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run uonr.nK itAnutVAnn stoiw.
Ih on the price ami that la so
limited there la not much of
It left. Uvery CHAFING
1)1811 In the house la marked
clown. The $5.00 dishes ro nt
f3.25 tmd nil others In pro
portion. See window.
C-r. Sir l- In
IJ9 N. "Washintrton Ave Q
tiii: r.Mii,v niivntt. havi: jm
ever liccn In our store to pro (lie ninny
thins vo lute to m.ikc jour infniit
nnd children well ilrr--ed nnd rem
tortable. If not, It will repay you to
Rite us a little of your time.
10 Spruce Street,
Picidont, Cjr-us D. .lom..
Vuc I'iciident, O. V. Hcjnulils.
Cjslilor, II. M. lies.
Cj rus .Tones.
(!. 1". Itejnolds.
'JIlOS. Spi.lglle.
V. 0. l'lilton.
SI. .7. lle.ile.v.
C. C. How.
M. 1'. Cuter.
A. It. Warman.
Itirhard O'llileit.
P. I J. M'oolvVOltll,
T. C. Von Stoich.
SMimiel bJinter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Y'. Fowler, nC Mon
roe avenue, Green Jtldse, gave a danc
ing party at their homo Saturday night
In honor of Miss Shole, of Now York
i'lty. The receiving party amis made up
of Mr. and Mrs. Fowler, Miss Fowler
and Miss .Shole. Tlrt guests were the"
Misses FaiTcr, Becker, Van Fleet,
Uronson, Fowler, Koblnson, Mitchell,
Dunham, Okell, Bishop, Pierce, Frey,
Sherman, Boyd and the Misses Knight
and King of Plltston, Miss Courtrlght
of Clark's Green and Messrs. Xyo,
Okell, Kldred, Pletre, Pickering, Close,
Fowler, Wolf, Edwards, Dunn, Os
borne, Davis, Dunham, Courtilght and
lUclmrds of rittslon.
The house was decorated In a very
artistic manner. It was a very enjoy
able function.
The following ladles fiom Paik place
enjoyed a sleigh ride to Peckvllle
Thursday where they were entertained
by Mr. and Mrs. Squires: Mrs. C. T.
Miller, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs,
Francis, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Archer,
Mrs. Meixsell, Mrs. "Wells, Mrs. P.tlma
1ler, Mrs. Kugland, Mrs. Breig, Mrs.
Severance, Mrs. Bedolle, Mrs. Lumber
ton, Mrs. McCusker.Mrs. Piitchard.Mrs.
Matthews, Mrs. Wrenn, Mrs. Smith,
Miss Eva Meixsell, Miss Louise Thom
as, Master Chauncey Miller.
A pleasant surprise party was ten
dered to Joseph La Rose at his home
on Deacon street, Thursday evening,
The guests were: The Misses Grace
Merrian, Leon F.irnhjm, Anaboll
Crosby, Imogene Hoyt, Florence Clark,
Gram Sisco, Gertrude La Hose, Miss
Morrison and Misses Ilex Treverton,
Clayton Bnriocllff, Joseph La Kose,
Stanley Miller, Sidney Muck, Thomas
Bonear, "William Bright,
Mis. Stephen P. Hull, of Sanderson
avenue, entertained nt cards Saturday
afternoon In honor of Mrs. Hurry Hull,
who hi her guest.
A (.'. Xi'llK'toii U in a.liiiiKtjii, 1). f.
.1. II. William, of llio Williams' llni'itoiy
(unipauy, Is In the city,
111". Ji.fiirs Oiish, of Xmv Yuik illy, h Mtlug
liii pnidits on I'liclps ti Lei.
Mr, ami Mm. A, (tales, of Thompson, I'.i.,
are visiting nt Hie home of their ilaulitir, Mis.
J, V Hiuvvnliig, of buiuViMMi avium;.
Mivs Maiy ,. Moik.hi, vvhu icccutly Ri.iiluated
fium u thico ji-ar' (mue in tin) llmeiKcne.v
iiinl Avium hospitals at Wavliiunton, 1). t'., i's
vjaitlnij lur lelatives on llaiiiplmi aticrt.
The "Bon Ton Hurlesmiers" will
fiosltlvelv Illl their enirucoinnnt nt n,r
Ktar, beginning with matinee this nf-
Patrolman McHnle Saved a Woman
from Inury.
Patiolmuii John McIIule made a dur
ing stop of n runaway horse on Satur-
llay morning and saved a woman car-
lying nn Infant In her anus from so-
IIoub Injury, If nothing move. The
lliorso was attached to a cutter which
was being driven up "Washington ave-
The unlmal took fright near the Con-
liell building and making u sudden
Mart threw the driver out Into the
Mrect, The horto dashed up tho ave-
iiiq ut terrlllu bpeed and when near
Ppruco street was coming on directly
ju tho path of a woman with a baby
h her arms, who was crossing the
Patiolman Mcllale, who was stand-
i on the corner, jeullzed Unit some-
Ihlng must be done and he made u leap
ir ;no noise catcning tlm reins unci
riling him to a standstill within a
it of where iho woman stood, t'ltl-
iis witnessing tho act weio loud in
"ir appreciation of the patrolman's
fhe "Bun Ton nurlesquers." will
Uitlvely 1111 their engagement at the
They Arrived In This City Yester
dny from Ashoville, N. C.
Tho lemalns of William Coyne, son
of. Mr. and Mrs. Philip II, Coyne, ar
rived In this city yesterday afternoon
fiom ArIiovIIIc, N, C, where, ho died
Friday morning, and were taken to the
family residence at Attains nventie nnd
Vine street,
Mr. Coyne went to Ashevlllo a month
ago with hlrt fattier and mother In the
hope that the change of ollmato might
Mark an Improvement In his health. A
decided cluing? for the bettor was ob
served and when the elder Mr. Coyne
was summoned to return to his busi
ness Interests In this city ho was hope
ful or the recovery of his son, Last
week he received word that the young
man's condition had giown worse and
Immediately started for Ashevlllo arriv
ing there a few hours too late to sec
his son In life.
Arrangements were at once made to
tiring the remains home and Mr, and
Mrs. Coyne began their sorrowful jour
ney northward. The funeral will be held
tomorrow morning at !l o'clock from
the house. A solemn high mass of re
quiem will be celebrated In St. Peter's
Cathedral and Interment will be mnda
In the Cathedral cemetery.
Tho deatli of Mr. Coyne caused gen
eral sorrow among tils friends nnd ac
quaintances In this city. He was born
hero 27 years ngo and enjoyed an ac
quaintance with tho people of this city
nnd Its vicinity possessed by few men
of his years. AVholo-souled and gen
oi oils, ever courteous and charitable of
speech, lie won the regard of nil whom
lie met. Ho had carved for himself n
prominent place In the business life of
this community when lie was stricken
with the malady which resulted in his
death. Besides his father and mother
ho Is survived by a sister nnd two
brothers. They aro Mrs. Hortcnse
Congdon, of Hlnghnmton, and Leo and
Stanley Coyne or this city.
That Does Not Mean That Tire In
surance Rates Have Been Re
stored to Their Former Basis.
The following copy of a letter re
ceived by the Scranton Underwriters'
association fiom tho Underwriters' as
sociation of the middle department was
on Saturday sent to all of the liro in
surance agents of this city and its vi
cinity. 1'hil.nlelphi.i, l'a,, IVli. -JO, 1002.
Mr. .lulm M. Hushes Scranton, l'.i.
Dear Mr. At. a meetin? of this usmiu iIiuii.
lilil on Hie lMli Inst., the following, 11 Kiting
to "I'inl; blip Charges," va adopted:
1'lisl Tint lates on all piopeity within the
coiporate limits of the city of Suanlnn anil tho
lioiough of Dunnioio lie .uhameil .'11 1-" per cent.,
h of Mauii 5, 1IW.!, with the following excep
tions onl.t :
Duelling anil their contoiiU and all special
liarauhs upon which new ules !nc heen piu
luulgateil under Middle Deparlment schedules,
since Fept. 1(1, 1101.
'lhe foieKoine; adtauce to continue in foice un
til Midi time as a Kcnciul lc-iatlng by lebed
Mlicdnlcs and tho )n elimination of a new taillt
than hate been made by ll., association.
No letute of pink t-lip diaie s-hall be al
lowed on any policies now in foite, hcatint; .said
I'aiKclhliou nf politle" canjinj; the dnU
slip, whether at i-hoir lale-i u pio, shall
be icpoilcd to tho coinpauiin tIuou'4li the Mainp
i lei k, and by him ucoided.
Anv in-urance written snlKetiuent or plior
llieieto wliich duectly or indhectH uplaces the
wliole oi a pait of the lino Mull be at not lcs
tli m lhe late, including pink klip charge of the
cancelled polio,
Veiy Ituly joins,
(Sinned) I". It. C'liineme, Solitary.
This means that the rate on dwellings
will bo tho same as it was befoie lhe
"pink" slip was put on policies, but
there will be no rebate of the Insurance
paid under thot arrangement.
On all othor kinds of Insurance there
will be an increase of as 1-3 per cent, on
the rate that prevailed before the
"pink" slip Increase went Into force.
Under this htidlnir short letters of lntert
it ill be published when accompanied, for publica
tion, by the writer's mine. ' The Tribune docs not
slums reinonsibility for opinions htre ttjirted.J
Not a New Discovery.
lalitor uf The Tiihune:
Sh: l'lea-e allow me to make Known to jour
leadeis that aseptic aceination i-. no new dU
coeiy as is claimed fiom the lepotted rpcil.
lnentH furnished by two local "homcoV' In Sat-mdaj'-i
issue of jour valuable paper, 'the fail
ii that a.-epllo accination is piacticed liy cciy
lesular up-to-date "plijoiclan tluoiiKlioiit the
louulij". Wiieievcr a pacKae of icllable vaccine
is sent, a pilnteil clicular kocs with It uhlnpf
explicit illiections ns to tbe iieee,.iij piecau
lions to be followed In its ruipknient.
-No intelligent phj-nielan, llieiefore, Ii.u any ic.i-on for not Knowlnjf tliat aseptic
or Musical cleanliness is leipiiied in vaccina
tion. And It should be uiidctstuod by all that sore
aims fiom vaccination ale not alw.ns duo to a
l.nk of pine vims or ileanlluc's-sj because iniidi
ilepemU on tho teiiipeiainent and coiutllntlon
of the prison vaccinated.
Some thin disease, Midi as eczema, if present,
will caiwe the piocisa of vaccination to lake
on au iiRuravatcd foiiu, l.lhcwise a iold or con.
Kcitlnii Is liable to give trouble. And people
who aie addicted to eating fat inrali!, coiull.
ments, ami pastij, or Indulse in the use of
alcoholic diinKs, are most ceitaln to Miflcr
from huge ansiy vacdiiiitloii soies, In spite of
a.-ipllc liieasiues.
Vaicluc vims Is u prison, and when Intiodwrd
Into the blood sets up a chemical or lihjslolu
ideal diaiiBe in tho sjotcm llko leaven In' Hour,
it Icaveiilli the wliole bodj. And while the
vims Is operating inoio or le-s iiby.'nil ills,
tuibanie Is likely tn take place, as, indicated
by elevation of tcinpeiatiuo or fever, iuoiease.
of heait action, loss ot vitality, linsuor, Indl
i;ctloii, and ucmral weaklier. Hut It Is a
meat fcatisfactiou to know that after It lus bad
full May for tuvcral dajs,, the uffected pei-oin
fully lecovcr, and aic inideied practically im
mune acalic-t Hie lavages of tniall-pii which is
far mule to be dicadcd iliau vaiclnitlou,
.1. t. llatrtou, M, 11,
Stiaiitim, l'a , IMi. it, 100J,
Qokl&n Harvest
Breakfast Food
Large package, regular price,
lDc. This week, 10c,
" COFo
Regular price, 15c, this week,
10c. to introduce these goods,
I drtblALd 1
E, G, Goursen.
Addressed Largo Congiegatlons In
tho First, Piovldenco nnd Green
Ridge Presbyterian Churches Yes
terday, Speaking on the Twentieth
Century Movement Presbyterian
Church Must Be Closer United, He
Said, nnd the Small Colleges Must
Be Piovlded for.
Uev. Dr. Henry C. Mlnton, of San
Francisco, moderator or the Presby
terian general assembly, and conse
quently one of tho most widely known
Piotestnnt clergymen In tho United
States, was In this city yesterday, and
addressed three large congregations In
as many churches on the twentieth
century movement In the i'rcsbyteiian
Dr. Minion Is a comparatively young
man, being considerably this side ot
fifty, but lie occupies a position which
Is the highest honor In tho gift of his
denomination. Uc Is professor ot the
ology In the San Francisco Theological
seminary and tho chairman of the com
mittee on tho revision of the Presby
terian creed. Kloqttent and forceful
preacher that ho Is, ho made a deep im
pression on the congregations which
heard him speak yesterday.
In tho morning he spoke In the First
Presbyterian church. At -i o'clock in
the afternoon lie uddrossed a gathering
in tho Providence Presbyterian church,
while la'st night ho spoke in the Green
ltldgo Presbyterian chuich. Ills night
sermon was, In part, ns follows:
"In the advance of tho nineteenth
century, the Presbyterian church played
no unlniportnnt part. The Presbyterian
church occupies her own peculiar niche
In tho sisterhood of churches and is
destined to do a particular kind ot
work, a woik which would remain
largely undone were she suddenly wiped
out of existence. The Presbyterian
church has tier own vital truth to stand
for and on the threshold of the twenti
eth century let us consider for a little
the Christian tasks which lie befoie
"I propose to consider this question
in a threefold way and I desire to speak
first upon assimilation, the necessity of
a closer unity in our church life. The
Presbyterian church is becoming a
great ohurcli. Some churches measure
their greatness by counting, but we
Presbyterians always measure ours by
weighing. And still wo rue large In
numbers, with over l.L'SO.OOO members.
"There aro manv ties that bind us
together as a church, and peihaps the
greatest is the lie of doctrine. The
great truths for which tho Presbyterian
church stands bind all her members
into an organic unity, no matter how
vastly divergent may be their ancestry,
their education or their social position
in the community. The doctrine of the
Presbyterian church doesn't chaneo
every two or three years. Mire doesn't"
hunt alter new things, but Is loyal to
the truth as she understands the truth.
She occupies a safe middle giound be
tween I.oman Catholicism on the one
hand and Vnitailanism on the other:
between Roman Catholicism exalting
the Pope of Homo as Christ's vicar on
earth, placing him equal in authority
to the Rible and rnituii.inism denying
the 13iblo to be the inspired word of.
"Standing between these, two ex
tremes Preshyterinnism places her
hand upon the Bible and declares it
to be the great and only guide for
man's life hero below. The fundamen
tal note of Presbyterian doctrine is
the Idea of tiod as a Sovereign Uelng,
sovereign not alone In power, but sov
ereign in wisdom, sovereign in love
and sovereign in mercy. Presbytoiian
ifcm writes God over nil history; writes
God over the skies, writes God over
time. On tills fundamental fact of an
all-sovereign God the Presbyterian
church is built.
"Another bond that binds the church
together Is the bond of church govern
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sSL .
ment. All the church h one. If one
tlnirch suffers the wliole church feels
It. Hero again we stand on a clinrnicd
middle ground between ecclesiastic
democracy or Congregitilonultiin nnd
ecclesiastic monarchy or ltomnu Cutho
tlclsm. Wo have nit tho liberty of the
nno and all the stability ot the other,
minus the vices of both, Another bond
binding us close together Is our foini
or worship which Is tho same In every
part of tho world and where again
wo occupy a middle ground between
tho millinery of ritualism mid un
checked devotloiinllsm.
"The second problem which wo find
confronting us Is the problem of edu
cation and this problem Intitules the
wliole question of the college as against
the university. The American people
are becoming university Intoxicated
and to my mind tho greatest educa
tional heresy of tho time Is the sub
f'lltutlon of tho university for the col
lego. Professor Utitlor, tho now presi
dent of Columbia, recently said that
what this country needs most Is broad
men sharpened to n point. Tho situa
tion could not have boon better sum
med up, AVe want men to bj broad
ened first In tho college before they
undergo the sharpening process of the
unlveislty. If you sharpen a man who
Isn't broad you have very lltllo loft.
The college develoiis the man and
that's what wo want to develop.
"Ileal education Is not simply tho
acquirement of a lot of technical
knowledge or book-lore. Education
Is tho ennobling and enkindling Influ
ence of a grent and good teacher. You
lemember what Garfield said. He w.ts
a graduate of "Williams' college In tho
palmy days of the celebrated Mark
Hopkins!. 'Education,' said he, is
Mark Hopkins sawing wood on olio
end of a log nnd mo on tho other end.'
In tho great universities Mark Uop
plns nnd the log have got separated.
Tho log has, got longer and Is filled
with tutors land instructors so that
when tho boy sees Mark cm com
mencement day In his academic robes
ho gazes at him open-mouthed. Wo
can't have real education that Is im
"The Presbyterian church belle ,-e')
In the Christian college. AVe bMluve
that the training of the mind and the
neglect of the character is the training
of traitors. I plead for Christian
education in the public schools, not
denominational, simply Christian. Tho
attorney-general of Wisconsin has ;.ust
declared that the IJllile cannot bo read
in the public schools of that state;. 1
protest against this shutting out of
God's word In the name of patriotism
and in the name of that tatlh and fiee
dom brought hero by the Pilgiims and
the Puritans. Assistance In tho work
ot building up our colleges Is oao of
tho gie;.tcst duties confronting tho
Presbyterian chinch today and Si,0).
('00 to $10,000,000 should be contributed
for this purpose within the next ten
' The third great problem confronting
the church i nm ufi-ald of
the kopticl! m that is manifesting it
self among many of our Christians. A
skepticism which believes the salvation
of man and the redemption of the
world to be to great a tusk for the
incarnate God. 1 believe that if it is
too hard for God to save one soul that
no oul can be saved. Is not tho Loid
Christ inlliiite'.' Oh, brethren, the sin
of all sins is the measuring of infinity
and the doubting of God's power to
save unto the utteiinost.
"The twentieth century movement is
intended to stimulate the church to a
higher and broader platform of loyalty
and libel ty in the doing of God's work
and to a realization of the fact that
she must care for her own Institutions
and her own agendo if she would
prosper In tho sight of God,"
Charles Staulpe, or Washington, X.
J., the Lackawanna, trainman
skull was fractured in tho wreck on
.Saturday night, February Iti, died nt
midnight tit the Moses Taylor hospital,
having never regained consciousness.
His loin, tins will be removed to his
Tho "Hon Ton l?uiiesiiier.s" will
positively 1111 their engagement at the
Star, beginning with matinee this af
Our First Annual'
Manufacturing and Retailing Stationer.
Rnin nnd a Thaw Are Promised for
Today The Thaw of Yesterday
VaB Not of au Alarming Charac
ter Department of Public Works
Had Its Own Trouble Saturday
with tho ' Immense Amount of
Snow That Covered the City
Streets Two Buildings Collapsed.
There Is every promise ot a Hood such
as has never before been witnessed In
this part of tho state. Weatherman
Clarke received a warning telegram on
Saturday and svesteidiiy at 11 o'clock
funic another one, reudlng us follows:
Ohsetver, b'cratitoll, l'a.
Warmer weather indlculiil for nest two ilayn
with conditions fnvmahlc for lain bv Mnnday
nlRlit. Those conditions will be most favoiable
for .1 bro.iKlnir up of Ice In the iiioinitilii
liveis mid MuMim of I'eiiii'vliauhi, Wcst'em
Maijland nnd West Viigliil.i. Notify all Interests
loncerneil (hat danger fiom Hoods In low- Ijliu
lands Is Imminent.
The weatherman himself tuedlets a
rainstorm for this afternoon or tonight,
hut tills prediction is based on data
procured no later than.Filday nlghl.
Should futch a rainstorm come, coupled
with the Wanner weather which Is
promised, the snow on the mountain
sides and everywhere else will be rap
Idly melted, and the Lackawanna river
and Roaring Drool: will become swollen
to great pi oport Ions. '
"J should warn nil dwellers on low
lands adjoining tho river to prepare for
a Hood," said Mr. Clarke yesterday. "It
the rain comes, as I think It will, there
will bo nothing to prevent the lec In
the mountain streams from breaking
up nnd the snow on the mountain sides
from melting. A Hood will be inevit
Mr. Clarke sent out over SUO postal
cards yesterday, addressed to various
parts of Northeastern Pennsylvania,
giving warning of a flood, and notified
the train dispntcheis of all the rail
roads to look out for washouts.
There vas no very gieat thnw yes
teiday, as the temperature was at the
freezing point nearly all day, and the
snow only melted when the sun was up.
The walking wns fairly good, except at
the crossings, where the water came
over one's ankles In manv Instnnces.
Early In the afternoon it began to
freeze and when nightfall came on tho
slush had been transformed into half
solid snow.
The department of public works was
swamped Saturday notwithstanding its
best efforts. Enily in the day Director
Kocho realized that the urgent neces
sity of the hour was the keeping open
of the sowers, sewer basins and the
gutters so far as possible that the water
fiom the melting snow might be
di allied from t(io streets and prevent
the woes that an accumulation of sur
face water would entail.
Ho directed Superintendent of Streets
Thomas to hire every man he could
find and they were set to work opening
sewer basins and gutters and digging
canals through the heaped up snow to
get a passage way for the water. It
was impossible to get men enough to
do this and keep the cioss walks dear
and the latter had of necessity to re
main uneleaned.
Yesterday the sewer basin .at Linden
stieet nnd Washington avenue choked
but a gang from the stieet depaitnient
was soon on hand and had it restored
to its normal condition. The wisdom
of bending every energy Saturday to
keep the water from accumulating on
the street was demonstrated during the
few hours yesterday when the sun
had power enough to thaw. The snow
was no sooner reduced to water than
It passed Into the sewers leaving the
streets comparatively dry. Today the
energy of the street department will bo
directed to the work of cleaning the
crosis walks.
In view of the thaw and rain that is
promised, Director Roche requests that
Pencils, PaperB Etc
R. E. Prendergast's Pencils
Commercial, 25c dozen, $2.80 gross.
Ebony, 30c dozen, $3.00 gross.
Lackawanna, 20c dozen, $2.25 gross. (All
with rubber tips.)
Good Duslness Envelopes, 48c per box of 500.
No. 6, per box of i,ooo, 00c,
LJnen Typewriting Paper, 45c per' ream--Letter
size, superior quality, legal size, 65c per
New Envelope Hoistener, 20c Usually 25c,
The newest and best.
Clinch Paper Fasteners, 13c -Usually 20c, 250
. in a box,
0.23$ tL-
people genet ntly hot only clean their
sldownlks rtt once where they aro not
cleaned hut itlso assist the department
In keeping tho gutters open. If the
gutters are kept opeii, allowing suifnec
Witter to pass Into tho sewers, much
damage to property will he prevented.
Tho telegraph companies have to
some extent lepahed the iIiiiiiukc domt
In this vicinity by last Kitduy night's
storm, but the fc'craiiton l.nllwit.v com
pany Is still suffering from the effects
of that tueiiiuiuble combination of
snow, sleet tiiul inln. Cms aie being
mil i)ii nearly all lines, but with more
or lers Irregularity. The tracks on
South .Main nventie, south of Washburn
street, were completely covered with
frozen snovv yestrriluy morning nnd It
was midday before cars could get ns
fnr as Hampton street. It Is expected
(hut the street will bo cleaned us far
us the city lino today.
The storm wns responsible for one
thing which the residents of Uull's
lleud are thankful for, nnd that was
the collapse of the roof of tho cele
brated tied Hunt, In the rear of
.iiurehcH' cornels, on Huturilav. Tho
snow became too heavy for the loot of
the structure and In It crashed, ion
deling the building unlnhubltublo at
The lied llurn has been for years the
dwelling place of 11 number of persons
of bail reputations. It was split In two
by a mine cavo last summer, but the
residents wore not at' nil disconcerted
nnd kept right on living In the struc
ture, despite the fact that It was ap
parently In Imminent danger ot top
pling over. It Is believed, however, that
the falling In of the roof will necessi
tate the moving out of the occupants.
Tho roof of 11 largo shed in Green
Hldge, belonging to the Green ltldge
Glass company and formerly used by
that concern as a wagon shop, col
lapsed under the snow on Hatiirday.
Nothing prettier was ever seen In this
city than the appearance that the Ice
coated trees and shrubbery presented
Saturday night in the clear moonlight.
The "Hon Ton nuiiosriuers" will
positively nil their engagement at the
Star, beginning with matinee this af
Spanish War Veterans Side With
Frank F. Jones.
The members of General J. P. S. Go
bin command, No. 41, Spanish War Vet
terans, passed a set of resolutions de
nouncing the aindavlt sworn to by II.
F. Ferber, setting forth that Frank F.
Jones Is a confirmed liar and declar
ing the latter to bo a faithful and ef
ficient soldier whose honor and integ
rity has never been iiuestioned by tho
It will be remembered that Michael
Kosh was recently convicted of at
tempting to wreck a tialn on Jones'
evidence and that Forber's aflldavlt
was tiled with the application for a new
Tho "Hon Ton Hurlpsipiers" will
positively till their engagement at the
Star, beginning with matinee this af
ternoon. Make COFo just us you do coffee and
it will taste like it.
The "Hon Ton lUliIesquors" will
positively fill their engagement at the
Star, beginning with matinee this af
ternoon. Fancy oranges cheap. Cour.sen's.
The "Hon Ton lJuiiesquer.s" will
positively 1111 their engagement at the
Star, beginning with matinee tills af
ternoon, ff7sKfJffiPgIBKgifiEgnKE!aKai3iC
The best flour sold in
America today. Every
pound guaranteed. Per
Fancy Elgin
Creamery Butter
The very best butter
sold in Scranton at any
price. Fresh, sweet, good
tastiug, delicious butter.
Per pound,
Umbrellas Made
Umbrellas Repaired
Umbrellas and parasols re
covered in different coloia. ' A
fine assortment of handles,
latest designs. All goods
guaranteed for one year,
The Scranton
Umbrella Manufacturing Co.,
31U Spruce Street.
Beauty Flour
! Oils, Faints end Varnish !
Maloney Oil & Maniifarfiiring Company,
J 141-M9 Meridian Street, T
Y TELEPHONE 26-2. ' . T
!' ! t" -I $ ! 4 ! ! 4 4' ,t"t 4 4"f"'
t VVo are sole agents for
best House
in the world.
warranted pure linseed
oil paints.
This Hue
vSeveuty-four different
shades. T,
Iusist on having
Masury's Paints for in-
side and outside work if
you desire a good lasting
l Bittenbender&GL
126-128 Franklin Ave.
! !' H
. .J. .J. . I "i '! ! ! 4
The "Pyrochrome" Gib
son Pillow is something
decidely new and novel.
By the Pyrochrome pro
cess a close imitation of
Burnt Leather work is secur
ed with a most pleasing ef
fect, producing what might
well be termed "A Sym
phony in Brown.''
See Window Display.
Cramer-Wells Co.,
130 Wyoming Ave.
j. j J. i ! ! ! 4 'Tf $ J 'H" I"I-
& ! ! "J & S ! 4 "2 '!"2 "i' $
: The Hartford Typewriter
Till-? lniioliino it recORni7C(1 cveryvliets
ni llio lint mill latest In t.vevviitu- khi
stimllnii. TI10 lf.irtforil Coinputiy m--taiii-.
nu Inise ami I'M'cnslvp s.ilis ib
luitnidiU like iti competitor", lmt sells
through riliilile .ieciiIs, thus savins to
linrchascio tills JUT-it jicm of D.puisc.
Price or Other Makes... $100
Price of Hnrirord's til)
Your Profit 40
Reynolds Bros.,
1 Hotel Jeiinjii IliilWin?,
fcUtloiii'rs and Engraven.
'I ! J
.(12 Spruce Street.
See New Spring Neckwear.
Tlio TilliuiiQ will guarantee to print
your imper liool uuluUer Minn any oth
er printing house In tlio city,
Spring Styles
I , 207 Washington Avenue,
Scranton, Pa.
Iir, beginning with matinee this af.
. (f-se b,
3E -"
J?x-jAufc.JL; ..ifei