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CBcASctxmfon .CnHune
Iinr I'lililUhliiii l.'omiany, nt rilly Crntif a Month.
UJ.- . - JS."'.-;r.5JtttsSii-r
j.lW N. tll('IIAIII). i "lit jr.
A T. IlV.MIi:i:, ltnlmu .Miiniuer.
tVrw York OMitc: i:o N'jwmi St.
S. H. H):iXASi,
Sole Alrtiit tor i'orelnn Atlvcrl1nff.
Cntcred nt tlir I'imIhIIiiv nt SiMntoti,' t'.i.i a
SciimiiII'Ium M til Matter.
.When spa co will permit, The
Ttibihe" irf nlwrvyu glad to print
short lettein from its fiientlo bear
ing, on current topics, but itsful'ls
tllnt theso mu3t bo signed, for pub
lication, by the writer's real name;
mid tho condition precedent to ac
ceptance is that all contributions
shall bo subject to editorial revision.
mi: n.AT I'oit ahvi:htiin(I-
The following t itili hIiohh tin- price icr Inrli
mill lncrllou,vi,iii tu In- ti-cil ulthiti nun .U'Jrt
"r" '" I Kim nt Mil In run1 I'tilf"
J.l-n 1 1 i.i tt i".00 Inches
CM Indies .1
.'.0(11 " ..'.'.1,...
I'.tlu-r I llmilliv! I
. IT.",
1'nr i.inN of think", ii'hnlutfnni of cnmlolriu .
mill iiliiillar rnntrihiitlniH in Hi" lut'itr of rtl
urlMiif? 'Jlu- Tiilmnc1 nukes .i thaw of ." iculs
a line,,
lt.ttc? it Chis'lfloil Aihe'illiltiR fuiiiU'ici! on'oii.
TEN PAGES.'ton, rirnu'AttY 21, isos.
Imagine Piesldcnt Hiiosevelt'u dln
tntty wlfpit hu learns that Lvnctt's
Times wlil not let the Schley verdict
Judge Tuft's Programme.
.oit somi? tlnip thu oiiDonents
j of tlie government's Philln-
pini1 policy iiuvu pohscsmi tne
strategic advantage of being
able to say glibly just what they would
do should they get Control of affairs.
They have also I wilted the Kemibli
oans with not having a definite policy
formulated, ileing themselves free of
all responsibility, to criticize was easy.
I3ut Judge Taft In his testimony before
the senate Vhllipplnes committee has
changed all this. lie has dellued a pro
gramme. It is (lt'flnito and specific. It
1. A declaration on the part of the
ITnlted Status of Its intention to hold
the Mauds Indefinitely, with the under
standing that "when the latter are
suitable for such a condition they may
be given quasi-independenee."
2. The grunt ot a qualified suffrage
with a gradual growth In popular gov
ernment, which should he enlarged
through education In the English lan
guage and in American institutions.
Ii. The Institution within a reason
ably short time of a local legislature,
to consist of two bodies, one to bo
chosen by vote and the other to be ap
pointive. 1. Ilepreyentution of the islands at
Washington by two or three delegates.
The clause in leferenee to "uuasl
independence" Is the weak point in this
armor. It icallj means nothing what
ever. Hy Judge Tuft's own testimony
it will certainly bo yrars, probably de
cades, possibly centuries before the Fil
ipinos will be qualllled for oulerly and
successful self-government, let alone
any notion of independence. There Is
not at present, therefore, any pressing
necessity for Idealizing in their behalf.
Sufficient unto the day of their fitness
for independence are the political pei
plexitles thereof. For the present, the
call of duty is to a grubbing hoe eon
test in preparing the rough and stormy
ground lor the most elemental crops
of good citizenship.
The Investigation or the alleged cruel
ty cases at .Manila has again demon
strated that a lie can navel more rap
idly than the truth.
The Vicissitudes of Odell.
T SKI3MS to be true that Governor
Odell of Xew York has lost caste
as a successful politician within
the past year. One year ago he
appealed to be the coming figure in
Kmplio state Republican politics. His
mastery of the legislative machine at
Albany, which on one or two test oc
casions was found to surpass that of
Senator Piatt, was supplemented by a
formidable hold upon the good opinion
of the best elements In the state, lie
was looked upon as a rare combination
of political sagacity with business in
stincts and administrative courage, Ills
succession to the place In Republican
party councils long held by Senator
Piatt was legarded as assured as soon
as the vnency occurred: indeed many
thought It had already happened.
The nssasslnntlon of President Mc
Kinley, however, swiftly recast Udell's
prospces and plans, and put another
Xew Yo titer In the place upon which
the eyo of his ambition had. it was be
lieved, been moie than casually gazing,
I'Atibut.thlrt time, If political gossip is believed, (inventor Odell found
' Piatt JnlluVnees at work undermining
, him n'tjil had to execute a swift change
'. uf'tHoWrf oil the excise ryuestlon to pre-
venj those Influences from enfilading
hl ti'itt . Then came tho legislature
thn,s.;eond of,h(s te,rm, Ho had ex
i imusiifd. the,, meat of hs reform plans
in his niLSsiirfo'to tho first legislature.
t in his 'communication to (ho second,
i nottUnrr was loft for him but to pick
', th' bones. Soma of tliesn ho ulekcit
' very'YfgQioiiHly. One in'tloulur has
: rntat'd (t coiiunotloti, jjo decided to
t epnsfllldato under one management, to
bo appointed by him, nil tho state nsy.
C lipij fof the Insane, heretofore, man
f ah'eir I5y separate boards and eonso-
iiucfilly Ulway's mnnaged without unt
t fonnlty ,and soinetlmes with scandal
t mis extrnvag.inee, There was a, voel
'. ferine JUck, the echoes of which are
still reyrbeiNUinK, but he hud the
vptes,, fitif), the bill t was passed and
j signed.
ivy?nscntl0lu'0 or tneso n,'m stands
, .w. itui iii.i.iw, vnii-Jitri ill IlieiuuUS Of
nyu.uuuiuajuiHiun. ami nt uiu uutago
onlsin.s they hnyo evoked, there is talk
In certain circles that Odell should not
s be renominated. FuelersAuru nmuvirin
l''" C' "ffTiyja twpvelop how till
neaDli; (would tak&tliirtui'niiiir iimvn if
lm fSV' oWiwrnt- new man, no?
bnJheOi by?a p,a,t. necoii from their-
.AHHtuftuii, m inn vui, uie
AlugwuniDlsit press and those stulwurt
n-i',.i.,.r,.l,f n, I..... ,..
Itepublleun Joutiinls which reflect the
wishes ot tho senior senator are now
Inclining to be critical and censorious
'of odcll. The sIriis are unmistakable
of subterranean ptermratlonn on tho
imrt ot BOlnebody who evidently Knows
Uiu game for a tussle with the governor
In tho next convention, lio will have
to step down quietly or fight, It ho
iTghtrf, lliero wilt bo it casualty list, for
ho Is it fighter who disdains padded
(fovuinof Tuft mlist bo uurnrlscd' to
learn how many people there arc who
from it long mugr view have been able
to determine Just how the Philippines
shuuld bo governed.
For n Pacific Cnblo.
"VK CORLISS H1I.L providing
for it government cable to
Hawaii mid tho Philippines
mid rejecting tho offer of tho
Commercial Pacific Cable company to
build a cable without cost to the gov
ernment and to allow precedence to
government business has been jonort
ed favorably in tho bouse and will
probably paps. The sentiment Is wide
spread among congressmen that the
government Ought to be certain of its
control over such ti cable: that the
political Interests are too Important to
permit tho taking of any chances.
Nevertheless the offer of the Com
mercial Pacific Cable company, which
Is the Postal Telegraph company un
der a different name, is u liberal one
and It shows that the far-seeing busi
ness men who compose that company
look forward to u time when the in
terchange of business between the
United States, pioper, and the Philip
pines, China and the other countries
bordeilng on the Pacific ocean will bo
sufficient to make u cable a prolltablo
investment. That offer was embodied
In a letter by John W. JIackay to Sec
retary Hay, dated Aug. 22 last. In tills
letter Mr. Maekay said: "I wish to
lay and operate u submarine cable or
cables from California to tho Philip
pine islands by way of the Hawaiian
islands, by means of an American cor
poiatlon to be organized hereafter. 1
ask no subsidy or guarantee in con
nection with the same. The same con
ditions that have been prescribed by
the United States In connection with
the landing of Atlantic cables owned
by domestic coiporutions will bo satis
factory to me In connection with the
proposed enterprise. I do not ask and
shall not expect the United States gov
ernment to insure or indemnify me
against any existing landing rights of
any company or companies, in respect
to the Philippine islands or any other
islands in the Pacific." Subsequently
the Maekay company accepted what is
known as the "post load act of con
gress of 1SCG." This gives the postmas
ter general power to fix the rate to be
paid on government messages and also
enables the government to purchase the
cable whenever It so elects, at a value
to be fixed by appraisement.
It is contended in behalf of this pri
vate enterprise that If it Is left alone
It will have Its lines laid and readv
for public use within two years at the
latest, while a government cable would
cost much more and would not be so
likely to be laid expeditiously. It Is
evident that these arguments had some
weight at Washington, for tho com
mittee decided in favor of a govern
ment cable by the narrow margin of
one vote. So far as the general public
is concerned, we doubt that it cares'
much whether the ownership of the
proposed cable shall be fedeial or pri
vate so long as public rights and needs
are sufe-guaided. The cable has be
come a pi line and urgent necessity, and
the public wants its construction hast
ened as rapidly as possible consistent
with good workmanship.
The anxiety for a news scoop on the
part of the premature correspondent In
the vicinity of the negotiations for the
release of Miss Stone lias established
Ills reputation as being the greatest
liar since the palmy days of the Mole
St. Nicholas dreamer.
"The Dead Line of Labor"
X THE latest Lecture Hulletln
of tho Institute of Social Econo
mics Professor George Gunton
discusses with ills usual intelli
gence one of the labor problems that
Is hound to force Itself m6rc and more
on the attention of the American people
as their industrial development in
creases in efllcioney and complexity.
That Is the problem ot taking care of
outworn labor.
When a piece of machinery Is put in
a factory Its life is calculated and an
annual charge made against production
sultlcient to replace It at the expiration
of tho lerm of its efficiency. Owing to
the rapidity with which now machines
of inipioved character are placed on
the market, each new design supplant
ing tho pattern Just preceding it, tie
necessity for a charge of this kind to
cover renewals in equipment Is gener
ally recognized and established, Uut,
lis Piofessor Gunton observes, the fre
quency with which machines are boiug
changed lias a direct effect upon tho
labor employrd to operate those ma
chines. In tho olden times, It wtis not
iincomnion to see many men engaged In
factory or shop work above tho uge of
6fl yours. Thu workman ot CO or more
was not as spry as thu workman of ::o
or theteabouts but he managed to do
tho simple duties of hand labor with
tolerable efficiency, und ho was kept on
the payroll because he and tho master
had known each other for years and
perhaps hud learned their trade ns boys
together, lint today, so intrlcuto are
tlio lequlrepieuts of tho well developed
Industry that It Is extiemely rare to
see a nuin of CO years at work In a mill
or factory unless In a Kubordlnate ca
pacity. Thore has come to be what Professor
Gunton rulM the dead line of labor;
that is, un average ago at which me
clinnlcnl labor is outlawed and put an
it were on the scrap heap. Many of
the large corporations have already an
nounced that they will not heteafter
employ neu above 15 years of uge ior
keep op the payroll men nbovo CO. As
a general rule It may bo bald (hat CO
Is tho age at which i man's earning
capacity erases Imtlie manual trades.
Yet it Is equally truu that not one
woikiiiunMn a hundred has stored up
enough to permit him to await with i
complacency the dny ot retirement. In
the lower grades ot labor this Is espe
cially trip; Men whoso earnings da not
exceed $2.60 a day nnd who have" till
such nu Income to rear ti family, very
often a large family, have little oppor
tunity to lay aside for tunoriow. Pro
fessor Gunton says they should not be
expected to; that It would bo unecono
mic for them to do so, Inasmuch as It
would withdraw latgu sums of money
from rapid circulation and disastrously
lower tho American standard of living,
It goes without saying, however, that
provision must be made In some way
for the non-productive years ot our
outworn labor and that that way must
be a strictly business way und not a
way sURgestlvo of charity or condescen
sion on the part of the rich. The solu
tion which Professor Gunton proposes
is u new form of Insurance, the udop
tlon of which should be made obliga
tory on all Industries by national legis
lation, lie would require till employ
ers to set aside a certain percentage to
go Into a general fund to provide nn
uullles for wnrklngmeu dislocated by
advancing years. Or, as ho himself ex
presses It:
"All well-regulated concerns now set
aside a portion of their earnings every
year for depreciation. Depreciation Is
another mime for replacing the ma
chine when It Is worn out or superseded
by n new one. If displaced by a better
one, then the bettor one must be pur
chased or the business Is n failure.
Xow this economic principle can and
ought to be applied to labor. When thu
laborer goes to work at, say 1G years
of age, he Is vigorous, agile and useful
In almost any emergency. For forty
yours he Is ordinarily safe against all
Innovations, except in case of accident
or 111 health. But thore comes a time
it may come sooner or later when he
will be dislocated. Under ordinary cir
cumstances, with no radical innova
tions, lie can work until ho is seventy,
but in nil probability ten or fifteen
years before that time lie may be dis
located just as the machines ate, be
cause he cannot be adjusted to the new
order. This Is no fault of his; the
profits that have been created by the
industry he has not received. The com
munity has been made richer by the
economic and advantageous use of his
service, has used him as a part of a
great industrial and social mechanism,
still, so far as he was concerned, in
voluntarily. He obeyed; he was a dili
gent, efllclent part of the great me
chanism which has contributed its
quota to civilization. Any sense of mor
ality and economic and social equity
demands that the laborer who has thus
faithfully served society during his
whole term of usefulness shall live out
his natural life without degradation
and humiliation. During the foity or
forty-five years of economic efficiency
he ought to, and does produce enough
to sustain him honorably according to
his social standard to the end of his
natural life. This can only be secured
through the principle of insurance."
Professor Gunton is not clear in ids
attempts to explain just how this idea
can be applied. Its application is a life
work in Itself. Hut where there is a
will theie is usually a way. We have
no doubt that the advances to be made
in this direction within the next few
decades will be notable
If the Southern politicians are con
tinctd that a reduction in the vote
cast will also mean u reduction In the
number of statesmen in congress, they
may be persuaded to look upon the dis
franchisement of tho negro In a dif
ferent light. '
Come to think of it, air. Wheeler ns
representative of the moonshine whis
key district could not be exuected to
look kindly upon unusual preparations
for the reception of a representative of
a people whose national beverage is
By the time the guests at the dinner
given to Prince Henry at the AValdorf
Astoria on Monday night have sampled
the five kinds of drink announced on
the menu, the imperial yacht will prob
ubly look like a whole fleet to them.
Now that the Danish West Indies are
ours, the statesmen familiar with the
islands are beginning to talk about
them with the enthusiasm of a real
c si ule dealer who has town lots to
In ten years our agricultural exports
have inct eased 17 and our manufac
tures exports 113 per cent, Republican
ism and expansion are coincident.
We me ready now to believe any
thing' of the groundhog.
IMilii of 'Ihc Tiibune.
Sin Tin. l'ruti'UU'liWt, H IhijIhu, for IVbni.
nry, ltKK, luntaim a full upon of an addici on
tin subject by the lion, Allutt Clarke, club
man of the lndiialrl.ll roininlnlon, ilelhcieil Im
bue the Mjsotliiikitb ttale board of tiade, on
Jaua.iry 'Jl.
Mr. I'laiko tails out with the abortion of
hu Indict tint while iecipiocll, with CjiinU
pmp'rlv ouil.iuil, would be of mme nihaiiliiKo
to Hie 1'nited Staler-, ji t it would bo "much
mote imp H tint to Cnmla." He proe that our
purcha-iM nf fanaiU lue not rlmnn anv Kteat
(Iiiiikc. iu amount during the iletaile, 1S!J to
lihx), Uiu animal Itemes i.iukIiu fiwn MI,2ii),7.U
(lb'.H) In Ml,SUVJ (IS'J-ll, llur llon taijll ,
lavored f.'.inaila.
Diulns Ihe "ante period, Canada' purclu,e
mini u, lutiKo iioiu M'.'. l.i.i.T.o (iv)) to $:,,
8.17.1)1 HWW). 'Ihe Wll-ou tnllt did not lic'n
our exports but I ho coi.iiarj -the total Headlij
Inireawd every jeai, till lh lht jear ot the '
Wlli-on .ii ilf, when they fell t.l W.tKK below
the preceding jear. In I'WD they wuu nv.ii y
ifjo.KHl.HH) uuater than in n!7, the jear in
which the Uil.-un bill wan upealed, and this In
pltu ol Hie 3.11-3 pnfeieniu lun by Catuda
to Cleat lliliaiu."
!)y Ihisu ii'oiiltj, Sir. Clail.n routeiuU that
"tarllN unU'Sa pioitlhltcil, hate loiuparatitclj'
little tu do in ditcniiluluK the ruuiinenlil le.
latlons ol near neiirhbuis. i'roplnqiilty I, the
pleat faitur." , '
Tho'isli lhi i an aritmuil, wjs .Mr. Clatke,
rathi't I" fn i' i nf liclpioiity than ugihiM It, it
Is "lisjht hcie while Ihc- ilillUnlty l.i'Ktiw." "The
M'k'Cllon of .Htiilii upon v.hlili ilutin may be
loweuil, withciit iiidaiiciliii: tho luditslrio pi"
ihii'ln," tlwe artielii., lequliis the KUatet (ate,
and on linn must be tumewhit uxpeiliutntul."
"I IijhV tonlliiucs Mi. Claike, "no respect
fur a pulliy wlilch bucrifh.i'k ouu indu,uj lor the
bkiiein of anuther."
Tho peaker wa of opiuiun Hut Canada will
liner coti'tut lo tacrlilee hu lUhriiiu unl nur.u.
facluiej iu cider tu lilt a free uuiket In the
Cnitett Mjim tor Hie t.mi- prodacls of her
f.iruii ami fme.u, i-i iu 'U cheapci eooil fil
ter peopli,". addliis, "llii. it the kej-.tiotts of
C.itiailaV national pollcj," iepcctd alike .j
C'ounenathei. Ji;d l.lhirjU, and lo whhh tluj
cllni; with lojalty equal to ouis fur the Union,
Nilthtr c, iwi thej, will Bain iinjthln bj
sccklns- to enuUiwr the luitlutul proiperity of
the ulhtr."
The jirui'iit Canadian pivpMal, wjd Mr,
I'lJtko, h tor rrcliroclly In tittural trrtffH
only. "Without ilonlit Mil woulil lit, to tholr dtp
.inl(nrc, Imt It uoulil Imtt nr furnu fltul mir
fhlicrfnrn, unl wouhl not help our mmitifac
hirer. Wo lilcil It qom ISAI tu lfc(!0, nnil miv
tnlnctl .1 itouly low, tuuncly, more Ifinn ?5,W,.
WO j early In t.porl, ami nonic if.t$,000,0ijo In
Mr. t'lulr !xi (mlnU out tint reilirorlly
with r-nmili inciiH tho uprnintf h.v in nt liuir
Let of 8,"i,IKjO,(o people, In return for one of only
B,0WI,imi, inhiw tin- rirtet of their filial letill'
incut dm. ink (lir.H Itrll.iln, nint ntso inlinn Hi"
firt Hint tno't ot our art ntr heltir ileetoi'il
than tlielri, Cnnnil i'h protect be pollry wai he
ffitn In 1h70, nnil lin oliiiv been MtUiinl it t
three Kmrinl election. A hitc na lfiS'l, .1 mo.
Hon In Hm) t'liiiilhm parliament looking tnnnrih
full redproclty Willi u, ui otrd ilunn by 11"
In TI.
Sir Chnrle Tnpprr, InliiMrr of flhrrlo, palil,
"t'miilliim lire not liluhlirrlns for irilpniiily."
Sir .lohn 'lhotiipon, Milliliter of Jmtlie, palilt
"We ran Iho nllliout the American market) Me
mo not unln.t to heroine humble American rill
zcti nt I lie hlihliiur ot .Timet fl. Illalne; we will
still nw the llrllMi llap. ctr."
Sir .lohn . Mncilinilil, the premier, nalilt
"Tho 1'iiti.iillnii limb would soon be ImlJo the
American Hon," mul ioou-
. a mattir nt fad the iuitiir.1t product of ','ie
twu eoiuitilK ore ho ulnillar that rmi.nU Rally
tun iiothliiK to niter Hie t'nlted States woith
luviilnir our 17 In 1 market for, tu sav nothing
of her pit tarill In, favor of Client lliil.tlii.
Mr. Clarke's able .nlilren wat well reecheil.
AtiuTir.ui reelprorlly with Omnia, under lhee
elrcnmsliime. or nt any time on omul tetnn, Ii
out of the nucstlon, Very truly,
Walter J. llallaiU.
Stheneelndy, X. V,, i'eb. IS.
Outline Studies of
fldman Nature.
Johnny's Loglcnl Conclusion.
Little Johnny hud been Kiir.lliR thouichtful.
ly nt bl hook of animal pictures, whin he sud
denly called out'
"Say, pa, does It cost much to feed a lion?
"How muelt?"
"Oil, a lot of money."
"A wolf would make a (rood meal for a lion,
wouldn't it, pi!"
"Ye, 1 filles3 Ml."
"And a fov would be tnmurli for the wolf
wouldn't It?"
"Ye, c."
"And a fox could make u meal off a hawk, eh,
"And the hank would be satisfied with a spar,
"Of courco." .
"And ii bit,' spider would be a Rood meat for
the .pairow, would II, pi? wouldn't it, pa?"
"Yi", ei."
"And ft fly would lie enough for the fcp'iler?"
"And a drop of mobiles would be all the fly
would want, wouldn't It?"
"Oh. stop your chattir."
"Hut wouldn't It, pa?"
"Well, pa, couldn't n man kiep a lion more'n
a on a pint of nioliie?"
Hut ju-,t .it thin point it was i1i-.iccifil that it
wai time for little .loliuiij to go to bed. fcalt
Like Herald.
Company Balked on Carrying Cow.
Doc an cxptc&s hank loicr the li.insport.ition
of a cow? is a question which is lausiin; com
ment and .smiles in political circles In Illnois
.leccordiii',' to a t' correspondent of the
Washington I'oit. (imcrnor Yates opined it
did, but the .-pici company took the other ucw
and its opinion held.
When Diehard Yates was elected ROcrnor of
llhouois he was presented with .i pass from the
Pacific Kpioss coinpanj, which entitled him to .1
lomplimentarj eniceoier its line, 'the general
understanding of the use of these flanks is they
ate like telegraph franks, nnd are to be Used only
for matteis. The governor, however,
!eemed to take a. illllercnt view of it.
When Mr. ates moved Ids hou-cliolil belong-ing-s
flout Jacksonville to Spuntield he nut most
of them to the expiess otHee to be dead-he tiled
to the fctate capital. Cook Moves and parlor sets
wire .1 little out of the ouliniij' kind of (.tulf
li.ilnlliil by ipies4 loinpinics, but it was the
governor of the st.iti' who wis limine the frank,
nnd the v:ntl: was done.
Afterward an elderlj, respectable and amiable
cuvv was presented at the otfii e of the esptess
company in Jacksonville to lie franked to Sprmir
fiild uiiilci tlie sovernoiV pas., lino the com-panj-
balked. It Slid it was not in the live .stock
liMiispoitathm busiuc-d. Whether the enw ever
got to S'piitiRtUdd or how is not tecorded, but
if it did tlie tumpanj' did not catrv ir.
He Wasn't Worrying.
It is not loin; ime that a Halllmoic woman
vMling Colorado was stuttilr,' for a drive aloiijr
Rouldei Cinon. Her ideas of a canon, nequiicd
wliollj' horn illusli at luiis, was a miirhtj- clefts in
Slant locks, and u diivc along Its pilge meant lol
lowing a thieail-lik,- roul whine the least swerv
ine: aside from the beatin track might mult in
bennr dashed to instant death.
Thinking to insure afe hoises nnd careful driv
ing on the pan of the llvirjman, she tried tu
impiess him with the fjet thai i-lic was piomi
ncntry (umicclctl in her native llj, her family
one ot wealth and much given to navel, so that
if any di-Mster ovettnok her his reputation as a
Hvei'jmau would suffer.
"Oh, tint would be all right, ma'am, lespond
ed the Jehu, "I am mi undeitakei bj- profes
sion, is well us a hoi.-i ni.iii, and ii am thing wcic
to happen to jou, I , assure joii the inn. I Ins
would be suit home In the hhmc scieutitie and
fashionable Mjlo, Why, only last weik I lent
home ivvo bodies a Mother and daughtei who'
were the uj lion ton of ew Yorl; societv-, and
no nun evil got up a ooipe in piettler ttjle
than those two." Il.iltlmorc Sun,
A Good Witness.
Several daj'.s ago then- was -a tiial In one of
the couit, and a lavvj'ei was engaged in endeav
oring to shike tin- testiinoiu' ot an old ladj
who was one of tie- principal wllneiscs fot thu
plaintiff. I'liully lie asked:
"Who line jou talked about IhU ca-e to?"
"ll.dn't Col. Illank, the Uwjer, speak to you
about it?"
"No, b'r."
"Didn't Mr. smith, the plaintiff, ask jou what
jou would testify to?"
"I) jou mean lo tell this jury that jou hive
Inlkeil tn nobody about it?"
"Yes, sir,"
"Well, how did they know what jou would
"They knew I'd till the tiulli,"Mcmphis Scini.
His Possessions.
There was a fire In .1 loeil bunding hoiwe lue
other day, and among tho tnunta who vvvio
obllci In make a ham iit tin an actot uut n(
n job, uhme wit h loii.lUeubiv p enter lui
hi, wuihlly iio..,ion.. Hu met a frletnl hu
uinsratulaleil him on hi i-.cano hum barm ami
altcil him It hu levit any property.
" My piopettv!" repeated Ihe brand
saeil ftuin the limning. "Well, I shuiilil nay I
!,. iwim,.,. ,.,.... . ...;
..njly.lhue pleees!" mM the other it amaU. ..W. ,IJt ntut hato cleaned lou uut
NlJt Weio ilieyr
"A dick of cariU and a nlahlshlrt." Kald tho
other, "tllte me a light." Chicago i'ust.
Tor The Tiiluine.
)! gito h khifvi lo Mmp
'Ihe blue, uiifathonud deep,
fchlri wiuiirfht ot oak and ileelf
That forci'ii foe-, may foe)
'Ihe fear Ihey would not know,
'Ti nun, a iluitw let keep,
Thu fieeiloni rf the diifi,
Which our forefather won.
Why will wo urij no?
Why ale cur builders !uwt
When fury toiuluu loe
1-1 Ullllilln' fjt '
Hate e not vklll aud Bold?
lto we not ouinin bold?
Who, like their fjllicu old.
Tear Lot the sioim nor toe J
Ale I lhi,e wo hate, and inoiej
Why then not aimed for war!
Our 3UIHHI1 fur ti' Ul. ;
linn b'unt; i'uiu what wc J.k
A Xav.v itivnjrl
Alnius Olver,
UuiUkcu, l'a., I'cb. 5,0.
fill Ifn m
Dull VUubO
! Hi
Tor regular ?1.00 and $1.25
qualities; theso are not a job
lot of gloves bought to sell nt
this price, but lines solectetl
from our regular stock; sty
lish and serviceable qualities,
in heavy and medium kid,
suitable for street or evening
Real Kid
Pique Gloves
Are made from excellent
quality kid, finished with 2
metal clasps, stitched in
white or self color; come in
brown, tan and modes.
Price this week, 70c.
Mocha Gloves
Made from fine soft Mocha
kid of splendid wearing qual
ity, with S metal clasps, col
ors are brown, red, tan, mode
and grey.
Price this week, 75c.
Mousqueta ire's
8 button length; all sizes
in white, some sizes of black,
some sizes in colors.
Price this week, 75c.
510-612 Lackawanna Avenne.
Always Busy
Gum Boots tliat are good
for Meu aud very good for
Woman, size 4 to 8, at $1.25,
We do not call them. Men's we are
lyook to it put our Shoes
on thy feet, they are better
than Putting Money iu thy
purse, they cure thy ills aud
save Doctor Bills.
114-116 Wyoming Ave.
J 4 ! t 4 b ! ! 4 i $ b i9 i J'
, ToiI?f War?,
Pieces and
Desk TU?
nishings.,... 2
Theoe kooiN are all (,-ood heay netjtlit,
Euch as wo nlwajs carry in bluck.
Mcrcereau & Connell,
132 Wyoraingr Aveuuo,
g, tj. .J, , .J. 4 ! 4 i b 4 i
Booms 1 and2, Coin'llb BTd'g.
nining and Blasting
Und : llooilo aa Ituiti lal Warm.
etcotrlo Bsttarls), IClectrio ICxploiri
zplodiux bfiwW, tiif.ty Kuttaal
Repauno Ghamlca! Co.'s Exp"oaive
fA CakAQi& PE
8 I
imnnir.l nm1 WAGONS nt nil klndst nisi
Homes and tluthlliig Lots nt bargains. 1I01ISP.S
CMI'l'IlI) nnd OIIOOMLD nt
Lackawannt Carriage Works.
Dealer in
Plate Glass and Lumber
tt 4 V. fc . tf. V. t f. ti Hi 6 V, V. V.
We Are in a Position to
Give You a Good 6 Understanding5"
At Very Much Reduced Prices "
'Hie new prlees glie Iheie -.huei it I', Kieiilile, fiienil iniking time. We haie heen
nkerl If nnr lltrg.ilin ntlrarteil einUmier. The quiptlun is aiuwercil. The business
is coming our way. Whj nut.' 'Ihe icasiai ii apparent.
iiovs' vin kid snor.s-
The.'e are Hue Drem Mioei, gonil qnalltv anil
than jou it eieet fur the Klir"
rortmrlj' 1 pail,
now .
youths' vict kid siioi:s
Kxtra ipiallty, well niaile atnl fit fur
wear, runner lirlco 75 cent'., 'i'hey (Ir
ate now ji
Ot tourse theie are people who fe ! skeptical about elieap Shoes. These arc not cheap;
simply low pilteil. Ami the more th" prices go down the more the bales go up. Stjics
mean muney'i, woilh as well a. qii.ilily, cupeclally moiiej''a worth.
Fwrc r nnv mvm & mwm
'A it "A VI A 't "fi "A 'H "A 'A U "rt "A Vt 1 'A "A
Swarthmore, 'Pa.
Under Alanagcment ol Friends
Offers a vide range of elective studies within the four courses
that lead to degrees in ARTS, SCIENCE, LETTERS AND
ENGINEERING. Swarthmore College has extensive campus;
beautiful situation and surroundings; superior sanitary conditions;
adequate libraries, laboratories, shops, etc. It provides for sound
and liberal scholarship and intelligent physical culture while it at
tends to the needs of individual students. Catalogues on applica
tion to the President.
fe mufti
New and Complete
Being the
Wo carry tho greatest assortment
of up-to-rtato Otticp Furniture
You are invited to examine our
new lino before purchasing.
121 Washington Avenue.
Capital, $200,000
Surplus, $550,000
Pays 3o interest on
savings accounts whether
large or small.
vm-- m rrK.TT"-2';Mir - 'f riitv.niH ,v ii rv
Sti n&l!$t!m&zZj li
Opeu Saturday evenings
from 7.30 to S.30,
Home ofllce, 03-209 Mean Building, ttansnets n
feneral I.ul1dlng and loan business tliroughout
I lie Mate of Pennsvlvnnli.
rear 11 Lackawanna avenue, mnnulacttirr of
Wire Screens ot all kinds! fully prepircd for
the rprlng reason. We inako all kinds ot porch
fereens, cte.
flcnrral Contractor, Ilulldcr and nealer tn Ftone. Cementing of cellars a pp-claltj-.
Telephone 2SW.
Office, 527 Washington avenue.
Makers of 1'avlsg ilrlek, etc. if. If. Dale,
(lei'cral Baits Agent, Otflco S29 Vahlngton ai".
Woika at Nay Aug, l'a., L. k W. V. It. It.
t'M t t t v. n vt f. t V. t K v. t V. V. t
Mn.vs cooDViiMi wi:ir sirocs
Thee .'ire, ilouhle soleil niul ctt. f(ool
qualltj-, ikiuI price .(10, but C I K
ifiw uc oiler them nt y ""
Mronif, fericeabli nhoes that wear well,
look "ill nnil ate A No, 1 for the CI (til
in It e ; foinierlj ifl.50, no.v.
l onneiiy ji.'j,, now
Wl IIS SJ 111 IB B $ Avenue.
"A"A 'A "A "A "A "A "A "A "A "A "A 'A "A A "A "A "A "A
e College
By a recent act of the legisla
ture, free tuition is now granted
at the
Literary Institute
State Normal School
Bloomsburg, Pa.
to nil those preparing to teach.
This fcehool maintains courses
of study for teachers, for those
preparing for college, and for
those studying music.
It will piy to write for particulars.
No other school oflcra such superior ad.
anUges at euch low ratei. Addrcji
J.P.WoIsli, A. H., Ph.D.,PriQ.
T. J, roster, rreiident. I'lmer II. Lawall, lrtti.
It. J, Foster, Stanley 1. Allen,
Vic Tresldent. Becrettr,
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps.
Kern Incandescent
Gas Lamp.
233.327 Pomi ATCiuift.
Hotel Chelsea
Atlantic City.N, J,
Now Open.
300 Ocean front rooms. 100 prl
v.tto sea water baths. Setul for book
let. .1. Bt THOMPSON & CO,