The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, February 14, 1902, Page 8, Image 8

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Preefl Giiaranfeed
American Watch
To every person purchasing goods to
the amount of $20.00 or over any
Credit on
iAtai AtnftiibjAta
Bargain Specials
Busy Week at the Big Store
True merchandise events in this city are traced to Our Great
Notwithstanding the extremely low
figures quoted during this sale, credit Is
freely extended!
day before the clock strikes twelve,
mm 7i
While others talk of the power of cash, here you may choose between the
twin pillars of trade Cash or Credit.
SIDI.HO MtDS If jou need
a bldilmaid, it Is licm jmt
tlnl down 113 a I at Eij or
pi Ice, mikes no illtfciciiic,
our 114-urtiiicnt tmua t ho
vvidr-tl ratine. Hero Is .t Imp
n iiKiliiitui
MlimOMID Sillil oat.,
polished, llctlllltloil .l?l',
high uiiil fide shelve-., lie-, cl
pi ilo nilirur, il J i n w t r-", one
1 Iim-'I (in Mlvu mill ivvii
euphond 'Hit pine is Mill
m idi nml be in mimip nrli-,
tii e mm. i Hip Ml Pi lie
Is nluim-l i lllii'l on I A (K
its vvmthv v line. '"'
Furniture Pacts
The well Known "Pionomj" Wall
t'ockct, the only peifeet tcccptaclc
Toi papcn Tiado bale l'rlio 5()j
leduccd to jy-
m-kciu, ntov iti:i oi inr,
7I)3 UiN lciiiiikiblv Ion prlcul
uuint will Biolly simplify the fur
tiMiIng of inn bcdiooin. I lie
brill arc icgulitiou Mre, tlhlihril
In i choice of iuIom with gold
deem iom 'llioy no equipped
wllh i-piliuri and good cotton ttp
miltrcs Mlo 1'rlco ioin "J OK
plete '""
'.'o ),i:.viiii:m nr. corcn,
ilJiiU Pull slo, ilcgnnlb uphol
sliuil nml illitiioml tufted. 'Hip
h ilhclctto so clcr-clv nppioutip? the
iplHilinio of lrll hither as to ill
inoit defj detection V Ml- I ) C
pPllltlH' MllH' It I'SU
Alt!' I)l VNb Plume of ulano nol-
Nicd inihiiffiiy llnMi, aril-tic I'rpiicl
i mul ii.'i I ilio1-u t nijr of
1 1 ik, cuvricil with In in fUtiicd e
loin, 1 Itcv po-atv. a dlititigul-hed
npppiiiamp tint elic tlu m with
liiiiih lilghu piiiul piodiiL
tloiK 'Iho Undo iIp U (I .
6-foot size. Polished, quartered
golden oak, fluted, turned legs and un
dersupports. This is a most excellent
creation in every particular and will
stand the closest Inspection, as will
the February Trade Sale
Choice iiieoitmciit of ground colon
mil tlgum, ii nil a. j-plcndld weni
ipnlltv, vvorlli niio thiiit more tlnn
the I'ehmiry 'i'railo Sale Pi Ice. A()r
Per jaul u-t'
iiiiwv niiAiii: isnitAix Vooi
filling. 'Hie inllcm Mikty Is com
plete. 'I he price I fai ho- A (in
jow normal. 1'ci jitd f :v
lourVcxvr iuonclvd i-
flit UN A tl.itidud Mini i
linao c irer. flhe 'lindo Site to
men is llo from the iruil price pQc
tniklni; it, per j.ud Jt
IHO C UtPl'.T People who used to
Five their las foi ueiviti.,' would
novel hive ilone b Inil the pike
thru liren u low .13 it Is for i"lr
IhU fcjle. Per jird A"L
STVllt rAHPr.T n altnctlvc Ve
nctlin pittcin ' j.irtl wide I er
Pel j ml 10t
HOCKi:iC'ioii will .isrce
tint this U lieadqiiiiteH for
roekeiii, nftu a ijllmivic of
tile lii'cmeiit lloor. S'cier
wcrp they to li4.priccil U3
ilnriner this greit I urnllure
(miiliil, llcie U niio of our
(hillpiiRp olTcrlus fioiu tills
A11M 110CK1 It finished
production In join choice of
Koldcn oik 01 liialioRnny fin-
lull. Iii1ifi1lfi pil III llirillpil
( i loin cm wil and clu-cli
.-liimllcil nick. t ho Tilde
'alp Pnco h 11 diopped like
n lnetcoi fiom S-lSo "i A(J
to i-vy
MbAitiruiiinireWffljtHMBI? I
g Ave
Hatter Has Been Eepoitecl at the
Hendquaiteis of the Mine WoiK
eis Kumar About Pm chases by
the Pennsylvania Pieseut Condi
tion of the lion Maiket Mine
Foreman Piomoted Annual Ke
poit of the Lackawanna Will Be
Issued Next Week.
The 'WilkoH-H.nte Tiinc of kifct night
luid the follow! nB' :
"Contiaiy to CMiccl.ttionc, tlie tioulile
oihtintr between tlio PinrIoC, of the
Nottingham collleiv at I'lvinoulh find
the ollkluls, 1ms neil been pettli'd, ntither
.Ide being willing to agtco to the de
maiidh of the uthcr. Fiom me.suit m
dicatloiib it aiipeais that unless the dlf
leioupes .tie adjusted within a. few d.ijt
ceiy einploje in eighteen lollieiics uf
the Lehigh and 'N'llkcs-H me Coal coin
linj will be called out, in which event
M'eial thousand men and bo.s will be
tin own inlu lclliiiiest,
"The inattei has been lcnoiled to
headiiiiaitcis and It -wan htiiled in Ply
mouth this .itteinoun that the nieinbcis
of the national ospciUIm boaid, as well
ns John Alitchcll, pichldent, au now on
their way fiom Indianaiiolih to this city,
the object of their being to ni.iKc
a ftuthei eltoit to aduist iho clstin
tlllfeiences befoie the men in the col
lleiics lefened to sue oiiloied tint. The
niplojes luipe that the exec tithe boaid
iIU be hiucehslul in aiiangliig mattcis
' "Thico thiius.uul nun aie enniloved
by tin. Lehigh and Wilkeb-Uauc com
lumy in Pljiiunttlt aloiu."
Rumor About the "Penusy."
Theio is a -well dcilned uiinor in ii
(iilutlon, Fnjs the Ulnomsbuijr Daily,
to the elfect that negotiations aie
peiidlng for the minhae of the
JJIoouisbuij," and Sullivan ami the ten Pennsylvania and Western lail
oi.uIh b the "Penusy," ovet lutes look
ing to the ahMiiption of these two
linen, It Is unnoted, having iccently
been made. It is tuither asserted that
in the event ot this consummation be
ing biought about tho bitter load will
use the tow path or the abandoned
Pennavlvimia canal for the extension
if their lino to Uerwlck and Neseo
ptek, thus bee oinlng a nunc important
factor In the it eight cairylng business
imd coming hugely Into competition
villi Delaw.ue, Lackawanna and West
ern, which for many yeais has practic
ally enjoyed n monopoly of the hauling
and passenger tuililu between heio and
Jhw Yoik.
This route. It adopted, woukl i.n.iliin
the "J'i'iinsy" to liava an eastern out
let and would maku It possible for
them to connect with tho main lino
at New ,u k or Jet bey city, theieby giv
ing them a decided advantage over
that which they now possess). Tho
project Is entiiely feasible and it may
bo that tho time is not fat distant when
this will be done.
abioad, our own mills being unable
to give dnliveiles as soon as wanted.
Some moie bales of Get man billets aie
lepoited to mills whiehhave been
unable to get steel at home.
A eiuestion hab aiisen .is to the n.i
tme of some of the buying lor the
second half of 1002. Some people uie
inclined to think that at least pait of
It Is speculative, and that bticli tians
aetions may cause some tioublo later.
If this is bo and It Is given only as
rumor the opeiatois seem to have
been quite successful In taking up lur
naces and mill capacity. Ihigineciing
and Mining Journal.
Mine Poieman Piomoted.
Outside Ioi eman Geoigp Sampson,
of the Auebincloss collieiy. opeiated
bv the Delaw.ue, Laik.iwann and
Western company, has been piomoted
to the position of outfelde loieman .it
the Pettebonc colliery.
All. Sampson has been succeeded lit
the Aucluncloss by Foieinan Hughes,
of Foity Foit, founeily oL Nantieokc.
'ziSiSih. JJPlJ--
D., L. & W. Bonrd for Today.
The follow ing is the make-up of the
Delaw.ue, Lackawanna and Western
boaid foi today:
'illlTJtMUV. 1 1 It let i: n
l.tns I iil s p in , M 1. IliniiPfriii, 10 p
in, 1". V inUoiiiiir, It ii in, llobuken, 31,
I iiiqhluj.
1 ItlDAV, rbllllfUIV II
1 tl ii I it 1 '.0 i. m, llohokcn, M It Mi
liini, I a. in , U A, Ilailliokumu , ", n m , I
II .Mi C mu, h i in, IMiclm, I II hwail, 7
i. m , I . llallctt, b i m. liiiiiinit, 'I i m,
Holiukrn, .1 W. lleiini , 11) i m , ,1 1'. lliuk
Irut, 11 a in, II. HMjiii,;, 1 p m , V Caan
meli, Up ni , lloliolcn. It ltuei:,;, . i m, II.
Doheitx, ii p. in , I). Wallace, 0 p in , Ilolioken,
.1. t.errilj.
ulllllllt', I'tc ii I in , T c'iiiks; S i. in ,
I lounfclkci; til i in , Mcholn, 'J p. in , 'Ihomp
fcon, U p in, J. IleniiPKin, S p in, 31 (,olden
Pushcii n i in, Vii1iipi, 7 i in,,
S 1. in , lloiiei, 'I i in , '. McDonnell, 11 I) .1.
in., Moiui, (i p in , C. llarthoIuiiiLW , T JO p m ,
Murpli ; 0 p m, . II. Ilartholomcw ; 0 p. m ,
1 anipIiiET, id West 11 1. in , hlib, V. WillS new;
" i. in , M. C'arniodi j 1 ji. in , J, J, o'llaia; 11
p. in., O ltamlulph.
Pas,sene-ir riiKiucs 7 a. m , (). Vlillrti 7 u. in ,
Snisrri , ID a in, A J, McDonnell; 0 lj p m,
fctmton, S 30 p, in , Muinin
Tho lion Market.
The ptessuro of business continues
very stiong, and theio has been a
Bieat deal of conti acting tunning over
into the second half of the jear, Theio
is a strom? disposition on tho part of
Bonio of the minor inteiests to aii
Mimo prices. In stiuctuuil mnteiial
fop which demand Is especially stiong,
theio have been sninn Inprp.'iu t
quotations. In rolls there me lepoits
that u. t least one order has been placed
Doing Good,
A si eat deal of good Is being done In
nil pmts of the country by Chamber
Jain's Cough Itemedy. The most llat
tttlng testimonials have been received,
Khliig uccotmts of Its good work, of
iiKgiavatlng and persistent coughs that
have yielded to Its soothing effects, of
severe colds that have been broken
up by Its use, of tlneatened attacks
of pneumonia that have been warded
off nml dangctous cases of cioup that
it has cuied. The great popularity and
extensive sale of this piepaiation can
not be a sui prise to anyone who Is
neuuulnted with Its goods qualities.
Use it when jou have neett of such a
remedy and It will do you good. For
valft by all druggists.
This and That.
The old Florence, bleaker in Smlth
vllle, now belonging to tho Lehigh Val
ley Coal company, ib being toin down.
A modern structuie, which will ptepaio
coal for maikef fiom tluee dltfeient
collleiles in that -vicinity, will be
A huge number of bilcklaveis fiom
Allentown and Bethlehem tu rived at St.
Johns jesterday to begin woik laying
the bilclc for the now power house of
the Wllkes-Baire am Hazleton electilo
ltillway. The woik will bo lushed.
Wllkes-Baue Times.
Plans uie being piepiued by Julian
Kennedy, of Pittsbuig, Pa., for a new
Inmate lor tho Hocbester & Pittsbuig
Coal company, near Dubois, Pa. It will
have mi SO.foot stuck, 19 feet at tho
babe, and will run on fouudiy lion.
Thn ntolpfif f,j ninmntml )i ,1, l,
Itochchter & Pittsbuig ralhoad to se
em o n teetier.
It is expected that tho unnual icnoit
of tlio Delawaie, Lackawanna and
Western lalhoad In pamphlet fotm will
bo Issued next week. In this icnoit
Piesldent Truesdule shows Unit dining
tho past year tliej company has spent
an aveiago of $250,000 a mouth for bot
teunents out of cut lent eainlngs. Tho
foiupany'h output of coal inci eased
from C.013.S19 tons In 11)00 to 7,531,735
tons in 1901. Tho volume ot passenger
tialllo on the Lackawanna hist jutr Is
leported to have exceeded all nievlous New Yoik Sun,
Tho Baldwin Locomotive Woiks, of
Philadelphia, Pa lepoit that oveiy
depaitment is operated to full capacity.
Inquiries continue hrlsk-. nml n in.,.
amount of woik has been booked. Tho '
"' umjniv mil 4,.iiu locomotives of
vaiious types, u gain In actual nunv
ber oer 1S00, and a fuither gain fiom
the fact that tho average weight per
locomotive wn3 fully 10 per cent, great
er. Among lecent orders may be men
tioned 80 engines of various types for
the Southern Pacific Hallway company,
and 10 compressed air locomotives fiom
tho Consolidated, Coal company of
West Virginia. Shipments aie going
forvvaid regularly; one engine u day
Is being delivered to tho Pennsylvania
Railroad company. The Baldwin com
pany now employs over 11,000 workmen
In Its Philadelphia plant,
Bptdil to the Scrwtcn Tribune.
Ulkdale. Feb. 13.Wll!lam Anthony,
who has been working In Scranton for
$100 Invested in the Lo Hoi mine produced $32,000. Seven Couer
d'Alene lead mid silver mines gave last year to their stockholders $11,
00,000. The stock of the wonderful copper piopei ties at Butte and An
aconda, iccently amalgamated foi $150,000,000, was sold in the begin
ning tor a niPio tilllo ed to its mesent value. The original
stockholder have leeched moie than $100 for evei v dollar Invested.
Tho Sutio tunnel was inn four miles to i ut nnd chain the tele
biateel Comstock Lode, Horn which $."i00,000,000 was taken in gold
anil silver, and lctuined in dividends alone over $100 for every one
oiiglnallv put in. Evpiv one of these jnopositlons was miscalled a
s-pec illation, 't they weie all legitimate business vontutes, and so is
the pioposllion which wo piescnt to the public. It is tin extension of
tho GHL'AT HTGHLANDEH MINE, which wo have developed and
tthUli lins now in sight $1,500,000 of oiu which it will ship at once.
is an outt'ipi i-e of absolute merit. The tunnel is pioloctcd to i ut nt
ii ast twentv veins of golil, sllvei and lead ol gieat value and capable
ol raining eij huge dividends.
will, within .1 oall wo aio confltlenl, gii to the puulnibcr
Send loi piuspec tus. SHAKES AT PHESENT 50c.
604 Land Title Building, Philadelphia.
Delawaie, Lackawanna and Western.
In i:ilect Nov. j. loot.
Iiiim lino hcranton for Icw ork At 1.10,
3 la, oin, 7.00 and 10 Oj a m , 12, 1 5, , 40, 3 Si
p, in lor iNciv V.ork und Philadelphia 7.S0,
I00 a m, and l.'.lj and '3 p m, l'or Iob
li mill At i 10 p in I ol Uuflilo I, la, 0 ii and
') 00 a in ; 1 5j, U'M ind II io p. m. I'or Urns
hainton ind iuj st ition 1U M i in. and 1.10
p in. l'oi Onwc'o, tjiiaiuse ind Utiea 1.15 and
0 ii a in ; 1 53 p in. ' Oari?o, ! and
Iltiii tialn at 0.i a in. daib, cxeciit huudaj.
1 oi Vlontioe UiH) a m , 1 10 and h 50 p in.
Nnhnl.-on .lecoiiimiiilaliou I 00 and U15 p, in,
ltlooin4iu" Iliiioioii I ur i)rllnnnlt'il mJ, at
II !5 ind 10 II". a in , 105 ami dill p m Tor
l'buioiilh, at b 10 i in ; J 40 and 1)00 p m
sumlav Tiaim l'or Mw oil,, 1. 10, J 15. oOj
mil 10 03 a in ; .1 10, ." J p m 1 or Buffalo
1 1) and I) ii a. in , 1 ."5, 0 "i0 mil 11,13 p, in,
I'or llinh imtoii md ve ly fet ltiems 10 JO a in.
UlGomsntirfr Ullion Leao bciantou, 10 03 a.
m m 1 0 10 p m.
Delawaie and Hudson,
In 1 tied :owmlicr il. 1'JOI.
lulus foi I'aibundalc lcuc bu'inlon nt 0 20,
SOU, SDI, 10 13 a. in, MOO, l.Ji), J 31, J 02,
0'J), 0J0, 7.57, 0.15, 11 JO p. m j l.ll a. in.
lor lloncsdalc 0.20, lO.iui, in., .'Jl and 5 20
p. in.
l'oi Wilkp? Ilarie (MS, 1. S41, 0 is, in i
a in. , U 0J, 1 1 .', '.MS,, J 2;), 4,27, 0.10, 7 1,
JO tl, 11 JO p. in
lot b . It. It Points 0.38, 0.3S a. m.; 2.13,
1 27 and 11 M p. in.
I'or Pcnnsihanta It It, Points 0 38, 0 33 a.
m ; 1.12. J -3 ami 1 27 p in
I or Albany and all points north 0 20 a. in.
and u 02 p. m.
SUNDVY 'lltvl.NS.
I'or Ciiliondale b 00, 11 . ,3 a. in j 231, 3 02,
5.02 and 11.17 p. Ill
lor Wlke-, llaue i) 3i a, in j 12 0J, 10?, 3.23,
0 (2 and 0.17 l in.
Knr Allum and points north J 52 p m
lor Jlonndalo S f.0 a, in and .102 p in.
W. b Pit on, 1). P. A., fcciauion, Pa
New Yoik, Ontaiio and Western.
In l licet Im-Mla), Sept. 17, 1001.
NOItlll l!Ol Ml
Leave Uavo Arrive
Tialns, Humtoii t iilioinlale, OadoIa,
No, 1 10 .iO .i.iii, mo a. m loop, m,
No. 7 , O.lOp in Ar C.iiboudalcU.lOp, m,
beaie Lii AitI
ll.llin. vauosia. ciinoiia ue, scranton.
No, a ,,.,,.,. 7W)u in 7,l0a.m,
No. a -V in. I cMp. m 4 lOp, in.
U.u ei Leao Arrive
'liains biranlun Carbmidale. Cadeuia,
No. U ,,,,..,. S. 'Oa. in, U 10 p. tu 1043.1 pi.
No. 0 T.OOp in Ar. ('aiLKindilc7.l0ii, m,
Irfau Leave Arrho
Trains. Cadoiij, Catbondjle. Scr niton.
No 1) , 7 M tl in, 7.10 a. in,
No. 10 4 30p in OOUp in. 0 13 p. in.
'irailia -Noi. 1 on ueek ila, and U on Siimlija,
maku main line conucellona for N'tw voik tltv,
Mielillitoun, Walton, Noiuleh, Oneida, O.inrL-o
and all points uitt.
lot fin tlici information rcimilt ticket aeents.
J t. AMIl'ltSOV, 0 P A, .Nevv-6rU.
J r WPLSII, T. P. X, bcranton, Pa
sotno time. Is visiting his juueuts, Mr.
and Mis, VS. It. Anthony, of this place.
Mis. James Stevens spent Thuisduy
of last week In Foi eat Clt.
Penile and Etta Wells yeie calling
on ti lends In this place Tuesdni,
Those who take their milk to the
Unlondale milk btatlou have for the
past week had boine tioublo In getting
through the dilfts, but lepoit the loads
much better now,
A few of thu friends of Mis. Lo
Grand Wells gatheied at her homo
Monday evening. A good time was
leported by ull. The occasion being her
Mr. und Mis. William Coon spent
Tuesday with their patents at Fresco.
Pennsylvania Railroad.
.Schedule in I.ffeet June 2, 1001.
'Plains leaec Scranton: 0 33 l m., neck dajs,
throush Mstibulc tiain from Wilkes Darre. Pull
man bullet parlor cai and coaches to Philadel
phia vn Putts.llk; btops at principal iritu me
diate btations. Al'o cotinecta foi biiiiburj, II ir
iidhureT, Phihddphla, llaltlnioic, Washington and
foi Pitt-bine; .iliil the west,
0 u3 a in , week dajs, for bunbury, HarrlMuir.',
Philadelphia Italtlmorc, Washington and Pitts,
burc- and tho west.
1.42 p in, ueilc di)S (Sundays, 1.5S p m ),
for siinhmy, II irrishuia;, Philadelphia, Daltimore,
i-hln'ton and PIttaburg and the vet.
3.2S p in , eek dan, tluoush vctlbule tram
from llke-, ISano. Piillnuii bulfet parlor car
and roichea to Philadelphia via PolUWllc. Stops
at principal intermediate stations
4 27 p. m , week daji, for Hazleton, faunburj,
lianlsbur', Pniladelpliia and PitUbuie,-,
.1. 11. HL'ICIIINSO.V. t!en. 3lgr.
J. U. WOOD, Clcn. Pass. Agt.
Now Jersey Central.
In Effect Nov. 17, 1001.
Stations in New York, foot of Liberty street
and South 1'ciT, N it.
'train-, leive Sirantoi for N'ew York, Phlladel
phia, l'iton, llethleliiiu, Alknlown, Jlauch
Chunk, Wh'to Haven, .Uhk-y and Vllkcs.-Barrc at
7.30 a. ni , 1 p. in. and 4 n. m. Sundaj, 2.10 p. m.
(Jeaker City ):pic.-s leaves hcranton at 7,30
u in , iiiieuiKn M'liu visiiouie irain wun rutiinan
bullet Pallor C irs for Philadelphia.
I'or Avoca, Pituton and Wilkes Uiric, 1 p. in.
and 4 I' in. SuiuIjj, 2 111 p m.
Por Loiirf llranch, Ocean Oiovc, etc., 7,30 a,
m and 1 ii in.
l'oi Itcadliiff. Lebanon and llarrlibur, vli Ab
Viilovvn, at 7 0 a in and I p. in. Sunday, 2.10
.. in.
I'or PotliVllle at 7."0 a in and 1 p. in.
loi rates and llekils apply to agent at btation.
. , C. M. nUlir, Qeu. Pas. Ast.
W. W, Wi:.MA Ccn snpt.
Lehigh Valley Ralhoad.
In Hired, Nov. s, 1901.
nam.-, icive scranton.
Po Philadelphia and New lork via 1) J. II.
It. It, at a is ind VIS j in, and 2,18, 4 27
(lllick Diamond Lvpreea), and ll.l.a p. ni. Sun.
dajs, 1). L II It It , l.Jte, 8.27 p m
l'or White- Hivcii, lUiletpu and piincipal points
in tho coal icglom. via l. i, II, It It., 0 38, 2 18
and 4,27 p. in. I'or PotUvillc, O.JS a. in,, 2.13
p in.
l'oi Ilethlcliein, llaiton, Heading, IlarrUburs,
and piincipal intermediate btationsi, via 1) i. II,
II. It, l, UJS u. ill i 2.IS, 4.27 (lllaek Mia. ,,,,iv.i, ji.uo ii, ii, neinuae, ji, cs ii.
It It., IMS a, in ; 1,5, 8 27 p. 111.
l'oi 'runkbannoik, len aiida. Klmlra, Ithaca,
fieneva and prliicipal inteiinedlalo stations, via
H , I,, ind W. It, It,, b 10 a m and J 50 p. ni
I'm (Imcva, ltoche.ter, lljffalo, Ma'ara Palls,
Chicago and all joints vvevt, ii 1). &. H, It Jt '
7.4b, l.'UJ a. in i 1 42, 3.28 (black Diamond 1.x.
pits), 7.43, 10.41. 11.30 p. in. bundava, D, & If,
It It , 12 0.1, b 27 p. ni ' '
Pullman parloi und tlecping or LpIiIkIi Yalley
Pailor cars on all traln-i belvvein Wilkes Hani
ami New 101L, I'lilladjpliu, llulfalo and busn-v-Iou
ItOLLIN II, WUIHJlt, Ucn. Supt., 20 Cortland
stint, New i oik
CHAHI.LS b. MX. (Jen. Pa.3. Agt., 20 Cortland
street, N'ew loik
A. W. NONHMACIIlUt, Div. Pass. Ajt., South
Itetlileiwin, Pa.
l'oi tlekiw and Pullman icocrvatlons apply to
city ticket otllce, ii) Public! bquarc, Wilku Uane.
Eiie EatUoad, Wyoming Division.
Triins for N'ew Yoik, Kevvbuigh and luterrne
iliate points leave tcrautou 04 follows: 7,20 a.
111. ; 2 25 p. m.
Arrival-10 35 a. 111. fiom lllddletoivn. linn.
dale, llavvlcj and intermediate points. D.20 p. 111.
(rouj Kcw York, Ncviburgu mid IntcrmedUtt
(joints. No Sunday tra.1".
Sale in Basement
Eveiv dav wants can readilv be found in this rnmnlpte Hnnw Fm-mei-ii,-. rw
partm-nt. The best of qualities and everything at fair pi ices. The Hour Sale today
will be rich in bargains and little fipun;.
Sale No. t
V dr
Begins Promptly at
2 O'clock.
Sale of Grey Enamel Berlin Kettles Every housewife likes a
Rood keltic ; this kind has a smooth finish, guaranteed to he perfect.
This is a .J-quart size and always sold for 4."c and often-
times more, but today buy it for sixty minutes at 29C
Sale of Grey Enamel lierlin Saucepots This is the extra size,
S (juarts, and is certainly one of the very best granitewarc bargains
ever offered in this city; regular value is 0!)c. For sixty
minutes, today 45C
Sale of Grey Enamel Coffee Pots If you only knew the great
big coffee pot that you can buv this sixty lninufes, it could be
easily prophesied that there would not be enough to supply all. As
it is, we will give you a hint: Be on time. Regular n.c.
coffee pot. Today, buy them for t 3C
Sale of Shelf Paper Extra quality, .1-yatcl lengths, lace border,
all colors. Cleaning time will soon be here, when fresh,
clean paper will be needed. Today buy it for one hour at. . 3C
Sale of Pastry Boards A useful article ; this kind on saie today is cleated at both
ends. Regular value is 19c. and size lixlli inches. Buy it for sixty minutes todav at
Qnlr. f Xr.'.,l.l T 'PI..V. I : .- I.,, ,.-..,,' . . '. .
.jte.c we menu auii3 i ins lamp ts complex nas a -lu-iucii dome siiatic, good size
and well finished. At any other time it will cost you $2. But it at this hour sale today for
Sale of Clothes Baskets A Willow and finely made basket, extra heavy, alwavs needed in cv-
prv limici lent- nrf -1,e,-i.e f-.,,,-.rl . .-..,.1, - !... ...: i. - i i . i.-. i , t-
-.., . ,., .,..,. 4.t unmt.-i iuiuiu ic aeicii ei iuvv pi ice: as citu ue nun at our r i limy sale. Kcgu-
lar value Gi)c. Buy at this hour at
Sic of ! lour Jonas Long's Sons Best Patent Flour, made from choice Minnesota nard wheat,
and guaranteed to make as many loaves of bread per ban el as anv flour milled. Hundreds of cus
tomers know its good qualities, and for those who don't von mav find in this Hour sale a
tare chance to buy it. L'.l-pound sacks at .' , 52C
Sale of Sardines Best domestic, packed in oil. This is an opportunity to buy what
y ott need for Lent. One hour, per tin 4C
Sale of Salt Regular table salt, comes put up in sacks; value at all times is ,"c. For ,1
this hour 32C
Sale No. 2
Begins Promplly at
'.I O'clock.
Sale of Woman's Seamless Hose Made from
Vnril mid f:i;f Ivlnrlr Rpmilnr l'nllli. nf tllio linen ie. 1'l. nnir
Buy them today for one hour at, a pair 1 l'C
Se'ilc of Granite Diess Goods This line of Dress Goods that
we put on sale this hour, today, is without an exception tho very best
baigain listed at any of our Great Hour .Sales. Comes -1." in. wide in
colois thai, should you choose blindfolded, you would be satisfied.
We mention a few: Navv, dark green, castor, old lose, grey, re
seda. Regular value is ,5!) cents a yard. For this one hour L
sale buy it at a yard 29C
Sale of Boys' Shirts and Drawers This line is a very heavy
fleeced one and Ihe colors arc blue and brown, with white stripes.
To make room for spring and to close them out we offer this
regular 2dc. garment Friday hour at i 1 5C
Salc'of Gingham 2 cases in this lot. They are extiaordinary
value for the price asked for them at this sale toikn. Regular Seer
sucker styles in staple checks and stripes on ground colors of
blue and pink. A suitable fabric for children's wear and house dresses. Regular Sc. value. i
Buy them at this hour, at, a yard 5zC
Sale of Woman s Petticoats on Second Floor Made of black sntine, full width and has
accordeon pleating, iiiffle edge with one small ruffle; it also has a dust ruffle. This petticoac
ou will notice is made tliorougnly, and usually sells tor JjU.OU, but for I'rtday Hour they will
be sold for
Sale of Boys' Waists and Blouses, also a line of Shirt Waists Made of good percales and che
viots, also outing flannels. Mostly dark colors, sizes 4 to 12 years. Regular 2oc. quality; t
on sale toihy on Main Floor for one hour at a closing out price, each ". . I OC
Sale of Soaps and Perfumed Ammonia A Combination Sale that will astonish you in its cx-tre-ioulinary
value. Item ,5 bars of Kirk's Rose Glycerine Soap, a 7-ouncc bar, large size, regular
price is 30c. The second item is Perfumed Violet Ammonia, pint bottle, size for bath and toilet;
regular price, 2jc. The third item is the well known Cosmo Buttermilk Soap, 2 cakes. t
Your choice of either of the three items for I 2C
Snlo No. 3
Sale of White Goods This lot needs no introduction to the peo
ple of this city. It is a fabric we have sold thousands of yards
of at our hour sales. Foi ty inches wide, fine cotton, extra quality
and usually brings 1:21c. ;' buy it at this Friday hour, at Qi
yard .' ', 02C
Sale of Toweling 2,001) ards in this lot, the pattern is the fa
miliar check in pink, blue and red. A toweling suitable for kitchen
use; bathers may find it just what they are looking for; 1
regular ."ic. value' ; for Friday bm it at, 'yard 3C
Sale of Umbrellas Over .'III different styles in handles, bone, sil
ver trimmed; Princess silver trimmed; an article always used and
sometimes lost. This umbrella is a good 7jc, value, but'to-
day for one hour buy it at U3C
Sale of Laces Can you think of a more useful article for trim
ming than neat and pretty designs in laces. This lot comprises Val
enciennes, Point de Paris' and Torchons, with insertions to .3
match; width 2 to t5 in.; value up to ?c. ; this hour, yard. . . 44C
Sale of Plate Racks On Fourth Floor Made of solid oak, has double groove plate support
and brass hangers for cups, 30 inches long and 12 inches high. Suitable for dining room or den.
This in connection with the great furniture sale on this week will make the furniture de- c
partment an ideal money saving place, The plate rack can be bo'tght for one hour, at, ... . 53C
Sale of Boys' Knee Pauls This lot is made up from blue and brown cheviot, medium and
heavy weight well sewed seams and strong waist bands ; sizes I loll; value 21) cents each. , .
Found on the Second Floor Tor this hour sale, at ,' , 2 1 C
Begins Promptly nt
4 O'clock.
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