleveland's- Democtncy,
A lady who knew Mrs, Cleveland nullr well
mei her ul thu Hi mil Ceutial station iu New
York, icce'Ully, Itlrly laden dowrr with ptieeds.
"Vuil look like a leal olcbfashloirecl Santa
Cltus," sic jld In .Mis. Chicljiid.
'Oh, no, not qultr that." was the lepl.v, "lor
I have nut toss iir ur.v parcels; they urn till si
with fi lilt, that 1 am taking oui to whero I um
stasiug, because they ate veiv fond uf thesse pu
tlculur ihtiiipi and I hey can't be had oui ibe,e,"
Mu-ti Sir. Cleveland left thy Haiti bcr Uii'iul
thought that she would give pica vine to the
IjiuUciiH'ii by telling him that lie had "ciitcila'u
cel aniti'l uiiawaiei."
Si) ghu said, "Did sen !' that lady on ll.o
platfotm Willi all those parcelst"
"Ye.." said be, "what ot her"
"Tliat's Mm. Cleveland." The nun rcftued Iu
believe bcr. He ruuld not believe Hut the 'vifu
of the vx-Proidcul, almost struggling wllh iar.
ccL', would bo traveling alone in an ordluaiy
djy coach. Fueh simple democracy pasted hU be
lief February Ladles' -Home Journal
Want AclvortlBimenls Will Bo
Heceived at Any of tho rollow
lnp Drug Stores Until 10 P. M.
Central City
ALPKllT SClIUbTZ, rorner Mulbcrr
trcet and Webster avenue.
ClllSTAV PICllllL, KO Adaiiu avenue.
West Sido
aL'Oltai! W. JllXltlXS, 101 South Mala
South Scranton
l'illlD L. TUUPPi:, T29 Cedar avenue.
North Scranton
OKO. W. DAVIS, eonrer Xotth Mt.'n
venue and Sfarket ctrcet.
Green Itldgc
CHAIII.LS P. J0NT3, 13J7 D!ck3on
uv curie.
P. J. JOHNS, KM nicen lthlge ilrcft.
C. LOHPN'Z. corner Waslrlirgton ave
nue and Slulon ttreet.
V. H. KXIlITIlf., 1017 Irving avenue.
J. 0. DOXU .t SOX.
Help Wanted Male.
IIAIIIIi:i! APPHHN-I iciw'tV VVlfriTNt'vv'liienn.d.
linlv elgiit weeks reitilred to i ompieie.
Wages .-.riirnlais. I'oslilons, gitnanleeil wlrni
llllollgh. ( alaloglle mailed (lie. Motel's Col
lege, .ISO (anal sucet. New Aoik cllv.
WAN I'lill-1 lu-tler; tcmpoiaiy po-liion; n i
c.irva'slng: good iiaj. Aihbcs (ilolie, 7.'.;
Chestnut sltect, Philadelphia, Pa.
Help Wanted Female.
i Wanted Saleslady 1
jj I'm our I allies' Sun. is Shoe Hi pa. Iiicnt, H
M thoi'iugh nnessiiy and let- tj
S ciciiicj leiiuiicd. SWITI II Hill),. J
LADY CAXVAS-LIt wauled lo solicit subscrip
tion, fci 'Hie Tribune; good commission ot
fered with a fall' for lust-class woikiv.
Apply peisonallj at Uitsiness Slan.njei'i, eillite,
bet. mli, 11 Tirhura1.
WANTLD Us a good gill (u do bon-cwork m
pirvate tatulls ; only small lauill;. pain;
good wage, need leplj. Addicss 11. s.', Tribune,
WANTLD Girl for gcueial housework at Dalton.
Address II. T., care Tribune.
Recruits Wanted.
WAX! Ill) I'OH L S. AUMY Able bodied un
married men between the ages oi J1 and 111;
cithccits of Ihe Culled stales, of good chaiattn
and temperate; Libit, who eair speak, i-ad and
write Liisll-1'. l'cr lufoiinaliou uppb In lleciuit
ing Olhce, Xo. J.5 Wyoming avenue, Suaulo.1,
Situations Wanted.
POSITION WA.VILD Pails In M.iuh, by a .miiia;
gill, iu a ('In l-tluii I.iiiiIIv, ns seeoiiil 'iil,
01 lo take tali' of elilldicu. l'llll piltlculau
ma be exchanged at T I li lliiiison aviiiiic, ills-
SiriATION UANTLD-Hilght boy want, woik,
for after school and .ituidav.s. Addle:., ti.
P. 11., Tllbuui' olliee.
sril'A'IION ANTi:i)-An fYpiiliTic-el men's
fmiilshing good, in. in ileslie, po,ltiuu. cjod
icfcienec. Address .. X., Tiihime olhec.
A (,001) liiith iK'-iiCsT situation doing Iioii-c-woik;
good cool;. Addica, SI. C,, Tillnme ot-
HlllCillT HOY wants woik for after school mid
hiliiula.v-. Addles S. P. IL, 'lillumo ofliie.
SITIA'IION WA.YIT.D-ll.v a .voiiug man In i
cicamci.v or skiuuning station; ovct two
.veals' e.Nperienec1; letiicneo. W. II. ('0111,110.1,
Dilnkn, l'j.
sriL'ATION SNTLD-OculIciueiiV l.nmdiy. -.o d
on coloicd shuts. nil Llosd sunt, lip
Hoot ; iflcielice.
SlTl'ATION WAN"li:i)-.s prli.ilu cu.icl.uiau 01
cue or hoi-c; cvpcriniee and lofeiciui'. Ad-die-.,
O. K., 'J illume oillec.
SI I CATION WAYITIp Hy a uuug m.iii a
eo.ichmair for a doc lot or'dilvlug le.uo.
rnileislauib can1 ol lioiuc.s. Win. T. Walkei, ll.iv
117, Dl.i plum. Pa.
MII'Ni; SUN want, woik lu bulcher lui-iii.,-,
leu seal, espi'iieiiie'. .vppiy iiiu i,viitl ave
SI I CATION ViANii:i)-lls a good honest gill al
gineial houscwuek iu small piivn.c fauills.
Aelehcs Ml-J SI, It. I'oul, (leneial Dilivei.v, Cits.
Ml CATION WANTLD-Youiig matt desire, silu-
lllioll .Is luokkccpci. Ilxpellineed, (ioodin.
I'lciiccs. Address II, (i., e.110 of Si'i.inton Trllitmc
AN HM'lllllll.MIC LI) woman wishes a position as
hiiiisckccpil or light liiitiscwoih, Can It ncn
ut Aillugloir llolcl.
srrt'ATION ANTi:il-lls all mound black
smith, uoitcshociug a specially, Cuhuuu
Hoienk, liar toil Pltltsiou avenue.
HIXIMID, cdiicaled .voiiug wouiati want, cui
plo.vmcnt; any one dcsltlug her servicer ru
any way address C. 11., Tilbimo oillec1.
CAlll'll'IS, oil cloths mid llnolriuus solel everv
elas .'I o'clock shaip, .V)b Laek.iw,inu i iiu'imo.
See unctions.
AUCITON todav and every clay mull sold out, si
car-load, Paii-AiuerUau eo.sltiou fiiiriituiii
and linen, eoii.l.-l ing of tables, iron ami brtsi
bed! complete, dics-eis, n.uoil plceei llucir, blank,
its, pllloM.1, coiuilei panes, pillow1 rates, ItiweU,
etc.; large cpianlils carpels and lice imialns,
(aineU sold every diy It o'clock simp at &0S
Laekawamu avenue. Cimuuluga lliu,., Au
lloriee'it. v
Wanted Hooms'aiul Board,
WAXI'LD Two (biiiniimlcitiui; looms with bnn I.
privmo family pufined. Two ladle, mil .1
ginlh'iiiaii, state full pattlculais. Addios C.
II. 1),, Tribune oillec. s
LOST .Monday evenrnv;. I'cb. 17, between U.vo
ruliin iiviuue unci Washburn tlrect, an uval
brooch containing gilllh'lilJli', phluic. I'oi'lei
ph'.ne 1 elm 11 lo or notify Sllsa Parsons, 117 'iuu
llcmli stieel.
Heal Estate,
I'OH SAI.i: Xcw hoiuei 011 t'oiiiell slice I, Huuu I
Woods Patk; uioile'iir liiipiovcmmlt; ra..
terms. Apply to Spring lliuok Lumber i'o., or
P. b. M'oodhoa-e.
l'Olt SAI.I.' At Clark's Summit i a pla.e of II o
unc-, housu and b.1111, good milt: cheap for
cah. Inqulio uf Mrs. 1.. l.ludiay, 1111 Xortlr
Slain avenue, illy
PHOro.-sALS will be 1 derived by live undcMi.'iud
for the Jinlloisliin uf llu) Sluuuuu SleihueUsi
Lplse-opal eliuich from 1'ebimij I, to prll 1.
irreliuive John
1' ltaudi'lplr, M.t Suulli ll)'Je
Park avenue.
.' I I
3 Insertions 25 Cents
ftlori Tin t Paur Unci, 0 CenU for rtacli lUtrJ l.ltt),
Ccrtlflcd Tubllo Accountant.
Ilulldlng, and fit. Paul building, New York.
Pstato Lxthaneo nielg., 12(1 Washington ve.
Civil and Mining: Engineers.
uii. c. d, i:im:xhi:hoi:h, i-auli huildixo,
frprucc street, Kcl anion.
nn. a o. laOhach, its wvosiino a'vcnuk!
lloonu 12, n, 10 and 13 Ilurr Ilulldlng.
li.llccl on real eoCate seeurllv. Mcars Ilulldlng,
comer Winliligtun avenue .unl Spiutc sliect.
Wll.LAIlD, UAItlll'..V& "KXAI'T'rAlTtmxin'l
mid eoiiu.ollnis-al-I.iw. Hcpiihliean llulltllnif,
n.lrington nvenn-.
JIXSUP k JCSSIJI', A'lTOHNIS "AND (.Ot'X-Mllors-ar-lavv.
L'omiuenwe.ilth lliuliling, ltowni
VI, !!ll nnd 21,
1:,W')"f) w. 'iiuyi:ii. A-i-ronxi-.Y.
DC-col, OH, flffl11 j,Jr, i.u.t.lln-.
'" A- WAT,":s- ATTOHXHY-AI'-LAW, I10A11O
' '""le Ilullding. raiitcin. Pa.
PA?"f!:,0,'". wilcox, ''ni.LTrTxATioxiiit
"an1: Hulldlng
,iv.. m:,l r0M'. oi-iTui'rsiiTniD "tocl
211 Wyoming uvrn1!-.
Pliysiclnns and Surgeons.
DP. W. P. ALLIIN, 31J Mill I'll WASHiNarOS
nglo:i aveiu.'.. lle-sidcnee, I3H Slulbcriv.
( olsca'cs. lu.rgs, bcail. kldnes an I
ginlto-uiinaiy organ' a speLlalti. Iloun. 1
to 4 p. in.
-EToteln and Restaurants.
mi: 1:1.1; cut, iri and ur phanklin avi:-
uuc. Hates tea-enable,
1'. ZII:om:h, Proprietor.
sengcr depot. Conducted on the L'urope.10
Plan. VICTOR KOCH. Proprietor
cc-j pools; in sjor; ,,til.v improved pumps ueil.
A. II Hrigg,, iiroprietor. Leave orders 1100
North Main avenue, or Hlcke's drug store, cor
ner Adams ami Slulbeuy. lloth telephones.
ermen, stoic 2U1 Washington avenue; gice'i
lrin:es, IWU Xoith Main avenue; etoto tele
phone, 7S2.
Wire Screens.
josni'ii kui:tti:l, hi:ah an lacka. . avi:.,
Sctauiou, Pa., manufacturer of Wire Screen!.
also ladies waisUs. Louise blrocnrakcr, -I J
Adams avenue.
iii:o.iiu!:i: into--., piiixtiuis' suppuns. r.x-
velopcs, puier bags. Ivvlne. Waicuoujc, 1JJ
Wasliltigtcii avenue, Scranton, Pa,
thi: wii.KKs-H.uiiti: hklohd can hi: had
ill bciatito.i at tin1 new; stands of
' Hin . I()il tlluce and Mi Linden, SI. Norton,
Hi l.aikiw riina avenue; 1. .S. chutzcr. 211
Epiuic street.
Business Opportunity.
s",,ikii)(I(I SHKK lu n lu-t clis. banking iiistilu
linn with .1 luge capital .end .111 ecvp' ion Illy
line btisine-i-, 0 lining luge dividends. Addte-s
Hank Sloek, 'liibiiui otlke1.
sJ.VkI.ih) WILL bus an inine-l in a bmhp-s
N thu will p.1.1 hiinlsonii'lv ; Ihoioush invc.l
gallon. Aehhes,' pioilt-. Tiihiine orilce. '
STOi Iv M) Mli:AT lltVDKHS wltliotit delay.
VVirtc 101 our market letter. 1'reo oil
appltcillnn. S. M. Illbbnid & (.0., nien.liiri S..
. L.iisu1iiI.iIii1 mid Moel, sschaiigc. 41 and. hi
lliuadivas. New oik. H-iahli-hed l-'il. Lp:i
Disi'nct1' Phone 2.1S llroad.
ASION'ISIIIMJ lll.-l Lis m lemuvliu lac' il
hii ml-lu's, .Minkh'. siuillpis idtllu'., scaia,
livn spurs, lie kles, piuiplis. blilliiutil.s. wilt,
liioh's; pellii.ilie UlU lilil'ived guillM cd; f.1,11 1
made hi'.imllul ,"id llflei'ii 1,1 llilnv veir, .vonnji 1
with oil" sclent illr 1 lei 11I1 i.iatiui'ut, I'.i.i SI,
Hctre'l, llniii.iiologi-i, .Ml l.nkavv nun avemr,
,fS. tC, -. -V .-, IX'W'sll'sSsl.'VS' w s4v'vwv,t
Hill. I MAII-M Ul njilhs that wl,h cm bo
.( U I v nut iHiiuiuiiitl.v ceiled of all .ii.
lie-lie, ol Itbeiuuillsin bv 11 ve.-cllhle i-ollip nil. I.
( rrrcs guai.iulei'il. Iniiulii1 or addle-, .1. I.. 'Pay-
lot, sl lliUioll, ;
Eooms nnd Board.
HOOSls. '10 'llll.vr, with board, Ml Slulberry
ttiect. . '
s-.s.',..' s -
Till! AN'M'VI. nieillng ol llu1 stoekholdrl.s of-lho
Laekawiinna lion .iiicl slrel ( ouisiny lor tho
election pf Dins tors and tl uwiuli'ii nl such olh r
business us liuv tuopclls come IHoie Ihe i.teel.
Iru will be bcld 111 Ihe olliee ol Ihe Conuiali;,
Kiiom Wri ( uimell lUillilina, in Ihe Ciy 01 snail
ton, Puiifsbaiila, en cslue-das , SIjicIi .1, ion.',
at 2 o'clock p. in. The1 poll, v. Ill lim.ilu cpu
for 0110 hour. 'Ihe uaiishr hook, will be closed
011 lebiuais '-''h I'tW, mei icope-ned on SUicli'H,
pjo.'. ,1. P IIHIHIN'SON, seen tat'.
Seianton, Pa I'cbriins '.1), ll.
NOI'ICi; Is hnib.v given that mi application fljl
bo liuile In the (iovcliior of Pcuinslvaiilaoii
Wediusiliv, Um Hub dis "' M.111I1, D. 1,',
by Allicil I". Tiauiwcin, Aieuirr 11. iiiuri, nror.
rcn A. sluitei, 1'i.iuk lliehaid nnd (icoige ,M.
Laiibshiie1, nndei the Acl of Assinihlv of ll.11
Conriiioiiweallh of Pniji.slianla, iiitilli'd ''An
Act 10 provide for the Incorporation uinl 104,11
latloti of icil.illl eoiiairalloics," appi nved
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sale ol cbnu'cul piodercls, and foi tlievsc purpciVl
tu hive, possess) and enjov all the lights, hcnrjHl
and privileges of Hie Act if Asseiubly and ltd
WM. W. lATHHOPi:, Sollilloi.
Scranton. l'ii. J I, ims.
i:sTYl'P. cf William M. Sllkinau. l.ilc of Ihu illy
uf Snuntoii, eouuty uf Lackawanua, stale, of
Piiilivlvmila, deceased.
I.elttisi ol Inn upon the alepve' luuifd
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lv I.OIIi:.S.0 (I. LUIAH, Admiiiittiator,
.'10 lluaid 01 Trade lliilldiug.
' Scrautonul'i.
Vllonu'Ss for lIate,
Tiek-lirs National Hank Ilulldlng,
inantun, Pa.
sLU.I.D I'ltOl'O-U.N will be icieived Im
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