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ROYAL Baking Powder is indispen
sable to the preparation of the finest
cake, hot-breads, rolls and muffins.
Housekeepers are sometimes importuned to buy
other powders because they arc "cheap."
PlousekceperS should stop and think. If such
powders arc lower priced, are they not inferior?
Is it economy to spoil your digestion to save
a few pennies?
The "Royal Baker and Pastry Cook" con
taining over 800 most practical and valuable
cooking receipts free to every patron.
Send posts! card with your full address.
Sheriff Schadt and Jury Commis
sioners E. B. Sturges and D. J.
Campbell Mako Public- the Names
of the Men Who "Will Serve on the
Grand Jury Which Meets March
10 and On the Petit Juries for the
Weeks of Apiil 7 and 14.
Sheilff C. H. Schadt and Jiuy Com
missioner U. B. Sturges and D. J.
Campbell jcbterday drew jurors for
ihe grand jury which meets March 10
and to serve as petit jurors riming the
weeks beginning April 7 and 14. The
jurors drawn follows:
Grand Juiy, March 10.
I ufjene Allen, pipe lajcr, Scranton.
.Ijcob Ilctzcll, tncrcliint, Smntoti.
Owen O'JIallcj-, maun, Scranton.
Charles I!. Ilinillii, gentleman, hcranton.
'Jhomas Fikc, farmer, North Ablution.
John Wright, miner, &crantoii.
I'afiick Kb nil, butcher, Scranton.
William Davis, miner, Scranton,
X J. Jlatthews, postmaster, Oljphint.
J'dward Yairlngtou, clerk, CarlionJile,
Michael SpcUman, lettrr carrier, haaiilo4.,
( hjilca SickUr, collector, &.raii1on.
W. Scranton Aolfe, agent, Scianton.
Adam W'hieler, blacksmith, Scranton.
F. D. Paris, merchant, Jcrmjn.
l'rank Fleming, laboicr, Scranton.
'Jhomas Parry, minor, bcranton.
William Durland, farmer, Spring Drook.
J'. J. llomn, merchant, Scranton.
Mark Timlin, mill luml, Scranton.
5eorge Gibson, carpenter, bcrantun.
James D. Evans, insurance agent, Scranton,
Frank J. Hughes, salesman, Carbondjlc.
'ihonus II. l'lanuery, sr 6hotlnakcr, Scranton.
Petit Jurors, Monday, April 7.
James Held, carpenter, Pickion Citj.
J'dward F. Cliamberlain, accictarj, Punmorc.
J. J, Neil, photographer, Caibondalc.
K. 1 Trice, bank teller, Scranton.
Frederick U. Walter, carpenter, Scranton.
(George D. Drown, president, Scranton.
Qrin Denny, fanner. Ciucnflcld.
Jaac II. Morgans, laborer, Scianton.
'Jhomas Walton, miner, Scranton.
William Shoemaker, miner, Scranton
Patrick Tighe, mill hand, Scranton.
belli W, Wrigley, machinist, Scranton.
Patrick McCann, miner, Scranton.
A. II. Qittcrson, farmer, Moscow,
Tliaddcus P. Roche, blacksmith, Scranton,
1. J. McCaffrey, bookkeeper, Scranton.
Jtobcrt McKinley, miner, Olj pliant.
W. W, Jones, fanner, Vostvllle.
, Peter Solomon, miner, Old Koigc.
Archbald Marvinc, bookkeeper, Scraiiton,
lames Cobb, farmer, Clrcentleld.
nnit Thomas, letter carrier, bcranfon,
Jtecse O. Powell, gentleman, Scranlon.
A. J). Van Colder, photojjrapliT, bcranton.
M, II, llolgate, teal estate, Scianton.'
l'rank P. Klow, timekeeper, Scranton,
James Lcnnaid, i,, laboicr, Scrantoii,
11. A. .latlwin, cashier, Scranton.
J. P. II, Itajner, tellir, C'aibondale.
Patilck Wlialcn, mill hand, Scranton.
Itobert Campbell, gentleman, Caibondalc.
fleorge O. Plmuiner, farmer, Olyphint.
( A. Sherman, farmer, Olenbiirn.
Thomas Lyj-nclt, miner, Carbondale.
Thomas M, flriifllhs, miner, Jcrmjn.
Iiavid I'rancis, tracklayer, Tujlor.
David Foley, fanner, Covlnifton.
David M. Jones, foicinan Scranton.
John Ajcrs, laborer, Old Forge.
William Lewis, miner, bouillon.
Vincent Dougherty, farmer, CoUngton.i
I', H. McCann, carpenter, Olj pliant.
loh'n Phillips, miner, Scranton,
Charles Hogers, gentleman, Carbondalo,
.-.lames J, O'Malley, laborer, Scranton,
Charles W. King, oiler, Scranton.
D. O, O'Hara, agent, Scranton,
Anthony Gillespie, janitor, Scranton.
J, II. Robertson, superintendent, Old Forge,
Vf, 0, I.oomls, lnuranco agent, Scranton
J, 12. Illoomer, 'principal, Scranton,
W, T, Purdy, carpenter, Daltou.
P. J. Coleman, talesman, Scranton.
John Ituano, laborer, Scranton,
Patrick Nulty, miner, Scranto.
John Nothacker, fanner, Jolferson, '
John Fitzhenry, echool director, Mlnooka,
William J, Morin, mill hand, Scranton.
Itobert Alien, hotel, Scranton,
Famutl Kimter, merchant, Scranton.
Oarrtt Built li, mlllor, bcranton. .
August Olltndlrk, school teacher, Throop,
Tlioiiio Jl, Jones, clerk, Scrantoii,
Ceorgo llought, car builder, Dunmorc,
P, F, Coogau, merchant, Carbondale.
I), (I. Morgan, real estate, Scranlon,
Jmnes J. Kelly, hotel, Scranton.
P. Cannon, gentleman, Olj pliant.
'Jhomas McNully, miner, Scranton.
James Nyhart, fjinier, Scott.
O.tB. Fowler, Jr., tlork, Scranton.
James P. Law, ttatiuii azent, Taylor,
W. E. Anderson, real estate, Scranton.
Thomas Sprague, supeiintendent, Scranton.
John Grady, miner, Scranton.
Daniel W. Humphrey, merchant, Carbondale.
John McCrindlc, merchant, Mooslc,
Thomas II. Dale, ex-presldent, Scranton.
William Oonnorly, tlacVunlth, Jessup.
Henry II. Bridy, Jr., clerk, Scranton.
Petit Jurors, Monday, April 14,
W. E. Vooburg, conductor, Scranton.
Thomas Hopkins, conductor, Scranto?
Jimu S, Scnutoa, agent, Scranton.
Alum is used in some baking powders
and in most of the so-called phosphate pow
ders, because it is cheap, and makes .1
cheaper powder. But alum h a corros
ive poison which, taken in food, acts injuri
ously upon the stomach, liver and kidneys.
Ciorge V. llctbler, caiptntcr, Scriuton.
Andrew dimming.", engineer, Taj lor.
Jlorgan lliomai, iiitrcliant Siranton.
Thomas J. Snowdcn, lumber, Scranton.
Aided S. Dojlc, miner, Tajlor.
Allen 1'olej", fanner, Jcflerson.
Kan J. Dals, gentleman, Scranton.
John O'Connor, hotel, Olj pliant.
1'icilerlck W. Mills, manufacturer, Girboudilr.
Petei Carr, mill hand, Scranton.
C'lnrlcs llornbakcr, carpenter, Scranton.
W. It. Manners, druggist, Mootic.
Lot Ludwig? miner, bcranton.
Joiejili Cas."(ssc, merchant, Scianloii.
Patrick 1". Tajlor, hotel, Scrantoii
William II. Peck, cashier, Scranton.
Charles II. Lord, contractor, Scranton
S. J, lloinbikcr, flioc dealer, Moscow.
1J. A. Kelly, diuggist, Carbondale.
J. D. Ajlesworth, agent, South Abington
Willi mi K. llccse, miner, Scianton
W". W. llaggcrtj', foicinan, Scranlon.
A. II. Turner, milk dealer, bcranton.
diaries llcnwood, druggist, Scianton.
r.lcazer Ucans, clerk, Scianton.
W. O. Smith, fanner, Norlli Abhiglnn
.T. W. lilioadcf, farmer. South .Munition.
Mclchoir Ackcrmau, gioccr, Scranlon.
II. C. White, fanner, W'mcrlj-.
Willi mi Penibnclgc, f.irmei, Spring Iliook.
Junes II. Coleman, mill bind, Scianton.
John 1'. Itandolpli, englncci, Sci.iutun.
John O'DonncII, iilolorman, Scranton.
John J. Ilrogan, hotel, Dunmorc.
Frank Couch, insurance agent, CirbomlaU?
John Lowrj-, gilcmaii, bcranton.
Sunon Laucr, mcrchint, Scranton
r.lmer Huglio1., hundrjimn, Scianton.
William Lewis, miner, Scranton.
Thonrn It. Matthews, fanner, Spring Ilrook.
Jainrs P. 0ciib, foicinan, Scianton.
T. P. McDonough, clcik, Scranton.
Frederick Itcpp, gcntlcnian, Old I'oige.
John C (iriftlth, barber. Tajlor.
Michael McCann, ininci, Carbondjlc.
T. Fellows Mison, merchant, Scranton.
li. K. Dcnjamlii, carpenter, Pcckiillc.
Matthias Donu, laborer, bcr.inloii. '
K. T, Hone, Ijookkccper, Scrantiin.
ll.ilkm Howe, gardner, LaPlume.
Anthony fiillcsples, laborer, Scranton
John S. Luce, insurance agent, Scranlon.
Albeit Carbon, mcrchint, Scranton.
John Yoos, woodworker, Scianton.
Ceorgc duU. Uimmick, clerk, Scranlon.
Thomas J. Moian, machinist, Scranton.
John O. Zurflleh, real estate agent, Scianton.
Thomas V. Jordan, merchant, Olj-phant.
Jay G. Seamans, merchant, bcranton.
William Athcrton, fanner, South Ablnston.
Henry W. Chapman, mine supl,, FcckUlle.
O. W. Allcp, bookkeeper, Punnioie.
A. 13. Claj-, insurance, Scranlon.
Charles Tinklum, fanner, Waerlj'.
P. J. Mangan, hotel, Scianton.
Philip C. Schmidt, gentleman, Scranton.
Conrad Fruchan, jr., clerk. Scranton.
Charles W, Matthews, real estate, Scranton,
(iorton Chora, fanner, LaPlume,
Michael Langath, painter, Scranton.
George W. Patterson, constable, In Plume.
Jullm S. Morss, bookkeeper, Scranton.
M. M. Ilurkc, elrhor, llunmore.
P. C. McDonough, miner, Carbondale.
John ltlchards, engineer, Old Forge.
TI. 11, Jadnin, gentleman, Carbondale,
Pormer Wilkes-Bnrroan Passes Away
nt His Home in Altoona.
A telegram to relatives hero on Sat
urday last announcing tho death of
Julius Well at his home In Altoona,
Pa., came as a surprise. The deceased
was taken ill with pneumonia last
week and within two clays passed away.
He was C3 years of ago and had en
joyed excellent helth. He is survived
by his wife, Lena, who Is n sister of
Mrs. Isaac Long of this city, and two
daughteis and two &ons, Herthu and
Canle und Edward unci AVIlIium, all
Tho deceased was a son of the late
Jacob Well, who resided In this city
many years ago and who died here in
1873 Ho was alHO a brother of tho
late Mrs. Henry Hofflieimer of this
city. Somo thirty years ago ho left
hero and went to Hollldaysburg, where
ho has been In business up to eight
years ago. Then he temoved to Al
toonu, whero he was a wholesale dealer
In cigars and tobacco. Mrs, N, G.
Goodman, of Scranton. is a sister of
tho deceased. Ho al&o leaves two
biotheis, John, of Chicago, Illinois, and
Simon, of Youngstown, Ohio, both well
known business men,
Ho came to this country Ivlth his
parents in 1S52 and remained here until
his parents died, Mrs, Isaac Long
and Henry HofTholiner left for Altoona
to attend tho funeral, which will take
pluco tomorrow, Wllkes-Ijarro Heeord.
His Paterson Store Destroyed in Big
Conflagration. v
jonn i.auwig, owner of the Four
Cent Store, on Lackawanna avenue,
wus one of tho sufferers from tho big
Paterson lire on Sunday. Mr, Lad
wig has been conducting a storo on
Main street, Paterson, for about a year
and- a half aifd it was entirely de
stroyed In the big conflagration.
His loss will bo about $8,000 which
amount Is entirely covered by Insur
ance. Mr. Ladwlg was In Paterson
yesterday looking over the ruins.
They Did This With the Consent of
Their Employers Order of the D.,
L. & W. Company Concerning Vac
cination Will Not Bo Mado General
Unless It Should Be Pound Neces
sary to do so The Board for To
day Stationery Firemen to Meet
at Nanticoko.
Tho employes of the Tlmmns & Hecht
spike mill, located at the westerly end
of Jackson street, sent a committee to
their cmployets yesterday morning,
asking their permission to organize .i
union among the sovcnty-llve men em
ployed in and around tho mill.
The proposition was accented by tho
members of the llrm, and shortly after
wards the men met and formed a tem
porary organization among themselves.
The organization will be made petina
nent and an application will be made:
"lor a charter lrom the Iron Mouldeis'
International union.
When asked concerning the organ
ization, Mr. Timmes said the llrm is
in accord with the movement, and gave
their consent, to the formation of n
union. He also stated that there has
not been, neither Is theie any trouble
existing between the Hi m and their em
ployes. Order Not General.
The order Issued by the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western company,
notifying all employes at the Avondalo
and Woodward collieries that they
must be vucrlnated before tomorrow,
otherwise thev will not be allowed to
wotk, only applies to those two col
Heiles which are located in Plymouth,
wheie smallpox is prevalent.
If tho epidemic becomes general In
this city the order will In nil probabil
ity be issued to Include tho collieries
located in AVest Scranton and North
D., L. & W. Board for Todny.
The following Is the, make-up of the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
boaid for today:
Monday, rr.nniT.vnv 10. Fist S p. in., Finnerlyj 11 p. m,,
Hoboken, J, W, Deilnc.
IMras Fait 1,50 a. in., Hoboken, M. It, Mc
Lane; I n, m., If, Coslar, John natci'a crew;
U a, m,, Hoboken, J. F, Uurkhait; 0 a, in.,
Hoboken, J, Ucrrity; 11 a. in., J. J, Mmraj,
D, ll.iggcrtj'n crci 1 p. in,, F, Van Wormcr;
. p. in., iioiioHeu, u, uuiv'g; ., i, m,, ,m, j,
Hcnnogaii; 3 p, in,, W. A, Ilartholomew j 0
p. in., D. Dnliiirj-.
Summit, Etc. (i a. in,, J, Cairlgg; S a, m.,
Frounfelkci; 10 a. tu,, Nichols; 2 p. in.,
Thompson; 0 p, in., J. Heuncgan; 6 p, m., M.
Pushers 0 a, in., Wldncr; 7 a, in., Finnerty;
h a. in,, Housor; 11.11 a. in., Moian; u p. in.,
(t. Iljitliolomevv; 7.S0 p. in., Muiphy; 0 p.
in., W, 11. llarlliolouicn ; U p. in,, Lamping.
i:.trj3 West 5 a, in., J. Cahagan; 8 a. in., F,
Ca-e, A, F. Ketthuni's ciewj 11 a. m., T. Doudf.
can; 2 p. in., W. Kilby, WullV crew; 1 p,
in., M. Oinlej', M. Caiiiiodj's treu; 11 p. m.,
J. J. Oilara.
Pawcnger Fnglncs 7 a. in., fiaffney; 7 a, in,,
Singer; 10 a. in,, Secor; 0.15 p, m., Stanton;
S.20 p. in,, McGomu.
J. II, Masters will tun 7 p, ill. etiu, Feb, 10,
and until fuitlicr notice, in place of P. J. Xcalis.
M. Staples will go out uitli D. Wallace as
flagman until fuitlicr notice.
Tills and That.
The report of the national auditors of
tho United Mine Workers shows that
on November 1 the organization had to
Its cteellt $89,191.30 In the Capltul Na
tional bank at Indianapolis,
Woik Is well under way on a large
breaker for tho Lehluh Vulley Coal
company, north of ait. Carniel, to pre
pare the output of tho Sioux colliery,
the White & White mine, Hell's tunnel-
and eventually SU. Carniel colliery.
Tho San Francisco Examiner says tho
Mexican Anthracite Coul and Minim?
company, lecently oiganlzed, expects
to open anthrnclto mines In coal lunds
In the Sun Murclul valley, state of Son
ora, Mexico, wheto u grant of 3,000,000
acres has been seemed by Alvlnza
Hayward, of Sun Francisco, and A. J.
Ulinan, or Baltimore.
On March 1 the Stationary Firemen's
This Ignataro U on every box ol fn gtmulM
Laxative Bromri'Ouiniiic Tablets
jaiXHJaJUUU in ono tLT
union will meat at Nnnllcolte, ana
notices have been pent out to nil the
subordinate unions In tho stato to Hint
effect. At this convention the main ob
ject will be to tnke uotlon on the eight
hour question. In Juty lust tho firemen
struck for eight bourn u day, but to
turned to work nfter nearly four weeks
of. Idleness, without success. It Is now
said that If tho demand Is made It wljl
receive the support of tho United Mine
Workers' organization. At the former
strlko tho miners were not In sympathy
with It. Tho firemen now work twelve
hours a day, and they want eight hours
without n reduction In pay.
LYCi:U.M-"Tlic Pcnllcnt." Sight. '
ACADEMY May Flske Comedy Company.
Afternoon ami night.
STAH New Night OwR Afternoon and night.
, O'Neill in "Monte Crlsto."
In the elaborate) nnhal of "Monte Crlsto" lire-
Eontcd at Iho Ljccum lait nluht by James O'Xclll.
it Is hard to cicti Imagine nnj thing wanting In
the way of mclodraim, O'Xclll ai a lnelodriinla
actor is superb; "Monto Cilsto" is a mclodraiim
w Ithout a peer, and Llcblcr k Co. in staging tho
production, lino reached the llthlt of the possi
bilities. Iho organization supporting Mr. O'Xclll com
priics most capible artists. At tho head uf the
supporting company Is Frederic de l!cllcllle,
whew: ".Vortler" U realized by him almost as
thoioughly as O'Xclll lives "Monte Cilsto."
James O'Xclll, Jr., as "Albert de Moiceit" dls-plaj-s
ability that marks him as a bom Thespian.
Miss Selene Johnson ns "Mercedes" fulfills eoiy
exaction of that trjing- role.
Tho setting of the nones rcprcntlng the poit
of Marseilles, Willi a full rigged ship falling into
the haibor; the Clialcau do .If. its iol-
lapse; the ball loom of Hotel de Morccrf and Ilia
closing tcene depicting the forest of l'ontaln
bleu are spectacular in their grandeur. The elec
tric effects are marvels of stagecraft.
"Monte Crlsto," as plajed by James O'Xclll a
decade ago was a standird production. As prc
entcd today it is a great plaj-.
May Piske at Academy.
If May FNkc and her companv had failed to at the Academy last night there would
have been a great mmy disappointed people in
Scranton todij-, as the Academy held a lirge
house. Few bettor stars than Miss Fiskc in the
icpertoire lino have visited tills citj-. She has a
strong support and each member plnjed his part
with the piopcr spirit. The scenery carried by
this company is new and the plij-, "The Charity
Girl," was picscntcd in a fine rn inner.
'Jhe Fpecialties introduced between the :'cts
was a high order. Mla Fistcc sing beautifully
while Mrs. Gcncial Tom Thumb, Count and
P.iron Magrl delighted all with their comedy
At the mitincc of "Peg Wofflugton" tndiy
Mi-s Fii-ke will hold a reception on Hie' stage for
the ladies and children, assisted by Mrs. General
'lorn Thumb, Count and Uaron Magu.
Night Owl Burlesquers.
'Jhe Night Owl Hurleno,ucrs appealed .it ihe
Slai jestciday afternoon and evening. While the
Night Ouls are scaicely up to the standird of the
lioiiac Jb a sv hohs the tioupo nevertheless con
tains some tilcntcd specialty aitists prominent
among wiiom may l mcntioiied the Hell trio,
comedy nciobat. who introduced boiiic new- .ui'l
novel tuuis.
The Night Ovvli will appear locliy ami tcmor-
inw aftenmon and evening, and on Thursday will
t t. i ,..- ,i. ....
wv luituuc-u iij- me uoiienuan Jiuri0siuei3.
"The Penitent."
An eminent critic of i Ilnstpu paper, in com
menting on "The Penitent," W. K. Nankevllle'a
succesful ihainitiatlon of Hall Cable's powerful
fctory sajs: "One cannot allcnipt to levicw 'The
Penitent' in an hoar. At the first ghnce one
drink.-, in its beauty, its power, its greatness. To
realize all uquircs a anther knowledge, gainod
only by atendinLo at its presentation.. 'The
Pendent' will live. It i nut only a bulllant ami
masterly plaj-, hut it is the equal of tho best
Known of the Caine plaj 'The Christian.' L'n
tiicly wholesome, a sun.on if jou will but fcin
tilliuting with wit. captivating with its love
Morj-, Miprcme ill its mlurahiets, mid teaching a
lesson that none can fail to read who 1,003 iU
unfolcling." This potent Oram i comes to the
Ljccuni tonight,
"Hamlet" and "Othello."
The avciago person seldom realizes the amount
ol wort; embodied in the detail of making an
ordinary stage production and much loss can he
understand the time and cnergj- spent preparing
large pioductions. Probably the most difficult
productions ore those of the t lassie dr.nni. to
which no actor can more justly lay claim to
superiority than Itobert Mantcll, whose artiatlo
productions have met with unmeasured success
from tho Atlantic to the Pacific coasts.
Mr, Miintell under the management of Mr. St.
W. Hanlojs wil be seen next Wednesday and
Thursday nights at tho Ljccum when lie ptesnts
"Hamlet," and "Othello." Ho will bo suprted
by an exceptionally stiong company. Sale of
scats now- on.
"Up York State."
"Up York Stale." "Is a play to see twice,"
sajy a critic. Ibis story of a little Adirondack vil
lage has no limit of territory within which its
truths may be applied or set down ns the leal
thing. It Jmt tits in to our whole American
scheme of blurdy and fico life wherever jou
may go.
David Illgglns as Darius Oieen lilts to a dot
a whole army of gentle sturdy men whco one
aim in life 60cni3 to be the quiet helping of
others, and for this he Is a diameter to be loved
and will live In stage annals. The play had .1 11111
of 1(10 nights in Xcw York to its credit ond will
be at the Ljccum, Saturday afternoon and nigit.
Brockwny Concert Company.
JIIh t.'eorgla Hcntley, who coinca to the Lj-.
ceiiin with the lliocl.vvay Grand Concert com.
pany ueit Friday niclit, h destined to hecomo
one of the world's Kit-atcst planUtts. HcT lull.
nam piajins .itici pncnoincnal technique enchant
an audience to such an extent that, tor the
time boliiif, they are entirely lost to the world
around thein, Her lint bcriouj work lepan
when fho became the pupil ot Ce'eclU Haul, tie
well Known trachci.
At the completion of her coure, the (rave a
fiiccessful in llalilmoir, and luviiiR at
tainrd the lilghcst honois In an elimination
covcrintr piano, theory, mu.ical hUtoij-, etc.,
iho received tho Pcilmdy ccrtltlcate. The pat
year hho ha) been studjliiff with Mine. Illoom.
tield ZcUlcr, Scats on sale Wcdnitlaj
How Tlioy Treat Paderewski in Eu
ro pe.
"I'adercvvbll," began the amateur, "is engaged
In producing lit opera and coiucrtUIng tluough
out Germany with hi usual succefs. He U us
turc of Ids public there us here. In point of fact
I am told lhat Dresden lecognUcd and delighted
In him long beforo lie tet foot in America, 'llm
ilotalU of the grand tournco which cointltutcd
lib lait rojal progress have jet to be adequately
"Ho took Lelrulo by ktorm, and aroiued uch
wild eiithualauii as had never been known In ihu
elasalo city, sacred to llach. MondeUnlm
Joachim, Tho conceit which included llach, and
licet hovvn was prolongeil by opplauso und en.
cores to double its normal length, but Hill he
audience declined to go; nor did they budgu till
us a last cipodlcnt tho gas was turned out.
"Cologne, with an audience room 40 large that
no pruiouj piano u-cltal had ever attiactcd
hearers cnoujli to fill it, brought together a
ciowded audience which rote under tho niagio
touch of tho uitlst to a fruuy of enthu!,laiii.
IVaiilifott-oii-lhe-JIaln tvllectnl a ait,er ajin.
bly, than even ltublmtelu, the darling of Ger
many had ever brought together there, The con
cert given In Dresden under the uusplee of II 0
lilng of Saony to an audience of thoso eonuuota.
seurj who had been omong tho flrit to recognize
this mighty genius afforded the climax of Ihe
German tour,
"Hie mU season taw I'aderewsM's ltujalin
trip. This weinctl in the beginning a somewhat
precarious entcrprUc, ,011 account of the known
disfavor at fct. Pctcisburg for 1'olUli genius In
any form or art. lluU, however. Is noblo In
h trcjtmcut cf musicians. Wljcu recognition
Chronic Diarrhea,
(Catarrh of thfc Bowels.)
How This Annoying and Woakoning
Disorder May Bo Cured,
Tho bowels are lined by mucous mem
brane that Is very much lllco tho lining
dnembrnne of tho nose. Frequently ca
tarrh attacks this mucous membrane
lining tho bowlB nnd a discharge re
sults that Is known as chronic diar
rhea. Intestinal catnrrh or rntnirh of tho
lining membrane of the bowels In quite
a prevalent dlsenBe, being especially
common among men who have seen ac
tive servico inj, tho army, where tho
many changes of drinking water, tho
food, nnd tho frequently bud condition
of both, together with exposure Inci
dent to tho vnrylng conditions of camp
and march bring about repealed at
tacks of acute diarrhea that leave the
lining of tho bowels weak, Irritable and
predisposed to catnrrh Just as repeat
ed colds In tho head predispose to
chronic nasnl catarrh.
Cutairh is u constitutional disease,
It Is in tho system but llmis vent or
expression through a skin. In the out
side 6iv covering skin It Is known ns
eczemu, which disease is slmulv ca
tnrrh In tho outside skin. When catarrh
finds vent through tho mucous mem
brane or lining skin of the vnrious cav
ities and passages of tho head It Is most
commonly called catarrh. When ca
tarrh affects the mucous mnnilnnno nr
lining skin of tho nlr tubes leading to
the lungs It is usually named bron
chitis. When catanh'gels vent from
tho Hnlnjr skin of the female pelvic
organs It is spoken of as leucoirhea,
whites and female weakness. And so
on, when tho lining skin of other or
gans are nffected a distinct name may
uu given 10 tne ailment, but It Is just
systemic catnrrh finding a local e.
piession and vent, and a systemic rem
edy that will cure catarrrh In one part
and under one name, will cure it In any
other, part under some other name.
Stuart's Catanh Tablets will cure
systemic catarrh, they cure it In the
blood, therefore they cure Its local vent
or expression anywhere and every
where. Eczema (catarrh In the skin),
rhinitis (catarrh In tho nose), bron
chitis (catanh In the air tubes), gas
tritis (catanh In the stomach), diar
rhea (esilarrh of tho bowels), cystitis
(catarrh of tho bladder), leucorrhea
(catarrh of the female pelvic organs),
and all other catarrhs of whatever dis
tinctive name or whrrcver lorated
about the body, are cuied by this sov
ereign remedy for systemic catarrh.
Cut off tho fountain head and all
streams It feeds go ehy. Cuie catanh
in the blood and there will be no local
vent, expression or manifestation of It.
The reason Stuart's Catarrh Tablets
aio credited with curing so many vari
ously named diseases is because nil
these diseases are simnlv local ivnr.
sions or vents for catarrh. Stuart's
Catarrh Tablets are a reliable specific
for catarrh under all names and in all
parts; they ate not a euro-nil .-inri
disease to be cured by Ilium must be
an exmcssloii of or venf for catanh.
Chronic; dlairhe.i, bolng a vent for
catarrh through tho mucous membrane
or lining skin of the bowels, is readily
cured liv Sttiait's Catarrh Tablets be
cau&e they cure the catanh in the .sy.s
tein and there is nothing to find vent
through some skin or mucous mem
brane. Stuart's Catanh Tablets are sold at
all diug stores for BO cents a box. if
you iiue catanh of any part, in any
form, it will bo prudent, vaImj and ad
vantageous to mako it your Hiht duty
to buy and take tlieni. for they euro
catarrh anywhere and uverywheie.
came it was a inval one. At Moscow Paelci cvv -M
iceeived a magnificent welcome; at Kicvv, the box
ofllce opcncil in the nioiinng ami when ni-ht
fell cvciy scat had been taken. In M. ivtei.
burg, at the list concert, so nunc- baskets of
boutoniers, to many wreaths of laurel, to nuny
bouquets were teen cntciing the opu.i hou;,
that the police who regulate evcrvthincr in BimIi.
were on the jioint of foibldiling them to be
brought in. As the concert piogrcssed the 'tigo
becime covered with giccm and flovvcis, litcrilly
two feet deep, and the officer in charge) foibid
the ovation to piuceed ns such tributes aie re
served for the czar alone.
A Circus in Mid-Winter.
What lots of fun there la in a circus in suin
mcr, hut jou have to wait till summer conies.
Now- what would jou siy, if a circus was brought
to this city light in the middle of winter, not
just what can be given on a stage but a toil
ring, hoifcs, ponies, bears, lions, elcplnnts,
inoiikies, dogs and a bltr piogrunimo of perfoun
crs, including the usual conceit uiid fldcshowsl
Such is indeed tho eae, the perform luces are ,to
be given Fcbiimy 20, 21 and 2 wjth a nialiiicci
on the last mentioned d.ij".
Most of the high-priced clicus people leat dur
ing the winter, woiklng through the Milliliter as
their acts and salary are too large for the ordi
nary theater, many of llice htara have been en
gaged and will appear nt every performance.
The ttaje and rings will be in the middle of
the laign auditoiium of the new- aimoiy, tho seati
ueing urranrcti aiounu ho mat nil can bee. It
will be the jolllest aitalr Imaginablo and all for
the benefit ot tho llencflcial club of the Jnteriii
tlonal Coirespoiidencc Schools and, who have done
and mo still doing so much lo make our city
prominent tluoughout the cntiio uulvciec.
A staluc ot Willi mi II. Ciano lias been made
showing tit ii i in the chai.icter of "David llaiuin."
Geoigc 'Ihachcr is to head a big minstrel and
variety eompaiij-, opening iu Louisville about the
1st of April.
Ada Hehaii will piobably act nq uioie, .She is
qultu wealthy ami has decided to reside per
manently in Paris,
Madame Jaiuiischck, who was partially paralys
ed at Saratoga, is improving ami is once more at
woilt on hot memoirs.
"Parson" Div Is is said to ho in Xcw Orleans
engaging real levee negroes for a London pioduc
tion of "I'nelo Tom's Ciibln."
L'diu Wallaco Hopper is out with the announce.
Hunt that tliu title of (lie tiiusir.) remedy in
which fho will star ue.t season is "1 tic ilold
Jerome K. Jerome's "Mix! Hobbs" has been
translated Into tho Itussiiu language and will
moil he picscntcd iu ht. Petersburg by orders of
tho czai.
Deaf and Dumb Couple Married by
Alderman Euddy,
.Alderman M. J. Htuhly perfojined an
odd wedding ceioinony yuHterday, when
ho' mat tied Itobert Qurhett, of Oly.
phunt, and Sllt.3 l.ucy A. A'anltlrk, of
Heading', two deaf mutes,
Tho ceremony wub performed with
tho assistance uf the teacher from the
Oral school, who acted as luterpieter,
"Do you ttiUo this woman lor your
wedded wife?" uskeel the alderman, und
tho question wan turned Into sign lun
Kunge by tho interpreter, With an ex
pression of Inllnl te love and devotion
the happy gtoomsman moved his Un
set h convulslelj-,
"He says lies doea," said the Inter
preter, and the question wus lepcuted,
with vailatluns, to the btlde, who an
swered li) a similar manner. When the
ceremony had been performed, the
couple went nrnvln-arm out Into tho
hull, gesticulating-"wed nothings, with
their nimble llngeik
Are You a Lover
Of the Beautiful?
Do you wish to have pretty tlngst We will
be pleased to how )ou RollUire Diamond
ltings, Diamond and L'mcrald Illngi, Dia
mond nnd Ituliy Kings, Dhmond and Opal
kings, Diamond and Sapphire Itlngi, Dla
montl and Turquols Itlngi. We will mount
any desired combination to cider,
E. Schimpff,
317 Lnckawanna ave.
Cor. Sixteenth St. and Ir ng Place,
American Plan, $3.50 Per Day and Upwards.
Luio'pean Plan, $1,00 Per Day and Unwardt
tpecial Itnlcs to Tamlllcs.
t K... 11....! tr.... r
4- 1'Ul' IHtSMIUSS illUII
In tho heart of tho wholrsala
f district.
For Shoppers
X mlnutec" walk to Wnrmmnlcorv.
3 niuiuvea 10 o.esoi coopers uig
Btorc. Easy ot access to the creut
Dry Goods Htores.
For Sightseers
One block from D'way Cars. olv.
tng cosy transportation to all
points of Interest,
oniy ono iiiocu irom uronetway.
liuuun, f up. Prices Reaionabls
Delaware, Lnckawanna and Western.
in KITect Nov. 3, 1001.
Trains leave Scrantoii lor New Yorl. At 1.40,
3.1 j, UU, 7.50 and 10 0.', a. in.; lUj, 3.10, .1.3J
p. in. 1'or New York and Philadelphia 7.50,
10.U5 a. 111., mid 12.13 and 3.3.1 p. in. 1'or Tobj
lianua At U.10 p. in. For DufTalo 1.15, 0.22 and
0,00 a. 111.; 1.03, U.C0 mid 1I.S5 p. m. Kor Ulii(r
honitoii and way stations 10.20 a. m. and 1,10
p. in. K01 O'vveeo, hjracutc and lit lea 1.15 and
1122 a. 111. j 1,63 p. in. Oswego, Syracuse und
Utica train at ei.SJ .1. 111. elallj-, except feunday.
1'or Jlontroe-7),00 a. tu. ; 1.10 and 0.50 p. m.
Mcholson ncLOnttnodation l.tXl and 0.15 p. in.
UloonKbutfr Division l'oi Xoithumbcrland, at
C.35 and 10 05 a. 111.; 1.55 and CIO p. m. For
I'lj-niouth, at 8.10 a. ni. J 3.40 ond D.O0 p. 111
bumlay Traim Por evv' York, 1.40, 3.15, fi 05
ond 10 03 11. in.; .".40, .1 3J p. rnv For HulTalo
1.1 j nnd (1.22 a. m. 1 1.55, 0 50 and 11.35 p. m.
1'or l)inshainton and way stations 10.20 a. in.
HlooiiHbiirir Div islon Lcav 0 bcranton, 10.03 a,
111. and 0 10 p. m. y
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Schedule in ntTect June 2, 1001.
Ti litis leave bcranton. 0.uS u. m., week daj,
through vestibule train from Wilkes-Baire. Pull
man bullet pirlor car and coachrs to Philadel
phia, via Pottsvllla; stops at principal intenrc
diatc staliois. Also connects for bunhurv. liar.
rlsburg, Philadelphia, llaltimore, Washington and
for l'ittsbuit and the west. '
P3-9 n. rn., week ilajs, for hunburj-, Harri'burg,
Philadelphl.i, Ilaltlmorc, Washington und Pitts
burg and the west.
1.42 p. ni., week diya (Sitndajs, LBS p. in),
for Sunbiirj, IlarrMnns, Philitlelpliia, Ilultimore,
Washington and l'itlsbui' and the west
:i.2S p. 111., week dar, through ptibiilr- train
from V. ilkes-ilirri'. Pullman iniflet ptilor car
and coirhc-. to Philailclphli th I'ottsville. Stops
at print ipal intciiuciliatu station".
4.27 p. in., week thvs, for J! i7lettm, bini'mrj,
liarrlsburg, Philadelphia an.! Pittsburg.
.1. 11. linC'IHVSON. r.n. Mgr.
J. It. WOOD, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Delaware and Hudson.
In i:(Icct November 24, 11)01.
Trains for Carbondale leave btrantnu at d 20,
h.00, S53, 10. Vi n. in.; 12.00, l.S'l, 2.3), J.G2.
5.20, 0 23, 7..i7, 0 13, 11.20 p. in.; 1.31 a. in.
For llonesdale 0.20, lO.U.i. ni , .'.Jl and 5.29
p. in.
For Wilkes-Dane HSU, 7. it, S 41. 0 US, 10 1!
a. til.; 12.0J, 1.4.', 2.1S, 3.2S, 4.27, 0.10, 7.1,
10.41, 11.30 p. in.
For L. . It. It. Points 8.3S. 0.3S a. in.; 2.18,
4.27 and 11.10 p. m.
For PeniHjlvanli It. It. Points 0.3S, lUS a.
in. ; 1.42, S.2S anil 4.27 p. in.
For Albany and all points north 0.20 j. m.
and 3.52 p. m.
For Carbondale 8.50, a. m.; 2.34, .)..'j2,
5.32 and 11.17 p. in.
I-or Wllkes-Uaire .3S a. m.; 12 Ui, 1.5S, 3.23,
0.32 and P.17 p. in.
For Albany and points north 3.52 p. rn.
For llonesdale S 50 a. m. and 3.52 p. m.
W. L. PKVOK, I). P. A Scranton, Pa.
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
In Dffect, Nov. 3, 1001.
'trains le.ivo Scranton.
Tor Philadelphia and New York via D. k II.
It. It , at 0.38 and 0.33 a. ni., and 2.18, 4,27
(Black Diamond Express), und 11.39 p. in. bun
dajs, I). & II. It. It., 1.5S, 8.27 p. in.
For White Haven, Ilazleton and principal points
iu the coal regions, via D. & II. It. It., 0 3S, 2.18
and 4.27 p. in. For I'ottsville, 0.3S a. in., 2.18
p. m.
For Ilethlehcm, llaston, Reading, HarrUburg,
and principal intermediate stations, via D. k II,
It. It., it.SS, 0.33 a. in. j 2.18,. 1.27 (Ulack Dia
montl Express), 11. JO p. m. bundaj-s, D. k II,
It, It., (US a. in.; 1.5S, 8 27 p. m.
For Tunkhannock, Towanda, Khniia, Ithaca,
ficneva and principal intermediate stations, via
D., L. and W. It. It., S.10 a. in. and S.OO p. in.
For Geneva, Rochc-der. DufTalo, Niagara Falls,
Chicago und all jwints vvett, via D. k II. It. It,
7.48, l.'.OJ a. ni.; 1.42, 3.23 (Ulack Diamond Ft
piess), 7.48, 10.41, 11.30 p, in. buudajs, D. k II.
It. It., 12.0J, 8.27 p. m.
Pullman parlor and sleeping or Lehigh Valley
Parlor cars on all trains between Wilkes Pane
und New York, Philadelphia, Dutfalo and Suspen
sion Ilrldge,
ROLLIX II. WILHUlt, Gen. Supl., 20 Coitland
stieet, Xew ork.
CHARLES M. Li:i:. Gen. Pass. Agt., 20 Coitland
street, Xew' Yoilc.
A. W, XOMIMAUIER, Div, Pass. Agt., South
Ilethlehcm, Pi,
For tickets and Pullman reservations apply to
city ticket ofllce, C'J Public Square, Wllkcs-Parre,
New Jersey Central.
Ill LTfcct Nov. 17, 1001,
Stations In Xew York, foot of Llbcity stcct
and houth Ferry, X. R.
'1'rujn.s leave bcranton for Xew- York, Phlladol.
phla, Kastou, Ilcthlehi'iii, Allcntowu, Mauch
('hunk, White Haven, Ashley and Uilkcs-Ilane at
7.1.0 a. tn., 1 p. in. and I p. in. riundaj-, 2.10 p. in,
tjuaker City Express leaves Scranton at 7.30
a. iu., llirousli solid vestlbiilo train with Pullman
Uuttet Pailoi Cais, for Philadelphia.
For Avoca, Plttstoii and Wilkes Uatre, 1 p. in.
and t p. in. buntlaj-, 2.IU p. in.
1'or l.onij llrauih, Ocean Orovc, etc., 7.30 a,
in. und 1 p. in.
For Heading, Lcbanin and Hairlsbuti;, via Al
lentown, at 7..10 u, iu, and 1 p. in, Sunday, 2.10
p. in.
For I'ottsville at 7.30 a, ni, and 1 p. in.
For rates mid tickets apply to agent at station.
C. M, HURT, Ccn. Pass. Agt.
W. VV, WKXTZ, Ucn. Supt.
New York, Ontario and Western,
In Flleet Tuesday, Sept. 17, 1001.
Leavo Leuvo
Trains Scranton, Caihundale,
-. l 10,30a, in. U.10 a. in.
o, 7 ,,, 0.10 p. in. Av. Carbondale U.10 p, in.
Leave Leave
No. G .1
Cutlosla. Caiboiidale,
7 00 a. in,
. !!.15l. m. 1.00 li. in.
No. :
Leave Leavo Arrive
No. n .
Xo. p ..
ttcrauion. i atuonuaie. Ladusia.
. 8.30 a. m. U.10 p. in, 10,13 a. in,
7,00 p. m. Ar, Cailiondale 7,10 p. m,
bOl'Til HOUND.
Leave Leave Arilve
Tiuiut, Cadosia, Carlwudale. Seiautrii.
No. U 7.1X1 a. in. 7,10 a, in.
No. 10 I 30 p. in. I) 00 p 0.43 p. in.
Trains Xos. 1 on we-l: dajs, ami u on buudajs,
maku main line connections foi Xew Yolk c-iiy,
Middlctuvvu, Walton, Noiwlch, Oneida, IkwiKO
and all points west.
For further inioiiiiatlon e'e mult ticket Jitcnts.
J. C. ANHKRSOV, . P A., New York.
J. i:. UFI.SII, T. P. A., Scranton, Pa.
Erie Itaihond, Wyoming Division.
Tiala-i for Xcw )oik, Xevvliurali ami lutermc
dlatc points leave Scranlon as folluut: 7.20 u.
m. i 'i.ii v. in.
Arrivals 10.M a. in. from MIddlclowu, llones
dale. Haw-ley and Inteimcdlatc points. 0.20 p. in.
Irom Xevv York, Xeutur.'h and Intermediate
points, Xo Sunday trains.
A Difference
Tlioro is as much dlfforenco in
Diamonds as there is in human
faces, and not infrequently as
much hidden decoptlon. When
you wish to buy a diamond como
to ub. You can roly upon our
Judgment and representation.
E. Schimpff,
317 Lackawanna avo.
By a recent act of tho legisla
ture, free tuition is now granted
at the
Literary Institute
State Normal School
Bloomsburg, Pa.
to nil those preparing to teach.
This school maintains courses
of study for teachers, for thosa
preparlns for college, and for
those studying music.
H will piy to write for particulars.
No other echool offers such suncrlor ad
vantages at Euch low rates. Address
J. P. Welsh, A. M.f Ph. D. , Prla.
T. J. Foster, President. Elmer II. Lawill, lrets.
R. J. Foster, Stanley P. Allen,
Vice President. Secretary.
Gas Mamies,
Portable Lamps.
Kern Incandesc?nf
Gas Lamp.
2.13-327 Pcnii Avenue.
Mnmirftctiircrs r
480 to 455
N. Ninth Stroot,
Tolcphoras Call. 3333.
if im cuiiuot supply tho
nlAlll i:i,. uiMrulmt
ottn r, lull tenil ttamp for II.
lUlruleit hook utves
ilII lijllii ulnrs Ulul tllrp. Iltti In.
ii'i. loli.llei, .tl lli:i.(,'(l.,
Room 030, Times Pd.-., N'w Ycrk,
HS Prof.O.'FTf HEEL.G27 sfrsVlf
, Jj Ancrlrn.iiBMMttrkUrvrvftUtib uftJl TrhtUf
I A .QUA. DUM. LltnMt ibuic. UlauJ fulu.. N.f.u..1
i m
r'"9 i
OadOjila. '
Uln. in. B"i IBB
jv Ewerw womaip
&..1. Al OTiNO v. VWvSk llntirp.lw,lnndslinit1ilknAW
Scianton.1 AralWA:i about tlw wonderful
r.ioa.,": MfesM MARVEL Whirling Spray
1.10 n. in. U((V.VSvWnAIlv! TltenevrwlsilHirlur. Jniec.
. - , ..,.-.-, .,.. ,m . --.-: ,-. . - -..-. t
V riS.H:.,kv riya una ofti.iii, uesi ai
cJv Wfy tsaSw til- Mo.l Convrnleul,
, -" 7r7, ItllCUUSslsMUtlf,
iiii tauruiuiiitiiurii. . vsr in .
iWiaKW f iUm), lndiil(i(BiBU A bbrualira Onus!
Yrvh r-n t urtd 4 iv Hi d)t, JU jnn yynrtlrftlfi 0 J tint
ftwDUl ttperltor ULtrnaaj. hsl ftirbwk MTritU 't-l
POMsjf f trj iMllfI A ltttrtrkl fruJv Irall UU !. I